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9 beautiful hikes in the fall

Now is the time to get out there and enjoy nature’s incredible colors before everything gets covered in snow.

10 differences between a Denver local and a transplant

Photo: Dekan Naked 1. A local wears a hat, while a transplant wears a hat with a Colorado flag embroidered on it.

You're not a true Alaskan until...

Photo: Paxson Woelber 1. You trade in your umbrella for an all weather waterproof jacket. Great Alaskan outdoors dress code 101: No one uses umbrellas.

Watch: this hammock strung high above the Moab desert becomes the perfect BASE jumping launchpad

Follow Matador on Vimeo Follow Matador on YouTube Slacklining god “Sketchy” Andy Lewis and his crew of Moab Monkeys got 80 volunteers together to rig up what they call the “Spacenet”, a hammock/slackline/BASE launch pad for some crazy shenanigans high above the Moab desert.

Addictive things in Alabama

Photo: Steve Burns 1. Frying anything and everything. The possibilities are endless. From chicken, pickles, okra, ‘taters, (not to be confused with ‘maters, which are also excellent fried and green), and catfish to country fried steak…it all tastes better dipped in grease.

8 travel myths about SW Florida

IN FLORIDA, EVERY ZIP CODE has its own reputation. Miami Beach is “crazy.” Palm Beach is “fancy.” Key West is “weird.” Sometimes these reputations are deserved…and sometimes they’re just broad-brush generalizations that don’t paint an accurate picture.

How to confuse a German abroad

Photo: Maria Morri Invade our personal space. Sitting with 4 people in a row of public transport seats which would fit a maximum of 2 people back home or standing in a huge bulk not in a proper queue are situations which make us extremely uncomfortable.

I stopped giving a sh*t about...

1. Getting together “sometime”. A simple rule: If we can’t put a date, time, and location on when we’re meeting, we’re not meeting.

Vail isn't just a ski town

Photo: Tal Atlas Yes, Vail and its surrounding area is one of the top places to ski and board in Colorado, but winter sports aren’t all it has to offer.

What is home to a traveler

If home is where the heart is, then we’re all just f*cked, Fall Out Boy claimed in their bittersweet hit “27” back in 2008, which is just about as long as I’ve been wondering — what really is home and how do I find mine?

Watch: this RedBull slackliner crushes a ladder course he made through the Hawaiian jungle

Follow Matador on Vimeo Follow Matador on YouTube Red Bull athlete Alex Mason paired up with “Sketchy“ Andy Lewis to create a slacklining ladder course up Onomea Falls on the Big Island of Hawaii.

The reality of getting from point A to B in rural Kenya

How far are you from the nearest power outlet? If you’re in North America or Europe, the answer is likely within 20 feet.

Boston’s Freedom Trail will take you back through history

Photo: Kimberly Vardeman Seeing the entirety of Boston’s Freedom Trail could take you hours upon hours.

World's strangest plants

THE PLANT WORLD IS JUST PROFOUNDLY weird. There are plants that eat animals, plants that smell like dead people, and plants that are tens of thousands of years old.

Richest countries in North America

Featured photo: Amanda Kelso

Japan's Kumano Kodo

The Kii peninsula is a region of dense, dark forests and rugged, misty mountains. It’s the birthplace of ancient religions and natural deity worship — a headland that serves as Japan’s gateway to mysticism and spiritualism, and a lifetime away from the high-rise, neon-clad urban jungle of Tokyo.

What Latino segregation looks like in public schools

Photo: Sebastian This piece by NPR’s Latino USA looks into the “de facto segregation” that has occurred in U.S.

Study: the Council of Foreign Relations predicts a Muslim travel ban would cost the U.S. economy over $35 billion

Photo: Hernán Piñera The Council of Foreign Relations recently researched how a restriction on travel by Muslims to the United States would affect our economy.

What Oregonians have to explain

Photo: Loren Kerns 1. Our whole state absolutely rocks at brewing beer. You may have heard this about Portland already, but you gotta bear in mind that that isn’t necessarily the cream of the crop.

Michigan people never say...

Photo: christtine 1. “What’s Amway?” Open any bathroom closet here. See that box of skincare products sitting untouched all the way in the back?