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Mongoose takes on black mamba snake

This tiny dwarf mongoose came face to face with a deadly black mamba snake in Kruger National Park in South Africa.

How often are Tube seats washed?

Not getting a seat on the Tube may not be such a bad thing after all. Why? An investigation by the Metro has revealed that seats on seven of the Underground lines do not get cleaned.

British tourists to 'pay to visit Europe after Brexit'

British tourists could have to pay to visit Europe after Brexit in a move similar to the US-style visa waiver system.

Storm Doris: Has your flight been cancelled?

With most of the country currently experiencing the chaos caused by Storm Doris as 90moh winds hit Britain, a number of flights are being delayed or cancelled at UK airports.

New miniature frog species discovered in India

Researchers in India recently announced the discovery of seven new species of Night Frogs, just over half of which are miniatures and tiny enough to "comfortably sit on a coin." See...

Watch: Octopus attacks spear fisherman

An amazing video has emerged of an octopus attacking a spear fisherman. See also: Watch this giant Pacific octopus walk along the beach See also: Can you spot the camouflaged octopus on the...

Brave waitress saves restaurant from giant lizard

After a day of adventuring in New South Wales, Australia, one might be looking for a bite to eat. Local restaurant Mimosa Wines boasts about its local wines, wood-fired pizza, and beckoning...

Japan zoo kills 57 snow monkeys over 'alien genes'

A zoo in Japan has culled 57 of its snow monkeys by lethal injection after discovering they carried the genes of an 'invasive alien species'.

Top 10 castle stays in the UK

Fancy living it up like royalty? Well there are plenty of options with these 10 stunning castle breaks.

Sweater-clad ponies go on a boating adventure

These two Shetland ponies, Albert and Ernie, travelled from their hometown in Devon to the Shetland Isles on a small boat.

Storm Doris to hit Britain with 80mph winds

Winds of up to 80mph will sweep away the mild spell as Storm Doris roars in from the Atlantic to batter Britain with snow and rain.

Weymouth Beach named best in Britain for 2017 by TripAdvisor

Weymouth Beach has knocked Woolacombe off the top spot this year to claim the title of Britain's best beach.

Best holiday destinations for animal lovers

Do you love animals of all shapes and sizes but just wish you could include them in all your holidays?

Bangkok cafe allows you to pet meerkats, owls and raccoons

This cafe called Little Zoo in Bangkok allows customers play with some animals, including owls, meerkats and raccoons.

Bankok cafe allows you to pet meerkats, owls and raccoons

This cafe called Little Zoo in Bangkok allows customers play with some animals, including owls, meerkats and raccoons.

Porcupine fends off leopard in Kruger National Park

This amazing video has emerged of a porcupine running at a leopard in Kruger National Park in South Africa.

Watch: Woman survives being run over by train

A woman miraculously survived being run over by a train after laying down flat on the tracks. An onlooker who spotted her walking across between the two platforms, started filming after he saw the...

Giant Jeremy Clarkson sculpture appears in Salford

A gigantic sculpture of Jeremy Clarkson's head had neighbours wondering if they were going round the bend after it mysteriously appeared in a front garden this week.

What are the dirtiest places on a plane?

Did you know that more than one if five people who travel on planes suffer from a cold or the flu after the flight?

Stella McCartney hits car and leaves without giving details

Stella McCartney hit a cab driver's car and drove off without giving him her details. The fashion designer, 45, has since apologised after she left the scene without handing over contact...