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Task 42: Just Dance (When Nobody’s Watching)

“Those who dance are considered insane by those who cannot hear the music.” George Carlin — In my lifetime I have avoided dancing at all costs.

The Copy Cat Method of Business (Or How Not To Succeed)

All that you have is your experiences, your employees, your training, your resources and your own stories.

How To Love What You Do and Who You’re With

View image | Having professional success and a fulfilling relationship is not an either/or decision. Here’s how to have both.

Hug the Rapist

View image | How important is it that we forgive those who harmed us? — A few years ago my wife and I were with a group tour in Italy.

6 Tips to Harness The Power of Decisions

View image | It’s not what you do once in a while that shapes your life. It’s what you do consistently.

Would You Rather Be Underpaid or Overrated?

As an employee and as a man, Chris Schneck says there’s a drastic difference between being underpaid and underappreciated.

Lex Talionis

Fathers and sons, patriarchs and nations; Merrill Cole uncovers the draconian methods by which we sometimes govern one another.

Does God Favor Donald Trump for President?

God can’t vote, but those who claim to hear him can. Is he saying: Trump for President? — For years, I’ve heard church-goers say: “God works in mysterious ways.” And while I understood why that was said—“for my thoughts are not your thoughts, neither are your ways my ways,” God said in the Bible—it isn’t until now that I find myself completely mystified by the rationale of the omnipresent being that the good book—which is said to be written by men inspired by the Holy Ghost—references.

Billions Of Dollars Are Needed Post Paris Just To Maintain Pledges

View image | Anthony Horton on what is needed in Europe just to maintain a reliable electric system.

Mustache-a-day: Pancho Villa

Revolutionary leader, agrarian reformer, folk hero, and a serious mustache. ––– The history books are still debating between Pancho Villa, the hero and Pancho Villa, the bandit.

Norwegians Using ‘Texas’ to Mean ‘Crazy’ Actually isn’t so Crazy

View image | Europeans have long been fascinated with the American West, and a new linguistic phenomenon in Norway shows us why.

Comment of the Day: “The phrase ‘It doesn’t matter what society thinks of you’ only works for hermits.”

This Comment of the Day is by ballgame on the post “Men, Stop Letting the World Define You“. — Manuel, I agree with what I suspect was the liberatory intent behind what you’ve written here.

Engage and Embrace All that Surrounds You

Hold and behold the magic to be. ––– Sweet Alison, familiar to many as the somewhat old fashioned garden plant of the suburbs.

Why Gun Lovers Don’t Get To Grieve Another Massacre With Me

View image | I may have accepted your condolences and prayers and claims of solidarity after the 23rd or the 76th or the 149th time… but not now.  — I am grieving again today.

Blogger Dads Have Found Their Voice in the Dads and Families Section

  And you can too. Read their thoughts and ideas here. Join the conversation on our Facebook Page. Submit your own articles.

At the Mos of Madness

Two days remain! What will become of these mustaches by the end of Movember? ––– Movember Foundations and The Good Men Project have partnered up in honor of raising awareness for men’s health issues!

Love, Sex & Sobriety in Midlife

Amy Dresner walks the line between settling vs. accepting a man where he’s at after 40.  — I’m a 45-year-old divorcee who’s single and dating again.

5 Ways Not to Betray Your Partner This Holiday Season

View image | Sexual affairs aren’t the only way to ruin a relationship. Here’s how to ring in the New Year even stronger.

My House was Empty

View image | We appreciate the little things. And that makes all the difference. — My house was empty My father gone working multiple jobs to keep us in food I remember my father’s two-story house, big yard, pigs and sheep, five dogs That was the ranch where we played cops and criminals we had walkie-talkies that didn’t work it was a huge plot of Mexican soil and it was fun but when I turned 6 Dad got us US papers and we moved to Venice, California I didn’t feel empty or alone because my dad was with me a hardworking electrician My mother worked hard, too After she dropped us off at school she cooked, cleaned and did laundry all day She also cleaned my uncle’s house and at 2:30 she waited for me outside my elementary school we walked to nearby Mark Twain Middle School to pick up my brother Two years later we moved to 99th Street in Inglewood never expected our neighbor would shoot at the cops but he did Four years later we moved again 75 miles north to Lancaster There we added a new member of the family, My sister-in-law We only lasted two years there We moved 50 miles south to Sun Valley Where we’ve added another new member to our family My niece who is always running around messing up the living room Every day around six I’d watched my father struggling to take off his work boots my mom cooking sister-in-law helping oldest brother lying down in his room watching movies, waiting to be called to the table for dinner My middle brother, as usual, showered, dressed and sped off in his Jeep gone with his friend Luis to record some TV show about music I’m the youngest I flop down on the sofa and watch Youtube videos Sometimes my niece comes in and bothers me I don’t know how I’ll react when my brother moves in next month He has twin girls.

Should World Religions Be Taught At School?

Is there a way to teach the fundamental tenets of world religions in an unbiased, faith-detached way to diverse groups of impressionable young people?