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Memories of the Irish countryside

Photo: Greg Clarke 1. Mass was a place to be seen. Going to mass was just another social outing for those of us from the countryside.

What Obama’s Cuban deal means

Photo: Christopher L. Yesterday, December 17, American President Barack Obama and Cuban President Raúl Castro announced a major thaw in relations between the two countries.

7 signs you are a global citizen

Photo: Jacopo Romei 1. You have a healthy contempt for artificial boundaries. There’s some truth to the saying that good fences make good neighbors: it’s good to know where you stop and the person next to you begins.

Off the beaten path in Morocco

Photo: Marketing Deluxe Mirleft Photo: laurent.paga While the plush tour buses pull in to ex-hippie-hangout Essauoira, the rattling, once-an-hour public bus takes you down the Atlantic coast to tiny Mirleft.

You can travel solo without cheating

Photo: Christopher Michel Jordan Axani, made famous for offering a free round-the-world plane ticket to a woman who shared his ex-girlfriend’s name, has finally found his Elizabeth Gallagher.

Bilbo's journey, 2014 style

Gloin meets an unfortunate end. Bilbo checks in on FourSquare. / All art courtesy of Aya Padrón. What follows are speculative plot highlights from the The Hobbit, imagined if Bilbo had undertaken his “there and back again” adventure in AD 2014 instead of 2941 of the Third Age.

7 things we can learn from Vietnam

Photo: Eddy Milfort 1. How to lend a helping hand. Step one foot into Vietnam and you’ll be greeted with two things: sticky, steamy air and the warmest of welcomes.

What your Uber driver wants to say

Photo: 1. I’m not your couples’ therapist. I believe every Uber driver should mind their own business unless they’re pulled into the passenger’s circle of trust.

I'll never sleep with a Kerouac fan

Photo: shelisrael1 THERE I AM, standing at the bar with a tattooed, bearded man, beer in hand; and yeah, I’m sort of into him.

Skype Translator will revolutionize language learning, but in what way?

Follow Matador on Vimeo Follow Matador on YouTube I MISS TALKING with my Slovak friends. While their English is remarkably better than my Slovak, there is still a lot that gets lost in translation.

Drinking guide to Southeast Asia

Photo: Seb Ruiz Thailand “Another round, please.” = kor peum eek. Between the hustle and bustle of Bangkok and party-hard beaches, drinking is a major way of life throughout Thailand.

Americans stop caring at Christmas

Photo: Corey Balazowich 1. That Christmas music is flat out annoying as shit There’s a reason we only listen to “Deck the Halls” for one month out of the entire year.

Trains, borders, and a criminal past

Photo: Ben Raynal Just before eight in the morning on September 6, I caught the Amtrak Adirondack Line at Penn Station, a ten-hour train journey up the Hudson River and the eastern edge of New York State, past Lake Champlain, snaking along a path carved into bluffs so that at times the rest of the train was visible through the windows ahead and behind me on the tracks above the water and the pines.

How not to be a tourist in Paris

Photo: IAmNotUnique AS AN American-tourist-turned-bona-fide-Parisian, I have learnt, at my expense, how to blend in while wandering the French capital.

25 ways to know you're a line cook

Photo: Two Big Paws 1. You know what lowboy, walk-in, reach-in, range, flat-top, six and / or nine pan, and grill brick refer to.

20 Arizona facts you may not know

Photo: Grand Canyon National Park 1. There are no giant sand dunes in Arizona. This is the Sonoran Desert, not the Sahara.

Watch this incredible footage of the Northern Lights in real-time

SOARING from Ole C. Salomonsen on Vimeo. Follow Matador on Vimeo Follow Matador on YouTube THE FIRST TIME I ever saw the Aurora Borealis was while traveling through Norway with my friend, fellow photographer, and Matador Ambassador Chris Burkard.

43 ways to annoy your server

Photo: Daveblog 1. Demand bread before you have even taken your jacket off. 2. Wait to tell us about your allergy until we are about to place your meal in front of you.

The people we meet along the way

Photo by the author. Also known as the Great Indian Desert, the Thar desert is a band of desolate beauty that runs between northern Rajasthan and the border with Pakistan.

Signs you're from British Columbia

Photo: Eli Duke 1. You know the real seasons of BC. Where’s the snow? There’s too much snow! Spring is here.