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New Pokémon GO Glitch Turns Your Buddy Comically Huge

Pokémon GO users have noticed a fun new glitch that makes your cuddly buddy Pokémon Godzilla-sized. Basically, if you click your profile, your buddy will appear for a quick second on the screen scaled way up.

Things We Saw Today: Try Not to Tear Up at Michael Giacchino’s Rogue One Score

Michael Giacchino might’ve only had four and a half weeks to write the score for Rogue One: A Star Wars Story, but judging from this highlight he didn’t waste a single moment.

Listen to Westworld’s Haunting Piano Soundtrack as You Wait for Season 2

It feels like every time someone brings up the Westworld season finale, more and more questions come up.

What a Tangled Web We Weave: Spider-Man: Homecoming 2 Gets 2019 Release Date

It’s a tricky and ambitious endeavor to start a sequel before fans have even seen the first, but it’s not a very very surprising path for teenage superhero Spider-Man.

Rogue One Cast Talks New Action-Packed Clips, What They Stole, and Who Hasn’t Seen the Movie Yet

The Rogue One cast made an entrance on Jimmy Kimmel Live to share a new clip and to talk about everything from costumes to their first days on set.

Director Patty Jenkins Says Wonder Woman Will Be Especially Important in This Political Climate

Wonder Woman director Patty Jenkins spoke to The Hollywood Reporter for their 2016 Women in Entertainment Power 100 issue, sharing what her goals for the film were and how she’s been waiting years to tell Diana’s story.

Please Don’t Get Lost In Fiction—People Need You

While it might feel like the election was ages ago, it’s been just over a month. Time can feel exaggerated when one is dealing with the wide spectrum of thoughts and feelings surrounding not only the implications of men like Donald Trump and Mike Pence winning the election, but also the rising normalization and acceptance of state propaganda, fascism, and white supremacy as some “other side of the coin.” In this reality, unfortunately, there is no one correct answer for where we go from here.

[VIDEO] Kari Byron and Tori Belleci Talk About Their Awesome New Show White Rabbit Project

After crafting up neat experiments based on myths in MythBusters, Kari Byron, Tory Belleci and Grant Imahara are branching out on their own with their new show White Rabbit Project.

Things We Saw Today: Confuse Yourself With This Westworld Mystery Question Supercut

If you’re still reeling a little bit from that Westworld finale, you’re not alone. So why don’t you go ahead and really double down on that feeling by watching this incredible supercut of literally all of the mysterious questions posed throughout the show.

Exclusive: BOOM! Studios’ KaBOOM! Imprint to Release Female-Led Limited Series Brave Chef Brianna

Art by Bridget Underwood Brave Chef Brianna. Sounds almost like a warrior title, doesn’t it. Well, it actually is referring to a chef named Brianna.

War For the Planet of the Apes Trailer Seems to Mirror Impending National and Global Conflict - I mean, I could be reading way too much into a movie trailer, but...

OK, maybe I’m reading way too much into a movie trailer, but it was kind of impossible for me to watch the new trailer for War For the Planet of the Apes without thinking about the current state of the world.

Hayao Miyazaki Criticizes AI-Generated Zombie Clip as “Insult to Life Itself”

Hayao Miyazaki doesn’t have time for your dehumanizing, virtual bullshit. The greatest thing I’ve seen in 2016.

J.J. Abrams Set to Work on a New HBO Drama, Glare, about Colonizing Other Planets - Escapist fantasy? Yes, please.

Do you want to escape to another planet? I know I do! After the viewership success of HBO’s Westworld, the network has decided to tap J.J.

Puff the Magic Dragon Is the Next Children’s Classic to Get a Live-Action/Animated Adaptation

A lot of old classics are getting rebooted these days, but news about a live-action/animated Puff the Magic Dragon adaptation is a bit surprising.

R. L. Stine to Helm a Sarcastic, L.A.-based Man-Thing Comic

⚡️ #COMICS: @RL_Stine will be the official writer for Marvel’s #MANTHING—set for March 2017! Art by German Peralta!

Without Irony, Students Who Voted for Trump Request Safe Space on Campus - Yeah, I know.

Seemingly without the least bit of irony, students at the University of Michigan who voted for Donald Trump have asked for safe spaces away from students who do not share their political views.

Emmy Rossum Halts Production on Showtime’s Shameless to Fight For Equal Pay

It’s thrilling to watch as more and more women in Hollywood are standing up to gender inequality in all forms, from hiring to the wage gap.

Rogue One Fulfills Your Dream of Being a Star Wars Fighter Pilot With Helmet Designer

Hey Rebels, have you ever wondered what you would look like as a Star Wars pilot? The Rebellion needs pilots, so they’ve created a feature on their site that lets you design your own fab helmet.

TMS Watches WWE: The Fallout From TLC and More — LIVE NOW!

What’s up, wrestling fans! Each week, Sam Riedel and I discuss our favorite and least favorite moments from WWE’s live programming including Raw, Smackdown and NXT.

Exclusive Cover Reveal: The Warrior Princess of Pennyroyal Academy by M.A. Larson

Writer M.A. Larson is set to conclude his children’s fantasy series Pennyroyal Academy with this latest installment, The Warrior Princess of Pennyroyal Academy,  and we’ve got your first look at the cover. The books take place in a reality where the title of princess is earned, not given.