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The Best Gadgets for Beer Drinkers

You don’t need gadgets or fancy glasses to enjoy beer. All you need is beer. However, that’s not to say that some accessories or glasses don’t make the experience more enjoyable.

Best Baseball Drinking Games

We’re all about going to a baseball stadium, catching some sun, stealing a foul ball from an innocent adolescent, and slamming overpriced beers (and inexpensive beers, pre-game).

Football Drinking Games

Announcer / Player Drinking Games Some commentators don’t make us want to choke on chicken wings while we watch the NFL — Al Michaels and Bob Costas come to mind.

What Is High-Intensity Interval Training (HIIT)?

High-Intensity Training 1o1 In the late 1970s and early 1980s, a super-huge bodybuilder named Mike Mentzer was using a weight lifting method called high-intensity training (HIT) to build his already massive muscles into jaw-droppingly massive muscles.

8 Weird But Popular Theories About TV Shows

The Weirdest Fanboy TV Show Theories There are fans, and then there are those who sit around and develop these crazy theories about their favorite TV show.

Career Lessons You Can Learn From Guys Like Seinfeld, The Rock, and Luke Skywalker

“Never stop working or thinking.” —Jerry Seinfeld Having created Seinfeld, one of the most popular US sitcoms of all time, Jerry Seinfeld has reached a point in his life where he can absolutely decide to kick back.

Best Sunscreens for Men

Before you toss on your finest pair of nut huggers and head to the beach for a day of sun-drenched day-drinking, make sure you apply some sun screen to stop yourself from frying like a strip of bacon (mmm….bacon).

Study: Tripping Balls Is Actually Good For Your Brain

Eating Magic Mushrooms Have Health Benefits Remember back in the day when you and your buddies popped pills, smoked the grass, and polluted your bodies with tons of drugs during your college years?

Guys Admire Themselves More Often Per Day Than Women

Survey: Men Admire Are More Vain Than Women One thousand Brits were surveyed about their grooming habits, revealing that guys are essentially prima donnas who can’t stop looking at how handsome (or horrific) they are.

Best Fans To Cool Your Sweltering Apartment

Best Fans For Guys With Sweltering Apartments` If you’re not going to splurge for an air conditioning unit or turn your home into an igloo, investing in a quality fan for your budget can help you keep cool during the dog days of summer.

How To Deal With A Jealous Girlfriend

I can’t answer why your girlfriend might assume you’re ready to hook up with any female co-worker, bartender, or chick in yoga pants who crosses your path because that can stem from a ton of things.

Tequila Facts Every Guy Should Know

Tequila Facts Every Guy Should Know Aside from knowing it will get you trashed, we’re guessing what you know about tequila could fit into a shot glass.

The Best Socks For Men

Choosing The Best Socks For Men When it comes to clothing, do not get frugal with socks (undies, too).

Body Shaving Tips For Men

5 Male Body Shaving Tips You Never Knew You Needed To Know So, you’ve decided to give manscaping a try?

How to Dominate a Beer Pong Game

How to Dominate in Beer Pong Beer pong used to be regulated to dorm rooms and keg houses. Not anymore.

The 12 Best Summer Albums of All Time

Best Summer Albums Ever Summer means different things to different people. For some, it’s all about avoiding work and enjoying barbecues.

Funny Sex Toy Reviews from Amazon

  K-Y Duration Male Genital Desensitizer Spray ($20) – I wouldn’t recommend it. Unless you want a numb mouth and throat   – This stuff LITERALLY TOOK MY NAIL POLISH OFF.

15 Neil deGrasse Tyson Quotes That’ll Blow Your Mind

The 15 Coolest Neil deGrasse Tyson Quotes Over the course of the last 15 years, astrophysicist Neil deGrasse Tyson -the Director of the Hayden Planetarium at the Rose Center for Earth and Space in NYC – has made a name for himself as a media darling and a Twitter icon.

What You Need To Know About SPF

The amount of sunscreen you should be slathering every time you go out in the sun should fill a shot glass.

6 Men’s V-Neck Shirts For Just About Any Style

What used to be considered a “metro” look, which is a dumb word created by unimaginative boners who were so used to wearing crew neck shirts that they got their (thong) undies in a wad when they saw some chest hairs creeping up.