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EmailJS lets you send emails directly from Javascript. No server code needed. Instead of messing with boring email code, connect your preferred email provider (Mandrill, Sendgrid etc.), choose from our ready made parametrized templates or customize your own, and start sending emails with a couple of JS lines.


Uskape is where you work, a connected workspace that brings together your calendars, contacts, commitments, content and communications using your favorite apps or our built-in tools.


StoreFoundry is a platform that allows merchants based in Ghana to setup a store online in a very simple and intuitive process.


COFFEE-TIME is a single-tap zero character meetup tool. It is the simplest & most efficient way to invite someone out for a coffee.


heylaundry washes your dirty laundry and hand-delivers them back to your doorstep in 24 hours. It's that easy.


MooVee is the app to help you with discovering movies to watch. It shows important information about the specific movie including it's cast, reviews and related movies.

Maybe Yes No

Maybe Yes No list activities (without images or ads) and asks maybe, yes or no. Pairs couples together for a sexy menu of options and offers links to product you might like.


HypeQ gathers, manages and grows your user base organically ahead of a launch. Sign-ups are organised into a queue and offered the chance to queue jump when they share your pre-launch website.


Servy is a mobile app that empowers frequent diners and hospitality professionals to give private feedback to restaurants in exchange for a partial reimbursement of their meal.


Tapir is a tiny snippet of code that allows you to have an effective customer referral program up and running on your site in a few minutes.


CubbySpot is a mobile platform that connects parents and daycares. We help parents find the best daycare for their child and we enable parents to fill available spots easily.


YooGloo is a better way to manage your contacts and we're building it from the ground-up. For the first time ever, you'll be able to see and visualise your friends, colleagues, and how everybody is related and connected!

Suisse Timer

Suisse Timer is a countdown app made for creative people. It's a beautiful designed app made by a swiss designer bored by ugly similar apps.


Kotive is a meta-app with which you build taskflow apps for your company and/or your customers. Get things done faster and more effectively by making custom-made taskflow apps without doing any programming.


BeagleCore™ is a professional yet tiny solution for BeagleBone hardware that follows industry standards to offer the core features in one minified module (SOM).


CloudPal provides you with a centralized view of all your Cloud Services so that you can keep track of your account credentials, monitor cloud spend, and adjust your vendor billing preferences from a single, convenient location.


Blocbox connects you to neighbors working from home in order to solve common inconveniences: receiving packages, walking the dog, dealing with the cable guy, etc.


Elephone helps you make a great first impression. Control how you look when calling others, recognize who calls you, and connect to the largest and most complete address book with your new phone app.


Kollabo helps people with great ideas find the most important part of turning those ideas to reality; other ambitious people.


Bridg is a patented consumer-to-merchant smartphone payment platform that enables offline transactions built for developing markets.