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The Month In Plagues: Rubella Wiped From The Americas, No You Don’t Have Poop In Your Beard, And More

Your monthly roundup of infestations, contagions, and controls from around the web. In outbreak news: On May 9th, Liberia announced it was Ebola-free, which is great news.

Microsoft's IllumiRoom Rolls Virtual Grenades Straight Into Your Living Room

Google is hogging the tech limelight this week thanks to the flashy new virtual reality and wearable technology shown off I/O developers conference, but Microsoft has an…

Google and Levi's Are Weaving Computers Into Your Clothes

Project Jacquard is an effort to invisibly integrate computers into objects, materials, and clothing.

Google's High-Flying Internet Drone Crashed In New Mexico Weeks Ago

Google has been busy this week announcing tons of ambitious new products and services at its I/O developer conference, but not all of its experimental efforts are flying…

Google's A.I. Is Training Itself to Count Calories In Food Photos

Google unveiled a project this week called Im2Calories, that uses deep learning AI algorithms to analyze a photo of food, and estimate the total calories.

Here’s How Auroras Probably Look On Mars

Just a few months ago, NASA’s MAVEN spacecraft detected an ultraviolet aurora on Mars. And although Europe’s Mars Express satellite spotted an aurora from orbit back in…

Watch A Tiny Origami Robot Crawl, Climb, Swim, and Dissolve

In just under two minutes, this tiny metallic square will, in sequence: fold itself into a robot, roll away, keep a trajectory as it does a figure eight around two columns,…

Revealed: Why Swiss Cheese Used To Be Holier Than It Is Now

A team of Swiss researchers has found the real reason why Swiss cheese has holes. And though the real reason has nothing to do with mice, tiny particles of hay have a…

How To Fix A Goldfish

This goldfish has trouble staying upright. Thanks to a sling made from what appears to be a T-shirt tag and a cork, it can now swim right-side up.

Limpet Teeth Are Nature's Strongest Material

Spider silk had a good run as nature’s strongest material. But recently, limpet teeth--made of mineral nanofibers--were found to be up to five times stronger.

Google and GoPro Enter The Growing Virtual Reality Arms Race

Google is partnering with GoPro to bring 360-degree videos to YouTube in an effort that the companies are calling "Jump," putting it on a direct collision course with VR ambitions at Facebook and Sony.

This Ancient Skeleton May Be Humanity’s First Murder Victim

Excavators have spent years recovering 28 hominin skeletons from the Sima de los Huesos pit in northern Spain, a cave that mean "pit of bones." After finally digging them…

Special Forces Test Hummingbird-Size Drone

The Black Hornet is exactly the kind of drone that scares people about drones. It’s small, fitting easily into the palm of a hand or a pouch pocket.

Sino-Russian Naval Exercise in Club Med

China and Russia take their annual naval exercises to a new spot, the Mediterranean off Turkey's coast, and right in NATO's backyard to boot.

SURE Construction: 05 Weather Protection

-- We are excited to have started building the SURE HOUSE in a parking lot on the campus of Stevens Institute of Technology in Hoboken New Jersey.

Watch MIT's Robot Cheetah Jump Over Obstacles

Cheetahs are known for their speed, but the robotic Cheetah 2 created by the brilliantly twisted minds at MIT's Biomimetics Robotics Lab has another skill to brag about:…

What's Causing The Flooding In Texas?

Floods struck deep in the heart of Texas this week, killing 16 people, damaging thousands of buildings, and generally catching people off guard.

Can We Unlearn Social Biases While We Sleep?

Your brain does a lot when you are asleep. It’s when you consolidate memories and integrate the things you’ve learned during the day into your existing knowledge structure.

Watch The F-35B Hover To A Landing On A Ship

Clocking in at just $134 million per plane, the F-35B fighter jet is the most expensive sibling in its long-troubled family.