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This Smiling Teenager Captured Two Women Violently Brawling In His Selfie Video

As long as the internet has been internetting, crazy videos have been a mainstay. The advent of camera phones and Go Pros have escalated some of these clips to stunning highs, as well as mind-boggling lows.

Former Marvel Artists Say The ‘Iron Man’ Movies Illegally Use Their Armor Design

Via Twitter Artists Ben and Ray Lai have filed a lawsuit against Marvel, alleging that the body armor design from the Iron Man films is taken from designs for their own comic book Radix.

Bruce Jenner To Diane Sawyer: ‘I Am A Woman…I Have The Soul Of A Female’

Sure, many will not take it seriously or brush it off as ploy for publicity because the person involved is best known to younger generations for being part of the whole unfortunate Kardashian thing, but Diane Sawyer’s interview of Bruce Jenner that’s airing on ABC tonight is an important moment in this country’s history.

Here’s Our First Official Look At Jared Leto As The Joker

Twitter / David Ayera To celebrate the Joker’s 75th anniversary, Suicide Squad director David Ayers tweeted the first official photo of Jared Leto as the latest incarnation of the criminal mastermind: The Suicide Squad wishes you a Happy Anniversary Mr.

This ‘Terminator: Genisys’ Trailer Teases A Battle Between Schwarzeneggers Old And Young

Paramount Pictures Japan has released some new international trailers for Terminator: Genisys. The previous trailer we shared introduced the film’s big villain.

All The ‘Friday’ Quotes You Need To Get You Through A Rough Friday

New Line Cinema Not only is it Friday, but this weekend marks the 20th anniversary of Ice Cube’s comedy classic about two stoners who “ain’t got no job, and ain’t got sh*t to do.” The movie spawned a number of iconic lines that can be perfectly applied to everyday life.

NBA Says Steph Curry Was Fouled On Three-Pointer That Sent The Game To Overtime

Game 3 of the Warriors-Pelicans series was enough to send us all into cardiac arrest. Down 20 heading into the final frame, Golden State staged the type of unlikely comeback that cloying Hollywood sports movies are made of, and in the process, tightened their stranglehold on the series with a 123-119 OT win and a statistically-insurmountable 3-0 lead.

Leonardo DiCaprio Is Allegedly Using Tinder Under The Name ‘Leonard’

Getty Image Attention Tinder-using swimsuit models of the world: Remember last week when you saw that weird dude named Leonard with the beard and schoolboy cap whose profile read “Definitely not famous actor Leonardo DiCaprio.

Broadcaster Ernie Johnson And His Unique Life Journey Are Getting An ESPN Documentary

For years now, Ernie Johnson has greeted the basketball community after the late night TNT game. He facilitates the often off-the-wall conversation that happens on Inside the NBA.

The Angels Are Reportedly Close To Dealing Josh Hamilton To The Texas Rangers

The curious case of Josh Hamilton has taken yet another turn. In 2012, Hamilton left the Texas Rangers to sign a five-year contract for $125 million with the Los Angeles Angels.

Watch Yelawolf And Eminem Get Spiritual In The Video For ‘Best Friend’

Yelawolf’s second major label release, Love Story, hit stores this week, which makes now the opportune time to share his new video for “Best Friend,” the soul-searching song featuring label boss Eminem.

Lil Jon Is Very Concerned About Turtle Sex On ‘Comedy Bang! Bang!’

Lil Jon has been a pop culture institution for nearly two decades now. With that in mind, it’s not too farfetched for him to start thinking about retirement.

The Best Straight Best Friend Ever Asked His Gay Best Friend To The Prom And It Was The Best

Twitter Oh, this is the greatest story ever. Put away any bad vibes you might be harboring, because a big round of feel-goods is about to hit you right in your stupid face.

This 7-Year-Old Girl From Kazakhstan Is A Boxing Phenom

As badass as the women in UFC are now, they’re only getting better as our generation encourages their daughters to participate in martial arts.

Watch Neil deGrasse Tyson Explain The Plot Of ‘Batman V Superman’ To Jon Stewart

As Robo pointed out when the Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice teaser trailer leaked last week, everybody’s favorite astrophysicist Neil deGrasse Tyson provides one of its many sound bites.

Weekend Preview: Don Has A Big Idea On ‘Mad Men’ And Tyrion Goes For A Walk On ‘Game Of Thrones’

AMC Mad Men (AMC, Sunday 9:00 p.m.) — Peggy has trouble casting a commercial and Don has, according to the synopsis, “a big idea.” That is purposely vage, but it makes you wonder if this is the last big idea that we get to see Don have.

A Toronto Politician Is Not Happy With Drake After His Handshake With Paul Pierce

Via Twitter As you may know, Drake is quite the sports fan. He’s known to root for any number of teams, including the Kentucky Wildcats, Cleveland Browns, Miami Heat, Notre Dame Women’s basketball, Toronto Raptors and many more (some say he likes too many teams, but he doesn’t like when you say that).

Evan Peters Is Officially Returning For ‘American Horror Story: Hotel’

FX Fan girls on Tumblr can relax: FX announced today that Evan Peters will in fact join the cast of American Horror Story: Hotel.

A Cowboys Teammate Reportedly Called Greg Hardy A ‘Woman Beater’, And This Isn’t Going To End Well

Shutterstock The Greg Hardy signing brought a high level of scrutiny to the Dallas Cowboys. Outsiders criticized the Hardy signing because of his alleged past as a domestic abuser.

The World May Finally Get The Taylor Swift And Young Buck Collab It Deserves

Despite Taylor Swift’s very public battle with rhythm, the pop country superstar has always held a soft spot for hip-hop.