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'They're dead, too': Survivors of Italian quake take stock of loved ones and property lost

Survivors in the small hilltop towns and villages in central Italy devastated by Wednesday's earthquake are beginning to take stock of the loss, with neighbours exchanging heartbreaking news of friends and relatives killed in the magnitude 6.2 quake.

'The battle of ideas begins': Why the deal to end Colombia's 5-decade war is no guarantee of easy peace

As much as the deal to end Colombia's five-decade war has been cheered in the South American country, the accord is also extremely controversial because the FARC rebel group is so widely despised, John Otis writes from Bogota.

Canadian among the dead in Italy's earthquake

A Canadian citizen is among the dead in the devastating earthquake in Italy that killed at least 241 people yesterday, Foreign Affairs Minister Stéphane Dion says.

World's first self-driving taxis start taking passengers

The world's first self-driving taxis will be picking up passengers in Singapore starting Thursday.

Syria's violence takes years off life expectancy

The ongoing violence in Syria has taken years off of people's life expectancy, according to a new analysis

Kurds pull back amid Turkish advance into Syria

Syrian Kurdish forces are said to be withdrawing east of the Euphrates River, a move that could fulfil a major demand by Turkey and the U.S.

'She's alive': Girl pulled from rubble 17 hours after Italian earthquake

As rescuers raced to find survivors of the devastating earthquake that hit central Italy early Wednesday, firefighters working in one of the hardest-hit towns pulled a 10-year-old girl alive from under a crumbled home.

Record-breaking giant pearl found by fisherman

A massive pearl found by a Filipino fisherman and kept under his bed for 10 years is likely the world's largest at 34 kilograms (about the mass of an average 11-year-old child).

Japanese truck driver playing Pokemon Go kills pedestrian

A Japanese truck driver playing Pokemon Go while driving hits two women, killing one and injuring the other, in Japan's first death related to the Nintendo craze.

Hiker found alive after a month in New Zealand wilderness

A tourist from the Czech Republic, whose partner fell to his death, survives a harrowing month in the frozen New Zealand wilderness before being rescued.

French burkini bans face legal challenge as tension mounts

​France's highest administrative authority is studying whether local bans on full-body burkini swimsuits are legal, amid growing concerns about police forcing Muslim women to disrobe.

Italy earthquake death toll rises to 247

The number of people killed in the earthquake that devastated parts of central Italy on Wednesday rose to 247 on Thursday morning, regional and national officials said.

At least 7 killed in attack on American University in Afghanistan

Several people, including students, police officers and security guards, were killed in an attack by gunmen on the American University in the Afghan capital, Kabul, police said on Thursday.

Colombia, FARC rebels announce accord to end 5-decade war

Colombia's government and its biggest rebel group announced a deal Wednesday evening for ending their country's half-century guerrilla war, one of the world's longest-running armed conflicts.

U.S. says airstrikes near Raqqa this week probably killed civilians

The U.S. military says an airstrike in Syria may have inadvertently killed an unspecified number of civilians near Raqqa on Tuesday.

Desmond Tutu hospitalized with infection

South African anti-apartheid campaigner Archbishop Emeritus Desmond Tutu's family foundation says that he has admitted himself to a Cape Town hospital for treatment of a recurring infection.

Rescue workers try to keep the faith as night falls in quake-ravaged Amatrice

CBC's Margaret Evans reports from Amatrice in central Italy, one of several towns devastated by Wednesday's earthquake.

'It's a madhouse': 2 tornadoes wreak havoc in central Indiana

At least two tornadoes struck cities in central Indiana on Wednesday, cutting off power to thousands of people, damaging homes and toppling a Starbucks.

'It's a madhouse': 2 tornadoes wreak havoc in central Indiana

At least two tornadoes struck cities in central Indiana on Wednesday, cutting off power to thousands of people, damaging homes and toppling a Starbucks.

Syria, ISIS engaged in toxic gas attacks, UN investigation finds

Syrian government troops were responsible for two toxic gas attacks and Islamic State militants used sulfur mustard gas, a joint investigation by the United Nations and the global chemical weapons watchdog found on Wednesday, according to a confidential report seen by Reuters.