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Google & SunPower Invest Big Cash In Residential Solar Leasing Fund

Internet and solar giants Google and SunPower announced a useful break for power customers (and a small climate change deterrent) yesterday by entering a $250 million partnership in clean US home energy for the future.

World Green Car Of The Year Is BMW i3

BMW’s luxury electric vehicle, the i3, was recently named as the 2014 World Green Car at a press conference hosted by the New York International Auto Show and Bridgestone Corporation.

So You Want Solar Power, Do You? (cartoon)

You want solar power? These guys seem unlikely to provide it. (Found on Facebook—thanks to Greenpeace UK.) So You Want Solar Power, Do You?

Official Music Video for Mother Nature on #EarthDay

As part of Green For All’s Earth Day coverage, they’re sharing this music video in the hopes of making us pause to reflect and celebrate our life here on Earth: “This Earth Day, we’re pausing to both reflect and celebrate.

Technologies For Direct Removal Of Atmospheric Carbon

Two weeks after the release of the report from IPCC Working Group Two, the  report from Working Group Three was released.

Lyrid Meteor Shower Peaks Tonight, On April 21, 2014

The always beautiful Lyrid meteor shower will be reaching its peak for the year tonight in the late night hours of April 21, 2014, and/or the early morning hours of April 22, 2014.

Caution: Now Entering The “Years Of Living Dangerously”

Last week something rare and extraordinarily positive occurred on American television. Fortunately, through YouTube and, the rest of the world got to see it too.

US Map Of Where No One Lives

Curious where in the US no one lives? Here are some maps on just that: As the creator over at mapsbynik writes: A Block is the smallest area unit used by the U.S.

Oligarchy, We Are

Via DailyKos: Image Credit: We like to assert that Daily Kos is a reality-based community.

Water Likely On New Terra-Like Exoplanet Kepler-186f

Artist’s conception of Kepler-186f in its solar system (NASA Ames/SETI Institute/JPL-Caltech) It’s a bit less possible now that we’re alone in the universe.

Izumo and Newly Discovered Juno Proteins Enable Fertilization

(Parts of this article reprinted from with permission of author.) Humans have long understood the connection between sexual intercourse and birth; and in 1876 two scientists independently described the entry of sperm into the egg and their combination into a single new nucleus.

Study Finds Wind/Solar Power Cheaper Than Nuclear Or CCS

Agora Energiewende today released the results of a cost analysis of four different CO2-free power scenarios in Europe.

Eighth Continent Discovered: The Secret Continent

For your next vacation, consider taking a trip to the newest continent on Earth, The Secret Continent, and enjoy the Museum of Modern Junk, dine on Plastic Bouillabaisse, dress in Debris Couture, and even see some celebrities!

Sewing Hope, Saving The Lives Of Children, Restoring Dignity — Sister Nyirumbe’s Love, & The Fearlessness Of Service

To “make a difference,” a life and death difference in the lives of children is the highest value of human service.

A Special Solar Drone For Social Media

It’s time to start rethinking drones—best known currently as exquisitely targetable weapons of war—in Asimovian terms as loyal supporters of humankind.

‘Super Cells – Building With Biology’ – The Hope (And Hype) of Bio-Design [Book Review]

Part ‘history of’, part ‘how to’, and a good portion hype, Super Cells ~ Building With Biology, by Nina Tandon and Mitchell Joachim, is a fascinating, inspiring, and not-infrequently self-promoting/congratulating celebration of the “collision of Biology, Design and Digital Fabrication.” The book heralds a new movement referred to as bio-design (or biodesign) in which diverse designers appropriate the tools and methods of bio-engineering as well as a relatively new scientific discipline called synthetic biology (note: synthetic biology seeks to synthetically replicate cellular and biological processes and mechanisms for human ends) to ostensibly “transform” the whole of modern society and culture.

Busy Beavers—You Bet! (Video)

Beaver with a mouthful, Calgary, Canada (from John Cena video on YouTube) It has less than 8000 hits on YouTube so far, but this video of a beaver family in Canada mending their house of branches is heading for viral on Facebook for sure!

Eclipse: Full Shadow Covers The Moon Tonight!

It’s not just the annual income tax deadline that expires tomorrow. The Moon will also be going out—though like taxes, it will reappear, and 364 days sooner.

Allergy Season Begins (cartoon)

Thanks for the season confirmation, Jim Hunt! For more, visit Jim at www.ACARTOONIST.COM or

“Sugar With That, Or ASPARTAME [Modified E. Coli Poop]?”

Here’s a rather nauseating, if not scary, tidbit about an artificial sweetener beloved to humankind. And also to Monsanto.