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Trump Vows to 'Do Something' About 'Dishonest Media', Bans New York Times, CNN from Press Briefing

Welcome to Barf Bag, a daily politics roundup to help you sort through the chaotic Trumpian news cycle.

Hetero Men: Deep Kiss, Use Your Fingers, Eat Puss


Jacques Kapralik, Master Caricaturist, Captured the Essence of Old Hollywood

In August of 1935, Jacques Kapralik arrived in America as a Jewish refugee of Hitler’s Germany. Born in Bucharest in 1906, he left behind a successful career as a cartoonist that had already brought him to Vienna, Berlin, and Paris.

Isabelle Huppert Repulsed By Clothes On Her Own Back

Out of all of the incredible things Isabelle Huppert owns—the respect of moviegoers worldwide, a Golden Globe, a resting bitch face (according to the New York Times, at least), the complete command of the atmosphere at whatever movie theater she attends—can you imagine that at least one of her things has a J.

We'll All Live on One of Those New Planets Before E! News Gets Shade Right

Some days I look at the young, fresh-faced, curmudgeonly child in the photo above and wonder: how is it possible that she is now 367 years old?

Are You Old?

Rat Boy, Oh Wonder and Prose have been announced as acts on the lineup for the U.K.’s Reading and Leeds Festival in August.

Ooooooohhh... On the TLC Tip at 25

TLC touched down at the tail end of 1991 in a neon blaze, and it took a minute for people’s eyes to adjust.

Inside the 'Save the Storks' Anti-Abortion Van That Offers Prayer to Desperate Pregnant Women

NATIONAL HARBOR, MD—Behind Ken Bone’s “Bone Zone” and rows of booths handing out “Socialism Sucks” posters at a swag-filled hall within the Conservative Political Action Conference sits a shiny blue Mercedes van that reads “Free Ultrasound Pregnancy & STI Testing.” The oversized van, which costs aro

Man Who Pretended to Be His Own Spokesperson Accuses the Media of Making Up Sources

NATIONAL HARBOR, MD—Esteemed president Donald J. Trump used his CPAC speech Friday to rail against the First Amendment and the media’s use of anonymous sources—a curious stance for the self-proclaimed businessman, given his history of citing anonymous sources and pretending to be other people in interviews.

Here's How Much Comedian Maria Bamford Makes

I used to work at the desk of a successful comedy theater answering phones. We got a lot of random callers, as you can imagine, and one afternoon someone rang just to ask, “How much do you get paid for stand up comedy?

All the Shining, Stunning Looks at the Essence Black Women in Hollywood Awards

The goddesses of black entertainment came out and glowed at Essence’s Black Women in Hollywood Awards on Thursday night in Los Angeles.

Sheryl Crow Wants Her New Clothing Line to 'Empower' You at a Reasonable Price Point

If there’s something women absolutely need right now, it’s an affordable sense of freedom and confidence.

Kotaku Trying To ‘Make It’ As A Twitch Streamer Could Have Killed Me | Lifehacker What the Diamond P

Kotaku Trying To ‘Make It’ As A Twitch Streamer Could Have Killed Me | Lifehacker What the Diamond Patch on Your Backpack Is For | Jalopnik What To Do When A Dealer Doesn’t Honor Their Written Price Quotes | io9 Samurai Jack Wanted to Show a Dog’s Butthole, but Adult Swim Said ‘Nope’ | Read more...

Here's a Picture of the Crowd Lined Up Outside CPAC to See Donald Trump Speak

NATIONAL HARBOR, MD—A few minutes into his CPAC speech Friday, esteemed and honest president Donald J.

Anti-Trans Activist Stumped When Asked if Laverne Cox Should Use the Men's Room

It is absurd that there should be any public discourse examining where people void their bladders and bowels in 2017, and yet that backward and childish discussion illustrates exactly where we are as a country.

Does Richard Spencer Dress Like Shit? A Bespoke Tailor Evaluates

Yesterday, besuited Nazi Richard Spencer got kicked out of CPAC for his “repugnant” views, which a CPAC spokesman claimed have “nothing to do with conservatism or what we do here.” Shortly prior to this, Spencer called a heckler “a moron who can’t dress.” Can Richard Spencer dress, though?

Speaking of Cheap, What’s Up With This Wax Figure of Meryl Streep?

The legendary trolls over at Madam Tussauds House of Horrors unveiled their latest wax disaster on Thursday: a statue of Meryl Streep at the 2012 Oscars, when she surprised everyone by taking home Best Actress for her Margaret Thatcher drag in The Iron Lady.

The US Immigration System's Rich, Vibrant History of Racism

You would think if we kept making organizations the biggest dicks of the week, we’d eventually run out of dicks.

The Only Way to Escape Nashville Is DEATH

Spoilers, frands.