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Ryanair axes car hire web agreement, Hertz unhappy over GDS distribution

Ignition keys at dawn! Ryanair and Hertz have had an almighty falling out – with the car hire giant terminating its web retailing partnership with immediate effect.

Imagine a world without the world wide web [VIDEO]

It is 1989. Tim (now Sir) Berners-Lee, whilst working at the CERN laboratory in Geneva, has an idea to create something called the world wide web.

Uber adds seven more cities in India

Uber has confirmed that it is expanding its operations in India, adding seven new cities to the 11 it already operates in.

Rakuten acquires Voyagin, an Asian tours and activities startup

Rakuten Travel, the online agency arm of Japan’s e-commerce giant Rakuten, has acquired majority ownership of Voyagin, a consumer-focused tours-and-activities startup headquartered in Singapore.

Amadeus acquires Navitaire, an airline hosting firm, for $830M

Amadeus said today it is acquiring Navitaire, a low-cost hosting platform for airlines that is especially popular with low-cost carriers, from its owner, Accenture, for $830 million.

How the UK differs from the US when engaging with content and booking in travel

The UK is quite different than the US when it comes to engaging with travel content and making bookings, a recent report from Expedia Media Solutions has found.

G1G debuts travel insurance metasearch that’s global, mobile-first

Travel insurance aggregator Go One Global has been around since 1985. But it has just launched its new platform for selling insurance to travelers worldwide at

Apple SIM finally fulfills promise of being the company’s best travel feature yet

Beyond the basic portability of the iPhone, there hasn’t been an innovation geared towards global travelers — until the Apple SIM came along to offer users the ability to easily switch between different carriers.

Zozi raises $30M, partly from Richard Branson, for its activities platform

The pivot worked. That’s the conclusion that can be drawn from the decision of investors to pour $30 million into Zozi, a San Francisco tours-and-activities startup.

On-demand performance support tools can shine for hoteliers

Hotels increasingly rely on Software as a Service (SaaS) products as their primary technologies for running sales and catering, operations and revenue management functions.

Expedia joins to scale back on hotel rate parity

Expedia is to axe clauses relating to rate parity in contracts with all its European hotel customers.

Distribution giants start making good on travel intelligence gaps

Amadeus has unveiled a travel intelligence service to provide the agent community with insight into business growth and potential market opportunities.

Sabre closes Abacus deal – CEO Robert Bailey goes as Sabre moves in

The $411 million deal by Sabre to take full ownership of Asia-Pacific global distribution system Abacus was officially sealed today.

SnapShot Travel secures Euro 25 million for hotel analytics tech

Significant jump in profile and expectation ahead for hotel technology startup Snapshot Travel after securing a Euro 25 million investment round.

HolidayIQ activates new product line

Indian travel community HolidayIQ has launched a new channel on its app which curates more than 1,000 activity-based vacation options from across India.

Sabre CEO Tom Klein takes on Lufthansa on distribution fees, talks Wyndham deals

Sabre CEO Tom Klein spoke to industry stock analysts at a Nasdaq investor conference today. Klein laid out the investment case for Sabre, and we have highlights from that below.

Hipmunk expands feature set to include trip planning tools

Hipmunk has long been a bastion of simplicity — one interface that grids out the various flight options for a specific flight search.

Startup pitch: Klook has high ambitions for tours and activities in Asia

Klook was devised as a curated platform for local travel activities and with Asian travellers in mind.

Despite setbacks, Expedia CEO sees a bright future in activities, China and vacation rentals

In a candid one-on-one, Expedia boss Dara Khosrowshahi shared his thoughts on tours and activities, China, vacation rentals and the company’s growth with Trivago, Travelocity, and — hopefully soon — Orbitz.

Tripadvisor links up with CNTA, crowdsources translations

Tripadvisor has added more details about its plans for China and its new Chinese brand Mao Tu Ying. In May TripAdvisor announced plans to drop DaoDao  in China in favour of Mao Tu Ying.