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Killer Sperm Violently Prevents Worms From Interbreeding

A female nematode being invaded by sperm. Gavin Woodruff Every so often, animals looking for love will color outside the lines, taking a mate that doesn’t exactly share their own genetic code.  Such inter-species pairings can produce some pretty cool animal hybrids, like the popular liger or the brown and white “grolar” bear.

Infant Possibilities

Photograph by Sam Kaplan When Kira Walker was born, on June 13, 2013, her parents and doctors knew she might have health issues.

Arizona's First Bitcoin ATM Goes Kablooey

Bitcoins via BitcoinTalk Is there a deity out there who hates cryptocurrency? To the list of disasters that have befallen the bitcoin economy in 2014, including the bankruptcy of the enormous Mt.

Engineers Make The World's First Verified, 2-Dimensional Polymers

Crystal on its way to becoming a 2-D polymer Max J. Kory et al., "Gram-scale synthesis of two-dimensional polymer crystals and their structure analysis by X-ray diffraction," Nature Chemistry, 2014 In spite of its looks, this is not the lovechild of an accordion and an earthworm.

Blood Test Could Detect A Genetic Tendency Toward Suicide

Gathering blood samples Wikimedia Commons When it comes to fighting suicide, knowing who is at risk can be tricky and, moreover, a very subjective process.

5 Phenomena That Science Has Yet To Fully Explain

Who doesn't love a good mystery, especially one that stumps researchers?  Popular Science's editor-in-chief, Cliff Ransom, moderated a panel about such seemingly inexplicable phenomena this weekend at Comic-Con in San Diego. The occasion: the debut of the Science Channel's second season of "The Unexplained Files," which premieres tonight (July 29) at 10 p.m.

U.S. Army Contemplates 3D-Printed Warheads

Grenade Explosion U.S. Marine Corps, via Wikimedia Commons Additive manufacturing, more commonly known as 3-D printing, is inherently creative.

Pest In Brazil Has Evolved Resistance Against GMO Corn

Corn Field AmeriFlux Crop-munching caterpillars in Brazil are no longer put off by genetically modified plants designed to kill them, Reuters reports.

Where Do Geysers On Enceladus Erupt From? Probably A Buried Ocean

Enceladus's South Pole. Those things that look like beams of light are actually geysers. Giant, 125-mile-high geysers.

Laser Light Could Make Flu Vaccine 7 Times More Effective

Syringe Wikimedia Commons When you get a vaccine, it's typically injected into the muscle below the skin with a needle.

Amazon's New Store For 3-D-Printed Products Omits The Best Parts Of 3-D Printing

The site isn't quite there yet, even though I think this product is pretty cool. Screenshot of by A.

India Investigates Google Mapping Project

Detail From Top 10 Mapathon India Winners The number one is in Pathankot, which is very near the disputed territory of Kashmir.

The Moon Could Be Littered With Fossils From Earth

Diatoms. Images a and b are raw diatoms; c and d are fossilized, and e and f are fossilized diatoms that were frozen but not shot.

How I Used a Paint Can to Forge a Rugged Knife [Video] Please enable Javascript to watch this video Before bows and arrows, language, and even vertical foreheads, some of our ancestors survived by industriously chipping rocks into sharp tools.

Behind The Scenes Of “The Whole Brilliant Enterprise”

The final graphic Office for Creative Research For the July issue of Popular Science, we—the Office for Creative Research—created a data visualization celebrating NASA’s long history of aerospace innovation. Since 1959, NASA has published a document called “Astronautics & Aeronautics Chronology” nearly every year, compiling news coverage of science, technology, and policy at the agency.

The Whole Brilliant Enterprise: NASA’s First 50 Years In One Interactive Graphic

Ever since NASA established its history program in 1959, the agency has periodically compiled the world’s aeronautics advances into a single report.

The Fight Against Fake Birth Control

Pills with different components don't always look this different. Alexandra Ossola As a traditionally Catholic country, Peru has been slower than most to accept contraceptives.

"Nightfall": An Excerpt From Our Sci-Fi Special Issue

"Nightfall" by Isaac Asimov Illustration by Ryan Inzana This is an excerpt from Popular Science's special issue, Dispatches From The Future.

The Week In Numbers: Our Favorite Citizen Scientist, Our Favorite Moonwalkers, And More

Long Service U.S. National Atmospheric and Atmospheric Administration volunteer Richard Hendrickson looks out over the Atlantic Ocean sometime in the 1930s.

Climate Change Cruise Will Bring Tourists Across The Melted Arctic

The USS Honolulu Interrupts Some Polar Bears Chief Yeoman Alphonso Braggs, US-Navy via Wikimedia Commons Polar bears are the largest land predators in the world.