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Your Ultimate Survival Guide for Meeting the Parents

Because you'll probably be spending a good amount of time with them this holiday season. Don’t look now, but the holiday season is fast approaching, and if you’ve been invited to any of your S.O.’s family festivities, it’s time to start prepping.

4 Reasons You're Still Struggling with Acne

Nix these behaviors to score beautiful skin. You expect to have to load up on zit cream when you’re in high school.

Gaining OR Losing Weight Can Hurt Your Relationship

Learn to maintain a strong and loving union, scale be damned. Sitting on my boyfriend's lap at a bar in our hometown of Toronto a few months ago, I was feeling a little sassy and started whispering sweet (and by sweet, I mean salaciously dirty) nothings into his ear.

The Best Way to Get Rid of Upper-Lip Hair

It may be "Movember"—but we'll leave the mustaches to the guys. What keeps upper-lip hair invisible the longest—bleaching, waxing, or threading?

The Truth About Your Sexual Peak

Don't worry. You probably haven't passed it by. Everyone's heard about this "sexual peak" notion, right?

4 Moves to Decrease Your Risk of Injury

Do these moves now, and save yourself from getting sidelined later. You might not know it, but your hips are kind of a big deal.

How One Woman Overhauled Her Eating Habits to Lose More Than 150 Pounds

Mother Jessica Welch took control of her eating habits—and her life. Before: 326 pounds After: 172 pounds The Lifestyle I was about nine years old when I really started to gain weight, but I've been heavy my entire life.

11 Signs You're Actually In Love

Read this if you're currently feeling all the feelings…and you're not sure what they are. It's hard to tell sometimes if it's just the amazing sex, a bout of temporary insanity, or legitimate love, right?

How Worried Should You Really Be About Drug-Resistant Gonorrhea?

Because it sounds like the most terrifying thing on the planet In case you haven't heard, some experts are warning that gonorrhea could soon be very difficult to treat.

5 Ways You’re Using Condoms Wrong

Avoid these common mistakes for better protection against pregnancy and STDs. If you thought watching your high school sex ed teacher roll a rubber onto a banana was all you needed to know about proper condom use, listen up.

How Scott Foley Prepares for Those Scandal Sex Scenes

Team Jake, FTW. It goes without saying that dudes actually care about what they look like when you see them in their birthday suit.

The Upper-Body Sculptor You Need to Try

Commit this one to memory—it's a keeper. Join the Women's Health Weekend Challenge to help you meet your fitness goals fast and make your weekend workouts count.

The Top Nutrition Mistake New Moms Make

According to the author of What to Expect When You're Expecting Most women's priorities after having a baby are pretty predictable: Nurture and care for their little bundle of joy, get as much sleep as they can, and get back to their pre-pregnancy weight ASAP.

4 Tips for Politely Bailing On a Bad Date

In which our dating blogger figures out the best escape plan. I always worry when the texting is too good before a first date.

The Highlighter Supermodels Swear By

Their secret to such glowy, radiant skin This article was written by Phillip Picardi and repurposed with permission from Refinery29.

How Your Boobs Change in Your 20s, 30s, and 40s

The journey your gals take over three decades Just like there’s a lot women don’t know about how their vaginas change with age, so much happens to your breasts as you get older.

6 Foods That Cause Inflammation

Some of these will really shock you. This article was adapted from the Diabetes Cure and provided by our partners at Rodale News.

Where Men Draw the Line with PDA

Mouth open or mouth closed? Gauging someone's thoughts about PDA when you first start dating is almost as tricky as getting used to their go-to emojis and texting shorthand—and some would argue that it's just as important.

How to Grow Out Your Bangs Without Looking Awkward

Don't let your fringe make you cringe. The main deterrent if you're considering getting bangs is probably the painfully long growing-out phase.

The Secret to Super-Tight Abs

Why doing crunches and planks isn't always enough You've been working your core since high school and still can’t see your abs.