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Moments from True Detective Season 2 Episode 3, Ranked

12. Man rips out another man’s grill, because “what kind of way is that to greet the world.” 11. Second plotline about male fertility emerges.

Letting Kids Play Minecraft Is Probably Better Than Telling Them They Have No Future

“Kids Are Using Minecraft To Design A More Sustainable World”

Heathered Pearls, "Warm Air Estate (ft. Outerbridge)"

I don’t want to get back to real life any more than you do (probably less, even, because real life is just harder for me than it is for anyone else) but no matter how I try I cannot figure out a way to make the weekend last a little longer, so since we have to go back in anyway we may as well go back in gently.

LaCroix Sparkling Water Flavors, Ranked

12. Peach-Pear 11. Lime 10. Lemon 9. Orange 8. Cran-Raspberry 7. Passionfruit 6. Pure 5. Berry 4. Coconut 3.

The Songs of the Subway

I started drawing and recording subway musicians in February 2014, and continued for the rest of the year.

New York City, July 1, 2015

★★★ It was impossible afterward to remember in what order things had even happened: the flash-flood warning blaring on the phone in the dark, the purple stroke of lightning so bright it shone through the blinds, the bursts of rain clashing against the windows like gravel.

The Workers Behind WeWork

Two weeks ago, office cleaners at WeWork locations throughout New York City began protesting unjust working conditions.

The Country Bumpkin Circle of Life

I don’t drink, but if I did, then here’s what I’d say to every bartender in the county: “I’ll just have a glass of anything that’s cool.” That’s my favorite drink order, and also my favorite pick-up line.

From Bust To Boom

If we really want to get America’s economy moving again we should arrange a prison break in every state.

A Poem by sam sax

Theatre of the Absurd if you put a bed on stage you have a bedroom if you put a sink & two chairs you have a kitchen what if there’s only a child applying foundation to his pristine face what do you have then?

Moments from True Detective Season 2 Episode 2, Ranked

8. Woman says of man’s grisly anecdote, “Sometimes I wonder how many things you have like that that I don’t know about.” 7.

Generation Gets Celebrities It Deserves

“But the younger Grier’s star is rising swiftly in its own right: His Instagram account, whose shirtless pics and up-close selfies rocketed him to fame less than two years ago, has roughly as many followers — 3.9 million — as those of Neil Patrick Harris and Michelle Obama combined.

Health Shake Mocked

“Declaring that you live off smoothies is like begging someone to take away your vote.”

Beach House, "Sparks"

If the only thing this song does is get my Beach House-loving friends to stop playing “Myth” over and over it will be enough.

New York City, June 30, 2015

★★★★ Now the sun bore down a bit, and the air in the park felt dusty. Starlings, one drab with new plumage, foraged in the clover and grass.

The Whole-Grain Startup

you're going to guac this week. #monday A photo posted by sweetgreen (@sweetgreen) on Jun 8, 2015 at 8:25am PDT It may seem a little weird that a company which primarily sells leaves has raised nearly as much venture capital as the most insurgent advertising agency of our day, but when one considers in full the context in which Sweetgreen has amassed ninety-five million dollars, the logic of it will comfortably subsume you like a warm grain bowl.

The Human Touch

The platforms: they’re stirring. There’s Twitter: On Twitter’s mobile app, there will be a new button in the center of the home row.

Your Arty Novel Won't Pay Your Rent (Or Even Buy Your Lunch)

“The open secret is that literary fiction does not pay big dividends. At least not to most of its writers and publishers.

Rough Sex, Three Ways

“In a weird way it enhances the sex, because it’s not about necessarily losing yourself as it is about being focused on what’s happening, and being aware of what the other person is experiencing, and what you’re experiencing.

Nice Man Chastises Mean Mean

In one of the great self-pitying speeches towards the end of the show’s run, Tony Soprano, ruminating over the decline in his relationship with nephew/protege Christopher Moltisanti, whined, “All those memories are for what?