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Dad's Passionate Poem: 'To the Boys Who May One Day Date My Daughter'

A video of Jesse Parent performing at a poetry slam is being passed around this week. In the clip, the tattooed, scowling writer recites, "To the boys who may one day date my daughter: I have been waiting for you.

People Are Seriously Asking If Hillary Can Be President and a Grandma

Yesterday, Chelsea Clinton announced that she's pregnant. And then, like clockwork, "HOW WILL HILLARY'S DAUGHTER'S PREGNANCY AFFECT HER PRESIDENTIAL RUN?

This Woman Is Absolutely Crushing It on Jeopardy Right Now

Jeopardy contestant Sandie Baker is currently on a six episode winning streak, having, thus far, racked up $140,200 in winnings.

Adorable Kittens Not-So-Adorably Shipped in the Mail

A pair of kittens were accidentally boxed and mailed more than 130 miles this week. Read more...

Shoppers Lose Their Shit Over Kate Middleton's DVF Wrap Dress

Yesterday, Kate Middleton stepped out in a lovely blue-and-white DVF wrap dress. If you waited until today to score your own, you're almost certainly shit out of luck, because it's now sold out.

Read the Full, Lurid Sex Assault Lawsuit Against Bryan Singer

It wasn't necessarily a secret in Hollywood that famed director Bryan Singer, who's openly gay, liked 'em young.

Hillary Clinton's Memoir Hard Choices Is Ready for Its Close-Up

One day after announcing that she is a grandma-to-be, Hillary Clinton has taken the next step in her “possible” presidential run by announcing her new book title.

Lindsay Lohan Explains Why She Doesn't Wear a Bra on Her Show

Lindsay Lohan sat down with Andy Cohen on Thursday's What What Happens Live to discuss her reality show, Rosie O'Donnell and of course those rumors that she was partying and drinking vodka at Coachella.

Crafters, Beware: Michaels Hit by Credit Card Data Hack

A security breach at arts and crafts retailer Michaels has affected as many 2.6 million credit cards, the store announced Thursday.

Sky Ferreira Is Pissed About Accusations of Racism

Sky Ferreira posted a response to her Facebook page on Thursday after she was accused of racism in her latest music video, "I Blame Myself," which caused a storm of controversy when Ferreira was accused of using people of color as "props" and glamorizing street gangs.

Beyoncé Really, Really Does Not Want to Be Friends With Kim Kardashian

In what is surely the most significant event of our time, Beyoncé and Kim Kardashian ran into each other at the dermatologist in LA while a normal looked on and acted as scribe.

Arrest Made in Connection to Amanda Todd Cyber Bullying Case

A arrest has been made in the Netherlands in connection to the death of Amanda Todd, a Canadian teenager who committed suicide after chronicling her online harassment.

Bunny Named 'Hope' Given Second Chance At Life Thanks to Rescuer

A bunny named "Hope" got a second chance at life, thanks to a rabbit-loving rescuer. Read more...

Scandal Season Finale Open Thread: Shit Is Blowing Up

This is it. The Season 3 Finale. It promises to be "explosive." Literally. The episode is titled "The Price of Free and Fair Election.

True Love Tales: Couple Steals Car So They Won't Be Late for Court

A loving couple in California used the power of true love to help them make an important court date. And by "true love" of course I mean car theft.

Lindsay Lohan Cries Over Leaked Sex List in Lindsay Finale Preview

The preview for the 2-hour finale of Lindsay Lohan's OWN docu-series Lindsay is upon us... and, um, it's really sad.

Joe Budden Shares His Preference for Receiving Oral Pleasure

In today's Tweet Beat, Tavi wants to make it clear that she doesn't necessarily support everything Miley Cyrus has ever done, Joe Budden has some ideas about safe sex and Liz Phair celebrates her birthday by lying about her age.

Congresswomen Introduce Bill to Regulate Overzealous Photoshopping

After years of discussion and outcry (not just from this here website) about Photoshop and its potentially harmful effects on body image, two Congresswomen are actually doing something about it.

New App Will Help Keep You Safe When You're Walking Home Alone

As much as I like to grumble about how women's movement is limited by a world that makes us afraid to walk alone at night — it's something I grumble about whenever my mom forwards me a chain email that's like, "IF YOU'RE LEAVING THE MALL GET INTO YOUR CAR THROUGH THE PASSENGER'S SEAT!

Taylor Swift and Your Mom Shop at the Same Place Now

Yesterday, Taylor Swift was photographed stepping into her New York apartment wearing — LO AND BEHOLD — a heart patterned sweater purchased from popular mall retailer Talbots.