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The Ramones on the Jerry Lewis Telethon

  Well here’s something kind of strange and wonderful: The Ramones playing on the Jerry Lewis MDA Telethon in September of 1989.

‘Superstars In Concert’: Jimi, Cream, Rolling Stones, Ike & Tina Turner & more in obscure classic

  When the question of “What’s the best/great rockumentary of all?” is asked, the answers can range quite widely obviously, from something like

Eye-catching (but let’s face it, creepy) baby GIFs

  I’m lovin’ and hatin’ these mesmerizing baby GIFs by Austin-based designer and animator, Hayden Zezula.

So, yeah, there’s now an artisanal vegan prison tattoo kit…

  So you want a shitty amateur tattoo, obtained without the hassle or expense that can accompany experienced professionals and sterile environments, but you’re not SO obtuse as not to fear the Hep C, tetanus and necrotizing fasciitis you can get from using a safety pin and ink harvested from a ballpoint pen?

7-year-old redesigns condiment label so that it doesn’t look like turds

  There is packaging that is corny and packaging that is ugly and packaging that is lame, but most of the time we can ignore bad design.

‘Cool in the Pool’: Beating the heat with Can’s Holger Czukay, 1979

Holger Czukay’s first solo single “Cool in the Pool”   Holger Czukay, the bassist who co-founded Can, quit the group after 1977’s

Incredible music billboards from the Sunset Strip

UFO, Obsession, 1978   I love everything about these remarkable advertisements, all of which were on the Sunset Strip in Los Angeles between 1967 and 1981.

‘Brickjest,’ the LEGO version of ‘Infinite Jest’ by David Foster Wallace

“These are three Deans—of Admissions, Academic Affairs, Athletic Affairs. I do not know which face belongs to whom,” p.

Moving 1960s short interviews the ‘Bowery Bums’ of old New York

  Despite former Mayor Giuliani’s highly successful war on the homeless, the destitute faces of “Old New York” remain some of our most recognizable mascots.

Moving 1960s short interviews the ‘Bowery Bums’ of old New York

  Despite former Mayor Giuliani’s highly successful war on the homeless, the destitute faces of “Old New York” remain some of our most recognizable mascots.

‘Lose your mind and play’ Syd Barrett and Pink Floyd ‘live’ on TOTP, 1967

  I type this as someone who has (perhaps obsessively) gone out of his way—for decades now—acquiring Pink Floyd bootlegs.

‘The Balcony’: Peter Falk, Leonard Nimoy & Shelley Winters frolic in Jean Genet’s twisted whorehouse

  The Savage Eye was an early example of American cinema vérité that began as a film project worked on (over several years at weekends and days off) by three friends Ben Maddow (famed and award-winning screenwriter of Asphalt Jungle amongst...

Lee Marvin, Steve McQueen, Warren Oates and John Boorman at the ‘Point Blank’ wrap party

  You can read all the self-help and how-to-succeed books you want, but sometimes success comes down to how you get on with other people.

Fantastic footage documenting the Tower Records shopping experience of 1971

The Tower Records on Sunset Blvd. circa 1988 (note the poster for the Coming to America soundtrack)   This utterly enthralling footage of the Tower Records on 8801 Sunset Boulevard was shot by Sacramento City College professor Darrell Forney in 1971.

‘Wattstax’: The ‘Black Woodstock’ music festival

  The Watts Riots are often referred to by lefties as “The Watts Rebellion.” While both are technically accurate descriptions, “rebellion” is considered the preferable word by sympathists, since “riot” has a negative connotation.

Miniature marvels: Welcome to the fabulous world of Subatomic Tourism

Entourage.   Subatomic Tourism is the fantastic miniature world created by “bequiffed” Edinburgh-based visual art Mirren Audax.

Germaine Greer vs. Diane Arbus: ‘If she had been a man, I’d have kicked her in the balls’

  Though Diane Arbus was famed for her photographs of “deviant and marginal” people “whose normality seems ugly or surreal,” she did not want to be thought solely as a photographer of freaks.

Soviet posters warn soldiers and civilians not to leak state secrets

“In a letter home, look, you do not accidentally become loose military secrets.” (1954) Because in Soviet Russia, a gossip-goblin lay in wait at ever window, hoping to disseminate classified information from soldier’s correspondence.

‘The Kate Bush Story: Running Up That Hill’: Watch the new BBC documentary

  Although it’s front page news everywhere in the United Kingdom today, there wasn’t much mention here of Kate Bush’s return to the concert stage last night in London after a 35 year absence.

Tape Decks: VHS-themed skate decks

  I’m digging on these skate decks paying homage to 80s and 90s VHS cassette packaging. NYC-based skate­board com­pany 5BORO is selling these puppies and you check out the whole collection here.