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8 Stars Who Got Their Start In Horror Flicks

Sam Raimi was a virtual nobody before his 1981 low-budget horror flick The Evil Dead ($10 Blu-ray @ turned into a cult hit.

Should You Get Your Testosterone Levels Tested? (Hint: Yes)

Research shows that one in four men over the age of 30 has low testosterone. So unless you’re taking nightly bubble baths in a fountain of youth, there’s a high possibility that your T levels are plummeting as you read this.

4 Streaming Media Players For Cable Cutters

HBO will now offer their streaming service HBO GO without requiring users to subscribe to their cable service.

5 Male Masturbation Devices Users Highly Recommend

By now you’ve realized that masturbating will not make you go blind or make hair grow on your palms. In fact, hand manipulation has health benefits!

8 Men’s Grooming Tips From Hideous Movie Monsters

You may think you look monstrous due to a bad complexion, a thick coat of body hair, or the aftereffects of an especially rough  night week of drinking.

5 Of The Best Hair Dyes For Men

Chicks tend to dig guys with gray hair. Seriously — a little salt-and-pepper in your coif makes you look established and worldly.

How To Choose The Right Glass For Your Beer

There are certain things guys should know. Like how to change a flat tire, who the reigning champions are in all four major sports, what the best quotes are in a wide range of guy movies, and how to deal with a hangover at work. Also on that list?

5 Cool Minimalist Watches For Guys

Whether we find enormous, colorful, and overdone graphics a distraction, or we simply don’t want to be a walking billboard for a brand without receiving compensation for it, some guys prefer simple and clean clothing and accessories over obtrusive logos and overdone graphics.

Obscure Netflix Guy Movie: Troll 2

Year: 1990 Rating: PG-13 Runtime: 94 minutes Halloween is rapidly approaching, and if you want to watch a scare-a-minute thrill ride to get you in the mood, Troll 2 (stream for $3 / own for $8 @ … definitely isn’t it. The premise is absurd, the script is terrible, the acting is lousy, and the production value barely surpasses that of a high-school musical-theater performance.

Books For Guys Who Hate Reading: The Innovators

You’re clearly on the internet right now. And this book by Walter Isaacson — the same dude who wrote Steve Jobs ($7 Kindle / $15 paperback / $25 hardcover @, the biography of — you guessed it!

7 Vacuum Cleaners For Guys Who Live Indoors

You may not believe the saying that a clean home is a happy home. But you should believe that a clean home is definitely a home that single guys get laid in more when compared to a filthy home with dirt, grim, and pet hair piled on the floor or carpet.

6 Stylish Undershirts For Guys

The best undershirts for men don’t have to be boring or cheap. That said, there’s no need to dump you entire paycheck on one, either.

5 Cool Cases To Cover A Naked Phone

Smartphones are necessities, but they’re also expensive gadgets to own. And if your smartphone isn’t insured, you’re better off shelling out market price for a new one than paying roughly the same amount to get your old one fixed.

16 (Budget) Ways To Make Your Hair Look Better

You probably don’t know the difference between pomade, wax, and glue. And that’s fine. We’re paid to know this type of stuff.

8 Songs About Cities That Don’t Deserve Songs

There’s a reason why so many artists write songs about cities like New York, Chicago and Los Angeles — it’s because they attract artists with their culture, nightlife, and predatory talent-vampires who promise them fame and fortune and, once in a great while, deliver it.

6 Natural Mouthwashes For Your Gross Breath

Toxins, harsh chemicals, and artificial sweeteners are equal opportunity haters. In other words, you don’t have to be a tree-hugging hippy to, like, totally groove on all-natural products instead of them.

Your Drinking Habit Can Help Save Lives

Want a few reasons to drink more water? And we don’t mean after a night of hardcore boozing (although water does flush out toxins).

Science: Walking To Work Makes You Happier

Good news for those of us who’d rather play in traffic than go for a run. A new study from UEA’s Norwich Medical School and the Centre for Health Economics at the University of York — holy hell that’s a long name — analyzed data from 18,000 commuters across the UK spanning 18 years and found … drumroll … walking or biking to work improved overall well-being.

10 Frustrating Movie Endings Explained

Walking out of a movie theater and thinking, “What the hell just happened?” is hardly the worst thing that can happen to you after watching a movie.

10 Things We Learned From Lost

Lost premiered 10 years ago this month. The show was unique, polarizing, and awesome and annoying all at the same time.