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Feddz Electric Bike

This gorgeous design is a real favorite in the GearCulture office, the Feddz Electric Bike has been shaped like a motorcycle, with the space that should house the gas tank now used for cargo; a generous 23 liters of it.

9 Amazing Burgers from PornBurger

Better get your napkins ready for these 9 Amazing Burgers from PornBurger. Founder Matthew Ramsey has posted a collection of snaps so detailed, you can practically taste them.

El Nido Resort Philippines

Bask in your very own ethical slices of paradise at the El Nido Resort Philippines. A collection of eco-settings scattered throughout northern Palawan, they offer a host of low impact activities such as snorkeling, scuba-diving and hiking.

Nikon 1 V3

With the megapixel obsession dead and buried, what matters to many now is a speedy autofocus and continuous shooting speed, and boy does the Nikon 1 V3 deliver, able to fire off an astonishing 20 shots per second while automatically re-focusing between each one.

Argonaut Spacebike 2.0

A stunning feat of two-wheel engineering, the Argonaut Spacebike 2.0 promises to lead the pack. Pushing the boundaries to revolutionize your ride, the carbon fiber frame weighs in at 750-950g and sports an integrated seat mast with proprietary carbon seat clamp or traditional seat post.

Stanley & Sons Beach Checkers Set

Who’d have thought simple headwear could eliminate boredom. The Stanley & Sons Beach Checkers Set does just that with a 100% cotton design that sports a handy printed square pattern that doubles as a playing surface.

Amazon Fire TV

See, play and experience the future of home entertainment thanks to Amazon Fire TV, a re-invention of the streaming set-top box.

Scout Single Pole Tent

The best things in life are usually the most simple, and what could be simpler than the great outdoors?

The Beermoth

A wonderfully innovative idea, The Beermoth is an old fire truck currently residing on an estate in the great British countryside and yours to rent.

Mvmt Watches

Luxury timepieces minus the luxury price tags, Mvmt Watches boast a minimalist design that offers maximum style.

Honda NM4 Concept

Incorporating a cockpit-like design to two-wheels, the Honda NM4 Concept is one mean looking bike, its badass aura accentuated by a snarling LED-clad front end.

Hornitos Black Barrel

For those who know their booze and like their strong stuff with even more of a kick, Hornitos Black Barrel is tequila unlike any other.


A GearCulture guy’s bible, ManBQue is all about meat, beer, rock and a whole lotta roll. Learn how to grind and grill the perfect burger, sear that steak and make your own sausages.

Amazon Dash

The smartest and most useful six-incher you’ve ever held in your hand, Amazon Dash sports a mic, speaker and barcode reader.

Shelfie Bike Mount

Ideal for those short on space, whether it be at home or the office, the Shelfie Bike Mount has a cleverly unique selling point: the bike hangs from its seat.

Speedform Apollo Running Shoe

Having reinvented the t-shirt, Under Armour have turned their technological attention south. To our feet, that is, not literally south.

Shortcut Ring

A ring of beauty that even a man can appreciate, Shortcut Ring truly is 21st century jewellery.

Olympus Stylus Tough TG-3 Camera

We bashed, froze and soaked it, discovering the description doesn’t lie. The Olympus Stylus Tough TG-3 Camera is just that.

Apollo 70 Airstream Mobile Bar

A portable boozer sounds pretty darn hip to us anyway, but one in an Airstream trailer is off the scale of coolness.

Hookaholic Booz Bottle Hooka

These clever fellows have realized just what a waste it is to see beautifully crafted booze bottles get slung out come hangover time.