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Ban Bossy…But Don’t Stop There

Tweet Elke Govertsen believes we need to show the same respect for boys that we do for girls by pushing people to stop using the harmful words in our language like “wimpy”, “sissy” and “be a man”.

A Smashing Lifestyle Overhaul. (Part 3)

Tweet August 4, 2012 was a memorably hot and humid day in New England. — Before embarking on the 90-minute long drive from my house in Connecticut to Easthampton, Massachusetts to watch the Connecticut Death Quads (CTDQ) take on the Pioneer Valley Dirty Dozen (PVRD), I spent the afternoon in my comfortably air-conditioned living room scouring the internet for videos of men’s roller derby.

How My Partner’s Transition Gave Me a Schlubby Ape-Man Complex

Tweet What does she see? When Jason Rozek’s partner began to transition genders, he become acutely aware of things he might never have considered before.

23 Reasons That I Love My Straight Male Friends and They Love Me

Tweet This isn’t me or my friends, but it could be. If anyone wonders how gay men and straight men can be friends, David Toussaint might have the answers.

100 Words on Love: Daddy’s Knee Surgery

Tweet - 100 Words on Love, by Alex Yarde - Depending upon others’ kindness makes men into bulls in eggshell-laden china shops, unable to ask for help, even resentful of it.

The One: 10 Traits Your Ideal Soul Mate Should Have

Tweet  Self explanatory title. Ten things that ‘The One’ should have, according to a bright young writer.

Movies Ruined My Chance At Love

Tweet Conflict and Scotch blogger Al DeLuise on how he hasn’t found his happy ending, and why that’s okay - I tend to fall in love very quickly and usually with the wrong woman.

Parenting Is Not a Competition, But I’m Winning

Tweet Dave Lesser wonders if the stereotypical parenting memes he sees every day really represent how modern parents are viewing their partners — Fathers are incompetent man-children who may be able to keep their kids alive (in a pinch) but can’t do much else.

American Indian Graduation Rates & Stereotypical Images On & Off the Field

Tweet Chief Wahoo through the ages Debbie Reese explains the way that derogatory depictions of American Indians harms the self-image of young American Indian children.

The Long Road of Jewish Racialization

Tweet The historical ideologies of anti-Jewish prejudice from the 15th century to the Overland Park, Kansas Murders.

Managing Crazy: 4 Tips For Sanity While Parenting a Child With a Chronic Illness

Tweet  Jenny Glick is a therapist but these are lessons she’s learned as a married mom of a son living with diabetes.

Cleveland Cabbies Say it’s ‘Against Their Religion’ to Drive Cabs Sporting Gay Ads

Tweet — A handful of cabbies operating out of Cleveland Hopkins International Airport are refusing to drive any vehicles displaying ads for the 2014 Gay Games, presumably because they are terrified that the gay may drip down from rooftop placards into the vehicle, thereby infecting any driver and/or passenger with gayness.

The Pistorius Defence and the Fear that Grips White South Africa

Tweet When white South Africans express an acute fear of violent crime, it can often sound like fear of crime has become a more acceptable way for white people to express their fear of black people and of a government led by black people.

Coming Out in the 1960′s [Video]

Tweet Four young activists interview gay, lesbian and trans-gender elders who explore how the perfect storm of 1960s activism inspired them to fight for their personal freedoms.

Cross-Dressing Comes to Broadway in ‘Casa Valentina’

Tweet The actors in a new play from Harvey Fierstein experience a different kind of male bonding. ___ One of my ex-wives dated a hetero cross-dresser; she found him out when she noticed her underwear was stretched.

Your Kid Is Not My Safety Problem

Tweet The whole world cannot be childproofed, and that’s actually a good thing. My neighbor—correction, my neighbors, as this is a rapidly spreading cancer—have taken to sticking a bright orange sign near the middle of the street to remind us all that children are playing in our residential neighborhood.

Stanley Cup Playoffs Preview: Western Conference

Tweet Aaron Powers continues his NHL Playoff preview with the Western Conference. 1. Anaheim Ducks vs.

Stivers Cartoons: Macbeth – The Pitch

Tweet ©Mark Stivers / The post Stivers Cartoons: Macbeth – The Pitch appeared first on The Good Men Project.

When’s A Guy Good Enough?

Tweet A cab driver presents a rhetorical question and warns us about the dangers of higher education for men.  ___ I heard a moving story from a taxi driver this week.

A Culture of Hypermasculinity is Driving Sexual Assault in the Military

Tweet Susan Walsh/AP Michael Crawford explains that when masculinity is defined by power and aggression, sexual violence is the result.