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The Best Sweatshirts For Men

A sweatshirt doesn’t have to leave you looking a frumpy butterball who squeezed himself into a blanket weaved into a pullover.

2016 Holiday Gift Guide: Grooming

Dove Men+Care ($10) This three-piece Dove men’s care kit combines all of the essentials you need to look, smell, and feel your best.

2016 Holiday Gift Guide: Cool Gifts for Gamers

2016 Holiday Gift Guide: Gifts for Gamers NES Classic (MSRP $60) A miniature throwback to the original NES, this console features the nostalgia of the 1980s with the hardware of 2016.

How To Pretend You Like A Crappy Christmas Gift

  Receiving, er, we mean giving Christmas or holiday gifts is the best part of the holiday season. Especially when you hit a home run with an amazing present that you scored for a super cheap price.

Is There a Male G-Spot? (Hint: Yes)

Do Men Have G-Spots? For those who wonder “do men have G-spots,” here’s the answer: Yep. However, it’s  more like an A- or B- spot because of where it’s located — inside the prostate (aka your ass).

A 20-Minute Workout that Really Works

The Best 20-Minute Workout for Men It seems like there’s less and less time to do the things you need to do.

2016 Holiday Gift Guide: Men’s Style’s 2016 Holiday Gift Guide: Clothing   Tommy John Quick-Dry Hoodie ($75 @ This sweatshirt was created at the intersection of style and functionality.

2016 Holiday Gift Guide: Electronics and Gadgets’s 2016 Holiday Gift Guide: Electronics 2. Echo Dot ($49.99) It only seems like yesterday that we were watching sci-fi movies where people used voice-recognition devices to carry out mundane chores and tasks in their super-perfect high-tech houses.

Best Geeky Gifts for Your Geeky Girlfriend

If you’re a geeky guy who has a geeky girlfriend, you need to find something that suits her personality but doesn’t make her say, “Wow, this is for a NERD, not a GEEK!

The Best Fragrance For Men This Winter

Before you consider which style, grooming methods, and accessories work best for you, it’s important to take several things into account before making a decision.

15 Cool Movie Facts

We love movies. In fact, we’ve seen at least 100 of them. We also love movie trivia and learning cool, lesser-known movie facts about films we appreciate.

8 Cool Novelty Shower Curtains For Guys

Why consider spending $60 on a cool shower curtain? If you’re scraping by to pay rent, you shouldn’t.

Top 6 Most Common Poker Tells

Poker nights with buddies are a good excuse to drink booze, smoke cigars, and repeat jokes you heard elsewhere while passing them off as your own.

7 Of The Best Messenger Bags For Men

The best messenger bags for men are comfortable, stylish, and durable enough to last a few years. While there’s nothing wrong with using a backpack to transport your stuff to and from work — half of us here in the office do — a messenger bag can look a lot more fashionable and feel a lot more compact.

What’s The Best Way To Keep Your Balls Dry?

If your balls get sweaty while you’re pumping iron at the gym or fleeing a hungry sea monsters in a post-apocalyptic hellscape, that’s okay.

The Best Sweatpants For Men

Ther is nothing wrong with lounging around on the couch after a long day at work or fighting crime. Or, alternatively, lounging on the couch while skipping work or after a long night of boozing.

Best Wireless Headphones for Men: 2016 Edition

Imagine yourself walking down the busy city streets, minding your own beeswax. Everybody around you is hurrying along, trying to get to their jobs or schools on time.

10 Great Cookbooks For Men

You might not aspire to be the next Gordon Ramsay, but you should have a basic level of kitchen skill that extends beyond using a microwave or unwrapping a frozen pizza.

Can You Learn In Your Sleep?

Learning new things would be a lot easier if it weren’t for all the learning that’s required. But until science finally develops brain implants, some eggheads in Isreal may have found a learning shortcut.