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Orbex scouting for space rocket launch site in Scotland

Scotland: the land of mist and mountains long associated with kilts, bagpipes, haggis ... and now space launches.

Can magnetic space tugs clean up space junk?

Space debris is a growing problem, so to keep the orbits around Earth free of manmade hazards, an ESA-funded scientist is developing a magnetic space tug that could lock onto derelict satellites and deorbit them before they become a hazard to navigation.

Telescoping wooden caravan raises the roof on small living

Woodenwidget has managed to put a very interesting spin on the classic pop-up camper. It's designed a sort of wooden gypsy caravan with a two-part body that rises up at camp.

Artificial iris responds to light on its own

While the pupil may be the opening in the eye that lets light through to the retina, the iris is the tissue that opens and closes to determine the size of the pupil.

Diabetes device scrutinizes sweat for a week at a time

While there are already biosensors that help people manage type 2 diabetes, they're single-use devices that have to be replaced on a daily basis.

HTC teases new Edge Sense features for its squeezable U11 smartphone

When HTC unveiled its new flagship U11 smartphone last month, the most interesting feature was a so-called Edge Sense technology that basically lets you squeeze the device to perform certain actions.

Zus tire monitor sends slow leak alerts to your smartphone

Deflating tires are at best an inconvenience and at worst a real danger, but often a leak doesn't reveal itself until much of the pressure is gone.

New sound may ensure privacy, but could also help bank robbers

Most microphones are designed to emulate the human ear, hearing sounds that we hear, and not hearing ones that we don't.

Jaguar Land Rover readies its Autonomous Urban Drive for public roads

Jaguar Land Rover is powering ahead in its pursuit of a driverless future, showing off its so-called Autonomous Urban Drive technology as it gears up for public trials.

Caltech ditches the optics for a slimmer camera future

While cameras continue to get smaller, using a lens to focus light physically limits this process, even with ultra-thin flat lenses on the way, and explains why so many smartphones have protruding camera bumps.

Scribbler crafts world's first dual nozzle 3D printing pen

Adding a third dimension to sketches with a 3D printing pen can bring a whole new layer of fun to doodling.

This house looks like it's still under construction (in a good way)

Australian architect Alexander Symes purchased his first house back in 2008. Finding it rather tired and in need of a lot of maintenance, he took the opportunity to carry out a radical renovation.

Google makes virtual reality easier for viewers and creators with new VR180 format

One of the easiest ways into virtual reality right now is through the 360-degree videos pushed by the likes of Facebook and YouTube, spherical movie balls that you sit inside and peer around in.

Amazon envisages drone-delivery towers for urban areas

A patent filed by Amazon outlines the company's vision for vertical drone delivery hives that could be destined for urban centers.

How 3D printing, lasers and sugar add up to industrial scale graphene production

The carbon-based wonder material graphene is starting to make the leap from two dimensions to three. Back in February, researchers from Rice University created 3D graphene foam supported by carbon nanotubes, but it was difficult to make.

Katja and Miracle Mike (the Nitrous-breathing Indian Scout named after a headless chicken)

Former Grand Prix rider Katja Poensgen only signed on to ride for the resurrected Indian brand on June 10, but in the following week she has taken two spectacular wins and generated more race-winning publicity than the brand has had in Europe for a century.

Dutch bike lock disables smartphones while on the move

Plenty of time and effort has been dedicated to reducing the number of car accidents caused by smartphones, but drivers aren't the only road users susceptible to distraction.

Move over, Planet 9: Does a Mars-sized 10th planet lurk beyond Pluto?

In January last year, astronomers from Caltech suggested that a gigantic so-far-undiscovered planet might be lurking on the fringes of the Solar System.

Answering why ketamine helps depression could lead to safer drugs

First synthesized in 1962, ketamine was initially used for pain relief and as an anaesthetic before drifting into recreational circles due to its dissociative and hallucinogenic properties.

DJI drone buying guide: Spark vs. Mavic vs. Phantom

Plenty of companies are jostling to get drones in the air, but in our experience over the last few years, DJI has always managed to keep a step ahead.