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Clever Sports Illustrated Didn’t Call Ashley Graham ‘Plus-size,’ But Countless Outlets Still Did [RunwayRiot]

Ashley Graham, the most famous model who is classed as larger than the norm model, is going to be in Sports Illustrated.

Superhero Pop’s Latest X-Men-Themed Music Video Features Lila Cheney

From the minds that brought you “The Sight of the Sound,” an excellent X-Men-themed music video about Dazzler performing underground synth-pop, comes this new video featuring the New Mutants and some 1980s rock n’ roll.

It’s Happening: Scientists Announce Discovery of Gravitational Waves - For real this time (we hope).

Mistakes have been made before, and it’s possible that this discovery will be challenged like last time, but scientists at LIGO have announced that they’re certain they’ve detected gravitational waves for the first time.

Meryl Streep Said, “We’re All Africans, Really,” In Response to Question About Her All-White Film Festival Jury

“We’re all Africans really,” Meryl Streep says when asked about lack of diversity on Berlin film festival jury: — The Associated Press (@AP) February 11, 2016 According to this really disappointing report from the Associated Press, Meryl Streep just put her foot in her mouth in the worst way.

Official Final Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice Trailer Makes Its Way Online, Features Wonder Woman Being Bad-Ass

The official final trailer for Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice is online now, and features a lot of new footage.

J.K. Rowling Really Wants Us to Remember That Harry Potter and the Cursed Child Is NOT a Novel - Novel, schmovel. We're still hype.

Yesterday, Scholastic revealed that the script for Harry Potter and the Cursed Child, the upcoming stage play and eighth story in the Harry Potter legacy, will be published on July 31st of this year.

Jared Padalecki (Dean) & Milo Ventimiglia (Jess) Officially Returning to Gilmore Girls Revival - Cue the unnecessary yelling and looming.

Supernatural‘s Jared Padalecki, who you may remember as Rory Gilmore’s tall, shouty high school boyfriend on Gilmore Girls, is officially coming back in the Netflix revival.

That Battlestar Galactica Movie Just Got a Second Chance

Battlestar Galactica is getting another shot at the silver screen, after spending a few years left on a shelf somewhere.

Men Come Out of Woodwork to Criticize Beyoncé in the Most Racist and Sexist Ways Possible

Beyoncé slaaaaaaayed at the Super Bowl this year. Her fierce performance comes on the heels of the release of her latest single and video, “Formation,” an homage to black female power, as well as to her Southern roots.

Things We Saw Today: Target Adds Gender-Neutral Decor for Kids

Last August, Target made their toy sections gender-neutral, and now that inclusiveness is spreading to the decor aisle as well!

The Mary Sue Exclusive Preview: Valiant Comics’ Faith #2

Click to view gallery Meanwhile in related galleries Minimalist Movie Posters, Made With Simple Sheets Of Paper These Paper Video Game Dioramas Are On A Whole 'Nother Level The Worst, Best, and Weirdest Chess Sets Ltd.

Study Shows Female Roles in Hollywood Increasing, But Only If You’re a White Actress

According to a study done by the Center for the Study of Women in Television and Film at San Diego State University, things definitely are getting better for women in Hollywood–as long as you’re white. Much of the data reflects the current issues at the heart of #OscarsSoWhite: Hollywood continues to be overwhelmingly dominated by white actors and actresses.

Oscar-Nominated Short We Can’t Live Without Cosmos Available Online

Watch this on The Scene. The Oscar-nominated animation short by Russian filmmaker Konstantin Bronzit, We Can’t Live Without Cosmos, is now watchable online.

Code Anywhere With Cloud-Based Editor Codeanywhere

Now you have no excuses not to learn how to code—Codeanywhere is a cloud-based development platform that’ll help you learn how to code anytime, anywhere.

Who’s So Lazy? I’m So Sick of the This Tiresome Lazy Girl Internet Trend [RunwayRiot]

Selling “lazy girl” effort-free life hacks to do life good is a seriously popular trend. Read the rest of this entry »

Prepare Yourself: There’s a Live-Action Sonic Movie In the Works

Ours is not to wonder why. Ours is just to watch the live-action Sonic movie that Sega has announced.

Universal Adds The Invisible Man With Johnny Depp to Upcoming Revivals

Universal Studios has added the The Invisible Man to their classic movie monster revival series. Johnny Depp will star in the remake of James Whales’ 1933 film, which is an adaptation of H.G.

Looking at Real Trans Media in Her Story Episode Three - TMS' continuing series about Her Story.

Welcome to episode three of Her Story, the Internet-based series that deals with LGBT community intersectionality and dating while trans.

Misty Copeland Recreates Edgar Degas’ Dancers for Harper’s Bazaar

Styled by Michelle Jank and photographed by Ken Browar and Deborah Ory, Misty Copeland recreated some of Edgar Degas’ ballet paintings, just as a new exhibit titled “Edgar Degas: A Strange New Beauty” prepares to open at the Museum of Modern Art.

Agent Carter Recap – “The Atomic Job”

Agent Carter‘s fifth episode features a lot of madcap intrigue and wacky hijinks — wackier than usual, I mean.