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Montmajour, the Oldest Abbey in Provence

  Vincent Van Gogh visited Montmajour Abbey at least fifty times, he wrote, just to look at the view across the plain.  Today’s visitors to Provence, France, are drawn to the abbey for the same reason and to see the impressive old ruin in stone, a French historical monument and the oldest abbey in Provence.

Taking the Waters in Baden-Baden, Germany

  The immaculate little town of Baden-Baden, tucked away in the foothills of S.W. Germany’s Black Forest, is a luxurious cross between Monte Carlo, Paris, a spa, and an English park.

One Day in Brussels

  The “wow” factor is high as you walk through the narrow uneven cobblestone alleys to suddenly emerge on the large square at the Grand Place.

The Darker Side of Vienna

Vienna is one of the world’s great cities, even though [...]

The Darker Side of Vienna

Vienna is one of the world’s great cities, even though today she has somewhat the air of a vast museum.

Copenhagen and Tallinn: A Fine Vacation Pair

  Copenhagen’s famed art and design museums, grand historical sites, lively urban parks, and dynamic restaurant scene makes it an easy city to love.

Favorite Villages in Provence: Eygalières and Mausanne-les-Alpilles

  Dozens of  inviting villages are scattered throughout sun-drenched Provence, in southern France. Two of my favorites, perhaps because they’re lesser known and have such unpretentious charm, are Eygalières and Mausanne-les-Alpilles,  in the Bouches-de-Rhone region.

Three Romantic Getaways in Europe

  Valentine’s Day, a holiday steeped in romance and devotion, has been inspiring lovers to declare their love for centuries.

A Greek Senior Bus Tour in Evvia, Greece

  “Would you like to go on an expedition with a group of Greek seniors?” my friend asked. I was visiting Athens for a few weeks last summer and the word “expedition” piqued my interested.

York’s Medieval Streets Resound With History

  The Romans knew it as Eboracum. To the Saxons it was Eoforwick. Then the Vikings named it Jorvik. Today we know it as York, England.

Walking in the Footsteps of the Philosophers in Athens

  If you are wandering the ancient agora in Athens, at the junction of the SW corner near the Boundary Stone that marked the sacred precinct of the square, you will find a row of dwellings or shops.

Shopping for Contemporary Design in Copenhagen

    Copenhagen is a veritable mecca for design aficionados. From modernist classics to cutting-edge conversation pieces, there are plenty of unique (and tempting) elements for a stylish interior to be found in Denmark’s capital city.

Zurich: Switzerland’s Little Big City of Charm and Elegance

  On a clear day, Zurich  proudly shows off its medieval squares, towering stone churches and spires, and the ever-present Limmat River. Easily explored by foot, Zurich’s main sights are clustered for one mile along the banks of the placid, blue Limmat River.

Eight Ways to Beat Jet Lag in London

  Thanks to free museums and stunning architecture, London is frequently the first stop for many travelers going to Europe.

Immerse Yourself in the Fairytale Opulence of Cardiff Castle

  Right in the middle of the bustling, cosmopolitan city of Cardiff, Wales, stands the massive 2000 year old Cardiff Castle.

The Weald and Downland Open Air Museum

  You’ve got to hand it to the English—they do a marvelous job of preserving their heritage, especially in museums.

Twenty-four Hours in Helsinki, Finland

  Helsinki, Finland is an easy city to love. From cutting-edge art museums and historical sights to a vibrant foodie scene and shopping galore, Helsinki has more than enough to keep travelers enthralled.

The Extended Layover: Get More Out of Your Travels

  For years, I flew from point A to point B without even thinking about the cities in which I had layovers.

Tarry a While at England’s Medieval Festival, Herstmonceaux Castle, East Sussex

  Drawing on their authentic medieval heritage, the British do a superb job of re-enacting the life and times of their forebears.

Top 5 Coastal Walks in Cornwall

  With its miles of stunning coastline and rolling hills, it’s not surprising that an estimated 5 milllion tourists visit Britain’s most south westerly county each year.