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‘The Walking Dead’ Death Watch: Placing Odds On The Character Most Likely To Die In The Midseason Finale

Via AMC The Walking Dead’s season finale, “Coda,” airs this Sunday night, and we know that it’s going to be devastating because Norman Reedus said so, and The Walking Dead almost always kills someone off in the midseason finale.

Will This New Frank Ocean Song Be On His Next Album?

Getty Image The trailer for Star Wars: The Force Awakens wasn’t the only moody bit of pop culture released today: Frank Ocean, who’s spent most of the year locked in a studio working on an album, released an atmospheric new song, “Memrise,” on his Tumblr.

This Week in Netflix and Streaming: Movies to Help You Avoid Your Family over Thanksgiving Weekend

As Netflix is snoozing after a big turkey dinner, I figured we’d do something a leeeeeetle different around these parts this time around.

Seattle’s Richard Sherman Twisted The Knife On The 49ers With His Postgame Comments

“There was a guy, an opponent who said that he was throwing to the open man—he didn’t care who was out there.

The Cast Of ‘The Wonder Years’ Is Donating Series Memorabilia To The Smithsonian

ABC It’s no secret to regulars around this part of the internet that I’m a total The Wonder Years superfan, so I find this story especially cool.

Friday Conversation: Tell Us About Your Most Horrible Boss

Considering (a) it is Black Friday and anyone who has ever worked retail over the holidays has oodles of horror stories to share, (b) the movie Horrible Bosses 2 opens this weekend, and (c) those first two things make it just barely topical and relevant enough to discuss on a pop culture website, this week’s conversation topic is bosses.

Ryback Responded To CM Punk’s Negative Comments About Him In The Most Mature Way Possible

WWE STUPID! As we reported earlier this morning, CM Punk finally broke his silence yesterday on Colt Cabana’s Art of Wrestling podcast, and he had a lot of cutting things to say about WWE and many of its employees, but arguably nobody got drenched in as much bile as The Ryback.

Ubisoft Apologizes, Gives Away Free Games After A Disastrous ‘Assassin’s Creed Unity’ Launch

Ubisoft Assassin’s Creed Unity’s reputation is about as tattered as that flag right now. How do you know when a company has really f*cked up royally?

Nathan Fielder And Marion Cotillard Got Uncomfortably Intimate While Singing ‘Can’t Help Falling In Love’

As part of Comedy Central’s All-Star Non-Denominational Christmas Special, the modern-day Louis Armstrong and Ella Fitzgerald, Nathan Fielder and Marion Cotillard, sang “Can’t Help Falling In Love.” It’s not so much lovely as it is uncomfortably intimate and extremely awkward.

Here Are All Of The Insane 2014 Black Friday Fight Videos You Need Today

YouTube How was your Thanksgiving? I ate loads too much, drank a bunch of mulled cider with bourbon and slept in a little bit this morning.

Make-Up Free Jennifer Aniston Is So, So Brave In The New ‘Cake’ Trailer

  Everything I’ve heard thus far about Cake is that it’s “generating Oscar buzz.” When the trailer premiered on Good Morning America, ABC said it’s “scoring star Jennifer Aniston lots of Oscar buzz.” Though as far as I can tell, that buzz has been generated mainly by Cake‘s marketing department.

A Brief History Of Michael Bluth Being A Horrible Boss On ‘Arrested Development’

Netflix Though Jason Bateman has found massive success on the big screen playing an avenging employee who takes down his evil supervisor in Horrible Bosses (and now Horrible Bosses 2) Bateman has a bit of experience playing a sh*tty superior himself, thanks to Arrested Development.

This Woman Is Contacting The Moms Of Boys Who Threaten To Rape Her On Twitter

YOUTUBE With all due respect to Explosions In the Sky, the Earth can be a cold, dead place, especially on Twitter, where receiving rape threats is a too-common part of many women’s lives.

Vintage Best And Worst: WWE NXT 1/25/11 Season 4 Episode 8

Via Hulu Pre-show notes: - You can watch this episode on Hulu here, or on WWE’s YouTube channel here.

We Break Down The ‘Star Wars: The Force Awakens’ Trailer Shot-By-Shot

Happy Star Wars trailer day, everybody! And, at Gamma Squad, happy shameless overanalysis day! Let’s break this trailer down, shall we?

Matthew McConaughey Spent His Thanksgiving Volunteering With Meals On Wheels

Oscar-winning actor and all around chill guy Matthew McConaughey didn’t just spend Thanksgiving with his family.

Wisconsin’s Post Game Celebration Featured Some Hilarious Teammate-On-Teammate Crime

Wait for it, wait for it…BOOM! Wisconsin, the #2 team in the nation, rallied after trailing in the second half to defeat Georgetown, 68-65.

Amy Poehler And Tina Fey Reveal Their Outfits In This Golden Globes 2015 Promo

Tina Fey and Amy Poehler will once again make you not completely hate the Golden Globes when they host the nine-hour ceremony on January 11th.

The Rock Recently Credited One Of His Classic Catchphrases To The Iron Sheik

WWE/The Orchard Hey, ever notice that, between the humbling threats, The Iron Sheik uses the term “jabroni” a lot?

Scott Stapp Was Placed In A Psychiatric Ward One Week Before He Released That Disturbing Video

Facebook So this is now starting to make a bit more sense. Recently Creed’s Scott Stapp posted a video — which has since been removed — to his band’s Facebook page with some odd claims that he was broke, living out of a Holiday Inn and that some unnamed people were supposedly out to get him and stealing his money.