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How FullContact helps make Gmail contacts less lame

GUEST: Editor’s note: Brad Feld’s firm, Foundry Group, is an investor in FullContact. I live in Gmail.

Sony reportedly plans to release Seth Rogen comedy ‘The Interview’ online — for free

Sony is planning to release Seth Rogen’s controversial comedy, “The Interview” for free on its own streaming service Crackle, The New York Post’s Dana Sauchelli reports, citing unnamed sources.

The personal costs of raising money

GUEST: In the tech industry, we celebrate raising money as a victory second only to that of a successful exit.

5 waves of technology disruption that are just getting started

GUEST: Changes in technology are happening at a scale which was unimaginable before and will cause disruption in industry after industry.

The great Heathkit mystery

Whatever happened to Heathkit, the do-it-yourself electronics kits that used to be so popular at the dawn of the computer age?

Death to QR codes! Quikkly raises $1M

Marketing startup Quikkly has raised $1m from Initial Capital and a group of angel investors. The London-based startup hopes to “make the real world clickable” through what it calls an action tag, a spin on traditional QR codes.

5 trends to watch for in 3D printing in 2015

GUEST: It’s been a fast-paced year for 3D printing, with more capital, more companies, and more big ideas than ever.

The most asked question of 2014: Are we in a bubble?

GUEST: Any way you cut it, 2014 has been a remarkable year for the innovation economy. The pace of disruption and growth today is faster than any time I’ve seen in Silicon Valley Bank’s 30-year history.

Why Y Combinator’s Paul Graham loves ‘weird’ ideas and ‘energetic’ people

As a founder of the Silicon Valley startup accelerator Y Combinator, Paul Graham has seen his share of startups.

Five lessons team Zula learned from launching a tech event as a young startup

GUEST: Startups have a multitude of marketing channels available to them: websites, landing pages, email messages, social media, and more.

5 deep learning startups to follow in 2015

It’s been a huge year for a type of artificial intelligence known as deep learning. Google, Twitter, and Yahoo have all acquired startups that deal in deep learning, which entails training systems called artificial neural networks on lots of information derived from audio, images, or other inputs, and then presenting the systems with new information and receiving inferences about it in response.

Happy holidays! Facebook packages up highlights of your year in pictures

Facebook is giving a gift back to its users — a review of important pictures they posted this year. Instead of weaving together a video of pictures users put up on Facebook the way the social networking company did last year, for this holiday season, Facebook is automatically assembling a presentation of images and text that you can scroll through at your own pace.

Data science handbook: 3 tips for becoming a data scientist

GUEST: The impact of data science continues to reverberate through industry, government, and nonprofits.

Qunar or Alitrip: Which will be China’s travel Taobao?

In yet another expansion into new markets, Alibaba launched Alitrip, or Qu’a (去啊) in Chinese, in late October.

This video game reckons it can get your kids to tidy their rooms

Gregory Hansell wants to make the world a better place, and he wants to do it with video games. Hansell is the chief product officer at A Better World, a family-run company that’s looking to raise $200,000 on crowdfunding site Indiegogo for a virtual-world tablet game it reckons can make a real difference.

How computer-aided organic architecture could change the city of the future

We’ve seen the future of architecture and design, and it’s at the intersection of biology, computing, and engineering.

Pushing for holiday downloads? How to win the mobile user acquisition battle

GUEST: The holiday season is upon us, bringing purchases and gifts of shiny, new mobile devices to new users.

This week on VentureBeat: Oculus, DigitalOcean, ‘LOL,’ & more

Every week, the news team at VentureBeat brings you a blitz of news day after day, but even for our most dedicated readers it can be a challenge to catch every single story.

Spotify cares more about an IPO than artists — and Taylor Swift cares about Taylor Swift. Here’s why.

GUEST: Regardless of those truths, streaming will save the music industry and artists will soon make more money than ever before.

Android Studio now includes tie-ins to the Google public cloud

Google says Android mobile app developers can now develop backend services at the same time that they work on the client-side app.