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Twitter reportedly axes new office plans due to slowing growth

Twitter has cancelled plans to move into new San Fransisco offices where fellow tech giants Uber and Square are currently headquartered, according to San Fransisco Business Times.

Apple and Google are the world’s top two most valuable brands

Several technology companies are among the world’s most valuable brands, according to a new report from consultancy firm Interbrand.

Bitcoin flounders in Australia as regulatory worries bite

(By Byron Kaye and Swati Pandey, Reuters) – Australian businesses are turning their backs on bitcoin, as signs grow that the cryptocurrency’s mainstream appeal is fading.

Mattel and Google teamed up to make VR kid-friendly. They got pretty darn close

REVIEW: Mattel thinks it’s cracked the code to making virtual reality kid-friendly. The 70-year-old toy company, under the guidance of Google, released its Cardboard-powered View-Master on Friday.

When Lean startups can be dangerous

GUEST: When The Lean Startup hit bookstores in 2011, it became a bestseller and created a movement. The book’s principles were straightforward and quickly began to resonate with entrepreneurs and wanna-be entrepreneurs.

Study: Brands that message more, sell more

GUEST: By 2017, over 50 percent of commerce will be conducted on mobile (according to Gartner). Retail brands need to reach smartphone and tablet users, but when, how often, and with what content?

How tech helped the NBA’s Golden State Warriors win a championship

It took 40 years, but in 2015 the NBA’s Golden State Warriors won their latest league championship. And while the Bay Area celebrates this victory, it’s worth looking at the team’s campaign to see how they continue to rally fans to #WarriorsGround.

How to turn a city into a startup hub

GUEST: Tel Aviv has quickly become one of the most successful startup ecosystems in the world, recently listed as the fifth best startup ecosystem globally, and the number one ecosystem outside of the United States.

China to hasten roll-out of car charging network: Xinhua

(Reuters) – China wants to speed construction of a national network to charge electric cars, to help reach an ambitious goal of 5 million green vehicles on its roads by 2020, national news agency Xinhua said on Sunday, citing a senior energy official.

Blizzard hopes Legacy of the Void ending will satisfy StarCraft II fans

StarCraft II: Legacy of the Void comes out on November 10. The single-player campaign will wrap up 17 years of story in a series that has become a huge part of video game pop culture.

How Uber is rewiring your customer’s brain and what you can do about it

GUEST: If you think your company doesn’t have anything to do with the growing on-demand economy and that you’re immune to it, think again.

Veep friend finder app races to 5,000 users in one week, dev says

The new meetup/hookup app Veep has raced to 5,000 users after launching a week ago in the App Store, says the app’s developer.

Tor browser co-creator: Experian breach shows encryption may not be security panacea

The Experian/T-Mobile hack may be more worrisome than Experian’s carefully worded description of it suggests, some security experts said Friday.

Jet could win the online retail game with old-school ads

GUEST: Jet is a newcomer in online retail, and it’s gotten some pretty impressive funding ($225 million to be exact) that it’s blowing through with a massive old school advertising campaign.

Data likely stolen from Experian/T-Mobile spotted for sale on dark web, says security firm

T-Mobile data stolen from the servers of credit bureau Experian is already showing up for sale on the dark web, says one security firm.

Don’t fail fast. Don’t fail early. Just don’t fail.

GUEST: One thing that has always intrigued me about Silicon Valley is how easy it is here to dismiss products, investments, and sweat with the “fail fast, fast often” mindset.

Meet the 27 all-star moderators for GamesBeat 2015

I’m very proud to introduce a cast of characters that you won’t find together at any other event. Besides myself, the moderators of GamesBeat 2015 include the following people.

A VC’s guide to the saturated digital health market

GUEST: You don’t have to convince the average investor that the healthcare technology market is the hottest place to be these days.

How humans and robots coexist in our office

GUEST: Robotics in the workplace is no longer a “next generation” idea – it’s already here. Starting with business process service providers – experts at getting back office work done efficiently for companies – we’re seeing robotic process automation (RPA) beginning to be deployed with accelerating adoption.

Schlage’s HomeKit-connected smart deadbolt points toward a key-less future

It’s not easy to get excited about a connected door lock, but Schlage’s new Apple HomeKit-connected deadbolt is surprisingly functional, and it points toward a future where we don’t need keys.