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U.S. Congress considers cryptocurrency rules and regulations

(Reuters) — Jolted by the global investment craze over bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies, U.S. lawmakers are moving to consider new rules that could impose stricter federal oversight on the emerging asset class, several top lawmakers told Reuters.

Fe review — a conversation with a breathtakingly beautiful alien forest

REVIEW: Zoink’s Fe is a gorgeous reverie, awash in beautiful colors and accompanied by a soundtrack of soulful strings.

Blizzard is streaming a puppy version of Overwatch on Twitch

You probably like Overwatch. You probably also like puppies. Well, Blizzard has finally combined those two things into one stream is live now on Twitch.

Logitech’s G920 wheel combines ease of use with thrilling racing

REVIEW: You don’t have to settle for some shoddy toy wheel when it comes to driving games. The simulation experience you want is attainable in the Logitech G920 Driving Force racing wheel (and the PlayStation equivalent G29) for $400.

9 common mistakes executives make with data

GUEST: Data is a human invention. Humans define the phenomenon they want to measure, design systems to collect data about it, clean and pre-process it before analysis, and finally, choose how to interpret the results.

Apple releases iOS, macOS, tvOS, and watchOS updates with Telugu character fix

Apple today released software updates to all of its platforms to address the Indian character crash bug discovered last week.

Moss’s PSVR fairy-tale adventure launches February 27

Polyarc is ready to put its virtual reality storybook to print. The studio originally intended to release its adorable VR adventure game Moss during the holidays last year, but pushed the launch date back. It’s now debuting on February 27 as a PlayStation VR exclusive.

After Twitter kills Mac app, third-party developers drop prices

Twitter’s unexpected discontinuation of its free eponymous Mac client late last Friday hasn’t gone over well with Mac users, even though it rated an abysmal 1.7 out of five stars before it disappeared from the Mac App Store.

Twitch Prime rolls out new indie game program

Twitch is launching its new Indie Amplifier program to signal boost indie games on its livestreaming platform.

SK Telecom will demo 5G social VR, self-driving cars, and hologram AI at MWC 2018

South Korea’s largest mobile provider SK Telecom announced today that it will debut “social virtual reality” and multiple 5G demonstrations including “hologram AI” at its 2018 Mobile World Congress booth next week, letting attendees see how high-speed 5G wireless will enable new experiences to become normal parts of their lives.

Newzoo: Nintendo could reap billions from subscriptions, digital sales, and mobile

Nintendo had spectacular growth in 2017, with revenues growing 172 percent to $9.2 billion from a year earlier.

Hashtag creator launches Molly to make a personal bot from your social media footprint

Hashtag creator Chris Messina today launched Molly, a service that allows people to ask questions about you and glean information from your various social media profiles.

Tangelo Games is targeting social casino games at Spanish-speaking players

We wrote about Vicenç Martí back in 2012 when he won the Who’s Got Game competition at our GamesBeat 2012 conference.

Auctus is bringing blockchain tech to the $36 trillion retirement plan market

Retirement planning is not the sexiest topic in the world, but we all have to think about it at some point.

Alibaba and Tencent wage $10 billion battle for retailers

(Reuters) — China’s tech giants Alibaba Group Holding and Tencent Holdings, worth a combined $1 trillion, are on a retail investment binge, forcing merchants to choose sides amid a battle for shoppers’ digital wallets.

Why AI has yet to solidify its role in health care

GUEST: If you’re searching for an industry that’s defined by innovation and technological progression, look no further than health care.

Dreamscape’s Alien Zoo VR experience embraces the human desire to explore and learn

When I arrive at the upscale Westfield Century City mall in Los Angeles, I only know the broad background of Dreamscape Immersive.

Brass Tactics hands-on: Scaled-down VR strategy game remains challenging

Brass Tactics Arena, the free-to-play spin-off of Brass Tactics, has launched on Oculus Home for the Oculus Rift with Touch, and UploadVR got the chance to go hands-on with it prior to its release for some updated thoughts.

Silicon Valley backlash won’t necessarily cause an exodus to Middle America

OPINION: Peter Thiel is fleeing liberal Silicon Valley for … Los Angeles. That’s according to a story from the Wall Street Journal this week, which reports that Thiel is planning to relocate to a home he bought in the City of Angels six years ago.

How to weaponize our tech addiction: A ‘stickiness gap’ law

GUEST: No one’s better than America at addicting people to empty pixels. We have the platforms, like Facebook, Netflix, iOS, free-to-play video games, and Reddit.