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Amazon working on Alexa-powered smart glasses, says report

Amazon's first wearable device will be a pair of smart glasses with the Alexa voice assistant built in, according to a report in the Financial Times.

Faraday Future admits its employees designed parts of LeEco's electric car

New patents published today by the US Patent and Trademark Office show that Faraday Future was responsible for at least some of the design of the LeSee, an all-electric car belonging to Chinese conglomerate LeEco.

Mexico's back-to-back earthquakes, explained by a seismologist

The second major earthquake to strike Mexico in less than two weeks has caused catastrophic damage in the country’s capital.

Hulu’s live TV service finally makes its way to Roku

Hulu’s live TV service and redesigned app are finally coming to Roku devices. The new service has been slowly rolling out for months now, and it’s launched on almost every other platform, including Apple TV, Xbox One, iOS, Android, Chromecast, Amazon’s Fire TV and Fire Stick, and even the 12-year old Xbox 360.

Amazon is telling customers that people bought gifts for their non-existent baby

You know that story about how Target was able to predict that a teen girl was pregnant based on her shopping habits?

These concept smart glasses let you control your phone by scratching your nose

Using a phone or smartwatch when you’re supposed to be talking to someone has become an accepted rudeness in the 21st century.

Google Pixelbook leak reveals a high-end Chromebook with stylus support

It looks like Google is bringing back the Chromebook Pixel — just under a slightly different name. Droid Life has uncovered photos and details of an upcoming Chromebook called the Google Pixelbook.

Google’s Pixel 2 will come in new ‘kinda blue’ color

On the heels of a number of other Google leaks that Droid Life published this afternoon, we now have a clear look at the forthcoming Pixel 2.

Three at-risk species are now protected under the Endangered Species Act

Three new species have been added to the endangered species list: Arizona’s Sonoyta mud turtle, the Hawaiian bird ‘i’iwi, and a fish called the pearl darter that’s found in the Southeastern US.

Proterra’s big electric bus can go 1,102 miles on one charge

With cities and countries about to put bans on internal combustion engines in the next couple of decades, electric bus technology needs to advance.

Google's next Daydream VR headsets will reportedly come in three colors

Google's hardware event on October 4th will likely involve updates to the company's Pixel phone and, according to Droid-Life, the Daydream VR headsets.

Google's miniature Home leaks ahead of Pixel event

Google is reportedly working on a smaller version of its Home smart speaker, the Home Mini, and it appears to have just leaked out ahead of the company’s October 4th event, via Droid Life, which discovered the upcoming product.

T-Mobile increases unlimited data cap from 32GB to 50GB

T-Mobile just announced that it’s increasing its soft cap for unlimited data plans from 32GB to 50GB, a move that continues to put it far ahead of competitors.

Twitter’s Popular Articles feature shows you the most shared stories in your network

Twitter launched a news aggregation tool today that collects the most shared stories by people in your network.

Apple Music for Android updated with user profiles and voice support

Apple is updating its Apple Music app for Android with new features that are also debuting on iOS 11 today.

The host of Facebook’s Make Up or Break Up sees no problem with handing your love life over to the crowd

“Every couple has a breaking point,” the trailer for Make Up or Break Up states, as fact. “Thankfully, all of Facebook is here to help.” One of Facebook’s first forays into commissioned original content for its new Watch tab, the show is live and controlled by hashtags.

Indiegogo shuts down Frank phone campaign

Indiegogo has shut down the Frank phone campaign only a couple weeks after it went live, citing a "a violation of [Indiegogo's] Terms of Use." Oh, the Frank phone.

US Navy submarines are getting Xbox 360 controllers to control their periscopes

The US Navy is beginning to use Xbox 360 controllers to operate the periscopes on submarines, according to The Virginian-Pilot.

Tim Cook: $999 is a ‘value price’ for iPhone X

The iPhone X has been getting a lot attention since it was announced last week with its eye-watering starting price.

iOS 11 is now available to download

Today, Apple pushed out the final version of iOS 11, its latest mobile operating system release. Most iPhone and iPad units made in the last few years should be capable of downloading it now if you head over to the Settings panel and check for a software update under the General tab.