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Megabus passengers kick driver off 'after he nods off at the wheel'

Passengers on a Megabus journey from London Victoria to Cardiff staged a revolt mid-journey when they spotted their driver falling asleep at the wheel.

Man survives three-hour Revenant-style bear attack in India

A farmer in India was left with his face hanging off after being attacked by a sloth bear in a terrifying assault while out picking mushrooms in the dense forests around Haliyal, Karnataka State....

Family 'kicked out of Butlin's after girl was sick on sheets'

A mother from Hull claims her family were asked to leave a Butlin's holiday park after her daughter got sick and threw up on the bed sheets.

British girl drowns in swimming pool on holiday in Spain

A British family has paid a heartbreaking tribute to their little girl after she died on holiday in Spain on her father's birthday.

Fisherman catches legendary 10ft-long Pig Nose fish in Canada

A humongous, disfigured fish named the Pig Nose has been caught by a brave fisherman on the Fraser River in British Columbia, Canada.

Best sunny destinations for late summer holidays

Summer may be coming to a close, but if you're still yearning to bask the sunshine or for your tan, you don't have to travel that far.

Australian woman fights off kangaroo attacking her daughter

An Australian mother was forced to wrestle with a kangaroo after it attacked her two-year-old daughter outside their home in Queensland.

Lottery winner issues boyfriend list of rules for Ibiza holiday

Britain's youngest lottery millionaire has issued her boyfriend a list of 20 rules for his lads' holiday in Ibiza.

Slimy transparent creature found outside Norway cottage

A slimy bizarre creature found outside a remote house in Norway has left social media scratching its collective head over what in the world it could be.

Hundreds defy human pyramid ban at Indian Hindu festival

​Hundreds of people attending a Hindu festival in India's western Maharashtra state on Thursday defied India's Supreme Court order limiting the height of human pyramids due to safety...

Bank holiday August 2016 traffic: Millions take to the roads

The Bank Holiday getaway has begun, with millions of people taking trips within the UK and abroad. An estimated 13 million drivers will take to the roads for a holiday or an outing between...

They can't stop licking it! Bighorn sheep give free carwash

These sheep clearly loved something about this car, as they wouldn't stop licking and sniffing at it.

Man slapped in face by flying fish (video)

A man had an unfortunate face slap from a flying fish - and, thankfully for us, it was all caught on camera.

Woman that got stuck in Disneyland turnstile loses 25 stone

A woman who weighed 35 stone made the decision to change her life after getting stuck in a turnstile at Disneyland in 2011.

TV presenter bitten by zoo penguin during interview

This Morning TV presenter Alison Hammond was left a little flustered during a live interview - as a penguin bit her just seconds before the camera panned to her.

Easyjet flight delayed after cabin crew row over water bottles

An Easyjet flight from Gatwick was delayed by more than an hour after two flight crew had a row over water bottles as it taxied for take off.

Britain's top restaurant is in Cumbria

L'Enclume in Cumbria has been named the best restaurant in the UK in an influential guide that also features a motorway services and a bike shop cafe.

California city pays people not to commit crimes

Officials in the San Francisco Oakland area trying to slow down crime. The newest plan is called "Advance Peace", and the idea is to try and curb crime using the same method apparent...

Myanmar earthquake devastates ancient temples

A powerful earthquake shook central Myanmar on Wednesday, killing at least three people including two children.

Pensioners flock to UK theme park to get a thrill

As well as a state pension and a bus pass, over 65s now have something a little bit more exciting to look forward to – as a UK theme park now offers them half-price entry.