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Chris Butler of The Waitresses is writing the longest song ever, and he wants YOUR help!

  We all know The Waitresses, right? “I Know What Boys Like?” The Square Pegs theme song? Surely at least “Christmas Wrapping”?

FEEL THE FUZZ: Insane music from obscure vintage Japanese psych & garage rock bands

An excellent shot of Ai Takano, the timekeeper for Japanese psychedelic ‘group sounds’ band The Carnabeats.

Dead at 17: ‘The Fatal Consequences of Masturbation’—a handy guide from 1830

‘He was young and handsome…his mother’s hope.’   He was young and handsome, his mother’s pride and joy—but he died in torment, blind, sick and paralyzed—at the age of seventeen.

Just in time for the holidays: A HUGE realistic-looking beetle earring!

  Still don’t know what to get your loved one or friend for the holidays? Well if they don’t suffer from insectophobia, why not get him or her this realistic looking beetle earring?

EMI sends Venom the greatest rejection letter of all time, 1980

  It seems like the two main things you hear about the British heavy metal band

A final ‘Fuck You’ from 2016

  As we all know 2016 has been a spectacularly shitty year. Bowie. Prince. Leonard Cohen. President Trump.

Iggy Pop singing ‘Surfin’ Bird’ to his cockatoo is exactly what the world needs now

  So OK, if you’re not following “Biggy Pop,” the eponymous Instagram Iggy Pop made for his pet bird Biggy earlier this year, you’re missing out.

Pixies telepathically host ‘PostModern MTV’ in 1989

  After the arrival of Surfer Rosa in 1988, Pixies became the...

Iconic: Movie posters for classic films redesigned around their famous props and sets

‘Amelie.’   Most movie posters plug their product with suitably emotionally involving imagery from their content.

The greatest/worst heavy metal video of all time

Behold the bizarro heavy metal band from Australia, Barbariön!   Heavy metal band Barbariön hails from Melbourne, Australia and have been serving up their special brand of WTF since 2007.

Stunning images of pagan costumes worn at winter celebrations around the world

‘Lucifer and little devils,’ Tauplitz, Austria. Photograph by Charles Fréger.   In a recent interview, French photographer Charles Fréger revealed that he has always been fascinated by European tribal traditions.

Anton LaVey tree ornaments will help you have the most Satanic Christmas ever!

Ceramic Anton LaVey Christmas ornament. Get it here.   Here we have another example of something you never knew you needed that actually already exists—ceramic ornaments featuring the very serious mug of a certain Anton Szandor LaVey.

Big hair and lipgloss: Unsung girl groups of the 70s and 80s

  Many are called. Most end up in the bargain bin of the local thrift store. For all the great bands like Fanny, The Slits, L-7, The Go-Gos, The Bangles, and so on, there are several dozen—nay, several hundred—who score one hit (or fewer) and then disappear before the ink’...

That time Orson Welles met Andy Kaufman

  Orson Welles and

Fantastic vintage Japanese movie posters

‘A Hard’s Day Night’ (1964).   A friend collects Japanese movie posters. He’s rich enough to afford it.

Kraftwerk, Throbbing Gristle, Beefheart, The Residents, Sun Ra & more as ‘South Park’ characters

The Residents   If you like your music adventurous, you’ll probably get a huge kick out of Noise Park, a Tumblr that features

Class Warfare: Radical French philosopher Guy Debord’s Situationist board game

Guy Debord and Alice Becker-Ho playing Kriegspiel in 1977. Photo by Jeanne Cornet via Cabinet   After he disbanded the Situationist International in 1972, one of the obsessions that consumed Guy Debord was a board game he invented.

Why not have a ‘Doctor Who’ Weeping Angel-themed Christmas tree this year?

Weeping Angel tree topper can be found here. If you haven’t guessed by now, the Weeping Angels from Doctor Who are by far my most favorite predatory creatures from the sci-fi TV series.

Meet ‘The Fred Banana Combo’ Germany’s first new wave punks

  While the name of Düsseldorf band The Fred Banana Combo might sound more like something you’d come across in a bargain bin at your local record shop, don’t let their amusing moniker fool you as it appears the somewhat obscure band was responsible for releasing what has often been ...

Black Flag: Scorching multi-camera pro-shot concert, live in San Francisco, 1984

  Here’s an outstanding specimen of Black Flag as a galvanizing live act. This was one of Black Flag’s strongest lineups, Greg/Henry/Kira and