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Katha is an audio content & messaging platform which allows users to create, distribute and consume audio content.


Relay aims to connect your design tools with your creative process and team. Capture and share your work in progress.


SportOn is the world's first full featured sports application with a social ecosystem built in that lets users engage with other users in real-time.


Setlr connects you to friendly, affordable, real-time human translation. Now you can automatically connect directly into live (yes live!


Perch home monitoring lets you take action immediately: turn on lights, lock doors, flip power switches, or set the sprinklers going using your SmartThings home automation system.


Dudestars are reward charts for adults. They aim to inspire, motivate, and add a little fun to almost any group activity.


Kwambio begins by choosing a product from one of four main categories (Fashion, Home Decor, Gadgets and Art), which you can then customize and personalize within a few clicks of a button.


Lavaboom is the first secure email client that puts User Experience first. We have an easy to use interface.


Nebia is a shower meticulously crafted to embody the highest standards of experience, design, engineering and water and energy use.


Sirvo is a social recruitment and hiring platform helping to bridge the gap between employers and job seekers in the service industry.


Tripstir is a social travel platform that allows users to share and broadcast their travel plans and experiences with friends and followers.


Unbias trains your brain to detect cognitive biases in context, and use them to your advantage. The way you think affects what you become.


Rivlr's platform allows you to challenge any other player, acts as the trusted intermediary until the tournament is over, and awards the prizes automatically.


WallaMe lets you make your mark on the walls, share it with your friends or make it public. WallaMe is a cross-platform mobile application that allows users to add a digital layer to physical walls and share it with friends.


Nebia is a shower meticulously crafted to embody the highest standards of experience, design, engineering and water and energy use.


MusicLamhe lets you enjoy cover songs by famous artist. Currently cover songs are aggregated from YouTube with two languages English and Hindi.

Social Cub

Social Cub provides an app and site that allows parents to connect and coordinate play dates through interests, age of kid, and area of town.


PlayMeet is a location-based application that connects you with people nearby that share the same musical interests.


Craft is a service that showcases the creative process of visual storytelling. Normally you see the final pieces, but we show you the story behind it.


GIGGYPOP gives you tailored gig suggestions and as soon a friend commits to coming with you, we will buy you both tickets.