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Isle of Skye: Heaven on Earth

By Julia Zaremba The Isle of Skye is worlds away from the dark and dreary Highlands on the other side of the bridge.

A Guide to the Neighborhoods of Madrid

By Rachel Graf One of the best parts of living in Madrid is becoming familiar with its many unique neighborhoods.

Cuba’s Music Revolution: From Son to Reggaetón

Latin performer by Pete Self/Flickr By Julia Zaremba Salsa beats, congo drums, twirling skirts and improv performances in the streets of Havana are just a few of the images that come to mind when thinking about Cuba.

The Journey of Personal Transformation and Why Travel and Service is Key

By Maria Russo It’s been a while since I sat down to write. When I started Humanity Unified, I turned all my efforts to building the nonprofit and developing our first project in Rwanda, abandoning much of the work I did in media and trusting our editorial production to Emerson College.

4 Brands that Actually Uplift Women

Like most advertising, brands that appear to be pro-woman can be tricky business. “Femvertising”, or a recent trend of companies increasingly using feminist ads is great news, but oftentimes companies only use empowered women for brownie points with customers.

This Video Shows How a Hug Can End the Violence in Our Country

This video addresses the question: “Why are we killing each other?” and answers it with a story of compassion and love.

Dancing Toward a Better Future

BY MICHELLE BAO Dance has the ability to unite people, to transform lives and to teach invaluable skills.

Peru’s Sacred Valley

The Sacred Valley by Julia Zaremba By Julia Zaremba Aptly named, el Valle Sagrado (the Sacred Valley) is nestled between Cusco and Machu Picchu, forming the heart of the Inca Empire.

What the 3 Top Countries for Women Do Differently

When you’re a woman aware of worldwide patterns of sexism, sometimes it can feel like there’s nowhere to turn.

A New Way to Organize Your Life with Bullet Journaling

BY CARRIE GAVIT To-do lists keep me on track. When I sit down to make one, I’m able to sort out my life, make the most of my days and help settle any anxieties or stress I’m feeling about what I need to get done in order to enjoy life more.

3 Ways To Travel When You’re Broke

By Kathleen Fatica A troubling quote has invaded travel lover’s Instagram accounts, Pinterest boards, and way of thinking.

Hero Challenge: A Cup of Coffee for Bernadette

The Hero Challenge is in support of Humanity Unified International, a nonprofit dedicated to empowering communities to rise out of poverty through education,  food security projects and economic opportunities.

Europe’s Best Used Bookstores

Enjoy the terrace at Atlantis Books By Julia Zaremba There are few travel companions better than books, especially those that already come dotted with thumbprints and do not need to be recharged.

Join the Hero Challenge and be a Catalyst for Women’s Empowerment

Bernadette is our hero. She is just like you and me. She has a mother and a father, a family of her own, a community she belongs to and a job.

Slum Paintings: Adding Color to the World

Slum via Shutterstock By Julia Zaremba Where there is poverty, there are slums. Yet, while these ghettos house their share of misery, it’s not all just despair.

7 Yoga Poses to Feeling Calm

By Cathy Madeo The Culture-ist has teamed up with Cathy Madeo to give our Wellness Warriors a series of yoga videos to invoke feelings of wellness.

Sex Trafficking: Closer Than We Think

Neighborhood photo via Shutterstock. By Kathleen Fatica When the average American citizen hears the word “sex trafficking”, their mind likely conjures up images of prostitutes in Amsterdam’s Red Light District, women in Cambodia being auctioned off by their parents, and kidnapped women in far-off places.

Understand the Presidential Candidates’ Views On Gender Equality

BY MICHELLE BAO Although the official presidential candidates for both the Republican and Democratic Parties have yet to be nominated, all U.S.

Mostar: Bridging Bosnia and Herzegovina

Stari Most via Shutterstock By Julia Zaremba Two sides of the river, both alike in dignity. For thousands of years, Mostar has been divided between cultures, religions and political powers.

A New Butcher In Town

BY CARRIE GAVIT When I first ventured into vegetarianism, I gazed longingly at each slice of pepperoni pizza that passed in front of my eyes.