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Mark Zuckerberg says video games can help kids become programmers

Mark Zuckerberg credits video games with getting him into programming, and he thinks they could help others kids, too.

'Eric Shit' is the latest tech CEO to get a portrait made out of poop

The graffiti artist slash hacker slash poop-painter known as Katsu has revealed the latest portrait in his "Shithead" series of artworks.

A first look at Uber's car for self-driving research

True to form, Uber isn't being shy about its work developing self-driving cars. In February, the company announced its plans to create autonomous vehicles, and now, one of its research cars has been seen cruising the streets of Pittsburgh.

Eurovision and Nothingness: backstage with the hopefuls of Europe's biggest TV event

You wouldn’t know it by looking at him, but Philip Thornhill’s life is about to change forever. Hundreds of costumed fans have gathered outside the arena here in Vienna, waving flags under a late afternoon sun, and singing along to the bubbly Europop blaring from huge loudspeakers.

Google's Project Fi invites won't roll out to everyone til mid-summer

Google has started sending invites out for its own MVNO phone service, Project Fi, but some people who've registered are going to have to wait a while longer.

Apple Watch update bug makes heart rate monitor less reliable for some

Numerous Apple Watch owners at MacRumors and Apple's own support forums are reporting that the device's heart rate sensor has been taking readings less consistently ever since Apple released a software update on Tuesday.

Paralyzed man sips beer using robot arm he controls with his mind

Erik Sorto hasn't been able to move his arms or legs in a decade, after a gunshot wound 13 years ago rendered him quadriplegic.

YouTube extends beta period for its Music Key subscription service until September

Six months into the trial period for YouTube's subscription music service, the company is still working to create a service people will be willing to pay for.

This beautiful Mad Max poster is animated with oil paintings

Mad Max is absolutely gorgeous, relying on sweeping shots of deserts and real vehicles to create its strange, post-apocalyptic world.

In this alternate universe, the Transformers have destroyed movie history

In our reality, the Transformers franchise has wreaked havoc on Hollywood for the better part of a decade, and it shows no signs of stopping.

Everything coming to Netflix and Amazon Prime Instant Video in June

Sure, we all might buy movies from time to time still, but if you're trying to find something to watch on the fly there's a good chance you're going to be streaming it.

The insane '80s action short Kung Fury is jumping from Kickstarter to your TV

I've been waiting for David Sandberg's 1980s-inspired action short Kung Fury since the project first appeared on Kickstarter — and now audiences will be able to watch it on their TVs.

Delta's new safety video tries to assuage your fear of flying with memes

I am a person of irrational fears. Every time I get a headache I'm certain I only have about two hours to live until my head explodes.

Watch the trailer for the touching Batkid Begins documentary

Miles Scott patrolled the streets of San Francisco as the legendary Batkid back in November 2013, and now the movie is close to hitting theaters. This new trailer promises to turn Miles' story into a surprisingly touching film, following his battle with cancer all the way to his becoming an online sensation.

The White House doesn't want to waste all its time blocking racist tweets

Three days ago, President Barack Obama got an official Presidential Twitter account. In keeping with hallowed internet tradition, a small Twitter welcoming committee celebrated his arrival with the customary recitation of racial epithets and death threats.

The company building terrifyingly accurate smart rifles is nearly dead

Smart rifle company TrackingPoint, which made a huge media splash in recent years for producing weapons that could let amateurs shoot a target from extreme distances, is about to be shut down, multiple sources close to the company told The Verge.

Apple might show off true multitasking for the iPad at WWDC next month

Rumors of a large-screened "iPad Pro" have been swirling for months now, and now we're getting more details about the future of the iPad from one of the best Apple sources out there. According to 9to5Mac's Marc Gurman, Apple should be ready to release a 12-inch iPad later this year, probably around the fall timeframe when it has typically refreshed iPads in recent years.

Twitch ups its underground music cred with a Boiler Room partnership

When you get an invitation to a Boiler Room show, the directions usually sound something like this: make a right turn at the pot hole, make a left at the abandoned FedEx truck, and crawl under three fences until you see the rusty door on the side of the warehouse.

Edward Snowden holds up a piece of paper, and that's how memes are born

Edward Snowden's impact on how we look at security and privacy cannot be understated. Even today, years later, we're still learning more and more about the extent of government surveillance.

Scientists found a way to turn deadly female mosquitoes into harmless males

A global team of scientists have found a way to turn female mosquito embryos into males at a genetic level, according to a paper published in Science Express.