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New 5-Mile-Around Hyperloop Test Track Will Cost $100 Million

Two years ago, Elon Musk had an idea. What if, instead of traveling by road, rail, air, or boat, we all travelled in giant tubes that could move pods of people at up to…

Scientists Observe Temperatures Warming In Response To Increased Carbon Dioxide

Greenhouse gas emissions, particularly those from carbon dioxide, are on the rise. They have been for a while, to the alarm of governments, activist groups, and just about…

This Small Robot Boat Can Patrol Megayachts

From a distance, the Hydra looks like a jet ski that’s lost its rider. The result of a partnership between Al Seer Marine and 5G International, the Hydra is an unmanned…

3 'Crimes From 2025' That Could Happen Today

Just how scary is the future? In a question posed on Twitter, the Science Friday radio show asked people to come up with #CrimeHeadlinesFrom2025.

FCC Approves Major Net Neutrality Rules

After years of debate, the FCC voted in favor of sweeping new rules on net neutrality, which prevent blocking, paid fast lanes, and more.

Hammerhead Drone Makes First Flight

The laws of aerodynamics require a certain smoothness of form, a kind of mandatory design elegance. The Piaggio Aerospace Hammerhead stands in contrast to this romantic…

New Mysterious Craters Found In Siberia

They're baaack... Remember those weird craters that suddenly appeared in Siberia last year? They just showed up in the middle of nowhere, unannounced and unexpected.

Second Bright Spot Is Further Evidence That Ceres Is A Death Star

You can’t trick us, Ceres. Out there in the asteroid belt, in the dark space between Mars and Jupiter, you’ve been keeping secrets.

Chemicals From Beauty Products Have Migrated To Antarctica

You make contact with a lot of cyclic volatile methyl siloxanes every day, and you probably don't even know it.

The Month In Plagues: Pig MRSA Threat, There’s Probably No Plague On The NYC Subway, And More

Your monthly roundup of infestations, contagions, and controls from around the web: In outbreak news Measles continues to spread in the United States, with more than 150…

Marketing Drones Scanned Los Angeles For Cellphone Location Data

Acting as cheap flying cameras, drones already raise a lot of questions about privacy. But it’s not just aerial photography people should worry about with drones.

Trained Polar Bears Volunteer To Give Blood For Science

Meet Tasul, an elderly polar bear at the Oregon Zoo. (Salmon do not come in that shape in the wild.) He has worked with scientists before, wearing a camera to record his…

The Safer, Faster, More Efficient Commute Of The Future

Traffic sucks. Even the Department of Transportation thinks so. Someday in the not too distant future--think somewhere between Uber picking you up when you’re drunk and the…

Report: Americans Were Unscientific Jerks About The Ebola Outbreak

Five months after the U.S. had its first case of Ebola, ethicists have some pointed criticisms for states, such as New York, New Jersey, and Illinois, which forced…

4 Acidic Ocean 'Hot Zones' That Threaten Oyster And Clam Populations

Typically when you think of acid and shellfish, you might picture some fresh lemon juice or a light mignonette to brighten up a perfectly shucked raw oyster.

Connect Tiny Devices To The Internet With Spark's Electron

Makers constructing their own electronic devices can now add cellular networking with Spark's Electron board.

Glassbrain Maps Your Brain Waves In Real Time

Part education tool, part neuroscience party trick, the Glassbrain app was first used publicly in 2012 on Mickey Hart, former drummer for the Grateful Dead, to show his brain…

Found: Young Black Hole 12 Billion Times More Massive Than Our Sun

Deep within the universe, there lies a gigantic black hole in the midst of an extremely luminous disc.

More Evidence That Gut Microbes Exacerbate Severe Childhood Malnutrition

Humans have about 100 trillion microbes in their intestines, and scientists are constantly finding that these gut microbes can play a huge role in our lives, potentially…

FedEx Refuses To Ship Milling Tool That Makes Untraceable Metal Gun Parts

Exactly how much of a gun is a machine that makes untraceable metal gun parts? That’s a question FedEx wrestled with, as they debated whether or not to ship a machine…