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7 Deliciously Brilliant Hot Chocolate Hacks

Upgrade your cocoa from "good" to "whoa." As the days get shorter and the temperature drops, nothing quite hits the spot like a mug of hot cocoa.

5 Relationship Rules You Should Stop Following Immediately

Your mom/dad/best friend/grandmother might have meant well, but… Let’s face it: Most of our friends, family, and co-workers are not actual relationship experts, despite the frequency with which they dole out advice.

Rita Ora's Uncensored Thoughts on Sex and Body Image

She's sexy and she knows it. Rita Ora may have gone through a big public breakup this summer, but she's not letting that bring her down.

5 Habits That Set You Up for Junk-Food Cravings

Drop these to kiss binges goodbye once and for all. Cravings are an unfortunate fact of life. One second, you’re on the road to weight-loss triumph.

The Sexy Reason You SHOULD Dress Up This Halloween

Get out the cat ears. Thinking about skipping the Halloween costume this year? There's a very good reason not to—and your sex life will thank you for it.

8 Must-Know Tricks When Braiding Your Own Hair

It's not as hard as it looks—as long as you know these secrets. The braiding ninjas on YouTube may make braiding your own hair look seamless, but for those of us with less-than-stellar skills, it can be hard enough to do a traditional side braid.

The Metabolism-Boosting Secret Trainers Swear By

Rev up your natural calorie burn! This article was written by Leta Shy and repurposed with permission from POPSUGAR Fitness.

#StyleCrave: H&M's Crave-Worthy New Designer Collaboration

These pieces from Alexander Wang are changing the collab game. WHAT: Alexander Wang X H&M WHY: After years of doing designer collaborations, H&M has finally chosen an American designer: On November 6, 250 stores worldwide will release more than 60 pieces designed by Alexander Wang for the brand.

This Video Documenting a Woman Being Street Harassed is Seriously Disturbing

You won't believe some of the creepy things her harassers did. If you've ever worn yoga pants in public and encountered a whistle, marriage proposal, or some variation of "nice ass" on your way to the gym, then you know that street harassment is a very real problem.

The Veggie You Should be Using in Your Smoothies (But Aren't)

You're about to experience some intense flavor! When we asked our Instagram followers to share their fennel smoothies this week, they were shocked to learn you could use the vegetable this way.

10 Women Share How They Learned to Love Running

Not everyone experiences love at first jog. Running can be an acquired taste. For some, clocking a couple of miles is the best part of the day, while others really struggle through those miles.

What You Should Actually Think About When Your Yoga Instructor Tells You to 'Set Your Intention for Your Practice'

And how you can use the yogi speak to your advantage If you’ve ever taken a yoga class, you’ve probably stood at the front of your mat during the beginning of class while the teacher asked you to "set your intention." She or he likely had you draw your palms together in front of your heart like you were praying.

Dunkin' Donuts Is Releasing Its Own Version of the Cronut

Find out how it compares to the real thing, nutritionally speaking. Well, we suppose it was only a matter of time before Dunkin' Donuts unleashed its own donut-croissant hybrid on the world—and today the chain announced that, as of Monday, stores across the country will start selling the Croissant Donut.

8 Easy Ways to Lose a Pound a Week

Brilliant food swaps that won't sacrifice flavor—or leave you starving. Lets do the math: To lose one pound in seven days, you need to subtract about 3,500 calories.

Amy Poehler Explains How She Likes Her Porn

Strictly professional, please. From her hilarious antics on SNL and Parks and Recreation to her adorably informative Ask Amy web series, Amy Poehler definitely doesn't seem like someone who shies away from taboo topics.

The Crazy Thing That Could Be Killing Your Sex Drive

A new study found alarming info—especially for pregnant women. There are a few things that you already know can mess with your libido: stress, depression, and too many martinis, to name a few.

Hate Crowds? These Are the Best Days to Go to the Gym

Because a packed fitness center can be a total workout buzz kill When the gym is bumpin', it can be hard to get your sweat on without feeling frustrated and just plain claustrophobic.

The Nutrient You're Not Getting Enough Of

Luckily, there's more than one way to fill up! This article was written by Julia Westbrook and provided by our partners at Rodale News.

11 Ways Running Is Great for Your Health

Seriously, what can't running do? "I really should run more." We've all said it at one time or another, but it's truer that most people realize.

The Bachelor Breakup You Definitely Saw Coming

All social media signs point to a split. Given the very public ups and downs of Nikki Ferrell and Juan Pablo Galavis’ relationship, it’s not really a shocker that the pair finally called it quits this week.