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Satellite imagery shows just how bad the loss of Arctic sea ice has been off Alaska and eastern Siberia

Where sea ice should already be present, there are just vast swaths of open water. The cause: storminess and massive inflows of warmth.

Move over record-setting warmth: A brutal blast of winter misery straight out of the Arctic appears to be on its way

But up in the Arctic, the ironic forecast is for unusual warmth. What's up with this weird pattern of a warm Arctic with cold continents?

A literally breathtaking view of Earth, as filmed by NASA astronaut Randy Bresnik during a spacewalk

If you know any flat-earth types, you might share this with them... Sometimes on a #spacewalk, you just have to take a moment to enjoy the beauty of our planet Earth.

Satellites watch as Bali's Mount Agung volcano propels ash and gas into the atmosphere, threatening climate cooling

With magma boiling at its peak and swelling its body from within, Mount Agung in Bali, Indonesia has awakened from more than a half century of slumber.

Photo feature: a lenticularly gorgeous sunset along the Front Range of Colorado

The cloud formations in the photograph above, and those to follow, may look otherworldly, and maybe even a bit ominous.

A new weather satellite roars into orbit, promising faster and better forecasts of extreme weather like hurricanes

The NOAA-20 satellite was to be the first of four, but the Trump Administration has sought to delay and massively cut the program In the early morning hours of Saturday, Nov.

The heat goes on, and on: This year will likely wind up as one of the three warmest on record

With a month and a half to go until year's end, it's looking like 2017 will go down in the books as the warmest on record – that is, among years that received no temperature boost from El Niño.

She's back! As a giant blob of cold water arises from the depths, La Niña takes over the equatorial Pacific

Will La Niña help bring a warmer or colder winter to your neck of the woods? And will it be wetter or drier?

WATCH: Weather satellite video shows a 10-day dance of three powerful Atlantic hurricanes

It has been nine days since Hurricane Maria blasted ashore in Puerto Rico with 150 mile per hour winds, ravaging the entire island and leaving residents without electricity, food and water.

Already, two significant records have tumbled during 2017's fevered Atlantic hurricane season

With two months left, more records could fall before we're all done We've known for some weeks now that the 2017 Atlantic Hurricane season has been absolutely brutal.

The weak underbelly of a giant Antarctic ice sheet just lost a berg more than four times the size of Manhattan

We've now got yet another worrying sign that human-caused warming is causing the behemoth West Antarctic Ice Sheet to come unglued, threatening to raise sea level by 10 feet over time.

Giant blob of cold water rises from the depths of the Pacific, possibly heralding the arrival of La Niña this fall

Here we go again? Following a mild and short-lived La Niña episode in 2016/2017, the climatic phenomenon stands a 55 to 60 percent chance of developing once again this fall and winter.

We're still on track to experience the second or third warmest year globally in records dating back to 1880

Last month was among the very warmest on record, according to two new analyses – and the heat is very likely to continue.

After shrinking to a shocking record low at end of winter, Arctic sea ice staged a modest comeback this summer

But despite claims to the contrary, one warmish summer in the Arctic does not repeal the long-term trend of human-caused warming Arctic sea ice has staged something of a short-term turn-around this summer.

The monster in moonlight: striking satellite image shows Irma churning north in the dead of night

As Hurricane Irma continued to churn north over Florida early in the morning of Sept. 11, the Suomi NPP spacecraft passed overhead and sent back this dramatic image.

The most extreme damage from Hurricane Irma may come from huge surges of water pushed onto land by wind

Hurricane Irma is a true monster, exceeding the size of Florida itself, and threatening to flatten structures throughout the state with extreme winds.

The monster's eye: satellite video offers a terrifying view of Irma, 2nd strongest storm ever recorded in the Atlantic

As I'm writing this on Wednesday morning, the eye of Hurricane Irma — a “potentially catastrophic” Category 5 storm – has passed over the islands of Barbuda, Saint Barthelemy and Saint Martin, and was shortly headed for the Virgin Islands.

Dramatic satellite video shows fire and smoke from roaring blazes across more than a million acres of the U.S. West

Smoke from the fires appears to have blown all the way across North America and more than half way across the Atlantic As of this afternoon, 77 large fires are burning across 1.4 million acres in eight western U.S.

Views from space reveal the staggering extent of Harvey's flooding – now confirmed as a 1-in-1,000-year event

As Harvey has lumbered to the northeast, the clouds have dissipated, finally giving satellites a clear view of what the 1,000-year flooding event in southeast Texas looks like.

Satellites help track Harvey's staggering rainfall totals

Here at ImaGeo, one of my main goals is to share compelling imagery about the science of our planet. Even when the imagery is the main focus of a post, I've ordinarily included a fair amount of explanatory text.