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Shoppers in San Francisco may be doing their holiday shopping with Bitcoin

The era of Bitcoin is upon us — well, in San Francisco anyway. As digital mobile payments rise in popularity as the mode of payment for in-store purchases, one company is making sure that Bitcoin gets some notice, too.

Microsoft plans to launch Power BI mobile apps, starting with iOS

Microsoft plans to bring its business intelligence tool Power BI to mobile platforms, starting with a native iOS app.

Quid’s article-analyzing app can tell you many things — like why you lost the Senate race in Iowa

SAN FRANCISCO — Quid, a startup selling software for analyzing large piles of news articles and other Internet content, is getting used in some surprising ways.

6 apps to help you fight off the holiday weight gain

The holidays and their endless stream of delicious and utterly unhealthy food are upon us. While you’ll likely end up stuffing your face with way too many carbs, covered in sugar and salt, and sitting on a couch without burning calories for much too long, you don’t have to gain weight this holiday.

European Parliament votes to ask for Google to be broken up

The European Parliament voted overwhelmingly today to ask antitrust regulators to strongly consider steps that would force Google to separate its search business from all other services it offers.

Uber halts service in Nevada after legal setback

Following a court’s ruling, Uber has shut down its ridesharing service in Nevada, a move the company said would cost 1,000 jobs.

Eric Schmidt’s European charm offensive falls flat as political backlash against Google grows

For the past several months, Google chairman Eric Schmidt seemed to be just about everywhere in Europe where the search giant is under siege across a number of fronts.

Watch a Microsoft engineer use Kinect and a Sphero to simulate telekinesis

Telekinesis, defined as the psychic ability allowing one to influence a physical system without physical interaction, lives largely in the world of science fiction.

$330 PlayStation 4, Xbox One shows up before Black Friday on eBay

SPONSORED: You can now grab the best deals on a new PlayStation 4 or an Xbox One this holiday season – all in the comforts of your own home. The hottest console deal we’ve come across is your basic PlayStation 4 cut down from $400 to $329.99 on NewEgg’s eBay page.

Apple Pay competitor ‘Android Pay’ is reportedly coming to China

It looks like Apple Pay will soon face some competition in the mobile payments space from its biggest competitor, Android.

We may have underestimated the super-high salaries of Silicon Valley interns (in 1 graph)

It was big news when the public found out that Silicon Valley interns make about twice as much as the average San Franciscan ($6,000/month vs.

Uber app collects an ‘uncool’ amount of data about users, security pro says

Just when one (tech) media firestorm over Uber’s privacy policies starts to subside, another story emerges about the surprising amount of user data collected by the company’s mobile app.

Startups: Does your marketing feel like a gift or a re-gift?

GUEST: Tell me if this sounds familiar. You came up with what you think is a really great idea. You spent countless hours developing your idea into a workable demo.

Bundle grabs $300K for app that finally organizes the gazillion pictures on your phone

Our society really has a photo problem: We take an insane amount but can’t be bothered to go back and organize them.

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What to Think, No. 31: Forrester’s Sucharita Mulpuru on Black Friday and holiday e-commerce

In episode 31 of our podcast “What To Think,” we talked with Forrester analyst Sucharita Mulpuru, who focuses on mobile commerce, e-commerce, and retail, to find out about how — and how often — consumers will use e-commerce sites and mobile shopping apps to find that special gift this holiday season.

Andreessen Horowitz-backed networking startup Forward Networks raises $11M

Today Forward Networks, a “stealth” startup funded by Andreessen Horowitz, SV Angel, and A Capital, announced it has secured $11.1 million in capital in a public SEC filing.

The private companies with valuations higher than $10B — in one chart

These days, investors can’t help but write big checks to fund startups that have a shot at changing the world.

Regular old taxis become cool again: Flywheel downloads up 300% in wake of Uber drama

Uber’s week of PR hell is the gift that keeps on giving to its competitors. Taxi-hailing app Flywheel says it’s seen a massive increase in downloads in the past week.

Even at $199, Amazon’s Fire phone isn’t worth your money

Last night, Amazon slashed the price of its Fire phone by $250. That means you can now get the unlocked phone, without a contract, for just $199.