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Ford opens up its patents to drive EV tech forward

Tesla grabbed the attention of the entire electric vehicle (EV) industry when it opened up all of its patents last year, and now it looks like this apparent altruism is inspiring others to follow suit.

Awair helps you monitor the air quality in your home

The air that's around us is, in the big scheme of things, rather important to us humans. As we're constantly breathing this air in and out, if it's of a consistency poor quality it can adversely affect our health and well-being.

Lenovo looks to a future of big screen smartwatches, phone projectors and mood-broadcasting shoes

Lenovo has used its first global technology event to imagine a not-too-distant future where you gauge somebody's mood by their footwear, smartphones can be controlled via projected displays and smartwatch screens are stretched to 20 times their current size.

Stereolabs' ZED camera delivers long range 3D vision

San Francisco-based Stereolabs has launched a new 3D camera that promises to deliver high quality 3D image capture at a less than astronomical price.

First manned flight for Flike personal tricopter

Despite always generating plenty of interest, getting a personal flight vehicle off the ground can be a huge undertaking – just ask Malloy Aeronautics, which has been forced to scale its Hoverbike down, selling a one-third-scale drone to raise funds to continue development of the larger, manned Hoverbike.

Google Cardboard 2: Hands-on

Today Google dished out a second-generation version of Google Cardboard to Google I/O attendees. We took ours for a spin and tried its new support for 6-inch phones the only way we knew how: by popping the Nexus 6 inside this bad boy...

EarthRoamer reveals its largest off-road expedition vehicle yet

“That’s cool, but you’re never going to sell one.” It’s a sentiment that EarthRoamer, builder of some of the world's toughest off-road expedition vehicles, has heard many times over the 12 years it's been rolling product out.

MIT's robotic cheetah can now leap over obstacles

The last time we heard from the researchers working on MIT's robotic cheetah project, they had untethered their machine to let it bound freely across the campus lawns.

Software problem "pauses" LightSail mission

The LightSail solar sail mission has been "paused" due to a software glitch related to a design flaw in the avionics software, which has frozen the onboard computer in a fashion all too familiar to terrestrial technology users...

HueRay combines handlebar grips and side lights

There are already bicycle "running lights" that plug into the ends of the handlebars, providing side visibility when cycling at night.

Boeing awarded first commercial manned space mission contract

Commercial passenger spaceflight has gone on the books with Boeing announcing that it's received the first contract ever issued to a private company to carry out a manned space mission.

Lamborghini is officially developing an SUV

Back at the 2012 Beijing Motor Show, Lamborghini gave the world a look at what a modern Raging Bull-badged sport utility vehicle might look like.

CoCoRo underwater mini-robots school like fish and share knowledge

Starting in April 2011, the European Union CoCoRo (Collective Cognitive Robots) research consortium has been developing three varieties of autonomous underwater robots that school together like fish.

The classroom of the future: We went on a virtual field trip with Google Cardboard

Google I/O was light on new consumer products this year (and by "light," we mean there were none at all), but the company made up for the lack of marquee sizzle with some important under-the-radar innovations.

Biodegradable computer chips made almost entirely from wood

As electronic devices are becoming outdated at an increasingly fast pace, e-waste continues to be a huge problem.

Google Photos provides free unlimited storage of photos and videos

Google has launched a brand new photo service at the Google I/O conference in San Francisco. Known simply as Google Photos, the standalone product automatically backs up user content, intelligently organizes it, and offers unlimited storage of photos and videos.

Google announces its plans for virtual reality at I/O 2015

Google has unveiled some big virtual reality plans at I/O 2015. Not only did the company announce an updated version of its low-cost Cardboard headset, but it also unveiled a new feature designed to allow teachers to take their students on virtual field trips, and a new project that allows users to create their own 360-degree virtual reality experiences...

NASA begins testing InSight Mars lander in anticipation of a 2016 launch

NASA has begun a comprehensive series of tests for its Mars Interior Exploration using Seismic Investigations, Geodesy and Heat Transport (InSight) lander.

The International Space Station gets a remodel

Mankind's most remote outpost underwent a significant remodel this week, as an entire module of the International Space Station was relocated in order to make way for the next generation of American commercial spacecraft.

Google shows off Android M, its smartphone future

Google has been showing off the next version of Android at its Google I/O conference in San Francisco.