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‘Tis the season for a serving of sheep’s head?

  In Norway, an old tradition has recently been revived: a meal of a sheep’s head with all the trimmings.

Just a week after Pirate Bay raid, Tribler makes shutting down BitTorrent impossible

  When police in Sweden carried out a raid on a server farm in Stockholm on December 9th, seizing servers, computers and other equipment and simultaneously knocking The Pirate Bay and several other prominent torrent trackers (including EZTV, Istole, Zoink and Torrage) offline, it was assumed that...

There’s a Dr. Dreidel for Hanukkah

  Dreidel, dreidel, dreidel, I made it out of… weed? I feel like my blogging mission in life (at least for today) is to let you know there’s a Dr.

‘The Junky’s Christmas’: The William S. Burroughs short film presented by Francis Ford Coppola

  If you have even the most passing knowledge of the life and work of William S.

Slint and Will Oldham discuss that famous ‘Spiderland’ album cover

Brashear, Walford, and Oldham treading water   Spiderland<...

Death defying downhiller nearly skates himself into a bus

  I grew up on a skateboard and have intimate, first-hand knowledge about what it feels like to literally slide on my face across unforgiving concrete after taking a hill way too fast.

Charlie Chaplin: Color photographs on set as the Little Tramp, 1917-18

  Charlie Chaplin made his first appearance as the “Little Tramp” one hundred years ago when he co-starred with Mabel Normand in the short Mack Sennett silent film Mabel’s Strange Predicament.

The man whose stocking expanded: The Fall’s Mark E. Smith reads Lovecraft. For Christmas.

”They say music should be fun / like reading a story of love / but I wanna read a horror story<...

The women of ‘Twin Peaks’ re-imagined as Sailor Jerry style pin-ups

  San Francisco based illustrator Emma Munger is a recent MICA grad who’s working in a comix shop while producing fun portfolios inspired by the famed tattoo artist Norman “

‘It tells you a story, and makes you want to to dance!’: Fantastic 1981 hip-hop report

How wholesome do The Sugarhill Gang look right here? It’s kind of surprising that parents weren’t rushing out to buy their kids some records by these nice boys.

Indian comic book heroine is a rape survivor who fights violence against women and rides a tiger

  Two years ago, a fatal New Delhi gang rape inspired mass protests all over in India, but the the legal reforms (which include things like the banning of acid sales)...

The scream of a thousand corpses: Horrifying sounds of the Aztec death whistle

  The Aztec death whistle, sometimes described as “the scream of thousand corpses” is a frightening sound indeed.

Nick Cave’s handwritten dictionary

  Few musicians are as word-drunk as Mr. Nick Cave from Warracknabeal, Australia, wouldn’t you agree?

Butthole Surfers, Wire, The Fall, Pere Ubu and Fugazi on SNUB TV

  If ever a televised music program was ripe for a digital-media anthology, it’s the wonderful SNUB TV.

Higher Revolutionary Mutation with the Jefferson Airplane, 1970

  If push came to shove and I had to pick the ONE—just one—rock group whose message I most “resonate” with, I think I would ultimately have to pick Jefferson Airplane.

Mike Kelley fronts Sonic Youth, 1986

  The first time I visited New York’s SoHo district in 1992 I remember seeing a large print of the cover art for Sonic Youth’s

‘Pulp Fiction’ underwater

  The Kloons have recreated an iconic scene from Quentin Tarantino’s Pulp Fiction shot-for-shot but with one major difference—they did the whole thing underwater.

The Screaming Phantoms, The Dirty Ones & The Satan Souls: Check out this 1974 map of Brooklyn gangs

The Dirty Ones, because Williamsburg has always been chic.

People who paid six bucks for shit from Cards Against Humanity were startled to receive just that

  Everyone’s favorite grassroots card game company Cards Against...

Anti-propaganda street posters tell the truth about the police

  A series of posters questioning the London Metropolitan Police’s record on racism, violence and corruption have appeared on advertising hoardings across London.