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15 reasons you should never travel to Japan

Japan, consisting of 6,852 islands, lies along the Pacific Coast of East Asia. With 73% of the country consisting of forests and mountains, the habitable areas such as Tokyo and Yokohama have extremely high population densities, making Japan one of the most densely populated countries on earth.

Where should you go this summer QUIZ

Featured photo by Mark M

Incredible timelapse of Nevada wild

Follow Matador on Vimeo Follow Matador on YouTube NEVADA IS AN INSANELY BEAUTIFUL state. Between the mountains and the deserts and the crazy lights of Vegas, there’s not much about the Silver State that isn’t staggering in its own way.

Fossil fuels get a lot more global subsidies than public health does. Here’s how much, in 4 charts

View image | The International Monetary Fund says the numbers are “shocking.” There’s a pretty good chance you’ll agree.

Lisbon's greatest street art

THE STREETS OF LISBON are an open-air museum, full of ephemeral creations that change faster than we think.

Signs that you're cultural Parisian

Photo: Nicolas Clavier 1. Your studio’s kitchen sink is in your shower and the toilet is on the landing–and you share it with three other people.

15 reasons why you should visit Singapore this year

A common misconception of Singapore is that the city-state is dull, without much to offer except for a stopover to other places.

12 reasons why you should never travel to Lisbon

1. Climb some stairs…and have a panoramic view of one of the most beautiful cities in the world? No, thanks, too tiring.

8 American habits I lost in Japan

Photo: Michell Zappa 1. Babbling or general uncensored speaking I’ll admit it, I speak Japanese like a drunk baby.

How to become Serbian in 17 steps

Photo: Nadja Tatar 1. Honk two times when leaving someone’s house. 2. Add BRE to your sentences! BRE is universal, frequently used, Serbian word.

15 immigrants give their first impressions of America

THE #100DaysofUSArrivals started with the #100DayProject, a social media challenge that encouraged participants to make a version of the same thing everyday for 100 days and post it on Instagram.

9 habits my kid got in Costa Rica

Photo: Phalinn Ooi 1. Rehabilitating sick and wounded kinkajous, sloths and titi monkeys. Most kids don’t get to soothe orphaned baby titi monkeys or forgo the walls of a classroom for tropical reforestation outings — those are just a few of the weekly activities for the kids of KSTR.

You're in Park Slope when...

Photo: James Theophane 1. You think nothing of spending $200 on a 1970s polyester mini dress at the flea market outside PS 321 on 7th Avenue.

Signs you were raised in SLC

Photo: Sharon Mattheson-McCutcheon 1. You’ve experienced real snow storms. You remember the good ole days of snow banks the size of your house.

You've been in ecuador too long

Photo: Raphaël Labbé 1. You add “canguil” to the ceviche. What you considered a sacrilege when arriving to Ecuador is now an ideal combination: the crunchiness of the popcorn with the soaked texture of the ceviche get along perfectly well.

17 signs you're from Mexico [vid]

Follow Matador on Vimeo Follow Matador on YouTube Adapted from the original Matador Network article, ‘23 signs you were born and raised in Mexico’.

12 ways to be cringe in Thailand

Photo: magabrielalucero 1. Fail in the bathroom. Toilet paper is generally not kept in individual bathroom stalls, so it’s likely that you’ll forget to take it to the toilet with you — but you will find a hand hose to spray your bits clean.

How to be more Romanian in 24 steps

Photo: Nicu Bucculei 1. Hang at least three crosses on your car’s rear-view mirror, or better, stick them on your windshield.

What travel companion are you?

Featured image by Jens Karlsson.

What I learned from my Japanese mom

Photo: takkl k 1. Ofuro In Japanese onsen, we practice the sanctity of the ofuro (bath) in sento — communal bathhouses where we relax with others in natural hot springs.