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Questions Raised Over Whether Vesta Once Had Flowing Water

While NASA’s Dawn mission is hot on the tail of the biggest rock in the asteroid belt, researchers are still finding new things within the treasure trove of data the…

This Is What Happens When You Put Magnetic Buckyballs In A Blender [Video]

A viral marketing campaign is literally making sparks fly in their latest video. Blender company Blendtec is known for their 'Will it Blend?

Pediatrcian Group Recommends Decriminalizing Marijuana For Youngsters

Today, the American Academy of Pediatrics is publishing a report on recreational marijuana use among kids under the age of 18.

Is It OK To Eat Snow?

Some fluffy white stuff is hitting the East Coast this week, creating the perfect opportunity to catch snowflakes on your tongue.

How To Survive A Blizzard By Dismantling Your Car

Winter is coming to the Northeast. As the potentially ‘crippling and historic’ blizzard threatens to dump several feet of snow from Washington, D.C.

The Disappearance Of The Instruction Manual

In the late 17th century, the printer Joseph Moxon published Mechanick Exercises, the first guide to printing in any language.

Stuck At Home? Watch Snowplows In Real Time

Technology may not be able to prevent a major snowstorm, but it can help you keep tabs on the location of snow removal videos around your city.

This Is What The Blizzard Of 2015 Looks Like From A Satellite

A major storm is about to dump between one and three feet of snow on the Northeast region over the next few days.

Not All Big Snowstorms Are Blizzards, But This One Is

29 million people in the northeastern United States are currently under a blizzard warning. That means 29 million people are being warned off the roads, desperately…

Small Drone Found On White House Lawn

In his State of the Union Address last week, Obama mentioned drones exactly once. Out of respect for human dignity, he said, our use of drones should be “properly…

11 Ways Science and Technology Are Waging War on Winter

Here in New York City, we've just been hit with yet another round of snow, and it got us thinking: There must be somebody working on a way to get rid of this fluffy white…

Ion Thrusters In NASA Mission Redraw The Boundaries Of Space Exploration

In early March, NASA’s Dawn spacecraft will enter the orbit of the dwarf planet Ceres. “We’re going to see a whole new world,” says Marc Rayman, Dawn’s chief engineer and mission director.

DARPA Wants Drones To Hunt In Packs

Drones work best operating in packs. Last year, a study by the RAND corporation showed that when two or more drones are tracking the same target, they are much more…

Scientists Figure Out How To Unboil Eggs

It has often been said that you can't unscramble an egg. But you might be able to unboil one. When you boil an egg, the heat causes the proteins inside the egg white to…

Kill Dead Zones With This Small Box

Problem If you live in or near a city, it’s hard to imagine not finding a cell signal. Telecommunication companies spend hundreds of millions of dollars on cell towers and…

Twitter Can Tell If You’re More Likely To Get Heart Disease

Twitter can predict almost anything—including your risk of getting heart disease. Heart disease is the umbrella term for problems associated with plaque buildup in…

Should We Put A Drone On Mars?

There is only so much Mars a rover can see from the ground. A drone scout could let the rover see further, so NASA’s working on a small flying robot copter for a future…

Scientists Slow Down The Speed Of Light As It Travels Through Air

Light passes through air at about 299,000,000 meters per second, an accepted constant that hasn’t been challenged—until now.

NASA’s Dawn Mission Redefines What’s Possible In Space Exploration

In early March, NASA’s Dawn spacecraft will enter the orbit of the dwarf planet Ceres. “We’re going to see a whole new world,” says Marc Rayman, Dawn’s chief engineer and…

A Robotic Water Snake To Sniff Out Pollution [Video]

As it glides through the pool, its resemblance to an eel is eerie--an eel, perhaps, that someone borrowed from a backyard tool shed.