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Havana: Conan O'Brien Shows Us What It's Really Like to Visit Cuba

Conan O’Brien made history last night when he aired an episode of his late night talk show that was filmed entirely in Cuba, making him the first American late-night talk show host to broadcast from the country since Jack Paar interviewed Fidel Castro for The Tonight Show in 1959.

New York: Just The Tip: Delta Plane Skids Off Snowy Runway at LaGuardia, Gets Real Close to the Water

@fdny says 131 people about delta flight. Incredibly only one minor injury at laguardia. #1010WINS— glenn schuck (@glennschuck) March 5, 2015 If you're next trip involves landing at LaGuardia Airport, we suggest you look away now.

Helsinki: You Might Actually Go to Sleep in These GoSleep Pods at Helsinki Airport

We do a lot of airport lounge spotlights here on Jaunted, but the truth is, only a small fraction of travelers can actually access these private lounges.

Quay City : Hyperloop Train Technology is About to Enter the Testing Phase in California

We're known for daydreaming of future travel concepts in this neck of the woods, and one particularly nice dream revolves around the idea of reducing the time it takes to travel from one place to the other.

How You Can Finally Understand The Metric System During Your Next Trip

Few things befuddle the average American abroad as much as the metric system. How fast in 90 kilometers per hour?

Become Norway's Official Photojournalist and Travel for Free This Summer

If you've ever googled "how to get a job where I just travel all the time," listen up. Norway—yes, the whole country—is in need of someone who can take two weeks this summer to travel around their country, take pictures of it, and otherwise blog about it.

Travel Rants: How NOT to Dress for Your Next Flight

Happy Hump Day! How about you take out your mid-week frustrations with us as we spiral out of control with a new Travel Rant.

Calgary: Calgary Reminds Us Alot of This American Mountain Town

Calgary in Alberta, Canada As your plane descends to land at Calgary International Airport, you will notice the city's modest skyline is backdropped by the Rocky Mountains.

Buenos Aires: Inside the Best Airline Lounge in South America

There's a sweet secret within the otherwise unremarkable terminal of Buenos Aires- Ezeiza International Airport.

Faster Speeds and Better Connectivity Coming to Delta Flights

Good news for those who enjoy a little up in the air connectivity—like all travelers everywhere—as Delta is investing some funds into updating and improving their in-flight WiFi.

Los Angeles: 4 Places to Eat Right Now in Downtown LA

A photo posted by Juliana Shallcross (@giddyandguilty) on Sep 6, 2014 at 8:29pm PDT Hollywood is so over.

Travel Gear Watch: This Private Cocoon Prevents the Commoners From Looking at You

Want to travel like a diva? Forget about flying first-class: anyone can do that, so long as they have the funds.

AK: A Cruise Specialist Has a Few Quick Tips on Cruising Through Alaska

Thinking about cruising in 2015? Then say hello to our cruise specialist, MaidenVoyage. As a travel agent who spends day in and day out booking cruises for curious travelers, she knows cruise lines and ships like the back of a muster drill script.

Calgary : What's the Difference Between Banff's Three Ski Areas?

View of North American chairlift at Norquay Alberta's Banff National Park has three ski areas within its borders, all within a 45-minute drive of each other.

London: Whoo Wants to Go to The Owl Pop-Up In London?

If you’re in London later this month, there’s a secret owl pop-up event taking place in the Soho neighborhood.

Banff: A Winter Photo Tour of Canada's Banff National Park

View of the North American Chairlift at Mt. Norquay Ski Area Last week, we wrote that now is a great time to travel to Canada thanks to a favorable exchange rate for Americans.

Jaunted's Cultural Tune-Up: Music to Travel to for March 2015

Introducing Jaunted’s Cultural Tune-Up, a monthly playlist-based guide for today’s music loving traveler.

How Billionaires Travel: $450,000 Vacays to St. Barts, Private Planes, Spare Nannies and More

Nothing gives a better inside glimpse into how billionaires live – and travel – than a good old-fashioned nasty divorce.

Wait, What? Tickets for Disney World and Disneyland Now Cost How Much?

Your kiddos better start picking up extra chores, tasks, and assignments around the house, as they’re going to need some additional funds if they’re looking to visit one of the Disney parks here in the nifty fifty.

And Just Like That, US Airways Tweets Its Final Tweet

Let us bow our heads and take a moment to remember the life of the US Airways twitter account which, over the weekend, tweeted its final tweet.