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How Does it Feel?

A new author at The Good Men Project, Grant M. Waldman is a men’s community builder with a song to share.

Still Reeling from Sydney, Australia Now Mourns 8 Murdered Children

Naomi Fryers reports on the shocking, devastating, soul destroying, and deeply disturbing news from Cairns, Australia.

Have a Drink with the Men from Little Big Town

You’ve heard them on the radio and seen them on TV. Now find out what they’re drinking when they’re not on stage, and make yourself one, too.

Does Sony’s Fear Know No Bounds?

Matthew Rozsa is mad as hell that Sony pulled ‘The Interview.’ But he’s equally horrified by the company’s racist attitudes.

The 10 Scariest Kid’s Clothes Items for Dads and Moms

They warn you about all sorts of things when you become a parent, but often leave out the biggest hurdle: dressing your child.

Why Grand Juries Don’t Indict Cops When They Kill

Post by BuzzFeed Video. - Sometimes it takes a visual to explain truths the mind can’t accept.  ___ BuzzFeed’s Adam Serwer shows how our ingrained perception of black men as large, super-strong, and violent leads white police officers to view them as threatening and allows the justice system to condone lethal force in their deaths.Originally published on BuzzFeed.

Should We Breakup Now, or After the Holiday?

Our intimacy expert, Allana Pratt, tackles a delicate and timely topic: your heart isn’t in it any longer, do you breakup before or after the holiday?

A Father’s Music Brings a Baby Pure Joy

Post by – Entertainment Gateway. - When dad picks up his guitar, this baby shakes, rattles, and rolls his way right into your heart.

Here’s How a Lawyer Would’ve Defended Eric Garner if He Didn’t Die, but Instead Fought the Cops Back

If Eric Garner had killed the cop who chocked him, this lawyer would’ve argued self-defense. —  Among the last words of Mr.

Deck the Halls with Parasites and Invasive Species

English Holly Get away from holiday crowds and wild harvest your home decor from the great outdoors ––– The holiday season is upon us, and the winter solstice is near, which means that with less hours of sunlight and colder weather, we are spending more time sitting around the fire or on the couch watching television.

Go Ahead, Paint Yourself Like a Bobcat

Navigating the world of pregnancy photos is tricky business. — There exists an awkward pregnancy photo, perhaps you’ve seen it.

The Meaning of a Decanter

Aaron W. Voyles reflects on the influence of gifts in relationships despite his awkwardness at getting them.

The GMPSports Friday Sports Dump (Dec. 19 Edition)

Wai Sallas kicks off our new ‘Friday Sports Dump’ feature: acknowledging the bad, but seeking out the good.

5 New Year’s Resolutions I’m Stealing From My Daughters

Patrick Sallee admits he’s a thief who steals from his own kids. But in this case, the ends justify the means.

One Question Will Change Your Son’s Life

How do we help our sons as they transition from boyhood to manhood? - Puberty can be confusing and conflicting time for boys.

To Anyone Struggling With Depression

If you, or someone you know, is in the dark, lonely world that depression takes you to, please read this.

From Playboy to Holy Man: “Monk With A Camera” Entertains and Astonishes

Ira Israel chats with Nicholas Vreeland about the new biographical movie, along with reincarnation, Buddhist philosophy, mindfulness in America, and photography.

Barack Obama Is A Very Important President

You can agree or disagree with his agenda, but it’s pretty clear Barack Obama is having a huge impact on America.

Why Black Lives Don’t Matter To Grand Juries

America has an empathy problem. _____ By Chris Osterndorf  As far as Christmas seasons go, this one has not started off with much good tidings or great joy.

Feeling The Last-Minute Christmas Stress?

If it’s supposed to be the most wonderful time of the year, why is it so stressful?   Well, it’s that time of year again.