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Ottawa-born Eliza Reid becomes Iceland's first lady

The people of Iceland selected a new president today — a vote that also ushered in a Canadian first lady.

Erskine wildfire in California kills 2, destroys 150 homes

A massive wildfire burning out of control in the foothills of central California has left at least 150 homes in ruins and damaged another 75, officials said on Saturday, warning that more residents may be forced to flee the advancing flames.

Hostages held at hotel in Somali capital

A Somali police official says gunmen who stormed a hotel in the country's capital have taken an unknown number of hotel guests hostage.

West Virginia flooding death toll rises to 26

At least 26 people in West Virginia have died in some of the worst flooding to hit the state, and hundreds more have been rescued from swamped homes.

67 Russians apply for exemptions to ban from Rio Olympics

The Russian sports minister says "up to 67 athletes" have applied to track and field's world governing body to be exempted from the ban on the Russian team at the Rio de Janeiro Olympics.

Immigrants 'became a scapegoat' in Brexit vote, and it worked

The Leave campaign deliberately stirred up anti-immigration anxieties to win the Brexit vote, researchers say.

Lead levels significantly higher in Flint kids after water switch: report

Children under the age of six in Flint, Mich., had significantly higher blood-lead levels after the city switched its water source in 2014 to save money, according to a CDC report released Friday.

Widespread flooding in West Virginia leaves at least 20 dead

At least 20 people in West Virginia have died in the U.S. state's worst flooding in more than a century, and hundreds more have been rescued from swamped homes, government officials said on Friday.

Pennsylvania Amish community in shock over teen girl 'gifted' to man

Police say Daniel Stoltzfus and his wife "gifted" their 14-year-old daughter to a man after he helped them out financially — and apparently sent their nine younger daughters to live with the 51-year-old at his small home near Philadelphia.

Will my British house become a home?

The worst things about this referendum are its finality and the uncertainty, Andrew MacDougall writes.

Dozens burned after walking on hot coals at Tony Robbins event

More than 30 people who attended an event with motivational speaker Tony Robbins have been treated for burns after Robbins encouraged them to walk on hot coals as a way of conquering their fears, Dallas fire officials said.

'What is EU?' among U.K.'s top online searches after Brexit vote

The United Kingdom's historic vote to exit the European Union is dominating the conversation online as well as in global headlines.

Millennial frustration with the Brexit vote

As the results of Thursday's nail-biting Brexit vote came rolling in, some of the strongest reactions came from young people in the U.K.

Brexit win sends shocked Remain voters to the pubs

In the classic British horror-comedy Shaun of the Dead, the hero, Shaun, when faced with a zombie apocalypse, hatches a brilliant plan.

Sanders says he'll vote for Clinton if it means defeating Trump

U.S. Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders said on Friday he will vote for presumptive Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton.

Leave victory should send chill down EU's collective spine

You could almost feel the hulking edifices that house the European Union’s main institutions in Brussels shrinking in on themselves as the news arrived with a grey dawn that one of their own, even if only reluctantly so, would be leaving after all — divorce papers to be delivered soon.

Britain needs 'fresh leadership' after EU result, David Cameron insists

Prime Minister David Cameron says he will resign by the fall and insists the British people's will must be respected after voters chose to leave the 28-nation European Union.

Judge strikes down Republican convention outdoor protest parameters

A federal judge on Thursday ruled that Cleveland's regulations governing protests and marches during next month's Republican National Convention infringe on the right of free expression and he ordered the city and a civil rights organization to begin negotiating new rules.

Bluegrass legend Ralph Stanley dead at 89

Appalachian music patriarch Ralph Stanley, who helped expand and popularize the bluegrass sound, has died.

U.K. pound takes wild ride as EU referendum results come in

The British pound seesawed dramatically early Friday as the first results came in for Britain's referendum on whether to leave the European Union, with increasingly mixed signals challenging earlier indications that "remain" had won a narrow victory.