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confetti cookie bites!

With the holiday season about to kick off in full force, we're thinking about edible delights to make for gifts or for guests visiting this holiday.

how to create a portrait photo studio at home...

Maybe you’ve decided you’d like to take a family holiday photo or some cute photos of your kids as gifts for relatives, but a professional photographer is out of budget.

happy friday + my food network debut!

Happy Friday! Earlier this spring, I auditioned to be a guest judge for Food Network and got to be a part of Cake Wars: Christmas which we filmed back in May.

10 edible gifts...

Every year, the holidays approach and I go back and forth on whether I'm going to create gift guides.

how to choose outfits for family photos...

Every year, I have friends frantically texting me as they prep for their family photos asking about the outfits they have chosen and what their kids or husband should wear.

business in the front, party in the back...

So there was this one morning (really, most mornings) when I woke up and could not get my act together to get showered or really do much of anything to my hair.

on love and loss...

Ever since Friday, I haven't had much to say on social media. After hundreds of innocent people lost their lives, I didn't have anything meaningful to say or share.

happy friday + oh joy eats this month...

Happy Friday guys! After our recent survey, those of you not living in LA said that you sometimes I tease you with photos of food that I eat here.

10 of my favorite blogger books!

2015 is the year of the blogger books! (I'm guilty of that one, too). With so many books out by many of my friends and colleagues in the blogging world, I wanted to share some of my favorites from this year with you...

a housewarming welcome kit...

With so many of my friends, family members, or co-workers buying houses or moving into a new home recently, I wanted to come up something I could give them as a welcome kit for their new home.

on being different...

A few months ago, Ruby went through a phase where she kept saying, "I just want to be normal." She didn't like it when we said she was funny or cute or entertaining.

happy friday + thank you!

Happy Friday! I wanted to end this week and says thanks so much for those of you who took the time to answer my reader survey or leave a comment on that post from two weeks ago.

happy friday + what do you think?... (now closed)

Happy Friday guys! As you may know, we celebrated 10 years of Oh Joy last month! I used to have annual reader surveys to see what my readers liked and wanted to see more of.

a really cute way to use bobbi pins...

I have never been one of those people who spends a lot of time getting ready in the morning. I have a very simple morning routine that doesn't take very long at all, and I'm super simple with my hair and makeup on the average day.

coco's 1st birthday party!

A few weeks ago, we celebrated our little Coco's first birthday! I shared some of the materials we used for decorating her party, and here are a few photos from the actual party.

behind the scenes / choosing an oh joy book cover!

I love sharing more behind the scenes stuff with you guys to show how designs evolve into the final product.

how to use a flower frog...

Have you ever wondered how florists and stylists make their flower arrangements look so good? Sometimes you can buy the prettiest flowers, but once you place them in a vase (especially vases that have a large opening), they just flop to the side and don't look like that glorious arrangement you imagined it would be.

behind the scenes / choosing an oh joy book cover!

I love sharing more behind the scenes stuff with you guys to show how designs evolve into the final product.

dressing the babe / my wild animal...

Did I tell you guys I'm in a blue phase right now? There are a few pieces I have on heavy rotation right now that are all blue.

all eyes on you!

Ruby was recently telling me that she loves it when people decorate their houses for Halloween and asked why ours isn’t decorated like those houses.