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Safe Passage: Creating A Better Journey for Children in Guatemala

Via Secorlew We refused to believe our eyes. Though we knew it was true, our conscience wanted to dismiss it as some haunting nightmare.

Learn How to be a Leader in Travel at the T+SG Academy Day in NYC

The first-ever Travel+SocialGood Academy Day will take place on Friday, Oct. 23 in New York City. Travel+SocialGood is a partner of the +socialgood initiative, headed by the United Nations, UNDP, Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, The Case Foundation and Mashable. The organization is bringing together social entrepreneurs, media agencies, academic thought leaders, and others with interests in the travel space.

Take the Ride at the Brand New Coney Island Brewery

By Chelsea Stuart Just steps past Nathan’s Famous and nestled beside MCU Park lies a blink-and-you’ll-miss-it new addition to Coney Island’s Surf Ave.

Manos Zapotecas: Saving An Ancient Art With a Handbag

Weaving Photo via Manos Zapotecas Why We Love Them: Manos Zapotecas is a fair trade fashion brand for the conscious consumer, working with artisans in Teotitlán del Valle, a Zapotec village on the outskirts of Oaxaca City, Mexico.

A Nature Lover’s Journey through Akaroa, New Zealand

By Dola RC I always look forward to farm holidays with mixed feelings. Not that I ever had anything to complain about in any of the rural holiday destinations I went so far, but there is always a lurking danger that the agritourism destination may turn out to be a disaster.

The Autumn Process: Letting Negativity Fall Away

By Samuel R. Steward V Autumn is the season of falling apart and letting go. Mother Nature has provided an abundance of food and green beauty in summer season and then she begins to go bare as she move’s into fall.

Kabuki-Cho: Tokyo’s Red Light District in the Morning

By John Lloyd Clayton The hosts and companions of Kabuki-Cho are at their full glory only late at night.

Urban Dwellers: Find Trees/Avoid Death

By Michael Long I’ve long been a believer in the healing power of connecting with nature. If I had a pancake for every time I felt a little stressed and magically felt “cleared out” after taking a walk in nature, I would probably be able to feed every Canadian citizen a good breakfast.

The Culture-ist Founders Want You to Join Them on an Extraordinary Trip to Bali in 2016

We are heading to Bali in summer 2016 and we want our readers to join us! We hope this will be one of many trips we experience with our incredible global community as we continue to build this new venture.

Notes From the Road: In Kenya, Sniffing Out Poachers with a Pup

This article was originally published on the Absolute Travel blog and written by Katie Losey I’m in Kenya, so the last animal I thought I’d write home about is a dog.

What it Means to be a Minimalist?

by Deja Dragovic A few years ago I read a book called ‘Voluntary Simplicity’ (1977) by Elgin & Mitchell, which is about people who are living simpler lives, and why they are doing it.

At Home Organic Spa Treatments

BY STEPHANIE KASHETA Everyone should be able to pamper themselves, regardless of their budget. Here is a list of at-home spa treatments you can make for fractions of the cost.

Support the Nomi Network Today and Help End Human Trafficking

    BY STEPHANIE KASHETA The Nomi Network is a nonprofit that creates economic opportunities for survivors and women at risk of human trafficking.

Connect with Your Wild Roots at the Holistic Survival School

Humans are always seeking ways to improve relationships. How can we be better communicators? Better listeners?

Exploring the Caves of Borneo’s Gunung Mulu National Park

  By Chelsea Stuart Gunung Mulu National Park in northern Sarawak is one for adventure seekers. The remote melange of karst formations, caves and pinnacles lies in the equatorial rainforest of Malaysian Borneo, bordering Brunei to the north.

Eco-Friendly U.S. Adventures for this Autumn

Image of Zion National Park in Autumn via Shutterstock BY VICTORIA GAFFNEY We all know that wistful feeling towards the end of summer, that twinge of nostalgia as we sense the sun-soaked days beginning to slip away from us like sand through a sieve.

How I Learned a Chopin etude in a Day and Why Making Mistakes is Important

By Angelica Olstad The other day I learned a Chopin etude in about 4 hours. I didn’t play it perfectly, it’s definitely not up to tempo and I wouldn’t call it “performance ready” but to the average listener, the piece would sound learned, comfortable, and completely acceptable for a music performance.

World Music to Add to Your Next Playlist

Sona Jobarteh RWMF workshop via Rainforest World Music Festival Earlier this month the Sarawak Cultural Village, just outside of Kuching, Malaysia, hosted its 18th annual Rainforest World Music Festival.

Antihaitianismo: Why You Shouldn’t Support the Dominican Republic

  BY STEPHANIE KASHETA The Dominican Republic has a long history of racism toward its inhabitants of Haitian descent.

Why Being a Constant Nomad Won’t Make You Happier

By Lauren Haas, reprinted from The Soul Of A Journey I am a nomad, traveling the world with everything I own in a backpack.