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Philippines says Trump invited Duterte to White House

U.S. President Donald Trump has called Philippine leader Rodrigo Duterte and expressed his interest in developing "a warm working relationship," according to a Filipino official.

Indivisible: The new left-wing movement modelled on the right

The Indivisible movement is working at the local level to disrupt the White House by taking a page from the Tea Party playbook.

Venezuela vegetable brigades battle predicted 1,000% rise in food prices

To combat Venezuela's massive food crisis, members of collectives pool their money and buy in bulk directly from farmers.

Without Trump, White House Correspondents' dinner to focus on journalism

With Trump's absence, WHCA dinner organizers say they're putting the focus on the First Amendment and the role of the press in a democracy.

Pope Francis visits Egypt's Christians targeted by ISIS

Pope Francis wrapped up a brief but deeply symbolic visit to Egypt on Saturday with an open-air Mass for the country's tiny Catholic community.

On Day 100, Trump snubbing White House Correspondents' dinner for Pennsylvania rally

U.S. President Donald Trump on Saturday marked his 100th day in office by saying he had brought "profound change" to Washington and reaffirming that "my only allegiance" is to those he governs.

'Explosive device blast' kills U.S. service member in Mosul

A U.S. service member in Iraq was killed Saturday by an explosive device outside Mosul, according to a statement released by the Pentagon.

Samantha Bee gets star support for her Not The Correspondents' Dinner event

Late-night TV star Samantha Bee was pulling in celebrities for the first Not the White House Correspondents' Dinner on Saturday — a tongue-in-cheek play on the real bash, where journalists, the president and, in recent years, lots of bold-face names have mingled.

Climate protests to mark Trump's 100 days in office

For the second time in a month, tens of thousands of protesters are expected to turn out around the world Saturday to voice concern over climate change in a mass demonstration marking the 100th day of Donald Trump's presidency.

Wikipedia blocked in Turkey

Access to Wikipedia has been blocked in Turkey because of content presenting the country as supporting terror.

EU leaders meet to set terms for Brexit negotiations

European Union leaders will endorse a stiff set of divorce terms for Britain at a summit on Saturday, rejoicing in a rare show of unity in adversity, but well aware that may start to fray once negotiations begin.

Notorious Afghan warlord calls for peace in first public speech

In his first public speech since signing a peace deal with the Afghan government, one of Afghanistan's most notorious warlords on Saturday called for the Taliban to stop fighting and begin negotiations.

Filipino troops kill commander of group that kidnapped, beheaded Canadians

The Philippine military chief says marines have killed an Abu Sayyaf extremist commander considered to be one of the most notorious kidnappers in the country's south.

U.S. says North Korea's missile test fire failed after launch

North Korea has test fired a mid-range ballistic missile from the western part of its country, but the launch apparently failed, according to South Korea and the United States.

Trump addresses NRA meeting in Atlanta LIVE

U.S. president makes remarks at annual leadership forum

U.S. urges new sanctions on North Korea

The U.S. calls for new sanctions on North Korea and threatens to punish international companies doing banned business with the pariah nation's nuclear and missile programs.

Trump signs order to expand drilling in Arctic, Atlantic oceans

Working to dismantle his predecessor's environmental legacy, President Donald Trump has signed an executive order Friday that could lead to the expansion of drilling in the Arctic and Atlantic oceans.

Mystery deaths in Liberia linked to funeral: WHO

Eleven people have died and five are in hospital, Liberian officials said on Friday, after contracting a mystery illness the World Health Organization (WHO) said was linked to attendance at the funeral of a religious leader.

U.S. Secretary of state chairs UN meeting on North Korea problem LIVE

Rex Tillerson chairs UN Security Council meeting

Israel plans 15,000 more settlement homes in East Jerusalem

Israel intends to build 15,000 new settlement homes in East Jerusalem, according to its Housing Ministry, despite U.S.