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New York City, July 20, 2014

by Tom Scocca ★★★★ Bubbles drifted west on 68th Street in the sunshine. Wheeled conveyances were everywhere: scooters, bicycles, strollers, a wheeled walker.

Selfies from the 9/11 Memorial

by Leah Finnegan On a recent afternoon, an older man and woman self-consciously configured themselves in front of the south reflecting pool at the 9/11 Memorial.

Weezer, "Back To The Shack"

by John Herrman There is an alleviating simplicity to this song, which goes mostly where you expect it to until Rivers Cuomo starts talking about "rocking out like it's '94" and then suddenly things become quite dark.

How to Work for the Enemy and Feel Just Fine

by Matthew J.X. Malady People drop things on the Internet and run all the time. So we have to ask. In this edition, writer and co-founder of The Toast Mallory Ortberg tells us more about what it’s like to work at a famous conservative think tank.

The Borowitz Problem

by John Herrman There's a new New Yorker website on the internet today, but one problem still hasn't been fixed: A good deal of that traffic can be credited to Andy Borowitz—the satirist and “Shouts & Murmurs” contributor whom The New Yorker hired in 2012 to anchor its newly introduced humor blog, and whose Boomer-liberal brand of humor regularly produces groans from younger, more web-native corners.

Seriously, Fuck You, "Kindle Unlimited"

by Maria Bustillos Last week, Amazon informed us that for ten dollars per month, Kindle users can have unlimited access to over six hundred thousand books in its library.

Question Hrmm

by Matt Buchanan An example of the insightful questions that some venture capitalists must ask before they decide to shower an app with money, so much money: Robyn Exton, the founder and chief executive of Dattch, a location-based dating app aimed at lesbians, once pitched her product to a venture capitalist who asked a colleague, ">Do you think if I invest, people will think I’m gay?

Twenty-Eight Years With Weird Al

by Bex Schwartz My Bubby and Zaydee came to visit from Florida and I couldn’t wait to share my all-time favorite musician with them: Weird Al.

New York City, July 17, 2014

by Tom Scocca ★★★★★ Unbelievable breezes flowed though the clear, sparkling morning and in the open windows.

The Airbnb Hole

by Matt Buchanan It is not the fault of Airbnb that its new logo looks like an anatomical negative space, a hole, its chief technology officer, Nathan Blecharczyk, would like to everyone to know: We wouldn’t want to design a logo that caters to the lowest common denominator.

The Most Expensive Meals We've Ever Paid For

My first job out of college was fact-checking restaurant listings. Every day, I called 25 restaurants in New York City to see if any of their information had changed, asking if their curtains were still red, their bathrooms still adorned with lavender sprigs, if their salad was still served with strawberries, if their servers still donned bow ties.

Brooklyn Residents Discover New Form of Entitlement

by John Herrman For a few months now, residents of Crown Heights, in Brooklyn, have been hearing about a new place called Berg'n.

A Poem By Amit Majmudar

by Mark Bibbins, Editor The Star-Spangled Turban Hot pink frosting on my chocolate- cupcake noggin, switched-on lightbulb- yellow, tulip- bulb topheavy orange, sky-blue, bruise-blue, navy thought cloud, darkening: Any towel, any shawl will serve as well to bind this open wound atop me, mark me off as not quite level- headed, tops on any watchlist.

Sinkane, "How We Be"

by John Herrman Here is a new soul track from Ahmed Gallab, aka Sinkane, who has spent time with Yeasayer, Caribou and Of Montreal, to name a few, and whose solo work has been consistently excellent for years now.

Words Helpful for Once

by John Herrman "But let’s stop here and register the proper cautions and caveats: There has been no investigation, no conclusive proof.

Meanwhile, in the Void

by John Herrman Got to ‘smell’ outer space today when we opened the ISS hatch to the #Cygnus outer hatch.

New York City, July 16, 2014

by Tom Scocca ★★★★★ It was cool, utterly cool, under the gray morning. Was it getting brighter? Someone's mirrored shades, approaching up the street, looked suddenly agleam.

Man Vs. Word

by Maria Bustillos In 1969, a psychologist named G. Harry McLaughlin published the results of a number of experiments he’d made on speed readers in the Journal of Reading.

Body Language, "4 Real"

by John Herrman Maybe a little too exuberant to play when it's not sunny outside, or, at night, before your guests have gotten to their second drink.

10 More Truths About Dating a Bookworm

by Jake Swearingen Previously: 10 Truths About Dating a Bookworm; Why Readers, Scientifically, Are The Best People To Fall In Love With.