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The Name is Bond, White-only James Bond

View image | Anthony Horowitz, author of the most recent Bond installment, Trigger Mortis, called actor Idris Elba “too street” for the iconic role.

Get BOLD Today #GoodMenFriday: Stuck in the Friendzone

LeGrande Green, host of Get BOLD Today podcast chats with Tamara Star about men and the friend zone.  – “Needy men, overgivers and nice guys usually finish last for a reason,” says relationship expert Tamara Star.

Fatherhood – A Brave New World Of Seeds and Sons

  Tyler Jacobson reflects on the lessons his mom taught him, and the seeds she left behind for the garden of his children’s lives.  — My mother always described gardening as a brave adventure.

In Remembrance of the Nazi Invasion of Poland

As we look back over the unconscionable horrors of the Nazi era, let us also reflect back on the numerous acts of courage and go forth to transform the world.

My Husband Isn’t My Best Friend (& I’m Happy He’s Not)

View image | Should your partner be your BFF? Elli Purtell boldly argues “no way” as she proclaims to the world “my husband isn’t my best friend.” — After a day of seeing a particularly maddening number of Facebook statuses proclaiming how someone’s boyfriend/girlfriend/spouse was their “best friend,” I had had enough.

5 Reasons Why We Won’t Ever Get Divorced

Mike Berry knows a thing or two about being married—and why he and his wife will stay that way. ___ Marriage.

Healing Shame and Fear by Working With Your Inner Child

Counselor Carl shows how healing the wounded child can heal the anxious, depressed, unfulfilled man (or woman).

3 Tips for Negotiating Special Events With Your Ex and Kids

Holidays and special events can be tough for divorced families. These three tips will simply and reduce drama.

Your Girlfriend Has Guy Friends: Cause for Concern?

Jamie Rea dispels the myth that women in relationships shouldn’t hang out with other guys. Can girls and guys be just friends?

Travelling without Moving

David Packman asks whether the greatest journey of our lifetime takes place while we are standing still.

Hostility to Islamic Religion Remains in Our Fearful World

Is it personal responsibility, or a function of good government to uphold religious rights, for people of faith, or of no faith?

The Tool You Need Most to Fix Your Broken Relationship

Steve Horsmon reveals a missing link for many men who are struggling in their marriage. ____ It’s been said there are no atheists in foxholes.

Get the Most Out of Your Run: 5 Post Workout Snacks For Runners

Why you need to eat 30 minutes after your run, and what to eat for best recovery. Kim McDevitt, MPH, RD and fellow runner has the scoop.

Dad Cartoon of the Week: Unforeseen Consequences of the Internet Age

The Internet has made and interesting change in the Boys in the Burbs house! —   Please like the Good Men Project Dads and Families page!

How to Reverse Regret Starting Today

Do you have regrets in life? Take action today to change them so you don’t take them to your death bed.

The Overshadowed Philadelphia Hero Whose Vision Resulted in a New Park

For those who pay attention to history, it wouldn’t surprise you that another black man was almost written out of it.

Beyond the Lens: A Portrait of Courage and Masculinity

What happens when you give members of a homeless community a disposable camera? A male-oriented company did just that, and the results are stunning.

Gender-based Violence Prevention in the Classroom Teaches Little Boys What They Need to Know as Men

View image | If we are going to change attitudes to gendered violence and women’s equality, school is a good place to start before the wider lessons of life.

Glinda Leaves Oz

Sarah Ann Winn sends the iconic “Good Witch” on a journey that is perhaps more important than the destination.

Grizzly Bear Embraces Lazy Sunday, Decides To Just Roll Down Hill

In another testament to animals personifying humans, a Grizzly Bear indulges their inner cub. ––– A gaggle of tourists exclaim in the background, in awe at the playfulness of a Grizzly Bear, who just wants to blow off his bear responsibilities for the day.