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These 10 Young Minds Are Changing the Food System

This post comes courtesy of  Margot Tuchler and Danielle Nierenberg of Food Tank: The Food Think Tank Innovations in agriculture don’t just come from veteran environmentalists or food industry heavyweights.

Mealshare: Charitable Dining Goes Big in Canada

By Suhana Sol The next time you dine out in Canada, you can help feed someone in need simply by picking the right item off a menu.

12 of Cape Town’s Coolest Cafes

A city as alive with creativity, color and culture as Cape Town is bound to have an assortment of unique cafes.

This New App Allows You to Create and Share Videos With a Community That Turns Ideas Into Actions

Great minds discuss ideas. Average minds discuss events. Small minds discuss people.― Eleanor Roosevelt Imagine a social media platform where you communicate with people based on your passions, with genuine and enduring relationships being forged.

8 Zero Waste Grocery Stores from Around the World

Sustainable initiatives are sweeping grocery stores worldwide, with the aim to zap excess food and packaging into zero waste.

Boulder Fights for Local, Sustainable Power

  Curated by Seanna Pratt Boulder, CO. is well known for its “green” community, and this campaign for local power is another step in the right direction.

Traveler’s Reflection: Beyond the Textbooks and Into the World: Life’s Greatest Lecture

  By Morgan Sullivan The month I graduated university was also the month I decided to leave home. For years, my life had seemed to be growing ever narrower: my thoughts, my relationships, my perspective, all had shrunk until often I felt as though I was simply experiencing the same few days on repeat, on repeat.

15 of the Best Fair Trade Coffee Brands

These sustainability-conscious and satisfyingly-tasty coffee roasters focus on providing fair working conditions and wages for farmers in developing countries (and saving the planet as a whole).

This Man Traveled the Entire World Without Ever Getting on a Plane (VIDEO)

Curated by Seanna Pratt Traveling the entire world may seem like a lofty goal for most, but 35-year-old Graham Hughes made it his reality.

This is Why the Education of Women is So Important for the Future of Our World (INFOGRAPHIC)

Now more than ever, the education of women is vital to the growth and advancement of the global community as a whole.

How the Decisions We Make Affect the Course of Our Life

By Kern Carter Once “Thoughts of a Fractured Soul” was published, I found myself having to answer that one vague question time and time again: what is your book about?

Paris’s Most Beautiful Parks

  Take a stroll through these Parisian parks and breathe in the fresh air of the City of Light. Grab a picnic, grab a book, or just grab a patch of grass and enjoy the city from a local perspective.

A Traveler’s Note to Her Lover: Why I Will Always Love The World More Than I Love You

By Natasha Amar Before I even begin, I apologize if this breaks your heart in ways that you didn’t imagine and I don’t understand.

10 of the Best Co-Working Spaces in NYC

Because sometimes you need to escape from the skyscraper in the sky to bring your ideas down to solid ground.

The #SafeWaterProject: Fighting the Clean Water Crisis in Peru

By Alexis Limberakis and Delia Haustein As the drought in California continues for a third straight year, we are ever mindful of the many ways in which we take water for granted.

The 9 Best Jobs for Women

The nature of employment for women has dramatically changed since the dawn of the 21st century, and what are considered the “best” jobs for women in 2014 may just surprise you.

The Third Billion: These Women from Developing Nations are Taking the World by Storm

 By Elizabeth Escobar They’re called the “third billion.” They are the estimated 870 million women from developing countries around the world who are set to take the global economy by storm over the next decade—at which point their number is thought to exceed 1 billion.

Navreem and India’s Eternal Sunrise

By JJ Fox Navreem woke up on the side of the motorway today. She woke up there yesterday and she will wake up there tomorrow.

10 Universities with Great Environmental Programs

Environmental sustainability is one of the biggest issues of the 21st century.  With growing concern over the effects of Climate Change, universities are offering more environmental programs to complement the increasing number of jobs in this sector.

14 Places to Eat Artisanal Donuts

Not all donuts are created equal, and that’s quite apparent with many shops from around the world offering their own artisanal spins on the hugely popular fried (or baked) treat.