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Scientists Discover the Origin of Swiss Cheese's Holes

Sandwich lovers around the world will forever remember 2015 as the year scientists solved the great Swiss cheese mystery.

Quiz: Test Your Energy IQ

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VIDEO: New Breed of Robots Can Adapt to Injury

A new breed of robots have proven that losing a limb or two really is “just a flesh wound." Roboticists Antoine Cully and Jean-Baptiste Moret have built an algorithm that allows robots to detect damage — like losing a leg — and alter their walking motion in order to remain operational.

Reduce Your Prejudices While You Sleep

Your brain does a lot when you are asleep. It’s when you consolidate memories, and integrate the things you’ve learned during the day into your existing knowledge structure.

The Eye Parasite That Can Get In Through Your Contact Lens

A recent eye infection suffered by 18-year-old Nottingham University student Jess Greaney is the kind of story that fills us with horror.

Scientists Are Making Modern-Day Mummies in the Lab

The ancient Egyptian practice of preserving bodies through mummification is no longer the preferred method to pay homage to our dead, but it is still alive and well in research labs.

Billboards Use DNA to Identify and Shame Litterers

The litterbugs that make the world their personal dumpster can no longer hide in the shadows, thanks to an alarming and futuristic ad campaign.

Month of June Will Be One Second Longer This Year

If your birthday is June 30, our planet has a special gift for you this year. Thanks to Earth’s rotation, your special day will last 24 hours and one second.

New Type of Drug Shows Promise in Battling Obesity

Thunder God Vine is a thoroughly deadly plant: Its flowers, leaves, and roots are all highly toxic. But new research suggests that a compound found in its roots could be a brand-new approach to treat obesity.

VIDEO: Time-Lapse of a Bee's Birth, From Egg to Adult, in 60 Seconds

Watching a wriggling, translucent egg transform into a full-grown bee in 60 seconds is certainly amazing.

Video Games May Have Negative Effects on the Brain

Video games are a favored target for various kinds of hand-wringing, about things as diverse as obesity, ADHD, and violence.

Young Blood Heals Fractures in Older Bones

The mythical “Fountain of Youth” isn’t in some far-off land; it’s flowing beat-by-beat inside every single young person.

World's Oldest Stone Tools Predate Humans

This is an updated version of our post from April 2015. Archaeologists say they’ve unearthed the world’s oldest stone tools made by human ancestors at a dig site in Kenya.

Genetically Modified Yeast Can 'Home-Brew' Morphine

In the near future, amateur basement brewers mulling over their next batch may struggle to choose between concocting an IPA or an opioid.

Scientists Identify the World's First Warm-Blooded Fish

All fish are cold-blooded. Just a week ago, that statement would have been true. But on Thursday, scientists announced they discovered the world’s first warm-blooded fish, the opah, forcing us to rethink some of the most basic biological concepts we learned back in elementary school.

Something Strange Happened to U.S. Honeybee Colonies

A new survey outlining honeybee colony losses in the U.S. has scientists scratching their heads: For the first time, beekeepers watched more of their colonies disappear during the summer than in winter.

WATCH: Trap-Jaw Ants Use Their Chops to Backflip Out of Danger

When trap-jaw ants find themselves in trouble, they’ll literally flip out. Trap-jaw ants have specialized, spring-loaded jaws that snap shut at some of the fastest speeds ever recorded for animal movement.

Rats Forgo Treats to Rescue a Distressed Cage Mate

Somewhere along the way, “rat” became the operative term for a double-crossing, backstabbing person who betrays their friends.

Your Poop Is the Latest Privacy Threat

Be careful who you trust with that stool sample; it could be used to identify you. Researchers say they’ve found a way to tell people apart based on the population of bacteria in their poop.

Dawn Images Reveal New Details About Ceres' Bright Spots

The mystery behind Ceres’ bright spots only deepened Monday with the release of new higher-resolution images of the dwarf planet’s surface.