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This $5,000 custom System Shock PC is the coolest gaming laptop I've ever seen

In the world of System Shock, the evil mega-corporation known as TriOptimum is indirectly responsible for the near-destruction of Earth, humanity, and at one point the literal fabric of reality.

Google is testing an internet speed tool built right into search results

Searching Google using the phrase "speed test" has become a common practice for internet users looking to double check their Mbps rate, typically by surfacing a link for the free web product provided by analytics firm Ookla.

Best Buy now offers free consultations for upgrading your house with new tech

Best Buy is testing out a new consultation service in a few cities, which involves the retailer's employees coming to your home, scoping out all the tech you've got, and recommending potential upgrades and fancier gadgets to replace all of it with.

Calvin and Hobbes in 3D is even more magical

Turning classic 2D cartoons into 3D renderings can be a tricky act to balance. There's always something a little unsettling and kind of off about the finished model, like say, The Peanuts Movie, or Garfield: The Movie.

This watch looks nice and will count your steps

Skagen is coming out with a line of wearables, the first of which will be a smartish watch and activity tracker under the name Hagen.

‘Earprint’ headphones are going to be the next buzzy music gadget

Last this month we previewed the Nura headphones, which customize their audio to listeners’ specific ear layout.

This throwback Ford GT paint job is drop-dead gorgeous

Thanks to a new throwback livery, Ford has taken the GT, perhaps the sickest car the company has ever made, and made it even better.

All the important stuff that happens offscreen in Independence Day: Resurgence

Spoiler warning: This piece mentions many specific plot points from Independence Day: Resurgence, including character death.

The System Shock reboot just went live on Kickstarter

The team behind a "reimagined" version of classic cyberpunk shooter System Shock has launched a $900,000 crowdfunding campaign for the project.

7 totally unanswered questions about Twitter's new virtual reality project

Twitter recently hired former Apple designer Alessandro Sabatelli to run its fledgling efforts in augmented reality and virtual reality, the company confirmed to me today.

Secure-K is an encryped OS that lives on a USB drive

If you're looking for a encrypted, portable OS that can be securely loaded on any computer, Secure-K may be the answer.

Porsche’s press event for the Panamera was... odd

Porsche unveiled the new Panamera today. That's cool, but like many product unveilings across many industries, the introduction was preceded by an on-stage hypefest that was only loosely connected with reality.

Donald Trump stands in front of garbage, waits for punchlines

Donald Trump is currently standing in front of a wall of garbage. If you hadn’t heard already, I’ll assume you have a healthy distance from social media.

Porsche Panamera redesigned, and it's still a 911 for moms and dads

So, you're reasonably wealthy, but your DINK days are behind you. You've got a kid or two. They have places to be.

Facebook releases Chrome extensions for sharing and saving articles

Despite Facebook's best efforts, some internet content continues to be created and consumed outside of the company's walled garden.

20 questions about bots I don't know the answer to

Say you want to talk to a bot. It's a reasonable thing to want. You've heard they're cool and even though a lot of the early ones haven't been that good, you want to give it a shot.

Monkeys infected with Zika provide valuable insights into the virus

Scientists have successfully infected a group of rhesus macaque monkeys with Zika, marking the first time that non-human primates have been shown to be susceptible to the mosquito-borne virus.

Starship will test its autonomous delivery robot in Washington, DC this fall

Starship — the company behind the adorable, six-wheeled delivery robot we met this year at Mobile World Congress — has received approval from the Washington, DC Department of Transportation to start testing a delivery program as early as this September.

The Nubia Z11 is another phone with an edge-to-edge display

Chinese smartphone maker Nubia has announced the Z11, a smartphone with an edge-to-edge display and the sequel to last year's bezel-free flagship Z9.

Netflix is splitting the first season of The Get Down into two parts

Netflix's newest series, Baz Luhrmann's The Get Down, is getting split in two for its first season. Polygon reports that the streaming network will release the first six episodes of the show on August 12th, while the remaining six episodes will air at some point in 2017.