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World's tallest building becomes world's tallest Lego building

If a 31-m (102-ft) long Lego model of the Severn Bridge doesn't do it for you, then what about a 17-m (56-ft) tall Lego model of the Burj Khalifa?

NASA wants to fold airplane wings ... while they're flying

When a hawk folds its wings, it plummets to the earth in a controlled high-speed dive. Not exactly the kind of scenario we'd imagine being ideal for modern aircraft.

Britain's latest ballistic missile sub named as construction begins

As work begins on Britain's next generation of nuclear ballistic missile submarines, the first in her class has been given an historic name.

Phipal adventure monitor does sports and safety

There are already countless devices on the market that track sports performance, from watches and wristbands, to high-tech clothing and gadgets you mount on your gear.

Images suggest Schiaparelli Mars lander exploded on impact

It looks as if the Schiaparelli Mars landing ended not with a whimper, but a bang. According to ESA, images from NASA's Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter (MRO) indicate the unmanned spacecraft exploded on impact with the Martian surface after falling from as high as 13,000 ft (4,000 m).

Ford Mustang V8 delivers 36 mpg in MPG Eco Marathon

There is no doubt that intelligent driving will yield dramatic fuel consumption improvements and the results of this week's MPG Marathon emphasise that.

Tape sticks to almost any surface, repels any liquid

There are already processes that allow materials to become superomniphobic (repellant to liquids including oils), by altering their surfaces in such a way that a thin layer of air gets trapped between the material and any liquid that's placed upon it.

Self-healing battery withstands the rigors of wearable computing

Though only in their experimental, early stages, flexible electronics are starting to show some real promise for things like LED-laden clothes, medical sensors and fitness trackers.

Roving robots may roam your clothes

If you don't like the thought of bugs crawling all over you, then you might not like one possible direction in which the field of wearable electronics is heading.

Easily-built wheelchair goes off-road in developing countries

A new wheelchair has been designed to make life easier for individuals living with disabilities in developing regions.

Don't look to your wrist for accurate heart rate monitoring, study says

One recently published study indicates that wrist-based heart rate monitoring may not be as reliable as hoped.

UK demos self-driving cars talking among themselves

While self-driving vehicles will be revolutionary, having self-driving vehicles communicate with one another and with road infrastructure will take that revolution to the Nth degree.

New dinosaur species helps unravel ancient migration mysteries

Sauropods, a family of dinosaurs featuring household names like the brachiosaurus and brontosaurus, have welcomed a new green-eating lumberer into their ranks.

Chevy turns the Malibu and Cruze blue for SEMA

SEMA plays host to some incredible, full-on concept cars every year, but Chevrolet has decided to keep its offerings low-key.

Nintendo Switch might be just crazy enough to work

Nintendo has a history of dancing to the beat of its own drum, but with the long-speculated Switch (known as "Nintendo NX" by the rumor mill) now out in the open, it looks like the slow-to-adapt Japanese giant has finally learned some lessons from its previous gaffes.

Revisiting digital photo frames with Memento’s Smart Frame

Digital photo frames are pointless gadgets which stopped being relevant in 2007 and are now only useful as Christmas presents for grandparents, right?

Engineers keep Lego bridge in record-breaking suspense

We've seen world records awarded for a caravan and a Millennium Falcon built out of Lego, but this latest construction makes them both look small fry.

Lift and Go gets a handle on your Macbook

Having paid for a brand-new Macbook Pro with Retina Display, the thought of dropping and damaging it may well be enough to make you cry.

Toyota Fuel Cell Bus goes on sale next year

Along with Hyundai and Honda, Toyota has been one of the biggest exponents of hydrogen as an alternative to petrol and diesel power.

One Big Question: Will virtual reality kill off TV the way music streaming did CDs?

Next Thursday, "The New Normal" conference will be taking place in London. Attendees will be looking at the place of TV in a world where more and more people are getting their visual entertainment online and through streaming devices.