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Kyboka hand cart folds flat and straps to your shoulder

Hand carts are a great way to roll gear where it needs to go. But what happens when the gear you need to haul is the cart itself?

SpaceX receives order for second manned mission

SpaceX has been awarded a second post-certification mission order for its Crew Dragon manned spacecraft to ferry astronauts to the International Space Station.

Expanding yacht increases sun-soaked lounging and swimming enjoyment

The Italian-built Evo 43 makes itself known as a sharp, stylish boat the minute you spot it on the water.

How dastardly squirrels drive crime scene investigators nuts

Crime scene investigators already have plenty to worry about. But now they've got one more foe: squirrels.

Improved memory may be just a brain-zap away

Why do we need to sleep? Well, for one thing, that's when our brains sort and process what we've learned during the day, storing it away as memories.

Corkscrew-shaped vortex lasers could keep Moore's Law kicking a little longer

In recent years, concerns that Moore's Law is about to fall apart have been intensifying as engineers have just about squeezed the maximum amount of processing power possible out of each atom in intricately fabricated silicon chips.

Fighting biofilms by messing with the language of bacteria

If you've ever had a vase of flowers develop a stinky slimy film inside, then you're familiar with biofilms.

Getting out of Auto: Understanding ISO on your digital camera

Camera manufacturers increasingly like to crow about ISO ranges when launching a new camera, with high ISO numbers now reaching into the hundreds of thousands.

Dream Home 2.0: Starchitect plans on a budget

In the 1990's, Life magazine ran a series of articles in which they asked some of the most renowned architects at the time to design homes that could be built for under US$200,000.

Is exposure to deep space radiation killing off Apollo-era astronauts?

Florida State University Professor Michael Delp has identified a link between deep space radiation exposure and a high rate of mortality due to cardiovascular problems in astronauts who flew beyond low-Earth orbit (LEO) during the Apollo program.

Comets aren't collision crumbs according to Rosetta

The Rosetta mission is dispelling the notion that comets are leftover bits from crushing cosmic collisions.

Princeton is building a better selfie

Millions of selfies are snapped every day, all over the world. While there are plenty of tools out there to add filters to images, the end results are rarely the same as reality, with the proximity of the camera causing unflattering distortions.

Skydiver to plummet to Earth with no parachute or wingsuit

There's a good reason people don't throw themselves out of airplanes without parachutes or wingsuits, and that's because it rarely ends well.

New York's acoustic buoy detects first whale species

Last month, an acoustic monitoring buoy was put in place in the New York Bight, listening out for sounds from some of the world's largest mammals.

BMW M4 Coupé to hit the track as M4 GT4

What you see above is the first glimpse of BMW's upcoming M4 GT4 racer. It is set to supersede the popular M3 GT4 as BMW's offering for GT4 class race championships.

Solar cell sucks up CO2 and spits burnable fuel out the other side

Recreating a plant's ability to use sunlight to turn carbon dioxide into fuel, something known as artificial photosynthesis, is one of the holy grails of green energy research.

LaFerrari, 918 Spyder and McLaren P1 to go under auctioneer's hammer

From humble beginnings, hybrid technology has been turned into a weapon of performance by Ferrari, Porsche and McLaren.

SeaCharger completes California to Hawaii ocean adventure

Back in May, engineer Damon McMillan announced that his two-year garage project would start making its 2,000-mile solo voyage on Memorial Day.

Retro-Bit Generations brings arcade classics home

It's fast turning into 1990 all over again. Within the next few months, Nintendo's iconic NES is being shrunk down and loaded up with games, and Sega is following suit with a new mini Mega Drive.

Smart bricks would enable walls capable of generating electricity, clean water and oxygen

A lot of things are becoming "smart" these days, but bricks might not be something you'd expect to be added to the list.