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New York City, September 29, 2014

by Tom Scocca ★★★ The sun came straight along the cross street, hit the mirrored tower, and came back barely diminished, putting a blinding two-way glow on everything.

Cloud Nothings, "Now Hear In"

by John Herrman From Here And Nowhere Else, which came out in April, a video for the album's most energetic track—one of the few that might have fit in on the very fun and very catchy self-titled album, from 2011, which has apparently been reassessed as the product of an "introductory phase" that should now be "eradicated." RUDE.

Where Should We Bury the Dead Racist Literary Giants?

by Noah Berlatsky H.P. Lovecraft is widely acclaimed as one of the great masters of horror. He created the Cthulhu mythos, a pantheon of hideous eldritch deities lurking outside of time that occasionally peep through into our reality to wreak havoc and drive men mad, is credited with inventing weird fantasy; and was a major influence on everyone from Stephen King to Alan Moore.

Louis C.K.'s 'Dianetics': Inside His Weird and Wild Three-Hour Radio Show

Twenty-six minutes into a three-hour advice show Louis C.K. hosted in 2007, a guy named Blake calls up.

The New Ethnic Media

by John Herrman Taffy Brodesser-Akner on Paula Deen's rapid and basically unfettered comeback, after her brief banishment from public life: An investment in Paula Deen conveys a deep understanding of America’s political temperature and where we’re headed: that Paula’s comeback isn’t about forgiveness — it’s about standing her ground… First, there’s the digital network.

Don't Forget These 7 Items While Traveling

by Awl Sponsors Brought to you by KLM Airlines Those "if only I just remembered to pack that" moments are the worst.

The Anthem of the Working Stiff

by Casey N. Cep I don't know what men are made of, though a song I love begins: "Some people say a man is made out of mud." Perhaps the dust of Eden got wet with the kiss of the Lord and made mud, and from that Adam was made, but that's not what Tennessee Ernie Ford meant when he sang "a poor man's made out of muscle and blood." "Sixteen Tons" is the anthem of the working stiff.

Carry That Weight: The Revival of Feminist Performance Art

Mattress Performance: Carry That Weight began nearly five weeks ago. Throughout the performance the artist Emma Sulkowicz, a 22 year-old Columbia University senior, will carry a boxy blue mattress everywhere she goes on campus.

Uber Optics

by Matt Buchanan As communities are heading back to school, we’d like to take a moment to celebrate the educators who are also our Uber partner drivers.

Inherent Vice, Peculiar Mood

by John Herrman If the options for an Inherent Vice movie were Joaquin Phoenix reciting Pynchon's best lines in a grave tone OR Joaquin Phoenix slipping in and out of mania while falling down a lot, physically, this seems to have been the right choice.

New York City, September 28, 2014

by Tom Scocca ★★★★ Stepping out into the late morning air was like settling into a bath that had been waiting for a while—an enfolding, relaxing tepidness, not at all hot.

Time Spent

by John Herrman That audience-measuring company Chartbeat has "gained accreditation from the Media Rating Council for attention-based measurement of both content and advertising" is important to advertisers and therefore to all the people whose work and internet time-wasting activities depend on them.

My Summer As a Housekeeper

The summer I was 18, I worked at an amusement park hotel as a housekeeper. The system worked something like this: every morning, we picked up our clipboards from the front desk with our list of rooms for the day, color-coded by what kind of service they needed.

The Useless Crap You Find When You Move

by Matthew J.X. Malady People drop things on the Internet and run all the time. So we have to ask. In this edition, BuzzFeeᴅ Executive Editor Doree Shafrir tells us more about the pitfalls of packing and unpacking and constantly moving from one apartment to the next.

Stars, "No One Is Lost"

by John Herrman If you told me that this song was by Stars I would say, oh yeah, obviously, that voice, yeah, I hear it.

Publishing's Best Worst Friends

by John Herrman The leaders of American "literary culture" are worrying, gathering and organizing: The Wylie Agency has about a thousand clients.

'SNL' Review: A New Hope with Chris Pratt

The seasons have certainly changed at Saturday Night Live. The show's 40th season began with an episode that hardly resembled a season premiere, with little pomp or circumstance over SNL's impressive four-decade lifespan, and in its place a straightforward night of comedy that reflected a show well adjusted to its new lineup.

The Facebook Ads We Asked For

by Matt Buchanan Facebook has made a great many terrible promises to a great many terrible people about all of the terrible ways that those terrible people—and Facebook!

Lifestyle Appraised

by John Herrman "We rarely fight, but when we do, we’re forced to choose our battlegrounds carefully.

New York City, September 25, 2014

by Tom Scocca ★ Morning arrived in dimness, with a soaking rain, perfect for not having to send anyone off to school in.