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Nintendo records best Q1 sales since 2012 thanks to Amiibo and Splatoon

Nintendo has published its first quarter earnings for the three months ending June 30th, revealing net sales of ¥90 billion ($727 million) and operating profit of ¥1.1 billion ($9.3 million).

Yelp reviewers tear apart American dentist who killed Cecil the lion

The man who paid $54,000 to kill a beloved lion in Zimbabwe was identified this week as Walter James Palmer, a dentist from Minnesota.

Microsoft is working on streaming PC games to Xbox One

Microsoft's Windows 10 operating system debuts today, enabling Xbox One game streaming to PCs. While that's a neat feature for Xbox One owners, Microsoft is working on streaming PC games to Xbox One consoles too.

You can now upgrade to Windows 10

Windows 10 is here. After nine months of public beta testing, the final version is rolling out to machines across the world.

Xbox chief doesn’t see 'as much value' in TV cable box features

When Microsoft originally unveiled the Xbox One nearly two years ago, the software maker was focused heavily on entertainment.

Nokia reveals Ozo, a futuristic new camera for filming virtual reality

Microsoft bought Nokia's handset business in 2013, two big questions hovered above all. The first was "why," and we never got a convincing answer: Microsoft wrote off $7.6 billion in Nokia costs this month, higher than the purchase price.

Victory's $19,999 Empulse TT electric motorcycle can go 140 miles on a charge

If the Empulse TT looks familiar, there's a good reason: it's a refreshed and rebadged version of the Brammo Empulse.

Facebook is testing out LinkedIn-style profile tags

Facebook seems to be taking a cue from LinkedIn and is early in the process of testing a new feature — profile tags.

Walt Mossberg reviews Windows 10

At its heart, Windows 10, which will begin rolling out gradually as a free update, is a rescue mission.

White House promises to speed up petition responses, now works with

Well, now we know why the White House has finally responded to a two-year-old petition to pardon Edward Snowden: it's clearing its backlog for some tweaks to the whole system. In a statement published today, the White House said it had just worked through 20 unanswered petitions submitted through its "We the People" platform; it's responded to a total of 275 since the system launched in 2011.

Twitter latest financials are strong but its executives are jumping ship

Twitter posted higher than expected revenues and profit today, and the stock was up more than 10 percent in after-hours trading.

How to get the Windows 10 update

Windows 10 is about to launch, and you're probably going to want to update. The good news is that Microsoft has made the process surprisingly painless.

The growth formula: Q&A with Kevin Weil, Twitter's head of product

Even at a company where executive turnover is the norm, running Twitter's product organization has been a particularly precarious job.

Verizon internet customers can subscribe to HBO Now starting today

Verizon is joining HBO's growing roster of partners that offer subscriptions to HBO Now, the premium network's stand-alone streaming service.

The Pentagon now says at least 192 laboratories accidentally received anthrax

A US Army lab accidentally shipped live anthrax to at least 192 laboratories, according to a Department of Defense statement.

Ouya reportedly cutting off indie studios' funding after Razer acquisition

Yesterday, game hardware company Razer confirmed that it had bought former Kickstarter gaming sensation Ouya.

Moto X Pure Edition camera forecast: mostly sunny with scattered doubts

We've said it once and then said it again and won't stop saying it: the camera matters, especially on Android, where the points of differentiation between flagship phones are becoming increasingly small.

CBS will live stream every national Super Bowl ad next year for the first time

The internet has changed the way we watch the Super Bowl, and media is following suit. Variety reports that CBS, in a game-changing move, will live stream every national ad during next year's big game in near-real time.

Silicon Valley CEOs are the default movie villains of our generation

Mark Zuckerberg is the model villain of our time. Where popcorn movies of previous eras installed Nazis, Soviets, space aliens, and zombies, we get a horde of tech CEOs.

Watch astronauts play with carbon-filled bubbles and their new 4K camera in space

NASA released today more 4K Ultra High-Definition (UHD) video footage captured by the space station's RED Epic Dragon camera — and it looks like the astronauts are having a lot of fun playing with their new expensive toy.