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Here Is A ‘Walking Dead’ Season 5 Recap Set To The ‘Cheers’ Theme Song

Share This Video In case you don’t have time to cram-watch all of The Walking Dead‘s fifth season before the sixth season starts this Sunday and you also happen to love and miss the show Cheers, I have some great news for (all 27 of) you — above is a great recap of the entire season set to a Walking Dead-inspired version of the Cheers theme song!

Joey Bada$$ And Glass Animals Mesh Remarkably Well On ‘Lose Control’

For better more than worse, Joey Bada$$ is typically rapping over sample-based production. It’s his style and for the most part, expected.

Greg Hardy’s Comments About Tom Brady’s Wife, Gisele, Are Kinda Weird

Getty Image The Dallas Cowboys play the New England Patriots this weekend. For those keeping track at home, this was originally supposed to be the final game in Tom Brady’s four-game suspension for DeflateGate.

Let’s Liveblog Tonight’s Geeky TV: ‘The Flash’ Tries To Figure Out Being A Hero

Share This Video Following a highly successful first season, The Flash returns with less of a bang and more of a whimper in tonight’s season two premiere on The CW.

Unfortunately, DeMarcus Cousins Is Wrong About The NBA MVP Being ‘Mine To Grab’

USA TODAY Sports DeMarcus Cousins is among a small number of players in basketball gifted enough to win the Maurice Podoloff Trophy.

Small Victories: ESPN Is Pulling Daily Fantasy Sports Sponsored Elements Of Shows

Shutterstock Finally, something about DraftKings and Fanduel the American public can be happy about. After the recent breaking scandal of insider trading between the two companies, ESPN announced that they are removing the sections of broadcasts that were sponsored by the companies.

‘The X-Files’ Series Reboot Will Recycle Its Old Title Sequence

Share This Some very lucky attendees of MIPCOM in Cannes were treated to the first new episode of The X-Files in 13 years.

Meet The Adorable Rescued Raccoon Who Thinks She’s A Dog

See that furry beast hanging out with a dog? That is Pumpkin the raccoon, and she thinks that she is a dog.

Jason Whitlock Bashed ESPN In A Twitter Rant After Being Released

ESPN Just over two years into his second run at ESPN, sportswriter and TV personality Jason Whitlock had the remainder of his contract at ESPN bought out on Sunday.

Jay Leno Explained Why He Refused The Invitation To Appear In One Of Letterman’s Final Shows

Getty Image Back when David Letterman was winding down his run at The Late Show, there was a kind of open secret floating around that he had invited his old rival Jay Leno to stop by for an appearance.

Kendrick Lamar Paid Tribute To Eazy-E In A New Essay

Kendrick Lamar has proven time and time again that he has a soft spot for his West Coast forebears. If the Tupac interview from To Pimp A Butterfly, the note he wrote to Shakur last month, and the joyous collaboration he dropped with G-Funk influencer George Clinton didn’t prove it, then this tribute to Eazy-E written for Paper will.

QOTD: What Is Kanye West’s Best Album?

YouTube My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy is widely considered to be Kanye West‘s magnum opus. It’s received too many accolades to name, including being named the best album of the half-decade and is one of only 11 albums to receive a perfect rating from Pitchfork upon its release.

What’s On Tonight: Taran Killam Faces Off Against Jake Johnson On ‘Drunk History’ And ‘The Flash’ Returns

Comedy Central Drunk History (Comedy Central, 10:30 p.m.) – Taran Killam takes on Russia, the Cold War and Jake Johnson as American Chess King Bobby Fischer.

Kevin Gates Keeps It 100 On His New Track, ‘Really Really’

Kevin Gates’ grind doesn’t stop and he doesn’t take days off. You can expect the Bread Winner to be overdrive mode as he powers his way to the release of his debut album, Islah.

Butts And Balls Will Meet In The Just-Announced ‘Bob’s Burgers Pinball’

Share This Video The possibilities for a Bob’s Burgers video game are almost endless. How about a version of Rock Band where you play through everything from “Taffy Butt” to “Farts Will Set You Free?

James Harden Reiterates That ‘I Am The Best Player In The League’

USA TODAY Sports Remember that time James Harden called a reporter a “weirdo?” It was during the opening round of the 2014 playoffs, and the Houston Rockets had just gone down 0-2 to a red-hot Portland Trail Blazers team led by LaMarcus Aldridge, who was averaging 44.5 points and 13 rebounds through the first two games of the series.

Tyler Johnson Responded To The ‘Jimmy Kimmel Live’ Woman Who Claimed To Have Cheated On Her Boyfriend With Him

If you missed it, Jimmy Kimmel Live ran the segment seen above on Monday night, in which an interviewer asked people on the street about the most impressive thing they’ve ever done. For some reason, one woman interviewed decided that the most impressive thing she had ever accomplished in her entire life was cheating on her boyfriend and not having him find out.

A High School In Maine Has Canceled School Dances Because Of Too Much Grinding And Twerking

Getty Image Gorham, Maine is a quiet town. A stone’s throw from Maine’s largest town, Portland, it is the home of the University of Southern Maine.

Peter Sarsgaard Will Get To Taste The Damn Fine Coffee In The New ‘Twin Peaks’

Getty Image With a name like “Peter Sarsgaard,” you’d think that Peter Sarsgaard was a shoe-in to join the cast of Fargo.

IHOP Threw Shade At McDonald’s In A #BreakfastBeef, And Twitter’s Taking Sides

Via Getty Image / IHOP On Tuesday morning, the Internet was left reeling by an unthinkable omission in the McDonald’s all-day breakfast menu.