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The US government still doesn't know how to protect itself from basic phishing attacks

Even after data breaches at multiple agencies and overall vows to do better on cybersecurity, government employees continue to be duped by cyber attackers’ phishing emails.

Google says its version of Facebook's instant articles will arrive early next year

Last month Google introduced Accelerated Mobile Pages, its open-source program designed to make web pages load much more quickly on mobile devices.

More Americans should take the HIV prevention pill, CDC says

About 1.2 million people in the US are HIV positive — and each year, that number grows by about 40,000.

Wait, is this plush children's toy jingle an absolute banger?

Ty Inc. — that's the company behind Beanie Babies and a host of other Beanie-related creatures — is releasing a new line of plush toys called Peek-a-Boos, little animals that double as cellphone stands and microfiber screen cleaners.

Why you shouldn't compare Blue Origin's rocket landing to SpaceX

For the past year, SpaceX has been trying to gently land its Falcon 9 rocket after launching it into space.

With US government as top donor, Tor Project looks to crowdfunding

Following up on goals set earlier this year, the Tor Project launched its first crowdfunding project today to expand its donor base beyond the US government and allow for spending flexibility.

Amazon pulls Nazi symbols from New York subway ad campaign

Part of Amazon's ad campaign for alternate history series The Man in the High Castle hasn't gone over well — specifically, the part that wrapped New York subway seats with iconography from Nazi Germany and Imperial Japan.

EU diesel emissions testing under fire from environmental group

In the wake of Volkswagen’s massive diesel emissions cheating scandal, every carmaker is under increased scrutiny with regulators around the world.

Felicia Day is joining the new Mystery Science Theater 3000

Two weeks ago, comedian Joel Hodgson launched a Kickstarter to revive cult favorite Mystery Science Theater 3000, and now he's announced a new piece of key casting: comedian Felicia Day.

Magic Leap's plan for the future used to be incredibly weird

As we start learning more about Microsoft's HoloLens augmented reality headset, it's becoming clearer than ever how little we know about rival headset Magic Leap.

Sesame Street's first HBO season will premiere on January 16th

Earlier this summer, Sesame Street announced that its next five seasons would air on HBO, after running for more than four decades on PBS.

JetBlue now allows free in-flight video streaming for Amazon Prime customers

After being teased earlier this year, Amazon Prime customers can stream video and music aboard any Wi-Fi-equipped JetBlue flight for free, starting this week.

The Man in the High Castle is a timely political narrative — against political narratives

It’s not surprising that The Man in the High Castle — an adaptation of Philip K. Dick’s classic novel set after a Nazi victory in World War II — has drawn praise as "the year’s most political show," or a dark reflection of present-day America.

How Chefsteps and Gabe Newell plan to transform sous vide cooking

This is the story of how a video game mogul, an airplane engineer, a scientist, a designer, and a bunch of chefs developed a new immersion circulator designed for sous vide cooking.

Vine arrives on the Apple Watch

Vine has come to the Apple Watch. Its watchOS app launches today with the ability to play tiny videos on your wrist and add a complication on certain watch faces that'll keep wearers up to date on how many times their videos have been looped.

T-Mobile will give you three months of unlimited data if you use low-quality video

For the next three months, T-Mobile is giving unlimited LTE data to all of its existing Simple Choice customers.

The Inu is a flashy, self-folding electric scooter made for carving through cities

The way we move around cities is changing. Ride-hailing and -sharing apps are helping lower our dependency on cars, and we're also seeing more ways to move around that don't involve cars at all.

The best tablet you can buy

We’ve seen a long lineup of new tablets this year at sizes big, regular, and small. But the everyday things we use tablets for — watching movies, playing games, browsing the web, checking email, and getting some light work done — still haven’t changed much in 2015.

Review: Creed passes on the Rocky torch and recaptures the original's spirit

In one of Creed’s many defining scenes, an aged Rocky Balboa, having long ago put down his boxing gloves, once again climbs the iconic Rocky Steps up to the Philadelphia Museum of Art.

Five things Spotify should steal from Rdio

The death of on-demand streaming service Rdio officially began Monday, when the company stopped billing current users and shut down new subscriptions.