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25% of cars are causing 90% of the air pollution that we breathe, new study finds

It's quite obvious that clean air is extremely important, but the more we learn about the impacts of air pollution, the more that belief is confirmed and the more urgency we should feel.

Los Angeles once had bike highways in the sky

We once wrote that Cycle Tracks will abound in Utopia, but over the years came to conclude that separated, elevated bicycle highways were a silly idea.

That time Stevie Wonder wanted to test drive my Tesla... (video)

Just a fun anecdote about Steve Wonder and a Tesla, as told by Cedric the Entertainer to Conan O'Brien.

The illegal ivory trade is thriving on Craigslist

You can buy just about anything on Craigslist, including ivory and related wildlife items, despite its policy prohibiting the sale of animal parts.

Guests live the simple life in this romantically rustic earth-sheltered home (Video)

We here at TreeHugger are known for being partial to a modern aesthetic, yet we nevertheless have a gooey, soft spot for the rustic home comforts of earth-sheltered homes.

Reviving the ramón nut: An ancient food offers new hope for fighting malnutrition

The ramón nut is technically the seed of a tropical fruit, which ripens and falls to the forest floor.

For students in Uaxactun, the rainforest is a classroom

The tape measure doesn't reach all the way around the trunk of the tree, so one student marks the spot where it started by placing a finger on the tree.

Home Depot to eliminate phthalates from vinyl flooring

Vinyl floors are practical and relatively inexpensive. But they are also full of phthalates, the gender bender plasticizer that makes them soft.

Common drug in wastewater is surprising reason behind gender-bending fish

Move over birth control pills, there's a new drug in town making male fish bear eggs. Birth control pills and herbicides in water are known to wreak all kinds of havoc on the sexual development of aquatic life and possibly even our children, but now a researcher from University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee has found another culprit.

Make your bed and kitchen disappear with Clei's latest transformers

It's hard, living in a small apartment. In may parts of Europe people spend a lot of money to live in very small apartments in the smartest parts of town.

You can't be too skinny or too rich In New York City

The subhead on Citylab's coverage of a new 47 foot wide pencil tower on 44th street in New York City asks "Can super-slender in-fill projects help NYC's housing squeeze?

Drones join search and rescue operations in Maine

One of the most repeated reasons for developing and supporting drones and autonomous robots is that these nimble machines could be a great help in search and rescue operations.

8 natural remedies for anxiety

Anxiety is a wily monster – an insidious mix of fear, worry, and uneasiness that culminates in nervous inner turmoil, it’s no fun.

What's better than a superhero? A bike-riding superhero!

Avengers 3: The Bike Squad Here's a great marketing campaign to promote cycling by Italy's VeloLove and the art students at the Nuova Accademia di Belle Arti Milano.

Bike sharing comes to Philadelphia, finally! 60 stations with 600 bikes (video)

Yesterday, Philadelphia launched a bike sharing program that has been many years in the making. Our friend Clarence was there, and since he doesn't need sleep, being a robot and all, he spent all night editing a great video showing the launch and how cool the new Indego system is.

OVER illustrates perils of overshoot and impacts of human overpopulation on our planet (review)

This large format photo book features hundreds of stunning images highlighting the effects that our global population of 7 billion (and growing) has on the Earth.

Here's another way to store your bike in your apartment: The Milestone

A lot of people are proud of their bikes and store them in their apartments; that's why 10 ways to hang your bike on the wall like a work of art is one of our most popular posts.

Has Steelcase designed the answer to the 'problem' of the open office?

It is all the rage these days to dump on the open office and yell "offices for everyone" like they do at Fast Company.

Apple gives us an environmental responsibility update for Earth Day

Good & Bad Earth Day is coming, and to celebrate, the fruit company has updated its environmental responsibility disclosure.

On finally getting my Kickstarter-funded Jorno keyboard, two years late

An important update has been added at the bottom of this post. I got a real surprise this morning; the delivery of my Jorno folding keypboard that I bought on Kickstarter- on September 19, 2012.