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How Bringing Back The Great Whale Can Limit Climate Change (VIDEO)

The oceans are huge carbon sinks for the world. Fish and whales comprise only a tiny part of their overall biomass.

Sign Spain’s Petition: Don’t Tax the Sun! ¡NO al impuesto al SOL!

In a great show of unified civil disapproval of Spain’s recently proposed “solar tax” law, over 188,000 citizens have signed an online petition against it in less than one week.

Girl Scouts Meet With Pope Francis

Originally published on On the day of the Epiphany in 1965, twenty-one Girl Guide associations established the International Catholic Conference of Guiding (ICCG).

Costa Rica Yoga Eco-Resort Protects Endangered Sea Turtles

Originally published on     As endangered sea turtles are returning home to the gorgeous Osa Peninsula of Costa Rica, a new initiative to support conservation efforts is in full bloom at the Blue Osa Yoga Retreat.

Most Frequent Questions About Climate Change On Google

A new interactive website shows the most frequent questions people ask Google about climate change. The project is the result of a collaboration between Google News Lab and Pitch Interactive, a studio in San Francisco reports Smithsonian Magazine.

James Cameron’s Open Source Sun Flower

James Cameron's 28 foot wide Sun Flower tracks the sun all day and can generate 265 kWh of electricity, more than enough to power a normal household.

GMO Wheat Intended To Repel Aphids Fails Completely In Field-Scale Tests

In another show of just how much genetically modified agricultural crops (GMO crops) consistently fail to live up to the hype placed on them, recent field-scale tests of a GMO wheat variety “designed” to repel aphids have shown the new GMO crop to be nearly completely ineffective.

Effects of Global Warming on Humans – From 2015 IPCC AR5 Data

Not only posing significant risks for Earth’s natural systems, the effects of global warming on humans and human systems have only recently begun receiving the expanded attention they critically require.

5 Secretly Sustainable Travel Destinations

With more travelers interested in their eco-footprint, sustainable travel has become the new trend.  According to a recent survey by, only 10% of respondents took a traditional sustainable trip in 2014, but 2015 will see the majority of global travelers wanting to reduce their environmental impact, or to ensure that their tourism has a positive impact 5 Secretly Sustainable Travel Destinations was originally posted on: PlanetSave.

Safe Commuting By Bicycle

When I think about safe commuting by bicycle, of bicycle safety for regular travelers, I call to mind infrastructure changes in the United States that the Northern Europeans began over 50 years ago.

Recycling Flip Flops From Kenya’s Ocean Shores

Originally published on The world’s oceans are vast, floating dumps for plastic pollution.

How To Get A Greener Kitchen

We purchased a condo last year, and since it was a new condo, that meant designing everything from the ground up and putting in all new appliances, floors, cupboards, etc.

Lithium Ion Battery Breakthrough Could Cut Costs 50%

24M, an MIT start-up, says it has found a new way to manufacture a lithium ion battery that has 5 times as much storage capacity and costs half as much.

France To Add Battery Storage For Its Islands

France has called for bids to install 50 MWh of electrical battery storage for its islands in the Pacific, Atlantic and Indian oceans and on Corsica.

Solar Power Pros And Cons: Is Solar Power Worth It?

Solar power is growing like warts on a troll these days. If it were a disease, we’d have a full-blown epidemic.

Star Of Bethlehem — Closest Highly Visible Conjunction Of Venus & Jupiter In 2000 Years On June 30, 2015

After an absence of roughly 2000 years the Star of Bethlehem may soon be making a return to our night skies on June 30, 2015 — to be more specific Venus and Jupiter will be making their tightest highly visible conjunction in nearly two millennia.

LEGO Plans Sustainable Building Blocks

LEGO is spending $150,000,000 to find new sustainable materials for its building blocks, replacing the plastics currently in use.

Green Boot Camp For Middle School Teachers

Green Boot Camp sponsored by Honeywell Hometown Solutions teaches middle school teachers about stainability so they can teach their own students back home Green Boot Camp For Middle School Teachers was originally posted on: PlanetSave.

Climate Change-Induced Collapse of Civilization by 2040 Reports UK Foreign Office

Releasing this exclusive freely in the public interest, best-selling author Dr. Nafeez Ahmed is offering a unique view of the critically significant impact that climate change is having on our lives, our livelihoods, and even our likelihood of survival on this planet.

Phoenix and Blacksburg Top 2015 Mayors’ Climate Protection Awards

Phoenix, Arizona and Blacksburg, Virginia top this year’s list of the top green cities according to the US Conference of Mayors (USCM).