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Archaeologists Have Found an Unopened, 200-Year-Old Bottle Of Seltzer

While exploring a shipwreck at the bottom of the Baltic Sea, Polish archaeologists discovered a 12-inch stoneware bottle, still corked, containing Europe's number one brand of mineral water for nearly a thousand years.

12 Things You Probably Didn't Know About Human Birth

Everyone on Earth has been through it, but there's a lot about birth that you're probably unfamiliar with.

Sinister Six Defeat Amazing Spider-Man! (Or At Least Their Movie Does)

Looks like those rumors that Sony was concerned about the Amazing Spider-Man movie series weren't entirely unfounded.

What Kinds of Stories Would You Like to See on io9?

You come to io9 for a lot of reasons. You want to escape with science fiction and fantasy, but you also want to learn about what's possible in the real world using science and technology.

Deals: Free Comics, A Song of Ice and Fire Graphic Novels, Humble

We've got a very nice selection of comics and graphic novels today, several of which are free: Read more...

Oceans May Be Critical For Life To Arise In Habitable Zones

It's generally agreed that liquid water and a stable atmosphere are the minimal requirements for life.

That Time The CIA Kidnapped A Soviet Spacecraft

A document obtained by the National Security Archive reveals for the first time the details of a Cold War spy operation that briefly "borrowed" and studied a Soviet spacecraft that was part of an international exhibition — and then returned it without the Russians ever knowing it happened.

This Nefarious Webcomic Evildoer Is Every Bond Villain Rolled Into One

The titular supervillain of Richard Sala's deliciously over-the-top crime webcomic, Super-Enigmatix, is the puppet master behind most of the world's crime.

First Look At Neill Blomkamp’s Robot Comedy Chappie

Here is the first ever official glimpse at Neil Blomkamp's next film Chappie. We don't know much about this project other than it's a comedy about a robot, it will feature zef-style duo Die Antwoord, and will once again re-team Blomkamp and Sharlto Copley.

What Does It Mean When Chickens Share Human Beauty Standards?

Here's an interesting little experiment. A group of chickens and a group of humans were asked to "rate" male or female faces based on beauty.

​Is Marvel Getting People Ready For A New Generation of Movie Heroes?

Before I start answering this week's letters, I just wanted to let you know that I, as a fake mailman living in the post-apocalyptic future, know everything that's going to be announced and shown at this year's San Diego Comic-Con already.

Tell Us About The Best Science Experiment You Ever Did!

Whether your last experiment involved combining baking soda and vinegar and calling it a volcano or you took your DIY science efforts pro in a lab, we want to hear about the best experiment you ever did.

Army Chow Could One Day Be Made With 3D Printers

The military has always looked toward new technologies to keep its soldiers fed while in the field. Canned food, for instance, was first created to provide sustenance for Napoleon's troops.

British Inventor To Aim The World's Largest 'Fart Machine' At France

Colin Furze is building the biggest fart machine ever — a valveless engine that will be housed in a specially constructed pair of buttocks.

Deadspin The Top 200 Ways Bleacher Report Screwed Me Over | Jalopnik Son Finds His Late Dad's 'Ghost

Deadspin The Top 200 Ways Bleacher Report Screwed Me Over | Jalopnik Son Finds His Late Dad's 'Ghost' In A Racing Video Game | Jezebel Things I Learned from #WomenAgainstFeminism | Lifehacker Make and Store Poached Eggs Up to Two Days for Easier Breakfast Read more...

Gwendoline Christie's Rumored Episode VII Role Is Appropriately Badass

Spoiler warning, grains of salt, you know the deal. Let's just say if this rumor is true, it's a role worthy of Brienne of Tarth.

Doctor Who's Dark New Direction. Plus Another Hulk Rumor Debunked!

What is Marvel's plan for its ambitious movie schedule through 2019? How will the new Power Rangers movie connect to the TV show?

Robert Downey Jr. Not Quite Ready to Give Up Iron Man

It's been largely assumed that the next Iron Man movie, if and when it comes, would no longer feature Robert Downey Jr.

House Guarded By Dragon Gate Can Be Yours For Only 2.4 Million Euros

The Harlech House in Dublin has a beautiful stainless steel dragon guarding the gate. It's no dragon hedge , but it'll do.

Marvel's Newest Star Wars Comic Book Will Focus on Princess Leia

According to Bleeding Cool, a Leia Organa-centric comic will join Marvel's Star Wars lineup. As if more Princess Leia is ever a bad thing.