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13 Insane Boozy Tweets From Brits Abroad In Magaluf

Magaluf gets some bad press, but these naked, vomiting, party animals love it. Sire Stafford / Digital Vision william87 / iStock AbElena / iStock Wavebreakmedia Ltd View Entire List ›

What The CIA Twitter Account Really Means To Say

The CIA admitted Thursday it hacked computers used by a Senate committee investigating the CIA . On Thursday, the CIA said an internal investigation had found that the agency had improperly accessed computers used by the Senate Intelligence Committee while the committee was preparing a report … on the CIA.

17 Words That Have A Completely Different Meaning When You're A Dog

BuzzFeed UK has an office dog, Phineas, so we asked him to help come up with this handy guide. "Sofa" For humans means: A nice place to sit.

This Gross iPhone Game Lets You Pop Virtual Pimples

Behold, the acme of acne apps. The goal of Pimple Popper is, as you might expect, to pop a series of pimples until you get to the next, more-pimply level.

22 Reasons To Worship JK Rowling

Potterheads rejoice! She's not afraid to start from the bottom. Getty / Via She proved that all it takes is one good idea, and a lot of determination.

Breathtakingly Beautiful Pictures From The 2014 National Geographic Photo Contest

Here are the winning images from National Geographic Traveler Magazine ‘s 2014 photography contest, chosen from over 18,000 entries.

35 Adorable Reasons To Adopt Your Next Pet

Rescues are the best breed! The followers of BuzzFeed Animals on Twitter sent in their #rescuepetpic yesterday, and there were some MAJOR cuties.

This Beach Is So Pristine And Gorgeous That A Bunch Of Italians Decided To Use It As A Parking Lot

Towels: yes. Cars: no. Environmentalists in Italy are fuming over what's happening at Pergole beach in Realmonte, Sicily, the Guardian reports.

A Woman Has Reportedly Given Birth To Quadruplets Amid The Death And Destruction In Gaza

More than 1,300 people have been killed in Gaza during 23 days of fighting. The news came as the death toll after 23 days of fighting continued to rise on Thursday.

16 Gifts "Sharknado 2" Gave The World

#GodsWork Syfy / Via View Entire List ›

Tell Us About Yourself(ie): Kim Raver

Bryan Bedder / Getty Images What's your wallpaper on your phone and/or computer? My kids. When you walk into a bar, what do you typically order?

You'll Want Every Day To Look Like Katy Perry's Sweet New Video

“Shout out to all you kids buying bottle service with your rent money.” In the new video for Prism track “This Is How We Do,” Katy Perry teaches us how to do it just like her and her crew.

The 8 Most Insanely Unhealthy Restaurant Meals In America

According to the Center for Science in the Public Interest . The dishes are ranked on a combination of factors: calories, saturated fat, sodium, and sugar.

If Sonic The Hedgehog Was Scientifically Accurate He Would Be A Disgusting Poop Machine

Turns out actual hedgehogs are revolting.

Giraffe Dies After Hitting Head On A Bridge In South Africa, Eyewitnesses Report On Twitter

According to reports, people saw one giraffe knock its head as a truck transporting two of the animals drove under a highway bridge.

12 Teachers Reveal Their Most Horrific Classroom Experiences

We asked for teachers’ worst (anonymous) stories of children on the rampage at school, via Twitter and Facebook.

"The Lord Of The Rings" Words Guessed By People Who Know Nothing About Middle-Earth

Sure, we like to Shire. Sorry, but we’ve never read or seen anything related to LOTR. Alejandro Alba / brendanogorman / Via Thinkstock The Shire is known to be a village where all the hobbits live.

11 Things You Might Not Know About J.K. Rowling

AKA the most interesting Muggle in the world. J.K. Rowling met a Hell's Angel biker who later became the inspiration for Hagrid.

A Colostomy Bag Didn't Stop This Man Realising His Modelling Dreams

“It doesn’t mean you’re not normal. It means you can achieve anything you want to do, you can be attractive, and you can lead a normal life.” Newsteam Newsteam And then, in October of last year, Beckford had an operation at the John Radcliffe Hospital in Oxford in which doctors removed his entire colon, diverting his small intestine through his abdomen and into a colostomy bag.

The First "Into The Woods" Trailer Is Here!

But, um … why isn’t anyone singing? The first trailer for Disney's highly anticipated adaptation of Stephen Sondheim's beloved musical Into The Woods has finally dropped and it looks gorgeous, from the elaborate and ornate sets to the lavish fairytale-inspired costumes.