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New York City, October 21, 2014

by Tom Scocca ★★ Purple sheets of dawn clouds went away, and gray, white, and blue vied for the skies.

A Brief Conversation with the Internet Concerning Renée Zellweger

by John Herrman Here Are Some Pictures of Renée Zellweger but Here is Renée Zellweger’s Awesome Response To Trolls Over Her Appearance however, this is What’s Really Behind The Ridicule Of Renée Zellweger’s Face and actually If You Looked at Renee Zellweger's Plastic Surgery, You Need to See These Photos which will remind you that people are dying, specifically of Ebola, despite the fact that This Ohio man has the perfect reaction to Ebola and anyway Don’t panic over Ebola in America that said, consider The Dangerous Myth of America's Ebola Panic because "Americans were far more likely to believe in witches than to worry about contracting Ebola" which doesn't matter if you understand the real Threats to Americans, ranked (by actual threat instead of media hype) and that you should Forget Ebola because It's soda that should terrify you because Drinking soda regularly can age the body just as much as smoking regularly although Sitting Is the New Smoking and also Wow— because The Effects of Childhood Obesity on Adolescent Health are Much Worse Than We Thought except Think You Know What 'Fat' Means?

How Going Cash-Only Helped Me Curb My Spending

The Problem I never carry cash. This shouldn't seem like a big deal, because debit cards can be cancelled if you lose them; parking meters, farmer’s markets, and even jukeboxes in the good dive-y bars all accept Visa these days.

by Matt Buchanan In this Sunday's forthcoming New York Times Magazine—which has been magically sent backward in time, from the future, to the internet of today—I have a short piece on how dynamic, demand-based pricing is probably going to become a staple of supremely popular restaurants as logistics-driven startups, of a piece with Uber and Airbnb, begin looking to disrupt (lol) woefully inefficient restaurant seating systems.

The Tall, Thin, Shining Skyline That L.A. Deserves

by Matt Buchanan For the last forty years, an odd rule from the Los Angeles Fire Department, known as Regulation 10, has required that every skyscraper in the city have a helipad for potential emergency rescues.

To Sleep Perchance to Scream

by Laura June At three in the afternoon when my daughter was about four weeks old, I hit a wall. With my fist, though not very hard, because I was trying to be as quiet as possible.

A Cool Hip Writer Who Has Definitely Had Sex Profiles Cameron Diaz

It is always hard to know what to wear to meet an icon. I imagine this is what Cameron Diaz is thinking as she heads to our meeting in a dirt hole behind a Chinese restaurant somewhere near the Lower East Side.

Dutch Uncles, “In N Out”

by John Herrman 2014 has been, for a broad swath of music, the year of the obligatory synth: Countless artists, new and old, have converged on the same neon moan, if only for a few bars on a few tracks.

On the Many Previous Internets

by John Herrman "Falstaff Press and Panurge Press were the best-known of [mail-order smut] publishers, and their books were also the best made.

New York City, October 20, 2014

by Tom Scocca ★★★ The morning was a slightly discolored blue, like an antiqued piece of painted furniture.

How Amazon Solved the Problem of Work

by John Herrman On Wednesday, October 8th, the Supreme Court heard oral arguments in the case of Integrity Staffing Solutions v.

My Day Interviewing For The Service Economy Startup From Hell

I was running to the interview, worried I’d get there late. My temp job was over as of a few days prior.

The Beatles Never Existed

by Russell Brandom This is a serious subject, not a joke, and this site is here to expose the actions of those who exploited these young men and defrauded us their fans.

Getting Personal with Jonathan Katz

Interviewing Jonathan Katz is an interesting experience, especially when doing so over the phone. After all, most of us know him from the animated sitcom he created, wrote and voiced in the 90’s, Dr.

Shoe Fit

by John Herrman "Ringo Starr Is The New Face Of Skechers." 0 Comments The post Shoe Fit appeared first on The Awl.

Cosmic Moans, Ranked

by John Herrman 10. Neptune moan 9. Earth moan 2 ("song") 8. Uranus moan 7. Saturn ring moan 6. Jupiter moan 5.

New York City, October 19, 2014

by Tom Scocca ★★★★ The apartment door banged in its frame where it stood, and howling sounds came from down the hallway.

Shabazz Palaces, "Motion Sickness"

by John Herrman A narrative video for one of the more accessible tracks on the excellent Lese Majesty, which I've been coming back to again and again over the last couple months (see previously: #CAKE).

Perverts & Prisons: Madeleine Holden on John Grisham

The internet throngs daily with bad opinions, but every few weeks an argument will emerge that’s so thoroughly wrongheaded and deeply reprehensible that we're all forced to engage with it.

Modern Experience Rendered Accurately

by John Herrman Who do you identify with? Is it one of the many Waldos? All of the Waldos? The guy relaxing briefly at the axis?