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Fields of Study Ranked Over Past Few Decades

Based on bachelor's degrees conferred, here are the fields that were and are currently popular. Read More

How People Like You Spend Their Time

Looking at American time use for various combinations of sex, age, and employment status, on weekdays and weekends.

Detailed time-lapse of everywhere on Earth

A few years back, Google released a time-lapse feature in Google Earth that let you see change through satellite imagery.

Food patterns

Food trends come and go. Some stay longer than expected, and others come back a certain time every year.

American infrastructure mapped

I can always find time to enjoy me some minimal maps. Tim Meko for The Washington Post visualized American infrastructure in a series of six maps, from the electric grid to bridges and railroads.

Typeface interweaves words and graphs

Datalegreya is a new typeface by Fig that lets you intertwine a graph into the words. Datalegreya can be used in all contexts where small space is available to synthetically display graphical data: connected objects, embedded displays, annual reports, weather report, stock prices, etc.

Actual deportation numbers

There was a lot of talk about deporting millions of illegal immigrants immediately, but as The New York Times shows, the actual number that could be deported is much less.

in/ex troversion

Here’s a short illustrated animation on introverts and extroverts by Julia Rodrigues. This is basically me.

Increasing diversity

Dan Keating and Laris Karklis for The Washington Post map the change in diversity since 2000. The color scale, shown in the top right, represents two things: level of diversity and change in diversity.

Visual collection of bird sounds

Different species of birds make different sounds. However, the sounds are so quick and compressed that it can be tough to pick out what is what.

History of Earth in the context of a football field

In the latest addition to the put-big-numbers-in-context genre, here’s the history timeline of our planet in the context of 100 yards.

Shift Your Point of View

How good or bad something is depends on what you compare against. Read More

Dear Data headed to MoMA’s permanent collection

What started as a personal project and then turned into a book, Dear Data was a collaboration between pen pals through data.

Sponsor: Colore Maps →

Offering an ALL-IN-ONE Data Visualization Tool, Colore Maps offers a quick and easy way to create powerful map visualizations.

What $100 buys in each state

A hundred bucks in one state doesn’t always get you the same thing in another. Using calculations by the Bureau of Economic Analysis, here’s a state map from The New York Times that shows the relative purchasing power in each state.

Dialect book of maps

In 2013, Josh Katz put together a dialect quiz that showed where people talk like you, based on your own vocabulary.

Floaty bubble charts with d3.js

D3.js, or Data-Driven Documents, version 4.0 was released a few months ago, so Jim Vallandingham updated his tutorial for categorized bubble charts to use the new version of the library.

Members Only: Transitioning Map, Part 3: Animate Change Over Time

How to make a bunch of maps and string them together to show change. Read More

Visual connections between art pieces

This is neat. A Google Arts & Culture Experiment, X Degrees of Separation shows a path of visual connections between two art pieces of your choosing.

Google A.I. Experiments

In an effort to get people more interested in and to learn about artificial intelligence, Google just launched A.I.