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'Company Doe' might finally be unmasked, and that's a win for consumers

In a major victory for consumers, the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Fourth Circuit has ruled (PDF) that a Maryland district court was wrong to conduct months of secret litigation and seal all records in Company Doe v.

How long should you keep your tax records?

Tax season is, thankfully, over (unless of course you had to file an extension). So what do you do with all those piles of papers and electronic files you had to amass to get the job done?

How to improve your memory now

You couldn’t find your keys this morning, blanked on the name of someone you met last week, and had to look up the instructions on how to record a TV show again.

Another breach like Target's is inevitable, security expert tells Consumer Reports

Expect more data breaches as large and severe as the Target breach. That’s the takeaway from our exclusive interview with a security expert Jeff Williams.

Google's Project Ara remakes the smart phone by taking it apart

“Project Ara” may not be a household phrase yet, but it could have a profound effect on the smart phone you'll be holding in your hands in a few years.

Do you know your consumer rights? Take our quiz to find out.

Are you a savvy consumer? Do you pity the poor merchant that tries to pull as fast one on you? Play our Are You a Good Consumer?

It's not too late to apply for Medicaid

Open enrollment for private health insurance has come and gone for 2014, but you can apply for Medicaid at any time.

Do you know your secret credit scores?

That numerical expression otherwise known as the credit score is the absolute authority of your creditworthiness, right?

Get the look of a designer kitchen for less

Many of the hottest kitchen-design trends—bright colors, sleek shelving, focal point lighting and chic finishes—are easy to replicate even on a small budget.

Today is the last day to finish your health insurance application

If you started applying for health insurance before Open Enrollment ended on March 31, but for whatever reason never got around to finishing the job, you only have until midnight tonight to get it done.

BMW shows how an SUV can rival car-like fuel economy

BMW has prepared its customers for its exotic i8 plug-in hybrid and pure electric i3 for several years now.

Your rights if you fly to Phoenix, but your bags end up in Pittsburgh

During the first successful airplane flight in 1903, Orville Wright had to lie on top of a wing, next to the motor, in the open air.

Get your Google Glass via the Explorer program—but get it soon

 In case you've been living somewhere with no Internet access, news, or early adopter types (in another solar system, maybe?

Let’s give a shout-out to the quietest leaf blowers

Life in the leafy suburbs has gotten a little more peaceful with the newest crop of leaf blowers. Of the 23 leaf blowers recommended by Consumer Reports in its latest tests, five scored excellent for noise at 50 feet including a wheeled gas-powered blower, which is typically the noisiest kind.

How prepaid smart-phone plans stack up

Those smart phones we love so much eat up our data allowances—and our budgets. But while it's not uncommon to hear about consumers "cutting the cord" when it comes to pricey cable services, they're still a little hesitant to ditch a long-standing relationship with a contracted cell-phone provider.

How to choose the right prepaid phone plan for you

Thinking of moving to a no-contract, prepaid phone plan? Which plan you choose depends on how you'll use it.

Best spiral ham for your Easter dinner

If ham is a traditional part of your Easter feast and you won't have the time to make one from scratch, consider one of the spiral hams we taste-tested. The HoneyBaked Half was clearly the best of the bunch among those we checked out, but our testers enjoyed others, too.

Get the best deal on a Samsung Galaxy S 5 smart phone

Cell carriers are always fishing for new customers—and trying to lure business away from the competition.

Don't trust the claims on e-cigarette websites

We're several years into the electronic-cigarette era, and the Food and Drug Administration still has not said how it will regulate the devices.

How to file an income-tax extension with the IRS

Tuesday is the deadline for filing your 2013 federal income tax return to the Internal Revenue Service this year.