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Childhood Obesity Plan Forgets About Babies and Toddlers

Embed from Getty Images The British government’s long-awaited childhood obesity plan has finally been published.

Who Showed You the Way? (Call for Submissions)

Maybe it was a revelation when you were a child. Maybe it was an “ah-ha” moment after you thought you knew it all.

Is There A Growing Bias Against Men?

Feminist movements around the world are voicing out their needs strongly. Do men feel threatened by this overwhelming rise in feminist activities?

The Ecology can Make a Man’s Senses Riot

Here nature remains riotous in colour, movement and sound, in sharp contrast to the furnace like somnolence elsewhere upon the mountain.

Comment of the Day: ‘My husband is bisexual and very depressed’

Embed from Getty Images This comment was by Emily in reference to the post – Making Your Own Mold: Life as an Authentic Man Thank you for this honest sharing of your life.

I Don’t Want to Vote for Anyone! A Call for Submissions

Embed from Getty Images Many people have chosen a candidate in this Presidential election. Clinton, Trump and Johnson have die-hard supporters and detractors.

High School Janitor Goes Above and Beyond

— When a dedicated employee earns praise for “A Job Well Done,” it isn’t always for the job he or she officially holds.

On Having A #Hamilcrush At 40

Embed from Getty Images By Rose Maura Lorre Only one other person knows about my raging obsession with the musical Hamilton, and the sad part is, it’s not actually a person.

Sympathy for the Devil

Embed from Getty Images Are liberals less imaginative than conservatives and libertarians? I highly doubt it.

PONGBOT, The New Way to Play ‘Beer Pong’!!!

Just in time for back to college! The game of beer pong is getting an exciting makeover with Pongbot, a new, challenging twist on everyone’s favorite drinking game – officially launching today on Kickstarter. Developed by consumer goods veterans and entrepreneurs Alan Dorfman and Jayson Esterow, Pongbot is a robotic cup holder that creates a moving target as one attempts to toss a ping pong ball into the cup.

The Red-Blue Divide: Politics in Your Relationships

Embed from Getty Images   Throughout the United States, talk of current events and the upcoming Presidential election seems more rampant than Pokemon Go players moving about.

Review for “Hell or High Water” – It’s one of the best movies of 2016!

2016 has been an especially political year when it comes to the movies. It seems like each of the major presidential candidates has had a major cinematic release to accompany the themes of their campaign: The unapologetically feminist “Ghostbusters” is linked to the same cultural zeitgeist fueling Hillary Clinton’s campaign, schlockmeister Michael Bay’s “13 Hours” exists for the Donald Trump supporters who crave artificial machismo and conspiracy theorizing in equal doses, and “Captain America: Civil War” offers a libertarian view on regulatory state powers that I personally deplored even as I admired the film’s many other strengths.

The Perfect Summer: England 1911

Embed from Getty Images In our secret hearts, many of us imagine that we belong elsewhere — say, in England, at a great country estate, in good weather, where we enjoy every luxury because we are rich and titled.

Confidence and Arrogance: A Thin Red Line

Confidence and Arrogance: A Thin Red Line There is a fine line between confidence and arrogance, and it is often blurred by our misjudgment, emotional goggles, or a myriad of other reasons.

Rio Through a Gender Prism

Embed from Getty Images — As the Rio Olympics were wrapping up, among all the hackneyed storylines and commentary, one particular observation from an NBC executive made me do a double take.

3 Reasons this Dad is Glad Harry Potter Didn’t Wind Up with Hermione

Embed from Getty Images   This week I want to Overanalyze something about Harry Potter. First I have to ask a question: Did you guys know that the channel isn’t called ABC Family anymore?

You Weren’t Born Inadequate

I watched my mother smile from ear-to-ear as she took each trophy out of the box and placed it on our living room mantle.

Should I Stay or Should I Go?

Embed from Getty Images — This article is mostly focussed on Millennials, and the X and Y generations, as I find them to be the most troubled when it comes to relationships.

Trump: The Self-Appointed White Knight For “The Blacks”

“You live in your poverty, your schools are no good, you have no jobs, 58 percent of your youth is unemployed.

From Nothing to Something: Good Parents Make Good Men

In 2010, I was granted admission to Bachelor of Computer Sciences at a renowned university in Pakistan.