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On The Librarians, Bruce Campbell Is the BEST SANTA EVER

There are Christmas-themed episodes that are saccharine affairs from start to finish (usually, they rip off It's a Wonderful Life in some way) and then there are glorious holiday romps that are absurd and fun all the way through.

Do Not Taunt the Girls With Animals In Their Hair

The latest trend in magical hairstyles is a pack of animals rather than the usual hair follicles. You are never alone when you have animals for hair!

Modern Technology Brings Ancient Greek Vases to Life

Panoply is a project that combines the animation talents of Steve K. Simons and the ancient Greek history expertise Sonya Nevin to produce beautiful animations of the scenes on artifact vases.

In This Featurette, Ex Machina Is the Turing Test By Way of Willy Wonka

Director Alex Garland's debut film, Ex Machina, follows the story of a computer coder named Caleb who, Golden Ticket-style, wins a week in the mountain house of the CEO of the company he works for.

This NASA Experiment Looks Just Like Episode VII's New Lightsaber

NASA's Flame Extinguishment - 2 (FLEX-2) experiment is designed to study the characteristics of burning fuel droplets in space, aboard the International Space Station.

Can You Guess The Drunkest Day Of 2014?

Hint: It wasn't Superbowl Sunday.

If We Ever Meet Aliens, They'll Probably Be Robots

If you're trying to be the most dominant life form in the cosmos, biology will only slow you down. Read more...

Alzheimer's Patients May Someday Be Able to Regain Lost Memories

A new study indicates that patients in the beginning stages of Alzheimer's might be able to regain memories previously thought to be permanently destroyed.

These Fan-Made Suicide Squad Trailers Are So, So Good

Last year, YouTuber solyentbrak1 gave us a fake Batman/Superman trailer so outstanding , it actually convinced us Ben Affleck could pull off playing Batman.

Why Do We Eat Spoiled Food?

Not all spoiled food is created equal. Most everyone has an aversion to rotten foods. After all, they taste awful .

The Walking Dead's Michael Rooker Stars In Safety PSA The Driving Dead

The Driving Dead is an ambitious web series with zombies, an 18+ rating, and The Walking Dead's Michael Rooker.

Can You Decipher The Message Hidden In This Star?

You can approach this puzzle from two very different angles. Which will you choose? Read more...

Venus Express Is Dead, Leaving The Planet Without Robot Explorers

Goodbye, Venus Express. You were a lovely satellite, and lasted far longer than we had any right to expect.

Impress Your Friends With Your Super Powers (Of Applied Physics)

These parlor tricks were published by Hugo Gernsback back in the 1920s, but they've been around forever.

Mike Myers Returns To SNL As Dr. Evil To Bash North Korea, Sony

Mike Myers stopped by SNL last night to reprise his role as Austin Powers villain Dr. Evil, interrupting the show's cold open to chastise Sony and North Korea for "giving evil organizations a bad name." Read more...

You're Running Out of Time to Score These Christmas SONOS Deals

This once-a-year SONOS promotion expires on December 27, but if you want some new speakers in time for Christmas, here's a friendly reminder to order soon.

Now THIS Is How The Legend Of Korra Really Should Have Ended

We loved the finale of The Legend of Korra , but there was one tiny thing that didn't happen in the episode's final moments that we were really hoping would happen.

Legend Of Korra's Finale Again Proves It's One Of The Best Shows On TV

Wow. The Legend of Korra really knows how to do a finale. There is so much to talk about between Kuvira and Korra's final showdown, Team Avatar defending Republic City—and of course, that thing that happened at the very end.

How We Found The World's Deepest Fish – And Why We Must Keep Exploring

Scientists exploring the deepest place on Earth — the Mariana Trench in the Pacific Ocean — recently acquired footage of a strange, never-before-seen fish at a record depth of 26,722 feet.

Happy Birthday Ames! Awesome Photos From 75 Years of Aerospace Research

On the 20th of December, 1939, the second laboratory of the National Advisory Committee for Aeronautics (NACA) was founded.