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Secrets of the groundhog revealed

Behold the mysterious groundhog. We know them as prognosticators of spring and muses for cult movies, but these furry creatures from the pantheon of giant rodents have other secrets to reveal.

This little animal can potentially live forever

Immortality, much? Scientists believe that the hydra may be able to eternally resist going gentle into that good night.

Artist's jewel-like recycled glass mosaics reveal nature's consciousness

Recycled glass has popped up in things like tiles, countertops and even houses. But of course, it has uses in art too, as Derbyshire, UK-based artist Nikki Ella Whitlock skilfully demonstrates in her stunning mosaics featuring vibrantly coloured glass and mosaic tiles, as well as mixed media pieces that are quite breathtaking.

Sierra Nevada Red Fox spotted in Yosemite National Park for first time in 100 years!

The photo that you see above is special. It represents the first confirmed sighting of a Sierra Nevada Red Fox (Vulpes vulpes necator), one of the most endangered mammals in all of North America.

Going uphill: Tesla passes a bunch of SUVs stuck in the snow (video)

Hopefully this is another nail in the coffin of the myth that electric cars are bad in cold weather conditions (remember the controversy surrounding a New York Times article a couple years ago?

Rare African golden cat kittens photographed for the first time

The African golden cat is the continent’s least studied cat, because it lives in dense tropical forests and seems to be particularly skilled at avoiding human encounters.

Pedal powered coffee bikes could be green money machines

This TreeHugger is totally conflicted about food trucks. On the one hand, they have led to an explosion of entrepreneurial activity among young people who couldn't possibly afford to open a conventional restaurant.

Interactive New Moon installation is made from 5,500 recycled light bulbs (Video)

Inefficient and short-lived incandescent light bulbs are being phased out in parts of the world like India, Argentina, and the European Union; even the UN has weighed in on the matter, saying that discontinuing them would reduce carbon emissions and save billions of dollars.

5 tips for transitioning to a standing desk

I’ve been using a standing desk for about a year. My first standing desk was a stack of books on top of a printer on top of a bookshelf—it was pretty unsightly but it got the job done.

Truly smart meters will speak a language that people understand ($$$)

A few years ago, smart meters and the smart grid were hot ideas in the media. Even the president of the United States extolled their virtues in a 2009 speech, saying that they would help average people save energy and cut their utility bills.

Petit Beast: Hanging air plant sculptures look like graceful jellyfish

Air plants (Tillandsia) are among the most forgiving plants to grow, even for people who have a habit of neglecting their gardening duties.

Meatonomics explores the bizarre economic forces that drive meat & dairy production

According to the research of author David Simon, the externalized cost of our animal food system totals about $414 billion per year, which is carried by all of us.

Valentine’s Day by the numbers, are you sitting down?

The holiday once marked by amorous missives and hand-plucked posies has evolved into a day of staggering statistics.

This "Simple Home" has legs

Back in the early days of the shipping container, there wasn't much of the handling infrastructure to move them from truck to ship to train; in fact, there wasn't any.

How long would your home's food supply last if you had to rely on it?

Remember Y2K? Computers were all going to fail, planes were going to fall out of the sky, the food system was going to break down.

This mock horror film features a giant K-Cup Godzilla

The single-use coffee pod situation is getting so dire that one film producer decided to tackle it from a different angle, in hopes of catching consumers' attention.

For a healthier home avoid the 'dollar' stores

It's probably a little known fact that 'dollar stores' - those ubiquitous weird stores that have a little bit of everything and with prices at just one buck - are actually more numerous in the U.S.

New York City is considering a bag tax, so it’s time to re-watch “Plastic State of Mind”

New York City legislators are considering a bill that would place a ten cent fee on disposable shopping bags, in a effort to cut down on litter and waste associated with both paper and plastic single-use bags.

China's coal production falls for first time this century

First we heard that China's coal consumption may have fallen. Then there were reports that coal imports had declined too, which would of course make sense.

The anatomy of a McDonald’s french fry

An anti-foaming agent and beef flavor are just two of the 14 ingredients that go into forming the famous fries.