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The Crew 2 hands-on: Flying, boating, and driving through NYC

Ubisoft unveiled The Crew 2 earlier this summer, and now it has unveiled hands-on demos of the gameplay that takes you into the skies, the waters, and the roads of New York city.

Social VR is evolving, and AltspaceVR paid the price

GUEST: Last month, AltspaceVR, one of the most beloved startups in the burgeoning, albeit struggling, VR consumer industry announced it was shutting its doors due to what they described as “unforeseen financial difficulty”.

Walmart taps Google to challenge Amazon’s hold on voice-assisted shopping

(Reuters) — Walmart is teaming up with Google to enter the nascent voice-shopping market, currently dominated by Amazon, adding another front to the giant retailer’s battle with the online megastore.

IBM blockchain project adds Nestle, Tyson, and other food companies

(Reuters) — Nestle, Unilever, Tyson Foods, and other large food and retail companies have joined IBM’s project to explore how blockchain technology can help track food supply chains and improve safety, the companies said in a joint statement today.

Apple may be building a self-driving shuttle for employees with the unfortunate name ‘PAIL’

Dreams of an autonomous Apple car maybe be dead, but it seems the company is at least trying to resurrect some of its self-driving work.

Cat Sorter VR transforms your HTC Vive into a chaotic feline assembly line

If you can’t get enough of cats in actual reality, you can now obsess over kitties in virtual reality, too.

Xbox Live is down — Microsoft is working on a fix

Microsoft knows that Xbox Live is not working for a ton of people right now, and it has engineers investigating the problem.

Ethereum leads AMD and Nvidia GPUs to a historic quarter

The Bitcoin-like Ethereum cryptocurrency has jacked up the video card market. AMD and Nvidia GPUs saw a massive spike in shipments (to retailers and OEMs) of 31 percent from the first to the second quarter of the year, according to intelligence firm Jon Peddie Research.

GoDaddy CEO Blake Irving is retiring this year

GoDaddy said CEO Blake Irving will retire at the end of 2017, with the company’s current president and chief operating officer, Scott Wagner, replacing him.

Attention app publishers: Mobile ad dollars for the taking (VB Live)

VB LIVE: In-app advertising ad revenue is expected to generate $53.4 billion dollars by 2020. Learn how to maximize its potential when you join our latest VB Live event.

Female founders in Chicago still struggle to secure funding

GUEST: The well-documented gap in venture capital funding also exists in Chicago. In the last five full years, Chicago startups with at least one woman founder never received more than 20 percent of the venture capital funding or deal flow in the Chicagoland area, according to data provided to Chicago Inno by data firm Pitchbook.

Where did all the Xbox One exclusives go? GamesBeat Decides

Microsoft delayed Crackdown 3 to next year, and the publisher doesn’t have a lot of other releases from its internal studios to fill in the gaps for its upcoming holiday season.

Microsoft unveils Brainwave, a system for running super-fast AI

Microsoft made a splash in the world of dedicated AI hardware today when it unveiled a new system for doing high speed, low latency serving of machine learning models.

Microsoft will sunset its GigJam collaboration app on September 22

Microsoft said today it’s retiring its GigJam collaboration tool, halting work on the service with plans to shut it down completely after two years in preview.

Nintendo adopts PayPal for the first time and brings it to Switch

Buying games and digital goodies online for your Nintendo Switch is about to get easier for those with PayPal accounts.

Grand Theft Auto Online rolls out the machine gun-wielding Ocelot Ardent car

If you’re looking for a way to mow people down in style in Grand Theft Auto Online for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC, you might want to check out this new car.

Call of Duty: WWII shows off its rocky Gibraltar multiplayer map

Sledgehammer Games has unveiled the new multiplayer map of Gibraltar for Call of Duty: WWII, the first-person shooter coming November 7.

Google introduces Chrome Enterprise subscription for $50 per Chromebook per year

Chromebooks are headed to work this fall, thanks to a new program that Google introduced today. The new Chrome Enterprise bundle provides enterprises with a set of services that help bring Chromebooks on par with Microsoft Windows PCs.

Monster Hunter: World hands-on — Capcom’s gamble looks good so far

PREVIEW: I was not happy during Sony’s E3 2017 press conference in Los Angeles when we learned that the newest entry in Capcom’s monster-hunting series, Monster Hunter: World, would be releasing worldwide in early 2018 for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC.

Connected devices and the rise of invisible payments (VB Live)

VB LIVE: In a world of connected devices, consumer expectations for transactions — from phone to fridge — will be higher than ever.