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5 Doctors Most Likely to Stick You With Surprise Medical Bills

It seems so unfair. You’re most likely to get hit with a big medical expense your insurance won’t cover when you’re most powerless to do anything to avoid it.

5 Essential Products to Help Weather a Winter Storm

“Never put off for tomorrow, what you can do today.” That notion, attributed to Thomas Jefferson, is doubly true if tomorrow’s forecast calls for a winter storm.

Why You Should Ditch Your New Year's Resolutions

Remember the optimism and enthusiasm you felt on Jan. 1.? The incredible motivation you had to make this the year you'll finally lose the extra weight, exercise more, get healthier or .

Are Cruciferous Vegetables Healthier Than Other Ones?

Trying to name the healthiest vegetable is like trying to choose a favorite child. They're all wonderful.

Marijuana: Good for You or Dangerous?

The National Academy of Sciences has just completed one of the most comprehensive reviews ever done of marijuana research.

Digital Maintenance: 5 Ways to Spruce Up and Protect Your Gear

It's time to treat your online accounts, laptops, and phones the way you handle a garage or a closet.

Should You Sign Up for the New Amazon Credit Card?

Amazon Prime loyalists and fans of the company's Alexa digital assistant will find a lot to like about the newly launched Amazon Prime Rewards Signature Visa card.

How to Fit Car Seats Three Across

One of the most common questions we hear from consumers is, which cars and car seats will make it easy for me to secure three child seats across the rear seat of my car?

How to Prevent Gift-Card Problems

Gift cards can be great to receive but they may also present you with a host of unexpected problems. If you received gift cards over the holidays, here are some steps you can take to minimize potential hassles.

3 Takata Execs Face Criminal Charges Over Handling of Deadly Airbag Defect

For the second time in one week federal authorities have taken the rare step of bringing criminal charges against auto industry executives for alleged wrongdoing.

How to Lower Your Medical Bills

If your healthcare costs are ballooning, you have plenty of company. About 25 percent of Americans reported having trouble paying their medical bills in the past year, according to a survey from the Kaiser Family Foundation and the New York Times.

Tesla Announces Supercharger Pricing Plan for New Customers

Last fall, Tesla announced that it would soon be pulling the plug on the totally free use of its Supercharger stations, giving prospective Tesla buyers until Jan.

Find the Best Mattress for Your Size and Sleep Style

Consumer Reports has just added 21 new mattresses to its ratings, bringing the total to just over 90.

Cheaper Epinephrine: Spend Way Less With This EpiPen Alternative

CVS pharmacies around the U.S. are now offering generic Adrenaclick—the cheaper alternative to EpiPen—for just $110 per two-pack.

How to Shop for a Wedding Dress

The January white sales are on, and we don't mean shopping for towels and sheets. Web searches for "wedding dress" and "wedding gown" tend to climb in January, which means lots of future brides are now shopping for a wedding dress.

Consumer Reports Now Recommends MacBook Pros

Consumer Reports has now finished retesting the battery life on Apple's new MacBook Pro laptops, and our results show that a software update released by Apple on January 9 fixed problems we’d encountered in earlier testing.

6 Surprising Ways to Save Money in 2017

When was the last time you took a close look at your expenses? If it’s been a while, the new year is a good time to figure out whether you’re wasting money on things you don't really need—or may be overlooking.

Appliance Drawers That Blend Into Your Kitchen

Much of what's on display this week at the NAHB International Builders’ Show in Orlando is big and bold, like the refrigerator and freezer columns that span 6 feet, looking more like a walk-in closet than a place to store food.

Fiat Chrysler Accused of Cheating on Diesel Emissions

Fiat Chrysler Automobiles became the latest auto giant to be accused of cheating on diesel emissions tests, allegedly using a method very similar to what Volkswagen has admitted doing in its multi-billion dollar settlements.

High-Tech Exercise Equipment Can Improve Your Workouts

If it’s been some time since you shopped for a treadmill or elliptical, you’ll find that while most machines look familiar, plenty has changed.