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Pandora the TiVo-esque tragic hero?

Perhaps we’re only allowed to have one publicly traded Internet music company at a time. Pandora beat extreme odds to survive long enough, and well enough, to make it to an IPO.

It’s 5 PM somewhere: Your weekly round up of depressing Techpocalypse news

There are tons of data points whizzing around about just how bad things may be getting in the tech world.

Pandora the TiVo-esque tragic hero?

Perhaps we’re only allowed to have one publicly traded Internet music company at a time. Pandora beat extreme odds to survive long enough, and well enough, to make it to an IPO, than.

Federal judge says he’ll probably toss taxi driver lawsuit against Uber

A federal judge has tentatively dismissed a long-running lawsuit filed by taxi drivers in San Francisco against Uber.

NSFWLIVE: Why are young Americans suddenly happy to call themselves socialists?

A few weeks back, Team NSFWCORP launched a Patreon campaign to bring back our NSFWLIVE radio show to cover the US presidential election.

Does a VC’s unconscious hesitation to fund women start at home?

Finally, in 2016, the Silicon Valley establishment has agreed that the whole “women in tech issue” isn’t because of education or a pipeline problem or because women just don’t like math.

Twitter needs a silver bullet, but Jack Dorsey only has shotgun pellets

Jack Dorsey finally has an answer to all those people saying Twiter is dead: “Twitter is live.” For some reason, the italic emphasis in that sentence, as per the shareholder letter released yesterday, lies on the “is.” Not the “live” and certainly not on the “Twitter.” Dorsey explained it this way: “Live commentary.

The “social game” of being a VC changed dramatically in the last 15 years. It’s about to change again

Over the last few decades, VCs have gone from financial misfits no one had really heard of, to super star king makers, to pariahs who shoved a bunch of unsustainable companies into the public markets, to the guys who say, “no, no, really, our portfolio companies are the real stars….” to “LOOK THE FUCK AT ME, I’M A GENIUS AND I BESTOW MY GENIUS ONTO THIS STARTUP!

Twitter launches the algorithmic timeline change it said it wasn't planning

Are you the last remaining person on earth who thinks Jack Dorsey is some Jeff Bezos like figure, with a plan for navigating Twitter through a sea of uncertainty, earplugs blocking the haters, trusting his infallible product gut and damn the consequences?

Silicon Valley's 'best angel investor' declares "Ted Cruz is one of us." How exactly?

Earlier this week, Scott Banister jointly accepted (with his wife, Cyan) the Crunchie award for “best angel investor”.

Zenefits: Were the Valley's kingmakers wrong, or did they just lie?

Last night TechCrunch held its annual “Crunchies” award ceremony to recognize startup greatness.  Along with so much of the unicorns-in-the-light-of-day motif of 2016, several of the nominations seem strange.

It only took Travis Kalanick seven years to destroy Robert Noyce’s nearly 60-year tech labor legacy

Whether you’re broadly pro- or anti- unions, there’s no denying they’ve performed an important role in the founding of most modern industries.

The tech industry's faith is starting to look a lot like denial

Say this for Silicon Valley: The blithe resilience built up after decades of booms and busts is as strong as ever.  Even if, for the past week, the can-do faith that the tech industry has in its own future growth has started to take on an aspect of blind denial.

Now ALL sharing economy workers can grab a free Pando membership

Ask and ye shall receive! Our sponsored membership offer is now open to all sharing economy workers On Friday, we announced that we're giving away free Pando memberships to drivers for Uber and Lyft, sponsored by our very generous Pando Patrons.

As Twitter stock hits new low, "sources" leak that Shonda Rhimes might be about to join the board

Well, wouldn't ya know it.  Just as Twitter's stock hits a record new low -- of the back of rumors that the company is going to make yet another unpopular product tweak -- along comes yet another media leak designed to try to reverse the decline.

Uber drivers' Super Bowl strike was a bust

Full of sound and fury, signifying nothing. So ended the proposed strike by Uber drivers, hoping to disrupt yesterday's Super Bowl.

Confirmed: Vegas DTP’s Work In Progress co-working space is shutting down

Last week I cited sources that Work In Progress, the co-working space inside Tony Hsieh’s Vegas Downtown Project was closing.

Drive for Uber or Lyft? Get a 100% free Pando membership right now

A few months ago, we launched our Pando Patrons program: A way for supporters of Pando's journalism to sponsor free memberships for people who might otherwise not be able to pay for them.

Compare and contrast: How Lyft explained its GM deal to the press, and to drivers

A few weeks ago, we were pretty hard on Lyft’s “OMG SELF DRIVING CARS!” press tour for two main reasons: It wasn’t original.

Uber's head of design and brand announces he's leaving the company, hours after widely-mocked unveiling of new brand

Uber’s head of “design and brand” has announced his departure from the company, immediately after the launch of Uber’s widely-mocked new logo and branding.