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Julian Assange has yet more reasons for not keeping his Manning promise

In a Q&A on Periscope today, Julian Assange continued to squirm around questions over what exactly would be required for him to fulfill his promise to face charges in the United States should President Obama grant clemency to Chelsea Manning, as he did on Tuesday.

Mark Zuckerberg is suing Hawaiian land owners to secure his 700-acre island getaway

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg is going to great lengths to protect his privacy on the Hawaiian island of Kauai, where he purchased a 700-acre plot of land in 2014 for more than $100 million.

Obama’s NASA made strides on commercial space, but stumbled on exploration

Under the Obama administration, NASA has had a dynamic eight years. The Mars Curiosity rover landed, intact, on the surface of the Red Planet, and the Kepler mission launched to find planets outside our Solar System.

Watch GM’s self-driving car navigate the streets of San Francisco

Like most of its competitors, General Motors is betting hard on autonomous cars being the future of transportation.

Driver in fatal Tesla Autopilot crash had seven seconds to take action

The Tesla driver killed in a crash while the Autopilot system was activated last year would have seen the tractor trailer for at least seven seconds prior to impact, according to the NHTSA investigation of the accident.

Beeline is a bike compass that lets you choose your path

Navigational devices for bikes are nothing new, but Beeline is a different kind of bike GPS. The Bluetooth device doesn’t give riders a direct route to their desired location, but instead points them in the right direction with an approximation of how far they have left to travel.

Adoptly, the Tinder for child adoption, is indistinguishable from parody

Technology startups are fleeting and prone to failure, cropping up and disappearing as fast as our screen-addled attention spans.

Oh my god, a Lawnmower Man VR series is actually happening

We’re just getting settled in at the Sundance Film Festival, but virtual reality film companies are already using the show to announce new VR series — and one of them, yes, is based on the cult 1992 science fiction film The Lawnmower Man.

Tesla knew drivers were going to turn on Autopilot and then stop paying attention

Tesla knew its customers were likely going to misuse its semi-autonomous Autopilot system, and tested all the ways that could happen, according to a government report released today on the fatal accident last year in Florida.

Tesla’s crash rate dropped 40 percent after Autopilot was installed, feds say

Tesla’s crash rate dropped 40 percent after the electric carmaker installed its semi-autonomous Autopilot software, government regulators reported today.

Split review: M. Night Shyamalan’s low-budget comeback continues

The director of The Sixth Sense goes grindhouse Continue reading…

Yakuza 0 on PS4 is the perfect introduction to this weird, wild crime series

If you haven’t played a Yakuza game before, you might be picturing something along the lines of Grand Theft Auto, only set in modern-day Japan.

The Gorillaz release their first single since 2011 to take on Trump

The Gorillaz have been promising a return to form for nearly a year, but with Donald Trump about to claim the White House, the group saw fit to finally release new music.

Hands on with Fujifilm’s new X100F and X-T20

Fujifilm announced two new cameras today, the fixed-lens X100F and the interchangeable lens X-T20. Both cameras are updates to prior models in Fujifilm’s lineup, and introduce the 24.3-megapixel sensor and new processor from the company’s higher-end cameras.

Fatal Tesla Autopilot accident investigation ends with no recall ordered: report

The federal investigation into the fatal accident involving a Tesla Model S in Autopilot mode has ended, with no vehicle recalls being ordered, according to Reuters.

Facebook limits posts from media outlet RT during the inauguration, following copyright dispute

Facebook has limited the ability of media outlet RT to post to the site ahead of Donald Trump’s inauguration, RT says.

Apple and Amazon end decade-long audiobook exclusivity deal

Apple and Amazon have agreed to end an exclusivity agreement that made Audible the only seller of audiobooks inside of iTunes.

The Founder is to McDonald’s what The Social Network was to Facebook

One of the most telling details about The Founder, John Lee Hancock’s lively, bleak drama about the origins of the McDonald’s fast-food empire, is that the movie never actually makes McDonald’s food look tempting.

Giving robots ‘personhood’ is actually about making corporations accountable

The European Union is currently considering the need to redefine the legal status of robots, with a draft report last week suggesting that autonomous bots might, in the future, be granted the status of “electronic persons” — a legal definition that confers certain “rights and obligations.” It sounds like science fiction and that’s because it is: any engineer will tell you we’re a long way from seeing robot marches for civil rights.

Can the web be saved from terrible ads?

This week, Walt’s column highlights the problem with online ads, which may be degrading the online experience for users.