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Stationary Battery Energy Storage Systems: What Will Drive Their Growth?

Originally published on Apricum. By Florian Mayr If you ask a random person on the street what a battery is used for, they would probably first think of the useful items keeping their laptops, smartphones and (electric) cars working.

Why The English Consortium Debate Was Cancelled

Originally Published on the ECOreport Though Elizabeth May was not as concerned about being left out of the “elite corporate” Globe and Mail or Munk’s debates, cancelling the English Consortium debate is an altogether different matter.

Draconid Meteor Shower Peaking On Night/Evening Of October 8, 2015

The, usually quite beautiful, Draconids meteor shower is now nearly upon us. The peak of this year’s Draconid meteor shower will be on the night of October 8, 2015 — though the night of October 9, 2015, should also make for a good experience as well.

First Passive House School In Maine Is Also Net Zero Energy

The Friends School of Portland in Maine is the first Passive House school building in the state, and only the third in the country.

Price Of Going Solar In US Dropped By Half In The Last Five Years

Originally published on Cost of Solar. If you’ve been waiting for the right time to go solar, you might want to rethink that and start exploring your solar options right now, because there’s never been a better time to install solar in the US.

Bumble Bees Changing In Response To Decreased Flower Diversity, Research Shows

Ongoing changes in flower diversity, related to a shifting climate (amongst other things), are impacting the bodies of bumblebees, according to recent reports.

Viruses Are Alive, Despite Earlier Refutations, According To New Research

Despite earlier presuppositions that viruses aren’t actually “alive” new research is supporting the idea they viruses are in fact living entities — just ones that are very different from other forms of known life.

20-Million-Year-Old “Black Death” Ancestor Found In Flea In Amber

The oldest yet evidence of the presence in the world of the “Black Death” bacteria was recently isolated from a flea that was entombed in Amber around 20 million years ago, according to recent reports.

New Cold Weather Dinosaur Discovered; Probably Lived In Environment With Snow

Fossils of a new species of duck-billed dinosaur have been found in what’s now a very remote part of Alaska, according to recent reports.

NexPower’s Building Integrated Photovoltaic Film Goes Anywhere

Building integrated photovoltaics (BIPV) have been around for a few years now. They have graced concrete, storefront systems, glass, and many other materials.

14 US Mayors Sign Proclamation to Reduce Climate Risks

14 US mayors made a historic commitment last week to take action to reduce climate risks and protect the future of their communities.

Solar Lamp Design Winner Will Be Distributed Throughout Africa To Dispel Darkness

The winning design for a solar lamp, shown above, will be distributed to off-grid communities in Africa to help people living there dispel the darkness without the use of carbon-emitting kerosene lanterns.

New Foundation Design Could Reduce Costs Of Offshore Wind

By William Steel DONG Energy and partners recently completed one of the most comprehensive programmes of offshore monopile testing testing ever undertaken.

Recycled Mall Will Have Largest Green Roof

A new development in Cupertino, CA will be LEED Platinum certified thanks to the world's largest green roof, a 30 acre park with walking and biking trails.

Solar Power Windows Ready For Production

Solar power windows that can generate electricity from sunshine will soon be available from two companies.

Alaska GLACIER Conferees Explore Arctic Climate Issues

Reprinted from our sister publication, CleanTechnica. Not upstaging, but as an important adjunct to the UN’s ADP negotiations that started today in Bonn, Germany, the one-day Conference on Global Leadership in the Arctic: Cooperation, Innovation, Engagement and Resilience took place in Anchorage, Alaska.

Nearly 60% Of All Seabirds Have Plastic In Their Guts, Research Finds

Nearly 60% of all seabird species have plastic in their guts, according to new research findings published in the journal PNAS.

Hydroelectric Power From City Water Supply

LucidEnergy, a Portland, Oregon-based startup that launched in 2007, has devised a system to get hydroelectric power from city water supply pipes.

Man Vaccinated Against Polio 28 Years Ago Has Been Shedding Mutated Highly Virulent Form The Whole Time; Other Mutated Strains Found In Sewage Samples The World Over

In yet another example of things turning out not quite the way that they are advertised… It’s come to light that a man vaccinated against polio 28 years ago has actually had an active infection in his gut the whole time, shedding the virus in his stools for the whole 3 decades.

Jurassic World: A Premonition For Humanity With A Real Bite

Matthias Mueller is the creator of Sustainability Compass*, an app that offers users an actionable guide to sustainability in everyday decisions.