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Blue Origin's Rocket Sticks Its Landing

Private aeronautics firm Blue Origin one Monday became the first company to successfully launch a rocket into space and bring it back to Earth for a safe landing.

Bionic Roses are Literal Power Plants

Researchers have created simple electronic components inside the stems and leaves of living roses, using the rose’s own vascular system to produce working wires and even simple display devices.

Winter is Coming, and Hamsters Are Getting Feisty

What makes female Siberian hamsters ready to duke it out in the winter? Melatonin. The same hormone gaining popularity as a natural sleep aid plays a major role in seasonal aggression in female hamsters, according to new research.

For the First Time, Astronomers Witness a Planet's Birth

A fledgling star system is giving astronomers the cosmic version of the “birds and the bees talk.” For the first time astronomers directly observed a planet growing in its very early stages of life, and that’s quite a rare find: Of the nearly 1,900 planets discovered outside of our solar system the infant planet, known as LkCa 15 b, is the only one known to be forming as you read this.

Pigeon Pathologists Know Cancer When They See It

Would you rather have a human or pigeons scrutinize medical images to detect the presence of cancer? At first blush, it seems like an absurd question.

WATCH: 'WTF' Space Junk Burns Up in Earth's Atmosphere

A mysterious object hurtling toward Earth on Friday the 13th was plenty of fodder to provoke superstitious speculation.

Birds Give Up Food to Stay Close to Their Mates

When forced to choose, some songbirds prefer the company of their mates to a good meal. Social living entails some compromise; that’s as true for birds as it is for people.

Solar Storms Obliterated Mars' Atmosphere

“Mars ain’t the kind of place to raise your kids – in fact it’s cold as hell,” sings Elton John in Rocket Man.

The Brain's Internal Odometer and Stopwatch

Forget the iWatch or Fitbit, the brain already has its own internal odometer and stopwatch. Rats running on a treadmill helped a team of researchers from Boston University understand the ways memories about our location are formed and stored.

Languages Are Products of Their Environments

The characteristics that make each language unique may actually be adaptations to the acoustics of different environments.

Giant Raptor Fossil Discovered in South Dakota

Scientists have discovered the remains of one of the largest raptors known to man in the fossil graveyards of North America.

Enceladus Could Be Bursting with Evidence of Life

Saturn’s 502km-diameter icy moon Enceladus has fascinated scientists since it was first seen up close by NASA’s Voyager probes in the 1980s.

Tiny 'Tractor Beam' Moves Objects With Acoustic Holograms

It’s a classic science fiction scene: A large vessel moves near a smaller one, captures it in a so-called tractor beam, and pulls it inside.

For Howler Monkeys, Louder Calls Mean Smaller…

For howler monkeys, it appears the louder the calls, the smaller the — ahem — balls. A research team looking into the monkeys’ incredibly loud and low vocalizations, and the physical structures that support the calls, discovered the correlation.

Young Infants Have No Clue Who's Tickling Their Feet

For a newborn baby emerging from the cozy womb, the outside world is much bigger, much colder and quite a different kind of place.

Artificial Skin for Prosthetic Limbs Can Sense a Grain of Salt

Prosthetic limbs may one day have "skin" with working nerve endings, letting patients feel with their artificial limbs just like they would with a real one.

City Dwellers and Hunter-Gatherers Have Similar Sleep Habits

We tend to blame the fruits of industrialized society – the Internet, mobile devices, long hours in the office — for stripping us of a good night’s rest.

Stonehenge Builders Threw Organized Barbecue Parties

If you enjoy tailgating before a sporting event, you’d fit right in at the barbecues Stonehenge builders were hosting in their neighborhood thousands of years ago.

Gene Editing Could Make Pig-to-Human Organ Transplants Feasible

To address the limited supply of organs available to a growing list of patients awaiting transplants, we might have to look outside our species.

Connections in the Brain, Like Fingerprints, Can Identify Individuals

Each person is unique. You can identify people by their DNA, fingerprints, personal preferences and behavior.