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Things We Saw Today: These Official Handmaid’s Tale Character Posters Amazing

These are the kinds of posters that one might expect to be the product of fan art, yet here Hulu is grabbing at our very souls with these chilling and awesome character posters for The Handmaid’s Tale.

FCC Wants Your Comments on Their Plan to Kill Net Neutrality. You Know What to Do.

Donald Trump’s FCC chair, Ajit Pai, has moved forward with introducing a plan to roll back 2015’s “Title II” reclassification for broadband Internet that deemed it a public utility and, in simple terms, ensured that Internet service providers would have to treat all data on their network equally.

Feminist Frequency Launches Final Women Vs. Tropes in Video Games Video in a Bittersweet Moment

Five years ago, back when Feminist Frequency was a simple YouTube show, and two years before “Gamergate,” feminist pop culture critic, Anita Sarkeesian posted what she thought would be a modest crowdfund.

Review: Bitch Planet #10–We Are Woman Enough to Survive

Bitch Planet is a book that, from the first issue, felt bigger than what was printed on its pages. With fewer than a dozen issues, creators Kelly Sue DeConnick and Valentine De Landro have inspired a veritable army of non-compliant women (and men!

The Government Set Up a Hotline to Report Aliens & Oh Boy Did the Internet Comply

image: 20th Century Fox As part of the Trump administration’s ongoing mission to intimidate and drive out foreign immigrants, ICE just set up a hotline under the name VOICE: Victims of Immigration Crime Engagement.

With Its Latest Ad, Heineken Achieved What Pepsi Was Too Afraid To: An Actual Message

You remember that tone-deaf Kendall Jenner Pepsi ad, right? Yeah, we’re trying to forget, too. Thankfully, Heineken has released something that can serve as an amazing palate cleanser, clearing away any aftertaste left behind by that denim-wrapped monstrosity.

Cassini Returns Ghostly Images of Saturn’s Atmosphere as It Narrowly Avoids Destruction

(image: NASA/JPL-Caltech/Space Science Institute) As we reported just a few days ago, the Cassini orbiter is settling into its final death throes as it begins to descend into Saturn’s atmosphere.

It Really Doesn’t Matter That the Viral Image of Bill Nye Talking About Gender Is Fake

You may have heard that Bill Nye (the science guy) has a new show out on Netflix called Bill Nye Saves the World.

The Most Painfully Accurate Review of Trump’s First 100 Days Comes From The Simpsons - I mean, they've already been right about everything else.

The Simpsons, which has continued to live up to the “Simpsons did it!” joke (perhaps due in part to the show’s 600+ episodes), notably “predicted” our current Donald Trump-fueled hellscape, so it only makes sense that the writers would have some thoughts on how the real-world version is going so far.

Girlboss‘ Sophia Is Not a ‘Manic Pixie’ Anything, Because You Can’t Be One of Those TO YOURSELF

Look, I get it. People come up with snappy phrases to define overused tropes that signal inadequate representation of marginalized groups in media.

Fox News Creep Jesse Watters Criticizes Liberals for Disrespecting Ivanka Trump, Proceeds to Make Lewd Joke at Her Expense - Ick.

If there’s one thing you can say about the men at Fox News, it’s that they sure are consistent. At a time when the network’s biggest names are either leaving and accusing their co-workers of sexual harassment or getting fired because of sexual harassment, you’d think those remaining would learn that the workplace–especially one that exists in front of millions of people–is not a space for lewd, crude jokes at women’s expense.

Things We Saw Today: John Boyega Photobombs Unsuspecting Star Wars Fans

What would you do if John Boyega crashed your Star Wars photoshoot with BB-8? In a promotion for Force for Change’s efforts to help UNICEF and Starlight Children’s Foundation, Boyega did exactly that to some unsuspecting fans who probably feel silly now for not saying Finn is their favorite character.

[VIDEO] Bill Nye Is Saving the World and Wants You to Join Him

We had the opportunity a couple weeks ago to attend a two-episode premiere of Netflix’s Bill Nye Saves the World at The Paley Center for Media, where Keisha and I spoke to Nye’s correspondents and the Science Guy himself about the importance the Netflix show now.

Scientists Created an Artificial Womb, and Also Maybe the Singularity Is Near

Doctors at the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia fashioned a plastic artificial womb that has successfully kept a premature baby lamb alive for four weeks.

New York Times’ New Op-Ed Hire Doesn’t Believe the Campus Rape Epidemic is a Real Thing - This isn't Santa Claus. It's happening, whether you believe it or not.

Earlier this month, the New York Times, reveling in an influx of Trump-driven subscriptions, betrayed their new campaign of truth-seeking and hired a climate change denier and anti-Arab xenophobe to their editorial board.

Ocean Explorers Explain Why Going Into the Deep Sea Benefits Us All

On the National Geographic yellow carpet, we spoke to Neil deGrasse Tyson about the importance of space exploration.

Sony Dropping Dr. Luke Like a Bad Habit, Might Not Be As Great For Kesha As We’d Hope

We’ve been covering the horror show that is Kesha’s case against her former producer, Lukasz Gottwald (A.K.A.

Bill Nye Shines a Science Light on Gilmore Girls, Stranger Things, and Fuller House

How do the Gilmore Girls talk so fast? What’s going on with the multiverses in Stranger Things? Why do we all squeal when we see the puppies on Fuller House?

A Giant Rabbit Died While Flying United and Oh My God Everything Is Awful

Breeder Annette Edwards with Simon’s father, Darius. Just when you thought it might be safe to fly again, here comes United—which has surely been cursed by a vengeful wizard—with another PR catastrophe, and also a tragedy: the death of a very large and good bunny named Simon in transit.

Donald Trump Is Actually Doing a Great Job … at Showing the Presidency’s Limits - Like Schoolhouse Rock, but stupid.

Voters in the United States have a demonstrably poor idea of how their government actually works, and we can tell this through how they voted in the 2016 election—but not because Donald Trump, who won the presidency, is a feckless baby-man who says whatever he pleases with no regard for truth.