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To save their land, they unveiled the world’s biggest dinosaur footprint

Science Australia has always had the market cornered on enormous animals trying to kill you The Goolarabooloo people have been singing about dinosaur footprints for thousands of years—they just don’t call them ‘dinosaurs.’ Read on.

Organizing the natural world by color makes for some seriously satisfying photos

Entertainment Excerpt: Encyclopedia of Rainbows A new book that shows the natural world—world arranged by color.

What to buy for a better shave

Gadgets Trim, shape, moisturize. Face, legs, whatever. Better shaving gear for anyone. Read on.

How to book the cheapest flights possible

DIY Tech and tools to save you airfare dollars With the right tricks and apps at your disposal, you can make sure you're getting the best deal on your flights, no matter when you're going or where you're heading.

The entire female menstrual cycle can now be replicated in a Petri dish

Health Providing researchers with a platform to study drugs and diseases influenced by these hormones Researchers have figured out a way to integrate each organ type involved in the menstrual cycle into one fully-functioning unit, all on a Petri dish.

Asian dust might be the secret to keeping California's sequoias alive

Science Small but mighty, distant dust packs a powerful punch A new study sheds light on the role of dust—from far-away lands—on mountain ecosystems.

Here's how China is battling drones

From Our Blogs: Eastern Arsenal There's no shortage of targets. Chinese police have drone-jamming guns, while the Chinese military has frigging laser guns.

A desert researcher shares his essential survival gear

Science How to stay alive so you can do science in scorching heat Kumud Acharya seeks out the world’s hottest conditions.

What the frack is in fracking fluid?

Environment Most of the ingredients are unknown Over 100 billion gallons of fracking fluid is injected into the U.S.

AI and deep learning can now help you be more popular on Twitter

Technology Post Intelligence is a project by two ex-Google execs to help you know what and when to Tweet.

Three ways to safely drink found water

Gadgets Water is vital. Giardia infection is ... not. Found water is filled with dirt, debris, and critters that could make you sick—even kill you.

How to choose safe passwords—and remember them too

DIY Cyber security 101 Your online passwords are your first line of defense against hackers, so it pays to make sure you're well-protected.

Living with a lynx—for science

Entertainment Book Excerpt: Inner Life of Cats He had an idea for how to observe an animal in the wild with greater precision and intimacy than had ever been done before.

Electrically charged sands on Titan would make seriously sturdy sandcastles

Space No water required Magic? No, you’re just on Saturn’s moon Titan, where the seas are filled with hydrocarbons and the sand is electrically charged.

How to turn a spinach leaf into a human heart

Science Step one: detergent Spinach could be good for your heart in more ways than one—bioengineers have figured out how to turn a leaf into a beating bit of human heart.

Popular foods that grow in somewhat startling ways

Science You think you know, but you have no idea As less and less of us farm, few of us actually know what our food looks like when it's grown.

No one knows what to do with the International Space Station

Space Congress has only approved funding through 2024. What happens then? In 2024 the clock will run out on the International Space Station.

20 ways to organize all your stuff

Gadgets The sweet satisfaction of having everything in its place. For those of us yearning for the sweet satisfaction of having everything in its place.

Relaxing bath bombs for 70 percent off? I'd buy them.

Gadgets Soak up some you time. It's time for fizzy balls. Relaxing bath bombs for 70 percent off? I'd buy it.

Duet With Your Favorite Singers with this Waterproof Shower Speaker

Sponsored Post Enjoy high-quality Bluetooth audio every morning and save 83% off MSRP Duet With Your Favorite Singers with this Waterproof Shower Speaker.