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Making Microscopic Stained Glass, From Algae

Screenshot from “The Diatomist” by Matthew Killip During the height of the Victorian era, some of the finest works of art could only be viewed through a microscope.

Could Diet Sodas Be Making Us Fatter?

The artificial sweeteners in “diet” beverages, thought to help people trim their waistlines, may be having the opposite effect.

World Population Won’t Stabilize This Century After All

It’s no secret that the world’s population is growing. The 7.2 billion humans currently on Earth may represent only a fraction of what’s to come.

Mice Become Smarter With Addition of Single Human Gene

In an experiment that could explain the origin of the maniacal mouse in “Pinky and the Brain,” researchers spliced a human brain gene into lab mice, and it made them smarter.

Sticky Nanobeads Can Strip Bacteria, Viruses From Blood

Scanning electron micrograph of HIV-1 budding (in green) from cultured lymphocyte. Credit: Centers for Disease Control and Prevention A new device uses magnetism to rid the bloodstream of pathogens that are the source of deadly infections.

Those Crickets In Your Basement? They Probably Came From Asia

The banded legs and thin body indicate that this is Diestrammena asynamora, a non-native cricket from Asia.

Researchers Unveil Exoskeleton That Fits Like Skinny Jeans

(Credit: Wyss Institute) You heard it here first: robotic exoskeletons are poised to become 2014’s hottest fashion trend.

Lasers Reveal Underground Secrets of Stonehenge

Stonehenge was constructed more than 4,600 years ago, but its mysterious aura continues to fascinate scientists and Druids alike.

Spinosaurus is First Known Semi-Aquatic Dinosaur

Spinosaurus aegyptiacus trawls for mesozoic fish. Illustration by Brian Engh The meat-eating dinosaur Spinosaurus rose to terrifying fame in Jurassic Park III, when it took down the comparatively small Tyrannosaurus rex.

Fossil Discovery Confirms Mammals’ Original Ancestors

Reconstruction of a new mammal species, Xianshou songae. This mouse-sized animal was a tree dweller in the Jurassic forests.

Blue Heron Kills, Swallows a Gopher In Cold Blood (Video)

When Jesse Garza trained a video camera on his backyard earlier this summer he was trying to get to the bottom of a simple mystery — why a blue heron was hanging around his suburban neighborhood.

Iceland Eruption, Largest for a Century, Shows No Signs of Stopping

The Bardarbunga eruptive fissure on September 1, 2014. Credit: University of Iceland/Ármann Höskuldsson The largest lava eruption for over a century is currently underway in central Iceland.

Whale Pelvis Isn’t Useless After All – It Maneuvers the Penis

Elvis Presley earned the moniker of “Elvis the Pelvis” for his tendency to gyrate his hips in erotic fashion.

Your Fingertips Perform Brain-like Calculations

Your brain has a lot to think about, so if there’s a way to outsource a few mental tasks to save bandwidth, it’s going to do it.

Hurricane-Proof Drones Are the Storm Chasers of Tomorrow

When Hurricane Katrina bore down on New Orleans in August of 2005, federal officials couldn’t predict how it would behave with any real certainty until two days before landfall.

Video: Daredevil Explorers Rappel Into an Active Volcano

Descending into a roiling pit of magma isn’t what most people have in mind when they visit an island nation in the Pacific Ocean.

Skin Color Still Matters in Video Games

Avatars from Second Life. Image by LindenLab via Flickr Video games represent the ultimate in escapist technology for millions of people — a way to spend a few enjoyable hours slaying fantasy monsters or exploring science fiction worlds.

New “Dreadnoughtus” Dinosaur Was One of World’s Largest

An artist’s rendering of Dreadnoughtus schrani. (Credit: Jennifer Hall) The NFL’s season officially opens tonight as Seattle and Green Bay duke it out in prime time.

Video: Spot Your City From the ISS

Nowadays we get such frequent updates from the crew of the ISS — their tweets, their photos, their music videos, their hygiene tips — that it’s weird to recall that just a few years ago we didn’t have 24/7 updates from Earth orbit.

Your Car Looks Just Like You

When someone compliments your sexy car, feel free to take it personally. That’s because your face bears a striking resemblance to your car’s grille and headlights, according to a new study.