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How NOT Dating Taylor Swift Almost Got Me Fired

Embed from Getty Images Looking at the children before me, I should have stopped long ago. After working at Victoria’s Secret for a long, strange year, I continued like most creatives do when trying to avoid their mother’s basement: down the black hole path of retail.

No. No, Thanks. Never.

  It has always been a sign of age. Every single man I know, knew or ever met, who wears a lip pushbroom, has always looked old.

Who Wants To Go on a Killing Spree, Today?

Embed from Getty Images — Who wants to get out there and kill some people today!? It’s a ridiculous question, isn’t it?

Why I Let My Teenage Son Still Trick or Treat

We all remember how confusing the teenage years are. You’re not quite an adult yet and you’re not really a child either.

Late-Shift Families and the New American Dream, ‘Without’ Dad

It’s a familiar routine all across the country for the average family—Mom and Dad roll out of bed just before sunrise and guzzle a quick cup of coffee.


*** Read more of Ben Berman’s poetry. Interested in submitting poetry to The Good Men Project? Check out our guidelines.

5 Ways Schools Can Combat the “Trump Effect”

Embed from Getty Images Donald Trump’s comments from 2005, recently released on video, suggest he not only has committed sexual assault, but also views grabbing women “by the p***y” as the casual right of powerful men.

Society’s Parasite: A Look Inside the Treatment Industrial Complex or ‘TIC’

Now that mass incarceration is being threatened by a wakening public, the parasites are moving on to capitalize on the “treatment” process after prison.

President Obama is a Total Trekkie

The President loves his Star Trek, no doubt about it. The role of men is changing in the 21st century.

Leaving Tyson Fury to Recover from Mental Health Issues Will Test Hungry Media

Embed from Getty Images By David Randles Heavyweight boxer Tyson Fury has voluntarily vacated his WBO, WBA and IBO world titles, citing mental health problems that have left him “medically unfit” to compete.

A Moment of Wonder for His Blue Planet

From here the sea mirrors the coastline in a series of fluid and dynamic ridges. These same sinuous waves ripple through the seemingly unbreakable land too.

Comment of the Day: ‘ It’s easy to say yes too much, or indeed to say no too much’

Embed from Getty Images This comment was by Mike in reference to the post – False Hope: Is it Worse Than No Hope?

Tim Dirks’ Filmsite Is A One-Man IMDb

Embed from Getty Images By The CS Team Imagine if you will what IMDb would be like if it was run and written by a single filmfanatic.

Lady Gaga’s Twitter Beef with the Chainsmokers is an Embarrassment to Beef

Embed from Getty Images It all began with some bitchy comments made in a Rolling Stone interview: erstwhile pop band The Chainsmokers (DJs Alex Pall and Drew Taggart) decided to take the low road and diss Calvin Harris, Rihanna, and Lady Gaga.

The Better (Slightly) Late Than Never GMP Sports NBA 2017 Season Preview

Sports Editors Wai Sallas and Michael Kasdan open a window into the workings of their collective minds as they wind their way through a preview of the 2017 NBA season.

The Gay Couple That Supports Trump Is Now Receiving Death Threats

By Derek de Koff Last week, we told you about 31-year-old Dewey Lainhart and his 22-year-old fiancé Cody Moore, two men interviewed by Wall Street Journal’s Jason Bellini during a Trump rally in Cincinnati.

LOVE ADDICT: Interview with author Koren Shadmi

—   From acclaimed cartoonist Koren Shamdi (THE ABADDON, IN THE FLESH) comes “LOVE ADDICT: Confessions of a Serial Dater.

A Birthday Present for a Modern Man

As my birthday approaches, I find I want two things above all things. One is personal freedom, while the other is my chance to make a difference in this modern world.

Are You Mentally Tough Enough to Suck?

Recently, I have gotten into rock climbing. Well, actually, I have only done it a handful of times on man-made walls at the Brooklyn Boulder, an indoor gym.

No Time For Oxygen Masks, Republicans, We’re Coming In Hard

Embed from Getty Images — Some of you may be glad to see this outcome. But not me. I grew up revering the GOP, but not because of any one politician or policy.