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Here’s A Man Falling Off A Pier While Trying To Take A Selfie In The Background Of A News Broadcast

I have pretty much zero context to add other than noting just how into this interview both the interviewer and the interviewee were.

Here’s A GIF From The Shocking Ending From Tonight’s ‘The Walking Dead’

AMC We got introduced to a new character on tonight’s The Walking Dead, but that wasn’t the big takeaway.

Jason Momoa’s ‘Game Of Thrones’ Audition Tape Is Seriously Intense

This audition video of Jason Momoa performing the traditional war dance of the Māori people of New Zealand has been on YouTube for over two years but has found new life in people digging around for anything on our official new Aquaman.

The Ohio State Marching Band’s Tribute To Classic Rock Made For A Tremendous Halftime Show

The Ohio State Marching Band was at it again during halftime of the Rutgers game. You may recall some of their earlier work this season, most notably their tribute to classic TV and The Wizard of Oz.

Yahoo’s List Of The Most Searched For Halloween Costumes Is Here And It’s Pretty Mehh

Via Party City Yahoo’s compiled a list of their most searched for Halloween costumes of 2014 and the results are…well, pretty damn tame.

Box Office: ‘Fury’ Has The 4th Best WWII Movie Opening Ever, While ‘The Best Of Me’ Becomes Nick Sparks’ Worst

Sony Fury, aka Murderous Macklemore’s Last Stand, took the top spot with $23.5 million in domestic box office this weekend, which seemed low for a movie about Brad Pitt (!

Longtime ‘Late Show’ Cue Card Boy Tony Mendez Has Been Fired After Assaulting A Fellow Crewmember

CBS Here’s an unfortunate bit of news here for David Letterman’s final run in late night: longtime Late Show cue card handler Tony Mendez has been fired from the show.

Tom Hardy Being Eyed As Villain In ‘X-Men: Apocalypse’

Getty Image / Marvel What’s that saying? If it’s not broke, don’t fix it. Apparently that rings true for movie roles too.

Patriot Rancher Cliven Bundy Is Back With A Friend And A Message For Those Who Called Him Racist

If you thought Cliven Bundy was going to go away without fighting those racism accusations, you were horribly mistaken.

Evan Rachel Wood Admits That Famous Vanity Fair Cover Made Her Feel Like ‘Meat’

Vanity Fair A lot of things happened in 2003. Beyoncé dropped “Dangerously in Love,” Apple gave birth to the iTunes store, Clay Aiken didn’t win the second season of American Idol and Vanity Fair debuted what would become one of its most famous “Young Hollywood” issues.

This One-Minute Horror Film Will Legitimately Creep You Out

Tuck Me In won this year’s international Filminute Award and it’s easy to see why. In just 60 seconds, we’re presented with two likable characters and a plot twist involving a very eerie reveal.

Ben & Jerry’s Will Not Rename Their ‘Hazed And Confused’ Ice Cream

Via Mike Mozart/Jeepers Media/Flickr Despite cries from victim’s families, Ben & Jerry’s will not be changing the name of their controversial ice cream.

Xander From ‘Buffy The Vampire Slayer’ Arrested At Idaho Comic Con

ADA Sheriff Another celebrity mug shot has been circling the internet this weekend but this one’s giving us major ’90s feels.

Stephen Collins Might Not Be Prosecuted For Molestation

Getty Image Pious 7th Heaven dad-turned-alleged child molester Stephen Collins might just get away with his crimes.

Watch This Hero Run Into A Burning Home To Save A Man Inside

On Saturday morning, a duplex caught on fire in east-central Fresno, California. As the blaze got more serious, a woman (who can you hear in the video) screams that her father is still inside.

Is Fox’s Newest Comedy ‘Mulaney’ Already Doomed?

Getty Image Things aren’t looking great for Mulaney. The new comedy headlining Saturday Night Live alumni John Mulaney was originally slated to have 16 episodes, but after a disappointing series premiere, Fox halted filming past Episode 13.

A Brief History Of Kevin Smith’s Feuds

Getty Image Kevin Smith has never been one to hold back his opinion, especially when it comes to his movies.

This Old Dude Absolutely Owns The Stage During This Live Band Karaoke Session

I want to stop and salute this old man for going all out during a rendition of “Great Balls Of Fire” at this live karaoke event.

Save Some Time And Relive The Entire ‘Halloween’ Film Series In This Two Minute Recap

This clip loses a lot of points for just glossing over what happened in Halloween 3: Season Of The Witch.

Seth Rogen Joined Forces On Stage With Bell Biv Devoe To Raise $900,000 For Alzheimer’s Awareness

Getty Image When Seth Rogen goes to bat for charity, he really swings for the fences. The actor and wife, Lauren Miller Rogen, hosted the third annual Hilarity For Charity event on Friday.