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You Can Literally Make a Profit Off of Taylor Swift's Bad Luck with Love

Celebrity breakup insurance is an actual thing.

7 Sexual Hang-Ups That Don't Deserve Space in Your Head (or Your Bed)

It's time to kick these insecurities out the door.

See Caitlyn Jenner Shine on the Cover of 'Sports Illustrated'

The iconic athlete is sporting the Olympic gold medal she won 40 years ago.

How to Talk to Your Kids About Their Weight

Some body image dos and don'ts to keep in mind.

Women with This Kind of Upper Lip Are More Likely to Have Amazing Orgasms

So this is random.

Just How Effective Are 5- and 10-Minute Workouts?

Do micro workouts really have macro rewards?

Julia Stiles Says She's Addicted to This Workout

"My body craves it."

Finally, Some Good News About Gun Control

The latest Supreme Court ruling upholds a crucial law for victims of domestic abuse.

Why Eating Less and Exercising More Doesn’t Always Lead to Weight Loss

Because that would be too easy.

8 Foods to Eat Tonight to De-Bloat by Tomorrow

Bye, food baby.

8 Yoga Poses to Release the Tension in Your Hips After a Crazy-Stressful Day

Sweet, sweet relief.

The 5 Main Reasons Why Happy Couples Stop Having Sex

Nope, everyone's not having sex without you.

6 Times When Doing Household Chores Determines Whether You'll Have Sex

He has no idea how sexy he looks handling a vacuum.

You Can Now Watch Women Writhing in Pain as They Give Birth—LIVE on Facebook

The TV network that brought you Honey Boo Boo is now giving front-row seats to strangers' labors.

Turns Out Bad Relationships Really Do Mess Up Your Whole Life

They should really come with an FDA warning label.

The Supreme Court Squashes Texas Laws Limiting Access to Abortions

Good riddance to HB2.

My Life as a Hip-Hop Promoter Turned Proud HIV Activist

Maria Davis talks about her fascinating career and the importance of HIV testing.

6 Totally Legit Beauty Benefits of Booze

No hangover necessary.

What It’s Like to Have Sex with a Man Who Has a Bionic Penis

"It’s an amazing piece of artwork."

7 Possible Reasons Why You’re Having Whacked Out Dreams

Sweet dreams are NOT made of these.