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14 Reasons Why They Are Your Soulmate

The feeling of being in love is infectious, once you have experienced it, you will yearn for it over and over again.

I Have Custody of the 3 Kids (But No Female Action!)

Allana Pratt, Intimacy Expert (and single mom) talks to a Dad with full custody of three kids. He’s having trouble finding a woman interested in the whole ‘package.’  Question: I am 39 years old, I am a man, I have custody of my three kids.

I Love You So Much, Go F*ck Yourself

View image | When we’re all tangled up inside, we tend to push our partner away hard…even when we don’t want to.

Get BOLD Today #GoodMenFriday: Breaking the Silence on Men and Trauma

LeGrande Green, host of Get BOLD Today podcast chats with Christopher Anderson, Executive Director of Male about breaking the silence on trauma.  – Approximately 25% of male children experience some form of sexual violence.

How Guys Can Learn to Listen Better

Next time you talk with your partner, here’s how to tell what they’re really trying to say to you. — Last week at work, we had a session on effective communication.

How Do You Talk With Your Partner About Sex?

  Sex educator Kait Scalisi says embrace the awkward and ask for what you want with these easy tips.   Let’s face it, talking about sex can be awkward, especially with your partner.

Breaking Down Emotional Walls Takes Guts … I’m Not Sure I Have Any

Patrick Sallee questions the emotional wall he created and how to bring it down. ___ While Donald Trump is traveling the country talking about building a wall … I’m over here trying to tear one down.

5 Ways Guys Over 50 Can Be More Interesting to Women

By following these guidelines, you will easily make yourself more interesting to women. — Having lost my wife four years ago, I found myself thrust back in the dating pool in the 50+ category without a clue as to what women look for in men.

Good Lessons from a Bad Father

  By being his usual, insensitive self, he showed me what kind of man not to be.   I was moved by Danielle Campoamor’s recent reminder that we aren’t doomed to repeat our parents’ story if we discern the useful lessons we can draw from their example.

When Meeting a Woman for a Business Lunch You Don’t Want To Be This Guy

The woman who reached out to you for a meeting is just as much a professional as you are, no matter what she does, what she looks like, or what her marital status is… — You’re a busy, successful professional guy, right?

“My Friend Just Died. I Don’t Know What to Do”

View image | One man on Reddit responded with a life lesson we all need to hear. ____ Alright, here goes.

Dads Make The Best Fantasy Football Players

If you’re looking for an edge this fall in your yearly fantasy football league, you have 10 months to prepare.

Yes, Dad’s a Man – But We CAN Talk About That

After sensing hesitation on talking about ‘girl’ things, Brian Gawlak reassures his daughter no subject is off limits.  — “Daddy!

Emotional Invalidation: The First Deadly Sin

Emotional invalidation is one of the root causes of relationship conflicts, trauma-induced mental illness and violence.

An Incarcerated Man’s Take on Life in Maximum-Security Prison

One incarcerated man asks if confinement to a maximum security prison is the best way to reform criminals.

A Foolproof Guideline to Choosing What to Eat for Good Health

Wellness Coach, Jason Gootman, takes the guess work out of eating. Follow these 3 simple rules to eat for optimal health.

Dad Cartoon of the Week – Back to School!

It is “back to school”. Little boy in the burbs has another name for it. —   Please like the Good Men Project Dads and Families page!

5 Tips for Blended Families

Every relationship is different, especially when you have a blended family.    _________ We have all been affected by a blended family, in some way or another.

The Male Face of a Mental Breakdown

I had been manning up and powering through things for years. I thought I could live the rest of my life without having to actually face the horror of the past. I was foolish.

Sons and Dolls: A Father’s Message of Masculinity

Erin Kelly gives some thoughts about dads, sons, dolls, and masculinity. — For years, society has taught us that a father’s words of advice to his son are priceless.