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The Spirit of Rock Lives On

By Colm Clark Last summer, a LA jury determined that a copyright lawsuit failed to prove that Led Zeppelin lifted “Stairway to Heaven“‘s intro from Spirit‘s “Taurus” (1968).

Moment from Memory

Embed from Getty Images Smell doesn’t translate easily into language. Our words to describe scent tend to the imprecise, but that a sense may not be given to satisfactory definition fails to speak to its importance. I find myself irritable on days when the wind is up just enough to confuse my ability to scent what’s around the corner.

Global Warming and the Carbon Bubble: A Reality Check

Embed from Getty Images — I write this for my children and their children as well as for yours. Global Warming may not affect our lives.

The Gender Myth

Embed from Getty Images — About five years ago, I was in a psychology class at a local university. I was the oldest student in the room then at 55.

Mental Illness: The Musical!

_____ The post Mental Illness: The Musical! appeared first on The Good Men Project.

Remembering Johnny Cash on His Birthday

Embed from Getty Images — A great American died more than a dozen years ago. The Man in Black will sing no more songs.

My 5 Biggest Fears As a Divorced Parent

Embed from Getty Images It’s now been seven months since my decision to divorce and, while many things have settled in my mind and heart, there seems to be the same core of fears gripping on with both hands.

The Best Ways to Support Our Kids Financially

— Finances are tricky. We all have our own personal views on what it takes to run our finances successfully.

Should Doctors Admit When They Don’t Know Something?

MoralCourageChannel The role of men is changing in the 21st century. Want to keep up? Get the best stories from The Good Men Project delivered straight to your inbox, here.

The Power of Blank Paging

My greatest literary hero is Aaron Sorkin. The Oscar Winning screenwriter behind The Social Network and the author of the iconic “You can’t handle the truth!

Philadelphia DA Candidate on Controversial Shooting and 2000 Puppet Warehouse Raid

On Tuesday evening, Mr. Rich Negrin, the former Managing Director for the City of Philadelphia who’s currently a candidate in the race to become the next District Attorney, did something he’d hadn’t done since declaring his candidacy last December.

Want Work-Life Balance? These 24 Entrepreneurs Have It Figured Out

What can we learn from the work-life balance tactics of hard driving entrepreneurs and company founders?

Dating While (Semi) Damaged: OkCupid and Self-Esteem

Embed from Getty Images Dating While (Semi) Damaged is a column about returning to the dating world after an abusive relationship, offering insight and occasional advice.

Global Warming and the Carbon Bubble: A Reality Check

Embed from Getty Images — I write this for my children and their children as well as for yours. Global Warming may not affect our lives.

Want a Parenting or Couples Superpower? Listen With Curiosity

Surprise is the reward for listening with curiosity. Why witnessing emotions can be challenging When our children or partners express difficult emotions, we can quickly default to the “fix things” mode.

Do You Know Your True Bromance Type?

Embed from Getty Images — When I was 17, my English teacher handed me a copy of Richard Yates’ short story collection, Eleven Kinds of Loneliness.

Dating Advice for Men: How to Flirt and Inspire Attraction on a First Date

— Dear Sandy, I make an effort to show a woman on a date that I appreciate and like her intellect, wit, etc.

How To Tell Your Wife The Truth About That Dress

  Three events over the last few weeks have helped me to re-consider my approach to telling the truth.

The 81% Chance Your Marriage Will Implode

In a long-term study of 130 newlywed couples, Dr. John Gottman discovered that men who allow their wives to influence them have happier marriages and are less likely to divorce.

Why We Need More Strong, Silent Men

Where is the strong, silent man? Maybe you are one? Did you know that right now, you are the most silent that you will be all day.