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British Airways distribution fee met with irritation (but not scorn)

Reaction to the introduction by British Airways of a surcharge on tickets sold on non-NDC systems has been less hysterical than some might have anticipated.

British Airways imposes surcharge on tickets not booked through NDC connection

British Airways and sister carrier Iberia are to levy a £8 fee on every fare booked on systems not using an NDC-led connection.

Data scientists, propensity engines and super-personalisation

OpenJaw Technology has moved its t-Retail platform to Amazon AWS and introduced a range of new features including a booking engine and a marketing tool, all with a China focus.

Web deals miles ahead of celebrity endorsements for travel inspiration

Inspiration for a trip comes from a variety of sources, yet it appears the classic, slightly old fashioned, bargain is still the primary driver.

Sweden on Airbnb, ANA launches Global Mileage Mall, and more…

This is a roundup of product news and announcements for travel marketing in May 2017. Friday 26 May 2017: Sweden on Airbnb The campaign between the Swedish tourist board and Airbnb taps into the concept of “freedom to roam”, a tradition where all land in the country is available for people to visit and stay.

Tell us a little about yourself – Tnooz reader survey 2017

Tnooz was unveiled in 2009 to be the leading global provider of technology news, analysis, commentary and data to the travel, tourism and hospitality industry.

Trying to move beyond the divas, rookies and misconceptions of travel blogging

It’s reasonably fair to say that the industry has always had mixed emotions when it comes to the world of travel blogging.

CWT plots meetings platform, Sabre signs Coupa and Hospitality International, and more…

This is a roundup of product news and announcements for travel systems in May 2017. Wednesday 25 May 2017: CWT plots meeting platform MeetingsBooker is to partner with the global corporate travel agency to create a service for securing meeting venues for customers.

How Amazon drives innovation (and should inspire the travel industry)

Amazon is often held up in travel circles as what to aim for when it comes to knowing customers and inspiring them to buy.

WestJet’s approach to retaining loyal customers

Customer loyalty is a make-or-break issue for companies of all sizes, and Canada’s WestJet has got it down to a science.

Business travel giants talk up NDC prowess after sealing direct connect deals

Hogg Robinson Group and Concur claim they are spearheading the spread of IATA’s New Distribution Capability standards into business travel.

In GDS battles for market share, size isn’t everything

It might be tempting to suggest that Gordon Wilson is downplaying the importance of GDS market share because, as CEO of Travelport, he runs the GDS with the smallest share of the three major companies.

How consumers want airlines to communicate with them

Airlines, perhaps more than any other segment of the industry, have found that their mobile apps can be invaluable services in the lives of modern travellers.

Tnooz-Trivago TLEARN WEBINAR: Embrace tech to avoid missed hotel bookings

The guest experience doesn’t begin when the traveller checks into their hotel – it begins the moment the inspiration to travel strikes.

Mezi hires new VP, SilverRail taps Amadeus for rail chief, and more…

This is a roundup of product news and announcements for travel people and businesses in May 2017. Wednesday 24 May 2017: Mezi hires new VP The personal travel assistant application has brought in Johnny Thorsen to becomes its vice president of travel strategy and partnerships.

Travel tech investment deals hit four-year high

The number of new funding rounds into travel tech businesses increased by 12% between 2015 and 2016. Although the volume of individual deals climbed during last year, actual levels of funding were down overall on the previous year.

Tnooz-Adobe FREE WEBINAR: How travel and hospitality brands can win the customer experience

This summer alone, US travelers will spend nearly $100 billion. But make no mistake — for marketers in the travel and hospitality industry, the race is no longer for bookings, it’s to win the entire customer experience.

HRG buys eWings online business travel management platform

Hogg Robinson Group is planning to acquire eWings, a web-based travel management company focused on the German market.

TripAdvisor upgrades Apple app, Hostelworld broadcasts to the globe, and more…

This is a roundup of product news and announcements for travel devices in May 2017. Wednesday 24 May 2017: TripAdvisor upgrades Apple app The new version of the mobile app has what is being billed as a streamlined design with it being easier for users to find and compare prices for hotels, rentals and attractions.

Ryanair marks another digital milestone – selling Air Europa flights

Air Europa will be the first of what is expected to be a number of carriers to have their tickets available for sale on the Ryanair website.