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Watermelon Snow, A DIY Phantom Limb, And Other Amazing Images Of The Week

Science Plus a look inside the capsule that could take us to Mars Our favorite images from this week's science and tech news.

How The Juno Spacecraft Will Survive Jupiter's Devastating Radiation

Space It starts orbiting the deadly planet in July “We're basically an armored tank,” says Juno principle investigator Scott Bolton.

Plants Grown In Simulated Mars Conditions Found Safe To Eat

Space Good news for future space farmers Researchers working with the Mars One project tested four crops grown in Mars and moon simulant soils and found they did not have high levels of heavy metals.

Report: Obama Administration To Announce Civilian Casualties From Drone Strikes

Military An official number, oddly lower than all previous estimates. Drone casualties.

Genetic Sequencing Gets Boost From A New Proofreading Enzyme

Health Error prone 3-billion-year-old process fixed Researchers at the University of Texas at Austin have created a new enzyme which can produce high fidelity RNA sequences.

The Navy Is Going To Test A Big Laser Soon

Military 150 kilowatts of directed energy, pointed at an unknown date on a calendar. Big laser soon.

Twitter Bot Gives Celebrity Photos Nightmarish Grins

Technology Or, if they are smiling, removes their smile Turn that frown upside down…

Travelers Could Gain Antibiotic Resistant Genes In Just Two Days

Health New findings show it doesn't take much time for genes to enter your gut At an annual meeting, researchers present findings that show travelers abroad could acquire new antibiotic resistance genes in just two days.

Soon, You’ll Be Able to Make Money Owning an Electric Car

From Our Blogs: Nexus Media News EV owners could earn cash while they sleep Over the lifetime of an electric vehicle, owners could earn enough to offset most of the purchase cost.

FAA Approves Terrafugia Flying Car Prototype As Light Airplane

Aviation Still miles to go before it’s road- and sky-ready Flying car one step closer.

You Might Be Able To Watch Netflix Offline Later This Year

Entertainment Streaming rumors Netflix may soon let you view videos even when you're not connected to the internet…

What The Brexit Means For Science

Science The U.K.'s vote to leave the E.U. could negatively affect scientific progress Scientific American talks to a former U.K.

How Deep Learning Could Be The Next Step In Cancer Detection

Technology Samsung Medison's new cancer-screening ultrasound How deep learning technology could be the next step in cancer detection…

How To Build A Wearable Walking Desk

DIY Forget about sitting or standing—wear your office while you walk Turn an old bass-drum carrier into a desk that you can wear while you walk.

There is a New World's Fastest Supercomputer...and it is all Chinese

From Our Blogs: Eastern Arsenal Meet the Sunway Taihu Light The world's fastest supercomputer clocks in at 93 petaflops a second (one petaflop is one quadrillion), powerful as 2 million laptops.

Chinese and American Warships Rendezvous For RIMPAC 2016

From Our Blogs: Eastern Arsenal And One Olympic Pool sized Flag China comes to the world's largest naval exercise again, bringing a rescue ship to star in RIMPAC's first submarine rescue exercise.

Scientists Will Combine Water And Lava To Watch Them Explode

Science Research in upstate New York will find out why the two just don’t mix Yes, it's hot outside. But things are about to get even hotter.

Agri-Drone Is A Precision Pesticide Machine

Aviation Crop squirter, as opposed to crop duster Drone for agriculture with pesticide.

Volcanoes Go Quiet Just Before They Erupt

Environment An observation that could help scientists predict the next big boom A team of researchers from multiple universities has found that volcanoes go quiet just before eruption.

This Is Probably What A Black Hole Shredding A Star Looks Like

Space Scientists at NASA used x-ray 'echoes' to look inside a black hole In a paper published this week in Nature, researchers used observations of x-rays to peek inside the action of a star getting torn apart by a black hole.