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This Poor Woman Learned A Valuable Lesson About Putting Hair Ties On Your Wrist

Subscribe to UPROXX Here’s a fun fact for you: a hair tie around your wrist could possibly kill you. No, it’s not because it’ll cut off your circulation (although check out what happens when people tie their man buns and ponytails too tightly), but because they can transfer bacteria under your skin that could cause a life-threatening infection.

Here’s A Look Into The Everyday Life Of An Airline Pilot Set To The Beach Boys

Subscribe to UPROXX Now that we’re right in the midst of the holiday season, surfing and the beach are probably just pipe dreams (unless you live near those things year-’round).

David Bowie, Courtney Barnett, Björk And Others Signed A Letter Urging World Leaders To Address Climate Change

Getty Image Climate change affects everyone and, hard as it is to believe, that includes David Bowie.

This Man’s Evil Revenge On His Cheating Ex Is The Only Way You Should Ever Break Up

Subscribe to UPROXX What do you do when you figure out your ex is cheating on you? Do you immediately storm into their home and demand answers or do you, like Youtube user beanyneilpudsey wait three weeks, allow them to think they’re about to get sent on an amazing vacation, and then hit that cheater with a harsh dose of reality?

Amur The Tiger Was Supposed To Eat Timur The Goat, But They Became Friends Instead

Have you ever imagined what a different movie Jurassic Park might have been if the goat that was fed to the Tyrannosaurus rex became its pet instead of its snack?

Ecto Cooler Might Be Coming Back To Spook Everyone’s Kale Smoothies

Subscribe to UPROXX Put down your fancy, healthy green juice because an old, sugary classic might be coming back.

Kendrick Lamar And J. Cole Gift Fans With New ‘Black Friday’ Remixes

Remember back in early September when the rap Internet almost lost its collective shit when an album cover popped up for a supposed collab project between Kendrick Lamar and J.

This Woman’s Horrifying Story Will Teach You To Never, Ever Stalk Your Partner’s Ex On Facebook

Shutterstock We’re now officially in the holiday season, which means the alcohol will be flowing and people will be getting into the spirit of Christmas by getting drunk and then doing questionable things on social media.

At Least Nine People Have Been Injured In Planned Parenthood Shootout, Suspect Is Still At Large

Subscribe to UPROXX A terrifying situation is unfolding in Colorado Springs, Colorado, where police are currently actively engaged in a shootout with a gunman who barricaded himself in a Planned Parenthood and opened fire on people near the clinic.

Weekend Preview: ‘The Walking Dead’ Fall Finale

AMC The Walking Dead (AMC, Sunday 9 p.m.) — The wall toppled and a whole herd of walkers is pouring into Alexandria in the last episode of TWD until February.

A Virginia Family Is Suing PETA For $7M For Killing Their Dog

WAVY About a year after it was discovered that PETA was responsible for stealing and then killing a dog belonging to a Virginia family, the animal rights organization is now looking at a $9 million lawsuit for the devastating mistake they made.

Will Saturday Be Les Miles’ Final Game As LSU Coach? 

Les Miles apparently made it be known that LSU’s game against Texas A&M on Saturday would be his final game as coach of the Tigers, according to

Donald Trump Now Claims He Never Made Fun Of Disabled Reporter, Demands An Apology Despite Video Evidence

Subscribe to UPROXX On Tuesday, Donald Trump began receiving some harsh criticism after video of him mocking disabled journalist Serge Kovalevski surfaced on the internet.

Jack White Opened A Third Man Records Store In Detroit

Getty Image Jack White opened up Third Man Records in his adopted hometown Nashville over 7 years ago.

You’ll Soon Be Able To Play PS4 Games On Your PC or Mac Via Remote Play

Sony/Getty Image While many gamers aren’t aware of the feature, it’s possible to play most PS4 games almost anywhere you want on the PS Vita via Remote Play.

G-Eazy Tries To Dust Off His Shoulders On Album Stand-Out, ‘Sad Boy’

Certain artists have a character and very rarely stray from that persona, whether by choice or because their career calls for it.

Patti LaBelle Spent Thanksgiving Singing And Dancing With The Man Who Made Her Sweet Potato Pie Famous

Happy Birthday To Me And Happy Thanksgiving To You All. Thanks @mspattilabelle A photo posted by TAKAHPICHATRICK (@jameswrightchanel) on Nov 26, 2015 at 4:57pm PST Kudos to Patti LaBelle for realizing the error of her ways and making nice with the man who had her sweet potato pies selling like Jordans on a Saturday morning.

Your Guide To Online Privacy From Tech Journalist Jennifer Jolly

Getty Image Jennifer Jolly knows privacy. As a consumer tech journalist writing for New York Times and USA Today’s TechNow, she’s well-acquainted with the ins and outs of all those privacy policies we check “yes” to every time we sign up for a new account online.

Coldplay Become Apes In ‘Adventure Of A Lifetime’ Music Video

Apes are so hot right now. Yesterday, Future dropped his Thanksgiving mixtape and now Coldplay are reimagining themselves as apes in the music video for “Adventure Of A Lifetime.” The video centers around a bunch of apes who are just going about their business when they discover a BEATS PILL™ that makes them decide they wanna be just like Coldplay (walk like Coldplay, talk like Coldplay, too).

Curren$y And Ty Dolla $ign Share Their ‘Superstar’ Status On Suave New Single

There’s no question Curren$y’s new single “Superstar’ is for the ladies. But, that doesn’t mean the fellas won’t feel the groove.