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Dialogue is a CRM for managers and their teams. Relationship building is focused around individual 1:1 conversations between manager and employee.


Muno is beautiful native Mac OS (soon windows) music player which combines Souncloud and Youtube. Bringing a native music experience to your Mac.


Dust is a marketplace that connects non-technical founders with developers who can build minimum viable products at low costs, in just a few days.


Anyleads is a Lead generation infrastructure for small & larger companies. it allows to find emails, send drip campaigns and sell more!


QallOut is the world’ s first online community for social (live) video debates. After a very divisive 2016 and a growing bullshit epidemic, we are tearing down social media echo chambers and giving people the opportunity to discuss and corroborate critical issues over live video.


Goshly is a Do it Yourself Website Builder. Build beautiful Websites or Stores that look like they were designed by a high-end agency for several thousand dollars.


Pilotship collects all of your shared content and makes everything discoverable in one place, so your teammates can find and subscribe to what they want.


Shoutify is a simple concept, you can be an influencer, a marketer or both. We simplify the process of buying and selling shoutouts, through a sleek interface allowing all parties to easily manage their business.


hellobeano is a chatbot that’s built to assist busy e-commerce store owners and executives. It can provide quick reporting for the store and help manage/administrate orders, all through popular chat apps and even SMS!


Evenication is like a compass for finding your favorite events, except that the events find you, using your mobile's location.Evenication is an app that sends you notifications of all current tech events that are happening in your vicinity, using your mobile's location and your stated interests.


Boardfy is a SaaS platform that automates all the pricing process of any Ecommerce & controls all the prices of any product.


Zirra is a technology company focusing on company analysis using Artificial Intelligence. The company uses NLP techniques, data collection, and machine learning to generate insights regarding companies.

ReachOut Suite

ReachOut Suite is an integrated web and matching mobile app solution for optimizing the delivery of field services.


Hugo improves the way meetings are documented and shared within a team so that relationship insights are never lost.


MageMail helps online retailers to increase revenue through stronger lead generation, customer conversion, engagement, and retention.


Eisedo, manage your time like a pro, eisedo automatically prioritises your tasks, helping you to work smarter.

Project Nucleus

Project Nucleus is the first project management tool built to help support SEO Agencies manage, stay organized and scale their projects with precision.


Jot is a one shop solution and simple way to boost productivity in your daily life. Jot can achieve this because it doesn’t attempt to do a lot, but what Jot does do it accomplished in simple, refined package that doesn’t distract from its main goal: provide beautiful lists and a robust task manager to help wrangle in your hectic schedule.


CryptoBuzz is a link aggregator for news about all things related to cryptocurrency and blockchain technology.


Adminix is a lacking solution for SMBs that facilitates an administration of the IT infrastructure. We provide a set of necessary solutions (pre-set images to instantly start required application on AWS AMI or using Docker and web application to manage deploys and configurations of the app without a need to work with the console) that gives a possibility to minimize time and simplifies the process spending for doing IT operations.