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Emotional Intelligence—Fixed Mindset vs. Growth Mindset

Embed from Getty Images Do you have a “fixed” mindset, or do you have a “growth” mindset? See how many of the following signs/traits you have: • You believe talent/personality is something people are born with • You’re constantly trying to prove something to the world • You avoid asking for help from others, thinking it’s a sign of weakness • You tend to “stick to what you know” instead of trying new, potentially better ways of doing things • You like setting big goals, but you dislike making plans to achieve those goals • When you fail, you tend to get disheartened or react defensively If two or more of the signs and traits listed above apply to you, then you may have a predominantly “fixed” mindset—and that’s a bad thing because fixed mindsets tend to cripple your development and severely limit what you can accomplish in your lifetime.

Why You Should Host Your Next Company Meeting in Your Backyard

Embed from Getty Images — Thinking about the traditional business meeting brings up images of people in stuffy suits sitting around a long table discussing business on the outside, completely bored on the inside.

Wet Hot American Summer: Fantasy Camp, an Official Wet Hot American Summer Game!

Wet Hot American Summer: Fantasy Camp RPG Interior Put on your cut-off shorts, wail on your acoustic guitar, and make sure you’ve got your 20-sided die, because, America’s only all-humor press, launched a successful Kickstarter campaign to fund an officially licensed role playing game (RPG) based on the classic comedy film WET HOT AMERICAN SUMMER!

Being a ‘Nice Guy’ Isn’t Good Enough

Embed from Getty Images — Are you a nice guy? This may be part of what holds you back in dating. See, there’s a problem inherent with being nice (as opposed to being a Nice Guy): it’s unsexy.The “nice guy”  is pleasant and safe… and bland.

Trusting the Value of my Gift of Change

As I stand wrapped in my Nautica bathrobe, I take a breath in anticipation of receiving my much-needed massage.

Hey Dad, Put Your Bleeping Phone Down

Embed from Getty Images   “What you’re doing speaks so loudly I can hardly hear a word you’re saying.” These words, first captured by master motivator Earl Nightingale, sum up the relationship between your child and you.

Kill Your Plan B: How your Backup Plan Hurts Your Chances of Success

— Embed from Getty Images — If Plan A is for attaining your dreams, Plan B is for avoiding nightmares.

American Politics and the New Masculinity

Embed from Getty Images Norman Mailer once said: “Because there is very little honor left in American life, there is a certain built-in tendency to destroy masculinity in American men.” I don’t know about that.

Why Scaling Is Easier Than You Think

Embed from Getty Images If you spend any amount of time on the internet these days, it’s extremely trendy to be an entrepreneur.

6 Ways to Get Out Of a Slump

“When my husband left, my world had become incredibly narrow and small. Him leaving saved me. At the beginning I didn’t see it this way, but it freed me.

13-Year-Old Girl Performs to Sold-out Crowd at ‘Women In the World Summit’ in NYC

— I first introduced you to 13-year-old Isolde Fair a few months ago when she created a music video for her song “To All The Little Girls,” which was created from words in Hillary Clinton’s concession speech.

Thomas Merton’s Prayer and my Intention to do the Right Thing When it Comes to White Privilege

Embed from Getty Images I’m supposed to go to a major corporation this afternoon and speak about white privilege.

Five Lies Toxic People Will Tell You

Embed from Getty Images — Some days they offer good advice and others are overly critical. You can’t pinpoint it but have an inkling the relationship is going south and would be better if you went separate ways.

 A Heart on Fire

Embed from Getty Images — Welcome to Hell                   “Stop hitting my mommy!” A little boy’s world at six-years-old—living in the chaos of two parents out of control, yelling accusations, weekly fights, and emotional abuse.

My Son Wants an Only Child; His Reason Breaks My Heart

Embed from Getty Images My six-year-old son got into the car after school and declared he only wanted to have one kid when he grew up.

Keep Your Politics Away From My Free Speech

Embed from Getty Images — Since the election of President Trump, there have been two major shifts in the American consciousness.  First, is a resurgence of interest in politics.  It has been exciting to witness and be a part of the numerous demonstrations that occur on an almost weekly basis, beginning with the inauguration demonstrations then the women’s march – the largest demonstration in history – up to the march for science, which occurred this past week.  The second shift has been the massive pendulum swing towards progressive political ideology.  Environmental issues, healthcare, and a renaissance of feminism are back in the forefront of American minds.  Special elections in lockdown republican districts of Kansas and Georgia were so close – Democrats coming within percentage points of Republican candidates – that Republicans run a real chance of losing both the House and Senate in midterm elections.

Why a Family Trip to Vegas Beats the Guy’s Weekend Away From Home

Embed from Getty Images — The movie “The Hangover” weaves a story of a Las Vegas bachelor party so filled with debauchery, that the groom goes missing and his friends have no memory of the evening.

I Killed Hannah Baker

I never knew Hannah Baker. Of course, none of us knew her since she is a fictional character in Jay Asher’s best-selling book and the extraordinary Netflix series, 13 Reasons Why.

Do We Have The Right To Do The Work We Love?

It’s a (seductive) movement. My Facebook news feed is cluttered with ads from life coaches, consultants, and online entrepreneurs, and they all seem to be saying the same thing.

To the Body

____ The post To the Body appeared first on The Good Men Project.