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He Discovers a Connection Between Life and Death

As Autumn deepens, the fungi start to emerge from the hidden world that lies beneath our feet. ––– Neither plant nor animal, they are the connection between death and life.

Photographer Dads Have Found Their Voice in the Dads and Families Section

And you can too. Read their thoughts and ideas here. Join the conversation on our Facebook Page. Submit your own articles.

From Heroin to Heroine: How One Good Man Made All the Difference

She believed she was worthless, and he said, “You don’t have to believe in you. You just need to believe that I do.” And she did.

How to Make Time for Your Creative Work

3 tips to help you focus on what matters most. — One of the best episodes of the original Twilight Zone series is “Time Enough at Last.” Burgess Meredith plays Henry Bemis, a man who is obsessed with reading.

5 Things You Should STOP Doing to Save Your Marriage

Marriage can be extremely challenging for guys, but you get out of it exactly what you put in. — I’ve been married now for a total of 16 years.

Is This What My Parents Warned Me About?

I’m 18 now. Less than a month left before I graduate high school. Time to get to know the “real world.” ––– By De’Jon K.

The Positive Divorce is Up To You: Two Levels of Healing

Dad, John McElhenney took a while to find the positive side of his divorce. The healing requires multiple levels of understanding and compassion for everyone involved.

Why it’s so Hard to Break Up With Someone (Even When You Need to)

View image | Breaking up is hard to do. Even when all the signs are telling you that this person isn’t right, why do we want to stay?

How This Dad Strives to be an Example of a Life Well-Lived For His Kids

Craig Boneau’s kids are watching and learning. He knows they will be doing so for the better part of two decades.

None of Us Can Solve the Problem, But All of Us Can Try

View image | It’s time to stop pointing fingers, stop crying that it’s never enough, and remember what we are here to do.

Is ‘The Flip Sid’e” For Real?

Are men and women opposite sides of a coin, or are the stereotypes outdated? — When a friend showed me the YouTube series “The Flip Side,” written and directed by Jay Diaz, I laughed hysterically as I watched all of the episodes in one binge sitting.

Are you REALLY Pro-Life?

Most people who identify as pro-life are only pro-baby. The responsibility is a much bigger commitment than simply holding a sign.

‘Hyrule Warriors’ A Must Play for Zelda Fans

With tons of playable characters, different modes and a dark plot this is a must play for gamers of all ages The Legend of Zelda has always been a popular game series for Nintendo.

Is Your Cell Phone Cooking Your Brain?

The SafeSleeve Case for iPhone 6 David Pass believes it’s better to be safe than sorry. — Should you be afraid that the radiation in your phone is harming you?

I Walked 1,400 Miles After My Son Died and Finally Forgave Myself

Barry Adkins walked 1,400 miles to speak in different schools about his loss of a son due to binge drinking.

The Solution to Our Gun Problem is Authentic Social Connection

As we isolate ourselves from each other, we encourage a culture of fear. Does that feed America’s gun problem?

Fire Your Guns

Quentin Lucas has a thought about guns in America. — Your guns are fired, America. Either they don’t work like the advocates say or you’re a lousy employer.

A Dad Sounds Off on the Concept of “Dibs!”

Think calling “dibs” is fun? Stephen Hurley doesn’t. He is here to tell you why. — Yesterday as I was leaving the grocery store I saw two boys run ahead of their father toward their car.  They were about eight and six years old.  The eight year old ran to the front passenger side door and screamed “dibs!

Supporting Your Son Through Depression

By responding appropriately to your son’s depression, you will give him the strength to take the first step in treating his depression.

Why Confidence Is the Sexiest Thing a Man Owns

There is nothing sexier than a confident man. We don’t care if you are tall, dark, and handsome; if you are insecure, we are not interested.