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This Holiday Season, Purchase a One-of-a Kind Gift to Empower a Woman in Rwanda

As an artist, Yvonne Yao, founder of YVIE, is inspired by the promise of adventure, unexpected surprises and a hungry curiosity for new experiences.

How the SafiChoo Toilet Eliminates Stigmas and Disease in Impoverished Communities

  Wish for Wash, a social impact organization is seeking to bring innovation to the world of sanitation through culturally specific design and education.

Los Cabos International Film Festival Rallies for Fourth Year

By Chelsea Stuart Back for its fourth installment, and with a lot to prove following last year’s debilitating Hurricane Odile, the Los Cabos International Film Festival successfully presented four days of impressive Canadian, American and Mexican film this November 11th to the 15th.

Why Love Will Prevail

“My Humanity is Bound Up in Yours for We can Only be Human Together” – Desmond Tutu Dear Community, When I think about the horrific acts that have occurred over the past year and in the last three weeks alone, I find myself questioning the very purpose of our existence as beings on this Earth.

Stink! : A Film Exposing the Dirty Secrets of the Chemical Industry

Jon Whelan’s Stink! is the kind of film that keeps you on the edge of your seat. Though a documentary, its feels very much like a thriller and/or suspense film, but not in the traditional sense.

The One Race

No19 THE ONE RACE from The Current on Vimeo. By Meta Bodenhagen I am a 24 year old European. Born and raised in Germany, I’ve lived in Denmark for a lot of years, travelled to Central America, Southeast Asia, parts of Europe, and am currently working in the Middle East, more specifically Jordan.

Rwanda’s Female Cycling Phenom Redefining Womanhood and A Nation

Jeanne D’Arc via Team Rwanda By Amber Dunlap Mention the small East African nation of Rwanda and most likely you’ll elicit a few memories of the devastating 1994 genocide that unfolded there.

On World Kindness Day: A Beautiful Reminder, We are One, We are Humanity

In this powerful video, I am NOT Black, You are NOT White, Prince EA eloquently breaks down the superficial barriers that can get in the way of seeing the true beauty of our fellow humans.

Lisbon in Black and White

The Praça do Comércio is an open-air plaza of pale stone and bleached white statues. This historical center opens toward the Tagus River, and is almost always abuzz with cable cars, trams, and pedestrians.

Sustainability and Palm Oil: How the Two Are Far From Hand in Hand

By Chelsea Stuart For those living outside of Southeast Asia, the perils of palm oil production probably aren’t something you talk or read about on a daily basis.

Breaking Down Cultural Divides in the Middle East with Hummus

  Israel is a country of varied landscapes with a plethora of nationalities and a myriad of cultures.

Gap Inc. Commits to Bring Education to One Million Women Worldwide

P.A.C.E. photo via   “We believe in women as catalysts for change,” Art Peck, CEO of Gap Inc., addressed to the crowd of global leaders, activists, and business people before him at the Clinton Global Initiative’s Annual Meeting.

From Pizzas and Hamburgers to Happy and Vegan 

By Luke Maguire Armstrong The first vegans I met were the ones who came into the Mexican restaurant I worked at as a teenager in North Dakota.

Phobjikha, Valley of the Cranes

By Jessica Vernon It is said that when the Black Necked cranes arrive to Bhutan from Tibet, they circle above the Gangtey monastery three times as if practicing kora, the meditative ritual of circling around a sacred site or building.

Eco Art Uganda: A Sustainable Transformation

Courtesy of Enrico Donelli Their wide smiles, contagious laughter and unbridled joy proved the significance of the transformation.

Soccer Without Borders: Connecting Refugee Youth Both on the Field and Off

In a rural, agri-industrial town called Greeley, 50 miles northeast of Denver, Colo., a group of 30 or so students gather for practice on the black top behind Prairie Heights Middle School.

How to Build a Socially Conscious Business from Day One.

I’ve interviewed hundreds of social entrepreneurs from around the world and one of the most important questions they face when starting is this: should I weave a cause into my business right away or should I wait until my business is off the ground?

A Journey Infused with the Flavor of Spices

By Dola RC “The changing direction of wind incorporates newer flavors in your life,” said Shivani, referring to the gush of rather moist wind that was blowing across our faces.

Don’t Quit Your Job to Travel, Quit it to Live

By Matthew Williams In the past couple of months, I have seen a number of posts on my Facebook and Twitter feeds titled ‘How I Quit My Job to Travel’ (BBC Travel) or ‘5 Reasons to Quit Your Job to Travel’ (Huffington Post).

Don’t Quit Your Job to Travel, Quit it to Live

By Matthew Williams In the past couple of months, I have seen a number of posts on my Facebook and Twitter feeds titled ‘How I Quit My Job to Travel’ (BBC Travel) or ‘5 Reason to Quit Your Job to Travel’ (Huffington Post).