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Ethanol biofuels pollute more than Oil based Gasoline – Study

Contrary to popular ‘green’ beliefs, a study funded by the US federal government argues that corn-based biofuels are actually worse for the environment than gasoline, as they emit more greenhouse gasses and deplete soil carbon.

Brazil hosts Internet governance conference over US’s spying NSA

A conference on Internet governance is set to start in Brazil in the wake of revelations about global spying activities by the United States.

After 17 years of hibernation, Russia will show its teeth – Medvedev

Russian Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev on Tuesday delivered ​​a report to the deputies of the State Duma on the work of the government in 2013.

International investigation team concludes MH370 landed safely somewhere

After weeks of search in the Indian Ocean, an investigation into the disappearance of Malaysia Airlines flight MH370 is considering the possibility that the plane has landed somewhere else, sources say.

US sends more troops and warships in Eastern Europe

US frigate USS Taylor (FFG 50) has entered the Black Sea, according to the US Navy, as the Pentagon announces plans to dispatch some 600 troops to Poland, Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia for military exercises.

Shocking Russian Report Labels GMO Foods “Bio-Warfare Weapon”

A shocking report prepared by Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev privately explaining his decision today to postpone the introduction of certifying genetically-modified seeds (GMO) for another three years in the Russian Federation warns that these “artificial” organisms are now showing “compelling evidence” of their being related to “bio-warfare agents” due to their “catastrophic effect” upon human health rather than their being able to be consumed as food.

Britain finds dramatic rise in skin cancer

Taking proper precautions when going out in the sun, avoiding tanning beds and sun over-exposure can cut the risk of skin cancer.

Americans consume 50% of total World Pharmaceutical Drugs

While Americans comprise only 5 percent of the world population, we consume an incredible 50 percent of Big Pharma’s drugs, as explained in Jeff Hays’ documentary film, Doctored.

Nigerian army searching for 234 terrorist abducted school girls

Nigerian security forces continue their search for more than 200 girls, who remain missing after being abducted by militants from a school in the volatile northeastern part of the country.

Russia bans GMOs for 3 more years

Russia will not start certifying GM seeds for at least three more years due to delays in creating the necessary infrastructure, Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev told MPs.

Chinese Citizens Beat Government Bureaucrats During Mass Riot

Irate Chinese citizens savagely beat five government bureaucrats during an incident that escalated into a 1,000 strong riot on Saturday in another telltale sign of the Communist country’s increasing social tensions.

Protesters violently clash with police in Venezuela

Hundreds of students and opposition supporters have clashed with police forces in the Venezuelan capital Caracas as they staged a rally demanding the “resurrection” of “democracy” in the South American country.

US Government Promoting Islam in Czech & other European countries

The Czech government has approved a new project funded by the US State Department, which is trying to promote Islam to Czech public school children and convert them across the country and other European countries, such as France and Spain.

Hillary Clinton running for 2016 president – her biographer

Hillary Clinton’s favorability rating has hit a six-year low. Former US secretary of state Hillary Clinton is already running for president in the next presidential election in 2016, her biographer has revealed.

​DARPA producing sea-floor drone pods

Artist’s rendering of the possible communications application of an upward falling payload. The Pentagon’s research arm, DARPA, is developing robot pods that can sit at the bottom of the ocean for long stretches of time, waiting to release airborne and water-based drones to the surface upon an attack command.

NASA’s latest robotic space explorer crashes into Moon

Concept art showing LADEE over the lunar surface. After spending months in space analyzing the lunar atmosphere, NASA’s latest robotic space explorer crashed and burned onto the moon’s surface.

E-cigarettes dangerous, at least 50 complaints in US alone

Complaints of injury associated with electronic cigarettes have witnessed a notable spike in the United States over the past year.

Bundy Family Unearths BLM Mass Cattle Grave

New photos released by the Bundy family Sunday provided more evidence to the claim that the Bureau of Land Management was illegally killing and burying confiscated cattle.

Study: US no longer a democracy

Findings of a new scientific study suggest that the United States is no longer a democracy but an oligarchy because the ideas of a small number of elite individuals are far more influential than those of common people.

Boston police evacuate marathon finish line, detonate device

Male suspect in Boston Police custody in unattended bags investigation at finish line. The Boston Police Department investigated two unattended backpacks near the finish line area of the city’s marathon.