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These were the 10 biggest European tech stories this week

This week, tracked 12 technology M&A transactions, one IPO and 86 funding deals (totalling €199 million, about $224 million) in Europe, Turkey and Israel.

BlackLine files to raise $100 million in IPO

(Reuters) – Accounting software maker BlackLine filed for an initial public offering with U.S. securities regulators on Friday, looking to ride on the recent success of technology offerings in a relatively quiet year for IPOs.

Twitter shares jump 5% on report that Google is working with Lazard on a possible bid

Twitter stock increased more than 4 percent after a report today claiming that Google has tapped financial advisory firm Lazard to consider bidding on Twitter.

Why simplicity ensures that bots will kill 99% of apps

GUEST: The average person uses 3-5 apps per day. How many do you have on your phone? The big app purge is coming — you know, the day you delete all of those apps that you don’t use.

12 awesome tech items to pump up work and play

SPONSORED: Whatever you’re doing — whether it’s getting some business-related tasks done or trying to get the most out of your weekend or family trip — gear makers have developed some devices that will give you a helping hand in the office, at home, or on the road.

Twitch finally lets you upload videos

You no longer have to broadcast to post content on Twitch. The popular livestreaming-video site, a subsidiary of Amazon, revealed during a stage presentation at its TwitchCon fan event today that it has launched video uploads as its latest feature.

Twitch Prime users get new Hearthstone Priest hero: Tyrande Whisperwind

It’s prime time for Hearthstone’s Priest class. On Amazon, that is. Onstage today at TwitchCon in San Diego, Hearthstone art lead Ben Thompson announced that players who sign up for the just-announced Twitch Prime product will get a new hero portrait for the Priest in the category-leading digital card game.

Twitch breaks records in 2016 with average simultaneous viewership reaching 622,000

More people are tuning into Twitch for their livestreaming gaming entertainment than ever before. The Amazon subsidiary averages 622,000 viewers at any one time over the last 12 months, Twitch chief executive officer Emmett Shear revealed at the company’s TwitchCon fan event today.

Overwatch is Twitch’s most popular 2016 release

People love to watching Overwatch. The streaming site Twitch revealed during the keynote for it Twitchcon event in San Diego that Overwatch has been the most popular 2016 release on the site, meaning that it has attracted more viewers than any other game released during the year.

3 simple steps to great chatbot dialogue

GUEST: Chatbots are just a “hi” away. Not like a website that you have to navigate to, or an app that you have to locate and open.

One Tuber to rule them all: PewDiePie’s iOS game joins his YouTube channel as a chart-topper

PewDiePie is a host onto himself. As long as he can hold up a brofist, he’s a threat to take over any market he enters.

Nutanix closes at $37 after first day of trading, up 131% from IPO price

Converged data center hardware company Nutanix today had its first day of trading on the stock market, and its stock closed at $37 per share, up 131 percent from the $16 share price at which it sold more than 14 million shares in its initial public offering (IPO).

Why A.I. assistants need to stay neutral

GUEST: With the release of Google Allo last week, we’ve officially entered the era of the assistant. Every company that owns a major tech platform is now betting that assistants will be an important interface in the post-mobile world.  You might think assistants today are trivial or stupid, and you wouldn’t be wrong.

Why the C-suite should focus on optimization and creating a culture of experimentation

SPONSORED: This sponsored post is produced in partnership with Optimizely. Picture a world without the scientific method.

Google Maps for Android starts showing Calendar events

Google today unveiled a no-brainer update to Google Maps: integration with Google Calendar. Rolling out gradually worldwide, the new feature means Android users will start to see their Google Calendar events on Google Maps. launches to make customer-centric data science available to all

EXCLUSIVE: There is a general problem with analytics, especially when it comes to understanding your audience — knowing where to find the right data, understanding what questions to ask, and gathering real insights in the resulting swamp of information.

Yahoo open-sources a deep learning model for classifying pornographic images

Yahoo today announced its latest open-source release: a model that can figure out if images are specifically pornographic in nature.

Facebook testing Snapchat Stories-like features in Messenger

Facebook once tried to buy the company formerly known as Snapchat for $3 billion. After getting rebuffed, the social networking company opted to find ways to compete against the ephemeral messaging app, even repeatedly launching experimental apps to see which ones would gain traction amongst its users.

GamesBeat weekly roundup: Ubisoft holds off Vivendi, and changes for Hearthstone

Welcome to another GamesBeat weekly roundup! This time, teams and figures from the NBA get involved in the esports market, No Man’s Sky loses players, and Ubisoft has high hopes for Nintendo’s NX.

NES Classic Edition has filters to re-create the crappy ’80s TV experience

It’s going to be a nostalgic Christmas. Nintendo announced new features for the Nintendo Entertainment System Classic Edition, which launches November 11 for $60.