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Drones will fly into the path of the eclipse to study weather

Aviation As the sky does dark, robots will conduct atmospheric science. Drones in Nebraska and Oklahoma will fly during the eclipse to measure the impact of solar heating on storm formation.

How to avoid email pileups

DIY Six tips to keep your inbox under control. What is the best way to review and action the emails you get every day?

Chemists confirm that whiskey really does taste better with a splash of water

Science The logic behind your bartender's advice. Chemists figure out the logic behind your bartender's advice.

A lot of people are getting injured while shaving their pubic hair

Health But how big a deal is it really? A quarter of people who groom down there say they injury themselves.

I write about space for a living—and I’m probably skipping the total eclipse

Space Even partial eclipses can be exciting. Listen, it's ok if you don't migrate with millions of other people to see a two-minute-long event.

America’s craft breweries are on an environmental crusade

From Our Blogs: Nexus Media News Beer gets green. Craft brewers across the country are finding innovative ways to guard the water, soil, air and climate on which their businesses depend.

Scientists found something surprising at the heart of these jellyfish galaxies

Space An incredibly luminous snack. Our galaxy is a spiral, making its way through space with a classic, carefree pinwheel shape that we all know and love.

How alternative cancer therapies kill you

Health Chemotherapy is brutal, but crucial. A cancer diagnosis is frightening. But that doesn't mean denial is the answer.

China's making major progress with its aircraft carrier tech

From Our Blogs: Eastern Arsenal Say hello to China's first catapult-equipped carrier. China's first catapult-equipped carrier is making progress in key areas like aircraft and electronics.

There’s a lot of money up for grabs if you can land (softly) on the moon

Space Google’s Lunar XPrize just announced new prizes. Send a spacecraft to the moon and loop around our natural satellite, or gently set a rover down on the lunar surface—there could be money in it for you.

For women of color, beauty standards are literally toxic

Health Personal care products can poison you, and women of color take on extra burdens. The products we use to put our best foot forward might make us sick—especially if you’re a woman of color.

Why fish can't help but eat our plastic garbage

Environment It passes the sniff test, but it shouldn't. Fish eat plastic because they’re attracted to the smells it picks up from hanging in the ocean.

Now's your chance to get NASA to send your tweet into interstellar space

Space No pressure NASA will send choose one message—submitted on Twitter—to beam off into space in honor of the Voyager mission's 40th birthday.

NASA is about to find out if a supercomputer can survive a year in space

Technology Testing the limits of software. On Monday, at 12:31 pm, a SpaceX Falcon 9 rocket lifted off on a resupply flight for the International Space Station, and among its cargo was a supercomputer.

Important things found in Antarctica this week: 91 volcanoes and also a fruitcake

Science And what they can tell us about the mysterious southern continent. Volcanoes in Antarctica and chunks of fruitcake are both way more common than you’d think.

4 hidden Windows tweaks to speed up your computer

DIY Don't settle for slowdowns. Your Windows computer takes forever to start up, and once it does, it keeps slowing down.

How goldfish use booze to get through a hard winter

Animals Who needs oxygen when you can make ethanol? Goldfish are remarkably resilient—they can even survive long winters in frozen ponds.

It's raining frogs: a brief look at the planet's weirdest weather ever

Science From falling frogs to giant hailstones. The same natural patterns that cause normal weather can also result in bizarre, terrifying, and downright mythical phenomena.

How to make sure your eclipse glasses actually work

Space Don't fry your eyeballs with counterfeits. With the Great American Eclipse approaching, there are counterfeit glasses everywhere.

How to avoid spoilers online

DIY Ignorance is bliss. To steer clear of plot twists and big reveals for your favorite shows—without going entirely offline—simply follow these tips for avoiding internet spoilers.