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Start Your Own Citizen Science Project

Photo Credit: Bureau of Land Management Project: Anecdata A new platform billing itself as "next-generation citizen science" is promising to make it easy for anyone who wants to collect or share environmental data.

As Clouds Grow Darker Over Volkswagen, What’s Next For The Automotive Giant?

Volkswagen logo Gerry Lauzon/Flickr CC by 2.0 This has been a particularly dramatic week for floundering automotive giant Volkswagen—one that played out with an air of intrigue and subterfuge that’s becoming almost Nixonian in scale.

PolyEyes 2.0 Can Turn Normal Human Vision Into That Of Clumsy Chameleons

Man Wearing PolyEyes 2.0 Headset Screenshot by author, from Vimeo Chameleons have it all. Giant fast-firing tongues, color changing skin, arms great for grasping at sticks, and eyeballs that can move independently to capture a huge view of the world around them.

British Companies Build Jamming System To Take Down Drones

Anti UAV Defense System Brochure Image LiteEye Systems The United Kingdom is ready for robot-on-robot warfare.

Watch Astronauts Create Colored Orbs Of Water On The ISS

Video of RED 4K Video of Colorful Liquid in Space We showed you what it looks like when astronauts dissolve an antacid tablet in a floating ball of water.

Why Did Google Drive Go Down?

Google Drive Google The companies online cloud storage is down. Hopefully not for the count Is Google Drive down for you?

5 Things To Know About The Search For Dark Matter

Visualization of Dark Matter Photograph by Jonathon Kambouris; Prop Styling by Jill Edwards for Halley Resources It makes up a quarter of the universe.

Washington, D.C. Is Now Partially Powered By Sewage

Bioenergy Facility DC Water Equipment at Washington, D.C.'s new Bioenergy facility. Politics might get dirty in D.C, but the nation's capitol is making sure that even the dirtiest solid waste is getting cleaned up into green, renewable energy.

Airbus Wants To Literally Seat Plane Passengers On Top Of Each Other

Airbus Seating Patent Arrangement United States Patent and Trademark Office Forget complaining about not enough legroom on an airliner and be thankful that there’s still headroom.

Corals Shine Light on Cancer Growth

Brilliant Coral Jörg Wiedenmann Corals in shallow water sometimes produce a fluorescent pigment that protects them from harmful solar rays, like a sunscreen.

How NASA Turned Astronauts Into Social Media Superstars

The Aurora Borealis as NASA astronaut, Scott Kelly sees it from the International Space Station. @StationCDRKelly This is the Aurora Borealis as Scott Kelly sees it from the International Space Station.

China Shoots Missile at Typhoon

Into the Storm Hongjian at China Defense Forum The SY-400's anti-missile defense maneuvering makes it great for flying over a storm, and dropping a bunch of meterological payloads to observe typhoon conditions.

This Simulated Rat Brain Is Amazing, But Won't Solve Brain's Mysteries

Markram et al/Cell Visualization of neurons in a piece of rat brain, simulated using a supercomputer.

What To Make Of That Saliva Test For Homosexuality

Open wide Marcus Quigmire A new saliva test claims to show whether a man is straight or gay. A new saliva test purportedly shows whether a man is straight or gay, according to research presented today at the annual meeting of the American Society of Human Genetics.

Found: A Gene That Prevents Elephants From Getting Cancer

An African elephant Godot13 via Wikimedia Commons Logically, elephants should get cancer much more than humans do—elephants have 100 times more cells than we do and live just about as long, providing ample opportunity for cancer-causing mutations to occur.

Drone Company DJI Is Releasing A Robotic Selfie Stick

DJI Osmo camera DJI DJI, the Chinese company best known for its incredibly popular Phantom series of drones, is releasing a new $650 stand-alone video camera that can automatically self-stabilize, and attach to your smartphone.

There's Finally A Working Hoverboard--In Virtual Reality

Hoverboard Virtual Reality Setup Screenshot by author, from YouTube Most hoverboards aren’t. The iconic technology “Back To The Future Part II” imagined as commonplace in 2015 has lent its name to everything from a motorized hands-free Segway to a Lexus-made tiny hovering maglev train.

I Played The 'Star Wars Battlefront' Beta, And Died Repeatedly

EA/ DICE The Star Wars: Battlefront open beta was released to the public Oct. 8, five weeks before the full game will be available.