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Zwift combines indoor bicycle training with massive multiplayer online gaming

Indoor bicycle trainers may allow cyclists to keep fit and go through the physical motions of riding a bike, but let's be honest ...

Lighter, faster 2015 BMW S1000RR with lean angle readouts and cruise control

BMW has re-worked its class-leading S1000RR superbike in two directions – more performance and more rider-friendly usability.

iPhone 6 vs. Samsung Galaxy Note 4

With this year's batch of iPhones, Apple finally has a Galaxy Note competitor in the iPhone 6 Plus. But how does the smaller iPhone 6 compare to the Note 4?

Five things we've noticed about Destiny

Despite its hugely successful launch, the reviews of Destiny have been underwhelming. Being the new online first-person shooter from Bungie, the creators of Halo, that comes as something of a surprise.

RipSurfer X Workout System: A Full-Body Surf Trainer

While the sun is still shining, the surfer lifestyle is definitely the way to go — complete with tan, outrageous sunglasses and toned physique.

Seaweed could provide a safer alternative to antibacterial silver

Silver nanoparticles are very effective at killing bacteria, finding use in everything from water filters to non-smelly clothing.

Digitsole warms your feet while counting calories

Digitsole is an interactive insole for your shoe, capable of performing three functions your run-of-the-mill insole would struggle with.

Scientists plan on turning the Moon into a giant particle detector

What is the Moon good for? Aside from inspiring poets, helping you see at night, and giving Neil Armstrong some place for a stroll, what can you do with it?

Relonch adds a "real" camera to the iPhone

Although there are already plenty of add-on lenses and apps that allow you to take better photos with your smartphone, they all ultimately still utilize the phone's existing lens and image sensor ...

Basis Peak is a stylish fitness tracker with smartwatch-like notifications

Basis has announced a new wearable that aims to provide accurate, convenient and comprehensive fitness tracking.

Windows 10 kills the Start Screen, runs on wide variety of devices

It’s no secret that Windows 8 was not a particularly successful release, as Microsoft struggled to convince both consumers and businesses of the virtues of its split nature.

Ostrich Pillow Mini makes your arm soft for a snooze

When you have a busy lifestyle or you're traveling, it can be difficult to get enough sleep. To combat this, Kawamura Ganjavian dreamt up the now (in)famous Ostrich Pillow, which became a reality in 2012.

Firefox OS-based Matchstick takes aim at Google’s Chromecast

Matchstick is a new streaming dongle aiming to compete directly with Google’s low-cost Chromecast product.

Net staircase makes getting upstairs more fun

Moving between the levels of a building is not something people tend to think of as anything other than perfunctory.

HP Stream laptops and tablets provide Windows on a budget

HP has announced a new range of Windows-based tablets and notebooks. The devices, all of which carry the Stream moniker, hit a low-end price point and come with cloud storage solutions – a signal that the company is taking aim at the Chromebook market.

Kawasaki smashes the superbike class with 300-horsepower, supercharged Ninja H2R

Hype is so common these days, and the more something is hyped, the more we tend to expect to be disappointed.

Packtasche bike carrier is made from cardboard

Two architecture and design students from Vienna have designed a cargo carrier for cyclists that would nicely match the cardboard bicycle and helmet.

hub by Premier Inn hotel will allow guests control their room with a smartphone

Hotel rooms can be impersonal and transitory places, designed for a high turnover of guests. To make the hotel experience more comfortable, the new hub by Premier Inn chain will put control into the hands of customers, who will book, check-in and control their room facilities via a smartphone app...

Electric Bubblegum skateboard keeps costs low with replaceable, 3D-printed parts

Electric skateboards may be getting faster and lighter, but that doesn't mean they've been getting a great deal cheaper.

VW Passat GTE plug-in hybrid makes 141 mpg

The 2014 Paris Motor Show is shaping up to be a showcase of fuel saving technologies. Citroen and Peugeot are showcasing compressed-air hybrids, while Volkswagen will reveal a "GTE" plug-in hybrid version of its eighth-generation Passat that boasts economy figures of 141 mpg (2.0 l/100km)...