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Show me the money! Corporate VCs now make competitive base salaries to “real” VCs

I’ve been writing about corporate VCs a lot in the last few year and most of you simply don’t give a fuck.

The “anti-Anne-Marie Slaughter”: Samantha Ettus is on a mission to convince all moms to work

This week’s guest on our “Uterus is a Feature Not a Bug” podcast is Samantha Ettus, an author and radio show host who has interviewed hundreds of working moms for her new book “The Pie Life: A Guilt-Free Recipe for Success and Satisfaction.” I caught Ettus in the middle of a jam-packed San Francisco leg of her book tour, where she’s trying to go speak at as many companies as she can.

Live from Las Vegas: Attorney Dayvid Figler talks election rigging and Trump's weird hotel

Last night was the third and final presidential debate. The last night when the first female presidential nominee from a major party was forced to debase herself by standing on stage with a man who has smeared and abused her, as he's smeared and abused countless other women.

Why it matters that Sequoia not only hired Jess Lee, but hired a woman

Last December, after astonishingly sexist and backwards comments made by Mike Moritz, Sequoia’s Alfred Lin acknowledged that Sequoia Capital-- the most dominant venture capital firm throughout the history of Silicon Valley-- has a gender problem.

Waiting For Yahoo's Turnaround: A four-year one act Beckett play

Above is the photo that Yahoo put up on its Investor Relations page to accompany its third-quarter, and possibly final, earnings report.

The “Uber of $$$”: Why on demand funding is back up, negative gross margins be damned!

God damn this venture market refusing to do what well-placed VCs insist it must! So: The on demand space.

Help keep Pando independent: Become a Pando Patron for 2016-2017

It’s that time of year again! This time last year we launched Pando Patrons, a $500 a year “super membership” tier to help support our journalism and keep up independent.

Court document shows the feds are just grabbing suspects' hands to unlock their fingerprint iPhones

Here’s a fun story from Forbes this morning. A newly unearthed court filing shows that California-based Department of Justice agents requested court authorization to force suspects to unlock their fingerprint-secured phones during a search. Yes, force them.

Apple’s retreat from cars is another reason Uber should go public while Lyft is its only rival

It’s almost like making cars is hard. That shouldn’t be a surprise. What is a surprise is that that’s come as such a shock to tech leaders.

Uber apparently wants some rivals to believe an IPO is coming soon. But why?

About a week ago, I started hearing rumors that, contrary to what I’ve been arguing for the better part of a year, Uber was planning to go public in the first half of 2017.

People like Ron Conway have always had the money and power. Now they have the votes too

Yesterday, the Guardian’s Julia Carrie Wong reported on a SF ballot measure to allow the city to sweep homeless tent encampments from sidewalks.

Everything that’s wrong with Silicon Valley in one bracket

It’s about that time in the startup cycle. We’re all exhausted and sick of everyone’s shit.

Twitter and the GOP: Willing victims of the same orange arsonist

Let’s play Jeopardy! This vast organization in in total disarray. It’s lame duck leader finds himself shackled to the billionaire fascist he formally endorsed.

After rumors that NastyGal was seeking a buyer, new rumors emerge of a $40 million cram-down round

NastyGal -- no matter what has befallen it in recent years -- was an insane success story from its humble roots of an eBay shop built by a young woman with an uncanny sense of style, business acumen, and understanding of who her “girl” is.

Good news! Twitter isn’t the new Yahoo. It’s failing in a completely new way

For at least a year now, it’s been pretty easy to call Twitter the new Yahoo. A company that was core to the development and evolution of the consumer Internet, one beloved by many Valley insiders, and still a valuable asset.

Sean Rad: Tinder sexual harassment suit “was exaggerated by the press, really. The reality was much more boring.”

On Friday afternoon, as the rest of the world was learning that Donald Trump had boasted of sexually assaulting women, I had my phone switched off.

Forget hardware specs: Prime is the most important differentiator for Amazon versus everyone

Amazon and Netflix are considered twin forces fucking up Hollywood. Their stars are elbowing networks out of awards ceremonies.

This week's lesson: Keep your company's awfulness in a detachable silo

For anyone wondering if karma is real, the past week has offered plenty of supporting evidence. On Monday we learned that, contrary to earlier reporting, Univision’s purchase of Gawker Media did not actually include the company’s most toxic brand: itself.

Four days inside Iceland’s working, single mom paradise (where sexism still persists)

“I’ve never had to get to three,” she said. Every parent knows exactly what that means, but there’s aren’t many who can say they’re never had to get there.

Pierre Omidyar's The Intercept gets well-deserved award from group funded by.... Pierre Omidyar

My issues with Pierre Omidyar’s $250m journalism startup, The Intercept, are well documented. Many media organizations, including Pando, have investors but the fact that the Intercept is 100% owned by a single tech billionaire creates an insane risk of conflicts of interest.