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Meet the apps hoping to be the Fitbit for your financial fitness

Everyone wants something different from the quantified self movement. Some delight in learning more about themselves; others want to use all that data to improve their lives.

Why aren’t law firms required to disclose when they’ve been hacked?

Citigroup has warned against trusting sensitive information to law firms, which aren’t required to reveal data breaches and often cover them up.

As Facebook successfully tests its first drone, privacy questions loom

Facebook has successfully tested one of its solar-powered, Internet-delivering drones in the United Kingdom, according to a blog post from Mark Zuckerberg.

Life350 takes family peace of mind overseas with Yahoo! Japan partnership

The desire to remain close to and protect one’s family is as universal as anything, transcending language and culture.

Here’s why Accel just committed $305 million to startups in India

If you Google “startups” and virtually any city or nation in the world, you’ll inevitably find true believers insisting that such-and-such region is the new Silicon Valley.

Unfazed by #myNYPD disaster, the NYPD turns to social media to hear public complaints

No matter how many times the New York Police Department is burned when it tries to reach the public on social media, it still seems to believe the disconnect between officers and the public can be bridged with a hashtag or status update.

Amazon demands employees sign 18-month non-compete agreement to get a three-month-long job

Amazon’s warehouse workers have it rough. The positions are often seasonal, pay little more than minimum wage, and require workers to be searched before leaving the warehouse, a sometimes-lengthy process for which they aren’t paid.

The one wild possibility missing from most of the equally baseless Germanwings speculation

French prosecutors have said they believe the Germanwings co-pilot deliberately crashed his Airbus 320 into the mountain after locking the plane’s captain out of the cockpit.

“I’ve lost my feminist street cred in this case”: Dispatches from the Pao vs Kleiner courtroom, Pt 9

“When Ms. Pao called John Doerr and all of them out about the culture….and demanded changes they were unwilling to make, that is when she got fired.

Hong Kong authorities give a giant “meh” to regulating bitcoin

What the appropriate governmental response when citizens of your country have been scammed out of millions of dollars in wealth in a crypto-currency get rich quick scheme.

Red Canary mixes technology and human intuition to help companies fight cyber threats

Many cybersecurity companies are racing to create the most innovative technology to track, watch, and hopefully prevent cyber attacks.

Twitter releases Periscope to put Meerkat back in its hole

Twitter has released Periscope, the live-streaming iPhone app it acquired before Meerkat captured the attention of a million tech bloggers.

Honk raises a stout $12M Series A to free stranded motorists from their auto-club shackles

Honk, which might be the greatest thing to happen to stranded motorist since run-flat tires, has raise a massive Series A round of funding.

Across healthcare, women are still underrepresented in leadership roles

We all know the statistics. Women make up only 14 percent of management positions at technology firms.

Joining us at Outside Lands? We ranked all 70 bands by whether you should see them or not

One of the coolest things about covering technology in 2015 is that because virtually every industry has been upended by the Internet and software, just about every topic — from politics to culture to science — is also a story about technology. That includes music which, as artists seek out new (or any) ways to get paid while working with — or against — software companies, is as fertile a source as any for finding fascinating stories about our new digital lives.

The NYPD’s commissioner doesn’t understand why people are upset about his new gunshot-tracking system

Earlier this month, the New York Police Department started using a tool called ShotSpotter in Brooklyn and the Bronx to determine where gunshots are fired.

Facebook Messenger puts the final nail in Path’s coffin

Facebook Messenger has been updated to make it easier for people to find new software, share content from inside those apps, and have conversations with businesses. That last feature might be considered the final nail in Path’s coffin.

As Facebook releases On This Day, do millennials prefer ephemerality or nostalgia?

Facebook has officially launched a new feature that allows its users to view old photos and status updates without scrolling through their profiles.

At least we’re not at F8: Dispatches from the Pao vs Kleiner courtroom, Pt 8

“The waiting is the hardest part,” Kleiner attorney Lynne Hermle tells me. It’s Tuesday morning all of us assembled in the courtroom have just watched Ellen Pao’s attorney, Alan Exelrod deliver his final performance of the trial.

Andreessen: VC-entrepreneur misalignment is a myth

There has been a chorus of high profile investors beating the fear drum in recent weeks on Twitter, on their personal blogs, and on stage by criticizing overheated valuations and predicting a near-term market correction.