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Oui Fresh Happy Mail – March Unboxing

Hey pals! We are so so so excited about our second month of Happy Mail since our relaunch in February.

Elsie’s Mini Photo Wall Art

Hi friends! I’m so happy to share this project with you today! I have been working hard on finding homes for our photos throughout our home.

Easy Gold Stripe Nail Tutorial

I am always on the lookout for pretty-yet-easy nail tutorials because, well, I guess I’m just usually more of a simple gal when it comes to my nails!

Make a Crepe Paper Flower Garland

Here in central Texas, spring has officially arrived and the warm weather is making its way in. Everything is in bloom and I could not be more excited to see all the wildflowers start to pop up around town.

Easy Heart-Shaped Braid

Hi friends, it’s Emma. Yes, this is the back of my head but I’m still saying hello. My friend, Erin Wheaton, is going to share this adorable heart shaped braid tutorial with you.

How to Swap to Natural Cleaning Products

Almost three years ago, I began my own “journey” to reduce the number of harmful ingredients in my makeup, skincare and cleaning products in our home.

Lip Balm Locket DIY (Only Need 3 Ingredients!)

If you are a lip balm addict, you probably have them spread all over the place—your purse, your car, your nightstand … well, I bet you didn’t know that you can create a lip balm that you can wear and have with you at all times!

How to Make a Wood Striped Utensil Holder

I love a bright, white kitchen, but mostly because a neutral kitchen is a nice backdrop for fun textural kitchen gadgets!

Wood and Brass Letter Holder

Organization! Who doesn’t need a little more of this in their daily routine to help them feel like they’re killing it at this whole adulting thing?

10 Things I Love Sunday

Happy Sunday. We had a really great week! We spent part of the week with Jeremy’s mom and the rest of it doing a LOT of spring cleaning.

Photographing the Northern Lights

I shared a little about our recent vacation to Norway earlier this week, so if you read that then you already know why we choose to go to northern Norway in the winter: hoping to see the northern lights!

DIY Mandarin Orange Slice Snack Pouch

If you are a mom, you know how important it is to have snacks at the ready at all times. But usually my kids’ snacks fall to the bottom of my bag and get covered with who knows what, which makes finding a snack on the go a difficult feat.

1 Second Everyday

Right before we traveled to China, I asked my friend Elise for her advice on memory keeping with a child.

Our Trip to Norway

Recently, Trey and I went on vacation—to Norway! I shared quite a few pictures on my IG, but I wanted to share a few more details about where we were, where we stayed, and what we did because it was such an amazing trip and Norway was so beautiful (and full of kind people) that I want to encourage others to go there if they get the chance.

Gold Glitter Star Shoe DIY

While it can be so fun to make wearable items totally from scratch, my favorite DIYs tend to be the ones where you get to add something special to an existing item.

DIY Mini Gradient Egg Cup Planters

It’s no secret that I love gradients. You may remember these large gradient planters or these gradient vases I made.

Birthday Cake Cookie Butter

The first time I had cookie butter was a life-changing experience—a spreadable cookie?? Yes, please. Cookie butter is also fun because you can make it and gift to friends in cute jars for birthdays or special occasions.

Unpaper Towel DIY (They Are Reuseable!)

Lately I have been challenging myself to find spots in the house where we can eliminate waste and swap out a reusable item where we would normally do a disposable option, and I’ve decided to tackle my kitchen first!

A Color Story Studio Room Tour

Since this is a blog, an all white room with a random assortment of “props” doesn’t seem out of place at all.

Clean Living: How We Gave Up Paper Towels

One of my goals this year is to take small steps to create a greener household. Some of my goals will help to improve our air quality and reduce exposure to the harmful ingredients in our daily lives.