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‘Beatles Electroniques’: The Beatles warped beyond recognition, 1969

Beatles Electroniques, 1969   The relationship and eventual marriage of John Lennon and Yoko Ono, looked at from a slightly unusual perspective, can be seen as an alliance between the high pop mastery of the Beatles and the playful avant-garde methods of the Fluxus group.

‘Raiders of the Lost Ark’ melting Nazi face candle

  This is one of those clever ideas that make me want to kick myself for not thinking of it first... Anyway, Firebox is selling a face-melting Major Arnold Toht candle (the sinister SS agent whose face melts off at the end of...

‘Hello Arthur? This is your mother. Do you remember me?’: The comedy genius of Nichols & May

  Something from the Dangerous Minds archives to commemorate the passing of Mike Nichols. This was originally posted on January 31, 2011.

Norma Bates: Woman slept with dead mother for five years

  The emotional trauma caused by the death of a loved one can cause humans to grieve in some tragic and bizarre ways.

New boxed set reveals John Coltrane created ‘terror’ during final tour with Miles Davis, 1960

  In 1955, Miles Davis hired an up-and-coming musician named John Coltrane to play in his group. Over the next couple of years, the team-up produced some incredible music, but the personal relationship between the trumpeter/leader and the saxophonist was never steady.

Punish or be damned: LA punk legends The Screamers live at the Whisky A Go Go, 1979

Gary Panter’s iconic Screamers logo   High-quality recordings of the Screamers, the legendary LA synthpunk band fronted by the late Tomata du Plenty, have always been elusive—the band’s

New Yorkers & Angelenos absolutely losing their sh*t over a bicoastal video hook-up in 1980

  It’s obscene how we take technology for granted. The Internet is the greatest communication tool since the written word, and what do I do with it?

Concept Barbie doesn’t just have realistic proportions—she has scars, acne, freckles & cellulite

Acne   Graphic designer/amateur toymaker Nickolay Lamm plays with Barbies a lot. First he came up with the make-up-free Barbie—worrying that she was “a little bit too hypersexualized,” which is strange, since I see women walking around my neighborhood with a face...

‘Freeze, you dirty dopers’: The ‘Heroin Haikus’ of William Wantling

  If the American poet William Wantling (1933-1974) had not existed, it would have been up...

Check out ‘The Internet Show,’ an hour-long PBS special from the dawn of cyberspace

  A YouTube user named Andy Baio has collected a number of explanatory videos dating from the very dawn of the commercialized World Wide Web (roughly 1995 for our purposes here) and created a killer playlist featuring them.

Short animation describes what drug addiction is like

  Without giving too much away, here’s a short animation by Andreas Hykade that shows in a very simplistic way what drug addiction is sorta like.

David Bowie’s early appearance as Ziggy Stardust, 1972

  RCA records paid $25,000 to fly the “cream” of America’s rock press over to see the label’s up-and-coming star David Bowie perform at the Friars Club, Market Square, Aylesbury, England, in July 1972.

Grandma Lo-Fi: The Basement Tapes of Sigríður Níelsdóttir

  Grandma Lo-Fi: The Basement Tapes of Sigríður Níelsdóttir is a sweet documentary about an elderly Icelandic musical icon who didn’t even start making music until she was seventy.

‘BobbyQue’: Cooking with Black Panther Bobby Seale

  You may have been born too late for radical chic, but you’re just in time for, uh, radical chicory?

The artist formerly known as Dean Ween spearheads epic 37-minute cover of Pink Floyd’s ‘Echoes’

  The great and inventive band Ween broke up in 2012, but both parts of the group have remained musically active.

Meet The Fleshlettes, a loving family of hyper-realistic body horror mutants

“This is Tonya, she’s the matriarch of the Fleshlette family.”   Los Angeles sculptor Jonathan Payne produced these lovely little Cronenbergian trinkets—The Fleshlettes—with polymer clay, acrylics and human hair, but man if they don’t look like actual flesh.

You can run, but you can’t hide: Watch this wild heat-vision police pursuit helicopter footage

  Last Friday, in the Haller Lake neighborhood of Seattle, police identified a stolen SUV and went into pursuit.

Unimpressed man calmly sits in restaurant while it’s invaded by masked gang

  There’s not too much information about this video which surfaced on the Internet yesterday of an unimpressed man sitting in a restaurant while 35 armed and masked men invade the place.

Unimpressed man calmly sits in restaurant while its invaded by masked gang

  There’s not too much information about this video which surfaced on the Internet yesterday of an unimpressed man sitting in a restaurant while 35 armed and masked men invade the place.

‘50 Ways to Eat Cock’ is the only rooster cookbook you’ll ever need

  I’m a big believer in the prurient pun, and I think anyone who can actually monetize juvenile humor is a true student of humanity who paid attention in class.