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Span Smartwatch

For those who want a smartwatch with classic, sophisticated style, the Span Smartwatch blends analog and digital elements beneath a beautiful curved OLED display.

GoPro Dual Hero System

Get double the fun of your all-action camera with the GoPro Dual Hero System: tandem housing that can hold two HERO3+ Black Edition cameras.

Laser-Engraved Rolling Pins

Personalize your pastry with a Polish-made Laser-Engraved Rolling Pin. Choose from a whole host of delicious designs or pick your own pattern to ensure originality for your beautiful baked goods.

Philips AirFryer

Boasting never before seen Rapid Air Technology, the Philips Air Fryer means you can eat healthy while sacrificing none of the taste.

Diva’s Corned Beef Hash

A delicious and protein packed snack to sate the GearCulture guy, Diva’s Corned Beef Hash sees the likes of diced sweet potatoes, turnips and onion added to the cow.

BlueLoung Jimi

Another clever device from the folks a BlueLounge. The Jimi will make hooking up a USB cable or device to the back of your iMac a breeze.

Other Brother Olive Oils

Picking a decent olive oil should be as important to you as picking a decent bottle of wine. Other Brother Olive Oils are among the best to have tickled our taste buds.

Micro 3D Printer

Finally, an affordable 3D printer that’s so easy to use it’s good to go right out of the box. But don’t be fooled by its simplicity, the Micro 3D printer is capable of handling complex requests thanks to its interactive software with expert settings and open-source slicers.

Love Cloud Sex Flight

Celebrate your romance in style with a Love Cloud Sex Flight, an opportunity to join that mile high club in comfort.

Sony Digital Paper

Miss reading stuff on actual paper? Remember? That bendy stuff? Sony Digital Paper offers some old-school philosophy while looking dead ahead to the future.


A premium quality, European-made device, Carlock enables you to monitor your motor from your mobile phone.

Feddz Electric Bike

This gorgeous design is a real favorite in the GearCulture office, the Feddz Electric Bike has been shaped like a motorcycle, with the space that should house the gas tank now used for cargo; a generous 23 liters of it.

9 Amazing Burgers from PornBurger

Better get your napkins ready for these 9 Amazing Burgers from PornBurger. Founder Matthew Ramsey has posted a collection of snaps so detailed, you can practically taste them.

El Nido Resort Philippines

Bask in your very own ethical slices of paradise at the El Nido Resort Philippines. A collection of eco-settings scattered throughout northern Palawan, they offer a host of low impact activities such as snorkeling, scuba-diving and hiking.

Nikon 1 V3

With the megapixel obsession dead and buried, what matters to many now is a speedy autofocus and continuous shooting speed, and boy does the Nikon 1 V3 deliver, able to fire off an astonishing 20 shots per second while automatically re-focusing between each one.

Argonaut Spacebike 2.0

A stunning feat of two-wheel engineering, the Argonaut Spacebike 2.0 promises to lead the pack. Pushing the boundaries to revolutionize your ride, the carbon fiber frame weighs in at 750-950g and sports an integrated seat mast with proprietary carbon seat clamp or traditional seat post.

Stanley & Sons Beach Checkers Set

Who’d have thought simple headwear could eliminate boredom. The Stanley & Sons Beach Checkers Set does just that with a 100% cotton design that sports a handy printed square pattern that doubles as a playing surface.

Amazon Fire TV

See, play and experience the future of home entertainment thanks to Amazon Fire TV, a re-invention of the streaming set-top box.

Scout Single Pole Tent

The best things in life are usually the most simple, and what could be simpler than the great outdoors?

The Beermoth

A wonderfully innovative idea, The Beermoth is an old fire truck currently residing on an estate in the great British countryside and yours to rent.