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uberXtortion: new Uber policy forces riders to pay $1 safety fee

After months spent grappling with revelations of faulty background checks and stumbling through various PR debacles, Uber yesterday announced a pivot in its safety policies.

Edward Snowden: Putin’s straight man

NSA whistleblower Edward Snowden has appeared on Russian state television to ask President Vladimir Putin a “surprise” question as part of an annual live Q&A program titled “the Vladimir Putin Hotline.” None of the words in the previous sentence is a joke.

As the NJ sales ban goes into effect, what’s next for Tesla?

On Tuesday, New Jersey’s ban on direct Tesla sales officially went into effect. Now Tesla’s two NJ stores in Paramus and Short Hills can function only as “galleries” where potential buyers can look at the cars and talk to representatives about how the machines work, but cannot discuss pricing nor even test drive the vehicles. If customers like what they see, they’ll have to go online to make the purchase.

San Francisco magazine hopes to win public service Pulitzer for publicly servicing Marc Benioff

There’s very little to say about this, except to note that a professional journalist wrote these words and sent them in an email.

The real reasons why Walmart and Facebook are entering the money transfer space

Make no mistake about it, things are heating up in the money transfer sector. After years of almost no innovation, two giants recently announced plans to get into the financial services game.

Analytics are evolving – and so are CFOs

Congratulations, CFO! Your days as a bean counter are over. I hope this fact arrives as welcome news.

Rep. Anna Eshoo no longer eschews PAC fundraising, collects cash from tech heavyweights

Yesterday, the first-quarter FEC filing for Representative Anna Eshoo’s (D-CA) Political Action Committee, Peninsula PAC, was made public.

We’re launching Pando Memberships in beta. 500 discounted places available NOW (499… 498…)

As you’ve probably noticed, things are really hotting up at Pando. Not only are we turning out scoop after scoop after scoop, but we’re also preparing to publish the second issue of our print magazine and are just a couple of months away from our incredible Southland conference (starring Al Gore, Christy Turlington Burns, David Marcus, Phil Libin, Aaron Levie, Tristan Walker, St Paul & the Broken Bones and more).

As the web turns 25, the Webby Awards form a museum piece in its honor

For 18 years now, The Webby Awards have been the glib showpiece of the much more nobly named International Academy of Digital Arts and Sciences, which has a membership spanning the cultural spectrum from David Bowie to Arianna Huffington.

Facebook’s “Nearby Friends” takes the creepiness out of location-sharing

Facebook today announced a new feature that allows its users to share their general location with a select groups of friends.

Revealed: Gov. Christie pleads pension poverty while handing huge subsidies to his major political donors

Yesterday, New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie (R) made headlines by slamming his state’s legislators for supposedly paying police and firefighters too much.

Enplug drags digital signage into the social era, raising $2.5M and landing Porsche and Coffee Bean as clients

Digital signage is hardly an industry that screams for startup attention. Yes, the category hasn’t had much innovation in the decade plus that it’s been in existence, but it’s not like the dentist offices, restaurants, and casinos that host these screens are clamoring for technology.

Aereo launches “Protect My Antenna” to sway public opinion ahead of Supreme Court hearing

Aereo has created an advocacy site to sway consumer opinion in its favor as it argues to the Supreme Court that its service is legal.

Why Twitter doesn’t want to open an office in Turkey

With all this brouhaha over the censorship of Twitter and YouTube in Turkey there’s now a demand that Twitter should open an office in that country, a demand that Twitter seems keen to quietly dodge.

Why Yahoo’s plan to replace Google as Apple’s search default might backfire

Yahoo is hoping to become even more important to iPhone owners. The company already provides the data used for the device’s stock-and weather-tracking apps — now it’s looking to replace Google as the Safari browser’s default search service, according to a Re/code report.

For Type A Machines, there’s no guessing where the 3D printing fun ride ends

In 1943, the then president of IBM, Thomas Watson, predicted that there was worldwide demand for just five computers.

Zoosk files for IPO, hopes public market will fall in love with it

Online dating site Zoosk has just filed to go public on the NY(f)SE, more than six years since its founding in 2007.

Startups Anonymous: The most expensive lesson I learned was to start a startup in Europe

[This is a weekly series that brings you raw, first-hand experiences from founders and investors in the trenches.

Canadian man is the first arrested for Heartbleed-related hacking

The Royal Canadian Mounted Police announced today that a 19-year-old man has been arrested for allegedly taking advantage of the Heartbleed bug to steal tax information from a government website.

Whistle has made a Fitbit for dogs and doesn’t care if you think that’s silly

Viewed through one lens, the intersection of pets and the Internet of Things is the ultimate gimmick, the overlapping of our indulgences for technology and our fetish for treating animals like members of the family.