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Facebook's new live events feature hopes to take on Snapchat

Facebook wants to be part of the conversation around live events. Just in time for Lollapalooza, the social network has rolled out a new live event feed that serves as a single destination for viewing public posts, photos, and videos published from the music festival.

The plane that can fly backwards

In early April, North Korean media unveiled a new camouflage scheme for one of its most important military aircraft.

Selfie app Frontback comes back to life thanks to mysterious new 'partner'

Frontback has made a miraculous recovery. After announcing last week that the company was shutting down, the selfie app is taking a 180 — literally.

Why do Apple Music's own curated playlists have songs that no one can play?

There’s no doubt that Apple Music arrived in the world not quite ready for prime time — the UI is far more confusing than I’d have hoped for, there’s a host of weird bugs, and it’s reliant on iTunes for desktop listening.

Microsoft's HoloLens will ship to developers 'within the next year'

Microsoft will release "V1" of its HoloLens virtual reality headset sooner rather than later. CEO Satya Nadella said that the first developer version of the hologram-projecting device will come out "within the next year" during a video interview with the BBC this week.

Watch the ad for the Tartan Prancer, Vacation's ridiculous fake van

One of the highlights of the original National Lampoon's Vacation was the Wagon Queen Family Truckster, a ridiculous — and utterly hideous — fictional station driven by the Griswolds poking fun at the era's auto industry.

Chris McQuarrie explains how to build a Mission: Impossible movie

To hear director Christopher McQuarrie describe it, production on Mission: Impossible — Rogue Nation was designed around the idea of premeditated chaos.

Former Mt. Gox CEO arrested on claims of stolen Bitcoins

Mark Karpelès, the former CEO of bitcoin exchange Mt. Gox, is getting a good look at the inside of a Japanese jail cell.

Ask Stoya: Put the rulers down!

The internet and technology have totally changed sex and relationships, we know you — you adults, anyway, this column is not for children!

The Moto X Style / Pure Edition is tearing at the fabric of reality

I have a problem: I don't know what to call Motorola's newest flagship phone. The problem is built into the previous sentence, but not fully encompassed by it; should I have referred to the phone as "the Moto X Pure Edition" or "the Moto X Style"?

How to upgrade to Windows 10 without waiting in line

Microsoft's Windows 10 upgrade is rolling out to millions of PCs worldwide. 14 million machines are now running Windows 10, but are you still waiting for your upgrade notification?

Sweeping 4K drone footage shows off Tesla's Fremont factory

Stephen Powelson recently flew his Phantom 3 drone over Tesla's battery factory in Fremont, California and recorded the flight.

The first trailer for Zoolander 2 was briefly posted to YouTube before being pulled

Forget Star Wars — the world's most anticipated sequel is unquestionably Zoolander 2. And the first trailer is here.

The first trailer for Zoolander 2 is here

Forget Star Wars — the world's most anticipated sequel is unquestionably Zoolander 2. And the first trailer is here.

US exploring ways to strike back against China hacking, says New York Times

Last month, millions of current and former US government employees had their personal information stolen in a hack believed to have originated from China — and the US may finally respond with more than words.

Trevor O’Brien, the product lead running all Twitter apps, is leaving the company

Trevor O’Brien, who joined Twitter a year and a half ago from YouTube and oversees product for Twitter’s iOS and Android apps, is departing the company, according to multiple sources.

Sony's C5 Ultra and M5 smartphones may be the latest to jump on the selfie phone bandwagon

Sony's mobile division may be bringing the rest of the company down, but that hasn't stopped the company from working on new phones just yet.

OnePlus draws a crowd in Times Square

It's been less than a week and over 1 million people have already reserved the OnePlus 2. And that's without ever having held or used it firsthand.

Engineers create world's first white laser beam

Researchers at Arizona State University have created the world's first white laser beam, according to a new study published in Nature.

Watch Kendrick Lamar as Uncle Sam in his “For Free? (Interlude)” music video

Kendrick Lamar has already given us three music videos for songs off his critically acclaimed sophomore album To Pimp A Butterfly, including the tremendous treatment for "Alright," which should pull in a VMA Award if there's any justice in the world.