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A Man by Any Other Name — Does “Gentleman” Still Mean Anything?

Once upon a time it was a designation of character. One that men strove for, one that was valued. Are those times forever gone?

When Should You Become a Parent?

Older parents are becoming the norm, but are they better than younger parents? ––– I always envisaged that I’d be a dad by 25-years-old.

Seed Bombs Make You a Ninja Gardener [Video]

See that spot?! The soil is perfect for some free food. Get the seed bombs and sling shot ready! ––– Do you want to make little spots of land sprout with flowers, herbs, or food while having a lot of fun!

Why Do Good Things Happen to . . . Jameis Winston?

Keola Birano gets to the core of his extreme rooting interest against Florida State and Jameis Winston.

The Light of Boston: Clarity and Illumination for Our Favorite City

Boston Layer-Lapse from Julian Tryba on Vimeo. This is a completely different—and stunning– application of time-lapse photography.

Fifth Business

Enough reality for one week. Fiction beckons… ______ Do you know of the great Canadian writer Robertson Davies?

Life Without Justice

Is Life Without Parole an unjust punishment? Can it ever be just? ––– LWOP is definitely an unjust punishment, and I don’t believe it can ever be just, due to the fact that people change, life changes, and LWOP is just The Other Death Penalty, so why have two?

7 Reasons an Ex Is Another Person in Your Life to Be Grateful For

  Look at the bright side, no matter how damaging our dating experiences are, we learn something very important from each person we open our hearts to.

Exploring Our Adversarial Relationship With Food

Food, environment, people. These three things form a ménage à trois. ––– Every day I teach people about how to heal their bodies, a conversation which always begins with how to eat.

How to Be Yourself When Everyone Pressures You to Be Something Else

In a culture so focused on individuality and “every man for himself,” there’s a lot of pressure to conform.

Love Will Find You: Jason and Mindy

In this Loveumentary podcast, Nate Bagley sits down with a couple to talk love at first sight and what makes a real, happy marriage work.

8 Tips for when you’ve ****ed up!

Mistakes, when acknowledged and accepted, are often a learning opportunity for growth. Use them. ––– One fact of life is that we all make mistakes, some of them negligible, like forgetting to Cc someone into an email.

El León, “The Closer”

Hero or goat, The Closer holds fans’ hearts in his hand.   Just in time for the close of the Major League Baseball Season.

India’s Champion Boxer Breaks Stereotypes Left and Right

Broken gender stereotypes, strong male role models, an Indian stay at home dad, Mary Kom’s story has it all!

A Dad Gets a New Perspective on Family When He Talks to a Teen Who Deeply Wants One

Dad Rich Valenza founded an organization to help find homes for foster kids. One day he met a 15 year old who made him feel needed more than ever, a boy who still needs the home of his dreams.

Raising a Gentle Boy in a Violent World

Her worry over how to raise a hell-raising boy has become a concern for protecting the sweetness of her gentle son.  — When I was pregnant the second time, I harbored a worry.

DIY: Two Quick Tips for Common Kitchen Appliance Problems

Don’t panic and call a repair person – fix these common problems quickly and easily yourself! — There is no debate (at least there shouldn’t be) that a gas cook-top is far superior to an electric cook top!

Sports Explained: How To Play Football, As Illustrated By a Classic Cartoon

What better way to learn how to play football, then to watch Swivel Hips Smith and Taxidermy Tech take on arch-rival, Anthropology A&M?

‘The Big Bang Theory’ Proves Nerds Are Cool

A show that reminds us how far we have come as a society in embracing our inner nerd. There was a time in our society when nerds were seen as undesirable.

How Does A Good Man Balance Work, Life, And Technology?

How Does A Man Stay Sane In An Insane World?  Steven Lake examines the pressures of a multi-tasking world and how we can fight back to save our relationships.