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Big Data in travel… pondering a bigger picture

Tnooz is running a panel about Big Data in Travel at the upcoming New York Travel Festival, where I am a participant.

Four Seasons takes off into a new vertical with branded private jet

Watch the video  Four Seasons is taking its Around the World custom experiences to 30,000 feet with its own branded custom jet.

Opportunities and challenges for metasearch marketing with hotels

As hotels continue their efforts to keep up with latest and greatest in electronic distribution, the three hottest topics continue to be mobile, social media and metasearch.

Air Berlin simplifies boarding by throwing Pebble into the mix

Air Berlin is claiming a first with the launch of boarding via smartwatch enabling passengers to download a barcode from the carrier’s iPhone application.

TripAdvisor study: Wifi, deals and price influence travel decisions, Asia leads in mobile

While mobile seems to appear as a key channel in travel industry, it still hasn’t made its mark when it comes to actual bookings, reveals a TripAdvisor study.

How thorough are travel brands when tracking activity on their websites?

Online travel agencies deploy the most internal systems to monitor web usage and behaviour, a study reveals.

Travel not meeting customer expectations, but tech a bright spot

The latest scores from the American Consumer Satisfaction Index show that overall airline and hotel satisfaction has remained flat this year over last.

Will technology enhance or destroy the corporate’s hotel-travel policy?

When thinking about hotels, the travel manager is constantly challenged to balance the needs of the company with the needs of the traveler colleague.

Future shocks – Google, Amazon, Facebook and Apple in an airline world

Picture this – airline X tells says your flight has been delayed 24 hours. Frustrated? Yes, until a GAFA comes to the rescue and presents you, via your mobile device, with a boarding pass for the next available flight on a rival airline.

The real story when Ryanair tweaked its back-end and got bitten in search

Last week a Guardian article covered Ryanair dropping out of the top 100 results in Google for search terms related to European flight destinations.

Web reviews show destinations struggle to fire on all cylinders, but hotels get it

With the volume of online reviews at an all time high, hoteliers must be acutely aware of what is being said about their destination.

China outbound operator Shijiebang acquires social travel company Tukeq

Shijiebang, China-based outbound travel focused company, has fully acquired a local social travel company Tukeq.

What’s next? The question entrepreneurs should always ask themselves

STARTUPS: Many a gung-ho startup is often blind to the reality that perhaps things are not going as well as predicted or focus has shifted elsewhere.

Latest social login data shows the continued entrenchment of big players

Social logins, released into the world only a short time ago, have become the de facto backbone of the internet, powering easy login access to millions of sites.

Hotel loyalty service PointsHound acquired by Points

Points International, a cross-industry loyalty programme management service, has bought hotel booking service PointsHound for an undisclosed fee.

Analysis of multi-modal transportation pricing reveals marketing opportunities

DePaul University researchers have compared fares across bus, air, train and private vehicle to test the thesis that only a small fare difference exists between the various modes of transportation.

Googling for an answer: What’s behind the Room 77 deal?

In a move that surprised more than a few, Google recently licensed booking technology from Room 77 to “remake its search experience for hotels to look more like travel sites such as Priceline & Expedia“.

Common myths surrounding Apple iBeacon

DEVICES: That Apple is wading in with its own ideas around Near Field Communication (NFC) isn’t something to be surprised about – very few bits of technology are created for the love of it all.

Utrip, an hour-by-hour itinerary builder, nets $750,000 in funding

Some people don’t like to plan vacations in too much detail. For them, plotting an itinerary hour-by-hour feels like homework.

Air Canada has a United Breaks Guitars moment as luggage clip goes viral

Watch the video  The United Breaks Guitars saga is probably the nightmare scenario for any airline in these days of instant feedback via social media.