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A Man in Full

Tweet Christian Ward screwed up the cabinets. An honest mistake, but one which caused him to take a long look at his ideas of what it meant to be a man.

I Was on Fox Business Network

Tweet Watch the latest video at   Ken Goldstein appeared on Stuart Varney’s business show and was surprised at the level of rage the conversation sparked.

Why It’s Nice to See Dads in the Trailer for BREASTMILK: The Movie

Tweet A new documentary hopes to show how new families—mothers, fathers, and children—struggle with the physical and emotional complexities of breastfeeding — There’s an upcoming documentary, from director Dana Ben-Ari and executive producers Ricki Lake and Abby Epstein, that takes a new look at the topic of breastfeeding and I have to say, as a dad, after watching the first trailer for BREASTMILK the Movie, I was impressed by what I saw.

May Call For Submissions- HELP WANTED: Best, Worst, Oddest Guyhood Jobs

Tweet Have you worked an absolutely terrible job, a truly odd job, or a dream job? Guyhood wants your story.

What’s Your Weirdest Recent Impulse Purchase?

Tweet What’s your weirdest recent impulse purchase?   I suppose it’s possible you’re one of those sensible people who doesn’t “do” impulse purchases and who doesn’t own anything that does not have a clear and practical purpose in your life.

Reform Protest Inside Alabama Prisons

Tweet Bad men try to do a little good working from inside Alabama’s dysfunctional prison system. ––– “People don’t go to Holman.” This is the local sentiment that prevails around Alabama’s most notorious prison.

Doing Your Partner….And Letting Your Partner Do You

Tweet Jenny Glick shares her key for better and more frequent sex: Let go of the stereotypes you hold about about desire.  ____ As a couples therapist, I talk about sex a lot throughout my day.

25 of the Most Incredible and Unique Parts of Yourself that you Should Never Change

Tweet Change is great – it’s an unavoidable facet of life. To change is to make progress, to learn, to live, to continue being.

Meet the Gay Dads Suing Georgia to Marry

Tweet With dozens and dozens of couples filing suit against various states over the last few months, it was only a matter of time before the Peach State joined in.

Sasha Joseph Neulinger Is a Survivor of Child Sexual Abuse: Why Isn’t He Angry?

Tweet We all know anger isn’t conducive to healing from abuse. But how do we stop being angry? ___ Sasha Joseph Neulinger is a rare kind of man—vulnerable to the core, so openly vulnerable that his vulnerability protects him like a cloak of courage.

The Real Paternity Leave Outrage

Tweet Men are speaking up about paternity leave, but for all the protections provided by the Family and Medical Leave Act, it only provides for unpaid leave, which is simply not enough for most families.

What Would You do From the Top of the World’s Highest Building? They Chose to Jump.

Tweet Watch those two guys jump off the worlds tallest building, Tower Burj Khalifa in Dubai.   French skydivers made this incredible footage from Burj Khalifa tower, 828 meters high.

Stivers Cartoons: I’ll Be Honest With You, Men…

Tweet ©Mark Stivers / The post Stivers Cartoons: I’ll Be Honest With You, Men… appeared first on The Good Men Project.

My Son Got Arrested But It’s Not His Fault

Tweet Parents mean well when they call professors to offer excuses, but they end up revealing more than they intend.

The Best and Worst of F Words

Tweet Michele Truhlik challenges our notions of beauty and says that being called FAT f*cks with men as much as it does women.

Mentoring is Love: Love is Power

Tweet Ben Palmer shares how the practice of mentoring is an act of love. To selflessly devote yourself to the investment and support of another human is love.

Bystander Effect Could Have Cost My Friend His Life

Tweet   The intersection at Gerrard & Jarvis – used in lieu of a picture of Nathan because he hates all pictures of himself Anne Thériault’s friend was nearly killed in a mugging, and nobody helped him.

Why My Husband Will Never Have a “Good Wife”

Tweet Stephane Wahl has found that truly being a good wife means that  she’s not always such a ‘good wife’.

Gaining your Partner’s Understanding

Tweet How to speak and be heard in a relationship, trials and errors discovered by Himay Zepeda. —- Something few people tell you about getting married: once you get on that path, stuff gets more real.

Why My Husband & I Don’t Fight

Tweet Bettina Goodwin discusses her marital foundation—how her and her husband are able to cultivate constant harmony with one another.