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China Is Trying To Make A Gigantic Toad Disappear

Hopping mad. This is former Chinese President Jiang Zemin. Feng Li / Getty Feng Li / Getty Images View Entire List ›

This Is What It Looks Like When The Longest Snake In Europe Gets A Health Check

JF the reticulated python had her health check yesterday, requiring eight zookeepers to hold all 7 metres of her in place.

19 Things That Happen When You Date A Scientist

Nano-what-now? You never understand what they do all day at work. CW / But you strongly suspect it's just playing with this stuff.

This Guy Gave Up Sex And Masturbating For 100 Days And People Were Weirdly Impressed

This is Rory’s story. In actual fact there is an online community dedicated to abstaining from masturbating and pornography.

A Group Of Americans Is Showing What It's Like To Use Tinder In The West Bank Right Now

These Ramallah-based Americans started using Grindr and Tinder to meet people. Now they’re showing the world what people are saying.

BBC News Ticker Says Queen "Has Tested Positive For Morphine"

The BBC News Channel ticker got a bit excited when it updated us on a story about the Queen’s horse. BBC TV viewers may have spotted a most alarming story going along the bottom of the screen last night.

Emma Stone Once Live Texted "Bridget Jones" To Colin Firth

Reason 983,276,491 why we love her so. Emma Stone and Colin Firth are currently promoting their new joint Woody Allen movie, Magic in the Moonlight.

Benedict Cumberbatch, Chris Evans, Tina Fey, And Andrew Garfield Are All Headed To The Toronto Film Festival

Let the award season begin! Benedict Cumberbatch in The Imitation Game. Weinstein Company The Toronto International Film Festival, which takes place every year in September, marks the start of Serious Movie Season.

This MP Wants People Who Steal World Of Warcraft Weapons To Be Punished Like Real-Life Thieves

He says virtual theft should be treated like real-life theft in the eyes of the law. A member of parliament wants the law changed so that people who steal virtual items in online games like swords and wizard robes are treated like real-life thieves.

Australia On Instagram Vs In Reality

Things are not all as they seem. Bondi Beach on Instagram Bondi Beach in reality. / Via Creative Commons Wildlife on Instagram.

19 Films And TV Shows You Can Watch On Netflix In The US But Not In The UK

Ever experience the frustration of not being able to find something to watch on it? This might be why.

Weird Al Yankovic Finally Has A No. 1 Album

After dominating the internet for a week, the singer/comedian tops the charts for the first time in his three-decade career.

Peanut Butter Tim Tams Are A Thing That Exist Now

THIS IS NOT A DRILL. View Entire List ›

These Mystery Photos of a 1950s Female Gang Member Are Sort Of Badass

Who knows if these images are real, but they are apparently meant to show the average day in the life of a teenage delinquent in 1955.

13 Photos Of Tony Abbott's Tongue On Tour

#tongueontour. Craig Golding / Getty Images Craig Golding / Getty Images View Entire List ›

Casey Kasem's Body May Have Been Moved To Canada

Update: several days after Kasem’s body disappeared in Washington several sources report that it was tracked to Montreal.

This Woman Makes Dresses Out Of Condoms And It's Incredible

Damn that’s a lot of frangers Attendees walking through the 20th International AIDS Conference in Melbourne have been marveling at this beautiful dress.

The "Real Housewives" Leg Toss Is Definitely Going Down In Reality TV History

Nothing will ever be the same. If you're just tuning in, Bravo has been shamelessly promoting tonight's Real Housewives of New York City season finale featuring a fight that somehow ended with a disjointed artificial leg on the floor.

This Is Why Mittagong Is The Unknown Gem Of Australia

Coffee shops! A bakery! Persian rug dealers! Yesterday I hung out in Mittagong, NSW. Flickr: 34094515@N00 View Entire List ›

14 Reasons You Should Be Eating Maria Cookies Right Now

Forged in heaven by baby angels, these little cookies are popular all over the world. It’s time for them to get the accolades they so richly deserve.