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Questlove will host a weekly show for internet radio service Pandora

Pandora is reportedly in the final stages of creating its own subscription-based music streaming service, designed to rival Spotify, Tidal, and Apple Music, but that's not the only change on the horizon for the internet radio company.

HP’s new laptop screen can prevent people from spying on you

Sometimes you really don’t want the people around you to see what’s on your laptop screen, so HP has come up with a solution.

Google will take you on a 360-degree tour of the Kenai Fjords, Bryce Canyon, and other National Parks

Google is celebrating the National Parks Service’s 100th anniversary with a new 360-degree "interactive documentary."The company sent film crews out to various National Parks to capture the natural wonders around them along with commentary from park rangers.

Canon’s 5D Mark IV has built-in Wi-Fi and shoots 4K video

Canon today announced the 5D Mark IV, the fourth iteration of the company’s popular full-frame DSLR camera originally launched in 2005.

The Mr. Robot Hack Report: Stagefright and real-life ransomware

Mr. Robot is a show built on hacks. The mother of all hacks serves as the big cliffhanger at the end of the show's first season, and nearly every plot development leading up to it was nudged along by some kind of exploit.

Apple proposes new job-related emoji, including astronaut and pilot

Apple has been quite opinionated regarding emoji standards of late, and today its latest recommendations have been approved by the Unicode Consortium.

A simple reason why The Ring reboot trailer doesn't work

I’ll get to the very simple reason why the trailer for Rings, a reboot of 2002’s The Ring, itself a remake of the 1998 Japanese horror film Ring, loses the plot in its first few seconds.

LG V20 leak shows the Android phone is keeping its second screen

LG's V20 is set to debut on September 6th, but mobile leaker Evan Blass has already got his hands on a high-resolution image of the Android flagship and posted it to Twitter.

This adorable robot octopus is powered by farts

The latest addition to a growing menagerie of octopus-robots has a lot going for it: It’s small, completely squishy, it doesn’t need a battery — and it farts.

Gambit director Doug Liman has left for DC’s Justice League Dark

Fox’s Marvel film franchise has suffered a new setback. Gambit director Doug Liman (The Bourne Identity, Edge of Tomorrow) has departed the project and has signed on to direct DC’s supernatural ensemble film Justice League Dark.

Hillary Clinton calls on EpiPen maker to lower price immediately

Hillary Clinton has asked the maker of the the EpiPen to voluntarily lower the price of the lifesaving allergy treatment, which has jumped by over 400 percent in the past few years.

Self-driving cars aren’t going to be so great until we make our maps way better

Uber is rolling out self-driving cars in Pittsburgh, which is cool — but it means that the way we think about maps and addresses is about to get really complicated.

Frank Ocean's release of Blonde marks the start of a major fight in the music industry

It was only a matter of time. The release of Blonde marked much more than Frank Ocean’s musical return after four years away.

Apple wants you to know it already does great AI — but it’s ‘subtle'

Apple wants you to know it’s been working on AI for years now — you just didn’t know it. In a new feature by Stephen Levy in Backchannel, some of the company’s top execs and machine learning experts hammer home this message, pointing out all the ways in which AI is used in Apple’s products today.

SpaceX is building new facilities at Port Canaveral to refurbish rockets

SpaceX plans to lease one building and construct a newer second building at Port Canaveral, just two miles from where it launches its Falcon 9 rockets from the Cape Canaveral space pad, port chief John Murray tells Flordia Today.

Here’s what Hasselblad’s rumored camera module for the Moto Z might look like

Back in May we saw possible backplates for Lenovo’s modular Moto Z. All of them, including a projector and speaker, ultimately turned out to be real, but the rumored camera module that looked to come complete with a grip, sensor, lens, and flash never showed up.

Uber offers drivers free retirement planning before robots eventually take their jobs

Uber is now offering drivers in select cities free financial planning through a partnership with a robo-advisor called Betterment.

Google brings data-saving Wi-Fi Assistant to all Nexus phones

Starting in the coming weeks, Google is adding a new data-saving perk for owners of its Nexus smartphones.

Let this mechanical hand centipede tell you how the shadow world feels

Advanced virtual reality haptics — technology that lets you realistically feel like you’re touching digital objects — lags behind headsets and motion controllers, in terms of both mainstream development and consumer adoption.

A planet orbits around the closest star to our Solar System — and it may be habitable

Proxima Centauri, the closest star to our Solar System, has a planet that may have just the right features to support life on its surface.