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Epic vid of traveling Vietnam

Follow Matador on Vimeo Follow Matador on YouTube THIS IS WHY YOU TRAVEL. For the open road, for weeks spent hopping trains and glittering dark nights on surging streets where the neon signs flash like a thousand stars.

A free ebook for travelers

Author’s note: This year, on Martin Luther Kind Jr. Day of Service in the US (January 19), I answered Dr.

Where to go on your honeymoon quiz

Featured photo by Kellan

The best of Colombian street art

Hacé clic para leer este artículo en español. Tambien podés darnos un “me gusta” en Facebook! Nowadays, Colombia is one of the best places in the Americas for street art.

It's never too late to learn to surf

Follow Matador on Vimeo Follow Matador on YouTube ELIZABETH is wickedly talented…she only began surfing in her mid 40s, and is now out in the water all the time, constantly trying to improve and enjoy herself.

10 things Brits take for granted

Photo: eastendimages 1. That special burgundy book We all forget how lucky we our to have our British passports.

Signs you learnt to drink in Toronto

Photo: Paul Terefenko 1. You’ve chugged a 40 of Black Ice in a ravine. In -10 weather. 2. May 2-4 means drinking a 2-4 of Creemore at the cottage.

How to: First long exposure photo

Long exposure photography is fun and probably one of my most favorite things to shoot. A whole new world opens up, full of motion and movement — the image feels alive.

Monster wave devours pro surfer

Poor Pedro Calado…he…almost…had it. Calado, from Rio de Janeiro, gets up on this epic big wave on Maui’s North Shore, makes a nice bottom turn, but then loses it all at just about the worst possible place — the top of the face as the inside section closes in.

Signs you were raised on Long Island

Photo by missmareck 1. You wish you could keep Montauk and Westhampton a secret from tourists and day-trippers, but it rarely works.

Cycling guide to Cambodia's Mekong

Photo by David Chang THE MEKONG RIVER defines Cambodia as much as the temples at Angkor. With ferries every few miles, it’s possible to hop from bank-to-bank, crossing the river with local fishermen and cycling paths through villages that rarely see visitors.

13 signs you'll never Argentine

Photo: Julian Rod SO you’ve lived in Buenos Aires for three years. You’ve roasted beef over hot coals, you’ve overpaid for tango shoes and even used them occasionally, and your accent is so convincing you could make a viral YouTube video out of it.

Fit filmmaking gear in one backpack

Gearing up for travel filmmaking is quite the endeavor and can lead to ridiculously heavy and cumbersome luggage.

Grand Canyon fills up with clouds

THE GRAND CANYON doesn’t need any help being amazing. But every several years, a rare phenomenon fills the massive canyon up with fog, turning the wonder of the world into an otherworldly wonder.

I confronted the men who catcall me

Photo: Tina Leggio I DON’T REMEMBER the first time I was catcalled. Maybe it’s because I’m jaded from living and working in NYC, the catcalling capital of the world.

The fight to save Peace River Valley

Follow Matador on Vimeo Follow Matador on YouTube I LOVE HONEYBEES. They really know how to dance. While on production in British Columbia with photographer Garth Lenz, I met Guy Armitage and Mary Bereton of Hudson’s Hope Honey.

This US town banned cell phones

When did you use a corded phone for the last time? In Green Bank, West Virginia, not only do the inhabitants use corded phones every day, but they also have no access to wifi, cell phones, and are banned from using microwaves.

12 signs you learned to drink in NYC

Photo: Zachary Robert Repko 1. Your drinking game of choice was Kings. Casual drinking usually meant cramming into the 5’x7’ shoebox of a bedroom in whoever had the biggest apartment, or whoever’s parents weren’t around.

How adventurous are you? [QUIZ]

Featured photo by Alan

Why Istanbul is the best place to teach ESL

Photo: Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade AN AMERICAN FRIEND I had taught with in Taiwan beckoned me to Istanbul with tales of local men serenading Western women, luring them into love spells with baklava.