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Adobe is giving away Photoshop's best features for free

It seems like everyone knows a person with a pirated copy of Photoshop. If you ask them why they don't pay for it, their answer probably amounted to something like this: Photoshop costs well over $1,000, and I use 10 percent of its features.

US reaches Trans-Pacific Partnership deal with 11 other countries

After years of negotiations and controversy, the United States has reached a deal with 11 other Pacific Rim nations on the Trans-Pacific Partnership, The New York Times reports.

Twitter names Jack Dorsey as permanent CEO

Jack Dorsey will drop the "interim CEO" title and become the permanent chief executive of Twitter. The company just announced the news and board members are placing their full support behind Dorsey, who will also remain CEO of Square.

Philips Hue adds Siri voice control with new hub

Philips is finally ready to let Hue customers control their lighting through Siri. It's announcing a new Hue bridge today that adds in support for HomeKit, Apple's smart home platform, allowing customers who buy one to start controlling all Hue lights — new and old — through voice commands on an iPhone, iPad, or Apple Watch.

Facebook will use a satellite to deliver internet access to sub-Saharan Africa

Facebook today announced a partnership with French satellite operator Eutelsat to provide broadband internet to sub-Saharan Africa.

First Click: Android, ants, and a look at the week ahead

It’s shaping up to be another big week at The Verge. This is the week that Android Marshmallow starts rolling out to Google Nexus phones and tablets, and Tuesday we're expecting Microsoft to launch a new Surface Pro and a couple of high-end Lumia smartphones.

FBI works with online stores to clamp down on counterfeit goods

The FBI announced on Friday that it was launching a new strategy in collaboration with the Department of Justice, working with with third-party marketplaces — such as eBay and Amazon — to enforce intellectual property laws by giving them analytical tools to work out when people might be selling fake goods.

Nobel Prize in Medicine honors treatments for malaria and parasitic diseases

The Nobel Prize in Medicine has been jointly awarded to William C. Campbell and Satoshi Ōmura, for developing a therapy to treat infections from roundworm parasites, and Tu Youyou, for her discovery of a therapy to treat malaria.

Laurene Powell Jobs tried to block Aaron Sorkin's Steve Jobs movie: WSJ

The divisive response to Aaron Sorkin and Danny Boyle's new movie Steve Jobs from people who knew the Apple co-founder continues; a report in The Wall Street Journal claims that Laurene Powell Jobs, Steve's widow, tried to block the biopic by lobbying Sony and eventual distributor Universal against its release.

Apple and Google top Best Global Brands ranking for third year running

Apple and Google have once again topped Interbrand's annual ranking of the world's most valuable brands.

Hasbro says it has ten more years of Transformers movies on the way

After the — ehm — dumpster fire that was Transformers: Age of Extinction, you might have expected that the series had run its course.

Soon, you'll be able to remap the buttons on your Xbox One controller

Apparently that Windows 10-powered Xbox One dashboard isn't the only new software feature gamers have to look forward to.

Comedy Central hid secret Daily Show clips in Google searches for Trevor Noah

What do you do when you want to learn more about a new late night talk show host? Well, you're probably turning to Google, and Comedy Central knows it.

Altering how sperm develop could lead to a reversible male birth control

It may be possible to create male birth control by altering how sperm develop, according to new research published this week in Science.

Valve employee surprises girlfriend, turns tech demo into virtual reality marriage proposal

Kelly Tortorice was already having a pretty special day: unlike the rest of us, she was at Valve's Headquarters in Bellevue, WA, testing out some pretty nifty unreleased virtual reality technology.

Tech journalism time capsule: the wonderful world of 1996 computing

I write a decent amount about old technology for The Verge, which means wading through reams of newspaper scans, early web pages, and magazine back issues.

This bizarre Panoz DeltaWing car could be on the road someday

The DeltaWing project — a weird, narrow race car designed for minimum weight and drag — has a pretty tumultuous (if brief) history, passing between sponsors and powertrains, never winning a race since its 2012 debut.

The Verge Review of Animals: ants

This column is part of a series where Verge staffers post highly subjective reviews of animals. Up until now, we've written about animals without telling you whether they suck or rule.

TiVo says Bolt is designed for new customers, 'Pro' DVR coming next year

It's no secret that TiVo has seen its fair share of troubles: after pioneering the DVR over a decade ago, the company could do little to stop cable companies from ultimately dominating the market with their similar DVRs leased directly to subscribers.

The Checker cab is coming back in the form of a limo and a 'sport pick-up'

The Checker cab is coming back. Well, at least the brand is. A Massachusetts-based car parts company has secured the rights to use the classic trademark on cars, and it sounds like it's going to do it right.