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Gaming Live launches its game livestreaming beta as a Twitch alternative

Gaming Live has launched the beta test of its game livestreaming platform as an alternative to Amazon’s Twitch.

The Chief IoT Officer: The most important CxO you still haven’t hired

GUEST: Most businesses can see that the Internet of Things (IoT) offers many opportunities to monetize and potentially change and pivot their business model.

Jeff Bezos’ brilliant advice for anyone running a business

If you want to build a successful, sustainable business, don’t ask yourself what could change in the next ten years that could affect your company.

Why deep linking isn’t enough for mobile app integration

GUEST: Imagine your big night out on the town being completely planned and paid for with no more than five taps on your mobile phone.

4 Super Bowl tech ads to see ahead of the big day

The days leading up to the Super Bowl are always fraught with nervous excitement, not only over the game, but the advertisements that accompany it.

How to build a world-saving startup

GUEST: Here’s a depressing fact — most startups fail. That’s not just for web startups, but all startup businesses of any kind.

Drones need software, too

GUEST: Venture capitalists aren’t seers. But at Bessemer Venture Partners, we try to dive deep into a particular sector to find great investments.

Building data science teams: The power of the technology stack

GUEST: A factor that is frequently overlooked when setting up a data team is the selection of the technology stack.

Snapchat’s first episode of Literally Can’t Even is a train wreck — and that’s not a bad thing

The first episode of Snapchat’s new micro-series Literally Can’t Even, debuted this morning on the app’s new Discover media channel.

Why some of tech’s greatest minds are still missing the Internet of Things picture

GUEST: I did not attend the annual Consumer Electronics Show two weeks ago, but I eagerly read about the prototypes for new consumer gadgets and services that debuted there.

WhatsApp’s highly anticipated calling feature shows up for some users

There have been lots of reports that WhatsApp will roll out free voice calling to India in 2015. However, there’s been no confirmed timeline for when that might happen.

The Pirate Bay is back online after almost two months

The Pirate Bay, widely known as the most popular file-sharing website on the planet, is back online after the longest outage it has ever experienced.

The iPhone may be starting to steal Android’s lower-income customers

When I was working in Tajikistan, a desperately poor country, my driver had an iPhone. He’d saved extensively to afford it, and prized it as a status symbol.

Want a new tech job in 2015? Here’s what to look for

GUEST: If you asked your friends about their 2015 goals, I bet that a new job is on the list for most of them.

This week on VentureBeat: An Apple Watch, the Super Bowl, Snapchat’s future, & more

Every week, the news team at VentureBeat brings you a blitz of news day after day, but even for our most dedicated readers it can be a challenge to catch every single story.

Without broadband under Title II, Verizon will get off scot-free for ‘supercookies’

Some consumer advocates believe that the best way to deal mobile carriers’ temptation to abuse customer privacy is for the Federal Communications Commission to classify mobile broadband as if it were a public utility under Title II of the Communications Act.

New Apple and IBM enterprise app delivers a lot of utility

Apple and IBM are planning on partnering on a dozen new enterprise apps this quarter, and 100 this year, and the first of them, aimed at utility workers, will be announced next week.

Deep learning startup Clarifai goes beyond image recognition, now offers video analysis

Clarifai, one startup with a service for recognizing things in images, today introduced some pretty nifty new capability.

Tencent grabs the digital rights to NBA basketball in China

The National Basketball Association has licensed China’s Tencent to be its partner in digital content for the next five years in China.

Check out these playbooks from successful industry cloud startups

GUEST:       Industry cloud software companies are on the verge of taking off, with several already achieving multibillion-dollar valuations.