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Picks is a place to find, save, discover, and share, the things you actually enjoy doing. For example, you can look up Godzilla, read the description, and save it to a list for the movies you want to see.


Salezter is an innovative presentation tool for people who work in sales and want to impress their audience by involving them in their presentation through their smart devices.


Turfly is a social game where you capture real-life territory just by walking or running through it. Turfly tracks your activity while you go about your day, and assigns you points inside "turfs" that are approximately football-field size.


Aspiration is a socially conscious financial advisor giving users access to elite investments, so you can invest like a millionaire with only a $500 minimum.

Guest Locker

Guest Locker is an Android Security App that allows you to freely hand off your device to friends and family while protecting data you want to keep secure – no rooting required.


Yonomi is an app that magically discovers all of your connected devices and organizes them into powerful routines.

Write Often

Write Often is a community dedicated to helping aspiring writers practice their craft. Each day, we'll release a new writing prompt to spark your imagination and your desire to write.


Socialist is interactive, predictive and enchantingly social. Socialist is the new app for iOS 7 that helps you create, collaborate and share lists all in one place.


NinjaOutreach is a blogger outreach service for digital marketers and small businesses interested in growing their presence online.


FitQuickly connects dietitians and nutritionists with people seeking support on their way to a healthy and fit body.


ruxit is application monitoring and analytics built from the ground up for cloud natives and startups.


FitQuickly connects dietitians and nutritionists with people seeking support on their way to a healthy and fit body.


SNARC helps you discover content by highlighting what's meaningful in a quick, smart and personalized manner.


GRTZ is an email client that syncs with your current email provider, but helps you spend less time composing and consuming email.

Friendship by Spince

Friendship by Spince solves for emotional bottlenecks and keeps friendships strong. By monitoring how you're currently feeling about your friend, Friendship by Spince detects the beginning of a troubled relationship.


Guubie is an automated email marketing platform for startups, which allow startups to send targeted emails based on users’ behavior just like Amazon does, including responsive landing pages to generate leads and responsive email campaign to engage with your users or customers.


JumpQ utilizes self-scanning, mobile payments, cloud technology, and proprietary hardware to make checkout lines a thing of the past.


AppMind is a new trendy App Store Optimization and App Marketing service. It can reveal any iOS App’s hidden keywords and help improve App Store Search Rankings to drive more organic traffic and as a result sales to your iOS app.

Levers Blueprint

Levers Blueprint is a powerful dashboard that forecasts website performance by allowing users to identify opportunities and increase future conversions.


Jobbatical is a professional adventures marketplace that connects people who want to depart their usual career paths for 3-12 months professional internship to employers seeking to hire or volunteer for short stints.