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Artist's embroidered seed art evokes bonds between nature and humans

The natural world is full of relationships that we may not initially realize. In fact, nature is made of relationships -- just as human nature is made of relationships -- how we interact and interdepend with others, how we qualify our past memories, our current existence, and how we relate to nature as well.

Remixd: Charming upcycled clothing from thrift store finds

In the current glut of cheaply made disposable fashion, it's not easy to make something old and previously worn into something that is new, precious and unique.

Petite Mort: Precious ethical furs handmade from roadkill

"Ethical fur" may seem like an oxymoron, especially in light of greenwashing campaigns that attempt to obfuscate the full environmental impact and inhumane practices of the mainstream fur industry.

This Indian solar power plant will = almost all of the solar power installed in the US in 2010

The Indian solar power market is heating up, really heating up. As I wrote in November, the Indian government is aiming to invest $1 billion into renewable energy in the coming few years, and it has raised its 2022 solar power capacity target from 22 gigawatts to 100 gigawatts.

Citysens is a chic hydroponic vertical garden that grows air-cleaning plants (Video)

It's a joy to have green, living plants in one's living space, but if you're not gifted with either a green thumb or a large living space, growing greenery can be a real challenge.

Can a social action gaming app get more people growing their own food?

This mobile app aims to promote sustainable practices by merging "physical and digital worlds organically," connecting real-world activities to in-game play in order to teach people how to grow food.

Natural candle powered terracotta heater will warm you for cheap

With the heating season in full swing, many of us are looking for cheaper ways to heat our spaces. Sami came across this clever do-it-yourself hack last year that involved using candles and some clay pots, and now, from Italian designer Marco Zagaria comes the Egloo, a crowdfunded, professionally produced version that consists of sleekly made terracotta domes that heat up with the help of four hidden candles.

Disposable bag bill promotes a greener, cleaner, healthier New York City

By Kizzy Charles-Guzman, Policy Director for The Nature Conservancy's New York City Program New Yorkers use and discard a staggering 10 billion disposable, single-use bags every year.

Lots of hugs may help us avoid the common cold

The tongue-in-cheek name of this publication might imply that we are already pro-hugging, but new research suggests that hugs may have preventative health benefits.

Could genetically modifying plants to process salt be the future of agriculture?

The plants we rely on for our staple foods from wheat to rice, from corn to soybeans, wouldn't survive in salty soil.

NuBryte Smart Home control system raises questions about what a smart home is supposed to do

An old rabbi once said "my life has been blessed, because I never knew I needed anything until I had it." I often think of that phrase when someone pitches a new Smart Home device that promises to simplify our lives and save energy, like this one, the NuBryte from LUCIS technologies.

Staying organized with an old-fashioned paper planner

The organization of my personal life is one area in which technology has failed me. I've gone the archaic route of keeping track of everything on paper, and here's why it works so well.

Fractal inspired 3D printed lamp is powered by the wind

Critics have rightly wondered whether if there is more hype than substance to 3D printing. And while 3D printing has grown up and may very well be a disruptive technology that is heralding in a new age where supply lines, inventory and waste is reduced, it may also inadvertently enable us to create more junk that we don't need.

Why taxing plastic grocery bags actually works

It may have served you for a quick trip home from the grocery story, but a single plastic bag can take over 1,000 years to decompose.

Tesla Model S named 'Most important car of the last 20 years' by The Telegraph

It's that time of the year again. Year-end lists of "the best X of 2014" are rolling out, soon to be followed by all kinds of predictions for 2015.

Sorry kids, Santa is running out of reindeers

Santa will soon have to take the bus... Here's a rather sad seasonal tale: The iconic reindeer, known to kids as Santa's source of flying locomotion, is in trouble.

Is your refrigerator running? Soon it will be doing it solid state.

We are just at the beginning of the LED revolution, with semiconductors pumping out light. The next big disruption may well be semiconductor cooling.

Businesses get solar at no upfront cost, encourage their customers and employees to invest too

When companies like Solar City started offering no money down solar leases in California, it heralded the start of a major solar power boom.

Derby the dog, born with deformed legs, can now run thanks to 3D printed prosthetics!

Derby the dog was born disabled, with deformed front legs that severely restricted his mobility. When Tara Anderson met Derby, rather than just pity him, she decided to do something about the situation.

Restaurants move way beyond local and organic, get serious about carbon

Since TreeHugger launched, locally grown produce has become a mainstay of restaurant menus everywhere.