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For the Love of Cats and Dads

Can a cat make a man cuter? You bet! ___ Your moment of cat-dad zen.Photo—Sho Ko/YouTube The post For the Love of Cats and Dads appeared first on The Good Men Project.

‘The Interview’ A Movie for Men to Watch Together

The film has friendship, loyalty, teamwork and zany situations that men will find hilarious. — This film has a good cast, a clever plot and very good special effects and characters people will enjoy watching.

Straight Christian Dads, It is Time to Come Out of the Closet

Pastor John Pavlovitz is calling on straight dads to step forward from the shadows and ask the hard questions.

His Job Was To Show Up, Shut Up, And Do What He Was Told

“I can’t live with myself if I stay quiet and people die because of it.” ––– Jeff is a miner who spoke up when he saw that he and his fellow miners were working in extremely unsafe conditions.

I’m a High School Dropout

This homeless high school dropout refused to accept his circumstances. — In the last three years of writing, I’ve revealed a lot about my life.

When She Gets Mad, Try Not to See Red

Richard Gatley, a clinical psychologist, observes that men and women can experience anger differently.

Deflate-gate, Marshawn’s Boots and Sherman’s Mouth: Super Bowl XLIX Through the Eyes of an Aussie Sports Fan

Recently moved to New York with his family, avid Australian sports fan David Saunders takes a look at his first “in-situ” Super Bowl.

A Minimalist in NYC

Leo Babauta asserts that you can be a minimalist anywhere. All you need to do is reject consumerism, and learn to be content with little.

Discrimination is Bad for Your Health—and Your Kids Too

Racial discrimination can lead to health problems in adults – and biological impacts that could last across generations.

Why an Honest Man Will Always Give You a Reason for Ending Your Relationship

It starts with little things, like letting a woman you’ve shared your bed with for months or years know why you no longer want to share your life with her.

Is Your Relationship Mentally Ill?

‘It’s not me. And it’s not you. It’s us.’ PsycheTruth debunks the DSM’s addition of ‘relational disorder’ to the growing pantheon of mental afflictions.

A Good Man is Hard to Find [Music]

A portrait of the forgotten man. ––– A series of one nights stands, always leaving after passion, anger, rage.

Johnny U: The Life and Times of John Unitas

As the Super Bowl approaches Jesse Kornbluth tells the story of Johnny Unitas, a football legend.  _____ I am trying to care about the Super Bowl.

Study: Ocean Life Faces Extinction

A team of scientists, in a groundbreaking analysis of data from hundreds of sources, has concluded that humans are on the verge of causing unprecedented damage to the oceans and the animals living in them.

Get Up, Get Into It, Get Involved. Mentor

Mentors and mentoring is not the silver bullet, but  it is a bullet that we must put in the chamber to combat the pre-school to prison pipeline for African-American males.

Why Do These Things Make Men Uncomfortable?

How do you react to these experiences? You don’t have to answer. Just think about it. Watch this. Consider these situations.

How to Survive a Rough Patch

Paul Castagno shares how his martial arts training has taught him how to protect himself when life starts throwing wild punches.

Understanding Manhood

Raoul Wieland reviews Michael Kimmel’s ‘Manhood in America’ and explores the evolving and expanding definition of masculinity.

6 Times You Need to Show Your Partner How Much You Love Them

When your partner needs your help, here’s what you should do. ____ One of the best things about being married is that you have someone to lean on when the going gets tough.

Don’t Sweat Your Legacy, Because You Don’t Decide It

The death of a friend led Rick Gabrielly to realize that our legacies are determined by the receivers, not the givers.