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Habitable Terrestrial Exoplanet Confirmed Around Nearest Star!

For years, astronomers have been observing Proxima Centauri, hoping to see if this red dwarf has a planet or system of planets around it.

Experience the Glorious Night Sky Over Yellowstone National Park

Tomorrow, August 25, 2016, the US National Park Service celebrates its 100th anniversary, and the NPS has been celebrating all year with their "Find Your Park" promotion.

Tales of Two Asteroid Occultations: Io, Nemausa Cast Shadows Over North America

Up for a challenge? Over the next two weekends, two asteroid occultations pass over North America. These are both occulting (passing in front of) +7th magnitude stars, easy targets for even binoculars or a small telescope.

SpaceX Just Put The Coolest Garden Gnome Ever In Its Front Yard

SpaceX has certainly pulled off some successful feats lately. In the past few months, the private aerospace company made its second successful landing on solid ground and its third successful landing at sea with their Falcon 9 rocket.

ESO Announcement To Address Reports Of Proxima Centauri Exoplanet

For years, exoplanet hunters have been busy searching for planets that are similar to Earth. And when earlier this month, an unnamed source indicated that the European Southern Observatory (ESO) had done just that - i.e.

Carnival of Space #472

The tent is up! This week’s Carnival of Space is hosted by Pamela Hoffman at the Everyday Spacer blog.

Carnival of Space #471

This week's Carnival of Space is hosted by Stefan Lamoureaux at the Links Through Space blog. Click here to read Carnival of Space #471.

Sea Landed SpaceX Falcon 9 Sails Back into Port Canaveral

PORT CANAVERAL, FL — Rocket recycling continues apace as the latest SpaceX Falcon 9 rocket to successfully launch a payload to orbit on Aug.

5 Days, 2 Spectacular Conjunctions

Conjunctions of bright planets make for jewelry in the sky. This week, get ready for some celestial shimmer. If you've been following the hither and thither of Mars and Saturn near Antares this summer, you know these planets have been constantly on the move, creating all kinds of cool alignments in the southern sky.

Some Humans Just Sacrificed Their Jobs At CERN

Yes, despite what some people were clearly meant to believe, jobs are about the only thing being sacrificed at CERN recently.

A History Of Violence: Iron Found in Fossils Suggests Supernova Role In Mass Dying

Outer space touches us in so many ways. Meteors from ancient asteroid collisions and dust spalled from comets slam into our atmosphere every day, most of it unseen.

NASA Successfully Test Fires Mars Mega Rocket Engine with Modernized ‘Brain’ Controller

NASA STENNIS SPACE CENTER, MISS - NASA engineers successfully carried out a key developmental test firing of an RS-25 rocket engine along with its modernized ‘brain’ controller at the Stennis Space Center on Thursday, Aug.

New JPL Visualization Of Waves In Saturn’s Rings Puts You In The Keeler Gap

Fans of astronomy are no doubt familiar with the work of Kevin Gill. In the past, he has brought us visualizations of what the Earth would look like if it had a system of rings, what a "Living Mars" would look like - i.e.

Europa Clipper Team Braces For Bad News

Jupiter's moon Europa is a juicy target for exploration. Beneath its surface of ice there's a warm salty, ocean.

Venus-like Exoplanet 39 Light Years Distant Is Probably Baked & Sterile

Last year, astronomers discovered a terrestrial exoplanet orbiting GJ 1132, a red dwarf star located just 12 parsecs (39 light years) away from Earth.

Cooking Up Life in the Cosmic Kitchen

Kitchens are where we create. From crumb cake to corn on the cob, it happens here. If you're like me, you've occasionally left a turkey too long in the oven or charred the grilled chicken. When meat gets burned, among the smells informing your nose of the bad news are flat molecules consisting of carbon atoms arranged in a honeycomb pattern called PAHs or polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons.

What are the Planets of the Solar System?

At one time, humans believed that the Earth was the center of the Universe; that the Sun, Moon, planets and stars all revolved around us.

Physicists Maybe, Just Maybe, Confirm the Possible Discovery of 5th Force of Nature

For some time, physicists have understood that all known phenomena in the Universe are governed by four fundamental forces.

Stairway to Heaven! – Boeing Starliner Crew Access Arm’s ‘Awesome’ Launch Pad Installation

CAPE CANAVERAL AIR FORCE STATION, FL — A new ‘Stairway to Heaven’ which American astronauts will soon stride along as “the last place on Earth” departure point aboard our next generation of human spaceships, was at long last hoisted into place at the ULA Atlas rocket launch pad on Florida’s Space Coast on Monday Aug 15, at an “awesome” media event witnessed by space journalists including Universe Today.

Beyond Neptune, A Chunk Of Ice Is Orbiting The Sun In The Wrong Direction

Beyond the orbit of Neptune, the farthest recognized-planet from our Sun, lies the mysteries population known as the Trans-Neptunian Object (TNOs).