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Skip the Squats and Do These 15 Booty-Sculpting Moves Instead

Squats have their place in strength training, but there are plenty of other butt exercises out there!

6 of Gabby Douglas's Most Superhuman Gymnastics Moves

They don't call her "the Flying Squirrel" for nothing!

What I Realized When I Curbed My Carb Intake

As a fitness editor, I get asked an exorbitant amount of health questions every week. The one that pops up more than any other is not surprising: what do you do when you want to lose weight?

A Workout to Help You Build Strong and Shapely Legs

Grab your short shorts, your Daisy Dukes, your hot pants - whatever you choose to call them. You're going to want to show off your shapely gams after doing this workout.

The 6 Things You Should Always Avoid Before Bedtime

Been tossing and turning lately? Not getting enough time in dreamland can lead to weight gain, weaken the immune system, and make you feel foggy the next day.

Satisfy Your Salty-Sweet Cravings With These Paleo Salted Caramel Chocolate Candy Bars

The following post was originally featured on Colorful Eats and written by Caroline Potter, who is part of POPSUGAR Select Fitness.

These Insanely Gorgeous Oatmeal Bowls Are Almost Too Pretty to Eat

There's a reason so many people make oatmeal a regular part of their breakfast routines. A bowl of oats is not only easy to prepare (especially if you whip it up overnight), but it's also loaded with protein and fiber to aid with weight loss and digestion and to recharge your body.

50+ Delicious Recipes That Effortlessly Cut Carbs

If you're looking to shed pounds, cutting back on carbs can be an effective part of your weight-loss strategy.

An Expert Shares Her Foolproof Way For Always Staying Energized

Working in an office all day can be painfully exhausting, and sometimes three cups of coffee just does.

The Scary Things That Happen When You Ignore Pain and Keep Training

There are times when you're sore from a new workout, and then there are times when you experience something a little scarier: DOMS.

You Don’t Have to Lift Heavier Weights to Build Muscle, Says Study

Until recently, conventional wisdom on weight training encouraged people to increase the size of their weights as they became stronger.

We Tried the Boutique Studio Class Your Boyfriend Won't Hate

Image Source: Rise Nation In a dark room in LA, with intense, heart-pounding music pulsing at ear-drum-crushing decibel levels, intricately designed black lights sparkling along the ceiling, and a trainer on stage, Rise Nation was like a mountain-climbing fitness rave.

In Today's Jaw-Dropping News, This 64-Year-Old Can Lift Over 400 Pounds

Personal trainer and founder of Own Your Age Fitness, Lorraine Gantt, lives her life by the idea that "age is just a number." When going through a stressful divorce, Lorraine's son brought her to the gym with him - her first time working out!

Always Tired? The 1 Thing That Could Be to Blame

You get plenty of sleep and you're not catching a cold, yet lately you feel run-down, have crazy headaches, and can't focus at work.

Soccer Star Christen Press Has Some Powerful Words For You About Loving Your Body

At any given point in our lives, most of us struggle with body-image issues and can have trouble coming to a point of love and acceptance with our bodies.

Grab Your Dumbbells and Running Shoes For This Intense Cardio and Strength-Training Workout

The following post was originally featured on Carrots 'n' Cake and written by Tina Haupert, who is part of POPSUGAR Select Fitness.

One Woman's Empowering Response to Gym Body-Shaming Went Viral For the Best Reason

After Playboy model Dani Mathers made headlines for body shaming a fellow gym-goer in the locker room, the fitness community had plenty to say about the ethics of snapping photos at the gym.

If You Want to Run Longer, This Is a Must

Ever wonder why some days you feel like you can keep running and running while on others you have zero stamina?

29 Fitness-Inspired Tattoos That Show Off Your Love For Working Out

Obsessed with your fitness program? Enough to wear it on your body permanently? We rounded up 29 creative tattoos showcasing marathon mileage, Pilates poses, yoga Sanskrit, and dumbbell designs.

If You Have Trouble Sleeping at Night, Try This Yoga Pose

Every single person deals with stress in some form - and we're always trying to learn the best ways to deal with stress so it doesn't take over our lives and we can be happier, healthier people.