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ComfyLight offers triple security through 1 device: realistic presence simulation, intruder detection including alert via phone & deterrence View startup


Makerarm is a complete personal fabrication system packed into a single, beautifully designed robotic arm that mounts on your desktop.


Interlude interactive video app brings you closer to your favorite artists, music and pop-culture. Come join the fun!


Freemio helps small startups to save money on software. We believe small budgets shouldn’t kill startups.


Nomsy is a lifestyle application that leverages social data to help you find food that agrees with the way you eat and empowers you to discover a community that shares your dietary preferences and or restrictions.


Hund lets you communicate with users during downtime with a hosted status page. Integrates with your favorite uptime monitors and broadcasts to various channels.


NEVR finds interesting company for activities you love Lunch with someone who not of your usual circle.


6weekends gives you 6 last minute weekend getaways, every week. People have changed the way they travel.


Ambedo is all about that perfect weekend. Simply choose what you're up for and Ambedo will create a route that contains amazing places.


PinPort is building a community and marketplace where people can advertise, discover and book unique ports around the world.


Coworker is your number one place to find and review co-working spaces around the world. Think of it like Tripadvisor for coworking spaces.


TruConversion offers many powerful Web Analytics and Feedback tools under one application to really find out why your potential customers on your website abandon….This easy to use Conversion rate optimisation application is set to disrupt the industry….


Coworker helps you find your perfect coworking space in thousands of cities around the world. Read real reviews from people just like you, see ratings, find out WiFi speeds, get daily, weekly + monthly rates, and view photos.


Tabtics is a Chrome extension that helps you improve on health & productivity. It will help you increase your awareness through personal tips on daily routines and health every time you open up a new tab.


Kira is not only the name of my cunning Shiba Inu, but a new mobile application that allows dog owners to store health data, track vaccinations and schedule to-dos.


Mobilize is a solution for companies to communicate with an external network of partners, members or workforce. is a company created to build instant connections between clients and freelance developers. The freelancers can find out all the details about the job invite—type, deadline, and budget then make an informed decision to accept or decline the offer and can get paid faster with PayPal, Stripe, or Bitcoin!


Intryst is redefining human interaction. Instead of giving out your phone number, you’ll give out your Intryst Number .


Startupgrowth is a personal marketing and growth assistant for startups and entrepreneurs. Monthly report cards of progress, growth checklists, resources, access to a personal assistant whenever you need them.


StorySimple means that you will never have to stare at another blank PowerPoint document waiting for inspiration to strike.