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4 Day Trip Spots Outside of Amsterdam

BY CARRIE GAVIT As you plan your summer European travels, consider leaving behind city centers to shake up what you see, do and experience.

This App Helps Collect the Favorite Instagram Moments from Your Trip

It’s summer in the northern hemisphere which means many of us are planning our summer getaways. Whether you’re backpacking through Europe or Asia or staying beachside at an eco hotel, many of us will use Instagram to share photos and stay in touch with friends.

Take Caution Before Volunteering Abroad

BY MICHELLE BAO Giving back to your community using the resources at your disposal is highly commendable.

Marche: Italy’s Hidden Region Waiting to be Explored

Sunflowers by Shutterstock A guide to Marche, Italy… By Julia Zaremba We all have dreams of the ideal Italian getaway: towns seeped in history, terracotta roofs glistening in the sun, pasta shapes molded by hand, cerulean seas fading into the horizon, and wine grown in the backyard.

Take A Breath: How to Heal From Violence On Your College Campus

Kathleen Fatica Baylor University, University of California, Los Angeles, and DePaul University are just a few of the college campuses that have been rocked by traumatic events.

Contemporary Latin American Authors

By Julia Zaremba For centuries, Latin American authors have been using their voice to depict political corruption and the question of national identity.

5 Matcha Bars to Visit in the United States

BY CARRIE GAVIT Looking to kick coffee or dive into a new summer drink addiction? Matcha might be the answer.

The Best of Both Worlds: Eat and Give Back

BY MICHELLE BAO We all eat. We need the nutrition to survive. Plus, eating can be both an enjoyable and social experience.

Food as Medicine: 3 Ways to Use Nutrients to Quell Anxiety

By Kathleen Fatica I’m a big worrier, and I always have been. I’ll probably never know why – but I do know that I’m definitely not alone. Anxiety isn’t unique to me or new, and more and more millennials seem to be feeling this kind of stress.

5 Travel Instagram Photos to Inspire Your Summer Travels

To inspire your summer wanderlust, here’s five of our favorite Instagram #travelgram photos. To follow along and get your daily travel inspiration, check out our Instagram profile @thecultureist and don’t forget to tag your photos with #travelcultured to be featured!

Find Your Travel Inspiration Through These Films

BY MICHELLE BAO Every year, as the summer months get closer, my wanderlust grows stronger. I find myself in need of some travel inspiration as I plan my next dream vacation.

How Each Breath Contributes to Mindfulness

BY CARRIE GAVIT With eyes closed, feet firmly on the ground, back straight, begin to notice your breaths and the air moving in and out.

Hungary for Wine: Exploring Ancient Vineyards

Hungarian countryside by Julia Zaremba By Julia Zaremba Driving east of Budapest, there are tunnels of trees and fields of dry hay as far as the eye can see.

Restrictive Dieting with a Purpose

BY CARRIE GAVIT When I first became a vegetarian at the age of 17, my reasons were few and lacked support.

My Experiment with Reading Before Bed (Instead of Using My Phone)

By Kathleen Fatica Falling asleep aglow in electronic light has become an accepted part of life for millennials.

Google Translate’s Latest Updates Benefit Travelers

  BY MICHELLE BAO If you have ever taken a language class, your teacher probably warned you not to use Google Translate.

7 Yoga Poses to Feeling Strong

The Cultureist has teamed up with Cathy Madeo to give our Wellness Warriors a series of yoga videos to invoke feelings of wellness.

How Gorillas Are Helping Rwanda (And Vice Versa)

Let’s take a moment to try and define “ecotourism”, a notoriously fickle subject. With no legal definition or parameters, ecotourism can and does take almost any form some good, some not so good.

Are You Living or Existing?

Inspired by this incredible video from Prince EA, we spent some time contemplating the way in which we choose to live our lives.

Six Coffee Roasters to Watch in 2016

BY LocalRoasts What are the six coffee brands to watch in 2016? We’ve compiled a short list of some of the best coffee roasters in America who will be making waves this year.