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A Simple Card Game Unleashes Psychological Horrors in The Bridge Partner

Short film The Bridge Partner is based on a story by Peter S. Beagle, but it’s not the kind of fantasy usually associated with The Last Unicorn author.

The New Peter Jackson Project Is Yet Another Post-Apocalyptic YA Tale 

Peter Jackson helmed one of the greatest fantasy adaptations of all time, as well as The Hobbit trilogy.

Watch Supergirl Save President Lynda Carter From a Fiery Death

Supergirl is one of those characters who both embodies the audience and a superhero we’d all love to be.

Marvel Comics Needs to Do Way Better With Its LGBT Representation

Over the past few years, Marvel’s comic roster has steadily become more and more diverse, as their comics star a range of heroes of different genders and ethnicities.

Alien: Covenant Has a New Name for Its Xenomorphs

In an interview on BBC Radio 2, Michael Fassbender gave a name to the creatures that will, we hope, bursting out of his chest in the newest Alien movie.

Daisy Ridley Heavily Implies Rey's Parents Will Be Revealed in Star Wars: Episode VIII

It wouldn’t be the middle movie in a Star Wars trilogy without a shocking parental reveal, right? Read more...

George Lucas Has Had Nothing to Do With the Story for Indiana Jones 5

Which means we can probably look forward to George Lucas throwing shade at Indiana Jones 5 after it comes out.

One of the Directors of Trolls Movie Thinks the Movie Will Heal the Wounds of This Election Season

This year has been one painful shot to the face after another. It’s like God decided to make 2016 his personal blooper reel.

Doctor Who's Spinoff Class Gets Much Better When It Steps Out of the Doctor's Shadow

Class’s first episode opens with a sequence so desperately Who-vian that you’d be forgiven for being a little surprised when the opening titles blast in with some pop rock and not the Doctor’s iconic theme song.

The Logan Trailer Mashed Up With X-Men Cartoon Footage Has No Right to Work This Well

Maybe it’s just that Johnny Cash’s “Hurt” cover can make anything seem fantastically maudlin and filled with pathos, but mixing the worlds of the X-Men cartoon and the grim world of Logan really shouldn’t work.

We Were All Wrong About the Man in Black on Westworld

Four episodes in, and we’re reaching a point in Westworld where I’d believe that almost anyone was secretly an android.

Everything We Know About the Cyber Attack That Crippled America's Internet

Friday’s DDoS attack on Dyn’s domain name servers was unprecedented. The attack utilized a botnet made up of “internet of things” (IoT) devices (think: smart TV’s, DVRs, and internet-connected cameras) to take down a major piece of internet infrastructure.

This Trailer for Russian Horror Flick The Bride Is Terrifying in Any Language

We can’t read any of the text in this trailer, but presumably, it’s the set-up for director Svyatoslav Podgayevskiy’s The Bride.

io9 Halloween Costume Show Week Two: Don't Stop Retrievin'

There’s just one week to go before the big day—and we want to see more of your progress on getting your costumes ready for Halloween!

The X-Men Comics Will Relaunch Next Year, Bigger Than Ever

After years of being sidelined, 2017 will see the rebirth of the X-Men’s place in the Marvel comics universe.

The Walking Dead's Season Premiere Wasn't Worth It

The Walking Dead had a major obstacle to overcome in last night’s season seven premiere. After leading up all of season six to the arrival of Negan and the promise of a main character’s death, the show decided to postpone the reveal of who died to season seven.

Batman v. Superman Concept Art Reveals an Adorably Chubby Batman

He looks so... squishy.

Australia's Version of 'Pizza Rat' Is This Enormous, Rodent-Toting Spider

In further proof that everything is stranger and more terrible in Australia, footage of an enormous banded huntsmen spider dragging a dead mouse up a fridge in Coppabella, Queensland, went viral on social media this weekend.

Watch Two Major Characters Finally Meet In New Game of Thrones Set Videos

And there’s tons more updates from the show’s recent filming in Spain. Kevin Feige gives an update on when to expect more Captain Marvel news.

We Finally Know Who Negan Killed on The Walking Dead

The answer to the year’s most irritating (and, to be fair, biggest) pop culture question has arrived.