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‘The 10th Victim’: Violent, campy 1965 battle of the sexes satirizes reality TV decades in advance

  For reasons I cannot fully articulate, even to myself, one of my favorite things ever in life is the (relatively) little-known 1965 French-Italian film,

When Wendy O. Williams guest-starred in an episode of ‘MacGyver’

  Here’s something I didn’t know about: that time when Wendy O. Williams guest starred on MacGyver!? The episode aired on November 5th, 1990.

Homeless street kid is ‘math genius of Dapitan’

  A homeless child on the streets of Dapitan city in the Philippines entertains tourists with his genius for math.

‘Fancy Dress Balls’: Get a load of this Victorian-era cosplay

  As someone who used to be a costume designer, I find these images of Victorians in their finest costume threads intriguing.

‘Evil’: Aliens, synchronicity and world peace, the world catches up to the outsider sounds of Konrad

  As for who discovered Konrad, I believe that honor belongs to Mike Ascherman, one of the mostly east coast vinyl collectors who coalesced around their interest in psych records in the early 1980s, gradually expanding the search to embrace all manner of private press and outsider music, psychedelic or otherwise.

‘March of the Juggalos’ narrated by Morgan Freeman

  Obviously this video was made from a mishmash of different footage and Juggalo documentaries like American Juggalo.

‘Disco Beaver from Outer Space’: Impossibly rare National Lampoon HBO show from 1978!

  Difficult to find and never released on home video, National Lampoon’s first TV outing for HBO from 1978 is great!

Watch a cheeseburger dissolve in hydrochloric acid

  This is what happens when you put a cheeseburger in hydrochloric acid. Or as we all have some hydrochloric acid “churning about” inside of us, this is how we more or less digest our food.

‘My World Fell Down’: The oddest song The Beach Boys never recorded

  Yesterday I was listening to a Glen Campbell greatest hits collection (The Capitol Years 65/77, the one compiled by Saint Etienne’s Bob Stanley and Pete Wiggs, it’s excellent) and in the liner notes, it mentions that Campbell sang and played guitar on a Gary Usher-produced single called “My World

‘Game of Thrones’ blooper reel

  This Game of Thrones Season 4 blooper reel was just screened at San Diego Comic-Con and it’s rather amusing to say the least.

William Burroughs on cover of National Examiner tabloid along with Burt Reynolds, Delta Burke

  Of all the people you might see on the cover of the National Examiner supermarket tabloid—Loretta Lynn, Michael Jackson, Honey Boo Boo, the Clintons and of course the Kardashian family—one face that you’d probably never expect to find there is that of junkie novelist William Burroughs, but there h

Animated sheet music for Miles Davis’ ‘So What’

  Mesmerizing animated sheet music for Miles Davis’ “So What” by Dan Cohen on YouTube. If I had seen something like this around when I was younger, it would have made piano lessons and learning to read music oh...

Proto-Atkins, suction & ‘the rack’: Weight-loss fads in 50s Britain were as stupid as they are now

  Nothing is quite so reassuring as proof that the neuroses of humanity remain historically unchanged.

The Hawkwind sci-fi trilogy

  There are lots of ways to have fun with Hawkwind albums, but one of the more wholesome is to pretend that the members of the band are real live outer space aliens.

Stanley Kubrick faked the Apollo 11 Moon landing?

  So, did Stanley Kubrick fake the Moon landing? Well, that’s the proposition of William Kare’s documentary (mockumentary?

Magic mushrooms inspired Frank Herbert’s ‘Dune’

  Anyone who has read Frank Herbert’s classic science fiction novel Dune will have pondered on the inspiration for the book’s fictional spice melange—supposedly the most valuable commodity in the universe.

Color me disenchanted, ‘Coloring for Grown-Ups’ paints a bleak picture

  Woe betide those who might cling to the dreams of their youth. You want financial security? Pffft. A rich social life?

Aleister Crowley’s curried rice recipe

  English occultist Aleister Crowley wasn’t merely a poet, painter, mountain climber and the Great Beast 666, he was also an aspiring chef, his specialty apparently being lethally hot curries.

Awesome Alfred Hitchcock action figure unveiled at Comic-Con

Photo via Ain’t It Cool   I was a little apprehensive when I heard there was going to be an Alfred Hitchcock action figure.

The strange, but true, story behind the Beatles’ ‘She’s Leaving Home’

  John and I wrote “She’s Leaving Home together.” It was my inspiration. We’d seen a story in the newspaper about a young girl who’d left home and not been found, there were a lot of those at the time, and that was enough to...