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Can Abusers Be Rehabilitated with Treatment? A Look Inside IPV Offender Treatment

Robin J. Landwehr answers six common questions people have about what happens in a group designed to help abusive men stop abusing.  When was the last time you were told – court ordered, even – to pay your hard-earned money and spend two hours per week for at least six months to change an abusive behavior that you don’t even think you have?

Are You Vitamin ‘L’ Deficient?

Ross Rosenberg asks if you’re low on a nutrient that’s essential for your happiness and well-being—and offers a solution if you are.

African Lions May Be Endangered, But Are Black Lives Endangered In America Too?

Dr. Vibe hosts a discussion with a group of Black men where they compare the attention given to the death of Cecil the lion versus the Black Lives Matter movement Dr.

8 Guaranteed Ways to Boost Your Confidence

Gaining confidence is easy with these proven strategies from emotional intelligence expert Dr. Travis Bradberry.

Are You a Max, or a Man: Where the Wild Things Are

We shouldn’t stop valuing the beauty and power of pristine places to transform us. But we also need stories that enable us to imagine and thus see the wild spaces in our everyday lives.

Maslow and Your S.O.S. (Sexual Operating System)

Here’s how our fundamental Sexual Operating System sabotages relationships and why it doesn’t have to be that way.  – – – See the author’s TEDx Talk on Creating Extraordinary Intimacy in a Shut Down World – – – Do you ever feel sometimes that there is an unseen force driving you with respect to romantic relationships?

Can Barbie Defeat a Dad?

Displeased with the images Barbie represents for his daughters, Chris Farley Ratcliffe contemplates Barbie’s future in his home.

Literally All Of My Closest Female Friends Are Ex Girlfriends

Jordan Gray says that the question of “Can men and women just be friends?” is an outdated one. —– Having been a professional relationship coach for the past seven years, I tend to get a lot of the same questions on a regular basis.

The Simple Way to Get What You Want

View image | Whether it’s asking your love to find more time for you or getting the kids to clean their room, this is how to get what you want.

A New Dad Discovers Small Victories Really Aren’t That Small

Faced with being alone when his wife’s maternity leave ends, Michael Kwan discovers small daily victories as a new dad are not so small after all.

New Dad’s Advice: Just Hire a Damn Doula!

New dad Isaac James Baker dishes out the best “new dad” advice one can give, and it’s not what you think.

Group Polarization Can Change the World?

View image | If you actually want to change and communicate with the world, you need to talk with people who disagree on a regular basis.

The Forgotten Story of American Writers on the Frontline of World War I

View image | Henry James renounced his American citizenship in 1915 in response to his country’s inaction.  ______ It was a very public gesture for a very private man.

The #1 Mistake Parents Make When Starting Their Entrepreneurial Journey

Being a parent has given you everything you need to run a business. — Have you ever asked yourself, “Why is my kid acting this way?

When Blacks Fight Against Community Violence and Why Media Ignores It

View image | The media doesn’t deem grassroots activism newsworthy, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t happening.

Alka-Seltzer in Space Is a Fantastic Honeycomb of Bubbles

Think astronauts just do complicated science experiments and space walks? How about some fun with water that floats in zero gravity?

50 ‘I Don’ts’ You Should Agree On Before You Say ‘I Do’

Before you decide you’re ready to say “I do,” it’s best that you’re sure you can promise these 50 “I don’ts.” —— People make promises all the time, but they rarely keep them.

We Did 39 Acts of Kindness for Our Birthdays (32+7)

This awesome dad believes is teaching his daughter to change the world — one small act of kindness at a time.

When a Man Falls in Love With a Flower

This is the Sea Daffodil; of all Andalusia’s flowers she is surely one of the most beautiful and spectacular.

Boys Can Love Minnie Mouse, Too

They may be known for singing princesses and talking teapots, but there’s more going on than movies…   The happiest place on earth is taking its support of the LGBT community to the next level.