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Up Sonder

Up Sonder is the the first peer-to-peer on-demand drone marketplace and sharing community, connecting those who own drones with those who want to take flight.


Tehabo, create an online company handbook. We needed to create an online team handbook to get new folks briefed and wired into the team.


Cloneable is a series of courses that teaches you how to make real versions of the apps that you use everyday single day.


Balance is a menubar app for your money. We allow people to see all of their accounts and transactions in one place, and offer notifications and insights based on the data.


Mune is a brand new device that combines the power of digital music gear with the simplicity, soul and expressiveness of an acoustic instrument.


PlusMargin is a persuasion automation solution that helps e-commerce merchants increase their online sales and average order value.


Roadmap ensures your team is prioritizing the right customer feedback by showing you the MRR and number of subscribers involved for each ideas.


DayPoint is an iOS app that captures how you spend your time at a high level throughout the day, then shows beautiful visuals so you can truly see where your time goes.


Skillchat is an online mobile group chat, skill chat and interactive problem-solving service that enables its users to join skill groups, get immediate help, help others and develop skills, and save/share chats.


Cre8ive is the first A.I. personal development, productivity, motivational, social network, education and entertainment app tied together into an all-in-one super app with over 28+ different features.


Remoto WiFi is a gadget for car owners that provides any car with fast WiFi Internet, music services, and the opportunity to interact with the vehicle remotely using a special app for Android or iPhone (plus smart watches).


Instant is a content management system that can be added to existing websites. Add Instant to any website with a single script and update your website inline in a beautiful editor.


TalkJS is buyer-seller chat for your online marketplace or platform. You'll have it up and running in 10 minutes.

Kin is the calendar experience we want after Sunrise: simple enough to help us better understand when, where and with whom we need to be & connected to integrate all the services that we use everyday.

Homer Keyboard V2

Homer Keyboard is a custom keyboard App that lets you share media, files, activities privately over messenger, whatsapp, text or any other platform from your favorite services such as dropbox, Google Drive, Soundcloud, Reddit and Pinterest without having to switch between applications View startup

Remora Tracking

Remora Tracking is a cellular & GPS based tracking device that allows you to track anything, from anywhere, and in real-time.


ReportChef is a Slack bot to stay on track with your team that prepares timely reports from your people and task tracker.


EmailStrategy is a service for monitoring Email activities of your competitors. Get Instant access to the history of email newsletters of more than one thousand companies.


Shopcinity lets you capture items you like through an image, product web link or barcode and save it to your watch list.

Signal AI

Signal is an artificial intelligence-powered app that helps you keep current with your social network.