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Ryan Reynolds' Deadpool Movie Test Footage Is Heartbreakingly Perfect

Despite X-Men Origins: Wolverine and Green Lantern, there was one comic superhero Ryan Reynolds was born to play — Deadpool.

"Colossally Poor Timing" of Asteroid Caused Dinosaur Extinction

Researchers from the University of Edinburgh say the dinosaurs might have survived the asteroid strike that wiped them out had it happened slightly later or earlier in history.

Elephants Might Be Able To Self-Medicate To Induce Labor

We know that animals have found ways to get themselves drunk or high by eating certain plants or fermented fruit, but recently, scientists have started studying the self-medication of animals — a branch of science dubbed zoopharmacognosy.

Holy @#$%, If The Evil Dead TV Show Happens It'll Star Bruce Campbell!

Uh, remember how when Sam Raimi announced at Comic-Con that he and his brother Ted were working on an Evil Dead TV series and that Bruce Campbell was somehow involved?

What One Item Would You Want To Bring Along With You In Space?

If we do someday all get the chance to head outwards deep into space, one thing is for sure: cargo space is going to be limited.

Play Spacewar!, The Pentagon-Funded Video Game From 1962

The launch of Sputnik prompted a U.S. government spending spree to achieve technological dominance over the Soviets.

The Agents of SHIELD Are Joining The Official Marvel Comics Universe

Skye. Melinda May. FitzSimmons. Agent Coulson's elite team will join official Marvel comics continuity with SHIELD #1, written by Mark Waid and featuring a rotating series of artists.

Could Benedict Cumberbatch Really Return as Khan in Star Trek 3?

Doctor Strange may finally be casting its lead, and it's not who we thought. How will Jaime feel about Tyrion's actions at the end of Game of Thrones season five?

First Mockingjay Trailer Shows Off Julianne Moore As President Coin

Both Julianne Moore and Game of Thrones' Natalie Dormer enter the world of the Hunger Games with this trailer for Mockingjay, Part 1.

Brand New Avengers 2 Props Reveal Ultron Mark One

Today, Marvel is displaying a whole slew of props from Avengers 2 — including Ultron's Mark One (the body he cobbles together for himself before attacking Earth's mightiest heroes) and Captain America's cracked shield.

Propaganda Posters From The Dawn Of Star Wars' Galactic Empire

When the Empire rises in the wake of Revenge of the Sith, it doesn't merely want to rule the Galaxy with an cybernetically enhanced fist; it also wants to win hearts and minds.

You'll probably have a better day if you strike up a conversation with a stranger on the bus or trai

You'll probably have a better day if you strike up a conversation with a stranger on the bus or train.

This Could Be the Greatest Advance in Water Balloon Technology Ever

Shut up about your high tech super soakers, because Bunch O Balloons is about to take water fights to the next level.

What Was The Most Exciting Surprise Or Biggest Letdown Of Comic-Con?

They're rolling up the spacewalks in the San Diego Convention Center, and it's a great moment to take stock.

Watch What Happens When You Dip a Cheeseburger in Acid

This video will let you see scientists do to a cheeseburger what Judge Doom did to that cartoon shoe in Who Framed Roger Rabbit.

Secret Tunnels in Warfare Are Less of a Threat Than You Think

Israeli troops claim that they have discovered more secret tunnels that Hamas is using to get into the country.

Supernatural Shows Us Dean's Demonic Rampage, And It's Awesome

Supernatural pulled another huge status-quo change at the end of last season, and now we've gotten our first glimpse of how this massive event will play out.

We Are So Ready for The Kilt to Drop on Ron D. Moore's Outlander Series

We've seen the sexy, sexy premiere of Ron D. Moore's time traveling romance series Outlander. And it was fantastic.

Coolest Comic-Con Cosplay Day 4: Everything Is Awesome

The con may be winding up, but not the cosplayers. The massive amount of amazing, crazy, or just plain inspired costumes seen around San Diego continues to astound us.

What Turned This River in China into a Blood-Red Mess?

People in Wenzhou, a prefecture in the Zhejiang province, woke up yesterday to discover that their local river had turned a dark crimson.