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Don’t Take Yourself Too Seriously

A choice in a rainstorm made Vlad Dolezal realize life should be more fun for all of us. “If I’m not having fun, or learning anything, then I’d better be sleeping.” - Dr.

A Psychologist Broke Into A Cult. Here’s The Weird Thing He Learned About Your Brain

Your mind is an amazing and powerful tool. Harness it properly and you can live a life of great adventure and accomplishment.  — In the 1950s, Leon Festinger was scratching his head over a group of people who called themselves The Seekers.

You Can Do the ALS #IceBucketChallenge AND Conserve Water!

 Joanna Schroeder understands the critiques that the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge wastes water, so she has some answers and solutions—in a funny list, nonetheless.

18 Ways A Girl’s Father Is Always There For Her

This is why your father will always be your number one supporter and best friend. — by Ashley Fern Apparently, one of women’s favorite pastimes is discussing how their mothers are like best friends to them. While this is all fine and dandy, I can’t relate. I wish I could, but I can’t.

Busting the Myths of Masculinity

Former pro football player Joe Ehrmann, now both a pastor and a coach, rips apart the three myths of masculinity and offers a new definition of what it means to be a man.

Chris Pratt Saves the World, On and Off the Big Screen

Chris Pratt gives the only 2 pieces of fitness advice you’ll ever need. Gym memberships, weight machines, diet books, fad diets, infomercial products and on!

I’m Not Anti-Christian, But Religion Shouldn’t Have A Place In Political Discussion

This isn’t a slam on religion; it’s a call for inclusive political debate.  ___ Let’s make a deal. Promise me that you’ll do everything in your power to read this entire article (all 800 words of it) before you start mentally formulating the comment/email/death threat you’re going to respond with.

Barbie Dad

  “Sarah, will you play Barbies with me?” Sometimes love means playing Barbies with your daughter, even if you’re a man, even if you’d rather chew rocks.

A Peaceful Dignified Exit, and to All a Good Death

Death, a natural and unavoidable part of life, should be painless, peaceful, dignified and a celebration of the life that was.

I Could Have Slept With My Professor

A proposition leaves a young man feeling conflicted, regretful.  ___ This is a story about a man in his 20’s who believed he missed a chance to sleep with his professor, a woman in her 40’s.

Stop Comparing Your School Experience With Your Child’s School Experience

“If you find unpleasant memories bubbling up from your own school experience, recognize that it is an aspect of you that is looking for understanding and healing.”-Janet D.

Airing My Dirty Laundry – On The Discussion of Mental Health

Talking about mental illness makes people uncomfortable. But Anne Theriault is going to do it anyway.  ____ TW for talk of suicide Since writing (or being featured in) a number of pieces recently about mental health this week — namely, this one about the challenges I face as a parent living with mental illness, and this one in The Star about the Mystery Room posters in the TTC — I’ve had a number of commenters asking why I’m choosing to “air my dirty laundry.” Why, they wonder, do I want to share such personal information on the internet?

Mike Brown, Ferguson, & the Words That Strike To the Heart Of the Matter

Denene Miller shares the words of others who powerfully embody the devastating effects of Mike Brown’s death.  I don’t know about you all but I’ve been literally glued to my computer screen reading anything and everything I can about the enraging shooting death of Mike Brown, the outright theft by local authorities of Black peoples’ civil and constitutional rights in Ferguson, St.

Breaking the Boys Code of Masculinity

20 years after his 16-year-old sister was murdered, Bill Pozzobon found himself interviewing for a job in violence prevention and ended up tackling the boys code as enemy number one.

Will We See A Wave Election This Fall?

Despite predictions otherwise, don’t expect a major political sea change this year. This fall’s midterm elections haven’t been in the news much as of late, which is being dominated by chaos in Ferguson, Missouri and the Middle East in general, but they were being hyped quite a bit over the last year or so.

A Sorry Excuse for a Man

  Gender as an excuse for behaviour has become too common in dealing with personal criticism in a general and stereotypical way.

Stupid New Parents – Part 1

Not our class, but it could have been. As about-to-be parents, Matthew Osgood reveals how he and his wife had a day of their life sucked away.

About that Drink I Ordered…

Two guys walk into a bar. One of them orders a cosmo…   Have you ever had one of those moments? Either you buy a “girlie” drink and your friends laugh, or your friend buys one and you laugh.

Let’s Call ISIS What it Is: The UN-Islamic State

James Foley – AP Photo, Manu Brabo In the wake of the devastating and brutal murder of journalist James Foley, Arsalan Iftikhar explains how ISIS’s actions are not reflective of Islam.

Why Alcohol Attracts Teenagers – The Science Parents Need to Understand

Dr. Bill Cloke explains the science behind teens making bad decisions, and how that can be dangerous.  ____ It was the summer of 1957 when I pulled out the bottle of vodka that I had purloined from the place my alcoholic father had hidden it.