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How To Be a Better Kisser

If there was a scale from 1 to 10 of things that are important to you, with 1 being “decorative pillows” and 10 being “not getting ball cancer,” I’m guessing kissing would clock in at about a 4.

How To Date A Vegetarian (When You’re Not)

According to the Vegetarian Times (a magazine we read every day), 7.3 million Americans are vegetarians.

Simple Tips to Combat “Hat Hair”

January 15 is National Hat Day. Yes, National Hat Day is a thing. While most of the country will strap on a beanie or Balaclava that serves to retain body heat — screw you, Old Man Winter!

5 Ways To Score A Second Date

Tips For Second Date Success According to scientists, men know whether or not a woman has longterm potential within a few minutes of meeting her.

23 Simple Tips That’ll Help You Get Organized

It’s difficult not to get stressed out when your life is a cluttered mess. Papers scattered over desktops, important mail hidden or lost, cleaning supplies piled under the sink, ect., etc., etc.

Best Shampoo for Men: Wavy Hair

5 Great Men’s Shampoos For Wavy Hair Unless you shave your head, keeping your hair in line is crucial to maintaining your look.

20 Simple Tips To Help You Lose Weight Fast

Have you already tried 7-minute abs, put yourself through one of those gimmicky cleanses, or cut back on eating food for days at a clip in hopes of losing weight fast?

The Best Movie Quotes Ever

A List of (Probably) The Most Quotable Movies Ever If you’ve seen Taken you know the line. And if you’ve seen any of the Taken sequels you know what bad movies truly are.

The Best Two-Player Drinking Games

  Odds are you don’t need to make alcohol consumption a special occasion. As in, it’s not something you do on such rare occasions that you need to draw attention to the fact that you’re doing it.

6 Badass Wallets For Men

We don’t care how cool or tough or manly Indiana Jones was in every film save Kingdom of the Crystal Skull — we’re not into carrying a man purse.

5 Tips for Crushing Your 2017 Goals

Nearly half of America’s population makes New Year’s resolutions, with a vast majority of those ambitions being to improve health, lose weight, and save money.

Read It: Morbid Curiosities: Collections of the Uncommon and the Bizarre

Morbid Curiosities: Collections of the Uncommon and the Bizarre Paul Gambino’s books Morbid Curiosities: Collections of the Uncommon and the Bizarre ($22) delves into the lives and culture of people who collect unusual artifacts.

How To Play The Circle of Death Drinking Game

Game Rules: Circle of Death  Admittedly we learned most of our drinking games in high school and college.

26 WTF Photos That Can’t Be Explained

  More than 52 million photos are uploaded to Instagram each day. Many of them are routine — baby pics, cats and dogs playing poker, selfies of people who are desperate for “likes” and attention.

Best Smelling Antispirants For Men

If you came here looking for a list of the best smelling deodorant, you’re in the wrong spot, guy. Deodorants are designed specifically to eliminate unwanted body odor.

2016 Holiday Gift Guide: Outdoors

  Yeti Brick Bottle Opener ($50) At 3/4 pounds of solid stainless steel, the Brick is Yeti’s definition of overkill.

2016 Holiday Gift Guide: Electronics and Gadgets

Spinn Coffee Spinn is the newest way to experience your daily caffeine fix. From macchiato to double espresso or plain old black, you have total control over making your java masterpiece. Spinn provides you the ultimate coffee control system, made with an efficient centrifugal brewing core. Through

2016 Holiday Gift Guide: Outdoor, Sports, and Rec.

2016 Holiday Gift Guide: Sports and Rec. SpaceScooter ($150) The hybrid SpaceScooter gets you from A to B while making you torch a few calories — which means it’s the perfect scooting tool to keep your spare tire in check.

Best Headphones Under $50

Best Headphones $50 and Under If you’re a commuter or are agoraphobic, you know that having a quality pair of headphones is imperative.

The Best Sweatshirts For Men

A sweatshirt doesn’t have to leave you looking a frumpy butterball who squeezed himself into a blanket weaved into a pullover.