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This is what you get when you cross a histogram and piano keys to show note distribution of songs. It's the pianogram.

English versus Chinese color descriptors

Color exists on a continuous spectrum, but we bin them with names and descriptions that reflect perception and sometimes culture.

Easier online choropleth maps with Landline

Despite the frequent use of choropleth maps online, they're still kind of tricky to produce for beginners.

Alinea cooker

Alinea is a restaurant by Grant Achatz known for deconstructing flavors and piecing them together again for bites of deliciousness.

Members Only: Mapping Data in Shapefile Format With R

Geographic data is often available as a shapefile, and there's plenty of heavy software to get that data in a map.

Fitbit data to be used in court as evidence

Other personal data from Facebook, Twitter, and email are already used, so sure why not. Fitbit-generated movement data is now used in the courtroom.

Tracking global fishing through satellite data

Global Fishing Watch is an initiative to place some accountability on global fishing, an activity typically a challenge to track.

Planets as fruit to show scale

I still don't understand the relative size of planets. The universe is too big and my sense of scale is too small to fathom such large numbers.

Earth-orbiting satellites, all of them

David Yanofsky and Tim Fernholz for Quartz visualized the satellites orbiting Earth. There's a lot of them.

Lauren McCarthy talk: You, Me and My Computer

This talk that Lauren McCarthy gave at Eyeo is good. McCarthy, an artist and programmer, describes her work with the uncomfortable pauses during dates, technology as a way to change behaviors, and surprising explorations of how people interact with each other.

Casual visualization books for the coffee table

Since my son was born, it's been a challenge to focus on a single book for any prolonged amount of time.

A collection of small datasets

Sometimes you need data, any data, to test or mess around with. Sometimes you just want to make weird crap.

This is big data.

A one-off tumblr that catalogs stock images that depict the tumultuous, rising sea of big data. Nice.

Wireless networks translated to sound

Wi-fi is embedded in our everyday lives so much that we don't pay much attention unless it's not around.

Relationship Status

Some places attract young singles, whereas others attract married couples and families. I was curious how this varied across the country, so I mapped it.

Unclaimed remains

People die, and for various reasons many bodies go unclaimed. In Los Angeles county, the bodies go to the county crematory.

Berlin wall of lighted balloons

Celebrating the 25th anniversary of the fall of the Berlin Wall, Lightgrenze, translated to light border, places lighted balloons where the wall used to be.

Jeopardy! clues data

Here's some weekend project data for you. Reddit user trexmatt dumped a dataset for 216,930 Jeopardy!

Ballet dance traces

Electronic Traces, by Lesia Trubat, tracks ballet movements and allows dancers to see the traces of their feet.

Touchdown passing record

Peyton Manning, quarterback for the Denver Broncos, passed up Brett Favre's career record of 508 passing touchdowns.