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Photo: Dude Logs Reasons His Wife Turns Down Sex

As first seen on Reddit, a 26-year-old married guy got tired of his wife turning him down for sex. Along with what we presume was a rabid masturbation habit, the guy also adopted the habit of keeping tabs on why she said no.

The Best iPhone Case For Gym Rats

If you use your iPhone as your MP3 player when you workout in the gym you know how annoying it can be to find a way to holster it properly and comfortably.

Quiz: 12 Things You Should Have Learned In School

Which of the following is the most complete list of "real" numbers? Integers and natural, irrational, and square numbers Integers and natural, irrational, square, and prime numbers Natural, irrational, and square numbers Integers and square numbers Natural and prime numbers What best describes a hexagon?

The Proper Way To Pick Your Nose

If you’re talking to a person and somehow the conversation veers to nose picking and said person claims they don’t pick, they’re bullshitting you.

The Science Of Why You Should Smoke Pot … And Shouldn’t

The DEA defines pot as a “Schedule I” drug, which means law enforcement places it in the same category as heroin.

Drink Coasters That Aren’t Lame

You probably put as much thought into coasters as you do a welcome mat or shower curtains. That’s understandable considering coasters aren’t exactly a focal point of home decor.

Why Your Suit Lining Matters

You understandably put more thought into the outer appearance of your suit than the inner lining. (If you didn’t you’d be a mental patient.) That said, once you’ve made a decision on the color, material, and style of your suit, it’s a good idea to not gloss over what’s doing with your suit’s innards.

Video: Time-Lapse Of Earth From 250 Miles Up

Alexander Gerst, an astronaut at the European Space Agency released a time-lapse video from the International Space Station as it flew over Brazil and the Atlantic Ocean.

Smelling Farts Is Good For You. Seriously

Looks like they’re not silent but — they’re silent but healthy! A new study from the University of Exeter that was published in your favorite publication — Medicinal Chemistry Communications — claims that sniffing hydrogen sulfide (aka what you let out when you rip ass) can actually help prevent mitochondria damage.

Is Beer In A Can Better Than Beer In A Bottle?

Canned beers have always had a place at the table. Namely, the beer pong table. Other than that, aluminum cans have traditionally been thought of as inferior to glass bottles because people have claimed cans negatively affect the way beer tastes.

The Pros and Cons of Circumcision

Scalpels and penises generally do not mix. And yet more than half of boys born in the U.S. undergo circumcision, in which the foreskin is removed from the tip of the penis.

The Most Comfortable Jeans That Won’t Hide Boners

Given the choice we’d pull a George Costanza and wear sweatpants to just about every function. Sadly, bosses and women tend to frown upon a guy who shows up to interviews and dates sporting his beloved sweats.

Video: Dude Waits 19 Hours To Buy Legal Weed

Mike Boyer waited in line 19 hours to be the first to purchase legal weed when Green Leaf marijuana shop opened in Spokane, Washington.

Less Pit And Butt Sweat? Yes, Please!

During the summer guys have to worry about important things like which SPF to use (opt for 35 and up, by the way), and the best angle to display their guts on the beach.

How To Get Back The Engagement Ring

Once upon a time, I was engaged. And then, one day, I wasn’t anymore. But somehow I walked away with a token of our failed relationship — my engagement ring.

How To Cure A Black Eye

Okay, we can’t exactly tell you how to cure a black eye — other than to suggest you avoid getting punched in the face in the first place.

More Better Stinkiness: Lacoste Live Cologne

The creative minds at Lacoste have created Lacoste Live ($42-$70) a new fragrance they say has stuffed “energy, creativity, and a cool edge” into a bottle.

8 Movie Pills Explained

If we know of a pill that was guaranteed to make us stronger, smarter, or more handsome and it didn’t come with side effects like bacne or the crazy stink-eye, we’d probably give it a shot.

5 Tips To Feel Full (Without Eating More)

Foods that make you feel full aren’t #1. Eat More “High Volume” Foods It’s an inverse property — foods higher in water, air, and fiber have fewer calories yet make you feel fuller than processed foods.

Are You Healthy Down There?

When the extremity located below your equator works without the use of pills or “fluffers” it’s always a joyous occasion.