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Praying Mantises are Expert Acrobats in Mid-Air

Praying mantises, with their twiggy limbs and long bodies, lack the look of agility, but we all know looks are often deceiving.

Handshakes' Purpose Could Be to Send Scent Signals

Shaking a person’s hand is so routine it seems meaningless. But as it turns out, this gesture could be more than a social courtesy: it could be humans’ way of coming into contact with another person’s smells.

Lots of Cases of Synesthesia Are Based on Alphabet Magnets

They are a ubiquitous childhood toy: alphabet fridge magnets. You may remember some from your own childhood, though they probably weren't your most beloved of games.

Math Explains Why Hipsters All Look the Same

The skinny jeans, the progressive politics, the Instagram photos: Hipsters, like goths and punk rockers before them, have become a cliché.

Quiz: What's the Diagnosis?

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Genetically Speaking, You're More Like Your Dad

You may have inherited your mother’s eyes, but, genetically speaking, you use more DNA passed down from your father.

What Color Is This Dress? Science Answers

It's Friday on the Internet, and we're all abuzz with the latest meme – but, happily, for once it's a meme with some fascinating science behind it.

'Antifreeze' Protein, Borrowed From Ticks, Could Battle Frostbite

If you live in a cold climate, some days any exposed skin is at risk of frostbite. But if we had antifreeze coursing through our veins, we’d be resistant to winter’s bite.

Quiz: Test Your Einstein IQ

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Just Based on DNA, Scientists Can Construct an Image of Your Face

Putting pencil to paper has been the tried-and-true method to illustrate the faces of wanted criminals, but new technology is changing this traditional approach.

X-Rays of Buddhist Statue Reveal Mummified Monk

It’s not surprising that Southeast Asia is home to countless ancient Buddha statues, but when one of those statues contains a mummified monk, that is certainly a surprise.

Scientists Find the Quietest and Noisiest Places in the U.S.

Humans love to make a racket. From our car horns to jackhammers, noise is a constant companion wherever people come together to live, work and play.

Genetically Modified Non-Browning Apples Are Approved in the U.S.

It's a small victory for fruit-salad enthusiasts: The U.S. Department of Agriculture last week approved genetically modified apples that don’t brown when exposed to air.

Zoom Contact Lens Magnifies Objects at the Wink of an Eye

Swedish optics researchers are developing contact lenses that can zoom in on an object with the blink of an eye.

Mysterious Clouds in Mars' Atmosphere Baffle Scientists

This article was originally published on The Conversation.  Enormous cloud-like plumes reaching 160 miles above the surface of Mars have left scientists baffled.

LED Skylight Authentically Recreates the Sun's Rays

Sunlight is a key factor architects take into account in their designs, but in most cases, they're pretty much at the mercy of Mother Nature to provide it.

Scientists Propose a Sixth Basic Taste: Fat

This article was originally published on The Conversation. Humans are thought to be able to taste five qualities but technological advances combined with sophisticated research means we can now test for more subtle tastes we haven’t known about.

How Math Can Help You Find True Love

Valentine’s Day may have been invented by the greeting card companies but we think it's been perfected by science.

This New Four-Legged Robot Is Basically Invincible

Boston Dynamics, the company that builds incredibly agile robots, has added another four-legged sprinter to its pack.

Scientists Find Mysterious Magnetism in Earth's Inner Core

This article was originally published on The Conversation. The planet Earth’s inner core is not a single solid mass but comprised of two layers, and new evidence about the core’s composition from a team of U.S.