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You Can’t Smile Your Way To Happiness

It’s hard to believe that grinning like a shmuck won’t somehow make you more at ease with the horrors of existence, but Science has come around to the idea that it won’t.

Writing a Book is Like Riding a Bike: You Shouldn’t Do Either

And other answers to unsolicited questions. Image: Cory Doctorow “I’m having a lot of trouble writing my book.

When Someone Asks You a Question

A cartoon by Liana Finck Liana Finck is a cartoonist. When Someone Asks You a Question was originally published in The Awl on Medium, where people are continuing the conversation by highlighting and responding to this story.

The Funny Pit

Yes and we want more of your cash. Harold and the Green Notes. Photo: Betty Tsang So what do you call something that isn’t a exactly Ponzi scheme or a pyramid scheme or a multi-level marketing strategy or a “personal development” program but has elements of all those things?

Lowly, “Deer Eyes”

It’s the week you watch your summer die. Photo: Phil Dolby This is it. Your summer is almost over and you fucked it up again just like you do every year and right now you are frantically planning how to salvage it all in the seven days that remain.

New York City, August 25, 2016

★★ The sweat-soaked pajama shirt, flung off in defeat in the middle of the night, hit the floor with an audibly damp sound.

Rex The Dog, “Teufelsberg”

It’s Kompakt Total time. Kompakt’s Total compilation is a highlight of any year, and the 2016 edition is available now.

Go To School And Join The Circus

From big tops to aerial silks—how is professional circus school changing the industry Image: Cliffano Subagio Moffat Street, on the eastern border of Brooklyn’s Bushwick neighborhood, is framed by a long parallel of tall, square warehouses.

We Asked Three Animal Psychics What Harambe Is Doing Now

He’s Fine and He Thinks You’re Dumb Image: Loren Javier On May 28th, 2016, a silverback gorilla named Harambe was shot and killed at the Cincinnati Zoo after a four-year-old boy fell into his enclosure.

Stranger of the Week

Washington Square Park Photo: John St John We’d found a bench in the shade, my friend K and I, and he smoked as we talked.

Chromatics, “Dear Tommy”

You thought Frank Ocean was a tease? The long-awaited next Chromatics album keeps emerging in dribs and drabs — eventually you might be able to assemble it on your own — but with the release of this video and a full track list it almost feels as if we are so much closer to an official issue.

New York City, August 24, 2016

★★★ It was hot again if one was moving hastily, trying to hurry children out the door. A woman stopped and dangled one sandal from her toes, trying to shake out something from the corky footbed.

Rudy Van Gelder, 1924–2016

And now he’s dead. It is not very often that you hear the phrase “legendary jazz engineer,” but then there was no one else like Rudy Van Gelder, who has just passed away.

The First Rule Of The Emergency Brake Is Do Not Pull The Emergency Brake

Don’t. The same type of generic bug picture everyone else is using, so why not (Image: Dean Morley) By now, you’ve already read the horrifying (or perhaps actually not so horrifying) New York Post story about the bugs unleashed in a subway car yesterday.

“I’m big and you’re small, and there’s nothing you can do about it.”

Talking kindness with Miss Sophie Klimt, teacher of the first grade. Miss Honey. When you imagine a young woman who teaches little kids, what do you see?

Rhys Ifans, Your Table Is Ready

A Completely Fake Profile Of An Actor, Coming Soon To A Men’s Interest Magazine Near You “First things first, let’s get the pronunciation out of the way.” I’d barely sat down at the table he’d reserved for us in the back of a Hermosa Beach martini bar’s patio section when it felt like Rhys Ifans (“Reese, like the candy, but you drop the apostrophe-S.

Kreepie Kats Return in “Kats Have 9 Lives and 6 Kinds of Khlamydia!!”

Kreepie Kats Return in “Kats Have 9 Lives and 6 Kinds of Khlamydia!!” was originally published in The Awl on Medium, where people are continuing the conversation by highlighting and responding to this story.

Happy National Duck Out Of Work For A Drink Day!

If you go to the bar during work, it’s like they’re paying you to drink. This could be you, this afternoon.

New York City, August 23, 2016

★★★★★ The morning sky was wholly cloudless. There was a fraction more haze on the air, but the coolness still held on.

How Much Drinking Is Too Much Drinking?

Or is that even a thing? Photo: Steven Zwerink Do we drink too much? It is a question currently stoking the fires of the perpetual take machine that is the Internet, and the latest source of fuel is a gendered variation on that question.