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The “hater” is calling from inside the cap table

Back in March, I wrote an in-depth piece about Silicon Valley’s astounding waning Soft Power. That waning was a shocking development in many ways.

White men to women and minorities in tech: We (still) DGAF

Almost a year ago, I wrote a piece called “White men to women and minorities in tech: We DGAF.” I aggregated a couple surveys that showed that most men in tech still blamed “the pipeline”-- something that’s been thoroughly debunked as the cause for a lack of inclusion-- and that only 5% of tech companies felt diversity was a top priority.

Wow. Yes.

I remember back in 2006. There was the usual speculation about who Time’s Person of the Year would be, and there were rumors that it might be someone from the budding Web 2.0 crowd, perhaps the founders of the early stand out of the time, YouTube.

Beyond the Series B: When to quit, when to sell, and when to double down

So far on our podcast series, “Beyond the Series B: How the Giants of Silicon Valley Made It,” we’ve dealt with the topic of luck, we’ve dealt with rivalries, we’ve dealt with the money you shouldn’t take, and we’ve dealt with the chaos of holding your company together when things go too well.

Lyft is growing faster, improving its margins, gaining share and just added another $500 million to its round

Days after we wrote about Uber’s increasingly worse financials, The Information “got ahold of” Lyft’s financials.

Scaling your startup with Soul

[Editor's note: This piece, based on my PandoMonthly interview with Julie Rice and Elizabeth Cutler, originally ran on as part of an editorial collaboration with Pando aimed at sharing founders' struggles, challenges, and origin stories with millions of founders across America.] After nearly twenty years of covering the tech world, I’ve been able to interview most of the great entrepreneurs of our time.

He's back!

I found myself thinking about Michael Arrington the other day. Specifically, at a time when barely an hour can go by without a high profile media figure being accused of harassment or assault towards women, I found myself thinking how much Mike – a Pando investor, who Sarah fired from our board in 2012 - dodged a bullet.

The only metric that matters: Uber’s lead over Lyft is slipping, losses are mounting

On Tuesday, Federal Judge William Alsup delayed the Waymo/Uber trial, saying what the tech press, investors, and regulators should have been saying to Uber for years: “I can no longer trust the words of the lawyers for Uber in this case.

“I was working so hard, I was so exhausted and I was so invisible”

Caitlin Freeman-- my guest in this month’s “A Uterus Is a Feature Not a Bug” podcast--  met her husband James Freeman in next door stalls at the Berkeley farmer’s market.

Uber’s customer is Softbank and its users are disposable

I keep getting asked to write something about Uber’s latest scandal: Its massive hack affecting some 57 million users, and its cover up of that attack.

"The Wrong Kind of Money"

To much of the world the venture capital ecosystem is kind of an economic miracle. You decide to start a company.

Justin Caldbeck's comeback tour: Turning sexual harassment into lemonade

For the last week, I’ve intended to write something about the “comeback” of Justin Caldbeck. Everytime, I feel like I need a hazmat suit in order to even start to get into it.

Inside my week of declaring war on the patriarchy

Sorry, Pando readers, for my radio silence for the past few days. What a week. I’ve been in New York promoting the launch (finally!

How Stitch Fix built an IPO-worthy ecommerce company in an Amazon world

'After several seasons of drought, the IPO market for consumer tech may be finally seeing signs of life.

Jess Lee: Go ahead and call me a “girly investor”

When Jess Lee was named general partner at Sequoia Capital, it was a seminal moment for Valley insiders.

Sheila Marcelo: Timing Isn't Everything

[Editor's note: This piece, based on my PandoMonthly interview with Sheila Marcelo originally ran on as part of an editorial collaboration with Pando aimed at sharing founders' struggles, challenges, and origin stories with millions of founders across America.] There are a lot of accomplishments in Sheila Marcelo’s official bio, not least of which is founding running the publicly traded

Karma to Pishevar: You've been Sherved

Anyone wondering why Uber (and, god help us, Pando) investor Shervin Pishevar was suddenly ranting about smear campaigns and Vladamir Putin got a possible answer today...

There's so much that can go wrong for Snap before everything it's planning goes right.

My first reaction to the news that Snap suffered a four-hour long outage Tuesday was: Okay, but this is the Internet, where bad things can happen.

WeWork Elementary: Move fast and break kids

The best thing I can say about yesterday’s revelation that WeWork is starting an elementary school is… ...well, at least Uber isn’t starting an elementary school.

Netflix: Moral Like a Fox?

A man comes forward and says Spacey assaulted him when he was just 14 years old. Spacey’s initial defense was— astoundingly— I don’t remember and also, “I’m gay!