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Watch This Brown Dwarf's "Northern Lights" 

Brown dwarfs are not quite stars. Some aspects of them resemble planets, like the fact that they have their own versions of “northern lights,” which can be seen from very far away.

Here's A Bonkers Rumor About the Villains of the New Spider-Man Reboot

Night Nurse might be heading to Doctor Strange—and she won’t be played by Rosario Dawson. Simon Pegg teases Idris Elba’s Star Trek Beyond character.

Patrick Osborne, Director of Feast, Will Adapt Battling Boy For Film

In 2008, we first heard that Brad Pitt’s Plan B production company had picked up the rights to Paul Pope’s excellent Battling Boy.

You Will Feel For This Mammoth Who Is Unfrozen In the Future

Tusk — no relation to the Kevin Smith movie — is a short about a mammoth being forced to adapt to future when she is unfrozen.

That Dystopic Version of Little Women No One Asked For Is Coming to TV

I swear this next sentence is true and not the result of a Mad Lib: The CW is developing a “hyper-stylized, gritty adaptation” of Little Women with Michael Weatherly (NCIS) executive producing.

Gotham Adds More Villains, More Heroes, More Worries

As the official io9 reviewer of the first season of Gotham, I thought the show had an unfortunate tendency to merely trot out proto-Batman characters in lieu of decent storytelling and actual character development.

Cassini Spies "Unusual" Red Arcs on Saturn's Icy Moon Tethys

Recently acquired images of Tethys, one of the ice moons of Saturn, have given scientists their best view yet of several “unusual, arc-shaped reddish streaks” that sweep across the satellite’s surface.

One Great Teacher May Have Turned Western Civilization Towards Science

We don’t know much about Strato of Lampsacus. None of his books survived to the present day. But he might have turned western civilization towards the sciences, by teaching just the right guy in just the right way.

Astronauts Have Bolted Kombucha Samples to the Space Station

Nope, it’s not a home-brewing experiment gone horribly awry in the ISS. It’s an attempt to test the resilience of kombucha, by throwing it directly against the void of space.

We Now Know Who Ethan Embry Is In The Walking Dead Season Six

One of the big takeaways when the first trailer for The Walking Dead season six was released was a role for Ethan Embry.

An 8-year-old boy has become the youngest recipient of a double-hand transplant.

An 8-year-old boy has become the youngest recipient of a double-hand transplant. Four surgical teams worked in shifts for 11 hours to perform the operation at the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia.

Deadspin Taste Roger Goodell’s Wrath With Our NFL Punishment Generator | Gizmodo Windows 10: The Giz

Deadspin Taste Roger Goodell’s Wrath With Our NFL Punishment Generator | Gizmodo Windows 10: The Gizmodo Review | Jalopnik I Took My Hummer To New York City, And It Was Awful | Kotaku Five Nights at Freddy’s Creator Responds To Haters In The Best Way | Kinja Popular Posts Read more...

Have You Ever Seen a Soap Bubble Bounce?

Fifteen years ago, researchers used high speed video to show that when a drop of water coalesces into a layer of the same liquid, it does so not instantaneously but in a matryoshka-like cascade , with each step generating a smaller drop.


Doctor Who's Most Surprising Cameo Will Get An Explanation This Fall

One of the biggest surprises of Doctor Who’s 50th Anniversary special was the brief moment that Peter Capaldi’s 12th Doctor joined all 13 Doctors in saving Gallifrey—but now it looks like the next season of the show will explore that cameo even further, thanks to some wibbly-wobbly, timey-wimey shenanigans.

Which Movie Has Been a Deal Breaker in Your Relationships?

So you’ve met an awesome person who has definite boyfriend or girlfriend or just friend-friend potential.

Did This Woman Attempt Assassination-By-Plague?

This is Caterina Sforza, one of the most infamous people of Renaissance Italy. She had many feuds, the most prominent of which was with the Borgia family.

The Ghostbusters May Still Team Up With Channing Tatum & Chris Pratt

If there’s one thing we can definitely say about the future of Ghostbusters, it’s that we don’t know what’s going on.

Batman's Role in Suicide Squad is Even More Cruicial Than We Thought

The recent Suicide Squad footage gave us a glimpse of Batman’s cameo in the film —but there’s even more to it than we realized.

Why the Argument Against a Ban on Autonomous Killer Robots Falls Flat

This week, an open letter was presented at an AI conference in Buenos Aires, Argentina calling for a ban on autonomous weapons.