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A Fan Was Rushed To Hospital After Falling From The Upper Deck Of Turner Field

Getty Image A fan was rushed to the hospital after falling from the upper deck of Turner Field during Saturday night’s game between the Atlanta Braves and the New York Yankees.

Give Me A Hug: Watch Arthur Blank Inform Julio Jones Of His New Contract

Julio Jones is not Rod Tidwell, but damn it if we didn’t get flashbacks to Jerry Maguire watching this clip of Atlanta Falcons owner Blank telling Jones that he has a new contract with the team during pre-game warmups before their preseason game against the Carolina Panthers.

J.K. Rowling Enjoys Tom Felton And Matthew Lewis’ Rivalry As Much As The Fans Do

Getty Image Literary sorceress J.K. Rowling maintains a lively presence on Twitter where she often interacts with fans.

Meet 10 Dogs From History Who Are Truly Heroes

National Dog Day was last week, but why end the celebration there? Dogs are the best, so much so that they have actually been known to engage in downright heroic acts that may have even altered the course of history.

Terrence Howard’s ‘Empire’ Role May Be Scaled Back Due To His Messy Divorce And Alleged Domestic Violence History

Via Twitter I’m already not excited for Empire’s return due to the 101 special guests that are lined up to appear on the musical soap opera.

This Little Boy’s Optimus Prime Cake Really ‘Transforms’ Into An Awesome Birthday

This little boy had the most amazing birthday in his life (so far), thanks to his industrious father, who spent days creating a Transformers birthday cake that truly transforms.

Remembering The Most ‘WTF’ Moments In MTV VMAs History

MTV For sheer unpredictability, no award show can top the VMAs. On any given year, we’re likely to see some unplanned, hopelessly awkward event, which inevitably becomes all we can talk about the next day.

‘The Shield’ Is Finally Receiving The 4K Remaster It Truly Deserves

FX If you look back at the TV shows that have influenced much of the great shows we’ve seen in recent years and have developed talent that just keeps popping up time and time again, you have to include The Shield in the conversation.

Trying To Deconstruct The Frustrating, Complicated Legacy Of Michael Jackson

Getty Image No one epitomizes the phrase “complicated legacy” quite like Michael Jackson. On one hand, he released some of the most enduring music of the 20th century, and essentially redefined what pop music was.

Remember Them? A Look Back At Junior M.A.F.I.A.’s “Conspiracy”

Big Beat/Undeas From Nas’ Bravehearts to Nelly’s St. Lunitics, hip-hop is full of artists trying to apply their solo popularity to a group dynamic with varying levels of success.

Listen To This Officer Rant About A Reporter’s ‘Giant F*cking’ Chest In An Unintentional Voicemail

There’s nothing quite as revealing as a voicemail that doesn’t end when one party forgets they’re still on the line.

Jessica Lange In Talks To Return To ‘American Horror Story’ According To Ryan Murphy

FX It would seem that the rumors are true and Jessica Lange truly is open to a return to American Horror Story.

Robert Downey Jr. Oozes Coolness While Wishing His ‘Perfect 10’ Wife A Happy 10th Anniversary

Getty Image Robert Downey Jr. will never be able to quash his inherent coolness. That’s the reason why Marvel throws mad money at him despite his presence in an ensemble cast that would arguably do okay (although just okay) without his presence.

Grab An Umbrella: YouTube’s Most Random Covers Of Fat Joe And Lil Wayne’s ‘Make It Rain’

Remember when the only person who could make it rain was Mother Nature? Well, that was before Fat Joe teamed with Lil Wayne to release “Make It Rain,” one of biggest rap songs of the decade, nine years ago today.

Miley Cyrus Reveals That Donald Trump Apparently Loved Her MTV VMAs Twerk With Robin Thicke

Getty Image In the same New York Times profile where she promised a very raw MTV VMAs experience, Miley Cyrus also revealed a little tidbit that I think got glossed over and lost in the shuffle of bare nipples and Beetlejuice fashion choices.

Twitter Tell James Woods To Calm The F*ck Down In A Letter About His $10M Lawsuit

Getty Image Well, this is certainly one way to take James Woods down a notch. In a letter from their attorneys, Twitter issued a sharp response to Woods’ $10 million defamation lawsuit against an anonymous user who called him a “notorious coke fiend and registered sex offender.” Woods is suing a user who called himself “Abe List” and also issued a subpoena to the social media site to reveal his true identity.

Jimmy Kimmel Reveals That Vin Scully Will Return For His 67th Season With The Dodgers

OFFICIAL: It'll be a very pleasant 2016. Vin Scully to return for his 67th season. — Los Angeles Dodgers (@Dodgers) August 29, 2015 The greatest baseball broadcaster of all time is returning for his 67th season in 2016.

The Pirates And Cubs Get The ’90s Mashup Treatment With Family Matters And Perfect Strangers

A few weeks back we featured this brilliant mashup of the San Francisco Giants and the Full House opening theme.

Apple Stops Drake From Appearing On Tidal’s Lil Weezyana Stream

Via Nigel D. If you’re a loser like me, then you probably spent your Friday night streaming Lil Wayne’s Lil WeezyAna charity concert on Tidal, and you probably wondered “WTF?

David Ayer Celebrated The End Of Production For ‘Suicide Squad’ With This Massive Cast Photo

Via Twitter The hype for DC Comics’ Suicide Squad does exist and if you’re desperate to see how the film handles the baddest that DC has to offer on screen, you just got a little bit closer to it becoming a reality.