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There’s a park in Queens with Christopher Walken heads everywhere

  Socrates Sculpture Park in Queens, New York is currently showcasing an art installation of concrete Christopher Walken heads called “Monument to Walken.” The Walken busts are by artist Bryan Zanisnik.

Amazing (or goofy?) ‘Twin Peaks’-themed fashion spread from the pages of Sassy magazine, 1990

  The debut of David Lynch and Mark Frost’s groundbreaking ABC series

Meet Harper Goff, the legendary set designer behind Willy Wonka’s chocolate factory

  “This is where all my dreams become realities, and some of my realities become dreams.” American artist and banjo player Harper Goff (1911-1993) was a man of many talents with an extraordinary imagination.

Kick out the jams: Blue Öyster Cult covers the MC5, Doors, Yardbirds & The Animals

More guitars than most rock bands had back in 1970, the mighty Blue Öyster Cult.   Like the young Patti Smith, I am a huge fan of one of the greatest...

Stunning Erotic Tattoos

  I don’t have any tattoos but if ever I do consider getting one then I certainly could be tempted by these beautiful erotic tattoos by Bordeaux-based tattoo artist Sad Amish.

Evil little F*ckers: Hilarious spoof covers for ‘Bad Little Children’s Books’

  This is something every home should have Bad Little Children’s Books—-this hilarious anthology of 120 fake kids’ book covers features such devilish titles as Polly Paints a Penis, Don’t Lick the Stripper Pole, Even Girls Fart, Rockets and Missiles of the Islamic State and Uncle Creepy.

Iron Butterfly and Grand Funk Railroad shot a double feature in a pirate-themed amusement park

  Many treasures from Something Weird Video recently turned up on Night Flight Plus ($2.99 cheap!). Among them is Musical Mutiny, a 1970 feature directed by former RAF pilot and Nazi prison camp escapee Barry Mahon, who got into the movie business...

Demo versions of Black Sabbath songs that completely smoke the album versions

  Though it is often maligned by Black Sabbath fans as being “one of their worst albums,” I’ve always had a soft spot for the Born Again LP.

‘American Honey’: Cruising the highways of a broken America

  I think many us have been there: broke and looking for any kind of gig that will get us enough money to make it from day to day.

H.P. Lovecraft’s Cthulhu gets the anime treatment

  The year 2018 will see the release of an omnibus anime feature film based on

Art school sketches of Iggy Pop in the nude (NSFW)

  If you’ve seen Iggy Pop<...

‘Blindman’: Ringo Starr’s white slavery spaghetti western

  I’ve spent some serious quality time steeped in Beatle lore, so it’s not often that something of which I’ve never heard crosses my radar, and yet, here’s Blindman.

That time Werner Herzog lost a bet and had to eat his shoe

  You’re only as good as your word. That’s what I was always told when I was young. Never say something unless you mean it.

OMG, there’s a ‘fully functional’ vagina mask for sale (VERY NSFW)

  Every once in a while I accidentally get to that place on the Internet and stumble across something which I have no words for.

Slither sisters: Vintage images of female circus snake charmers and their reptilian friends

A vintage snake charmer and her friend.   The allure of the “snake charmer” as an attraction in circus sideshow or perhaps as a part of a freak show was as common as other circus staples like the really tall man, bearded ladies and sword swallowers.

Poison boyfriend. Tender pervert. Public intellectual. Timelord. A brief introduction to Momus

  I first became aware of Momus back in 1994. I was standing in front of the goodie closet at the Tokyo offices of Nippon Columbia, the big Japanese record company.

Man face swaps with classic album covers with hilariously surreal results

The Stooges   I was hesitant on blogging about this because the face swap stuff has kind of been over for a while now.

Number 666: The Aleister Crowley issue of Flexipop!

  I learned many things during my recent conversation with David Tibet (Current 93 and related projects) and Youth (Killing Joke, the...

Robert Fripp and David Sylvian on ‘The Road to Graceland’

  Even a woefully incomplete list of Robert Fripp’s collaborators is something to behold—Brian Eno, David Bowie, Andy Summers, Peter Gabriel, Blondie,

Finally, campaign swag that treats Donald Trump with the respect he deserves!

  September has been white-knuckle season for all good-minded opponents of the unbelievable Republican nominee for President, Donald Trump.