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The Ultimate Guide To Sydney Happy Hours

You just can’t say no to $3.50 wines. Jenny Chang / BuzzFeed Ryan Mcvay / Getty Images / Jemima Skelley / BuzzFeed Flying Fajita Sisters, Glebe This cool Mexican restaurant and bar has a huge variety of Margaritas, and on Mondays, they're only $9.

17 Fabulous And Extraordinary Costumes From Birmingham Pride

Everyone had a gay old time. The fairy who was "just chilling" with her unicorn. This winged wonder.

21 Reasons Steph And Ayesha Curry Should Be Your Relationship Goals

And family goals, maybe even life goals. Because — let's get this out of the way — they're just downright beautiful.

17 Iconic Moments From Australia's Eurovision Performance

From the “Antipodean Pharrell”. When he hit a high note in the first ten seconds. His hat.

How Well Do You Know Comic Strips?

It’s time to get serious about the funnies! Identify these popular newspaper comics.

#HungoverForEquality Trended In Ireland The Morning After The Same-Sex Marriage Referendum

Drink in the celebration! And then have the hangover of your life. The victory of the Yes vote in yesterday's same-sex marriage referendum was a momentous day in Irish history.

A Step-By-Step Guide To Partying At Cannes Like A Supermodel

It’s easy, just follow these instructions. First step is casual: Be a supermodel. Once you've gotten to the point where you're paid thousands of dollars to walk down a runway with wings, appear in ALL the ad campaigns, and find yourself inexplicably linked to Leonardo DiCaprio, go onto the next step!

16 People Reveal The Lies They Have Told During Sex

You’re not the only one faking it. All confessions courtesy of Whisper. View Video › View Video › View Video › View Video › View Entire List ›

17 Things You Had No Idea You Needed This Summer

Including the floating wine glasses dreams are made of. Nicole Nguyen / BuzzFeed Live your best life with a One-Person Electric Watercraft ($3,500).

9 Supportive Thoughts From Your Furniture

You look tired, you should sit down. Thinkstock / Loryn Brantz / BuzzFeed Thinkstock / Loryn Brantz / BuzzFeed Thinkstock / Loryn Brantz / BuzzFeed Thinkstock / Loryn Brantz / BuzzFeed View Entire List ›

One Very Simple Way To Follow The News

Get BuzzFeed News in your inbox. Justine Zwiebel / BuzzFeed Keeping up with the news can be tough — but the BuzzFeed News newsletter will make it simple.

28 Of The Most Delicious Ways To Eat Lobster

Lobster > every other type of seafood. Jenny Chang / BuzzFeed Lobster Poutine French fries, cheese, AND lobster?

31 Of The Best Celeb Twitter Reactions To Ireland's Historic Referendum

“Omfg! Ireland! Have you done it? Is it really a YES?” View Entire List ›

These Are The Most Exquisite Fashions At This Year's Eurovision Song Contest

Lots of a lot of look. Darlings, Eurovision is the most important singing competition in the world. What is Eurovision?

A Girl With Down Syndrome Who Is Fighting Cancer Is Trying To Meet Taylor Swift

Victoria Marsh is getting help from Delaware’s Dover Police Department in her goal to meet her idol. View Entire List ›

15 Signs Your Invisible Boyfriend Is Really Starting To Get On Your Nerves

Let’s be honest, you deserve better. Even though you love your invisible boyfriend more than anything, the way he's been treating you lately isn't very fair.

"Mad Max" Is A Feminist Playbook For Surviving Dystopia

Jasin Boland / Warner Bros. If you're going to bring feminist propaganda to the masses, there are worse ways than in a giant exploding truck covered with knives.

21 Insanely Smart Tips For Living In NYC On A Budget

The Big Apple on a little budget: More possible than you thought. Thinkstock / Jon-Michael Poff for BuzzFeed Never pay for a haircut or blowout again by volunteering as a model at a boutique salon.

Taylor Swift's Mom Totally Agrees That It Sounds Like "Starbucks Lovers"

Thank you, Andrea. This is Taylor Swift. This is her song "Blank Space." But don't worthy Starbucks Lovers Truthers, we have one VERY IMPORTANT PERSON on our sides.

17 Ways To Help A Friend Through The First Year of Widowhood

They need your love to survive such a crushing loss. Drop Off a Meal Not having to worry about what to cook, and opening the fridge to find ready-made meals is a godsend.