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Norman Reedus And Andrew Lincoln Try To Make ‘The Walking Dead’ A Little Brighter For Red Nose Day

The cast of The Walking Dead got a chance to get away from the gore and tension of their daily lives for Red Nose Day.

If You’re Going To Climb Mount Everest, Why Not Snapchat The Journey?

Eddie Bauer alpinists Adrian Ballinger and Cory Richards Climbing Mount Everest, nonetheless successfully summiting the peak, is one of the most dangerous things a human can do.

Chris Evans Joins The Chorus Of The Confused Over That Captain America Revelation

Marvel So when it comes to the revelation in Steve Rogers Captain America #1, people did not really take it too well.

A Boy And His Yoshi Fought Against A Gunman During A Gamestop Robbery

It’s not uncommon to think about what you would do if the sh*t went down and you had to defend yourself from some bad guys.

Steph Curry Stripped Kevin Durant Before Slaloming Through The Defense For The Layup

Curry rips Durant and then finishes the play with the crazy lay-up. — NBA on TNT (@NBAonTNT) May 27, 2016 Stephen Curry is the best shooter ever, sure.

The National Spelling Bee Twitter Account Shut Down A Troll So Hard They Quit Twitter

@ScrippsBee at it's best — (enter clever name) (@themotherfanboy) May 27, 2016 Trolling the National Spelling Bee on Twitter seems like a dubious endeavor from the get-go.

The Spelling Bee Co-Champion Rejoiced In His Win By Celebrating Like Dez Bryant

Nihar threw up the X. It's lit. #spellingbee — Shahbaz Khan (@ShahbazMKhan) May 27, 2016 For the third year in a row, the Scripps National Spelling Bee ended in a tie.

Broadway’s ‘American Psycho’ Musical Gets Hacked From The Lineup

Lions Gate/Playbill Much like one of Patrick Bateman’s unlucky victims, the off-Broadway musical adaptation of American Psycho got axed before it planned on doing so, and now the Broadway run of the story has followed in that production’s footsteps.

‘Star Wars’ Is Shooting In Ireland And The Locals Are Loving It

Getty Image / Disney Any time a movie shoots in a location outside of a typical entertainment city like Hollywood or New York, it’s going to be a pretty big deal to locals.

The Red Hot Chili Peppers Are Giving Us Chill Vibes With ‘The Getaway’

The Red Hot Chili Peppers have been in the news lately not only for their upcoming album The Getaway (which will be their first studio effort since 2011’s I’m With You) but for lead singer Anthony Kiedis’ health scare causing the band to cancel a few dates on their tour in support of their new album set be released on June 17th.

Watch Steph Curry Bamboozle Thunder Defenders, Throw Darts From Three And Amp Up The Crowd

Stephen Curry didn’t look like himself in Game 4 during the Warriors’ second straight spanking at the hands of the Thunder.

‘The Shield’ Actor Michael Jace’s Murder Trial Just Revealed Some Chilling Details

Getty Image On Thursday, jurors in the murder trial of Michael Jace — the actor who appeared on FX’s critically-acclaimed series The Shield for the entirety of it’s run — heard transcripts of the 53-year old talking to detectives shortly after he murdered his wife April in 2014.

Kevin Durant Was Stretching Like Gumby On This Almost Turnover Turned Layup

At his height, Kevin Durant shouldn’t be one of the smoothest and savviest ball handlers in the NBA. But over the course of his career, Durant has shown that he can handle as well as anyone.

Mel Gibson Was Almost In The Marvel Cinematic Universe…As A Dad

Millenium Films/Marvel Marvel is pretty much an unstoppable movie-making machine at this point, and it continues to attract top talent to their films.

This Strong Steven Adams Jam Had Chris Webber Hyped

Adams! 💪🏽 — NBA on TNT (@NBAonTNT) May 27, 2016 Steven Adams has been one of the biggest breakout stars of the Western Conference Finals.

Lilly Wachowski Is Stepping Away From Working On ‘Sense8’

Getty Image It was only in April that Lilly Wachowski accepted a GLAAD Award and delivered an extremely memorable speech for her role as creator of the cutting edge Netflix sci-fi series Sense8.

Everyone Had A Field Day After Hearing Chris Berman Will Retire From ESPN

Getty Image The Big Lead has a pretty big scoop regarding the Worldwide Leader in Sports. Chris “[Insert Chris Berman nickname here]” Berman will retire from ESPN once his contract is up with the company after this upcoming football season.

There Is A Dong Close-Up In ‘Popstar’ And Apparently It Belongs To Judd Apatow

Getty Image If the early clips, songs, and interviews have been any indication, Popstar: Never Stop Never Stopping promises to be a raunchy and hilarious start to the true opening stretch of summer movie season.

This Photo Of A Haitian-Born West Point Graduate Will Put A Lump In Your Throat

Graduation is an emotional time for many of those within the graduating class and their loved ones, typically filled with feelings of unwavering accomplishment and inexplicable joy.

Adam Sandler’s Peacekeeping Skills Helped David Spade Avoid A Chris Farley K.O.

Adam Sandler didn’t need to invoke his all-important Cobbler powers to ease tensions between two Saturday Night Live notables.