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8 Simple Tips To Help Guys Lose Weight

Weight Loss Tpps For Men A good diet for men is one that A) works and B) works quickly. There’s no magic pill or secret to achieving success — but it does take a healthy and strict diet and a few other tips.

6 Tips For Winning At Foosball

Foosball Tips That’ll Make You Look Like A Pro The origins of foosball trace back to ancient times. Well, actually 1921, when it was invented soccer fan Harold Thornton, who mapped out the details using a box of matches.

5 Saint Patrick’s Day Cocktails Any Guy Can Make

Saint Patrick’s Day Cocktails We’re not going to any bars on Saint Patrick’s Day because we hate stepping on green vomit.

Have “Old Man Skin”? These 5 Tips Will Help Change That

Just like we’ve all known a dude who was balding since middle school, we’ve also known a dude or two with Old Man Skin (OMS) while they were in their 20s.

The Best At-Home Cardio Equipment Small Apts

Best Home Cardio Equipment Have you ever tried Shaun T’s INSANITY MAX:30 ($120 @ Well, if you haven’t, it’s — you guessed it — insanely hard.

Old School NES Game Facts You Never Knew

Pol’s Voice’s weakness changes by system. In “The Legend of Zelda,” the rabbit-like Pol’s Voice can be defeated by a single arrow or several sword thrusts.

NES Canvas Art You Need To Own Immediately

NES CANVAS WALL ART YOU NEED TO OWN RIGHT NOW If you feel like you’re going nuts looking at the cracks in your walls here’s a cool and affordable way to cover them: NES canvas art ($16 @ No, the graphics of the OG Nintendo Entertainment System aren’t on par with today’s fancy Sega Genesis or Super Nintendo gaming consoles, but the NES remains cool and even sold out when the NES Classic — a console preloaded with NES games — was released late in 2016.

The 55 Most Common Sex Fantasies

Common Sex Fantasies Guys don’t think about sex every seven seconds — that’s a myth — but we do think about sex a lot.

Lose Weight With This Gym Workout For Beginners

A Gym Workout Routine For Beginners There are a lot of implements that you can use to get a killer workout in—kettlebells, dumbbells,  machines, and your own body-weight, to name a few—and each respective method should have a place in your routine.

How To Play Hooky (And Not Get Busted)

Thirty percent of American workers play hooky at least once a year, according to (We’re guessing the actual number is higher.) Interestingly, of those truants, about 1 in 10 call in sick to watch a sporting event.

Should You Bring Flowers On The First Date? Probably Not.

Please Don’t Bring Flowers on Our First Date You’ve been taught not to show up to places empty handed because it’s rude, but that might not be the case for dates.

Tips To Make Missionary Position Less Boring

How To Make  Missionary Position Sex More Exciting A lot of guys ask me if I like missionary position or if I find it boring and count the seconds before the sex is over.

5 Great Umbrellas For Guys

We can’t think of one good reason why a guy shouldn’t own at least one quality umbrella. Whether you’re keeping yourself dry or attempting to avoid looking as inconsiderate as Justin Theroux and hogging it when you’re with your spouse, it’s a smart idea to keep one stashed in your car or coat closet.

The Best Gadgets for Beer Drinkers

You don’t need gadgets, fancy glasses, or anything other add-ons to enjoy beer. All you need is beer, really.

8 Microbrews That Have Terrible Names

The same way some guys will judge a book by its cover or a movie by its poster, they’ll also judge a beer by its label.

The Best Cross Training Shoes For Men

Can you use running shoes as cross trainers? Sure, but keep in mind that running shoes are built for lateral movement.

5 Weight Loss Myths You Probably Believe

Common Weight Loss Myths When you hear something enough, you start to believe it. Even if there’s a voice inside of your bulbous melon screams at you not to believe something so obviously phony that you’d be a moron to believe it, somehow you wind up conning yourself into thinking it’s true.

11 Awful Things That Happened on Valentine’s Day

270: St. Valentine dies. And we’re still paying for it. 1804: Karadjordje leads the first Serbian Uprising against the Ottoman Empire.

7 “Romantic” Movies To Watch With Her On Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day falls on a Friday this year. Since you’ll no doubt spend the weekend doing the traditional going out to dinner, presenting flowers, and giving gifts of lingerie, you may be able to have a laid back February 14th.

11 Condoms Facts That’ll Blow You Away

A study of more than 500 heterosexual men found that condoms really don’t affect pleasure or sensation during sex.