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Peeptrade is a multi-asset social trading network where anyone can see what top traders are doing with their own money, in real time.


Systemate is a simple & beautiful business process management app for entrepreneurs and small business owners.


Visimal is the easiest way to show your portfolio, is the perfect tool for designers, photographers and illustrators in a minimal, beautiful way, to let the work of these artists be the main attraction.With a minimal and beautiful platform that allows every maker to build her/his own portfolio and make it live to the world in seconds.

Perfect Flatmate

Perfect Flatmate aims to take the unknown out of finding a flat share, by matching you with people we think you'll get along with.


ClickHere provides an easy way to increase email click-through rates for small business owners and entrepreneurs who use email as a marketing tool.


Slaask is the first customer chat tool that is 100% integrated into Slack. With Slaask, you no longer need to use a separate customer chat tool outside of Slack.

Clearbit Connect

Connect surfaces personal and company information right inside your Gmail next to every conversation.


StartupWatching is focussed on empowering entrepreneurs worldwide to do greater things and build awesome companies.


Thingsle provides a checklist of what things to do, what things are done, recommended places/restaurants/hotels nearby the particular activity provides the context for people to get easy information, details, destination, routes, environments and let's user to make easy decision depending on the user's review.

Sprint by dscout

dscout Sprint delivers video product feedback from 50 new users in 24 hours. It's ridiculously easy to sign up: give us 1 link, and write a short teaser for your product.


Nimbler is a modular service that enables companies to improve communication during deliveries.The company gets a web platform with real time data which is also 100% integrated into Slack, streaming notifications and messages.


Deco is an IDE for building native apps for iOS and Android using the React Native framework. Deco lets developers work in real time, meaning the actual work-in-progress app is running on the phone while code is written and any changes are instantly reflected without ever needing to compile.


MyRealKarma lets online sellers store their customer feedback and share it on any e-commerce platform or their own web site.When a person registers it creates a web page"public profile" like a credit history report that contains his or her online feedback and friends.The public profile is google searchable.


Critic is a simple app to make better looking food reviews which stand out in your followers' Instagram feeds.


99check is a family safety app for parents to check in with their children without being over-controlling.

Music Impacts

Music Impacts stories is a first-of-its-kind social music podcast that features a growing collection of stories from music fans around the world, as well as your favorite artists, producers, and celebrities.

Growth Report

Growth Report helps you understand and fine-tune your startup's growth engine. Start your morning off right with simple growth charts in Slack or email.


Qrvey, short for “quick survey,” gives the cumbersome survey a makeover. Qrvey stands out for its equal attention to those who want to collect and those who want to contribute information with quickness and ease.


VYBZ is a musical social network bridging the gap between established artists, up and coming musicians and casual listeners.

Practical Assurance

Practical Assurance is a platform to help businesses address the complex world of information security and compliance.