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Pollution was just too much: Beijing to close its last remaining coal plant next year

China has huge pollution problems, but before we blame it all on them, let's remember that a lot of it comes from making stuff for the rest of the world, and that most Chinese citizens don't really have a say in this and are the primary victims of this pollution.

Nashville 185 sq. ft. tiny home is a modern guesthouse

Having seen country styled dwellings, remodelled shotguns and gypsy caravans, we know that tiny homes are a diverse bunch.

Dousing flames with sound waves, new fire extinguisher makes no mess

Like a gizmo from a superhero's toolbelt, two engineering students have invented a device to battle blazes with noise – water and toxic chemicals not required.

Camera trap captures first video of lion in Gabon in 20 years

When researchers began conducting wildlife surveys in the southeastern region of Gabon, their sensor-triggered cameras were more likely to capture images of poachers than big cats.

Date palm grown from 2,000-year-old seed is a dad

Break out the cigars! Long the only lonely representative of its kind, the Judean palm in now reproducing and giving researchers a unique glimpse back in time.

9 natural remedies for sinus pain

From nasal lavage to pineapple enzymes, these time-honored home treatments can help ease the misery. While some ailments are decidedly seasonal, sinus mayhem does not discriminate.

Spíritree: Biodegradable burial urn turns cremation ashes into a living tree

Death is life's only inescapable truth, and the significance of its impact often has people trying to create meaning out of it.

12 clever new uses for cats and dogs

Pets, they’re not just for cuddling anymore! Long gone are the days when animal shelters relied solely on photos of big-eyed kitties and sad puppies to entice humans into taking orphaned pets home.

How well are companies doing on deforestation? offers a new transparency tool

Preventing deforestation has been identified as an important way of fighting climate change, but protecting forests is a challenge as the global demand for agricultural products rises.

For 'sustainable lifestyles' to succeed, we must talk about money

As a rule, I've always disliked the eco-truism that you "One person, one vote" is a very different notion to "one dollar, one vote." That's why you vote with the ballot box.

Barely camouflaged pre-production Tesla Model X spotted in Palo Alto (video)

As we get closer to the Model X launch date, people are spotting more and more pre-production units being tested in the wild.

A lesson in water quality from clams

By Nancy Kelley, Director of The Nature Conservancy's Long Island Chapter In my 15-year career as executive director for The Nature Conservancy on Long Island, I have learned a lot from the low-lying, muck-dwelling (albeit delicious) clam.

Tortoise interruptus? Giant tortoise, very slowly, rushes to defend his ladylove (video)

This is what happens when you pester a giant tortoise in the midst of mating. As vice president of the Royal Geographical Society and one of the world’s most experienced science divers and polar travelers, explorer Paul Rose knows a thing or two about nature … and the birds and bees.

This is what smog sounds like when set to music

While air pollution is a topic worthy of our attention, the data describing it is not the sexiest set of numbers on the block.

Factory built of wood is energy-efficient, healthy, and beautiful

BC Passive House (BCPH) builds prefab panellized passive houses out of sustainably harvested wood, neatly tying up all of my obsessions in one package.

World Environment Day 2015 to promote sustainable lifestyles

Every year, the United Nations Environment Program honors World Environment Day on June 5 to raise awareness about environmental issues and call for action.

Stay comfy when camping with the Thermo Tent

Thousands of years ago, Mongolian sheep herders insulated their gers (AKA yurts) with felt made from sheeps wool.

Mini-sized hydropower plant charges your devices on the go

With better weather on the way, many of you may be planning some extensive hikes and camping trips. While there are several solar power kits you can bring with you, the truth is that they can often take a long time to produce enough electricity to charge up your smartphone, GPS or LED lamps.

Why Meat Free Week should be called 'Eat More Vegetables Week'

Meat-eaters are unlikely to have a vegetarian epiphany while going cold tofurkey for a week. But if the focus were on the glory of vegetables, and how awesome vegetarianism or flexitarianism can be, then perhaps it would be more effective.

Meet the drones proven to stop elephant and rhino poaching

Air Shepherd is matching unmanned aerial vehicles with super computers to help rangers stop the slaughter – during tests in one area where 19 rhinos are typically killed monthly, there were zero deaths for 6 months.