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Relive Missions to the Moon with Fan Videos Created from NASA’s Apollo Archives

When NASA recently posted over 8,000 images from the Apollo missions on Flickr, I just knew something good was going to happen!

Surveying the “Fossils of Planet Formation”: The Lucy Mission

Lucy, an SwRI mission proposal to study primitive asteroids orbiting near Jupiter, is one of five science investigations under the NASA Discovery Program up for possible funding.

‘The Martian’ is a Cinematic Triumph – Follow Mark Watney’s Trail across the Real Mars in Photos and Flyover Video

Scene from ‘The Martian’ starring Matt Damon as NASA astronaut Mark Watney contemplating magnificent panoramic vista while stranded alone on Mars.

Curiosity Rover Confirms Ancient Lake Filled Gale Crater

A view from the “Kimberley” formation on Mars taken by NASA’s Curiosity rover. The strata in the foreground dip towards the base of Mount Sharp, indicating flow of water toward a basin that existed before the larger bulk of the mountain formed.

The Next Generation of Exploration: The NEOCam Mission

Near-Earth Asteroids (NEO) of large size can potentially orbit close to Earth, making them Potentially Hazardous Objects (PHO).

Weekly Space Hangout – Oct. 9, 2015: Nobel Prizes, Private Moon Launches & Water on Pluto!

Host: Fraser Cain (@fcain) Guests: Paul Sutter ( / @PaulMattSutter) Morgan Rehnberg ( / @MorganRehnberg ) Kimberly Cartier (@AstroKimCartier ) (...) Read the rest of Weekly Space Hangout – Oct.

Awesome Blue Skies and Red Surface Ice Found at Pluto – The Other Red Planet

Pluto’s Blue Sky: Pluto’s haze layer shows its blue color in this picture taken by the New Horizons Ralph/Multispectral Visible Imaging Camera (MVIC).

New World’s Conference Starts Oct. 16

New World’s Conference If you’re going to be in the Austin area on October 16/17, and you’re into space exploration, you’re going to want to check out the 2015 New World’s Conference.

NASA Webb Telescope Construction Leaps Forward with Delivery of Mirror Holding Backbone Flight Structure

View showing actual flight structure of mirror backplane unit for NASA’s James Webb Space Telescope (JWST) that holds 18 segment primary mirror array and secondary mirror mount at front, in stowed-for-launch configuration.

A Mission to a Metal World: The Psyche Mission

Artist’s concept of the Psyche spacecraft, a proposed mission for NASA’s Discovery program that would explore the huge metal Psyche asteroid from orbit.

The Next Generation of Exploration: Back to Venus with VERITAS

Artist’s concept of the VERITAS (Venus Emissivity, Radio Science, InSAR, Topography, and Spectroscopy) spacecraft, a proposed mission for NASA’s Discovery Program that would launch by the end of 2021.

Watch Lenticular Clouds Form in the Moonlight

Moonlit lenticular clouds formed over Mount Shasta in northern California in October 2015. Credit and copyright: Brad Goldpaint/Goldpaint Photography.

Guide to October’s Conjunction Mania, See Venus in Daylight

The crescent Moon (top, overexposed), Regulus, Venus, Mars, and Jupiter liven the eastern sky at dawn this morning October 7, 2015.

Carnival of Space #426

Carnival of Space. Image by Jason Major. The tent is up! This week’s Carnival of Space is hosted by Pamela Hoffman at the Everyday Spacer blog.

Comet US10 Catalina: Our Guide to Act II

Looking good… Comet US10 Catalina on September 7th, 2015. Image credit and copyright: Roger Hutchinson.

NASA’s GPM Sat Records Deadly ‘1000 Year’ Rain Devastating South Carolina from Nor’easter and Joaquin

Video Caption: NASA/JAXA’s GPM satellite measured record rainfall that fell over the Carolinas from September 26 to October 5, 2015 from a plume of moisture from Hurricane Joaquin when it was located over the Bahamas and moved to Bermuda.

More livable than Earth? New index sizes up the habitability of alien exoplanets

NASA’s James Webb Telescope, shown in this artist’s conception, will provide more information about previously detected exoplanets.

The Next Generation of Exploration: The DAVINCI Spacecraft

NASA’s latest round of Discovery Program missions envision sending craft to study Venus, near-Earth objects, and asteroids.

Astronomy Cast Ep. 387: Water on Mars… Again

Have you heard the big news? NASA has reported that Mark Whatney is alive and well on the surface of Mars.

Astronomy Cast Ep. 386: Orbiting Observers

The atmosphere keeps us alive and breathing, but it really sucks for astronomy. Fortunately, humanity has built and launched space telescopes that get above the pesky atmosphere, where the skies are really clear.