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Hay Hay: A Ray of Creative Light in Hoi An, Vietnam

By DJ Robbins Down the damp streets of Hoi An’s mango-colored ancient town, ladies in conical hats hawk eye brow threading, hollering men push one-hour boat rides, six-year old children sell packs of gum and dragonflies that balance on the tip of your finger… but nobody’s biting.

Nature and Noodles in Penang

Long Fishing Pier Penang photo via Shutterstock By JJ Fox As the rush hour traffic dies down and the city starts to cool off, an aromatic blend of garlic and spices starts to fill the air.

Friendly, Chill, Beautiful Laos

By Peter Gyulay When traversing the globe, a common phenomenon seems often to occur: the warmer the climate, the warmer the people.

The Difference Between Sativa and Indica (INFOGRAPHIC)

The Difference Between Sativa and Indica (INFOGRAPHIC)

Must See Ladakh – The Land of Lakes with Mesmerizing Treasures

By Zara Ladakh is a part of Jammu and Kashmir (India) and its special terrain creates a spell which tempts all travelers and seekers of adventure to dive into this magic well created by nature, at least once in their lives.

Around and About Nice, the French Way

Proménade des Anglais Photo via Shutterstock By Elizabeth Johnson Nice is both easy and difficult to discover: easy, because a tram runs right through the center of the city; difficult because there is so much more to the city than its center.

Hungry for Faith, Building an Identity: Fasting as an American Born Muslim

By Nick Bashqawi First, I must admit that the title is a little misleading. I say this only because I chose to use the word “hungry,” which is a word that many seem to fixate on when you tell them you are fasting.

Links That Make Us Think: 6/16/14

Thinking child photo via Shutterstock A roundup of meaningful, insightful and fascinating stories from around the globe: Why Do People Actually Quit Their Jobs?

Why Everyone Should See an Ayurvedic Doctor

By Angelica Olstad When it comes to my health I can be a little inconsistent. I’m a yoga teacher so it goes without saying that I am mindful of my well-being.

Dropping Everything For Vietnam

By Emilia Sierzputowska When Ola and Pieter informed their friends and families that they are quitting their jobs and going to Vietnam, the reactions they received were not only supportive but also envious: “It’s so great!

Why 25 is the New 50

BY KERN CARTER When I turned 25 I remember feeling severely depressed that I hadn’t accomplished all of my goals and that my life wasn’t exactly how I had imagined it years prior as an eager university graduate.

10 Makeup and Beauty Care Items Every Health Savvy Girl Should Have

  Makeup image via Shutterstock By Amalissa Uytingco Going green does not only refer to recycling and energy or water conservation.

A Must-Experience Cycling Route: Sun Moon Lake

By Amalissa Uytingco At number 5 on CNN’s list of 10 best “Cycling routes that’ll take your breath away” is Taiwan’s Sun Moon Lake, a scenic route encompassing the perimeter of a peaceful expanse of turquoise water.

What We Could All Learn From Being on Earth For More Than 100 Years (VIDEO)

Hands of a retired farmer photo via Shutterstock This Kickstarter project will support an exploration of life, love and family through the eyes of centenarians (people over the age of 100) from around the world.

A Boho Chic Guide to Ibiza

Ibiza openly welcomes all types of visitors: jetsetters, families and clubbers alike. But only few are aware that long before the clubbing boom, Ibiza was a simple island with natural beauty attracting “hippies” and musicians.

What if the Situation Was Always This Incredible Between Israelis and Palestinians? (VIDEO)

Concept of Israel and Palestine photo via Shutterstock Yuval Roth the founder of Road to Recovery, organizes volunteer drivers to transport Palestinian patients to Israeli hospitals, so they can receive excellent medical care.

5 Reasons Why You Should Discover Suzhou

By Andrew Manley & Michael Silk Located just 20 minutes from Shanghai by fast train, Suzhou is a city that oozes culture, a site for heritage enthusiasts who want to gain insight into a truly authentic Chinese cityscape that boasts over 2,500 years of history.

You Wouldn’t Believe This Happens on Facebook Every Minute

Girl taking selfie photo via Shutterstock Facebook is truly the king of social media. The amount of shares, uploads, “Likes” and friend requests per minute is almost unfathomable.

An F’n Amazing Makeup Tutorial That Starts From the Inside Out (VIDEO)

Even if you’re not into makeup, this tutorial by Anna Akana will make you want to take on the world and roar “Girl Power!

The Best Hidden Restaurants Along La Côte d’Azur

By Elizabeth Johnson French restaurants can be deliciously deceptive, especially for new explorers. Most menus boast similar cuisine, and the country’s brasserie culture—where locals drink apératifs and observe passerby on the patios of every restaurant—presents the illusion that any eatery is both popular and palatable.