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OSVR releasing upgraded VR headset development kit in October

OSVR, the Razer-backed virtual reality software platform, will be shipping a new iteration of its "hacker development kit" headset next month.

Drone crash interrupts US Open tennis match

A small black drone hovered over Louis Armstrong stadium during a US Open tennis match in New York Thursday night, before crashing into the stands and forcing play to be briefly interrupted.

Rights groups rail against Twitter's Politwoops ban

Rights groups including the Electronic Frontier Foundation, Access, Free Press, and Human Rights Watch have joined in opposition to Twitter's recent crackdown on Politwoops, a network of sites that archived deleted tweets from politicians worldwide.

The best grime diss track of the year is about Pokémon cards

The UK grime scene has been an inspiration for some of North America's biggest rappers. Drake and Kanye West have made a point of showing their appreciation for its MCs and the music they produce: the former is friend with grime fixture Skepta and brought him on stage during a London set earlier this year, while Kanye enlisted the help of some of the scene's biggest names during a fiery performance at the Brit Awards.

Alcatel envisions the smartwatch as an ugly Casio G-Shock clone

We've seen plenty of smartwatches at IFA 2015, led by Samsung's Gear S2 and the second-generation Moto 360.

Alcatel built a 17-inch Android tablet for your kitchen

Alcatel wants its new 17.3-inch Xess tablet to be a multipurpose hub for the family, providing recipes in the kitchen, films in the living room, and a digital whiteboard for to-do lists and upcoming events.

Alcatel finally delivers on the dream of a denim smartphone

Remember when the original OnePlus was set to offer a swappable denim back cover? Well that never happened, and for all its popularity, the OnePlus left us without a truly perfect match for blue jeans and denim jackets.

Tumblr reblogs just got a lot cleaner, and a little less charming

Tumblr rolled out a long-overdue change to its reblogging feature yesterday, fixing what it termed a "crazy-long, indecipherable reblog chain" problem.

Watch a Soyuz capsule dock with the International Space Station

A Russian Soyuz capsule carrying three astronauts will dock with the International Space Station this morning at 3:42AM ET.

Justin Bieber steals Spotify streaming record from One Direction

Fresh off his public crying session at the MTV Video Music Awards on Sunday, self-realized man and pop star Justin Bieber has a reason to cheer up.

The first public preview of Firefox for iOS is here

Today, Mozilla announced its first public preview of its Firefox browser for Apple's iOS. So far, the browser is only available for mobile users in New Zealand.

Hands-on with Huawei's new flagship smartphone, the Mate S

Huawei's design ideas might not be wholly original, but that doesn't mean the company's not building great smartphones.

Watch a drone flyby of Apple's gigantic spaceship campus

Apple's new donut-shaped campus will house 13,000 employees scattered about a mind-boggling 2.8 million square feet, a nearly 230 percent bump over the company's current HQ at 1 Infinite Loop.

Philips' AmbiLux 4K TV transforms your living room into a screen

Philips made a splash at last year's IFA conference when it showed off a television set with embedded, handheld projectors that could take an image onscreen and extend it to the wall behind the set.

Google Chrome just made big changes to save your battery

Amid much vocal complaining about Chrome's woeful affect on laptop battery life this year, Google began cleaning up its act with a series of improvements that bolster the browser's performance.

Nook's newest life-form is the Samsung Galaxy Tab S2

Last year Samsung became Barnes & Noble's first official tablet partner for Nook, rolling out a Nook-branded tab that was, essentially, the Galaxy Tab 4, customized with some Nook e-reading software.

Spotify updates privacy policy with clearer language after backlash

Spotify is overhauling its privacy policy today with plainer language that should be readable to the average human — not just lawyers.

Feds say they'll now get warrants before using cell-tower simulators

The fight against cell tower simulators, commonly known as Stingrays, just scored a major victory. Today the Justice Department issued a new policy for the simulators, which requires a search warrant before any such device can be deployed, effective immediately.

When did pop-up ads get so passive-aggressive?

If you don’t want to read a Cosmo listicle of the sexiest movies ever, fine, it’s your loss — all you have to do is admit that you like sleeping better than sex.

All your favorite characters walk in the club like

I took a college class on avant-garde filmmaking —  let's not dwell on the economic value of my decisions as a young adult, okay, thank you — and each week the professor would roll a television into the class room, unsheathe a VHS tape from its musky packaging, press play, and blow our damn minds out the back of our heads, all over the person sitting behind us and onto the wall behind them.