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3 Organizations Helping to Save Wild Cats From Vanishing

by Natalie Yera It’s now suspected that there are more tigers living in private homes and backyards than in the wild.

Vilnius, Lithuania, Is Travel’s Real Deal

By Shane Athridge In the firmament of European travel destinations, there are a few stars that burn brighter than all the others: Paris, Rome, London.

Can Cuddle Therapy Help Relieve Stress and Anxiety?

by Chantal Lozano Would you pay someone to cuddle? It may seem bizarre, but people would and people have.

How One Woman Is Bringing Books to Syrian Refugee Children

By Maureen Kellett In September 2015, the photo of a drowned Syrian boy on a Turkish beach went viral around the world and put the Syrian refugee crisis in the international spotlight.

4 Salads Around The World

by Cat Trudell I set out to create four salads, from four countries, in four different parts of the world.

Protected: Travel to America’s Most Giving Cities and Support These Nonprofit Organizations

This content is password protected. To view it please enter your password below: Password: Protected: Travel to America’s Most Giving Cities and Support These Nonprofit Organizations

The Women Fighting Hunger, One Neighborhood at a Time

Photo of Lydia Edwards, Sandra Alleman-Niijar, and Pastor Britta Meiers Carlson at the East Boston Community Soup Kitchen by Casey Walker by Casey Walker East Boston has always been a diverse neighborhood populated by immigrants, and the area maintains the highest concentration of foreign-born residents in the city of Boston.

Traveling with a Disability: See the World, Prove What’s Possible

By Priscilla Liguori While worrying about accessibility can be daunting, there are many ways to make traveling possible and enjoyable for people with disabilities.

Can Marijuana Fight Insomnia?

By Shane Athridge Whether for brief or prolonged periods, millions of Americans suffer from symptoms of insomnia.

Traveling With Your Parents as an Adult? Yes, You Should!

by Alexa D’Agostino My three siblings and I—ranging in age from 22 to 32—love to vacation with our parents.

This Nonprofit Wants to Help Girls Fix Sexist Media Messages

By Alaina Leary The election season is, mercifully, over, but many women and girls say they won’t soon forget the harsh and sometimes crude depictions of women that surfaced.

How to Create the Ultimate Vegan Thanksgiving

  by Natalie Yera “What are you going to eat at Thanksgiving?” were the first words out of my mother’s mouth when I told her I had decided to become a vegetarian four years ago.

5 SoCal Microbreweries You Need to Try

by Chantal Lozano As a Southern California native, I’ve visited the most laid-back breweries that have the quirkiest collection of flavors.

How Your Passion Can Leave an Impact on the World: An Interview With Our Co founder, Maria Russo

Maria Russo, co-founder of both Humanity Unified and The Culture-ist, had the opportunity to sit down with Juania Owens from Amazing Perspective to talk about her story and the impact she intends to have on the greater world around her.

Can the Folk Remedy Oil Pulling Transform Your Teeth and Gums?

by Alexa D’Agostino Oil Pulling. To those accustomed to using a minty mouthwash, the idea of swishing oil around in their mouth can seem a bit far-fetched.

Why It’s Time to Ditch Your Morning Coffee

By Victoria Sagardía We’ve all heard it: caffeine in large doses is bad for you. But to those of us who have to wake up early to start the grind, this sounds like one of those cute but unrealistic facts that doesn’t really add anything practical to your life.

The Happiest Cemetery in the World

The Merry Cemetery via Shutterstock By Julia Zaremba Romania is much more than just vampires in Transylvania.

The US National Parks You Haven’t Visited—but That You Should

By Maureen Kellett The U.S. national parks represent many quintessential American ideals. The family vacation.

How Homeless Artists Are Earning Their Own Paycheck

By Jessica Weber For many artists facing homelessness or lack of employment due to disability, “it’s not a handout they are looking for, but an opportunity,” said Liz Powers, co-founder of the Boston-based entity ArtLifting.

Dining in Seoul: The Tips and Foods You Need to Know

by Casey Walker I went to Seoul, South Korea in January to visit a good friend at her family’s home. It was my first time traveling to a country outside of the West, and I was excited to see a new part of the world. Food was something I was especially excited about, though I worried because I’d been a vegetarian for several years and was hesitantly transitioning back to eating meat. My friend, also a vegetarian, admitted that she ate meat whenever she was back home in Korea because it was an important part of many dishes and hard to avoid.