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Did Jeb Bush Just Blunder Over The Shooting In Oregon?

Individual gaffes rarely matter in the long run, but nobody running for president want’s the reputation of being a blunderer.

Butterflies, Flowers and Vacuums are for Boys!

  It is time to get comfortable with the uncomfortable in order to break down stereotypes for boys. — Ignorant of the gender segregation of baby clothing prior to my first pregnancy, I thought that a vibrant rainbow of colors was for everyone, especially children.

You Are Not Destined to Be The Man Others Tell You To Be

Your destiny is to be the man you choose to be. ____ I have found that the hardest thing to forgive myself for is being a man in today’s society.

Father Rebuilds Life with Daughter After Losing Her in a Wrongful Adoption

Photo courtesy of Chris Emanuel By Chad Carter Being an expectant father for the first time gives you butterflies of nerves but loads of excitement.

What’s the Value of Higher Graduation Rates if the Schools are Outdated?

The number of American students graduating high school is on the rise, but with it, isn’t new ideas on what high school should be.

Shoot First, Progress As A Race Later

This is America. Land of the Free. Home of the Brave. And if you want our guns, you’ll have to come and take them.

What Would Wood Wasps Do?

With fierce intensity these wasps emerge from their dark vespid lair. ––– The rotten branch of this Alder provides for life long after its own death.

Hey Mr. Aspiring Entrepreneur, Here’s a More Fulfilling Way To Hustle

The most effective way to hustle is to think about what you can give, not what you can get from others.

A Dad’s Inspiration is a White Woman from Alabama Who Helps Kids in Africa

John calls out a white woman who dedicates time helping kids in Africa. He tells why she has special meaning in his heart.

This Dad Had The Best Response When His Son Said He Wanted To Go As Elsa From “Frozen” For Halloween

Anyone can be a princess on Halloween. _____ By Ryan Broderick Paul Henson is a 28-year-old dad from from Virginia and he’s currently trying to help his son Caiden find the perfect Halloween costume.

Gender Wars: Truce from the Male

View image | Steven Dustcircle on ending the war between women and men, embracing our differences, and celebrating each other.

How My Pride Stripped Away My Manhood

Nothing gained by seeking the approval of others is worth having. Be open, honest, and transparent and people will like you for you and everything else will take care of itself.

4 Ways To Embrace Your Old Man Strength

View image | Fitness in your later years requires you to evolve and establish a different set of goals for continuing a healthy lifestyle.

Patriotic Dads Have Found Their Voices in the Dads and Families Section

And you can too. Read their thoughts and ideas here. Join the conversation on our Facebook Page. Submit your own articles.

WORST Of The NFL Week 3 [Rams Pyrotechnics FAIL, Joe Philbin And…Fans?]

These guys share some of the worst moments of the NFL. ____ The post WORST Of The NFL Week 3 [Rams Pyrotechnics FAIL, Joe Philbin And…Fans?

What It’s Like When the Person You’re With is Looking for Something Better

View image | The world is full of selfish, egotistical, lying individuals who have no problem hurting the people around them.

People Around The World Will Act On Climate Change To Create A Better Society: Study

View image | A better society is one way to motivate people to take action on climate change.  _____ If we can convince people that climate change is real and important, then surely they will act: this intuitive idea underlies many efforts to communicate climate change to the public.

They Await the First Deep Rains of Autumn

As the long drought continues, so the residents of the mountain move closer to the few remaining sources of water.

You Screwed Up, You’re Sorry, Now What?

It happens. We all do it. We all make mistakes and someone else gets hurt. Theresa Byrne offers men tips on how to apologize and get back to the love.  — I’m like a 911 coach: I’m the one that loves helping or finding clarity for people in emergency emotional situations.

How to Communicate With Women Like a Man

Daniel Dowling used to think women were too emotional. Then he learned how to talk to them. And everything changed.