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Learn how to stay still

Photo: Jonathan Emmanuel Flores Tarello One of the many horribly overused Facebook profile travel quotes is from Lao Tzu, the possibly fictional founder of Taoism.

Meet Jim Hoschek, aka 'Blind Guy'

Jim Hoschek prefers to go by “Blind Guy.” He lost his sight in a surgical accident in 1997, and now, if you just say “hi,” he’s not sure if you’re talking to him, someone else, or if you’re on the phone.

25 insane rock climbing photos

As far as sports go, few are more picturesque than rock climbing in its many variations. Anyone anywhere can become a rock climber, as long as they have a mountain or a boulder nearby, and a serious amount of upper body strength.

Why summer in the Northwest rocks

Photo: Christopher Berry We have festivals for everyone. The Oregon Country Fair will both confirm and challenge your idea of hippie festivals.

Signs you're from the TX Panhandle

Photo: Mauricio Pastor 1. You wore a giant mum to Homecoming. They’re not just big corsages. They’re like nothing you’ve ever seen.

How to turn 'place' into 'home'

Photo: Hans Veneman My skin crawls beneath the chemical-stiff caress of new sheets as I lie in the creaky used bed I bought on Craigslist this afternoon.

10 signs you’re still a tourist in Paris

Photo: Andrea Diener 1. You complain about the price of coffee. It’s one of the best-kept secrets among Parisian cafés: The price of coffee depends entirely on where it’s consumed.

Shannon Galpin collaborates with Liv

Branded Liv Video from LET MEDIA on Vimeo. Matador Network is proud to announce that Liv Cycling has launched their latest brand video with Shannon Galpin, Matador Ambassador, and National Geographic ADvneturer of the Year.

The world's oldest living organisms

As a human, you can probably expect to live for under a hundred years. Those of us who make it beyond the century mark are usually marveled at — but even the oldest of our species hasn’t lived past 122.

Songs for a road trip through the American South [playlist]

Photo: Alabama Shakes We have set out on a truly impossible task — to create a playlist appropriate for traveling through a region with the most-storied musical history in the world.

20 Vietnamese dishes and drinks

As phở gains popularity all over the globe, a spotlight has been shined on Vietnamese cuisine. Some dishes are easily accessible to unfamiliar palates; others seem intimidating in comparison.

Bird's-eye view of Black Rock City

Follow Matador on Vimeo Follow Matador on YouTube THE SHEER SIZE OF BLACK ROCK CITY intimidates me to the point that I’m not sure I’d really make it out alive after Burning Man.

On next-gen travel search engines

Screengrab: I’m a budgeter. I make a budget and I like to stick to it. I’m also open-minded, so when I’m planning travel I’m not always dead set on a particular destination.

Things people do on the Jersey Shore

Photo: Patrick 1. Rent mansions My family’s first vacation house at Long Beach Island was a two-bedroom wooden bungalow with no air conditioning and a carpet that smelled like sand and feet.

11 of the most beautiful deserts

While the planet’s most impressive mountains, forests, lakes, and tourist attractions are showcased on every corner of the world wide web, one of Earth’s most inspiring natural art forms is to a great extent neglected — the desert.

23 signs you're addicted to travel

Photo: Konstantin Lazorkin 1. Every single story you ever tell starts with “When I was in…” 2. You think of home as more of a pit stop than a long-term destination.

On indigenous land rights, Australia

Image via Evergreen Escapes International I’m sitting at a wooden picnic table at the Arts and Cultural Centre at Wangi Falls, Litchfield National Park, Australia.

Timelapse of Australia's Gold Coast

Follow Matador on Vimeo Follow Matador on YouTube MATADOR IS INCREDIBLY LUCKY to have worked with Tourism Queensland, sending some of our top Ambassadors to explore the various areas of this diverse piece of Australia.

15 reasons to visit Michigan's UP

I am the quintessential city girl. Trains, 24-hour bodegas, street traffic, high-rise buildings — that’s MY thing.

De-horning rhino in South Africa

Follow Matador on Vimeo Follow Matador on YouTube SOUTH AFRICA’S KRUGER NATIONAL PARK is one of the most popular game reserves in the world, and with the size of a small province, protecting all of the creatures and terrain within it is close to impossible.