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Small cap stocks may have run out of steam

When it comes to investing in 2014, small cap stock funds are likely to come in last place among investments.

Top refrigerator brands in Consumer Reports' tests

Consumer Reports current refrigerator Ratings include nearly 300 models, spread across the four main refrigerator configurations: top-freezers, bottom-freezers, side-by-sides, and built-ins.

Save gas and money with a manual transmission

In your quest for better fuel economy and more value, don't overlook the potential benefits of shifting yourself.

The most fuel-efficient SUVs

SUVs are very versatile vehicles for transporting passengers as well as cargo, but now you don't have to sacrifice fuel economy to get the space you want.  Many SUVs now have fuel economy that are comparable to sedans.  There are a few hybrids and diesel SUVs, but regular gasoline engines can be gas sippers in SUVs as well.

What you must know about GMOs and your health

One of the major arguments that supporters of genetically modified organisms make is that Americans have been eating foods containing those ingredients for more than 15 years, and there’s no credible evidence that people have been harmed.

Huge air bag recall spurs immediate action

Takata is not exactly a household name, but it may soon become one. Its products, such as safety belts and air bags, are in many cars on the road today, including 7.8 million that are being recalled.

Are you using the most reliable laptop?

Apple makes the most reliable laptops, according to the 2014 Annual Product Reliability Survey, conducted by the Consumer Reports National Research Center.

Don’t let your brain betray your investments

If your portfolio is underperforming the stock market, you could blame the caveman inside you. That’s because we make mistakes that often stem from the same root cause: We’re still wired to react to situations in the same way our preagrarian ancestors did thousands of years ago.

To clear indoor air, change your furnace filter

If the air in your house doesn’t seem up to snuff, your furnace filter may need changing. Now’s a good time to do it before we get into the heart of the heating season.

Huge air bag recall spurs immediate action

Takata is not exactly a household name, but it may soon become one. Its products, such as safety belts and air bags, are in many cars on the road today, including 7.8 million that are being recalled.

The dangers of antibiotic overuse

More than 95 percent of the 500 physicians surveyed in a new Consumer Reports National Research Center poll are concerned about the growing problem of antibiotic-resistant infections.

Briggs & Stratton adds teeth to its snow blowers

The Toro Power Clear 721E, $570, recently became the clear champion in Consumer Reports' tests of single-stage snow blowers—machines that offer respectable power for moderate snow yet can fit into the garage next to your car.

Scary-good new car deals for Halloween

With the 2015 model year now well underway, there are some scary-good new-car deals available on some very decent leftover 2014s.

Get a new kind of financial adviser at a discount

Financial advisers—the flesh-and-blood people you find in offices all over America’s Main Streets—can sometimes get a little sniffy when the topic of online financial advisers comes up.

Why some companies won't mail privacy policies to you

You know those privacy statements that come in the mail from financial institutions? The ones that you should read but probably never do?

New Mini Coopers get worse mpg than thought

For the fifth time in four years, an automaker has had to revise official government fuel economy labels downward as the Environmental Protection Agency tightens its oversight of fuel economy testing.

Best holiday gift ideas under $200

Sticking to a holiday-gift budget doesn't have to be hard if you map out your strategy in advance—a few gifts between $100 and $200, some $50 to $100, and a bunch that are $25 to $50 or even under $25.

Can cutting the cable cord really save you money?

Given the recent news that HBO, CBS, and Lionsgate are launching stand-alone streaming services, you may be thinking that the time is ripe to cancel your pay-TV contract and save lots of money.

7 surprising ways to use salt around the house

You can’t tell by looking at her but the iconic Morton Salt Girl has turned 100. For a century she has toted an umbrella and a free-flowing container of salt to illustrate the company’s motto: “When it rains it pours.” Back in the day salt tended to clump in damp weather.

Can the 2015 Ford Expedition EL keep up with the Chevrolet Suburban?

For most cars, buyers typically have the pleasure—or the pain—of cross-shopping among a dozen or more competitors.