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UPROXX 20: Jason Dundas Follows The Rock On Instagram To Motivate Himself To Go To The Gym

Getty Image Jason Dundas is an Australian television host probably best known for being an Entertainment Tonight correspondent.

Here’s Stephen King, James Franco, And JJ Abrams On The Set Of ’11/22/63′

Me, along with a couple of friends–James Franco and JJ Abrams–on the set of 11/22/63. Everything looks cool.

Are The Marlins Pumping Fart Noises Into Their Stadium?

Getty Image The Miami Marlins and Washington Nationals are division rivals, even though only the Nats have a realistic shot at making the playoffs, so it only stands to reason that when Washington visits Miami, they wouldn’t have the warmest welcome.

Watch This Guy Crash A Million Dollar Porsche While Trying To Show Off

There are many questions and not many answers about the spectacular car crash you are about to witness.

Meet The Kid Who Was Surprised With A Personal Injury Lawyer-Themed Birthday Party

Some kids are always thinking about the future. Take a second to look at the ad above. It’s the standard fare you see during all your morning talk shows (well, that and commercials urging you to go back to school if suing everyone doesn’t work) but for one very small and very determined child it was something much much more.

Mexican National Coach Miguel Herrera Was Fired For Allegedly Punching A Reporter

Getty Image The honeymoon period after the Gold Cup victory ended quickly for the Mexican national team. Their passionate coach, Miguel Herrera, has been fired for allegedly punching a reporter in the neck at a Philadelphia airport.

Eminem And Gwen Stefani Deliver Lyric Video For ‘Kings Never Die’

At first, lyric videos always seem like a letdown. Where’s the production value, right? Then, you watch a wordy clip like this one from Eminem and Gwen Stefani, for their roaring new single “Kings Never Die,” and realize seeing the words follow the music is actually quite nice.

Take A Sneak Peek At Where ‘Married’ Is Going In Its Second Season

As Judy Greer says in the above sneak peek look at the second season of Married, “marriage can be a horror movie,” but it can also be a comedy, a romance, and a drama, and the FX series has shown an aptitutde for portraying all of those things in a relatateble way.

Scarface Unveils Cover And Tracklist For New Album ‘Deeply Rooted’

Over a year ago, Scarface dropped “No Problem,” the lead single from a supposed new project. Then, he pretty much went back to into hiding.

Everything We Know About Cecil The Lion’s Life And Death On July 1, 2015, a black-maned lion named Cecil was illegally killed after being drawn out of Zimbabwe’s Hwange National Park reserve.

The Gaslight Anthem Are Taking A Break

Getty Image The Gaslight Anthem will head out on a European tour in August. After that, they are “taking a break,” in the parlance of modern music.

This Boston Area Cop Was Caught On Camera Threatening To Kill A Man

(NSFW language) If you handle pubic relations for a law enforcement agency, 2015 probably hasn’t been a great year for you. This video of an off-duty Massachusetts police officer threatening a driver recorded this past Sunday probably isn’t making anyone’s job any easier, either.

Watch ‘MLB: The Show 15′ Celebrate Some Of The Greatest Moments In Baseball History

Via "Sony" "" Just how accurate is MLB: The Show? So accurate you can actually use it to recreate specific moments in baseball.

Congress Demands That FIFA Stop Paying Women 40 Times Less Than Men

Getty Image Coming off an impressive World Cup title after dominating a championship game that drew 26.7 million viewers, the most for a soccer game in American history, the USWNT is looking for another victory: pay equality.

The Prison Seamstress Confessed To Being ‘Caught Up In The Fantasy’ When She Helped Inmates Escape

Getty Image The confession made by the prison seamstress who helped two dangerous inmates break out of Clinton Correctional Facility in upstate New York has been made public and the content is right out of a TV drama.

Tom Brady’s Phone Fiasco Gets The ‘Breaking Bad’ Treatment

Deflategate, a story that should have lasted there days tops, has taken on a life of its own. It won’t be the defining moment of the Patriot dynasty or Tom Brady’s legacy, but it may end up being the most memorable.

Migos Say Their ‘Noisey Atlanta’ Episode Was Staged

Migos went on ESPN’s Highly Questionable recently to promote their album, Yung Rich Nation, coming out on July 31, and the group dropped a bombshell on interviewers Dan Le Batard and Bomani Jones.

What’s On Tonight: ‘Key And Peele’ Spoof SportsCenter And Lots Of Hannibal Buress

Comedy Central Key & Peele (Comedy Central, 10:00 p.m.) —  Key and Peele turn the implausible suggestion that teachers should be paid as much as athletes into comedy this week with the introduction of TeacherCenter, the program that focuses on roster moves and highlights in the world of education.

The Latest ‘LEGO Dimensions’ Trailer Details The Game’s Crazy Universe-Hopping Storyline

LEGO Dimensions is the new “toys to life” title that ties together almost every licensed LEGO line together into one big plastic ball of crazy.

Google Translate Shows Off With The Help Of ‘La Bamba’

Google has a new app called Google Translate which, as you may have guessed, helps people translate stuff they see going about their day.