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WordsFarm is a minimalist blogging platform with the following uses : 1) Readers get to discover and read good thoughts and posts.


BugPlug is the quickest and most affordable way to conquer user feedback. Start listening to your users in 2 minutes with easy implementation.


Badi is a marketplace that connects people and helps cities to become more efficient by making city-center living affordable to everyone.


TraveLibro​ is​ a revolutionary app that​ ​​aims to change the way people capture their travel experiences and stories.


Altmail is a smart inbox for all your newsletter, deal, digest and update emails. It transforms your cluttered inbox into the source of knowledge, so that, you don't miss out on important information.

Mastery Timer

Mastery Timer, schedule time for deliberate practice & stay motivated by earning points. I build this app to help manage the time I dedicate to personal development.

Thatday bot

Thatday bot- telegram bot. It will notify you about important and noteworthy dates. 1000 days after graduation from college, 666 weeks after your wedding, and much more.


iRefers is the world's fastest growing affiliate network. We are providing offers + tracking platform to all email marketers & website owners so that they could earn from promoting hunderds of attractive offers.


RoutesMap is a website where people share their favorite routes and find the best ones to explore the world.

Imperative Gizmo

Imperative Gizmo provides you with real-time reports and the latest Amazon updates of Sales Rank, Price, number and types of Sellers!


Pictura is a simple HTTP API service which can print any website as PDF, take a screenshot of a website as PNG, or simply extract its HTML.

Matchday XP

Matchday XP is the perfect companion for the football season. A social betting app that allows groups of friends to pool their money and play against each other.


MetaCanvas is the only Business Model Canvas tool that enables it users to add financial forecasts, set goals and track next steps, all in one place View startup


SalesHandy is a SaaS-based product with features like Email Tracking, Mail Merge, Auto Follow Up, Email Scheduling and Document Tracking.

Sketch Happens

Sketch Happens lets you draw on iconic archival images with your most witty doodle ever and vote for the funniest sketch before the timer runs out.


Multi Copy Paste Chrome Extension , we first put this extension together for ourselves but we figured we might as well share it with everyone so here we are 😄 We hope some of you will find this extension useful!


LinkRev is a first and best Web Assistance Platform. LinkRev is a portal and an extension to Chrome, Firefox and Opera browsers that help visitors rate sites, read and write comments all over the web!


PushRadar is a realtime notifications API service for the web, featuring advanced targeting. The service uses a simple publish-subscribe model, that allows you to broadcast 'notifications' on specific 'channels', that are subscribed to by one or more clients, who are the visitors or users of your website or web app.


Checkli is the easiest way to discover, save, and complete free checklists, created by experts around the world.


Ascema's Where's My Data tool is part of the Ascema Data Loss Prevention platform. A standalone solution for finding and reporting on PCI, PII and similar files on endpoints and servers the solution can be deployed in minutes.