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10 things that people from Arizona have to explain to out-of-towners

Photo: Chris Klok Arizona residents have no doubt the 48th state is great. Whether you hail from Flagstaff, Yuma, or somewhere in-between, there’s instant access to year-round sunshine within a short drive.

10 useful German phrases

Photo: sebaso MY FIRST TRIP TO GERMANY was courtesy of my law school, which gave me the opportunity to apply for a summer job in Hamburg.

Born and raised in Belfast

Photo: Joshua Hayes 1. You get offended when other nationalities don’t understand our extremely complex political situation.

Refugees, Pacifists, Terrorists, Citizens: Reminders of the Doukhobor experience

Refugees, Pacifists, Terrorists, Citizens Reminders of the Doukhobor experience By Rob Chursinoff “The Dukhobors have been subjected to floggings, incarcerations, and all kinds of tortures in the disciplinary battalions, from which many have died…It is hard to believe that such a systematic annihilation of a whole population of twelve thousand people should enter into the plans of the Russian government… I now address all the good people of the English and American nations, asking for their aid… I ask for direct guidance in overcoming the difficulties of the emigration of a people who do not know any languages and have never been outside of Russia.” — Leo Tolstoy, excerpt from APPEAL ON BEHALF OF THE DUKHOBORS, March 19, 1898 TEN MONTHS after Russian author Leo Tolstoy delivered his letter on behalf of my ancestors, the first of four ships carrying the Orthodox Church dissenters set sail for Halifax, Nova Scotia from the Russian Black Sea port of Batum.

11 things people say when they hear you’re from Texas

Photo: Tomás Castrillón You must be a Republican. Do you really think every single person in a state of nearly 30 million people vote red every election?

How to Instagram Los Angeles

IT’S NOT JUST the Pacific light, the palm trees, and the people that make Los Angeles an incredible place to visit.

Airbnb's move in London

Photo: Open Grid Scheduler AIRBNB IS A GREAT SERVICE from the traveler’s side. It’s convenient, it’s affordable, and Airbnb rooms usually have more personality than your average hotel room.

Uniting to fight climate change

Photo: Lwp Kommunikacio In the 1951 movie, The Day the Earth Stood Still, an alien named Klaatu lands his spaceship on the National Mall with a giant robot capable of destroying the world.

How to properly compliment a Minnesotan

Photo: Alan Turkus “That looks warm.” In a land where snow-bearing winter days can stretch from mid-October to late April, folks value anything that keeps the cold at bay.

Road Trips Through the South

  Forget revolutionary rock n’ roll, cheese grits, and sweet tea — you should really be heading to the South for its unforgettable roads.

Capitals of countries quiz

A love letter to the American South

Photo: Xuedi Chen I grew up in a Christian household in Gulf Shores, Alabama, nestled in the heart of the Bible Belt.

Arctic Change

Humpback – Ilulissat, west coast Greenland I feel guilty. We’re cruising effortlessly down West Greenland.

DAPL stopped -- for now

Embed from Getty Images THE ARMY CORPS OF ENGINEERS announced yesterday that they would not be allowing the Dakota Access Pipeline (DAPL) to be completed along the currently proposed route, which involves drilling under the Missouri River.

9 ways a brown Jersey girl stands out in Alaska

Photo: Johnny Silvercloud At the age of 25, I left the East Coast and drove to Alaska. As a queer brown woman from central Jersey, I was in culture shock for weeks.

Signs you grew up Peruvian-American

Photo: G M 1. Your earliest memories of eating involve you dumping spoonfuls of ají onto every inch of your food.

14 signs you were born and raised in Grand Rapids, MI

Photo: Steven Depolo 1. To natives, it’s not “Grand Rapids”. It’s GR, G-Rap, Grap City, or if you’re feeling especially lazy or nostalgic, “the 616.” 2.

How to survive driving in Texas in 6 easy steps

Photo: Vivian D Nguyen 1. Traffic Whether you’re on Mopac after 2 PM, I-45 north of Houston at any time of day, or 635 during peak hours, traffic in Texas has the potential to drive even the most patient among us completely insane.

Drought in Alabama

Photo: Alabama Today My home state of Alabama is currently experiencing the worst drought in memory, and it’s been a strange, yet eye-opening experience.

A guide to Seattle's best museums

FEBRUARY IS SEATTLE MUSEUM MONTH, when visitors staying in select area hotels are invited to explore the city’s museums for half off the regular price of admission.