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Thanksgiving leftovers: A roundup of past Thanksgiving Day stories

Some flashes from the past in TreeHugger: What Astronauts Will Eat For Thanksgiving on Mars The future may look very much like the past.

Eco-friendly retailer will sell only damaged garments on Black Friday

BeGood wants to reduce waste, instead of promote overconsumption, and has come up with an awesome plan to do so.

Man's unique handmade instrument emits mind-blowing sounds (Video)

Compared to their mass-manufactured, homogenous and predictable brethren, handmade things can be awe-inspiring, by virtue of their uniqueness and craftsmanship.

New Mexico utility endangering public health with coal mine deal

By Tom Valtin of the Sierra Club All across the country, the cost of coal is going up, while the price of clean energy is coming down.

Artist's complex ceramic sculptures are fractal inspired

On an intuitive level, looking around at the complexity of the natural world, we know that we can learn much from observing the inherent patterns and forms found in nature.

Here's how to fight climate change, alleviate poverty, and increase resilience too.

The old trope that we can either have economic development or environmental protection has been pretty much blown out of the water by this point.

Google keeps an eye out for fish poachers

When we think of poaching, we tend to focus on land animals being illegally hunted toward extinction, but a similar event is happening to fish in the sea.

Michael Pollan tells people to "take back control of your plate!"

By controlling portion size and refusing to overeat, particularly in restaurants, we can reduce food waste and remind ourselves of the true value of food.

We can still win the war against the single-use paper coffee cup

How long have we been at war with the paper cup? Well, here at TreeHugger we've waged a long battle against single-serve paper coffee cups since at least 2008, when our founder Graham Hill came up with his quirky We Are Happy to Serve You porcelain coffee cup.

This micro camper sleeps two adults and can be towed by bicycle

This prototype bicycle camper seems like a great idea, but unless you live in a very flat region without high winds, the Wide Path Camper might be better suited to using as a backyard microcabin.

Brilliant floating greenhouse sustains itself with sun & harvested rainwater (Video)

In a time when traditional agriculture is giving way to hybridized methods of production, urban rooftop farms and other forms of unconventional cultivation, many are looking for ways to maximize production that is not land-based.

'Black sea devil’ anglerfish filmed in its habitat for 1st time ever (video)

1,900 feet deep Many of the most bizzare and/or fascinating creatures on Earth can be found near the bottom of the sea, far from the light of the sun that is such a big part of all living creatures on the surface.

Another reason to stop buying antibacterial soap - will it finally be banned?

The marketing claim 'antibacterial' still sells soap. I know this because people are still buying it, which I know because it is still all over the shelves at the supermarket.

Being thin is not the same as being strong and healthy

A post-pregnancy corset may have worked for Jessica Alba, but those kinds of magic bullet solutions for weight loss are a bad idea for a lot of reasons.

How vodka can help de-ice roads

Every winter, the United States spreads between 10 and 20 million tons of rock salt over icy roads. In total, the country spends $2.3 billion on de-icing for highways alone - this cost covers plowing, salt and other methods.

Valuing the essential element: Water

By Emily Simmons, coordinator for The Nature Conservancy’s securing water program Do you know where your water comes from?

Toyota on hydrogen fuel cell technology: “Simply a better battery”

On Monday, November 17, 2014, Toyota invited Treehugger and several other select journalists from around the world to Newport Beach, California, to witness the unveiling of their long anticipated, finally road-ready, hydrogen fuel cell vehicle (FCV), dubbed Mirai.

Protect your fertility with underwear that shields your manly bits from EMF radiation

Could that smartphone in your pocket, and the computer on your lap, be lowering your fertility? These EMF-shielding underwear might be the answer.

Smart light bulb designed by ex-Tesla engineer adjusts itself

There has been no shortage of smart LED light bulbs hitting the shelves. From Philips Hue to LIFX LED to WigWag, all are wirelessly connected and can be controlled by your smartphone to go from dim to bright, go on and off on a schedule and make a rainbow of hues.

This holiday season, try to focus less on physical gifts and more on experiential ones

Giving gifts just for the sake of giving loses its noble purpose when it results in an overstuffed house and more trash in our landfill sites.