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Redesigned Audi A3 returns as a sharp sedan

Audi has redesigned the Audi A3 for the 2015 model year, focusing on a sedan variant for this generation.

'Staggered' car redesigns are becoming the norm

Everything old is new again, as the famous saying has it. This is especially true for carmakers and their marketing departments, which strive to offer vehicles that consistently pull in the big profits, just as when a model was hot, new, and exciting.

8 strategies to get the most from your homeowners insurance after a hurricane

Judith Rubin was the first to hear the odd noise coming from the basement garage as she and her husband, Justin, waited out Superstorm Sandy in their Long Beach, N.Y., home in October 2012.

Beware of vacation club fraud

A  lawsuit the Massachusetts attorney general recently filed against a Pittsfield vacation club and an affiliated company underscores why you should consider carefully before doing business with a discount travel company or vacation club.

Why does my new dishwasher take so long?

Between federal energy standards and the EnergyStar program, dishwasher manufacturers face myriad restrictions—some mandatory, some voluntary—that require them to make dishwashers that use less power and water.

Review: Samsung Gear 2 smart watch takes several steps in the right direction

A mere six months after Samsung released the Galaxy Gear, its first entry into the smart-watch category, the company's next-generation Gear watches (no Galaxy in the name now) have arrived, with some real improvements and refinements.

Upscale appliances at down-to-earth prices

Buoyed by signs of life in the economy, some Americans are spending more freely on luxury goods. If you’re ready to splurge wisely, consider this list of high-end appliances that earned top marks in Consumer Reports’ tests.

Does Obamacare raise taxes on ordinary Americans?

Q. I've heard that taxes are being raised dramatically for all Americans to cover the bureaucracy of Obamacare.

Don't be mislead by Publishers Clearing House

A Senate committee investigation says Publishers Clearing House may be misleading consumers by sending out sweepstakes solicitations that “push the limits” of federal law and legal settlements between the company and dozens of states.

Consider reading the manual or instructions before buying

A New York woman was left dumbfounded when she discovered that the storm door she had purchased was so difficult to put together that she'd have to pay a professional $200 to do it for her.

Our favorite green cars for Earth Day

Green cars don't have to have gray personalities. Too many gas misers range from dull and dowdy to downright dreary to drive.

5 steps to declutter your computer, phone, or tablet

Any time is a good time to rid your computer, phone, or tablet of useless and unwanted programs. Post-tax season, you're likely to have loaded them up with files you need to organize or delete.

How to recycle what goes into and on your car

Many Earth Day programs center around recycling everyday products such as consumer electronics. But did you know you can do your part when it comes to your car, too?

AT&T is looking to expand its gigabit fiber to 25 major metropolitan areas

AT&T announced yesterday that it was looking to extend its “ultra fast” U-Verse with GigaPower fiber Internet service, which is currently available in Austin, Texas, to a potential total of 25 major metro areas, delivering speeds of “up to 1 Gbps.” When reached for comment, an AT&T spokesman emphasized that the company has no solid plans currently to build out gigabit fiber in all of these cities, but that the company is looking at the business case for all of them.

LG G Flex curved smart phone bends but doesn’t break

Not many electronic devices make a claim for their physical flexibility. After all, smart phones, TVs, computers, and tablets are made from rigid plastic and glass, which are more likely to snap or shatter than bend forgivingly.

6 ways to save energy and money right now

Heating and cooling your home accounts for a whooping 54 percent of your energy use. Heating water for bathing and cleaning accounts for another 18 percent.

Netflix to raise streaming video prices for new members

If you've been thinking of getting or giving a Netflix subscription, it's time to make a move: The company says that it will be raising the price of a monthly streaming subscription a dollar or two within the next few months.

Investing in green funds

Today is Earth Day, and although its usually associated more with conservation tips and civic activities than it is with personal finance, socially conscious investing isn't a niche market.

Dealers not always plugged in about electric cars, Consumer Reports’ study reveals

You would think that if you were to go to a car dealership that sold electric cars, a salesperson would want to sell you one.

3 best places to sell your old gadgets

Could that pile of old electronics gadgets cluttering up your office or basement actually be worth some money?