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The Idiot: Iggy Pop totally charms square daytime TV audience, 1977

  Iggy Pop’s classic album, The Idiot

Classical music’s greatest shitty reviews

  I’ve long felt that dismissive asshole music writers can be every bit as valuable as thoughtful and rigorous ones.

Chinese space babies, the taikonaut tykes of the future!

Little Guests in the Moon Palace, 1972    You may recall a post I did a while back on Soviet holiday cards and their fantasy/science fiction predilection for space travel.

UFO, weird weather, birds… or an angry god? That mysterious black ring in the sky, explained

  You may have read about the mysterious “big black ring” that recently appeared in the sky over Leamington Spa, near Warwick Castle in England?

Watch Lou Reed interview his 100-year-old Polish immigrant cousin in his short film, ‘Red Shirley’

Lou Reed and Shirley Novick at the 2011 Jewish Film Festival.   Lou Reed’s deeply personal directorial debut does not ease the audience into its heavy subject matter slowly.

Devil’s Gateway: Throbbing Gristle live in Manchester

Cosey Fanni Tutti onstage at Rafters. Photo by Peter Bargh About twelve years ago I was having a conversation with a rock snob pal of mine who opined that Throbbing Gristle was “noise… unlistenable shite.” As I normally respected his taste in music, I decided...

Did the Illuminati build a secret defense pyramid in North Dakota?

  I don’t believe in the Illuminati, but if I did then I’m sure that I would feel that my pet conspiracy theories about a secret cabal running the world would be bolstered by these incredible photographs of a secret pyramid built by the US government in the middle of...

Meet Dan Leno, ‘The Funniest Man on Earth’

  I consider myself to be a world class comedy nerd, but the limits of my otakudom were exposed when I was recently made aware of the name of Dan Leno.

Prepare to shit yourself (or take a Xanax before watching this!)

  “Heigh-Ho, Heigh-Ho, it’s off the cliff I go!” I literally clenched my ass cheeks the entire time I watched this batshit POV helmet cam filming a bonkers downhill mountain bike competition.

TL;DR Wikipedia: Condensed for your reading pleasure

  TL;DR Wikipedia is an excellent source of information for the “fuck it, I don’t have time to read this shit” generation.

‘True Detective’ meets ‘The Family Circus’

  Like The Nietzsche Family Circus, we now have the pitch-perfect pessimistic witticisms from True Detective‘s Rust Cohle nicely depicted Family Circus-style.

‘The Beast With Five Fingers’: Vintage amateur ‘home movie’ version of the classic horror film, 1947

  The amiable, Irish comedian Dave Allen had the top of his left forefinger missing. As part of his act, he would tell various amusing and often macabre tales as to how he came to lose it: his brother bit it off; it was dissolved by whisky; he cut it off to...

North Korea ‘threaten’ London hairdresser over ‘disrespectful’ Kim Jong-un bad hair day poster?

  Last month it was reported supreme leader of the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea, Kim Jong-un had (supposedly) suggested that all loyal citizens of North Korea should trim their hair in “accordance with the Socialist lifestyle.” In other...

‘Dr. Death’: The macabre and disturbing paintings of Jack Kevorkian

  The world’s most famous advocate for the right of terminal patients to elect physician-assisted suicide, Dr.

The peerlessly weird Beefheartian post-punk of Stump

  Stump were a uniquely aberrant Irish/British foursome active in the mid to late ‘80s. After some success in London with the Mud on a Colon EP, the

The noodle fetish inflation in Brooklyn is highway robbery!

You’d think with his newly expanded budget he’d move up to a more expensive noodle, like the egg noodles above?

Who was that masked man? ORION: The Man Who Would Be King

  This is a guest post by Jeanie Finlay, director of ORION: The Man Who Would Be King Ten years ago I was at a garage sale with my husband Steven in our hometown of Nottingham, England....

Finland to release Tom of Finland postage stamps

  You may not recognize the name Touko Laaksonen, but you almost certainly are aware of his attention-getting drawings of gay men, as well as his pseudonym, Tom of Finland.

The futility of existence: One man’s journey conquering a fence sums up life

  I am this man. YOU are this man. We are ALL this man.     Via reddit

Happy birthday Coal Miner’s Daughter: The Loretta Lynn megapost

  Today is country great Loretta Lynn’s 82nd birthday. The “coal miner’s daughter” was born on April 14 in Butcher Hollow, a poor mining community near Paintsville, Kentucky in 1932.