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2014 World Green Car of the Year is...

What's the 2014 World Green Car of the Year? No, it's not that chocolate cake above. Yes, it is of course an electric car.

Japan has cut its quota of whales to be killed in the Pacific by 45% (how about 100% next time?)

Not long after the International Court of Justice declared that Japan's whale hunt around Antarctica was not "scientific" and that it should stop, the country has decided to reduce the scale of its whaling int he Pacific.

U.S. is NOT prepared for a major oil spill in the Arctic

One of the perverse effects of climate change, and of the fact that the poles are warming up faster than the rest of the planet, is that Arctic sea ice is retreating more than we've ever seen before, opening up the Arctic sea to oil shipping and drilling.

Is the DryFlush "The toilet that will change the world?"

Kristina Von Kroug and family live on a bus, so their choice of toilet is a major concern. They describe the one they chose in the Tiny House Blog as The toilet that will change the world.

First open source seeds released by Open Source Seed Initiative

The Open Source Seed Initiative puts seeds in the public domain for gardeners to freely grow, breed, and share.

Scientists discover that salamanders are unsung climate warriors!

In our fight against global warming, we have an unlikely ally. Who? The tiny salamanders that roam the forests of most of the world!

Vermont’s mandatory GMO labeling law only awaits governor’s signature

Yesterday, Vermont’s House of Representatives approved the final amendments to the state’s mandatory GMO labeling bill, sending it to the governor’s desk for his signature.

More detail on those Chinese 3D-printed houses

TreeHugger recently covered the 3D printed houses built in Shanghai from fiber reinforced cement but had limited information; now Designboom comes to the rescue with more photos and a fascinating video.

Runner-up on Radical Innovation hotel design competition plugs right in

The Radical Innovation Award is a "competition for professionals and students to create a new strategy that solves hotel industry problems and creates new opportunities for guests and investors." As in many competitions, the runners-up are more interesting than the finalists.

11 ways to reuse old milk bags

Many Canadians drink milk that comes in 1.3-litre plastic bags. This is a foreign concept for Americans, who find it simultaneously amusing and unbelievable, but it’s true.

Could higher food prices reduce food waste?

Food waste is more than just a shame. It’s a terrible waste of natural resources, from the water used to irrigate crops to the energy necessary for transporting food from farm to table.

431 electric vehicles gather in Montréal to set Guinness World Record for largest EV parade

Sometimes electric car owners can feel a bit lonely on the road, but they certainly didn't in Montréal last week!

Container vegetable gardening can provide fresh homegrown produce in small spaces

If you've got the urge to grow at least some of your own food, but don't have the yard space for a vegetable garden outside, or have a landlord that won't allow you to dig up part of the lawn for a garden plot, you may be still be able to produce fresh homegrown food with container vegetable gardening.

What is kinetic energy? Can it be harnessed to power our stuff?

So what is kinetic energy? We've written many articles about various things that harness it, from small gadgets to big infrastructure, but we've never really looked at the field as a whole, with an explanation of how it works and an overview of the pros and cons of trying to harness kinetic energy.

NRDC: Agenda 21 conspiracy theorists threaten cities' sustainability efforts

Agenda 21 is the conspiracy Theory of Everything, making climate change, light bulbs, transit, smart growth, fuel economy, bike lanes, sustainability, anything green into a plot to take away America's freedoms.

Google & SunPower pump $250 million more into residential solar leasing

Google is one of the leading corporations in the US for investment in renewable energy. On Earth Day (yesterday), it announced its 15th renewable energy investment, the purchase of a gigantic 407-megawatt wind farm in Iowa.

Wearable electronics could be powered by body heat

Wearable electronics seem to be the inevitable next thing in mobile devices. Devices like Google Glass, smart watches and fitness trackers are already ushering in this new wave of personal gadgets.

First stretch of the glow-in-the-dark Smart Highway opens in the Netherlands

in 2012 Dann Roosegaarde unveiled his plan for the Smart Highway, "an interactive and sustainable road that includes a five-step plan for modernizing European roadways." In 2013 Dann won the INDEX Design To Improve Life award for it, and on April 10 the first trial of the idea opened in the province of Noord-Brabant in The Netherlands.

Wear your clothes #InsideOut for Fashion Revolution Day!

Stop for a moment. Take a look at what you’re wearing. Do you know where it was made? Have you ever stopped to think about who made it?

Creating electric car clusters to test the grid of the future

Electric cars are selling well, and every day there are more and more EVs and plug in hybrids on the road.