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The mass murder of African elephants

Take a look at the elephant in the photo below. His name is Igor (as named at birth by Cynthia Moss of Amboseli Elephant Research).

8 things the Greenlandic hate

Photo: Nick Russill 1. Losing our jobs to the Danish Since 1814, when Danish people colonized in Nuuk, they have been moving up here.

Things Pacific NW peeps hear a lot

Photo: Kevin O’Mara 1. “For living so close to the mountains, you guys sure can’t handle the snow.” No shit, Sherlock — we’re too busy hiding from the perpetually enraged rainclouds and their relentless onslaught of rain.

Why travel Muslim countries?

Photo: jbdodane No part of the world within the last ten years has been scrutinized as much or stereotyped as heavily as the Muslim world.

8 memories of growing up in Philly

Photo: T_Rose 1. Hoagies and Huggies for lunch For a kid growing up in the Northeast, a perfectly great lunch was an Italian hoagie with Utz chips on the side, accompanied by a lime-green Huggie to drink and a butterscotch krimpet (or other favorite Tastykake or Kandy Kake) for dessert.

Becoming culturally Australian

Photo: Scott Sandars 1. You can’t recall exactly when you started, but now you call it ‘Stralia. 2. You accept that “yeah, nah” is an appropriate response when asking a yes-or-no question.

14 signs you're culturally Cambodian

Photo: ND Strupler 1. You sniff your loved ones. Cambodian culture has different rules for physical touch.

50 things to do before you die

Photo by Moyan Brenn on Flickr Collected from Matador staff and readers, here are 50 experiences to add to your bucket-list.

E.M Forster and travel's dirty side

Photo: Victoria BEFORE THERE WAS Eat, Pray, Love, Under the Tuscan Sun, A Year in Provence, Enchanted April – and any number of travel narratives about light-skinned people getting in touch with their insides during visits to lands of dark-skinned people — there was E.

What your drink order really means

(via) Forget your haircut, the clothes you’re wearing, and your body language; believe it or not, your bartender can tell everything about you by what you order at the bar.

Story behind the shot: Petra, Jordan

Photo by author. After a long day of getting repeatedly lost, we arrived at Petra’s largest monument, The Monastery.

5 lies about moving to the Bronx

Photo: Jason Eppink 1. I’m not tough enough for the Bronx. Al Pacino once said “I don’t need bodyguards.

What Aussies can learn from Kiwis

Photo: studio tdes 1. Be yourself, humbly Plain and simple, nobody likes arrogance, Australia. You may be way bigger than New Zealand, but that doesn’t make you better by any means.

In Jordan, bring a bible.

Photo: Hubert Stoffels IF YOU ARE INTERESTED in traveling to the Middle East but aren’t sure where to begin, kick-start your trip through the holy land in Jordan.

18 classic Eurail experiences

Photo: Felix Montino 1. Losing all sense of privacy and personal space You never would have guessed just how comfortably you can fit ten people in a six-person seating compartment.

What people say if you're from Ohio

Photo: qwz 1. “I flew over Ohio once.” Let’s get this out of the way: if you’re the type of person who calls certain states “flyover states,” you’re a boring person.

How to cope in a travel misadventure

Photo: Daniel Foster 1.Stay calm and accept the situation. If you’ve ever missed a flight, boarded the wrong train, spent two days in bed from food poisoning, or paid a large chunk of money for a vacation package that turned out to be a scam, then you’re familiar with feelings of panic and extreme anger.

Sweden's prostitution solution

(via) While many nations have resigned themselves to the fact that ‘prostitution will always be with us,’ one country’s success stands out as a solitary beacon lighting the way.

Life lessons from a Buddhist monk

Photo: Christopher Crouzet I linger on my friend Pravin’s porch in Baltimore. I adjust the modest hemline on my white shift dress and comb my fingers through my hair.

40 things good travelers never say

Photo: Juliet Earth 1. “I just couldn’t find the time to use all of my vacation days this year.” 2. “Yeah, the pictures look cool, but I’ve heard it’s really unsafe there.” 3.