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Study: Drinking Alcohol Linked To 7 Types of Cancer

Did you read the headline? If so you know about the awful news. Turns out, according to a study that appeared in the journal Addiction, that after sifting through more than 10 years’ worth of data scientists concluded that consuming booze can cause at least seven types of cancer, including the liver, colon, rectum, breast, oropharynx, larynx, and esophagus.

Playing Retro Video Games Can Make You Less Blubbery

In an attempt to A) win over the fitness crowd and B) help overweight gamers shed a few spare tires, Atari Fit offers more than 150 exercise programs for its users.

8 Cool Novelty Shower Curtains For Guys

Why consider spending $60 on a cool shower curtain? If you’re scraping by to pay rent, you shouldn’t.

Melania Trump and 5 Other High-Profile Plagiarizers

Melania Trump is catching heat for, ahem, repurposing some of Michelle Obama’s speech from the 2008 Democratic Convention.

Donald Trump & Mike Pence and 7 More Love-Hate Relationships

How much does Republican presidential hopeful Donald Trump hate Indiana governor Mike Pence? Well after he released their campaign logo of a “T” ramrodding the “P” that should explain it.

Want To Be A Better Kisser? Avoid These 8 Things While Kissing

Kissing may not be as exciting as it was when you were a kid in middle school. Just as boob grabbing lost its luster, kissing and making out now seems to be a gateway to greater things as the relationship progress.

Trump’s Campaign Logo & Other Business Logos That Are (Practically) Porn

McDonald’s has its Golden Arches, NBC has its peacock, and the NBA has its skinny white dude dribbling a basketball.

Remember Nickelodeon’s Guts? Then You’ll Dig These 11 Guts Facts

1. The Aggro Crag Could Be Taken Apart And often was. Because the Guts soundstage was needed for filming other shows, the Aggro Crag was actually a giant puzzle.

How To Publicly Shame Someone

Public shaming has become a popular way to punish people for their misdeeds, whether they’re crooks, cheats, or shitty boyfriends.

Does The G-Spot Really Exist (Hint: Yes)

The G-spot is a mythical area on a woman’s body that men strive to find in hopes of sending said woman into uncharted bliss and ecstasy.

Smartphone Cases That Can Replace Your Wallet

Sick of pocket bulk? We get it. Nothing worse than having a pile of receipts or bulky phones or wallets making it seem as though your ass has grown a lumpy tumor or your thighs sprung a raging boner.Even if you Even if you own a slim wallet, condensing your smartphone case — a great investment considering the device it’s protecting costs like $500-plus — and a wallet can reduce pocket bulk significantly.

Most Joints Contain .32 Grams of Pot [Study]

A typical joint contains roughly .32 grams of weed, according to stats published in the journal Drug and Alcohol Dependence.

8 Of The Best Apps & Tips For Instagram Users

#1. Create high-quality time lapse videos on the go using Hyperlapse, an app by Instagram, that has built-in stabilization technology.

Tips For Winning An Arguement With Your Girlfriend

You are going to get into it with your significant other every so often. It’s no fun for either party, but as a woman, I’m willing to concede that it’s even less fun for men.

How To Make The Perfect Apology

When you find yourself in a pile of trouble with your lady, you might be tempted to buy some flowers and mutter, “Uh … sorry” in order to make it all go away.

7 iPhone 6 Shortcuts You Never Knew Existed

We’re guessing you know how to send texts, take pics and vids, make calls (do people even use phones for this anymore?

11 Netflix-Related Websites You Should Be Using Immediately

  1. This site randomly chooses movies based on the likelihood that you haven’t seen it yet.

7 Rules For Getting Divorced

Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes split. And then our dreams are shattered when Gwyneth Paltrow and Chris Martin decided to call it quits.

10 Common Grilling Mistakes

Grilling looks easy when someone who knows what they’re doing is holding the tongs. However, when you’re the guy wearing the “Kiss me, I’m the chef!

19 Of The Most Americanest Things Ever

Yeah, we know America has its issues — our infrastructure is crumbling, our political system is corrupt and filled with obstructionists, and it’s a full day’s work just to exit a contract with the soul-sucking money whores at Comcast — but we still love this goddamn country.