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Alaskan foods

Beyond the typical American fare, Alaskans have unique cuisine encompassing everything from world-class seafood to game meat.

4 alternatives to seeing Taj Mahal

“Ma’am,” my co-passenger, a girl my age who had been audibly laughing while watching Friends reruns on her laptop, whisper-shouts to me, “Have you seen the Taj Mahal?

Save money in Paris

Although the latest Economist ranking places Paris in the top spot for the most expensive city in the European Union, sticker shock does not deter over 35 million visitors a year from coming to catch a glimpse of the Eiffel Tower.

5 mistakes you're making in photos

I get it: we jump off the plane, land somewhere brand new, and everything — from tiny details to massive scenes — feels photo-worthy.

do you know the real country names

millennials changing car ownership

Millennials don’t like malls, cereal, buying stocks or bars of soap, and they certainly aren’t going to fall into the same automobile ownership trap as their parents.

Someone from New Mexico wouldn't say

Here are 36 thing’s you’ll never hear anyone from New Mexico mutter. 1. “La Llorona is just a myth.” Shut up, she’ll hear you!

Be a better travel writer

How can I be a better travel writer? You’ve worked hard at the art of storytelling, and are a master of location-driven narrative.

Images of Austria

Austria may be a globally recognized tourist destination, but somehow, it still seems to fly beneath the radar.

Save money on trip to Chicago

Chicago is the third largest city in the United States and has a spectacular skyline, diverse neighborhoods, a variety of free and paid tourist attractions, and an impressive culinary scene.

Top 10 moments in a 6 year honeymoon

Traveling for 2,193 days straight, we’ve gained a crazy volume of memories. Since we left January 22nd, 2012, we’ve been chronicling our adventures across 53 countries and 500+ regions of the world on our blog, and most recently in a book for Nat Geo.

9 adventures in England's Heartland

You haven’t seen England until you’ve seen its Heartland. This is a region that’ll keep you busy sipping gin in dark parlors, trodding down cobblestones in the land of Shakespeare, and finding nature — both above ground and below — in England’s first national park.

most watched netflix shows in 2017

For those of us who can’t afford a mountain pass or a flight to the southern hemisphere, it is Netflix season.

5 ways to do Mauritius on a budget

Long-favored by newlyweds and resort-lovers, the Indian Ocean island of Mauritius isn’t known for being the most wallet-friendly destination.

The world's most dangerous foods

One of my favorite parts of travel is getting to try many different local specialties. Food is also a great way of connecting with a place and its people — somehow, cultural differences seem to vanish when sharing a tasty meal.

the most fun cities in Europe

Europe is the most visited place outside of North America by Americans, and it makes sense. Tickets are cheaper compared to other continents, there is a well-established tourism industry, and Europe is a blast.

Why winter is the coolest time to visit Rocky Mountain National Park in pictures

The busiest season in Colorado’s Rocky Mountain National Park is summer, but the park is equally if not more breathtaking when blanketed in snow.

Essential backpacker's guide

Backpacking around the world is one of those dreams that’s easy to achieve (that is, if you’re privileged enough).

match national animal to its country

who gets the most USAid in the world

The United States will withhold a whopping $65 million USD of federal aid from the UN agency supporting Palestinian refugees.