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U.S. Appeals Court Rules Undocumented Immigrant Teen Cannot Get An Abortion Without A Sponsor

Getty Image On Friday, a U.S. appeals court ruled a pregnant undocumented immigrant currently being held by immigration officials in Texas cannot get an abortion without a sponsor.

Kevin Smith On Getting Out Of The Way For Female Filmmakers And Rejecting The Idea That He’s Given Up

AMC/Getty Kevin Smith inspires a reaction. As he noted when we spoke with him on the opening morning of New York Comic Con in early October, he’s been around for a quarter century and he’s been through the process of getting lifted up and lit up by critics and audiences.

Lara Trump Claims To Have Read A Transcript Of The President’s Call To The Widow Of A Fallen U.S. Soldier

Lara Trump, who does not work at the WH, says she read a transcript of Trump’s call with Johnson’s widow (at 1:14).

Fox News’ Chris Wallace Is ‘Bothered’ By His Colleagues ‘Bashing The Media,’ But He Doesn’t Name Names

Getty Image Despite its popular image as the conservative version of more centrist or left-leaning cable news networks like CNN and MSNBC, Fox News employs a diverse array of personalities.

This Burger King Anti-Bullying PSA Will Genuinely Shift Your Perspective

Burger King released an anti-bullying ad Tuesday that will make you think twice before you let bullying slide.

We Kept A Running Diary While Watching ‘Geostorm’

Warner Bros. Defying the wishes of smart people who told me I should still be in bed recovering from the flu, I ventured out on a Friday morning to see the movie Geostorm at a local movie theater on the Upper East Side of Manhattan.

A Digital Nomad Travels The World, Month 2: Prague, Czech Republic

Megan Wozniak Once upon a time there was a young, curious girl locked in a nondescript cubicle, lusting to wander… Until one day she received a magical email, an email that changed her life and propelled her into a new normal filled with travel, culture and memories sure to last a lifetime.

Trump May Have Cited A Conspiracy-Pushing Network While Falsely Blaming Rising U.K. Crime On ‘Radical Islamic Terror’

Getty Image Early Friday morning, Donald Trump began tweeting about Senate Republicans’ approval of his budget plan, which will presumably lead the way to his administration’s oft-promised tax cuts.

Hillary Clinton Admits To Graham Norton That She Tried To Get Out Of Going To Trump’s Inauguration

Hillary Clinton sat down with Graham Norton this week, in an interview that was uncharacteristically laid back and candid for the Democratic 2016 presidential candidate.

Resurfaced Video Footage Of A 2015 Frederica Wilson Speech Proves John Kelly Got A Key Fact Wrong

The above clip serves as a replay of John Kelly’s appearance at the Thursday press briefing, in which he trashed Rep.

KFC’s Twitter Account Hides A Superb Inside Joke

KFC KFC has spent a lot of time rebuilding itself over the last few years. And part of that is willing to be a little goofier than it’s been in the past.

What’s The Best Password? Here’s How To Create A Strong Password

Uproxx In 2003, Bill Burr (no, not that one) sat down and wrote a document that defines your life. He wasn’t a novelist, he was an engineer, and his opus was NIST Special Publication 800-63.

Anthony Scaramucci’s ‘The Scaramucci Post’ Hosted Another Holocaust-Related Poll That Did Not Go Well

Getty Image Earlier this week, the Twitter account of The Scaramucci Post, former White House communications director Anthony Scaramucci’s nebulous media property, started tweeting about the Holocaust.

Comedy Now: Jim Carrey And Dana Carvey Debut Two New Comedy Documentaries

Netflix/Hulu Welcome to Comedy Now, a weekly column cataloging what comedy fans should know about what’s available in the streaming world.

A Trio Of Richard Spencer Supporters Were Charged With Attempted Homicide After Gunfire Erupted During An Argument

Getty Image Richard Spencer’s appearance at the University of Florida didn’t go well for him, although he did troll the university by sticking them with a $600,000 security tab.

This Travel Guru Tells Us Exactly How To Score Awesome Flight Deals

God Save the Points “I’ve always been a traveler,” Gilbert Ott tells me as we begin our conversation.

Paul Ryan Lightly Roasted Trump And Chuck Schumer During His Address At The Al Smith Dinner

Last year, the Al Smith charity dinner in New York City was graced by President Trump, who used his speaking time (usually reserved for light-hearted ribbing, for it is a charity event) to lay into Hillary Clinton while repeatedly attacking her character and qualifications for the presidency.

Animals It Would Be Fun To See On The Loose In A City, Ranked

Shutterstock Three preliminary notes: NOTE NUMBER ONE: This is a list of animals that I would like to see on the loose in a city.

How Tipping Came To Be And Why It’s Under Fire In America Right Now

Shutterstock Tipping has become a hot-button issue again lately. The confluence of raising minimum wages and the uncomfortable nature of tipping’s history has led to many major restaurateurs to drop tipping from their restaurants.

The Best Moments From Taika Waititi And Jeff Goldblum’s ‘Thor: Ragnorak’ Facebook Live Interview

Jeff Goldblum and Taiki Waititi were on Facebook Live this morning to discuss their upcoming Thor: Ragnarok and be generally charming and wonderful.