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Does this Shining Based Commercial Make You Want to Go to an IKEA?

Props to IKEA Singapore, this is a great looking ad. But is it asking if the prospect of late night IKEA assemblage is scarier than The Shining?

This Massive Spiral Structure in the Sahara Is Visible from Space

This geological formation is probably not what you think it is. Read more...

Maybe The Originals Is Better When It's Not Just About The Originals

Last night's episode of The Originals was another fun, crazy outing full of family drama. And yet, something felt...

We Demand The Return of Scientific Freedom In Canada!

In an open letter written to Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper, some 800 scientists from around the world are calling for an end to "burdensome restrictions on scientific communication and collaboration faced by Canadian government scientists." Read more...

Why We Love To Watch The World Burn

Whether by sweeping pandemic, by natural disasters of biblical proportions, by a horde of zombies, or by some unspecified slowly-unfolding environmental destruction, world-destroying fiction is having a moment.

How to Turn Your Love of Physics into the Best Halloween Costume

Now you can combine your love of Halloween and spooky action at a distance. Over at Symmetry Magazine, Lauren Biron offers some excellent suggestions for dressing as your favorite concepts from physics.

​Meet The Last Normal Person In a World Full Of Superheroes

When everyone on the planet has superpowers, only the ordinary is extraordinary — as loser Michael Fisher finds out when a freak event gives everyone incredible powers but him in Titan Comics' Ordinary.

Ridley Scott's Moses Movie Might Be 3 Hours And 20 Minutes Long

After we saw 40 minutes of Ridley Scott's epic Moses movie Exodus , we left the theater with the sinking feeling that we'd yet to even scratch the surface on this filmic tome.

Freezing Your Eggs Isn't the Future of Reproduction. Here's What Is.

When Facebook and Apple announced that their new health plans include an option to freeze the eggs of female employees, the news was greeted with a mix of cheers and outrage.

Christian Slater Will Star In The Next TV Show About Antisocial Hackers

Are you ready for more shows about how geeks don't understand humans and emotions and regular social interactions and how to tie their own shoes?

Tall Tale Fishing Postcards, The Ultimate Humblebrag Of The Early 1900s

These tall tale postcards, made by Alfred Stanley Johnson Jr. and William H. Martin. The hilariously exaggerated scenes of fishermen with their absurd catches were extremely popular before WWI, but they aren't extinct yet.

New Trailer For Stanley Kubrick's 2001 Shows Why It's Still The Best

Arguably the greatest scifi film ever made, 2001: A Space Odyssey is getting a theatrical re-release in the U.K.

Star Wars Rebels Does What We've Only Dreamed Of—Stealing A TIE Fighter

Well, Star Wars Rebels certainly knows how to have fun. What started out as a rather dull story of sibling rivalry between Zeb and Ezra turned positively gleeful when our characters kind of accidentally steal a TIE fighter and use it to mess with the Empire.

Paralyzed Man Walks Again After Brain Cells Are Injected into His Spine

Back in 2010, Darek Fidyka became paralyzed from the waist down after suffering stab wounds to his back.

Deadspin Yes, It's OK To Hate Russell Wilson | Gizmodo Ask Mythbusters' Adam Savage Anything You Wan

Deadspin Yes, It's OK To Hate Russell Wilson | Gizmodo Ask Mythbusters' Adam Savage Anything You Want | Jezebel Ebola Panic Really Shows How Clueless Folks Are About African Geography | Kotaku The 12 Best Games For The PlayStation 4 | Kinja Popular Posts Read more...

John Carter Of Mars Rights Revert Back to Edgar Rice Burroughs

Disney's rights to the John Carter series of stories have reverted back to Edgar Rice Burroughs, Inc.

The Exact Moment In Last Night's Episode When I Learned To Love Gotham

I've had some reservations about Gotham, the new Batman prequel show. I loved Detectives Bullock and Gordon, but didn't like Bruce or Barbara, and the young-villain cameos seemed gratuitous.

What Story Did You Recognize As An Important Work Of Art Right Away?

Sometimes, it takes decades or longer for something to be recognized as a timeless, vitally important artwork.

How English-Language TV Shows Are Titled In Other Countries

When an English-language television show makes the jump to a non-English-speaking country, the show is often retitled to appeal to the new audience.

Bees Wage Wars Against Other Hives That Last For Months

For the first time ever, scientists have observed interspecies warfare in bees — a spectacular natural phenomenon involving prolonged aerial battles and kamikaze attacks that result in thousands of fatalities in both attacking and defending colonies.