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PlayStation Network is down and Sony is working to fix it (update)

Update on November 28 at 6:00 p.m.: PSN is down once again.  It’s a long weekend in the United States, but gamers may have trouble spending that free time playing games on a Sony console.

Amazon app will reportedly show up on Apple TV in a few weeks

When it comes to web video Amazon and Apple are considered competitors. So a report today that Amazon will have an app on Apple TV is a little surprising.

What’s wrong with London’s tech industry?

Syed Kamall, Conservative MEP for London, considers the current issues facing the London tech scene and urges everyone to keep government informed to help solve them.

Receipts data: 7-inch Amazon Fire tablet, not iPad, won Black Friday

The 7-inch Amazon Fire tablet was a Black Friday hit, according to receipts data collected by Info Scout.

Adobe: Thanksgiving and Black Friday online sales up 18%, iOS numbers almost triple Android’s

Thanksgiving and Black Friday online sales set a new record in 2015: $4.47 billion, up 18 percent over last year.

5 things US techies need to know about Japan’s social media ecosystem

GUEST: Despite having the world’s third largest economy, Japan’s social media ecosystem is perhaps the most unique in the developed world — and among the most difficult for Silicon Valley to understand, let alone capitalize on.

Anonymous collective hackers bring down Iceland sites in whaling protest

Activist hackers from the Anonymous collective have claimed responsibility for bringing down five government websites in Iceland in a protest against whale-hunting by the North Atlantic nation.

Product leaders: You need to stop saying no

GUEST: The consensus approach for building a great product is to craft a vision and then jealously guard that vision from outside interference as you drive it home.

Security startup Cymmetria hires former U.S. government cyber official Jim Christy

(Reuters) – Computer security startup Cymmetria has hired a well-known retired U.S. government computer-forensics expert, Jim Christy, as vice president of investigations and digital forensics.

Japan’s Monomy wants you to design fashion accessories via smartphone

(Via The Bridge) — Monomy is an iOS app that offers an online marketplace for creatives, allowing people to make accessories they like with ease using smartphones.

Xiaomi’s new $15 high-fidelity in-ear headphones don’t suck

China-based Mi (formerly Xiaomi) has been working to show that it’s more than just a phone manufacturer, even branching out into its own class of accessories.

Google patents a system for removing biological tissue with a laser

Google has applied for a patent on a surgical system for removing biological tissue with a laser that delivers electromagnetic radiation.

This Chrome extension replaces Facebook’s trending topics with any RSS feed

Are you tired of Facebook’s trending section in your News Feed? Celebrity news getting annoying? Would you rather have legitimate news?

NSA to shut down bulk phone surveillance program by Sunday

(By Dustin Volz, Reuters) – The U.S. National Security Agency will end its daily vacuuming of millions of Americans’ phone records by Sunday and replace the practice with more tightly targeted surveillance methods, the Obama administration said on Friday.

Newegg and Neiman Marcus websites go down on Black Friday

Newegg, a popular online shop for technology products, and the website for department store Neiman Marcus, have both suffered outages today — Black Friday, of all days.

Lenovo hopes Razer will give it an edge in gamer PCs

Lenovo has become the world’s biggest PC maker, but it hasn’t had much of a presence in the lucrative market of gaming PCs.

GamesBeat’s 2015 ‘Naughty and Nice’ alternative holiday gift guide

FEATURE: It’s officially that time of year, when you start pulling out your own hair (or someone else’s, if it’s handy) and braving mobs of likewise desperate shoppers looking for the absolute perfect gift for that special geek on your list.

Here’s your Black Friday/Cyber Monday tech deals roundup, you animals

OPINION: Black Friday is a dud of a holiday. The origin of the day as we know it, according to careful Wikipedia research, dates back to the early 2000s, when the day after U.S.

GamesBeat weekly roundup: PlayStation 4 sales pass 30 million, and the SNES turns 25

Welcome to a post-Thanksgiving GamesBeat weekly roundup! It’s time to snap out of your turkey coma with a week’s worth of gaming news and features, including some tips for virtual reality first-timers and some fun mods for Fallout 4.

Do smartphones need a dumbing down?

OPINION: People who are really into smartphones — like many of the folks reading this, I suspect — were waiting for them nearly their entire lives.