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The psychedelic hairscapes of Cathy Ward

  This is a guest post by artist/director Nick Abrahams. Los Angeles gets the pleasure of being the first city in America to stage a solo show by the London-based artist Cathy Ward.

The indiscreet art of ass puppetry

  The title of this video doesn’t give the slightest inkling of what the viewer is in store for—and it’s also fairly hilarious.

White Noise Boutique to sell ‘artisanal white noise’

  Residing at the precise point where conceptual art meets commerce meets mathematics meets cyptography meets transcendental meditation meets, shall we say, hipster excess is the White Noise Boutique, a pop-up shop that will exist in the city of Brighton in the United Kingdom from September 9...

‘I would love to play for you, but I can’t’: Lemmy stops gig after two songs for health reasons

  It’s one of the more poignant entries on I’ve ever read, by far. It’s a list of the songs played at last night’s Mot�...

Game Theory/Loud Family’s Scott Miller honored with posthumous reissues and biography

  Though the extraordinarily gifted musician Scott Miller died almost two and a half years ago, the idea that there will never be another Loud Family album, or that the Game Theory reunion he was readying will never happen, remains very hard to take.

The last known photographs of Jim Morrison in Paris, dated June 28, 1971

  Jim Morrison died on July 3, 1971 at age 27. The official cause of death on his death certificate was “heart failure.” No autopsy was performed.

State fair accepts, then rejects Bill Cosby portrait made from rapeseed

  Rapeseed, more commonly known in the U.S. as “canola,” can be used to make vegetable oil, bio-diesel, animal feed, or—apparently—portraits of Bill Cosby, the famous comedian accused of drugging and having non-consensual sex with nearly 50 women.

Glitter-covered televangelist Joshua Mills explains how he got covered in glitter. By God.

  How long will it take—how many decades, how many more centuries if we’re really unlucky—before the Christianity virus just completely and utterly burns itself out?

Nothing says anarchy like these hilarious stock photos of ‘punkers’

A group of happy punks   Oh dear, the stock photography version of punk. If you asked my nana what a punk was or looked like, she’d point to one of these photos and say “Right here.

Dangerous Finds: King Tut’s boner; Paranoid Republican wingnuts; EVERY Tarantino reference explained

  Quentin Tarantino: The Complete Syllabus of His Influences and References: From Reservoir Dogs to Django Unchained, the master list.

Jazzercise takes on Sid Vicious. Nobody wins

  The biggest-selling single the Sex Pistols ever put out wasn’t “Anarchy in the U.K.” or “God Save the Queen” or “Pretty Vacant” or “Holidays in the Sun”—it was “

Foul-mouthed bird spits on family dog and tells it off

Photo of Eric via Facebook   We normally don’t blog about animals here on DM, but when something this special like Eric the foul-mouthed bird comes along… it’s necessary.

They didn’t write that?: Hits you (probably) didn’t realize were cover songs (Part Two)

  This is the second part of a continuing series. Part One can be found HERE. Recently a friend hipped me to a song that I had NO IDEA existed, having...

A housewife drops acid (legally), 1963

  Before it became a Schedule I controlled substance in October of 1968, there was a not-all-that-brief period in which lysergic acid diethylamide, otherwise known as LSD, enjoyed some respectability among the chattering classes, even benefited from the same type of breathless hype that the technolo

Photos of Victorian women and their long-ass hair

  “Yo, Rapunzel!” A lot of Victorian and Edwardian era women simply never cut their hair. Now I know this was considered very fashionable in those days, but I can’t imagine how much suffering went along with maintaining such manes.

Young Adam Ant looking like a pretty punk rock Adonis

Adam and the Ants at Eric’s Club in Liverpool, 1977  Before the flamboyant gyrating, Native American-obsessed pirate we all know and love as Adam Ant there was another fellow (born Stuart Leslie Goddard), who looked more like the proto-goths of the 70s...

There’s a life-size David Bowie pillow doll

  If you ever wanted to eat an ice cream cone sitting on David Bowie’s lap… now is your chance! Proxy Shop on Etsy makes these life-size...

The sexy, porny nose art of WWII combat planes

  It’s easy to imagine a… lonely soldier doodling a smutty little pin-up on the side of a military plane from sheer boredom, but the elaborate “nose art” of World War II also served a very functional purpose.

NAMASTE, JARHEAD! Little green army men toys in yoga poses

  Dan Abramson is the purveyor of “Brogamats

Limbo, NYC’s ‘Tuned-in Generation’ 60s fashion emporium (and their amazing artist-in-residence)

  It all started a few weeks ago with a nice lady dropping by the record store with two cardboard moving boxes full of old newspapers.