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MIT is working on a fully autonomous robo-builder that designs and prints homes

This MIT robot, rolling on tank tracks, can already 3D-print a concrete dome structure in 14 hours. But the development team has plans to have it roaming the land on its own, selecting and clearing building sites, designing homes, gathering building materials and completing construction without any human intervention...

With the barley genome sequenced, better beer and whiskey is on the table

Sequencing the entire genome of an organism is no easy feat, but the benefits can be as important as saving species from the brink of extinction, fighting cancer, getting rid of pests – and now, brewing better booze.

Flight tests of Lockheed's Fury drone heat up ahead of production

Over a series of flight tests in the last 12 months, Lockheed Martin's Fury drone has demonstrated a reliable ability to fly for more than 12 hours at a time.

Flight tests of Lockheed's Fury drone heat up ahead of production

Meet the Fury drone, Lockheed Martin's latest Group 3 Unmanned Air System. Built for electronic surveillance, recon, intelligence and communication link missions, the Fury launches off a trailer-mounted catapult and lands by flying headfirst into a big net...

New 2DS XL shows Nintendo hasn't switched off support for 3DS family

While most of the Nintendo buzz lately has been focused on the portable/home console hybrid, the Switch, a surprise announcement today shows the company hasn't completely dropped its other portable gaming line.

Nissan expands Nismo to wider range of cars in more markets

NISMO is one of the most recognizable names in world motorsport, but Nissan has been slow to capitalize on its pull.

Musclebound mice study brings "exercise pill" a step closer

New research could mean that a pill to provide some of the same health benefits as exercise could eventually move from fantasy to reality.

Four new human rights proposed to protect us from mind reading and brain hacking

The human brain is an enigma wrapped in a skull, but the field of neuroscience is beginning to unravel its secrets.

Forget shots – diabetes smartphone app tells cells when to produce insulin

Given that there are currently 415 million adults around the world with diabetes, it's not surprising there's a multi-billion dollar market for diabetic devices.

Gear VR with controller review: VR’s casual gaming wonder machine

Samsung and Oculus are back with another Gear VR – the third in 17 months (or fifth in two and a half years, if you count the two semi-consumer Innovator Edition models).

Light-equipped pillow waits for light sleep

By now, most people are familiar with sunrise alarm clocks – they're the ones that gradually wake you up by simulating a sunrise.

All-terrain Nissan Leaf to tackle 10,000 miles of rough road in Mongol Rally

Based on its small size and limited range, the Nissan Leaf would usually be one of the last vehicles you'd choose for driving thousands of miles through remote areas of the world.

Gut electronics could be wirelessly powered

Over the past several years, we've heard about a number of swallowable electronic devices that perform functions such as transmitting video and measuring gases as they pass through the gastrointestinal tract.

Scientists make see-through bones

First came transparent brain tissue, then mostly transparent mice. Now, researchers at Caltech have applied a tissue-clearing technique to make bones see-through.

Whispering whales keep baby humpbacks safe

Baby humpback whales face something of a baptism of fire when they're introduced to the world. Born in the tropics during the summer, these calves take on as much weight as possible before embarking on an epic 5,000-mi (8,000 km) journey to the food-rich waters of the Antarctic or Arctic.

Acer unveils fanless 2-in-1, a line of affordable notebooks and a slim gaming laptop

Acer announced a profusion of products at a press event in New York today. Highlights include additions to the Switch 2-in-1 line, a new line of affordable Aspire notebooks and the Predator Triton 700 gaming laptop...

Mars astronauts may be whipping up batches of no-bake bricks

Should we ever get human settlers on Mars, they'll likely have to construct their buildings at least partially out of Martian soil.

SMART cells open door to arthritis vaccine

Combining two cellular-editing processes, researchers have developed cartilage that fights inflammation.

X-ray crash-testing reveals stress on internal car parts

A busted bumper or banged up panel can give some indication of the severity of a car crash, but what about the unfortunate vehicle's insides?

New device aims to put brake lights on motorcyclists' heads

A new startup from California is campaigning for a smart motorcycle brake light that can be fitted to any helmet without requiring installation on the bike.