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Facebook was a pit-stop on Jeff Hammerbacher’s way to graduate school until Platform’s doomed debut

Jeff Hammerbacher, the chief scientist at Cloudera and tonight’s PandoMonthly guest, originally saw Facebook as a good place to work before heading off to graduate school.

How this Cloudera founder almost ended up working on a GM assembly line

Jeff Hammerbacher may seem like a prototypical startup wiz kid, but his path to Silicon Valley greatness was anything but a sure thing.

Jerry Saltz, the new Internet content cops, and why if Facebook is network TV, Twitter is HBO

Last month, the Awl’s John Herrman wrote a great and frightening piece called, “The Next Internet is TV.” Basically Herrman argued that content providers’ own properties — their websites and even their apps — will soon become obsolete as more and more content is discovered and consumed directly on platforms like Facebook and Snapchat.

Comcast keeps on screwing its customers by blocking HBO Go on the PS4

Comcast appears to be incapable of not screwing over its customers. The company is preventing PlayStation 4 owners from using the new HBO Go app that debuted Tuesday.

Mark your calendars: Here’s our full 2015 PandoMonthly lineup

If you run a hugely successful company and haven’t gotten an email from me this year, you might want to check your spam filter.

The trouble with social, and the opportunity for Google

Google has entered another one of its periods of languishment. Back in 2007, the company’s stock reached $358 a share, then needed another five years to exceed that peak.

Etsy looks to mix community and capitalism as IPO looms. What changed?

“I want Etsy to be an independent company for as long as it can be independent.” Sitting on the PandoMonthly stage in New York two years ago in January, Etsy CEO Chad Dickerson left no room for confusion about his desire to keep Etsy true to the quirky and irreverent attitude that had made it one of the most successful ecommerce companies launched in more than a decade.  Although not the founder – he joined the company as CTO five years earlier before being promoted to the top role amid a contentious ouster of the company’s founders – Dickerson seemed to possess an innate understanding that Etsy was a community-first platform, and one dedicated to craftsmanship and creativity before commercialism.

Funny or Die skewers Uber in a brilliant fake PR video

Anyone who reads Pando — or reads anything — knows Uber has been a lightning rod for controversy during its quick ascent to the multi-billion dollar club.

Finance novice beats hedge fund pros, winning $100k in Quantopian trading contest

What does it take to break into the lucrative world of hedge funds? It’s a question that countless Wall Street up-and-comers would love to see answered, as they look to graduate from the 100-hour-per-week grind of banking to the relative glamour – and massive income opportunity – of hedgies.

Backers claim Nanoplug hearing aid’s $293K Indiegogo campaign was a scam

Backers of an Indiegogo campaign promising to create “the world’s first invisible hearing aid” have accused the project’s creators of scamming them out of more than $293,000.

The iPad and MacBook Air are gonna have a baby!

The Wall Street Journal reports that Apple is working on a larger iPad, a smaller MacBook Air, and a new version of the ultralight laptop with the higher resolution “Retina Display.” Apple is also said to be considering the addition of various ports — including some which would support connections to a keyboard and mouse — to the larger version of the iPad.

Meet John Doerr: Dispatches from the Pao vs Kleiner courtroom, Pt 2

“That correlates more with any other success factor that I’ve seen in the world’s greatest entrepreneurs.

Gawker exclusively reveals that the Daily Mail is horrible

Earlier today, Gawker published a damning takedown of the Daily Mail, a newspaper which, as any British reader will tell you, has been immune to damning takedowns since, well, this… As attacks on the Daily Mail go, the Gawker piece — by former Mail scribe James King — contained few surprises.

How do your grandma and grandpa watch porn? Like it or not, Pornhub has the answers

Pornhub is many things… okay, it’s really only two things — a massive repository of adult videos, yes, but also a conduit for unearthing fascinating data sets about human sexuality.

Rdio’s Marc Ruxin and Mattermark’s Andy Sparks join our crazy Pandoland lineup

Like one of Mike Maples’ beloved atomic “thunder lizards,” the lineup for Pandoland, our big annual conference in Nashville this June, just keeps growing.

Study: Smartphones are addictive, and can increase narcissistic tendencies (Also, water is wet)

Smartphones should come with health warnings, according to a study from the University of Derby, which examined the relationships consumers form with their pocket computers.

Startups Anonymous: 38 Things Every Startup Founder Should Know

[This is a weekly series that brings you raw, first-hand experiences from founders and investors in the trenches.

The air traffic control system is shockingly insecure

A report from the Government Accountability Office has criticized the Federal Aviation Administration for not making sure the air traffic control system is as secure as possible.

Can’t argue with results: Echo360 study sees class engagement rise 49%, exam grades jump 10%

Every company will tell you that its product is the best thing since sliced bread. But when customers deliver the same sort of glowing reviews, the praise carries a bit more weight.

Waze joins Facebook and Google in making sure AMBER Alerts reach as many people as possible

It’s important for AMBER Alerts to reach as many people as possible. A study found that 74 percent of children who die after being abducted are killed within three hours.