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Chocolate is not a super food

Health It’s time to appreciate our candy for what it is, not what we want it to be. We should all stop convincing ourselves that chocolate will save us from heart disease and jump on a treadmill instead.

Court ruling means you no longer have to register consumer drones with the FAA

Aviation Hobbyists are exempt until further notice. Court overruled drone registration law…

VR has a hard time showing you things up close, but Oculus might have a fix

Technology The company is focusing on focus Even though VR headsets are small enough to strap onto your face, they can make objects in the virtual scene seem far off in the distance.

Whales today are bigger than ever before. Now, we know why.

Animals A big solution to a cold problem. Baleen whales grew into giants only recently. Read on.

In China, an e-commerce giant builds the world's biggest delivery drone

From Our Blogs: Eastern Arsenal's robot can carry 1 ton of cargo by air., a competitor to Alibaba and Amazon, will start flying drones with a 1-ton payload in a 11,500-square-mile testing area in Shaanxi, China.

Logitech Harmony Elite Review: One remote to rule them all

Gadgets This high-end universal remote is designed for users with lots of devices. This $300 remote may be overkill unless you want to control a house full of devices.

Why we have more and more days without frost

Environment Foot loose and frost-free. A new study looks at why America is going longer between frost seasons.

Kickstarter has a plan to free products from manufacturing limbo

Technology No, it's not making gadgets itself. A new Kickstarter program hopes to help creators deliver the stuff their backers pay for.

Why you really shouldn’t declaw your cat—and what to do instead

Animals Study shows it’s bad for your cat, and you. Declawing a cat can lead to much bigger problems than scratched furniture.

How to set up a DIY home security system

DIY 3 ways to protect your house To keep an eye on your property, should you repurpose an old phone, buy a dedicated camera, or build your own system?

What is botulism, anyway?

Health It’s rare nowadays, but still deadly. Botulinum toxin is one of the most potent poisons on Earth—less than a millionth of a gram in your bloodstream would kill you—and is also the most lucrative.

Camping gear to make the Great Outdoors slightly more comfortable

Gadgets For people who love nature's creatures and creature comforts. For people who love nature—and hate being uncomfy.

This micro-robot mimics the ingenious grasp of a Venus flytrap

Science Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. Researchers created an artificial flytrap that's driven by light.

Space sperm makes healthy mouse babies on Earth

Space Of mice and Mars. The findings suggest that animals, including humans, may one day be able to reproduce in space.

Do probiotics actually do anything?

Health The tiny bugs are marketed as a quick fix, but the body of evidence is miniscule. What does the best research have to say about probiotics?

A fluke dinosaur tooth find could help us understand the history of North America

Animals Horned dinosaurs may have crossed an ancient land bridge. It started with crabs. It ended with horned dinosaurs.

The training accident that almost ruined my chance to be an astronaut

Space Excerpt: Chasing Space Leland Melvin…

It's World Turtle Day, so here are a bunch of adorable turtles

Environment Turtles and tortoises to brighten your Tuesday. Here’s a gallery of some titillating Testudines.

MIT used bacteria to create a self-ventilating workout shirt

Technology Next step: a garment that releases a nice aroma at the gym. Researchers from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology have created a prototype of a wearable that vents itself automatically in response to sweat—and it does so…

Astronauts are set to perform an emergency spacewalk on Tuesday

Space A computer on the ISS failed, but the station and crew were never in any danger. On Tuesday, astronauts on the International Space Station will venture forth into the harshest environment humankind has ever known—to fix a computer.