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Ideas for other people: Tech billionaires can do so much more to inspire young voters

Here's another installment in my very sporadic "ideas for other people" series. I spend a lot of time writing about the misuse of tech billions for political ends.

NSFWLIVE: The special POST-debate episode

Have you already listened to our very special pre-debate podcast featuring Leigh Cowart? No? Then go here without delay.  Then it's time for our post-debate coverage where I'm joined by Sarah Lacy and James Aylett to discuss everything that transpired on the presidential debate stage last evening.  Sarah explains why, despite Hillary's winning performance, she still doesn't have a lot of hope that the electorate will do the right thing.

NSFWLIVE: The special PRE-debate episode

Last night Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump squared off in the first 2016 Presidential Debate. A few hours earlier, Leigh Cowart joined me live from Asheville, North Carolina to talk about her recent visit to a Donald Trump rally and also to offer her predictions for the debate (including one involving Hillary transforming into a lizard.) If you haven't already read Leigh's reportage from the fifth circle of hell, you'll find the piece here on Pando. Either way, you can listen to the full show below.

Snap(chat) Spectacles is a smart move, messaged perfectly. There's just one horrifying problem...

Last Friday, the company formerly known as Snapchat dropped a whopper of a slide-it-in-before-the-weekend announcement: It’s long rumored hardware debut has arrived.

The best new opportunity for developers is also the most closed and controlled opportunity for developers

Monday we published an in depth Q&A with JibJab CEO Gregg Spiridellis about his life spent monetizing comedy videos since the days of 56k modems.

Good news! Startup employees get a tax break. But let’s not pretend anyone at a startup takes a paycut anymore

Yesterday, the House of Representatives passed the “Empowering Employees Through Stock Ownership Act.” It’s not quite as catchy as the JOBS act, is it?

Oculus founder reportedly using his Facebook millions to fund anti-Hillary troll group

Back in March 2014 I offered a few words of advice to Oculus founder Palmer Luckey. Luckey had just sold his company to Facebook for a couple of billion dollars and took to Reddit to reassure users that nothing would change.

Is Snapchat the only decacorn determined to make its investors money?

In the latest episode of “Halt & Catch Fire,” Mutiny’s VC blithely suggests the small, very dysfunctional startup that’s barely debugged and launched its electronic payment product should go public.

Reid Hoffman's stand against Trump exposes the cowardice and hypocrisy of other tech moguls

In yesterday’s New York Times, financial reporter Andrew Ross Sorkin revealed that “with few exceptions,” almost all of the business titans he has interviewed over the past few months have been aggressively critical (“even derogatory”) of Donald Trump.

Tinfoil hats and Nazi clowns: Pando goes to (and escapes from) a Donald Trump rally

“Elect a man who cares about you, who loves you!” Rudy Giuliani is on a small platform on the far end of the arena floor, flanked by a single American flag on his left side only, giving the last desperate cries of what I can only hope is a paid appearance.

Tinfoil hats and Nazi clowns: Pando goes to (and escapes from) a Donald Trump rally

“Elect a man who cares about you, who loves you!” Rudy Giuliani is on a small platform on the far end of the arena floor, flanked by a single American flag on his left side only, giving the last desperate cries of what I can only hope is a paid appearance.

The original dot com cockroach: Inside JibJab's aggressive new bet on iMessage

If you are a regular Pando reader, you know one of my favorite quotes about entrepreneurship is this: “Companies only go out of business for two reasons, they run out of money or the founder gives up, and only one of those is in your control.” I credit it to Naval Ravikant; I’ve heard it credited to Ben Horowitz too.

The Ultimate Mama-Bear: Michele Dauber’s campaign to recall Aaron Persky and the link between college assault and sexism in tech

Many of us were horrified reading about the details of the Brock Turner rape case, where an elite Stanford swimmer was convicted of three felony sex offenses, including assault with intent to commit rape, and was sentenced to just six months in prison-- well below the minimum sentence of two years.

Kudos! Lyft and Uber boast they'll wipe out hundreds of thousands of jobs in a decade

Writing on Medium, Lyft’s John Zimmer has confirmed what everyone with an ounce of common sense already knows: In 15 years, there will be no human Lyft drivers.

Ridesharing 2.0: Autonomous v. “autonomous;” Google v. Uber; technology v. marketing

Well, that was quick. No sooner did Google actually start to compete in ridesharing by launching a new carpooling version of Waze, than did the media anoint Uber the winner of the self driving car era.

“Women don’t belong with infrastructure companies” Michelle Zatlyn on math, gender, and motherhood

I’ve had all sorts of amazing professional women on my Uterus Is A Feature Not A Bug podcast: Founders, CEOs, investors, mathematicians, lawyers and more.

Former WeWork employee asks Governor to ban startups from denying employees right to sue

Back in March of this year, former WeWork employee Tara Zoumer filed suit against her former bosses for wrongful termination after she was fired for refusing to sign a restrictive new employment contract.

"Do we have any libertarians here tonight?!" Pando goes to Rock Against the TPP

International trade agreements are tough. Government representatives and lobbyists far and wide convene to sort out trade protocols over many years, then try to sell the resulting mash to their legislatures back home.

Social media billionaires go to battle over Trump

We’ve now seen what several elections look like in an era of YouTube, Twitter, and Facebook. But this election cycle, the story isn’t just the impact of social media, but social media cash.

Techtopus III? Samsung sued for alleged anti-poach pact with LG

First there was Techtopus: The massive class action suit against Apple, Google, Adobe and other tech giants who colluded to fix employee wages by agreeing not to poach from each other.  Then there was Techtopus II: A second class action suit, filed by animation workers from Dreamworks, Sony Animation and others, whose wages had also be allegedly fixed via no-poach agreements.