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Is Obamacare working?

Way back last fall, when was so dysfunctional we advised people to stay away while it was being repaired, few people imagined that the new health law could possibly meet its informal target of signing up 7 million people for private health insurance during the first open enrollment period.

With thefts rising, smart phones need a ‘kill switch’

Even as smart phones continue to grow ever more sophisticated, they’re not immune to a very mundane problem: theft.

5 most significant cars from the New York auto show

The massive 2014 New York International Auto Show has hundreds of cars on display and dozens of all-new models and concept cars vying for attention.

Top Husqvarna mower features easy blade changes

Riding mowers are your best bet when tackling properties larger than a half-acre. But with all that cutting power comes maintenance challenges.

2015 Kia Sedona tries to escape the minivan stigma

Kia took the wraps off the Sedona 7- and 8-seat passenger vehicle at the New York auto show, but it avoided calling it a minivan.

Turn your yard from thirsty to thrifty with these tips

Not only do lawns soak up a lot of water but homeowners tend to over-water their grass in an effort to keep it green.

Anniversaries galore at the New York auto show

Car companies are always looking for a reason to throw a party. And what’s a bigger justification than patting themselves on their collective backs for a job well done… even if it was 50 or so years ago.

New Sony UHD media player lets you stream 4K Netflix

If you own, or are looking to buy, a Sony UHD TV and are looking for more 4K content, Sony's new 4K Ultra HD Media Player (FMP-X10) might interest you.

Review: Beats Studio Wireless Bluetooth headphone

Beats Electronics headphones are now commonplace, and models bearing the distinctive lower-case "b" can be seen wrapped around the necks—and jammed into the ears—of an awful lot of consumers.

Best golf stores to buy all your gear

When the crowd favorite Bubba Watson won the prestigious Masters on April 13 for the second time in three years, it no doubt inspired countless duffers to upgrade their game as well as their gear.

Do these 4 drug ads tell the truth?

Moody? Achy? Got high cholesterol? Watch TV and you’re apt to see a commercial pitching just the drug to cure what ails you—albeit with a long list of side effects.

Smart phone thefts rose to 3.1 million last year, Consumer Reports finds

About 3.1 million American consumers were victims of smart phone theft in 2013, Consumer Reports projects, based on our latest nationally representative survey of adult Internet users.

5 steps to protect your smart phone from theft or loss

One day, someone you don't know may end up holding your phone. Maybe you'll forget it in a taxi, or it will be snatched out of your hand.

Protect yourself from credit fraud

After Target and Neiman Marcus told tens of millions of shoppers that their credit- and debit-card information had been stolen, the retailers offered them a year of free credit monitoring.

'Company Doe' might finally be unmasked, and that's a win for consumers

In a major victory for consumers, the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Fourth Circuit has ruled (PDF) that a Maryland district court was wrong to conduct months of secret litigation and seal all records in Company Doe v.

How long should you keep your tax records?

Tax season is, thankfully, over (unless of course you had to file an extension). So what do you do with all those piles of papers and electronic files you had to amass to get the job done?

How to improve your memory now

You couldn’t find your keys this morning, blanked on the name of someone you met last week, and had to look up the instructions on how to record a TV show again.

Another breach like Target's is inevitable, security expert tells Consumer Reports

Expect more data breaches as large and severe as the Target breach. That’s the takeaway from our exclusive interview with a security expert Jeff Williams.

Google's Project Ara remakes the smart phone by taking it apart

“Project Ara” may not be a household phrase yet, but it could have a profound effect on the smart phone you'll be holding in your hands in a few years.

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