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Driven from San Francisco, MonkeyParking app developer now sees himself as a disrupter

MonkeyParking founder Paolo Dobrowolny now considers himself a true disrupter. In a missive posted on Linkedin, Dobrowolny publicly reflected for the first time on his experiences launching the MonkeyParking app in San Francisco over the summer.

Eko Devices’ smart stethoscope could eliminate unnecessary cardiologist referrals

Image Credit: Eko Devices True story: When I was 15, I went in for a sports physical and the primary care doc heard a heart murmur that concerned him.

TargetingMantra scores $1.1 million to make more recommendations

Above: TargetingMantra's "customers who..." widgets Image Credit: TargetingMantra “Target the customer” has become a mantra among marketers.

Funding Daily: Total world domination

Above: Lego villain plots Total World Domination (TM). Image Credit: Pascal/Flickr Get all the tech funding news of the day delivered straight to your mailbox!

Western mobile gaming is ‘years behind China’

Above: Rick Thompson of Signia Ventures. Image Credit: Michael O'Donnell/VentureBeat SAN FRANCISCO — The mobile-gaming gold rush is over, according to one of the people responsible for it.

Flurry chief: Mobile gaming still has plenty of opportunity

Above: Simon Khalaf, chief executive of Yahoo-owned Flurry, speaks at VentureBeat's 2014 GamesBeat conference in San Francisco on Sept.

Microsoft’s Mojang deal gives it Minecraft — and the massive audience that adores it

Above: Microsoft now owns Minecraft. Image Credit: Microsoft Studios Did you buy anything interesting today?

Healthcare providers doing a sickly job of providing access to personal health records

A relatively undiscussed part of healthcare reform is the government’s requirement that health providers give patients access to their patient records.

Nexon CEO Owen Mahoney: Fun should matter above all else in the free-to-play market

Above: Nexon President & CEO, Owen Mahoney Image Credit: Michael O'Donnell/VentureBeat SAN FRANCISCO — According to game publisher Nexon CEO Owen Mahoney, a game lives and dies by its “fun factor.” It’s an obvious point to make, but as Mahoney sees it, this is a point that developer cannot overemphasize, given — as he sees it — the lack of creativity from 2009 to early 2014.

Google recognizes that its plan for gaming domination hinges on how people pay

Above: Google's gaming boss Bob Meese. Image Credit: Michael O'Donnell/VentureBeat SAN FRANCISCO — To reach every corner of the world with the games on its Android platform, Google is thinking about how people pay.

Apple chief Tim Cook blasts TV, says its stuck in the 70’s

Image Credit: Dylan Tweney/VentureBeat Fresh off his bravura performance at the Flint Center in Cupertino where he unveiled the new iPhone 6, a smart watch, and a proprietary payment system, Apple chief Tim Cook blasted the current state of television … while appearing on not-network TV.

Lionsgate exec: ‘We’re looking at our games business as the third leg of the stool’

Above: Peter Levin, left, president of interactive ventures and games at Lionsgate, speaks with Chris Petrovic, head of corporate development at Kabam, at VentureBeat's 2014 GamesBeat conference in San Francisco on Sept.

The Backed Pack: A slick AA battery phone charger & a cheap fitness band

Above: Oivo AA battery smartphone charger Image Credit: Oivo Each week, our friends at Backerjack bring us updates on some of the most successful gadget crowdfunding campaigns.

Google says government data requests up 150%, but don’t read too much into the numbers

Google has released its latest transparency report on government requests for data, claiming a 150 percent surge in demand for more information.

Michael Pachter: Microsoft is preparing for life after the Xbox

Above: Michael Pachter at GamesBeat 2014. Image Credit: GamesBeat Enjoying your new console? Well, Wedbush Securities analyst Michael Pachter thinks it’ll soon be obsolete, and he thinks that Xbox maker Microsoft knows it.

Unity CEO hopes Clash of Clans ‘drops like a fly’

Above: Unity chief executive David Helgason. Image Credit: Michael O'Donnell/VentureBeat SAN FRANCISCO — The man in charge of one of the most popular game-creation tools in the world prefers chaos over order.

iVinci Health raises $5M for hospital revenue-management services

Image Credit: Illustration by Eric Blattberg / VentureBeat Healthcare bills are often long and confusing affairs. Patients can be overwhelmed with a litany of line items for services from various departments or providers — so much that they often neglect to pay their full bill.

Cloudyn raises $4M to help big companies get their cloud costs in check

Image Credit: Alan Cleaver/Flickr Cloudyn, a startup with web-based software that tracks how much money companies spend on public clouds and suggests ways to optimize cloud usage, has taken on its first venture round, totaling $4 million.

EA CEO Andrew Wilson explains why EA Access is about ‘stealing’

Above: EA CEO Andrew Wilson speaking at GamesBeat 2014. SAN FRANCISCO — You need to steal. That’s what Electronic Arts chief executive officer believes about humans, and that belief led to the creation of the company’s recently introduced subscription service.

Sidecar raises $15M as it fights to compete with Uber and Lyft

Above: Sidecar promotional photo Image Credit: Sidecar On-demand car service Sidecar today announced a new $15 million funding round led by Avalon Ventures.