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From VegasChatter and HotelChatter: Wild Parties and Expensive Breafkasts

In travel, getting where you're going is just one part of the process. The other important question is: Where to stay?

‘Vacation Chasers’ is a New Reality Show That Will Make You Insanely Jealous

Are you the type of television masochist who watches those reality shows about house-hunting couples who review multiple palatial estates you could never dream of affording?

Love to Travel, Live to Give? This Group is Offering Discounts On Summer Volunteer Trips

If you're worried that you waited too long to book a volunteer vacation for this summer, worry not. There's actually no better time than the present.

Back of House: 3 Tips for Dining Out with a Group This Weekend

It's the freaking weekend and the chances are good that you will be dining out sometime in the next three days.

Duty-Free Snack Shopping: What to Buy Before Departing Canada

International travel isn't just about seeing foreign lands and experiencing other cultures. It's also about sampling the very best snacks and candies that another country has to offer.

Wi-Fi Addicts, Stay Sane in Spain: Free Airport Service Is Coming Mostly Everywhere Soon

Good news, if you're looking to save some digital dollars — or is that, electronic euros? — during your next trip to Spain.

Bath: Bathing in Bath: Check Out These Amazing New Options at Thermae Bath Spa

We’re open to a debate about this, but we think most people trek to Bath to see the (admittedly impressive) Roman Baths.

This Game Show Host is Heading to the Arctic! (Please Give Your Guess in the Form of a Question)

“Who is — Alex Trebek?” Congratulations! You win $10,000 and a lifetime supply of turtle wax.* The “Jeopardy” quiz man is indeed the celebrity host who is heading on an Arctic exploration this August.

If "Mad Max" Revved Your Motor, Check Out These Luxe Destinations in Namibia

If you caught Mad Max: Fury Road in theaters during its opening weekend, the movie's stark desert setting might have left you with a dry mouth and longing for a nice long swim.

This Cruise Line Now Says 'No' To To-Go Meals

Be very careful sneaking back that midnight snack to your stateroom on the lido deck, as there’s one cruise line that wants you to eat in one place and one place only—the dining room.

13 of Today's Most Influential Transgender Icons and Where They Grew Up

The transgender revolution is (finally) upon us. There’s still a long way to go, of course — but for trans folks, greater representation in the media is aiding a growing tide of understanding and acceptance.

Someone Got Tased At LAX Yesterday And Mini-Me Filmed It, So Of Course It's All Over The Internet

Some guy walked away from TSA at LAX yesterday, and when police confronted him, he... kept going. Lots of shouting ensued, and eventually the man was tased.

Hey New Englanders: Here's Where to Eat When You Catch the Train to Cape Cod

Memorial Day weekend is on the horizon, and you know what that means, New Englanders: Summer trips to Cape Cod are now officially underway.

8 Travel-Related Web Series You Should Seriously Get To Know

It seems like everyone is watching a web series now. It really is the next big thing, though we don't really know who to thank for that (YouTube?

Learn Your Cues: Here's Where Nodding Does NOT Mean "Yes" at All

Nod for yes. Shake head for no. For most of us, these two gestures are used so often that it’s pretty much instinctual.

Kim K. Can Cancel Her Plans: Seattle Art Museum Bans Selfie Sticks

Having lived in some particularly scenic coastal towns (cough, Monterey), we know how annoying it is to be stopped every 10 seconds by that famous request: “Excuse me, would you mind taking our photo?

Chicago: American Airlines' New Lounge Design Hits the Mark

It's not often that we find ourselves saying that we actually enjoy a U.S. air carrier's choices for an airport lounge.

All Nippon Airways Teams With Toyota For New Seat Design

It seems like improving an airplane seat is the 21st century version of the quest to build a better mouse trap, and with every month comes a new gallant attempt.

What Do You Do During Turbulence?

Have you ever sat next to someone who was gripping the armrest of their seat with eyes tightly shut, murmuring "Oh my god, oh my god, oh my god" and occasionally whimpering?

Kuala Lumpur: Selling Selfie Sticks on Airplanes is Apparently Now a Thing

Perhaps you're familiar with the saying, "two is a coincidence, three is a trend?" Well, considering that last month we discovered British Airways' duty-free magazine selling selfie sticks onboard, we've officially reached the "coincidence" stage this month, after spotting another selfie stick featured in the duty-free magazine of Malaysia Airlines.