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Stephen Colbert Tries His Best To Hide His Super Secret Russian Trip On ‘The Late Show’

Stephen Colbert made plenty of headlines once he revealed that he was in Russia, trolling President Trump in the process and allegedly garnering some attention from several different intelligence agencies.

Katrina Pierson Is Back To Her Old Confusing Tricks While Pushing The Healthcare Bill On Fox News

Former Trump campaign spokesperson Katrina Pierson is back. She didn’t land a White House gig and has instead been working for a pro-Trump Super PAC, but someone (Trump?

Taco Bell’s Double Chalupa Isn’t Living Up To The Hype And Customers Are Losing It

Taco Bell Every time Taco Bell comes out with a new menu item, opinions start to fly. Whether based on flavor, gimmick execution, price, or something else, no fast food chain can truly get away from fervor about their experimentation.

Why Was This Woman Shamed For Wearing A One-Piece Bikini?

Shutterstock You know the story: Woman puts on swimsuit. Someone decides said woman should not be wearing swimsuit.

Taco Bell Really Wants To Be The Venue For Your Wedding

Shutterstock Deny it all you want, but there has been a time at one point or another that Taco Bell has brought you joy.

Nintendo’s SNES Classic Fixes One The More Troublesome Aspects Of The NES Classic

Nintendo The SNES Classic is a reality for gamers this fall, bringing 21 classic Super Nintendo games home in a fun size package for all the lovely nostalgia a fan can stomach.

The Latest ‘Justice League’ Rumors Could Be Worrisome For Fans Of The Man Of Steel

Warner Bros. WARNING: Potential spoilers for Justice League and its second trailer ahead. With Wonder Woman setting a new tone for the DC extended universe at the theaters, all eyes are on Justice League this fall.

Alec Baldwin Is Returning To Grab More Ratings For ‘SNL’ As Donald Trump

NBC We won’t have to worry about Johnny Depp filling in as Donald Trump during the next season of SNL — for more reasons than one.

Your ‘All Natural’ Chicken Might Have Everyone’s Favorite Party Drug In Its System

Shutterstock/UPROXX If you want to get high off Special K, you either have to get it from some shady dude on the street (they deliver now!

Photos From A Day In The Life Of The Venice Boardwalk

Ashley Wilhardt The streets are alive. Not just with the sound of music (deep cut Rodgers & Hammerstein reference), but with the sound of feet scuffling, hawkers hustling, and skaters shredding.

The Five Best Grilling Apps For Your Epic Summer BBQ

Shutterstock/UPROXX July 4th weekend is coming up, and for many of us, that means firing up the grill.

The CBO Score On The New GOP Healthcare Bill Predicts 22 Million Will Lose Insurance Within A Decade

Getty Image In May, Rep. Paul Ryan was able to push the American Healthcare Act through the House without a CBO score.

What Is ‘Star Fox 2?’ The Story Of The SNES Game ’90s Kids Never Got To Play

Nintendo In 1995, Star Fox 2 was inescapable. The followup to Nintendo’s cutting-edge space fighter game, built by the British team behind the original, it promised to be the Super Nintendo game to beat.

Martin Shkreli’s Trial Is Off To A Great Start With Prospective Jurors Calling Him ‘Evil’ And ‘Snake’ Face

Getty Image Nearly two years ago, Martin Shkreli jacked up the price of a life-saving drug that treats AIDS and cancer patients, and the world will (justifiably) never forget.

‘Baby Driver’ Is The Coolest Movie Of The Summer

Sony Baby Driver feels like an “eff you” movie. It’s been four years since we’ve had an Edgar Wright-directed film, The World’s End.

CNN’s Jim Acosta Confronted Sean Spicer About A Lack Of Cameras In The Briefing Room, And Things Got Heated

Last week, the Trump administration made the curious decision to not allow cameras to roll during the daily press briefing (and did not give a reason for that decision).

‘Valkyria Revolution’ Tops The Five Games You Need To Play This Week

Maximum Games/Frontier Developments/Vertigo Games Every week, it feels like there’s more games for more platforms than ever before.

A ‘Harry Potter’ Producer Reminisces On Alan Rickman’s Incredible Act Of Kindness

Warner Brothers The first Harry Potter novel, Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone, was published in the United Kingdom 20 years ago today.

The Generation Between Millennial & Gen Xers Finally Has Its Own Ridiculous Name

Columbia/Universal/Shutterstock There’s finally a label for the people who are sandwiched between Generation-X and Millenials.

Classic Pieces Of Americana Collide In These Converse/Coca-Cola Kicks

Via on Instagram Looks like streetwear retailer, Kith, has a new collaboration coming out with Converse and Coca-Cola.