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SunSed is the future of content management systems and has been designed to replace Wordpress, Weebly, Medium and Squarespace.

To Someone

To Someone uses machine learning to render the version of an email most likely to motivate. It applies a recommendation engine to email, predicting which content will get the best result.


Stamper knows how hard it can be to gather all the pictures of a party we were invited to… and even harder to see the ones from the parties we could not attend.


Breakk is a simplified event management app. Users can add their friends quickly, and can collect money from their friends through Paypal or Venmo.


Fieldbook lets anyone create a database, as easily as a spreadsheet. Use it to run a recruiting or sales pipeline, manage projects and tasks, plan an event, track inventory, organize user tests, or run any process or workflow for your team.

Today's is a website showing only the best tech and startup news stories of the day. There is a maximum of 25 stories per day that will be posted on the site.

Local RankWatch

Local RankWatch will keep you posted about what's going about your business online. With LRW you would realize all the hardship simplified and you are never going back the old way.


Jobscribe sends you an email every day, week or month with exclusive jobs at tech startups. Choose whether you're a Designer, Programmer or Writer and we will send a tailored email to you based on your preferred frequency.


Airsorted is takes the hassle out of Airbnb. Airsorted manages everything allowing you to earn higher yields without the hassle.


Responster turns surveys into great user experiences that boost response rates. Designed from scratch for today’s diverse world of smartphones, tablets, and browsers.

Creative Buzz

Creative Buzz is all about discovering the latest stuff in the creative industry including advertising, design, modern art and news items.


RankSeries is a fantasy e-sports betting league dedicated to MOBA (multiplayer online battle arena) games.


Knote is an intelligent text processing utility that can generate summaries, flip cards and more for you. lets you automatically track your team members locations and their time zones. We'll work out your optimum meeting times.


Nudge makes life easier by tracking all your conversations on Twitter and allowing you to plan follow-ups in order to turn in-the-moment interactions into impactful relationships.


Braavoo is a gamified peer-to-peer platform to instantly send and receive concrete employee feedback.

Imba Game Deals

Imba Game Deals uses the history of your most played games and the history of your friends playtime so we can recommend games you can enjoy.


Veemee is a character-driven messaging service that lets you build amazing 3D avatars, then use them to create cool content to share across your favorite social media channels.


Grasswire is a real-time newsroom for the internet, sourced by people on the ground, curated and fact-checked by everyone.


Tracksy is a free music publishing service for new and unsigned bands. Bands already have to pay out for travel, equipment, rehearsal rooms, recording, mixing, mastering and distribution.