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Ultimate Americana: Portraits of sleazy 70’s motels

  Mike Mandel is best known in the art world as one half of Larry Sultan and Mike Mandel, the guerrilla artists that terrorized the Bay Area in the 1970s with their scathing billboard “advertisements”<...

Genius/bizarre/insane methods of beating the summer sun—Vietnam style

  “Hot enough for ya?” Vietnam’s steamy, humid summers are no joke, and the folks in these photos aren’t kidding around when it comes to using the nearest thing handy to beat the blistering sun.

Ministry’s Al Jourgensen guests on the new single by ONO: A DM premiere

  Now that ONO’s second incarnation has lasted longer than its first, the theatrical gospel/avant-noise performance-poet/musicians (did I leave anything out?

New CNN poll shows Bernie Sanders BEATING Donald Trump!

  The 2016 election is going to be the most epic American election in our country’s history. You don’t have to be a psychic to predict that this one will be a barnstormer of high weirdness, goofy drama and unexpected twists and turns.

Emotionless guy on slingshot theme park ride set to Simon & Garfunkel’s ‘The Sound of Silence’

  I remember when this video went viral back in 2011. It’s of a young guy giving zero fucks while on a slingshot ride somewhere in Florida.

Frank Zappa documentary announced: Will be directed by Alex Winter of ‘Bill & Ted’ fame

  Alex Winter, best known for his roles in The Lost Boys and the two “Bill & Ted” movies with Keanu Reeves (and this infamous Butthole Surfers “home movie”), is developing a documentary on Frank Zappa, which he will direct from his own...

Only assholes don’t like The B-52s (Part 1)

  You know it’s true… (just ask this guy). Yesterday at our yoga class, a guy said to the twenty-something yoga instructor that her new hairstyle reminded him of the B-52s.

Space brides of 1966!

  When I first saw this video, I was sure that it was shot in London—in 1966 that’s where the crazy fashion energy was, after all.

Why aren’t people taking man who claims to have found a caterpillar with human face seriously?!

  No one is taking 69-year-old Robert Palmer—who claims to have found a caterpillar with a human-like face—seriously.

Stunning mosaics of famous paintings and photos (and Hunter S. Thompson!) made entirely of LEGOs

Hunter S. Thompson LEGO mosaic. Made with 7,393 LEGO bricks Andy Bauch, an artist and software developer from Queens, New York (now living and working in LA), creates his incredibly detailed mosaics using thousands of LEGO bricks.

The pornographic propaganda that was used against Marie Antoinette

  Recently, the “newsish” website Gawker ran a nasty little expose on the CFO of a major media company, who had allegedly attempted to purchase sex from a porn star.

The Pogues are launching their own brand of Irish whiskey because of course they are

  Since the 1980s, the Pogues have been fusing the tropes and melodies of traditional Irish folk music to the energy of punk rock while posing a serious threat to the continued functioning of their own and their fans’ livers, in the process releasing unspeakably awesome albums like

Juror wears Metallica ‘electric chair’ shirt to Aurora theater murder trial

  There’s a metalhead in the jury box of the Aurora mass shooting trial and the news is on it! Colorado’s News 9 reports that an alternate juror in the mass murder trial against James Holmes wore a Metallica

Walls that spray piss back on public urinators have arrived in the USA

  In March DM reported on activists in Germany who, seeking to discourage drunken revelers from urinating in public, had applied special liquid-repelling paint to certain walls which would have the effect of redirecting the stream back towards, say, the malefactor’s own...

Dangerous Finds: Everybody hates Republicans; I was Ronald McDonald; Virtual reality porno is here

  Santorum Walks Away From Porn-Busting Promise: The last time he ran for president, former Sen. Rick Santorum aroused Internet users by promising to take away their access to pornography.

Bizarre Cold War documents: Weird vintage nuclear test ‘participation certificates’

Operation Gnome, New Mexico, 1961   The world owes Flickr user Kelly Michals a debt of gratitude for saving these marvelous “participation certificates” from oblivion.

Wes Anderson tributes: Because fan art is deep if it’s mopey & twee

Martine Johanna, “Oh..Margot”   I once heard someone refer to Wes Anderson’s films as “expensive dollhouses,” which, while bitingly pointed, I find a little harsh.

Creepy slow-waving clown in Chicago cemetery caught on camera

  Julia Graham and her husband were driving past the Rosehill Cemetery on Chicago’s North Side at 10pm when they saw something straight out of a David Lynch film (or else a low-budget straight to VHS 80s clown slasher flick, take your pick, either is equally valid here): A man dressed as a...

The men of ‘Twin Peaks,’ drawn as Sailor Jerry style pin-ups

  Several months ago when we showed you Emma Munger‘s wonderful Sailor Jerry-inspired pin up artwork of the women of

‘Why I Deleted Your Band’s Promo Email’: How to ensure that your music is never heard

  I realize this could come off as the lamest kind of whining, but sometimes, having a job that gets you tons of free music isn’t always what it’s cracked up to be, and I’ve had a few of them.