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Gorgeous New Interstellar Trailer Shows Chris Nolan's Alien Worlds

This brand new Interstellar takes us all a little bit further into the vast universe that director Christopher Nolan is ready to explore.

The Radical Plan To Eliminate Earth's Predatory Species

Should animals be permitted to hunt and kill other animals? Some futurists believe that humans should intervene, and solve the "problem" of predator vs.

How To Cook With Lava: A Video Tutorial

A third challenger has appeared in the perennial throwdown between gas and charcoal grilling: Freaking LAVA.

The "Kardashian Index" Measures Whether Scientists Deserve Their Fame

Everybody knows Kim Kardashian is "famous for being famous." But one researcher worries that some in the scientific community are likewise "renowned for being renowned." How could you tell if a scientist has an overblown public profile?

The 13 Greatest Science Fiction Comedies Of All Time

On Friday, Guardians of the Galaxy hits theaters, with its unique blend of space-opera and insane comedy.

Deals: Pacific Rim CE, Battle Royale Complete, Predator Collection

The Pacific Rim Collector's Edition is down to just $29 today, and includes the 3D Blu-ray, regular Blu-ray, and DVD.

Insane Star Wars Rumor Du Jour: Wrestler To Play Vader in Ep. VII

The Irish Mirror newspaper has reported that WWE wrestler Sheamus will be playing Darth Vader in Episode VII.

Night At The Museum 3 Heads To London Because, Hey, Why Not?

Night at the Museum heads to London because this is a logical journey for museum manikins to make. But more importantly it looks like the magical stones are broken, which could mean the death of fake Teddy Roosevelt, and that is not acceptable.

How Much Energy Would You Need To Replicate Elsa's Powers In Frozen?

Not all of us are fortunate enough to be born with magical powers, but science offers us the opportunity to create our own.

Author Melissa Marr Is Here To Answer Questions About Wicked Lovely!

Author Melissa Marr is here to take your questions! Ask her about her bestselling series Wicked Lovely, what we might expect to see in its movie adaptation, or her brand new novel, Made For You.

​It's Been A Bad Week For Strong Female Characters

I think I've finally discovered what caused my mysterious, unknown apocalypse. I believe the illness known as "con flu" — in which one sick person at a con basically makes every attendee sick — mutated in some way to affect everybody that even thought about Comic-Con this week.

When Los Angeles Was Test-Bombed, They Decided To Throw A Party

In the early 1900s, airplanes were a novelty and a spectacle, but some people were already thinking of what other uses could be made of them.

A Shonen-Flavored Webcomic About Monsters Made Of Negative Emotions

Baron Bones is the protagonist of Dan Ciurczak's webcomic Vibe and a monster fighter. When too many negative emotions well up in a person's body, they can turn into nasty monsters, and it's Baron's job to deal with those bad vibes.

A Map Of The U.S., If There Had Never Been A Mexican-American War

In 1846, President James Polk, driven by a belief in Manifest Destiny, waged a war to seize land from Mexico and expand the nation's boundary from Texas to California.

Which Of Today's Technologies Will Most Mystify Future Generation?

When new technologies come out they can be awe-inspiring, and then a few generations go by and yesterday's shiny new toy is today's stunning inconvenience.

The Awesome Sight Of 14,465 Pounds Of Freight Being Lifted Into Space

Earlier today in French Guiana, the ESA successfully launched an Ariane 5 rocket into space as part of its fifth and final Automated Transfer Vehicle mission.

Deadspin Marshawn Lynch's Mom: "REPORTERS DON'T THINK, THEY GUESS" | Gizmodo Attack on Tor Has Likel

Deadspin Marshawn Lynch's Mom: "REPORTERS DON'T THINK, THEY GUESS" | Gizmodo Attack on Tor Has Likely Stripped Users of Anonymity | Jalopnik Driverless Cars Will Hit UK Roads Next January | Jezebel Teen's Instagram Pics Perfectly Mimic Miley Cyrus, Katy Perry and More Read more...

The Lifespan Of All Of Doctor Who's Doctors, By Screentime

I admit, when I first saw this graph I was hoping someone figured out how many years each incarnation of the Doctor had been puttering around time and space, but this — which shows exactly how long every single Doctor was on the air — is pretty cool too.

12 Monkeys, Once Upon a Time, and Arrow Cast Some Familiar Names!

Zachary Quinto talks the state of Star Trek, Peter Capaldi and Jenna Coleman preview Doctor Who, and Chris Pratt describes the new park that's up and running in Jurassic World.

This Cat Does Not Want to Be Outside

To be fair, this is pretty much how I react to being forced out of my home against my will. Read more...