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This Week's TV: Can The Flash Manage To Stay Excellent in its Second Season?

Let’s hope so! We’ll get our first clue as to whether The Flash can avoid the dreaded Sophomore Slump this week.

After last night’s episode of The Leftovers and this news tidbit, we’re declaring goat sacrifices to

After last night’s episode of The Leftovers and this news tidbit, we’re declaring goat sacrifices to be the new trendy thing: a Libertarian running for senate in Florida told an Orlando paper that he “sacrificed [a goat] to the god of the wilderness” and drank its blood.

How NASA Helped Make The Martian's User Interfaces Realer Than Real 

Filmmakers have invented fanciful spaceship technology for more than a hundred years. But for The Martian, director Ridley Scott went the opposite direction: He asked actual space explorers to help them imagine the technology of the near future.

Colonel Sanders Battles Himself In DC And KFC'S New Crossover Comic

The DC Multiverse has played a huge role in some of DC’s most ambitious stories: Crisis on Infinite Earths, Infinite Crisis, other such events with the words “Infinite” or “Crisis” in them.

The Leftovers Returns and Finds Itself In An Even Stranger New World

It’s a whole new Leftovers, y’all—in the intriguing season two opener, “Axis Mundi,” we’ve left the dark insanity of Mapleton, New York for Miracle, Texas, a town that’s been re-named as such because none of its residents were raptured on that fateful October 14.

The Flash Movie Will Be Directed by the Guy Who Wrote Pride & Prejudice & Zombies

This is strange news. It’s not bad, necessarily, that Warner Bros. has decided to let Pride & Prejudice & Zombies book author and Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter novelist and screenwriter Seth Grahame-Smith to make his directorial debut with The Flash movie...

Everything You Need to Know About Jessica Jones, Marvel's Most Badass Detective

Just over a month from now, Marvel’s next TV show debuts, featuring Jessica Jones. But who is Jessica?

10 Green Arrow Comics Storylines That Would Make the TV Show Way More Awesome

Arrow is coming back this week. Season three was polarizing to many fans, with its endless plot twists and its epic craziness—but we love plot twists and epic craziness.

Stunning Photo Shows Where the Curiosity Rover is Headed Next on Mars

NASA’s Curiosity Rover is currently drilling holes on the lower slopes of Mount Sharp in a region called the Stimson Unit.

The Tremors Critters Are Back With a Terrifying New Strategy

Remember Tremors, the 1990 monster comedy in which Kevin Bacon battles giant underground worms in the desert?

Fear the Walking Dead Ends With Death, Destruction, and—Most Importantly—a Point

The first season of Fear the Walking Dead ended Sunday night with a finale that brought some much needed action, drama and character building to a series that has struggled mightily to find its voice.

Princess Leia’s slave bikini outfit from Return of the Jedi has sold at auction.

Princess Leia’s slave bikini outfit from Return of the Jedi has sold at auction . People reports that the costume, sold over the weekend, went for $96,000.

Today's Best Media Deals: Rewinder, Marvel Movies, and More

If you need some new reading material for your Kindle, the 4.3 star rated Rewinder is down to just $2 today.

Check Out the First Episode of The Walking Dead's "Zombies on a Plane" Spinoff

In August, we learned that Fear The Walking Dead would premiere a new miniseries set in the earliest days of The Walking Dead’s zombie apocalypse...

John Hurt Is Getting His Own Doctor Who Series (On Audio)

The War Doctor is back! John Hurt’s conflict-ravaged incarnation of The Doctor has (so far) only made an appearance in Doctor Who’s 50th anniversary special, but that’s about to change: Big Finish have announced that John Hurt will reprise the role in an ongoing series of audio plays set during the Time War.

This Year's Nobel Prize in Medicine Goes to Breakthroughs in Fighting Parasitic Diseases

The first Nobel Prize of 2015 has been awarded jointly to three scientists for their groundbreaking work in developing therapies that fight infections caused by malaria and roundworm parasites.

Rumor: Star Wars: Episode VIII Adds Two Female Leads—But Are They Heroes Or Villains?

Plus Kathleen Kennedy explains the arc of the new Star Wars trilogy. Steven Moffat discusses ditching the Sonic Screwdriver on Doctor Who.

Open Channel: What's Your Favorite Book About Mars? 

Yesterday, I asked you what your favorite movie set on Mars was . Now, I’d be interested in knowing what your favorite book (or short story, novella or other written word) is featuring the red planet.

So You Want To Join The Empire: Break A Leg!

When we last left off a couple of weeks ago , we were finishing up the legs, and it’s proving to be a bit more complicated than originally anticipated.

Mars has long been a destination for science fiction authors.

Mars has long been a destination for science fiction authors. As we’ve learned more and more about the Red Planet, our stories have changed along with it.