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Old Men and New Technology and the Advantages of Being Naked

Embed from Getty Images  I have an Apple iPhone 4.

Men, Develop Lasting Relationships by Shelving Male Expectation Myths

Embed from Getty Images — Good relationships foster a good life. A seventy-five year Harvard study of 724 men, half from Harvard’s sophomore class and half from the poorest neighborhoods in Boston, found out that a good healthy long-lived life depended on good satisfying high-quality relationships including partners, family, friends, and community. This means loneliness is toxic and often kills men (1 in 5) in their late forties and early fifties by ill health or suicide.

Men Need to Feel Uncomfortable for Self-Reflection

Embed from Getty Images In light of the sexual harassment scandals that have emerged in recent months, along with the corresponding #MeToo movement, I’ve been especially curious about the reaction from men.

What’s New at POPS

Embed from Getty Images POPS will be focusing on three aspects of the program that makes POPS the Club unique, and effective for change.

Mastering Marriage Conflict with Mulligans

Embed from Getty Images  By Jon Beaty If you’ve golfed, it’s likely you’ve taken a “mulligan.” A mulligan allows casual golfers to recover from embarrassing strokes and keep the game moving.

Sex and Men’s Marital Satisfaction: A Symbiotic Relationship

Embed from Getty Images — Marital Satisfaction 101 Robert woke up on a Saturday morning, quietly got out of bed, and went downstairs to make some coffee.

Social is Wearing Stripes of No. 1 Clemson Tigers

> Source: – Clemson%20Football No. 1 Tigers (12-1) haven’t missed a beat from last season’s national championship despite star quarterback Deshaun Watson bolting to the NFL.

Is Your Fear of Commitment Preventing Happiness?

Embed from Getty Images — You have met someone great and you are spending a lot of time together. You can see the signs, things in common, the same goals, you make each other laugh – this might be the one.

Dear Dudes: Locker Room Talk Will Kill You

*** Just a few days back, a guy posted this on my Facebook feed: Locker room talk is just that. It is all talk and does not make you a predator.

The Playful Puppy Life Hack

Embed from Getty Images — I was hanging around nursing a foul mood the other night. Something was troubling me, and I couldn’t shake this ugly feeling hanging over me, so I got on the floor and started playing with my pup.

Save Your Close Relationships With This ONE Small Change

— The post Save Your Close Relationships With This ONE Small Change appeared first on The Good Men Project.

Dear Dudes: Locker Room Talk Will Kill You

*** Just a few days back, a guy posted this on my Facebook feed: Locker room talk is just that. It is all talk and does not make you a predator.

Man, Just Hop On!

Embed from Getty Images Two days out of the week, our children come home from school eager to go to soccer practice.

The Ultimate Stress-Buster for Your Workplace

The American Institute of Stress defines stress as “a condition or feeling experienced when a person perceives that demands exceed the personal and social resources the individual is able to mobilize.” This definition helps explain why people respond differently to essentially the same environment.  In today’s work environment, typical stressors include: Working in a role that’s a poor match with your skills and abilities.

Ask Dr. NerdLove: How Do I Approach Working Women?

Embed from Getty Images  Hi Doc!

Can Women Raise Boys to be Men?

Embed from Getty Images Just a little while back I attended an event that was exploring masculinity broadly, but with an emphasis on Black masculinity.

Incoming Fire for the House’s Concealed-Carry Law

> Source: – House%20Gun%20Vote States are now forced to recognize concealed-carry permits from any other state, like a driver’s license.

Men Should Be Asking Themselves Not What They Have Done Right

Embed from Getty Images Things won’t change until each of us recognizes and understands the nature and extent of his own complicity in a culture of sexual misconduct.

People Don’t Quit Their jobs; They Quit Their Bosses!

Embed from Getty Images  “A leader is admired, a boss is feared”-Vicente del Bosque Marcus Buckingham said, “People leave managers, not companies”.

Dear Men: Please Stop Approaching Women At Gas Stations

Embed from Getty Images  I held the pump handle, my head tilted, comparing the prices of leaded and unleaded gasoline.