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'Future First': CRISPR Makes Biology The New Digital

Health The "molecular scissors" are helping scientists to edit DNA Popular Science and XPRIZE are teaming up to explore and explain technologies that make us say "The Future Is Now" in a video series called Future First.

The Cockroach Papers: A Compendium of History and Lore

From Our Blogs: Nexus Media News An excerpt from the new book Author Richard Schweid shares some of his own experiences with roaches.

Happy 98th Birthday, Katherine Johnson

Space The NASA 'human computer' made calculations for the Mercury, Apollo, and Shuttle programs Katherine Johnson turns 98 years old today.

What You Need To Know About The EpiPen

Health Why is everyone talking about an injector? Here’s what you need to know about the latest drug pricing scandal that affects some 3.6 million Americans.

Dragon's Back: SpaceX Confirms Successful Splashdown

Space Welcome home, Dragon Dragon's taking a bath in the Pacific Ocean after spending a little over a month hanging out with the International Space Station.

Pentagon Study Scrutinizes The Future Of Autonomous Robot War

Military A potential minefield Pentagon considers deadly autonomy…

All Donated U.S. Blood Should Be Tested For Zika, FDA Advises

Health Not just in Zika hot spots The FDA now recommends that all blood donations throughout the United States be screened for Zika Virus.

Squishy Robots, T-Rex Skulls, Neighboring Worlds, And More Images Of The Week

Science Our 10 favorite science pics Our 10 favorite images of the week…

Russian Armored Car Is Now Remote-Controllable

Military The AI of the Tigr New remotely controlled Russian vehicle.

Pass The Tissues: Allergy Season Is Getting Worse, Thanks To Climate Change

Health Hay fever to double by 2050 Climate change is coming for our sinuses: If it continues at this rate, hay fever could double in the next 35 years, according to new research…

Your Coffee Addiction May Be In Your Genes

Health If someone questions you about that fifth cup, blame DNA If you're already jittering from a second cup of coffee today, you can blame it on your genes.

DARPA Wants Long-Lasting Super-Precise Portable Atomic Clocks

Military Time for an upgrade Little atomic clocks…

Bill Nye On Climate Change In Our National Parks

Environment We caught up with the NPS Centennial Ambassador in Brooklyn Bridge Park Popular Science caught up with National Park SErvice Centennial Ambassador Bill Nye to discuss how climate change is affecting public lands and their inhabitants, and how to…

If People Were Cockroaches, Adapting to Climate Change Would Be Easy

From Our Blogs: Nexus Media News Short lives and frequent mutations give them an evolutionary edge The cockroach is among the most adaptable animals on the planet.

Urban Pumping Raises Arsenic Risk in Southeast Asia

From Our Blogs: Nexus Media News River water is seeping into aquifers through contaminated sediment. In many parts of Southeast Asia, river water is seeping into aquifers through contaminated sediment.

Astronaut Jeff Williams Celebrates The National Parks On The ISS

Space An out of this world birthday tribute Jeff Williams' father was a seasonal Park Ranger with the National Park Service.

Interactive Map Shows How Animals Will Migrate In Response To Climate Change

Science Scientists have predicted where nearly 3,000 species will travel A beautiful but troubling new map predicts how animals will migrate in response to climate change…

How We Could See The New 'Earth-Like' Planet Up Close

Space We need tiny spaceships. Lots of 'em. One way to protect these probes would be to streamline them to needle-like shapes...

You Need To Update Your iPhone Right Now

Gadgets Researchers found spyware that secretly records almost all your data No matter who you are, if you have an iPhone running an older version of software, it's vulnerable to this specific spyware, so you should update as soon as possible.

Join President Obama On A Virtual Reality Trip To Yosemite

Technology A new video honors the National Park Service’s centennial You can now take a virtual reality tour of Yosemite narrated by President Obama.