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‘Minecraft’ Helps Residents Remake Developing Cities

Haiti’s Les Cayes waterfront as replicated in Minecraft. (Credit: United Nations Human Settlements Programme) For the most part, video games are simply another form of entertainment like movies, television and books; rarely will a video game serve a purpose other than to provide a leisurely pastime.

Biofuel Made From Corn Waste Less ‘Green’ Than Gasoline

Biofuel created from corn waste may not be the clean, eco-friendly oil alternative the United States government is hoping for.

SpaceX Rocket Launch Looks Stunning From Drone’s-Eye View

We’re used to seeing rockets launch and disappear into the sky, but things are a little different at Elon Musk’s SpaceX facility in Texas.

Powdered Alcohol To Be Sold in U.S. This Fall

Instantly turning water into an alcoholic beverage is no longer a feat of biblical proportions. Come fall, it will be legal for Americans to purchase powdered alcohol, which can turn water into rum, vodka or a variety of cocktails.

Lead in Ancient Rome’s Water Was 100 Times Natural Levels

Pont du Gard, an ancient Roman aqueduct in France. Image by Leonid Andronov / Shutterstock. Everything from northern barbarians to the spread of Christianity has been blamed for the collapse of ancient Rome.

Mountains on Saturn’s Moon Iapetus Fell From the Sky

It may sound like something out of “Chicken Little,” but at some point in the history of Saturn’s moon Iapetus, the sky was actually falling: Scientists reported this week that an entire 800-mile-long mountain range along the moon’s equator formed after it fell from space.

Fish Raise Their Voices to Shout Over Noise

Cyprinella lutrensis, or red shiner, is a cousin of the black shiner. Every day, thousands of cars and trucks rumble across bridges all over the U.S.

Epigenetics Helps Explain Early Humans’ Appearance

Neanderthal skulls. Image by leted via Flickr Scientists have increasingly realized that DNA is only part of what makes us us — perhaps equally important is how our genes’ activity is modified by a process called epigenetics.

Possibly Habitable Earth-Sized Planet Discovered

Kepler-186f, shown in this artist’s concept, is the first Earth-sized planet discovered in its star’s habitable zone.

In Brazilian Cave Insects, Females Have the Penis

The gynosome of a female cave insect. It features spikes to hold it in place once it’s inserted into males.

How Do Sperm Recognize Eggs? Mechanism Finally Found

It’s the stuff of 3rd-grade sex ed: sperm meets egg to make baby. But, surprisingly, scientists have actually been in the dark about one crucial step: how the two sex cells recognize each other amidst the fluid frenzy in the Fallopian tubes.

A Beard Is Only as Sexy as It Is Rare

It’s not just Williamsburg anymore — young people across the U.S. revere the beard. The facial hair craze is so popular that some men are paying as much as $7,000 for a beard transplant.

Over the Hill? Cognitive Speeds Peak at Age 24

Those grim “over the hill” party favors are often deployed ironically by those who want to razz their friends or partners when they turn 30 or 40.

Glow-in-the-Dark Highway Opened in the Netherlands

Conceptual image of a “glowing highway.” Credit: Roosegaarde Studio If you ask for directions in the small city of Oss in the Netherlands, a local may tell you to merge onto Highway N329 and take the first exit after the highway ceases glowing in the dark.

Video: Live Feed of Rovers Exploring the Ocean Floor

This site had a fantastic “amphitheater of chemosynthetic life,” researchers said. Image courtesy of NOAA Okeanos Explorer Program, Gulf of Mexico 2014 Expedition.

Coffee Flour Coming Soon to the Baking Aisle

Growing, harvesting and roasting the coffee beans for your morning cup of java generates a lot of waste.

Papyrus Alluding to Jesus’s Wife Proven Authentic

A controversial piece of papyrus that references the wife of Jesus is indeed ancient, according to recent dating results.

Stars Form Much More Readily Than Astronomers Thought

The Pipe Nebula (left) and the Rho Ophiuchi cloud (right) in the Milky Way. Each inset map shows how much the light of background stars is dimmed as it passes through the cloud in question.

New Drug Inspired by Ibuprofen Protects Against Flu

A cutaway illustration of the flu virus. CDC The flu is our modern scourge—new strains of the H1N1 virus are constantly emerging and threatening to reach pandemic proportions. But a new study has found that a novel kind of drug, given to mice before exposure to the flu, reduces their level of infection and makes them much more likely to survive.

Eco-Friendly Diapers Made From Jellyfish

Move over Brawny, there’s a new product in the works with the strength to get the job done, and it comes from the sea.