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Bowers & Wilkins P5 Wireless

Get a head with Bowers & Wilkins P5 Wireless headphones with aptx Bluetooth, raising the bar of audio quality and convenience.

Gunnar Duffle

It’s tough out there on the streets, but the Gunnar Duffle is well up to the task, the ultimate urban survival bag.

Bomber Paracord Keychain / Bracelet

A stylish urban fashion accessory with potential lifesaving properties for when you’re in the great outdoors.

RIOS Modern Slim Denim

Made in America like all the best jeans, RIOS Modern Slim Denim sports a 100% selvedge and 12oz Cone Mills denim construction with a contoured waistband and 1/8″ double needle accents.

Seawolf GoPro Submarine

While you’re still getting those scuba hours in, the SEAWOLF GoPro Submarine can do your deep diving video, photo, and live streaming for you.

Civilware Gripper Knife

Meet your new got-to daily personal blade. Designed with ease of transportation in mind, the Civilware Gripper Knife is the ultimate low profile tool.

E-twow Booster Scooter

Get around the urban jungle efficiently, economically, and with a minimal carbon footprint with the e-twow Booster Scooter.

Jack Purcell x Hancock Rally Silhouette

A celebration of color, texture, and fun, the all-new Converse Jack Purcell x Hancock Rally Silhouette sneakers are just the partnership your summer wardrobe needed.

Polar Loop

The firm’s second bash at the activity tracker is one mighty fine product. The all-new Polar Loop has been specially designed to be worn at all times, including while at work and when you’re asleep.

GoPro Hero4 Session

Introducing the smallest, lightest and quite possibly the coolest GoPro yet.

Dickies x Chrome Limited Edition Citizen Messenger Bag

Melding together staples of the American workforce, the Heritage Limited Edition Dickies Citizen Messenger Bag is made from genuine Dickies Work Pants.


The MagKey smart key holder lets you deal with the annoying rattle of clinking keys right at the source–with magnets.

U-Jays On-Ear Headphones

More than two years in the making, and it sure does show — or sound — U-Jays On-Ear Headphones sports ingenious earcups and cushions which work in tandem with a cool acoustic system with vent holes and filters which allow for a true 360-degree sound.

Little Nest Hanging Felt Cradle

Envelop your little one in a revolutionary cradle that is made from 100% natural wool felt that comfortably simulates the experience in the womb.

Chivote 4 Style Duffel

The 4Style Duffel will quickly become your favorite traveling companion. This versatile all-leather bag is sized to be overhead compartment friendly, durable and comfortable enough to carry on your shoulder, in your hand, as a backpack, or as a messenger.

The Key Case

Add class and sophistication to a jingling key ring with the elegantly designed Key Case. Handcrafted, this beautifully made carrying case will keep your most frequently used keys secure, quiet, and looking sharp.

Craftsman Mach Series Adjustable Wrench

A wrench is a wrench is a wrench, right? Wrong. If you’re serious about your handiwork, invest in a Craftsman Mach Series Adjustable Wrench, built both for strength and for speed thanks to the combination of its quick slide adjustment and ratcheting feature, it allows for five times faster use.

.50 Caliber Bullet Shot Glasses

An all-new firm favorite here at GearCulture, the .50 Caliber Bullet Shot Glasses mean you can go shoot your go-to tipple quite literally.

APL Vision Low

Dazzle on and off the court with the APL Vision Low, a basketball shoe like no other.The eye-catching metallic upper sits atop a translucent outsole in which patented Load ‘N Launch technology promises to help you fly.

Anchor Under-Desk Headphone Mount

Declutter your desk top with the superb and simple accessory Anchor Under-Desk Mount.