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New York City, January 29, 2015

★★ A line of brown haze in the northwestern distance spread up onto an ever-graying blue sky. The snow was still white, in general, but smudged with gray or pockmarked with yellow; the cold was damp and seeping.


A man who writes on the internet for a living receives an email message from a colleague of his with the words “the irony” in the subject header field.

David Cross on Kickstarter, Millennials, and His Directorial Debut 'Hits'

2015 is off to a great start for David Cross. Not long after launching a Kickstarter campaign to fund distribution costs for his new film Hits, the project met its $100,000 goal with eight days to spare, ensuring that the film will premiere in at least 35 markets across the US next month.

Audience Fracked

“Through adorable animated characters, kids can watch videos that are appropriate for a young audience.

Career Dilemmas Present in 'The Sims 4′

Different types of Sims players have different types of goals: The Architect wants to build beautiful homes.

Breed Dying

Take a long look at what may be the last generation of Manhattan-raised twentysomethings for whom Brooklyn will seem like a place that is far, far away—so far that they needed to convince all of their friends to move into the same terrible building with them: All three couples were planning to move out of their Manhattan apartments by summer, and although the idea of Brooklyn was appealing — they could potentially get more space for the money — it was also unnerving.

Courtney Barnett, "Pedestrian At Best"

We’ve been big fans of Courtney Barnett since “the paramedic thinks I’m clever ’cause I play guitar/I think she’s clever ’cause she stops people dying,” and we are pleased to report that we have no need to change our status in that regard.

New York City, January 28, 2015

★★★ A few elongated clouds arrayed themselves on the sharp morning blue. The light on the slushy crosswalks was blinding; the puddles were a sinister clayey gray-brown.

Fred Armisen on the Evolution of 'Portlandia,' 'SNL,' and American Accents

Portlandia’s fifth season premiered on IFC earlier this month, and for longtime fans of the show, the newest crop of episodes have been the perfect culmination of four years’ worth of exploring the many characters, small businesses, and human idiosyncracies in the magical world of Portland.

Inside the Mind of the Teen Male, Approximately

I don’t command a nerd army, or preside over a realm of the socially ill-equipped. I’m small for my age, young for my grade, uncomfortable in most situations, nearsighted, skinny, awkward, and nervous.

The Man Who Won't Let Go

“He Stopped Loving Her Today” might well be George Jones’s most famous song, but I don’t think it was his best.

A Poem by Henry Israeli

SO MANY MACHINES The car is a machine that spins the world beneath it. The heart is a machine that sits like a hunched little man.

The Sporting Contest As Metaphor For Life: A Consideration In Verse

What Time Is The Super Bowl? The Super Bowl is always now. It takes place every minute. It doesn’t happen somewhere else Just look around—you’re in it.

The Fusion Masthead

Guess who is coming to @DIRECTV? We are! Check us out Jan 21st on Channel 342. — Fusion (@ThisIsFusion) January 13, 2015 What is Fusion?

The Best Time I Had Bed Bugs While Housesitting For Someone Else

I was very sure it was not bed bugs. I was so, so sure. In fact, I knew it was not bed bugs because I had done some extensive googling and cream buying and had gone to the doctor and decided what it really was was an obscure skin condition called Polymorphic Light Eruption.

Why You're So Unhappy Now

Earlier this week I was commiserating with a friend who expressed discomfort over an increasing feeling of futility that had made itself manifest only recently and, as something of an expert in the field of not totally being in love with life all the time, it occurred to me that the knowledge I have concerning this condition might be helpful to more than just the people in my social circle, so I will share my message with anyone else out there who is similarly situated from an emotional standpoint.

New York City, January 27, 2015

★★★★ What the daylight revealed was a letdown, indisputably—a historic letdown, a ludicrous scene of ordinariness: walkways already shoveled clear; cars showing their flanks and hubcaps.

A User's Guide to Raising Your New Puppy While Remaining Sort Of Sane

1. First of all, your puppy is an idiot. 2. Give the puppy a name that reminds it every day what an idiot it is.

Inspiring New Film Explores What It Takes, 'To Be a Dad' | Brought to You by The Bold New Camry

Before you watch this you might want to grab some tissues, because some of the stories from these incredible dads and the obstacles they’ve overcome will make you cry.