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How to fix a leaky faucet

DIY Those drips could be costing you a fortune Fixing a leaky faucet is one of the simplest and cheapest DIY jobs you can do.

Does the weirdly warm weather mean spring is already here?

Environment Why it isn't so nice that the weather's so nice What are the implications of the recent very warm weather?

McDonald's new science straw, a head-tripping optical illusion, and other amazing images of the week

Science Newsworthy eye candy From freshly-discovered exoplanets of Earth size to the new J-shaped straw of McDonald's, PopSci brings you the Images of the Week.

This is what America looked like before the EPA cleaned it up

Environment It wasn't pretty A snapshot from America before the impact of the EPA and the effects of rules regulating clean water and air were felt.

What would America be like without the EPA?

Environment Why we created the Environmental Protection Agency—and why we still need it What did America look like before the EPA?

An LED bike light for 75 percent off? I'd buy it.

Gadgets Cruise clearly anytime. It's $32 bucks. Crazy bright LED bike lights for 75 percent off? I'd buy it.

Fracking fluid is leaking more often than we thought

Energy And that's not great Most of our attention has been focused on fracking leaks underground, but these latest studies show an increased need for scrutiny of surface leaks, which can pollute…

47 ice cube trays for the chillest people you know

Gadgets Take advantage of this golden age of novelty ice molds. Ice cube molds to give your drink character.

How to get rid of mice

DIY Protect your house from vermin Everything you need to know about mouse control…

Will drones pull rain from desert clouds?

Aviation A test flight of a drone brings an unmanned cloud seeding tool one step closer. A test flight of a drone brings an unmanned cloud seeding tool one step closer.

On the origin of ice trays

Gadgets That cube in your cocktail is a product of evolution. That cube in your cocktail is a product of evolution.

Watch scientists train bees to play with tiny soccer balls

Animals The study shows that bees can adapt to really weird circumstances Here's the buzz: bees are brilliant.

McDonalds' fancy new straw doesn't suck

Science And that's the problem We tested out McDonalds' crazy new straw. It's got some issues.

NASA wants the internet to get hype about these new exoplanets

Space You can basically read fanfiction about them On Wednesday, NASA announced the discovery of seven "Earthlike" planets orbiting a nearby star.

Meet China's triple-hulled warship of the future

From Our Blogs: Eastern Arsenal A trimaran vessel with all-electric propulsion, multiple helicopters, and anti-ship missiles.

How to protect your smartphone's lock screen

DIY Are you revealing more than you need to? Your phone's lock screen is intended to keep unwelcome visitors out of your phone, but sometimes they still tease out personal information.

That giant crack in Antarctica just keeps getting bigger

Environment It's a matter of weeks before a Delaware-sized iceberg hits the high seas The Delaware-sized Larsen C glacier is set to break off of the Antarctic ice shelf any day now.

Taking manatees off the endangered species list doesn't mean we should stop protecting them

Animals Come for the sea cow pictures, stay for the environmental policy The fightin’ sea cows are making a comeback.

This tiny camera could give drones predator vision

Science It can be 3D printed in just one step A 3D-printed multi-lense camera can see stuff as eagles do.

What makes a popular citizen science study?

Science Book Excerpt: Power Play: How video games can save the world One of the most successful examples of citizen science is Lab in the Wild, an experimental platform for conducting online behavioral experiments…