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5 companies making fair trade fashion cooler than what you have in your wardrobe

Whether adopting fair labor practices or eco-friendly manufacturing techniques, the following brands have worked to become more socially responsible.

15 signs you're from Spain

Photo: Gene Krasko Photography 1. You refer as aunt and uncle (tía and tío) to people who are not related to you.

Gnarliest supercell storm timelapse

Follow Matador on Vimeo Follow Matador on YouTube IT’S SPRINGTIME, AND THAT MEANS it’s time for absolutely epic storms.

7 of the craziest airline passengers

By Sophie Forbes Last week a British Airways flight from London to Dubai had to return to Heathrow Airport 40 minutes after takeoff after a “smelly poo” in one of the toilets onboard meant the flight was unable to continue.

Costa Rica has been running entirely on renewable energy since Christmas

Photo: The Expert Vagabon “THE YEAR 2015 has been one of electricity totally friendly to the environment for Costa Rica,” Costa Rican Electricity Institute (ICE) said in a press release.

Peru's miners are killing the Amazon

Where did the Amazon forest go? (Gregory Asner/Courtesy) LIMA, Peru — The ravaging of the Peruvian Amazon by a wave of illegal gold mining is twice as bad as researchers had thought.

How to annoy someone from Tennessee

Photo: Krasava 1. Insult Jack Daniel’s. Few things make a Tennessean more proud than getting to tell someone they’re from the state that springs the water of life, the elixir of youth, the best-selling brand of American whiskey in the world — Jack Daniel’s.

US habits I lost moving to Romania

Photo: meaduva 1. Eating produce out of season In the States, I was used to having a fresh supply of produce like apples and strawberries year round.

Do these countries exist? [QUIZ]

Featured image by Sudhamshu Hebbar.

Chinese fitness trends we should do

Photo: Ding Zhou 1. Amateur public dance troupes It’s a sight we rarely see outside of a Disney film — colorful gowns and suits swirling in synchronized formation as if in a ballroom instead of on a sweltering street corner in China.

5 uncomfortable truths about Florida

Photo: Miamism 1. Its government officials are not allowed to use the words “climate change” and “global warming” in any official communications.

Truths of teaching English in Japan

Photo: Ding Zhou 1. The overall English proficiency of Japanese is far worse than many realize. According to the EF English Proficiency Index (EPI), Japan currently scores #26 out of 63 countries measured, directly under South Korea and India.

13 things Atlanta loves to hate

Photo: de la maldad 1. “Hotlanta” Yes, the city is Atlanta. Yes, Atlanta can be hot sometimes. But for the love of god, quit calling it “Hotlanta.” 2.

Signs you're a true Pittsburgh local

Photo: Adriana Aakrap 1. You know every bar in the Southside. Pittsburgh is the biggest-drinking city in America.

23 inspiring views around the world

There are so many inspiring places and sights in our world — far more than the 23 listed here, most with names less widely known.

18 side effects of living in Ghana

Photo: c.hug 1. You can’t say anything without saying “by God’s grace” first. It doesn’t take long for the locals’ way of speaking to rub off on you.

14 ways to completely humiliate yourself in Australia

Photo: Duncan Rawlinson – @thelastminute – 1. Try to outdrink an old mate at the pub. Unless you are from Russia or some other notoriously-known drinking country, don’t even try to outdrink an Aussie.

22 reasons Utah is the most underrated state in the US

Photo: a4gpa 1. There are 5 (5!) national parks. The country’s 50 states average just 1.18 national parks each, but Utah gets five — which shows just how remarkable its landscapes and flora and fauna are.

Dukha people in Mongolia

THERE AREN’T MANY “LOST” tribes any more — the realities of the modern world means that most formerly nomadic people have settled down into cities, and that virtually everyone, for good or for bad, has been brought into the global fold.

10 reasons to NOT visit Hawaii

HAWAII — it’s “paradise found” for some people, but you’re not one of them. There’s a few reasons why you should skip the most tropical place in the USA, but if you’re convinced otherwise, we’ve got details on how you can score a trip to the Big Island of Hawaii. We just hope you can get through these “uninspiring” Instagram images to find out more.