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7 Reasons Why V-Day Sex Is the Best Kind of Sex

It's national I'm Having Sex Day, people. Pay some respect.

We Styled 3 Women for Valentine's Day Based on Their Relationship Status

Because no one is actually wearing a tight red dress.

If This Is What a Broke Girl's House Looks Like, You Can Have Our 401(k)

Take a tour of Beth Behrs' enviable crib.

24 Products Every Well-thy Woman Needs in Her Life

Health expert-approved!

You're More Likely to Get Lucky if You're Listening to Music

Science says jamming out will get you all sorts of turned on.

This Before and After Pic Is a Total Lie…For a Good Reason

We approve this message.

The Top Comfort Food in America Is Actually NOT Mac and Cheese

But it's close.

10 Things All 'Cat Ladies' Do but Never Admit To

It’s time to let your feline-obsessed flag fly.

11 Women Share How They Make Valentine's Day Suck Less

Eff you, evil holiday!

Dems or Republicans: Which Political Party Is More Likely to Have Outdoor Sex?

Um, A LOT more likely.

I Journaled My Way to a 70-Pound Weight Loss

And it literally saved my life.

3 Ways to Dial Up the Flavor on Your Usual Granola Snack

There are banana splits involved.

Show Your Upper Body Some Tough Love with a Big Ol' Punch

It'll hurt so good.

Should You Add Serum to Your Skin-Care Routine?

Find out if it's just an unnecessary step.

Can You Train Yourself to Become a Morning Person?

Or are you doomed to be a night owl forever?

More Women Than Ever Are Watching Porn: Let's Discuss

Plus, find out how it's affecting our sex lives.

How Much Does the Time of Day You Eat Really Affect Your Weight?

You don't have to be afraid of the dark.

Having Anal Sex Puts You at Higher Risk of Ongoing Anal Leakage, Says Study

We think we preferred being blissfully ignorant.

People Have Become More More Prudish About First-Date Sex in the Past 10 Years

Not what we expected.

Watch Little Kids Try Their Best to Figure Out Valentine's Day

Bless their innocent, never-been-broken hearts.