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Startups, curiosity marketing, blockchain and AI

Sponsored by ITB Berlin. Negotiating the travel tech landscape can be confusing – so many solutions, so many vendors, so many choices.

How the rise of bleisure among Millennials is shaping travel technology

A new study by Travelport find that Millennials’ preference for bleisure travel drives a need for smoother digital interactions throughout the journey.

Why more business travelers are leaving cash behind

Cash is going out of business. Alternative payments are taking over the world with some already comfortable with touchless payments, invisible payments and mobile wallets as part of their everyday shopping habit.

Watch the live show here: tnoozLIVE@ Travel Technology Europe in London

tnoozLIVE is back! This time we’re going live from Travel Technology Europe, which features travel and hospitality technology vendors from around the world.

Where are airlines in the battle for online dominance?

This is a viewpoint from Gitit Greenberg, director of digital insights at SimilarWeb. With digital giants like Airbnb, TripAdvisor, and a myriad of others battling for dominance, the travel industry has become home to some of the most exciting online brands.

Travelport unveils phased roadmap to bring in NDC content

Travelport has unveiled details of its product plans for airlines going forward based on IATA’s New Distribution Capability technology standard.

Canary Wharf’s East Wintergarden shows how 360º VR can work for MICE

Canary Wharf’s iconic East Wintergarden has unveiled a new 360º virtual reality tour which helps prospective events managers better appreciate the space.

Why hotels have nothing to fear from robots or AI

Androids may one day dream of electric sheep, but hotels shouldn’t lose sleep over it—so long as they have their data ducks all in a row.

Can awful airline customer service be overridden with AI and analytics?

This is a viewpoint from Scott Kendrick, VP of Marketing at CallMiner. After the debacles that occurred within domestic air travel in 2017, it’s clear airlines need to look carefully at their customer service tactics.

The problem with programmatic advertising in an age of disinformation

The media landscape is changing and media buying needs to adapt. From the handling of disinformation campaigns by social platforms, to YouTubers behaving badly, to social media advocates pushing brands to end associations with publishers or other brands which have fallen afoul, brand managers and media buyers need to stay alert to keep their messaging on-message.

Putting faith in artificial intelligence to help with marketing campaigns

Saul Lopes, Virgin Holidays customer lifecycle lead, took a leap of faith on artificial intelligence as a tool to improve the brand’s email marketing efforts by working with UK AI start-up Phrasee, and has seen that faith rewarded with over the past three years.

TripAdvisor earnings: unlocking the opportunity, TV and the journey

Much of TripAdvisor’s fourth quarter 2017 investor call came back time and again to hotel revenue and what the company is doing about declines in that direction.

Air New Zealand gets emojinal with destination campaign

Air New Zealand has launched a new destination campaign which helps travelers find their ideal locations to visit in New Zealand by querying their activities preferences using Emojis.

For ‘First Airlines’ passengers, the journey is the VR destination

This one’s a trip. Japanese airline-themed restaurant First Airlines, offers visitors a First class flying experience that includes a virtual reality immersive tour of Hawaii, New York, Paris or Rome.

TripAdvisor earnings: unlocking the opportunity, TV and the journey

Much of TripAdvisor’s fourth quarter 2017 investor call came back time and again to hotel revenue and what the company is doing about declines in that direction.

2.2% – a closer look into hotel conversion rates

What is the average conversion for a hotel website? 2.2%. That’s according to a recent Fastbooking study.

Another blockchain use case – the flying urban taxi market

This is a viewpoint from Pamela Whitby, editor of EyeForTravel With the hype around blockchain in travel reaching fever pitch, why not toss something else into an already complicated equation – an initial coin offering (ICO) for an electrically charged flying urban taxi.

Sabre reports results from its ‘transitional’ year

Last year was “transitional” for Sabre Corp., according to chief executive officer Sean Menke, and “we began this year in a much better position.” Sabre Red success The new version of Sabre Red Workspace, the company’s travel agency desktop, was rolled out to several major customers, including American Express Travel and Lifestyle Services.

Duetto brings in $80 million in funding for further product development

Duetto, a revenue strategy platform for hospitality, has closed an $80 million Series D round in funding.

Sage advice for travel tech startups from the investors at JetBlue, Boeing, and Highgate

Located in Miami’s vibrant creative neighborhood of Wynwood, The Future of Travel Summit kicked off with a panel of industry investment heavyweights from Boeing HorizonX, JetBlue Ventures, and VC firm Highgate.