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Carl Sagan’s Creepy Viral Prediction Is Real, But It’s Also Very Wrong

PBS By now you’ve likely seen a prediction made by Carl Sagan going around on Facebook. You know what we’re talking about — it’s the one about “the dumbing down of America.” Maybe you wrote it off as a gag, maybe you took it seriously, but there are two points to make here: The first is that, yes, the prediction is very real; the second is that it’s far older and, in its own way, as anti-scientific, as the thinking it bemoans.

Ryan Murphy Drops More Clues On The Upcoming ‘American Horror Story’ Crossover Season

FX Back in October of 2016, at the time only about halfway through the season of American Horror Story: Roanoke, Ryan Murphy spilled the beans on an upcoming crossover season of the horror anthology series that would ostensibly bring characters from Murder House and Coven together.

The Author Of ‘The Case Against Sugar’ Unpacks His Hatred For The Sweet Stuff

Instagram Gary Taubes has studied nutrition for 28 years and he’s come to one conclusion: If you want to get thin and stay healthy, then you need to cut out carbs and sugar from your diet.

Karen Gillan Swears There’s A Reason Behind Her ‘Skimpy Outfit’ In ‘Jumanji’

Columbia Pictures When the first photo from the Jumanji whatever-you-want-to-call-it went live last year, the chatter wasn’t about Kevin Hart’s Boy Scout outfit or Jack Black’s bowtie — it was focused on Karen Gillan’s “child-sized clothes.” Time and time again, actresses are forced to wear midriff-revealing shirts that highlight their perfect abs, while their male co-stars look, well, like Jack Black.

‘Hissing Fauna, Are You The Destroyer?’ Kickstarted Of Montreal’s Decade-Long Freakout

Polyvinyl Of Montreal’s Hissing Fauna, Are You The Destroyer? is a gamble. The Athens-based band and mouthpiece of Kevin Barnes had spent 10 years worshipping at the altar of Brian Wilson via sunny tunes that meandered through childish themes and inhabited the headspace of fully fictional characters.

An NXT Wrestler And Coach Had A Shoe-Throwing Ric Flair Impression Duel

Facebook Ever wonder what the denizens of the WWE Performance Center do all day when they’re not working on their craft?

Zoey Deutch Just Wants To Make Movies And Doesn’t Want To Be Your “It” Anything

Getty Image When I met Zoey Deutch just off Main Street In Park City, Utah in the midst of the Sundance Film Festival, it was a warm and cordial affair – which is pretty rare at this festival.

Kyrie Irving Dishes On The All-Star Game, Inspiring Kids, And Why He Has That ‘Friends’ Tattoo

Getty/Foot Locker As the rest of the basketball-loving world spent Friday freaking out over Russell “Mr.

Up Your Super Bowl Party Skills This Year With These Lifehacks

Shutterstock Generally speaking, there are too few communal moments when we get to cheer with one another and the Super Bowl stands as an annual guarantee for that kind of thing.

Soulja Boy’s Infamous Draco Assault Rifle Landed Him In Serious Trouble With The Cops

Getty Image It’s all been fun and games previously but now it looks like Soulja Boy’s facing serious legal trouble over his gun-toting ways.

Trump May Want To Cut Regulations But Congress Wants To Beat Him To It

Getty Image Today, Donald Trump told business leaders he plans to cut regulations by 75% or ‘maybe more.’ It may sound bold, in some quarters, but Congress is way ahead of him.

Trump National Security Adviser Michael Flynn Is Under Investigation For His Ties To Russia

Getty Image A report from the Wall Street Journal indicates that Trump National Security Adviser Gen.

Dodgers Outfielder Yasiel Puig Spent A Day Working As A Barista In Los Angeles

Come visit me! #PuigYourBarista — Yasiel Puig (@YasielPuig) January 23, 2017 Dodgers outfielder Yasiel Puig remains a treasure despite being a polarizing figure, especially for those that hate bat flips, baseball being fun and outfielders with hand cannons.

How Messed Up Is This TV Store Prank Paramount Staged To Promote ‘Rings’?

Rings, the second sequel to 2002’s blockbuster horror hit The Ring — otherwise known as the film that messed your entire world up for weeks after you watched it — is being released on February 3rd so we can all see what Samara is up to 15 years later.

Shawn Michaels Delivered Some Sweet Chin Music While Promoting His New Movie

Shawn Michaels recently popped up on WWE television again, but it wasn’t to announce he would be wrestling AJ Styles at the Royal Rumble.

Goldfrapp Returns With The Cinematic Dark-Pop Stunner ‘Anymore’

It’s been a long four years since Goldfrapp’s last album, 2013’s Tales Of Us, but the British electronic duo are back in full force for 2017.

A Frustrated Kyle Lowry Smacked Brandon Knight In The Head And Got Ejected

TSN The Raptors took their third straight loss on Sunday night, losing at home by 12 to the 15-29 Suns.

Tim Heidecker Gifts The World With The Nazi-Punching Anthem It Deserves

How many times have you watched the video of “lowercase kkk” leader Richard Spencer getting decked in the face?

The Bakery Behind Trump’s Copycat Cake Donated All Of Their Profits To The Human Rights Campaign

CNN Donald Trump has only been our president for a few days, but his administration has already seen a fair bit of controversy.

Watch A Supercut Of Every Surprise Royal Rumble Entrant From The Last 10 Years

The Royal Rumble match is generally agreed-upon as the greatest gimmick match of all time. With some notable exceptions (like, oh, the 2014 Rumble … and, uh, the 2015 Rumble), the Royal Rumble tends to make people very happy, and a big part of that happiness comes from the unadvertised surprise entrants into the match.