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Toy-filled sports utility yacht (the SUY?) floats more fun on the high seas

Some of the folks fortunate enough to own yachts are content to navigate ocean water, bathe in rays while sipping on flutes of Dom, and maybe dip a toe in the crystal-blue water.

Hands-on: Rebellion headphones serve up sonic sound in 3D

In a bid to add a new dimension to your music, video and gaming listening experiences, Cape Audio has just launched an Indiegogo campaign for its flagship Rebellion 3D headphones.

Newly discovered "micro-lion" fossil reveals entirely new extinct species

A team of researchers from the University of New South Wales has discovered a new species of the extinct marsupial Thylacoleonidae lion family that weighed just 600 grams, making it smaller than its younger relative, Thylacoleo carnifex.

SpaceX's Dragon scuttles back to Earth with space-mice and science onboard

SpaceX has been sending its Dragon capsule on resupply missions to the International Space Station since 2012, when it became the first commercial ship to achieve such a feat.

Convertible velomobile looks hot, but is made to stay cool

For those who don't know, velomobiles are (usually) recumbent tricycles that are enclosed in an aerodynamic fairing.

School yourself: 6 apps to get students and families through the academic year

The start of a new school year is a hectic time, but app developers have busy students' and families' backs.

Teen's woodpecker-inspired system aims to reduce football concussions

In recent years, a growing mountain of evidence has linked the brutal action of American football and frequent concussions suffered by players to long-term brain damage.

Artificial wave-filled lagoon would bring more surf to Perth

There are a number of places you might choose if you want to go surfing in Perth, Australia, but Alfred Cove, on the Swan River, probably isn't one of them.

Juno set for a (relatively) close brush with the clouds of Jupiter

NASA's Juno spacecraft is set for a close encounter with one of the most visually striking and enigmatic bodies in our solar system – the planet Jupiter.

Hey Siri, study says speech recognition software blitzes humans at texting

A lot has changed with speech recognition software since that time we published a whole article written entirely by 2009's hottest speech-to-text engine, Dragon NaturallySpeaking (it did a pretty good job, all things considered).

Engineering 'lego-like' proteins to create color ultrasounds

Ultrasound technology can be a pretty versatile tool. Just this week, we learned that doctors from the Salk Institute have successfully used it to 'jump-start' a coma patient's brain, and in the past it's been utilized for improving drug delivery, healing chronic wounds, and it might even help treat Alzheimer's.

One big question: Why can't we 3D print functioning organs today?

We recently reported on an alliance between four companies that has successfully 3D printed heart structures in a weightless environment.

Top Motorcycle sales at Monterey Car Week 2016 (and 7 bargains still available)

This is not a normal auction report in that we've included a number of significant bikes that didn't sell, and we've listed them with their high bid.

NASA probes Namibian clouds to help predict future climate models

NASA has taken two of its research aircraft and a bunch of scientists to the coast of Africa to study minute particles suspended in the atmosphere known as aerosols.

Amazon motors into auto listings, but only for research

Amazon can be useful for researching products, even if you don't end up buying them there. That, ostensibly, is the point of Amazon Vehicles, a new place to find information on cars and to draw upon the knowledge of its community...

Tiny home's unusual layout maximizes available space

France's Baluchon recently put the finishing touches to its latest tiny house, the Odyssée. In a bid to make use of every inch of available space, the firm designed an unusual interior layout that includes an upstairs lounge, a kitchen that's split into two, and an additional small bedroom that could serve as a child's room or guest room.

Mercedes goes campin' with expanded leisure van line

Volkswagen may be the German automaker most renowned for camper vans, but it's not the only one offering them.

We could bring the woolly mammoth back to life, but should we?

While a real-life Jurassic Park may not be opening any time soon, bringing back more recently-extinct species, like the woolly mammoth or the dodo, is a distinct possibility.

How VR is rewriting the rules of storytelling

New Atlas speaks to Eric Darnell, co-founder of Hollywood VR studio Baobab, and Google's principle VR filmmaker Jessica Brillhart about the challenges in taking traditional storytelling into the nascent medium of virtual reality...

BYD Denza 400 points to Daimler's EV future

Earlier this year, Daimler flagged the lightning-quick rate of battery development as crucial to future Mercedes EVs.