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What It's Really Like to Be in a Long-Distance Relationship (As Told in GIFs)

It's not just all Skype all the time… well, not always Everything about a long distance relationship is bittersweet.

A 45-Minute Cardio Playlist That Feels Like a Party

If you like to run or bike to house music, this playlist will be your jam. Every week, Your New Favorite Playlist introduces you to workout-worthy tunes from a different fitness brand.

7 Smoothie Mistakes That Make You Gain Weight

Cut them out to make your smoothie habit healthier. By Jenny Sugar for POPSUGAR Fitness After dusting off the ol' blender a few months ago, you've been proudly making smoothies instead of downing enormous bowls of cereal or bagels for breakfast.

6 Ways Music is Good for Your Workout

In honor of Summer Festival season, here are six ways your tunes help you tone up Whether you're headed a music festival this summer or waiting for your favorite singer's new single on iTunes, you might be surprised to learn that your love for tunes can actually help improve your fitness.

The Surprising Sex Tip From Sheryl Sandberg

It may be her best advice since "lean in." Facebook's COO Sheryl Sandberg is a genius at helping women climb up the corporate ladder, and she's spearheaded a movement around her book Lean In.

You Have to Watch This Rap About Pap Smears

If there's one way to get women talking about their vaginal health, this is it. We get that Pap smears aren't exactly the most pleasant experiences in the world, but they're crucial for staying on top of your vaginal health and testing for abnormal cells in your cervix.

6 Tips for Bringing Your Yoga Practice Outside

A renowned yoga instructor—and avid outdoorsman—helps you turn the park into your own personal studio.

Smoking May Actually Make You Gain Weight

It's time to toss this excuse for puffing on the cancer sticks. We've all heard the excuse: "I would quit smoking, but I don't want to go up a pants size." But new research in the journal Obesity seems to debunk that claim—and even suggests that lighting up can contribute to packing on pounds.

The Simple Way to Eat More Mindfully

No torturously slow eating required It may make you feel like you’re in a Portlandia skit, but eating local and learning more about where your food came from can have more than just environmental benefits.

5 Foods with More Protein Than an Egg

Up your intake by loading up on these protein-rich foods. Eggs are the poster child for protein—you need only watch Sylvester Stallone chugging raw eggs as Rocky Balboa for proof.

The Exercise Accessory That's Vital to Your Workout

Without this, you may find that your gym habit seriously suffers. You've got your giant water bottle, a super-supportive sports bra, and the perfect pair of shoes—but without your earbuds, this gear may be essentially useless: In a new survey by music lifestyle brand Sol Republic, 40 percent of people said they wouldn't bother working out if they forgot their headphones.

Can Men Suffer from Postpartum Depression, Too?

A new study suggests that young dads may be more vulnerable than you think. By Alexandra Sifferlin for  Young dads can develop depressive symptoms over their first few years of fatherhood, according to a new study.

Josh Duhamel Talks Fatherhood, Fergie, and Keeping His Relationship Strong

We dare you to read this without saying, "Aww!" Get ready to have an even bigger crush on Josh Duhamel.

What Your Yelp Review Says About Your Personality

The things you write can be strangely revealing, according to a new study. Ever penned a Yelp review of a restaurant?

5 Fun Things You Can Do With Eggs

Take a crack at them! (Sorry, we had to.) You know that eggs are a good source of protein; and with fewer than 80 calories each, they're also a caloric bargain.

5 Workouts to Get You Ready for Mini-Skirt and Short-Shorts Season

If the stars at Coachella are any indication, these pieces will be your warm-weather wardrobe staples.

How to Help Him Last Longer in Bed

Hint: It’s a little trick he can steal from your playbook. We've been told time and again that Kegel exercises—the squeezing and releasing of our pelvic muscles—can make sex feel better.

Q&A: Do Certain Body Parts Lose Weight Faster Than Others?

Finally, an explanation for why you need a smaller bra size but your jeans still feel tight. The question: It seems like it's easier to lose weight in certain spots than others—do some body parts slim down at a faster rate?

How to Know If You Should Be Taking Iron Supplements

The warning signs that all active women need to be aware of. Women and iron have a complicated relationship.

Sofia Vergara Knows What's Sexy This Second

Read an excerpt from Sofia's May 2014 cover story. Maxi skirts, high-waisted shorts, metallic Birkenstocks: Many women love them (see the popular Man Repeller fashion blog).