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Scientists Have No Idea Why U.S. Teens Are Having Fewer Babies Than Ever

Babies Nebraska Early Development Network The U.S. National Center for Health Statistics released today its latest report on American teenagers having babies.

Players Build Working Hard Drive Inside Minecraft

Minecraft HDD Controller Top View The0JJ/ Over the hills, across the stone bridge, past the giant pony, around the lake of questionable test, and beyond the giant rainbow barrier sits a work of great artifice on a grey plain.

This is What Curiosity Looks Like After Two Years On Mars

Curiosity Rover, Then And Now. Who turned the sepia filter on? The Verge/NASA While the Mars rovers’ drivers sit in relative comfort here on Earth, the rovers themselves do get beat up a bit.

An Electronic Camouflage Cloak Inspired By Color-Changing Octopus Skin

Octopus Flickr CC by 2.0 An octopus evading a predator has one of the coolest evolutionary adaptations up its (eight) sleeves; in a matter of milliseconds, its skin can change color and opacity to blend in with the surroundings, rendering the creature nearly invisible.

Welcome To Mars. Here's Where You'll Be Staying

Martian Pyramid Rendering Valcrow NASA has plans to put humans on Mars in the 2030s or 2040s, and the private company Mars One is already interviewing applicants to for its one-way trip to the Red Planet.

How The Panama Canal Changed The Shape Of War

Enlarging The Canal For Bigger Battleships Click here for a larger image. Popular Science One hundred years ago, the Panama Canal opened for the first time.

New Painkiller Soothes The Nerves That Sense Hot Chile Peppers

Painful Peppers Warren Rachele (Wrachele) via Flickr, licensed under Creative Commons It's a chemical compound so new, it doesn't have a name.* In a paper, its creators call it either V116517 or Compound 37.

What Happens When A Volcano Erupts Under A Glacier?

A Glacial Lake Near The Eyjafjallajökull Volcano Paul Clement via Flickr By CC 2.0 When Iceland’s Eyjafjallajökull volcano blew up in 2010, the relatively small eruption belched out a 30,000-foot-tall plume of ash that shut down airports throughout most of Europe for six days.

When NASA Launched Stardust, They Had No Way To Retrieve Its Samples

Stardust An artist rendering of the Stardust spacecraft approaching the tail of a comet. NASA On August 14, researchers from University California, Berkeley, announced an amazing discovery from NASA’s Stardust probe: During its deep space voyage, the ship had captured seven tiny pieces of interstellar rocks, making them the first confirmed samples of intact dust from beyond the Solar System.

Turning Old Lead Batteries Into New Solar Energy

Used Batteries elizaIO on Flickr Used car batteries can leech chemicals and create lead pollution when they're incorrectly trashed.

A Volcanic Asteroid Roamed Our Solar System Billions Of Years Ago

Asteroid Contrail This cellphone photo shows the contrail left by asteroid 2008 TC3, from which researchers gathered evidence that early Solar System bodies could be volcanically active.

Twitter Bot Helps Chicago Officials Find Dirty Restaurants

Food Poisoning From an infographic for Foodborne Chicago by Payal Patel Designs Those moules frites you had at the French bistro last night were delicious, but now you're feeling kind of funny.

Antarctica From Pole To Coast In Stunning Detail

Antarctica Released in August 2014, this mosaic compiles over 3,150 satellite images of Antarctica into a single image of the entire continent.

NASA's Greased Lightning Tests Vertical Takeoff

NASA's GL-10 Greased Lightning Vertical Takeoff Test Drone Click here to see a larger version of this image.

Facial Recognition: Now Helping You Find Hot Dates, Cute Pets

A mobile app like PetMatch let's users narrow their search of pets to lookalikes - even celebrities like Grumpy Cat or Lil Bub.

Sea Smells By The Sea Shore

Sea Smells Viktor Kerlow As I took a deep breath in, a familiar scent filled my nose: slightly sulfury, with just a pinch of green, and a briny finish.

DARPA Thinks Less Armor Could Make Tanks Safer

DARPA's Ground X-Vehicle Technology Program More protective layers of jargon = safer future tanks. DARPA The heavy, treaded, gun-swinging battlefield behemoths know as tanks haven't changed much since their invention a century ago.

Lessons From The Panama Canal, 100 Years Ago

When it opened in August 1914, the 48-mile Panama Canal provided a vital shortcut between the Atlantic and Pacific oceans, transforming trade, transportation, and even wartime strategy.

Epigenetics News Articles Put Too Much Pressure On Moms

Healthy Choices Dreamstime Maybe you've heard of King Henry VIII's tendency to blame his wives for giving birth to baby girls instead of male heirs.

Read Two Hugo Award-Winning Writers In Our Sci-Fi Special Issue

Dispatches from the Future Download a copy from iTunes. Popular Science When Popular Science asked authors Ann Leckie and Mary Robinette Kowal to contribute to our Dispatches From The Future digital sci-fi special issue, it seems we were onto something. Over the weekend both writers won a 2014 Hugo Award.