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Watch the first film adaptation of ‘The Hobbit,’ a 1966 animated short that takes… some liberties

Oh look, it’s Slag   Any film adaptation of a Tolkein epic is going to have to make some major edits if it clocks in at twelve minutes.

‘Ant music for sex people’: Adam and the Ants live

  Like Genesis and Ministry, Adam and the Ants had two distinct phases, each with fan bases that don’t always quite overlap 100%.

Excited woman throws her artificial limb at Robbie Williams’ impersonator

  Once it was undergarments that over-excited fans threw at their music idols, but at this year’s GuilFest, one woman was so thrilled by the performance of a Robbie Williams’ impersonator that she hurled her prosthetic leg at the ersatz chart-topper!

Happy Birthday Kim Fowley: The Lord of Garbage turns 75 today!

  The most incredible mind in the history of rock n’ roll turns three quarters of a century today! Truly the greatest living treasure/encyclopedia of pop culture, and creator of it is still sharp as a tack!

The next to last waltz: The Band live in Asbury Park, NJ, 1976

  When The Band were taped in concert at Asbury Park’s Casino Arena on July 20, 1976—thirty eight years ago yesterday to be exact—plans were already afoot for their final appearance that fall in San Francisco that would be filmed for Martin Scorsese’s documentary, The Last Waltz.

Be a fly on the wall when Bob Dylan and Bette Midler went into the studio together, 1975

  Bob Dylan and Bette Midler recorded together in October 1975 duetting on a cover of “Buckets of Rain” for her Songs for the New Depression album.

Cardiac Wallpaper

  From the same people who brought you the fantastic Day of the Dead Sugar Skull wallpaper a few years back, comes a new design titled “Cardiac Wallpaper” which features intertwining anatomical human hearts.

‘Listen Mulder, what you can’t question is the SCIENCE!’: Dana Scully REALLY likes science

  Here’s a montage of The X-Files’ Dana Scully defending science to the bitter end to an aloof Agent Fox Mulder.

Chuck Berry and Little Richard headline the London Rock & Roll Show 1972

  The London Rock and Roll Show was the first major pop concert to be held at Wembley Stadium, the sports arena later famed for LiveAid and the Freddie Mercury tribute concert.

‘IN EVENT OF MOON DISASTER’: The speech Nixon would have given if lunar landing had failed

  Prior to the July 20, 1969 Apollo 11 lunar landing, one of President Richard Nixon’s speechwriters, William Safire, who later became a long-standing political columnist, wrote a speech for Nixon to give in case the mission failed and the astronauts were stranded on the Moon.

‘Sugar Cookies’: The Discreet Charm of the Swinging, Decadent Bourgeoisie

  There are few things more dangerous than someone who is rich, gorgeous and bored. New kicks get harder and harder to find, especially when you are someone like art/sex film director Max Pavell (George Shannon) in Theodore Gershuny’s underground-meets-overground psychosexual drama, 1973’s

Sherlock Holmes recreated as police composite sketch

  We all have a different image of Sherlock Holmes usually associated with the actor we first saw playing the great detective.

‘Ska and punk and Duran Duran’: Fantastic student-made documentary on mid-80s high school fashion

  Maybe it’s the congeniality of the kids, or maybe it’s the inspired use of the riff from “She Bop,” but this high school documentary, dated either ‘84 or ‘85, is possibly the only reflection on fashion I could describe as “...

‘CSNY 1974’: Listen to exclusive live tracks from Crosby, Still, Nash and Young

Photo: Joel Bernstein Not only am I one of those people who gets all squirmy if a concert goes on for much longer than an hour, I tend to really hate live albums.

Up to no good: Teen actor’s impressive audition for Francois Truffaut’s ‘The 400 Blows’

  François Truffaut was casting for his first feature film The 400 Blows (Les quatre cents coups), the semi-autobiographical tale of Antoine, a rebellious adolescent growing up in Paris.

‘I have come to die with you’: Nico performs ‘Genghis Khan’ on French TV, 1979

  On June 27, 1979, accompanied only by her harmonium, Nico performed a stunning “Genghis Khan,” a typically atmospheric number that would later appear on her 1981 Drama of Exile album, on French television.

Men’s rights WTF commemorative coin mystery, solved?

  A couple of weeks ago the “men’s rights” website A Voice for Men put up a post calling attention to a “commemorative coin” celebrating the First International Conference on Men’s Issues.

Pizza-themed ‘punk’ albums are stupid, but funny

  I kinda hate myself for blogging this, but yet, here I am… fucking blogging this! I laughed at a few these, okay?

Communism in textiles: Soviet fabrics from the 20’s and 30’s

  If you walked by a set of curtains made from one of these fabrics, you might not pick up on a communist star or the CCCP acronym.

David Bowie in his tighty-whiteys, 1973

  Many of you have probably already seen these stills of David Bowie in his “tighty-whiteys” from a 1973 photoshoot.