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As Parts of Three Continents Bake, Greenland Sees Sudden Spike in Surface Melting

As brutal heat grips parts of Europe, Asia, North America and South America, another place is also experiencing a spike in temperatures — one that you may not have heard about.

WATCH: Spectacular NASA Video Shows Giant Eruption Arching High Above the Sun and Exploding Into Space

The Sun was very restless late in June. Starting in the third week of the month, it erupted with numerous flares and flung giant clouds of solar material, called coronal mass ejections, or CMEs, toward Earth.

WATCH: Time-Lapse Movie Shows Pluto and Charon Looming Larger as the New Horizons Spacecraft Speeds Ever Closer

The New Horizons spacecraft has been sending home a steady stream of photos as it has closed in on Pluto.

Smoke From Hundreds of Wildfires in Canada Streams South Across Much of the Central United States

Pushed by a wildly contorted jet stream, smoke from more than 200 wildfires burning in Canada's Alberta and Saskatchewan provinces has streamed 1,600 miles south, deep into the United States.

Idiot Drone Pilot Hampers Efforts to Save Homes from Southern California's Lake Fire

I check in at NASA's fabulous Earth Observatory web site almost every day, because I know I'll be treated to spectacular imagery and also learn something new.

As the Piano-Sized New Horizons Spacecraft Approaches, Pluto and Charon Are Coming Into Intriguing Focus

The New Horizons spacecraft is about 13 million miles from Pluto and its largest moon, Charon. If that seems really far, consider the image above.

A Landmark Decision

Here at ImaGeo, I've mostly stuck to reporting, analyzing and commenting on science from a journalistic perspective, with a strong focus on compelling imagery.

Another in a String of Flares Explodes From the Sun, Sending a Cloud of Solar Material Racing Toward Earth

The Sun sure has been acting up lately. Early this morning it let loose with yet another in a veritable string of flares — gargantuan explosions of radiation and solar material — many of them pointed toward Earth.

The Burning Season: Alaska's Interior is on Fire

So far this year, 504 fires have scorched 513 square miles of Alaska — an area the size of the sprawling city of Los Angeles.

Animations of Satellite Images Show the Massive Lake Fire Burning Out of Control Near Los Angeles

A wildfire covering an area more than half the size of Manhattan Island is burning out of control in the San Bernardino National Forest east of Los Angeles.

The Pope's Encyclical is Out, and so is the Verdict on 2015's Climate so Far: Warmest on Record

As heated debate swirled around Pope Francis's call today for action on climate change, new data on Earth's climate were released.

New Study Shows That as the Climate Warms, Melting of Alaskan Glaciers is Adding Significantly to Sea Level Rise

As heat about global warming continues to emanate from the presidential campaign trail, new research published today shows that the melting of Alaskan glaciers is largely the result of a warming climate.

As Republicans Criticize Pope's Stance On Climate Change, NASA's Monthly Update Shows Earth Continuing to Heat Up

NASA's monthly update on Earth's average temperature is out, and it shows this past May in a tie with May 2012 for second warmest on record for the month.

El Wimpo Transforms Into an El Niño That's Showing Increasing Signs of Becoming a Humdinger

Once regarded as indicative of an "El Wimpo", conditions in the Pacific Ocean are pointing to a stronger and stronger El Niño.

For the Lower 48 States of the U.S., May Was the Wettest of 1,452 Months on Record

Most of us probably know that May was astonishingly wet in much of the country, but now, thanks to a report just released by the National Climatic Data Center, we know just profoundly soggy it was.

eARTh Abstraction: Breakup of Arctic Sea

If you have followed this blog with any regularity you may have noticed that I haven't posted anything for awhile.

Stunning Images of Mars Reveal Vistas That Are Eerily Reminiscent of Landscapes Here on Earth

The redrock canyons and up-tilted strata of eastern Utah form some of my favorite landscapes on Earth.

WATCH: Landfall of Super Typhoon Noul. Plus: Ana Becomes Strongest Tropical Storm to Hit U.S. This Early in the Year

Super Typhoon Noul roared ashore on the extreme northeastern corner of the island of Luzon in the Philippines at about 4:45 p.m.

Ana and Noul: A Tale of Two Cyclones

Tropical Storm Ana is headed for landfall in the Carolinas early on Sunday morning. You can see the cyclone swirling near the coast in the image above shot from the International Space Station.

Snowpack in the West "isn't just low — it's gone"

The quotation in the headline for this post is the assessment of David Garen, a hydrologist with the Natural Resources Conservation Service.