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This incredible fetish photo history book will have you tied up for months!

  It’s amazing when you consider what we might now view as quaint, familiar photographic imagery was once a serious no-no.

Drag-tastic covers from vintage crossdresser magazine ‘Female Mimics’

A fantastic, gender-bending cover of ‘Female Mimics” magazine, 1971.   Launched in 1963, Female Mimics magazine was the very first glossy covered cross-dressing publication of its kind.

Redesigned posters for cinema classics & cult films: Hitchcock, ‘Re-Animator,’ ‘They Live!’ and more

  As regular readers will know we have a love of movie posters here at Dangerous Minds. A film poster encapsulates in one single bound a shared memory, a liminal experience, an emotion (and our response) and some abstract of knowledge.

Not your average weekend bags

Bea Arthur   Here are some interesting “weekend bags” that will certainly grab people’s attention. The bags are by 99 Wooster and they’re delightful, in my opinion.

The crazed death disco of Germany’s Warning, the scariest band you’ve never heard of

  The early 80s was prime time for scary music. Blame it on Reagan and his itchy nuclear trigger finger, but in its darkest corners, rock n’ roll devolved from the freeballing hedonism of disco and the happy computer blips of new wave into the gnashing teeth and ripping claws of hardcore...

Boss Babes: A Coloring & Activity Book for Grown-Ups

  Since the Women’s March on Washington is coming up on January 21, I thought that it be a good time to blog about this coloring book: Boss Babes: A Coloring & Activity Book for Grown-Ups.

An unexpected William S. Burroughs/Beatles connection

  We all know that author William S. Burroughs is one of the “people we like” on the Beatles’ Sgt. Pepper’s album cover, but did you know that Burroughs was actually around when Paul McCartney composed “Eleanor Rigby”?

Satan teens, blood, guts, LSD, murder and chaos: ‘Where Evil Dwells’ has it all but a plot

  “Ricky was of the devil. When he was on acid, he’d go back into the dark woods, up in Aztakea, and he would talk to the devil.

‘Probes’: Chris Cutler’s podcast is a free course in contemporary music

Chris Cutler in Toronto, 1987 (via some old pictures I took)   The English percussionist Chris Cutler has been a member of Henry Cow, Pere Ubu, and Art Bears,...

Here’s a dirty little song to play while you get that $13 tattoo today

  Many tattoo parlors across the country offer Friday the 13th specials, most often offering small flash art for $13.

Nope, these are NOT photographs they are OIL PAINTINGS

  Isräel-based oil painter Yigal Ozeri paints better than my iPhone can take photos! Seriously, I’ve stared at this work for over an hour now and still can’t believe these are oil paintings.

A totally sexist guide of ‘How to Succeed with Brunettes’ produced by the U.S. Navy in 1967

Marlene Dietrich, as ‘Bijou Blanche’ in a feminine version of a Navy officer’s uniform from the 1940 motion picture ‘Seven Sinners.’   Before you watch this sixteen-plus minute training video put out by the Navy in 1967, you’ll need a little background on this vintage piece of sexist “how to.” How..

A child’s murder ballad: Tanya Tucker sings ‘Blood Red and Goin’ Down’

  Tanya Tucker was kind of like the Britney Spears of country music in the 1970s, a teenage chart-topper who underwent a “sexy” image make-over as she got older (and who did her share of hard partying).

Extremely Childish Donald Trump posters

”GOP Info Poster” British cult artist/musician/poet/author and anti-authoritarian legend Billy Childish has just announced publication of a trio of specially commission poster prints commemorating “the occasion of...

Collectable Hieronymus Bosch figurines

‘Tree Man’ By Hieronymus Bosch From ‘Garden of Earthly Delights’ I’m not a big knickknack person. I like to keep my home sparse in the “tiny objects” departament.

Legendarily obnoxious Irish punks, The Outcasts: ‘The band you love to hate!’

  Belfast, Ireland-based punks The Outcasts have a fair amount of mythology attached to their riotous time together.  The group formed in 1977 and after getting rejected by five different...

Japanese noise musicians take over Italian TV to spread disease and confusion, 1997

Hijokaidan live (via Pinterest)   This would have been unthinkable on American TV in the nineties, and it was probably unthinkable on Italian TV, too.

Groovy vintage ads for classic guitars

  Inspired by a recent post on, I jumped down an Internet rabbit hole of vintage guitar ads.

Black Noize: Remembering Proper Grounds’ anguish rap metal (or ‘Madonna discovers rap metal’)

  Remember the record industry? It was nuts, man. REO Speedwagon had their own plane. Black Sabbath had a $70,000 cocaine allowance.

Gary Coleman, comic books & other disasters: Raging Slab were the assmasters of the 1990s

  It sorta all shook out the same way, really. Promising start followed by a long, slow slog to oblivion.