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4 songs that define you

Photo: Justin C. Mexico / Ohio “Si Te Vas” by Shakira You’re hanging out with these girls who eat literally everything: from crazy shit like oxtail soup and Szechuan-style frog legs to the cheesy bread at Red Lobster.

Surfers from beneath the waves [vid]

Surfing is already probably the coolest looking sport out there, so it shouldn’t come as too much of a surprise how awesome it looks from underneath the water.

To understand Ukraine follow the gas

Map: PolicyMic Shocking no one, Russia’s top natural gas producer, Gazprom, announced last month that it will cancel a discount on the price it charges for gas in Ukraine.

8 signs you’re still a tourist in Hawaii

Photo: gregory mc. 1. You’re driving your shiny new sports car…through the rainforest. Every local knows that in order to truly enjoy your surroundings in Hawaii, you have to own a cruiser or a beach vehicle that can hold all your toys and take a beating.

The Saigon Kiss

Photo: Thanh Mai Bui Duy Hanoi drivers in their sunglasses and facemasks ignore ambulances and fire trucks — they won’t even move for a man in a faded white tank top, in a wheelchair he ratchets down the turn lane, a boy with shuttered eyes draped across his lap.

29 dizzying pics from skyscrapers

In the 20th century, engineering and architectural techniques and resources became stronger and more sophisticated, and skyscrapers took off.

Why procrastinators procrastinate

Photo: Reuben Stanton pro-cras-ti-na-tion |prəˌkrastəˈnāSHən, prō-| noun the action of delaying or postponing something: your first tip is to avoid procrastination.

How to model a living economy

It’s no secret that our economy has become more and more reliant on throwaway goods — there’s a garbage patch in the Pacific that covers at least 270,000 square miles, so it’s pretty clear we’ve got a bit of an issue.

22 moments in a luxury hotel

1. When your friend invites you to stay at the most luxurious hotel in town 2. Which provides limousine services 3.

What's your conversation starter?

Photo: Hector Parayuelos It’s a well-known stereotype here in Washington, DC, that when you meet someone, the first question they’re likely to ask you is, “So what do you do?

15 signs you're from Colorado

Photo: Chris Coleman 1. You correctly pronounce it “coloRADo.” Erebody else be all “coloRODo.” Who’s Rod?

African safari perfection [pics]

MATADOR recently traveled to South Africa to experience the phenomenon of Singita — the most successful high-end safari brand in sub-Saharan Africa.

Smart phones & travel infographic

TEN YEARS AGO, I could not book an entire vacation by surfing the net on my mobile phone. I don’t even think I could surf the internet at all, and if I could, it was super slow, ate up a ton of data, and it looked super ghetto.

16 realities you’ll face on a road trip

Photo: José Cuervo Elorza 1. Failed plans After making it to Vail, CO, and realizing that lift tickets are $200, you might just decide to go to a marijuana dispensary and lie comatose on your friend’s bed all weekend.

Your shrimp may have killed a whale

As a child, when I went out fishing, we’d cast our lines, wait for a while, and then whatever bit was reeled in and later cooked for dinner.

An close look at cockfights in Bali

All photos: Author In 1958, anthropologist Clifford Geertz conducted a well-known study on Balinese life.

10 shocking facts about the drug war

1. The War on Drugs costs the US billions of dollars a year. (via) Some estimates say that in the US (beyond just the federal government), we spend over $51 billion total on the Drug War.

Budget travel guide to Oslo, Norway

clockwise bottom L to R: Filip, Kjell Jøran Hansen, Øyvind Andreassen, Hilde Skjølberg “Oh, you’re going to Oslo?

Why the US prison system sucks

The incarceration culture of the United States is messed up, and has been for a long time. We tend to confuse a “tough on crime” approach to law enforcement with a “tough on criminals” approach, and as such, we have the highest incarceration rates in the world (thanks in no small part to the private prison industry), with 25% of the world’s total prisoners.

17 cultural clashes I had in America

Photo: Justin Brown 1. Americans are way too sensitive. Sometimes I wonder if political correctness is in your constitution.