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Life Finds a Way as Jeff Goldblum Returns for Jurassic World 2

Did you watch the first Jurassic World and think, “This needs more Jeff Goldblum?” Well, you’re in luck for the sequel.

These Fans Freaking Out About John Boyega Is What Star Wars Is All About

Over a week has passed since Star Wars Celebration but some of the super cool happenings are still coming to light.

A Few Things We Noticed in the Very Packed Trailer for Kingsman: The Golden Circle

Last night, we got a trailer for Kingsman: The Golden Circle. And, while the joy of these movies is the ride more than the mystery, there are some things we noticed we just need to share.

Which Teen Titans Will Be in the Live-Action TV Series?

The live-action Teen Titans are finally coming to television (sorta) by way of a new digital streaming service from DC.

Good Luck Trying to Avoid Disney's Descendants 2

Hey all, who remembers Disney’s Descendants, a Disney Channel original movie about the children of fairy tale characters going to high school and that involved a number of very hilarious songs and improbable plot twists?

What the Fuck Is Going On With Star Trek: Discovery?

Star Trek: Discovery is delayed yet again. A beloved Next Generation actor was reportedly offered an insulting amount of money to appear on the show.

The Excellent Star Wars Novel Lost Stars Is Being Turned Into a Manga

Claudia Gray’s young adult novel Lost Stars is one of the best books released in Star Wars’ new canonical universe—and now, it’s becoming the basis for a new digital manga series in Japan.

Gal Gadot Filmed Her Wonder Woman Reshoots Five Months Pregnant Because She's Wonder Woman

When you see Gal Gadot kicking ass (again) as Wonder Woman later this summer, you should try to remember there’s a pretty good chance that you’re seeing the actress doing her crazy stunts five months pregnant.

Why You Should Read the American Gods Novel Before Watching the TV Show

Months ago, I waffled over whether to re-read American Gods before the TV show started airing. Did I want to experience the show as its own unique thing or should I go back to the book and reacquaint myself with the plot?

Star Wars: Episode IX Moves to May 2019

We all knew Star Wars: Episode IX would be coming out in 2019, but everyone assumed it would be Christmas, following in the steps of the previous two films in the trilogy.

The Most Spectacular New Comics You Should Stay Inside and Read This Summer

There’s nothing like reading a good comic or 16 on a warm summer’s day. I mean, why do all that stuff like going outside when there are so many good new comics series coming out?

This Beautiful, Classic Disney-Inspired Art Show Is a Time-Warp to Your Childhood

Almost everyone grew up with Disney’s animated films. Heck, even our parents grew up with Disney animated films.

Titans Is the Next Live-Action DC TV Show, But It Won't Be on TV

It’s official: There’s another DC TV show on the way to add to your watch ist alongside Arrow, Supergirl, Flash, and like a dozen more at this point, and this time it’s a live-action Teen Titans show, which has long been in development limbo.

Your Avengers 4 Movie Title Suggestions Are All Better Than Whatever the Real One Is

Yesterday, we got a number of conflicting stories about the title of the fourth Avengers movie.

The Plot of Marvel vs. Capcom Infinite Is More Insane Than We Ever Hoped

Marvel vs Capcom Ultimate has a brand new trailer, finally revealing the reason why Marvel’s superheroes and Capcom’s stable of video game characters will do battle once again.

You Can Soon Visit Gotham City and Metropolis, Assuming You Don't Mind Going to Abu Dhabi First

Because beginning next year, you’ll be able to travel to the new Warner Bros. World in Abu Dhabi and visit, amongst other WB-themed locations, Metropolis and Gotham City-inspired theme parks.

This Power Rangers Movie Concept Art Shows Creepier Ranger Suits and Much Better-Looking Zords 

The costume designs and Zords we got in this year’s Power Rangers movie already looked pretty out there compared to the classic looks of the original show.

Luke Skywalker Might Have Something Surprising in His Possession in The Last Jedi

The Rampage movie could be even more insane than we imagined. Arrow’s producers tease casualties for the season finale.

The First Trailer for Kingsman: The Golden Circle Is More Fun Than a Spy Should Have

Director Matthew Vaughn has made some very good movies, but none of them come close to 2014's Kingsman: The Secret Service for pure fun.

Family Is the Focus of the Latest Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 Featurette

Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 doesn’t open for a few more weeks, but today was the opening of the floodgates.