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Cameron: Songs for the Witch Woman

  Los Angeles’ Museum of Contemporary Art has announced the mounting of 91 artworks and ephemera relating to the life’s work of the eccentric LA bohemian legend Marjorie Cameron.

Wild Gospel frenzy takes down the Playboy Mansion!

  This never fails to bring a smile to my face and raise the hairs on the back of my neck! It’s The Clara Ward Singers performing on the Playboy After Dark TV show shot at the Playboy Mansion in 1968.

Christian televangelists listen to ‘Stairway to Heaven’ *forwards* hilarity ensues!

  Oh, this is too funny. Evil genius YouTuber Clemtinite took old footage from the Trinity Broadcasting Network with televangelists Paul and Jan Crouch—the Christian duo are trying to find satanic messages by playing the Led Zeppelin classic “Stairway to Heaven” in reverse—...

Watch Laurie Anderson’s dog Lolabelle improvise her own experimental music

  Laurie Anderson loved her dog Lolabelle. Upon Lola’s passing, Anderson created a lovely sculpture of her ashes in memoriam.

Replicas of the floating pink teddy bear from ‘Breaking Bad’ for sale

  Think Geek just released a life-size replica (18 inches tall to be exact) of the iconic pool-floating pink teddy bear from Breaking Bad.

Legendary Fripp & Eno concert from 1975 will finally see official release

  Robert Fripp’s web presence, Discipline Global Mobile, has announced that an oft-bootlegged Fripp/Brian Eno show recorded in Paris in 1975 has been mixed and mastered to the best possible quality, and pre-orders are now being taken by

United States of Jedi: Liam Lynch vs. ‘Star Wars’

  It’s possibly the anticipation of the next Star Wars movie that’s brought this mash-up from circa 2007 back into the ether.

Behold Apple’s hilariously AWFUL fashion line of 1986

  You know, I watched that whole movie about Steve Jobs starring Ashton Kutcher a few weeks ago, and not once did the movie address Apple’s 1986 attempt to show the fashion world how it’s done.

Dean Wareham covers Joy Division/New Order’s ‘Ceremony’ live on KEXP

  If not for Galaxie 500’s version of “Ceremony,” I probably wouldn’t like that song nearly as much as I do.

‘Boomerang Kids’: Images of college graduates with huge debts who live with their parents

Annie Kasinecz, 27, Downers Grove, Ill.

Buy your own DEVO Booji Boy mask

  You can “pre-order” an authentic Booji Boy mask direct from DEVO, for a cool $125. I’m not sure why it’s pre-ordering when it says on the same page that the item is “in stock,” but whatever.

President Lyndon B. Johnson informs his tailor that his new pants must respect his ‘bunghole’

  On August 9, 1964, President Lyndon Baines Johnson decided that he needed some new pants, so he got on the horn and called the Haggar Clothing Co.

LBJ informs his tailor that his new pants must respect his ‘bunghole’

  On August 9, 1964, President Lyndon Baines Johnson decided that he needed some new pants, so he got on the horn and called the Haggar Clothing Co.

Going Underground: Inside Melbourne’s storm drains

  The “Maze” storm drain in Melbourne, Australia, may not be the city’s longest drain, but it is “perhaps the hardest and most confusing to navigate.

Baseball general manager gets prostate exam (during game) singing ‘Take Me Out to the Ballgame’

  You’ve got to, er, hand it to Myrtle Beach Pelicans general manager Andy Milovich. Last month it was Prostate Cancer Awareness Night at Pelicans Ballpark, and true to the evening’s awareness-promoting events, he took to the mic during the 7th inning stretch and sang “Take Me Out...

Reverend Horton Heat’s new video ‘Mad Mad Heart,’ a Dangerous Minds exclusive

  When his 1990 debut Smoke Em If You Got Em

Portraits from Rome’s ‘dark movement’ scene of the 1980s

Diamanda Galás   There are all kinds of fashion movements that didn’t really have the presence in the US that they did in Europe, but the Italian “dark movement” is such a cool collection of looks I’m pushing for a second wave of it here in the States.

Men in black: The Stranglers’ BBC documentary about the color black, 1982

  In 1982, BBC Southwest aired a short documentary about the color black made by two members of the Stranglers.

‘The 10th Victim’: Violent, campy 1965 battle of the sexes satirizes reality TV decades in advance

  For reasons I cannot fully articulate, even to myself, one of my favorite things ever in life is the (relatively) little-known 1965 French-Italian film,