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JibJab enters the messaging game, wants to be the “funny button” for all your communications needs

Fifteen years after launching as a fledgling digital content shop in New York and after surviving two economic downturns, JibJab Bros Studios today is profitable and employs more than 60 people.

How Twitter became the LinkedIn of the adult industry

Daisy Ducati tweets selfies — of her skintight red latex dress, stockinged feet and naked body. It’s the sort of thing that could get most people fired, but in Ducati’s case, it’s actually gotten her hired.

Fired from Tony Hsieh’s Downtown Project? Cool! Now you can attend Tony Hsieh’s $250 music festival!

Earlier today, it was reported that Tony Hsieh’s Las Vegas Project has fired a ton of its staff amid rumors of total organization meltdown.

Amazon’s “Transparent” is the best show ever created by a tech company

Making great television is hard. It doesn’t matter whether it’s produced by a longtime incumbent with decades of experience like HBO, or a tech company like Netflix venturing from the safe solace of zeroes and ones into the much less predictable realm of characters and story.

This Thursday: Mobile is Dragging You Global (Whether You Like It Or Not) — A Pando Webinar

Being a founder-CEO can be a thankless job, particularly if you’re doing it for the first time. Famed VC Ben Horowitz has pegged it at a whopping 22% success rate.

Why an AOL merger is Yahoo’s best hope now

The Marissa Mayer era of Yahoo came to be because of the wishes of an activist investor. So it seems oddly appropriate that Mayer’s dreams of reviving Yahoo’s growth may be thwarted by yet another shareholder activist, one who wants Yahoo to do exactly what Mayer does not: slash jobs and merge with AOL.

As Icahn and Apple Pay fight to take credit, a spin-off won’t solve all PayPal’s problems

Carl Icahn deserves credit for loosening the lid on the eBay-PayPal spinoff jar, after nearly a year of activist shareholder fights in search of that outcome.

Front raises $3.1M to take the misery out of enterprise email through intelligent collaboration

Email has long been the scourge of many office places, with inboxes often resembling warzones of unread messages, stars and tags, missing attachments, and all around chaos around next steps for each item.

China’s strange support for Apple’s latest security features

Apple will be allowed to sell its new iPhones in China on October 17, according to a statement released by the country’s Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, which is said to have delayed the smartphones’ launch in China due to concerns about their security features.

Cuddlr has a testosterone problem

Men in the United States are often taught from an early age that physical intimacy belongs to women. It’s okay for girls to hug each other during a greeting, or to hold hands while walking somewhere; the latter is never okay for guys, and the former is only acceptable if it includes a few hearty smacks on the back to bring a little mock violence to an otherwise tender moment.

Circle goes surprisingly global with the public launch of its user-friendly bitcoin wallet

When Circle previewed its bitcoin wallet and exchange platform in May, then in public beta, I called it the “CryptoBank of America.” It was a nod to the company’s focus on consumers, rather than merchants, its commitment to leading with free, easy to use, and aesthetically pleasing products, its desire to serve the underbanked, and its aim of challenging the legacy banking system.

Today in “Peter Thiel says things.” Does society really hate tech?

Peter Thiel* is very good at saying things. The PayPal founder/Facebook investor/possible-libertarian-supervillain is eloquent and quick-witted, with a penchant for boiling down big concepts into bite-sized truisms.

Video of stupid kids bending iPhones in Apple Store is more proof that we need a “right to be forgotten”

On a believability scale, the idea that teenagers are idiots is closer to “the sky is blue” than “the Universe might be little more than a giant hologram.” Now we can thank two teens for proving this point by filming themselves entering an Apple Store, attempting to bend as many iPhone 6 Plus models as they can find, and incurring more than $2,500 in damages in the process before publishing the video — which prominently features both their names and faces — on YouTube.

Uber and Lyft CEOs try to catch flies with vinegar at US Conference of Mayors

For ride-sharing companies like Uber and Lyft to succeed, support from regulators is essential. But it’s not just one regulatory body, it’s several at the federal, state, and local level in each market the companies operate that must accommodate the new services.

Cloud jobs are growing faster than the talent pool. That’s an opportunity for women coders says Intel

As more and more jobs are created by technology firms, one of the biggest issues facing the sector is how to ensure those opportunities are available to all, not limited just young, white males.

The year of digital blockades continues with China’s Instagram ban

China is attempting to prevent images of the pro-democracy protests in Hong Kong from reaching citizens in the mainland by blocking access to Instagram, according to reports from Reuters and the BBC.

Facebook relaunches Atlas, its stalker-ish ad platform

Facebook has relaunched Atlas, the advertising platform with the ability to track the service’s users across multiple devices, just as the Wall Street Journal reported earlier this month. The hope is to entice advertisers with a network bolstered by Facebook’s vast trove of user data.

The War Nerd: Let’s put Islamic State’s menacing advance into perspective by… looking at a map

For a week now, we’ve been getting nonstop scare stories about Islamic State’s menacing advance on the Syrian Kurdish town of Kobani.

The “Bit” and the “Coin”: The two huge opportunities hidden inside bitcoin

[Editor’s note: This is a guest post by Santi Subotovsky, partner at Emergence Capital. The post went through PandoDaily’s usual editorial process.

How to make it in the new music industry: The long slow ascent of electronic star Tycho

When Scott Hansen finally quit his day job to pursue music full-time, he wasn’t some 20-something bartender in LA or New York.