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A likely hurricane-force cyclone spinning up in the Pacific is captured in this stunning satellite image animation

I spotted this beautiful animation of a powerful Pacific Ocean cyclone in the Twitter feed of Scott Bachmeier from the Cooperative Institute for Meteorological Satellite Studies.

Dramatic imagery from space and on the ground captures 10 days of extreme weather fueled by El Niño

Juiced up by El Niño, extreme weather raked the United States from the last week of January through the beginning of February.

'Absurdly' high Arctic warmth drives sea ice to record low

Arctic sea ice extent in January was 402,000 square miles below average — an area equivalent to about 60 percent of Alaska In my previous article here at ImaGeo, I featured a Norwegian icebreaker with no winter sea ice to break in the high Arctic. Since then, the National Snow and Ice Data Center has published its monthly update on sea ice conditions — and the news is pretty dramatic.

As the 'blue Arctic' expands thanks to global warming, an icebreaker finds no ice to break

Shrinking Arctic sea ice — now at record-low levels — has implications for ecosystems, climate, weather, and people During a recent mission off the Arctic archipelago of Svalbard, a Norwegian Coast Guard icebreaker encountered unusual winter conditions for an area just 800 miles from the North Pole.

Warming of globe in 2015 shattered all previous records

This past year was by far the warmest in records that stretch back more than a century, two U.S. federal agencies announced this morning.

Look! Up in the sky! It's a flying pancake! It's a flying saucer! No, it's a . . . lenticular cloud over Flagstaff

Alluring atmospheric phenomenon in Arizona and then Colorado, as seen in timelapse video, photos, and a satellite animation Note: If you're not old enough to know what the headline alludes to, please make sure to read through to the bottom of this post.  Saucer-shaped clouds are not all that unusual in mountainous regions like the American West.

WATCH: Two hurricane-force lows do-si-do in the Pacific

Their dance has helped to drive needed moisture into California Storminess is really kicking into high gear in the eastern Pacific now, helping to drive more rainfall into northern California.

Images from Mars and Pluto reveal stark icy landscapes

Pits and channels on Mars' icecap, and a giant cryovolcano on Pluto When I first saw the landscapes in these two images, I was struck more by their similarities than their differences.

Global warming in December blows the previous record right out of the (exceedingly warm) water

Result for 2015 overall likely to be the same The first verdict on just how warm the globe was during December of 2015 is now in.

The birth and evolution of Hurricane Alex, as seen in spectacular satellite imagery

A highly unusual winter hurricane swirls in the North Atlantic Ocean Since 1851, records show that just two hurricanes have churned through the Atlantic Ocean in January.

The Godzilla El Niño now drenching California is getting a boost from another potent climatic phenomenon: 'MJO'

Expect continuing California rains, and the East to turn much colder Godzilla El Niño stormed ashore in Southern California today, offering up a good drenching that has caused flooding, closed roads, and transformed the usually trickling Los Angeles River into a raging torrent.

Had enough of meteorological mayhem? Sorry, thanks to El Niño, things are likely to get even worse

From preternatural Christmas warmth enveloping the eastern U.S., to deadly tornados raking the nation's midsection, to historic flooding that followed close behind, and most recently to a monstrous storm that unfroze the Arctic, the past several weeks truly have brought a pronounced bout of meteorological mayhem.

One of the most powerful N. Atlantic storms on record builds 55-ft waves and brings winter melting to North Pole

A monstrously powerful North Atlantic storm has done the unthinkable: By drawing warm air up from the south into the Arctic, it likely pushed up temperatures at the North Pole today to just above the melting point.

2015 will almost certainly end as warmest year on record — and 2016 is now forecast to be at least as warm

During 2015, one global warming record after another has fallen.  And if you're looking for relief in the new year, you can probably forget about it.

There's no place like the home planet

After a bit of a blogging hiatus, I'm back — and I thought I'd lead off with the image above. I find it singularly striking.

As seen from space: 'Earth's connecting point to the rest of the universe' — and a fierce legal battleground too

Click on this arresting photograph of Hawaii's Mauna Kea volcano, shot from orbit, and then see if you can make out a series of white structures on the summit.

The Sun blows its top — again

Every once in awhile, a kind of hole blows out in the Sun's atmosphere — a "coronal hole," as it is called.

Lunar puzzler: What is the mysterious feature in this beautiful image of the Lunar Module orbiting the Moon?

Last Thursday marked the anniversary of a significant event in human history: the Apollo 12 Moon landing on Nov.

NASA data confirm: Global warming in October obliterated previous record for the month

NASA is out with its monthly analysis of global surface temperatures, and the verdict is unsettling: This past month positively obliterated the previous record for warmest October.

Earth Art: 'Delicate fingerprints of water'

I spotted this stunning image on Instagram this morning, and I just had to share it. Make sure to click on it to see an enlarged version.