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New Vizio 4K Dolby Vision TVs Promise Mind-Blowing Pictures—and Prices

Looking for a TV with a picture as dynamic as its price tag? Then the new Vizio Reference Series 4K UHD sets might fit the bill.

Microsoft Debuts Surface Book, a 13-Inch Laptop

Microsoft today debuted the Surface Book, a 13-inch two-in-one laptop—the first laptop ever built by the company itself.

Why Tread-Life Warranties are Next to Useless

In making a tire purchase, long tread life is among the most important features sought after by many consumers, yet our real-life treadwear tests have found so much variation between the promise and the reality that it’s impossible to use the stated tread-life to accurately comparison-shop between brands.

Roku 4 Boasts 4K-Video Support, a New OS, and a Nifty Unified Search

The streaming media market has heated up in the past two weeks, with new players from Amazon Fire TV, Apple TV, and Chromecast.

Space Heaters Start a Warming Trend

Leave it to Dyson to create a space heater that looks better than most—and costs a lot more, too. And unlike some of the Dyson vacuum cleaners that Consumer Reports has tested over the years, the oval Dyson AM09 space heater lives up to its star billing, earning the top spot in our space heater tests.

First Look: The $50 Amazon Fire Tablet

With the new $50 Amazon Fire tablet, the Internet retailer is following the razor-and-blade marketing strategy.

Smart TVs: What's Your Set's IQ?

Like cat videos and Kardashians, smart TVs seem to be everywhere. According to market research firm Quixel Research, they'll represent close to 60 percent of the TVs sold this year, marking the first time sales of Internet TVs will outpace those of nonconnected sets.

Borrowers Will Like Latest Moves by CFPB

Two developments initiated by the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau are good news for those who borrow though mortgages and education loans.

Best Family Car Tires

After a year of testing and analysis, Consumer Reports has released new car tire ratings on 47 all-season and performance all-season tires models and 21 snow tires.

Keeping Up the Fight for Net Neutrality

In February the Federal Communications Commission approved historic rules to uphold net neutrality—the principle that your Internet service provider should let you access the web sites and apps you choose on an equal basis.

Why Amazon Will Stop Selling Apple TV and Google Chromecast

Amazon likes to say the customer comes first, but every now and then the business takes top billing—especially when the customer wants to buy an Apple TV or Google Chromecast streaming media player from

Is HGTV Paint Ready for Its Close-up?

Watching HGTV’s House Hunters, Fixer Upper, and Property Brothers can get you dreaming. Binge on a few episodes, and you quickly wind up looking for ways to improve your own home.

Common Memory Supplements Spiked With Vinpocetine, a Prescription Drug

If you take a trip down “memory” lane—in this case the aisle at your local pharmacy or vitamin store—you’ll see lots of products that claim to improve your brain function.

Best Blenders for $100 or Less

Blenders don’t make a ton of news, but when they do it’s usually a pricey, high-performance model that nabs the headline.

5 ways a tiny tick can knock you out

You probably know that Lyme disease is the scourge of the Northeast and upper Midwest. But did you know that most cases of Rocky Mountain spotted fever are reported in six states that are nowhere near that mountain range?

Get Ready for Hurricane Joaquin

In just a matter of days Hurricane Joaquin strengthened from a tropical storm into a hurricane and now residents up and down the Eastern Seaboard are tuning it to see which way the storm turns.

8 Products on Deep Discount in October

Consumer Reports tracks the prices of lots of products all year long, which means we can let you know which month (or, in some cases, months) you can find a deep discount on those items.

How to Buy Long-Lasting Tires

Tire buyers prioritize long tread life, as Consumer Reports research continues to show. Likewise, wearing out too soon is also one of the main gripes people have about the tires they already own.

Younger Adults More Likely to Use New Gadgets for Hearing Loss

If you have hearing loss, like one in six adults in the U.S., you probably haven’t done anything about it: Less than half have gone to a doctor or audiologist about the problem in the last five years, perhaps because they don’t want to wear a hearing aid or try a different technology.

Production 2016 Tesla Model X Crossover Unveiled

Tesla Motors has unveiled the much-anticipated Tesla Model X, the crossover iteration of its Model S with notable safety innovations and falcon-wing second-row doors.