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An actual rose bush plays ‘Every Rose Has Its Thorn’

  What’s that, friend? You say you’re narcotized by modern life, and Cupid’s arrow has lost its sting?

Doin’ the do with Betty Boo, the original spice girl

  If you are say, 35 years of age and up, hearing the opening bars of “Doin’ the Do,” the 1990 smash hit single by Betty Boo will probably bring an instant smile of recognition to your face.

Meet the legendary ‘glam rock’ wrestler of the 1970s, Adrian Street

  In Britain during the 1970s live wrestling matches were broadcast every Saturday afternoon on the ITV channel.

‘Stranger in a Strange Land’: 1987 documentary on Nick Cave from Dutch TV

  One of the first images in “Nick Cave: Stranger in a Strange Land” is a glimpse of the Berlin Wall, which (it’s strange to imagine) would only be in use for a couple more years.

Yep, there’s sexy Bernie Sanders underwear!

  Just in time for Valentine’s Day… some super sexy lingerie-style Bernie Sanders underwear! (I refuse to use the word “panties,” btw.) Made by Bullet and Bees on Etsy—the same shop who brought you

Guided By Voices on ‘Oddville, MTV,’ 1997

  Just a year and a half since Dangerous Minds reported on Guided By Voices’ breakup comes the news that the band’s ringleader and lone constant member Bob Pollard has reunited the band yet again—kinda.

5 minutes of Judas Priest’s frontman Rob Halford holding that high note of his

  What I like about this video is that’s it’s a supercut of Rob Halford’s infamous high note. It’s not just one long 5-minute high note to test your patience.

Vintage 1970s Warhol / Velvet Underground-inspired banana record player

  Over on Etsy, there’s a Warhol/Velvet Underground-inspired portable banana-shaped record player from...

Sexualized: Jarvis Cocker takes Viagra and has a heavy nite with his Relaxed Muscle

Jarvis Cocker takes a selfie as his alter ego “Darren Spooner” After Pulp went on their rather extended hiatus back in 2001, Jarvis Cocker kept quite active.

‘The Unlimited Dream Company’: Essential video portrait for J.G. Ballard fans

  In 1983 a director named Sam Scoggins made a 23-minute movie with the title The Unlimited Dream Company; the fim gestured at being an adaptation of

Love and Affection: Vintage photos of gay and lesbian couples

  A couple’s photographic portrait is an affirmation of their relationship. It states for all to see: “We love each other.

Take this mind-blowing virtual tour of Hieronymus Bosch’s ‘Garden of Earthly Delights’

  There’s a stunning website dedicated to Hieronymus Bosch’s “

Jim’ll Paint It: No, really, Jim’ll paint ANYTHING you ask of him, no matter how weird it is!

  Please paint me the T-Rex attack scene from Jurassic Park, but the T-Rex is the band T-Rex. I mean… how good is that?

Black Sabbath in 1970: ‘Black magic is not our scene’

The nice, church-going boys from Black Sabbath, early 70s Back in 1970 when Black Sabbath was just starting to explode (the band had recently broken an attendance record set at the popular Birmingham venue Henry’s Blues House by Tony Iommi’s...

Fascinating document of Soviet rock shows before they were legal

“In Soviet Russia, party finds you.”   Shest’ pisem o bite or Six Letters About Beat is a Soviet student film from 1977 examining the cultural impact of rock music, which was very underground at the time, through a series of “letters to the editor” from people of different ages and backgrounds.

Cop a feel: Porn for blind people

Man in Arctic Mask In the 1992 techno-thriller Sneakers starring Robert Redford...

Nina Hagen demonstrates how to masturbate, live on TV, 1979

  On August 9th 1979, Germany’s operatic punk diva Nina Hagen caused what was dubbed “the scandal of the year” on the Austrian youth culture TV talk show Club2 when she demonstrated several optimal positions for female masturbation for the viewing audience.

‘A Fistful of Dollars’ vs. ‘Yojimbo’ is one BADASS Supercut!

  Sergio Leone’s A Fistful of Dollars (1964) was a western remake of Akira Kurosawa’s samurai classic Yojimbo from 1961.

For $400 a night, you can rent this literal ‘Netflix & Chill’ room on Airbnb

  Someone clever on Airbnb is renting out what looks to be a pretty ordinary NYC apartment space in Manhattan’s West Village as a “Netflix and Chill” room.

Heavy metal heroes Valentine’s Day cards

Glenn Danzig I realize that I’m blogging about these cards just a week before Valentine’s Day. Perhaps I’m too late to the game on this one, but maybe they can be rushed delivered?