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Why Liberia Needs Help NOW To Prevent 98,000 Ebola Cases

Ebola ward in Lagos, Nigeria. CDC Global via Flickr CC By 2.0 The Ebola outbreak in West Africa is growing exponentially.

Can Robots Help Fight Ebola?

Helping Hand Takao Someya Group/University of Tokyo Engineers make disaster-response robots precisely because robots are able to work in situations that are too dangerous for humans.

First Privately Funded Moon Mission Launched Today

To The Moon davejdoe vis Flickr CC by 2.0 The first privately funded lunar mission launched today. The mission involves sending a 31-pound spacecraft called 4M, fitted with an antenna, small computer, and radiation sensor, on Chinese rocket to Earth's satellite. Funded by private company LuxSpace, the craft will fly by the moon transmitting a signal back to Earth that can be picked up by amateur radio enthusiasts.

New Microscope Makes Gorgeous 3-D Movies Of Living Cells

Protist T. thermophila, Imaged with a Lattice Light-Sheet Microscope Click here to enlarge. Betzig Lab, HHMI There's a new microscope in town and the images it produces are stunning.

Scientists Retract Research On Dr. Oz-Endorsed Weight Loss Pill

Mehmet Oz Screenshot from The scientists who published sham research on a useless weight loss supplement once called a "miracle pill" on the Dr.

Autonomous Cars May Change Our Lives In Unexpected Ways

One of the test vehicles for Google's Self-Driving Car project.   In the future, we may not be dealing with the hassles and frustrations that come with driving cars everyday.

Throwback Thursday: Phrenology, Forks, And How To Live Forever

October 1889 Header Popular Science As a magazine with 142 years of history, Popular Science sits on a treasure trove of vintage illustrations, perceptive predictions, obsolete technologies, essays by Nobel prize-winning scientists, and some seriously awkward advertisements.

Seeking The Black Hole At The Center Of Our Galaxy

ALMA Probes The Sky courtesy Yuri Beletsky (Las Campanas Observatory, Carnegie Institution) The Atacama Large Millimeter/submillimeter Array (ALMA) probes the sky for radio waves from the Milky Way (shown here) and beyond.

The Science Of The Movie 'Interstellar'

Interstellar Syncopy/Paramont Pictures Asking a team of journalists to rally around a science fiction movie might sound ludicrous.

Sandia Labs Reveals New Sniper Sight [Video]

U.S. Special Forces Demonstrate RAZAR Photo courtesy of Sandia National Laboratories In the tense moments of a long-range gun battle, unnecessary movements can give away a combatant's position, cause them to lose sight of the enemy, and possibly lead to fatalities.

Coming Soon To A Coast Near You: Vertical Tsunami Shelters

TCF Architecture via GSA What do you do in a tsunami? For people living in areas prone to tsunamis, the advice is simple: get to higher ground as fast as possible.

Audi Claims Self-Driving Car Set Speed Record At 149 MPH

A 2014 Audi RS7 According to Audi, a driverless version of this car set a driverless speed record. Sarah Larson, via Wikimedia Commons A major selling point of self-driving cars is what they remove from the road: human error, driver exhaustion, distracted driving because someone has to keep reminding the urchins in the backseat that "No, we’re not there yet, and if you keep asking I'm pulling the car over right now." Less attention has been paid to the new capabilities driverless cars will open up, such as traveling at much higher speeds than a human driver could manage.

New Fabric Softener Tech Promises Clothes That Never Stain

A Sofft Marketing Image Sofft Detergent, prepare to be disrupted. The makers of a new fabric softener, Sofft, say they want our clothes to join us in the fight against stink and stains.

Two Families of Exocomets Found Circling A Nearby Star

Exocomets Around Beta Pictoris An artist's impression of the two families of exocomets surrounding Beta Pictoris ESO/L.

Sorry, Cat Haters, Science Isn't On Your Side

"Unfeeling" Cats Jetske via Flickr, CC BY 2.0 Some people just don't like cats. That's okay. Some people don't like pizza.

Stegosauruses Were Champion Fighters With Their Spiked Tails

Kabacchi via Flickr With it’s teeny-tiny head and massive spiked tail, the Stegosaurus is instantly identifiable to dinosaur fans.

With Xbox One, You'll Never Watch TV Alone

Live stream Xbox One users will be able to see tweets with hashtags related to the shows they’re watching.

Moon Robot Will Broadcast In Virtual-Reality Video

Virtual Rover Andy will send 3-D video back to Earth, which will be experienced through the Oculus Rift virtual reality headset.

Smart Ice Skate Measures Force Of Intense Triple Axels

Ryosuke Yagi via Flickr Of sports played on ice, hockey tends to get the most attention when it comes to injuries.

A Genetic Mutation Renders One Family Unable To Sweat

The Importance Of Sweat Flickr CC by 2.0 In Pakistan, there lives a family of five with a unique – and tragic – condition.