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Trump Designates His Inauguration Day 'National Day Of Patriotic Devotion'

Donald Trump, a clump of moldering chickpeas and the 45th President of the United States, is quite agitated over the prevailing negative response to his inauguration: the dinky crowd, the roaring protests, the tweets — oh the tweets!

Senate Confirms Mike Pompeo As CIA Director 

In a 66-32 vote, the U.S. Senate confirmed Kansas congressman Mike Pompeo as the next director of the Central Intelligence Agency.

Chris Brown Displeased By Aziz Ansari's SNL Joke, Calls Him 'Aladdin'

Last Saturday, comedian Aziz Ansari hosted Saturday Night Live and, in his opening monologue, likened supporters of Donald Trump to Chris Brown fans.

Angeline Jolie Is Face Of New Guerlain Fragrance, Will Donate Entire Salary

Angelina Jolie, whose cheekbones I am convinced were chiseled by angels, is an obvious catch for any beauty campaign.

That Upcoming Tonya Harding Movie Finally Found Its Nancy Kerrigan

Just days after this glorious photo of Margot Robbie in full Tonya Harding drag was first revealed to a public that was in no way capable of dealing with it, the upcoming biopic/probable camp classic I, Tonya has found its Nancy Kerrigan.

'Woke' Glenn Beck Was a Lie

This winter, Glenn Beck took a wee, tentative sip of sanity, and found it surprisingly refreshing.

It Does Not Matter One Single Iota That Donald Trump Resigned From His Businesses

Among the most infuriating and crazy-making political dynamics that have come to define the nascent Trump administration is the ease with which it not only denies reality but also offers its own version as a substitute.

Here's a Fun Little Update on the Trump Administration's Plans for the Environment 

The new administration has not thus far been too shy about promoting a pro-pillage-the-earth-of-all-resources-until-everything-dies position.

Melania Trump Definitely Loves Her Husband and Is Very Happy to Be Here

Remember the inauguration? That was fun, wasn’t it? We all had a very nice and good time welcoming in our new president, Donald J.

Jalopnik These Are Your Most Insane Airplane Horror Stories | Kotaku Smash Bros.

Jalopnik These Are Your Most Insane Airplane Horror Stories | Kotaku Smash Bros.

Police Chief Says Resisting Arrest Is Considered a Hate Crime in Louisiana

The “Blue Lives Matter” law passed in Louisiana last year—under which violence against cops was officially classified as a hate crime—also applies to resisting arrest, according to a state police chief.

The Key Moments From White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer's Meltdown Today

Trump Press Secretary Sean Spicer began his second briefing from the White House by referring to it as the “first briefing,” an attempt to downplay a statement he gave Saturday that contained a number of falsehoods in reference to Donald Trump’s inaugural crowd size.

Republicans Are Trying to Crack Down on Peaceful Protesters

In the same week that Americans participated in possibly the largest demonstration in US history, The Intercept’s Spencer Woodman reports Republican lawmakers in at least eight states are targeting protesters with harsher penalties.

My Second Mother Miss Tina Knowles Lawson Finally Gets a NYT Profile 

The world is finally sitting up and taking note of the magnificence of the Knowles Family Matriarch, the One True Supreme, my 2016 shero, a generous forgiver and the mind behind the most cool mom Instagram account I’ve ever seen.

The New Documentary About Transgender YouTube Star Gigi Gorgeous Looks So Good

I became aware of Gigi Gorgeous in 2012, not long after becoming alarmingly obsessed with a reality web series she starred in called The Avenue.

I Want to Trust the Women's Marchers

The Women’s March was, by most reported measures, a success.

Private School That Turned Away a Girl In a Wheelchair is Being Investigated

Harper Oates is a 5-year-old girl who was born with a spinal injury that left her a quadriplegic.

'Stop Looking to the Left or Right': After the March, 500 Women Learned How to Run for Office 

WASHINGTON, DC—Bright and quite early in the morning after the D.C. Women’s March, 500 women considering seeking political office attended a “Getting Ready to Run” training at the Grand Hyatt Washington hosted by Emily’s List, by far the largest training event in the pro-choice PAC’s 31-year history.

Trump Reinstates Global Gag Rule, Banning NGOs From Receiving Federal Funds If They Mention Abortion

On Monday, Donald Trump, halfway digested circus peanut and our new president, signed an executive order reinstating the Global Gag Rule in one of his first acts in the country’s highest office.

So, This Is What Jane Austen Looks Like as a Statue

No one knows for sure what Jane Austen looked like, but that won’t hold anyone back from erecting a statue of her for the bicentenary of her death this July.