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7 Cool Things For Retro Gamers

  Best Retro Gaming Gear for Nerds Like Us Anyone remember going to the arcade, standing in line, and feeding your allowance into a Pac-Man or Mortal Kombat machine one quarter at a time?

So, How Long Do Drugs Stay In Your System?

How Long Drugs Stay In The Human Body Essentially each drug, drink or chemical when consumed takes a specific amount of hours to be processed by our body.

Best Hoodies for Spring

Best Hoodies for Spring The best men’s hoodies for spring can range in terms of style — go more colorful to match the season, but stick with gray or black if that’s what suits your style.

Study: Your Gym Is Probably A Filthy Bacteria Trap

Study: The Gym Is Super Filthy Even if you go to a gym that looks nothing like the one in the above photo — and for crying out loud, please let that be the case — here’s some bad news: it’s still gross and filthy and filled with bacteria.

8 Of The Best Gym Bags For Men

There are two places where men spend a majority of their time: the office and the gym. If you’re one of those guys that tosses a towel over his shoulder and heads over to 24-Hour Fitness with iPod in hand, it’s probably time you looked into getting a gym bag.

11 Awful Sons Who Don’t Deserve Moms

The Worst TV & Movie Sons Ever It’s been said that a boy’s best friend is his mother. Of course, that was said by an insane mass murderer with serious mommy issues — more on him later!

Study: There Are Too Many Damn Studies

Study: There Are Too Many Studies If you feel like your FB newsfeed is full of studies — caffeine is good for you, caffeine will make your heart explode, smartphones make you dumber, but they also kill your boner, etc.

Best Air Conditioners (Window Units)

It’s impossible to relax at home when you’re doggy paddling in sweat. And as summer heats up, that’s exactly what you’ll encounter unless you take action.

6 Cocktails Perfecta For Cinco De Mayo

We like several kinds of Mexican beer, and frozen margaritas spewing out of repurposed frogurt machines have their place (for instance, roiling around in your belly the next day whilst giving you an epic hangover).

The 55 Most Common Sex Fantasies

Common Sex Fantasies Guys don’t think about sex every seven seconds — that’s a myth — but we do think about sex a lot.

Running May Be Good For Your Knees After All

  Study: Running May Be Good For Your Knees After All If you’re a runner, you’ve probably been upholding the conventional wisdom that your athletic passion comes with a price; those knees.

Get High On These 9 Weed Facts

#1. An estimated 22 million pounds of pot is grown in the United States. Most of the crop comes from the hippies in California; the red necks in Tennessee and Kentucky; the surfers in Hawaii; and woodsy loggers in Washington.

9 Cocktails That Appeal To Any Drinker

Cocktails For Any Drinker There are as many cocktails and subtle variations on cocktails as there are people to drink them.

The Best Socks For Men

Choosing The Best Socks For Men Socks are vital to your mood. When’s the last time you had feet that were housed inside of soaking wet socks and you weren’t a dick to other people because of it?

The Best Grills For Summer

 The Best Grills for Summer Grilling Owning a rusty, shitty grill is fine when you’re broke. But if you pride yourself on your ability to whip up tasty grilled fare, it pays to invest in a grill that will produce (and if it looks cool, that’s never a bad thing, either).

What Guys Should Know About Vodka

Cool Facts About Vodka When you’re at a party or simply in the company of people who love to chat about the history of drinks, so make sure you check your facts before you start boasting about your general knowledge of alcoholic beverages.

9 Movie Easter Eggs That Were Super Easy To Miss

Film: Godzilla (2014) What: Walter White shows up on screen with Bryan Cranston Although the Godzilla remake wasn’t as bad as we thought it was going to be — it was too long and still had plenty of cheese and SPOILER ALERT: Cranston dies way too quickly — but seeing the Walter White / Bryan Cranston connection was, well, not really that cool.

Playing Tetris Can Help PTSD [Study]

A new study from European researchers is providing helpful insights into how the human mind works and how that knowledge can be used to prevent the development of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) in patients after traumatic events.

Modafinil: An FDA-Backed Smart Drug That Actually Works

What is Modafinil? Some people consider Modafinil the real life equivalent of NZT (the drug that made Bradley Cooper super smart in 2011’s Limitless), it’s more accurately described as classified as a eugeroic, or wakefulness-promoting agent, and treats sleep related disorders such as excessive daytime sleepiness, narcolepsy, and shift work sleep disorder.

How To Buy The Best Polo Shirt For Your Body Type

Wearing a button-down shirt in the summer can turn your armpits into a sweat spigot. You can avoid that without sacrificing style with a wisely selected polo shirt.