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See The Winning Photos From Our Blue Moon Instagram Contest

Beach View Jill Shomer Popular Science Managing Editor Jill Shomer captured the moon still hanging out at sunrise on Fire Island, July 31, 2015.

Pluto: So Long And Thanks For All The Pics

We have a funny relationship with Pluto. Now that the breathtaking New Horizons flyby is complete, Pluto has already begun to slink back into the inky dark.

Science Wants To Help You Straighten Your Hair Without Frying It

These curly locks are in danger. Janine Dupree via Flickr, CC by 2.0 Those of us with unruly, curly manes are constantly searching for ways to tame them.

Apple Reportedly Wants To Offer Its Own Wireless Service

iPhone 5s Kelvinsong, Wikimedia Commons Apple isn’t content with just selling you their phones—they want to be your carrier, too.

Defeat Facebook’s DeepFace With Google’s DeepDream

Deep Graffiti Kirk Kaiser Software developer Kirk Kaiser created Deep Graffiti using Google's DeepDream code to trick Facebook's face recognition program, DeepFace.

Car Hacker Working With GM To Fix OnStar Vulnerabilities

Connected cars promise better safety and security, but, like anything connected to a network, they can be susceptible to attacks from hackers.

Shipwrecked In A Round-The-World Race

Fly Over Mars In This Breathtaking New Animation

Do you wish you could visit Mars, but aren't quite prepared to die there? Well, now you can at least visit the Red Planet safely in your mind.

Study Finds Outdated Gender Bias In Office Air Conditioning

There's a chill in the air Michael Himbeault/Flickr CC by 2.0 It's the height of summer here in the Northern Hemisphere and in many places that means that while temperatures are soaring outside, inside many office buildings they're plummeting.

Where Does The Glass For The New Supertall Skyscrapers Come From?

One World Trade Center as seen from Fulton St. in Lower Manhattan Popular Science We don’t think much about glass; by its nature, it’s meant to be seen through, not seen.

Tiny Drones Can See The World Like Insects Do

The blue bottle fly JJ Harrison via Wikimedia Commons Drones with better fly-sight Tiny insect drones could be useful for disaster-area surveillance or delivering supplies to people in accessible places.

Friendly Hitchhiking Robot Is Vandalized, Destroyed In America

HitchBOT HitchBOT/Vimeo HitchBOT in happier times. Friends, robots, countrymen, lend me your ears. I come to bury HitchBOT.

10 Things We're Obsessed With In August

This article was originally published in the August 2015 issue of Popular Science, under the title "Obsessed.”

The Middle East Is In The Middle Of A Horrific Heat Wave

165 degrees is a temperature at which you might consider setting your oven. It's the safe minimum cooking temperature for any number of foods.

Weed Delivery Service Will Fly Drugs To Customers Via Drone

Trees Delivery Drone Screenshot by author, from YouTube Trees is a Bay-area startup that combines the novelty of selling box kits with the functionality of California’s medical marijuana industry and the enduring gimmick of drone delivery.

Cars In New Zealand Are Running On Beer-'Flavored' Gasoline

Fill 'er up! Jenn Durfey/Flickr, CC by 2.0 Beer waste products are being used to create cleaner gasoline.

New 'Star Trek: TNG' Doc Epically Burns The Show's Creator

Screengrab via By the time Gene Roddenberry passed away due to a blood clot in 1991, the Star Trek and Star Trek: The Next Generation creator had long been enshrined in science fiction's cannon.

Marine Corps Declares The Long-Awaited F-35B Operational

F-35B On The Deck Of The USS Wasp During Testing Anne Henry, USMC, via Wikimedia Commons Today the United States Marine Corps declared the F-35B “operational.” Costing between $1.04 billion and $1.34 billion, depending on who’s doing the estimating, a 10-plane squadron is the first unit of F-35s the military feels comfortable saying its ready.

New Ebola Vaccine Shows 100 Percent Effectiveness In Early Tests

Ebola virus infects a monkey cell. NIAID/Flickr At this time last summer, the horrific and often fatal disease Ebola was ravaging West Africa in the deadliest outbreak of its kind in recorded history, even causing undue panic around the world in areas at low risk, such as the United States.