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The depth of human expression can be found in the stuffed flatbread emoji

Emoji nowadays is as much a pictorial language as it is an art form. The range of communicative expression of Face With Open Mouth or Fish Cake With Swirling Design is surpassed only by the context and artful nature in which they're used.

Elon Musk doesn't hate Apple, but he's not (yet) a fan of the Apple Watch

Elon Musk is quickly putting out a fire that began after some pointed, headline-grabbing quotes from the Tesla CEO appeared in German newspaper Handelsblatt.

Can't use AT&T's Wi-Fi calling with your iPhone? This could be why

For the launch of the iPhone 6S, I elected to buy the T-Mobile version from Apple instead of the AT&T one, because I was planning on paying full price for the phone and the T-Mobile one comes unlocked out of the box.

Twitter plans layoffs in Jack Dorsey's second week as CEO

Jack Dorsey was named permanent CEO of Twitter on Monday, and a big reason he got the job was that as a co-founder, Dorsey isn’t afraid to make the tough, necessary decisions.

Twitter is planning company-wide layoffs for next week

Jack Dorsey was named permanent CEO of Twitter on Monday, and a big reason he got the job was that as a co-founder, Dorsey isn’t afraid to make the tough, necessary decisions.

Google will now link to iPhone apps in mobile Safari

Google announced today that it will display links to iOS apps directly within Google search on Apple's mobile Safari browser.

The VR View-Master is Google Cardboard for kids

Next year is when we find out whether people will buy high-end virtual reality headsets. But this fall is when we find out whether cheaper ones — like the new $99 Gear VR or the variety of super-simple cardboard designs — can hold their own during the holiday shopping season.

Microsoft's first Surface Book ad doesn't make you feel pumped

Microsoft's Surface Book unveiling video earlier this week was super exciting. A gradual build up braced for the big wow moment when the removable display was revealed.

Paul Thomas Anderson's new movie Junun is now streaming on MUBI

Paul Thomas Anderson's new documentary Junun is now available on MUBI, the specialty streaming service that handpicks 30 movies at a time for its users.

This is your next jam: Janet Jackson, Neon Indian, and more

Welcome back to The Verge’s's weekly musical roundup. I’m Jamieson, I’m still your host, and I hope you find your next jam this week!

After US talks, China cracks down on trade-secret stealing hackers

When Chinese president Xi Jinping visited the White House in September, many observers saw it as the beginning of a new accord on cybersecurity between the two nations.

What it's like to illustrate a cover for Marvel Comics

As embarrassing as this is to admit, my first foray into art was through furries and anime. (I can’t believe I am putting this on the internet after thoroughly obliterating any trace of my middle school art from the web.) Fandom was seminal in the beginning stages of my art career; I loved all of it and the fan art community was great at giving feedback.

EA wants to show you its softer side

Unravel is a game that stars a tiny character made out of yarn. He’s pushes around apples like they’re giant boulders, and when he walks through flowers he might stop to idly chase a butterfly.

The Vergecast 174: Microsoft, moments, and Steve Jobs

Dieter Bohn, Nilay Patel, Casey Newton, and Kristen Frisina on the hype seat caress your brain with knowledge about Microsoft's new confident and purposeful direction, whether Twitter Moments is useful or not, Google AMP's benefits for the internet at large, and how the Steve Jobs movie is a great film but also a castle of lies.

The FBI warns of weaknesses in chip-and-sign credit card systems

The FBI has a stern warning for the credit card industry's latest security measure, the EMV chip. In a statement today, the FBI's Internet Crime Complaint Center warned that the new chips don't prevent against online fraud or point-of-sale compromises of the type seen in the Target hack.

Little pig in a swimming pool! Little pig in a swimming pool!

Pig in A swimming pool Who let that pig Have a pool? Pigs don't Get pools! Pigs live on farms Pig seems awfully happy Though, ah, well, hmm Let that pig Have its fun!

Hail Caeser! from the Coen brothers gets its first hilarious trailer

Ethan and Joel Coen can do drama and noir like nobody else, but they're also absolutely hilarious. Those skills are on full display in the first trailer for their new film, Hail Caeser!

The best podcast app for iOS, Overcast, is now totally free

Overcast, The Verge's pick for best iPhone / iPad podcast app, received a big update today. Most notably, some features that previously required an in-app purchase are now free for everyone to use.

The Walking Dead's new season looks just like the last

The Walking Dead’s new season starts just as a carefully-laid plan starts falling apart: There’s a valley full of trapped zombies, and while Rick Grimes (Andrew Lincoln) and his cohorts are talking about how to dispose of them, a tanker trailer topples from a cliff, releasing the horde ahead of schedule.

New trailers: The Hunger Games, The Good Dinosaur, Spectre, and more

Did you watch The Martian last week? Are you planning to see Steve Jobs this week? You didn't? You haven't?