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KISS fans pay premium to see unimaginably sad Gene and Ace guitar dick-around

  The boys are playing but they just can’t find the sound. KISS fans—I mean die-hard high-rankers in the KISS ARMY—are a very forgiving lot, and there’s something to be said for a band that can generate generations of such zealous fans that will defend every dicey step...

David Bowie talks Burroughs, Iggy and Ziggy, 1982-83

  What we have for you here are two early ‘80s interviews with David Bowie for the New Zealand TV show, Radio with Pictures.

‘(Sittin’ On) The Dock of the Bay’ turns 50

  Otis Redding‘s famous set at the Monterey International Pop Festival was just a few weeks behind him in the rearview mirror and he sensed that he was on the cusp of becoming a very big star, his...

Dean Ween on Springsteen, Bugs Bunny, and the greatest Pink Floyd cover jam that never was

Photo credit: Mark Adams Ween and I go way back. I bought

(S)explicit collages subvert social media censorship of the right to bare flesh

  America’s weird. Use a military grade weapon to slaughter a classroom of school kids and there won’t be no handgun ban.

The Residents pay tribute to Sun Ra (and Barry White)

The MacPaint years: ‘George & James,’ Volume One of the Residents’ American Composer Series It’s starting to look like the Residents are probably not going to finish that American Composers Series they abandoned back in 1986.

Exquisite pages from the vintage design bible ‘The Inland Printer’

  The Inland Printer was a trade magazine that showcased the best printing techniques and technology between 1883 until 2011.

Only women bleed: WEIRD advertisements for feminine hygiene products

  Full disclosure—I’m totally obsessed with a number of things I’m about to talk about—advertising, weird bodily functions and vintage media depicting race, gender and sexuality.

The fractured fairy tales of photographer Miwa Yanagi

A photograph perhaps based on the fairy tale ‘Sleeping Beauty’ by Miwa Yanagi from her series “Fairy Tale.”   Miwa Yanagi is an artist and photographer with a vivid imagination.

Artist commissions the creation of a life-sized doll of his ex then beheads it, 1918

Artist Oskar Kokoschka and his muse Alma Mahler.   The work of Austrian artist Oskar Kokoschka was hugely influential in the world of Expressionism.

The short-lived Mexican edition of Rolling Stone that’s been nearly lost to history

  Piedra Rodante was the Mexican version of Rolling Stone that existed in late 1971 before shutting down as a result of intense pressure from the Luis Echeverría administration.

Video of Andy Kaufman acting in college, 1969

Andy Kaufman’s yearbook photo from Grahm Junior College   This video of Andy Kaufman as “Indignation” Jones in a production of Spoon River Anthology was shot in 1969, when Kaufman was enrolled at Grahm Junior College in Boston.

‘Colossus’: Andrew Liles’ 42-hour opus reimagines 50 years of pop, a DM premiere

Andrew Liles on the cover of his ‘Diario de un Monstruo’ LP, 2017 Sometimes it was a man that sang and sometimes it was a woman, and sometimes the one who sang it did it so well that two or three of the people who...

This set of erotic Japanese vintage matchbox covers is charming af

  Information on the charming set of matchbox covers featured in this post is hard to come by. I know they’re Japanese, any idiot can see that.

‘Run Home, Slow’: The obscure (and weird) low-budget western scored by Frank Zappa

  The cheapo ‘60s western Run Home, Slow has largely been forgotten—I mean, have you ever heard of it?

Diabolical new animated video from No Wave/goth apostles Egrets on Ergot: A DM premiere

  It’s hard to strike gold when the mine’s overrun with prospectors.

‘I Sometimes Dream Of Glue’: New Luke Haines concept album about very tiny, very horny glue sniffers

  I Sometimes Dream Of Glue is the terrifically idiosyncratic new concept album by Luke Haines, he of The Auteurs, Baader Meinhof and Black Box Recorder infamy.

Aubrey Beardsley’s ‘obscene’ drawings for Oscar Wilde, Edgar Allan Poe, and ‘Lysistrata’  (NSFW)

‘Salome.’   In 1898, when the artist Aubrey Beardsley was on his deathbed, he wrote to his publisher, pornographer Leonard Smithers, and demanded he “destroy all copies of Lysistrata and bad drawings… by all that is holy all obscene drawings.” Smithers took...

‘Time Machines’: When Coil interviewed Terence McKenna

  Coil’s hallucinogenic drone album Time Machines is back in print (with Tattvic stickers!) 20 years after its initial release.

‘Quantum Path’: New music from The Messthetics, featuring Fugazi’s Joe Lally and Brendan Canty

  If, in 1988, someone told you that the guy who invented emocore had started a band with the guy who invented straight edge, you could probably be forgiven for imagining that might be kind of cringey, but that band, Fugazi, were not just good, not even merely great, but transformatively, epochally amazing.