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Stelia uses 3D printing to create self-reinforcing aircraft fuselage panel

French-based Stelia Aerospace demonstrates that 3D printing has the potential to go large when it comes to aircraft construction by unveiling the first printed self-reinforcing fuselage panel.

Samsung patents flying screen that follows the eye

If you've ever wished for a third hand so you can watch your phone while doing the dishes, Samsung might be answering your prayers in a roundabout, potentially dystopian way.

Branson's Virgin Hyperloop One to build test track in India

Although we're yet to see a Hyperloop system hit its promised subsonic speeds, it is full steam ahead when it comes to route-planning and feasibility studies.

Cabin by the Sea tiny home is built around a central living cube

Polish design and architecture studio Zup-a has developed a tiny beach cabin that is clad in raw wooden tiles.

Biophilic design: How architecture can contribute to a healthier, less-stressful life

Despite the many conveniences and advantages of modern life, wellbeing and contentment continue to evade many of us.

Volkswagen's autonomous Vizzion concept ditches the steering wheel

Volkswagen's stable of future-focused I.D. concepts continues to grow, with the German automaker today announcing a new premium electrified sedan ahead of next month's Geneva Auto Show.

Common blood pressure medication could delay onset, or even prevent, type 1 diabetes

New research into off-label uses for a 50-year-old drug commonly prescribed for high-blood pressure has found that it could prevent the onset of type 1 diabetes.

Easy-build bamboo bike forgoes resin for nuts

Back when we visited the North American Handmade Bicycle Show in 2015, Lance Rake showed us an e-bike he made from a blend of woven bamboo, carbon fiber and balsa wood.

Peculiar superconductor aids quest for quantum computing

Humanity has been on the trail of the elusive and mysterious Majorana fermion since it was first theorized in 1937.

CompuLab upgrades compact fanless PC designed for harsh industrial use

Israel's CompuLab packed a lot of computer power into a compact frame when it released the first Airtop fanless computer back in 2016.

Ambitious plan hatched for supertall wooden skyscraper in Tokyo

New "world's tallest" timber towers sprout up quite regularly nowadays, but Japanese lumber and housing firm Sumitomo Forestry could smash all current records if its ambitious plan to build a supertall timber skyscraper in Tokyo is realized.

Dual-camera helmet gives cyclists eyes in the back of their heads

No longer just tough shells for your noggin, the humble bicycle helmet has recently been kitted out with turn signals, walkie talkies, blind spot detection systems and bone-conduction speakers.

7 strange vehicles to get you from A to B

The rise of the internet and byproducts like Kickstarter has facilitated a spread of ideas like never before, some fun, some world-changing and a whole lot that can only be described as weird.

Seven strange vehicles to get you from A to B

The rise of the internet and byproducts like Kickstarter has facilitated a spread of ideas like never before, some fun, some world-changing and a whole lot that can only be described as weird.

MIT's thermal resonator generates electricity from the air's daily temperature cycle

Energy is all around us – we just need to work out how to tap into it. Now a team from MIT has developed a device called a thermal resonator, which could essentially pull electricity out of thin air by taking advantage of gradual ambient temperature changes over the course of the day.

Potential blood and urine test for autism greeted with skepticism

A research team at the University of Warwick claims to have developed blood and urine tests that can effectively indicate autism in children.

Ravean's heated gloves and mittens smash early Kickstarter goals

Ravean has been developing different self-heating outdoor accessories for several years now, from vests and hoodies to sleeping bag liners.

Rubber-metal composite material stiffens up in response to stress

Rubber and metal are usually thought to sit at opposite ends of the stiffness spectrum, but a new composite material developed at Iowa State University could switch from the flexibility of the former to the stiffness of the latter after being bent, twisted or squeezed...

NASA preps new exoplanet-hunter for April lift-off

The search for extraterrestrial life has shifted gears over the last five years or so, with the Kepler Space Telescope alone bringing thousands of potentially habitable Earth-sized planets into focus.

Carbon and wood come together in one seriously curvy bike

Ryan Cargo used to live in Berlin, where he noticed that all the bicycles basically looked the same. This prompted him to design something different – not necessarily lighter or more aerodynamic – just different.