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Books Are Good

by Natalie McMullen As far as fake holidays generated by committees of well-meaning but hapless bureaucrats go, World Book and Copyright Day is nice enough.

Talking To Brett Gelman About His New Adult Swim Special

Tomorrow night, Adult Swim is airing Dinner with Friends with Brett Gelman and Friends, a new half-hour special starring comedian Brett Gelman and directed by Jason Woliner, who co-wrote the script with Gelman.

Ugh, On Top Of Everything Else The Magnetic Field Is Gonna Flip Over Or Whatever?

by Alex Balk "What Will Happen When the Earth’s Magnetic Field Begins to Reverse?" 0 Comments The post Ugh, On Top Of Everything Else The Magnetic Field Is Gonna Flip Over Or Whatever?

I Mean, Come On With This Bear And How Cute It Is

by Alex Balk I will refer you to my earlier remarks, the substance of which was essentially that this bear was rather adorable.

In Defense of Explaining Things

by John Herrman For websites meant to help us understand things, the new Explainer Sites—Vox, FiveThirtyEight, et al—are awfully disorienting.

This Is Not a Metaphor

by Matt Buchanan "Robots allow the cows to set their own hours, lining up for automated milking five or six times a day — turning the predawn and late-afternoon sessions around which dairy farmers long built their lives into a thing of the past.

Ask Polly: Why Am I Deathly Afraid of Success?

by Heather Havrilesky Dear Polly, Love your column. Can I throw something at you? Apologies for being vague with certain details.

Enjoy Your New Era Of Internet-Enabled Intimacy While It Lasts, Because The Psychos Are Going To Show Up Pretty Soon

by Alex Balk "We are hopping into strangers’ cars (Lyft, Sidecar, Uber), welcoming them into our spare rooms (Airbnb), dropping our dogs off at their houses (DogVacay, Rover), and eating food in their dining rooms (Feastly).

Courtney Love, "You Know My Name"

by Alex Balk God, we're doomed to keep relitigating the '90s forever, aren't we? 0 Comments The post Courtney Love, "You Know My Name" appeared first on The Awl.

The Better You Look The Meaner You Are

by Alex Balk "Having a good hair day can make you feel like you can take on the world. Scientists believe that a blow dry may affect your mindset far more than previously thought.

Camille Paglia Still Doing Her Camille Paglia Thing

by Alex Balk "As a libertarian, I support the decriminalization of marijuana, but there are many problems with pot.

Trauma Clickbaited

by Alex Balk "You Won’t Believe How These Experiences are Impacting Your Health" is the headline for an article about the way in which "the connection between early childhood trauma and later health and behavioral problems is stronger than was previously recognized," so I think we can all agree that everything is irredeemably awful and it's the Internet's fault.

Remember Carlos D.? Well He's 40 Now. Death Stands Waiting With Its Icy Fingers Beckoning You To Follow It Home.

by Alex Balk Carlos D. is forty today, and if that means something to you you are probably pretty close to that milestone one way or another yourself.

Lily Allen, "Sheezus"

by Alex Balk "She also says, at one point, 'Periods. We all get periods.'" 0 Comments The post Lily Allen, "Sheezus" appeared first on The Awl.

Carb City

by Alex Balk If you are doing one of those low-carb diets you might want to stay away from the papers today, because it is bread all the way down to the guts.

The Faulkner Truthers

by Maria Bustillos "I am the best in America, by God," William Faulkner wrote to his editor in 1939, and history has only confirmed that he was not deceived as to the quality of his gift.

New York City, April 21, 2014

by Tom Scocca ★★★★ Light slammed into the little plaza beside the apartment tower, beyond the riotously multicolored tulips.

Earth Day In The Metropolis

by Natalie McMullen Adults, kids and corporations alike gather at Union Square to celebrate Earth Day, and to collect free stuff.

Talking To Chris Gethard

Chris Gethard has an exciting few months coming up. His debut standup album, entitled My Comedy Album, comes out today, his Comedy Central half-hour special is airing this summer, and he'll soon hear back on whether Comedy Central will be ordering his pilot of The Chris Gethard Show to series or not.

Maybe The Thing About God's Son Having A Wife Is Untrue

by Alex Balk "The authenticity of the 'Gospel of Jesus's Wife' has been debated since the papyrus was revealed in 2012.