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The Cosmonaut's Heaven

While all of her classmates dreamed of being astronauts, the thought of space terrified Sonia. It wasn't the vastness of the black, but the idea that skeletons were somehow floating past the stars, their empty eyes staring out of their spacesuits.

Never Come Between A Leprechaun And His Bong

That's a crucial lesson that you'll learn from the movie Leprechaun: Back 2 Tha Hood. A lot of this movie is on Youtube thanks to MovieClips, and it actually looks worse than its criminally insane predecessor Leprechaun 5: In Tha Hood.

On Vampire Diaries, The Worst Part Of Immortality: You Can't Start Over

Last night's Vampire Diaries had a pretty interesting set of metaphors for what it's like to be immortal and yet bound by the past.

A Beautiful View Of Yesterday's Eclipse

A partial solar eclipse was visible from much of North America yesterday afternoon , resulting in a flood of gobstopping astrophotography.

A Google Executive Has Broken The World Record For Highest Sky-Dive

Move aside, Felix Baumgartner. Alan Eustace, a senior vice president at Google, fell from the top of the stratosphere this morning, plummeting nearly 26 vertical miles in the span of about 15 minutes.

How We Use Ancient Stone-Cutting Techniques To Preserve Dinosaur Tracks

Unearthing the fossilized bones of dinosaurs without destroying them is already a pretty fiddly process, one that requires time, patience, and many, many delicate brushes.

Excellent Doctor Who Proposal Includes Gorgeous, Life-Size TARDIS

Getting engaged is OK, but do you know what's even better? Getting your own, personal TARDIS to sweeten the deal.

Heads Up: The Next Gotham Was Written By The Tick Creator Ben Edlund

When Ben Edlund joined the writing staff of the Batman prequel show Gotham some months ago, it was an encouraging sign.

Chill 3rd Edition Marks the Return of a Classic Horror RPG

One of the best horror RPGs ever is coming back, after a 20-year absence. Chill 3rd Edition puts players in the roles of international agents fighting against supernatural forces of darkness — forces that have had the upper hand for too long.

What If Law & Order's Detective Munch Partnered Up With A Superhero?

Richard Belzer has played Detective John Munch in numerous TV shows, from Homicide: Life on the Street and Law & Order to The X-Files and 30 Rock.

Todd McFarlane Reveals Concept Art From A New Animated Spawn Project

Spawn creator Todd McFarlane has announced that a new Spawn animated project is on the horizon, and shared a few peeks at the concept art, including two of the characters and a grimy city street.

What's The Greatest Speech In Science Fiction And Fantasy History?

The best science fiction and fantasy stories capture our imaginations in all sorts of ways — with cool visuals, with neat ideas, with clever worldbuilding.

The Crappy Diagram That Reveals The Hobbit Trilogy's Epic Final Battle

When The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies finally comes out on December 17th, its ending will be suitably epic.

A Gorgeous Short Film About a Magician Who Builds Solar Systems

With a wasteland as their canvas, a Master and his Apprentice set about turning rubble into planets and moons, asteroids and comets, spinning them in orbit around a symbolic Sun.

A Horrifying Instructional Video For Ghosts On How To Haunt Their House

Guides for ghosts can sometimes be on the goofily macabre side (think Beetlejuice's Handbook for the Recently Deceased), but This Is How You Haunt Your House is instead fabulously grim, a chilling short horror film rendered as an instructional guide for the afterlife.

All The Weirdest Secrets You Never Knew About Clive Barker's Hellraiser

Hellraiser was made for under $1 million, but wound up becoming one of the most significant horror movies of all time.

Gawker Send Us Your Mom's Emails and Texts About Ebola | Jalopnik What's The Grossest Thing You've S

Gawker Send Us Your Mom's Emails and Texts About Ebola | Jalopnik What's The Grossest Thing You've Seen Someone Do In A Car?

The Computer Demands You Fund The New Paranoia RPG Computer Immediately

Rejoice, Citizen! Paranoia, the ultimate RPG of the darkly humorous future, is coming back — or it will if you don't mind spending a few Alpha Complex credits on this Kickstarter.

Doctors in Australia have transplanted a 'dead' heart that stopped beating for 20 minutes.

Doctors in Australia have transplanted a 'dead' heart that stopped beating for 20 minutes. It's being described as the biggest heart transplant breakthrough in a decade, one that could revolutionize the way organs are donated.

The Crow Remake To Start Filming In 2015

Luke Evans is still going to be the new Crow, and the brand new reboot will allegedly start filming in the Spring of 2015.