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10 Women Share How They Learned to Love Running—After REALLY Hating It

Who run the world? You!

We Tried the New Valentine's Day Drinks from Starbucks—Here's the Verdict on All Three

It was Monday and we wanted chocolate.

People in THIS State Buy the Most Sex Toys

Is it yours?

The Super Bowl Was Boring—But Did You See That Ripped Ref?

Well, hello there, Mr. Striped Shirt...

This Sex Toy Made for Long-Distance Lovers Looks More Like a Dustbuster

Well, it *is* for people who want to get down and dirty.

8 Ingredients for the Best Bath Ever

Soothe your skin...and your soul.

We Asked 8 Guys to Write Haikus About Love

Move over, Shakespeare.

Women on Top: 10 Founders and CEOs Give Their Best Career Tips

“You need people around you who have your back, have faith in you, and will cheer you on as you rise."

7 Steps to Take if You Got Zero Sleep Last Night

Here’s how to survive the day.

Ask a Hot Doctor: Why Are My Feet Peeling?

People magazine's "Sexiest Doctor Alive" answers your pressing health Qs.

8 Great—and Not-So-Great—Things Spicy Food Does to Your Body

Aside from giving you dragon breath.

Why I Will Never Stop Talking About My Abortion

"Everyone has deep opinions about abortion, but many people don’t realize they love someone who has had one."

9 Guys Divulge Their Secret Sex Rituals

"I do multiplication tables."

Pregnant Women Given Sex Guidelines by CDC Due to Zika Virus Risk

For starters, have condoms on hand.

7 Ways to Kick That Afternoon Slump

Hit the refresh button when 3 p.m. rolls along.

Face Mask or Super Bowl Dip: Can You Tell the Difference?

You’ll never look at guac the same way again.

There's a Scientific Reason Why You're Jealous of Other Women

It all comes down to hormones.

Her Husband Tried to Have Her Killed, but She Showed Up Alive at Her Own Funeral

Hey, Lifetime, can you please make this into a movie?

I Broke Up with My BFF—Food—and Lost Over 80 Pounds

"Eating healthy isn't hard; you just have to look at things in a new way."

5 Facts to Get You Better Acquainted with Your Labia

Allow a top ob-gyn to elaborate on your lady parts.