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Donations Pour In After Teenage Cancer Patient Gives "Final Thumbs Up"

Stephen Sutton was diagnosed with bowel cancer at the age of 15. A teenager with terminal cancer has raised £1 million for charity after delivering a “final thumbs up” message on Facebook.

People Magazine Names Lupita Nyong'o As This Year's Most Beautiful Person

Well deserved. People / Here's the announcement on this morning's Today Show: View Video › LINK:

50 Dreamy Wedding Dresses You'll Fall In Love With

You’ll want them even if you’re not getting married. And they’re all available online! Note: all prices in $AUD.

State Department "Aware" Of Vice Journalist Taken Hostage In Ukraine

Simon Ostrovsky has been reporting on the crisis in Ukraine for months. Via Twitter: @SimonOstrovsky WASHINGTON — The State Department is "aware" of the kidnapping of a Vice reporter in Ukraine and is working to provide consular assistance, a State Department official said on Tuesday.

This One Hundred-Year-Old Woman's Reflection On Love Will Leave You In Tears

“We didn’t say we’re gonna get married. We just knew it. It was a meeting of the souls.” This lovely lady is Shirley and she'd like to tell you a little bit about her deceased husband, Moe.

14 Times Club Penguin's Harsh Censorship Ruined Everyone's Fun

The much loved online community isn’t without its faults. When they opposed women's rights. (ftw) When they censored a struggling comic.

Everything You Need To Know About The Northwestern Football Case And If College Athletes Will Get Paid

We’re in this for the long haul. Last month, a regional National Labor Relations Board ruled that football players at Northwestern University have the right to unionize.

Egypt Gets Dirty By Turning To Coal While Rest Of The World Cleans Up Its Act

A decision by the Egyptian government to begin importing coal has rattled environmentalists, who say it could spell disaster.

9 Mind-Blowing Facts About Your Favorite Disney Movies

You’ll never watch The Little Mermaid the same way again. Think you know everything there is to know about Disney movies?

The 10 Most Australian "Would You Rather" Questions Of All Time

Spend a year in Tasmania or a day in Darwin? These are important questions. It's time to play... Flickr: akeii

These Hollywood Films Are Surprisingly Good At Representing Women

Wait, Snakes on a Plane ? Yup. You'd expect to find relatively sophisticated portrayals of women in films like Million Dollar Baby and Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, but...

The 12 Things Short-Haired Girls Know To Be True

No, we all don’t do it cause of a breakup…..

These Are The Thoughts Everyone Has On A College Tour

“How does he walk backwards without falling over? I bet there’s special training for that.”

21 Snoozing Koalas You Want To Snuggle With Right Now

They’re like TEDDY BEARS in TREES. This slumberous lil' bear. Flickr: nickimm This peaceful plush-face.

Why Going To The Movies By Yourself Is A Beautiful, Magical Thing

You don’t have to share your Milk Duds! Because going to the movies alone is the very definition of winning...

5 Ways Of Looking At Vacations

‘Vacation’ away from what? Cat And Girl explores. Television as daily vacation. Office parties = brief vacations from hierarchy.

Proof That Our Pets Actually Love Us, And Not Just For The Food! Leads The Daily Links

Plus 15 amazing bra hacks for all the cray outfits in your life, 8 things you never knew about men and sex, and the top 5 career skills everyone needs these days.

20 Of Tumblr's Corniest Earth Day Jokes

Ah Tumblr, never change (unless you’re updating the gif upload limit, then go right ahead). View Entire List ›

26 Things I Learned At Jim Henson's Creature Shop

I traveled to the Creature Shop for an exclusive look at what’s under the fur. Here’s what the mentors from Syfy’s Jim Henson’s Creature Shop Challenge had to say about their creations.

There Isn't Going To Be A "Will & Grace" Reunion

But maybe one day Just Jack will get picked up! NBC Honey… What is this? What's going on? What's happening?