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Mark Russell & Shannon Wheeler’s APOCRYPHA NOW — Interview for THE GOOD MEN PROJECT

Alex Yarde’s exclusive interview with New Yorker cartoonist & two-time Eisner winner Shannon Wheeler & Mark Russell’s follow up to GOD IS DISAPPOINTED IN YOU, APOCRYPHA NOW!

Where Are The Men?

Ronnie Rock asks: where are the men spending time with children waiting to be adopted? ___ I sat in a room filled with wondering souls, all gathered to have the same question answered by a panel of leaders.

Sports Explained: The Indy 500!

It’s Memorial Day Weekend, and after honoring those brave soldiers who sacrificed everything for our country, the nation will turn its attention to the two B’s, barbecues and brickyards.

3 Outdated Relationship Rules That Need To Die

Embed from Getty Images There might be rules to dating, but here are ways to break and end 3 of the most outdated ones.

Many Thanks

Embed from Getty Images A thank you from the Creative Projects Manager at 1in6. ___ As the Creative Projects Manager at 1in6, I wear a lot of hats.

How to Increase Your Personal Charisma

Embed from Getty Images On this episode of The Go-Giver podcast, author and influencer Sally Hogshead reveals how to increase your personal charisma.

Notes From The Kitten Cave

For close to two months, I was experiencing some measure of happiness. I was watching baseball in the basement, beers an arm’s length, screaming at the television.

Old War Movies and the News

Army veteran and GMP favorite Dwight Gray shares a winning poem on war, socialization, and one boy’s path to soldierhood.

Ditch Approach Anxiety Once and For All

Here’s how you can turn approach anxiety into reach out success minus the cold sweats and furtive glances… – – – See the author’s TEDx Talk on Creating Extraordinary Intimacy in a Shut Down World – – – The post Ditch Approach Anxiety Once and For All appeared first on The Good Men Project.

A Reflection of Memorial Day

Embed from Getty Images Can we finally expand the definition of the term “patriot”. ___ On Memorial Day, as we pause in remembrance of those who have died in service in the U.S.

Man Teaches Wolf Cub How to Howl

We would like to be this guy teaching a baby wolf  to howl. — Um, also, did this guy abduct a baby wolf?

Organized Religion Must Join the Fight Against Homophobia

Embed from Getty Images A step in the right direction. ___ By Andrew Fagan and Alan Msosa Established in 2004, the International Day against Homophobia, Transphobia and Biphobia seeks to raise global awareness of the discrimination which many millions of people continue to suffer simply on the grounds of their sexual orientation.

What Do Women Know That Men Don’t Know? (Call for Submissions)

Men and women, boys and girls, let’s unpack the mystery!  — At this point in history, men and women have never been more united in the commonplace knowledge of all life has to offer.

Comment of the Day: ‘There is a section of society who wish to make manly and masculine derogatory words’

Embed from Getty Images Does the media play a role? — This comment was by John Anderson  in reference to the post – Have ‘Manly’ and ‘Masculine’ Become Derogatory Labels?

Loved Dads Have Found Their Voices in the Dads and Families Section

And you can too. Read their thoughts and ideas here. Join the conversation on our Facebook Page. Submit your own articles.

On the Impending Commencement

The idea, as I sat in the sun, was that when we attempt to bucket the world into inherent qualities we limit ourselves immensely.

Dating After 40: Debunking the Myths

Embed from Getty Images We’re not buying into the excuses anymore, Darling. Dating after 40 is not the hopeless nightmare you’ve led yourself to believe.

Challenging the Police Report of Off-Duty Officer Attacked by Activist

Supporters of Mr. Tony Soto, who was arrested May 18th for attacking an off-duty cop, say he was targeted and the police report is false.

Still, I Feel Blessed

“Illegal immigrants,” is what we children who are full of dreams are called. ––– Still, I Feel Blessed by Valeria Dela Torre Student, neighbor, child, but always labeled “illegal immigrant.” Wondering how I will be successful when growing up I thought I was a criminal, a criminal trying to grasp English words my teachers spoke during the day and teaching those words to my mom at night.

‘Man Who Has It All’ Shines A Biting Satirical Light on Sexism

Hilarious Twitter and Facebook Feed Mocks Silly Double Standards — There’s a newly popular Twitter feed on the block: @manwhohasitall.