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An illustrated guide to flight

I RECENTLY BEGAN sketching during long-haul flights. It helps distract me when I feel anxious, and usually I’m pretty drunk during takeoff, so the things I produce in my journal are hilarious.

How to be home

Photo: Bill Dickinson THE WEIGHT OF THE DECISION to leave a home is often overshadowed by the logistics of the move itself, so much so that we forget about the courage it really does take.

Life as an ESL student in Ireland

Photo: Learn English at DCU 1. You will be welcomed. You’ll touch down in Dublin, ready to begin your ESL course.

The pro skateboarder with no legs

LAST WEEK, I skateboarded for the first time in about 12 years. My town just opened up a brand new skatepark and I’ve been dying to try it out for months.

Jewish doula, Palestinian baby

Photo: Jlhopgood One midday in July of 2000, in Hospital Meir in Kfar Saba, a Palestinian boy was born before my eyes.

10 signs you're from Kansas City

Photo: kirybabe 1. You’re fiercely loyal to local ‘que and know your way around a grill. 
Whether you claim allegiance to BBQ powerhouses Gates and Jack Stack, Missouri-side Arthur Bryant’s, Kansas-side Oklahoma Joe’s, or (my favorite) small-fry LC’s, you think of them when anyone mentions barbecue.

Anchovies are awesome [vid]

ANCHOVIES GET A BAD RAP as a pizza topping thanks to their general saltiness and ickiness — unless you’re Dr.

15 portraits of travel relationships

Editor’s note: One of the first lessons you can learn about traveling is that the people you spend your time with are even more important than the destination itself.

8 macro effects of microfinancing

Photo: IBM Research – Africa During the three months I spent in northern India working for a grassroots nonprofit as project manager for microfinance, I was given a chance to participate in the creation of small business opportunities for young women.

Footage of surfers in Indonesia

Follow Matador on Vimeo Follow Matador on YouTube THIS IS WHAT drones were made for! Check these surfers ripping perfect conditions over a shallow reef in the Mentawai Islands.

Canada: From sea to sea, by train

Editor’s note: Award-winning Canadian photographer Jeff Friesen has managed to retain a child-like wonderment in the face of his home country’s landscape through his majestically titled series, The Canadian: Ghost Train Crossing Canada.

Busker tears it up in Seoul [vid]

WE DON’T ALWAYS pay much attention to our buskers. We’ve got somewhere to be, and we didn’t factor in time to listen to an impromptu concert.

12 people you'll meet cycling Japan

Photo: Elvin 1. The couple living out of the back of their van You sleep across the tatami from them on the ferry, and then bump into them at three different locations.

How do you give back as a traveler?

Photo: Alex Whenever I get back from traveling in a developing country, I always feel like I need to give money to someone.

14 signs you're from Glasgow

Photo: Robyn Ramsay 1. You regard Edinburgh as part of England. The animosity between Scotland’s largest city, Glasgow, and its capital, Edinburgh, runs deep along the M8 motorway connecting the two.

You've never fished like this [vid]

FISHING ISN’T TOO SPECTACULARLY DIFFICULT an endeavor. If you’re doing it recreationally, you just bait the line, pick a good place to cast it, and then wait…possibly while sipping an ice cold beer.

Antarctica: A year in photos

I arrived in Antarctica on October 1, 2012, with the plan to work there for four and a half months and then continue my travels.

Trolltunga: Beautiful and terrifying

Photo: Scott Sporleder If you’ve ever watched an episode of Looney Tunes and seen the parts where Wile E.

Las Vegas trip planning cheat sheet

MY FIANCE WANTS his bachelor party to take place in Vegas (thanks, Hangover…). I’m not a huge fan of the city myself, so I can’t really help him plan anything good, but this infographic pretty much provides the perfect amount of information a first-timer, or even a Vegas veteran, could benefit from.

11 things you'll miss about Portland

Photo: Slack12 1. All the Mainers here If you’re a born-and-raised Maine kid like me, you’ve probably found that Maine is an incredibly difficult place to ditch.