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New York City, August 27, 2015

★★★★★ A general thrum of the city came in on the fresh air. There was a gag back in college, a premise completely forgotten till now, that the weather and guitar pop could share adjectives: thrumming.

Travis Kalanick on The Uber Endgame

Earlier this week, the Awl posited how Uber might metastasize into mass transit and potentially privatize public transit along the way, at least in some cities.

What a Pack of Cigarettes Costs, in Every State

Every summer since 2011, The Awl has divined the price of a pack of Marlboro Red cigarettes by calling a convenience store in every state in America because—here’s a definitive fact for you—cigarettes are cool.

Everything Is Bullshit: Study

• “A major investigation into scores of claims made in psychology research journals has delivered a bleak verdict on the state of the science.

Percussions, "Digital Arpeggios"

Summer leaves easy. It leaves when you’re not paying attention. It leaves before you get a chance to spend the kind of time together you’ve been promising since May.

New York City, August 26, 2015

★★★★ In the shade, the early temperature was somewhere between relatively cool and absolutely so. The sun established itself, and established some heat with it, provisionally.

Everybody Is Flipping Out, Man

Distribution of a proposed one percent sales tax on flips in 2014 In real estate, “flipping” is the practice of buying a piece property and then selling it a short time later, often having renovated, rehabilitated, or otherwise upgraded it to increase its value.

In Search of the Greatest Rum Cocktail Ever Made

Welcome to the competitive cocktail circuit, where the world’s best mixologists unite with a singular goal: to develop the world’s perfect rum cocktail.

The Traffic King of Reddit

Last week, while avoiding work, I stared at a gif of an endless model train spiral for what seemed like hours, transfixed by the constant, seamlessly looping stream of miniature carriages, moving without end, going nowhere, yet constantly in motion.

A Poem by Robin Beth Schaer

Middle Flight The baby’s feet never touch the ground. Before now, he floated in dark water so I hold him like an exile for months until his own weight is no longer foreign.

What Redheads Smell Like

“Graffiti has been found on a road near Chittlehampton which accuses red headed people of smelling of urine.” [Via]

Gwenno, "Patriarchaeth (Ewan Pearson Remix)"

I’m not sure how you say “The summer is dying and now it’s dying fast. You’ll wake up in a week or two and realize what you wasted.

New York City, August 25, 2015

★★★ The sun was not too scattered to cast a retrograde shadow as it came back eastward off the mirrored tower.

Where Is the Song of the Summer?

Last year’s putative “Song of the Summer” was a national embarrassment; as a result, American songs—and for safe measure, all songs in English—are no longer eligible.

These Are Our Most Natural Musical Fibers, or, Hmm, Is This Morgellons?

As with the first noises of most Destroyer albums—the sandy processed reverb snare on “Kaputt,” the distortion power chords on “Rubies,” the tacky choral synth of “Your Blues,” to name just three albums that open impeccably—you will be welcomed to “Poison Season” reasonably convinced that Dan Bejar is just screwing with you.

Sounds Familiar

“How many national anthems are plagiarised?“


Verizon had agreed to have fiber-optic cable for FiOS pass all three million homes in the city by the end of last year.

Small Black, "No One Wants It To Happen To You"

Want to feel old? The pictures of your hand you traced as a child and colored in to look like a turkey for Thanksgiving have all faded away and returned to the earth at the bottom of whatever landfill they lay in.

Efficiencies Sought

FKA Capital New York reports: At the behest of chief financial officer David Geithner, starting this Wednesday, sources familiar with the matter told POLITICO, the global business advisory firm FTI Consulting will begin meeting with Condé Nast employees to help assess things like editorial workflow, processes and productivity across the company’s nearly two dozen titles, which include standard-bearers like The New Yorker, Vogue and Vanity Fair.

New York City, August 24, 2015

★★★ The air was warm and unmoving. From the office roof, haze spread out below. Awning fabric held and channeled the smell of the respiration of hot vegetables out onto Union Square.