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Mapped: the top countries for expats

Not so long ago, the word expat was synonymous with being a corporate employee relocated by his company to a different country.

What dawn in Tuscany looks like

Follow Matador on Vimeo Follow Matador on YouTube Waking up in Tuscany, Italy, is as spectacular and beautiful as you imagine — or, at least, that’s the idea you get from this video.

The fastest growing destinations

Some places are always loved by tourists, so it would be easy to think the list of most popular tourist destinations remains unchanged throughout the years.

Bavaria is a wonderland

ON OUR RECENT TRIP to Munich, my husband and I had one agenda — to experience the age-old traditions of Bavaria in Southern Germany.

Top airbnbs in Las Vegas

HOTEL ROOMS in Las Vegas are expensive. Even when they’re not expensive, once you tack on the nearly-ubiquitous “resort fee” (an unavoidable upcharge for shit that’s already included with the hotel, like “access” to the gym and pool, which can run up to a whopping extra $40 per night) and, heaven help you if you rent a car, the also-now-nearly-ubiquitous daily parking fee, a room that might have only been $100 per night has now soared well beyond twice that.

Mayan Riviera adventures

THE YUCATAN PENINSULA in Mexico is known for its all-inclusive style hotels and resorts, a playground for tourists with not much culture or adventure to it.

15 images that prove Iceland is the most Instagrammable place on the planet

Iceland can feel otherworldly: the colors, the vistas, the steam from hot springs rising into an icy midnight sky.

No helicopter parenting in Finland

IN THE UNITED STATES, I never met a second grader like Carla. Every morning at my Finnish public school, she spends just three hours in the classroom.

Answer these 20 geography questions

Travel companion tips

TRAVELING WITH FRIENDS can be a blast, but sometimes more isn’t merrier. You’re going to be sharing meals, long flights, drives, and close-quarters for an extended period of time.

Coming home in two Americas

1. TWO AMERICAS After four months in Buenos Aires, the idea of going home to the US felt almost as surreal as the life I’d established here.

Sand Dunes National Park

SINCE COLORADO is a landlocked state, you wouldn’t suspect it would be home to the tallest sand dunes in North America.

The Camino de Santiago with anxiety

Long before I understood the word “anxiety,” I knew I was an anxious child. I was a worrier — worried that the world would end, worried I would spontaneously get sick, and worried about everyone around me.

The 10 best Airbnbs in Montreal

Montreal is full of vibrant neighborhoods, thriving art scenes, fascinating history, beautiful parks, a diversity of foods and drinks, and a rich and profound culture.

The top vegan restaurants in SF

ARE YOU A hungry vegan tired of scouring menus in hopes of a good meal? Your kitchen at home is well-stocked, but when out, you’re at the mercy of forces beyond your control?

Top countries for US visa refusals

For anyone deciding to travel to the US for the first time the thought of having to go through visa applications and, once you get it, all those endless controls at the airport can be terrifying.

Visit Japan in the autumn

JAPAN SELLS ITSELF to tourists (and its own people) as the only place in the world to experience four true seasons — it certainly is one of the few countries in Asia to have a climate allowing for snow, blooming flowers, and fall foliage… after the nightmare that is rainy season.

Visit the Rere Rockslide

RERE ROCKSLIDE in Gisborne, New Zealand is a 200-foot natural slide made slick by its moss covered rocks.

What #vanlife was like in the 60s

I didn’t start painting the food co-op van until I’d come home from my job at the nursing home and cooked dinner for our commune.

Countries' highest and lowest points

It’s always cool to say you’ve climbed a country’s highest peak. No one needs to know if the country was the Netherlands, whose highest peak is only 887 m above sea level, or the Maldives, the world’s flattest country.