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Over half of the UK wants marijuana reform but the government is being a total buzzkill

View image | LONDON, UK — WILL WE SOON SEE BRITIAN’S LAWMAKERS DEBATING MARIJUANA decriminalization on the floor of the House of Commons?

what New Hampshirites never say

Photo: Mycatkins 1. It IS cold enough for me. 2. I just love leaf peepers. I wish they were here all year long.

6 endangered animals that poachers are hunting into extinction

Photo: Trophy Hunt America DO YOU WANT THE BAD NEWS OR THE EVEN WORSE NEWS? The bad news you probably already know: Cecil the lion, one of Zimbabwe’s best loved wild animals, was slain last week at the hands of unscrupulous safari guides and, it’s claimed, a crossbow-happy dentist from Minnesota.

28 signs you're from Aberdeenshire

Photo: Mike Kneic 1. As a wee one, you easily confused Storybook Glen for Disneyland. Okay you were four, but what were you thinking?

10 reasons Whistler is the world’s best place for adventure junkies

I can never act normal when someone takes a photo of me. #hiking #whistler #wanderlust #BC #yeg A photo posted by cardhousedreamer (@cardhousedreamer) on Jul 31, 2015 at 12:27pm PDT 1.

6 things I learned from eating street food

Photo: Trishhhh There’s no doubt I’ve become a better traveler since my first bag of beetles. When I found myself on the patio of a quaint guesthouse in Siem Reap sitting at a table with a bag full of hundreds of fried black bugs in front of me, I watched the two receptionists and their friends sitting next to me pop the crispy insects into their mouths, smacking their lips and savoring every crunch. I slowly picked one beetle and sat for several minutes tracing it’s outline while watching the locals carefully peel off the wings.

SoCal Summer: 24 Hours in Downtown Huntington Beach

Photo: Derek Key Think SoCal’s beaches are packed to the gills with nothing to do but laze around? Let a weekend trip to Huntington Beach prove everything you thought about Southern California wrong.

Which state matches your personality

Featured Photo: Whatsername

Myanmar braces for a sleazier breed of tourist

Scene of debauchery in Thailand — precisely the sort of scene Myanmar wants to avoid. Photo: Keith Tan BANGKOK, Thailand — There were few perks to the xenophobia that permeated Myanmar’s totalitarian junta for decades.

8 things locals miss after leaving Las Vegas

Photo: Moyan Brenn 1. The surprising amount of community. In Vegas, the normal 6-degrees-of-separation rule is actually closer to 3 — which means that you’ll invariably wind up running into that cute girl working at Rubio’s at your best friend’s weed dealer’s house party (and you’ll finally get her name, but also learn she’s dating the DJ — who was on your little brother’s high school soccer team).

14 signs you were born and raised in Portland

(via) 1. You’re not afraid to humblebrag about your connection to nature and wildlife. Sometimes your Californian friends send you a picture of a deer they saw by the freeway, and you smile and wonder if sending them a picture of the herd of Elk currently sleeping on your lawn would be rude — so you send them a selfie of you dwarfed by some Doug Firs in your backyard instead.

How to piss off a Scot

THOSE OF US lucky enough to live in “God’s Country” inhabit a natural theatre where — if the stereotypes are to be believed — kilts and shaggy cattle are as plentiful as our blue skies.

7 ways Greeks are the best

Photo: king-edward 1. Knowing the importance of family Support is always offered when a member is in need, no matter the age or the distance.

How to piss off someone from England

Photo: Vadim Timoshkin 1. Fail to know how to make a proper cuppa. Tea does not come with hot milk. Why on earth is that so difficult to understand?

Turkey’s Turquoise Coast from the air

EDITOR’S NOTE: The Mediterranean section of Turkey’s Turquoise Coast stretches from Marmaris eastward to Antalya and beyond, a relatively short distance — that you could feasibly spend a whole summer exploring.

19 funniest expressions from Galicia

Photo: Maria Morri 1. In Galicia, skirts aren’t ‘short,’ they are at ‘pussy level.’ (a ras de cona) 2.

North America’s Galapagos: 5 outdoor adventures on California’s Santa Cruz Island

Photo: NOAA’s National Ocean Ser HOME TO ONE OF THE LARGEST CONCENTRATIONS OF BLUE WHALES ON THE PLANET, one of the world’s smallest foxes, and the only major breeding population of California brown pelicans, California’s Channel Islands National Park is considered the Galapagos of North America.

10 colossal Colorado landscapes

Colorado encompasses most of the Southern Rocky Mountains as well as the northeastern part of the Colorado Plateau and the western side of the Great Plains.

How to humiliate yourself in Hawai'i

Photo: Prayit Nophotography 1. Wear head-to-toe Aloha wear. When I first moved to Hawai’i I’ll admit I REALLY wanted to wear all the Aloha wear.

5 ways we’re still not protecting children’s rights around the world

Photo: Pratham Books It’s been just over a quarter of a century since the UN convention on the rights of the child.