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Things We Saw Today: CollegeHumor Reminds Us Not to Look at the Comments

Alrighty. CollegeHumor kicks off today’s TWS, reminding us all to not look at the comments. While that’s easier said than done (have you tried it lately), it’s nice to see them get meta and break through the fourth wall with this video.

The X-Files Newbie Recap: “2Shy,” “The Walk,” & “Oubliette” - "It's not yet the finely detailed insanity you expect from me, it's just a theory"

I’m taking a brief hiatus due to holidays, and I regret to leave things on the emotional gut-punch of “Oubliette”.

Realize Your Data Ninja Destiny With 97% Off the Ultimate Data & Analytics Bundle

Looking for a new lucrative career? We’ve got your first step right here. Or maybe you’ve got a ton of data on your business and customers … and have no idea what to do with it.

Microsoft’s Project X-Ray VR Gaming on HoloLens Is the Video Game Future We Were Always Promised - Ready, player one?

Microsoft’s HoloLens headset has looked impressive—if only one impressive entry in a current flood of VR headsets—since it was announced, but this new game demo from their October 2015 announcement-fest is the video game experience we’ve been promised since the days of Pong.

Sony Rebooting 1990 Sci-Fi Thriller Flatliners With Ellen Page In Talks to Star - The original tagline for this movie was "Some lines shouldn't be crossed."

Sony is rebooting the 1990’s film Flatliners, with Ellen Page set to star. She’d likely play medical student Rachel, the role originally played by Julia Roberts.

“That Person is Racist” Vs. “That Costume is Racist” - It's that time of year again...

This piece was originally published on Beacon. It was republished here with permission. It comes up every Halloween.

Marvel’s Black Panther Movie Might Have a Screenwriter

While I’m still heartbroken that Ava DuVernay will not be directing Black Panther, I still want to see this movie happen!

Spider-Man Director Talks Miles Morales, Possible Appearance

This could just be more hype for the hype machine, but director Jon Watts didn’t outright shoot down the idea of Miles Morales possibly playing a role in this upcoming Spider-Man reboot.

Giveaway: Studio Ghibli’s When Marnie Was There Prize Pack

Studio Ghibli’s When Marnie Was There comes out on DVD and Blu-Ray today, and to celebrate, we’re giving away some swag!

Take An “Evening Stroll” With Jessica Jones In New Netflix Teaser

Netflix is doing a really great job of getting me pumped for Jessica Jones. The first teaser showed Jessica Jones waking up at 2:59 PM in Hell’s Kitchen, the second teaser puts her at a bar at 7:54 PM, and this third one, titled “Evening Stroll” is 3 minutes to midnight.

Jesse Eisenberg Not Playing Lex Luthor in Batman v Superman … Well, Not Exactly

.@FortuneMagazine Looking forward to reading about #LexCorp. Father would be proud. — Lex Luthor (@alexanderluthor) October 5, 2015 In a recent bit of awesome alternate-reality marketing, Batman v Superman‘s Lex Luthor did an interview with Fortune Magazine, and Lex himself tweeted from his official Twitter about it.

BBC Releases Sherlock Trailer Teaser, Reminiscent of Bioshock

As you probably know, there’s a Sherlock special coming up. To hype everyone up even more, BBC made a trailer teaser for the trailer which is a teas… er… uh.

The Mary Sue Interview: Chip Zdarksy on the Renaissance of Jughead, “The Teen I Wanted to Become” - Fooorsyyyythe!

Erica Henderson cover It’s hard to imagine a writer who would be a better fit to write Jughead than Chip Zdarsky, and Jughead #1 (out tomorrow!

Disney-Pixar’s the Good Dinosaur Shows Us Friendship in New Trailer

“What if the asteroid that forever changed life on Earth missed the planet completely and giant dinosaurs never became extinct?

Twenty Years Later, a Look at How Xena: Warrior Princess Changed Television

In a time of cheesy special effects, girl power and syndication, a brave heroine overtook the pop culture landscape.

Time Out Defends Suffragette Shirt Amidst Backlash

Actresses Meryl Streep, Carey Mulligan, Anne-Marie Duff, and Romola Garai recently wore shirts with the Pankhurst quote “I’d rather be a rebel than a slave” for Time Out London.

Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part 2 Trailer Features Traps, Moody Walking, and Glares Aplenty

In this brand new trailer for The Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part 2 (that’s a mouthful, isn’t it), we get to see some of the traps President Snow’s set up for our rebel crew, interspersed with tense moments of moody walking and glaring.

Interview: April Genevieve Tucholke on Slasher Girls & Monster Boys, Women in Horror - "I love that the focus is shifting from the idea of these women as scream queens running away from men."

That spooky season is upon us, ghouls and boys, and with it comes the urge to treat yo’ self to whatever new horror movie, book, or TV show you can find.

“Nameless Coalition” Demands Changes to Facebook’s Real Name Policy, Abuse-Reporting System

Facebook’s Real Name Policy has long been controversial for the harm it causes trans users, users in hiding from an abuser, or anyone else using a name they weren’t assigned at birth or one that doesn’t pass the arbitrary and often whitewashed standards for what constitutes a “real name.” Although the policy has been updated several times to reflect members’ concerns (in June, Facebook amended the rules so that an addressed piece of mail would hypothetically be sufficient verification), many users still have concerns about the policy.

Gotham Gab: “The Last Laugh” - He who laughs last laughs the laughingest.

Next week we’ll be returning to our regularly scheduled Gotham recaps from Maddy, but for this week we’ll be making do with an open thread to discuss last night’s bonkers episode.