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The best tacos in Mexico City

STRAIGHT UP: Mexico City’s taco stands are a kind of street food universe unlike anywhere else. Inexpensive, open at all hours, and usually bursting with fresh salsas and vegetable sides (if not, go to another stand), they’re the great common denominator of Mexican society and culture.

139 facts about Instagram

Are you on Instagram? With 600 million users worldwide, your answer will probably be yes. I’ve been using it on and off since it launched for Android (I remember the wait and the frustration of not being able to try it because I didn’t have an iPhone those first months), but I’m a bit like most users: I just share my pictures — after carefully choosing the right filter — and don’t think much about it.

Road trip to all US national parks

RANDY OLSON, a Computer Science & Engineering Ph.D. candidate at Michigan State University, is a man who likes to design road trips.

10 best cafes in Cape Town for work

Cape Town’s coffee culture is flourishing. Here, coffee snobbery is high up on our list of priorities – we turn our noses up at anything but the best quality, artisan brews, and rejoice when baristas perfect the subtle differences between the cappuccino and the flat white.

Americans learn from China

I LIVED IN CHINA for over a year and was hit with culture shock almost every day. It wasn’t just Asian culture in general that gave me a jolt, but what I understood later to be the distinctly Chinese characteristics of living.

Signs you are in California

1. There are always avocados in your fruit bowl. Half-ripe avos can always be found your apples and oranges.

The beauty of Patagonia

MOST people who know of the South American region, Patagonia, think of its wide-open spaces — jagged mountains, massive glaciers, seemingly endless expanses of fjords and open land.

Countries that don't border germany

How to survive a summer in Alabama

SUMMER in Alabama can be downright grueling. We have temperatures in the nineties and humidity hovering around four hundred percent.

Olympic peninsula weekend

WASHINGTON’S OLYMPIC PENINSULA is one the most interesting and diverse areas on the continent. Within the span of a day you can explore alpine tundra in the glacier-capped Olympic Mountains, visit the lush mossy temperate old growth rainforests of Hoh and Quinault, and then head out and catch a stunning sunset on the wave-battered coast.

13 images of colorful cityscapes

It’s common to think about urban spaces as boring and play. And while this might be true in some cases, this list of the world’s most colorful cities shows how urban spaces can elevate into works of chromatic art.

Visit Finland on a stopover

IF YOU’RE ON a grand tour of Europe and get the chance to check out Finland for a few days, grab the opportunity by the reindeer antlers.

The cheapest countries to drink

I’ve always been amazed by the fact there are some countries where beer is cheaper than water, something I discovered while I was studying abroad in Prague (yes, the Czech Republic is — or at least used to be — one of those countries).

The truth about ravel vloggers

I HAD a fascinating conversation with a mate’s son recently. He is 11 years old, a tween, and a big user of social media and YouTube in particular.

Why you should visit New Zealand

Whatever kind of landscape or activity you are looking for – dramatic coastal cliffs, alpine lakes and peaks, surfable beaches, active volcanoes and geothermal features, lush rainforest and old-growth forest, walkable glaciers, underground caverns – they are all here in New Zealand.

Commandments for dating Texan

1. Thou shalt never assume she’s a stereotype. Yes, she grew up in the south. No, she’s not one to wear Daisy Dukes and bend over as she’s fixing her radiator.

This is not a beautiful hiking video

Follow Matador on Vimeo Follow Matador on YouTube Last year, Vienna-based filmmaker Peter H hiked the PCT and produced this incredible of his journey.

Mistakes not to make in NYC

HERE are a few tips to avoid local wrath and make the most of your visit to the greatest city in the world.

The best cafes for work in Amsterdam

I’ve been calling Amsterdam my home for six years now, and there’s still nothing quite like it. After 3,5 years at The Next Web, I recently switched to a freelance lifestyle — which means I’m often hanging out in a cafe.

5 Colorado spots for a digital detox

LIKE ELECTRICITY AND the automobile before it, social media is a technological advance that’s now completely ingrained in our lives.