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‘The Essential Paul Laffoley’ is the most mind-boggling coffee table art book of 2016 (or any year)

  Okay, okay so although I could probably definitely be accused of bias—the volume in question here is about a dear friend of nearly twenty years and edited by another close friend of exactly the same vintage (plus I blurbed it)—I strongly feel that the recent University of Chicago Press book

Meet Tuttii Fruittii and Toni Tits, the ‘drag clowns’ of London

  The memorably named Tuttii Fruittii and Toni Tits—Tuttii’s the one on the bicycle above—are inclusive clowns for the generation that has decisively rejected the imposition of restrictions on gender identity.

Freakishly cool body paintings by 16-year-old artist

A photo posted by Lara wirth (@armageddonpainted) on May 8, 2016 at 3:58am PDT<...

‘American Horror Story’ tarot cards

  ‎Ligne claire whiz Derek Eads...

Of punk rockers, Bad Brains, CBGB & ‘Quincy’: Charming local news segment on hardcore, 1982

  This is another one of those fun, seen-in-retrospect “time capsules” about how allegedly scary punk rock was supposed to be, whilst presenting footage of kids who seem anything but scary.

Surly socks with brutally honest messages for everyday wear!

  I saw this image of the “I hate everyone too” sock featured on the Arbroath blog. I thought to myself, “Is this a real sock design?

The Smashing Pumpkins—very early on—live for an hour on a local Chicago TV show, 1988

Smashing Pumpkins   What you are about to see is some pretty incredible early footage of the Smashing Pumpkins performing songs from their first demo tape on a local Chicago television show, The Pulse back in 1988.

Imaginary pinball machines of Hawkwind, The Stooges, Jim Jones, and more

  If you’re as much of a pinball nut as I am, you’ll flip over these fantasy back glass illustrations by Charlie Fogel.

Dave Davies explains how he REALLY got the raw guitar sound on The Kinks’ ‘You Really Got Me’

  The fuzzy riff of the Kinks’ epochal 1964 hit “You Really...

‘Suzy Speedfreak, this is the voice of your conscience, baby’: Frank Zappa’s anti drugs PSAs

  Frank Zappa was a well-known teetotaler for such a supposedly “far out” rock star.

Visit the world’s first ‘raccoon cafe’

Cong kisses a guest   You ever look at raccoon headlines in the news? They’re often amusing or interesting.

Instead of diseased lungs, what about putting obnoxious assholes on cigarette packs?

  Starting today, EU regulations require that cigarette packages carry large-format “Shockbilder” (German for “shock-pictures”) on them.

What kind of person is dumb enough to become a Scientologist?

  If you’re on Twitter or Facebook, depending on where you live or what you’ve “liked,” lately you may have seen several promoted tweets and sponsored posts put out by the Church of Scientology disparaging the reputation of Scientology leader David Miscavige’s father, Ron Miscavige, himself a longti

‘A Kitten for Hitler’: Ken Russell’s deliberately offensive final film

  The list of movies Ken Russell didn’t make is nearly as impressive as the ones he did. Russell had plans for a movie version of Hamlet starring David Bowie.

Man posts ‘I sell weed’ ad to Craigslist, is promptly arrested

  A Clover, South Carolina man was arrested on Wednesday after police saw his Craigslist ad offering to sell weed.

Eye-popping latex masks of Lemmy, Prince and David Bowie

Lemmy Kilmister latex mask with black “rocker” hair by Ireland-based company, Rubber Johnnies.   The masks featured in this post are made by an Ireland-based company called “Rubber Johnnies.” The first one I came across was the one of a rather surprised looking David...

Own Elvis’ personal Quaalude bottle

  There seems to be quite a market for Elvis Presley drug paraphernalia out there! Just six months ago we posted about an auction featuring Valium and Naldecon bottles once owned by The King™, along with a prescription written by his...

‘Hoodoo,’ John Fogerty’s lost, occult-tinged disco rock album

  I won’t hear any badmouthing of John Fogerty on my internet. John Fogerty is tops. If he’d drunk a bottle of poison after recording “Proud Mary,” we’d still remember him as a peer of Bob Dylan and the Beatles.

Hilariously angry NYC news editorial tells the ‘scummy’ Sex Pistols where to get off

  I grew up in the suburbs of NYC, so I remember the news coverage of WPIX channel 11 from the late 1970s and early 1980s quite well.

Awesome cheesecake photos from the weirdest, kitschiest ‘sex hotel’ in Colombia

  Here’s a fascinating collection of pictures from Kurt Hollander, a photographer originally from New York City whose current base is Mexico City.