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12 perfect holiday gifts for smartphone lovers

Christmas is fast approaching and if you're still stuck for gift ideas for friends and family, then you might want to think about smartphone accessories and add-ons – chances are the people you're buying for have a phone, so we've picked out 12 ideal gifts that are sure to be appreciated...

Laser holograms create 3D-printed objects in seconds, no layering required

To create complex 3D-printed objects in seconds instead of hours or days, a team of scientists and engineers led by Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory (LLNL) have developed a hologram-like process that uses lasers to form complete objects in seconds inside a tank of liquid resin.

Next-gen exoplanet-hunting spectrograph achieves first light

The hunt for exoplanets enters a new phase as European Southern observatory's (ESO) Echelle SPectrograph for Rocky Exoplanet and Stable Spectroscopic Observations (ESPRESSO) achieves first light at the agency's Very Large Telescope (VLT) in Chile.

Manhart turns the BMW X6M into a 900-hp dirt-ripping machine

German tuning-house, Manhart, has been well-known for boosting the performance of BMW's M-division vehicles, through bolt-on parts and engine swaps.

Speech recognition technology used to analyze Apollo mission tapes

There was a lot more said during the Apollo 11 missions besides "The Eagle has landed and "That's one step for man." To help preserve and make accessible the thousands of hours of recorded mission audio, a team of researchers at the University of Texas at Dallas used speech recognition technology to unscramble and analyze the conversations between astronauts, mission control, and technicians in between across a quarter of a million miles of space...

Fynoti offers home security on a budget

Home security systems can be expensive, what with hardware costs, installation and subscription fees.

Tringa road-legal boat drives itself to and from the water

There's a conventional piece of wisdom you're almost guaranteed to hear anytime you start talking boats: the two best days of boat ownership are the day you buy the boat and the day you sell it.

Bespoke wristwatch is 3D-printed for a premium fit

We've already heard about technology that allows custom-fit plastic casts to be made for patients, based on 3D scans of the injured limb.

Mac Ride puts a tyke on your mountain bike

When Canadian mountain biker Glen Dobson first wanted to take his young son out riding with him, he discovered that none of the existing child seats met his needs.

MVRDV plans pixelated towers for Abu Dhabi

MVRDV has revealed a new mixed-use residential development planned for Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates, appropriately named Pixel.

Crowdfunded bubble EV charges ahead

A little over 12 months after launching a crowdfunding campaign to develop a new battery electric city car, Sweden's Uniti has unveiled its first two-seater – the appropriately-named One.

Japanese drone shoos overworked staff out the door with music

Many of us don't need any extra incentive to clock off at the end of the work day, but in Japan the intense business culture means many office workers put in too much overtime.

Google Street View captures millions of migrating crabs on Christmas Island

From the comfort of our own homes, Google Street View can give us a look at some of nature's most spectacular sights, with everywhere from the Himalayas to the Amazon now just a few clicks away.

Nvidia targets scientists with world's most powerful GPU for PCs

Nvidia is a name long recognized by gamers, but its GPUs don't just help up the resolution and keep the frames ticking over on the latest AAA titles.

Fashion on the final frontier: The story of the spacesuit

Ever since NASA retired the silver lamé Mercury spacesuits of the early 1960s, astronauts have fallen behind in the fashion department, but now a new generation of spacesuits is being developed for both the public and private sectors.

New metallic glass material created by starving atoms of a nucleus

Metallic glass is an emerging type of material, so its secrets are still being discovered. While working with the stuff, a team of Yale researchers created a brand new type of metallic glass, by shrinking samples down to the nanoscale until it forms a unique crystalline phase...

In photos: SUVs, trucks and vans of the 2017 LA Auto Show

Cars, trikes and bikes aren't the only things worth seeing at this year's LA Auto Show. As usual, the show is playing host to its fair share of awesome large and rugged vehicles, with the all-new Jeep Wrangler at the head of the pack.

Cheap biomaterial can be tapped or squeezed for cleaner power

With their ability to generate electricity from mechanical stress, piezoelectric systems made from synthetic materials are great and all, but you know what might be even better?

CRISPR breakthrough treats diseases like diabetes without cutting DNA

CRISPR-Cas9 shows incredible promise in treating a wide range of diseases, from HIV to cancer, by making precise edits to the genome.

British carrier HMS Queen Elizabeth commissioned

The British supercarrier HMS Queen Elizabeth officially joined the Royal Navy today at Portsmouth naval base.