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V-Moda XS

Superbly crafted headphones, the V-Moda XS sees the firm continue with their cool Cliqfold hinge, it’s ultra-convenient and ultra-tough, making them perfect when on-the-go.

Zombie Safe Zone Maps

Never get lost – or found – during an apocalypse of the undead thanks to Zombie Safe Zone Maps. Courtesy of Canadian art shop Different Design, the collection of quirky guides offer info on vital stats such as water cleanness and directions to safe land.

Clae Strayhorn

Cool kicks to complement any outfit, the Clae Strayhorn, just like its brother, Ellington, offers a superb shape and function.

Victorinox Swiss Army Black Ice Classic SD

Turning all ice-cold-assassin-like, this legendary tool has had a very cool matte black makeover. The Victorinox Swiss Army Black Ice Classic SD sports all the usual suspects – scissors, blades, files and screwdrivers – but all the shiny metal has been dulled with a black hue.

Seamless & Steadfast Enamelware

Remember when stuff was built to last? It’s a tradition that, thankfully, Best Made Company uphold, and their latest range, Seamless & Steadfast Enamelware doesn’t just sport cool vintage looks, but was even crafted using Second World War era machinery too.

Reef Machado Collection

A fine range of footwear named and designed in honor of one of the finest ever surfers, Rob Machado, the Reef Machado Collection is as stylish as his surfing.

Bluelounge Soba

Sort your untidy desktop cables into one single tube with the Bluelounge Soba, a stylish, simple storage solution.

Mackinac Paddle

Taking its name from an island which was once an integral part of the fur trade, the Mackinac Paddle is one stunning way to power that canoe or decorate your cabin.

Le Flaneur d’Hermes Carbon Fiber Bicycle

Taking the stunning Le Flaneur d’Hermès from the French fashion house and making it a whole lot sportier, the Le Flaneur d’Hermes Carbon Fiber Bicycle boasts a clean belt drive, rear hub gears, hydraulic disc brakes and ergonomic handlebar, while the saddle and carry handle are wrapped in luxurious leather.

Pentax Q-S1 Camera

Take your best shot with the latest addition to Pentax’s line of compact interchangeable lens system.

Half Pipe Desk

From multi-award-winning designer Eric Pfeiffer comes another dazzling creation inspired by the skateboarding ramp of his youth.

Stolen Coffee & Cigarettes Rum

Drawing inspiration from Jim Jarmusch’s “Coffee and Cigarettes” series of short films, Stolen Coffee and Cigarettes Rum pays a respective retrospective nod to those less health conscious days.


It may look like something that could do battle with a Decepticon, but the KiraVan is designed for recreational road tripping only.

Thread Smiths Cavalier

Re-inventing the white tee is as futile and pointless as re-inventing the wheel, right? Wrong. These smart guys at Thread Smiths have incorporated a patented hydrophobic nanotechnology into the design of their Cavalier making it virtually resistant to stains and discoloration, and it’s still 100% cotton too.

Burger King Black Burger

When a Burger King exec in Japan asked for something new and unique to add to their menu, someone suggested to make a black burger.


Convenience in a small package, Chargerito is a tiny mobile device charger  you carry on your key ring, or tucked in your pocket.

John Deere RSX850i Midnight Black Edition Gator

A stunning appearance that befits its performance, the John Deere RSX850i Midnight Black Edition Gator sports a high horse-powered motorcycle engine on four wheels, all with independent suspension.

Grandpa’s FireGrill

Open up your campsite cooking to a whole new world of possibilities with Grandpa’s FireGrill, an old school implement that attaches to just about any stick for use as a handle.

Rogue Soda

Get your all-new small batch craft soda on draft or in 22 oz. serigraphed bottles and give your taste buds one helluva treat with three tasty options: root beer, honey orange or citrus cucumber.

Fold Pot

Never have to re-plant your plants again once they outgrow their homes thanks to Fold Pot, a silicon rubber vessel that can double its capacity.