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Renault, Nissan and Microsoft partner on connected driving

Renault, Nissan and Microsoft have announced that they are working together on connected driving technologies.

Escape shrinks the Vista tiny house, keeps same great view

It seems like tiny houses are growing in size lately and we're regularly seeing models that exceed 300 sq ft (27.8 sq m) of floorspace.

Komatsu's robotic mining truck completely dumps the driver

Komatsu's latest autonomous truck fully embraces the notion of unmanned operation by ditching the cabin and adopting a design that optimizes load distribution and doesn't distinguish between forwards and backwards...

MelloShip lets you hang out on the water

The flat-decked BeachRay or Chilli Island's floating lounge chair look like great ways to relax at the beach, but what if you could take one of the comfiest places to park your butt on dry land and put in on the water?

World's oldest computer music recording restored

The world's oldest known recording of computer-generated music has been restored to its former glory by a team from the British Library.

Roller coasters add some thrills to treating kidney stones

Kidney stones aren't anyone's idea of a good time, but treating them could be more fun than we think.

McLaren launches all-electric P1 ... for younger drivers

McLaren has announced an all-electric P1, which speeds from 0 to top speed in a mere two seconds. Admittedly, the feat is a little less impressive when you realize that top speed is 3 mph (4.8 km/h) and the open-top roadster is aimed at children six and under.

Axial stack battery design could unlock the era of supersonic electric airliners

Luke Workman is a complete maniac. He's also one of the world's leading lithium battery pack designers for electric vehicles, and he's come up with a revolutionary battery design that he says could bring on clean, quiet, long-distance, commercial-scale supersonic airliners.

Review: ShockStop stem smooths rough rides

Over the years, various companies have introduced their own take on the suspension handlebar stem. A lot of those stems were intended for mountain biking, and as a result were rather gawky-looking and thus unpopular with consumers.

Is that a lively ocean beneath the surface, or is Europa just happy to see us?

Of all the bodies in our solar system, none arouse the interest of life-seeking astronomers in quite the way Europa does.

Apple Watch Series 2 review: Dynamic wearable, but no killer app

The Apple Watch Series 2 has a few new tricks up its sleeve, but will you want to wear it on yours? While its processor, display and interactivity make it impressively capable, the new Apple Watch remains a sleek gizmo without a killer app.

Hands-on: Instant impressions of the Leica Sofort

The Leica Sofort feels like it would be more at home on the beaches of Cannes, or backstage at a Milan fashion show, than the German exhibition hall setting of Photokina.

Roku refreshes streaming player line-up with new budget and 4K boxes

Roku has refreshed its line-up of video streaming players, with the aim of catering for all types of viewers.

Shape-shifting proteins layered like a cake could set Alzheimer’s in motion

Scientists have established a rough outline of how Alzheimer's disease takes hold, and bit by bit they are starting to fill in the details.

macOS Sierra review: Siri and iCloud take control

After months of beta testing, Apple last week pushed the final version of macOS Sierra to compatible iMacs, MacBooks, Mac Pros and Mac Minis.

Hands-on with Sony's super-speedy A99 Mark II

It appears Sony's A-mount camera system is not, as some had feared, going the way of the Dodo. The firm used Photokina to reveal a new flagship camera in the form of the Alpha A99 II, and it looks like quite the beast.

Zaha Hadid leaves glass boat high and dry in Antwerp

Even her harshest critics could hardly accuse Zaha Hadid of being content to play it safe, and the starchitect's latest posthumously-completed work reminds us of the unwavering self-confidence that typified her designs.

Nissan GT-R gets the NISMO treatment for new Track Edition

Nissan has unveiled a new Track Edition of its flagship GT-R model. Based on the car's 2017 vintage, which premiered in March, it has been engineered by the marque's NISMO racing division, which has squeezed in a few more horses under the hood and added some stiffness and stability to the ride...

Aerovelo tops human-powered speed record with 89.59 mph bullet bike

Aerovelo has set a new human-powered speed record using its specially designed aero bike. Running at the World Human Powered Speed Challenge in Battle Mountain, Nevada, the egg-shaped Aerovelo Eta managed to hit 89.59 mph...

Solar panels cut down on range anxiety in German compact EV

As electric power becomes more widespread, novel workarounds to minimize range anxiety are becoming more common.