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Watch the first teaser for Trainspotting 2

Trainspotting 2 is actually happening, and here's the first teaser. It doesn't tell us much much about the film itself, which sees Danny Boyle return as director to adapt Irvine Welsh's sequel novel Porno, but it does have: Ewan McGregor as Renton, Robert Carlyle as Begbie, Johnny Lee Miller as Sick Boy, and Ewen Bremner as Spud, all reprising their roles from the 1996 original "Lust for Life" A train T2: Trainspotting 2 will be in UK theatres on January 27th, 2017, with a US release on February 3rd.

Amazon is expanding drone delivery testing in the UK

Amazon is partnering with the British government to expand its testing of delivery drones, paving the way for commercial air deliveries for UK residents.

DNC quotes Dumbledore, Hogwarts’ rigger-in-chief, on election reform

If there’s a single theme in this year’s Democratic National Convention, it’s that there may be a rift between Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders supporters, but the party can still team up long enough to stop He Who Must Not Be Named — meaning, obviously, Voldemort.

The year that virtual reality took over Comic-Con

This past Wednesday, I visited Coney Island with a drug-addled hacker as he mind-tripped through a neon dance party.

Comic-Con 2016 was a reminder that fans come first

Soaking for four days in pure, unadulterated fandom can take a lot out of you. But if you care enough, it’s worth it.

Bernie Sanders texts his DNC supporters to ask them not to protest

Bernie Sanders is pleading with supporters not to disrupt the proceedings of the Democratic National Convention in Philadelphia tonight.

DNC makes a public apology to Bernie Sanders after email leaks

Leaders of the Democratic National Committee are issuing a formal apology after hacked emails showed members of the committee mocking Bernie Sanders' campaign for president.

Oculus now supports up to four trackers

Oculus Home was updated this past week to include support for up to four trackers on the Rift and Touch.

Watch 17 LCD monitors lose in a humiliating fight with steamroller

A man with a steamroller, a camera, a YouTube account, and 17 LCD monitors did what any person in his situation would do: slowly mashed the displays into a gritty pancake of glass, plastic, and presumably toxic fumes.

This $25,000 robot will let you knock over some wooden blocks in VR

There’s a lot that today’s VR systems can do to really make you feel like the virtual world you’re in is as close as possible to the world you inhabit.

Sony is adding NFL Network and RedZone channels to PlayStation Vue

Sony's streaming TV service just became a lot more attractive with the addition of NFL Network and NFL RedZone channels, both of which will arrive on PlayStation Vue in time for the 2016 season opener in September.

Uber slapped by judge for hiring firm to dig up dirt on lawsuit plaintiff

Uber was banned from using information gathered by a secretive, CIA-linked research firm on the plaintiff who brought a price-fixing lawsuit, after a judge in the case reprimanded the firm for behavior that could “arguably” be called criminal conduct, according to Reuters.

Google Maps is testing a Wi-Fi-only mode to help users save data

Google has begun testing a new feature in its Maps app that would only allow data to be downloaded via a Wi-Fi connection, according to TechCrunch.

A long, ongoing collection of the best Pokémon Go stories

Pokémon Go has been one of the few positives of an otherwise grim July. Perhaps because of its status as the rare untainted beacon of joy, the smartphone game has pervaded popular culture, from the design of a neighborhood lemonade stand to the floor of the Republican Nation Convention.

You can buy the gold OnePlus 3 tomorrow in the US

The gold version of the OnePlus 3 is finally being released, just over a month after the smartphone was released.

The Russia-linked election hack is a sign of things to come

On Friday, WikiLeaks published a stolen archive of emails from the Democratic National Committee — and Washington spent the weekend trying to figure out if the dump was a normal political scandal or something far more sinister.

Twitter, a 10-year-old company, is still explaining what Twitter is

Twitter came into our lives in 2006, and after a decade of existence, most people still have no idea what Twitter even is.

Microsoft’s new Authenticator app lets you approve logins from an Apple Watch

Microsoft is overhauling its authenticator apps for Android and iOS next month, with new features and a refreshed user interface.

Magic Leap envisions a future where you can shop by talking to your AR glasses

Magic Leap CMO Brian Wallace showed off a video preview last week of what we might eventually see from his secretive company.

Scenes from Panorama, day three: Sia, A$AP Rocky end on a high note

It seems like just yesterday The Verge was at Randall's Island in New York City for Panorama, talking to artists, catching shows, and applying sunscreen like we were getting paid for it.