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Apple vs Samsung: Copycats really don't need any more help

As if President Elect Donald Trump threatening to force Apple to move its manufacturing to the US wasn’t bad enough, this week another branch of the federal government messed with Apple.

Twitter says it won't help build Trump's Muslim database. But what about this guy?

Late last week, the Intercept, the national security blog owned by eBay founder Pierre Omidyar, published a fun and provocative story.

Say nothing! How Silicon Valley is turning into one giant awkward family Thanksgiving

Since about the time Peter Thiel stunned the Valley by breaking its group-think ranks and agreeing to serve as a delegate for Donald Trump, I’ve been hearing a common refrain from senior folks in the industry: “He and I haven’t spoken.” Max Levchin, said as much on stage at Pandoland last summer when we asked the passionate pro-immigration defender… who co-founded PayPal with Thiel and is one of his closest friends.

Valley's "Come to Satan" moment with Trump is happening even faster than I feared

Well, that was fast. Earlier this week I mapped out a worrying prediction for how some in Silicon Valley might weasel their way out of previous opposition to Donald Trump now that Trump is heading to the White House and there’s serious money and power up for grabs.

The death of network effects and the sad return of the VC kingmaker

Last week, FirstRound Capital released its annual “State of Startups Survey.” It confirmed-- sadly-- that most men in tech don’t fully get the diversity problem, care about fixing it, or even see any complicity on their part in perpetuating it.

Will David Sacks be the Valley exec who gives others an excuse to join Team Trump?

Late last week, the New York Times and others reported that David Sacks is stepping down as CEO of disgraced-but-better-now-it-swears insurance unicorn, Zenefits.

Last month in serious ridesharing allegations (November)

Maryland wants ride-hailing companies to fingerprint their drivers. This rule is scheduled to go into effect on December 15, and both Uber and Lyft went to court in November to argue that they shouldn’t have to run more vigorous background checks on people using their platforms.

Winnie’s Sara Mauskopf is a mom and an entrepreneur, not a “momtrepreneur”

Yeah, Winnie-- a site to help parents navigate cities in a family-friendly way-- recently launched. And yeah, sure, it got $2.5 million from some well-heeled Valley backers.

It's a Christmas (/holiday/birthday/new year) miracle! Pando gift subscriptions are back!

What is the greatest gift of all? A baby’s laugh? A sunset? The feeling of fresh snow crunching under foot?

“Story” and truth: The Uber snake now has two sniping heads

“Well, which is it?” “You can’t have it both ways!” “Wait! That’s not what you said just a few days ago…” Long before these were things I found myself screaming at our President Elect’s Twitter stream (Hillary Clinton is a brilliant Secretary of State!

GoPro has become the Twitter of hardware

For GoPro, 2016 has been the year of Karma. The year started off badly for the once high-flying maker of wearable cameras, after it warned investors that revenue during the 2015 holiday quarter would decline 31% and that it would lay off 7% of its workforce.

Twitter, Facebook et al say they obey "local laws". So what happens when Trump orders them to censor?

On Monday, the New York Times reported yet another fight between Facebook and authorities in Germany.

Amazon was always going to kill Black Friday. Now it's happening

Black Friday is finally suffering the long, slow death it deserves. Once known as “the day after Thanksgiving,” Black Friday took off as a commercial holiday around 2003.

Are government-backed privacy tools really going to protect us from President Trump?

America’s in total turmoil following Donald Trump’s victory. Nazis and white supremacists are suddenly in vogue, getting magazine profiles and primetime TV spots.

While trust-related scandals rock Facebook, Snapchat quietly pitches itself to bankers as the ultimate alternative

Right about now, plenty of journalists all over America are coming up with hackneyed leads that bend the whole idea of “giving thanks” into whatever story they are being forced to write before a well-deserved four day weekend.

Mark Zuckerberg's first unwinnable fight

It turns out everyone is entitled to their own facts. Or at least they are on Facebook, which is suffering one of those rashes of bad news that afflicts it every year or so.

Why has Facebook changed its mind on fake news? Thank the Germans

Since the election, I -- along with every other journalist on the planet -- have been encouraging Mark Zuckerberg to take Facebook’s culpability for allowing fake news to help get Trump elected.

Facebook's deepening moral and ethical hole is great news for some

Facebook’s refusal to admit it’s a media company that bears responsibility for Trump has put the company in an ever deepening hole.

Careful what you wish for: The danger in corporate VCs leading deals

Earlier this week, I spoke at a UBS Research conference in San Francisco. Speaking just before me was a senior eBay executive who was asked about the company’s recent divesting of its massive stake in MercadoLibre.

The Moment Marie Claire’s Anne Fulenwider got feminism religion

I’ve been trying to grab an hour on Anne Fulenwider’s calendar since I started my “Uterus is a feature not a bug” podcast.