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Cool dude lawyer sends Pando very uncool (and super secret!) legal threat

As regular readers will know, Pando has a longstanding policy of publishing any and all legal threats we receive, no matter how ridiculous.

Fitbit offers private companies some IPO encouragement. For now, at least...

If any recent tech IPO can offer private companies mulling an entry into the public stock market some encouragement, it's Fitbit.  The maker of health and fitness wearables made billions of dollars for its venture investors, surged 48 percent on its first day of trading and, four months later, is still trading close to double its $20 a share offering price.

StartupU Episode 8: Disruption and liberty!

“Now we get to the hard part. We are going to teach them the cold hard parts about the business world….We are done with team challenges and completely focused on the startup pitches.” These were Tim Draper’s opening remarks during the latest episode of StartupU.

Lyft's director of transportation policy: We're complementing public transport, Uber is substituting it

Lyft and Uber are drastically different companies, with incredibly similar products. The things that make Lyft different from Uber also make it stand out from the rest of Randian battlefield sometimes called “the sharing economy.” The company’s distinctive style was displayed at last week’s Code for America Summit in Oakland.

“Hey, we can buy a boat and live on it!”: Canada was a cakewalk, Pt III

Previously: Part II Next, we bought a boat.  Of all our disastrous moves, the very worst was buying that boat.

I finally found the perfect performance indicator for Pando. And I wound up in the hospital

Rewind to 2011, the year I started Pando. Back then, while I was raising money ahead of launch, I explained to skeptical investors that our reporters shouldn’t see any of our traffic stats, and that all previously lauded Key Performance Indicators of the journalism world were corrosive to building a long term company.

Has great TV stolen the independent film?

I went to the movies for the first time in three months a month. This was perhaps my longest theater absence in over 30 years.

Code for America: We coded our way into this, now help us code our way out

Around fifteen hundred city government employees and civic-minded technologists passed through the Downtown Oakland Marriott last week during the three-day Code for America Summit.

The number of rounds is decreasing, but the dollars keep increasing. Click, click, click...

Back in July I predicted that the second quarter had to be peak mega round.  After all, the numbers were pretty staggering.

Anaphylactic shock, courtesy of a Victoria naturopath: Canada was a cakewalk, Pt II

Previously: Part One My first crime was teaching my students to write arguments, which deeply offended the Canadian woman who was running the program.

Has great TV stolen the independent film?

I went to the movies for the first time in three months a month.  This was perhaps my longest theater absence in over 30 years.

A golden age of funding for media companies? Not quite

This week there’s been a lot of back-slapping of Business Insider’s near $500 million exit. And why not?

Breaking: Chesky plays it safe!

“Hi Tim, Dan Raile from PandoDaily. Nice to meet you. You’re about to go interview Brian Chesky, and I was wondering if you’re planning to ask him about…” These were the words I was able to share with Tim O’Reilly in the lobby of the downtown Oakland Marriott Thursday morning, at the annual Code for America Summit, before the esteemed publisher looked at the screen of his iPhone, hypothetically asked aloud “shoot, what time is it?

Has great TV stolen the independent film?

I went to the movies for the first time in three months a month.  This was perhaps my longest theater absence in over 30 years.

Canada was a cakewalk

We were so grateful when we finally made it to Canada as official Permanent Residents that we wouldn’t even cross the street until the “walk” sign came on, even if crowds of natives were shoving past us.  We used to wait at the corner of Cook Street in Victoria, repeating our mantra: “We must respect the laws of the B.A.L.” “B.A.L.” was our code for “Beloved Adoptive Land.” Nine months later, we walked down the same street in a blizzard, looking for Victoria’s Salvation Army Shelter, hoping to find a warm place to spend the night.

This seems like a good time to re-watch Ben Lerer's remarkable PandoMonthly interview

Back in 2012, when Ben Lerer joined Sarah Lacy on stage for a PandoMonthly interview, he talked about his motivations for founding Thrillist.  One of those motivations was a desire to build something of his own, something that didn't come to him as a result of his family name.

Big Tech’s monopoly power as a threat to democracy

“A man always has two reasons for the things he does—a good one and the real one.” —Pierpont Morgan It was a year ago this month that the New Republic’s then-editor Franklin Foer published its controversial cover story on

Listen to this week's War Nerd Wednesday podcast, with Gary Brecher and Mark Ames

It's time for the latest episode of Gary Brecher and Mark Ames' podcast: War Nerd Wednesdays! The podcast is funded via Patreon, with all listener contributions going directly to Gary and Mark.

Thumbtack is a Frankenstein's unicorn

“We like to say we are not part of the sharing economy. We are part of the real economy,” said Jon Lieber, Chief Economist at San Francisco-based Thumbtack.

Finally, Yahoo has some good news for shareholders: Things could be worse

No, really, that was the message between the lines of legalese in an SEC filing Yahoo made this week. Hang in there, things could be worse!