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13 Juicy Questions Men Are Dying to Ask Women

Here's what he's secretly wondering when he's on a date with you. If your last bad date or fight with your guy was any indication, men and women don't always understand each other all that well.

Date Night: When You’re Single vs. When You’re Married

So completely different, but still really hot Let's debunk one huge myth about your love life: Dating isn't just for singles.

Q&A: Is It Better to Eat Butter or Margarine?

Find out which is the smarter spread. The question: "I know neither is the ideal healthy choice, but if I'm really craving butter or margarine, is one better for my health than the other?

4 Models Share Their Secrets for Crazy-Pretty Hair

Because they know a thing or two about picture-perfect manes. This article was written by Bryn Kenny and repurposed with permission from Refinery29.

The Squatting Mistake That Hurts Your Knees

Squats get a bad rap as knee killers. Here's how to make them joint-friendly. This article was written by Tony Gentilcore and provided by our partners at Men's Health.

I Found What Worked For Me and Lost Over 70 pounds

Find out how one woman lost nearly 40 percent of her body weight by sticking to a game plan. Before: 198 pounds After: 125 pounds The Lifestyle As a teenager, it felt like I had no control over the amount of food I would eat.

The Craziest Excuses People Have Given for Calling in Sick

At least they didn't try "My dog ate my PowerPoint"? Sometimes you really need to take a sick day, and sometimes you really want to take a sick day.

Divorce May Be Harder On Women

Here's how to protect yourself when the wedding bands come off. Breaking up is hard to do—and according to a new Gallup poll, women bear the brunt of the negative side effects.

What It Takes to Train for the Ironman World Championship

Hint: Everything you've got On October 11, Women's Health fitness director Jen Ator completed the 140.6-mile swim-bike-run Ironman World Championship in Kailua-Kona, Hawaii with Team Chocolate Milk and her teammate Olympic legend Apolo Ohno.

The Move That'll Give You a Rock-Solid Core

This simple exercise packs an abs-sculpting punch. Join the Women's Health Weekend Challenge to help you meet your fitness goals fast and make your weekend workouts count.

The Fun Trick Every Single Woman Should Try

Our dating blogger made a bold move by asking for uncensored opinions about who she should date. I try my best not to cringe when my friends and family give me advice about finding love.

7 Reasons Fall Is A Great Time to Jumpstart Your Weight-Loss Goals

'Tis the season, ladies. Basic fact: It’s hard to not love fall. There's the crisp, fresh air, the excitement of new beginnings, the pumpkin get the idea.

The Right Time to Have a Baby

One writer (and mom) explores the factors that every woman should consider before getting pregnant. Whether or not to join your friends for late-night karaoke.

5 Orgasm Myths That Are Just Not True At All

Make sure these common misconceptions aren't chasing away your elusive O. If you had to put your relationship status with orgasms on Facebook, admit it: It would probably say: It's complicated.

"Conscious Uncoupling": The End of the Ugly Divorce

Splitting up doesn't have to leave you broke and bitter—experts describe how an increasing number of couples are untying the knot tenderly.

7 Weird Ways to Use Dry Shampoo

Other than the obvious... This article was written by Aly Walansky and repurposed with permission from Beauty High.

How to Ask If Your Relationship Is 'Official'

Where's this thing headed, anyway? In a perfect world, the man you've been falling in love with would, after a few weeks or so of blissful dating, drop to his knees and declare his undying devotion.

13 Simple Ways to Fight Sugar Cravings

You can live without a trip to the vending machine—just try one of these tactics. Juggling is hard. Holding a crow pose for five minutes?

The Maximum Amount of Weight You Could Realistically Gain in One Day

Cue one big collective sigh of relief. Of course you try your very best to stick to a relatively healthy diet and exercise plan.

5 Ways You SHOULD Be Texting in Your Relationship

…Only two of which involve sexting To say that your bond changes between those early days of dating and those first years of marriage would be a serious understatement.