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Ford Mustang turns 50

Ford Motor Co. unveiled the Mustang at the New York World's Fair on April 17, 1964.

Michael Bloomberg launches $50M gun control effort

New York City's billionaire former mayor Michael Bloomberg is pumping even more cash into his efforts to curb gun violence with a new advocacy group that will spend at least $50 million this year.

Ukraine standoff moving from bluster to diplomacy: Nahlah Ayed

Ukraine's attempt at a military solution to its problems with pro-Russia separatists look to be in disarray.

Pistorius murder trial prosecutor criticizes witness's expertise

The prosecutor at the murder trial of double-amputee Olympian Oscar Pistorius is continuing his cross-examination of one of the defence's forensic experts.

3 pro-Russian militants dead after Ukraine base attack

Ukraine's interior minister says three pro-Russian militants have been killed and 13 wounded after Ukrainian troops repelled an attack on a National Guard base in the Black Sea port of Mariupol in the south-east part of the country.

Weather hampers search for nearly 300 missing after ferry sinks

Strong currents, rain and bad visibility hampered rescuers Thursday in the search for 287 passengers still missing more than 24 hours after their ferry flipped onto its side and filled with water off the southern coast of South Korea.

Belgian conservationist who protected animals from poachers shot in Congo park

A Belgian royal who, as director of a vast national park in eastern Congo has defended endangered mountain gorillas and other animals from poachers and the forests from illegal logging, was shot and seriously wounded as he drove through the park, officials said Wednesday.

Ebola virus in Guinea was not imported from nearby countries, scientist says

Finding means virus did not spread to Guinea from other African nations, which could have implications in controlling the outbreak.

'If I wronged any of you, forgive me': South Korean passenger texts from doomed ship

As the South Korean ferry Sewol began to sink in what could be the country's deadliest disaster in 20 years, some of the 462 passengers on board reached for their mobile devices to send farewell messages to friends and loved ones.

Bitcoin exchange Mt. Gox heads for liquidation

The Mt. Gox bitcoin exchange in Tokyo is headed for liquidation after a court rejected its bankruptcy protection application.

Who's against Keystone? This ex-U.S. president

For the first time ever, a former U.S. president has come out against the Keystone XL pipeline as Jimmy Carter has joined a group of Nobel laureates to sign a letter urging Barack Obama to reject the pipeline linking Alberta oil to Texas and beyond.

Muslim groups applaud end of NYPD Muslim surveillance program

Muslim groups and civil liberties advocates applaud the decision by New York Police Department officials to disband a controversial unit that tracked the daily lives of Muslims as part of efforts to detect terrorism threats.

5 little words that could change America's gun culture: Neil Macdonald

The weekend killing spree in Kansas City by a hate-fuelled white supremacist with a history of gun offences shows both the hypocrisy of U.S.

Pistorius trial will adjourn after this week until May 5

The judge in the murder trial of Oscar Pistorius has ruled that proceedings will adjourn for more than two weeks after Thursday and resume on May 5.

Combat vehicles bearing Russian flag enter eastern Ukraine town

Six armoured personnel carriers entered the eastern Ukrainian town of Slaviansk, on Wednesday with the lead vehicle bearing the Russian flag, a Reuters eyewitness said.

Robot sub's search for MH370 hampered by tech problem

The search for a Malaysia Airlines jetliner deep in the Indian Ocean was again cut short on Wednesday when technical problems forced a U.S.

Police blow up 2 suspicious backpacks near Boston marathon finish line

Police say a man taken into custody near the Boston Marathon finish line had a rice cooker in his backpack and is being charged with possession of a hoax device.

Rescue underway as South Korean ferry sinking

A government office says a South Korean passenger ship carrying about 470 people has sent a distress call off the southern coast after it began leaning to one side.

Syria torture photos stun UN Security Council

The UN Security Council fell silent Tuesday after ambassadors viewed a series of ghastly photographs of dead Syrian civil war victims.

Boston marathon bombing: 1 year later

April 15 marks the first anniversary of the Boston marathon bombing, which killed three people and wounded at least 264 others as runners streamed towards the finish line in 2013.