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Six ways revenue technology improves your hotel game

One of the most exciting aspects of the hospitality industry is its revolving door of change. Substantial transitions in revenue strategy, industry data and analytical capabilities have resulted in significantly improved performance for limited service hotels over the years. suspended in Turkey over court row with domestic agencies

Turkish authorities have ordered the temporary suspension of operations for in the country as a “precautionary measure”.

A glance at who’s visiting the websites of the top 10 US airlines

Hitwise has been looking at online visitors to US airlines in terms of age and gender of passengers, household earnings and which carriers are attracting the most traffic online in the past three years.

OneTwoTrip raises $3 million, plans new B2C and B2B services

OneTwoTrip has raised $3 million in funding from Bank Saint Petersburg with the bank taking a small stake in the online travel agency.

What part of the hotel experience is the most talked about on social media?

Consumption and relaxing are the most popular activities that hotel guests will post about on social media, rather than ranting about staff.

Travelport boss for Germany-Switzerland, Flight Centre Group digital board, and more…

This is a roundup of product news and announcements for travel people moves in tourism and hospitality for March 2017.

The seamless travel ideal Is now virtually a reality

Seamless travel, the idea of a smooth journey from your home to your destination and back uninterrupted by multiple process and identity hurdles, is evolving from a lofty concept to a near-future reality.

Travelaer raises €4.3 million to improve online customer experience

Product development and geographic expansion are on the schedule for Travelaer after it raised a €4.3 million funding round.

How intuitive versus data-driven decisions influence direct hotel bookings

In marketing, there is often the tendency to make decisions based on instincts, which can sometimes generate enormous success.

Big room for growth in ancillaries for Asian travel brands

Asian travel brands have plenty of room to grow sales of ancillaries by presenting customers with personalized offers.

CarTrawler drives with Kaligo, Travelport renews Atrapalo, HotelRez powers Guestline, and more…

This is a roundup of product news and announcements for distribution in tourism and hospitality for March 2017.

IATA chief: Find alternative to electronics ban now

IATA sent out an urgent call to governments to come up with alternatives to the US and UK’s bans on larger electronic devices in some aircraft cabins.

Travelers increase use of alternative channels for business trips

Who are the least likely business travelers to use an online booking tool? Millennials, of course. They grew up with technology that is considerably less clunky than a typical OBT, and they don’t like rules.

Peakwork ramps-up sales force, Travelport product chief, Adara ad sales team, and more…

This is a roundup of product news and announcements for travel people moves in tourism and hospitality for March 2017.

Direct bookings and web presence beat mobile and personalisation as hotel priorities

Game on – the top business focus for hotel owners this year is to increase their direct bookings and improve their online presence.

Data rules and loyalty building strategies for travel brands in Asia

Loyalty building is apparently a high priority for Asia’s travel brands, with data analytics as a top priority to deliver loyalty-fostering personalization.

FREE Webinar THIS WEEK: How hotels should use data to push direct bookings

In the over-complex world of consumers’ big data, with the infinite possibilities for the travel & hospitality industries, independent hoteliers have not yet embraced the full technological and strategic potential of traveller data.

The Edge from U2 joins others with €1.9 million funding for Coras activities tech

Global rock stars aren’t normally attracted to the technology that powers activities and events technology – unless you’re The Edge from U2.

IDeaS acquires Smart Space Strategy hotel event tech

Hotel revenue management specialist IDeaS has bought the assets of Smart Space Strategy, a provider of technology to hotels for organising events.

Travelport product chief, Adara ad sales team, Locomote lands Telstra exec, and more…

This is a roundup of product news and announcements for travel people moves in tourism and hospitality for March 2017.