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Darkness Will Reveal the Sun's Mysterious Corona

When the moon slides in front of the sun Monday, millions of viewers will catch a glimpse of the sun's corona, which will appear as a hazy glow outlining the solid shadow in front of our star.

What Time Is the Total Solar Eclipse?

We're now counting down the time until the Great American eclipse in hours, not days. Are you ready? If you aren't, don't worry, we have you covered with the Eclipse 2017 Widget from our partners at Astronomy magazine. Powered by SkySafari 5, this interactive widget well let you know exactly when the show will begin, and when you'll reach maximum eclipse in your area.

Roman Pipes Delivered Water — And Toxic Antimony

The elaborate system of pipes that carried water to Roman households was an engineering marvel—for its time.

Yes, Scotch Whiskey Is Better With a Splash of Water

A true Scotch drinker doesn’t pour an aged Macallan in order to, as less refined revelers might say, “get the party started.” Quite the contrary, the seasoned aficionado attends to certain norms and customs before imbibing, not unlike a traditional tea ceremony, in a nod to enlightenment, restraint and discernment—the finer things.

Ulcer-fighting Robots Swim Through Stomachs to Deliver a Cure

Tiny robots powered by bubbles have successfully treated an infection in mice. The achievement is another step forward in a field that has long shown promise, and is only now beginning to deliver.

Mount Marilyn: A Name That Will Stick...Finally

In 1968, Jim Lovell became the first human to pilot a spacecraft — Apollo 8 — around another world. And two years later, his Apollo 13 heroics earned him an eternal place in spaceflight history.

Do We Manage Online and Offline Friendships the Same?

Social media has been a boon to social science. Twitter, Instagram, Facebook and other platforms serve as online laboratories that reveal all kinds of stuff about the users, researchers say.

Scientists Cook Up Magic Mushrooms' Psychedelic Recipe

Scientists have known about psilocybin, the psychoactive ingredient in "magic mushrooms," ever since Albert Hofmann isolated it in 1958.

Nearly 100 Volcanoes Discovered Beneath Antarctica's Ice

You could say Antarctica sings a song of fire and ice. The continent's frigid reputation is well known, but researchers from the University of Edinburgh analyzed radar scans of the West Antarctic Rift System and found 138 volcanoes hiding under the thick ice sheet.

In Paris, a Glimpse of Public Transportation's Driverless Future

France may be famous for its cheese and wine, but it’s also a longtime leader in driverless transit. Paris boasted one of the earliest models of automatic trains in 1983, when two metro lines ran without a conductor onboard.

System of Super-Earths Discovered Around A Nearby Star

If you look up at Earth’s night sky and find the constellation Cetus — it looks something like a sea monster — you might also notice a rather average looking star called Tau Ceti.

Canadians Are First to Sample Genetically Modified Salmon

After a protracted fight, salmon have become the first genetically modified animal to be sold in stores.

CubeSats Have 1 Major Shortcoming, But Not for Long

Over the past decade and a half, satellites the size of a toaster have opened up new possibilities for using space.

Oldest Gliding Mammals Shed Light on the History of Flight

The oldest gliding mammals ever discovered are strengthening the case for taking to the skies. Well, they couldn't exactly soar like the eagles, but the two new species, discovered in China, at least sampled the aerial life.

A New Take on the Biodegradable Car

A concept car in the Netherlands is constructed almost entirely of materials the grow in the soil. Called "Lina," the biodegradable car is the work of students at Eindhoven University of Technology and is composed mainly of sugar beet resin and flax.

Bronze Age Teens Ate Dogs to Become Men

Some 4,000 years ago in the Russian steppe, the relationship between man and dog was, you could say, complicated.

Parasitic Worm Treatments Could Soon Be Legal in Germany

In Germany, treatments for disease may entail adding a vial of parasitic worms to a meal or beverage.

With Gene Editing, Ants Could Be the New Model Organism

An ant without a sense of smell is an ant that's lost. After creating ants that had been genetically modified to lack a sense of smell, scientists watched them wander away from their colonies, steal food, refuse to mate and fail to tend to eggs — antisocial behavior that contradicts the hive-mind mentality of most ant communities.

How Scientists Are Saving The Dodo’s Pink Cousin

“Voldemort outlived Harry Potter,” Christelle Ferriere tells me as we walk around the small, uninhabited island of Ile aux Aigrettes, off the east coast of Mauritius.

Scorpion Venom Has A Secret Ingredient: Acid

A scorpion’s sting doesn’t just impart venom — it uses a special acid to bring the pain. In research published Wednesday in Science Advances, a team of researchers looked into why scorpion venom packs such a punch.