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First Impressions Are Mostly Based on Your Face

We’ve all met someone and almost instantly thought, “I could totally be friends with this person.” We’re not quite sure why we think that, but all it took was a few seconds to make that first impression.

Feathers More Common Among Dinosaurs Than Previously Thought

New dinosaur Kulindadromeus zabaikalicus wanders the lake-dotted lowlands of Jurassic Siberia in this artist’s rendering.

Galaxy Orbits Betray Neatnik Universe

The Andromeda Galaxy turns out not to be unusual in the fact that its dwarf galaxies orbit within an orderly circular plain.

An Elephant’s Sense of Smell May Be Better Than Yours

You guys smell that? Credit: john michael evan potter / Shutterstock Next time you’re deciding whether to throw out some questionable produce, you might want to turn to an elephant.

The Beefy Environmental Cost of Eating Steak

A top cut of sirloin at your local grocery store will cost you about $7. But behind the price tag is a hidden cost: its beefy environmental impact.

How Stress Forms Landforms Like the Delicate Arch

Many of us can think back on beachside memories of playing architect and trying to build the perfect sand castle only to watch that sand fall to the shore, knocked down by wind and water.

10 Surprising Secrets From Apollo 11′s Historic Moon Landing

(Credit: NASA) This year is the 45th anniversary of the Apollo 11 moon landing, the first time humans walked on the moon.

Sunflowers Sway to Their Own Beat [VIDEO]

It’s no secret that plants will grow toward the sun to maximize the amount of energy they can absorb.

You’d Be Happier If You Talked to Strangers More Often

Humans are some of the most social creatures on this planet, but step into an elevator, train or public bus and something strange happens: we fall silent, stare at the wall and ignore the strangers surrounding us.

How Pandas Survive on a Diet of Only Bamboo

Being a vegetarian is no easy task: The difficulty of maintaining a balanced diet is enough to drive an herbivore back to the land of hamburgers and chicken wings.

You And Your Friends Share Similar Genes

If anyone has ever said you and your best friend are like “two peas in a pod,” they were definitely on to something.

Earliest Americans May Have Hunted Elephant Ancestor

An artist’s depiction of a gomphothere. Credit: Charles R. Knight The site is called the “end of the world,” but for archaeologists, it’s just the beginning of a new chapter in understanding the origin and activities of the earliest Americans.

World’s First Climate-Controlled City Planned for Dubai

The Mall of the World as seen at night in a simulation. (Credit: YouTube, Dubai Holding) Imagine a city where the temperature is always perfect and you never have to worry about a rainy day ruining your day’s plans.

A Maps App That Takes You the Scenic Route

There’s nothing like taking the scenic route while vacationing in a new city, but the always-efficient GPS programs we navigate with simply plot the shortest route to reach a destination.

Jet Lag Snacks: How Foods Affect Your Body’s Internal Clock

Ever stumble off an all-night flight and wonder whether you should be eating breakfast or dinner? Your biological clock may be highly adaptable, but when it’s thrown off-balance, nothing else feels quite right.

Name That Planet! Exoplanet Names Opened to Vote

Artist’s rendering of an exoplanet seen from its moon. Courtesy IAU/L. Calçada Everyone knows it’s not always cool to follow the rules, and even less cool making sure everyone else does.

Gorillas Use Body Odor to Communicate

When it comes to wild ape communication, it’s not just monkey see, monkey do — it’s also monkey smell, monkey do.

World’s Largest Flying Bird Had 24-Foot Wingspan

Pelagornis sandersi has replaced Argentavis as the largest flying bird known. Courtesy Liz Bradford With a wingspan double that of today’s largest flyers, Pelagornis sandersi was truly the Big Bird of its day.

New Exoplanet Has Strange Companion

Astronomers have discovered for the first time an exoplanet orbiting one star in a binary system, as shown in this artist’s rendering.

New Fossil Suggests More Complex Evolution for Feathers and Flight

The new specimen of Archaeopteryx under ultraviolet light. Photo courtesy of Helmut Tischlinger. We all know the early bird gets the worm, but apparently it also gets a fabulous set of feathered “trousers.” Extensive feather preservation on a new specimen of Archaeopteryx, the earliest known bird, is giving researchers an unprecedented look at how both feathers and flight may have evolved among theropod dinosaurs, the ancestors of modern birds.