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InfiniGrow enables you to Execute the best marketing for your company without worrying about whether or not you’ve invested in the right channels.


Astro is bringing AI to email to help you focus on what matters. Our email apps are available on Mac desktop and iOS, and we support Gmail and Office 365 email accounts.


Foodiebot™ by Orderscape, is a food ordering chatbot for Facebook's Messenger [Foodiebot-Chat] and Amazon's Echo - Alexa [Foodiebot-Voice].


hosting4devs offers a full, easy, cheaper and integral solution that allows you to manage, in a simple and centralized way, all your servers.

Air Tunes

Air Tunes is a music player tuned for the finest audio experience on an Android device. Featuring studio quality DSPs and audio effects, this player is natively developed to exceed the quality offered by Android.


Thickbase is a platform that allows startups and growing businesses manage their website's customer support better.

System On Grid

System On Grid is simple, powerful cloud computing that scales with you. Easily build a new, powerful SSD orbit in just under 45 seconds.


Audrey is an intelligent personal assistant that reinvents how people interact with artificial intelligence by allowing everyone to teach it instead of guessing what it'll understand.

Candy Bandy

Candy Bandy is a trusted community marketplace for people to list, discover, exchange and buy boxes of the best and unique candies, snacks and goods from people from all over the world.


Formtrigger analyzes your site for forms and tracks user activity with them. It calculates the conversion rate and specific stats for each field.


ARTi is your textbook shopping assistant. Message ARTi on Facebook Messenger to find the best prices on textbooks, whether you're trying to buy, rent, or sell.


fofomo is an application which helps you to discover live gigs in your city easily. Simply search, explore and track all upcoming music events from a single platform.


Yogassential delivers trusted, qualified yoga teachers to your door. Our mission is to bring yoga to all.


HaltDos ensures high availability of your website/web services by providing intelligent DDoS mitigation solution that monitors, detects and automatically mitigates DDoS attacks without requiring any human intervention.

QPoint Survey

QPoint is a web based software tool for creating online surveys, collecting responses and analyzing data.


DevOpsBoard is a Kanban tracker for DevOps related engineering teams. It shows product features, bugs, support tickets and infrastructure incidents on a single task board.


Twist helps people stay on top of their professional life through a Gmail application that is simple, intuitive, and engineered for the individual.


InstantAccess is a mobile app that lets users engage services without registration or login in a fast and easy way.


Peep is a mobile app that turns crowdfunding into a social experience. Through the app, fans support their favorite social media influencers with monthly pledges and get rewarded with exclusive live video broadcasts.


ClickDishes introduces a modern way to eat. Browse restaurants near you, order ahead and pay through your phone.