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Ad tech, blockchain and travel – a new area for disruption (or not)

Industry first alert! “The very first blockchain-based auction for advertising inventory” is taking place and involves a travel media business selling space on one million printed-at-home boarding passes for a major airline.

Live chat: a hotelier’s guide

Sponsored by Triptease. The latest white paper in Triptease’s Hotelier’s Guide series looks at live chat.

Podcast: Travel Weekly’s Arnie Weissman on decades of industry insights

Travel Weekly has been publishing for over sixty years. The media landscape has shifted considerably during the brand’s tenure, yet the brand continues to publish print to this day.

RateGain, known for hospitality solutions, sets sights on the airline industry

Noida, India-based RateGain, which has served the hotel industry with a range of technology products for 13 years, is making its first major foray into the airline sector.

Brute forcing and ignorance in travel fraud

The latest travel fraud story to hit the UK front pages ticks the boxes required to strike fear into the heart of Middle England – Russian cybercriminals are hacking travel loyalty schemes and living a life of luxury at the expense of hardworking Brits by selling these points on the dark web.

Cracking the code to make airline loyalty count

Since their launch, airline loyalty programs have become valuable revenue drivers, brand builders, marketing tools and assets.

Marriott envisions hotel stays yet to come with a tech-enabled ‘room of the future’

Tucked away in a raw basement of Marriott International’s headquarters in Bethesda, MD, is the hotel company’s Innovation Lab, home of the “hotel room of the future.” With the Internet of Things at its disposal, Marriott set out to design and build a prototype hotel room from scratch with features that would adapt to the guest’s preferences.

Mobile app startups – Hoof, Lookaround, Skyhour

This is a regular roundup of some of the latest mobile application startup launches in travel covering everything from trip inspiration and planning to virtual assistants.

tnoozLIVE@Arival: Rezdy COO Chris Atkin

This is the continuation of a series of articles spun out of tnoozLIVE@Arival, recorded live at the Arival in-destination event held at the LINQ in Las Vegas.

Travel disruption cost airlines and passengers tens of billions

Travel commerce platform Switchfly becomes the latest travel technology company offering to help airlines solve costly Irregular Operations (IROP) incidents by making passenger re-accommodation faster and easier.

Sojern likes Adphorus to fully understand the path-to-purchase

Travel-focused ad tech firm Sojern has bought Facebook (and Instagram) marketing partner Adphorus for an undisclosed sum.

Airbnb bids to make travel more accessible

Airbnb has acquired Accomable, a website listing accessible accommodation Accomable, founded in 2015, with the aim of making it easier for everyone to travel, regardless of any disabilities.

Podcast: Dan Ruch from Rocketrip on gamification, corporate travel, and his founder’s journey

There’s been a lot going on over at Rocketrip. As a guest host with the Travel is Your Business podcast crew, I was pleased to sit down with Dan Ruch, Rocketrip‘s CEO, to explore the story behind the company.

tnoozLIVE@Arival: TripAdvisor’s tours and activities lead Ben Drew

This is the continuation of a series of articles spun out of tnoozLIVE@Arival, recorded live at the Arival in-destination event held at the LINQ in Las Vegas.

Musings from digital travel experts on key content shifts

Travel marketers might want to brush up their video skills as the shift to the medium, and how it is used for content, is happening faster than anticipated.

Bleisure travel trend goes north for US business travelers

US business travelers are increasingly attracted to the prospect of adding a few days of leisure to their business trip, this trend, known as a “bleisure”, offers opportunities for hotels and airlines to increase their high-value revenue.

Keeping US tourism great – execs assess Trump’s impact on travel

Discussing the impact of any US president’s administration on the travel industry typically doesn’t warrant a panel focus at a tourism industry conference.

Room for growth in airline conversion rates

Could do better is the conclusion of a Diggintravel study of Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO) practices from airlines.

IATA warns Governments to remember lessons from devices ban

Include airlines in decision making when it comes to security was the message from the IATA chief at the organisation’s World Conference in Abu Dhabi.

Irish startup weekend taps the spirit of Pokemon Go for tours and activities

This is a viewpoint from Mark Lenahan, co-founder of CJ Ignition. Imagine as a traveller if you never had to eat alone, if you had a tour guide in your pocket everywhere you went, if you could see the history and the natural environment come to life as you explore and book any activity instantly?