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Let’s Leave Ben & Jerry’s Out of the Hazing Conversation

Under scrutiny by anti-hazing advocates, the famed ice cream makers are being pressured to change the name of a new flavor.

What’s the Strangest Class You Have Ever Taken?

What’s the strangest class you have ever taken?   On slow news days you’ll often read stories about strange new college courses being offered in the humanities (they are virtually ALWAYS humanities courses) department of some college/university.

Kids Locked Up For Life

18 and life to go. Life without parole sentences for juveniles. AKA, no hope for reform. –––   Infographic courtesy of TakePart The post Kids Locked Up For Life appeared first on The Good Men Project.

Let Me Love Your Filthy Heart (Goodbye to Baby Love)

Real love isn’t always rose and lavender, sometimes it’s a lot more like manure. But maybe loving the fertilizer is the secret of a lasting relationship.  — Last week, as I scrolled through Facebook, taking in shreds of information about my friends’ lives and digesting ads the Facebook mind readers though I would click on, I came across a meme.

14 Sentences That Would Not Have Made Any Sense 10 Years Ago

4. Reblog my selfie. — by Dave Stopera 1. Ah, man, I accidentally liked her photo. 2. It’s in the cloud with the rest of my data.

5 Lessons As You Go From Dog To Sprog

A puppy helps train The Dadventurer for his coming baby.  ––– Nearly a year ago I was “bullied” into getting a puppy.

Cable Snips and Fake Mexican Burglaries: How the WWI Information Battle was won

Intelligence gathering tactics developed in the Great War came to redefine how military operations played out and can even teach us about how we communicate today.

Let’s Talk About Not Smoking, As Friends [video]

Everyone knows it’s bad for you, but some people still do it. So, let’s talk about quitting.   It’s an awkward conversation.

Grass Roots Fundraising Goes Global

In 2014 the Global Volunteer Network’s international Eat So They Can fundraiser is gearing up for its biggest party yet.

You’re MINE: 6 Things People Say While In Love That Are Really Creepy Out Of Context

Love is already a strange thing, but have you ever thought about the words people use towards their significant others?

24 Significant Others Who Know How To Keep Things Interesting

Erin Chack of Buzzfeed shares the photos of possibly the most interesting significant others of all time.  _____ This article originally appeared on Buzzfeed.

The Male Peer Culture of Aggression

A culture of aggression exists and men can stand up and say “That’s NOT cool!” ––– I want to talk to you about the male peer culture of aggression.

A Call to All College Educators: We are My Brother’s Keeper

Equity and inclusion in higher education requires more than hashtags and presidential initiatives. It’s going to take commitment on the part of the educators.  — Recently, my colleague Edward J.

Why I Write – To Create Fiction that Tells it Like it Really Is

Subverting heterosexual narratives, challenging the black and white of good and evil, and turning worn out hero myths on their heads; all in a day’s escape for this novelist.

How Fully Letting Go Is Really The Only Way to Move Forward

— It seems that today, we all have a hard time letting go. We need more and more memory space on our computers and physical space in our storages.

This Issue is FINALLY Getting the Attention it Deserves

Communities are making noise about climate change. Hopefully leaders are listening.  — Climate change is a serious issue that most Americans – for reasons I can’t understand – don’t give a frack about.

How To Make A Family Happen

Ken Goldstein shares with us a video and story emphasizing the good that comes from foster care and adoption.

What Must Change is the US Prison System?

Spoon Jackson gives the insider opinion on the main areas for reform in the US prison system. ––– First, there must be real programs for change, trades, mental care, drug programs, and educational programs in prison.

Screw Loose? You Can Fix That!

Simple solutions often prove the most effective, least expensive, and by far the quickest with limited aggravation.

Under The Tough Exterior of Tough Juice: The Evolution of the NBA’s Caron Butler

Mike Kasdan speaks with the NBA’s Caron Butler and learns that athletes can rise above and be role models.