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Disney's Live-Action Pinocchio May Now Be Directed by Oscar Winner Sam Mendes

For some reason, everyone wants to make a new Pinocchio movie. Guillermo del Toro tried. Robert Downey Jr.

Transgender Creator of Assigned Male Webcomic Facing Death Threats From Online Trolls

For the past two years, Montreal-based artist Sophie Labelle has published Assigned Male, a webcomic about an 11-year-old transgender girl named Stephanie who is in earliest stages of transitioning and coming out to the people around her.

The Mist Looks Surprisingly Timely for a Show About a Monstrous Cloud

We’ve gotten a few evocative trailers for Spike TV’s eerie, violent Stephen King adaptation, The Mist. Now we have a behind-the-scenes featurette that explains a bit more about the characters, and how the show will focus not just how they’re affected by the titular menace, but also on how living in

According to Mel Brooks, the New Star Wars 'Explosion' Could Make Spaceballs 2 a Reality

While History of the World Part I might be the most obvious Mel Brooks movie to get a sequel (of course, there being only one of those is part of the joke), Spaceballs has aged incredibly well.

Zack Snyder Leaves Justice League After Family Tragedy

In one of the most heart-wrenching stories you’re likely to ever hear, director Zack Snyder has decided to step back from directing Justice League to be with his family after the tragic suicide of his 20-year-old daughter, Autumn.

DC Is Introducing a Weird New Multiverse in Dark Nights: Metal

DC’s next big event, Dark Nights: Metal, is promising to head to some strange places. How strange? “The Justice League clad in ‘90s action figure armor plating fighting in an alien combat arena” strange.

My Eye-Opening Trip To An Anime Maid Cafe 

It would be a gross understatement to say that I do not enjoy Miss Kobayashi’s Dragon Maid. The viral winter anime turns my stomach with its nauseating mix of saccharine anime tropes and raunchy fan service.

A New Behind-the-Scenes Preacher Video Shows Off New Orleans and Even More of the Saint of Killers

Every single bit of new footage we get from Preacher is delightful, in the way that only manic violence barely tethered to reality can be.

Michelle Gomez on Doctor Who's Latest Twist for Missy

This weekend’s episode of Doctor Who revealed a strange new twist in the Doctor and Missy’s tumultuous relationship.

A New UFO Documentary Suggests Marilyn Monroe Was Killed Because She Knew About Aliens

Every time someone releases a documentary about UFOs, we secretly hope this is the one with the smoking gun that changes the world and proves aliens exist.

We're One Step Closer to Breeding Animals (and Humans) In Space

Lots of people really want to go to Mars. Some of them want to live on that barren litter box forever, which sounds exciting, but would probably suck.

The American Gods TV Series Fixes One of the Book’s Biggest Problems

Last week’s episode of American Gods introduced viewers to an Egyptian god who shepherds souls to the afterlife.

New Game of Thrones Season Seven Photos Reveal Where Daenerys and Arya Are Headed

Entertainment Weekly has a bunch of new Game of Thrones photos. And while a number of them are just sort of fun behind-the-scenes shots, two of them have pretty big implications.

Logan Almost Opened With a Direct Adaptation of a Major Old Man Logan Scene

While Logan certainly referenced some parts of Old Man Logan, the movie’s actual story ended up being very different from that comic.

Bride of Frankenstein Will Be the Next Monster Movie in Universal's 'Dark Universe'

Universal has officially unveiled the “Dark Universe,” the name for its shared universe of monster movie reboots now kicking off with The Mummy next month.

Have Gravitational Waves Scarred the Fabric of Spacetime?

Car crashes, nuclear explosions, and even asteroid impacts are relatively puny compared with some of our universe’s other explosive events.

Twin Peaks Has Evolved, But It's Still as Surreal, Ominous, and Wonderful as Ever

Did you watch all four hours of Twin Peaks: The Return that became available yesterday? Is your brain still rattling around in your skull like mine is?

Tom Holland Will Play Young Nathan Drake in the Uncharted Movie

Sony’s long-in-gestation adaptation of the smash hit video game series Uncharted has apparently gone under a major reworking.

Amazon's Blowing Out Refurbished Echo Dots For the Lowest Price Ever

Amazon usually sells certified refurbished Echo Dots for $5 less than new models, but for now at least, that discount has increased to $12.

This Week's Doctor Who Highlighted the Best and the Worst of the Steven Moffat Era

“Extremis” was the most unique episode of Doctor Who we’ve seen so far in season 10—but only because, unlike the rest of the season, it felt like an episode we’ve seen many times before from head writer Steven Moffat.