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Why 2017 will a big year for tech exits

GUEST: I’ve been talking to some of my banker friends* about their thoughts on the M&A market for 2017 under the new Trump administration.

Tilt Brush artists become animators with update to toolkit

Google’s Tilt Brush app is evolving from a new way for artists to create into an important new tool in a developer’s arsenal.

A quick tour of Eastern Europe’s startup hubs

GUEST: Startups in Warsaw, Krakow, Prague, Budapest, Bratislava, Tallinn, Riga, or Vilnius don’t attract as much capital as the ones located in the top hubs in Europe — London, Amsterdam, or Berlin — but these Eastern European tech hubs are on the rise, and early stage investment in the region has surged from $10 million to $283 million in just five years.

Blackstone’s Jay Leek joins Florida VC firm to manage $300 million security fund

EXCLUSIVE: Rumors have been spreading lately about where Jay Leek, former managing director and chief information security officer (CISO) at Blackstone, will be heading next  His pick?

How TE2 is helping Carnival manage a fleet of wearables on 100 cruise ships

Carnival Corp. unveiled an ambitious plan to use its Ocean Medallion wearables and Ocean Compass Internet of Things Network earlier this month at CES 2017, the big tech trade show in Las Vegas.

Xbox One smashes aside PlayStation 4, Blizzard on TV

GUEST: The console crushed all it’s competitors in terms of digital attention GamesBeat has partnered with attention analytics company, which measures TV advertising in real-time, to bring you a monthly report on how gaming brands are spending their TV ad dollars and which commercials are generating the most digital response (iSpot measures actions across Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and all major search engines).

5 Alexa skills to try this week

This time a year ago, Amazon’s Alexa had a little more than 100 skills. Today there’s more than 7,000, and they’re being added fast.

Nike has found a novel use for AR for marketing shoes

Augmented and virtual reality are slowly but surely being integrated into shopping experiences worldwide.

These were the 10 biggest European tech stories this week

This week, tracked 15 technology M&A transactions and 78 tech funding deals totalling €455.7 million (about $488 million) in Europe, Turkey and Israel.

Introducing the European Bots Landscape

GUEST: Over the past half year, bots have been a widely discussed topic. Experts and the media heavily discussed all the possible benefits, the future, and the value bots could create for businesses and consumers.

Fintech firm creates app to monitor Trump’s social media for stock markets

Just in time for his inauguration, London-based fintech firm is launching an app that will generate trading alerts for shares based on comments made on social media by Donald Trump.

Francisco Partners Completes the Sale of Source Photonics to Redview Capital and Asia-IO

PRESS RELEASE: WEST HILLS, Calif.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–January 21, 2017– Source Photonics, a leading provider of optical components and modules, today announced that Francisco Partners has completed the sale of the company to a private equity consortium led by Redview Capital and Asia-IO, with participation from investors including TR Capital, Axiom Asia and Aberdeen Asset Management.

Trump’s favored pick for FCC chair wants to destroy net neutrality

Two year old federal net neutrality rules, which prevent Internet service providers from blocking or slowing websites and online services, could be an early casualty of the new Trump administration.

Apple files $1 billion lawsuit against Qualcomm alleging mobile phone chip monopoly

Apple filed a $1 billion lawsuit against supplier Qualcomm Inc on Friday, days after the U.S. government filed a lawsuit that accused the chip maker of resorting to anticompetitive tactics to maintain a monopoly over key semiconductors in mobile phones.

Game developer Brianna Wu is officially running for Congress

Brianna Wu, a game developer who stood up for women facing harassment in the game industry, has official declared that she will run for the U.S.

How to build a better chatbot

GUEST: The rise of chatbot technologies has not been the stunning success many people anticipated. The technology is now ubiquitous, but chatbots are more famous for their failures than successes.

First petition calls on Trump to release tax returns

With the United States transitioning from one president to another, a lot of changes happened today immediately after Donald Trump was sworn into office.

Vampires? Meh. Focus Home Interactive’s next role-playing game turns you into a werewolf

Focus Home Interactive is cornering the market on dark role-playing games from Europe. Today, the publisher announced a deal with White Wolf Publishing for Werewolf: The Apocalypse for PC and consoles.

Real Estate Game Works Expands Simulation for Continuing Education

PRESS RELEASE: Seattle-area startup expands the fun, interactive online simulation for real estate agents seeking to renew their licenses in Oregon SEATTLE–(BUSINESS WIRE)–January 20, 2017– The Oregon Association of Realtors has just committed to offering the next generation of CE products, developed by Real Estate Game Works (REGW), for real estate agents in the state of Oregon.

As AI advances, 4 potential risks emerge

GUEST: Imagine a marketing executive, late at night, flipping through a slide deck from a company that promises to use artificial intelligence to automate many of her lead generation and lead scoring processes, optimize her advertising spend, and increase her marketing spend ROI by fifty percent.