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3 Killer Moves Make For 1 Supershred Workout

Listen up: a short workout is better than no workout at all. And if you add jumping into the mix, along with multitasking moves, you can actually shred serious calories.

Do These 3 Things to Stay Cool on Hot Summer Runs

High temps coupled with high humidity can make it pretty unbearable for your workouts. It's not only uncomfortable, but overheating could lead to cramping or even heatstroke.

Protect Your Skin From Burns and Cancer With the Safest Sunscreens For 2016

Standing in front of the shelves and shelves of sunscreens is overwhelming. How do you know which bottle is the safest to choose, one that not only is made without harmful chemicals but also works to protect your skin from sunburn and skin cancer?

Differences Between Working Out in Your 20s and Your 30s

When you hit the 30-year mark, it not only means more candles on your birthday cake than someone in their 20s, but it majorly affects your workouts as well.

Know Your Cookout Calories

If Memorial Day means firing up the grill, overdoing it could be one reason you're feeling bloated in your bikini.

The CDC Finds That Public Swimming Pools Are Way Filthier Than We Think

While public swimming pools haven't always been regarded as shining beacons of immaculate sanitation, a recent study from the Center For Disease Control and Prevention finds that they may be worse off than we thought.

The Best F*cking Guided Meditation You've Ever Heard

For those constantly looking for the antidote for life's daily stresses and worries, meditation can have an enormous impact on the way you view the world - and it's not just hippie bullsh*t.

Save Guacamole Calories by Swapping Avocados With This Green Ingredient

It looks like guac, doesn't it? But the smooth, green appearance comes from another nutritious green food - edamame.

Grilled Veggie Recipes Even Burger-Lovers Will Crave

Veggie burgers and corn on the cob aren't the only things on the barbecue menu for vegetarians. Follow these tips for making you a pro at grilling veggies, and get inspired by these creative recipes featuring those delicious grillables.

Burn 200 Calories in 20 Minutes With This Quick Workout

If your schedule is feeling tight, don't skip your workout. We have made a quick calorie-burning workout just for you.

These Popular Sunflower Seeds Are Being Recalled Due to Listeria Concerns

The FDA recently announced a second recall of all SunOpta sunflower seed products due to ongoing fears of listeria contamination.

Ballerinas of All Colors Combine Hip-Hop and Ballet in New Dance Style

This new dance style is bringing ballerinas of all colors together to dance a mashup of hip-hop and classical ballet. 

This Low-Key Workout Playlist Is Perfect For Low-Intensity Days

For the times when you don't need a hyperintense workout playlist full of eardrum-crushing EDM beats, we've got you covered.

The Incredible Reason This Football Player Spends All Day on the Street

Abiola Aborishade just wants chance to tryout for @Patriots! If his heart is any indication of ability, he's gold.

Boxing Is the Therapy I've Been Waiting For

As someone who can't stand violent TV shows or movies (no Game of Thrones for me!) and won't even read violent books (sorry, The Hunger Games), my friends and family were pretty surprised at how enthusiastically I pursued boxing.

Only 1 Day Until the Beach? Your Quick, Debloating Meal Plan

While a diet full of clean, unprocessed foods and a consistent workout is the recipe for success, sometimes things don't go according to schedule.

Don't Take the Gym Too Seriously: Funny Workout Shirts to Lighten Up

Is it just us, or does everyone at the gym seem so serious sometimes? Lighten up a little with these sarcastic and funny workout tees and tanks, perfect for showing a little personality on the elliptical or in the studio.

Build Muscle, Burn Calories: Do-Anywhere Cardio-and-Strength Combo

There are no excuses for skipping this 20-minute workout; it requires no equipment, so no matter where you are, you can fit in a sweat session.

The Best TRX Exercises For Weight Loss

The instability and suspension aspect of using a TRX is great for strength training and even yoga, but did you know you can also use it for heart-pumping, calorie-burning exercises to help you lose weight?

If You Want to Lose Weight and Still Drink, Read This

Before working in health and fitness, I spent a good part of my adult years working around food and alcohol.