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This entourage of weirdos hangs out in Earth's cosmic neighborhood

Space Don’t you want to meet them? Earth is a planet of habit. It rigorously adheres to a whirlwind of a daily schedule spinning through its tasks (mostly: spinning.)…

Adobe is training AI to be a better photo and video editor than you

Technology Tech demos from the Max convention show impressive tech, all driven by machine learning Colorizing photos, removing objects from videos, matching artistic styles, and some other fascinating AI tech from Adobe.

When you get a stitch in your side, what's really going on?

Ask Us Anything Doctors still don’t know what causes it, or how to stop it There’s no standard advice for how to prevent a side stitch, because we don’t know the mechanism that produces the pain in the first place.

You can now navigate Windows 10 by walking around a virtual mansion

Technology The Fall Creators Update is here for Windows 10 and it's heavy on the Mixed Reality elements.

Your memories are less accurate than you think

Science How do police extract eyewitness accounts they can trust? If you question someone the right way, you can extract memories of events that took place years ago.

Five rad and random digital frames I found this week

Gadgets The end-of-week dispatch from PopSci's commerce editor. Vol. 27. Throughout the week I spend hours scouring the web for things that are ingenious or clever or ridiculously cheap.

Bugs are buzzing off, and that's very bad

Animals Insect populations are on the decline. Insects don't exist solely to annoy us—the Earth needs them.

Why and how you should switch to Linux

DIY It's time for a change. The Linux operating system boasts stronger security, bundled apps, and better performance on old hardware.

Find out what winter has in store for your state this year

Environment And why the forecast involves a lot of waffling. All we want to know is whether we’ll get a big ol’ snowstorm.

The year's most awe-inspiring—and devastating—wildlife photos

Animals These are 2017's big winners. These images from the National History Museum, London's 2017 Wildlife Photographer of the Year contest are both heartbreaking and joyful.

Meet the most important part of your smartphone

Technology In an age of AR and AI, the graphics processor is an unsung hero. The GPU and is responsible for an increasing number of your phone’s fanciest features.

We might have better lab mice if we paid more attention to their guts

Health Wild microbes are better than tame. Mice from the wild have a significantly different gut bacterial makeup than lab mice, which might explain why mice and human drug studies don't add up.

Gun research could save lives, but America won't fund it

Health It's almost impossible to study. Why doesn't the federal government support research on gun violence?

Mosquitoes evolved to fly away with a belly full of your blood—without you ever noticing

Science The secret is in their flight. Mosquitos unusual flight pattern has long puzzled researchers but a new study suggest that their bizarre flight might be their secret to getting away undetected after…

Yes, your dog is making puppy eyes at you

Animals Sometimes science confirms the obvious. The fact that dogs make more eyebrow movements when a human is facing them might seem obvious.

Save your money and your data by preparing your phone for travel

DIY Make sure you're secure before leaving the house. Planning a trip? Your phone can be an invaluable travel companion, but it also comes with vulnerabilities.

Neutron star collisions may have created most of the gold in the universe

Space All that glitters is a neutron star collision. We use heavy metals every day, but now we know where they actually came from.

Updated: Every game available for Nintendo Switch

Gadgets The definitive list, continually updated. Part two. Every game for Nintendo Switch part two. Read on for the complete list.

California's wildfires could make 2017 a very unusual wine vintage

Science The smoke will likely impact a few fancier grapes. Recent fires have devastated regions of northern California, but early harvesting means that most of this year's wine is probably okay.

Google developed its own mobile chip to help smartphones take better photos

Technology There's a lot going on under the hood of your smartphone camera every time you push the button The Google Pixel 2 does a lot of processing work on each photo as part of its HDR+ platform.