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My Journey Into the Spectrum; A Mother’s Visit to a Gay-Straight Alliance Meeting

From supporting her just-out-of-the-closet son, to a group hug with a roomful of self-doubting teens, one mother’s quest to ease the pain of being different.

The Dirty Two Dozen: Movie Bad Guys Who Crack Us Up, Part I

 Mike Kasdan takes a look the iconic movie bad guys we love to laugh at, from Shooter McGavin to Principal Rooney to Mr.

The Dirty Two Dozen: Movie Bad Guys Who Crack Us Up, Part II

 Mike Kasdan takes a look the iconic movie bad guys we love to laugh at, from Shooter McGavin to Principal Rooney to Mr.

Plans and Trains Both Get Derailed – What You Do Next Makes All the Difference

A long night of unfortunate events and bad decisions offers some important reminders about life and business.

Happy to Be Homeless: 3 Things We Learned From Living in a Van

What might have been a tragedy turned into an amazing lifestyle of freedom and simplicity.  — I’m willing to bet that when most of our teenaged selves looked into the future we imagined ourselves sitting on a cushy leather couch in a big house, in front of a wall-sized television, with a couple luxury cars in the driveway.

Would You Take the Greatest Garage Show Deal, If It Meant Ripping Off Someone Who REALLY Needed the Money?

Your neighbour is having a garage sale.   She’s a very sweet older woman, who has only ever been friendly and kind to you.

My Chronic Illness Doesn’t Define Me

Sami Jankins explains why a diagnosis doesn’t have to alter your outlook on life and what you can seek to achieve.

Dan Gable: On Greatness

“Gold medals aren’t really made of gold. They’re made of sweat, determination, and a hard-to-find alloy called guts.” - Dan Gable ♦◊♦ The Good Men Project’s On Greatness brings you the most inspiring quotes and related imagery from the world of sports.

5 Ways Parents Need to Pull It Together and Be the Grown-Ups

The kids are fine … it’s Mom & Dad who need some tough love! ______ By Dr. Lisa Kaplin for YourTango I’m probably asked daily about my top parenting tips.

Let Go and Grow

How does a man fit into nature with grace.  –––   Photo: Capture Queen ™/Flickr The post Let Go and Grow appeared first on The Good Men Project.

You’ve Got Hate Mail

How Islamophobia takes root online ––– By Imran Awan, Birmingham City University In late 2013 I was invited to present evidence, as part of my submission regarding online anti-Muslim hate, at the House of Commons.

Why Heartbreak Isn’t The End To Your Love Story, It’s The Beginning

A break up can be the end of a chapter, but not the entire book. Danielle Bertoli on how to keep your love story alive.

Kid Designed, 3D Printer Produced, and Too Cute for Words!

Take that drawing off the ‘fridge, scan and send it, and Budsies will make a one-of-a-kind stuffed toy sure to please your little artist.

Take the Realness Challenge

How much realness do you have? ––– Realness eats raw meat and does not waver, does not drift on the currents.

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Learning Love is a Choice Kept Me From Ruining My Relationship

One idea she’d never entertained showed Hilary Lauren how “real love” works — and kept her from sabotaging another relationship.

Online vs Face-To-Face Learning: Why Can’t We Have Both?

Ever since the invention of the printed word, academics have been arguing about the proper place of technology in teaching.

Watch How Your Desk Has Evolved Since 1981. It’s Stunning to See Where Everything Went.

the evolution of the desk by the harvard innovation lab from designboom on Vimeo. You start out with a very 1980’s desk and BOOM!

I Gave Up on the “Perfect Man” and I’m 10 Times Happier

Revising an old “Ideal Partner” list sparked realizations of the difference between conscious love and the scripted love we learn from books and movies.

Sorry Guys, Marriage Can’t Save You

The truth about using relationships to ‘fix’ yourself… ______ By Shela Dean for YourTango I was 21 when I entered into my first marriage.