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The Drone Catcher

Best Of What's New

Some Australians Want To Rent Out Endangered Wildlife

Animals Could private markets give koalas a new lease on life? Ever wanted to own a koala? Or a Tasmanian devil?

Light Hammer, Heavy Hitter

Best Of What's New

Kodak Will Make A Camera-Focused Smartphone

Gadgets Capturing Kodak moments in a Snapchat world Finally: a way to take pictures with your phone…

Is It Ok To Give Cannabis Pain Killers To My Pet?

Animals The science behind cannabis-based pet products is still half-baked Cannabis-based products may offer some benefits for animals, but veterinarians are wary for now because so little is known about them.

Finally, A Vaccine For Dengue

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Tiny Fabric-Clinging Robots Are A Fashion Statement

Technology The statement is "I am comfortable with robots crawling on me." Small robots can cling to fabric and move over clothes.

Swappable Phone Features

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After Rough Descent, Europe's Mars Lander Is Probably Dead

Space But the new Mars orbiter is a big success ESA is still analyzing data, but the lander is not communicating at all.

China's Largest Surface Warship Takes Shape

From Our Blogs: Eastern Arsenal The first Type 055 destroyer is getting ready for launch next year China's first Type 055 destroyer, a 14,000 ton warship with hundreds of missiles, is getting ready for a launch next year.

The Nintendo Switch Has Finally Been Revealed

Gadgets Project NX unveiled at last The Nintendo NX can finally be seen on camera. Check out the trailer here!

Virtual Reality For Everyone

Best Of What's New

Tesla Cars Will Now Have The Hardware Necessary To Drive Themselves

From Our Blogs: Speed Lab The accompanying software is still in the works All Tesla vehicles in the future, including the new Model 3, will have the hardware on board that allows them to be fully autonomous self-driving vehicles.

Iron Man Would Wear These Sunglasses That Slide Into Place

Gadgets Deal with it Eyewear worthy of Tony Stark himself…

DARPA Just Gave The Air Force A Telescope To Watch For Satellite Sabotage

Military In a small desert ceremony, the military prepared to defend the heavens DARPA handed over a space surveillance telescope to the Air Force.

Gene Editing Shifts Food Possibilities Forward

From Our Blogs: Nexus Media News How to win a race against time Scientists have developed a breakthrough technology that will allow us to develop new crops built for a harsher climate.

The Most Ambitious Tunnel-Building Project In History

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Japanese Projector Displays Smooth Video On A Wriggling, Dancing Surface

Gadgets Only in a lab, so far Tool projects images onto deformed, moving surface.

How To Watch The Third Presidential Debate If You Don't Have A TV

Technology Not that finding it will be hard... Wondering where to watch the presidential debates? We've got good news: it'll be hard to miss them.

New Life For The Gas Engine

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