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‘SNL’ Gives Us A Peek Through The Eyes Of Donald Trump With Nightmarish Results

If there was one a perfect role for John Cena on this week’s ‘SNL,’ it was definitely as the mirror Donald Trump.

Rob Gronkowski Comes To Life Courtesy Of John Cena And ‘SNL’

The Patriots may have lost Rob Gronkowski for the rest of the season due to a back injury, but Pats fans can rest assured that they don’t have to go months on end without getting a taste of Gronk’s ridiculous behavior now that John Cena has proven he makes an amazing Gronk substitute.

John Cena’s Dumb Alabama Football Player Gets The Benefit Of The Doubt On ‘SNL’

John Cena’s stint hosting Saturday Night Live is already off to a rollicking start. Hitting the ground running with his wrestling-based monologue, he then jumped into a Karate Kid parody and played the hunky host of a hunk-based dating show.

‘The Karate Kid’ Gets A Perfect Bully Thanks To John Cena On ‘SNL’

John Cena had a ton of fun hosting Saturday Night Live this week, and no sketch proved that more than the show’s spoof on The Karate Kid, with Cena as the perfect foe for the sketch’s Daniel stand-in during the final round of the fictional San Fernando Valley karate championships.

John Cena’s Alpha Male Frame Makes For A Poor Dating Show Host On ‘SNL’

John Cena hosted one of the final SNL episodes of the year and followed up his cold open with a hypothetical MTV dating show sketch called “Hook a Hunk.” The awkward results easily evoked the Singled Out days of yesteryear.

John Cena Spent His Monologue Fending Off Wrestling Challenges From The ‘SNL’ Cast

Pro wrestling fans have been on pins and needles waiting for the John Cena-hosted episode of Saturday Night Live ever since it was announced (which luckily wasn’t that long ago).

Donald Trump Appoints Walter White Head Of The DEA On ‘SNL’

Saturday Night Live went back to the Donald Trump mockery well yet again during this week’s episode, with yet another cold open featuring Alec Baldwin’s Trump impression.

‘Westworld’ Is Continuing To Shed Its Mystery Online If You Can’t Wait Until Season Two

HBO Now I will admit that it isn’t a slew of groundbreaking information but if you needed a little bit more of Westworld to comb through thanks to the events of the season finale, head online for satisfaction.

Former ‘SNL’ Star Joe Piscopo Is Considering A Run For New Jersey Governor

NBC When it comes to celebrities running for political office, there’s really no shortage. The current president-elect is one of the biggest celebrities out there, Ronald Reagan was a film superstar in his day before becoming governor of California and then president and countless others have run and won seats in Congress over the years.

LeBron James Added This Beautiful One-Handed Reverse Dunk To His Absurd Highlight Reel

The Cleveland Cavaliers enter every game against an Eastern Conference opponent as the favorite to achieve victory and that was the case again on Saturday night as LeBron James and company faced off against the Charlotte Hornets.

Samuel L. Jackson Doesn’t Have Much Love For ‘Manchester By The Sea’ And Other ‘Oscar Bait’

Getty Image Every year of movie releases is typically the same, with the current period usually being reserved for those films in contention for awards.

Tim Duncan Has So Much Free Time During Retirement That He’s Getting A Gigantic Back Tattoo

Tim Duncan being retired is still kind of weird. It’s been an adjustment for basketball fans watching Spurs games without The Big Fundamental, but apparently, Duncan is using his copious amounts of free time to get inked up like a madman.

Kobe Bryant Is Giving Carmelo Anthony Advice On How To Deal With Phil Jackson’s Criticism

Getty Image Phil Jackson has never shied away from public criticism of his players, even when those players were some of the best in the world.

Bob Dylan Declares He’s In ‘Very Rare Company’ In His Nobel Prize Banquet Speech

Read the Nobel Banquet speech by Nobel Laureate Bob Dylan, given by the US Ambassador to Sweden Azita Raji: — The Nobel Prize (@NobelPrize) December 10, 2016 The initial announcement may not have been everyone’s cup of tea, but American music legend Bob Dylan was officially honored at Saturday’s Nobel Prize banquet in Stockholm.

Verne Lundquist Gave A Tearful Goodbye After The Final College Football Broadcast Of His Career

One of college football’s most beloved broadcasters called his final game on Saturday. While Verne Lundquist will stick around and do a few other sports, the thrilling Army vs.

Has The Title Of ‘Star Wars: Episode VIII’ Been Revealed In This Trademark Filing?

Lucasfilm Could the closely guarded mysteries of intergalactic conflict be up for display in the world of European copyright acquisitions?

Watch Army’s Emotional Postgame Celebration After Beating Navy For The First Time In 15 Years

You may never see a scene like the one at M&T Bank Stadium on Saturday afternoon. For the first time since 2001, Army took down Navy in a college football game.

Duke’s Grayson Allen Blew Past A Defender In Mid-Air Before A Massive One-Handed Dunk

Grayson Allen dunks on Dwayne Morgan — Tyler Bischoff (@Bischoff_Tyler) December 10, 2016 Grayson Allen has the reputation of being that one Duke player who everyone really, really hates.

Guns N’ Roses Sold Over 1 Million Tickets In 24 Hours

The Machine Is Back At It In 2017!#GnFnR #NotInThisLifetime Tour Get more info at — Guns N' Roses (@gunsnroses) December 5, 2016 [Axl Voice] “Do you know where you are?

Donald Trump Took A Shot At The Quality Of Play During An Army-Navy Game Appearance

Saturday is the annual football game between Army and Navy. There are a few fun subplots to this one – on the field, the Black Knights are trying to top the Midshipmen for the first time since 2002, while in the broadcast booth, this is the final college football game of Verne Lundquist’s legendary career.