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This Dad Terrifying His Kid In The Shower Is A Parenting Inspiration To Us All

Prankster parents, take note. This is Josh Fairbanks, a dad whose video of him pranking his son is going viral.

43 Ways Pinterest's Office Is The DIY Paradise You'd Expect

A coffee robot, heirloom tomatoes and tons of Legos meet cute at Pinterest’s San Francisco-based headquarters.

22 Reasons You Actually Need To Get Inside A Sauna Right Now

Well done, Finland. Saunas are hands down the greatest thing to come out of Finland. There are over 2 million saunas there.

Cuba Gooding Jr. Had An Ass-Crackin' Labor Day

“Show me the …buns?” Photographers noticed Cuba Gooding Jr. on the beaches of Malibu, California yesterday.

46 Brilliant Short Novels You Can Read In A Day

Great reads under 200 pages. Mostly. BuzzFeed Dept. of Speculation by Jenny Offill Dept. of Speculation, a series of short dispatches from the front line of a marriage, is by turns hilarious and heartbreaking, and often both in the same sentence.

How Should You Wear Your Hair Today?

Ready, set, play hair roulette! • 26 Lazy Girl Hairstyling Hacks • 23 Five-Minute Hairstyles For Busy Mornings • 29 Hairstyling Hacks Every Girl Should Know

Reddit Users Are Donating Money To Charity After Viewing The Hacked Jennifer Lawrence Pictures

A charitable giving page in aid of Prostate Cancer has been set up in the aftermath of the theft of nude photos of celebrities.

21 Topless Celebrities

The only ones you need to see. Srsly. Katy Perry. Jonathan Alcorn / Reuters Angelina Jolie. Lucas Jackson / Reuters Emma Stone.

15 Drinking Games Every Fresher Should Know

Don’t forget to eat first. Drunk Jenga (aka Drunga) iStock/Thinkstock/Ailbhe Malone/BuzzFeed Never Have I Ever Thinkstock/Ailbhe Malone/BuzzFeed Roxanne You could also play this with 'Jammin' by Bob Marley and the Wailers.

"Great British Bake Off" Judge Mary Berry Would Rather Not Live Past 90

She told the Radio Times that she doesn’t want to become a burden on her family. Speaking to the Radio Times, Mary Berry said: "I have no desire to be a centenarian.

16 Very Important Greetings Cards All British People Need

Thank you for not spoiling Bake Off for me. For your colleagues: Robin Edds / BuzzFeed For your housemate: Robin Edds / BuzzFeed For strangers: Robin Edds / BuzzFeed For Scotland (from the rest of the UK): Robin Edds / BuzzFeed View Entire List ›

Emma Watson Defends Jennifer Lawrence Over Nude Photo Leak Scandal

“Even worse than seeing women’s privacy violated on social media is reading the accompanying comments that show such a lack of empathy.” Danny Moloshok / Reuters David Mcnew / Reuters Danny Moloshok / Reuters View Entire List ›

Lana Del Rey Kissed A Load Of Her Fans In New York And It Was The Cutest Thing Ever

Well this is just lovely. View Entire List ›

23 Glorious Ways To Eat Mac & Cheese

Eat the cheese you want to see in the world. Mac & Cheese Pie With A Bacon Lattice Mhmmm, yep. Here's how to make it.

Angelina Jolie's Wedding Dress Is Covered In Her Kids' Drawings

This is what happens when children are your wedding planners. The first photos of Angelina Jolie's wedding dress have appeared online, courtesy of People and Hello magazines.

43 Things Only Australian '90s Girls Would Understand

Dear Dolly Doctor, is it meant to look like that? Girlfriend were your style icons. It didn't matter if your ears weren't pierced because you could stick on these babies.

This Is How Bollywood's Most Iconic Characters Would Look On "South Park"

An unlikely, but awesome, pairing. Sagar Taneja Sagar Taneja It initially began as a way to promote upcoming films for his employer at the time, digital media company Flarepath.

The Hand Of God Touched The Voice Of God And It Was The Most Biblical Thing That Ever Happened

In the name of the Diego, the Armando, and the Maradona. Amen. The Hand of God, Diego Maradona emerged from an Italian car and parted the reporters like Moses told the Red Sea, "PART!

18 Problems Of Every Australian Harry Potter Fan

We just feel so angry, all the time. We never got any midnight book releases. Warner Bros. / Via Nor did we get premieres attended by the actors.

Jennifer Lawrence, Lea Michele, Other Celebs Victims Of More Alleged Photo And Video Leaks

The leak appears to have originated on 4chan’s /b/ board. This post is SFW. Update : The invasion of celebrities’ private pictures has continued as a kind of festival on online spaces into Monday night.