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Should Straight White Men Be Ashamed of Themselves?

The Concessionist gives advice like… once a month maybe? Whatever. I’m busy. Trouble? Write today. Hi Concessionist, Ha, okay this is going to be awful.

New York City, April 23, 2015

★★ Gusts clamored against the building. The sun, when it showed, looked capable of being pleasant, but the clouds had persistence and numbers.

Episodes of Eating Children in Ancient Greece, Ranked in Order of Unreasonableness

5. If anyone has ever had a good reason to kill and serve their own child for dinner (they haven’t), Procne did (even though she didn’t).

Inside the Internet Outrage Machine with Jim Norton

After 2012’s Please Be Offended and 2013’s American Degenerate, standup Jim Norton returns to television tonight with his third Epix special Contextually Inadequate.

Brother John Is Gone

“’Scar’ John was a special cat. He saved my life one time. We were standing outside the Robin Hood Club listening to Little Miss Cornshucks when he suddenly said, ‘Look out, man.’ So I looked out and half a St.

The Dudes in the Machine

“I get the ‘moment’ you’re having,” Ex Machina‘s wonderfully patronizing search engine potentate Nathan Bateman tells his starstruck employee and guest, Caleb Smith, when they first meet in Bateman’s secret Alaskan lair, a modernist palace hidden in a vast, pristine forest.

The Curious Case of $2 Bills in Ecuador

It’s my last night in Ecuador and I’m leaving a bar with some friends when one of the bartenders runs out after us.

Total Babes, "Blurred Time"

A big pleasing brick of sound to club you through the last day of the week.

New York City, April 22, 2015

★★★ A fine bright morning showed no signs of the trouble forecast to come. A window washer had swung open the glass walls of the near-finished apartments across the avenue and working was out on the bare concrete ledge.

Your Place, Your People: An Interview With Elisha Lim

Elisha Lim has a lot to say. The graphic artist, illustrator, and filmmaker has spent years telling stories of queer and trans people of color through pin-up calendars, comics, short Claymation films, and writing.

The Top Up-and-Coming Comics Outside of NY and LA

Welcome to the second semi-annual edition of The Next Wave, Splitsider’s roundup of exciting new comic voices from around the country.

The Box Builder

508 West 24th Street, Penthouse South • $9,250,000; common charges: $4,246; taxes: $2,041 • 3 bedroom; 3.5 bathrooms • Interior: 3,018 square feet; exterior: 600 square feet There are three penthouses in architect and developer Cary Tamarkin’s newest West Chelsea building, on West 24th Street.

A Poem by Stephen Burt

Esprit Stephanie The hard work of appearances disappears into the apparent effortlessness, and the loose three-quarter sleeves of trying to become what other people, your friends, your real friends, are convinced that you already are, like trying to follow the pale fleck of a small plane, or a big plane far away.

The Only Good Apps: A Complete Guide

A video posted by @perfumegenius on Apr 22, 2015 at 12:55pm PDT My Idol: Puts your face on a body that you can make dance (not in English) Ditty: Sings the words you type Morfo: Makes a hideous uncanny avatar out of your face, sings, moves Facetune: Plastic surgery nightmare app, very dark, reveals insecurities you didnt know you had Face Swap!

Ken Camden, "Curiosity"

Ken Camden’s gradually accumulating blips are no ordinary gradually accumulating blips: he uses “a steel slide and e-bow technique… to bridge the textural gap between guitar and synthesizer.”

"A semi-ironic acknowledgement of a confused desire to shag the leader of the opposition"

“[O]n the internet, your declaration of interest says something about who you are. This says: I am progressive and I follow politics with a keen sense of irony.

New York City, April 21, 2015

★★★ Blue made a promising start, then surrendered abruptly to gray and a sudden shower. The three-year-old, headed out to preschool, had to be brought upstairs again to fetch boots.

By Any Other Name

My son Kunal is biracial. Multiethnic might be more accurate—he is part white American from my husband Kris, part Indian from me.

Wet, "Deadwater"

Sweet bordering on sickly; the sort of slow, assured track you might find between two singles on a pop record released in 1999.

Tommy Wiseau Discusses Americans, Chickens, and Questions He Hates

Tommy Wiseau and his cult-classic film The Room are two of the greatest mysteries of the entertainment industry.