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What Do You Actually Want For Christmas?

♫All I want for Christmas… is for someone to pay off my student loans.♫ Have you ever just received a gift that you weren't wild about?

Make Yourself A Drink And We'll Guess Your ~Emotional Age~

You can’t hide what’s inside!

12 Stories Of People Experiencing A Glitch In The Matrix That Are Creepy As Hell

These are stories of unexplainable happenings. The following stories are from multiple AskReddit threads found here, here, and here.

14 Details You Probably Didn't Notice In The Last Season Of "Black Mirror"

EVERYTHING is connected You probably binged the third season of Black Mirror like everyone else, which means you missed a lot of the little details.

What's Your Favorite Quote From A 2016 Book You've Read?

“There is never a perfect answer in this messy, emotional world.” — Harry Potter and the Cursed Child There are so many great books that were released in 2016, and so many are filled with incredible quotes.

Can We Guess Which Florida College You Went To In 5 Questions?


16 Cute Free Phone Backgrounds To Get You Into The Holiday Spirit

‘Tis the season to have a cute background. Zoë Burnett / BuzzFeed A background that's equal parts ~festive~ and *cute as hell*: Download it here.

15 Things Your Friends Without Kids Just Don't Understand

Kids, man, they’ll change ya. What a real mess is. Your definition of "messy" is probably something similar to the show Hoarders.

Do You Remember The Lyrics To "Christmas Is All Around" From "Love Actually"?

Just make sure you replace “love” with “Christmas.”

Do You Know All These Disney Animals?

Only a Disney-phile can get a 10/10. This post was translated from Spanish.

22 Things Every Girl Has Secretly Thought About At Some Point

“Did I get my period, or is that just butt sweat?” Whether your period just started, or if it's butt sweat, or if you're turned on, or if you actually just peed a little.

21 Little Ways You Can Look After Your Mental Health Over Christmas

Plan some time for yourself. "Understand that expectations lie to you. Thanks to the never-ending Christmas ads and people constantly sharing their holiday highlights it's easy to build up particular expectations.

What Type Of Chef Would You Be?

Let us serve you some options.

12 Insanely Tasty Chocolate Cookies That Went Beyond The Call Of Duty

Cookie monsters, this one’s for you! Brownie Mix Cookies Recipe here. I Knead to Eat / Via Soft Batch Chocolate M&M's Cookies Recipe here.

16 Unique Tattoos That'll Change Your Mind About Getting Inked

From teeny-tiny to full effect. Getty / Marco_Piunti / SKunevski / Charlotte Gomez A few abstract brushstrokes to highlight your back...

What Delicious Cheese Are You Based On Your Zodiac Sign?

Cheese take this quiz.

What's The Nicest Thing You've Ever Done For Your Parent(s)?

Never getting arrested doesn’t count. Your parents have done a lot for you over the years. Paramount Pictures / Via They brought you into this world.

Let's Settle These Important Men's Style Questions Once And For All

Are you team cargo shorts or nah? View Entire List ›

18 Hot Whisky Cocktails That Will Keep You Oh So Cozy This Winter

Because adding cream, chocolate, butter, or caramel to your whisky or bourbon is the best way to fight off winter chills.

22 Times Tumblr Totally Nailed Your Star Sign In A Relationship

Leo needs to chill the f out. First things first: What is love? The signs most likely to fall for someone quickly: And how awkward they get: New Line Cinema View Entire List ›