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3D Printed Eyes Are Insanely Cheap Prosthetics and Look Perfect

Custom-made, prosthetic eyes are molded in acrylic and then painted by hand—a meticulous process that can take anywhere from 4 to 8 hours.

Your Thoughts May Be Nothing More than "Self-Organized Criticality"

What's happening in your brain when you have a thought? Neuroscientists have been debating this idea for years, but one physicist believes he has the answer.

Murakami's Jellyfish Eyes Is the Pokémon Kaiju Movie of Our Dreams

Famed Japanese pop artist Murakami Takashi has made his first film, and it looks absolutely incredible.

Batman Vs. Superman Vs. Everybody Adds Cyborg To The Superhero Mix

The increasingly crowded sequel to The Man of Steel just added another hero to its roster. According to Variety, theater actor Ray Fisher will play Cyborg, aka Vic Stone.

Concept Art Writing Prompt: The Spider Hunter

The mighty spider hunter closes in on his wounded prey. But is all as it seems? You tell us your story about this archer and his mighty foe.

Dreamlike Concept Art For Emergence, From The Makers Of Vanishing Waves

The Lithuanian movie Vanishing Waves has gotten a ton of buzz for its beautiful psychosexual weirdness.

How To Read Terry Pratchett's Discworld Series, In One Handy Chart

Figuring out just where to start Terry Pratchett's sprawling, character-dense Discworld series can be a little daunting.

Newest Bad Lip Reading: Twilight Edition Just Made Everything Better

I think I finally have to admit that I'm glad Twilight exists, because without it, we wouldn't know the joy that these Bad Lip Reading videos have brought us.

Nicola Griffith's New Short Story "Cold Wind" Will Knock You Out

The new story by Nicola Griffith (Hild) gets off to a slow start — but by the end, you'll be swept along by the strange exhilaration.

Gawker Here's What Seth Rogen Looks Like Nude | Jalopnik Humongous Column Of 'Ukrainian Militia' Hea

Gawker Here's What Seth Rogen Looks Like Nude | Jalopnik Humongous Column Of 'Ukrainian Militia' Heads To Ukrainian Border | Jezebel Red Alert: Dudes Are Now Hiring PUAs to Run Their Dating Profiles | Kotaku Ask Dr.

The Last Ship Promo Shows The Terrible Outbreak That Doomed Humanity

Here is an extended look at Michael Bay's post-apocalyptic TV show The Last Ship. This show takes place in the near future, aboard a US Navy ship that sails around the world looking for a cure to a virus that has wiped out 80% of the population.

Visit the Super-Earths We've Found, in These Gorgeous Artworks

Over the past few years, astronomers have catalogued several new exoplanets called "Super-Earths," rocky (and maybe watery ) worlds sort of like our own — except a lot bigger.

As Above, So Below Trailer Looks Really, Really Scary

The trailer for this catacombs-exploring low-budget horror movie As Above, So Below looks really good.

What is The Greatest Marvel Comics Story Of All Time?

Marvel's movies are generally pretty great, and Agents of SHIELD is becoming downright entertaining. But they've still barely scratched the surface of the wealth of material that Marvel has run in the comics.

Japan Is Making An Official Evangelions/Transformers Crossover

Oh my god. Toymaker Takara Tomy has announced that they're doing... something that involves the Transformers invading the world of Evangelion, as evidenced by this phenomenal picture of Optimus Prime decked out like Shinji's Unit-01.

Jem And The Holograms Is Starting To Look Like A Disney Original Movie

We're a little worried about the Jem and the Holograms movie, and the film's very young cast doesn't alleviate our fears.

The Ultimate Guide To This Summer's Science Fiction and Fantasy TV

Tons of brand new science fiction, fantasy and horror television is coming to get you through the hot, hot months of summer.

I Can't Stop Watching This Insect Having an Existential Crisis

According to YouTube videographer Zain the Pain, this bug played with this piece of popcorn in exactly this way for over three hours.

Read The First 2 Chapters Of Paul Cornell's Severed Streets Right Here

Paul Cornell's urban fantasy novel London Falling got rave reviews for its story of London police officers who learn to see the uncanny supernatural weirdness in their midst.

Board Game of Thrones, Godzilla vs. The Criterion Collection

The well-reviewed and rarely discounted A Game of Thrones: The Board Game Second Edition can be on your tabletop for $40 today.