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What’s On Tonight: The U.S. Women Take On Germany In 2015 FIFA Women’s World Cup Action

Getty Image FIFA Women’s World Cup Canada 2015: U.S. vs. Germany (Fox, 7 p.m.) — Let it be said that when it comes to America’s draw in the World Cup, we’ve never been that lucky.

Watch What Happens When A Man Pranks Models With His Awkward Boner

And just when you thought prank videos couldn’t get any better, (or worse, depending on your viewpoint) here comes a clip about a man pitching a tent in front of hot models.

Emilia Clarke Thinks A Threeway Between Dany, Sarah Connor And Ryan Gosling Would Be Fun

Everyone’s favorite Khaleesi, Emilia Clarke, set the Internet on fire last month when she propositioned Channing Tatum and his wife about a threesome.

The Honest Trailer For ‘Magic Mike’ Makes Me Love ‘Magic Mike’ Even More

As president of the Unofficial Magic Mike Fan Club™, I was all set to hate this new Honest Trailer for Magic Mike.

A 71-Year-Old Woman Finishes 100-Mile Race With 6 Seconds To Spare

The Western States 100-Mile Endurance Run is “the world’s oldest and most prestigious 100-mile trail race,” at least according to the opening line of its official website.

This New ‘Inside Amy Schumer’ Sketch Proves Time Travel Is Really Weird

In this brand new sketch from Inside Amy Schumer, our intrepid hero Amy is about to make an awful decision to move in with her horrible boyfriend Travis.

Fifteen Years Later, How The Roskilde Tragedy Changed Pearl Jam Forever

Getty Image Lost nine friends we’ll never know… — Pearl Jam, “Love Boat Captain” It had been raining.

This All-Violin Version Of ‘Sweet Child O’ Mine’ Is Enchanting And Fantastic

There’s something so simultaneously pure and regal about a rock song being performed on strings, and Cathie King’s all-violin take on “Sweet Child O’ Mine” by Guns N’ Roses is no exception.

Why Marvel’s Upcoming Reboot Needs To Get Weird

Marvel Comic book companies shake things up on a regular basis. They do this for all sorts of reasons: To attract new readers, to swap out creative teams and see if they can find gold in new places, for business reasons.

Chris Christie Wants To Ride Bon Jovi’s Steel Horse All The Way To The White House

Getty Image Donald Trump decided to use Neil Young’s “Rockin’ in the Free World” when announcing his candidacy for president.

Wisconsin Is Officially America’s Drunkest State

FOX The state that has given us J.J. Watt, Miller Lite, and cheese-shaped headgear, has officially taken the title of drunkest in the union.

‘Key & Peele’ Presents The Most Uncomfortable Guy At A Gay Marriage Town Hall Meeting

Ahead of the Season 5 premiere of Key & Peele premiere next Wednesday, Comedy Central has released this exclusive web sketch set in a town meeting about marriage equality.

Here’s Stephen Curry Throwing Down A Massive 360-Degree Dunk

Getty Image The Summer of Steph is fully underway. Though he won the NBA MVP, the Warriors won the NBA Championship, and he has the best-selling jersey in the NBA, largely on the strength of his ridiculous three-point range and silky handles, Stephen Curry is riding high and extending his brand to include monster dunks, like a double-pump reverse slam, and now this Dunk Contest-ready 360.

Are You Impressed With Danica Patrick’s New Yoga Move?

Via Instagram For several months now, NASCAR driver Danica Patrick has tried to perform a successful headstand (more on that later).

Everything You Need To Know About The Second Episode Of ‘True Detective’ Season 2

NOTE: Spoilerz ahead The second episode of True Detective Season 2 was notable for a number of reasons: People comparing vaping to “sucking a robot’s dick,” Vince Vaughn doing five-minute monologues about his #BadDad, corrupt city managers with their genitals blasted clean off, etc.

Don Cheadle Says Rachel Dolezal Was Right About Boycotting ‘Exodus’

20th Century Fox Here's a white Moses giving the black power salute. If you saw Exodus‘ box office returns ($65 million domestic on a $140 million budget, though it did well overseas), you know that a boycott of it is probably unnecessary, even if we did have a time machine (also, it wasn’t very good).

Did Genie Bouchard’s Black Bra Really Break Wimbledon’s All-White Rule ?

Getty Image Wimbledon has always been very concerned with the clothing of its competitors. Their all-white rule dates all the way back to the 1800s when the sport was primarily played at social gatherings.

With Its Dying Breath, ‘American Idol’ Sends A Cease-And-Desist To A Senior Citizens’ Singing Competition

Fox Well, this is just sad. American Idol, which used to dominate ratings until it finally started waning in popularity and everyone who made it great left, has issued a cease-and-desist order to a senior citizens’ singing competition in Brooklyn.

Kanye West’s Glastonbury Stage Crasher Was Just Trying To Impress Taylor Swift

This past Saturday night, during Kanye West’s headlining Glastonbury slot, a comedian named Lee Nelson (real name Simon Brodkin) crashed the stage while West performed “Black Skinhead.” The stage invader disrupted the set, causing West to start his Yeezus track over.

Carrie Underwood Covered Wiz Khalifa’s ‘See You Again,’ Which Means She Rapped

Carrie Underwood is a woman of many skills. Who knew that spitting hot fire was one of them? At her show at the Big Barrel Country Music Festival, which has to be the most country name for a music festival, Underwood surprised the audience with her take on the Wiz Khalifa song “See You Again.” Underwood has a song called “See You Again” of her own, and she decided that, perhaps, these would be two great tastes that tasted great together.