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The Moon’s Mare Imbrium Was Hit By Protoplanetary Size Impactor

The asteroid that punched an “eye” in the Moon is about 10 times more massive than originally thought.

Looking for Canada’s Next Generation of Space Explorers

For decades, Canada has made many contributions to the field of space exploration. These include the development of sophisticated robotics, optics, participation in important research, and sending astronauts into space as part of NASA missions.

Uh, We’re Going To Need A Bigger Landing Pad

Since 2000, Elon Musk been moving forward with his vision of a fleet of reusable rockets, ones that will restore domestic launch capability to the US and drastically reduce the cost of space launches.

How Big is the Great Red Spot?

When we used to do the Virtual Star Party (and I really need to start those up again, they were super fun), I had the worst luck with Jupiter’s Great Red Spot.

Book Review: The Caloris Network

Thinking of taking a vacation this summer? Maybe you want to distract yourself with a bit of light science fiction fun.

Viking: Remembering Humanity’s First Successful Mission On Mars Surface

July 20. Sound like a familiar date? If you guessed that's when we first set foot on the Moon 47 years ago, way to go!

Apollo 11 Landing 47 Years Ago; See it Through New Eyes

Looking for a way to commemorate the 47th anniversary of the Apollo 11 mission landing on the Moon? Here are a few different ways look back on this historic event and take advantage of advances in technology or new data.

Flawless Capture and Berthing of SpaceX Dragon Supply Ship at ISS

KENNEDY SPACE CENTER, FL - Following a flawless post midnight blastoff two mornings ago, a pair of NASA astronauts executed a flawless capture of the newest SpaceX Dragon supply ship at International Space Station early this morning, July 20, carrying 2.5 tons of priceless research equipment and gear for the resident astronauts and cosmonauts.

How Fast Does Venus Rotate?

Venus is often refereed to as "Earth's sister planet", thanks to the number of things it has in common with our planet.

What Does the Universe Do When We’re Not Looking?

If you follow some of my other shows, like Astronomy Cast and the Weekly Space Hangout. Of course you do, what a ridiculous thing to say… “if”.

Carnival of Space #467

This week's Carnival of Space is hosted by Brian Wang at his Next Big Future blog. Click here to read Carnival of Space #467 And if you’re interested in looking back, here’s an archive to all the past Carnivals of Space.

See All Five Naked Eye Planets in the Dusk Sky at Once

Hosting an evening star party this summer? You're in for a treat. Starting later this week, all five naked eye planets (Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter and Saturn) are visible in the evening sky at dusk for a brief few weeks.

SpaceX Nails Mesmerizing Midnight Launch and Land Landing of Falcon 9 Carrying Critical ISS Science and Docking Port

KENNEDY SPACE CENTER, FL - In a breathtaking feat mesmerizing hordes of thrilled spectators, SpaceX nailed today’s (July 18) back to back post midnight launch and landing of the firms Falcon 9 first stage tasked to carry a cargo Dragon loaded with over two tons of critical science, supplies and a crew docking port to the space station for NASA.

ROCKY Exercise Device Will Help Keep Deep Space A Fit Place

Going into space comes with its share of risks. In addition to the possibility of a catastrophic failure happening during take-off or landing, and having your craft pinholed by a micrometeorite, there are also the dangers of spending extended periods in space.

Messier 19 (M19) – Th NGC 6273 Globular Cluster

Welcome back to Messier Monday! In our ongoing tribute to the great Tammy Plotner, we take a look at the Messier 19 globular star cluster.

Jupiter Compared to Earth

Ever since Galileo Galilei first observed Jupiter closely in 1610 using a telescope of his own design, scientists and astronomers have been immensely fascinated by the Jovian planet.

We’re Finally Sending Ears to Mars

We all love that feeling of "being there" when it comes to missions to other planets.  Juno's arrival at Jupiter, New Horizons' flyby of Pluto and the daily upload of raw images from the Mars Curiosity rover makes each of us an armchair explorer of alien landscapes.

SpaceX Midnight Launch Carrying Crucial Docking Port and Science to ISS Set for July 18, Plus Loud Land Landing – Watch Live

KENNEDY SPACE CENTER, FL - The outlook is outstanding for a dramatic midnight blastoff of the next SpaceX commercial cargo Dragon jam packed with some 5000 pounds of critical payloads and research supplies for NASA and heading to the space station on Monday, July 18 - that also simultaneously features an experimental land landing that promises to rock loudly across the Florida space coast and one day slash launch costs.

Dark Energy Illuminated By Largest Galactic Map Ten Years In The Making

In 1929, Edwin Hubble forever changed our understanding of the cosmos by showing that the Universe is in a state of expansion.

A Dark Region Is Growing Eerily On The Sun’s Surface

NASA has spotted an enormous black blotch growing on the surface of the Sun. It looks eerie, but this dark region is nothing to fear, though it does signal potential disruption to satellite communications.