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Humanitarian Mapping Program To Help Nepal Earthquake Recovery Efforts

The death toll of the earthquake that shook Nepal over the weekend just topped 5,000. Aid is slowly getting to people who badly need it, but frustration at the slow pace of…

Students Design Furniture For Future Space Habitats

As NASA moves forward with its highly anticipated mission to Mars, the space agency is thinking about every single aspect of the journey to the red planet--as well as life…

You Can Now Download Tamagotchi On Your Apple Watch

The real reason to buy an Apple Watch has finally come along: You can now download the Tamagotchi app on your techy timepiece.

Secret Air Force Space Plane Gets Darth Vader-Style Engine

The Air Force’s secret robot space plane is going to try out a new engine. The X-37B has so far spent a total of 1367 days tooling around in Earth’s orbit, doing classified…

Russian Space Agency Loses Communication With Spaceship

Roscosmos isn’t quite sure what’s going on with its cargo ship at the moment. A Progress spacecraft—the unmanned vehicle used by Russia to send supplies to the…

Vaccine Patches For Measles Could Be Here By 2017

Every year, vaccines for diseases like polio and yellow fever save thousands of lives. But in remote parts of the world where medical attention is scarce, vaccines are…

An Arms Race of Microbial Proportions

There's a battle between bacteria and their phages. But they use evolution over weapons. Now researchers have unveiled how the war progresses and who wins.

Is It Possible For New York City To Have Zero Waste?

There are a few constants in this changing world: death, taxes, and trash. Humans have been producing garbage since the beginning, leaving archaeologists the task of…

China's Newest Missile Set for VJ Day Parade

The DF-16, a missile that can hit a house sized target from 1,000km away, will be in the Beijing V-J Day Parade to mark the 70th surrender of Japan.

DNA Test Detects Beer Gone Bad

People have brewed beer for thousands of years, but there are some things that brewers still don't have down to a science.

Haptic Gloves Use Air Pressure To Simulate The Feel Of Virtual Objects

A team of Rice University engineering students has developed a haptic glove that uses air pockets to let gamers feel like they're interacting with objects.

Robots Used In Long-Distance Surgery Can Easily Be Hacked

In 2001, a doctor in New York completed what may seem like a routine surgery to remove a patient’s gallbladder.

The Art of High Performance Building

To meet the most stringent building energy use standards in the world, SURE HOUSE has teamed up with the air-sealing experts at 475 High Performance Building Supply.

Can Orange-Tinted Glasses Help You Sleep?

I recently wrote about the terrible sleep habits of the characters in House of Cards. I disapproved of Frank Underwood’s late-night computer work in the Oval Office, his…

See The Microscopic World In Motion

For the past 30 years, Nikon has held a contest for the year’s best microphotography images, and competition has been fierce.

The Sony Walkman Is Back And Better Than Ever

Portable music players are everywhere you turn: smartphones, tablets, iPods, and laptops. But to the true audiophile, it’s all junk.

Cyberattack Takes Down Controversial Mauna Kea Telescope Website

A controversial project to build a telescope atop the Hawaiian volcano of Mauna Kea was targeted by a cyberattack over the weekend.

Massive Earthquake Shakes Nepal; Avalanches On Everest

An earthquake struck Nepal early Saturday causing numerous casualties, large amounts of damage to structures and avalanches on Mount Everest where a closely watched…

When Space Probes Crash--For Science And Otherwise

NASA’s MESSENGER spacecraft has been enjoying the past four years zipping around the planet Mercury. Launched in 2004, the probe traveled for six and a half years to reach…

Chinese Navy Stars in Latest U.S.Intelligence Report

The latest U.S. Naval Intelligence report highlights new Chinese warships like the Type 052D Luyang III destroyer and Type 094 nuclear missile submarine.