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Mingus, Monk and more: Portraits of jazz greats painted on drum skins

Thelonious Monk   Twenty-seven-year-old Toronto based artist Nicole Di Nardo says her desire to paint portraiture on drums skins was inspired by “tondos” or “circular” works of...

The Beginning of Doves: EARLY live Marc Bolan performance from 1967

  John Peel intros this early on—and I do mean really early on, he’d just left John’s Children—performance by his chum Marc Bolan’s brand new “little group,” Tyrannosaurus Rex.

Mashup fun with Derek Jarman’s 1976 Sex Pistols footage

  So I was searching YouTube, like one does, for interesting obscure music stuff to watch (and post to DM, of course), and lo, laid before mine eyes in the related videos column to the right of a Sylvain Sylvain video was “Sex Pistols - 1976 02 14 Butler’s Warph (sic) Earliest Known Footage,” shot b

Appreciating the peculiar Euro-disco genius of Boney M.

  In addition to being a hell of a lot of fun, the 1970s Euro-disco sensations known as

Knick-knacks of the damned: Infernal ceramic children that will haunt your dreams

  Danish artist Maria Rubinke creates porcelain figurines of children. Terrifying children. Children of netherworldly terror.

Alfred Hitchcock: On nightmares, suspense and how to scare people

  Every second Friday was mobile library day. At ten to four, I would run down the street to the local co-op store where the giant black library truck always parked, next to a small power generator with its electric hum, rushing to be first in line, waiting for the librarian to...

Martha Stewart’s idea of a ‘punk rock party’ is the least punk rock thing that ever happened

  So look: I’m a slacker to the bone, purest Generation X, product release 1970. When I was paying the most attention to pop culture—the early 1990s—

JJ Burnel: Stranglers bassist, karate master

If you find yourself in this situation, RUN. Add this to the list of reasons to be very, very nice to Stranglers bassist and singer Jean-Jacques “JJ” Burnel , if you should ever meet him: he can kill you with his bare hands.

Never look bored—or unconscious—even if you are: Tips for the single woman, 1938

  And… THIS is how you land a man 1938-style. Now put a ring on it, dammit! It was 1938 and times were oh-so-much different then.

‘Ernest & Bertram’: Banned short on the Sesame Street love that dare not speak its name

  Look, we’ve all had our suspicions about Bert and Ernie. It’s hardly nosey to question the nature of their relationship—right?

The amazing old Paramount Records ads that inspired R. Crumb

  The story of Paramount Records is a fascinating one—the beginning is set about 100 years ago, in a Wisconsin furniture maker that began pressing records in hopes that’d help them sell record players, which in their early years were indeed whoppin’ big ol’ pieces of furniture.

Horrifying masks give you EXTREME plastic surgery look

  From a wild art installation titled “Too Good to be True” by German artist Meike Harde. Meike designed these masks in order to raise questions about contemporary beauty standards.

Ridonkulous ‘Beat Club’ showcase featuring Captain Beefheart, MC5, Alice Cooper, NY Dolls and more!

  Beat Club was the German TV show dedicated to rock performance that later became Musikladen (Music Store), a show we’ve featured here at DM many times.

John Butler: Changing the world one animation at a time

  Award-winning speculative fiction animator John Butler, one half of the Butler Brothers, will be making a rare appearance at the Exchange Rates Expo in Brooklyn, New York from October 23rd to 26th.

‘Like Punk Never Happened’: Remembering Smash Hits, the ‘totally 80s’ pop magazine

Culture Club on the cover of Smash Hits, July 19, 1984   Music magazine Smash Hits started out in 1978 and was a mecca for pop fans.

The surreal teapots of Richard T. Notkin

Teaset “Iraq 2007”, 2007   According to the biographical narrative of sculptor Richard T. Notkin, the Helena, Montana-based artist has been creating surreal and politically charged ceramics for almost 40 years.

Gidget Goes to Hell: Meet enigmatic punk/New Wave legends Suburban Lawns

Su Tissue on the cover of Slash Magazine, 1979   They don’t make them like this anymore. One of the great Californian punk/new wave bands, Suburban Lawns was formed by singers, multi-instrumentalists and CalArts students Su Tissue and Vex Billingsgate in 1978.

I’d kill for that dress: Gorgeously gothy mourning attire from 1815-1915

Evening dress suitable for late mourning, from around 1861   The Metropolitan Museum of Art recently announced a breathtaking new exhibit, “Death Becomes Her: A Century of Mourning Attire”—upper-class women’s widow...

In My Time of Buying: Pricey Led Zeppelin scarves designed by Paul Smith

  In the 1970s nearly every Glam Rock band or teeny-bopper pop star had a tacky range of merchandise for sale that usually included a white silk scarf with the name of the band emblazoned on it, such as “Slade” or “David Cassidy” or “The Osmonds,” “Sweet” or the “Bay City Rollers”...

Oops—Hitler’s face finds its way onto Swiss coffee creamer lids

  Oh my. Unsuspecting Swiss citizens on their morning commute looking to make their coffee more tasty were unexpectedly confronted with the face of the twentieth century’s most iconic representation of evil, Adolf Hitler, on their miniature packets of coffee creamer.