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Make the most of summer sweet corn with these 10 vegetarian recipes

In North America, corn is in season all summer long and into the early fall. You can add its sweet flavor to a wide range of dishes, from main courses to desserts.

China is about to make a really big bet on electric cars (100 billion yuan!)

Any way you slice it, a hundred billion yuan is a lot of moolah (equivalent to about 16.3 billion US dollars at today's exchange rate).

Ultimate urban utility bike winner is packed full of commuting features

A bike design competition project to create and produce the "next-wave urban bike" garnered some amazing entries from design firms and their bike builder partners, and while all of the designs had some notable features, one bike rose above them all and was named as the Ultimate Urban Utility Bike.

Is this the end of the plastic wars? US Green Building Council to work with American Chemistry Council

For the last few years, the US Green Building Council, which administers the LEED green building certification system, has been under attack by the chemical industry.

What's really in your plate? Mislabelled fish could mean more mercury than you think

Mercury is bad for you, especially if you are pregnant or are a child, and it's also increasingly present in the food chain.

Small brown duck seeks permanent home

Researchers from the Wildfowl and Wetlands Trust are looking for a home for the last 25 Madagascar pochard.

Whistle-blowing website WildLeaks targets powerful poaching networks

Wildleaks, a new website in the vein of WikiLeaks has set its sights on taking down powerful poaching networks and illegal logging operations.

Make your own chemical-free essential oil diffuser

This DIY project is cheap and easy, and ensures that you won't have a room full of toxic fragrance. The purpose of an essential oil diffuser is to spread the aroma of essential oils throughout a home, deodorizing and purifying the air, making a room smell great, and lifting the mood.

Hivehaus: Modular hexagonal home is stylish off-grid living option (Video)

Modular designs have a lot going for them: they are expandable, customizable and are made to adapt to any number of circumstances, be it for disaster relief situations or building an affordable off-grid home.

We need smart thermostats because people are dumb

Our esteemed editor Lloyd has, until recently, been an ardent critic of "smart thermostats" and other gadgetry.

DNA "fingerprinting" of illegally logged trees needs reliable databases, says professor

Despite recent advances in the fight against illegal logging, tropical forests are still being cut down at an alarming rate, thanks to lack of regulation in some places, or weak enforcement of existing laws in other locales.

When beer goes bad: This mini-keg is just about the most environmentally stupid packaging I have ever seen.

I am a huge fan of the Ontario system of returnable beer bottles. I carry the empties to the beer store in their Scarborough Suitcase and get a dime per bottle back.

Flat pack 129 sq. ft. yurt is digitally fabricated for modern nomads

As people who've ever had the chance to visit or assemble a traditional Mongolian yurt may know, they are heavy things.

Did Operation Safe Cycle make the streets of New York any safer for bikes?

Today marks the last day of Operation Safe Cycle, an initiative of the New York City Police Department aiming to “help ensure the well-being of cyclists.” A major tactic of this campaign has been to up the number of traffic tickets issued to cyclists.

Transformable mobile tiny house designs for the urban nomad: Truck-A-Tecture

Tiny houses are captivating to many of us, perhaps in part because our homes are too big, or because we own too much stuff, or because we'd love to find a more affordable dwelling that would also better fit our green lifestyle.

Fish don't need sunscreen, scientists say

A beach in Majorca, Spain. Colourful towels line the beach and children play in the sand. The smell of salt and sunscreen fill the air.

Cleaning bikes with microbe-juice? NYC's Citi Bike does it!

Bike-sharing is great, with 23 million rides across the U.S. since 2007 - over 10 million of which took place in New York City - resulting in zero fatal accidents so far.

Midcentury church in Quebec is converted to a library

When Jean Marie-Roy built the St Denys du Plateau church in Quebec City in 1964, it was a modern wonder.

VW's 2015 electric e-Golf is coming to the U.S. in November

Volkswagen has just announced that the 2015 VW E-Golf will be priced at $36,265 (including destination charge) when it launches in the U.S.

College students' annual pilgrimage -- No, it's not to Daytona

As the 50th Anniversary of Canyonlands National Park approaches next month, Utahans and others across the country who love the area are pushing for President Obama to declare the 1.8 million acres of public lands surrounding the park as a new Greater Canyonlands National Monument.