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19 Things Locals Want Tourists To Know About Popular Locations

The things they don’t tell you on the tourist posters. Via this ask Reddit thread. The Empire State Building, New York, USA Flickr: bobjagendorf / Creative Commons / BuzzFeed Stonehenge, Wiltshire, U.K.

27 Things Everyone Who Played Netball Growing Up Will Relate To

Ball hits frozen finger. Finger breaks. Getting up early every Saturday morning and losing that sweet, sweet sleep in.

17 Incredibly Stylish Ways To Cover Yourself In Pizza

You know you want a pizza this. Slide this tiny slice onto your finger. Get it here. Rock N Rose / Via Or wear this minimalistic pizza around your neck.

Cats Vs. Water

Cats and water collide. Buzzfeed Video / Via

17 Very Real Struggles For People Who Have Sensitive Skin

Get your Bath & Body Works away from me. You know the true terrors of walking barefoot through grass.

Conservative Staffers Will Vet Every Single Canadian That Stephen Harper Meets During The Election

If you haven’t been cleared in advance, you’re not getting within sight of the prime minister. Are you a normal person hoping to catch a sight of the prime minister when he swings by your home town on the election campaign?

Can We Guess What Type Of Sex You Like Based On Your Zodiac Sign?

What’s your sign? ;)

18 Things Every Extrovert In An Introvert Family Knows To Be True

I just wanna share! You still want to stay out at a family party when everyone else is ready to go home.

Mandy Moore Has A Sperm Tattoo

Yeah, it’s exactly what you think it is. Here, look!

23 Science Fails That Will Crack You Up

Cheetah poop, pee, and gluing yourself to a crocodile are just some of the hazards of a #fieldworkfail.

Ronda Rousey Had A Badass Response To Her Body Shamers

“I’m not a do nothing bitch.” UFC Women's Bantamweight Champion had a kick ass response to critics who feel the need to comment on her body.

13 Similarities Between "Mean Girls" And "OITNB" That'll Blow Your Mind

North Shore High School and Litchfield Penitentiary have a surprising amount in common. Paramount Netflix View Entire List ›

The "Fantastic Four" Cast Perfectly Handled These Incredibly Offensive Questions

“But you’re white and you’re black. How does that happen?” Marvel’s highly anticipated Fantastic Four stars Kate Mara as Sue Storm and Michael B.

59 Broadway Songs That Will Devastate You

There’s a pain goes on and on. NOTE: To avoid oversaturating this list with too many songs from the same shows, I limited my choices to one song per musical.

Ted Cruz Defends His Dad's Comments About Sending Obama "Back To Kenya"

Cruz said a video shows his father, Rafael Cruz, reacting to something an audience member called out.

10 Female Characters Who Wore Heels In The Face Of Death

Nothing says “superhero” like a great pair of shoes. Congrats to these 10 brave women who weren't afraid to look their best while confronted with constant peril.

How Neil DeGrasse Tyson Are You?

Would you name your kid after a planet or moon in our solar system? Cindy Ord / Getty Images

These Divers Found A Big-Ass Ball Of Squid Eggs Floating In The Ocean And It's Mesmerizing To Watch

Nature knows how to turn it up! Some divers near Fethiye, in the Mediterranean Sea, off the coast of Turkey when they discovered a monstrosity.

23 Kardashian Memes That Hilariously Describe Your Life

“Tragic.” For the unexpected twists in your life: For your accidental IG like: For the times your ex won’t take “NO” as an answer: For when you accidentally swipe left on a hot guy: View Entire List ›

If You Have Problems Getting Up In The Morning, This Is For You

The High Voltage Ejector Bed! You may have seen some of Colin Furze's crazy inventions on the internet before, but this has got to be the most relevant to us all during the morning struggle.