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Let a Local Show You How Locals Live

Sure, you come to Joshua Tree, CA, for its surreal natural beauty. But we also urge you to "live like a local" by embarking on a “surreal” art crawl with a local film producer featuring little known installations in the desert and a visit to Junk Dadaist, an outdoor museum.

Park-to-Park Adventure: Glacier to Yellowstone

Logan Pass, at the Continental Divide in Glacier National Park, delivers delicate subalpine pines and flowers, mountain goats, and even snow in July (one of the many highlights of our park-to-park adventure!

Funniest Celeb Travel Tips Ever

(Courtesy chadallen77/myBudgetTravel) This year, you're gonna have a blast on vacation…or die trying.

Make It Happen: Bangkok

The opulent Buddhist Wat Benchamabophit—a.k.a. the "marble temple"—located in the Dusit district of Bangkok, Thailand.

Eat Like a Local in the Bahamas

Bahamian woman making traditional conch salad (Alexander Shalamov/Dreamstime) Pricey resort food? No thanks!

Confessions of a National Park Ranger

A park ranger at Grand Canyon National Park. ( / SuperStock) Each year, Grand Canyon National Park sees close to 5 million visitors.

Three-Day Weekend: Norway

(Anders Peter Amsnæs/Dreamstime) It's an old gag: “Have you driven a fjord lately?” But deep discounts and stunning new tourist routes will put the majestic stretch of inlets between Bergen and Molde high on your bucket list.

The Ultimate (Affordable!) Iceland Road Trip

A road winding past Myvatn Nature Baths, North-Eastern Iceland (urbancow/Getty Images) WOW Air is now offering $99 flights to Iceland from Newark International Airport!

What Other Countries Think of Americans

tourist studying a map at St. Peter's square in the Vatican City in Rome. (Lightpoet/Dreamstime) Read this honest, fascinating Q&A for real talk about how other countries view Americans—plus useful tips for how to behave well and enjoy the culture when traveling overseas.

Northwest Nirvana in Oregon

Cool off this summer by tubing in beautiful Bend, one of the stops for food and fun on our fab road trip from Portland to central Oregon.

Worst Travel NIGHTMARES! (And How to Make Them Go Away)

Relax! Budget Travel's common-sense tips will help banish even the worst-ever travel nightmares. (Michaeljung/ For a few unlucky travelers, vacation can feel a little like that bad dream where you're walking the halls of your old high school with no clothes on.

10 Things You'd Better Know Before You Book a Vacation Rental

The cozy "gingerbread cottages" in Oak Bluffs, Massachusetts, on Martha's Vineyard, are some folks' idea of the perfect summer home.

12 Great Memorial Day Getaways

(Courtesy vicnaire/myBudgetTravel) From Palm Springs to D.C., we've rounded up 12 convenient Memorial Day escapes from coast to coast to ensure that you spend more time enjoying your jazz festival (or pool party) than you do deciding where to go.

8 Secrets of Paris You've Never Heard Before

Lush greenery, warm sun, Sacré Coeur in the there anyplace more appealing than Paris? (Francoisroux/Dreamstime) We love Paris's classic attractions—seeing the Eiffel Tower is always a thrill!

8 Indispensable Family Travel Websites (Plus 4 Amazing Apps to Download Now!)

Glimpsing bison with the whole family on a tour of Yellowstone? Priceless. (Lorcel G/Dreamstime) Ready for an unforgettable family vacation?

16 SECRET Bargains in New York City!

Simply show up at 72nd Street and Fifth Avenue at the right time, and you'll get a free, 90-minute, east-to-west official tour of Central Park's highlights, including The Lake (pictured).

Why I (For Real!) Love Traveling With My Kids

(Nadezhda1906/Dreamstime) There should be a special award for mothers who travel with small children.

WEIRD Foreign Laws You'd Better Know!

Drop that bag of birdseed! In St. Mark’s square in Venice, it’s illegal to feed the pigeons. (Artushfoto/Dreamstime) Here's your cheat sheet to avoid embarrassment, fines, and even jail time when visiting other countries.

7 Eco-Travel Tips for Earth Day—and Every Day!

(Iadamson / Going green has never been easier—or more luxurious! Just in time for Earth Day, Budget Travel shares seven ways to help you have an environmentally friendly—and totally brag-worthy—vacation.

7 Lies Every Traveler Tells

Making it rain is fun...but not so much when you get the bill. (Jonathan Carlson/TheiSpot) Who hasn’t told a white lie about how spectacular their vacation was—even when parts of it weren’t?