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For Christmas, This Guy Asked For A Dog Treat Launcher For Himself

Jake Packard, whose first YouTube hit featured him and his two adopted brothers shaking what their mothers gave them, decided to conquer the internet again on Christmas Day.

Aaron Rodgers Did His Best Santa Claus Impressions With A Bunch Of TVs

Getty Image Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers is a very giving man. When he’s not too busy satisfying Olivia Munn as often as possible, Rodgers tries his best to keep the team morale as high as it can possibly go.

A Very Holly And Jolly Ranking Of The Best Movie Versions Of Santa Claus

TriStar Pictures Perhaps no person or character, real or imaginary, has been portrayed in film as much as jolly Saint Nick, the man who inexplicably flies around the world in a matter of hours, delivering presents and lumps of coal to all of the good and bad boys and girls of the world.

Doug Fister Treated His Twitter Followers To Free Starbucks Coffee

Getty Image As everyone spends Christmas morning recovering from an overabundance of eggnog the previous night, the immediate recourse is coffee.

Anna Kendrick Singing: A Timeline

NBC The Anna Kendrick Timeline Of Singing To Remind You 2015 Is Gonna Be Her Yearf Man, does Anna Kendrick sure like to belt out a tune.

Seth Rogen To The First Audience To See ‘The Interview': ‘Thank You So F*cking Much’

There are a lot of people out there who still think that all of the Guardians of Peace and Sony Pictures hack news stories and nonsense were all just some elaborate marketing scheme to help make The Interview the No.

Little Girl Adorably Tells Santa “F*ck You” Because Christmas Is Wonderful

Children are the worst. When mixed with the holidays, they can be a handful for parents and the childless alike.

Sunny Ozell Made Her Husband Patrick Stewart Wear This Wonderful Christmas Hat

Ever since they tweeted the best wedding photo ever last year, Patrick Stewart and Sunny Ozell quickly became the internet’s favorite couple.

This Teen Came Up With The Perfect Solution To Avoid Answering Relatives Redundant Holiday Questions

ABC The holidays are the absolute worst when you’re a teenager, as your relatives awkwardly try to interact with you by asking the same goddamn questions over and over again.

Randy Orton Got RKO’d By A Tiny Child And Won Christmas

We’re not sure of this video’s context (or even how old it is), but it’s Randy Orton being RKO’d by a little kid and we’re calling it a Christmas miracle.

Christopher Tolkien Once Owned This Guy’s Christmas Present

Via Imgur Christmas means awkward political conversations with extended family, gifted clothes two sizes too big, and getting drunk on eggnog.

The FilmDrunk Frotcast 2014: Only The Best Parts

FilmDrunk Listen on the player above, or download as an mp3 here (right click, save as).

Watch This Aggressive Driver Send Two Women On A Harrowing Chase In This Terrifying Road Rage Incident

YouTube Two women driving on California’s Interstate 80 earlier this week survived a terrifying ordeal at the hands of an aggressive, potentially mentally ill driver.

Merry Christmas! Here Is Your Obligatory Dog Dressed Like Santa Riding A Roomba.

I don’t know, you guys. Everyone has their own holiday traditions. Some people roast chestnuts on an open fire or go caroling or make Christmas cookies — but for these people, Christmas means dressing the ol’ Boston Terrier up like Santa and sending it around on the roomba to “Donde Esta Santa Claus.” It’s OK though, UPROXX is a judgement free zone.

Danny Trejo And His Dogs Want To Wish You A Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays! Stay safe everyone! 🎅 — Danny Trejo (@officialDannyT) December 24, 2014 If you woke up this Christmas morning looking for a sign that the world is full of joy and wonder and magic, please allow me to direct your attention toward this holiday tweet from a festive, shirtless, jorts-wearing Danny Trejo and his collection of dogs.

Jennifer Lawrence Took Time To Visit Kids In The ICU On Christmas Eve

That Jennifer Lawrence is an amazing person is an accepted, indisputable fact. She proved this yet again on Christmas Eve when she dropped by a pediatric intensive care unit in her hometown of Louisville, Kentucky.

Which Famous Couple Tops Vivid’s Celebrity Sex Tape Christmas Wish List?

Getty Image Say what you want about Vivid Entertainment and the porn company’s love of “leaked” celebrity sex tapes, but at least founder Steven Hirsch likes to give famous people a heads up.

Funny, Sexy, And Awesome Cosplay Of The Week – Best of 2014 (Part 2)

Via Mineralblu Wonder Woman photographed by Mineralblu. Submitted via our Flickr Group. Since it’s nearing the end of the year, we’re wrapping things up, as we did last week and last year, with a look back on our personal favorites from 2014.

Review: Louis Zamperini Is Angelina Jolie’s ‘War Horse’ In ‘Unbroken’

Universal If you combined 'Unbroken' with 'War Horse,' you'd have one hell of an uplifting centaur movie.

These Cute Dogs And Cats Are Here To Share The Christmas Spirit With You

Via Reddit Photographed by blaserea. It’s Christmas! Perhaps you’re looking at your smartphone while your relatives get progressively more inebriated; perhaps you’re eating Chinese food after watching a movie; perhaps you’re the only one stuck at the office so you’re belting out “Chandelier” while pantsless (we won’t judge).