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How I Learned a Chopin etude in a Day and Why Making Mistakes is Important

By Angelica Olstad The other day I learned a Chopin etude in about 4 hours. I didn’t play it perfectly, it’s definitely not up to tempo and I wouldn’t call it “performance ready” but to the average listener, the piece would sound learned, comfortable, and completely acceptable for a music performance.

World Music to Add to Your Next Playlist

Sona Jobarteh RWMF workshop via Rainforest World Music Festival Earlier this month the Sarawak Cultural Village, just outside of Kuching, Malaysia, hosted its 18th annual Rainforest World Music Festival.

Antihaitianismo: Why You Shouldn’t Support the Dominican Republic

  BY STEPHANIE KASHETA The Dominican Republic has a long history of racism toward its inhabitants of Haitian descent.

Why Being a Constant Nomad Won’t Make You Happier

By Lauren Haas, reprinted from The Soul Of A Journey I am a nomad, traveling the world with everything I own in a backpack.

In the Mara Under the Stars at Serian

There’s something about being able to see directly into the heavens that makes you realize that you’re only an incremental piece of something so much larger, greater even.

A Novice’s Comical Adventures in Gardening

      BY STEPHANIE KASHETA This year was a bad year for all my would-be plants. Shortly after New Year’s, I went out and bought about fifteen seed packets to start my very first garden.

A Guide to the Ultra-Luxury Resorts of Los Cabos, Mexico

Vacations serve all types of purposes; sometimes you’re looking for a grand adventure, while other times you’re in sore need of some rest and relaxation.

Conflict Café Opens for a Second Year in London with Peace on the Menu

By Annemarie Tompsen Get your forks and discussion cards ready as Conflict Café returns to London for a second year.

Why America’s Poor Embrace the Ruling Ideology that Foster’s Their Exploitation

BY STEPHANIE KASHETA Over the past decade an ideological war has been brewing between the social conservatives and liberals.

Four of the Most Literary U.S. Towns and Cities

Image of Lombard Street in San Francisco via Shutterstock BY VICTORIA GAFFNEY Long after we close the cover of a book, the stories that linger in our minds are often those firmly rooted in place.

Protect, Conserve, and Honor Elephants on World Elephant Day

Image via Shutterstock BY VICTORIA GAFFNEY The elephant is one of the most beloved creatures on earth.

Local Year-Round Market Opens in Boston

By Annemarie Tompsen This summer welcomes the opening of a permanent year-round public market in Boston.

5 Technologically Innovative Nonprofits

Image via Worldreader Blog Page BY VICTORIA GAFFNEY While technology is the root of some profound instances of disconnection between people, it’s worth noting that many positive forms of interaction have also stemmed from the digital age, particularly in the nonprofit world. Charitable organizations have increasingly started to soak up technological innovations and approaches to solving societal problems in recent years.

Read This When You Feel You Aren’t Making a Difference

Let’s be honest here—all of us in the social change space have moments when we seriously question the difference we’re really making.

House of Waine: A Cozy Sanctuary in Nairobi’s Picturesque Karen

The nauseating smell of fuel and the stop and go of traffic seemed unending as we crawled through the streets of Nairobi.

Back to School in New Zealand’s North Island

By Polly Hatfield We are often given a list of ‘must dos’ by family and friends keen to share their knowledge or experiences when we visit somewhere new.

Five Unique Europeans Eco-Lodges

Summit of Puy Mary Volcano in Auvergne Volcanoes Regional Park  via Shutterstock BY VICTORIA GAFFNEY Whether you’re aching for a scenic stay along a steep mountainside overlooking a verdant valley, or yearning for a hilltop house offering panoramic views of turquoise waters, there are plenty of eco-friendly travel options for the more secluded European vacation.

Death of Cecil the Lion Ignites Long Overdue Discussion About Outlawing Trophy Hunting

By Chelsea Stuart So by now I’m sure that everyone with access to TV, internet, radio or any form of modern communication whatsoever has heard of the slaying of Cecil the Lion, an iconic animal who lived in Zimbabwe’s Hwange National Park.

Berlin: Under Construction

By Daniel B O’Donnell Stretching for nearly a mile on the banks of the river Spree stands one of the largest and most culturally important art showcases in the world.

Discover Your Local Used Book Store

By Annemarie Tompsen In middle school my required summer reading list included the book Black Boy by Richard Wright.