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Michael Rapaport Brings His ‘Tiki-Torch’ Nazi Trash Talk To ‘The Late Show’ With A Message For Jared Kushner

If you missed out, Michael Rapaport shared a few heated responses to the events in Charlottesville, the white supremacists that marched on the University of Virginia campus, and Donald Trump’s response to all of it.

‘Deadpool 2’ Actress Zazie Beetz Addresses The Tragic Death Of Her Stunt Double In A Heartbreaking Statement

Instagram The tragic death of stunt double Joi “SJ” Harris on the set of Deadpool 2 brought the film to a standstill earlier this week and prompted to some to question if it could’ve been avoided.

UVA Alum Tina Fey Returns To ‘SNL’ For A Scathing Take On Nazis, Trump, And Charlottesville On ‘Weekend Update’

Tina Fey is not only an SNL legend, but she is also a proud University of Virginia alum, class of ’92.

American Cancer Society, Cleveland Clinic Nix Their Planned Galas At Trump’s Mar-a-Lago Club

Getty Image Earlier this week, President Donald Trump found himself hemorrhaging so much CEO support that he ultimately dissolved his business advisory groups.

‘La La Land’ Director Damien Chazelle Joined Twitter Specifically To Call For Trump’s Impeachment

Getty Image Over the course of a week, Donald Trump‘s horrific response to the Nazi and white supremacist marches in Charlottesville that led to the murder of three people ignited a conversation that many people thought would be superfluous by now: Nazis are bad, full stop.

It Turns Out James Bond Is A Huge Fan Of The Band Car Seat Headrest

MGM In case you didn’t hear, there was some major news that recently came out regarding Daniel Craig.

Bill O’Reilly: Trump’s ‘Both Sides’ Press Conference Was ‘Fair Payback’ Against Unfair Press Treatment

Getty Image After he was fired by Fox News, Bill O’Reilly quickly tried to paint his job loss as some sort of “hit” by the left.

Kevin Durant Won’t Visit The White House Because He Doesn’t Respect Donald Trump

Getty Image Kevin Durant had strong words for president Donald Trump, joining the growing list of NBA players who have spoken out against the 45th president of the United States.

Conan O’Brien Will Enjoy The ‘Peace’ Of The Middle East When He Takes His Show To Israel In September

Aside from teasing the idea of participating in one of The Chris Gethard Show‘s greatest ideas ever, one of the best parts of Conan O’Brien’s TBS program is his penchant for travel.

Trump Resurrects An Anti-Muslim, False Meme After The Barcelona Attack, But History Is Bringing Receipts

Getty Image In response to today’s terror attack in Barcelona that killed at least 13 people and injured dozens more, President Trump quickly reacted.

Kevin Durant Said NBA Player Feelings Towards Trump Are Simple: ‘We Don’t F*ck With Him’

Getty Image Winning a championship and getting the proverbial monkey off of his back last season has brought back the old Kevin Durant.

Lucasfilm Confirms An ‘Obi-Wan Kenobi’ Stand-Alone Film Is In The Works

Lucasfilm Calling all Star Wars fans: the stand-alone Obi-Wan movie is happening. This is not a drill.

Adding Water To Whiskey Is Now Scientifically Approved

Shutterstock It’s a battle for the ages. On one side you have the anti-water contenders who claim that whisky should never be diluted with water or, gasp, ice.

‘Marvel V. Capcom: Infinite’ Goes Galactic In A New Trailer

Marvel V. Capcom Infinite seems out to live up to its title, considering all the characters being stuffed into the game.

Maine Gov. Paul LePage: Removing Confederate Statues Is Like Taking Away A Monument To 9/11 Victims

Getty Image On Thursday, President Trump continued hitting his talking point that removing Confederate statues and monuments from public spaces is a slippery slope.

Sen. Lindsey Graham Responds To Trump With His Own Tweetstorm: ‘Please Fix This. History Is Watching’

Getty Image Lindsey Graham has responded to Donald Trump’s early morning tweetstorm, in which the president accused the South Carolina senator of “lying” about the remarks he made on Charlottesville at a Tuesday afternoon press conference.

The White Supremacist Featured In Vice’s Charlottesville Doc Insists He’s ‘Not A Coward’ After Going Viral

Vice After appearing in a Vice documentary where he expressed a willingness to kill and called the death of Heather Heyer justified, white supremacist Chris Cantwell released a self-shot video in which he appeared to shed tears.

Do Restaurants And Businesses Owe Service To Nazis?

Marvel/Uproxx A few months ago — probably even a few weeks ago — the question of whether you should or should not refuse service to nazis wasn’t something we were really planning on dealing with on a national level.

This Saturday’s Powerball Jackpot Is Now A Staggering Amount Of Cash

Uproxx While we were all arguing lump sum vs. annuity (our commenters seem to have much more faith in the money management skills of winners than we do), the Powerball jackpot hit half a billion freakin’ dollars.

A Van Has Plowed Into A Barcelona Crowd Near A Popular Tourist Spot, Killing Multiple People

SKY NEWS: “The whole street started to run, screaming” – eyewitness describes what he saw as a massive crash happened in Barcelona hotspot.