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Swedish female workers at Migrant Centers found to be sleeping with children

Sweden is the must disgusting cucked nation in Europe at the moment. And what about Swedish men all while their women are sleeping around like prostitutes with Arab children invaders?

Donald Trump's First Year and the Illusion of Choice

The striking thing about Trump’s first twelve months compared to the Obama administration is not how different his foreign policies have been, but how similar.

Macron Admits France Would Vote to Leave EU if Referendum Held

French president Emmanuel Macron shocked Andrew Marr during their interview when he admitted that had France held a referendum on membership of the EU after Brexit, the French people would vote to leave.

Jews join forces with Muslims to help Invaders in Europe

The Hebrew Immigration Aid Society (HIAS) and Islamic Relief USA—two American-based groups—have announced a new joint “boots on the ground” initiative in Greece to help nonwhite invaders get “asylum” in Europe.

US government shuts down for the 18th time

The US government shut down at midnight Friday, the 18th such event in modern US history. RT takes a look at previous instances of congressional stalemate that brought the country to a standstill.

Trump's Broken Election Promises, The Neocon in Disguise as a Nationalist

Donald Trump, just like any politician, made a wide range of promises during his presidential campaign, with many of them making headlines; from building a wall on the Mexican border to withdrawing from Trans-Pacific Partnership and moving the American embassy in Israel from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem.

South Africa: Orania Schools Bursting at the Seams

The Afrikaner settlement of Orania in South Africa—a project which has mapped out a survival strategy for Europeans in regions overrun by the Third World—is going from strength to strength and this year has seen its school population rise to unprecedented numbers.

25% of Sweden population suffers from Gender Dysphoria (homosexuality)

The number of Swedes who applied for a gender investigation has risen by 25 percent, indicating a steady increase in “gender dysphoria” diagnoses, which is commonly referred to as “being born in the wrong body.” At the same time, more refrain from choosing their gender.

SOROS: EU On Verge of Breakdown

The European Union is heading towards collapse as nationalist-populism ignites the hearts and minds of Westerners, globalist kingpin George Soros has warned.

Sex Robot developer claims robots will be able to remain Pregnant and give Birth

Sex robots are becoming increasingly popular around the world, and one cyber visionary even claims that the machines will one day become capable of having orgasms and giving birth.

Furor in Italy after politician says the country’s “white race” is in danger

An interview with Italian Lega Nord politician Attilio Fontana, about mass migration on Radio Padania, has rocked the country: “We cannot (accept them) because we don’t all fit, so we have to make choices..

Arabs bomb police station in Sweden, 2 Arrested

A Swedish police station was bombed Wednesday evening by 2 Muslim Arabs, only the latest of several attacks against such symbols of the Swedish state in recent years.

French Prisons 'Don't Have Resources' to Deal With Jihadist Inmates

Prison guards from penal institutions across France spilled into the streets this week in protests following last week’s stabbing attack against guards at the Vendin-le-Vieil Prison by an ex al-Qaeda inmate.

Sweden Arming Itself Against Islamist Terror With Gender-Equal Concrete Lions

Sweden’s Security Service has warned of a risk of a new Islamist terrorist attack in the country in 2018.

Germany: 300,000 Migrant “Family Visas” Issued

The German government is currently preparing nearly one third of a million “family visas” for the immediate families of Third World invaders given “asylum” in that country—and this is just the start of the program of “family reunification.” According to a report in the Bild newspaper, the Federal Foreign Office in Berlin is currently preparing at least 300,000 visas for “family members of refugees” living in Germany with subsidiary protection.

Bilderberg globalist boss Peter Sutherland dies at 71

Peter Sutherland, the notorious mass migration and multiculturalism campaigner dubbed the ‘father of globalisation’ and a Bilderberg Group attendee, has finally died.

WHO: Asia, Africa, Literally Earth's Biggest "Sh*tholes"

558 million Central and Southern Asians and 220 million sub-Saharan Africans defecate in the open—and only 36 percent of Asians and 28 percent of Africans have access to “basic” toilets, according to the World Health Organization (WHO).

New DNA study finds Ancient Egyptians were European whites, not black Africans

A map showing the main areas of immigrant populations that contributed to Egyptian heritage between 1400 BCE and 400 CE.

Twitter Going Rogue? Titans in Silicon Valley Do Wield Outsized Power

Project Veritas’ exposure of Twitter’s alleged bias added to the controversy over potential censorship by major social media platforms.

Chain Migration Expected to Add 8 million Foreigners to U.S.

The United States’ current “chain migration” process, where newly naturalized citizens can bring an unlimited number of foreign relatives to the U.S.