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Scientists 'Resurrect' Woolly Mammoth Gene in Human Cell

We all know that woolly mammoths are modern-day elephants’ distant shaggier cousins, but why, exactly, were mammoths so different?

The Secret to Making Sweeter-Smelling Roses

It’s harder to stop and smell the roses these days, and not just because modern life is hectic. Thanks to generations of breeding for looks, roses’ scents have faded.

VIDEO: A Sea Turtle's Perspective of the Great Barrier Reef

If you ever wondered what it would be like to cruise with those ultra-chill turtles from “Finding Nemo,” here’s your chance.

Google's Driverless Cars Are Cruising the Streets of California

Some say they look like koalas. Others say they’re the smiling face of the future. And if you live in California, you’re already sharing the road with them.

Fingerprints Change Over the Course of a Person's Life

Fingerprints may not be the permanent biological signatures we’ve built them up to be. Since the 1920s, fingerprints have been accepted as evidence in courtrooms due to their uniqueness and permanence.

DARPA Is Engineering Organisms to Make Mars Livable

The U.S. Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency wants to create organisms that will turn the Red Planet a shade of green.

Rats Dream About the Places They Want to Explore

Rats, like humans, have dreams about the future. When they see a treat they can’t reach, rats' later dreams depict them walking toward it, researchers have found.

Neutrinos’ Shape-Shifting Abilities Confirmed

Neutrinos are often called “ghost particles,” and for good reason. Neutral in charge and tiny in mass, neutrinos are incredibly elusive and mostly pass unnoticed through ordinary matter, including you and me.

Ancient, Prickly Worm Finally Shows Its Face

If you think this ancient, spiky creature is bizarre, you’re not alone: For years, scientists have struggled to figure out exactly what it is, or was — until now.

Half-Shelled Prehistoric Reptile Was Early Ancestor of Turtles

Researchers have found a new species of reptile which they say is an ancestor of modern turtles. The 240 million-year-old fossils were found in sediments of a Triassic freshwater lake in southern Germany.

Racehorses Haven't Reached Peak Speed Yet

Scientists may have settled a long-standing debate in horse racing: Are thoroughbreds still getting faster, or have they reached their maximum speed?

Water Was 'Recently' on Mars – And Will Be Again

A hot topic in science over the past few decades has been whether liquid water is present or has been present on Mars in the past few millions of years.

Black Bears' Killer Rock-Climbing Skills, Caught on Camera

Black bears can snatch fish out of a raging river using their mouths, sprint 30 miles per hour and tear through meals with powerful jaws.

Ceres Gets Weirder With More Bright Spots and Unexplained Pyramid

If you thought Ceres’ spots were weird, wait until you see its mystifying pyramid. Indeed, Ceres has intrigued NASA scientists and worked fringe UFO bloggers into a frenzy since the Dawn spacecraft arrived for a close-up of the dwarf planet in March.

New Horizons' Pluto Approach Hyped in Epic Video

The National Space Society has successfully turned New Horizons' approach of Pluto into this summer’s must-see blockbuster.

Kennewick Man Had Native American Ancestry, DNA Suggests

A new study ends a nearly 20-year debate over whether a famous ancient skeleton is related to modern Native Americans.

Nostalgia for Happy Times Reduces Depression in Mice

It’s a well-known coping strategy when you’re feeling down to think back on happy memories. And, according to a new study on mice, recalling positive memories could do even more good than we thought: it might increase long-term resilience to stress even more effectively than actually experiencing a new happy event.

Tiny Octopus Is So Cute Scientists Might Name It 'Adorabilis'

Deep in the ocean’s cold, dark waters lives a species of wide-eyed octopus that will surely warm your heart with pure cuteness.

This Evaporation-Powered Engine Can Drive a Tiny Car

Artificial muscles may move the machines of the future, and the only power they need is evaporating water.

3-D Printing Robots Will Build a Bridge in Amsterdam

A 3-D printer that makes steel structures appear out of thin air will try its hand at building — wait, printing — a pedestrian bridge.