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What do our texts say about us?

Sean Swaby finds that our cell phones are like a modern-day confession booth. ___ What do our texts reveal about us: about our fears, our desires and our needs?

It’s OK For Men To Hyphenate Their Last Name

You’ve made a choice that most men will never make or even contemplate. Be proud of that decision. ___ To be honest, you’re right; I probably wouldn’t have changed my last name if I hadn’t met my wife.

A Dad’s Adventures with His Bedwetting Son

This post is sponsored by GoodNites® Embed from Getty Images Rob Watson was raising two boys as a single dad.

Sex Beyond Belief: 14 False Beliefs and Beyond (#3)

Young beautiful couple making love in bed False belief #3. I can enjoy doing something to my partner that he/she dislikes —   To get pleasure from doing something that my partner is not enjoying, I must be disconnected from my heart and in denial about his or her feelings.

11 Ways Camping Can Be Fun Again

  I quit camping. I can still remember the weekend. I prepared the family well for a good night’s sleep in the Canadian outdoors: a thick air mattress, two sleeping bags each for warmth, long underwear, a winter hat, and gloves.

I’m the Wife of a Daddy Warrior

Embed from Getty Images Working out a successful custody arrangement with the ex-wife may have tremendous challenges—don’t give up.  — Dear Fathers, I want you to know you are not alone in your fight for equality. We both know that the system is heavily stacked against you before you have even begun your fight.

Silence of Congressional Republicans Equals Death

Embed from Getty Images The history of LGBT fight for rights and its reflection on Congress. — Prior to Barack Obama’s ascendancy to the presidency, George W.

Fire Up the Pink Rockets: 3 Times Women Kept Sexism Alive for My Daughter

This dad is caught between sexism and some hard stereotypes. — Sometimes, women are the worst enemies of gender equality.

Social Media Day from the United Nations

It is National Social Media Day. Here is what that means to the United Nations. —       Photo: Flickr/John Gillespie   The post Social Media Day from the United Nations appeared first on The Good Men Project.

We Need to Talk About Men

Embed from Getty Images A man deflects praise and shines the light on others. A man understands that the only thing we have to fear is fear itself.

National Handshake Day: Jim Rome Sounds Off on the Worst Handshakes

It is National Handshake Day!  Here is a discussion on some of the worst handshakes. —     Photot: Flickr/R.

The Stranger in the Mirror

Chrysanthemum Tran – “Transplant” — — Do you want to be part of creating a kinder, more inclusive society?

Nice Guys Finish First

Embed from Getty Images Empathetic boys attract more close female friends. — Making friends is tough for teenagers.

Mashable’s Launch of Social Media Day Five Years Ago Today

  Today is the 5th Annual Social Media Day! — The post Mashable’s Launch of Social Media Day Five Years Ago Today appeared first on The Good Men Project.

The Span of the Butterfly

The early morning sun illumines this graceful butterfly as it alights upon the wild grape leaf. ––– This light pours through both leaf and insect highlighting the sheer livingness of the life held within them.

Comment of the Day: ‘You can be either a predator or a protector’

Embed from Getty Images It’s not black and white, but there is brilliance in its simplicity. — This comment was by Ben Allard in reference to the post – How to Be a Boy A very wise man, Jim Stenson who teaches about this issue made a simple, but profound (to me at least) comment about the challenge of teaching boys: they need to know WHAT to do, more than WHAT NOT to do.

What’s Your July 4th Story? (Call for Submissions)

Embed from Getty Images What’s your July 4th story?  — Do you have your own Independence story–with or without, related or not—to July 4th?

Rape, Guns, and Other Forms of Terrorism Reflect a Country in Conflict

Embed from Getty Images Our society has never accepted rape. What is frightening is how we define rape and its impact on the victim.

Quote of the Day—Qualities of a “Perfect Gentleman”

As a gentleman, do you think this quote is accurate?  What are your initial thoughts? — What qualities would you assign to a “Perfect Gentleman?

Strategic Timing for the EU Transition to a Low Carbon Economy is Crucial

Embed from Getty Images The ideal scenario to attack carbon emissions so economic costs can be managed and reductions achieved.