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Rats Recognize The Facial Expressions Of Other Rats

When a rodent feels pain, its face gets all scrunched up. Its ears flatten, its eyes narrow, and its nose and cheeks swell.

3 Ways To Make A Star On Earth

Last fall, Lockheed Martin divulged a new fusion reactor design--one it claimed could power homes and cars in a decade.

Glow-In-The-Dark Tampons Used To Find Sewage-Filled Waterways

Tampons are pretty much only made for their one purpose, but engineers at the University of Sheffield figured out a way for this feminine hygiene product to clean up the…

This Fall, Your Appliances May Reorder Their Own Supplies From Amazon

Amazon's working with appliance makers to help ensure that you never run out of household supplies, whether it be water filters or laundry detergent.

Smart Drones And Cheap Missiles Could Work Together To Win Future Wars

For an organization at the heart of the future of war, DARPA can sometimes really undersell what it’s making.

UK And France Are Building Robots To Fight Underwater Explosives

The last thing an admiral wants to do is send his own sailors face-to-face with explosives. A new project, jointly funded by the defense ministries of the United Kingdom…

Satellite Data Show The Earth Is Getting Greener

It isn't often that environmental scientists get good news. But a new study in Nature Climate Change found that for the past few years, the earth has been getting a little…

Identifying the Cornerstone of a Biofilm

Biofilms are a significant problem for infection prevention and control. A team of researchers has now found a small protein, Sbp, is a key to their formation.

NASA’s ‘Flying Saucer’ Lander Is Going For A Test Spin Today

Perhaps the most iconic symbol to emerge from the science fiction genre over the last century is every alien’s favorite mode of travel: the flying saucer.

'Open Humans' Wants To Be The Facebook Of Clinical Research

To make well-informed conclusions about health and medicine, scientists need a lot of data. Small studies don’t accurately represent the population at large, but scientists…

The Month In Plagues: Parasitic Worm Sex, Lemony Malaria, And More

Your monthly roundup of infestations, contagions, and controls from around the web: In outbreak news The Ebola outbreak continues in West Africa.

3D-Printed Weather Stations Could Save Lives In Developing Countries

Weather is free, of course, but predicting it, and anticipating changes like sudden storms or flash floods--that takes technical equipment and sensors.

Opossum Peptides Are A Promising New Antivenom

Though some may consider them a nuisance, opossums are amazingly hardy and opportunistic eaters, feeding on everything from the contents of a garbage can to fruits or…

During Surgery, Cats Prefer Listening To Classical Music Over AC/DC

Doctors often listen to music in the operating room to keep the surgical team calm and upbeat. There’s some evidence that the music calms patients as well--even the ones…

We Accidentally Created A Super Termite Hybrid In Florida

You know all those stories where humans accidentally create a monster that eventually runs amok and destroys everything?

Graphene's First Commercial Application To Shed A Little Light

Graphene, the super material that can make everything from square ice to night vision contact lenses, finally has a practical application: light bulbs!

Drone Herds Sheep Because Ireland [Video]

Drone supporters like to play up the advantages of drones for agriculture. Normally, this means gains from better maps and cheaper crop inspection, all technical tasks made…

Antibiotic-Resistant Bacteria Are No Match For Medieval Potion

Bloodletting, mercury cures, holes drilled in the head—many ancient medical remedies seem ill-advised based on our modern understanding of medicine.

Navy’s Long-Awaited Drone Moves Closer To Reality

DARPA’s latest drone program just took a turn for the better. The Tactically Exploited Reconnaissance Node (TERN) is designed as a Medium Altitude Long Endurance (MALE)…

This Sleeve Will Help Save PItchers' Arms

Problem: Hurtling fastball, after curveball, after slider puts incredible strain on a pitcher’s arm, which, over time, can cause painful tears in the ulnar collateral ligament (UCL).