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Top 40 Most Iconic MTV Spring Break Performances

All I want to do is watch Fashionably Loud right now. "Touch Me" by Cathy Dennis, 1991 Great song tbh.

The One Thing That Needs To Go Away From Social Media Right Now

You see it everywhere and it really needs to stop. Inspirational quotes That's it. Universal

Which Ivy League School Should You Attend?

“What, like it’s hard?” - Elle Woods

Nick Lachey Comes Face-To-Face With His Frightening Old Boy Band Photos

Remember the teen magazine photo shoots of the ’90s? We went there. Macey J. Foronda / BuzzFeed It takes a strong person to revisit old, cringe-y photos of themselves.

23 GIFs That Will Teach You A Damn Thing For Once In Your Life

NO SCHOOL. ONLY GIFS. This is how a beanstalk finds support: Via Here's how ants walk: Via This is how dogs drink water: Via This is how Poptarts are made: Via View Entire List ›

Photo Of Obama In Conservative Attack Ad Is Photoshopped From Hospital Trip After Aurora Shooting

Conservative group Americans For Prosperity cut out the hospital and the governor of Colorado to show President Obama and Democratic Sen.

17 Reasons We Should All Strive To Be Pop Divas

Nothing wrong with being fabulous.

This Mum Makes The Most Amazing Lunchbox Art For Her Kid Every Day

Lunchbox hack. Eats Amazing is an adorable blog about lunchboxes. Solent News It's written by Grace Hall, from Hampshire.

Congressional Black Caucus Asks Army To Overturn Its Restrictions On Natural Hair

“We urge you to consider the direction in which the updated regulation will ultimately lead the Armed Forces.” Nearly one-third of the women serving in the military on active duty are black.

The 65 Totally Random Things St. George Is Actually Patron Saint Of, Ranked

St. George is genuinely the patron saint of all these things, for some reason. Crusaders. Crusaders were dicks.

Capturing Baltimore's Hidden World Of Ballroom Voguers

French Photographer Frédéric Nauczyciel captures one city’s “faint and almost secret” world of ballroom voguing in his latest project, The Fire Flies [Baltimore / Paris].

How Annoying Are You On Facebook?

In some ways, we are all that friend.

Stop Thinking And Watch This Surreal New Duck Sauce Video

The duo’s super ridiculous video for “NRG” is debuting today on BuzzFeed. Because Jon Daly wants to sell you gel.

Which "Wayne's World" Is This Clip From?

You’ve got a fifty-fifty shot, so you’ll probably do fine. Shyeah! And monkeys might fly out of your butt!

What Is It Really Like To Drown?

Play Sortie en Mer, the most harrowing PSA in internet history, and find out. I'm not sure what to call Sortie en Mer (A Trip Out to Sea).

15 Super Cool Clothing Stores Every ’90s Mallrat Misses

R.I.P. beautiful parachute pants. Merry Go Round What they sold: Z. Cavarric's, B.U.M. Equipment, Skidz, Cross Colors, matching sets, vests.

James Franco Looks Super Thrilled To Be On "The View"

Happy hump day! If you look closely, you can see his "excited face." Side note: What are Whoopi Goldberg's shoes?

Here Is The “Mean Girls” And “Winnie the Pooh” Mash-Up You Didn’t Know You Needed

Starring Winnie the Pooh as Regina George. *I actually have no idea what 10-year-olds like.

These Drunk Elephants Are Your New Spirit Animals

The elephants ate some fruit in Singita Kruger National Park, and as result got very drunk. These elephants ate large quantities of marula fruit, thought to have an intoxicating effect when large quantities of the fermenting fruit is eaten.

Who Should You Marry?

Discover your destiny.