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World's largest jet engine, the GE9X, makes maiden flight

The world's largest jet engine has taken flight for the first time in the skies over the Mojave Desert in California.

Offroad Westfalia camper van follows the compass toward the dirt, rock and unknown

Westfalia might very well be the most well-known camper van converter on the planet, but its reputation lies primarily in highway-touring VW buses and not so much in dirt and rock-conquering camper van off-roaders.

Saab GlobalEye Early Warning aircraft takes to the skies

Saab's latest military aircraft took to the air as the GlobalEye Airborne Early Warning and Control (AEW&C) system set off from Saab's airfield in Linköping, Sweden on Thursday at 12.52 pm local time with Magnus Fredriksson, Saab Experimental Test Pilot, at the controls.

Eliport delivery robots won't need us humans

When you think about all the logistical challenges involved, perhaps the use of aerial drones to deliver goods to peoples' homes just isn't feasible.

Heart-checking app may help prevent strokes

The most common type of arrhythmia, atrial fibrillation is an irregular beating of the heart that can lead to stroke, blood clots, or heart failure if left unchecked.

LVICHI becomes the latest no-name startup to show sporty electric super-sedan

Tesla is moving on to smaller, quicker things, but the fight to unseat the Model S as the world's supreme electric sedan rages on.

First drive: 2019 Ram 1500, the all-new and highly capable pickup truck

We recently took a trip to Arizona, to drive the all-new 2019 Ram 1500 pickup truck. After a day on the highway, offroad in the dirt, and towing a boat, we walked away with a clear feeling for what this truck is and what it can do.

The latest use for graphene – non-toxic hair dye

Graphene, the "wonder material" composed of one-atom-thick sheets of linked carbon atoms, now has yet another potential application.

Audeze gets its game on with Mobius planar Bluetooth headphones

For its first walk of the wireless wild side, California headphone maker Audeze has opted to throw its considerable audiophile-pleasing know-how into the gaming arena with the launch of the Mobius gaming headset.

Lights, Camera, Action: George Lucas' museum breaks ground in LA

You could be forgiven for doubting that George Lucas' US$1.5 billion museum would ever happen, but it's official: the much-anticipated project has finally got underway.

AI can tell women from men based on their smiles

Artificial intelligence can tell women from men based on their smiles, new research suggests. This is because women's smiles are broader than men's.

Perkins+Will goes back to school with sustainable university building

Perkins+Will has unveiled plans for a new building in York University's Keele Campus, in Toronto, Canada.

Full-face SV2 snorkel lets you see clearly and breathe easy

If snorkeling is a window into a watery world, it's not much good if that window is too small or fogs up all the time.

Rattlesnake venom extract helps strike back against superbugs

With bacteria becoming ever more resistant to our best antibiotics, scientists are searching high and low for new ones in nature.

NASA's plan to bat away Earth-bound asteroids

The odds of the Earth being hit by a large asteroid are extremely slim, but the potential damage is extremely large, so a partnership of scientists have been studying a conceptual spacecraft designed to deflect dangerous asteroids before they reach us.

WHO launches health review as study finds plastic particles in 93 percent of bottled water

Bottled water is detrimental to the wellbeing of our planet, but could it be having an impact on our wellbeing, too?

Blind Sydney man prepares for land speed motorcycle record attempt

Sydney's Ben Felten will go for a motorcycle land speed record this weekend in South Australia, aboard a Kawasaki ZX-10R.

Aston Martin redefines "Lagonda" around the electrified, autonomous future

It's no secret that Aston Martin (along with virtually every other automaker on the planet) is working on its first electric car.

Comprehensive study suggests biological aging is slowing down

Everybody wants to live longer, and to help turn back the clock scientists are working on drugs, stem cell treatments and caloric restriction.

Gas Gas releases factory race-spec Enduro GP 250 and 300 two-strokes

Spanish dirt bike company Gas Gas exploded back into relevancy last year with the release of its EC and XC 300 two-stroke enduro and cross country motorcycles.