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NewsHedge Squawk automates the way financial professionals discover key market events happening in over 5,000 stocks, sectors, and top commodities.


Coolme is a more interesting and effective way to remind you to cool down your overheated Android device.


Rater helps you find great websites by surfacing what's being talked about on social media, in addition to providing an extremely easy-to-use search experience with powerful filters, user reviews, and automatic categorization.


Wettma is an app for fun bets with your friends. You like to bet, but not for money? Then you can use Wettma to track all your fun bets, long-term bets, and challenges with your friends.


Cyph is a next-generation messenger app that makes privacy the new status quo. Cyph hands you a single shortlink to share with your friend, then encapsulates the entire encrypted chat right in the browser.


Protolution is built to democratize the way businesses develop products through crowdsourcing. We are a crowdsourced platform that allows businesses to test their prototypes with a community of early adopters.


Blania gives you the best experience traveling in Mexico while you learn Spanish. We know how important the timing is for you, so we will help you to develop your language skills and speak in Spanish as quickly as possible.


BankMobile is the first mobile bank in the U.S. that has absolutely no fees and pays a higher savings rate than the top four banks in the country.


Tripsuit personalizes the travel experience by recommending trips based on your interests and data analysis.


Haaartland takes the guessing out of marketing. Using top notch big data technology and advanced machine learning tricks we give marketers super powers.


Voise is a mobile app where you can send announcements, latest updates to your group of friends and politely not allowing them to reply, just gesture with what they want to reply with double tap as "OK", swipe left as "Not interested".


Freeddo is a location-based messaging service for people who love coffee and want to meet new people.


Följ is a beautiful way to explore all your photo stream, in only one place. Explore & discover all pictures from Instagram, Flickr & 500px directly in your browser, iPad or iPhone.


Snacks puts cutting edge knowledge about startup law, marketing, design, development & more at your fingertips.


Basket helps you bookmark your favorite links and online media. You can categorize your saved items and add notes and colors to easily retrieve them later.


Linkibl is a social link sharing service that enables users to discover the best things happening on the web tailored to their interests.


Imagpic make it easy to make money from pictures on your website. Our app connects visitors to items they want, seamlessly.


NewsHedge Squawk automates the way financial professionals discover key market events using a synthetic voice and audibly reports on over 5,000 stocks, sectors, and top commodities, Our algorithmic solution helps you recognize anything in the capital markets which begins to trade irregularly, or notably, allowing you to easily discover opportunities and hidden risks.


Monitority is a free website monitoring service that enables users to track unlimited services (websites, urls or ip addresses etc.) and receive alerts (via email, text-sms, tweet) when these services are not responding.


Salsa is the world's first anonymous community where you can share anything about your job or company.