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Robin Williams’ Widow Wrote A Heartbreaking Essay About His Battle With Parkinson’s

Getty Image Since Robin Williams‘ death in 2014, many of the details of his final days were left unknown.

DJ Khaled Sold Mixtapes To Shaq And Other Players When He Was A Ball-Boy For The Magic

Just in case you forgot, the 90s were an amazing time. Almost anything was possible. Take the most apocryphal-sounding story, set it sometime in the 1990s, and all of the sudden it has the ring of authenticity.

M. Night Shymalan Decides His Next Big Twist Is Developing An Animated Comedy For Fox

Warner Bros. Congratulations everybody! Fox is allowing the globe to have a think about what the words “M.

People Are Freaking Out About Trump’s Latest Playboy Connection

Getty Image Oh, how swiftly the tides turned. After Donald Trump spent the early morning hours of Friday morning dragging former Miss Universe Alicia Machado for having a sex tape — which turned out to be a completely false claim — Buzzfeed decided that this was the best possible time to remind the world that the Republican nominee appeared in a soft-core porno for Playboy back in 2000.

Alabama Supreme Court Justice Roy Moore Has Been Suspended Over His Defiance On Gay Marriage

Getty Image On Friday, Alabama Chief Justice was suspended by the state’s Court of the Judiciary for forcing probate judges to enforce a ban on same-sex marriage, as reported by CNN.

A Defiant Chris Bosh Has Harsh Words For Heat Brass And Says ‘My Career’s Not Done’

Getty Image The Chris Bosh saga in Miami appears to have come to an unceremonious end. After failing his most recent physical – which indicated he still has lingering issues with life-threatening blood clots – Pat Riley said at the start of training camp earlier this week that his days with the Heat are over.

Lorne Michaels Reveals Which ‘SNL’ Alum Recommended Alec Baldwin As Their New Trump

Getty Image / NBC/Broadway Video Former Goat Boy habitat Saturday Night Live is gearing up for the kickoff of its 42nd season of comedy, music, and your friends complaining the show was better in (insert whatever year they were 13).

Does This ‘Stranger Things’ Casting Call Reveal That Eleven Isn’t One-Of-A-Kind?

NETFLIX We’ve had a few months now to digest the magic that is Stranger Things, but with the recent announcement of season two, the theory machine that is the internet is still in overdrive.

Elizabeth Warren Unleashed Another Trump Tweetstorm After His Comments Regarding Alicia Machado

Getty Image While Donald Trump may have perfected the early morning rage tweetstorm, Senator Elizabeth Warren has possibly perfected the Trump response tweetstorm.

Ben Simmons Broke A Bone In His Foot, And Basketball Twitter Collectively Groaned In Unison

Getty Image No. 1 overall pick Ben Simmons suffered a broken bone in his foot and fans of the Philadelphia 76ers and the NBA as a whole were not pleased.

America’s Creepy Clown Epidemic Has Been Blamed For The Closure Of Several Ohio Schools

As far as trends go, we didn’t really peg 2016 to be the year of the creepy-ass clown. You sure showed us, America’s weirdos!

Gordon Ramsay Is Likely To Give Fox Censors An Aneurysm Thanks To His New Live Cooking Show

Fox Champion swearer, risotto quality advocate, and go-to Fox chef Gordon Ramsay is going f*cking live for his next U.S.

How Urban Beekeeping Could Literally Save The World From Starvation

It’s not breaking news that the bee population is down. It’s been declining for some time now, which is incredibly troubling for people on team #HumansSurvivingIntoTheFuture.

California Takes A Cue From Backlash Over Brock Turner’s Light Rape Sentence And Closes A Loophole

Santa Clara Sheriff The Huffington Post reported California is shuttering a loophole that allowed Brocker Turner to only be sentenced to six months in jail after being convicted of sexual assault.

Ben Simmons Has Reportedly Suffered A Fracture In His Right Foot

Getty Image Bob Cooney of the Philadelphia Daily News reports that two independent sources say Sixers rookie Ben Simmons has fractured a bone in his right foot.

In Newly Released Deposition Tapes, Trump Suggests He Planned To Call Mexicans ‘Rapists’ In His Campaign

On Friday, a court released deposition footage of testimony by Donald Trump, who is seen discussing disparaging remarks he made about Mexicans.

The Miami Hurricanes Are Honoring Jose Fernandez With A Helmet Decal

This past Sunday, we lost a big piece of our community. Tomorrow, we honor his memory. #JDF16 — Canes Football (@CanesFootball) September 30, 2016 The baseball world suffered an unthinkable loss with the tragic passing of Miami Marlins pitcher Jose Fernandez, and the impact is being felt well beyond the sport in which Fernandez starred.

Joakim Noah Skipped A Dinner With Army Cadets Because Of His Anti-War Stance

Getty Image For the last few years, the New York Knicks have held their training camp at West Point, home of the United States Military Academy.

‘Archer’ Will End After Season 10

FX (Season seven spoilers ahead, in case you’re a jerk and haven’t watched yet.) The season seven finale of FX’s Emmy-winning animated series Archer left a lot of fans wondering if the worst actually happened.

Alicia Machado Says She Won’t ‘Be Bullied Or Silenced’ By Trump’s Attempts To Smear Her

Getty Image Alicia Machado has had some pretty harsh insults thrown her way this past week, but she is taking it on the chin.