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No One Has Any Patience for This “I Regret My Trump Vote” Tearful Handholding

Yesterday, the New York Times published an op-ed titled “I Voted for Trump. And I Sorely Regret It.” If you’re already rolling your eyes at that headline, oh just wait.

Things We Saw Today: Dan Harmon Delivers a Glorious Anti-Nazi Rant

Rick and Morty and Community‘s Dan Harmon wants to make it absolutely, totally clear that he’s not a nazi.

We Want More Sense8, But Does How We Get It Matter?

Many of us were distraught by the news that Netflix had cancelled Sense8. I have a very personal connection to that show, and I know that it provided some much-needed representation for a wide swath of people.

Oh, Great. Texas Just Passed an Awful “Rape Insurance” Law.

Welcome to The Week in Reproductive Justice, a weekly recap of all news related to the hot-button issue of what lawmakers are allowing women to do with their bodies!

Ai Weiwei’s Human Flow Is a Solemn Look at the Refugee Crisis Across 23 Countries

Artist Ai Weiwei is capturing the “staggering scale of the refugee crisis and its profoundly personal human impact” in his new film Human Flow, which looks all different stories and journeys from the 65 million people around the world who have “been forced from their homes to escape famine, climate change and war in the greatest human displacement since World War II.” Filmed across 23 countries like Afghanistan, Bangladesh, France, Greece, Germany, Iraq, Israel, Italy, Kenya, Mexico, and Turkey, the documentary promises to be a powerful and heartbreaking look at ways in which refugees are made vulnerable in the cruelest way.

Heather Heyer’s Mom Has No Time or Patience for Trump’s False Condolences

“I have not, and now I will not” talk to President Trump, says mother of Charlottesville victim Heather Heyer — Marlow Stern (@MarlowNYC) August 18, 2017 A couple of days ago, we watched with heartbreak as Susan Bro, mother of Charlottesville activist Heather Heyer, spoke at a memorial service for her daughter.

Legends of Tomorrow Made an LBGTQIA Character Its Lead Last Year and Improved Because of It

The CW’s Legends of Tomorrow didn’t exactly have the best start. It placed its biggest draws on its connection to DC’s Arrowverse, and that made sense as a spin-off of Arrow and Flash.

I Have No Idea What to Expect From Riverdale Season 2

Riverdale dropped a new promo yesterday titled “Desperate Times” that makes the next, 22-episode season look like an intense and bloody crime thriller.

Oh, My: Lin-Manuel Miranda and James Corden Bare It All, Performing Hair for Strangers at a Crosswalk

You know those stop lights that honestly just last forever and a day? Like, you’re on your way to work (or worse, on your way home), and you’re sitting there and it just will not change?

Steve Bannon Is Fired and/or Resigning From the White House, and Everyone Is Rejoicing - It's Schrödinger's firing.

Trump Chief Strategist/former Breitbart head Steve Bannon is finally on the way out, and we could not be more thrilled.

Tina Fey Has Some Great Advice for People Who Don’t Actually Want to Fight White Supremacy - Let them eat sheet cake.

While Saturday Night Live is still on hiatus, Weekend Update is back with special weekly installments, because what SNL apparently thinks we need to get us through the summer is news delivered as smugly as possible.

Here’s a Bunch of Dad Jokes and Comedic Bits That Didn’t Make the Final Cut of The Big Sick

Kumail Nanjiani and Emily V. Gordon’s autobiographical rom-com The Big Sick starring Zoe Kazan and Kumail as the couple was a delightful and moving love story, but it was also a great treat for stand-up comedy fans.

Everyone Needs to Watch Vice’s Disturbing Documentary From Charlottesville

If anyone can watch this documentary from the events in Charlottesville and still walk away talking about the sins of “both sides,” we’re in big trouble.

Teaser for Marvel’s Punisher Series Hints at Cathartic, Righteous Fury We Need

I was a huge fan of Daredevil S1, but the best part of a much weaker S2 was the introduction of Frank Castle (Jon Bernthal), A.K.A.

The PCAH Mass Resignation Letter Is More Patriotic Than Anything Trump’s Ever Done

JUST IN: In letter to Pres. Trump, a mass resignation from the presidential arts and humanities committee.

Patty Jenkins Reportedly Closing on “Historic” Deal to Direct Wonder Woman Sequel - Damn right.

Wonder Woman was, by all accounts, a massive hit, which has had us closely following whether or not its director, Patty Jenkins, would return for the sequel that Warner Bros.

End of an Era: Chuck E. Cheese to Lose Its Iconic Animatronic Band - ... the day the music died ...

Your childhood is vanishing, one animatronic at a time. Chuck E. Cheese’s, the restaurant/arcade/ball pit of horrors that where you just had to have your 7th birthday, is starting to phase out the animatronic band that’s installed at just about every one of their franchises.

Things We Saw Today: Stan Lee Gives Chadwick Boseman His Seal of Approval to Play Black Panther

In 1966 we brought Black Panther to the pages of Marvel… Now this talented young man brings him to the silver screen!

Boys Can Like Butterflies: How Policing Little Boys Contributes to a Culture of Male Violence

In the midst of all the horrible things happening in our country right now, there was a Twitter thread I came across a couple of days ago that not only made me sad, but made me very afraid of the ways in which we are all complicit in a culture of male violence.

Gravity Falls Creator Asks for Drawings of Character Punching Nazis; Internet Delivers

Here you are, good sir! — Oldmandarin (@michael_nanna) August 16, 2017 There’s been a lot of Nazi news this week—in fact, the only reason I hesitate to say there’s been too much is that if there are Nazis, ignoring them is not the way to make them go away.