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The best gifts for people who love to drive

Cars Get outta my dreams, get into my car. Read on for gift ideas for car lovers.

New Cassini photos show the hexagon on Saturn's north pole

Space The first images from the pentultimate phase of the mission Cassini has moved into a new orbit pattern, and it just beamed back the first photos from this phase of the mission.

This is what happens inside a battery right before it explodes

Technology Overcharged batteries turn into deformed jellyrolls A new paper helps to explain how these popular power sources can turn into safety hazards.

Good news: It's safe to use drones to fly blood around

Aviation Blood for the blood drones, transfusions for the remote and in need Blood pouches carried by drone turn out okay after flight.

New device would use electricity to plug gushing wounds

Health Zapping your nerves to jumpstart the blood clotting process Internal bleeding is tricky to stop, and can be life-threatening.

A crack in Antarctica is forming an iceberg the size of Delaware

Environment A whole new kind of ‘breaking up’ around the holidays This really only happens because of global warming…

The mystery of Greenland’s icy history could help us survive climate change

Environment Did it stay or did it go? Eighty percent of Greenland is covered by a wall of ice that is thousands of feet thick, and contains enough water to raise sea levels by over 20 feet if it melted away…

Bacteria resistant to a last-resort drug showed up on a US pig farm

Science No meat was contaminated, but the rare gene could easily spread Bacteria carrying a gene that grants resistance against a powerful antibiotic have been found on a pig farm in the United States.

Spy-designed software can profile business teams to shorten sales time

Technology The complex data task of the deal CaliberMind wants to help companies make big sales by profiling the people involved…

5 MacGyver hacks you should try at home—and 2 you really shouldn’t

DIY Channel your inner secret agent The hero of MacGyver has been inspiring makers and DIYers ever since the show began airing.

New study: Humans may falter when taking control of self-driving cars

Cars The sort-of-self-driving cars of the near future might pose a problem New research finds that human drivers need time to adjust to changing conditions when taking over control of self-driving cars.

Despite a bumpy beginning, NASA's Juno is hard at work exploring Jupiter

Space Things haven't gone according to plan. Juno's journey around Jupiter hasn't gone exactly as planned.

Gifts for the Amateur Mixologist

Gift Guides Your chances of getting a cheap, top-notch cocktail this holiday just skyrocketed. For the cocktail enthusiasts and amateur mixologists in your life, consider one of these gift ideas.

This bird is wearing teeny tiny goggles for science

Animals There are also lasers Obi is looking fly in his custom eyewear.

NASA's new satellite will circle the globe repairing broken space robots

Space Restore-L could fix broken satellites and clean up space junk NASA announced it's setting aside $127 million to fund a satellite that repairs and refuels others in orbit.

There will be #NoDAPL at Lake Oahe. What now?

Energy The future of the Dakota Access Pipeline is unclear On Sunday, the Army announced that they would not be granting an easement under Lake Oahe, halting the construction of the Dakota Access Pipeline (DAPL) a 1,172…

Looking for silicon-based alien life? Don't hold your breath.

Science Bacteria have bonded carbon and silicon for the first time. What can they teach us? Silicon-based life couldn’t hack it on our planet.

Virgin Galactic's SpaceShipTwo glides back into the space race

Aviation The spacecraft nailed its first unpowered glide since a fatal accident in 2014 Virgin Galactic's glider glides to earth calmly in test.

Climate change could quadruple severe rainstorms in just decades

Environment Harder wetter faster stronger Climate scientists predict that the frequency and intensity of summer rainstorms will increase over the next 80 years.

Can virtual reality can help us empathize with whales? See for yourself.

Animals Adrian Grenier teams up with the Lonely Whale Foundation to create a 4D experience Popular Science and XPRIZE are teaming up to explore and explain technologies that make us say "The Future Is Now" in a video series called Future First.