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Peek at Starwood’s Google Glass app, in beta [IMAGES]

Google Glass isn’t going away, despite the wishes of some travel companies. And Starwood, a chain of 1,150 hotels worldwide, is the latest hospitality brand to embrace the wearable technology.

Mapquest beefs up data with various partnerships that improve utility of maps

The original mappers at Mapquest have continued iterating the map product, eyeing a return to relevance in the mobile and information-rich world.

Is there really treasure at the end of the retail rainbow?

There was a pantomime-like end to the CAPA Airlines in Transition event in Dublin last week when Ryanair’s former deputy chief executive hijacked proceedings somewhat.

Indian OTA Yatra raises $23 million, increases focus on hotels and packages

Yatra, one of India’s leading online travel agencies, has raised about $23 million (INR 140 crore) in its fifth funding round.

Activity concierge Sosh reduces friction with OpenTable integration

Sosh, the human-powered city concierge app that curates activities and events, has integrated with OpenTable to book tables at restaurants.

To encourage planned spontaneity, HotelTonight adds citywide rate forecasts

HotelTonight, the San Francisco mobile booking startup, is encouraging its users to procrastinate with their hotel bookings until the last minute.

UK-based travel agency Sunshine acquires online review site

UK online travel agency Sunshine has acquired online review site Real Holiday Reports for an undisclosed sum.

Google study: Online travel purchases by channel, steps taken and time period

With customer buying behavior constantly evolving, online travel brands are constantly tuning their approach towards purchase patterns and other factors.

In a flashback to 2009, Turkish Airlines claims world first travel blog

First rule of PR is to never claim a “first” unless you are 100% sure it’s true or it won’t raise a snigger here or there.

HouseTrip axes private rooms from portfolio, will lose 5% of product

Shifting of the sand in the vacation rental marketplace with confirmation that HouseTrip is scrapping all listings of private rooms from its database.

Momondo reunited with its mojo, releases first results in years

Momondo Group says it is ready to come out fighting after a few years lurking in the shadows, watching as the metasearch world went kind of crazy.

A cure for jet lag? Perhaps mathematics and an app can help

DEVICES: Every traveller has a view on jet lag, the world’s annoying way of reminding us we are shifting unnaturally between time zones.

SilverRail raises $40 million — CEO interview

SilverRail Technologies, a business-to-business platform for train ticketing, has raised $40 million in a new venture capital round meant to fast-track its growth.

Can you monetise Facebook to create loyalty and revenue for airlines?

KLM has attracted plenty of attention for its various Facebook initiatives over the years – but is there any value to it all beyond PR and getting “likes”?

Chinese map service AutoNavi agrees to be acquired by Alibaba at $1.5 billion valuation

Chinese ecommerce giant Alibaba has added another feather to its cap with AutoNavi agreeing to a 100% acquisition offer.

Does the rise of mobile apps mean decline of the open web?

DEVICES: How consumers use their devices seems to run in a kind of cycle – one minute we are apparently hearing the death knell of apps as the mobile web improves, but as users – forever creatures of habit – settle with their favourites brands they opt for dedicated services, perhaps triggering the end of a something pretty fundamental. Read more on GigaOM.

Youth travel booking window reduces as mobile plays a key role

About 50% of youth travel bookings are now made between one and three weeks in advance of the travel/stay date, according to a study.

Why hotel marketing is flying to the cloud: Q&A with Forest Key of Buuteeq

Mark Andreessen, venture capitalist and co-creator of the web browser, once said that “software is eating the world.” Today software appears to be eating hotel marketing, in particular.

Online giants eLong and Tongcheng form exclusive partnership

China’s online travel agents – eLong and Tongcheng – have entered into a strategic partnership that will see the companies exclusively supply certain products to each other.

Tigerair targets fly-shy Australians with Infrequent Flyers campaign

Watch the video  Asia-Pacific carrier Tigerair has launched an online club called Infrequent Flyers, created to encourage Aussies back into the air.