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The great biannual clothing storage swap

In many way, modern green living is very different depending on where you live. In this installment of our Town & Country series, Katherine and Margaret discuss one thing that is almost exactly the same.

Yikes! Global animal populations are roughly 50% smaller than they were in 1970!

We must quickly reverse the trend! The 2014 Living Planet Report, created by the Zoological Society of London and the WWF, contains many alarming facts about the state of our planet's species.

This Halloween, banish these bloodsucking vampires from your home

Sink your teeth into these vampire slaying tips to cut electricity use at home, which can save you money and increase your overall energy efficiency.

Minimalist multifunctional transformer boxes hide bed, office & kitchen

We've seen numerous examples of modular, freestanding volumes that hide a multitude of functions and amenities in them, acting like amazing transformers of space.

Two Years' Time: The Nature of Hurricane Sandy

By Bill Ulfelder, Executive Director of The Nature Conservancy in New York On October 29, 2012 the Northeast took a pounding when Superstorm Sandy came ashore – flooding our communities, putting thousands of homes and businesses in the dark, causing $40 billion in damage and killing scores of people in less than 24 hours.

British supermarket chain will have 40MW of rooftop solar by 2015

Whether it was planting millions of trees, turning food waste into electricity or using smart grid technology to slash its energy use, British supermarket Sainsbury's has been slowly but surely beefing up its sustainability credentials.

The 'greenlighting' innovation every city cyclist wants

I have a love-hate relationship with my 'favorite' traffic light. While it is at an important frequently-crossed intersection on one of my everyday routes, and gives me access to a low-stress neighborhood street I love to ride on, many times I spend long minutes sitting at this light, waiting and waiting for it to change to green, because my bike doesn't set off the signal.

Retro lamps made from recycled vintage Danish vacuum cleaners

Vacuum cleaners are one of those household appliances that are made to function, rather than be on display.

Drinking soda daily will age you as much as smoking

A new study reveals yet another reason to kick the soda habit: it makes your cells age faster! Drinking a 20-ounce sugar-sweetened soda per day may age you as much as smoking, according to a study recently published in the American Journal of Public Health.

Solar battery pack allows you be a Freeloader with your gadgets (Review)

The iSIS Freeloader battery pack and Supercharger solar panel, when combined with the CamCaddy camera battery charger, make up a solid globetrotting gadget-charging bundle.

The world’s 10 greenest economies of 2014 may surprise you

A new report ranks countries by their green investments, and also compares performance to our perceptions.

Meet the dog that's allergic to people

When Adam, a Black Labrador, arrived at the Lucky Dog Retreat Rescue in Indianapolis, his skin was cracked and hair was falling out.

Scientists use drones to monitor killer whales

Drones have been used in a variety of ways to observe and protect wildlife, from looking out for poachers in Africa to capturing video of giant dolphin pods on the move.

Artist to collect Beijing's smog & transform it into unique rings

In an effort to free itself of its unfortunate reputation for polluted skies, Beijing officials recently launched a program to get rid of its smog by 2017.

10 winter camping tips for every camper

Winter camping is a great way to get outside during the cold months, provided you plan ahead in detail.

Scientists uncover how colorful pygmy seahorses camouflage themselves

Pygmy seahorses are fragile and tiny, they could have been included in our list of animals tiny enough to sit on your finger.

Deja vu all over again: Michigan auto dealers sneakily try to lock Tesla out of the state

But you can do something to help When the incumbents do everything in their power to keep you out of the market, rather than try to compete with you directly on the merit of their products, you know you're on to something.

Drop a brick in your toilet to fight the drought

Dropping a brick isn't something you normally brag about, but in this instance, it could help you go from water hog to water hero at home.

Oven-baked rutabaga fries [vegan]

Colder weather brings an abundance of root vegetables. If you have a CSA that runs into the winter in the Northeast, it’s likely to be filled with these hearty staples: potatoes, turnips, carrots and yams.

Is resurrecting extinct animals conservation?

Species are dropping like flies - so much so that the World Wildlife Fund estimates that anything between 200 - 100,000 animals go extinct every year.