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WATCH: Chile's Eruption Produces Dramatic Lightning

Chile’s Calbuco Volcano awoke from a four-decade slumber Wednesday, and you could say it woke up on the wrong side of the bed.

Here's What It Feels Like to Be Invisible

Recent advances with so-called meta-materials have shown that a practical invisibility cloak might one day be possible.

Missing Magma Found: Huge Reservoir Beneath Yellowstone Park

The supervolcano that lies beneath Yellowstone National Park is one of the world’s largest active volcanoes.

In World First, Scientists Genetically Modify Human Embryos

Chinese researchers have officially taken science into some uncomfortable territory. Researchers at Sun Yat-sen University in Guangzhou have edited the genomes of human embryos, Nature reported in an exclusive Wednesday.

Your Genes Influence How Likely You Are to Be Bit By Mosquitoes

There are two kinds of people at summer cookouts: those who are getting “eaten alive” by mosquitoes, and those who haven’t noticed a single bite.

The Last Two Digits of a Price Signal Your Desperation to Sell

While someone’s bargaining position can be shaped by competition, we economists know that there is a big gray area in our ability to predict negotiated prices.

See-Through Classrooms Could Combat Nearsightedness

In China, some students are probably finding it a lot more difficult to pay attention: Their classroom has essentially been transformed into a giant cube of windows.

How to View the Best Meteor Shower Yet This Year

The peak of the first good meteor shower of the year will begin the night of April 22 and continue through the dark morning hours of the 23rd.

Wild Chimps Look Both Ways Before Crossing the Street

“Look both ways before you cross the street!” It’s one of the first, and most important, lessons we learn as children.

Dogs Use Their Gaze to Make You Love Them

One look is all you need to understand the enduring bond between humans and dogs. Domestic dogs, unlike their wild wolf cousins, are adept at non-nonverbal communication with humans, and a lot of eye contact happens between dogs and their owners.

Zapping the Brain With Electricity Boosts People's Creativity

Need some creative, out-of-the box ideas? Try adding a little jolt to your next brainstorming session.

Poll: When Will We Find Alien Life?


World's Oldest Stone Tools Found in Africa

Archaeologists say they’ve unearthed the world’s oldest stone tools made by human ancestors at a dig site in Kenya.

Irradiated Meteors May Have Delivered Earth's Ingredients for Life

Radiation-blasted meteors may serve as the universe’s cosmic crockpots, slowly cooking ingredients needed to spark life, scientists say in a new study.

Watch Live: SpaceX's Second Attempt at Unprecedented Rocket Landing

SpaceX is about to make its second attempt at something that’s never been done in the history of space exploration: Launch a rocket, then land said rocket.

Liquid Water Could Be Just Beneath the Surface on Mars

It’s nothing you’d want to baste a turkey with, but researchers have found evidence of supersalty brines on the surface of Mars.

Artists Make Pottery Out of Your Smartphone's Toxic Waste

For most of us, our smartphone’s “life” began the second we walked out of a sleek electronics store and ripped the new device out of its packaging.

Fluorescent Dye for Tumors Is Now Being Tested in People

Venom from one the world’s most dangerous species, the Israeli deathstalker scorpion, could someday save cancer patients’ lives.

After a Decade of Declines, Amazon Deforestation Sharply Rises

In a world that is quickly losing its tropical forests, Brazil was — until recently — the solitary bright spot.

New Aluminum Battery Takes Just 60 Seconds To Charge

Researchers from Stanford University have built a battery that does everything you wish your cell phone’s lithium-ion battery could.