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How to swim with sea lions

SWIMMING WITH WHALE SHARKS AND SEA LIONS in the Sea of Cortez, Mexico, is an unforgettable experience.

2017's most common travel scams

When we travel we’re more vulnerable and, no matter how well we have prepared the trip and how well-traveled we are, it’s always easier to fall for scams.

Traveling with your toddler

I HAVE ALWAYS been a traveler. I backpacked across Europe solo when I was still in university, got into a bit of trouble and was mugged in Madrid on my last stop.

Adventures in the Canadian Rockies

SUMMER is my favorite season in the Canadian Rockies. Once the snow has melted and lakes thawed, we are able to explore the vivid greens and blues of this wonderful landscape.

State parks in Nebraska

Eugene T. Mahoney State Park, Ashland, NE Niobrara State Park is located between Omaha and Lincoln, nestled in the hills of southeast Nebraska along the Platte River.

Enjoy a layover in San Francisco

120,000 PASSENGERS move through San Francisco Airport (SFO) per day. Most of the in-transit passengers just shuffle to their next gate and wait out their layover slumped in a hard plastic chair.

How to become culturally Californian in 14 steps

1. Figure out how to be outside as much of the time as possible. Find your favorite outdoor cafe with Wi-Fi, learn which parks you can work from, answer emails from a ski lift or hiking trail, or squeeze in a surfing session before heading into the office, and a beach yoga class after work.

Where are these landmarks located?

23 Bulgarian foods you need to try

From yogurt soup to flower jam, cornbread covered with melted butter, and crispy feta pastry – Bulgaria is a paradise for the traveling foodie.

Traffic accident abroad

Being involved in a road traffic accident is something we all hope never happens to us, but we all know it can, so we should be prepared.

Traveling is different in your 20s

As a child, I daydreamed of traveling the world. Dreams turned into reality when I chose to take a gap year before college.

Couples Resorts: Oasis Spa Villas

PIÑA COLADAS FOR DAYS. Endless sunshine, sugar-soft sand, and a constant supply of coconut water — this might be the picture of “all-inclusive” you have in your mind.

Most binged-watched Netflix shows

I’M NECK-DEEP into Twin Peaks. It’s creepy, weird, and the bizarre soundtrack plays in my head when I’m in bed, long after I’ve switched off my laptop, but I can’t help binge-watching it.

Teaching my daughter about travel

MY WIFE AND I are expecting our first child early next year. My daughter is about the size of a lemon at the moment; she looks like an alien; and she’s a restless little thing.

San Francisco music venues

WHAT ARE some good reasons to visit San Francisco? Blues, folk, indie, psychedelic rock…the list goes on and on in a city that values the cutting-edge over the mainstream.

Top 10 Airbnbs in the US

Airbnb provides a refreshing alternative to chain hotels. When you’re on the road, the service allows you to meet new people, feel as comfortable as you might at home, and explore new parts of the globe.

Oregon coast road trip

Follow Matador on Vimeo Follow Matador on YouTube THE OREGON COAST is rugged. I have driven every mile of the West Coast of the States and the stretch of coastline in Oregon is definitely my highlight (Big Sur and Olympic National Park are right at the top as well).

What Alabamians won't tell you

1. We’ve got dozens of weird laws that will be a buzzkill for your weekend plans. No bear wrestling, no driving blindfolded, no bathing in city fountains, and no fake moustaches that cause laughter in church.

Emergency survival kit key items

An emergency survival kit is something essential whenever we venture out into nature, we all know that.

Video of beautiful Georgia

Follow Matador on Vimeo Follow Matador on YouTube Georgia is one of those countries we tend to overlook when we’re thinking about our next travel destination.