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Pussy Riot’s ‘Straight Outta Vagina’: Female sexuality is bigger than any populist megalomaniac

  “Don’t play stupid, don’t play dumb, vagina’s where you’re really from.” Russian feminist art pranksters (and political prisoners) Pussy Riot have released a new video for their catchy new Le Tigre-esque single “Straight Outta Vagina.” Shot at the Ace Hotel in downtown Los Angeles by director...

A massive Celtic cross has been secretly growing in an Irish forest

  News station UTV Northern Ireland did a great report yesterday on a remarkable and decidedly man-made phenomenon that various airplane passengers have noticed in recent weeks: a 300-foot-long Celtic cross made up of thousands of trees that is only...

The earliest known depiction of a witch flying on a broomstick

  The Bibliothèque nationale de France (BNF) possesses countless treasures, but one of the most intriguing is certainly the first known depiction of a witch flying on a broom.

Solar system string lights

  I’m always looking for cool indoor string lights and I think I’ve found them. These awesome solar system string lights are by ThinkGeek.

Stray Cat Beat Girl: Meet the electrifying ‘Aretha Franklin’ of Japan, Akiko Wada

Akiko Wada.   The arrival of the “beat girl” archetype in Japanese culture back in the 60s came with numerous girl rockers taking the helm of bands, cranking out garage rock sounds and pop-inspired hits some of which would go on to sell more than

‘Do you have this octopus in my size?’ The surreal shoes sculptures of Costa Magarakis

  These boots aren’t made for walking—they’re sculptures designed by Costa Magarakis—a Greek-born artist who is now based in “a Shoe Galaxy some ‘step years’ away…” Costa makes shoe sculptures because he believes every “shoe has its own personality and a story to tell.” His influences...

The Scorpions: Heavy metal gods bring the funky grooves, 1978

The tame alternate cover of the Scorpions 1976 album ‘Virgin Killer.’   This footage from German music show Musikladen features some seriously funky riffs from former Scorpions guitarist Uli Jon Roth.  The impossibly lickey Roth departed the band...

‘TOTAL CHAOS’: An exclusive look at must-have Iggy Pop book that goes way in-depth on the Stooges

  It’s a great time to be alive for fans of the immortal proto-punk wizards, the Stooges. Jim Jarmusch’s documentary on the band, Gimme Danger, hits theaters this week, and

‘Live Zabor,’ the essential document of Björk and the Sugarcubes from 1989

  The Sugarcubes’ 1989 single “Birthday” represented the biggest Icelandic hit outside of Iceland up to that point, by far.

An interview with the author of the world’s strangest book

  This is a guest post by “undercover banker,” Em, an occasional contributor to Dangerous Minds. Born in NYC, he has lived all over the world.

Atom Heart Motherload: If that $$$ new Pink Floyd box is gonna be this good, my wife will kill me

  I’m guessing that many, if not most, of our UK-based readers caught this weekend’s big Pink Floyd TV special on the BBC.

Ken Russell’s iconic photographs of Great Britain in the 1950s

  One of Ken Russell’s childhood memories was of going to school on a rainy day and noticing the clouds reflected in the puddles.

The Pop Group meet the Bomb Squad: Stream new album ‘Honeymoon on Mars’—a Dangerous Minds premiere

  The Pop Group emerged from relatively out-of-the mix Bristol, England in 1977 with a devastating mix of noisy art-punk with straight funk and dub that underpinned strident and often just flat-out hectoring leftist lyrics.

‘Private Property’: Kinky, sexually tense—and long lost—film noir thriller gets rediscovered

  The 1960 independent feature, Private...

The unhappiest place on Earth: Grisly images from Thailand’s ‘Hell Garden’

Statues in the ‘Wang Saen Suk Hell Garden’ in Thailand. Photo by Darmon Richer.   Located about 60 miles outside of Bangkok there is a massive “garden” full of statues engaged in grisly situations that would make Hieronymus Bosch blush.

Party’s over!: Coke party comes to an abrupt end

  This video has been making the rounds on the Internet since late last week, but I’m just seeing it.

Debbie Harry covering The Ramones 27 years ago

  What we have here is some ultra-rare footage of Debbie Harry performing the Ramones classic “Pet Semetary,” a song which was written for the Stephen King movie adaptation of the same name.

Bizarre wax Amish children for sale on Craigslist

  Someone in the charmingly named town of Bird in Hand, Pennsylvania, is overburdened with wax figures of Amish children and is using an ad on Philadelphia Craiglist to unload them.

Fake human remains become horrifyingly realistic high-art

A sculpture by Sarah Sitkin.   LA-based artist Sarah Sitkin says that when she was a kid she used to play with the “dental alginate” mold that dentists use in order to made reproductions of a...

Artist sketches haunting illustrations of mental illness & emotional disorders every day of October

  October is the month when Mental Health Awareness events take place. Artist and illustrator Shawn Coss decided to illustrate his own interpretations of mental health disorders for The Inktober Initiative, where artists from...