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SMleads is a simple social media lead generation tool powered by AI. With SMleads, businesses can generate qualified leads from different social platforms.


Meatti helps mobile app developers increase app downloads and revenue with actionable insights. App developers can get them all done without spending a penny on advertising and changing a single line of code.


Pillsy is like having a personal assistant for your pills. The smart pill bottle automatically tracks doses and sends intelligent reminders when you forget.


ThingsPage is an IoT Directory Service that detects any type of devices using the business network such as desktop, mobile phone, printer and local server, and identify the device users by having users to login to access business network and Internet.


ManaKeep helps indie game developers create a website to promote their game. Our website builder turns you into a pro designer, allowing you to swap templates and color schemes with ease.


SlickAccount is an accounting software helping small businesses from India, US, Philippines, Canada, and the UK become more profitable by better tracking & managing their business's financial transactions.


Worldmio works like this: a traveller will fill out our questionnaire with details of their upcoming trip.


beame-gatekeeper allows authenticated, encrypted access to systems using the mobile device as primary ID or secondary authentication factor.


Plottu is a free task based knowledge platform for young professionals such as Marketeers, Recruiters, Software engineers, Freelancers...

Harris Insights

Harris Insights helps organisations share, track and prioritise insights, tests and research in a fun and seamless manner.


Polarity is an efficiency and privacy oriented web browser aimed to put the control back into the user.


EngageKit is a customer engagement platform for your business to connect with your customers. The first release comes with Knowledge Base kit.


PeepWhen is a one-button messaging app for habitual patterned communication. For instance, we're gym buddies and I want to ask you to join me today – I just hold a button and with the time I hold the button, you can immediately understand how much I want you to go with me.


Integrator is a powerful and easy-to-use cloud data integration service which can work with data behind the corporate firewall.


Buglab help you discover and fix vulnerabilities of your websites, mobile apps and IoT devices, by challenging our community of hand selected security researchers through a contest.


PAX is a passenger experience discovery platform that enables airline passengers to share their own travel experiences in real-time and discover travel experiences of other passengers based on their own travel preferences and plans. gathers valuable intel from millions of websites to answer questions like: which sites use Mailchimp and are in English?

Cloud Middleman

Cloud Middleman is the only HTTP/S traffic debugger that runs in the cloud. It’s like the desktop software you’re already familiar with - except you don’t have to install anything on your dev machine, and you can sniff traffic from any device, anywhere in the world.


VRLD is long-awaited VR realization, a solid online 3D world, making you live better. It is a future way of using VR devices, expanding your game experiences.


PlainFlow is an AI powered software as a service that helps companies to quickly bootstrap from day-0 their marketing activities by automating their internal processes and all their customer communications with workflow blueprints and behavioral email templates.