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New York City, October 4, 2015

★★★★ The light through the blinds gave cause for hope, even as the clouds were still there. People were out on the roof deck of the new building, bundled up in dark clothes, hurrying past the now-bare frames of the lounge furniture where sunbathers had lingered a month ago.

Welcome to Media Layoff Season

It’s our least favorite time of year: media layoff season. And thanks to El Niño, the cyclical contraction of capital in publishing every few years, it’s going to especially brutal this year at newspapers and magazines.

Eric Prydz, "Opus (Four Tet Remix)"

This went up late Friday afternoon but I had a sense that we would need it more come Monday morning and lo, that turned out to be the case.

New York City, October 1, 2015

★ Lights were on in apartment windows in the daytime. The floor lamp in the living room was still having an effect.

Drink the Brand

Although the big three soda companies all sell bottled water, they are not that excited about the trend.

Choir Of Young Believers, "Jeg Ser Dig"

Do we need a Scandinavian Sade? I will admit that there is no place for one on my list of requirements and that, prior to being informed about this track, it would have never occurred to me that such a thing even existed.

The Awl Podcast: Food

This week’s episode is about the sci-fi future of food. And the science-fictional now of food. Why are we eating these things?

The Sad, True Story of the Ground Zero Mosque

Five years ago, a local land-use issue here in New York City became the subject of national debate. Two Muslim men—a real-estate developer and an imam—proposed to build a Ground Zero Victory Terror Mosque two blocks away from the smoldering ruins of the World Trade Center.

You Suck, Your Pictures Are Stupid And Everything You Enjoy Is Trash, Don't You Know How Gross You Are?

“Superb widely available cameras, often on our phones, have turned us all into ‘artists’. But the art we make, coo over and share on Instagram is often unbelievably corny, sentimental, vacuous nonsense.

Emotional Labor and $400 Work Dinners

Sheila McClear on the emotional labor she performed once for a terrible man: He didn’t say $400 straight out.

A Poem by Sina Queyras

Little Fugue                          The world has become a mewling baby                                                                      —Lisa Robertson Bloody world, greedy little marketplace, How you have flooded Our minds with the bodies of women, So many they are clogging the feeds.

Health, "Flesh World (Kenton Slash Demon Remix)"

Have you started panic-buying provisions for the hurricane yet or are you going to try to coast by with the stuff you picked up after Sandy a few years back?

New York City, September 29, 2015

★★ A layer of visible grime clung to the living room window. The soggy air felt like putting on yesterday’s clothes.

The Artisan Chicken Sandwich Eater's Dilemma

In his review of David Chang’s fried chicken joint, which has expanded to two locations within two months of launching, Ryan Sutton notes, for context: Chang isn’t the only high-end chef to try his hand out in the fine-casual space – the Danny Meyer term for elevated fast food.

Time to Move On

The Times reports on the state of Condé Nast and Time Inc.’s moves downtown: In the new headquarters, Time’s writers and editors will have to make do with cubicles.

Eduardo de la Calle, "I Think I Love You"

The remainder of your days will be darkness and gloom and the vague, poignant memory of a time when things were brighter which will seem ever more difficult to conceive of the further away from it you get.

New York City, September 29, 2015

★★ The crowded, anxious elevator emptied out into a placidly cool and clouded-over morning. For a while the clouds parted, leaving dirty-looking remnants under the bluing sky, but the interval of brightness passed without warming things up.

Drinking Alone

The last few years have seen no shortage of requiems written for the dive bar, or simply the kind of place that you might pass by without thinking much of it, but feel some sense of loss when you hear it’s closing up—the neighborhood bar, where you can get a can of beer from the American Midwest and a shot of cheap whiskey with little fuss or muss.

Startup Idea: ReHome

Airbnb. Amazing. Airbnb “believes that people can and should feel like they belong anywhere in the world.” Strongly agree.

How Much Do You Bring to the Table, Content Human?

The German publisher Axel Springer DE is purchasing 88 percent of Henry Blodget’s extremely popular travel blog, Business Insider, for 343 million dollars in cash; its stake is valued at 390 million dollars.