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Secret Britain: The parts unspoiled by tourism

Throughout July, AOL Travel is running a series of lovely original features in celebration of Britain's beautiful off-the-beaten track places.

Is that a crocodile in the River Thames?

A large 'crocodile' appeared to be prowling around in London's Docklands - and a worker on a lunch break managed to get a snap of the 'creature'.

This baby gorilla trying to beat his chest is adorable

This adorable baby gorilla wanted to prove that just because he was small, it didn't mean people shouldn't be afraid of him.

Upside-down sea turtle saved by rescue team

Crews from the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation teamed up with The Nature Conservancy to help this turtle out of a troublesome situation.

Has the Loch Ness Monster washed up dead on the beach?

Tourists were left stunned when they seemed to come across the Loch Ness Monster washed up on the banks of the famous loch.

'Dead cat' handed in to animal shelter actually a hand puppet

An animal rescue centre said sadness turned to "laughter" when a seemingly dead cat turned out to be a hand puppet.

Grizzly bear kills mountain biker in Montana, USA

Authorities near Glacier National Park in Montana are searching for the grizzly bear that attacked and killed a mountain biker.

This is a corgi convention on a beach in California (yes, really)

A corgi convention was held on a California beach this week. And why not? The short-legged canines are a favourite breed in the US state.

Copacabana beach: Body parts wash up at Olympic venue

Parts of a mutilated body washed up on the sands of Copacabana Beach in Rio de Janeiro on Wednesday, police said, just meters (yards) from where beach volleyball athletes will compete in the...

Costa Concordia survivors forced to fly back to Italy

Survivors of the Costa Concordia disaster are being forced to fly back to Italy today after the cruise operator failed to accept the findings of UK medical experts.

School children found after going missing in Brecon Beacons

A group of schoolchildren has been found after they went missing in the Brecon Beacons, Wales in atrocious weather conditions.

Man and mobile phone get married in Las Vegas

Las Vegas has certainly seen its share of unique weddings, but recently one ceremony took even a well-seasoned professional by surprise.

The world's most popular tours for travellers

Summer is here and with it, millions of tourists will be embarking on their next travel adventures. Viator, a travel tours company, recently revealed the top tours booked around the world.

Escaped prisoner arrested at St Pancras after 21 years

An escaped prisoner who spent 21 years on the run has been arrested after taking the Eurostar to St Pancras in London.

California firefighters contain most of state's biggest wildfire

Firefighters in central California had by Wednesday contained most of a major wildfire that ranks as the biggest and deadliest of several that are raging in an early summer heatwave.

Whales "release 257 gallons of urine a day each"

The next time you go swimming at the beach think of this: Some whales release 257 gallons of urine into the ocean every day.

Istanbul airport attack - what we know know so far

Turkey's prime minister has called a suicide blast at Ataturk Airport in Istanbul a "heinous planned attack" as the Foreign Office said it was "urgently seeking further...

Railway sex attacker is aged only 11, say police

A boy thought to be as young as 11 has sexually assaulted a woman in a railway station booking hall. The assailant laughed as he left the scene at Stockport and later returned and spat at rail...

Don't feed the birds: Ostrich attacks passengers in car

Having a hungry ostrich poke its head into your car is pretty terrifying, especially when you're the one sat next to the window.

One way to escape from a shark if you're a fish

One thing you might not expect to see while out fishing is a shark attacking the fish you're hoping to get on the end of your line.