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Japan Has a Google Street View Map for Cats

Imagine you are an adorable little kitty exploring the streets of Japan. Where should you go? What should you see?

Listen to Two New Jams from Empire Season 2

To get us pumped for the upcoming second season of Empire, Fox and Columbia Records have released two new songs, both sung by Jussie Smollett, who plays Jamal Lyon.

Obama Left a Cute Comment on a Photo from Humans of New York

On a recent Facebook photo posted by Humans of New York, a comment was left by none other than President Obama.

College Student Starts Driving Barbie Car After DUI, Becomes Hero

Here’s the scoop: A Texas State University student got a DUI. As a result of the DUI, her license was automatically suspended and her dad took away her car.

Coco Is Worried About What Birth Will Do to Her Teeny Tiny Vagina

As the due date for her baby with Ice T approaches, Nicole “Coco” Austin has a lot on her mind. Most pressing: What childbirth will do to her poor lil vagina.

Ariana Grande Is a Dirty Hippie 

In today’s Tweet Beat, Ariana Grande has changed from a tiny baby to a big hippie, apparently Cher likes to bead and stop stealing matcha from Tyra Banks.

'I'm A Victim': Margaret Cho Reveals History Of Sexual Abuse

Margaret Cho was raped and sexually molested numerous times growing up, she revealed in an interview with Billboard published on Wednesday.

Sienna Miller Made News for Not Doing Something

Actress Sienna Miller made news for something she isn’t doing. Acting, acting is what she’s not doing and she’s no longer doing it in Johnny Depp’s upcoming Boston crime biopic, Black Mass.

Gawker Kim Davis’ Deputies Agree to Issue Same-Sex Marriage Licenses While She’s Locked Up | io9 The

Gawker Kim Davis’ Deputies Agree to Issue Same-Sex Marriage Licenses While She’s Locked Up | io9 The 10 Most Unfilmable Books (That Absolutely Must Be Made Into Films) | Kotaku Here Is A Good Way To Get Quiet In Metal Gear Solid V | Lifehacker Chrome Is Finally Improving Its Memory Management | Kinj

Here's Kim Davis's Mugshot

Kim Davis, the Kentucky Clerk who was jailed Thursday, now has a mugshot. The image shows Davis to be about 5’5” tall (including her hair), which is apparently an ideal height for standing behind counters and telling same-sex couples they should go somewhere else to receive the marriage certificates they are allowed by federal law.

This Guy Looks Nice

Meet Phoenix Sundown. Doesn’t he look nice? No? How about now? Read more...

Stop Whatever You're Doing: Would You Have Sex With Justin Bieber? 

Welcome to Would U?, an academic forum in which I share my gross crush of the week and ask if you, too, would bang that person.

Too Many Baby Monitors Are Way Too Hackable 

Here’s something that’ll give you an incurable case of the creeps: Researchers tested nine different types of baby monitor and said they were all alarmingly vulnerable to hackers.

There's Nothing Photographers Love More Than People Eating Ice Cream

People love eating ice cream in the summertime. But not half as much as photographers love talking photos of people eating ice cream in the summertime.

20 Minutes with an American Girl Author at a '50s Diner in Times Square

“I love writing for this age level,” said Valerie Tripp, talking about her American Girl books. She’s written for Molly, Felicity, and Josefina.

Hollywood Diversity Report Reveals a Grim, Obvious Reality for Women of Color

A Hollywood diversity report just released by USC’s Annenberg School of Media and Journalism notes that, among other things, Latinas and Black women are most likely to star in Hollywood films only when they are dressed in “sexy attire.” Read more...

Watch Alexa Chung Investigate Fashion for Her Vogue UK Docu-Series

As Fashion Week looms, we are reminded that the fashion industry is continually obsessed with and excited by its own inner workings.

'Gone Girl' Kidnapper Says Vaccine Side Effects Are to Blame For His Behavior

Matthew Muller, the man charged with the Gone Girl-esque kidnapping of Denise Huskins that was initially thought to be a hoax, says a vaccine made him do it.

Is Shop Jeen's Viral Success Story All Window Dressing?

For a certain type of internet-fluent teenager, Shop Jeen is an unsurpassed mecca of cool. The retailer’s homepage looks as if a sex-crazed Hello Kitty threw up after drinking 1,000 jello shots, selling things like “Turnt Jesus” iPhone cases, “University of Bad Bitches” sweatshirts and T-shirts screaming “Ask Your Boyfriend How My Ass Taste.” It’s irreverent and exceptionally topical, a store for young women who don’t buy clothes as much as they buy costumes.

President Obama Is Having the Time of His Fucking Life in Alaska

Barack Obama has been in Alaska for three days and is basically treating it like his senior year spring break, by getting plastered (probably), taking selfies , getting jizzed on (by a fish) and dancing in places you’re not supposed to dance.