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Avoid 3 Common Viral Infections This Season

You probably expect colds and flu to be making the rounds during the chillier months of the year. But some other common viral infections can also crop up during winter.

Easy Steps for Getting Rid of Expired Medication

You probably don't give much thought to the unused medications taking up space in your medicine cabinet.

Tide and Persil Ace Consumer Reports' Tests

Persil laundry detergents first appeared in stores in 2015, and soon thereafter this import from Europe cleaned up in Consumer Reports’ tests, taking Tide down a notch.

Plugging Old Phone Chargers Into Fast-Charge Smartphones

Your dad’s old RadioShack universal adapter probably had a slide switch on it for adjusting voltage. And the reason for that was simple: A mismatch between the power needs of the Sony Walkman it was feeding and what the adapter actually delivered could have stopped Rod Stewart in his tracks—perhaps for good.

2018 Chevrolet Equinox Sheds Weight, Gains Turbo Engines

The next-generation Chevrolet Equinox replaces one of the oldest models in the brand’s lineup, bringing tidier dimensions, the latest infotainment and safety technology, two small displacement turbocharged engines, and a diesel choice.

Access to Google Play Store Is a Big Plus for Chromebook Users

Google began making its Play store available for select Chromebooks last month. And now that we’re a few weeks into this limited rollout, access to apps built for Android devices seems like a game-changer for users of the tech giant’s other operating system.

Consumer Reports Names Combi Travel System a Don’t Buy: Safety Risk

Safety is paramount when Consumer Reports tests strollers because, of course, they carry precious cargo.

Refrigerators That Keep Their Cool Without Overheating the Planet

Last week, more than 170 nations signed a global pact that will phase out hydrofluorocarbons (HFCs) from cooling appliances beginning in 2019.

Tesla Says It's Now Building All Cars with Fully Autonomous Capabilities

Tesla plunged headlong into the era of autonomous vehicles Wednesday, saying it would sell every model going forward with all the equipment needed for human drivers to relinquish control to their highly computerized cars.

Do You Really Need a Leaf Blower Vacuum?

At first glance, leaf blowers with a built-in vacuum seem to offer a one-tool solution to blowing and bagging fallen leaves.

How to Avoid Skin Infections at the Gym

You go to the gym to keep yourself healthy, not to get an infection.  But researchers are finding that the places where people congregate to get fit can also be breeding grounds for a wide variety of germs.

How Easy Is It to Burn Through a 1TB Data Cap?

We've already written about Comcast's push to saddle more of its customers with a broadband data caps—limits on the amount of data they can use each month without incurring additional charges.

For Bargain Hunters, First-Generation Apple Watch Is a Solid Choice

If you're shopping for a smartwatch, there's little reason to pick the recently launched Apple Watch Series 1 over the original model introduced in 2014.

13 Scary-Good New-Car Deals for Halloween

With the 2017 model year cars now crowding showrooms, there are some scary-good new-car deals available on some appealing leftover 2016s that are still haunting dealerships.

When to Say No to Antibiotics for Infection

When you see a doctor because you're not feeling well, you might expect a prescription for antibiotics.

Student Loan Debt for Recent College Graduates Increases Again; Now at $30K

With college tuition continuing to increase, it probably won’t surprise many people to learn that college graduates are leaving school burdened with more loan debt.

Wheeled and Backpack Blowers Best for Big Yards

If you have a sizable yard to clear, a backpack or wheeled leaf blower is your only real option. With their low price, handheld models might seem tempting, but they have serious limitations.

When It Comes to Digital Camera Reliability, Most Owners Are Highly Satisfied

In the age of the smartphone, it's easy to overlook the benefits of owning a digital camera. Until you start a family, venture off to see the wonders of the world, or try to shoot the bride and groom's first dance in a dimly lit wedding hall, you don't truly appreciate the superior image quality and versatility that come with a well-designed Canon or Nikon.

How Cold Is Too Cold to Paint Outside?

The summer of 2016 was one of the hottest on record, with above-average temperatures across the country.

Alternative Treatments for Arthritis to Consider and Those to Skip

If you’re one of the more than 50 million Americans with arthritis, there's a good chance you've thought about using methods other than medication to treat pain.