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PrivateHero is a place, where you get your project done with a quality and warranty of established company for the price of a freelancer.


Nexpick is a platform for people to organise their life. With Nexpick keep the things you care about in one place by creating collections of your picks.


Recommendations (by Receiptful) are recommended product widgets that can be used anywhere on your eCommerce store.


Metaphorio is an online collaboration platform designed by video producers for video producers to help them manage their productions efficiently from A to Z.

Get Worm

Get Worm helps early adopters discover startups based on their interests and get recognized & rewarded for joining them at an early stage.


Coral is an interactive home guide that helps your guests get settled easily and eliminates hosting-related headaches.


Eo lets you meet new people in other countries before you arrive. It's like Tinder hooked up with Airbnb and birthed a baby.


Nexpick is a platform for people to organise their life. With Nexpick keep the things you care about in one place by creating collections of your picks.

WAVE Personal Calendar

WAVE Personal Calendar is a calendar app for Android and iOS users that provides access to personal assistants helping you with your everyday tasks.


Helpa is the personal assistant for the rest of us. Helpa allows you to have the benefits of your very own personal assistant, without the typical costs or overheads.


Lookkapp lets you make an order and ask people around the world to take a picture that you need. Anyone is your photo agent now!


Overheat is a SaaS tool that allows users to analyze website visitors behavior in a visual way. With that analysis done users can easily optimize the website´s potential and increase the number of leads and sales.

Trendy Reggae

Trendy Reggae is a social-music platform where users can create gigs, share gigs and book talent to save money, make money as well as to engage new fans, discover and connect with Reggae and Dancehall talent around the world View startup


ReferStack is a platform that helps you substantially increase your growth by encouraging your users to refer other users with simple rewards.


Cronomio is a mobile social platform for events, integrated with your calendar. It allows easy discovery of events that are tailored to your interests and social reality.


TenantLoop is a property management app for the mobile landlord. We are making mobile communication easy and well-documented for landlords & their renters.


KOLLEKT.FM Feeds are lists with music coming from sources you trust. Combine sources such as Facebook pages, YouTube channels and blogs in lists and you'll get an instant overview of new content posted on these sources every time you log in.


Idyll is a social discovery app that let's users discover, create, and share not only things to do nearby, but what's trending around the world. is a social intranet built with Google Apps. integrates with your Google Apps and users can create their own homepage.


Storyappy is a mobile platform for iPhone that allows users to create stories with others. Read a story, submit what you think should come next and if your submission gets chosen, you get to approve the next submission.