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France bans all GMO corn, including Monsanto

France’s lower house of parliament passed a law Tuesday prohibiting genetically modified (GM) maize from being grown, citing environmental concerns.

Russian Foreign Ministry concerned over US hunt for its citizens

The Russian Foreign Ministry has issued an official warning to all citizens who travel abroad, saying they might be detained and extradited to the US for a biased trial on inflated charges.

Viktor Orban reelected as Prime Minister of Hungary

Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban has retained his two-thirds majority at the parliament following last week’s elections.

More than 4000 migrants storm Europe in just 2 days

Many boats have left North Africa and have been heading to the Italian island of Lampedusa – such as these migrants who arrived earlier this year in February.

Ukraine launches massive crackdown on east Russian separatists

Ukrainian security forces have launched a crackdown on separatist protesters in the eastern town of Slavyansk, where pro-Russian protesters have seized government buildings.

Sweden begins social experiment cutting work to 6 hours

​The local government of Gothenburg, Sweden, is to begin a yearlong experiment to see if cutting the working week to 30 hours will be more efficient.

Volcanic “Red Alert” Issued For Idaho By EMERCOM Scientists

A warning issued today by the Ministry of the Russian Federal for Civil Defense, Emergencies and Elimination of Consequences of Natural Disasters (EMERCOM) has advised the World Organization of Volcano Observatories (WOVO) that a “Red Alert” status level for the Borah Peak Mountain in Idaho (North America/United States) may be warranted in the coming weeks due to increased volcanic-seismic activity detected by both ground and satellite observations.

WHO speaks out on Ebola deadly disease outbreak

West Africa is seeing the “most challenging” outbreak of Ebola virus since the disease was discovered 40 years ago.

Strange Ghostly Cloud Engulfs Beach in Spain

A huge cloud was filmed engulfing the main beach in Alicante, causing concern among locals and holidaymakers and prompting debate as to its cause.

Ancient Lost City Uncovered by Wind in Saudi Arabia says Researcher

“A strong wind has uncovered ancient structures that no one has ever noticed. It seems to be something very ancient.,” says researcher Matteo Ianneo.

North Korea slams US double standards over missile tests

A South Korean sea-to-land cruise missile is fired from a submarine during a drill. North Korea’s National Defense Commission (NDC) has accused the US of hypocrisy for remaining silent over Seoul’s recent missile test while denouncing Pyongyang’s launches.

​US corn exports to China drop 85 percent after ban on GMO strains

China’s rejection of shipments of US corn containing traces of unapproved genetically modified maize has caused a significant drop in exports.

Russian Agent “Missing” In Detroit Was Tracking Bio/Nuke Device

A highly troubling report prepared by the Main Intelligence Directorate (GRU) of the Ministry of Defense for President Putin states that the GRU Senior Lieutenant who “disappeared” in Detroit, Michigan this past week was part of a surveillance team that had been tracking a “nuclear/biological” device from its originating site in Libya, its air transit to Canada, and then its entrance into the United States.

Turkey to maintain YouTube block despite ‘free speech’ ruling

YouTube will remain blocked in Turkey in spite of a court order ruling that the ban is a violation of freedom of speech.

Senator Harry Reid Behind BLM Land Grab of Bundy Ranch

Corrupt Democratic Sen. Harry Reid (D-Nev.) working with the Chinese gov’t to take land from hard-working Americans.

Moody’s downgrades Turkey outlook to negative

Turkey’s credit rating has been downgraded as a result of political turmoil in the country. The international credit rating agency, Moody’s, has downgraded its outlook on Turkey over increased pressure on the country’s external financing position and weaker growth prospects.

Obama administration wins Jefferson Muzzle award for restricting free press

The United States Department of Justice and the White House Press Office are this year’s top winners of a dubious award extended to those considered to be “responsible for some of the more egregious or ridiculous affronts to First Amendment principles.” On Wednesday this week, the Thomas Jefferson Center for the Protection of Free Expression announced that the US Justice Dept.

US Congress considers blocking GMO food labeling

A new bill introduced in Congress looks to ban states from implementing their own labeling laws when it comes to food containing genetically engineered ingredients.

Argentina braces for strike over inflation, crime

Argentina is bracing for a major strike over high inflation and crime levels in the Latin American country.

Malayesia MH370 ‘Followed by Fighter Jets’ – Girlfriend of Victim

Sarah Bajc with her lover Philip Wood who was on-board the missing MH370 flight. The other night CNN had Sarah Bajc on as a guest to talk about what she thinks ultimately happened to Flight MH 370.