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Giving is a concept I struggle with

Photo: Λ |_ ν-\ Γ Ø Giving was a concept my mother tried to instill in me when I was young, but for some odd reason it never quite stuck.

Massive aurora borealis [video]

The aurora borealis — or Northern Lights, as it’s commonly known — is one of the most surreal natural phenomena out there.

7 iconic American road trip routes

THERE ARE OVER 160,000 MILES of highway in the United States. When you’re setting out on your road trip this summer, you could certainly just pick a route at random and probably have an awesome time.

Drone footage of Alaskan ice caves

While drones for military use are a mixed bag at best, drones for aerial photography are unequivocally awesome.

How to order a beer in Spain

I don’t want you to be another lost and confused foreigner when you come to Spain, so let me explain here and now: Spaniards don’t usually ask for a “cerveza.” They specify what size or type when ordering.

15 signs you’re a freelancer

Photo: TheGiantVermin 1. You have unrealistic concepts of time. No, that post can’t be written in 20 minutes.

Hong Kong & China: new countries?

THE MORE I learn about Asia, the more I realize how much I don’t know about it. It also makes me wonder what other places around the world feel more like a “separate country” than “part of a country.” At least now, after watching this video, I know to plan extra time if visiting China, Hong Kong, and Macau.

Happy videos make Pharrell cry

An overwhelming response to Pharrell’s video “Happy” from fans all over the world brought the artist to tears on — where else — Oprah Winfrey’s show.

What people from LA really mean

Photo: foxxyz What they say: What do you do? What they mean: Do you have any industry connections? Everybody in Los Angeles is interested in the film industry.

20 places to see before they're gone

THERE ARE ALL KINDS OF WAYS places change. As you’ll see in this list, the threats can be environmental, political, or simply the result of too small an area to support the amount of tourism it receives.

In a country of 18-year-old soldiers

Photo: Israel Defense Forces The soldier in the seat in front of me is FaceTiming his girlfriend, I realize, as I peer around the headrest.

19 epic road trips through Scotland

Scotland is one of THE best countries in the world to take a road trip. Here are 20 of my favourite routes, many of them easily linkable for longer trips.

Lessons from a broken ankle

Photo: Ted Eytan I had just landed on my feet from 13 feet up, but my footing was off and one foot was twisted between the bouldering pads.

F*ck the poor!

#FuckThePoor is a provocative social experiment/prank pulled by the nonprofit Pilion Trust. It’s shocking and in your face.

4 worst places to spend the night

Photo: Emoya Luxury Hotel & Spa 4. Euro Disney Look, I get it if you want to go to Disneyland or Disney World.

Old woman dances amazingly

I THINK IT’S silly whenever I hear a friend of mine groaning about “getting older.” Personally, I look forward to growing older, because it affords me new and different opportunities I couldn’t have while I was young.

Where to see underground music in LA

Photo: SGV FILMWORKS First off, where NOT to go I’m sure you’ve heard of names like The Viper Room, The Roxy, The Whiskey A Go Go, The House of Blues.

Signs you were born in DC

Photo: Lynford Morton 1. You avoid the red line when at all possible. 2. You would never pay $1100 a month to live in Columbia Heights.

How to piss off a pregnant person

Photo: Sami Taipale Touch our bellies without asking. Whether you’re a friend or (god forbid) a total stranger, please don’t assume our tummies are fair game.

36 maps challenge what you know

The internet has led to a renaissance in mapmaking, with thousands of interactive, illustrated, informational, or just plain silly maps being published on a daily basis.