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Lick my boots: Vintage photos of women wearing kinky boots

  A few days ago I posted some vintage photographs of dominatrices in all their dominant glory. But what I really dug about those historical images was… the boots.

Thin White Duke/White Heat: Amazing unseen footage of David Bowie live in 1976

  Just in time for the long holiday weekend… This was put together by a dedicated Bowie fanatic who goes by the nom de Youtube “Nacho Video.” He saw one minute of this footage—originally shot Philippe Bergeron 40 years ago—...

Criminal Class: Surprisingly cool Aussie mugshots

  Herbert Ellis sits with his arms folded waiting for his photograph to be taken. He’s perched on a chair, back against a wall, legs apart, wearing a three-piece suit, a white shirt with stud collar, a knitted tie and a slick Fedora.

Naughty nuns, Nosferatu and BDSM: Surreal works by the master of ‘anything goes’ Clovis Trouille

‘Religieuse italienne fumant la cigarette’ (Italian nun smoking a cigarette) by Clovis Trouille, 1944.

The secret teachings of rock ‘n’ roll: Ancient Debbie Harry calendar proves time is an illusion!

  Sometimes better late than never isn’t just better: It’s amazing! In this case, late is now and it’s very cool!

Buy the ‘Rap Master Maurice’ telephone rap business: Only one million US dollars

  Some of us here at Dangerous Minds are big fans of “America’s greatest living art garbage movement” painter, Derek Erdman.

‘I feel good!’: Jordan Peele reenacts James Brown’s crazy drug-fueled CNN interview word for word

  Here’s a priceless bit of business from the irreplaceable

Jordan Peele reproduces James Brown’s crazy drugged-fueled CNN interview word for word!

  Here’s a priceless bit of business from the irreplaceable

Dreamtime: The Cult’s early years

  Although perhaps their best days are long behind them, The Cult were a powerful live act in the 1980s and they’re still pretty good.

Darkly Lynchian mixtape featuring songs by the cast of the new ‘Twin Peaks’

  David Lynch completed shooting the new

Remember those too-good-to-be-true vinyl toys of your favorite pop culture icons?

Jeff Spicoli. Get him here. A few years ago I blogged about these really cool 3D models of pop culture icons that I mistakenly thought were...

Killers, crooks and vampires: Thrilling pages from Penny Dreadfuls

  The “penny dreadful” was the name given to an incredible publishing phenomenon that flourished in Victorian Britain between the mid-1830s and the early 1900s.

Marianne Breslauer’s gorgeous photos of queer, androgynous and butch women of the 1930s

  The photography of Marianne Breslauer is striking for both its intimacy and its subjects—women, usually of the sleek, chic and gender-bending variety, posed to optimum androgynous elegance.

Angelyne’s pink Corvette is up for auction

A vintage shot of LA icon Angelyne and her life-sized Barbie car, a pink Chevrolet Corvette.   According a listing on eBay platinum-haired goddess of self-promotion Angelyne has put her pink Corvette (one of...

When Can met Japan: David Sylvian and Holger Czukay’s wonderful ambient collaborations

  The UK glam band Japan had a singularly interesting career—though influenced by the usual glam touchstones Bowie, Dolls, et al, their visual presentation directly predicted the New Romantic movement, and to this day the band is still somewhat incorrectly associated with that flamboyant scene, larg

Dub visionary Adrian Sherwood talks about his legendary career in music

  The ongoing series of Sherwood at the Controls releases surveys the recording career of Adrian Sherwood, the visionary dub producer and founder of On-U Sound.

The Secret Confessions of an Addict

  In the latest episode of VICE’s outrageous Confessions of A… series (brought to you by Rebtel) a self-admitted boozehound and drug addict gives the unedited lowdown on his unbridled consumption of legal and illegal substances.

Eartha Kitt puts the durdy into Hurdy Gurdy

  Eartha Kitt purrs through two Donovan songs like a kitten drunk on catnip. Her post-orgasmic take on “Hurdy Gurdy Man” gives new meaning to organ grinding.

Legendary ‘lost’ Betty Davis recording sessions from 1969 (with Miles Davis) have been found!

  Nope, not Bette Davis, an ass-kicking woman in her own...

Did Charlie Chaplin really lose a Charlie Chaplin lookalike contest?

  There are some ideas that are so irresistible that mind gravitates towards them whether they’re true or not.