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Secret founder doesn’t care if teenagers kill themselves, as long as they don’t cause him a PR headache

Yesterday, Sarah Lacy wrote a blistering critique of anonymous gossip app, Secret, adding to a growing chorus of criticism of the service and its growing use as a tool for bullies and defamers.

ICANN, but YOUCANT: Internet naming body won’t hand over Iran, Syria and North Korea’s domains to terror victims

ICANN has responded to a US court’s attempt to have control over the top level domains of Iran, Syria and North Korea handed over to victims of terrorism.

Michael Malone: “In fifteen years, the face of Silicon Valley will be an Indian woman”

Unlike many Valley bloggers I have zero interest in ever becoming a venture capitalist. Likewise, I didn’t have much interest in starting a company– I simply found myself with no job, a new baby and nothing better to do.

Judge rejects nurse’s lawsuit against Aereo on grounds that it contains not one intelligible sentence

Further proof, if it were needed, that tech startups are the new celebrities: The growing line of stalkers, pranksters and other assorted crazy people trying to get themselves attached to high profile technology lawsuits.

Times of Israel removes op-ed proposing genocide in Gaza

Earlier today, the Times of Israel, an online newspaper claiming a readership of 2 million, published an opinion piece on the Israeli-Gaza conflict called, “When Genocide is Permissible” by blogger Yochanan Gordon.

Circle gifts $50 in BTC to beta users to atone for accidental cash advance charges

Still waiting on an invite to Circle Internet Financial, the user-friendly bitcoin bank that is slowly rolling out beta access to its platform?

A look at the rarified air of the $10B club, and the investors who back these outliers

Ah valuations, the most nebulous, polarizing of startup data points. Our favorite data fiends over at CB Insights took a look at the rarified air of venture-backed companies worth $10 billion or more – super-unicorns (or ‘decacorns’, according to CB) if you will.

Report: Yes, Snowden’s NSA revelations changed how terrorists behave

Ever since last summer when Edward Snowden began releasing a trove of NSA mass surveillance documents, the “Snowden’s a traitor!

Foursquare’s redesign will make expertise the new gamification

Foursquare has been in the process of transitioning away from the check-in for much of the year,  after splitting its product into two standalone apps, with the focus of the flagship product being discovery.

As another scampaign is exposed, Indiegogo again refuses to act

For anyone who followed our reporting reporting on Indiegogo’s Healbe scampaign, you need to go to The Next Web right now and read Martin Bryant’s teardown of the Ritot projection watch project, also on Indiegogo.

Investors have to stop trying to justify the lies and libel of Secret

In the last few months, I’ve spoken to two groups of people about Secret. The first group are investors who I respect very much who have either invested in Secret or tried to.

Imagine how Gawker would react if your startup said any of the idiotic things their boss just said

Valleywag, Gawker’s blog about Silicon Valley (but written from New York), is famous for two things. The first is driving easy pageviews by mocking the delusional, buzzword-laden bullshit that spews readily from a certain type of Valley entrepreneur.

America’s most infamous murderers apparently file handwritten motion in Valley wage-fixing suit

If you thought the Techtopus Silicon Valley wage fixing scandal, and ensuing settlement, couldn’t get any more grotesque… you ain’t read nothing yet.

The gov’t asks Twitter for more data than ever, but still won’t let it disclose national security requests

Today, Twitter published its fifth-ever transparency report, detailing the number and nature of government requests it receives.

Whisper EIC: “it’s not important if a story’s real, the only thing that really matters is whether people click on it”

“If a person is not sharing a news story, it is, at its core, not news.” That quote comes from Neetzan Zimmerman, editor-in-chief at Whisper and ex-Gawker blogger extraordinaire who once accounted for 85 percent of the latter site’s daily content.

So what do we make of ManServants, the “Uber of hot dudes?”

So ManServants. In case you’re not tapped into the tech Twitter outrage cycle, ManServants is a new service that will deliver a handsome man to do your every bidding — well, as long as it’s “PG-rated” the site’s cofounder tells Mashable.

More than a data play: SwagBucks acquires SodaHead polling platform to drive customer acquisition

Data is the undisputed currency of the consumer Web. Whether it’s used to target ads or to personalize product recommendations every giant from Google to Facebook to Amazon relies on data to drive its user experience and fill its bank accounts.

IT’s best friend: PagerDuty raises $27.2M Series B to help all companies manage infrastructure like Amazon

Managing IT infrastructure, be it hardware or software, is no longer confined to just so-called technology companies.

Attackers have breached Tor’s system to reveal the identities of its users

Tor, a network used by people to cloak their identities and Internet activities, published a blog post today stating that attackers had breached its system in an apparent attempt to de-anonymize users.

My Big Break: How Brian Lee cold-called Robert Shapiro and turned him into a co-founder

In Pando’s “My Big Break” series, we’ve been asking leading names in the tech industry to share the person who, or opportunity which, lead to the breakthrough moment in the career.