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Thanks Given

Happy Thanksgiving! We hope you are able to get off the internet and enjoy a rarer, more visceral stupor among family and friends.

New York City, November 25, 2014

★★ Two dense flocks of little dark birds plunged past the window, against the gray. The sun was a white unround blotch, the warmth was ebbing, the light dull.

Uber Forever

Numbers are boring, except when they’re not, like when Uber, a five-year-old company that has accumulated over a billion-and-a-half dollars in investment capital and is worth eighteen billion dollars, stands to raise another billion and double in value from six months ago, to between thirty-five and forty billion dollars.

After Normal

Last February, Zelda was born in the middle of a snow storm. Even though I had a C-section and Zelda was born a little early, we were happily shipped home just thirty six hours later.

Saturday Night's Children: Tina Fey (2000-2006)

After three and a half years and over 120 SNL cast member profiles, it’s time to end this column the way it began—by highlighting one of my favorite women to ever call SNL home.

Glass Streaked

“The trouble with being a window washer is that the better you do your job, the less you have to show for it: It’s painful to do a job where only your mistakes are visible.”

A Poem by Jerome Murphy

Code Red I did not shoot a boy for his flaming red hair. Not a witness was there who would tell you I did.

Looking Back At The Screen: The First Annual Appalachian Queer Film Festival

The way the Appalachian region sits in the popular imagination, it’s the last place anyone would expect to find a film festival celebrating queer identity.

Young Ejecta, "Your Planet"

A spaced-out production in reverse: denouement, climax, rise, introduction.

New York City, November 24, 2014

★★★★ Sometime in the night, the rush of tires on the wet avenue began to penetrate the windows and the deafness of sleep.

Lies Told to Me About Thanksgiving by the New York Times

According to Google and the New York Times, the most “distinct” Thanksgiving recipe in Georgia, my home state, a place known for fine delicacies like peanuts, peaches, pecans, Vidalia onions, Moon Pies, Coca-Cola, and RC Cola, is key lime cake, which the Times cheerfully describes as taking key lime pie “to the next level.” Leaving aside the fact that I have never heard of anyone in the state of Georgia producing a key lime cake for any occasion, much less Thanksgiving, this dish is, on its face, a farce.

How 'The Bernie Mac Show' Changed the Future of the Sitcom

“You know I ain’t lyin!” “America, I tell the truth you can’t say!” “Bust his head til the white meat shows!

Lizards Rude

Finally, the Jurassic Park franchise gets its very own Jaws 3-D. Which, in a surprising but apt twist, means Chris Pratt is our era’s Dennis Quaid.

I'm Sorry About Your Thanksgiving

I’m sorry about your Thanksgiving! I’m sorry you’re going to have to have tense conversations about politics and race when you see your family.

Zillow Is My Pinterest: On Buying A House Before 30

Last spring I was hired at a charter school in Nashville, Tennessee. At a recruitment carnival I met two of my colleagues, both single women in the process of buying their first houses.

Bureaucracy Heartless

Perhaps the most surprising element of the new rules was the inclusion of alcoholic beverages, which had not been part of an earlier proposal.

New York City, November 23, 2014

★★★ The trip to the supermarket for milk and breakfast ingredients was chilly but only chilly, the sun glowing through fissures in the sheet of clouds.

How to Be a Bookstore in 2014

David Baldacci, who signed several thousand copies of his new book, “The Escape,” said he hoped the effort would help the last big bookstore chain standing to better compete against Amazon.

Forward or Die

“Most work emails are purely defensive missives. They seek to shift effort, hide omissions, or provide cover against future blame.

Texts to My Super

These are real text messages to Alex, the super of my totally normally building. He’s great. Hey Alex, we have a small leak under the sink!