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Neil Young’s hard to see ‘Muddy Track’ movie: ‘I don’t know what the f*ck it is’

  In 1987, Neil Young told an interviewer that Time Fades Away was “the worst record I ever made—but as a documentary of what was happening to me, it was a great record.” Young has never shied away from documenting, warts and all, the high points of his career and some pretty...

Church gets in on the 4/20 Easter action: ‘Because you can’t get any higher than RISEN!’

  Freedom Church, located in Los Angeles, is getting in on the 4/20 action this Easter with the tagline, “Because you can’t get any higher than RISEN!

Fly the friendly skies of ‘Uniform Freak’

  I blogged about Cliff Muskiet’s world of stewardess uniforms back in 2009. Shamefully, I haven’t visited it in a few years, but I did today and completely forgot what a treasure trove this

Meet the six-foot-tall George Harrison Marionette

  This is a guest post written by Tabitha Vidaurri. There exist a series of music videos of a life-sized, hand-made marionette of George Harrison.

Things that go bump in the night: Vintage 1920s stereoview images of ghouls and goblins

  These vintage stereoview images from 1923 of a little girl sleeping while goblins and boogeyman creep around her bed and hover over her are a little silly looking, yes.

Marks of a genius: Ray Harryhausen’s incredible creature drawings

  If it wasn’t a monster movie, then it wasn’t worth watching. That was my narrow view of cinema when I was a kid.

Every Rolling Stones clip British Pathé just uploaded to YouTube

  On Sunday newsreel archivist British Pathé uploaded 85,000 films, in high resolution, to its YouTube channel.

Six-year-old boy with a tail is worshipped as a god

  Amar Singh may appear like an ordinary six-year-old boy, but to the villagers of Nijmapur in India, Amar is an embodiment of the Hindu god Lord Hanuman.

Swans’ Michael Gira on their forthcoming triple album ‘To Be Kind’

  Michael Gira’s band Swans have shape-shifted but plenty. They made their reputation with an extraordinarily punishing and shockingly nihilistic take on no-wave music in the 1980s, culminating in the colossal masterpiece

‘Heaven Is For Real’ kid’s interview on Fox News is COMEDY GOLD

  Sean Hannity: Do you think everybody goes to Heaven? Colton Burpo: Um…. No. Not everybody does go to Heaven.

Party Monster: Club kid murderer Michael Alig to be paroled

  According to Steve Lewis’s blog at Black Book, Michael Alig, the notorious “club kid murderer” and “

Artists’ brains are ‘structurally different’ new study claims

  A study has revealed that artists’ brains are ‘structurally different’ from the rest of us. The small study, published in the journal NeuroImage, detailed the results of brain scans taken from 21 art students and 23 non-artists.

I think I’m too old to play with Crampy Carla the Menstruation Barbie

Yeah… pretty sure I’m gonna be okay, but thanks for the warning.   Fact: I love disturbing feminist art.

The Unholy Grail of ‘Lost’ Films: Kenneth Anger’s ‘Lucifer Rising’ with Jimmy Page soundtrack

  Tonight a lucky audience in downtown Los Angeles, seated in the opulent setting of the theatre at the Ace Hotel (once the original United Artists Theatre co-owned by Charlie Chaplin, D.W.

‘Bleak Movies,’ the coloring book version for kids

  The creator of these macabre and inappropriately jolly coloring book illustrations, Todd Spence, writes, “Most kids aren’t allowed to watch R rated films, especially the really dark and twisted ones with terribly bleak endings that stick with you for days and...

Pussy Galore on ‘The Uncle Floyd Show’

  In a just world, Floyd Vivino would be a very famous man. He was the titular “uncle” of New Jersey’s

This animation is NOT computer generated… sort of

  I love animation, but my virulent Ludditism prevents me from enjoying the roughly 3,497,039 big-budget CGI cartoons that now come out yearly (not to mention a definite drop in writing—when did we start patronizing kids with such terrible stories and dialogue?

The researchers who discovered that bee stings on the penis are painful—by testing on themselves

  It’s remarkable the things people will go through in the name of science. In the case of Justin O. Schmidt, the man who developed the “Schmidt pain index,” our gratitude is even more difficult to measure.

‘Viking Angel’: Hollywood Babylonia

  If God is in the Hills and the Devil is in the details, then where does that land the glitz of Hollywood?

Elvis Costello buys avocados in an American supermarket, 1978

Elvis Costello contemplating olives   I don’t know exactly where this footage came from, but it’s delightful, whatever it is.