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Nick Cave, Mark E. Smith and Shane MacGowan arguing in a pub

  Years ago, I read the transcript of this NME “summit” on some Fall obsessive’s fansite: it’s Nick Cave, Shane MacGowan and Mark E.

The dopey paintings of Sylvester Stallone

“Finding Rocky”   You’ve only got two more days to do it, but if you’re reading this in Nice, France, and would like to see paintings by the muscular star of

Rihanna farts in bathtub

  Musicless music videos can sometimes reveal an unexpectedly amusing moment of bathos—like this clip of Rihanna apparently accompanying herself in the bathtub to the song “Stay.” Of course we all fart and that’s why farting is funny—it levels, usurps vanity and pretension, and is...

THOUSANDS of pot plants ‘accidentally’ planted on city center flowerbeds

  The streets of the Kazakhstan capital Astana City may not be paved with gold, but their flowerbeds are planted with marijuana.

Ash from ‘Evil Dead’ fights Marvel Zombies in this ultimate mashup fan film

Ash uses a repulser beam on superhero zombies.   Slash/Up is a fan-film web-series specializing in unlikely mashup “what if” shorts like Sarah Connor vs.

It’s safe to assume that the kid who took this lunchbox to school got beat up every day

  On December 23rd, 1975, Gerald Ford signed the reasonable Metric Conversion Act into law, stating, “the truth is that our continued use of the English system of measurement was making us an island in a metric sea.” School curriculums were...

Win oceans of mind-blowing live Yes at their peak in 1972, courtesy of Rhino

  In late 1972 Yes was on fire. Close to the Edge, arguably their greatest album, had come out in September, and their previous two efforts were the groundbreaking Fragile and The Yes Album.

A young Jim Jarmusch reports on Cleveland’s foremost post-punk heroes, Pere Ubu, 1977

  In the early 1970s, Akron native Jim Jarmusch, born in 1953, transferred from the Medill School of Journalism at Northwestern University to Columbia University, receiving his diploma in 1975.

‘We Destroy the Family: Punks vs Parents’: Ludicrous 1982 local L.A. news report

From another ABC Afterschool Special “We Destroy the Family: Punks vs Parent,” is a 1982 report from LA’s KABC, and it is fantastic vintage moral panic.

‘Breaking Bad,’ ‘Game of Thrones,’ ‘Walking Dead’ and more reimagined as old VHS covers

  French artist Julien Knez has whipped up a handful of delightful VHS covers for popular post-DVD-era TV series and movies like

Bloody Geography: Horror maps that detail what fright flicks were set in your home state

  This week someone sent me this really cool map of the United States, in which an imgur user has placed visual representations of horror films set in each state.

What if men had periods?

  The international charity WaterAid has launched a series of spoof adverts imagining what the word would be like if men had periods.

‘Gigerstein’: The extraordinary guitar that H.R. Giger designed for Blondie’s Chris Stein

  A few days ago VICE ran an interesting interview with Chris Stein of

In honor of your birthday today, ‘Sit on My Face, Stevie Nicks’

A rare glimpse of Stevie Nicks, enjoying some coke.   Stevie is one of our favorite ‘70s AOR songstresses, who may or may not be a white-witch.

All 25 episodes of ‘New Wave Theatre’ are online

  A generous and kind soul uploaded all 25 episodes of New Wave Theatre the incredible local TV show that extensively covered the Los Angeles punk scene.

Your favorite comic book superheroes caught in compromising, mundane and very HUMAN positions

  Superheroes capture our imagination because, for the most part, they are ordinary people who have been granted some particular power and must reconcile the responsibility of that power with the fact that, at heart, they are human beings with regular human faults and complexities.

‘Quack, Quack, Peanut Duck’: The wacky 1965 novelty song that is STILL a mystery fifty years later

  In 1965, at a studio in Philadelphia, a most unusual novelty dance number was cut called “Peanut Duck.” The tune was shelved, but survived as an acetate.

Rare, intimate photographs of Frida Kahlo in love, in pain and with her pets

Frida And Her Ducks, 1948-49   Recently, the New York Botanical Gardens recreated parts of the extensive tropical gardens from Frida Kahlo’s famous “Casa Azul” home in Mexico.

Muslim televangelist: Jerking off will make your fingers pregnant in the afterlife!

  Once upon a time, masturbation was said to make you blind or lead to hairs growing on the palm of your hand, now it is claimed onanism will have serious consequences for men in the hereafter.

Ramones and the New York Dolls cookies

New York Dolls cookie set   I don’t know about you, but I’m not ashamed to admit that I don’t think I’ve ever met a cookie I didn’t like.