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‘Prometheus 2’ Is Definitely Ridley Scott’s Next Movie

20th Century Fox Ridley Scott sure loves his science fiction movies. With classics like Blade Runner and Alien under his belt — and with The Martian just a month and change away from hitting theaters — the director is finally getting ready to get that Prometheus sequel everyone has been clamoring for up and off the ground.

Tila Tequila Fired From ‘Big Brother’ For Loving Hitler

Getty Image Tila Tequila has landed herself in hot water again. The producers of Celebrity Big Brother UK have fired her, after just finding out about a post she published to her blog and Facebook of herself standing in front of Auschwitz wearing a Nazi armband.

Fred Durst Says He’s The One Who Quashed Slash And Axl’s Beef

Getty Image You may have heard that Slash and Axl Rose, the guitarist and lead singer, respectively, of Guns ‘N Roses have finally buried the hatchet after years of feuding.

Sarah Palin Is Interviewing Donald Trump Tonight

Getty Image Happy Friday! After Donald Trump said that he would totally love Sarah Palin to join his administration, were he to win the presidency, Palin secured an interview with him on her One America News network show, On Point.

Iron Maiden Released An Amazing ‘Donkey-Kong’ Inspired 8-Bit Video Game

Via Iron Maiden Facebook Iron Maiden recently released a new music video that includes their mascot, Eddie, in an 8-bit video game.  Well, now the group has gone even further by making that particular scene from the “Speed Of Light” video a free game on their website.  It is super addictive and a great way to kill some time.

Dominate ‘Madden 16’ With These Pass Catching Tips

EA Sports There’s a violent kind of ugly poetry to smashmouth football and blowing someone up over the middle while playing Madden, but as in the NFL, you almost certainly need a dominant quarterback to win a championship.

Toro Y Moi Dropped A Surprise, Hip-Hop-Heavy Album ‘Samantha’

Getty Image Over the course of his six-year-long career, Toro Y Moi’s Chaz Bundick has tried on a variety of hats, dipping into everything from “chillwave” to house and R&B.

Steve Carell Will Replace Bruce Willis In A Woody Allen Movie, Which Sounds Like A Hollywood Mad Lib

Getty Image Earlier this week, Bruce Willis announced that he was leaving the ensemble cast of Woody Allen’s new film due to a conflict with his upcoming appearance in the Broadway adaption of Stephen King’s Misery.

Why The Heck Are People Turning To George Zimmerman For Social Commentary?

The fact that George Zimmerman doing anything that is considered news is a slap in the face of actual important news, but what he’s been doing lately really has people disgusted.

A Man Felt A Cockroach In His Ear, And Doctors Found 25 More Living Inside

Someone wise once said the only good cockroach is a dead cockroach. Unfortunately, all the cockroaches in this story were alive and thriving inside a Chinese man’s ear.

Donald Trump’s Ex-Wife Says That He Used To Keep A Book Of Hitler’s Speeches By His Bedside

Getty Image Donald Trump is currently married to his third wife, but a vintage Vanity Fair article about the crumbling marriage to his first wife, Ivana Trump has re-emerged and is raising some eyebrows.

Destroyer, Jim James, And The Best New Songs And Videos You Missed This Week

YouTube The week in new music pretty much went through The Weeknd. In addition to his new album, Beauty Behind The Madness, dropping this week, he also released his video for “Tell Your Friends.” Macklemore & Ryan Lewis also released their comeback clip for “Downtown,” and we got new stuff from A$AP Rocky and Justin Bieber.

Toro Y Moi Dropped A Surprise, Hip-Hop-Heavy Album ‘Samanatha’

Getty Image Over the course of his six-year-long career, Toro Y Moi’s Chaz Bundick has tried on a variety of hats, dipping into everything from “chillwave” to house and R&B.

This Deaf Guy Nailed A Disc Golf Ace And Promptly Lost His Mind

There’s something just so satisfying about watching someone absolutely snipe a disc golf ace, especially when they react by celebrating like a mad man.

Michael B. Jordan Gives Comic Book Movies Another Shot With The Vampire Comedy ‘Blood Brothers’

Getty Image After the less-than-fantastic reception for Fantastic Four, you’d think Michael B. Jordan would be ready to take a breather from comic book movies, but nope, he’s getting right back up on that four-color horse.

Andrew Garfield Pushed For Spider-Man To Reconnect With Marvel

On Friday, we spoke to Andrew Garfield about his new film, 99 Homes, which, kind of crazily, marks his first non-Spider-Man movie since 2010’s The Social Network.

The Obvious Choice For What’s On This Weekend: Netflix’s Pablo Escobar Show, ‘Narcos’

netflix The Obvious Choice: Narcos (Netflix, Right Now If You Want) — Thankfully, volatile fictional director Billy Walsh isn’t at the helm of this Netflix original series, which focuses on the exploits of Pablo Escobar and the Medellin drug cartel.

Nielsen Is Finally Getting With The Times And Will Track Streaming Numbers, As Well

Netflix Let’s be real: With the increasing prices of cable packages, many television viewers are cutting the cord and getting their content primarily from streaming services.

Charles Barkley Would Like To Shoot His Former Agent In The Head, According To Charles Barkley

Getty Image Charles Barkley has never been one to hold back, so it’s not overly surprising that his appearance on The Dan Patrick Show this morning had some interesting tidbits.

Ashley Madison CEO Resigned After His Extramarital Affairs Went Public, And Twitter Reacted With Glee

Shutterstock Nearly a month after initial reports of a security breach at the Ashley Madison online dating “service,” the cracks are spreading from ceiling to floor.