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My Unpopular Opinion: ‘Arrival’ is the very definition of pretentious ‘artsploitation’ cinema

  I’m back. Remember me? It’s time for another one of my unpopular opinion<...

Google’s new toxic-language algorithm is surprisingly TERRIBLE at detecting toxic language

  There’s little doubt that AI and robots pose a very interesting challenge to the assumptions human beings have about work, utility, wages, and productivity.

‘They Walk Among Us’: Barry Adamson’s unsettling 21st century vampire blues, a DM premiere

  “The blues is the blues and if the heart aches then that’s the sound that will come out whether you are playing guitar, a synth, a piano or playing futuristic guitar solos on your iPhone!

Iggy Pop’s ‘Raw Power’ jacket: The rock-n-roll Shroud of Turin

  One of the most striking and iconic pieces of rock and roll clothing has to be the leopard head jacket worn by Iggy Pop on the back cover of 1973’s Raw Power, in the classic shot taken by photographer Mick Rock (above).

Johnny Depp ‘speaker dives’ to Agent Orange in the punksploitation episode of ‘21 Jump Street’

  Though a bit late in the game in 1987 to achieve the same sort of classic punksploitation TV status held by the likes of the Quincy and CHiPs “punk rock...

Bizarre lollipop flavors including breast milk, beer, booze, and blue cheese?

The Intergalactic Garble Blaster lollipop by Lolliphile.

Salvador Dalí on how to eat sea urchins

  Someday I hope to see Luis Buñuel’s 1930 short film Menjant garotes (Eating Sea Urchins). Discovered in a biscuit tin that belonged to Salvador Dalí‘s sister, Ana Maria, after her death, it’s a home movie of Dalí‘s family gobbling echinoderms in Cadaqués, shot around the same time as...

Witches plan mass hexing of Donald Trump tomorrow night outside Trump Tower

  The so-called Wiccan “Rule of Three” (also called the “Three-fold Law” or “Law of Return”) is a moral code held by many witches.

‘Storytelling Giant,’ offbeat Talking Heads video compilation from the 1980s

  When MTV ran the world in the 1980s and a few years after, it was de rigueur for bands to release VHS video compilations.

‘Badass Danish girl, 1969…wait for it’

  Here’s a short 37-second video clip of a young Danish woman who’s being interviewed by a reporter about why she’s traveling alone on foot.

They Live by Night: Photos of gangsters, prostitutes & drag queens from Tokyo’s red light district

  Kabukichō is the red light district in Shinjuku, a commercial and administrative ward in central Tokyo.

While we’re waiting for Moby’s evidence of Russian blackmailers, enjoy Tunnelmental’s badass remix

  It’s not like American politics could get weirder (he wrote, praying that American politics doesn’t overhear and respond with an “Oh yeah?

Pleasure Goat: The art of the fake magazine cover

A fake magazine designed by Sean Tejaratchi.   Many of you may be well acquainted with the brilliant work of graphic designer and writer Sean Tejaratchi—and as it had sadly been a while since I had visited his awesome Liar Town USA Tumblr.

‘A for ABBA’: The story of the Swedish sensation as told by John Peel, 1993

  International superstars though they may have been, the members of ABBA were not, individually, all that fascinating.

Maximum Lute Jams? Hear your fave punk and metal classics like never before!

  Lutes aren’t rock n’ roll, everybody knows that. Lutes are the stuff of medieval folkies. Lutes are for the Incredible String Band or Gentle Giant, not Black Sabbath or Van Halen.

Radiohead’s Thom Yorke in 1993: Bowie and Queen’s ‘Under Pressure’ is ‘the perfect pop song’

  One of the more startling musical transformations in our era was the one that Radiohead pulled off between their 1993 debut album

Creepy short video exposes the very unsexy way sex dolls are made (NSFW)

  Super Deluxe had a chance to go behind-the-scenes at the RealDoll factory, located in San Marcos, California, and show you how the dolls are really made.

Mutants and Grotesque Monsters: The Soviet Artist who rebelled against the fall of Communism

‘The Butcher’ (1990).   Not every Russian citizen was pleased to see the end of Communism in the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics during the 1980s and 1990s.

Ultra stylish lobby cards from the fashionable world of 1960s British cinema

  Enjoy this stellar collection of rare lobby cards that once graced movie theaters all over West Germany.

Score this cool ‘Shining’-themed skirt while it’s dirt cheap

  There’s this intriguing skirt that’s a perfect item for the woman who loves