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'Talking Cars' Dishes on Mazda CX-5, Jeep Compass, and Honda Clarity FCV

Few vehicles have elicited as much interest from our viewers and readers as the redesigned 2017 Mazda CX-5 small SUV.

Even If You've Had Shingles, Get the Zostavax Vaccine

Nearly one in three American adults will experience an outbreak of herpes zoster, also called shingles, at some point in their lives.  Most will get the viral illness—which brings a blistery rash (often on the torso, and almost always only on one side of the body) and, sometimes, searing nerve pain—only once.

Hyundai Will Review TV Ad Featuring Profoundly Irresponsible Driver

Hyundai has decided to give some additional thought to a new ad for the Sonata where the driver gleefully tests the car's semi-autonomous safety features by behaving like a reckless buffoon.

The Worst Gas Grills Fizzle More Than Sizzle in Consumer Reports' Tests

As Consumer Reports discovered in its latest tests, some gas grills aren't so hot. The five grills included here scored 40 or lower out of a possible 100, earning a spot on our list of the worst grills we've tested.

Most and Least Reliable Clothes Dryer Brands

When your dryer, dies you can hang clothes and sheets out to dry. But let’s face it: In the rush-and-tumble of modern life, most of us are looking for ways to save time doing laundry.  So the survey team at Consumer Reports asked more than 57,000 subscribers about their experiences with electric and gas dryers bought new between 2009 and 2016 that aren't covered by a service contract.

Best Action Cams for $300 or Less

Like Q-tips and Kleenex, GoPro has defined its product category to the point where shoppers routinely forget to consider alternatives.

Why Renters Insurance Is Worth Buying

With college-graduation season here, scads of young adults will soon rent their first apartments and possibly buy their first renters insurance policy.  There’s little reason not to get it: The average policy costs just $190 per year, according to the National Association of Insurance Commissioners.

Google's Waymo Now Offering Self-Driving Car Rides to the Public

Google's Waymo is taking another step toward its driverless car future in Arizona, where the company is now accepting applications for a new program that gives regular people access to its fleet of self-driving minivans.

How Long Does Leftover Paint Last?

It’s always a good idea to save some leftover paint. But if you don't store that paint properly, years later, when hallway walls or exterior doors need touching up in spots, you might find that the paint has deteriorated to a point that you can't use it.

How Exercise Can Benefit Your Brain

Aerobic exercise, resistance training (such as weight lifting), and tai chi can all boost brain function in people older than 50, concludes a review published today in the British Journal of Sports Medicine.

Should You Get a Mumps Booster?

Mumps is on the rise in some parts of the U.S., and some public-health professionals are wondering whether the current vaccine is working as well as it needs to.

Smart Ways to Spend Your Tax Refund

Now that the main tax-filing deadline has passed, millions of Americans are focused on the other national ritual: Waiting for a tax refund.

Supreme Court: General Motors Can't Use Bankruptcy to Avoid Lawsuits Over Deadly Ignition Defect

The Supreme Court has denied General Motors' legal efforts to use its 2009 bankruptcy to block lawsuits over injuries and financial losses related to the carmaker's long-ignored ignition switch defect.

EpiPen Maker Mylan Sued State That Gave Preferred Status to Cheaper Alternative

As the price for the EpiPen emergency allergy treatment soared by some 600%, Medicaid regulators in one state tried to de-prioritize the drug in favor of a less-expensive alternative.

Best 4K TVs to Buy Right Now

With prices falling, 4K content options expanding, and features such as high-dynamic range (HDR) becoming more widespread, now might be the time you decide to buy a 4K TV.

A Mold Allergy Might Be Making You Miserable

Are you having episodes of sneezing accompanied by a drippy or stuffy nose? Are your eyes, lips, mouth, or nose itchy?

How to Fix the Red Tint on a Samsung Galaxy S8 Smartphone

The high-resolution, high-tech displays Samsung builds into its smartphones have consistently been among the best a consumer could buy, and have often earned top scores in our ratings.

How Green Are Electric Lawn Mowers?

Over the decade that Consumer Reports has been testing electric mowers, performance has improved dramatically.

The Best Gas Grills You'll Find at Lowe's

Walk into any home improvement center and you’ll see an armada of grills—a sure sign of spring. Lowe’s and Home Depot alone account for more than 40 percent of gas grills sold in the U.S.

How to Recycle Old Electronics

We love our devices—our TVs, laptops, tablets, and perhaps most of all, our mobile phones, those pocket-size miracles of computing power.