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6 Metabolism-Boosting Foods You Probably Have at Home

Giving your metabolism a little jump-start is not a difficult task - or even a big commitment. Take for instance, adding any of these six foods to your day.

Ronda Rousey Explains Why She Sees Holly Holm as Her "Biggest Threat"

Badass and inspirational Ronda Rousey explained on The Tonight Show With Jimmy Fallon just why she sees upcoming opponent Holly Holm as a threat.

Think Twice Before Eating That Cucumber

Update: The FDA has now issued an alert on all cucumbers originating from Rancho Don Juanito de R.L. de C.V.

Work Your Butt With This Super Simple Move

We love the basic bridge exercise for lifting and toning the glutes. But let's make sure your form is correct.

The 3 Stretches Runners Should Do Every Day

For most runners, tight hips, hamstrings, or a lower back go hand in hand. Of course you should never skip the stretching session after a run, but here are three essential lower-body stretches you should do every day - even on the days you don't run.

8 New Superfood-Filled Recipes You Need to Try

Steering clear of processed junk food is essential to supporting your best health, but adding these popular superfoods into your meals will help your diet work double time for you.

7 (Healthy) Breads to Go Bananas For

Before you mourn your bruised bananas, consider the possibilities banana bread has to offer. Leaving the high-calorie, high-fat ingredients of traditional recipes behind, here are seven alternatives suitable to your healthy lifestyle.

Burn More Calories on the Elliptical With These Tips

Elliptical trainers are a gym favorite. Not only is this cardio machine joint friendly, it's incredibly versatile.

7 Ways to Detox in the Morning

There's no better way to start off the day right than with breakfast, and all the better if your first meal of the day helps get your body back on track from any less-than-healthy transgressions from the day before!

Better-Butt Challenge Day 3: A Lazy-Girl Workout You'll Love

Our Better-Butt Challenge has 21 days of workouts to help you take your butt from flat to full. In the end, you'll have a tighter, stronger backside.

Tone the Inner Thighs With These 5 Must-Do Moves

Patterned leggings, micro miniskirts, and pastel skinny jeans - no matter what you're wearing, toned inner thighs will help you rock your look.

The Low-Calorie Crockpot Chili You Need in Your Life

When cooler Fall temperatures hit, the first supper I crave is chili. There's something about the ingredients, the spice, and the warmth of every bite that just feels right.

FitFinder, Our Workout Generator, Will Get You Sweaty

Quickie Workout Challenge: 3-Minutes to Slimmer Inner Thighs

When you don't have a lot of time but you want to feel the burn in your legs, this three-minute workout is just what you need.

Dip Your Spoon Into This Pumpkin Pie Pudding

It's that time of year where we're craving everything pumpkin spiced. Go ahead and indulge without busting your diet with this pumpkin pie pudding.

Refresh Your Playlist With the 100 Ultimate Cardio Tunes

There's nothing better than a new playlist for a fierce cardio session. The snappy beats inspire - especially up huge hills or in the last five minutes of a workout.

Hello Amazing Abs: Printable Core Workout

Feeling a little mushy in your middle? It's time to fire up your midsection with this dynamic core circuit workout!

The 5 Worst Types of Foods to Eat Late at Night

There's no need to deny yourself a late-night snack if you're feeling hungry, but you still have to think smart when it comes to eating late.

Snickers, Reese's, or M&M's! Find Out What 100 Calories Really Looks Like

Although you may shudder to enter a holiday season overflowing with sweets, Halloween candy might just be a tiny blessing in disguise.

Misty Copeland's Performance Will Make You Want to Sign Up For Ballet Lessons ASAP

The first African-American principal dancer in the American Ballet Theatre, Misty Copeland, continued to back up her prestigious rank with a recent breathtaking piece choreographed by Marcelo Gomes.