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Aldi and Lidl cutting the cost of holidays abroad

File under: Travel news Prices in European resorts have plunged for self-catering tourists thanks to cost-cutting supermarkets Aldi and Lidl springing up and keeping local prices down.

Beautiful places you never expected to see in London

File under: UK travel Photo credit: Alamy London is home to many skyscrapers, museums and galleries but did you know it is possible to visit a windmill in the city?

Video captures plane's terrifying descent into St Barths Airport

File under: World travel Most of us have been unlucky enough to experience some rocky turbulence, irritating co-passengers or dodgy airline food but this video shows just how scary plane landings can be.

Mankini ban in Newquay reduces crime rate

File under: Travel news Photo credit: Getty A Cornish holiday town's decision to "ban" mankinis from public areas has helped reduce anti-social behaviour and resulted in a boom for the local tourist economy, police and community leaders have said.

World's most over-the-top hotel bathrooms

File under: World travel Photo credit: NIYAMA If the first place you head to in your hotel room is the bathroom, then you're in for a treat at these luxury hotels with the most amazing bathrooms, as they come with hi-tech features, over-the-top amenities and drop dead gorgeous views.

Top 25 things to do in London

File under: UK travel London is known for being one of the busiest and vibrant cities in the world with a whole host of activities to be enjoyed while you're there.

Cheap July holidays: Best affordable summer sun 2015

File under: Cheap holidays Photo credit: Getty Images/iStockphoto Looking for a cheap holiday in July?

Four peregrine falcon chicks born at Salisbury Cathedral

File under: Travel news Four peregrine falcon chicks which hatched on England's tallest cathedral spire have been ringed.

Brits don't recognise world's most iconic landmarks

File under: World travel Taj Mahal? Or Brighton Pavilion? We've all been known to make a blunder or two when talking about things we don't know much about.

'Ok if you like rocks": Underwhelming reviews of the world's most famous attractions

File under: World travel Photo credit: Getty Images/Flickr RF Ever travelled for miles to a destination you've always dreamed of visiting or turned up at the iconic tourist attraction you couldn't wait to see, then think, "Is that it?

Revealed! Britain's priciest seaside town

File under: Travel news Salcombe in Devon has been named the UK's most expensive seaside town, with house prices averaging £672,874.

Giant jellyfish surrounds snorkeler in Dorset (video)

File under: Travel news Photo credit: SWNS An underwater photographer captured the moment he and his grandson swam close to a giant jellyfish off the coast of Dorset.

Cyclist jumps red light and crashes into bus (video)

File under: Travel news Photo credit: yt A video of a cyclist jumping a red light and crashing into a double-decker bus seconds later has gone viral.

Is this the 'most relaxing film in the world'?

File under: Travel news Photo credit: YouTube A video created by a Danish tourist board has been self-titled as 'The World's Most Relaxing Film'.

Leonardo DiCaprio and Juliette Lewis enjoy superyacht in Cannes

File under: Travel news Photo credit: FameFlynet It's great to have friends in high (and hot) places.

Europe's best holiday islands 2015

File under: World travel Tripadvisor has just announced the best islands in Europe to go to this summer - and Madeira (pictured above) came second.

Optical illusion leaves Faroe Island lake distorted

File under: World travel Camera trickery and beautiful scenery has left us puzzled looking at the stunning Lake Sorvagsvatn in the Faroe Islands.

National Geographic Traveler Contest 2015: See the pics

File under: World travel Photo credit: Howard Singleton/National Geographic Traveller The 2015 National Geographic Traveler Contest is one of the best known and most prestigious travel photography competitions in the world, and the standard of the photography just gets better and better.

London leads the world on excellence for tourists

File under: Travel news London leads the world in its number of award-winning tourist businesses, according to assessments by TripAdvisor.

London's best pub gardens

File under: UK travel Photo credit: The Albion Summer is so close we can practically taste the Pimm's and what better way to spend a day in the sunshine than at a great British beer garden?