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So gross it's cool.

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"Let yourself live."

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You Have To See This Post Asking Men To Keep Their Penises Away From Weight Plates

Firefighters spent three hours removing a 5.5-pound weight from a German man's package.

This Grey's Anatomy Star Just Revealed She Had A Lemon-Sized Brain Tumor

"I couldn't find my words."

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3 Easy Ways To Upgrade A Vodka Soda

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Nicole Kidman's Emmys Acceptance Speech Shared A Powerful Message For Domestic-Violence Survivors

She won an award for her portrayal of an abused woman on 'Big Little Lies.'

6 Healthy Gums That Taste Delicious

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Lady Gaga Just Announced She's Postponing Her Tour Because Of Her Chronic Illness

She told fans on social media.

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