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Can You Really Reverse Sun Damage?

The damage has been done. Now a dermatologist explains what, if anything, you can do about it. Applying sunscreen is no longer reserved for a trip to the beach; any skin-smart woman knows that it should be part of your regular morning routine.

The Most Searched for Half-Marathons and Marathons—and Everything You'd Ever Want to Know About Them

Find out why they're worth the 13.1-to-26.2 miles, what it takes to run them, and more. It’s race season, folks!

6 Signs You Might Want to Stop Following a Vegan Diet

Plenty of people who swear off meat and dairy decide to reintroduce them into their eating plans. Find out if you should be one of them.

Survey: Most People Gossip Shamelessly About Their Sex Lives with Friends, Obviously

But there's one more person you might want to talk to about that While it's hard not to spill the details of you and your new boyfriend's sex life to friends over brunch a la Sex and the City, you might want to consider talking to your partner about your bedroom behavior, too.

How You Can Use Your Heart Rate to Train Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger

Tracking your pulse gets you real aerobic, strength, and calorie-burning results. Heart-rate training isn't just for the hardcore runner or the cardiac rehab patient.

The Best Playlist to Get Your Butt in Gear for Longer Workouts

The time will fly by if you listen to these tunes from Bari Studio while you sweat. Every week, Your New Favorite Playlist introduces you to workout-worthy tunes from a different fitness brand.

3 Ways You Should Change Your Skin-Care Routine for Fall

You don't need an entire makeover—just a few tweaks! This article was written by Maria Del Russo and repurposed with permission from Refinery29.

The Nutrient You May Not Even Know You're Missing

Its effects are subtle, but it's so important. Some nutrients are the stars of the food world. We all know how important the usual suspects like vitamin C and iron are, but have you given much thought to vitamin E lately?

The Real Reason You're SO Spacey After a Night of Bad Sleep

No, that's not the fax machine...that's a toaster. Go to sleep. As anyone who has ever pulled an all-nighter knows, not getting enough sleep takes a huge toll on your brain—it leaves you irritable, slows your reaction time, and sets you up for shifts in hormonal levels that can make you pack on the pounds.

3 Evening Habits For Weight Loss

Consider this your to-do list for tonight. This article was written by Leta Shy and repurposed with permission from POPSUGAR Fitness.

OMG(lutes): Why You NEED to Break Out Some Goblet Squats

Drop it like a squat! This article was written by Jenna Bergen Southerland and provided by our partners at Prevention.

What to Do in the Morning to Be Happier All Day

Office grumps, take note! If you tend to pull into the office parking lot in the a.m. already feeling stressed and unfocused, here's a simple solution: Leave the car at home, and bike, walk, or even ride public transportation to your workplace.

Guys May Have a Hard Time Buying Emergency Contraception

It's finally easier to obtain! Oh wait, unless you're a dude. So much of the conversation about emergency contraception over the last few years has revolved around women’s access to it—for obvious reasons.

5 Ways to Fight Dandruff

Say goodbye to flakes for good. Scenario: You’ve finally taken that new LBD out for a spin (super-sexy) only to look down at your shoulders and see little white scales everywhere (not so sexy).

Why Liberals LOVE the Smell of Other Liberals

And conservatives go CRAZY for sexy Republican musk. Unless you're Olivia Pope or Frank Underwood, talking politics at the office or with a group of people you've just met is generally frowned upon.

7 Delicious Fall Foods That Are Great for Weight Loss

An R.D. breaks down what you should load up on at the farmers market right now. Candied sweet potatoes.

15 Hilarious Things Your Dating Profile Might Say If Everyone Was BRUTALLY Honest Online

Nope, swipe left. When it comes to online dating, it's important to be honest—but not too honest. You know, like using a username instead of your real name, sticking to mostly positive attributes, and shooting your profile picture from the best possible lighting.

13 Signs You're Not Over Your Ex

If he’s still on your speed dial…you’re not over him Understatement of the century: Breakups suck. And even though you may have convinced yourself that you’ve forgotten all about what’s-his-name, there's a chance he or she is still fresh in your mind.

The FDA Doesn't Really Know If Our Food Is Safe

A new initiative by food manufacturers suggests that the agency doesn't analyze food ingredients for safety.

13 Crucial Facts About His Penis

Consider this your go-to handbook for his manhood If you’ve been with enough guys in your lifetime (however many that may be) you might think you know your way around a penis.