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Left To Their Own Devices, Robots Evolve Into Diverse Populations

Eat or Mate? Two robots spot one another across a field of six batteries. Stefan Elfwing and Kenji Doya, PLOS ONE, 2014 There are a few different ways you can study evolution.

Over Meal Of Whale Meat, Japan Announces Plan To Restart "Scientific" Whaling In Antarctica

Harpooned whale A whale captured by the Yushin Maru, a Japanese harpoon vessel, in February 2008. Customs and Border Protection Service, Commonwealth of Australia On March 31, Japan was ordered to halt its whaling program in Antarctica by a United Nations court, which ruled that the activity amounted to a commercial operation and was not for research purposes as stated.

An Invisible Barn And Other Amazing Images From This Week

Invisible Barn What do you get when you wrap a barn in mylar? You get nothing. stpmj via Co.Design

Russia Ships The World's First Load of Offshore Arctic Oil

Oil Be There The Prirazlomnoye offshore drilling platform, in the Pechora Sea above the Arctic circle, began extracting oil in December 2013, and loaded its first shipment in April 2014 -- about a decade off schedule.

Smart Rear-View Mirror Sees Through The Stuff Piled In Your Back Seat

Nissan Smart Rear-View Mirror Corinne Iozzio A rear-view mirror is only useful if you can see out of the back of your car -- something, it happens, that's gotten increasingly difficult to do.

First Success Witnessed In World's Longest-Running Experiment

Here comes the pitch...  ... ... In baseball, that phrase would quickly be followed by an outcome, like strike three!

Events In Your Past Determine Which Microbes Live On You

Trillions of microbes live in and on our body. We don’t yet fully understand how these microbial ecosystems develop or the full extent to which they influence our health.

First Human Clone Embryos Created From Adults' Skin Cells

Human Embryonic Stem Cells—Not the Cloned Cells Described Below This image comes from a lab unrelated to the research described below.

Here Is Apple's iOS For Your Car

CarPlay Volvo Do you own an iPhone? Have you used your iPhone? Have you driven a car? If yes, you are prepared to use CarPlay, Apple's dashboard operating system—essentially, a pared-down version of a few apps, with a heavier focus on voice control.   We saw Volvo's version at the New York Auto Show, but it's essentially the same idea across vehicles: hook up your iPhone to your car, and your car becomes the medium for controlling your stuff.

The Week In Drones: Shooting One Down In Montana, The FBI's Robot Missions, And More

Drone On Patrol Azin Haghighi, Fars News Agency Here's a roundup of the week's top drone news, designed to capture the military, commercial, non-profit, and recreational applications of unmanned aircraft.

New Test Could Diagnose Asthma With A Single Drop Of Blood

Neutrophil A 3D-rendering of a neutrophil. BruceBlaus via Wikimedia Commons While some symptoms of asthma, like wheezing, are obvious, a diagnosis of asthma is not always clear cut, especially if they don't occur when patients are with their doctors, and involve trials of lung function and tests for allergies.

The Digital Cameras NASA Sent Into Space In The 90s

Kodak Hawkeye II Tethered Imaging Accessory Credit: James McGarvey In December 1975, a Kodak lab engineer created the first fully digital camera—and snapped a 100-by-100-pixel image to a cassette tape in 23 seconds.

Did Iapetus's Mountains Fall From Space?

The ridge of Iapetus NASA/JPL If you could hike to the equator of Saturn's moon Iapetus, you would find a strange sight: a sudden mountain range jutting out of the ground, more than 12 miles high.

Found: The Most Potentially Life-Friendly Exoplanet So Far

What Kepler-186f Might Look Like If It Has Clouds and Seas NASA Ames/SETI Institute/JPL-CalTech Five hundred light-years away, Earth has a cousin.

Land Rover's New Concept SUV Doesn't Have Door Handles

Discovery Concept Land Rover Look closely at Land Rover's latest SUV concept and you might be able to see something missing: the door handles.

Toyota Has A Tron Bike

I have made this comparison before, and perhaps will again, but, damnit, this is a Tron bike, right? That is, inarguably, what this is.

Beard Fashions Are Governed By Darwinian Selection

Darwinian whiskers Darwin had a righteous beard. Julia Margaret Cameron via Wikimedia Commons By the beard of Darwin!

Turn A Tea Bag Into A Lantern

The tea bag lantern Trevor Johnston Every plain, paper tea bag conceals an exciting crash course in lift.

Survey Reveals What Today's America Thinks The Future Looks Like

A 1910 Vision Of A Future Helicopter This image comes from an excellent series of French postcards made in the ealy 1900s about life in the 21st century.

Whence Life? Receptors Responsible For Fertilization Found

A fertilized human egg Wellcome Images Where do babies come from? If your kids ever ask, just tell them the story of Izumo and Juno, receptors found on the surface of sperm and egg cells, respectively.