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This Guy Imitates Coyote Calls So Well, Real Coyotes Actually Howl Back

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve gone to a lake and tried to quack like a duck in hopes that one of them would actually answer me.

A Funny Nic Cage Story Leads The Highlights Of Idris Elba’s Reddit AMA

Via Reddit / Imgur Idris Elba stopped by Reddit to help promote the success of No Good Deed by answering some questions from the users.

Watch This Adorable Little Girl Recreate Allen Iverson’s ‘Practice’ Speech

Instagram If you’re wondering whether you should have kids the answer is yes, mostly because you can post videos like this to the internet.

Here’s AC/DC Wearing Swimsuits In Case You’ve Ever Wondered About That

Getty Image Summer is ending, meaning it will soon be time to bundle up and brave the bitter cold once again.

Forget The Kiss Cam! The Braves Just Invented The Simba Cam And It’s Amazing!

Baseball is a America’s favorite pastime, but like all sports, it has its drawbacks. Take the Kiss Cam for instance.

Young Iranians Were Sentenced To Jail and 91 Lashes…All Because They Danced To Pharrell’s ‘Happy’

Via YouTube If you’re in Iran, you might want to think twice about busting a move to your favorite tune ’cause it just might get you a punishment of 91 lashes.

The Most Thoughtful Boyfriend Ever Thanked His Sexually Adventurous Girlfriend With This Gift

Reddit A woman posted this photo on Reddit of a thoughtful gift her boyfriend gave her after some “special sex.” Fortunately the lady in question is actually into video games, otherwise this would be adding insult to … taking it in the butt.

This ‘Game Of Thrones’ Fan Stabbed A Home Intruder With A Spear

A warning to all  of you aspiring burglars out there: never invade the home of a Game of Thrones fan.

Here’s Hannibal Buress Recounting The Time He Had The Landlord From Hell While Living In LA

We’ve all terrible landlords at some point in our lives. It might be our parents, it might be an old woman with a broom, or it might be someone’s beloved pet that inherited the building through a will.

Watch This Action Star Cat Escape And Walk Away From A Collapsing Hotel

I’m going to resist the urge to mention the cliches about cats having nine lives and the way that they always land on their feet, even if the latter is on full display in the above video, which was captured by David Katcsma in Manitoba, Canada as he watched a bit of organized destruction and an unlikely escape.

Ariana Grande Denies Saying She Wanted Her Fans To Die, Unleashes A Barrage Of Mushy Tweets

Getty Image Ariana Grande is not having a good month. Between her ridiculous diva demands and that time she wished her fans would “f*cking die”, it’s safe to say her PR people have had a nightmarish last few weeks.

Celebrating 20 Years Of ‘ER’ With 20 Celebrities Who Checked Into County General

NBC ER was a top-10 show for a decade, regularly pulling in 20 million-plus viewers and winning gobs of Emmys for NBC, and yet, when was the last time you heard someone mention reference Dr.

From Lyric Spittin’ To Line Reading: The 7 Best Rappers Turned Actors

Sony The hip-hop world has never been a breeding ground for great actors, but there are some talented individuals who have made the transition from rhyming to reading lines.

The White House Was Evacuated After A Man Jumped The Fence And Managed To Make It Inside

Getty Image The White House had a slight security scare Friday evening when a man managed to hop the fence and make it inside.

Roman Reigns Was Just Rushed To The Hospital For Emergency Surgery

Via, Roman Reigns has been taken to a Tennessee hospital for emergency surgery, putting his appearance at tomorrow’s Night Of Champions pay-per-view in jeopardy.

Kim Kardashian And Vanessa Hudgens Are The Latest Victims Of That Celeb Hacking Ring

Getty Image Early this morning, nude photos of Kim Kardashian, Vanessa Hudgens, and U.S. soccer goalie Hope Solo leaked on the website, 4Chan.

‘Dabo Has Hemorrhoids': Here’s Your Roundup Of College GameDay Signs From Florida State

ESPN College GameDay had some twists and turns today because Jameis Winston’s full-game suspension. Apparently, he lied to the Florida State administration about what occurred during his “f*ck her right in the p*ssy” stunt.

Clay Aiken Says The Celebrities In The Nude Photo Scandal Got What They Deserved

Via Facebook Clay Aiken, former American Idol contestant and current congressional candidate (!), offered up his two cents on the celebrity nude photo scandal recently.

Did You Catch This ‘Man Of Steel’ Easter Egg That Totally Reveals Aquaman For ‘Batman V. Superman?’

Remember the above clip from Man Of Steel? It’s right after the still bearded Clark Kent saves the workers on the burning oil rig.

Joan Rivers’ Facebook Posts From The Afterlife Are About The iPhone 6

Facebook To bend a phrase from Star Trek II: Wrath of Khan, “she’s not really dead if we choose to remember her.” It’s a lovely sentiment that speaks to the endless lives that we all have within the mind caverns of those that we have touched, but nobody expected to remember Joan Rivers as an iPhone 6 pitchwoman, and nobody expected to hear from the comedy icon after her untimely death.