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Google is making encryption standard in the next version of Android

Less than a day after Apple detailed new efforts in user privacy for its products, Google now says it plans to encrypt user data on all Android devices.

The 'Deadpool' movie is coming February 12th, 2016

It looks like that leaked Deadpool test footage — and the positive reaction from fans — has dragged the movie back from development hell.

The Home Depot says that up to 56 million credit cards may be at risk from hacker attack

It's been a few weeks since home goods retailer The Home Depot confirmed that it was the victim of a hacker attack that potentially put customer credit card information at risk, and now the company is admitting just how big that breach was.

This is a real-life lake monster, according to a possibly crazy Icelandic commission

This shaky video, apparently, is definitive proof of the existence of a legendary Icelandic lake monster known as Lagarfljótsormurinn, or the monster of Lagarfljót.

'Star Trek: The Original Series' scenes look fantastic as cinematic panoramas

Above is an original shot from Star Trek: The Original Series episode "Mirror, Mirror." Star Trek was broadcast in the 4:3 television standard, and there's nothing wrong with this shot — it's remastered in high-definition and still looks about as good as possible for a 46-year-old TV episode.

Read 8 damning emails from behind the scenes of the meltdown

We all now know what happened with the federal healthcare marketplace, The three-year development was complicated by changing specifications, and the government's convoluted procurement process meant entrenched companies were getting contracts over and over.

Legendary Silicon Valley figure Larry Ellison steps down as Oracle CEO

Larry Ellison, the co-founder and chief executive officer of Oracle, has stepped down from his CEO role.

Twitter for iOS updates with redesigned profiles and notification actions

Twitter updated its iOS app today with a new look for profiles that places additional emphasis on pictures.

Let's make a 3D-printed Aziz Ansari Iron Man action figure happen

This weekend, a handful of Walmarts and Sam's Clubs nationwide will set up kiosks where you can get your face scanned and 3D-printed on a Marvel superhero.

Toshiba scaling down its consumer PC business

Electronics company Toshiba sees less of a future in traditional PCs than it once did. Earlier today, the company said it plans to restructure and focus on the business market, where it could count on more steady sales.

Aubrey Plaza will play Grumpy Cat, so let's cast actors for other memes

Lifetime, a network best known for its paint-by-number tragedy films (see: Rob Lowe as Drew Peterson), is making a Christmas movie based on one of the most recognizable internet memes of the last few years.

I need a bigger iPhone — and so do you!

Please do not trust The Verge dot com. In today's editorial, my former friend and co-worker only by obligation, Ross Miller, claimed his life — and tacitly, your life — would continue if he chose not to purchase a new iPhone 6 or iPhone 6 Plus, and instead continued to use his markedly inferior and aesthetically repulsive iPhone 5S.

World population could near 11 billion by 2100

The world population doesn't look like it's going to stop growing anytime soon. New research finds that the earth's population count is likely to hit around 10.9 billion in 2100, whereas earlier estimates suggested that it would cap off at closer to 9 billion.

More for less: the first app bundles are arriving on iOS

For the first time, iOS users can now purchase bundles that include multiple apps for a single, reduced price.

Apple may have quietly signaled that it's received a secret Patriot Act order

Under the Patriot Act, the US government can demand information from companies and ask them to keep the order secret, but there's a clever legal feint that can sidestep this: a so-called "warrant canary." Now it appears Apple has sent up the signal.

The ultimate photo shoot: on location in Iceland with the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus

The ultimate photo shoot: on location in Iceland with the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus By Austin Mann As with any smartphone in 2014, there's no more important feature than the camera.

Nine of the weirdest historical video games ever made

Earlier today, we ran a story about video games that replicate historical moments — from OG educational hits like Oregon Trail to bloody, controversial reenactments like JFK: Reloaded.

Apple's privacy statement is a direct shot at Google and I love it

Privacy statements are usually pretty dry, boring stuff. There's a lot of vague assurances and a lot of talk about valuing your privacy, which gets boring fast.

Apple offers mixed signals on whether police can access your passcode-protected data

Last night Apple made a huge privacy-focused publicity blitz, led by a letter to the public written by CEO Tim Cook.

I don't need a bigger iPhone

On the eve of the iPhone 6 pre-orders, I set my alarm for 2:30AM, then went to sleep like a boy on Christmas Eve.