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Rhythm are smart shoes that connect to your rhythm app to teach you how to dance. View startup


Cliperado automatically takes screenshots of your entire online service weekly. You can slice the shot into multiple images to create step-by-step guides.


Stakkr is a platform that allows you to create and queue tweets to be shared when YOU want. You create content when you have time and we take care of the rest, sharing it for you when you tell us to so that you can work on more important things.


Keyyword in a powerful 3-in-1 tool to increase your website traffic. With Keyyword, you can find profitable keywords in minutes (providing the most accurate competition score on the market), use our innovative SEO editor to write and check whether your article is well optimized in real time (35+ SEO factors analyzed), or get SEO reports for any URL and keyword combinations of a webpage.

Pick Transfer

Pick Transfer is a free service to send high quality pictures to a friend or groups of friends, as easy as WeTransfer, but as convenient as WhatsApp.


Vamonos! incorporates new smartphone technology that allows users to send location-based text messages and emails with minimal battery use.


Appbox allows businesses to create Android and iOS mobile Apps based on their Facebook page. Automatic content updates and push notifications, flexible styling options and proximity marketing with iBeacons are included with every App.


Willi is a WiFi Access Point in a shape of bulb. It not only works perfectly as smart bulb that is prevalent today - you can turn it on/off or adjust the brightness using simple mobile application remotely but more importantly, it distributes WiFi signal to every corner of your home.

Dive Social

Dive is a social networking platform for foodies, a delicious way to meet someone new and enjoy tasty meals around you.


ZeusPro is universal non-electrical Wi-Fi amplifier, andf it's purpose is to get a flawless WiFi signal at every required spot. is building the most meaningful, collaborative, and abundant data resource in the world. We help people work together to solve important problems faster by creating new ways to discover, prepare, and share data.

Yambuu Mail

Yambuu is the new-age secure email service will enable the users to have “complete control” over the emails they sends.


Tipple is a new dating app & social network that helps users meet in the best night spots. The tipple team handpicks the best places in the city to provide a lifelike dating experience that makes users meet in real life while partying.


Tracklib is a new music marketplace to discover, buy and license separate tracks from original recordings.


VMPower is a cloud savings platform that reduces your cloud bill by identifying idle virtual machines, resizing virtual machines and automating VM allocations on a set schedule.

RAG List

RAG List takes a daily snapshot of your to-do lists, health stats and inner growth. A daily RAG signal (Red/Amber/Green) for each goal tracks your progress over time.


Kard helps you maximize your credit card rewards by notifying you of all the best deals across your cards as you shop online.


Pummel is a new mobile app and community of health and fitness experts. The app allows customers to find a trainer matched to you in your area.


Kylie is your next sales representative capable of handling even the most complicated sales funnel. Utilizing the latest in Natural Language and Machine Learning Technologies, Kylie is ready to work for you.


Dobby is a command-operated bot you can teach new tricks. It has it’s own app that gives it more power than a typical chatbot.