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Court Rules Oral Sex Isn’t Rape Even if the Victim Is Unconscious

In today’s WTF news…

If Your Dad Was a Cheater, Will You End Up with a Cheater?

History repeats itself.

This Teacher Got Fired for Saying the Word 'Vagina' in Class

What is this world coming to?

This College Has Some Infuriating Ideas About What the ‘Perfect’ Cheerleader Looks Like

Give us a B! Give us an S! What’s that spell?

Here's What It Means if Your Guy's Penis Smells

Stanky peen happens. Here's what to do about it.

6 Times You Should Pull a ‘Kelly Ripa' and Stand Up for Yourself at Work

The talk show host was on to something.

All the Possible Reasons Why Your Sex Life Sucks Lately

Um, is this thing on?

What’s the Deal with Infrared Saunas?

Are there any benefits to getting hot-boxed—or is it dangerous?

Fact: It Only Takes One Minute of Intense Fitness to Get Results

Yep. As in, 60 SECONDS.

The Beyond Diet Is Blowing Up on Social Media—But Is It Legit?

Registered dietitians unpack the popular "no diet" diet.

How Normal Is Your Sex Life?

See how your rolls in the hay compare to those of other Women's Health readers.

24 Thoughts We’ve ALL Had on the Treadmill

“This treadmill is a metaphor for my life.”

Kerry Washington Talks Photoshop: When It's Acceptable—and When It Goes Too Far

There's an obvious point when it crosses the line, she says.

5 Ways Sex Is Really, Really Good for Your Skin and Hair

Afternoon quickie, anyone?

This 12-Year-Old Signed Up for a 5K and Accidentally Ran a Half-Marathon

Damn, girl.

How Eating Healthy Snacks Can Impact Your Sex Life

Please pass the kale chips!

10 Power Foods That’ll Hulk-Smash Your Hunger Pangs

Load up.

Scientifically Proven Fact: If He Leaves You for Another Woman, You'll Be Better Off

All those country songs were right.

This Video Starts Off as a Makeup Tutorial but Quickly Becomes So Much More

She's a beauty vlogger with a message.

This Man Projectile Vomited After Proposing to His Girlfriend

Ah, the memories.