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One Man’s Exhilarating Step Into ‘A Life Less Monogamous’

An exclusive sneak peek at the new novel from best-selling author Cooper S. Beckett! — A Special Intro From The Author This project has been unlike any other I’ve thus far undertaken.

Chris Christie, Marco Rubio, and the Love of a Good Debate

Matthew Rozsa marvels at Marco Rubio’s unexpected, but well deserved, political humiliation. — I’m writing this before the final votes in New Hampshire have been cast, but I know one thing for certain – regardless of who wins, Marco Rubio will be a big loser.

Critical Things Mentally Strong People Don’t Do

What behaviors make a person mentally strong or resilient? Emotional intelligence expert Dr. Travis Bradberry has a list.  ___ We all reach critical points in our lives where our mental strength is tested.

Decoding The Sexual Fantasies of Married Men & Women

Embed from Getty Images Can marriages be saved by helping couples understand their unique erotic identities?

The NoFap Phenomenon’s Saddening Effect on Men

Embed from Getty Images Are men are so inherently weak their brains can be warped by porn? Can a man’s sexuality be measured by the strength of his erection?

A Valentine’s Day She Will Never Forget

Here’s how a little Valentine’s Day creativity will make her remember you forever… – – – See the author’s TEDx Talk on Creating Extraordinary Intimacy in a Shut Down World – – – Valentine’s Day can be a  bit stressful, especially for us guys.

Meeting Her Valentine’s Day Expectations

Sami Jankins explains why Valentine’s Day shouldn’t mean extra stress. — Dear Sami, This is my first Valentine’s Day with my girlfriend.

Should Teachers Bring Politics Into the Classroom?

We pretend core subjects are dogma-free; they aren’t. Here’s the right approach for teachers of all political persuasions.

I Said He Could Lose My Number. Can I Take it Back?

Embed from Getty Images Advice for managing the radio silence that sometimes comes after you say what you need.

The Magic of Fatherhood

DiaryDad still has a little magic to share with his kids. — I am watching my boys grow at a spectacular rate.

Police with Guns in High Schools

Embed from Getty Images The presence of an armed officer changes the values taught and the atmosphere at school.

My Journey Into Panic – 5 Lessons Learned from 6 Years with Anxiety Disorder

Embed from Getty Images Anxiety attacks effect more people than you realize, and as hard as it is to believe, you shouldn’t let them scare you.  — I first had a full-blown panic attack when I was 22.

Going Vegan Today Helps Ensure a Greener Tomorrow

Embed from Getty Images Putting the brakes on climate change begins with a simple change of diet ––– If you caught President Obama’s State of the Union address, you know he talked a lot about what lies ahead, including for our climate.

Want to be Good Dad? Don’t Stop Trying

Embed from Getty Images If you’re worried about how to better your dad skills, you’re probably already a rockstar dad.

Why Did Police Shoot Him More Than 20 Times?

A mother remains desperate for answers more than a year after Chester police killed her son. — Last Friday’s brief demonstration at Chester’s City Hall by Philadelphia activists to demand answers regarding the police killing of Mr.

How Our Sons Lose when Everyone gets a Trophy

Embed from Getty Images How do too many trophies cause more harm than good? — It has come to my attention that children playing sports today get too many trophies.

Your Right to a Clean and Healthy Environment

Embed from Getty Images Climate change is effecting you in more ways than you realize. — A report published by the United Nations Environment Program and the Sabin Centre for Climate Change Law at Columbia Law School has clearly outlined and discussed the obligations of Governments to respond to the human rights implications of climate change.

Movies and Myths About Human Trafficking

Embed from Getty Images Hollywood doesn’t always have it right when it comes to facts, so here’s what you should know about human trafficking.

When the Officer Caught Me

This is how black boys are baptized into black manhood. ___ ButtonPoetry/Youtube The post When the Officer Caught Me appeared first on The Good Men Project.

The Male of the Species Decries His Territory

There was a change today in the birds. ––– All through the Autumn and Winter, flocks of the mountain residents have been feeding upon the bounty of the Dehesa.