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Michael Brown shooting: Amnesty blasts Missouri police response

Police in Ferguson, Missouri, committed human rights abuses as they sought to quell mostly peaceful protests that erupted after an officer killed an unarmed black teenager, Amnesty International said in a report released on Friday.

Sweden calls off hunt for mysterious submarine

The search for a foreign underwater craft in waters off Stockholm has brought back memories of Sweden's submarine hunts during the Cold War and exposed a key difference.

AMC makes play for more content in U.S. with BBC deal

AMC will have operational control of BBC America and manage it as a stand-alone channel, adding to a portfolio that also includes AMC, IFC and SundanceTV, after a deal announced Thursday.

Hong Kong protesters to decide whether to stay on streets

Pro-democracy protesters in Hong Kong plan to hold a spot referendum Sunday on whether to stay in the streets or accept government offers for more talks and clear their protest camps.

Ebola outbreak: Doctor in New York City tests positive for virus

A physician with Doctors Without Borders who recently returned from West Africa has tested positive for Ebola, the New York Times reports.

Jerusalem mayor vows to calm city after baby girl killed

Jerusalem's mayor on Thursday called for a crackdown against a wave of Palestinian unrest, as police beefed up security after a Palestinian motorist with a history of anti-Israel violence slammed his car into a crowded light rail train station, killing a baby girl.

Mali authorities report 1st Ebola case as epidemic spreads in W. Africa

Mali's health minister says the West African country has confirmed its first case of Ebola. It is the sixth African country to report at least one case of the virus.

Ice age Andes settlement found at record high altitude

Archeologists have found an ice age settlement so high in the Peruvian Andes that they were surprised ancient humans could survive the low oxygen there.

Honda president, executives take pay cut over recall issues

Honda Motor Co. took the rare step of imposing pay cuts on its president and 12 other executives after the fifth recall in a year of its new Fit hybrid model.

North Korea may ban tourists to prevent Ebola getting into country

North Korea has stepped up measures to prevent the spread of the Ebola virus into the reclusive country, state media reports, while a travel agent that specializes in North Korean tours says it has been informed that Pyongyang may ban foreign tourists from visiting.

Turkey says 200 Kurdish peshmerga fighters can cross to Syria

Turkish President Tayyip Erdogan says agreement has been reached on sending 200 Kurdish peshmerga fighters from Iraq through Turkey to help defend the Syrian border town of Kobani against ISIS militants.

Still unclear why 3 Colorado teens were en route to Syria

The case of three teenage girls being investigated for aiding Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS) poses vexing questions for U.S.

We've known this day was coming, right? Brian Stewart

As Canadians, we've been lucky up to this point, Brian Stewart writes. We've been telling ourselves for some time now we could be the object of a terror attack.

ISIS fight: Airstrikes in Syria have killed nearly 600, monitoring group says

Airstrikes by U.S.-led forces appear to have killed over 460 members of ISIS and 32 civilians during a month-long campaign in Syria, a monitoring group which tracks the violence said on Thursday.

Blackwater guards get murder, manslaughter convictions in Iraq shootings

Lawyers for four former Blackwater security guards convicted in the 2007 shootings of more than 30 Iraqis in Baghdad plan to appeal, they said.

Man who faked coma caught on camera strolling around supermarket

A British fraudster who pretended to be quadriplegic and sometimes comatose for two years to avoid prosecution has been convicted after police caught him on camera driving and strolling around supermarkets.

White House and the world react to Ottawa shooting

The shooting in Ottawa has drawn international attention and reaction from Canada's closest ally, the United States, and beyond.

Dinosaur with huge 'T. rex' arms had hooved toes, fantail

In 1965, paleontologists dug up a gargantuan pair of tyrannosaur-like fossil dinosaur arms. Now, finally, they have uncovered the rest of the dinosaur and found it 'more bizarre than we could even possibly have imagined.'

Kobani battle against ISIS rages on as Kurds get air-dropped supplies

Large explosions continue to rock the Syrian border town of Kobani, hours after the Pentagon warns the town could still fall to ISIS militants, despite U.S.-led airstrikes targeting the area.

Kenny G's visit to Hong Kong protests an 'illegal campaign' says China

Kenny G, the famed U.S. smooth jazz star, stopped in at Hong Kong's pro-democracy protests on Wednesday, but his visit was out of tune with Chinese authorities.