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The Mary Sue Exclusive: Kiva Bay’s Escape, a Comic About Romance Novels, Part 6

[Editor’s Note: We’re super excited to present Escape, a series of comics from artist Kiva Bay about escapism, romance novels, and her experiences reading Nora Roberts’ Public Secrets.

Things We Saw Today: Who Wins in Princess Peach vs. Zelda?

Princess Peach goes up against Zelda in this sweet short film made by AndrewMFilms. Who do you think comes out victorious?

We Are Excited: Vin Diesel Teases the Possibility of an Iron Giant Sequel - Don't speak 2 fast, or 2 furious, Vin.

Unlike his animated counterpart in Guardians of the Galaxy, Vin Diesel is known for being rather outspoken, especially on social media.

#ScienceAMovieQuote Combines Film and Science Nerdom With Explosive Results - "I love the smell of null hypothesis rejection in the morning."

Do you love rom-coms as much as you love studying chemistry? Do you live for analyzing the psychics of certain action sequences?

In Case You Didn’t Know, Tom Hardy Has Got Mad Dubsmash Skills

If you didn’t already love on Tom Hardy for being a great Mad Max and a great supporter of female roles, you’re gonna love him for his AMAZING lip sync abilities.

Don’t Worry, The Monstrous New Goosebumps Trailer Isn’t Slappy Happy - Cause not all of us like dummy fun.

Beware, you’re NOT in for a scare when you watch this international trailer for the Goosebumps movie.

Welcome to Night Vale Recap: Episode 16 “The Phone Call” - Shippers, get ready to squee!

Keep up to date with the rest of the Welcome to Night Vale recaps! The episode starts with another check-in with Night Vale’s most unstable business: the Night Vale Daily Journal.

Review: She’s Funny That Way Just Isn’t Funny - Iconic director Peter Bogdanovich has lost track of time.

Have you ever been watching a movie and gotten such a bad case of the sleepy-head nods that you knew you were missing something, but you weren’t sure what or when you’d given into sleep?

If You’re Glad We’re Getting a Marvel Spider-Man Film, Thank Andrew Garfield

Apparently, Hollywood’s previous on-screen web-slinger was partly responsible for Sony and Marvel going in together on the next Spider-Man film!

Animated Comedy Series Gen Zed the Latest Victim of Cowardly Internet Harassment - Because diversity is scary.

[Trigger Warning: Discussion of internet harassment. Most of the offending material is behind links, but there are transphobic remarks and racial slurs below.

Ellen Page Thinks “Brave” Isn’t the Right Way To Describe Actors Playing LGBTQ+ Roles

In a Time magazine interview, Ellen Page shook off the descriptor “brave” when she discussed her upcoming role in Freeheld.

The Mary Sue Exclusive: Cheryl Blossom in “High School Royalty”

We’ve got a super neat exclusive peek at the brand new Cheryl Blossom digital trade! Things are getting real over at Pembroke as a new student joins the ranks, putting Cheryl Blossom’s social status in jeopardy.

The 8 Best Fictional Weapons Wielded by Warrior Women - A.k.a. the bad-ass sci-fi and fantasy tools that we all wish we owned

In no particular order, here are my personal favorite weapons used by bad-ass women in genre fiction.

Review: We Are Your Friends Is Breaking Away for Entourage Fans—in the Worst Way - 1 1/2 out of 5 stars.

We Are Your Friends picked an unfortunate time to hit theaters, because anyone who has seen Straight Outta Compton (or even just the trailers) will probably find We Are Your Friends to be laughable in its attempt to show “the other side of the track.” The film plays like a joke about kids who see themselves as disenfranchised youths but fails to acknowledge the privilege they actually do enjoy.

Look No Further: We Found a Great Feminist Gift for (Aspiring) Tech Nerds

Lara Callender Hogan, a senior engineering manager at Etsy, has recently released her book on web design, with all proceeds going to women-in-STEM organizations.

Exclusive The Second Mother Clip and Interview With Writer/Director Anna Muylaert

Before the film begins its theatrical release Friday (and continues to roll out in theaters through November) we have an exclusive clip of Anna Muylaert’s new film, The Second Mother, and interview with Muylaert!

Candis Cayne’s Audition Highlights Hollywood’s Shifting Views on Trans People - It wasn't that long ago.

If you’re someone who thinks that transgender visibility in Hollywood is something that happened all-of-a-sudden, you may not have been paying attention.

Review: No Escape Is Just So Damn Unpleasant - 1 out of 5 stars.

Do you want to feel bad this week? Well, go see No Escape, because it will really put you in a mood. Not something that will reach you emotionally and touch your soul, it’s actually pretty mindless, heartless “entertainment” that will probably make you really, really want to take a shower.

Dating In Fiction: The Difference Between Make-Believe and Reality - As a single Black woman, sadly there are not enough fictional shows about experiences that mirror mine to give me some sense of why the dating world is not so kind to me.

[Editor’s Note: This piece was originally published on Black Girl Nerds last year. It has been republished here with permission.] When I first moved to NYC, I was convinced to believe that being single would equate to the same experiences that Carrie Bradshaw and the rest of her forty-something girlfriends had engaged in on the popular HBO series Sex And The City.  I was actually excited to NOT be in a relationship and I expected to date as many guys as possible.  I looked forward to the awkward experiences, the adventurous experiences, and perhaps even the heartbreaking experiences.  Moving to the Big Apple was my first opportunity to live on my own and feel completely independent.  I was seriously ready to take over the world.

Star Wars Preaches Some Truth on Facebook About Female Armor

Whoever was managing the Star Wars Facebook account when this happened: all of our hearts to you. You nailed it with this reply to that really awkward comment.