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Torment Release Me

Embed from Getty Images — Click to start audio file. Join The Good Men Project Community. “Here’s the thing about The Good Men Project.

10 Lessons from Jail

__ Do you want to be part of ending sexism, racism, and homophobia? Join like-minded individuals in The Good Men Project Community.

Blog vs. Vlog: Is There a Right Choice?

Embed from Getty Images — Blogging or vlogging isn’t normally what I care for very much; an occasional article read or a video watched is as far as I usually go.

What I Learned About Gender Relations from a Kid’s TV Show

— Some of my core memories are of pretending to be imaginary characters from my youth. I remember shamelessly leaping around our farmyard, arms flayed spinning webs as a spunky Spider-tott.

Advice for the Modern Man: The Good and Bad of Being Realistic

Embed from Getty Images   To send in a question, please complete this form. All submissions are anonymous.

Capitalism and Cooptation of Systemic Progressive Change

Embed from Getty Images — As someone who came of age during the turbulent 1960s in the United States, I valorized the artists, those songwriters and singers who laid out the musical score for my life, the minstrels who included Bob Dylan, Odetta, Janice Joplin, Buffy Saint Marie, Donavan, John Baez, Judy Collins, Jimmy Hendrix, Paul Simon, Stevie Wonder, Tim Buckley, Santana, Leonard Cohen, The Supremes, The Beatles, Phil Ochs, The Weavers, Peter Paul and Mary, Led Zeppelin, The Doors, Richie Havens, Aretha Franklin, Otis Redding, and several others.

Call for Submissions: Scraping the Fur off Your Face

View image | Calling all guys who shave, we want your stories! ––– Are you a regular shaver?

10 Tips to Help You Learn to Love Being Alone

Embed from Getty Images — You just broke up from a long term romantic relationship. You are going through a divorce.

How to Uncover the Gifts You Came Here to Present

Embed from Getty Images A young man was born into this world. The specifics do not matter. He is the embodiment of a certain subset of qualities as singular as a fingerprint.

Finding Your Place in the New Economy

Embed from Getty Images — More and More Men and Women are Taking Freelance Work and Supplementing Their Incomes “I’ll take the job!

How to be a Proper Ally (Don’t Expect Roses)

— I am a white male. I am also a feminist and a black rights comrade. I have something to tell any of my fellow white males who want to join the fight: Don’t expect to be trusted by everyone you’re trying to help.

I’ll Show You Mine If You’ll Show Me Yours: Vulnerability

Embed from Getty Images There is infinite power in our courage to embrace vulnerability. It’s just another one of life’s paradoxical truths that exactly what we are afraid will alienate us from someone is the thing that will make us feel connected and close to someone.

If it’s a Good Way to Live

Join The Good Men Project Community. “Here’s the thing about The Good Men Project. We are trying to create big, sweeping, societal changes—–overturn stereotypes, eliminate racism, sexism, homophobia, be a positive force for good for things like education reform and the environment.

A Classic. Hiding in Plain Sight for 50 years. Now You Know.

Embed from Getty Images June 21. Officially summer. This month, if you’ve been paying attention, “summer” is often followed by “of love.” Meaning: San Francisco, with flowers in your hair.

OK Guys, Let’s Teach Our Kids Some Love, Compassion, and Humility Already

Embed from Getty Images — This weekend, one of my daughters was playing with a friend who told her, out of the blue, “Gay people can’t go to heaven, and if you support gay people you’ll go to hell.” I’m proud to say that my daughter replied, “I think people should love who they love.” This girl went on to say how “her bible” said that my daughter was going to hell.

Triggers, Tantrums and Judgments

Lately there are times I felt judgmental. I felt like I am not being the unconditional person I want to be.

This is My Life

Embed from Getty Images — By Masashi Kawabata Tokyo, Osaka, Scarsdale, Manhattan and Salisbury. If there were a monument to the places I have lived, these names would be carved in the stone.

Obama Inducts His Buddy Jay Z Into the Songwriters Hall of Fame

__ Do you want to talk about how to have richer, more mindful, and enduring relationships? Join like-minded individuals in The Good Men Project Community.

Are Africa’s ‘Men of God’ Preserving Injustices Against Women?

Embed from Getty Images By Akosua Adomako Ampofo, University of Ghana Adoley and her husband Mike (not their real names) attend one of Ghana’s mega churches.

When a Bit of Zen Becomes Your Whole World

Formlessness as form becoming formless. This abstraction of being blurs the lines and everything just becomes.