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New drunk driving research shows Uber's claim of reducing DUIs is false

It has long ceased to be BREAKING NEWS when Uber lies or exaggerates.

The tiny battery startup taking on Tesla on its home turf

Press access to Tesla’s $5 billion construction project in the Nevada desert, the Gigafactory 1, has at times been harrowing.  Last October, two members of the Reno Gazette Journal staff were roughed up by company security for having the audacity to photograph the site from a nearby hilltop.

The houses that Zuck built

Long time curmudgeonly tech reporter John Dvorak once pointed out to me how similar the 1990s era of suburban tech campuses are to old coal mining towns.  Yahoo or Google took over huge plots of land in places like Sunnyvale or Mountain View and provided nearly everything you might need.

Why Oracle’s $10 billion acquisition of Netsuite isn’t boring

A disclosure up front: Netsuite CEO Zach Nelson is a Pando investor. Now, if you need proof of how hands-off we are with our investors, here’s how I first saw the news of the company’s nearly $10 billion acquisition this morning… woah, oracle bought netszzzzzzzzzzzzzz......

Facebook's earnings: Old hat, tailored for a bigger head

In the mixed up world of 2016, it's a little reassuring, if not terribly exciting, to have earnings as usual.

Intriguing restaurant review service Renzell expands to San Francisco

As regular readers will know, every so often I like to counterbalance all of the awfulness to be found in certain sectors of the startup world by writing about something that I like.  This is one of those things.  Jacob Lewis' career has zigged and zagged from big media to startups and back again. A former Managing Editor of the New Yorker and Conde Nast Portfolio, in 2009 he co-founded Figment, an online reading community for young adults and teenagers.

ShareBetter steps up attacks on "racist" Airbnb

Two years ago, a coalition of elected officials and special interest groups launched "Sharebetter," a New York based campaign to shame Aibnb for unneighborly behavior.  From the Huffington Post's coverage at the time...

Twitter's news for investors is exactly what they didn't want to hear

 “...less overall advertiser demand than expected.” That is the takeaway from Twitter's second-quarter earnings report, the 5,000+ word letter to shareholders boiled down to its core six words, the tldr for anyone who wondered why the stock fell as much as 12 percent last night.

“I’m a dirty realist”: Why Paul Berry killed RebelMouse’s free product

Back in 2012, I got an early glimpse of RebelMouse, a mix between a social media aggregator and a content management system for the average Joe.  I was a big fan of it.

Why Julia Hartz’s move to CEO was a big move for her, her daughters, and women in tech

Only 3% of all venture-backed companies have female CEOs. Imagine how many unicorns have female CEOs.

Marissa Mayer may not have saved Yahoo, but she proved how strong a working mom can be

When Marissa Mayer first took over as Yahoo’s CEO-- while pregnant with her first child-- there was a lot of debate over whether that was a reckless decision by the board.

From the archive: The Neocon, The Messiah, and Cory Booker

Poor Cory Booker. At one time he seemed like a viable contender for Hillary Clinton's VP, but yesterday at the DNC he was reduced to playing second?

NY Magazine survey shows journalists positive about the digital age (except Facebook)

An interesting, and only slightly depressing, study to start the week, from New York Magazine.  The publication sent a detailed survey to more than 100 print, digital and TV journalists, soliciting their opinion on the state of the news media.

Twitter’s summer is about to take a nasty turn, according to Morgan Stanley

This is interesting: Since May Facebook’s shares -- which were having a comparatively torrid 2016-- have only increased some 2%.

Shockingly, original journalism didn't save Reddit

When the hope is “original journalism” can save you, you know this isn’t going to end well. And, Alexis Ohanian’s plan to make Reddit into a respectable, highly valued media company is not going well. TechCrunch reported last week on general turmoil and a handful of layoffs at the massively trafficked site, that has an even bigger problem than Twitter in terms of trolls and bullying on many of its sub Reddits.

Peter Thiel threw all of Silicon Valley under the bus for... that?

When it was announced that Peter Thiel would speak at the RNC in Cleveland, a lot of people in Silicon Valley lost their minds.

No liquidity, no voice: The agony and the ecstasy of the Uber shareholder

Being a shareholder in Uber is both the most brag-worthy and emasculating thing you can be in Silicon Valley right now.

Is it "invalid" to ask whether sites women are on are also hurting women?

At Pandoland, we had two intense conversations we had about the responsibility of social media companies on the world, and the two speakers couldn’t have more divergent views on the subject.

The lesson entrepreneurs should take from Dollar Shave Club’s big $1 billion win

Yesterday, Unilever announced it was buying Dollar Shave Club for a cool $1 billion.

Scuzzy Cuban-backed ridesharing car loan company Breeze is suspending operations

Back in November, I wrote about scammy ridesharing loans company, Breeze. The Mark Cuban-backed company was creating fake ridesharing job ads in order to snare world-be drivers into signing up for car loans so they could (maybe) drive for Uber or Lyft...