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How do you know you’re home?

Photo: optische_taeschung They say “once you leave home, you can never go back.” When you come back, you aren’t the person you were.

30 Japanese idioms we should use

Photo: Shinosan Growing up half-Japanese, my ethnic identity was always being contested. I wanted desperately to be able to integrate fully into the Japanese portion of my family, not least because my mother would always chat with my grandmother in the native language, which drove my brother and me nuts (we always knew they were talking trash about us right in front of us).

Things every traveler struggles with

Photo: Transp WE WORLD TRAVELERS are a pretty interesting bunch. Having traveled solo since I was 16, I sometimes feel like Alice in Wonderland while walking the streets of a new city I’ve just settled down in.

can't wait to go back to Iran

Photo: zoghal For most western people Iran invokes images of violence. Of religious fanaticism, of anger against westerners, of a ruthless, hard-line government ready to punish the slightest digression, of travelers arrested and thrown in jail.

Divided America is nothing new

Photos: Nan Palmero and Gage Skidmore April 2001, I was on a solo road trip researching Nevada light, sage basins, indigo mountains and small town casinos for my novel Going Through Ghosts.

Can you guess the cities?

Featured image by Wikimedia Commons.

The 9 foreign books you should read

Matador Network editors Matt Hershberger, Ana Bulnes, and Morgane Croissant rounded up 9 books not originally written in English.

Nightlife in Barcelona

Photo: Gene Krasko Barcelona is famous for its vibrant nightlife and which is why everyone who ever visits raves about it for months to come.

The Palm Beaches: Action packed

The Palm Beaches (aka Palm Beach County, Florida) is a place full of action — from 10 long, sandy beaches and the seemingly endless Lake Okeechobee, to a thriving food and nightlife scene, this is a dynamic getaway.

Instagram is not your life. Quit traveling for bragging rights

Photo: Stokpic For someone who has always been deeply passionate about travel, I am troubled by what “travel” is quickly becoming and probably here to stay.

Best signs at women's marches

The day after Donald Trump was inaugurated as the 45th President of the United States of America, millions of women took the street all over the world to stand up for their rights.

The 12 most influential spiritual books of the past 50 years

Photo by Ed Yourdon MY OWN SPIRITUAL JOURNEY BEGAN when I picked up a copy of Paulo Coelho’s The Alchemist.

10 go-to bars in Helsinki

Photo: Bernt Rostad Besides being the home of weird street art, steamy saunas and much-needed sisu that locals apply to deal with winter, Helsinki has some pretty sweet bars that will give you the best night out ever.

5 habits to incorporate into your travels ASAP

Photo: Jesse Wagstaff Let’s talk about travel habits. We all have them, some good and some not so good – I’m talking to you people who take their sweaty shoes off during a flight.

Never date a Bulgarian woman

Photo: Stanislav Trifonov 1. She’ll keep you guessing. We, Bulgarian women, are convinced that the key to a happy relationship is surprises and spontaneity.

10 of the best spots in Frankfurt to eat and party

Photo: Dan Lundberg Frankfurt is the epitome of cozy and casual. From trendy clubs to brunch and creative bars in historic Sachsenhausen, this city is the perfect place to get your culture and cocktail on. All of these spots and more can be found on Matador Network’s new travelstoke app.

How to have an Airbnb experience that doesn’t suck

Photo: Stacie While I’m WAY past that crucial hostel target market age, I still love to stay at nice ones to meet people and get travel tips.

You and I and the Secretary Bird

Photo by author It’s a common enough scenario that I witnessed: guy approaches girl, girl snubs guy, guy retreats to bar and recovers from his humiliation with the help of a beer and a buddy.

Meeting people while traveling

Photo by author I drop myself into cities and countries where I know no one on a regular basis. I enjoy the challenge and the freedom, but I also forget that this is a practice like any other, and may seem somewhat inaccessible at first.

Can you place the US state on a map?