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Tarantino's $1 million 'The Hateful Eight' script leak lawsuit thrown out of court

The first round of Quentin Tarantino's $1 million copyright case against Gawker Media has been dismissed by a US judge.

FDA moves to regulate e-cigarettes for the first time

The Food and Drug Administration is to propose its first regulations on e-cigarettes today in a move with sweeping implications for the nascent market.

The occultist who co-founded NASA's JPL

Jack Whiteside Parsons was an unusual man. He co-founded both the Jet Propulsion Laboratory and the Aerojet Engineering Corporation, created pyrotechnics for the film industry, wrote a book of poems and masturbated onto "magical tablets" in an attempt to conjure a lover.

Fecal transplants work with frozen feces, too

Ever since the FDA stopped making doctors seek approval to perform fecal transplants on Clostridium difficile patients (C.

American kids are more likely to be medicated for behavioral problems if they're in poor or military families

An estimated 7.5 percent of American children age 6-17 were prescribed drugs to treat behavioral and emotional difficulties in 2011, according to a CDC report published today.

New crystal material could lead to shape-shifting displays

Scientists at the University of Michigan have developed a type of material that can change its appearance when subjected to light.

FCC chairman says reports of net neutrality's death are 'flat out wrong'

Tomorrow, the Federal Communications Commission will propose new net neutrality rules that will reportedly destroy the concept of net neutrality as we know it, making it okay for internet service providers to establish a so-called "fast lane" for preferred traffic and charge an additional toll.

HBO is coming to Amazon Instant Video

Arliss? Nope. The Larry Sanders Show? Nope. Hung? Nope. The Mind of the Married Man? Nope. Mr. Show? Nope.

Apple posts $10.2B in profit on $45.6B in revenue, announces stock split

As investors look to Apple for signs it can continue to grow, the company had better news than many expected, posting a quarter that outdid its performance a year ago.

Facebook now has more than a billion mobile users every month

Facebook reported its first-quarter earnings today, posting revenues of $2.5 billion and earnings per share of 34 cents.

FCC to revisit net neutrality next month after failing hard the first time

The Federal Communications Commission is expected to release a draft of its new net neutrality rules next month, opening them up for public comment after they're first voted on at a May 15th meeting.

Something strange in the neighborhood

This past weekend, hundreds lined up to get into an art exhibit in Lower Manhattan. But this wasn't a typical gallery opening.

Barbie will become a brand-conscious Mary Poppins in live-action movie

Mattel's venerable, proportion-defying fashion doll Barbie is having a big 2014 — she appeared in the pages of the Sports Illustrated swimsuit issue earlier this year, and now Deadline is reporting that a live-action Barbie movie is now in development, with production expected to start before the end of the year.

Ear implant uses electrical impulses to regrow auditory nerves

The bionic human is nearly a reality. In recent years, scientists have been able to develop everything from bionic eyes to bionic hands. Yet these machines are still largely dependent on the existing human structures to which they connect.

Supreme Court says child porn victims can claim payment from anyone who has their images

Victims of child pornography whose images have spread around the internet can now claim damages from anyone who possessed those files, the Supreme Court ruled today, but may not be held liable for as much money as distributors or pornographers.

Band of drones can play music better than your average human

You've never heard Strauss performed quite like this. The team at KMel Robotics has assembled a band of hexrotor drones that "have taken up new instruments to play some fresh songs." That "fresh" description isn't exactly serious, as each of the three pieces performed date back either multiple decades or hundreds of years.

Roku Streaming Stick review: TV everywhere

It happens every time I travel. I come back to my hotel room, flop into a freshly made bed, pick up the (probably sticky) black remote, and turn on the TV.

Google is testing 'Stars,' an attempt to make bookmarking actually useful

Bookmarking: every web browser has it, few human browsers actually use it. Google is testing a new Chrome feature that would allow users to save any piece of content — an email, a web page, an image — and review it later as part of a searchable, organizable library.

You can now control your PC from a Windows Phone

Microsoft originally allowed Android and iOS users to control desktop PCs from their smartphones last year, but Windows Phone support was missing.

'Watch Dogs' adds real guilt to fake killing

The defining experience of every Grand Theft Auto-style game is running over pedestrians with cars. Typically, I think nothing of it — they’re not really people, after all.