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U.K. opens doors to go 'all out for shale' in allowing fracking

Britain has begun to accept bids for licences to explore for shale gas in more than half the country, three years after putting a stop to hydraulic fracturing because of the fracking technique's links to earth tremors.

Amazon starts selling customized 3D-printed stuff will start offering customized 3D-printed products ranging from pendants to bobblehead figurines.

Oil fire near airport out of control as Libyan factions battle

A fire at the oil depot for the airport in Libya's capital raged out of control Monday after being struck in the crossfire of warring militias battling for control of the airfield, the latest violence to plague the country as foreigners flee the chaos.

Liberia's president orders strict anti-Ebola measures

Liberia's president has closed all but three land border crossings, restricted public gatherings and quarantined communities heavily affected by the Ebola outbreak in the West African nation.

Cable snaps on Ohio amusement park ride, injures 2

An Ohio amusement park ride that swings riders as high as 38 metres (125 feet) into the air has been closed indefinitely after a cable snapped, injuring two visitors.

Court orders Russia to pay $50 billion to Yukos shareholders

An international court on Monday ordered Russia to pay more than $50 billion to the former majority shareholders of now defunct oil company Yukos, ruling that the state engaged in a ruthless campaign to destroy what was once the country's biggest oil producer.

'Water started to fill in': South Korean ferry disaster survivors testify at crew's trial

Six teenagers who survived South Korea's worst maritime disaster in 44 years told on Monday how classmates helped them float free as water flooded their cabins despite crew instructions to stay put even as their ferry sank, killing more than 300 people.

2014 air travel deaths surpass last 3 years

2014 has already broken the improving aviation safety pattern of recent years. The death toll so far this year already surpasses the number for each of the three previous years.

'We're not the Jetsons yet': Volvo's 'world first' safety features next step in a smarter car

'World-first' road sensors in the newest Volvos could eventually make car travel much safer, but probably only if every other automaker follows suit.

Investigators renew bid to access Malaysian jet crash site despite fighting

A joint Australian-Dutch probe team will renew efforts on Monday to gain access to the crash site of a Malaysian airliner in eastern Ukraine, Australian Federal Police said, after fierce fighting kept them away the previous day.

Deaf driver injures woman fleeing angry crowd at Comic-Con's Zombie Walk

A driver struck and seriously injured a woman while fleeing from angry members of the annual Zombie Walk held during Comic-Con, police said.

Boko Haram kidnaps wife of Cameroon's vice-PM, kills 3 in cross-border attack

Nigerian Boko Haram militants kidnapped the wife of Cameroon's vice prime minister and killed at least three people on Sunday in a cross-border attack involving more than 200 assailants in the northern town of Kolofata, Cameroon officials said.

UN backs calls for 'immediate and unconditional' Gaza ceasefire

The UN Security Council called for 'an immediate and unconditional humanitarian ceasefire' in the Gaza war between Israel and Hamas at an emergency meeting just after midnight Monday morning.

Lightning injures 14 people on L.A. beaches, 2 critical

Authorities say 14 people have been struck by lightning during rare summer thunderstorms that have swept through Southern California, injuring two critically.

Hurricane Hernan forms in Pacific off Mexican coast

The storm Hernan strengthened into a Category 1 hurricane far off Mexico's western coast Sunday as it headed out into the Pacific Ocean and posed little threat to land.

On the front lines in eastern Ukraine with a rebel dog: Susan Ormiston

The CBC's Susan Ormiston reports from the front line in eastern Ukraine, where she received a strange request amidst the battle between Ukrainian forces and pro-Russian separatists.

European countries warn citizens to leave Libya as violence intensifies

Heavy clashes between Libyan soldiers loyal to a renegade general and Islamist-led militias kill 38 people, health officials said, as fighting between rival militias around the capital's international airport raged on and European nations warned their citizens to leave.

Vincenzo Nibali wins Tour de France

Vincenzo Nibali won the Tour de France on Sunday, becoming the first Italian champion since Marco Pantani prevailed in cycling's greatest test in 1998.

Webcam captures 100 sea turtles hatching

A 'turtle webcam' in Florida has recorded the hatching of about 100 baby loggerhead sea turtles.

Forensics experts prepare to do DNA tests to ID Air Algerie victims

Black boxes from the Air Algerie plane that crashed in northern Mali last week, killing 118 including five Canadians, will be transferred to France for analysis, the French Embassy in Mali said today, as officials prepared for the process of identifying victims' remains.