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This Dreamy Hanging Tent is Totally DIY-able

The dreamiest escape from the daily grind is totally DIY-able. Make this playful hanging tent in your home or office and get ready to chill!

Meet the Maker: Araya Jensen of Wind & Willow Home

Guys, we've finally found someone who loves color as much as we do (and we really love color). Meet Araya Jensen, the founder of Wind & Willow Home.

How to Chain-ge Up Your Shoelaces

If all laces are doing for your pair of snug shoes is keeping them looking too casual, then swap 'em out for a pair of way glam chains.

16 Bold Ways to Add Feathers to Your Nest

To say that we're a wee bit obsessed with feathers here at Brit+Co is an understatement. While there are plenty of ways to incorporate them into your style, what about incorporating them into your home?

Spoiler Alert: These Shoes Are Made From Trash

Earth Day might have been earlier this week, but we like recycling innovations every day around here.

Berry Tasty: 18 Knockout Blackberry Recipes

Blackberry season is coming, and gone are the days of enjoying these super sweet and perfectly tart treats just in jam form.

Think Outside the Dessert Table: 23 Fresh Food Stations

If you're not just any bride then you probably want a unique way to serve guests some great food, right?

Finally! There’s an Activity App for the Couch Potato Set

Not feelin’ a run today? Not feelin’ a run… ever? There is still an activity tracking app out there for you, my friend.

Take This Quiz to be Featured in Our Book!

You’ve heard the news: we’re writing our very first book, Homemakers. The book is a modern domestic handbook for today’s women -- you know, women who are breadwinners AND caretakers.

Kill It With Your Skillet: 20 One-Pan Wonders

These days, a skillet is the only kitchen tool you need to be wielding. Whether you want to whip up a batch of stuffing or wow your friends with an impressive one-dish dessert, it is the savvy cook’s utensil of choice.

Made Us Look: Google Street View of Famous Album Covers

Some of the most iconic album cover photos of all time have shuffled straight off of your iPod and back into the scene on the streets where they were first snapped.

Get Ready for the Races: 10 Big, Beautiful Hats Fit for Derby Day

Whether you're watching the races from a TV or you'll be at the Kentucky Derby in flesh and blood, you know that "horse race" actually means "amazing hats." We've seen celebs and derby-goers rock everything from a simple subtle bowler to a chapeau the size of a Chevy, all of which knock our socks off annually.

This Useful Wearable Lets You Read With Your Fingers

If you want a crystal ball’s eye view into our very cool future, you need to follow the happenings over at MIT Media Labs.

Treat Yo’Self: Add Lobster to Your Potato Salad

Go ahead: you've done it to mac and cheese, might as well dump juicy lobster meat in with your dijon-dressed potato salad.

Drag + Drop on This Site to Make Custom Gallery Walls in Your Home

No matter the size of your house or apartment, if you put up a gallery wall of photos or prints, your pad will automatically feel like Versailles.

Why Google Glass May Be a New Mom’s New BFF

We have some news that’s going to press pause on your head hardware hate. It might even make you say … “OK, Glass, let’s see what else you got.” Here at Brit HQ, we like to find innovative ways that you can actually use the emerging tech you read about on the Internet IRL.

A Zipper Pouch Every DIY-er Should Make

Why buy when you can DIY a basic zipper pouch? Seriously now, this carryall is a must-have for travels near and far — every DIY-er should master how to sew one or two...

20 Sweet Coconut Recipes to Try

Stop what you're doing, and bow down to the high priestess of the food trend world: Ye Holy Coconut. We like it mixed into our donuts, slipped into our cocoa and adorned righteously atop our colorful springtime salads.

Office Supply DIY: How to Stamp Your Pencils

Use your jewelry stamping set to stamp words and phrases into colorful spray-painted pencils. Ya'll can't buy this at Office Max!

10 Essentials for the Ultimate At-Home Spa Kit

We all need a little R&R sometimes. But, we're not always in a position to splurge on a full-on spa day.