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“What If Gamer Girls Acted Like Gamer Guys?” Is Way Too Spot-On [VIDEO] - "Ugh, you play like such a dude."

You might have heard that there’s a touch of misogyny floating around the games community at the moment – which is why it’s so nice to see the double-standard in gaming perfectly illustrated in this video from Buzzfeed.

Show and Tellblazer – Constantine: “Non Est Asylum”

The last of DC Entertainment’s comic book fall TV series has premiered! Share all your spoilery thoughts on the series premiere of NBC’s Constantine with fellow watchers in the comments.

Exploring Lesbian-Themed Comic Extravaganza Girls Love Festival 12

Via In almost any large western convention’s Artists Alley, tucked away here and there in between the series parody bookmarks and postcards, the slash pictures and color posters of “cute male couple on TV du jour,” you can find comic artists doing actual comics.

So Long and Thanks For All the Puns - Victoria's on bad Photoshop duty in my absence.

The day has come, fellow nerds. It is my last day at The Mary Sue. I want to thank all our readers for making this a great two years (and one month-ish) for me, filled with puns and funs and mentally stimulating discussion about all manner of geeky topics.

Things We Saw Today: All Hail Queen Buttstallion - Who else could possibly bring the light back to the world?

All you other Borderlands cosplayers can pack up your siren makeup and go home, because you’re never gonna top this look by Fox.

Fraggle Rock, Labyrinth And Musical Monsters: Archaia Honors Jim Henson’s Legacy - Dance your Con cares away!

As a Henson nerd, one of the highlights of New York City Comic Con for me was attending the “Jim Henson Company: Upcoming Comics With Archaia” panel.

“MisANTry”: The Mary Sue’s Favorite Comments of the Week - Actually it's about ethics in colony organization.

We had some pretty great comments this week (including tons of puns, obviously), so read on, gentle reader.

“My Ultron Will Go On”: An Avengers: Age of Ultron Trailer Mashup - WEEEEE'LL STAAAAY FOREEEEVER THIS WAY *sobs*

Listen, friends. I know you’re already sick of Ultron and it’s only been two days. I don’t care. You’re sitting your butt down and you’re watching this Celine Dion/Avengers mash-up right now.

Gamergate Roundup: IGN & Occupy Wall Street Comment On GG, Internet Makes Hella Memes - Someday we won't have to do these anymore. Hooray.

Every morning I wake up and forget, just for an instant, that Gamergate is even a thing. It’s consistently been the best part of my day for a week now.

Benedict Cumberbatch Does His Best To Avoid Questions About Star Wars & Revisits The Penguin Problem - Aren't pengwings a Final Fantasy monster?

Benedict Cumberbatch visited The Graham Norton show and the host was able to pull some impressions out of him (Smaug and Jar Jar Binks) as well as prod the actor for clues about upcoming roles in Star Trek and Star Wars.

Word Is the Fifty Shades Movie’s Sex Scenes Are Being Reshot Because They’re Just Not Sexy Enough! - Holy f***. Sweet mother of all... Jeez.

It looks like the sex scenes for Fifty Shades of Grey are being reshot because the on-screen bone-town chemistry currently has all the believability of the feather duster in the opening credits of Downton Abbey.

TMS Exclusive Interview: Heroes of Cosplay‘s Holly Conrad Has Some Advice For You About Dressing Up For Halloween! - The spoopiest interview of all!

Halloween is fast approaching, and I know we all want to look good. For the best dress-up advice in the biz, I chatted with Holly Conrad, who you can find on Heroes of Cosplay, on her YouTube channel, or blogging over on ThinkGeek.

Dorkly Presents 5 Ways Game of Thrones Season 5 Will Deviate From The Books - Aside from the obvious "nipple boob armor," that is.

Spoilers are coming, naturally. The fine folks at Dorkly have taken the time to analyze all the leaked pictures and scuttlebutt surrounding the upcoming season of Game of Thrones, and have compiled a helpful analysis of the ways Season 5 will deviate from A Song of Ice and Fire.

ABC’s Agent Carter Casts A Friend For Peggy In Nikita Actress

Agent Carter has just picked up Nikita, Kick-Ass, and How I Met Your Mother actress Lyndsy Fonseca! announced the casting, saying Fonseca would be playing Angie Martinelli: An aspiring actress living in 1946 New York, Angie will befriend Peggy Carter (Hayley Atwell) as she herself seeks to find her place in the post-war world.

Some Monster Made a Gritty Reboot of If You Give a Mouse a Cookie - ...he's going to ask for your life.

[Warning: Grossness to come.] If You Give a Mouse A Cookie is best known as a beloved illustrated children’s book about an overall-wearing mouse with escalating dietary demands, but GrittyReboots is determined to leave no childhood unplundered.

Sleepy Hollow And John Noble’s Legal Parody Commercial Is Stupid In All the Right Ways - What is happening?

For those of you who don’t watch Sleepy Hollow (WATCH SLEEPY HOLLOW), John Noble plays Henry Parrish, aka the Horseman of War.

Astronaut Scott Kelly Has a Great Anti-Bullying Message for National Bullying Prevention Awareness Month - Listen up, Earthlings.

If a victim were capable of fixing things on their own, the world would have no problems. As NASA astronaut Scott Kelly points out, it’s important not to just be a bystander but instead to speak out when you see something that’s unacceptable in society—whether it’s bullying or anything else.

Okay, but What if Ultron Was a Robot Pinocchio [VIDEO] - *growly voice* GIVE. A. LITTLE. WHISTLE.

But who is his Jiminy Cricket, you ask? Well, probably Jiminy Cricket is somewhere else. Maybe with Sora and Donald and Goofy.

Creator Of Riverdale Says Fox Show Will Be “Archie Meets Twin Peaks“ - AGENT "COOPER"! Of COURSE!

When news broke yesterday that FOX had invested in a one-hour live-action teen drama based on the Archie Comics, much was made of Riverdale‘s emphasis on the “surrealistic twists of small-town life plus the darkness and weirdness bubbling beneath Riverdale’s wholesome facade.” Well, damn fine news, everyone: if you thought that description hinted at the obvious similarities between Archie’s home and a certain eccentric Northwest town, you were right.

Actors From The Room Start Kickstarter Campaign To Fund Their Own Mockumentary - They invited all my friends! Good thinking!

Ever since it first premiered to a mostly confused audience at LA’s Laemmle Fairfax theater in 2003, The Room has seen massive cult success as a terrible, so-bad-it’s-genius film.