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Family Comes First

In the world of sports, the word family is thrown out a lot.  There’s the family you play with and the family you play for.

12 Signs The Fight You’re Having Is Not Actually A Fight

Frank Kobola lists 12 of the stupidest reasons you are fighting with the person you love. By Frank Kobola There are FIGHT fights that leave you worrying, Are we going to break up?

If Two 13-Year-Olds Kiss On TV, Does Anybody Care?

The answer is probably not…unless they happen to be boys. Recently, an episode of the TV show The Fosters had a scene in which two 13-year-old boys kissed.

A Dad Finds Out From His Son That Parenthood is a Dirty Business, But, That’s OK!

Writer Ian Colvin really had no interest in getting down in the mud. Then he found out why he needed to.

Why Principals Matter

Why Principals Matter from The Atlantic on Vimeo. Changing the school, changing the culture. — Can school principals really make a difference?

Sticks and Stones May Break Your Bones But Names Will Always Hurt You

Jenny Kanevsky explains how body shaming hurts whether you hear it from others or do it to yourself. ___ In third grade, a classmate called me “Blubber Girl.” Every day.

Love After a Narcissist: Preparing to Learn, Trust & Date Again

Finding love after a breakup is hard to do; finding love after a narcissist can be even harder. Regain your sense of self and trust with these helpful steps.

NBA Joins the #LeanInTogether Team

The NBA is “in” on gender equality, joining the ‘Lean In Together’ Campaign on gender equality at work and at home.

Healthy Ways To Move Through a Bad Mood

Bad moods happen. The question is, how do you handle it? The noisy upstairs neighbors. The traffic. The EXPRESS line at the grocery store (sir, you have more than 10 items).

‘Dad, Do You Think My Teacher Is Pretty?’

Mike Berry wants to teach his sons respect. It starts with modeling. ___ I picked my son up from school the other day and he asked me a rather awkward question.

A White Dad Wonders Why His Biracial Son’s Race Is An Issue

Although Alex Barnett knows his son is Biracial, when he looks at him, he doesn’t see race. - My wife and I are an interracial couple.

Just When You Thought We Were Done With That Dress …

 Want to know what color that dress was? Here’s your answer. ___ Editor’s Note: The dress that drove everyone crazy and blew up the Internet just won’t quit. Here’s our resident artist Judy Clement Wall’s take for “The Visual Conversation” on the viral sensation that caused us to doubt our eyesight, Google incessantly for answers, and fight until we were blue in the face with colleagues, friends, and family members who didn’t see what we did.

The Dad Who Went Viral Announces a New Book!

  Doyin Richards was more surprised than anyone when a simple picture of him tending to his daughters went viral.

Why Is Everyone So Scared Of Rock Music’s Mixed-Race Roots?

The founder of the brilliant fyeahblackrockmusic Tumblr talks racial politics, Kelis, and . . . the Doobie Brothers?

Drumming Differently: A Blizzard of Styles Flurry in the Philly “Snowlo”

A tech CEO drums in various styles during snowfall in Philadelphia. — My bass drum was replaced with a recycling bin stuffed with snow and a cinderblock and my cymbals were slightly muted from the heavy snow falling in Philadelphia, but that didn’t diminish the flurry of styles that played throughout my “drum snowlo.” Award-winning journalist, Christopher “Flood the Drummer®” Norris, takes a #SnowDaySelfie in Philadelphia.

The New Athiests

John Faithful Hamer has a bone to pick with the latest incarnation of the Atheist Movement. ___ Jerry Falwell actually said something smart once.

The Futility of Always Pushing Myself to Be More

For the last eight years, Leo Babauta has had an internal struggle: between wanting to improve himself, and wanting to be content.

This One Nutrition Tip Could be all You Need For a Healthy Life

Could the key to nutrition and a healthy life be as easy as simply eating real foods? Wellness coach, Jason Gootman thinks so.

Dad Cartoon of the Week!

Our boy in the burbs asks this question: Want to know where my dads spend all of their time?  —   Want to know where my dads spend all of their time?

Here Are Nine Unfailing Ways To Finally Get Over Your Ex So You Can Meet Someone New

Go ahead, sleep with another woman (it’ll make you feel better). We have 10 more tips to help you move on from that breakup.