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ONO covers the Velvet Underground on an art museum loading dock

  This blog has covered the legendary Chicago underground psych/performance group ONO before but a recap is in order anyway: musician P.

This ‘Street Trash’ diorama of the infamous toilet ‘meltdown’ scene can now be yours!

Behold the one-of-a-kind ‘Street Trash’ diorama based on the famous toilet ‘meltdown’ scene.   Available for sale over at the aptly-titled Curious Goods (via Big Cartel) is this eight-inch-scale diorama depicting one of the most memorable (or...

Fashion designer pierces meat, fruit and flowers for sexual still life arrangements

  Victor Barragan’s first fashion line combined some simple pieces with high-impact accessories—think leather gloves, denim sack dresses, and massive hoop earrings, but accented with an actual eggplant toted around as a purse.

Never mind the Shatner, the ‘Star Trek’ cast member with the golden voice was Nichelle Nichols

  May the gods eternally bless Rhino Records for so many reasons, but one of that label’s greatest contributions to weird society was the Golden Throats series of compilation albums.

Irritate the shit out of know-it-alls with these cleverly stupid t-shirts

  As a suit, tie, and two pipes a day kind of guy, I’m not really au fait with the all the vagaries of t-shirt fashion.

Laibach? There’s an app for that

The poster for Laibach’s upcoming show in Ljubljana   You say you love Laibach, but what are you really willing to do for the cause?

Remember when David Lynch used to do weather reports on the Internet?

  A few days ago the BBC released its list of the top 100 movies since the year 2000, representing the consensus view of a whopping 177 (!

Life-size bronze Lemmy statue unveiled at Rainbow Bar & Grill

Photo by Mike Maglieri via DIO on Twitter A bronze Lemmy statue was unveiled last night at the Rainbow Bar & Grill on Sunset Boulevard in West Hollywood, California.

‘Baba Yaga’: The best ultra-stylish, sexy mid 70s lesbian witch cult film you’ve never seen

  If you find yourself endlessly clicking through the entertainment fare being piped into your home by Netflix, Hulu Plus and HBO Now before ultimately deciding that—to paraphrase something Bruce Springsteen once sang—there’s 57,000 channels and nothin’s on, have I got an amazing, little-heralded pr

You can take this test to see if you’re a ‘super recognizer’ of faces

  Boing Boing just hipped me to this online test to see if you’re a “super recognizer” of faces. Josh P.

Restaurant launches Pokémon burger (but not to go)

Get yer laughing tackle round this!   Contrary to parental advice it is now possible to play with your food and eat it.

Climb aboard ‘Hare-Force One,’ Hugh Hefner’s $5 million DC-9 jet with its own discothèque

‘Hare-Force One’ aka the ‘Big Bunny’ Hugh Hefner’s DC-9 jet.   Well, would you expect anything less from what was basically the Playboy Mansion with wings?

‘Twin Peaks’ soundtrack reissue pressed onto ‘damn fine coffee’ color vinyl

Behold the ‘Damn Fine Coffee’ edition of the newly reissued vinyl soundtrack for the original ‘Twin Peaks’ television series.

‘Musica 80’: Impressive Italian rock magazine from the ‘new wave’ era

Elvis Costello on the April 1980 issue of Musica 80: including features on Talking Heads,

Riot Grrrl: Allison Wolfe of Bratmobile talks about zines, feminism and her new band, Sex Stains

Photo by Connor Collins   Allison Wolfe, iconic 90s riot grrrl and Bratmobile member hasn’t stopped playing music since their break up in the early 2000s.

Attention rock snobs: New Holy Sons single will burrow its way into your brain like an earworm

Photo of Emil Amos by Eliza Sohn I’ve probably played this new Holy Sons’ track, “It’s My Feeling”—a stunning cover of a song originally recorded in 1967 by the great Del Shannon and produced by Rolling Stones manager Andrew Loog Oldham—about 600 times...

‘Raw Power’: The vintage ‘zine run by teens who took on rock & punk (and won) back in the mid-70s

The cover of Raw Power magazine featuring Iggy Pop, 1977.   “I’m gonna die anyway and I’d prefer it to be at my leisure.” —Iggy Pop on his admission that he only planned to live “two more years” back in 1977 in an interview with Raw Power magazine

Truly incredible, extremely life-like animal masks and animal costumes

  To say that I’m truly blown away by these handmade animal masks and animal costumes is still an understatement.

Three words: Drum. Crotch. Pants.

  “Single Stroke Roll,” “Flam Paradiddle,” and “Swiss Army Triplets” are among the names of percussion rudiments that could pass for sexual acts, but Japanese multimedia artist and experimental pop music composer Kaoring Machine has answered the question: why can’t they be both?

Photographs of homeless people and their childhood dreams

  Tammy is a star on Height Street in San Francisco. If she can’t bring a smile on your face, then nobody will.