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‘The Boiler’: The Specials’ harrowing song about date rape

  By the summer of 1981 The Specials had all but split up when they topped the UK number one slot with their last single as the original line-up “Ghost Town.” Terry Hall, Lynval Golding and Neville Staples went off and formed

Eat My Face: Celebrate Easter with a chocolaty death mask of your own face

  Easter is no doubt the most morbid of Christian holidays—a celebration of resurrection, sure, but also pretty big on the whole death part too.

Krumpety Sax: Tommy the Clown and hardcore krumpers get Benny-Hillified

  If you’ve never seen David LaChapelle’s eye-popping 2005 documentary on “krumping” and “clown dancing,” Rize...

Fugazi, PJ Harvey, Brian Eno, DEVO, and more, sung by an actual glee club

  The Blue Ribbon Glee Club is a Windy City-based a capella group who’ve been performing covers of classic punk and indie rock since 2007.

Esquivel: The meticulous Mexican maestro of Space-Age Bachelor Pad Music

  In the early 1970s Jamaican dubmeisters supreme King Tubby and Lee “Scratch” Perry collaborated on an album called

Man meticulously documents affair with his secretary 1969-1970: Here are his records

  The story would be dull—clichéd even—without the voyeuristic thrill that comes with the intimate details: a married German businessman and his married secretary, Margret, have a brief affair from 1969 to 1970.

You gotta have goals in life: Woman successfully flashes her ta-tas to Google Street View car

  Meet Australian woman Karen Davis. She was able to do the impossible, flash her boobs at a Google Street View car which then made it onto Google Street View without them being blurred out.

The Andy Warhol New York City Diet (or give your dinner to the homeless)

  Shane Parrish at Farnam Street reminded me of an amusing passage from

The music video for ‘Ghostbusters’ minus the music is really… weird

  We’ve posted these musicless music videos here on DM before, but this one for Ray Parker, Jr.‘s “Ghostbusters” is like a paranoia-fueled nightmare.

The music video for ‘Ghosbusters’ minus the music is really… weird

  We’ve posted these musicless music videos here on DM before, but this one for Ray Parker, Jr.‘s “Ghostbusters” is like a paranoia-fueled nightmare.

‘Rad American Women A-Z’: A feminist alphabet book for the little riot grrrl in your life

Angela Davis   I’ve been noticing a recent (though long overdue) trend in woman-centric education tools for the tiniest of tots, but frankly, a lot of them are super lame.

On a scale of ‘one’ to ‘all of the’... how much cocaine is the singer of Kansas on here?

  Whether or not you’re a fan of their unique brand of turgid hardboogie-prog, this recently uploaded video of Kansas performing their signature hit “Carry On Wayward Son” in 1978 at the Canada Jam is, to say the least, energetic.

Danna nanna nanna nanna SUN RAAAAAA: The space-jazz guru’s astounding ‘Batman and Robin’ LP

  In 1966, an unremarkable-seeming children’s album called Batman and Robin

Fan photos of John Lennon in London and New York

  Being one of The Beatles meant being mobbed, followed and even stalked everywhere you went. They quit Liverpool for London for its mix of anonymity and excitement—and because everything happened there.

The air hostess with the mostest: Awesome images of vintage stewardess uniforms

  I’ve always dug old school airline flight attendant uniforms. Perhaps it’s the nostalgia of being a kid and totally excited about going to the airport and hopping on a plane.

There is an all-Jewish Skrewdriver cover band called ‘Jewdriver’

  Aside from actual Nazi skinheads (and those petulant, “ironic” listeners who fancy themselves “edgy”), Skrewdriver presents one of the more divisive ethical conundrums in punk.

Mind-bogglingly awesome sketches for Jodorowsky’s ‘Dune’—done in his own hand?

  John Coulthart at his blog {feuilleton} has discovered an absolutely marvelous find that is currently on eBay.

At peak at Nick Cave’s latest: ‘The Sick Bag Song’

  Nick Cave gave a lengthy interview (sitting in an airplane parked on the tarmac) to John Doran in the latest episode of VICE Meets.

Gonzo from The Muppets sings Digital Underground’s ‘The Humpty Dance’

  I’m crazy. Allow me to amaze thee. They say I’m ugly, but it just don’t phase me. Normally I hate this kind of shit, but this one works well because of all the clever editing.

Groovy vintage pics of The Who on the ski slopes

  According to “WhiteFang,” who claims to have “the world’s largest collection of the Who records & CDs” and also has a good deal of other stuff, these amusing pictures of