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Boston Woman Uses Tinder to Find Someone to Shovel Out Her Car

Winter, much like swiping through Tinder, feels like a practice in endurance and hopelessness. Despite your efforts to stay optimistic, to keep swiping right on life, it only gets harder and harder to find the will to go on.

New Mexico Republicans Trying to Pass the State's First Abortion Bans

New Mexico—my home state and the best place on earth—has always been an oasis of common sense and compassion when it comes to abortion laws.

Everyone At Your Office Gossips Constantly (And Maybe About You)

People like to talk, and that's no secret. But nevertheless, we try to keep our secrets anyway, despite the sheer amount of inappropriate or otherwise none-of-your-business intel that gets circulated not just among friends but at our places of employment.

Lindsey Graham Makes Cool & Original Nancy Pelosi Plastic Surgery Joke

Yesterday, Senator Lindsey Graham (R-SC), possibly as part of a secret ongoing push to be named the next host of The Daily Show, made an incredibly clever and original joke about Democratic House Leader Nancy Pelosi.

Willow Smith Shares Her 2015 Goals: Krav Maga, Capoeira and Dreads

Musician and quantum physics enthusiast Willow Smith is featured in the latest issue of CR Fashion Book in a regal photoshoot.

Darren Wilson Avoids Civil Rights Charges 

Darren Wilson, the cop who unnecessarily shot and killed 18 year-old Michael Brown and then profited off of his death, will not face federal civil rights charges for the incident.

UC Berkeley Students Hold Teach-In for Their Racist Professor

At UC Berkeley, a tenured mental health policy professor named Steven Segal has found himself in a bit of trouble, thanks to his conflation of black-on-black crime with the Black Lives Matter movement, and his eagerness to blame victims of oppression for their oppression—which is probably easy when you're not oppressed yourself.

Secondhand Violence and PTSD: An Interview with Mac McClelland 

In June 2011, Mac McClelland published an essay called "I'm Going to Need You to Fight Me On This" in GOOD Magazine.

Hillary Clinton Also Used a Private, Homemade Email Server

Hillary Clinton is already in a great deal of hot water for using a personal email address to conduct official business during her time as Secretary of State.

Billionaire's Ex Is Gonna Need at Least a Million Smackeroos a Month

Welcome back to Lifestyles of the Rich and At Each Other's Throats. Previously, a billionaire oilman's ex returned a $975 million lump-sum settlement delivered in the form of a personal check (before changing her mind because take the money and run, girl).

All-Women Sweet Briar College Will Close After 114 Years

Sweet Briar College, a Lynchburg, Virginia liberal arts school for women, has announced that it will shut its doors after 114 years.

This Broad's Life: Janet Mock 

Welcome to This Broad's Life, a new Jezebel video series in which Hillary Crosley Coker trails interesting and kick-ass women as they navigate this thing called life.

Here's Liletta, the Newest IUD on the Block

Another day, another way to avoid getting pregnant.

Watch Kate McKinnon and Chris Hemsworth Try the Dirty Dancing Lift

In this promo clip, SNL's Kate McKinnon says she's always fantasized about recreating the lift from Dirty Dancing.

Oh, Good: Chris Brown Is a Father

Last night at about 6:30, TMZ delivered this 6-pound, 1-ounce bundle of celebrity gossip joy: Chris Brown is the the father of a 9-month-old girl.

Gawker Climbers Leaving Everest Shit-Covered Biohazard, Sherpas Warn | io9 The Latest Weird Use Of C

Gawker Climbers Leaving Everest Shit-Covered Biohazard, Sherpas Warn | io9 The Latest Weird Use Of CGI: Adding Pubic Hair to Fifty Shades of Grey | Jalopnik Airbus' New Composite Helicopter Is A Billion Dollar Bet | Kotaku The Korean Meal That Might Kill You | Read more...

Lawyer Fighting Obamacare: 'Women and Minorities' Wrote a Bad Law

Today, Attorney Michael Carvin will argue before the Supreme Court that the Affordable Care Act—or "Obamacare" if you're so inclined—is unconstitutional on the grounds that complying with it causes his clients undue hardship.

Nia Long (Yes!) Is Starring in a Pilot With Mike Epps

Another show featuring two black leads is headed to pilot. My longtime friend and confirmed vampire Nia Long has been cast alongside Mike Epps in a TV adaptation of Uncle Buck.

Nicki Minaj to Christina Milian: Stop Trying to Make 'Fleek' Happen

You know when a new colloquialism comes to market and you're like, YES, that's it, that's just the modification I've been looking for and now I'm going to use the shit out of it until it's painfully threadbare?

Watch Justin Bieber Parody the SNL Parody of his Calvin Klein Ad

Like a drum-playing, moderately-tattooed set of Russian nesting dolls, here's Justin Bieber enacting a parody of the SNL parody of his Calvin Klein ad.