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Donald Glover Acknowledges That Lando Calrissian ‘Star Wars’ Casting Rumor

Getty Image / Lucasfilm Never forget that the Millenium Falcon once belonged to Lando Calrissian. It was Han Solo winning a game of sabacc that put the Corellian YT-1300 light freighter into the hands of one the greatest smugglers the universe would ever know, and Calrissian was salty about it for years.

A Damaged Engine Caused A Southwest Flight To Make An Emergency Landing

A great job today by our professional @SouthwestAir pilots! The best safety device is always a well-trained pilot.

Joel Embiid Played Basketball Against Children And Showed Them No Mercy

JoJo says No No. ☝️ ( Sorry lil guy. ) — Philadelphia 76ers (@Sixers) August 27, 2016 We get a little closer to finally watching Joel Embiid play basketball every single day.

Daisy Ridley Hints That It Might Be A While Before We Know The Title Of The Next ‘Star Wars’ Film

Lucasfilm Star Wars fans are just a few short months away from Rogue One: A Star Wars Story, but they’re well over a year away from Star Wars: Episode 8.

The Gag Reel For ‘Captain America: Civil War’ Reveals The Marvel Blockbuster’s Silly Side

Oh bloopz, you’re truly a gift from above. Celebrity goof-em-ups are reliably a lot of fun and Marvel has a knack for putting together an impressive gal reel.

Chad Laprise Put An Exclamation Mark On UFC On Fox 21 Prelims With This Knockout

UFC Chad “The Disciple” Laprise might have missed weight in his lightweight bout in the final prelim against Thibault Gouti on UFC on Fox 21, but he made good use of the extra weight.

One Major British TV Network Is Shutting Down For An Hour For The Good Of The Viewers (Seriously!)

Shutterstock Having ever-improving technology and hundreds of television channels at our fingertips right in the comfort of our own homes is undeniably a great thing, but the side-effects of sitting on our asses binge watching Game of Thrones while constantly refreshing Facebook is that our current generation of earthlings are by far the most sedentary ever.

Luke Cage Makes His Presence Felt In The Latest Teaser For His Netflix Spinoff

You don’t need to be smacked into mammal paste by Marvel superhero Luke Cage to know not to get into a donnybrook with the dude.

Authorities Have Rescued Yet Another Person Near The ‘Into The Wild’ Bus

YouTube Authorities in Alaska say they have rescued a 22-year-old man named Matthew Sharp near the abandoned bus made famous by the 1996 “Into the Wild” book and 2007 Into The Wild movie.

Lou Pearlman’s Life Story Will Soon Be Coming To Your TV

Getty Image Well, that didn’t take very long, did it? Roughly a week after the announcement of his death, disgraced former pop music titan Lou Pearlman’s life story is headed for television.

Frank Ocean’s ‘Endless’ Is Disqualified From Topping The Billboard Chart

Frank Ocean is king of the pop world right now. The release of his “visual album” Endless, which reportedly was about ending his contractual obligation to Def Jam, was followed by the self-release of his album Blonde.

Kevin Smith Shares A Texting Horror Story Involving Himself And His Daughter

From the outside, Kevin Smith and his daughter Harley Quinn Smith appear to have the sort of close father-daughter relationship that any Dad would dream of.

Cowboys Coach Jason Garrett Announced Tony Romo Has A Broken Bone In His Back

Getty Image Tony Romo just cannot stay healthy. The Cowboys quarterback played in only four games for Dallas last season, and now he will likely miss at least the first half of this season after suffering a broken bone in his back during a preseason game against Seattle on Thursday night.

Take A Look At The ‘Live-Action’ Lumiere And Cogsworth From ‘Beauty And The Beast’

Disney How do you feel about Disney morphing their animated classic Beauty and the Beast into a live-action blockbuster?

The FDA Calls For Testing All Donated Blood For Zika After A Symptomless Man Sexually Transmits The Virus

Getty Image The spread of the Zika virus continues to leave doctors and scientists scratching their heads as they scramble to find a cure for the disease.

Rihanna Will Kick Off The VMAs With Her Video Vanguard Performance

Rihanna is such a sweetheart. Not only will she be at the 2016 MTV Video Music Awards on Sunday to collect her Video Vanguard Award, but it’s also been revealed that she’ll be kicking off the show as well.

The Internet Has Loads Of Wonderful Questions About Trump’s Longtime Doctor

NBC News Once the report from NBC News hit about Donald Trump’s longtime doctor Harold Bornstein, the internet seemed to catch fire over how the gent looked, the state of his office, and the operating system he used on his computer.

Eve Torres Explains The Joys And Frustration Of Watching ‘The Divas Revolution’ Unfold

Via wwe network It was a sad day when former Divas Champion Eve Torres left WWE. Despite her role in some questionable storylines, an aggressive attitude and the introduction of Jiu Jitsu-influenced moves courtesy of her then-fiancee Rener Gracie, Torres had finally hit her stride in becoming a force to be reckoned with.

This High School Football Play Of The Year Includes A Spectacular Front Flip Over A Defender

Highlight of the year, courtesy Alonso Ravens sophomore Malik Johnson. @SportsCenter #SCTop10 — Paul Ryan (@WFLAPaul) August 27, 2016 It’s officially football season, so you know what that means: it’s time to start keeping an eye out for potential nominees for high school football play of the year (the most prestigious of awards if you ask me).

Cee-Lo Green Reveals Andre 3000’s So-Called Drake Diss Is Actually Two Years Old

Whenever Andre 3000 pops up, he’s the talk of the internet. His latest verse on Frank Ocean’s “Solo” might have convinced many that he was dissing Drake, but Cee-Lo Green clears the air on any potential beef during an interview with Sway in the Morning.