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Beyond the Valley of the Lurid Exploitation Film Posters of the 50s, 60s & 70s

Night Tide A Lovecraftian poster for an odd 1960s mermaid thriller starring Dennis Hopper with a freaky cameo appearance by Marjorie Cameron, the bohemian witch of Los Angeles.

‘Mind Parasites’: The William S. Burroughs / Buzzcocks connection

  A Burroughsian post for you all on the 102nd anniversary of William S. Burroughs’ birth… “A Different Kind of Tension,” the antepenultimate song on the Buzzcocks’

What the hell is this ad even trying to communicate?

  Advertising is supposed to be a creative endeavor for creative people. People who are so creative that they’re actually called “Creatives” professionally.

If you haven’t seen this, you don’t know what you’ve missed: The Small Faces on ‘Colour Me Pop’ 1968

  Never trust management. Never trust your PR firm. Never trust admen. Never trust anyone who says they can manage you, promote you, your band, your career, or anything else they’ll swear they can do for you out the love they have for your talents.

Explore ‘unconventional sex’ with spiritual rockers Lightstorm and their ‘Missionary is Impossible’

  For nearly 50 years, Johnima and Kalassu Wintergate have been the husband and wife team behind the rock band Lightstorm.

Watch this essential Björk documentary from 1997

  In 1997 The South Bank Show produced an hour-long documentary on Björk, who of course was right in the middle of an impressive run during which she established herself as a global pop star and icon of the first order.

Badass cat motorcycle helmets from Russia

  I never saw myself writing “badass” and “cat” in the same sentence, but these are some seriously cool cat motorcycle helmets straight out of Russia.

Dear Internet, please find Terence McKenna’s appearance on LAPD Chief Daryl Gates’ radio show

Daryl Gates on the mike at KFI-AM   There was a note of delight in arch-psychonaut Terence McKenna’s voice as he read out this question from the audience after a 1993 talk at UC Santa Cruz:

The Young Ones, Ab Fab, Einstein and more, recreated with LEGO

The Young Ones   I’m not huge fan of LEGO, but every once in awhile I do come across some LEGO minifigures that make me smile.

Martin Sharp’s psychedelic tarot cards from 1967

  Martin Sharp was an incredibly important figure in the development of the psychedelic aesthetic in the 1960s.

Powerful Siouxsie & The Banshees performance: Live at ‘The Futurama Festival,’ 1980

Siouxsie & The Banshees, 1980 On September 13th and 14th, 1980, the second installment of “The Futurama Festival” was held in Leeds, a city in the English county of Yorkshire.

You could get some work done today, or you could visit the online Museum of Endangered Sounds

  Brendan Chilcutt is, like many Dangerous Minds readers surely are, a collector of cultural ephemera.

27 years of MTV’s ‘120 Minutes’ has been recreated online

  On April 27, 1986, on what was the fourth episode ever of MTV’s 120 Minutes, the first video was Lou Reed’s “

Bettie Page’s vintage Guide for Strip-teasers: ‘This is as far as you can go’

  In 1953, Bettie Page posed for a guide to striptease entitled “This is as far as you can go,” in the Christmas issue of Carnival magazine.

Crucial photos of the San Francisco punk scene 1977-1982

The Avengers. Photo by James Stark.   Photographer James Stark got his start shooting photos for the band Crime in 1976 and thereafter began documenting the early punk scene in San Francisco.

Turkish reporter confuses giant mushroom with microphone

  Haven’t we all done this one time or another? I just wish I knew what these two guys were talking about.

Irritated filmmaker forces censors to watch 10 hours of paint drying

  British filmmaker Charlie Lyne, maker of 2014’s Beyond Clueless, is...

‘N for Nonsense’: William S. Burroughs endorses Mr. Peanut for mayor, 1974

  On November 20, 1974, the city of Vancouver held its civic election, which included the heart-palpitating race for alderman as well as positions on the parks board and the school board.

An emotional David Bowie sings ‘Imagine’ on the third anniversary of John Lennon’s death, 1983

  Although I can easily think of better circumstances for its recent unveiling, at long last a much bootlegged (audio only) and highly emotional performance by David Bowie of John Lennon’s “imagine” on December 8th, 1983—the third anniversary of the Beatle’s murder—at the Hong Kong Coliseum has surfaced on YouTube.

99 million year-old erect spider penis has been discovered

“How do you say “Ron Jeremy” in Latin?” An arachnid encased in amber was found in a rather, er, comprising position to say the least.