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Do:feedback allows you to discuss bugs, improvements and features with your beta testers. Get instant feedback from your team, clients and users and send it directly to Slack, Jira, Trello or any other tool.


Skillogie is an online marketplace where users can book different opportunities to acquire new skills and learn through experience.


Aviate is an anonymous location based sharing application, which allows users to be heard anytime, anywhere.


SpeedForce is the first fully integrated smart cycling computer that lets you get the most out of cycling.


KonceptApp empowers creation of fully interactive app prototypes that accelerates learning and improves understanding user behaviour.

Build Focus

Build Focus is a productivity tool that trains your mind, to wean you off checking Facebook every five minutes and onto focused concentration, so you can beat distraction and get things done.


GIGLR is an online social networking system dedicated to bringing people together by having a single place to go for a smile and laugh.


Qiymat is a platform for buying, selling and merging businesses, startups, products or technologies. You have a viable product/company and are on the lookout for potential buyers and merger partners.


Picktorial is an intuitive, non-destructive RAW and JPG editor for the Mac. Picktorial's mission is to put powerful photo editing tools in the hands of every photographer.


Timyo knows only 30% of your email is really important. That's why we've reimagined your inbox and created Agenda View to let you know at a glance which emails are important and when you need to deal with them.

Go Screen

Go Screen is the first service that lets you create your own tvOS App. Just upload your videos and we take care of the rest - quick publishing & lighting fast video hosting.


Juvo is the holistic sleep solution that both tracks AND actively manages your sleep to keep you happy, healthy and productive.

Air Tailor

Air Tailor is your new tailor by text that provides expert clothing alterations on demand. Schedule a pick-up or print a pre-paid shipping label and our network of vetted tailors will alter your clothes to suit your body, then return.


Slyng is an app that allows for contextual learning based on where your audience is and what they are doing.

City Space

City Space is a transparent online marketplace for commercial property. We are going to be the leading marketplace for short-term retail.


Koachify is a sports-based, management and organization platform, providing coaches and teams with technology based innovations to help streamline success.


BounceFight will start tracking a visitor movements on your website with our behavior algorithm and BounceStop technology.


Humai wants to reinvent the afterlife. We want to bring you back to life after you die. We’re using artificial intelligence to achieve breakthroughs in computer science, biology, neuroscience and more.


YellowBird is rethinking the way financial education works. Today, millennials desiring to increase their financial literacy and/or learn about investing must consult expensive advisors, textbooks, or worse—day long seminars.

Stealth Socks

Stealth Socks are stylish enough for any situation with a high-performance twist. Silver ions prevent stop skin microbes from releasing odor while carbon nanoparticles capture the rest and wick sweat for a unique one-two punch against funk.