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Rugged, Adventurous Judge Reprimanded For Saying 'Girls Ask For It'

Nome Superior Court Judge Timothy Dooley may soon be looking for new employment now that the Alaska Commission on Judicial Conduct has issued a complaint against him, alleging that the justice—who’s referred to as “rugged and adventurous”— is also a raging misogynist.

Dude From Guns N' Roses Vapes, Dude In The Audience Fights Him For It

It’s already hard for dudes in this country to vape in peace, but now they have to deal with the threat of violence when hitting their e-cigs in public.

Rick Santorum Is 'Sickened' By Josh Duggar Molestation Allegations

A week after molestation allegations against Josh Duggar came to light, Rick Santorum is speaking out on his feelings about the family that endorsed him for president in 2012 and about Josh Duggar’s actions in particular.

Brave Man Punches Bear For No Good Reason, Runs From Police

Attention, Poland: There is an idiot on the loose. Read more...

Good Actress Kate Upton Might Star In the Harry Potter Spin-Off

The upcoming Harry Potter spin-off Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them is getting ready to cast the two actresses who will star alongside Oscar winner Eddie Redmayne.

Country Music Dude: In Radio, Female Performers Are Basically Garnishes

Country Aircheck Weekly is a trade publication devoted to country radio news, not exactly a popular read for most households.

Which Major Political Campaign Covered Up an Intern's Rape 7 Years Ago?

In this weekend’s New York Times Magazine The Ethicists column, a moral quandary with national implications.

Israeli Women Continue to Fight Against 'Modesty' Signs

Back in January, a group of women in the Israeli city of Beit Shemesh won a lawsuit against the municipality for refusing to remove “modesty signs”—signs instructing women how to dress, placed around the city by members of the ultra-Orthodox community—which the plaintiffs argued created a threatening atmosphere for women.

Bright Lights, Big Dictionaries: What It Was Like to Compete in Scripps

When I tell people I was in the National Spelling Bee, it’s always with a weird self-deprecating “I’m such a nerd” kind of tone, but the truth is—it was one of the coolest things I’ve ever done.

Are Cheryl Lynn and Anita Baker Frenemies or What?

R&B singer Cheryl Lynn, who’s best known for her hit “Got To Be Real,” did not get the memo to never tweet.

LiLo, Modern-Day Rudy, Beats the Odds and Completes Community Service

Sometimes the snow comes down in June, sometimes the sun goes ‘round the moon, and sometimes a young and notoriously flaky celebrity with only a couple weeks left to complete 115 of her 125 court-ordered community service hours actually manages to achieve her goal.

Patriotic Ted Cruz Rap Song is Just as Hilariously Bad As You'd Expect

A Christian, uh, hip-hop group called We Are Watchmen has made a song for Ted Cruz. It involves metaphors about “the Reds” and the chorus “Set it on fire,” which, fittingly, sounds a lot like “Kill it with fire.” Let’s just...

Riley Curry Feels Blessed

As of last night, the Golden State Warriors are the NBA’s new Western Conference champs. In more important news, Riley Curry made her return to the post-game podium to give a speech.

Let’s Analyze this Trailer for the Point Break Remake

Well, one of those pesky remakes we all love to complain about has been farted out into the universe.

Woman Who Was Once the Youngest Person on Death Row is Found Dead

Paula Cooper, once US's youngest death row inmate, dead in apparent suicide May 26, 2015 Read more...

Brooklyn Pageant On the Search for Small Dicks

If anyone knows of a micropeen whose dream is to sashay around on a stage, showing off their goods or lack thereof, the Smallest Penis in Brooklyn Pageant is looking for eligible contestants for its third annual competition.

Tracy Morgan Reaches Car Crash Settlement With Walmart

Tracy Morgan has settled with Walmart over the car crash that left one person dead while the comedian and other passengers were seriously injured.

UK Reality Show Challenges Nation's Poor to Battle for a Year's Wage

Imagine a future where an audience of television viewers gathers weekly to watch a reality show on which a group of unemployed or minimum wage workers participate in competitions meant to prove their societal worth.

Lenny Kravitz Makes Hanging With Teens Look Cool

In today’s Tweet Beat, Lenny Kravitz hangs with some youth, Jennifer Lopez is in Morocco and Vince from Entourage gives some words of wisdom.

Brilliant Work of Art Proves Raw Meat Is Great at Using Tinder

In just two and a half years, Tinder has gone from quirky new app to one of the biggest online dating services in the world.