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Soto Pocket Torch

Anyone who's ever played around with a cheap, translucent, disposable lighter knows that you can crank the thing up to deliver ridiculously large flames by simply removing the metal cap...

Revolutionary Pizza

Despite what the big pizza chains might have you believe, it's a way more versatile food than the standard sauce, cheese, and meat formula would have you believe.

Postalco Jogging Wallet

No one wants to haul around a big, clunky wallet when they go for a run — it's uncomfortable, annoying, and unnecessary.

Electric Objects EO1 Art Computer

The internet is full of digital art — made by well- and little-known artists alike — but looking at it on your laptop is hardly an appropriate way to appreciate...

Zoku Iced Coffee Maker

Iced coffee is always a hit in warmer weather, and making yourself a cup of the chilly caffeinated stuff has never been easier than it is with the Zoku Iced...

Lishinu Dog Leash

Face it — retractable leashes suck — they're hard to use, with inconvenient buttons, and they're uncomfortable for dogs, letting them pull out the line until they choke themselves.

Spencer Trappist Ale

What most people know about Trappist Ale is that it is brewed by monks in Europe. The nine monasteries that brew the delicious beer are were all in Europe until...

2015 Porsche Cayenne

It's hard to believe that Stuttgart's sports car in an oversized body has been around for over a decade, but with two generations under its belt, it's hitting its stride...

Tracksmith Running Gear

You can buy running gear nearly anywhere, from Walmart to Dicks. But good looking running gear? That's a whole different story.

IcyBreeze Air Conditioner Cooler

When it's hot outside, coolers are a must-have to keep your drinks and fruit cold. But what about keeping yourself cooled off?

Sense Sleep Monitor

We spend a huge portion of our lives in bed — so maximizing that experience can have huge benefits. The Sense Sleep Monitor is designed to do exactly that.


Leave behind your trusty but oh-so-not-stylish plastic comb and keep your hair in order with the Go-Comb.

Corsair Red Absinthe

What happens when you create a non-traditional version of a historically vilified and mysterious spirit?

8Bitdo NES30 Gamepad

Nintendo might not be releasing your favorite 8-bit classics on the App Store anytime soon, but you can at least recreate the feeling of the controller with the 8Bitdo NES30...

Samsung UHD S9 105-Inch Curved TV

At what point does a "TV" become a theater screen? We ask only because the Samsung UHD S9 105-Inch Curved TV is certainly straddling the line.

1964 Ferrari 275 GTB/C Speciale by Scaglietti

Any Ferrari from the '60s is likely to be a pretty unique auto — it's not like there are a ton of them around — but if you're looking for...

Nvidia Shield Tablet

Yes, you can play games on your iPad, Galaxy, Fire, or whatever other tablet you're carrying around. But if you're worried about your tablet's gaming prowess above all else, perhaps...

Flir One Thermal Imager

Hardcore handymen can tell you that thermal imaging is a lifesaver for finding water and air leaks, spotting overloaded electrical connections, and many other household issues.

Stuff Matters

You care about things — that's no secret — but when was the last time you stopped to think about the stuff that actually goes into all the things around...

Monocacy H.L. Rex Pale Ale

The newest contender in the race for a great, sessionable pale ale comes from the folks at Monocacy Brewing in Frederick, Maryland and it's named H.L.