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Family scarred after 'fleas hitch ride in suitcase' from holiday hotel

A young mum claims she brought the holiday from hell home with her when their house became infested with fleas – and holiday company Thomas Cook allegedly originally refused to take...

Hungry sea lion pup found fast asleep in restaurant booth

It appears some customers don't need a reservation to get into California's fanciest restaurants. On Thursday morning, a hungry sea lion pup sat itself down at The Marine Room, an...

Bus plunges off bridge in India killing 39

At least 39 people have been killed after a bus plunged off a bridge into a river in India on Friday.

Two planes collide midair and plunge into sea in LA

Two small plane have collided and crashed into the ocean in Los Angeles. A huge search by boats and divers as so far showed up no sign of survivors.

Cheetah chills out on safari tourists' vehicle (video)

These holidaymakers were enjoying their safari adventure when a wild cheetah decided to pull up a pew on their car.

Is this the happiest wombat ever?

This wombat named Sandi gets very pushy when people stop petting her. Apparently, she'll stops at nothing to make sure her carers keep it up.

Asteroid to fly close to Earth on March 5

​An asteroid is set to skim past Earth on March 5, Nasa has predicted. Two years ago, the same asteroid buzzed by earth at around 2.3 million miles away - but this time it will be much closer....

Sex toy prank at airport goes viral

That moment when you realise someone has put a sex toy in your luggage without you knowing. See also: More embarrassing moments at airport security Ok, so we can't say it has ever happened...

Great white shark leaps though air off Mexico coast (video)

A man has shared the moment he captured a great white shark leaping into the air off the coast of Mexico.

Jet Airways suspends cabin crew after singer's mid-air performance

Jet Airways has suspended cabin crew after a celebrity singer entertained passengers over the inflight system.

That's brave! Tourist holds giant crab with scary claws

One brave tourist picked up an enormous giant coconut crab with "lethal" claws while on holiday in Christmas Island.

Two men survive 41 days adrift in Pacific by 'eating coconuts'

Two men from Papua New Guinea have made it home after surviving nearly six weeks lost at sea. Back on 28 September, Rickson Masol, 32, and Chris Pagan, 49, set sail with three others from their...

Watch: Incredible timelapse of the New York subway

Maxim Diamond is a video journalist and train enthusiast from New York City. He filmed this time lapse video with a GoPro attached to the inside of the front window of the train.

Planes arriving in UK from Zika-hit areas sprayed with insecticide

Planes landing in the UK from areas affected by Zika are to be sprayed with insecticide as part of the Government's response to the outbreak.

British pensioners arrested during game of bridge in Thailand

A group of elderly bridge players were arrested in the Thai tourist resort of Pattaya during an anti-gambling raid on Wednesday.

Watch: Cheetah and dog in epic race: Who wins?

A cheetah and a dog might seem like an unlikely pair to race each other - but the San Diego Safari Park made it happen.

Watch: Girraffe steals bag of food from tourist

Taking a ride through an animal safari park in Georgia, these visitors stopped near a giraffe to feed it some food.

Baby rhino rescued after being abandoned by its mother

This beautiful baby rhino, which was abandoned by his mother as a newborn, has been saved thanks to a hard-working rescue team in South Africa.

'World's saddest zoo': Chinese attraction accused of cruelty

The Grandview Aquarium, located inside a shopping mall in China, has been branded "the world's saddest zoo".

150 passengers contract norovirus on 'dream cruise'

More than 150 people are suffering from norovirus gastroenteritis onboard the Diamond Princess cruise ship docked in Sydney.