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Your Saturday viewing: Here’s Pando’s full interview with SoulCycle co-founders Elizabeth Cutler and Julie Rice

Last month in New York, our guests for PandoMonthly were SoulCycle co-founders Elizabeth Cutler and Julie Rice. In a wide ranging interview, hosted by Pando’s Sarah Lacy, the two founders told hot the company went from a business plan scrawled on a napkin to the hottest exercise trend in America.

With $120M now in the bank and an ex-Hulu CEO at the helm, Vessel is a video startup that might just work

As the streaming content space becomes more and more crowded — with new offerings from Apple, YouTube, and Tidal (LOL) joining existing players like Spotify and Deezer — many platforms have looked to differentiate themselves by offering exclusive content.

Alas, poor Snapchat, I knew thee well – The unicorns are dying, according to Owler

Owler, a tracking company that offers a service it calls competitive intelligence, is stepping out of its comfort zone of monitoring companies in similar industries, and, quite frankly, veering away from the entire concept of intelligence, with a new report that claims to look into the future to predict which unicorns are going to fail.

eBay is first Valley giant to comply with Kremlin server law

The Kremlin has been tightening the screws on Russia’s once-anarchic Internet space, and Pierre Omidyar’s eBay has reportedly become the first Silicon Valley company to step forward and agree to the Kremlin’s top demand: storing Russian users’ data on servers in Russian territory, where it can be more easily accessed by the state security services.

Don’t fear the down round: What HBO’s Silicon Valley gets right and wrong about negotiating a lower valuation

While the unevenness of the jokes in last Sunday’s season two premiere of HBO’s Silicon Valley, “Sand Hill Shuffle,” really can’t be debated, the viability of one of the episode’s major plot lines definitely warrants further examination.

Zuckerberg: It’s better to have free Internet access than to have a ‘free’ Internet

Facebook chief executive Mark Zuckerberg has responded to recent allegations that the company’s initiative potentially undermines net neutrality.

Instagram takes a smarter stance on the female body, but it still has work to do

Instagram has updated its community guidelines to make it clear what will be allowed onto its photo-sharing service and what’s likely to be deleted on sight.

UberPool is better for the environment…than Uber’s normal service

Uber claims the UberPool ride-sharing service saved an estimated 120 metric tons of carbon emissions in San Francisco between February 20 and March 20.

The TIME 100, which celebrates mass murderers, dictators, and the occasional tech founder, needs to be stopped

As TIME Magazine joins dozens of other storied periodicals in their weary march toward post-digital irrelevance, one time-honored and colossally arbitrary tradition has held firm: The selection of “Man of the Year” and its bastard cousin, the TIME 100 list of the world’s most influential people.

Slack raises $160m, looks like a consumer app, threatens the giants of enterprise

Today, Slack, a one year old workforce communication platform, announced it has raised $160 million in new funding, valuing the company at $2.3 billion.

What Etsy’s stellar debut doesn’t say about the IPO market

Congratulations to Etsy on what has been by many measures a successful IPO. The stock priced at $16 a share yesterday, at the high end of its expected range, and shot up as much as 123 percent in its first few hours of trading today.

SF luxury bus service Leap accused of replacing wheelchair ramps with leather seats

A complaint filed last month alleges that Leap, San Francisco’s premium luxury bus service, discriminates against people with disabilities because its vehicles don’t accommodate wheelchairs.

To mark Etsy’s IPO, here’s Chad Dickerson’s full PandoMonthly interview

As Etsy makes its Nasdaq debut, what better time to re-watch (a then six month pregnant) Sarah Lacy’s in-depth PandoMonthly interview with CEO Chad Dickerson?

Pressure grows on Apple to address hiring discrimination

Previously, we reported on the scandal around Apple’s hiring ban on felons and pending-felons (innocent under the law) from working construction on its new $5 billion Cupertino campus.

Navdy gets $20M to bring the connected car to the masses

Between Google’s self-driving cars, rumors that Apple is building a car of its own, and obviously everything Elon Musk is doing at Tesla, the automobile space has become the next frontier for large corporations with an itch to innovate.

Yahoo’s new app will combine Meerkat, Snapchat, and Skype… but as Facebook learned, copying rarely pays

Yahoo is planning to release a messaging application that combines Meerkat, Snapchat, and other existing services into one product, the Information reports.

LA school district, shocked that iPad program didn’t magically fix everything, demands money back

The plan to outfit every student in the Los Angeles Unified school district with an iPad has come screeching to a halt — and the schools want their money back.

Happy Tax Day! Here’s your annual reminder that rich people and corporations are not overtaxed

If you’ve ever spent time watching Fox News or reading the Wall Street Journal’s editorial page (the father of a ex-girlfriend of mine routinely subjected me to both), you probably think rich people and corporations in America pay tax rates that are extraordinarily, egregiously, obscenely high.

Indian companies step back from, citing net neutrality concerns

Companies are finally starting to realize that allowing Facebook to control who can access the Internet, and how those connections will work, isn’t a good idea.