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Mophie Charge Force Wireless Power

Cables are over and wireless charging is here with Mophie. Now charging your phone is as simple as setting it down.

Sony Glass Sound Speaker

The absolutely stunning Sony Glass Sound Speaker will caress more that just the audio senses thanks to a lantern-like design which spills a soothing glow.

Gearhead Shifter Pen

A classy design — as always — and this time with the automobile enthusiast in mind, the Gearhead Shifter Pen boasts a working 5-speed H-pattern gearshift backed by car tire tread and hubcap patterns.

Cookie Shots

From a south Californian bakery comes Cookie Shots, a culinary creation that looks so scrumptious you’ll want to lick the screen.

Modular Pop-Up Studio

Get inspiration in this truly inspired Modular Pop-Up Studio, a London design which affords cellular, natural light-filled spaces for the likes of sculptors, painters, writers and musicians.

Gamevice iPhone Controller

Take full control of your phone’s gaming capabilities with the epic Gamevice iPhone Controller. The mountable gadget instantly converts your device into your very own personal arcade, complete with a pair of analog joysticks, triggers, a D-pad and more.

Puni Italia Whisky

Winner of the World Whiskies Best Design Award, Puni Italia Whiskey is a sophisticated and distinctive Italian malt whiskey.

Ochs Und Junior Perpetual Calendar

Resulting from 40 years of watch making experience, Dr. Ludwig Oechslin’s ochs und junior Perpetual Calendar Watch is a testament to precision, reliability, and superior functionality.

Han Green Outdoor Sunglasses

Maximum protection and maximum style, meet Han Green Outdoor Sunglasses. Handmade in Denmark, G15 lenses provided a total UV and UVB block, while the adjustable nose-pad provides the perfect fit.


Make your lead go further and get the most out of your wood with Pencil+, a revolutionary take on an ancient writing tool.

Go Cubes Chewable Coffee

For those who simply can’t wait between getting their caffeine fix — or for those times when a steaming cup of java is simply unattainable — then get going with Go Cubes Chewable Coffee.

Beertop Delta

Spin the bottle? Spin the bottle top. The hypnotic Beertop Delta beautifully blends an iconic toy design with a very important function — beer access — thanks to its clever construction of hexagonal holes framed by titanium and surrounding a ball bearing of chromium steel, tungsten carbide or brass.

360fly 4K

A tiny action camera which truly sees the big picture, meet the 360fly 4K. An affordable, high-end, all-seeing second-gen camera, which captures video markedly sharper than its predecessor (not that that was a slouch).


Certainly one of the finest smartphone lenses we’ve come across at GearCulture HQ, the LimeLens sure puts some zest in your snaps.

Surviv-All Outdoor Knife

Stay sharp and be prepared for any adventuring eventuality thanks to the Surviv-All Outdoor Knife. The knife itself boasts a blade of stainless steel backed by a no-slip rubber grip, while also incorporating the likes of a fire starter, cord cutter, and paracord handle.

Bradley Element

The time invested getting used to telling the time on the Bradley Elements is time well invested, for this is one stunning watch.


Get amazing video in 1080P full HD with the THINKWARE X330 Dash Cam. With a 140-degree viewing angle, you get the best coverage from this 2.19MP Camera with an integrated super capacitor and thermal sensor for advanced reliability in extreme temperatures.

CRKT Niad Climbers Knife

Created by record-holding speed climber, Hans Florine, the CRKT NIAD Climber’s Knife is designed to be lightweight, easy and highly functional.

Pearl RearVision Backup Camera

More than just a backup camera, The Pearl RearVision Backup Camera is a connected vision system that makes reversing less stressful and driving more enjoyable.


Let’s face it, your tech gadgets get dirty, grimy, and smudged–and your shirt isn’t enough to tackle the filth.