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15 Cool as a Cucumber Recipes That Refresh and Hydrate

Nothing says fresh, crisp, clean and hydrating like a cucumber. They cure puffy eyes and are filled with important antioxidants that help keep skin looking fresh and our immune system strong.

21 Stamps We’d Like to Get Our Hands on

We're loving stamps right now. They're clearly the best of both worlds: crafty girls love 'em cause they're super artsy and fun, and non-artistic gal's love 'em cause they can make things look creative without any effort at all!

Munch On This: Peanut Butter Fudge Coffee Ice Cream Cupcakes

Did we just find the most decadent dessert ever? These cupcakes have it all: coffee ice cream, gooey fudge, and Oreos and peanut butter mashed into one.

The Heat is On: 37 Hot Wasabi Recipes

Some like it hot and others, well, they like it super hot. If you're someone who thinks you can handle the real heat, we've got a little something for you.

12 Salad Recipes So Good, You’ll Forget They’re Good FOR You

With summer around the corner, it's time to ditch the warm, heavy winter foods for some light, low cal recipes.

A Dino-mite Way to Repurpose a Kids Toy

How cool does a toy dinosaur look as a gold necklace pendant? So cool that your kid brother surly won't miss just one out of his collection...

Your Next Party Is Already Planned Thanks to Hostess Box

Having a little get-together is something we wholeheartedly encourage. But between inviting pals, getting your place up to snuff and then planning and making all of that food --- it’s no small feat.

Turn Painted Blocks into Ombre Candle Holders

Stack painted wooden blocks in an ombre gradient to create modern tiered candle holders. Be sure to match your candles to your fade!

10 Bachelorette Party Ideas You Won’t Regret Later

If you're having a bachelorette party it's an unwritten rule that it has to involve phallic necklaces, too many shots, and a night at the bars, right?

Pie + Cake = Pie Cake

Yes, this is what happens when you put a pie in the center of a layer cake. You get a pie cake. And you get all the points.

Are Robot Journalists the Future of Reporting?

Extra, Extra! Roving Automatic Printing Press Prints All the News That’s Fit to Tweet! It’s called the FOMObile, and it just might be the future of on-the-ground event reporting.

Dip Dye Fabric to Make a Funky Turban Headband

Turn a scrap of stretchy fabric into a chic hair accessory with fabric dye. The part tie-dye, part dip-dye pattern is way funky!

20 Classic Kids Books That Belong on Your Bookshelf

Baby's got the finest prints and coolest DIY mobiles. But no nursery's complete without at least a handful of these so-called kiddie books.

Dog Grooming Just Got Weird

Warning: This post is going to give you feelings --- feelings that cause you to nervously giggle, feelings that make your eyes well up in tears or feelings that make you belt out a bit, "WTF." Read More...

Put Another Fruit on the Barbie! 29 Grilled Fruit Recipes

Time to fire up the grill! But hold the burgers and dogs. There are plenty of other foods worthy of a good char.

20 Citrusy Sweet Recipes You Need to Try

Lemonade is not the only citrusy star of long summer days. Tangy desserts are a fantastic, bright ending to outdoor dinner parties.

Heads Up. Here Are 15 Cool Hats for Your Mini Me

Okay, hopefully you didn't have a baby just so you could dress them up in adorable clothing, but we're not going to lie: That's a pretty fun part of having a mini me.

10 Graphene Gadgets We’re Dreaming Of (You’ll Want Them All)

WTF is “graphene,” you ask? It’s a form of carbon with specs that make it sound like we’re describing a superhero: It’s 200 times stronger than steel, so small an ounce can cover 28 football fields, so light an cubic inch of it can land on a blade of grass without bending it.

Try a Smokey Eye With Brown Shadow

Tone down the drama of a classic smokey eye with brown shadow. It's an everyday makeup look that still wows.

20 Swoon-Worthy Laundry Rooms…Yep, Laundry Rooms

Decorating the laundry room may not exactly have you jumping up and down with excitement, but truth is we spend an awful lot of time in that little room and there is no reason it can't be a pretty space!