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A Dig About A Dead Child Led To One The Most Insane TV Scenes Of The '90s

“That’s right. I forgot… your baby died.” This is Sheila Carter. She's evil incarnate. And she's created carnage on not only The Young and the Restless but The Bold and the Beautiful as well.

The First Black Man To Play Jean Valjean On Broadway Has Died At 21

Kyle Jean-Baptiste, an actor who made musical theater history in July by becoming the first black man to play the Les Misérables hero Jean Valjean on Broadway, died Friday in New York City.

31 Thoughts You Have When Your Mom Doesn't Answer Your Phone Calls

I AM YOUR CHILD. 1. Hmm, that's weird. 2. Let me call her again. 3. OMG, mom, please pick up. 4. OK, I don't really need anything important.

A Couple Had Their Grandmas Serve As Flower Girls In Their Wedding Ceremony

And they totally rocked it. When newlyweds Rachel and Patrick Givens were planning their wedding, they knew they wanted to include two very special women in their ceremony: their grandmothers.

What's Your Personality?

Personally define yourself. Professor David Keirsey was a notable psychologist who studied and wrote extensively about human temperament.

22 Borderline Genius Ways To Make Your Clothes Last Longer

Save your clothes — and your money. Hang sweaters without losing their shape by learning the ~fold-hang~.

Can You Remember What Year Classic VMA Moments Happened?

MTV have been doing this show a looooooong time.

23 Wildly Colorful Crafts To Do With Your Kids

Make a rainbow connection. BuzzFeed Give your kiddos a thrill with some squirt gun painting. Fireflies and Mudpies will show you how.

We Can Determine Your Shoe Size With One Question

This quiz is the real heel.

People Have Been Freaking Out After Seamless And GrubHub Had An Outage Nationwide

There were a lot of hangry customers. Seamless is a food delivery service that countless people rely on every night to ensure they don't starve.

27 Things People With Unnaturally Colored Hair Are Sick Of Hearing

“You could be so pretty if you had normal hair.” "You're just dying your hair crazy colors for attention." —jessicaw45 Fueled By Ramen "If you keep it that color, you won't get hired anywhere." —Mikki Ferguson, Facebook Arista Records / RCA "You're basically asking to be made fun of." —Hariadna Paiv

Frozen Smoothies Are The Easiest Way To Eat A Healthy Breakfast Without Even Trying

And only wash your blender once. Jenny Chang / BuzzFeed The morning smoothie: A delicious, refreshing, and portable breakfast.

12 Beautiful And Poignant Quotes From Oliver Sacks

The neurologist died Sunday aged 82. Here are just a few of his thoughts on topics from music and perception, to ageing and how he felt when he learned of his terminal cancer.

21 Easy Back-To-School Breakfast Ideas Kids Will Love

These are definitely worth waking up for. Alice Mongkongllite / BuzzFeed Bacon, Egg & Cheese Waffle Breakfast Sandwich Both the bacon and eggs bake in the oven — so that you can tend to OTHER things (see: kids who won't get out of bed) while everything cooks.

Avril Lavigne Joined Taylor Swift On Stage And Resolved Their Feud

There’s clearly no bad blood between these pop princesses. So naturally we all rolled up our sleeves for a new Twitter feud to start...

25 Easy Three-Ingredient Meals That Are Actually Delicious

Dinnertime, we’ve got you. P.S. We're assuming you have garlic, olive oil, salt, and pepper. Alice Mongkongllite / BuzzFeed 3-Ingredient BBQ Stuffed Sweet Potatoes Recipe here.

17 Beauty "Rules" That Need To Sit The Hell Down

Because you can wear whatever you want to wear. "Don't wear red lipstick AND heavy eye makeup.

Chrissie Hynde Has Said That Dressing "Provocatively" Entices Rapists

“If you’re wearing something that says ‘Come and f*** me’, you’d better be good on your feet.” the founding member of The Pretenders told The Sunday Times.

21 Insanely Easy Things To Do On Sunday To Prep For The Best Week Ever

Because Mondays really don’t have to be so awful. Jenny Chang / BuzzFeed Your to-do list for Sunday may look this: But this doesn't always prepare you for a great Monday or a productive week ahead.

Sam Stanley Is The First English Rugby Union Player To Come Out As Gay

“It is such a relief,” the 23-year-old international centre told The Sunday Times. Sam Stanley, a rugby union centre for England Sevens, has come out as gay in an interview with The Sunday Times.