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Human Gut Has The Surface Area Of A Studio Apartment

Micrograph Image Showing Intestinal Villi Photo hosted on Wikimedia Commons, CC BY-SA 2.0 Textbooks (here are just a few) say the surface area of the human gut is about 300 square meters, or about the size of a tennis court.

An Algorithm That Recognizes Faces Better Than People Can

Faces from the Dataset Used to Test the Algorithm Described Below Labeled Faces in the Wild, University of Massachusetts It's already a little eerie when Facebook suggests tags for who it recognizes in your photo, especially for faces that are small, blurry, or otherwise difficult to distinguish.

Jeans That Won't Let You (Or The Planet) Get Dirty

Photography by Brian Klutch Any time a drop of water rolls off a raincoat, a durable water repellent (DWR) treatment is doing its job.

Ask Anything: Can Insects Get Fat?

Miroslaw Kijewski/Getty Images Some initial work on chubby bugs occurred in the early 1960s, when a Florida entomologist started publishing research on obese mosquitoes.

Q&A: What Is Feminist Biology?

A Fertilized Human Egg Wellcome Images The University of Wisconsin-Madison is looking for a particular kind of biologist: a feminist one.

Starting Today, Google Maps Is A Time Machine

Google Even as Google continues expanding its Maps—going as far as documenting polar bear migrations—the company has to regularly dispatch their Street View cars to places they've already been: cities change, and it takes another lap to keep Maps up to date. That means major metropolises—Singapore, New York—have been updated as much as eight or nine times since Google's tool first launched.

Under Light, Chameleon-Like Material Changes Color And Shape

Humans are good at making things that are one color. But if you want to really blend into your surroundings, it would be best to have a material that can change its appearance based on its surroundings--like a chameleon.

Unique Mineral Discovered In Australia

Purple mineral Crystals of putnisite, in purple. P. Elliott et al A previously unknown mineral has been discovered in a remote location in Western Australia.

Use Your Tongue To Check Your Smartphone

Check Your Email While Here Screenshot from "World's Fastest Electric Superbike – Mojave Mile!" by Chip Yates on YouTube Among the muscles in the body, the ones in the tongue are probably the most overlooked.

Watch A Solar Plane Fly Over Milan [Video]

Airplane wings are broad, flat surfaces that almost always face the sky, which means they are ideal mounts for solar panels.

The Invention Of The Solar Cell

The Ivanpah Solar Farm At the Ivanpah solar farm, 347,000 software-controlled mirrors that track the sun’s movement throughout the day.

Miniature Roomba-Like Printer Hits Funding Goal

Pocket Printer The printer, if you even own one, is likely your most despised device. It's loud; it jams; it requires a fountain of ink that is literally more expensive than imported Russian caviar.

'Mafia' Cuckoos Rule By Fear, Foisting Young On Other Birds

A great spotted cuckoo Yathin S Krishnappa via Wikimedia Commons Great spotted cuckoos lay their eggs in other birds' nests, and the host does all the work of raising the impostor. But if the new foster parent doesn't cooperate and ditch the new arrival, the  the cuckoo sometimes retaliates, destroying the poor birds' other eggs. Brown-headed cowbirds behave similarly.

South Korea May Try To Curb Smartphone Use With Mobile Gaming Curfew

Korean consumers test the Galaxy S4 at an event held by Samsung Electronics in April 2013 ahead of the launch of the latest smartphone device / Samsung Electronics South Korea is a country known for its absurdly fast internet access, whether it's on smartphones or desktop computers. It’s also home to Samsung, the native-Korean tech conglomerate that sweeps a whopping 30 percent of the global mobile device market.

How To Turn A Clothespin Into A Matchstick Gun

DIY enthusiast Grant Thompson, who previously made a 10-penny battery that powered a small light for almost two weeks, is at it again.

Meteors May Have Brought Vitamin B To Earth

Made in Space Karen Smith crushing meteorites with a mortar and pestle in Goddard’s Astrobiology Analytical Laboratory to prepare them for analysis.

LTE Will Let Your Car's Computer Update Like Your Smartphone

Chevrolet 4G LTE-Enabled Console Corinne Iozzio Carmakers seem to want to shout one simple phrase when they talk about adding high-speed 4G LTE radios into their cars: "Apps!

A Test That Quantifies Basic Language-Learning Ability

Teaching An Old Dog New Words A U.S. Air Force Academy cadet at the board in Chinese class. U.S. Department of Defense Until recently, it's been used exclusively in U.S.

How To Make Powdered Booze At Home

N-Zorbit courtesy Modernist Pantry Some truths we rarely question. The sky is blue. The sun rises in the east.

Britain's Main Nuclear Waste Site Almost Certain To Leak In Near Future, Agency Says

Sellafield nuclear site The Sellafield nuclear site in northwest England. About six kilometers (4 miles) to the south is the nuclear waste site, the Low Level Waste Repository, where material from Sellafield and elsewhere is stored.