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Cool New Cabbage Patch Doll Kinda Looks Possessed

“I’m either gonna love you or steal your soul :-)“ Look in the cherub face of this Cabbage Patch Kids doll—but not for too long.

Former Virginia governor Jim Gilmore, who received 0.0% of the vote in New Hampshire and was the onl

Former Virginia governor Jim Gilmore, who received 0.0% of the vote in New Hampshire and was the only GOP candidate left out of Saturday’s Republican debate lineup, has finally suspended his devastatingly unsuccessful campaign.

Watch Kerry Washington Channel Anita Hill In the Confirmation Trailer

The trailer for the HBO movie about Anita Hill’s 1991 Senate testimony on the sexual harassment she faced from Justice Clarence Thomas is here.

Watch This Man Take the Golden Girls Theme to Church

Here are some facts I just made up.

I Was an Extra In Kanye West’s Fashion Show and It Was Crazier Than It Looked

On Thursday afternoon, Kanye West held an event at Madison Square Garden during which he played his new album, The Life of Pablo, for the first time before a huge crowd.

Lifehacker The Foods Successful Dieters Eat More Of | io9 This May Be the Season The Walking Dead Fi

Lifehacker The Foods Successful Dieters Eat More Of | io9 This May Be the Season The Walking Dead Finally Goes Too Far | Kotaku What We Liked (And Didn’t Like) About the Deadpool Movie | Deadspin Kansas City Star Baseball Writer Publishes Same Column He Wrote A Year Ago | Read more...

NYPD Cop Convicted of Manslaughter in Fatal Shooting of Akai Gurley

On Thursday, Peter Liang was convicted of manslaughter and official misconduct in the fatal shooting of Akai Gurley in 2014.

'IUD'd, Now You Owe Me,' and More Anti-Valentines for the Whatevers in Your Life

Oh good, it’s the most awful time of the year, and we’ve made a few cards for the occasion. Last year’s anti-valentines were fun, but we wanted to add a few more to the list.

Your Favorite Coffee Maker Is The Bonavita BV1800

It was a bitter fight, but the Bonavita BV1800 managed to grind out a win in our Kinja Co-Op for best coffee maker.

Jian Ghomeshi's Defense Attorney Accuses Women Testifying Against Him of Perjury as Trial Concludes

Jian Ghomeshi’s sexual assault trial concluded Thursday, after the defense rested without calling Ghomeshi or any other witnesses.

Alison Brie Once Wet Herself on the Set of Mad Men and Shot a Full Scene Soaked in Urine

While the costumes on Mad Men never came off as low-maintenance, actress Alison Brie still received a warm, wet, acrid shock when she learned just how challenging 1960s apparel can be—especially when paired with modern day underwear.

How to Have A Sexy Valentine's Day Even When It Is Fucking Freezing

Weather experts have predicted that a potentially historic cold snap will make its way across the East Coast and Ohio Valley this weekend, with temperatures plunging to 30 degrees below average.

The Kardashian Jenners Are an Indistinguishable Blur of Fluff and Sparkles, White and Tan

Thursday afternoon at Madison Square Garden, the Kardashians and the Jenners and the Wests seemed to arrive to Kanye’s album listening/fashion show as one fluffy unit—their floor-length furs and chandelier-mimicking sequins blended into one another, an indistinguishable palette of white and off-white and tan and rosé.

Trinidad Mayor Blames Woman for Her Own Violent Death at Carnival 

A woman who attended Carnival in Port of Spain, Trinidad this week was found dead, and now the city’s mayor is facing heat for publicly stating Asami Nagakiya, like all women attending Carnival, was herself responsible for “ensuring that she is not abused.” Read more...

Inside the Abrasive, Prank-Filled, Schadenfreude-Heavy World of FM Morning Radio 

Fred & Angi; The J Show; Eric & Kathy For weeks now, I have been haunted by FM morning radio. Read more...

Texas A&M Students Reportedly Shout Racial Slurs at Visiting Black High Schoolers

Texas A&M University officials are expressing the requisite shock and disappointment after a group of white students reportedly yelled racial slurs at a group of black high school students visiting from Dallas’ Uplift Hampton Preparatory.

Meet Amy Lindsay, the Softcore Porn Actress Who Ted Cruz Doesn't Want to Be Associated With 

On Thursday evening, BuzzFeed News reported that a Ted Cruz campaign ad, “Conservatives Anonymous,” featured an actress who has appeared in softcore porn films.

Fathers and Childless Women in Academia Are 3x More Likely to Get Tenure Than Women With Kids

If you are a man, having children will likely improve your career prospects; if you are a woman, having children will almost certainly hurt them.

Cleveland Mayor Apologizes for Billing Tamir Rice's Family $500 for Ambulance Ride

Sybrina Fulton, Samaria Rice and Lesley McSpadden in 2014. Cleveland Mayor Frank Jackson is sorry about the bill Tamir Rice’s family received for the ambulance service and ride to a hospital that didn’t save the child’s life.

American Idol Contestant Potentially Saves His Marriage By Being Kicked Off the Show

After duetting with Fantasia on her song “I Believe,” Jordan Sasser—dad to Westlund, husband to Alex, worship leader to the people—was kicked off American Idol Thursday night.