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‘Kraftwerk: Pop Art’ documentary asks if they’re more important than the Beatles?

  Kraftwerk: Pop Art, the 2013 documentary by Simon Witter and Hannes Rossacher has been available on YouTube in German, French and Spanish versions for some time, but Friday night an English language version was broadcast on BBC Four and surprise, surprise, it’s there now, too, for your weekend viewing pleasure.

Whatever happened to 70s soft rockers Seals & Crofts?

  It must suck to have your music played on “soft rock” radio stations. Well, that’s not exactly what I mean, because getting radio play would, of course, always be a good thing for musicians, so let me rephrase that: It must suck to have your music played on the same soft rock...

Even in death women are not free of sexist idiots

  Yesterday, the best-selling author and neuroscientist Colleen McCullough died at the age of seventy-seven.

Dreading Valentines Day? Have a laugh at Karl Marx’s godawful corny love poems!

Yeah, but your poetry, dude… As a socialist with a somewhat inconsistent commitment to Marxist orthodoxy, I’m often asked to what degree I will defend old Karl, and there’s no easy answer.

Weird human body parts candles

  There’s something about these “Bodily Candles” by Etsy store Uncanny Art Shop that give me the heebie-jeebies.

Jeff ‘The Dude’ Bridges releases a most Duderriffic album about snoozing, slumber, sleep

  Jeff Bridges has recently made available one of those inexpressibly peculiar albums that only a very famous and beloved movie star could release, a double album on the theme of the land of dreams and slumber called The Sleeping Tapes.

Rare footage of New Orleans jazz bands shot by Alan Lomax

  This weekend marks the 100th anniversary of the birth of the inestimably important American folklorist/archivist/filmmaker/author/everything Alan Lomax.

Booker T. & the MGs cover the Beatles’ ‘Abbey Road’

  In spring of 1970, mere months after the Beatles released Abbey Road

The Kerouac of Kitsch has died: Rod McKuen R.I.P.

  Rod McKeun died Thursday. He was 81. Cause of death was pneumonia. Rod McKuen was to Jack Kerouac what expresso is to vending machine coffee.

Hardcore post-punk pioneer Guy Picciotto talks Fugazi, Rites of Spring this week on ‘The Pharmacy’

  Gregg Foreman’s radio program The Pharmacy is a music / talk show playing heavy soul, raw funk, 60′s psych, girl groups, Krautrock.

Alcoholic Oreos, for when you can’t vomit fast enough!

  As a connoisseur of disgustingly sweet margaritas—with a young adulthood of MD 20/20 not so far in my rear view mirror, no less—I’m not one to turn up my nose at a dessert-oriented booze.

‘Mad Truth’: Asia Argento directs new Pop Group video, their first single in 35 years

  Behold the new video for “Mad Truth,” the first single in 35 years from the reformed Pop Group, directed by Dangerous Minds pal Asia Argento.

Lucifer rising: When the Rolling Stones got evil

  Call me disputatious—or not, it’s entirely up to you—my favorite Stones album has always been

Stanley Kubrick shoots the N.Y.C. subway, 1946

  In the summer of 1945, Stanley Kubrick, many years before he was the acclaimed director of

The most twisted version of ‘Alice in Wonderland’ you’ll ever see

  It’s all about timing: if Vince Collins had made his trippy animation Malice in Wonderland in the sixties or seventies then it would have probably been a success, especially with freaks and acidheads.

The song co-written by DEVO and John Hinckley Jr., Ronald Reagan’s failed assassin

  If you look carefully at the credits for DEVO’s 1982 album

The real ‘Quadrophenia’: Mods vs. Rockers fight on the beaches

  In 1964 gangs of Mods and Rockers fought battles on the very British beaches Winston Churchill had once sworn to defend.

Bobby Fuller’s original demo of ‘I Fought the Law’ is a lot better than the version we all know

  The Bobby Fuller Four’s version of Sonny Curtis’ “I Fought the Law” has been a beloved fixture in the American pop song canon for very good reason.

The AMAZING $20 cure for Carpal Tunnel Syndrome and wrist pain

  Okay, so this post has nothing to do with the topics normally considered to be within our wheelhouse—no punk rock, cult films or other avant garde zaniness here—but if you or someone you know suffers from Carpal Tunnel Syndrome or severe tendonitis from working on a computer all day, read on,...

X-ray images of corseted women, 1908

  Oddly beautiful, but still wince-making, take a gander at these x-rays showcasing the nasty health consequences corsets caused for women’s bodies.