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6 Tips To Stop Looking Awkward In Social Media Pics

More than 95 million pics and videos are uploaded per day to Instagram. And yes, many are filled with drooling babies, zany cats, and landscapes ruined by the use of wonky filters.

5 Hidden Clues A Woman Is Cheating On You

Short of walking in on your wife or girlfriend doing unspeakable things with another dude, there’s no foolproof way to know if she’s cheating on you.

Study: Prejudice Could Be Linked To IQ

A new study performed by psychologists Mark Brandt and Jarret Crawford involved nearly 6,000 and an IQ test, and questions about prejudices to determine that morons and eggheads are both prejudice … just not in the same way.

The Best Hiking Shoes For Men: 2016

When you’re hiking you’re looking for a couple of spec from your hiking footwear: 1) they’re comfy — no guy ever had a good time trekking through the woods feeling like he was wearing a slab of cardboard on his feet; 2) the hiking shoes are durable — spending any denomination is maddening if you get a few wears out of your kicks and they need to be replaced.

Top 5 Shampoos For Men With Curly Hair: 2016

Sometimes, and we’re sorry to say this to our curly-haired pals, but even the best men’s shampoo can’t do much if the weather is humid.

Do Pot Smokers Get Laid More? One Study Suggests They Do

To cancel out the bad news of the uptight voters in Ohio voting down the legality of marijuana being used freely for recreation — those people really need to loosen up, may we suggest a J filled with sativa?

9 Grooming Products Every Guy Needs

Historically, guys weren’t expected to know a lot about grooming. The basic expectations were to bathe somewhat regularly, brush your teeth a couple times a day, and use whatever razor was available to shave as often as the job you had dictated.

Essential Tailgating Supplies For Fall

Before concerts, football games, funerals — we’re game for a booze-and-greasy-food-filled tailgate. But it’s not enough to show up with some white bread, frozen burger patties, and a case of Natty Ice.

6 Cool Gym Bag Backpacks For Men

Rather than carry around two bags — say, a messenger bag and backpack or duffel — many guys use a backpack to stash everything.

How To Sleep Better

Getting a good night’s sleep can do more than help you nurse a hangover. You’ll be more alert, less cranky, and the bags under your bleary eyes won’t look as grotesque.

New Old Spice Guy Von Miller vs. Old Old Spice Guy Terry Crews

Photos: Courtsey of Old Spice   Denver Broncos linebacker Von Miller is the higher paid defensive player in the NFL, and now he’s making more side loot with a gig at Old Spice.

8 Everyday Things Guaranteed To Turn On Women

It’s taken a few centuries, but scientists have finally done something useful. They’ve discovered everyday things that are guaranteed to turn on women.

Tetris is Becoming A Movie Trilogy Because Hollywood Has Officially Run Out Of Ideas

If you were blessed to be born into an Xbox world — you missed out on Pong, dude! — you may not be familiar with the original Tetris, which was a video game first released on June 4, 1984.

10 Farts Facts You Never Knew You Needed To Know

#1. The first use of the word “fart” was in 1632. It came from an Old English word “feortan,” which means to break wind.

7 Myths About Your Brain

The brain is the defining biological characteristic of the human race. Barely the size of a guinea pig, this intricate network of neurons, impulses and chemicals is responsible for effortlessly regulating our basic motor functions, intricate survival mechanisms, and terrible decision making.

How To Hold a Goddamned Baby

Whether you’re a father-to-be, your friends are having kids, or you’re planning to apply for a mall Santa gig, knowing the proper way to hold a baby is a skill you’re going to need.

Resume Tips For When You Want to Lie on a Resume

Before we get to the resume tips, let’s get one thing straight: It’s never really a good idea to lie on a resume.

7 Apple Cider Vinegar Uses You Never Knew Existed*

You can use apple cider vinegar to clear your sinuses. That’s nothing new to people who are familiar with it (and for those of us dumb enough to take a big whiff of it).

8 Easy-To-Make Summer Cocktail Recipes She’ll Love

We’re guessing you already know how to make a killer mimosa when you’re hosting a brunch (fill the glass up with 90 percent champagne, then add a drop of O.J).

Do You Really Need To Floss? No, Says Science; Yes, Say Dentists

Since we were kids we’ve been told by dentists, parents, and toothferreis that we should floss our teeth.