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The Nile as Seen From Space: A Glowing Ribbon of Life

I wasn't intending to post anything on a Sunday night, but I happened on this mind-blowing photograph shot and posted to Twitter by Scott Kelly from the International Space Station.

Organic Brown Gunk (Technical Term) Rains Out of Pluto's Surprising Atmosphere, Coloring the Planet's Surface

I'm just catching up on some of the recent spectacular imagery of Pluto sent back by the New Horizons spacecraft during its flyby, and this one really caught my eye.

As Northern Lights Shimmer, a Glacier National Park Fire Lights up the Nighttime Sky — and Is Visible From Space

Although the Reynolds Creek Fire burning in Glacier National Park may not be particularly large (at least not yet), its smoke plume and even its glow have been easily visible from space.

Astronomers Discover an Earth-Size World Orbiting a Sun-Like Star in the 'Habitable Zone.' But Is It Earth 2.0?

Until today, for all we knew as humans, Earth was the only rocky planet in the universe orbiting a reasonably friendly star within a zone that was neither too close nor too far for life to thrive.

A Spectacular View of Earth Unlike Any Seen Since 1972

You may think you've seen many images of Earth just like this one since the Apollo astronauts snapped the very first one more than four decades ago.

Earth Gripped by Record Warmth During First Half of 2015

The first six months of 2015 comprised the warmest first half of any year on record, surpassing the previous global record for January through June set in 2010.

A New Record Linked to Climate Change Was Just Set in Greenland. It May Seem Esoteric, But It's Really Important.

Back in early July, unusual warmth helped trigger a sudden and dramatic spike in melting at the surface of Greenland's ice sheet.

First Incredible Close-Up Image of Pluto Reveals Gigantic Ice Mountains!

Here they come now — the first incredible detailed images of the surface of Pluto. The image above was just published by NASA, and it shows an absolutely astounding landscape (to my eyes, anyway).

WATCH: Animation Captures Typhoon Nangka Swirling in the Pacific in Beautiful Detail

The image above is a screenshot from a stunningly beautiful animation showing Typhoon Nangka swirling in the Pacific.

Japan Meteorological Agency: For the Globe as a Whole, June 2015 Was the Warmest on Record

This past June was the warmest globally in a record stretching back to 1891. That's the verdict from the Japan Meteorological Agency, which issued its latest monthly report on global temperatures today.

History is Made: New Horizons Skims Past Pluto

After a journey of 10 years and three billion miles, NASA's New Horizons spacecraft has made its closest approach to Pluto.

As Chan-hom Bears Down on Shanghai, New Video Shows Multiple Cyclones Swirling in the Pacific As I'm writing this, there are reports that more than 865,000 people have been evacuated in eastern China in advance of Typhoon Chan-hom's landfall.

Latest Report: El Niño Continues to Bulk Up in the Pacific — and It May Get a Boost From the Pacific's Surge of Cyclones

The El Niño once regarded as "El Wimpo" is getting ever stronger, and it's likely to peak in late fall or early winter as one of the more brawny ones on record.

This Just In: Second Warmest June on Record in U.S.

I was about to write a post focusing on how the current spate of tropical cyclones in the Pacific Ocean could kick El Niño into higher gear when I saw the latest climate report for the United States.

WATCH: Chorus Line of Cyclones Marching Across the Pacific

Four cyclones are kicking it up in a kind of meteorological chorus line across the tropical Pacific today.

As Parts of Three Continents Bake, Greenland Sees Sudden Spike in Surface Melting

As brutal heat grips parts of Europe, Asia, North America and South America, another place is also experiencing a spike in temperatures — one that you may not have heard about.

WATCH: Spectacular NASA Video Shows Giant Eruption Arching High Above the Sun and Exploding Into Space

The Sun was very restless late in June. Starting in the third week of the month, it erupted with numerous flares and flung giant clouds of solar material, called coronal mass ejections, or CMEs, toward Earth.

WATCH: Time-Lapse Movie Shows Pluto and Charon Looming Larger as the New Horizons Spacecraft Speeds Ever Closer

The New Horizons spacecraft has been sending home a steady stream of photos as it has closed in on Pluto.

Smoke From Hundreds of Wildfires in Canada Streams South Across Much of the Central United States

Pushed by a wildly contorted jet stream, smoke from more than 200 wildfires burning in Canada's Alberta and Saskatchewan provinces has streamed 1,600 miles south, deep into the United States.

Idiot Drone Pilot Hampers Efforts to Save Homes from Southern California's Lake Fire

I check in at NASA's fabulous Earth Observatory web site almost every day, because I know I'll be treated to spectacular imagery and also learn something new.