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Mississippi State’s Josh Robinson Is Insanely More Entertaining With Super Mario Bros. Music

This is Josh Robinson, a running back for Mississippi State. Robinson is quite shifty at 5’9″, 215 lbs.

RIP Cream Bassist Jack Bruce, 1943-2014

Getty Image Eric Clapton, Ginger Baker, and Jack Bruce formed quite the imposing team on stage. Together as Cream, they’re what many consider the first rock super group.

Celine Dion Manages To Completely Change ‘Age Of Ultron’ With ‘Avengers: My Ultron Will Go On’

By throwing Celine Dion over the Avengers: Age Of Ultron trailer, Martin Revelation Films manages to change it from a high octane action film into one of the greatest romance stories of all-time.

Russell Brand Is Not A Fan Of Graphs, But He Might Be A Fan Of 9/11 Conspiracy Theories

BBC When you bring up Russell Brand and his revolution against politics, it’s hard to get a firm grip on where he stands on things.

Watch Terry Crews Blow Away The Competition In This Robot Dance Off

This particular dance off happened a year ago, but it seems to be making the rounds now for some reason.

Did Arkansas Pull Off The Best Fat Guy Touchdown Ever?

Listen, we can talk about the best play of the weekend, we can talk about the worst play of the weekend.

ESPN’s Chris Fowler Vehemently Defends The Network Against Charges Of SEC Bias

College GameDay host Chris Fowler dropped the hottest of takes this morning on ESPN regarding SEC bias.

This Siamese Cat Loves Corn More Than You Ever Could, Will Throw Major Side-Eye To Prove It

This hungry kitty is so into this corn on the cob, you don’t even know. If its persistent “Yum! Yum!” noises don’t convince you, maybe its legit side-eye and cold stare will.

Mindy Kaling Was Confused With Nobel Prize Winner Malala Yousafzai At The New Yorker Festival

Getty Image I suppose getting confused with a Nobel Prize winner isn’t the worst thing in the world. Mindy Kaling certainly didn’t think so when a drunk elderly man congratulated her for her win at the recent New Yorker Festival.

Stephen Hawking Has Joined Facebook To Gain A Greater Understanding Of Time Sucks

Getty Image Acclaimed astrophysicist Stephen Hawking possesses a resume that includes 13 books and countless influential papers.

And Now The World Clown Association Is Mad At ‘American Horror Story’

FX It’s been quite the time for clowns in the media, most prominently in American Horror Story: Freak Show.

Katy Perry And Her Corndogs Were Prominently Featured On ESPN’s College GameDay From LSU

ESPN Three weeks ago Katy Perry graced ESPN’s College GameDay as the celebrity picker and the show hasn’t been the same since.

Nickelback Just Did A Decent Cover Of Led Zeppelin And Now Earth Is Off Its Axis

Sammy Hagar celebrated his 67th birthday in Las Vegas recently and got the surprise of a lifetime: Nickelback’s Chad Kroeger doing a decent job of covering Led Zeppelin’s “Whole Lotta Love”.

A Man Claims Satan Made Him Crash His Car Into Oklahoma’s Ten Commandments Monument

Via Twitter The Secret Service have arrested a man for allegedly crashing his car into the Ten Commandments monument located at the Oklahoma State Capitol building.

Deadmau5 Slams Paris Hilton For ‘Encroaching’ On The EDM Scene

Getty Image Disney may be giving Deadmau5 a headache these days, but it’s Paris Hilton who’s got him really riled up.

Here’s Benedict Cumberbatch’s Hilarious Attempt To Walk Like Beyonce

Benedict Cumberbatch is always some form of delightful when he stops by a talk show, especially Graham Norton.

And The Award For First Cancelled Show Of The Season Goes To ‘Manhattan Love Story’

ABC I have seen two and a half episodes of Manhattan Love Story. In that time, I witnessed one woman’s creepy brother-in-law try to get his sister-in-law drunk.

Watch This Amateur Golfer Sink A 100 Foot Putt From 3 Feet Away

21-year-old amateur golfer Greg Walker was on the 9th green at Elie Golf Course in Scotland last week with his dad and needed a relatively easy tap in for birdie.

Constantine Bares His Soul In Our Exclusive Preview Of ‘Justice League Dark’ Annual #2

John Constantine is not a nice person, and it’s burned a lot of bridges in his time. But, of course, no man is an island, and every man wants redemption.

Jeremy Lin’s At It Again, This Time Pranking Customers At An Adidas Store

Lakers guard Jeremy Lin traveled to Taipei, Taiwan to try and fool the locals into believing he was a simple shoe salesman at an Adidas store rather than an international sports icon with marginal basketball talent.