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KeyWise is a simple, secure way to back up & copy all your physical keys. It allows to digitally scan your physical keys from your mobile device (securely saved in the Cloud).


Moodmetric Ring is a biosensor tracking emotions. It is the first wearable to measure excitement and calmness of mind and to help in managing stress and other emotional load.


Artly has no content management system. Everything you see is what you get, integrated SEO, full mobile compatibility, a website continuously updated according to the newest trends in web design.

One Month Options

One Month Options is an online educational platform focused on all things options trading. Spend 15 to 20 minutes a day working through a one month regiment of videos, screencasts, tests, and quizzes.


Doypp is an application platform which enables everyone to build content-driven mobile applications in minutes, without coding knowledge or big budget.


Persollo is an online service that enables users to create payment form in a click and get simple link.


Timebird eliminates the back & forth emails trying to find the right time to meet. The easy and popular way to schedule meetings with other people is looking for betatesters for a brand new and completely overhauled version 2.


Gini is a proactive assistant that ensures everything you are going to need is bought, booked, & planned for.


Gather is a new platform for saving and organizing your links. Forget about messy bookmarks and emailing links.


Passparyou enables you to use the same digital identity everywhere allowing you to completely forget about passwords.


AppDeal provides users with cash back on every one of their App Store purchases. Cash back rewards range from 1-100% of the purchase price of the app and no apps are excluded or ineligible for cash back.

Beee Platform

Beee is a platform where you come together, to form consensus of opinions, through meaningful feedback, on things that matter to you. is built to address the problems with coffee subscriptions or with just forgetting to buy coffee in general.


GitStarter aims to create more opportunities for the development community to build more effective resources.


Brevity sends you summarized insights from non-fiction articles, videos and books (tech, entrepreneurship, marketing, creativity, psychology and more) from the best publications and thought leaders.


Incisively takes the guesswork out of website testing & optimisation. It's simple to set up and allows you to drive higher conversion and margins from day one.


Filter is a platform that connects music lovers with artists around the world through live video performances.


Dittach is an app that makes your email storage browsable and fully searchable, by putting all your attachments in a beautiful, visual stream.


Sidekick provides a better overview of the projects you're working on. Whether you are the one running the company, managing a team, or part of a team with Sidekick everyone knows the status and phases of every project being worked on.


AddCharts adds live analytics to See how your tags and segments change over time! Analyze all your Intercom data from a single dashboard and see the big picture of what's going on with your business.