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9 signs you were born and raised in New Zealand

1. You think it’s totally normal when kids take their pet sheep (or pig, or calf) to school. On annual Calf Club Days, an institution in most rural primary schools, children turn up with a beloved farmyard pet in tow and compete for the prestigious awards of ‘Best Behaved Sheep’ or ‘Fattest Calf’.

14 bars and restaurants that Oahu locals swear by

1. Roy’s Waikiki How does stuffing your trap with flaky macadamia nut monchong slathered with lobster butter sauce sound?

Take a road trip from Moscow to NYC

Russia plans to make airplanes and boats obsolete by connecting Eurasia to North America with a tunnel, according to the Siberian Times.

30 untranslatable illustrations

THE BEAUTY OF UNTRANSLATABLE WORDS is in their ability to capture the feelings and actions we don’t know how to put into words.

6 birthing practices from around the world that the US should adopt

Photo: Big D2112 1. Laughing gas instead of epidurals Considering labor has been compared to stretching your upper lip over the back of your head, it’s not difficult to see why over 60% of women in the United States receive an epidural during vaginal birth.

Food nationality quiz

Photo: Leonid Mamchenkov

7-day nightlife guide to Calgary

Photo: Asparukh Akanayev This post is proudly produced in partnership with Heineken. #LiveLegendary CALGARY’S EXPLODING POPULATION means there are plenty of sophisticated people with disposable incomes looking to blow off steam when they’re not working.

15 Signs you’ve accidentally become a Portlander

If you’re like me, you never meant to end up in Portland — but wound up here anyway. And over time (and perhaps, despite your best efforts) you may even find that you’re starting to drop your old habits, and pick up some organic, locally-grown, cruelty-free ones instead.

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Phrases Military Brat's understand

TDY/TAD: Temporary Duty Assignment/Temporary Additional Duty A: “Is Sierra ok?” B: “Yeah, she’s just a bit down cuz her dad went TDY to Cali and now he’s gunna miss her birthday next week.” When I was 5, my dad went TDY in Okinawa for almost 6 months.

9 reasons Munich’s Springfest is the most underrated German festival

Photo: Stoke Travel 1. It’s like its big bro Oktoberfest, but less crowded and with way better weather.

The pope is open to trying cocaine’s key ingredient in Bolivia

LIMA, Peru — First it was gay rights. Then divorce. Now, Pope Francis looks set to tackle another church taboo: the war on drugs.

I didn’t feel culture shock until I came home to the United States

Photo: michell zappa I was 22 when I went to Tanzania. I was fresh out of college, slowly realizing more of the real world with each morning I woke.

7 reasons your next trip needs to be Norway

1. Farm-to-table isn’t ‘hip’ in Norway. It’s just considered normal. Amazing dinner and amazing company in Oslo.

According to an algorithm, this is the ultimate Canadian road trip

Last March, Randy Olson, a Computer Science & Engineering Ph.D. candidate at Michigan State University, organized the absolute US road trip thanks to an algorithm.

The affair I (almost) had in Santorini

Photo: evhead I’D BEEN TEACHING ENGLISH abroad in the snowy landlocked Czech Republic, where like my Czech friends, I’d learned to yearn for the ocean.

You've gone full Canadian when...

Photo: Camp of Champions 1. The first thing you do upon waking up in the morning is listen to Anna Maria Tremonti and… 2.

How to piss off someone from Oklahoma

Photo: rawartistsmedia Throw down the ‘hook em’ sign or have a Texas Longhorns sticker on your vehicle.

These homes prove that the ‘tiny house movement’ has become a global phenomenon

In case you hadn’t noticed, tiny homes are the next big thing. 1. Keret House (via) Blink and you’ll miss it.

These are the 13 most photographed places in the USA right now

The USA is a huge country with an endless amount of places, cultures, and regions to explore. That said, there are standout locations that year-after-year attract hundreds of thousands of visitors — and photographers.