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29 ways to be more creative

I KEEP MYSELF creative through repetition — I force myself to write every day until it becomes a natural habit.

Day in the life of street performers

Cities are full of people asking you for money — whether it’s salespeople, shopkeepers, restaurants, or beggars — but none are quite so enjoyable to give to as street performers.

10 very useful Italian phrases

Photo: ITALIAN IS A BEAUTIFUL LANGUAGE. Because of the purity of its vowels, Italian is the first language in which opera singers learn to sing.

How to pull a car out of a lake

No fancy diesel-powered winch or pulley system needed. Oh, no. Just a few Russian dudes, some thick-ass ice, and an ingenious…well, watch the video to find out.

Australians have the longest sex, according to this map [infographic]

AND THEY SAY the French make the best lovers. Maybe that’s still true, but it doesn’t prevent Americans from living in one of the most sexually active countries in the world, trumped only by Australia as far as the average length of intercourse is concerned (although 4:02 minutes isn’t something to brag about…).

Stirling: Castle of the Velvet Penis

It was raining when we arrived at Castle Rock, the ancient mound of gravel and dirt upon which Stirling Castle sits.

Getting green energy via balloons

Last week, reports came out that the Carteret Islanders of Papua New Guinea, the world’s first official climate-change refugees, had left their island home for good.

9 worst types of Argentine men

Photo: rei-san The Soccer Fan / El Futbolero This is the guy who yells “¡Dale Boca, dale campeón!” every time he has an orgasm.

2 weeks in the Namibian desert [vid]

I CAN’T KEEP A DIARY. It’s as simple as that…it’s just not happening for me. For the last 10 years, I’ve tried and failed miserably to keep notes on my excursions: the exotic meals, the chance encounters with odd nomads on the road.

Why it's so hard to learn English

I’m told English is one of the hardest languages to learn, and this has always surprised me. As a native English speaker, I have no frame of reference: I’ve been fluent since I was about 3 or 4 years old, and it’s always seemed natural and easy to me.

28 incredibly useful packing hacks

Packing for travel is an art, and it’s a minimalist art. Experienced travelers will have, over time, developed either a system for packing lightly and efficiently, or insanely strong back, arm, and neck muscles.

North Korea is perfect for Americans

Technically it’s illegal, but it seems not everyone knows that. Here’s the grocery bag full that I bought in a market in Rason for about 80 cents.

Killing German stereotypes in Berlin

Photo: Gustavo Gomes German sounds horrible! It might be true that more typical languages English learners tend to go for — like French and Spanish — can sound pleasant to listen to even if you don’t understand them, but it’s better to think outside of those limitations.

Short video explains fracking

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you’ve probably heard about the controversy surrounding “fracking.” But unless you’re a petroleum engineer or an environmentalist, you’ve probably got no idea what fracking is.

When you become culturally Mexican

Photo: Darlene Acero HERE ARE 9 WAYS you know the cultural shift has happened, even if you have no idea how or when it occurred.

23 signs you were born in Maine

Photo: Jeffrey Stylos 1. By third grade you were babysitting yourself and others. 2. You can rollerblade on a dirt road.

60 ft waterfall in a canoe [video]

Twenty years ago, there were a few open boaters such as Dave Simpson who pioneered the hardest steep creeks alongside the best whitewater kayakers at the time.

I watched a Bangkok ping-pong show

Photo: Sobri After a total of sixteen months in Bangkok, and at the request of an American girlfriend who was visiting, I agreed to go to a “ping-pong” show.

Notes from the world's top freediver

William Trubridge is the world’s best freediver. Freediving is the act of diving without the use of a snorkel, scuba gear, or any other breathing apparatus.

15 legendary recording studios

I was visiting London a few weeks ago and on a slow day decided to do the Beatles walking tour (which was inevitably called the “Magical Mystery Tour”).