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20 Citrusy Sweet Recipes You Need to Try

Lemonade is not the only citrusy star of long summer days. Tangy desserts are a fantastic, bright ending to outdoor dinner parties.

Heads Up. Here Are 15 Cool Hats for Your Mini Me

Okay, hopefully you didn't have a baby just so you could dress them up in adorable clothing, but we're not going to lie: That's a pretty fun part of having a mini me.

10 Graphene Gadgets We’re Dreaming Of (You’ll Want Them All)

WTF is “graphene,” you ask? It’s a form of carbon with specs that make it sound like we’re describing a superhero: It’s 200 times stronger than steel, so small an ounce can cover 28 football fields, so light an cubic inch of it can land on a blade of grass without bending it.

Try a Smokey Eye With Brown Shadow

Tone down the drama of a classic smokey eye with brown shadow. It's an everyday makeup look that still wows.

20 Swoon-Worthy Laundry Rooms…Yep, Laundry Rooms

Decorating the laundry room may not exactly have you jumping up and down with excitement, but truth is we spend an awful lot of time in that little room and there is no reason it can't be a pretty space!

What to Do if Your Future Phone Is Stolen

Good news for the future phone you’re going to lose — sorry but it’s true, you know it — it’s going to come equipped with a “kill switch.” Wireless companies have finally agreed to help the mean streets be just a little safer when it comes to smartphone snatching.

Take Out Fake Out: Make Veggie Pot Stickers at Home

Yes, you CAN make pot stickers from scratch! Get the step-by-step of how to fill, crimp, and fry the take-out staple in this tutorial.

17 Matching Crop Top Sets That Rock

One of our favorite things is when trends build off of one another. It means you get to rock your awesome clothes for another year!

Amp Up Chocolate Chip Muffins With Greek Yogurt

Tart, moist AND nutritional: these are all things describe a chocolate chip muffin made with Greek yogurt, and we want one NOW!

9 Essential Makeup Brushes (+ How to Use ‘em!)

Sure, you can put makeup on with your fingers, with the little sponge brushes that come in an eyeshadow kit, even with a Q-tip or a cotton ball.

DIY Basics: Gold Leaf Your Dishes

Give your dishwear the makeover of its lifetime with gold leaf. You just need a basic kit to get started, and soon enough everything you touch will be gilded ;) What You'll Need gold leafing kit (this included metal papers, adhesive and sealer) items to embellish soft paint brush sponge Read More...

12 Recipes That’ll Make You Mental for Lentils

Don't deny it. We know you turned up your nose when your mom used to put them on your dinner plate. But now we know better — since then lentils have decided to team up with other all stars in order to bring their A-game.

Repurpose Vinyl Tubes to Make a Chunky Chain Necklace

Who knew vinyl tubes could look so chic? Spray paint it gold and watch it transform from hardware store supply to boutique-worthy necklace like that!

5 Must-Download Apps This Week: Make Mixtapes, Find Yoga + More!

This week’s must-download apps are brought to you by the letter H — they’ll make you happier, healthier and even give you hacker-level powers when it comes to accessing your own personal info.

DIY a Leather Tablet Case for WAY Less Than You’d Think

If you just lose it over leather tech accessories, we get you: they’re soft, tanned, luxurious-levels of swanky perfection, but are sometimes too serious of a splurge to consider.

15 Dinnerware Sets for Your Spring Soirées

Swap those fleeces for florals, cleanse your home of its winter grime and break out the bright and bold dinnerware in preparation for those spring and summer soirées you love to host.

17 Humorous + Wacky Cases for Your iPad

One thing's for sure--we love all things wacky. We already shared some hilarious smartphone cases with you guys, so naturally, we just had to move on to tablets.

Why You’ll Never Plug into an iPod Again

Why pair with one audio device when you can stream the content of six? ClipR is the circular transceiver that connects your 3.5 mm jack headphones with more Bluetooth-compatible devices than you can count on one hand.

Line Up to Fill Up at One of These 12 Party-Perfect Food Bars

It tastes good, it looks good and your guests will not be able to shut up about it. Yep, we're talking about food bars!

Roll Up! How to Make a Fabric Jewelry Travel Case

A patterned piece of fabric can go a long way in the world of DIY jewelry storage. With ribbon tabs holding tight to your fave accessories, roll up a travel case you can tuck almost anywhere.