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Come fly with me, let's fly, let's fly away

Mount Washington weather observers didn't exactly fly away on 109 mph winds, but from the looks of this video, it could have happened Weather observer Mike Dorfman describes the wind that roared across the summit of Mount Washington in New Hampshire yesterday as "blustery." But if you click on the image above to watch the video of what it was like, I'm sure you'll agree that it was much more than that!

Second dramatic spike in thawing on the Greenland ice sheet heralds an early start to the melt season

The Arctic will "go through hell this year," says one prominent scientist | Note: This story was updated on 5/16/2016 at 7 p.m.

Second dramatic spike in thawing atop the Greenland ice sheet heralds an early start to the melt season

On April 11, a dramatic early spike in melting of snow and ice at the surface of Greenland's ice sheet prompted a Danish climate scientist to say that she and her colleagues were "incredulous." Now, there has been a second bout of unusual melting.

April 2016: The heat goes on

April was the warmest such month on record, continuing an extraordinary stretch of global warming Following six previous record-setting months, April 2016 kept the run going: It was the warmest such month on record, according to data just released by NASA's Goddard Institute for Space Studies.

As El Niño fades, here comes La Niña

A big blob of cold water is rising from the depths in the equatorial Pacific, heralding the likely arrival of La Niña by fall What a difference a few months make.

Spiraling global warming

Clear, simple and compelling: a visualization of the rise in our planet's average temperature from 1850 to the present I spotted this animated visualization over at the Washington Post's awesome Capital Weather Gang site today, and I found it so compelling that I had to share it here at ImaGeo.

Watch tiny, dark Mercury glide across the luminous face of the Sun in glorious timelapse detail

Yesterday's transit of Mercury between the Sun and Earth was captured by countless amateur and professional astrophotographers alike, including Discover's photo editor, Ernie Mastroianni.

Canada wildfire could be the kickoff to a record-setting summer for Earth's northern reaches

The same warmth that fueled the Fort McMurray wildfire has been setting up the Arctic for extraordinary losses of sea ice The rampaging wildfire that blazed through the city of Fort McMurray in Alberta, destroying an estimated 1,600 homes, will likely continue burning for months to come.

Satellite images show Fort McMurray Canada under assault from the rampaging wildfire nicknamed "the beast"

Fueled by dry conditions and temperatures in the 80s, the rampaging Canadian wildfire nicknamed "the beast" is expected to grow to more than 700 square miles today — an area equivalent in size to New York City.

NASA satellite spies towering fire cloud rising above Canadian city forced to evacuate by vicious blaze

Hot, dry and windy conditions today could worsen the vicious wildfire that has forced evacuation of Fort McMurray, the oil sands capital of Canada in Alberta.

Take a deep dive — visually and scientifically — into the spectacle of auroras

The evanescent auroras that form shimmering curtains of light in the high latitudes of both the Northern and Southern hemispheres are stunning enough when seen from below.

With Cyclone Fantala, the Indian Ocean experiences its strongest storm on record

It's now the Indian Ocean's turn. After record setting cyclones in the Northeast Pacific (Hurricane Patricia, Oct.

A thunderstorm blowing its top, as seen from space

When I saw this sweet piece of eye candy, produced recently by an astronaut aboard the International Space Station, I felt it was time to come out of blogging hibernation.

Ocean warming threatens stability of Antarctic ice shelves by carving 'upside-down rivers' into their undersides

Note: Thanks to a spring-break getaway, I'm just now catching up to this new research showing that warming ocean waters are threatening the stability of giant, floating shelves of ice fringing Antarctica. The post that follows offers a summary of the new findings, followed by a Q&A with the study's

A "warm, crazy winter" leaves the Arctic with a record-breaking low extent of sea ice

Thanks to dramatically warm conditions, more of the Arctic's sea surface seems to have remained unfrozen this winter than ever before in the era of satellite monitoring, the National Snow and Ice Data Center announced today.

Reliable, official numbers now in for February 2016 show that it smashed the previous record for the month

What is the significance of reaching this new milestone? And now that El Niño is waning, what might the future bring?

Reliable, official numbers now in for February show that it was by far the warmest of 1,622 months on record

What is the significance of reaching this new milestone? And now that El Niño is waning, what might the future bring?

Here's what a total eclipse looks like from 22,236 miles away in space as the moon's shadow crosses Earth's face

Also check out the view from a million miles away! This past Wednesday, March 9, 2016, the Moon blotted out the Sun in a total eclipse, turning day to dusk starting in Sumatra, moving east across many other Indonesian islands, and then out into the wide Pacific Ocean.

Curiosity Mars rover: 'Look ma, no hands!'

The Curiosity Mars rover took this selfie — actually, 57 of them stitched into one mosaic — as it was exploring a feature on the Red Planet known as the "Namib Dune." The rover used its Mars Hand Lens Imager, or MAHLI, instrument at the end of its robotic arm to snap the images on Jan.

Blessed blast of moisture now streaming into California from the Pacific comes from as far away as the Philippines

As I'm writing this, rain and snow has finally arrived in California — and as the animation above shows, some of that moisture has traveled an exceedingly long distance.