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Color me disenchanted, ‘Coloring for Grown-Ups’ paints a bleak picture

  Woe betide those who might cling to the dreams of their youth. You want financial security? Pffft. A rich social life?

Aleister Crowley’s curried rice recipe

  English occultist Aleister Crowley wasn’t merely a poet, painter, mountain climber and the Great Beast 666, he was also an aspiring chef, his specialty apparently being lethally hot curries.

Awesome Alfred Hitchcock action figure unveiled at Comic-Con

Photo via Ain’t It Cool   I was a little apprehensive when I heard there was going to be an Alfred Hitchcock action figure.

The strange, but true, story behind the Beatles’ ‘She’s Leaving Home’

  John and I wrote “She’s Leaving Home together.” It was my inspiration. We’d seen a story in the newspaper about a young girl who’d left home and not been found, there were a lot of those at the time, and that was enough to...

Just a few really cool photos of Silver Apples’ homemade electronics rig, 1968

  WFMU on Twitter hipped me to these insanely cool photos of psychedelic electronic music group Silver Apples’ homemade electronic gear.

The gleefully twisted absurdist animations of Chriddof

  Chris Lyons AKA Chriddof is one of the great enigmas of the Internet. A British culture-jamming, avant-garde surrealist and absurdist mixing video and audio, music and noise, comedy, horror, and retro television altogether into a delightfully incomprehensible, arty mess.

De Stijl-styled wine bottles inspired by ‘The Simpsons’

  Russian designers Constantin Bolimond and Dmitry Patsukevich have created these awesome wine bottles depicting Marge and Homer Simpson in the style of Piet Mondrian—arguably the most recognizable artist of the De Stijl movement.

‘Torchwood’ star John Barrowman opens Commonwealth Games with same-sex kiss

  Well done to Torchwood star John Barrowman, who opened the twentieth Commonwealth Games in Glasgow last night with a kiss.

Be amazed at the amount of ‘booty’ one man hid up his ass

  There’s a possible game show here: call it something like What’s Up My Ass? in which contestants have to smuggle a selection of goods past a panel of celebrity prison officers.

‘Recurring Dreams’: Homemade 1982 album sounds like Brian Eno playing the ‘Forbidden Planet’ theme

  Yesterday marked Drag City/Yoga Records re-release of “New Age” outsider musician Matthew Young’s 1982 album Recurring Dreams.

‘Everything to the extreme’: Be a guest at one of Henry Miller’s dinner parties

  “The earth is not a lair, neither is it a prison. The earth is a Paradise, the only one we’ll ever know.

‘Pig Pile’: Big Black live on their final tour, with members of Wire, 1987

  In 1992, five years after their breakup in the wake of their amazing LP Songs About...

See Laibach’s almost terrifying final performance with Tomaž Hostnik, 1982

  Tomaž Hostnik, who was one of Laibach’s first lead singers, gave his final performance with them on December 11, 1982 in Zagreb.

The first film footage of Palestine circa 1896

  Like an early Google Street View, the French movie pioneers brothers Auguste and Louis Lumière sent cameramen over to Palestine in 1896 to shoot the first moving images of life in the region.  At this...

David Lynch is now designing women’s sportswear!

  I’ll be honest, I’m not that shocked by David Lynch’s new venture into lady’s workout clothes. The man has his own signature coffee—he will not be boxed in by your preconceived notions of what an eternally...

Hitler’s fake passport

  Adolf Hitler’s fake passport as created by the British Special Operations Executive during the Second World War.

‘Cruelty Without Beauty’: Soft Cell’s criminally unknown 2002 reunion album

  Most of the time when a band reforms, the results are lackluster. A creative partnership that’s run its course isn’t easily resurrected for love nor money and usually it’s for the latter and not the former that most reunion albums and tours occur.

‘Our Father, who art in Mordor…’: Hilarious reviews of Tolkien-themed prayer ring

  I’ve been far too engrossed by the amusingly vitriolic negative reviews of protein supplement

Billy Bob Thornton hates on ‘Cupcake Wars’

  I never thought in a million years that I’d ever be typing out a title that says, “Billy Bob Thornton hates on Cupcake Wars.” I wouldn’t even think Mr.

‘Privilege’: Peter Watkins powerful antidote to 1960s pop hysteria

  Set sometime in a none too distant future, Peter Watkins’ debut feature Privilege from 1967 told the story of god-like pop superstar Steven Shorter, who is worshiped by millions and manipulated by a coalition government to keep the youth “off the streets and out of politics.” Inspired by a story..