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Links That Make Us Think: 7/29/14

Man standing next to thought bubble photo via Shutterstock A roundup of meaningful, insightful and fascinating stories from around the globe: Remembering Priya Haji: “The Best Social Entrepreneur Of Our Generation”  CO.EXIST | TUE, JUL 29 How Train Travel Explains the Decline of American Culture  VI

The Little French Saint Who Could: The Journey of An Unlikely Pilgrim

By Masha Vapnitchnaia I don’t actually know if he was little, I couldn’t tell from his one weathered sandal encased in glass along with a few of his books, a sleeping mat and his death mask. “He was a pilgrim, like you,” my host Colette explained as I paused before a painting of the saint. I was standing in the church of Amettes, a small village in Northern France, surrounded by farmland and fiery strips of poppies in bloom, holding a pale, floppy iris in my hand.

The Gratitude Project, A Millennial’s Quest to Find Happiness: Day 6 – The Price of Being an Artist

Surviving tree photo via Shutterstock Day 6  Since I embarked on this gratitude project I’ve been thinking a lot.

How and Where the World’s Most Beloved Foods Started (INFOGRAPHIC)

Sushi photo (slider) via Shutterstock How and Where the World’s Most Beloved Foods Started (INFOGRAPHIC)

The Gratitude Project, A Millennial’s Quest to Find Happiness: Day 5 – Love

Tea in heart mug photo via Shutterstock By Maria Russo Day 5 My husband is a good man. Last night he cleaned the kitchen so that I could wash off the inch of sweat that had accumulated from standing in the hot, grimy sauna that is the NYC subway (note: he also stood in the hotbox subway, but did not complain, or bitch as I did).

Sex and The City and Being a Girl on a Bike

By Dinika Govender *This is a public letter to my parents about life and lust in Cape Town’s cycle-lanes.* Hey Mum and Dad, I know you worry about me spending so much time cycling around, exposed and often alone on busy roads in a city far away from home.

The Gratitude Project, A Millennial’s Quest to Find Happiness: Day 4 – The Butterfly

Butterfly image via Shutterstock By Maria Russo Day 4 I am wretchedly tired today, so I apologize in advance if I disappoint you with discombobulated thoughts.

Around and About the Amalfi Coast, the Italian Way

Photo Henrik Ahlen By Jessica Festa Deep red wine. Hearty pastas drizzled with olive oil. Historic architecture.

Take the Ride: A Comprehensive Guide to Bike Touring

Silhouette of Cyclist photo via Shutterstock By Diana Smith Cycling. It’s one of the greenest, most cost efficient ways to travel, and also one of the most liberating.

The Gratitude Project, A Millennial’s Quest to Find Happiness: Day 3 – Fun is Not Overrated

By Maria Russo Day 3 I don’t have enough fun; it’s a problem really. When I was young — like high school and college young – there wasn’t a day that passed that I didn’t laugh til my belly ached.

This Little-Known Grain is a Superfood That Has the Potential to End World Hunger

In an effort to spread awareness on global hunger and viable, healthful solutions to combat the crisis, GLP Films and National Geographic released “The Most Nutritious Grain You’ve Never Heard Of,” a short video filmed on-location in Senegal, West Africa that explores the benefits and cultural importance of a little-known grain called fonio.

The Gratitude Project, A Millennial’s Quest to Find Happiness: Day 2 – Coconut and a Chihuahua

By Maria Russo Day 2 I love coffee but I only drink it on weekends when my husband is home or on the special occasion when my sister sleeps over.

This May be the Key to Beating Jet Lag

15 Ways to Beat Jet Lag [Infographic] by the team at Thomas Cook   This May be the Key to Beating Jet Lag

Baltimore Untapped: For the Tourist and Anti-Tourist Alike

By  Michelle DeVona While Baltimore may be famous for its crab houses, the city itself has a lot more to offer than its popular food staple.

The Gratitude Project: 365 Days in the Life of a Millennial Searching for Happiness

By Maria Russo Back in April I was invited to meet Shawn Achor, a renowned positive psychologist (he works with Oprah – enough said) and author who spends his days traveling and studying happiness in societies around the world – yes I want that job too.

Hay Hay: A Ray of Creative Light in Hoi An, Vietnam

By DJ Robbins Down the damp streets of Hoi An’s mango-colored ancient town, ladies in conical hats hawk eye brow threading, hollering men push one-hour boat rides, six-year old children sell packs of gum and dragonflies that balance on the tip of your finger… but nobody’s biting.

Nature and Noodles in Penang

Long Fishing Pier Penang photo via Shutterstock By JJ Fox As the rush hour traffic dies down and the city starts to cool off, an aromatic blend of garlic and spices starts to fill the air.

Friendly, Chill, Beautiful Laos

By Peter Gyulay When traversing the globe, a common phenomenon seems often to occur: the warmer the climate, the warmer the people.

The Difference Between Sativa and Indica (INFOGRAPHIC)

The Difference Between Sativa and Indica (INFOGRAPHIC)

Must See Ladakh – The Land of Lakes with Mesmerizing Treasures

By Zara Ladakh is a part of Jammu and Kashmir (India) and its special terrain creates a spell which tempts all travelers and seekers of adventure to dive into this magic well created by nature, at least once in their lives.