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New Clarkson-less Top Gear will premiere on May 8th

We've been hearing a lot about Amazon's new big-budget car show with former Top Gear presenters Jeremey Clarkson, Richard Hammond, and James May, but what about the future of the BBC show itself?

Adele's 25 crushes single-week records with 3.38 million copies sold

We already knew Adele's 25, her first new album in nearly half a decade, was a monster hit. The album bested *NSYNC's No Strings Attached single-week US record just a few days after release, when it crossed the 2.4 million mark.

Amazon teases Prime Air delivery and 'a whole family' of drones in new ad with Jeremy Clarkson

Amazon is back with its latest vision for its Prime Air drone delivery system — and this time the company has brought its high-profile celebrity, TV show host and gear-head Jeremy Clarkson, along for the ride.

Udemy faces criticism for profiting from pirated online courses

Udemy, an online learning service, has come under criticism for selling pirated courses. The controversy began this week, when security specialist Troy Hunt discovered that one of his courses on ethical hacking was available on Udemy under another author's name.

Volvo XC90: a Thanksgiving road test for Sweden's hot new SUV

When you’re looking to make a lasting impression, it’s best to take the time to get it right. While the click-hungry musicians of the moment are constantly dropping new tracks and teasers, my favorite artist, the ethereal Erykah Badu, can up and drop a mixtape after a five-year hiatus and still shake things up.

'Alien megastructures' orbiting distant star are most likely comets, as expected

Last month, the online world went into a tizzy over the possibility of intelligent alien life lingering near a distant star in our galaxy.

With Secret Hitler, Cards Against Humanity's co-working space becomes an idea machine

For those who aren't in the know within the tabletop game community, you may have missed the launch of a strangely titled card game on Kickstarter last week called Secret Hitler.

NASA's 'Chemical Laptop' could help future rovers find life on alien planets

NASA scientists have a new device up their sleeves to help find life on other planets. The rectangular box is being called the "Chemical Laptop," but it's really more of a portable, automated chemistry lab that can be built into future NASA rovers.

See the invisible wireless signals around you with this augmented reality app

The human eye is remarkable, but it only lets us see a very small sliver of electromagnetic waves. It's nearly impossible to imagine what our world would look like if we could see beyond the visible spectrum, but a new app called Architecture of Radio does give us a taste.

NSA will stop collecting bulk phone data by the end of the day

At 11:59PM ET tonight, the NSA will shut down its systems that collect bulk phone call data from Americans across the US.

Everything coming to Netflix and Amazon Prime this December (and what to watch before it’s gone)

Sure, you haven’t even started to recover from the joy and terror of Thanksgiving yet, but it’s already time to look ahead to the winter holiday season — and streaming video services want you to know that they have your back.

Tony Hawk’s wild horizontal loop, and a brief history of extreme sports stunts

This month, Tony Hawk became the first person to ever skateboard a "horizontal loop" — essentially a tornado of wood that he built smack in the middle of a half-pipe with the help of Sony's Action Cam brand.

Tennessee’s half-mile-long spider web shows how little we know about our surroundings

Last week, residents of North Memphis, Tennessee, woke up to what most people would consider a pretty creepy surprise: a half-mile-long spider web on the grass near their homes.

How to be human: how do I tell my spouse I need a psychiatrist?

Leah Reich was one of the first internet advice columnists. Her column "Ask Leah" ran on IGN, where she gave advice to gamers for two and a half years.

Watch a Range Rover drive over a bridge made entirely of paper

Range Rovers, for all their luxury, are still off-roaders at heart. (At least, I think they are — I can't think of any other explanation for a press photo of the recently announced Evoque Convertible driving through a lake.) That leads me to a stunt that Land Rover recently pulled off in Suzhou, China, celebrating 45 years of the Range Rover, which was first introduced in 1970.

A new patent reveals how Google's self driving cars could talk to pedestrians

As Google works towards the dream of the total driverless car, one of the problems that has been cropping up is that the vehicles are, by design, very defensive drivers.

Facebook expands parental leave policy to include employees outside the US

Last week, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg said he plans to take two months off after the birth of his daughter, echoing the tech industry's recent investment in paid parental leave.

Google Glass could come back as a snake-like flexible headband

Google's wearable tech outfit was granted a patent this week for a Glass-like heads-up display that could be affixed to a person's head with a flexible band.

Grand Theft Auto 5 is better with lightsabers

Out of Grand Theft Auto 5's modding community comes its most appropriate tribute to Star Wars: a lightsaber battle between the main characters Trevor and Michael.

Gods of Egypt's director and studio apologize for its sheer whiteness

There was something a bit off about that Gods of Egypt trailer that hit last week, and not just for its weirdly obvious use green screen.