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So Are We All Doing This ‘Sharknado’ Thing Again Or What?

syfy A quick Sharknado sequel Pro vs. Con: PRO Last year’s original version was a magnificent amount of fun, and most of the main players are back.

We Have Radiohead To Thank For Justin Timberlake’s ‘SexyBack’

Getty Image GQ has a shiny new feature on their website that lists the 21 Albums from the 21st Century Every Man Should Hear, because only dudes are allowed to enjoy Back to Black?

A Celebration Of Arnold Schwarzenegger’s Best Lines, Written As A Romantic Comedy

Getty Image Arnold Schwarzenegger would probably love nothing more than to keep making action films for as long as we’ll still let him, but at the ripe, young age of 67 on this very day, that’s not going to be much longer.

Leaked ‘Guardians Of The Galaxy’ Post-Credits Scene Confirms Howard The Duck

Marvel Marvel is becoming increasingly careful about it’s post-credits clips, often not showing them for reviewers and preview audiences, but this morning the Guardians of the Galaxy clip leaked out somehow.

The Best And Worst Of Main Event 7/29/14: Giant Pleated Khakis

WWE Where does one find amazing pants like that? The big and bloated thighs store? Pre-show Notes: - Hey folks, let’s keep this Main Event thing going strong!

How Many Of The 10 Most Popular ‘Guilty Pleasure’ Songs Are You Ashamed To Love?

Getty Image The idea of a “guilty pleasure song” is applicable to only those who feel shame, and as someone who thought the Michael Fassbender movie of the same name was a happy-go-lucky romp, all my pleasures are innocent, thank you very much.

The ‘Big Bang Theory’ Contract Negotiations Have Now Delayed The Start Of Season 8

cbs Well, it appears the Big Bang Theory contract negotiations have officially gotten serious. “Due to ongoing contract negotiations, production on The Big Bang Theory — which was originally scheduled to begin today — has been postponed,” Warner Bros.

Beastie Boys Mike D Says Tupac’s Obsession With Authenticity Killed Him

Filed under: Music, Upcoming Tagged: BEASTIE BOYS, MIKE D, tupac

‘The Maze Runner’ Mashes Up ‘Lord Of The Flies’ And ‘Cube’ In Its New Trailer

There’s no shortage of movies being adapted from YA novels, being as The Hunger Games and Harry Potter make cash hand over fist.

Jim Gaffigan’s Unaired CBS Pilot Is Being Picked Up By TV Land, Of All Places

Getty Image About a year and a half ago, Dustin mentioned a Jim Gaffigan pilot for CBS a couple of times, but after that it was pretty much radio silence.

Movies On A Plane: ‘Gambit,’ The Forgotten Coen Brothers Project

Via Gaga We tend to see hotly-anticipated films at the theater and catch up on acclaimed foreign and arthouse features at home.

The Best Around: Here Are Some Greatest Hits Albums Everyone Should Own

Getty Image The thinking goes, if someone ONLY owns The Essential Bruce Springsteen but still calls themselves a Springsteen fan, they’re full of it.

Bask In The Warming Glow Of The 30 Best Golden-Era ‘Simpsons’ TV References

FOX Despite all evidence to the contrary, maybe the Family Guy/Simpsons crossover episode will turn out not-embarrassing…possibly?

Check Out This Pic Of Lou Ferrigno Preparing To Crush Puny Man Mark Ruffalo

Marvel/CBS Mark Ruffalo is a damn good Bruce Banner, and a pretty in shape fella in his own right, but Lou Ferrigno was The Hulk.

Is Capital One A ‘Cool’ Corporation Or Are They Manipulating The Internet For PR?

imgur A Redditor who goes by MaskedKoala posted that he had complained to Capital One that he couldn’t pay his bill because the “2” key on his keyboard didn’t work due to “an orange juice incident.” Allegedly the problem was that the guy was trying to copy and paste the number two into the account number area since he couldn’t type it, but — probably for valid reasons — Capital One’s customer login doesn’t allow you to copy and paste account information.

Martha Stewart Friggin’ Loves Drones So Much, You Guys

Getty Image Earlier this month, because the Internet is a wondrous place full of mystery and magic, Martha Stewart took to Twitter to share her thoughts about drones.

Snoop Dogg Is Back With Another ‘Plizzanet Earth’ About Great White Sharks On ‘Jimmy Kimmel Live’

In the last installment of “Plizzanet Earth,” Jimmy Kimmel Live’s new nature segment featuring Snoop Dogg, we learned about “rams and elks an’ sh*t.” But with tonight’s impending Sharknado 2 and Discovery’s Shark Week coming up in less than two weeks — this most recent clip of “Plizzanet Earth” was much more topical.

Luke, I Am Your Fella: WWE’s Sheamus Might Be Playing Darth Vader In Star Wars Episode 7

YouTube Pictured: Darth Vader vs. Drax The Destroyer WWE’s Sheamus might be playing Darth Vader in the upcoming Star Wars Episode 7.

Scott Aukerman Traded Places With Seth Meyers On ‘Late Night’

NBC Comedy Bang Bang just celebrated its 300th episode, but that’s not why Scott Aukerman was on Late Night with Seth Meyers — in fact, “podcast” might be one of the new Seven Words, along with “vlog” and “hashtag.” No, the Choctaw was there to trade places with Meyers (he’s a talk show host, too) and discuss what it was like to work with Barack Obama for Between Two Ferns, or “Two Ferns,” in Obama-speak.

Bryan Singer Sex Abuse Accuser Has Been Dropped By His Lawyer

Getty Image It’s been a while since we checked in with the Bryan Singer case, mainly because it now seems to be mainly a matter for the lawyers and everything’s on the hush-hush, with only second-hand whispers and rumor leaking out.