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18 Things I Learned From My Mexican

Photo: 1. No sacar los trapitos en el sol. The number one thing every child of a Mexican mother should never do is publicize the family’s business.

Vietnam might let rich convicts buy their way off death row

View image | Here’s some good news for death row inmates in Vietnam. Give back half of your ill-gotten gains and the government might not kill you.

Did this man just save the world?

Follow Matador on Vimeo Follow Matador on YouTube ELON MUSK WANTS TO SELL YOU A BATTERY. That, I realize, is not an awe-inspiring sentence.

Your water footprint is important

WITH CALIFORNIA’S WATER CRISIS all over the news recently, it may be time to include our water footprint as one of our top priorities.

This new messaging app from developers in Myanmar is kind of revolutionary

Photo: AFS-USA Intercultural Programs YANGON, Myanmar — In the United States, typing goofy messages into an anonymous messaging app might seem unremarkable.

Why you shouldn't travel to Colorado

All photos by the author. 1. Fall color is only for the East Coast. 2. Sand dunes belong at the beach.

Watch the adorable thank you video Moldovan winemakers made for their Norwegian customers

These ladies aren’t letting the Russian trade embargo get them down. (Screengrab/YouTube) WHAT MOLDOVANS LACK in Norwegian language skills, they make up for with winemaking ability — and, apparently, heart.

10 signs you went to college in DC

Photo: Neil Conway 1. You went on dates at the Smithsonians because they were free. Most college students have endless stories about late nights and cheap beers.

8 LGBT festivals around the world

1. Inside Out film festivals Photo: Inside Out/Facebook Inside Out is a nonprofit that supports LGBT initiatives and producers of all ages, nations, and race from around the world.

If this isn't racism, what is it?

IF RACISM IS OVER, explain why job applicants with black-sounding names are 50% less likely to be called back.

Is Germany running out of Germans?

Photo: Cha già José WHEN THE REST OF THE WORLD IS CONCERNED about overpopulation, Germany is worried about running out of Germans.

8 uncomfortable truths about teaching English in South Korea

Photo: knittymarie 1. English schools contribute to classist education. South Korea’s international schools were originally created to educate the children of foreign expats but now have become for-profit providers of elite global education to the South Korean aristocracy.

Diary of Nepal earthquake: Part 2

Read part 1 from Diary of the Nepal earthquake here. All photos by the author. Nepal earthquake: Day 2 After a largely sleepless night on the same bed that shook me senseless the day earlier, I woke to sunshine coming in the window.

44 of the most epic beach hotels

1. InterContinental Bora Bora The incredibly beautiful InterContinental Bora Bora is notable for its overwater bungalows on the Pacific and a world-class spa.

Things you get addicted to in Hawaii

Photo: MarlonBu 1. Toyotas. Mainly 4 runners and Tacomas. If you don’t own one yourself, your brother probably does.

You're in Buenos Aires when...

Photo: Christopher.Michel 1. The black market rate for the USD is openly published in the local newspaper and on the news websites.

How much do you know about Mexican food? [QUIZ]

Featured image by Christopher Holden.

ways to humiliate yourself in France

Photo: Omarukai 1. Fail to say bonjour. French politeness is predicated on the use of formulations. You don’t need to talk extensively (in fact, you shouldn’t unless you know the person), but you must always say “Bonjour”.

21 things Ohio gave us

Photo: Paul Hudson 1. The gift of flight. You know how for millennia, humans would look up at the sky and dream of flying like birds, only to sigh about how it could never be possible?

5 'must-have' Shanghai experiences

Photo: Martin Yeung 1. Escape from prison “Mr. X Mystery House” is a real-life escape game that gives you one hour to solve a series of puzzles and escape from a locked room before rich Chinese businessmen kill you for sport.