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An “Elusive,” Goofy-Lookin’ Megamouth Shark Was Found On A Philippines Beach - poor shark :(

Rare Megamouth Shark trapped in a fisherman’s net in the Philippines via /r/pics #pics — Reddit Pics (@redditpicsbot) January 31, 2015 So imagine you’re just walking along the beach one day, maybe picking up seashells and just taking in the majesty of the universe, when you come across this thing.

Why All Those Sexist Complaints About The New Ghostbusters Movie Are Garbage

I simply love the first Ghostbusters movie, though I know it has issues. It gets lost a little in the last third, and its treatment of women is not exactly that positive (right from the opening, where a professor is targeting a student for sex).

Review: Submarine Heist Black Sea Is Here For All Your Jude Law Underwater Needs - Good acting, a clever concept, and great directing saves this movie from sinking.

I’ll be honest, Black Sea was a movie I was pretty interested checking out. See, if I have one fear in the world that cab bring on horrific panic attacks, it’s being trapped in deep water.

Things We Saw Today: Pixel Art Hair Styles Because 2015 Is the Future - But where are our flying cars!?

It’s 2015—the year of the future! Let’s all put our clothes on inside out and dye our hair to look like a computer glitch!

The Mary Sue Interview: Period Pioneer & HelloFlo Founder Naama Bloom on All Things Vagina - A series of Fallopian tubes!

The best introduction for Naama Bloom’s one-of-a-kind period subscription service HelloFlo (like Birchbox, but for your hoo-ha!

The Mary Sue’s Favorite Comments of the Week: Robot Ultron Abraham Lincoln - Abraham Lincoln: Avenger Hunter?

Another week has gone gently into that good night, but you (and your knowledge of America’s Greatest Robot President) helped make it memorable!

Review: Like Video Games and Archaeology? You’ll Really Dig Atari: Game Over - Press start.

As we noted in our interview with Atari: Game Over director Zak Penn yesterday, if you’ve heard about this movie before, then it’s pretty likely that you already think you know what it’s about.

19 New Images From Game of Thrones Season 5 Feature All The Faces (Almost)

Click to view gallery Meanwhile in related galleries Minimalist Movie Posters, Made With Simple Sheets Of Paper These Paper Video Game Dioramas Are On A Whole 'Nother Level 7 Role-Playing Games You Should Play on International TableTop Day Ignore Hitler Tumblr Puts Elaborate Drawings of Hitler in Every Draw Something Round thumbnails Thumbnails n of 20 Image title this is some kind of spaceship or something.

Let David Tennant Tell You About His Marvel TV Role Excitement and Cats Feeding Puppies

David Tennant fans were through the roof this week when we learned he was set to become the second Doctor to join the Marvel universe but as it turns out, David Tennant himself might be more excited.

Season 5 is Coming! HBO Releases Game of Thrones Trailer, Reminds us We Can All Be Heroes - Sand Snakes! David Bowie! Sand Snakes! David Bowie!

After the Game of Thrones Season 5 trailer leaked earlier today, HBO has finally released an embeddable version for your viewing pleasure.

Walgreens Makes Period-Tracking App Since Apple Didn’t Bother

You know how Apple’s Health app can give you your “whole health picture” except it refuses to track your period, because ewww cooties?

Students Build Real-World Ad Blocker for Everyday Life - Congratulations! You're our 1 millionth visitor!

No, this is not an elaborate pitch for a comedy sketch! (That I know of.) This is a real helmet that scans the world around you and blurs out ads.

The Mary Sue Exclusive: Boom! Studios’ Steven Universe #7

Click to view gallery Meanwhile in related galleries Minimalist Movie Posters, Made With Simple Sheets Of Paper These Paper Video Game Dioramas Are On A Whole 'Nother Level Modernist Pokémon Art Is Super Effective At Making Me Wish I Had More Money Gorgeous Superhero Watercolors To Class Up Your Living Space thumbnails Thumbnails n of 10 Image title this is some kind of spaceship or something.

Joss Whedon Clarifies, Adds To His Comments On Sexism In Comic Book Movies, Remains Excellent - Kitty Pryde forever.

Yesterday, we told you about Joss Whedon speaking up last summer against the “genuine, recalcitrant, intractable sexism, and old-fashioned quiet misogyny” in the world of comic book movies.

Rabbits Build “Urban Burrows” Just Like Human Cities, But Probably More Adorable - "This is my apartment. I share it with three other rabbits I met on Craigslist."

Most people associate big cities with rats, pigeons, and cockroaches, and they wouldn’t be all that wrong.

The AP’s Robot Journalism Is Working; AP Claims Robots Aren’t Coming for Journalists’ Jobs - But who will everyone harass about ethics now?

The Associated Press’s proposed robot journalism program has hit its stride and is working flawlessly—or closer to flawlessly than human journalists, at least.

George R.R. Martin’s Publisher Confirms: No New A Song of Ice and Fire Novel in 2015 - A Song of Sigh and Ire

Ok, most of could have guessed this, but I’m not the only one who was holding out hope George R.R. Martin would get his next A Song of Ice and Fire this year, right?

Australian Paper Publishes Sexist Obituary Of A Talented Female Writer And Scientist - Wowwww.

#myozobituary is trending because author’s obituary, though stupid and funny, is actually terribly sexist — Felicity Morse (@FelicityMorse) January 30, 2015 Australian author and accomplished neurophysiologist Colleen McCullough published twenty-five books in her time, including the best-selling The Thorn Birds.

Barbie Launches New Line Of Superhero Dolls Called… Princess Power - Well, they're trying.

Okay, the whole princess thing aside, this is pretty cool, right? Her tiara is a MASK. In an effort to remind girls that they can be super, too—or, okay, let’s be real, they just want in on all the money Marvel’s been making on merchandise—Mattel has launched a new line of Barbie heroes who are all about looking good in pink, wearing capes, and saving the day.

No, Your Phone Doesn’t Have a Virus; Those App Store Redirects Come From Difficult-to-Stop Ads - We're sorry. We're so sorry.

We here at The Mary Sue can sympathize with annoying ad behavior from autoplaying, unmuted video to redirecting users to other sites entirely.