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29 Things Everyone Who Went To The Lycée Charles De Gaulle Will Understand

Voulez vous parler franglais? You got used to explaining that this isn't where you went to school. Sweet, fruity education.

26 Times Alex Salmond Wore The Same Tie

Cool tie bro. Andrew Milligan/PA Wire/Press Association Images Jeff J Mitchell / Getty Images He looks like a man you can trust.

This Gay Scottish Teenager Has Delivered The Ultimate Smackdown To The Westboro Baptist Church

Her mother said: “Rebecca, a lesbian, wanted to make a stand for gay rights and to invite the world to recognise the hypocrisy and hatred that WBC proclaim.” Last month the much-reviled Westboro Baptist Church released a homophobic parody of Panic!

The 18 Most ASStounding Moments From Nicki Minaj's New "Anaconda" Music Video

Oh, Nicki Nicki Nicki. Slightly NSFW! Nicki Minaj finally released the music video to her single "Anaconda" Wednesday morning.

This Boy Was Forced To Leave School Due To His Giant Hands And His Family Are Desperate For Help

“The teacher says other kids are scared of my hands.” Indian schoolboy Mohammad Kaleem is no longer able to go school because he was being bullied over his giant deformed hands.

The Ferguson Area Is Even More Segregated Than You Probably Guessed

There a startling degree of racial division in St. Louis County. | Click to explore more St.

David Beckham Has Upped The Ante By Doing The Ice Bucket Challenge Shirtless And It's A Beautiful Sight

David + water + naked skin = perfection. And that something is David Beckham doing the Ice Bucket Challenge.

31 Essentials Every Fresher Needs To Pack

Get ready for the best year of your life. Chris Ritter/BuzzFeed A duvet and pillows. Depending on how warm you tend to get during the night, choose a duvet between 10.5 and 13.5 tog.

A Graduate Lands Job Interviews After Standing In Waterloo Station Holding A Sign Asking Employers To Hire Him

He applied for over 300 jobs but failed to secure anything, so he took the next logical step. View Entire List ›

A Definitive Ranking Of Punctuation Marks

Because sadly, not all dashes are created equal. Apostrophe Apostrophes are just kinda basic. They don't lend much in the way of added emotion or emphasis — they serve their purpose and get on with their lives.

Everyone Else Can Give Up, This Linkin Park Fan In Pune Is India's Best Student

You could try to top this but in the end, it wouldn’t even matter. \m/ This is Tarun Shakyawar, a student at Pune's Symbiosis Institute of Business Management.

Go Home Everybody, The Foo Fighters Have Won The ALS Ice Bucket Challenge With Their "Carrie" Remake

Job well done, fellas. EPIC. Via Dave Grohl makes a beautiful Prom Queen, though. Via View Entire List ›

This Incredibly Cheesy Local Mall Commercial Is So Bad That It's Good

“Boots and pants.” East Hills Shopping Mall in St. Joseph, Missouri recently put out a new television ad for their upcoming "Back to School" sale, and it's...

This Adorable Video Of Kids Reenacting Emmy-Nominated Shows Is So Super Cute

Get these kids an Emmy! is back with another great kid reenactment! This time they're covering Game Of Thrones, True Detective, House Of Cards, Mad Men, Downton Abbey, and Breaking Bad.

Republican Congressman Accuses His Opponent Of Fat Shaming Him

“To see my opponent use this politically, it’s just offensive, and it’s offensive to millions of Americans who deal with this situation and I empathize with them.” Rep.

This Baby Wombat Has Been Photoshopped Into Every Possible Situation And It's Incredible

THERE IS A BABY WOMBAT WITH STEVE BUSCEMI’S HEAD. Yesterday, this photo of a baby wombat looking super happy was posted on Reddit's Photoshop Battles SubReddit.

An All-Bacon Restaurant Is Opening In Montreal

Can someone get this man a liquor license ASAP? Soon-to-open Montreal bar/restaurant Brutus will incorporate bacon into every item on its menu.

19 Australian Coffee Shops You Need To Visit Before You Die

We sure know how to do a good coffee down here. Coffee Alchemy, Sydney Instagram: @slamgetz / Instagram: @eljockogrande / Instagram: @matthewlawrencebespoke This cafe in Marrickville will draw you in from the street with its heady smells of fresh coffee.

29 Things You Only Know If You Grew Up In Fremantle

“You’re pissed off ‘mining prices’ have come to Freo” You tell everyone you’re from Freo because it’s way cooler than being from Perth.

24 Powerful Images From One Photographer's "Don't Shoot" Photo Campaign

“As a black man in America, it is reasonable to believe I can be shot by law enforcement for brandishing a black camera, which can be mistaken for a gun.” Antoine Wallace, a 24-year-old from Jamaica, Queens, started this photo project at the National Moment of Silence in solidarity with Michael Brown and Ferguson, Mo., last Thursday.