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When the Silent Treatment Can Actually Work in Your Favor

Or a grown-up version of it, anyway I’m pretty direct with my husband, Chris. When I need help or want something done around the house, I’ll just ask him.

It Only Takes 5 Days of Indulging in Fatty Foods to Mess with Your Muscle Function

Well, this is terrifying. No matter how much you try to eat healthy, things happen—you indulge in daily bacon cheeseburgers with a side of piña colada on vacation or end up ordering takeout a lot in one week.

This Couple Didn't Tell Anyone They Were Having Twins Until the Babies Were Born

Watch their friends and family flip out at the hospital. This surprise was nine months in the making, and it’s freaking adorable.

I Finally Learned That Fad Diets Don't Work and Lost Over 100 Pounds

The simple strategies that helped Kelly Sorah get into the best shape of her life Before: 280 After: 152 The Lifestyle I've always been big.

What Happens to Your Face When You Use Expired Makeup

It’s not pretty. You know you’ve done it—we're talking about using a makeup product that's way past its expiration date.

7 Men Share Their Uncensored Thoughts About Anal Sex

Here’s what they really feel about going through the back door. Do men really think of anal sex as the holy grail of bedroom activities?

Why the FDA Can't Be Totally Sure Your Food Is Safe

And whether that's cause for a freak-out You read all food labels and stay away from artificial ingredients.

12 Signs You and Your Partner Are Turning Into the Same Person

Who wouldn't want to date themselves, amiright? When you've been with someone for a while, you and your S.O.'s use of the word "we" can get a little out of control, especially if your interests, mannerisms, and sense of humor start to sync up.

How to Grow Your Own Herbs

No, not those herbs. Want to add a delicious, flavorful twist to your favorite dishes with some tasty fresh herbs?

Sculpt Your Arms, Abs, and Back All at Once

Row your way to a rock-solid upper body. Join the Women's Health Weekend Challenge to help you meet your fitness goals fast and make your weekend workouts count.

The Key to Weight-Loss Success That Has Absolutely Nothing to Do with Diet or Exercise

Your slim-down plan is basically doomed if you don't take care of this crucial element. Looking back on my weight-loss journey, there's one really crucial lesson I learned that I wish I had known from the get-go.

7 Disturbing Facts About Cold Sores Every Woman Should Know

Kinda gross but health-saving info Do you get cold sores on the regular? Or maybe you just aren’t convinced that the bump on the edge of your S.O.’s mouth is really a pimple?

10 Insanely Fit Trans Men

Including one who’s up for the cover of Men's Health! The second annual Ultimate Men's Health Guy Competition is currently underway, and hundreds of guys are vying for the chance to prove that they have what Men's Health describes as the right combination of "grit, guts, and gusto" to grace the cover of the mag. The current vote leader is contestant Aydian Dowling, who would make history as the first trans Men's Health cover star if he clinches the top spot.

12 Things Women Do Right Before Sex but Never Admit To

What "freshening up" really means. Wouldn't it be nice if spontaneous sex happened in real life the way it did in the movies?

13 Messed-Up Examples of Everyday Sexism

We apparently still have a ways to go, ladies. Now that a woman has officially launched her presidential campaign and ladies are more likely than men to finish college and attend grad school, you'd think that sexism would be dying a slow, painful death.

How to Get the Smoothest Arms Possible, Chicken Skin Be Damned!

Tank top season doesn’t have to be stressful. Sleeveless top season is almost here, but if you have keratosis pilaris—a.k.a.

Dildos Were Huge in the 18th Century (Literally)—See What We Mean

Oh, dear. So this happened: Polish archaeologists just dug up an 18th-century dildo, and it's kind of terrifyingly massive.

Scientists Are One BIG Step Closer to Developing a Herpes Vaccine

Could the most common STD be a thing of the past one day soon? Herpes is super common—in fact, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention estimates that more than 776,000 people in the U.S.

These Are the Bikini Photos to End All Bikini Photos

Swimwear looks better when you're doing something in it. You know the typical bikini pose: standing on the beach, stomach pulled in, one hand on a hip.

This Revolutionary New Store Lets Women Pay 76 Cents To Every Man’s Dollar

Gender equality: shopping edition This article was written by Connie Wang and repurposed with permission from Refinery29.