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The Supreme Court Has Barred Previously Vetted Refugees from Starting a New Life in the United States

The Supreme Court ruled on Monday that President Trump’s “travel ban” can still go into effect for foreigners who lack a “bona fide relationship” with someone in the United States.

Podcast: Meet Jeffrey Smith. He Helps To Topple Dictators for a Living

My guest today Jeffrey Smith helps topple dictators for a living. His organization, Vanguard Africa, is very new but they already have one success under their belt–the peaceful transition of power from The Gambia’s longtime ruler.

Refugees who have fled the carnage in Afghanistan are being deported in record numbers

This has been a particularly bloody “fighting season” in Afghanistan. Now that winter has ended and the opium poppy harvest is over, the annual summer “fighting season” is in full swing in Afghanistan.

The latest World Population Facts and Figures Were Just Released By the UN

Pop Quiz: how many people are in the world right now? The answer is 7.6 billion. That data point and much more are contained in a just-released report called “World Population Prospects: The 2017 Revision,” published by the UN.

A new UN report just calculated the number of women who can’t find work because of sexism

Do women participate in the workforce at the same rate as men? No, they don’t. Globally, the workforce participation rate for women is 49.4 percent, which is 26.7 percentage points below the global participation rate for men.

WATCH: UN Secretary General Invokes Physics to Explain Why American Leadership is Necessary for World Order

In a press conference at the United Nations today, Secretary General Antonio Guterres appealed to the laws of physics to explain why American leadership, despite some recent moves by Donald Trump, is still something for which the world pines.

It’s Not Just Syria. A Record Number of Refugees Are Fleeing from New Conflicts.

Today marks World Refugee Day. Once again, this past year was record breaking for refugees and the forcibly displaced, albeit all the wrong records.

PODCAST: The UN just wrapped up Its first-ever oceans conference. Here’s What happened.

Gregory Stone once lived underwater for 30 days. He is an ocean scientist and author who has spent a career studying and advocating on behalf of our oceans.

The Bad News? The World Will Begin Running Out of Water By 2050. The Good News? It’s Not 2050 Yet

On June 6th, US Secretary General Antonio Guterres addressed the UN Security Council meeting on Maintenance of International Peace and Security.

The Marietje Schaake, MEP Interview

Marietje Schaake was under 30 years old when she first joined the European Parliament as a representative from the Netherlands in 2009.

TheSecretary of State Accused Saudi Arabia’s Foes of Stealing Humanitarian Aid in Yemen. Aid Agencies Do Not Agree

Secretary of State Rex Tillerson testified before the Senate Foreign Relations Committee yesterday about the Trump administration’s budget that would massively slash funding to US diplomacy and development initiatives around the world.

This What a Feminist Foreign Policy Looks Like

America’s neighbors to the north are mounting an experiment. Last week, Canada announced its “first feminist international-assistance policy,” following comprehensive public consultations which took place last summer in more than 300 sessions involving over 15,000 people in about 65 countries.

A Cholera Outbreak in War Torn Yemen Just Crossed a Major Threshold

  Data from the World Health Organization Cholera is spreading like wildfire in Yemen. The epidemic began in October with 15 reported cases.

Climate Change Will Cause 250,000 Additional Deaths Per Year. Here’s How It Will Kill US

President Trump announced last week that he will be pulling the United States out of the Paris Climate Accord, the world’s best shot at keeping climate change to survivable levels.

Saudi Arabia moves against Qatar. The Newest Crisis in the Middle East, Explained

Saudi Arabia and its close allies in the region moved against Qatar, cutting off sea and air travel and moving to isolate their fellow sunni Gulf country.

Why Do Men Harass Women on the Street? A New UN Study Offers An Explanation

Why do men harass women on the street? How prevalent is catcalling, ogling and stalking? And what do women think of this harassment?

Nikki Haley Wants these Two Reforms at the UN Human Rights Council…(Or Else?)

US Ambassador the UN Nikki Haley gave a major speech in Geneva outlining the Trump administration’s future participation in the Human Rights Council.

PODCAST: The Fallout Begins from Trump’s Decision to Leave the Paris Agreement

Donald Trump has pulled the United States out of the Paris Climate Agreement In the wake of this decision, I wanted to get a sense of the consequences to both the climate change goals embedded in the Paris Agreement and also to the wider diplomacy and geopolitics that surrounds global climate change.

It’s Been One Day Since Trump’s Announcement on the Paris Agreement and already China and the EU are Looking Past US

Yesterday, President Donald Trump announced that the United States would be pulling out of the Paris Agreement on climate change.

There is a silver lining to Trump’s Disasterous Decision to Pull out of the Paris Agreement

On Thursday, Donald Trump announced that the United States would be pulling out of the Paris Agreement on climate change.