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Finland Becomes Third Popular Country for Asylum Seekers in EU

Finland have become the third amid EU countries most popular with asylum seekers, media reported Monday, citing the country’s Immigration Service.

Scientists Digitally Recreate Rat Brain

Simulation of electrical activity in a “virtual brain slice” formed from seven unitary digital reconstructions of neocortical microcircuits from part of a rat’s brain.

Trump Slams Merkel’s “INSANE” Immigration Policy

Republican presidential front-runner Donald Trump Sunday criticised Germany’s commitment to take in millions of Muslim refugees and illegal immigrants this year, including some displaced from the ongoing civil war in Syria.

A Decisive Shift In The Power Balance Has Occurred

Perhaps among Obama’s advisors there are a few who are not drowning in hubris and can understand this seachange.

Communist leader Oli elected as new Nepal PM

The Nepalese parliament has chosen KP Sharma Oli as the new prime minister, tasked with unifying the country amid domestic unrest.

UK ‘TV reporter’ goes full rage, delivers news uncensored

Speaking your mind on air can be dangerous. But one news reporter appeared to get so fed up with the official stance of the news media that he completely flew off the handle and delivered the “f***ing news” raw and uncensored.

UK To Shoot Down Russian Jets in Syria, Moscow Demands Explanation

Following a report British defense officials have instructed fighter jet pilots to shoot down Russian jets over Syria, the military attaché at the British Embassy in Moscow was summoned to provide an explanation.

Trump maintains lead in new GOP poll

US GOP presidential hopeful Donald Trump has maintained his spot atop the 2016 Republican presidential field, a new poll suggests.

World War 3 Fears Raised As Turkey Downs Russian Jet

Turkish forces have shot down a Russian jet after it flew into the country’s airspace, according to unconfirmed reports on social media.

Four More Carmakers Join Diesel Emissions Row

Mercedes-Benz, Honda, Mazda and Mitsubishi’s cars are shown to emit significantly more NOx pollution on the road than in regulatory tests.

Hundreds of Thousands Protest Trade Deal with US in Berlin

Protesters from a range of political groups have gathered in central Berlin for a protest against TTIP, a trade deal between the US and the European Union that critics say will benefit large corporations at the expense of average Europeans.

400,000 illegal immigrants being deported from Europe

The people have spoken, and we have said “no!” to the massive immigration agenda. On October the 8th, EU interior ministers met to discuss a 10-point plan to send illegal immigrants back.

Facebook Reportedly Censoring Anti-TPP Posts

Facebook is reportedly censoring an article critical of the Trans-Pacific Partnership. Within the first 30 minutes of its publication on, the article entitled TPP to Kill Thousands by Expanding Monopoly Power of Drug Companies would constantly hit around 50 shares on the embedded Facebook counter, but then the counter would drop dramatically, as shown in the videos below.

Thousands Of illegal immigrants Cleared Off Lesbos for Tsipras and Faymann

Not one, not two, but three passenger ships from Lesbos transferring a total 4,911 illegal immigrants from Mytilene today, sailed for the port of Piraeus.

Iraqis Accuse US of Arming ISIS After Discovering Weapons Airdrop

“These are American parachutes that the Americans sent to IS when they were here in Baiji”. Iraqi residents have once again accused the US government of supplying ISIS jihadists with food and weapons in a viral video posted online this week.

Ben Carson Turns Warmonger, Says “US Should Fight Russia Everywhere”

The United States should actively counter Russian interests wherever it can, US Republican presidential candidate Ben Carson said on Friday.

Cigarettes to kill 2 million in China in 2030

Deaths caused by cigarette smoking in China will double to two million people in 2030, a study says. In the study published in The Lancet medical journal on Friday, researchers warned of a “growing epidemic of premature death” in the world’s most populous nation.

NATO To Send Troops To Protect ISIS From Russia

Deployment will effectively provide military support for ISIS and al-Nusra. NATO boss Jens Stoltenberg said during a meeting of defense ministers in Brussels on Thursday the alliance is prepared to send ground troops to protect Turkey’s border with Syria.

US, Russia on verge of confrontation over Syria

The Pentagon chief’s warning of grim consequences for Moscow over its military campaign in Syria is not merely “chest thumping” and may be a prelude to a “frightening” military confrontation, says an American analyst and radio host in New York.

Crimean mayor invites “extraordinary Trump” as US President

Donald Trump a hit in Russia? You wouldn’t think so. But the mayor of Yalta in Crimea has wished the maverick Republican success in the 2016 presidential election and invited him to visit the city, hinting that a street may be renamed after him.