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Sponge made from layers of nanosheets shows promise in soaking up oil spills

Five years on and questions still remain over the Deepwater Horizons oil spill, where millions of gallons of crude oil were spewed into the Gulf of Mexico.

The best gets better: Bugatti confirms Geneva debut for all-new Chiron

Production of the Bugatti Veyron ended earlier this year, leaving a void up around the top of the supercar food chain.

Airbus patent shows modular, removable aircraft cabins

According to a recently-granted patent, Airbus is exploring the potential of creating a new breed of versatile, modular aircraft that would see detachable passenger cabins slot into a hole in an aeroplane's fuselage.

New process allows inkjet printers to produce rainbow holograms

Credit card and banknote-style security holograms are an effective form of anti-counterfeiting technology, as they're very difficult to replicate.

Your gut bacteria could be the key to fighting obesity

Obesity is on the rise around the world, and if left unchecked this could have serious consequences for our overall health in the decades to come.

Scientists identify protein central to cognitive decline associated with Alzheimer's disease

A study from researchers at the Gladstone Institutes in San Francisco has examined the protein BRCA1, using a combination of tests on laboratory mice and human brain tissue to determine that the protein is central to learning and retaining memories.

Genii Cast Hub shares livestreamed video content to anyone in the world

Media entertainment tends to be more fun when experienced with friends and family, but it's not always convenient if those people live far away.

The 11 best and most-wanted tech toys for Christmas 2015

Gone are the days when a spinning top or wind-up car were the pinnacle of toy technology. Nowadays kids expect their toys to connect to the internet, pair with smart devices, and let them join in the latest tech trends, often before their parents.

Review: Gizmag drives the formidable little Alfa Romeo 4C

There are few things as satisfying as driving a car that has no doubts about its purpose. The Alfa Romeo 4C is a race car made for the track lover who would prefer not to haul the car to the track on a trailer.

VIMOB shelters are easy to build in difficult places

If you've ever found the ideal spot for your own remote cabin but thought it too inaccessible to build in, the new VIMOB shelter may be for you.

MIT study asserts that there is little risk of Earth's goemagnetic field flipping in the near future

A new MIT study suggests that there is little danger of Earth's geomagnetic field flipping in the near future.

Living Ink adds time-lapse element to arty doodles

While looking for a sustainable alternative to petroleum-based inks, a team of researchers stumbled upon an algae-based solution that sees artwork grow on paper over the course of a few days.

CityHub hotel offers city-wide Wi-Fi and a personal assistant app

A new hotel in Amsterdam, Netherlands, is catering to a new generation of travellers. CityHub provides what it says is important to 20- to 35-year-old digital natives.

Mstick LED light wand can wake you up and help you cook

The Mstick is a curious little device. It doesn't immediately appear to fall easily into any category and yet has multiple useful functions.

New process produces hydrogen from methane, without emitting CO2

Natural gas accounts for over 28 percent of US energy consumption. Its main component, methane, is a widely-used fossil fuel but also a major contributor to rising CO2 levels, and thus climate change.

Audi redesigns R18 hybrid race car for 2016 season

Audi premiered its new R18 racer at the Audi Sport Finale at the Audi Training Center Munich on Saturday, November 28, saying the 2016 season R18 has been fundamentally redesigned to improve aerodynamics, its hybrid drivetrain, and lightweight build...

DJI's agriculture drone takes to the air down on the farm

They may not capture the imagination in the same way as say, drones that deliver items in 30 minutes or shoot stunning 4K video, but drones stand to have a big impact on agriculture.

Researchers develop high-performance underwater glue inspired by mussels

UC Santa Barbara scientists have replicated the uncanny underwater adhesive capacity of mussels – which has previously inspired a surgical glue – in a versatile and strong synthetic material.

Backyard biogas converter turns household food scraps into cooking gas

An Israeli startup is planning to help families everywhere turn their food scraps into cooking gas. HomeBioGas Ltd has just launched a crowdfunding campaign to bring a compact biogas converter to urban and rural areas in developed countries, and to underserved communities in developing countries.

Drone attachment scans disaster zones for breathing and heartbeats

Getting drones into the air to aid in search and rescue missions is becoming one of the technologies more promising applications, with infrared cameras and even artificial intelligence offering valuable new tools in combing areas for humans and objects.