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Your Breakfast Cereal Could Be Loaded With This Scary Toxin

Added sugar isn't the only bad-for-you substance lurking in your bowl. Next time you pour yourself a hearty bowl of oat flakes, think about this: Your super nutritious morning meal might be contaminated with a health-harming mold.

What It’s Like to Get Plastic Surgery on Your Vagina

The what, why, and how of one woman’s extreme makeover There probably isn’t a woman alive who hasn’t checked out her own vagina and wondered how it stacks up against other women's equipment.

Make A Better Breakfast: Your Breakfast Problems Solved

Mom, magazines, and the whole world can get behind the many benefits of a healthy breakfast, as it delivers the essential nutrients and energy you need to start a new day at your best.

How to Look Sexy Without Showing Any Cleavage

Bust out the seduction factor while the girls stay locked and loaded. Cleavage: It’s one of those things that is so often associated with femininity and sex appeal.

Cheesy, Delicious Eggplant Parmesan for Just 350 Calories

Are you drooling yet? Each month, your favorite dishes get a healthy and delectable do-over with tips from Keri Glassman, R.D.

10 Strange Things You Get Addicted to After Starting a Healthy Lifestyle

Dry shampoo and blenders, all day every day File this one under obvious: A new study published in the journal PLOS One found that highly-processed foods including pizza and ice cream are associated with "addictive-like" eating behaviors.

Why Some Guys Send Unsolicited D*ck Pics

One dude speaks out on behalf of all mankind (and man parts). In the decade since I first acquired a camera phone, I have sent exactly two pictures of my penis to other people.

Would You Be Pissed If You Didn't Get a Diamond Engagement Ring?

One woman who proudly wears a sapphire explores our fascination with the rocks. When my now-husband, Chris, and I decided to get engaged, he was making peanuts as a line cook at a busy New York City restaurant.

7 Pictures That Will Make You Lose Faith in Your Ability to See Color

If dressgate freaked you out, you have to see these. By now, you're probably well aware of (and have maybe even become an active participant) in the dressgate debate.

Does Drinking Water Really Give You Glowing Skin?

Dermatologists explain what H2O can (and can't) do for your complexion. This time of year, everything is dry.

7 Things You Wish You Could Say When You Know a Couple's Not Right for Each Other

Before it gets to "Speak now or forever hold your peace"… Everyone has a friend who's one-half of an amazing, inspiring couple. You've probably wondered if she and her partner have ever fought over the course of their entire relationship—they're that perfect together.

How to Treat Yourself to an Out-of-This-World Bath

Travel to paradise without leaving your bathroom. This article was repurposed with permission from PureWow.

The TRUTH About Detoxing

It’s time for some major myth busting. You’ve heard all about detoxing, whether it’s in the form of a pricey juice cleanse, a super restrictive diet, or a tea regimen.

Your Ultimate Guide to Flawless Eyebrows

You'll never over-tweeze again. Big, bold eyebrows are definitely having a moment. Just look at brow-blessed celebs like Cara Delevingne and Camilla Belle.

7 Women Who Rejected Their Boyfriends' Proposals Reveal Why They Did It

That awkward moment when he gets down on one knee… We're guessing that when you think of proposals, you imagine the romantic parts of them, like gushy speeches and excited acceptances.

12 Power Foods You Should Definitely Be Eating

How many of them are already in your diet? Another berry, fish, or nut is proclaimed a "superfood" about every other minute.

Your Brain on a Rom-Com

So that's why that Ryan Gosling flick gave you all the feels. The best-ever excuse to admit you're a sucker for sappy stories: They're ace for your health.

Is It Possible for Every Woman to Get Her Abs Back Post-Pregnancy?

...Or should you just accept the fact that some pooch is permanent? Popping out a baby does a number on your body: Your boobs get droopier, stretch marks crisscross your middle, and your vagina, well, let’s not even go there.

9 Secrets Women with Glow-y Skin Know

Follow their routines to keep your complexion in tip-top shape. This article was written by Maria Del Russo and repurposed with permission from Refinery29.

Watch This Hilarious Video Perfectly Capture New Mom Struggles

Chapstick + nipples = heaven Whether or not you've experienced the miracle of life firsthand, you probably know that some crazy stuff goes down before and after you push that giant baby out.