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How to LITERALLY Make a Friend for National Make a Friend Day

It is #NationalMakeaFriendDay! Here is a unique idea on how to make a friend. Literally. —     The post How to LITERALLY Make a Friend for National Make a Friend Day appeared first on The Good Men Project.

For #NationalMakeAFriendDay : 9 Friend Finding Tips

It is National Make a Friend Day! Studies have shown that many men find themselves with no friends to turn to in times of need.

The (in)Convenience of Water Heaters

Embed from Getty Images Convenient isn’t always best, especially when it equals waste. — Recently, a friend who was visiting my apartment, asked me about a low rumbling noise she heard off in the distance.

Make a Friend Today for #NationalMakeAFriendDay !

  It is National Make a Friend Day today. Recent articles and studies suggest that many men reach middle age with no friends.

Mind Over What Matters

While living in Paradise, one man tries desperately to break himself down in order to build himself back up from the pain of anxiety and depression.

One Year to the Rest of My Life

Join Corey Hahn on the journey back home from Costa Rica after 17 years away — with his 9-year-old son by his side.

5 Reasons Your Kids Don’t Need You To Be “The Cool Dad”

Embed from Getty Images Instead, they need us to be present — guiding them, disciplining them, and loving them.

Learn How to Save Your Dog

You know how to do CPR on your child, why not your dog? — Video: YouTube/The Pet Professionals Would you like to help us shatter stereotypes about men?

What Happened When a Catholic Mom Disowned Her Gay Son

Parents of certain mindsets often find that there are times when they have to choose between that mindset, and their son.

Friend-Making Dads Have Found Their Voices in the Dads and Families Section

  And you can too. Read their thoughts and ideas here. Join the conversation on our Facebook Page. Submit your own articles.

How Parenting in Ghana Shapes Sexist Stereotypes

Embed from Getty Images There are very clear ideas in Ghana about what girls can and should do, and how boys ought to behave.

A UK Dad Fights Back Against the Lack of Changing Stations in Mens Rooms

Dad and baby Ted went on a covert mission and found that four major businesses in the UK had nothing for fathers wanting to change their baby’s diaper.

Nature Shares so Much Joy and Happiness with Us

It is a very special place, this planet. ––– Spring made its first tentative approach overnight. From out of the rock crevices the first flowers of that primaveral season are appearing.

Comment of the Day: “Some people fear change, especially to their worldview.”

This comment was by Nolan on the post “Why We Fear Transpersons“. — Some people fear change, especially to their world view, they see it as a direct attack against them.

A History of the Hand of Man

Embed from Getty Images History can teach us a lot about how society viewed different trends, including body shapes.

How are you teaching your son to be a “Good Man?”

Call for Submissions – Share your parenting tips! — How do you handle the pressure of parenting a boy?

Men, Are You Rich in Love, but Light in the Hip Pocket on Valentine’s Day?

Naomi Fryers offers some top tips for tackling Valentine’s Day on a minimalistic budget!   — So, your heart is full of love and/or hope (or both,) but your financial restrictions are weighing heavily on your mind leading up to Valentine’s Day?

Bernie Sanders, Donald Trump & Cults of Personalities

Embed from Getty Images A cult of personality may or may not be enough for Mr. Sanders and Mr. Trump to win their parties’ nomination, but it’s certainly assisted them in getting the mainstream’s attention.

The Biggest Obstacle in Modern Manhood

Daniel Dowling shares the biggest challenge in his formation as a man, and how he conquered it. ___ A man is defined not by what he takes from a woman, but by what he gives.

Cable News: It’s All the Rage

Embed from Getty Images Or should we say, it’s all about the rage? — Back when George Bush was enjoying a 22% approval rating and the world’s disdain, I hijacked the living room TV to subject my mother to Keith Olbermann.