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Wandering Mystic Meditation From Torun Poland

Here’s a question nobody, not even Steven Hawking (A Brief History of Time) nor Erich von Daniken (Chariots of the Gods), can answer: how large is the universe?

The Official Uncensored Somewhat-Unstable Transcript

Let me send a hug (and a small harmless grope) to the many authors and readers who came out last night to hear my presentation: Travel Writing That Matters.

Get Drunk For Humanity This Thursday

On Thursday from 5 to 7, I'll be gettin' drunk for humanity. You should too. I'll be speaking to the authors' club at the lovely Posada de la Aldea in San Miguel de Allende (shown here) about how travel writing promotes cultural awareness and human rights.

Wandering Mystic Meditation From Galicia Spain

“Oh look, the birds are so fonny!” said an olive-eyed senorita and groovy Gallego art student wearing an auburn cloak from a nearby university. I did not agree.  After all, birds are much older than we and descended from dinosaurs.

I've Seen Noah, But You Haven't

Russell Crowe's Noah epic won't open in most countries until this weekend, but I just saw it. So, Sacred Ground Magazine can now give you the real scoop on this astonishing and controversial film.

Smooth Getaway Postcard From Ronda Spain

Away from the urbanization of Spain’s Costa del Sol along scenic Highway 44, I arrived in my “Europe by Car” leased vehicle via Marbella to Ronda, one of the beautiful villas blancos (white villages) in the Andalusian countryside.

Wandering Mystic Meditation From London

Today, we go back into London for my first full day of sightseeing. We do a lot of walking, take tons of pictures, and stop to eat lunch indoors when the rain comes down too hard for us to be out.

Wandering Mystic Meditation From Manhattan

Winter sky from the High Line by GL Kraut“I love it. It’s like a piquino paradise in the sky!” raves Zoraida Robinson, a hard-working Puerto Rican immigrant with an eye for al fresco retreats.

Travel Writing That Matters

Do you consider travel lit to be fluffy vacuous text about beaches and restaurants inserted as space filler into photo spreads?

Shout Out To My House Niggas

Before I give a holla to the above mentioned house niggas, I need to explain exactly who they are. Have you seen the movie 12 Years A Slave?

Wandering Mystic Meditation From Rural England

Today our morning walk turns into a two-hour hike around the countryside. We pass two churches going back to the 12th Century and also enter a school that was active in 1178.

Wandering Mystic Meditation From Brighton Beach

We live on Ocean Parkway, with Brighton Beach and the Atlantic Ocean only a few minutes drive away. There is no money to speak of, but we always get by.

Twisted Vagabondage Tale From The Philippines III

After the solitary and starlit night previously related, some guests arrived at Bantayan Island beach resort.

Twisted Vagabondage Tale From The Philippines II

In our last episode, we wondered aloud why cockfighting abounds in this remote part of The Philippines.

Twisted Vagabondage Tale From The Philippines I

The roosters swaggered around like Mick and Keith, with dangerously sharp spurs attached to their legs.

Travel Lit & Animal Racism

Today, I sit on my Mexican ranch with a warm sun overhead and a fresh breeze rustling the cornfields all around.

Twisted Vagabondage Tale From Paris

Back when I lived in Paris, one of the comically incongruous things I saw was a most pathetic Pere Noel with a guelle de bois (face of wood = hangover), peeing in the snow with a painful grin, on the legendary Boulevard St.

Librarians Have Nice Racks

It isn't just the library books that are well-stacked.Librarians have nice racks. Yet, these nice bookracks are getting even nicer, since many now stock Fresh Wind & Strange Fire, thanks to a recent review in the illustrious Library Journal.

New Life In A New Year

Two enormous pyramids jut from the sun-baked land like mother earth wearing my grandmother's conical bra.

Sexiest Elf of Christmas Evangeline Lilly

The new Hobbit film is a fun and eye-dazzling expansion of the classic book. Plus, Evangeline Lilly makes it truly worthy of the name Fantasy Lit.