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Here's What The Victoria's Secret Models Are Doing In Shanghai Before Monday's Show

Since touching down in Shanghai, the VS models have been busy!

Gabby Douglas Is Getting Attacked On The Internet For This Comment About Aly Raisman

She is doing some major victim blaming.

'Can Sex Really Stretch Out My Vagina?'

We asked an M.D. to weigh in on this myth.

'I Can Never Find A Neutral Lip Color—Help!'

We asked a makeup artist to share her best tip.

7 Nutritionists Share Their Favorite Thanksgiving Dishes

Even R.D.s love to indulge.

12 Dating Tips From People Who Met Their Significant Other On An App

Here's how to navigate the dating scene's new norm.

'I Did The "Death By Burpee" Challenge Every Day For 2 Weeks—Here's What Happened'

Yep, even a trainer can get her butt kicked by this workout.

'I've Tried Dozens of Workout Leggings, And My Favorite Ones Cost Under $20'

Here's why everyone (including me) is obsessed with Old Navy leggings.

People Say This Popular Blender Is Exploding And Giving Them Serious Injuries

And they're suing.

'I Tried At-Home Microneedling, And I Would Never Do It Again'

"I quit my derma-rolling experiment just two tries in—here's why."

These Reddit Parents Are Sharing The Best Ways To Keep Your Sex Life Alive Post-Kids

Co-masturbation is a thing you should know about.

These Cute Compression Socks Relieved My Nagging Lower Leg Pains

The fact that they're sold on Amazon is just a bonus.

​5 Easy Ways To Soothe Your Itchy Vagina, According To Gynecologists

Vaginal itch happens to the best of us.

This Gyno Wrote An Epic Takedown Of Every Man Who Has Ever Criticized A Woman's Vagina

"I have listened to women with completely normal exams weep that they have been told that they do not smell or taste correctly."

This Woman Suffered Organ Damage After Taking Green-Tea Extract Supplements

Here's what you need to know.

Zodiac Gifts That Are Perfect For Every Single Astrological Sign

​Channel the love for all things numinous with these zodiac-inspired treasures.

If You've Been Congested For Months, This Problem May Be To Blame

Nasal polyps sound just about as sexy as they are.

'How I Lost 100 Pounds In Just Over A Year Without Giving Up Pizza'

Tory Wright-Clark made small diet and exercise changes that led to big results.

These 3 Ear-Wax Removal Horror Stories Will Make You Cringe

It's time to stop sticking things in your ear.