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No Things

The year 2014 was, for me, never better than for a brief hour on the morning of Sunday, June eighth, several thousand feet in the air above the southwestern edge of Costa Rica.

A Long December

Fun fact! My frosh year of college, which I am calling frosh year because I went to Wesleyan and that is what we called it, I went to a concert in New Haven.

A Holiday Programming Note

The end of the year approaches. For many, it is a time to take stock of the past twelve months and look forward to the future, constructing an emotional architecture to support the weight of the notion that whatever comes next will surely be better than the trash heap that came before it.

When You're Tripping on Vyvanse and a Man in a Frog Suit Appears

People drop things on the Internet and run all the time. So we have to ask. In this edition, PandoDaily East Coast Editor David Holmes tells us more about what it’s like to shoot a music video in Brooklyn in 2014.

iQ by Intel: Refocus

Monsters in the Museum

Domenico Remps, Cabinet of Curiosities, 1690s On February 13, 1718, Peter the Great, Tsar of all the Russias, issued an edict on monsters: All monsters, animal or human, were to be requisitioned for the new museum in his new city, St.

A New Year's Resolution

After a week or two of mental rest and emotional easing, of public withdrawal and private return, of outward quiet and inner recomposition, of forward blindness and rearward clarity, of not forgiving and forgetting but of remembering and reckoning, and of peace-making, I will hold myself to a single

December 22, 2014: A1 or Bust

New York City , December 18, 2014

★★★ Individual buildings stood out golden in the first rays of dawn, arriving so late that the day had seemed overcast.

Boo Crime

The first season of Serial is over, and the reverberations from the world’s most infuriating podcast have only begun.

Bear Stories

One afternoon in late August, I sat at a picnic table with a few family members and listened to stories about bears.

The 32 Sixth Boroughs of New York City, According to the 'Times,' in Order from Worst to Best

• Newburgh (May 11, 2010) • Rikers Island (November 21, 2012; May 8, 2005) • The Palisades (December 28, 1980) • Scarsdale (April 14, 1991) • Hoboken (August 8, 1999) • Jersey City (November 22, 2014; November 21, 2004; September 14, 2003; October 31, 1985; April 15, 1984) • “Boca and surrounding Pa

2014, In Order

12. December 11. November 10. October 9. April 8. March 7. February 6. January 5. September 4. August 3.

The Cost of Winter Running

Gym fatigue, an old injury that makes running on a treadmill awkward, and a general preference for the great outdoors led me to cancel my Planet Fitness membership this year (making me $10 richer every month), which means I’ll be doing all my running outside this winter.

Gift Available

“‘I’m saying to myself, Jesus, they’re not going to do it if they don’t get preferential treatment,’ Johnson said.

51 Minutes in a Revolving Door

Mid-turn, and the whole thing stopped moving. With a sighhhhh. And a click. The person in front of me (hair scraped into a bun and brown coat) was able to squeeze out.

Sisters, Ranked

We are five: always, five, the five of us, the group of us, the lot. “You guys,” “the girls,” “the sisters.” Once, when I was young, someone asked me how many sisters I had and I answered, quickly, without giving it a thought, “five,” as if I couldn’t extricate myself from the larger being, the group, that we made up.

Illusions Shuffled

Business Insider, December 10th: Instagram has announced that it has officially reached 300 million active users, making it larger than Twitter.

A Poem by Joyelle McSweeney

Hellebore 1. run it again double the charge what’s the damage sign for it the universe wheels around in its dishevelment like an afternoon drunk rolls a wild eye which is a loophole everything crawls out or goes in after it this endtime’s gonna last awhile a cartoon toucan flies through the chemo suite dripping sugar loops from its beak it’s on life support, on repeat its ink flows antigravitational flinks from its flank both a ballpoint pen and a butane lighter also useful for tracheostomy an astronaut writes a cheque a digital door swings open debt falls out like breasts from the cargo bay inside the jumpsuit a port fails starving bears revolve on ice floes the nest of ivs snakes like a flexible crown take it out on the holidays write back from the front I am quite well/in hospital send that lotion I like my hat is jumping out of my brain my groin joists groan in the wind pigeonhole egghole hammer staples my skull carts around a trunkload of busted audio equipment I can’t excise onion scapes do something remarkable in the dark only grow away grow through everything like toenails in the grave point the way demolish is a word I learned from my mickey mouse dictionary: the greenhouse is demolished a political word a representation of donald duck’s anger in denmark his name is anders and anders and a feathered fist anders and a convulsive contract anders and a general contractor anders and like a universe slashes his own greenhouse and anger fangs the rose with glass 2.

Miguel, "Coffee"

SURPRISE, a Miguel EP materialized, without warning, at some point in the early hours of the morning.