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Scientists Discover 101 Geysers Erupting at Saturn’s Intriguing Icy Moon Enceladus

This dramatic view looks across the region of Enceladus’ geyser basin and down on the ends of the Baghdad and Damascus fractures that face Saturn.

GAIA is “Go” for Science After a few Minor Hiccups

In astronomy we throw around the term “light-year” seemingly as fast as light itself travels. And yet actually measuring this distance is incredibly tricky.

Astrophoto Heaven: Video Time-Lapse Shows Spectacular Sky Above Desert National Park

Channelling all U2 fans: this stunning timelapse above Joshua Tree National Park is a walking tourism brochure for astrophotographers.

Astronaut Dance: If We Were Going To Space, We’d Do This Too

Anyone want to take bets on what this astronaut was listening to? This is a short silent video of Thomas Pesquet, a European astronaut, doing a dance in the kitchen during NEEMO 18 — the latest NASA underwater mission to test asteroid technologies.

X-ray Glow: Evidence of a Local Hot Bubble Carved by a Supernova

An artist’s conception of the hot local bubble. Image Credit: NASA I spent this past weekend backpacking in Rocky Mountain National Park, where although the snow-swept peaks and the dangerously close wildlife were staggering, the night sky stood in triumph.

Venus Express Survives Close Encounter With Hellish Atmosphere

It was a daring maneuver, but the plan to put Venus Express lower in the planet’s thick atmosphere has worked.

Book Review: Neil Armstrong – A Life of Flight by Jay Barbree

Book Cover: Neil Armstrong – A Life of Flight; by Jay Barbree “Neil Armstrong – A Life of Flight” is a thoroughly enjoyable new biography about the first human to set foot on the Moon on NASA’s Apollo 11 mission written with gusto by Emmy winning NBC News space correspondent Jay Barbree.

Observing Alert – Delta Aquarid Meteor Shower Peaks Tonight

Watch for the southern Delta Aquarid meteor shower to peak over the next two mornings July 29-30. The best time for viewing is the hour before the start of dawn.

The Little Rover that Could: Opportunity Reaches Odometer Milestone

This scene from NASA’s Mars Exploration Rover Opportunity shows “Lunokhod 2 Crater.” The site was named earlier this year as Opportunity neared the mileage record.

When Good Meteor Showers Go Bad: Prospects for the 2014 Perseids

A brilliant capture of a 2013 Perseid fireball. Credit: Fred Locklear. It’s that time of year again, when the most famous of all meteor showers puts on its best display.

Annual Atlanta Star Party Coming Soon!

The 2012 Atlanta Star Party. Credit: Bruce Press If you happen to be attending DragonCon or just live near Atlanta, come and listen to some fantastic speakers and help do astronomy research and education at the Annual Atlanta Star Party!

Carnival Of Space #364

Carnival of Space. Image by Jason Major. This week’s Carnival of Space is hosted by Joe Latrell at his Photos To Space blog.

NASA Spacecraft Is Now Buzzing Mercury 62 Miles Above The Surface

Artist’s conception of NASA’s MESSENGER spacecraft above Mercury. Credit: JHUAPL Look out below! NASA’s MESSENGER spacecraft is at its lowest altitude of any spacecraft above Mercury, and over the next couple of months it’s going to get even lower above the planet.

Balloon Garden: Japanese Artist Flies Bonsai Tree And Plants High Above Earth

The Exobiotanica project saw a bonsai tree launched to 30,000 meters (about 98,425 feet). Credit: Could life survive in the harshness of space?

A Whole New World: How NASA Helps You 3-D Print The Universe

A sketch of a printable 3-D model of 433 Eros. Credit: NASA How would it feel like to hold an asteroid or spacecraft in your hands?

Cool Infographic Compares the Chemistry of Planetary Atmospheres

“Atmospheres of the Solar System” by Compound Interest’s Andy Brunning Here on Earth we enjoy the nitrogen-oxygen atmosphere we’ve all come to know and love with each of the approximately 24,000 breaths we take each day (not to mention the surprisingly comfortable 14.7 pounds per square inch of pressure it exerts on our bodies every moment.) But every breath we take would be impossible (or at least quickly prove to be deadly) on any of the other planets in our Solar System due to their specific compositions.

Comet Jacques Makes a ‘Questionable’ Appearance

Comet Jacques and IC 405, better known as the Flaming Star Nebula, align to create a temporary ‘question mark’ in the sky this morning July 26.

James Webb Space Telescope’s Giant Sunshield Test Unit Unfurled First Time

The sunshield test unit on NASA’s James Webb Space Telescope is unfurled for the first time. Credit: NASA GODDARD SPACE FLIGHT CENTER, MD – The huge Sunshield test unit for NASA’s James Webb Space Telescope (JWST) has been successfully unfurled for the first time in a key milestone ahead of the launch scheduled for October 2018.

NASA preps for Nail-biting Comet Flyby of Mars

Simulation depicts comet C/2013 A1 Siding Spring during its close Mars flyby on Oct. 19. Its nucleus will miss Mars by about 82,000 miles (132,000 kilometers).

Having Fun with the Equation of Time

An analemma of the Sun, taken from Budapest, Hungary over a one year span. (Courtesy of György Soponyai, used with permission).