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Last Night's Black-Ish Passed Judgment on Black Atheists and Religious Hypocrites

In episode two of its third season last night, Black-ish tried to carve through the idea of atheism and religious hypocrisy among black people, and while it did so in unprecedented fashion for a primetime family show, it’s a shame there was little room to be more offensive.

Childcare: Still Wildly Unaffordable! 

Another day, another study about the often unbearable costs of childcare in America. Read more...

Here Are Some Pictures of Chris Christie Yucking It Up at Ground Zero with Bridgegate Conspirators

Earlier this week, during his third day of testimony in federal court, David Wildstein, the government’s star witness in the Bridgegate trial, claimed that not only was Governor Chris Christie aware of the “traffic problems in Fort Lee” in September 2013 , but that he laughed when told about it—at Ground Zero, ahead of a memorial service commemorating the 12th anniversary of 9/11.

Imagine Being Such a Piece of Shit That You Show Up at a Black Lives Matter Protest in a Gorilla Mask

An East Tennessee State University student has been criminally charged after he showed up at a Black Lives Matter protest in a gorilla mask and attempted to hand out bananas to the demonstrators.

Ann Coulter Called in Sick to Chelsea Handler's Show, and Chelsea Was Pissed

Chelsea Handler says she’s frequently accused of only presenting one side of the presidential race, so she went out on a limb to book one of Donald Trump’s most vocal supporters on her Netflix show Chelsea.

Trump Allegedly Wanted to Fire Female Golf Course Employees Who 'Weren't Pretty Enough'

According to a damning new report by the Los Angeles Times based on documents from a 2012 labor relations lawsuit and a separate retaliation claim, employees at Trump National Golf Club in Rancho Palos Verdes spoke of a “toxic” work culture in which woman employees were either fired or pressured to quit if managers, or Trump himself, questioned their attractiveness.

Rachel Dratch's Imaginary Mary Is Getting Four Episodes Cut Before the First Even Airs

The new ABC series Imaginary Mary seemed like a promising addition to their midseason line up, unless you look at that terrifying creature that’s the center of the show’s premise for even five seconds.

The Feminist Bookstore Featured in Portlandia Has a 'Fuck Portlandia' Sign in the Window

The relationship between the sketch-comedy show Portlandia and In Other Words, the feminist bookstore that features prominently in the ongoing “Toni and Candace” sketch, has apparently soured.

Translating that Wall Street Journal Women in Tech Op-Ed for Stupid Girls

On Wednesday morning, a venture capitalist with an invented name typed an op-ed with his pointer fingers for the Wall Street Journal’s website, with advice for women about succeeding in the workplace in the tech industry.

Calvin and Taylor Are Texting Again, and I Think I Know Why

TMZ reports Thursday that Taylor Swift and her ex-fake boyfriend Adam “Calvin Harris” Wiles “are friends again.” Sources say they began texting after Swift decided not to renew her contract with Tom Hiddleston, and that the two former collaborators have officially “put an end to their drama.” Read m

Emotionally Disturbed California Man Killed By Police Was Holding a Vape, Not a Gun 

Demonstrators in El Cajon, California, a San Diego suburb, have protested in the streets for two nights after another unarmed black man was shot dead Tuesday by police.

Train Smashes Through Station In New Jersey, Injuries Reported

Photo credit: Twitter user @Scotchwoodty A New Jersey transit commuter train smashed through a wall at the Hoboken Terminal train station in Hoboken, New Jersey.

Get Up to 60% Off Clearance Items at American Eagle and Aerie

At first glance, the American Eagle clearance section is full of leftover summer styles. But if you dig through the pages of up to 60% off merchandise, you’ll find some pretty great transitional pieces.

Jalopnik Mother Of God: The Next Honda Civic Type R Looks Absolutely Insane | Lifehacker Learn the B

Jalopnik Mother Of God: The Next Honda Civic Type R Looks Absolutely Insane | Lifehacker Learn the Basics of Tying Wood Together With These Three Lashings | io9 Hodor’s Mom Has a New Doorstop, Just Try to Guess What It Is | Kotaku Zapp Brannigan’s Voice Actor Reading Stupid Donald Trump Quotes [Upda

Congress Passes Spending Bill to Keep the Lights On For a Little While Longer

After much deliberation, Congress has passed a stop-gap spending bill that will prevent a government shutdown while also providing some much-needed funds to combat Zika.

California Ends Statute of Limitations on Rape Cases Prompted by Cosby Allegations

California governor Jerry Brown signed legislation today that ends statute of limitations on rape cases inspired in part by the numerous allegations against Bill Cosby.

We Do Not Need a Live Action Remake of The Lion King

Hollywood cannot leave well enough alone and so in keeping with the tradition of rebooting things that don’t need to be rebooted, director Jon Favreau is stepping up to the plate with a live action remake of The Lion King.

Kim Kardashian Was Assaulted By The Same Idiot that Grabbed Gigi Hadid

The same “prankster” who assaulted Gigi Hadid last week came for Kim Kardashian Wednesday in Paris, this time literally kissing her on the ass before being escorted away by security.

Today Was a Good Day to Be Britney Spears

In today’s Tweet Beat, Britney Spears has a good day, Gabby Douglas is on the mend and I have no idea what Crystal Hefner is trying to say.

Beauty Bloggers Continue Their Dominion Over Brands on YouTube

Beauty bloggers should take a minute to dust the foundation residue off their shoulders because a new study confirms that bloggers have increasingly generated much larger interest online than beauty brands.