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You Never Know When They'll Strike Next

Ichthyosaurs like to surf and eat at the same time. It makes sense, when you see how it's done. Read more...

Concept Art Of The Most Surprising Character In Guardians Of The Galaxy

If you've seen Guardians of the Galaxy, you know exactly who we're talking about. But spoilers ahead, beware!

Another Explanation For The Perplexing Archeology Of Indiana Jones

As an archeologist, Indiana Jones' behavior was unimpressive. Artifacts were broken, library floors unceremoniously smashed, and nary a scientific journal was in sight.

In This Stylish Short Film, Two Lovers Reunite In A Future Antarctica

In a future where Antarctica is one of the last habitable places on Earth, Hebe and Ciro have just gotten back together.

Nevermind Drought -- The Biggest Threat to Our Food Supply Is Fungus

Within 30 years, it's likely that farmers will be battling deadly crop pests that they've never seen before.

Don't Get Too Attached To DJ Qualls On Z Nation

DJ Qualls, who played Garth on Supernatural, is bringing his full zany personality to Syfy's new show Z Nation in the role of Citizen Z — but if he keeps taking risks like the one he takes in this exclusive clip, he won't last as long as Garth did.

What Does Winter Look Like On Mars?

We're all too familiar with the snows, icy terrains, and bone-chilling cold of winter on Earth, but what does it look like on Mars?

Deadspin That Stupid Derek Jeter Ad Will Make You Cry For America | Gizmodo New Simulation Offers De

Deadspin That Stupid Derek Jeter Ad Will Make You Cry For America | Gizmodo New Simulation Offers Definitive Proof the Moon Landing Was Not Fake | Jezebel The New York Times, Shonda Rhimes & How to Get Away With Being Racist | Kotaku Player's Secret Weapon In Destiny's Multiplayer Is...Sitting | Kin

There's a hurricane heading your way and your local supermarket is out of batteries and water.

There's a hurricane heading your way and your local supermarket is out of batteries and water. Fear not: Popular Science's Allie Wilkinson has a quick and handy guide to surviving a hurricane with household items.

Who's The Most Tantalizingly Redeemable Villain Of All Time?

We love villains who revel in their misdeeds. But we also obsess over villains who keep making us hope that they might one day join the good guys and walk the path of righteousness.

io9 Newsstand: Best Stories of the Week for September 15 - 20

Remember last month when I talked about wanting to see more science fiction and fantasy translated into English from other languages?

Baby Poop Sausage, And Other Winners From The 2014 Ig Nobel Awards

Last night, scientists from around the world gathered at Harvard's iconic Sanders Theatre for the "24rd First Annual" Ig Nobel Awards, the wonderfully peculiar annual awards ceremony that recognizes those achievements that first make people laugh, and then make them think.

Parody Of Little Mermaid's "Under The Sea" Celebrates Deep Sea Horrors

Things may be better down where it's wetter, but when you plunge in the ocean depths, the marine life can get downright terrifying.

Ichabod Crane Spills Details On The Second Season Of Sleepy Hollow

I visited the cast and crew on the set of Sleepy Hollow to watch this supernatural show raise the dead and a little hell for Season Two.

They're Calling This New Species Of Hadrosaur The "King Nose"

Yes, it's got quite the schnoz — but you probably wouldn't want to mess with this giant herbivore. The recently identified species of hadrosaur measured some 30 feet long and weighed over 8,500 pounds.

Scottish SF Author Ken MacLeod Talks About the Referendum (He's a No)

This is a fascinating conversation between Scottish SF author Ken MacLeod (Intrusion, The Execution Channel) and British historian Francis Spufford, which took place just a couple of weeks before last night's historic vote on Scottish independence.

This Spawn Fan Film Is Better Than The 1997 Movie

It's clear that a lot of work and a lot of love went into this creepy eight-minute Spawn fan film. When a former witch and her son go into a grocery store, he has just the sort of encounter his mother had hoped to protect him from.

Humans Evolved To Be Fair For Selfish Reasons

New research suggests we're motivated to seek equal rewards — despite the disadvantages to ourselves — to prevent our partners from being unhappy and to avoid any negative outcomes that may follow.

Watch A Simulation Of Our Galaxy Being Eaten 5 Billion Years From Now

Massive galaxies in the universe have stopped making their own stars and are instead cannibalizing their neighbors, say astronomers, who also created this computer simulation of our own Milky Way being devoured by the much larger Andromeda Galaxy in the distant future.

Though It Seems Crazy Now, the Neutron Bomb Was Intended to Be Humane

Until the day he died, physicist Samuel Cohen declared that his invention, the neutron bomb, was a "moral" and "sane" weapon that would kill enemy combatants, while sparing civilians and cities.