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Stunning airbrushed images & other lurid artwork created for ‘A Clockwork Orange’

An airbrushed painting created by illustrator Philip Castle for ‘A Clockwork Orange.’   Illustrator and artist Philip Castle’s catalog is impressive, but of particular interest are three rather remarkable contributions.

In The Shadows: Cabaret Voltaire, live at the Hacienda, 1983

  The Haçienda opened its doors on May 21, 1982, and the very next day

Long-lost early 70s progressive synth band Syrinx to reunite at this year’s Moogfest

Photo of Syrinx by Bart Schoales   Syrinx was a short-lived progressive/electronic music trio formed in 1970 by composer and keyboardist John Mills-Cockell, saxophonist Doug Pringle, and percussionist Alan Wells in Toronto.

The intriguing origins of ‘Cliff,’ the cartoon character that’s all over Stereolab’s early album art

“Stunning Debut Album” 7-inch, 1991 If you’re into Stereolab, you’re almost certainly aware of the odd, grinning cartoon character who stared out accusatorially at the viewer on the cover art of many of Stereolab’s early releases.

Moon shots: Showing your butt in public is the latest craze, apparently…

  No ifs or buts, the end is nigh, quite literally it seems for bright young things from across England (and now the world) who are taking pictures of themselves baring their buttocks in public places and uploading the resulting image to Instagram<...

Cracking the P.Y.T. code: New technology reveals hidden lyrics in Michael Jackson’s 1983 hit single

  35 years after its release Thriller remains the best-selling album of the millennium. After a lifetime of repeated listening, the record’s sixth single “P.Y.T.

Stranded! Vincent Price on BBC’s ‘Desert Island Discs,’ 1969

Vincent Price on the beach in 1966’s ‘Dr. Goldfoot and the Girl Bombs’ Who better to be stranded on a desert island with than Vincent Price?

Meet Eggstone, the ‘Godfathers of Swedish pop’

  In 1990 when Swedish group Eggstone released their first single “Bubblebed” it had been over a decade since any Swedish pop act had gone mainstream.

Meet the Wipeouters: DEVO’s surf-rock alter egos created for a children’s show

  Mark Mothersbaugh has quite the musical repertoire outside of being the co-founder, keyboardist and lead singer of one of America’s most inventive and beloved new wave groups - the almighty DEVO.

Yes, there is a ‘sexy women holding carp’ calendar and, of course, it’s gotta be from Germany

  OK, it’s April and not exactly calendar-buying season. But this is a little too good not to share. There’s a calendar that showcases pictures of sexy women holding carps.

Finally there are posable life-sized skeleton body lamps!

  Ever wanted a life-sized skeleton lamp with a lampshade for its head? Then have I got the lamp for you!

80s ‘Superfans’ talk about their obsessions for Bowie, Boy George, Duran Duran & Elvis

Superfans in the sixties.   I don’t suppose I fit the requirements to be called a superfan, well, unless you count having a cheeky wank to a Kate Bush video when I was much younger.

Visual Futurist: Step inside the sci-fi world created by ‘Blade Runner’ visionary Syd Mead

A depiction of Los Angeles in 2019 by Syd Mead for ‘Blade Runner.’   Artist Syd Mead is probably best known for his work for the 1982 film Blade Runner, though his vast contributions to cinema can be seen in other...

‘Eraserhead’ fans, you’re going to want this silver vinyl soundtrack reissue

  It’s been five years since Sacred Bones put out limited-issue box set reissue of the Eraserhead soundtrack, complete with tons of extras, the newly released track “Pete’s Boogie,” and so forth.

Iconic occult ‘Angel Heart’ Ring on sale today only for 30% off

  One fateful afternoon thirty years ago, NYC-based jewelry designer Alex Streeter was working in the backroom at his eponymous store in Soho.

Beware the dangers of the mosh pit: A look back

  Originally referred to as “slam dancing,” moshing began to take form thanks to the chaotic environment of hardcore punk in the early 1980s.

In this Motörhead video game, Lemmy thwarts enemies with his Jack Daniels-fueled bad breath!

  In 1992 Kaitsu Software, in what seems to have been the only game they ever put out, released a game for the Commodore Amiga using as its protagonist the greatest and drunkest frontman in rock history, Lemmy Kilmister.

Pain is skin deep: Extreme close-up portraits of people on the edge

A portrait from photographer Bruce Gilden’s 2015 book ‘Face.’   “The older I get, the closer I get.” —Photographer Bruce Gilden on his ever-evolving creative process   In an article from 2015 on photographer Bruce Gilden’s book

The Magnificent Seven: Watch Madness in their autobiographical film debut ‘Take It or Leave It’

  In 1981, Madness the greatest septet since The Magnificent Seven—no, not that crappy remake, the original with Yul Bryner—starred in their very own feature film Take It or Leave It.

Paperback to the Future: Best of British science-fiction covers from the 1950s

  The back story of Britain in the fifties reads like the checklist for a Star Wars script. The war is over, the Empire is dying and the New World Colonies are slowly taking over.