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The mining disaster that inspired Gerry Anderson’s ‘Thunderbirds’

  One of those FAQs of writers, directors, producers is “Where do you get your ideas from?” which always sounds as if there is a magic ideas tree from which creatives can harvest the fruit when needs want.

Black Sabbath’s 1972 cocaine budget: $75,000

Black Sabbath circa mid-1970s with Ozzy showing us where he puts his cocaine   All the members of Black Sabbath have been pretty open about their debauched past, but of all the stories concerning their experiences with illegal party favors, I think my favorite is Geezer Butler’s account of how the..

Amazing early punk document: Johnny and the Dicks live in, um, ‘concert’?

  In the almost pathologically defiant, rules-free autonomous zone that was the early Cleveland punk scene, John Morton was probably the single most antagonistic figure.

Prog rock starts around here: The legendary Pete Brown and Piblokto! live on French TV

  Piblokto is an Inuit word describing a “dissociative fugue state, usually occurring in Inuit women, in which the afflicted person screams, tears off her clothes, and runs out into the snow; afterward, she has no memory of the episode.” Piblokto!

That time Gore Vidal porked Jack Kerouac

Jack Kerouac, 1953   “What did you and Jack do?” Allen Ginsberg asked

Dangerous Finds: ‘Remain in Light’ at 35; Smoke bombs in Parliament; New video from Failure

  35 Years of Talking Heads’ ‘Remain in Light’: “They tightened up. They got funky. They set up shop in Nassau.

Tons of awesome Ray Harryhausen artifacts up for auction

  The midcentury master of stop-motion animation, Ray Harryhausen, died at the age of 92...

Flowered Up’s ‘Weekender’: ‘Quadrophenia’ for the E-generation

  Every generation has at least one song that captures the essence of their era. For the loved-up clubbers of the late 1980s and early 1990s, there are more than a few generation-defining songs to choose from.

Hey, let’s not do ‘refugee chic’ fashion shoots in the middle of an actual refugee crisis

  Who would have thought that doing a fashion photo shoot using a refugee theme—during a time when a major refugee crisis involving Syria is in the headlines every freaking day—would be in poor taste and might piss a few people off?

Horror roundtable discussion with masters Stephen King, George Romero, Ira Levin, and Peter Straub

  Shout Factory TV has given us an early Halloween treat by posting a twenty-five-year-old roundtable discussion from The Dick Cavett Show with Stephen King, George Romero, Ira Levin, and Peter Straub.

David Lee Roth awesomely botches a TV interview with a rambling story about the Screamers

  In 1985, a possibly (probably?—it was the ‘80s) high David Lee Roth misunderstood a question, blowing two and a half minutes of his network TV airtime on a rambling story about a cult LA punk singer.

Finally, a map to track human poop

  On Twitter, Matthew Yglesias of Vox has been arguing with people about why San Francisco smells so much like urine.

Tiny stud earrings of Steve Buscemi, Bernie Sanders, Jack Torrance & other oddballs

FEEL THE BERN! Bernie Sanders stud earrings   Now your ears can also “Feel the Bern,” thanks to Seattle artist, Thais Marchese.

Read the comic book of Robert Anton Wilson’s ‘Illuminatus!’ online

  I know how it is: you read the trilogy

Dangerous Finds: Jack White meets the neighbors; Exploding Nazi candy; Video of Moz’s TSA ‘groping’

  Jack White showed up at a neighborhood potluck and nobody knew who he was: Celebrated musician Jack White has called Nashville home for a while, but this weekend was the first time that he was able to attend his suburban neighborhood’s annual potluck.

Man found on floor surrounded by junk food after call to 911 for being ‘too high’

  Welp, here’s another story that is headed straight for the ever-growing Stoner Hall of Fame. According to a story from the Seattle...

‘Love Letters From Craig’ serves up ‘casual encounters’ as read by a robot

  “Love Letters From Craig” is the delicious brainchild of an Amsterdam-based company called Cartelle that appropriates and recontextualizes posts from the “casual encounters” section of Craigslist, certainly one of the...

The new Diane Coffee video is 100% old-school and awesomely trippy: a DM premiere

  Diane Coffee is the nom de rock of voice actor Shaun Fleming, known for roles in

Giant, creepy papier-mâché masks from the Venice Beach Mardi Gras Festival in the mid-1930s

Giant papier-mâché masks at the Venice Beach Mardi Gras Festival, 1935   On August 16th, 1935, California’s fabled Venice Beach kicked off its very first Mardi Gras Festival.

‘Be-In,’ the 1967 psychedelic documentary short film scored by Blue Cheer

A poster for Blue Cheer and Jerry Abrams’ Head Lights at the Salt Lake Coliseum Before he broke into the porn business with 1970’s Overdose of Degradation, Jerry Abrams was a fixture on the San Francisco psychedelic scene.