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Nathan Fielder’s Latest Promo For ‘Nathan For You’ Just Happens To Resemble ‘The Blacklist’

With a new season of Nathan For You coming up, Nathan Fielder is out doing promotion for the show, even during Canadian Thanksgiving.

Jay Z Didn’t Show Up For DJ Khaled’s ‘They Don’t Love You No More’ Video But Terrio Did

Share This Video It remains unclear what exactly DJ Khaled does, but whatever it is he’s parlayed that into another album, I Changed A Lot.

The Drunk UConn Mac And Cheese Guy Calls Himself An ‘A**hole’ In A YouTube Apology

Share This Video About a week ago, 19-year-old Luke Gatti hit the Internet with sound and fury as he threw a righteous tantrum while drunk and seeking jalapeno-flavored Mac and Cheese.

Someone Claims They Photographed The Real Jersey Devil, So We Put It To The Test

Shutterstock Thousands have claimed to have encountered The Jersey Devil over the years. Many have likely gotten drunk and found their way into a local goat pen, while others could’ve gotten drunk and rowdy at a New Jersey Devil’s game.

Watch The Steelers Steal A Win On ‘MNF’ With This Wild Play With No Time Left

Share This Video With five seconds left in their Monday Night Football showdown with the San Diego Chargers, the Steelers decided to run the wildcat with Le’Veon Bell.

Shia LaBeouf Claimed To Be A National Guard Member During His Latest Drunken Arrest

Getty Image Last Friday evening, Shia LaBeouf was arrested for very public intoxication in Austin. This was the latest debacle for an actor who was once considered only for his talents, but sadly, he’s become better known for his method acting stunts and violent public outbursts.

R.I.P. Boobies: ‘Playboy’ Is Officially Stopping Nude Pictorials In Their Magazines

Playboy It had to happen at some point. In this day and age where you can pull up porn on your phone faster than you can ask Siri the weather, a magazine like Playboy feels antiquated.

Raven-Symone Apologizes For Her Attack On ‘Ghetto’ Names Like ‘Watermelondrea’

Share This Video Raven-Symone’s recent return to pop-culture awareness is is often peppered with unexpected statements.

John Cena Stopped His Match On Raw To Acknowledge A Marriage Proposal In The Crowd

Share This Video You know that “anything can happen in WWE” slogan? It includes marriage proposals. It’s not the first proposal in Raw history, but it might be the most unexpected.

The Latest ‘X-Files’ Teaser Is Chock Full of Propaganda Vibes And Paranoid Skepticism

Share This Video During Monday evening’s Gotham episode, FOX dropped a new X-Files teaser that takes it back to basics for Agent Fox Mulder.

Here’s Chase Utley Getting Mercilessly Booed By Mets Fans

The Citi Field reception for Chase Utley was not warm — Jake Kaplan (@jakemkaplan) October 13, 2015 Share This Video During the introductions for Monday night’s NLDS game between the New York Mets and the Los Angeles Dodgers, Mets fans gave Dodgers second baseman Chase Utley a piece of their mind.

CNN Wants Joe Biden At The Democratic Presidential Debate, Although He’s Not In The Race

In case of Biden break out podium number 6. Here it is folks. #DemDebate — Jim Acosta (@Acosta) October 12, 2015 There are five presidential candidates slated to appear at the Democratic presidential debate, airing on CNN on Tuesday.

Five Finger Death Punch’s Ivan Moody Had Some Choice Words For Kanye West

Share This Video During a show in West Chester, Pennsylvania, Ivan Moody of Five Finger Death Punch decided to take a stand against Kanye West.

UFC Heavyweight Travis Browne Confirms His Relationship With Ronda Rousey

Getty Image Back in August, word got out that UFC women’s champion Ronda Rousey might be dating UFC heavyweight and Glendale Fighting Club teammate Travis ‘Hapa’ Browne.

Taylor Swift Breaks Down ‘Shake If Off’ With New Demos And Studio Footage

GrammyPro Videos of Taylor Swift breaking down songs from her album 1989 with GrammyPro have been making their way onto the internet in the last week.

Let’s Liveblog Monday’s Geeky TV: ‘Gotham’ Brings In Vic Mackey

Share This Video The Gotham sizzle reel is almost completely stuff from episodes we’ve already seen, but it ends with Michael Chiklis’ Nathaniel Barnes for a reason: Things are about to get even more convoluted and interesting on Gotham.

Chance The Rapper Debuted A Mellow New Song And Teased An Upcoming Mixtape

Share This Video Chance The Rapper performed at Stubb’s in Austin on Saturday night. During the set, he debuted a new track that would have sounded right at home in one of Acid Rap’s more relaxed moments.

Listen To Tyler, The Creator Go Off For ‘F*ck It’

The old Tyler, The Creator always tends to get Tyler, The Creator into trouble. When he and the OFWGKTA first descended on the music scene, they did more than piss a few people off and, unfortunately for new, current day Tyler, his teenage angst is causing him adult-like problems in Australia and the U.K.

Johnny Depp Doesn’t Want To Win An Oscar

Getty Image Johnny Depp has been nominated for three Best Actor Academy Awards, for Sweeney Todd, Finding Neverland, and for the first Pirates of the Caribbean movie.

The Many Ways The First Season Of ‘Fargo’ Echoed The Coen Bros’ Film

Gramercy/FX No one was expecting that a 2014 crime drama set to air on FX that was loosely-based on by a 1995 Coen brothers’ film, but with none of the stars, characters, or Coens involved would become what it has.