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Surfer attacked by crocodile in Costa Rica

An American surfer survived a crocodile attack at a beach in Costa Rica after his friend fought off the reptile with his bare hands.

Davina McCall dances in her bikini in funny holiday video

Davina McCall filmed herself being an "embarrassing mother" as she showed off her dance moves while on holiday in Greece with her husband.

Cara Delevingne admits having sex on planes and getting caught

Model-turned-actress Cara Delevingne has admitted she's no stranger to the Mile High Club and was once even spotted by a fellow passenger while having sex on a plane.

Mum drowns in River Ouse while trying to save boy

A woman has died after drowning in the River Ouse in Bedford while trying to save a young boy who got into difficulty.

Extraordinary holidays: Beautiful lodges around the world

Last year, the National Geographic Society began a new foray in world-class travel experiences with the launch National Geographic Unique Lodges of the World, a collection of boutique hotels in...

This bag lets you ride luggage around the airport

Do you ever get tired of having to drag your luggage around the airport? Or maybe you worry you won't get to your gate on time and you'll end up missing your flight?

Britain's best urban beaches

Summer's finally here and you don't have to travel too far to experience the best of British beach life as some of the UK's biggest urban spots have fantastic beaches for city...

The most unfortunate place names around the world

You may not think the name of where you live really matters, but what if it's something really embarrassing?

Beast of Bodmin Moor mystery finally solved?

A zoo owner may have finally come up with an explanation for the mystery behind the Beast of Bodmin Moor.

Brits and expats try UK citizenship test, fail spectacularly

It seems Britons are not so great at being, er, British, if results of a recent UK citizenship test are anything to go by.

Nasty smell forces BA flight to Greece to return to Gatwick

A British Airways flight carrying holidaymakers to Greece was forced to turn back when a "nasty smell" filled the cabin.

Travel quiz: How well do you know your capital cities?

Think you know the world like the back of your hand? Well you can put your geographical knowledge to the test with this capital cities quiz.

British woman hires diver to find ring lost on Majorca holiday

A British holidaymaker spent £1000 hiring an underwater metal detector to find a ring she lost at the beach while on holiday in Majorca.

Dog left with horrific wound after stay in posh pet hotel

(Warning graphic images) A nurse claims her pet pooch suffered a 'rotting' open wound after being left wearing a harness and coat for two weeks at a luxury dog hotel.

Man falls over cliff in waterslide disaster

A man from Dallas, USA, nearly lost his life after slipping off a waterslide and over a rocky cliff. David Salmon was cruising down the slide on his back when he suddenly flew over the edge of...

Novel way to prevent mosquito bites revealed

If you're somebody that's always getting bitten by mosquitoes, here's a novel way of preventing it - sleep with a chicken next to your bed.

Quidditch World Cup: Summer's quirkiest sport event

Don't reckon Quidditch should be considered a "real sport"? Well, if you check out what's happening in Frankfurt this weekend *maybe* you'll change your mind...

Fossils in Argentina shed new light on 'viscious' dinosaur

Fossils of a carnivorous dinosaur unearthed in Argentina are shedding new light on an intriguing group of predators that apparently were just as happy to slash victims to death with sickle-shaped...

This is the world's most expensive destination

New York is the most expensive city in the world for a short break, according to TripAdvisor. The TripIndex Cities study compared the cost of a three-night city break for two people in 20 major...

Humpback whale performs amazing breach - but tourists miss it

This is the moment a majestic humpback whale in Australia performed a spectacular breach right next to a tourist boat - while they were looking the other way.