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World's largest passenger plane battles strong winds at Manchester Airport

The dramatic moment the world's largest passenger jet, the Airbus A380, battled against crosswinds as it prepared to land at Manchester Airport was caught on camera.

Passenger bitten dozens of times by bed bugs on BA flight

A British man has spoken of being bitten more than 100 times on a British Airways flight and how the airline offered him just £50 as compensation.

Woman removed from EasyJet flight 'for abusive behaviour'

A passenger was kicked off of a UK-bound EasyJet flight in Barcelona over her "disruptive behaviour" on Friday.

Kate and William to stay in three-star hotel on Canada tour

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge are reportedly planning on spending a romantic night without Prince George and Princess Charlotte during their royal tour of Canada and are expected to check into...

Strange footage shows ultra-localised rain storm in Sicily

Footage has emerged from Palermo, Sicily that appears to shows the strange phenomenon of ultra-localised rain.

Great Wall of China gets terrible repair job

This has to be the worst repair job ever. China's government's efforts to restore the Great Wall seems to have failed after they cemented over the 7th Century medieval world wonder....

Toddler survives three days in wolf-inhabited Siberian forest

A three-year-old boy has survived three days in a Siberian woodland full of wolves and bears. A huge search was launched by Russian authorities and local people for Tserin Dopchut after he went...

Great white shark poos on cage divers

A group of cage divers were enjoying the moment a majestic great white shark swam right past - until, that is, it decided to defecate on them.

Public warned after Portuguese Man-of-War sightings on UK beaches

The Marine Conservation Society are warning members of the public about Portuguese Man-of-War washing up on UK beaches.

Italian lawyer sues Emirates over nine-hour flight next to obese man

A man is suing Emirates after spending nine hours on a flight next to a large fellow passenger. Giorgio Destro, from Padua, says he had to contend with the man "spilling" over his seat...

Giraffe gets friendly with news reporter

One giraffe got a little too close for comfort with a reporter who was doing a stand-up interview in the middle of a zoo in America recently.

British holidaymaker captures intense storm in Crete

A British holidaymaker in Crete captured footage of strong storm conditions in Heraklion on 21 September.

Crocodile attacks wildlife documentary star and partially severs hand

A well-known handler has been attacked by a crocodile - and may lose part of his hand. Rob Bredl, 66, known as the 'Barefoot Bushman', was attacked while feeding the crocodile at his...

Seagulls 'hold woman hostage' for three days

An 80-year-old woman has told how she was practically a prisoner in her own home after a flock of seagulls repeatedly attacked her.

Guest asks for pictures of Jeff Goldblum in room, hotel obliges

When a hotel in California asked a guest if there was anything they could do to make he and his girlfriend's stay more comfortable before their arrival, the man requested photos of Jurassic...

Super fleas to invade UK homes - and they have huge appendages

Super fleas with large erect penises are set to invade UK homes, according to new reports. The Sun says that the insects are far larger than normal fleas and boast erect penises two and a half...

Super fleas with huge willies to invade UK homes

Super fleas with large erect willies are set to invade UK homes, according to new reports. The Sun says that the insects are far larger than normal fleas and boast erect penises two and a half...

Network Rail fined over death of ex-actress killed by train in Suffolk

Network Rail has been fined £4 million for a string of safety failures after a former actress was struck and killed by a train on a railway foot crossing.

First solo overseas trip for the Duchess of Cambridge

The Duchess of Cambridge is to carry out her first solo overseas trip, travelling to Holland next month for a day of engagements - including a courtesy call on King Willem-Alexander.

Police hunt thug who threw kittens at a train

Police are appealing for help in finding a person who threw kittens at a train near Norwich in a "truly horrendous" incident.