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An economics prize tells us something very worrying about the news business, and ourselves

They’ve just handed out this year’s John Bates Clark Gold Medal over at the American Economics Association.

New shocking research proves that rich people control American politics

A fascinating piece of research confirming that what we all suspected is actually true. American politics is entirely bought and paid for by the economic elite and this democracy thing just isn’t working out.

REVEALED: Recipient of New Jersey pension deal housed charity run by Gov. Christie’s wife

Earlier today Pando published the findings of our investigation into the New Jersey pension fund and its relationship with Chatham Asset Management.

Measuring the value Marissa Mayer’s destroying at Yahoo!

Yahoo’s value, as measured by its market cap, has something like doubled since Marissa Mayer took the helm so clearly I must be suffering some terrible brain spasm when I say that she’s destroying value there.

Report: Heartbleed was used to attack “a large corporation” less than 24 hours after the bug was discovered

Researchers at the Mandiant security firm have revealed that the Heartbleed bug was used to attack a large corporation less than 24 hours after it was first disclosed to the public.

Jasper Wireless became a $1 billion company by being into the Internet of Things way before you were

Jahangir Mohammed remembers his first pitch for Jasper Wireless in 2004 to investors at Sequoia and Benchmark going something like this: “All people are getting connected, all things are going to be connected, inevitably a platform is needed to do this.” In 2014, the company bills itself as a pioneer of Internet of Things solutions.

This little-known Arkansas founder raised $93 million and he’s speaking at Southland

Sure, our Southland lineup is going to include a lot of startup legends out of places like Silicon Valley, New York, and Chicago.

Chris Christie’s $300m pension proposal broke state anti-corruption laws (And now the intended recipient threatens to sue Pando)

A PandoDaily investigation has discovered evidence that Gov. Chris Christie’s pending deal to award a $300 million pension management contract to a controversial hedge fund is in violation of state anti-corruption laws.

Samsung to bring ads to Milk Music, the streaming service with no reason to exist

Samsung has revealed that advertisements and premium subscriptions will be coming to its Milk Music streaming service, taking away one of the only things that distinguished it from the pack of other music apps.

CrowdCurity shines a security spotlight to the bitcoin industry with crowdsourced bug bounties

We’ve all heard of the healthy rewards available to ethical hackers who report bugs and system vulnerabilities to major corporations like Facebook, Google, Microsoft, and PayPal.

Why this group of investors is still trying to save Mt. Gox

A number of investors have created a website meant to encourage Bitcoin owners affected by Mt Gox’s recent woes — including the loss of hundreds of thousands of bitcoins, accusations of misuse of customer funds, and filing for bankruptcy protection — to help save the exchange.

Can love be hacked into a successful public company?

Can love be engineered into a successful public company? That’s the question in the air as online dating startup Zoosk prepares to go public.

Dancing Giants: Why large companies should embrace the minimum viable product

There are lean startups, then there are startups that exist to help large and small companies act more like startups – like 3Pillar Global.

Lavabit creator held in contempt for making a (tiny, tiny) point

Ladar Levison, creator of the Lavabit secure email service, has been held in contempt of court. At issue is the way the cantankerous entrepreneur responded to government requests for the private secure sockets layer (SSL) keys to his email service.

uberXtortion: new Uber policy forces riders to pay $1 safety fee

After months spent grappling with revelations of faulty background checks and stumbling through various PR debacles, Uber yesterday announced a pivot in its safety policies.

Edward Snowden: Putin’s straight man

NSA whistleblower Edward Snowden has appeared on Russian state television to ask President Vladimir Putin a “surprise” question as part of an annual live Q&A program titled “the Vladimir Putin Hotline.” None of the words in the previous sentence is a joke.

As the NJ sales ban goes into effect, what’s next for Tesla?

On Tuesday, New Jersey’s ban on direct Tesla sales officially went into effect. Now Tesla’s two NJ stores in Paramus and Short Hills can function only as “galleries” where potential buyers can look at the cars and talk to representatives about how the machines work, but cannot discuss pricing nor even test drive the vehicles. If customers like what they see, they’ll have to go online to make the purchase.

San Francisco magazine hopes to win public service Pulitzer for publicly servicing Marc Benioff

There’s very little to say about this, except to note that a professional journalist wrote these words and sent them in an email.

The real reasons why Walmart and Facebook are entering the money transfer space

Make no mistake about it, things are heating up in the money transfer sector. After years of almost no innovation, two giants recently announced plans to get into the financial services game.

Analytics are evolving – and so are CFOs

Congratulations, CFO! Your days as a bean counter are over. I hope this fact arrives as welcome news.