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AXOR Starck Organic HighRiser Faucet

Seductively designed, with an eco-friendly core, the AXOR Starck Organic HighRiser Faucet’s organic design ensures a full water experience that can save up to 60% water.

Sage Evoke

The Sage Evoke Fly Reel was designed especially for the most hardcore fly fishers that wanted more control to take the big catch.

Allbirds x Wellington Wool Runner

Make your feet wolves in sheep’s clothing with the uber-stylish Allbirds x Wellington Wool Runner. The magic properties of the all-natural material means they’re both lightweight and breathable, flexible, moisture wicking and odor repellent–you can even safely go sockless.

Hitch & Timber EDC Wallet

Made to order by human hands, the Hitch & Timber EDC Wallet perfectly stores your cards, pen, and pocketknife, in beautiful 4 oz.

Control Freak

Serious cooks understand how a slight temperature change while cooking delicate dishes can be the difference between delightful and disastrous.

Milwaukee M18 Compact Vacuum

Insure a quick and thorough cleanup after a messy job using the Milwaukee M18 Compact Vacuum. This high performance adaptable handheld vacuum has best-in-class suction to rid your space of drywall dust, wood/metal shavings, and common jobsite debris.

Tough Hands

Take the best of care with your hardworking paws and ensure they’re lubricated like a well-oiled machine with Tough Hands from Du’It.

Hideaway Jacket

Always be prepared for unexpected weather shifts with the Hideaway Jacket. Made of ripstop waterproof nylon, this windbreaker is so small; it’ll fit anywhere–purse, bike jersey, glove box.

W&P Design Clear Ice Mold

When your “on the rocks” request needs to make an impression, the W&P Design Clear Ice Mold has your back.

Grovemade Watch

Boasting an intriguing dial of hand sanded hardwood with a precision and calibrated stainless steel module and a strap of vegetable tanned leather, the Grovemade watch promises to be a classic in the making.

5.11 Tactical Rush 24 Backpack

The military inspired 5.11 Tactical Rush 24 Backpack promises to have your back in any battle thanks to features like a reinforced grab-and-go handle, hydration and stuff-it pocket with integrated draw cord, and wrap-around Molle/5.11 SlickStick web platform.

Victorinox Hunter Pro Pocket Knife

Classic and hardworking, the Victorinox Hunter Pro Pocket Knife is Swiss made and carries a warranty for a lifetime of trouble-free use.

Phiaton BT 460

Affordable, high-end audio, the Phiaton BT 460 wireless headphones are equipped with touch interface, bass optimization, Bluetooth and smart play-pause function, while ShareMe technology means your mates can get in on the action too.

2018 Lexus LC500

News of a new Lexus doesn’t necessarily always get the heart racing, but this one has made us all feel positively faint at GearCulture HQ.

Da Luca Leather NATO Watch Strap

Show your trusty time teller the respect it deserves with a Da Luca Vintage French Ammo NATO Leather Watch Strap.

Wansas Tequila Silver

You know it’s a good tequila when it can be enjoyed neat and on the rocks with no need for salt and lemon.

Photive Bike Headlight Speaker

Cut down on the bulk without sacrificing safety and your personal music selections with the Photive Bike Headlight Speaker.

Pull-Behind Kayak Cooler

Save space and weight in your kayak–and keep your booze and food colder for longer–with the brilliant Pull-Behind Kayak Cooler.

Le Petit Chef Set

Set your future Julia Childs up for greatness with the Le Petit Chef Set. Stamped with approval from the America’s Test Kitchen, this child-sized set includes a finger guard, and a stainless steel peeler, and kitchen knife.

Blue Satellite Headphones

Having already set new standards in the studio, Blue Satellite Headphones offers similar high quality audio experience on the street.