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Londoners name maps

1. I mean, Canada’s pretty spot on. 2. Not even sort of Connecticut. 3. So much effort. So little success.

People throw around the word ‘gentrification’ without much context. Check this important history lesson.

(via) THE COLUMBIA RIVER WAS FIFTEEN FEET ABOVE NORMAL levels the morning of Memorial Day, 1948. Alongside the river rested Vanport, an Oregon town built to house new dockworkers during the World War 2 industry boom.

The EU’s migration crisis explained in 6 tragic facts

View image | The gruesome discovery of up to 71 decomposing bodies, believed to be those of migrants, in an abandoned truck in Austria this week was just the latest tragedy for the hundreds of thousands of people fleeing war, violence and poverty for a better life in Europe.

Here’s why I’m for arranged marriage (with a little help from my exes)

Photo: Those People Blog It was Wednesday and I had swiped my way to the edge of the Tinderverse, rejecting all the eligible men between the ages of 30 and dead in a 50-mile radius of Boston, MA.

What Akronites really think about Cleveland

Photo: Valerie Hinojosa LeBron is ours and you’re lucky to have him. Make no mistake, Cleveland. Your city may be on the front of his jersey, but there’s no doubt what’s in his heart.

Historical place name quiz

Featured photo by Kay Rhodes

A punch to the face in Panama

Ariel “WHY YOU GO?” You asked in the only English sentence I’d ever heard you speak. You made a fist and pretended to hit yourself in the eye, eyebrows arched and reaching as if to say, is this why, because I punched you in the face?

Born and raised in Massachusetts

Photo: David Salafia 1. When you talk about the Cape you point to the place you are referring to on your arm.

What’s more dangerous — skiing or hiking? Find out with this infographic.

Are you more likely to die skiing or hiking? What’s more deadly: climbing Denali or in the Himalayas?

6 American habits I lost when I became a nomad in Southeast Asia

Photo: Scott Sporleder 1. I stopped living a rushed lifestyle. One of my first personal transformations when I started living and traveling around Southeast Asia was that of slowing down.

The 7 most epic sights people miss on their first trip to New York City

New York, the “Large Apple that Rarely Sleeps,” has got some serious tourist attractions, having basically invented, and then transformed into the epitome of, the term “tourist trap.” The Empire State Building, Central Park, the Brooklyn Bridge and the Metropolitan Museum are packed with awestruck visitors year-round, and for good reasons.

8 backpacking pitfalls to plan for

Photo: Nate Kay This post was produced by Matador for our friends at REI, where it appeared in its original form.

10 things we Polish miss the most when we leave Poland

Photo: Viktor Dobai 1. Traditional foods you never learned to cook. You regret thinking that cooking traditional Polish dishes was too elaborate and time-consuming.

Welcome to Tajikistan, where celebrating your birthday is a crime

Photo: Veni We hate to break it to you, but it’s probably time to cancel that epic birthday bash you were planning in Tajikistan.

Signs you were born, raised in PA

1. You’ve pledged a strict allegiance to Philly or Pittsburgh sports teams… The age-old rivalry of east versus west is alive and well.

German student living on trains

WHEN LEONIE MÜLLER GOT INTO A DISPUTE with her landlord, she did what countless people before her have done: she decided to move out.

14 reasons Pennsylvania is the most underrated US state

1. We have Fallingwater. Fallingwater is an amazing piece of architecture! It was beautiful! 💚 #Fallingwater #FrankLloydWright #architecture A photo posted by Tiffany Harris (@tiffymarie143) on Aug 24, 2015 at 5:20am PDT Frank Lloyd Wright’s home on a waterfall is located just south of Pittsburgh.

How many languages do you know?

Featured image by Donye nhy’m [Kim].

Places in France you must visit

Enough with the Seine quays-strolling, the macaron-eating, and Eiffel Tower-climbing. I invite you to step into the rest of France (where 55 million of us live).

13 Dilemmas only New Yorkers understand

Photo: Guian Bolisay 1. As a packed train goes by with one car completely empty: wondering if you can stomach what just happened in there for an empty seat, or just cramming into one of the other cars.