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In Dreams: Grete Stern’s powerful feminist surrealism

  In 1948, the photographer Grete Stern was asked to contribute photographic illustrations for a weekly column on the interpretation of dreams in the Argentinian women’s magazine Idilio.

When David Bowie was in Iggy Pop’s band: Their final concert

  Iggy Pop’s The...

Head of Chucky bath bomb and other horror-themed bath bombs

  Here’s a Chucky head bath bomb by California-based Loquita Bath and Body. Apparently it is orange scented.

Jodie Foster’s very, very brief pop music career

  What were you doing when you were 15? How many movies had you appeared in? How many singles had you put out?

Here’s the Klaus Nomi karaoke you’ll be needing for your Eclipse Party

  I was an eleven-year-old kid attending Catholic school in Kentucky and my parents had just gotten cable TV.

‘Jack Johnson,’ 1970 documentary about the first black heavyweight champion, scored by Miles Davis

  Even people who don’t like Miles Davis’ electric period (!) recognize the greatness of Jack Johnson, one of John McLaughlin’s finest moments, and a record I’d heard dozens of times before I realized it was the score to a movie.

The Orchid Garden: Diabolical & supernatural imagery from history’s very first fantasy magazine

  For the past decade, Thomas Negovan, the deeply erudite proprietor of the visionary Century Guild Museum of Art in Los Angeles has been publishing beautiful art books, many of them funded via a smart and efficient use of Kickstarter.

Yep! At long last there’s a Flying Spaghetti Monster colander!

  Perfect headwear for your next driver’s license photo, this is the Flying Spaghetti Monster Colander designed by Lior Rokah Kor.

Beautiful hand-colored photographs of Japanese women in the late 19th-century

‘Seated Woman.’   Kusakabe Kimbei (1841-1934) was a Japanese photographer who learned his trade as an assistant to Felice Beato, the pioneering photojournalist who came to Japan to document...

Super ‘wide-angle’ Italian lobby cards for ‘Easy Rider’

  I haven’t posted much about lobby cards on Dangerous Minds. They can be cool but basically it takes a lot to impress me.

‘Dark Avenger’: The brief heavy metal career of Orson Welles

  After the breakup of the Dictators, the New York proto-punk band Richard Meltzer credited with returning “THE SPIRIT OF WRESTLING” to rock and roll, their lead guitarist, Ross “the Boss” Friedman, formed the metal group Manowar.

When a superfan crosses the line, things will never be the same again (short film with Sean Young)

  bOING bOING’s resident video guru Eric Mittleman has been one of my nearest and dearest friends for over a quarter century.

‘Flesh Gordon,’ the ‘Space Age Sex Spoof’ of the Seventies that’s ‘out of this world’

  People, we’re in big trouble. On the far distant planet of Porno, Emperor Wang the Perverted has his sex ray pointed at Earth and every time he shoots the damned thing everyone goes plum sex-mad crazy.

Welcome to Hell: The fantastic faceless figurative art of Vlada Mirković

“Dante, Divine Comedy, Welcome into the Hell.” A painting by Vlada Mirković.   I sadly can’t tell you much about Serbian-born painter Vlada Mirković, though I do believe that his remarkable paintings will resonate with the vast majority of our art-loving Dangerous Minds readers.

Sexy shoes and surrealist foot fetish: The provocative photography of Guy Bourdin

A photo taken by Guy Bourdin for shoe and fashion designer, Charles Jourdan.   Celebrated photographer Guy Bourdin’s career spanned nearly 40 years.

Fruitopia commercials scored by Kate Bush and the Cocteau Twins

  If I say the word “Fruitopia” to you, there’s a decent chance you’ll respond with some comment about the 1990s—the savviest among you might even say “1994” specifically.

Mysterious photos of Ozzy Osbourne in the nude performing with a naked hippie band back in 1969

Ozzy reacting the same way I did to the news that photos from his brief stint in an all-nude hippie band have surfaced.

Amusing vintage outsider art of Debbie Harry done by a teen fan

Debbie Harry and one of writer/blogger Toby Weiss’ illustrations of Harry that was done by Weiss in 1979.

Objects of Desire: Vintage erotic pocket watches (NSFW)

  From what I can gather, the earliest erotic pocket watches date back to the 17th-century when they were intended as prized erotica for a small but wealthy market.

Charming animation about Giorgio Moroder’s lean years before he became the king of disco

  Giorgio Moroder, born Giovanni Giorgio Moroder, emerged in the mid-1970s to become a pioneering force in electronic disco, not only with “