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8 ways to learn who Chileans are

Photo: Bárbara Paz Rebolledo Bustamante 1. Drink anything but water. If you’re caught drinking water, Chileans will become very concerned and ask if you’re feeling okay.

13 signs you're from Finland

Photo: Maria Morri 1. You love dark rye bread. The Finnish ruisleipä might not be legendary in the eyes of foreigners; however, it’s a typical thing you’ll miss when living abroad (what’s with the white fluffy substance the rest of the world consume?

15 millennials talk about how they pay for travel

Photo: Runa Fjellanger The millennial generation is attracting a lot of attention. Some reports claim that we lack the necessary attitude for “job success.” We struggle with work ethic.

7 lies you tell yourself when you go back to waiting tables

Photo: Daveblog 1. This is only temporary. This will also be the ninth year running that you’ve claimed that.

Read before partying in Mexico City

Photo: Francisco Lurcovich 1. The party starts early. Mexican pre-party is know as precopeo, literally “pre-cupping.” We gather at a friend’s place or small bar to get a little bit woozy and ready for the night.

Epic skiing and riding at Whistler

A 5-video series in which adventurer, travel writer, and TV host Robin Esrock joins infamous Whistler Insider Feet Banks for a whirlwind tour of the best that Whistler has to offer.

10 signs your boyfriend is Argentine

Photo: Christian Ostrosky 1. You kind of wish his mother was yours, but you kind of don’t. The Argentine suegra is the sweetest of paradoxes: an all-cooking, all-laundering, all-kissing-and-hugging machine, who also sort of hates you and believes you could never be good enough for her baby.

20 things you didn't know about Utah

Did you know that Utah has, on average, the tallest mountains in the country? See #12 below. Photo: josephdepalma 1.

Signs your mom is Portuguese

Photo: Pedro Ribeiro Simões Clique aqui para ler e comentar esse post na MatadorBrasil. Também venha curtir nossa página no Facebook.

How to piss off a Bavarian

Photo: Joe Stump Tell us we’re from Germany There is a famous German movie telling the story of a group of Bavarians that win the Olympic bobsledding medal in the 1950s.

12 signs your husband is Mexican

Lindsey Kone 1. You’re expected to have kids as soon as you get married. From the day after you get married, you will be asked on a weekly basis by every single member of his family, “When are you having kids?

10 Kiwi phrases you need to know

Photo: Simon Oosterman 1. Rattle ya dags! | Hurry up! This one’s a bit gross. The dags are the parts of fleece around a sheep’s bum that are usually caked in poo.

How to piss off someone from Seattle

Photo: Andy Pixel Be a passenger aboard ‘Ride the Duck.’ Fuck the duck: a boat/automobile hybrid as ugly as it is irritating.

30 signs you grew up in Brooklyn

Image by: Lachlan Hardy 1. You prefaced any games with the rule of playing “sewer to sewer.” 2. Your parents reminisce about playing stick ball or buck buck as kids.

Travelers: Don't panic about ebola

Photo: Luca Rossato If cable news is any indicator, the first horseman of the apocalypse has arrived, and it’s in the form of the murderous plague Ebola.

17 rites of passage for Coloradans

Photo: Zach Dischner 1. Ski the Minturn Mile It’s neither an epic line nor even a particularly challenging route — just a cruisy backcountry run that ends near a saloon in the creekside village of Minturn.

6 legendary California golf courses

IF YOU’RE A GOLFER, you probably don’t need reminding. If you’re looking to get into the game, California is the place to do it.

What French people learn in England

Photo: Michaël Korchia 1. We French win the asshole war. The old stereotype that French people look down on you and talk behind your back — or right to your face as they don’t think you can understand them is not exactly fair.

11 best Airbnbs in Buenos Aires

While already well known in the US, Airbnb’s been gaining popularity around the world. The service, allowing travelers to experience a home-away-from-home environment, has changed the landscape of accommodation options.

10 idioms only Italians understand

Image by Erin McGregor 1. In bocca al lupo / In culo alla balena | In the wolf’s mouth / In the whale’s ass These two expressions for good luck are well-known throughout Italy, but clearly they don’t make any sense.