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Study: Nuts May Slash Diabetes and Heart Disease Risk

Plus, how to eat them for the best results It’s no secret that nuts are good for you. But if you're always trying to keep your servings small, there may be a new reason to start indulging.

It Took Me 5 Years to Lose 40 Pounds Because of These Mistakes

Learn from one woman’s experience to shave time off your own weight loss journey. This article was written by Jenny Sugar and repurposed with permission from POPSUGAR Fitness.

4 Amazing Stretches for Injury Prevention

This pre-hab stretching technique goes way beyond skin deep. By now, you're probably familiar with the hurts-so-good pain of the foam roller. Regularly getting your roll on can ward off injuries and help you perform better at the gym, primarily by keeping your fascia smooth and healthy.

3 Amazing Juices for Weight Loss

As an added bonus, they all taste amazing. Let us be clear: We're not advocates of purely liquid diets for weight loss.

Look Good, Do Good: Floral Workout Wear

These modern-yet-feminine pieces encourage wellness by promoting the practice of meditation. WHAT: Live the Process x Alyssa Miller limited-edition collection WHY: Robyn Berkley, founder of the luxury activewear brand Live the Process, has partnered with model Alyssa Miller and New York artist Jason Woodside to create a six-piece capsule collection for Barneys New York.

Q&A: Is It Better to Run a Shorter Distance Up a Steeper Incline or a Longer Distance on a Flat Road?

Make sure you're getting the most of your cardio sessions. The question: On the treadmill, I always try to set my incline above a flat road, because the zero percent incline often seems effortless.

What You Need to Know About the World's Deadliest Ebola Outbreak

Get the facts on this deadly virus. The deadliest Ebola outbreak in history is currently underway, according to the CDC, with the virus infecting victims in four African countries: Guinea, Sierra Leone, Liberia, and most recently Nigeria.

How Working Out Might Affect Your Boobs—in a Good Way

If your girls could talk, they might be asking you to take them to the gym. When your breasts hurt, the last thing you want to do is squeeze them into a sports bra and start jumping around, right?

This Girl Went Without Makeup for 200 Days

Could you go that long without using cosmetics? #Nomakeup selfies filling up your Instagram feed. Apps offering to conceal pimples in pictures.

How 'Fifty Shades of Grey' Changed Your Sex Life

Not to mention your reading habits... Ever since the Fifty Shades of Grey series burst onto the scene in 2011, people have been buying sex toys in record numbers to get their kink on, according to new data from the luxury sex toy brand LELO.

J.Lo Showed Off Her Natural Curly Hair, and It's Fantastic

Get ready to experience some major #hairenvy. The always gorgeous Jennifer Lopez recently posted a selfie of her natural hair, proving once and for all that straight styles don't have the monopoly on glamour.

Miranda Kerr Explains Why She Doesn't Deprive Herself

The supermodel makes a great point. Miranda Kerr's definitely got both beauty and brains. In a recent interview with Marie Claire México y América Latina, she reportedly explained why she's a firm believer in treating yourself: "I would also say don't deprive yourself of anything.

What You Need to Know About Bikini Waxes and STIs

Read up before you wax off Whether you get an occasional bikini wax or a monthly Brazilian, listen up: Waxing may increase your risk of contracting certain sexually transmitted infections by creating micro-tears in your skin that viruses can later squeeze through, according to a new review published in JAMA Dermatology.

10 Things We WISH We Learned in Sex Ed

Seriously, why didn't they put this in our textbooks?! This article was written by Kristen Droesch and repurposed with permission from YourTango.

How to Avoid a Summer Cold

Because there’s nothing worse than being bedridden when you should be by the pool. When it comes to summer colds, there's good news and there's bad news.

Q&A: What's the Difference Between Different Hair Oils on the Market?

Conquer hair-care aisle confusion The question: "There are so many different hair oils on the market that claim to work miracles—what's the difference between all of them?

7 Mistakes You're Probably Making at the Farmer's Market

Fresh food lovers, take note! Even if you're committed to eating organic food and supporting local growers, shopping at a farmer's market can be intimidating—and that can lead you to make some blunders that keep you from scoring the freshest products at the best price.

Watch Our Next Fitness Star Contestants Get Makeovers!

See the amazing results as finalists get new hair, makeup, and nail looks. All of Women’s Health's Next Fitness Star contestants obviously have amazing bodies (they are personal trainers, after all).

7 Beliefs That Make It Harder for You to Lose Weight

Could these mental blocks be what's keeping you from dropping pounds? So you're trying to drop pounds—you're eating less, hitting the gym, and feeling strong and inspired.

The Crucial Thing You Can Do Right Now for Your Fitness

Follow this #MotivationMonday rule today to feel amazing all week. When you set the tone for toning up at the beginning of the week, it’s a lot easier to stay pumped up and inspired for the rest of it—that’s what #MotivationMonday is all about.