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Monkii Bars

Keep your fitness regime when on your travels with Monkii Bars, a lightweight portable suspension training tool that means you can work out where you please.


No network coverage? No problem thanks to GoTenna, a tough and tiny wingman for your smartphone. No matter where you are, you’ll be able to communicate with anyone anywhere in the world so long as they have on too.

Be.e Electric Scooter

Taking sustainability to whole new levels, the Be.e Electric Scooter is the first to use bio-based materials to both build and shape the frame.

Nitecore Sens Mini Flashlight

Bring on the zombie apocalypse and you can lead the way to safety with the Nitecore Sens Mini Flashlight.

SoundSight Smart Headphones

A Red Dot Award winner for Best Product Design of 2014, SoundSight Smart Headphones offer video recording as well as audio.

Bluelounge KickFlip

Eliminate wrist fatigue so they can be put to more productive use at the laptop with the Bluelounge KickFlip, a simple, tiny device bursting functionality.

The Swirl Longboard

A first from this fine company, the Swirl Longboard is achingly beautiful. Crafted from the solid African Mahogany – no plies – intricate detailing has been carved into the deck’s deep red-brown hue that not only looks incredible but acts as grip.

Chrome Forged Rubber Sneakers

Retro-inspired footwear with a story to match, Chrome Forged Rubber Sneakers are vulcanized footwear individually made by hand using 70-year-old machines salvaged from Slovakia.

Priority Bicycle

Quality without compromise, not only is the Priority Bicycle one gorgeous looking piece of two-wheeled engineering, but is maintenance-free to boot.

Tool Pen

Eliminate the bane of having to sift through the garage shelf or tool box for those most menial of DIY tasks thanks to the Tool Pen, a nifty multi-tool that you can stash in your kitchen draw.


Highly versatile, Aquabot is both fun and practical, with the ability to transform a regular water bottle into a mini fire hydrant, spraying its contents up to 25 feet.

Coolest Cooler

The Fonz of the ice box world, Coolest Cooler is a portable party. Sixty quarts of goodness, features include a built-in ice-crushing blender, waterproof removable Bluetooth speaker, USB charging port, bottle opener, cutting board and cooler divider too.

Betabrand Audio Engineer Hoodie

You may get odd looks while you wear your headphones over your hoodie. But the joke’s on them, if you’re wearing the Audio Engineer Hoodie from Betabrand.

Gaming Lounge Chair

Drop this Gaming Lounge Chair anywhere in a room, and you have yourself a great spot to chill and relax while you game or rewatch all the episodes of Game of Thrones.


What this thing lacks in length, it makes up for it in girth. Ditching the standard cord design for convenience, Trunk is truly a 100% tangle-free charging cable.

Ice Cream Ball

Enjoy a pint of great tasting ice cream with this portable ice cream maker from Soft Shell. With the Ice Cream Ball, you can make ice cream anytime, anywhere, even on picnics, camping trips and barbecues.

Jackery Giant+

The only think that makes a long flight even worse is flying with a device with zero charge. Before you take off, stash a Jackery Giant+ in your carry-on.


With the PlayBulb, you can enjoy your music anywhere where there’s a light socket. This genius LED light bulb doubles as a Bluetooth wireless speaker for music playback, and can be controlled using your mobile devices.


Back by popular demand is the EcoStone by Grace Digital. This portable Bluetooth speaker is conveniently 100% waterproof, making it the perfect go anywhere speaker.

Can Stamp

We’ve all done it at least once and drank someone’s drink at a gathering by accident. If swapping spits with a stranger’s can isn’t your thing, then Can Stamp is here to help.