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Researchers Uncover Twitter Bot Army That's 350,000 Strong

There's an army lurking in the underbelly of Twitter. Legions of fake Twitter accounts, called bots, roam the virtual social media landscape, often wreaking havoc wherever they go.

A Unified Theory of Fairy Circle Formation

The mysterious fairy circles that form regular hexagonal patterns in the Namibian desert have long mystified researchers.

Lasers Could Generate Shields Out Of Thin Air

Lasers could turn Earth's atmosphere into a defensive, or offensive, tool in the future of warfare. Proposed by BAE Systems, a defense and aerospace company founded in the United Kingdom, the conceptual Laser Developed Atmospheric Lens (LDAL) would use lasers to ionize and heat the atmosphere in a way that temporarily endows small pockets of it with useful characteristics.

Perception Can Change in a Single Heartbeat

In tense situations, everything can change between beats of the heart. And, it's more than just the situation that changes — our own reaction to a potentially dangerous encounter can hang on something as simple as the contraction of our heart.

After a Cave Turns Deadly, Scientists Seek Answers

A deadly mystery lingers in a cave in northern Spain. A sign at the entrance warns visitors not to enter.

Bulge in Venus' Atmosphere Likely Caused by Gravity Waves

A massive, bow-shaped wave was spotted for the first time in the highest regions of Venus' atmosphere, perplexing astronomers.

NASA Has the Asteroid Protection Plan, But Where's the Money?

Asteroid impacts have the distinction of being one of the few sci-fi concepts that will definitely happen at some point.

With the Flip of a Switch, These Mice Attack

With a flash of light, researchers have induced mice to pounce on anything in their line of sight. Researchers from Yale University and the University of São Paulo isolated the regions of the mouse brain that control both hunting and biting, and say they can activate the neurons involved on command. The research should help illuminate another small part of the neural pathways that connect the outside world to our internal computations.

The Rusty Patched Bumble Bee Is Disappearing in the US

For the first time, a species of bumble bee has been placed on the endangered species list in the United States.

For Rhinos, Social Media Is a Heaping Dung Pile

To get the latest news and notes, white rhinos visit the local dung heap. Although it’s well known that mammals use scents in urine to convey information about fertility and demarcate territory, the way dung is used to communicate is less established.

In the Brain, Binge-Drinking and Binge-Eating May Go Hand in Hand

After bartenders announce last call, like clockwork, pizza joints and 24-hour diners fill to the brim with drunk revelers.

Teaching Our Teeth to Heal Themselves

Instead of filling our cavity-ridden teeth with putties and cements, a new method that kicks stem cells into action could help teeth repair themselves.

In 2022, We Might Witness the Explosive End to a Stellar Death Spiral

In five years, you could have a front row seat to an explosive event that occurred 1,700 years ago. And all you'll have to do is look skyward.

What's the Universe Made Of?

How much of you lies among the stars? How are the elements that make up life distributed among stars and planets?

3,000 Ride-Sharing Vehicles Could Replace 13,500 Taxis in NYC

New York City taxis, they ain't so smart — yet. A new study from MIT's Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Laboratory (CSAIL) estimates that just 3,000 ride-sharing cars guided by an algorithm could serve the needs of busy New Yorkers.

NASA Plans to Peer Inside a Black Hole

Neutron stars, black holes and other remnants of stellar explosions are some of the universe’s most intriguing objects – and some of the hardest to study.

Dad Turns Newborn Daughter's Sleeping Patterns Into Stunning Graphic

Life for a rookie parent can be utterly terrifying. For the first time they’re 100 percent responsible for another human being’s survival.

21st Century Camouflage Confuses Face Detectors

When it comes to disguises, silly mustaches and fake noses won't cut it anymore. As facial recognition capabilities grow more sophisticated, cameras and algorithms can to do more with less.

Fast Radio Bursts Now a Bit Less Mysterious

For as long as astronomers have known about Fast Radio Bursts (FRBs), they’ve been stumped. About a decade ago, researchers discovered in archived 2001 data an extremely fast — just a few milliseconds — burst of radio emissions.

Now You Can Own the NASA-Certified Space Coffee Cup

If you’re planning a trip to space, or for some reason find yourself craving espresso while free falling, you can sip your favorite beverage like an astronaut.