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The ICC’s Rough December

It has been a rough month for the International Criminal Court. A week after deciding to withdraw the charges in the high profile case of Uhuru Kenyatta, the ICC’s Chief Prosecutor Fatou Bensouda appeared before the UN Security Council to inform them that the court will be suspending investigations into atrocities committed in Darfur due to a lack of cooperation by the Sudanese government, ICC member states and the UN.

Worst Mass Kidnapping Since #BringBackOurGirls

More than 200 villagers were kidnapped in a remote town in Northern Nigeria. The kidnapping occured on Sunday, but news is only now coming out about the incident.

3.5% of the World Are Migrants. So Why Are They Treated So Badly?

The global movement of people, across continents and national borders, is a fundamental precept of human civilization.

High Diplomacy, Vatican Style

Pope Francis and the Vatican played a key role in brokering the historic resumption of diplomatic relations between Cuba and the United States.

FARC Announces Immediate Ceasefire

FARC Announces an Immediate Ceasefire…The announcement Happened in Havana. Three decades of conflict could come to an end.

Will the USA-Cuba Deal End a UN “Tradition?”

With normalization of American relations with Cuba could come the end of a longstanding tradition at the UN General Assembly.

The Single Deadliest Attack in the Ignoble History of the Pakistani Taliban

The scene was gruesome. 145 school children were killed. The outpouring of support and outrage is the one bright spot of this awful attack.

Why Sierra Leone Literally Had to Cancel Christmas

While only about a quarter of people in Sierra Leone are Christian, Christmas is typically joyfully celebrated with friends, families and communities in much of the country.

Adieu, Invisible Children

The group that brought you the #Kony2012 phenomenon is closing down shop in 2015.  “Invisible Children leadership has been scaling back operations and sending out smoke signals for almost a year now.

The Lima Climate Talks Are A Step Forward (If Not a Giant Leap Ahead)

The UN climate talks officially ended at 4 am on Sunday, thus concluding two weeks (plus 33 extra hours!

Episode 45: Aaron David Miller

Aaron David Miller has been at the center of nearly every major Arab-Israeli peace initiative since the late 1980s.

Climate Deal Reached in Lima

This counts as a step in the right direction toward a comprehensive international climate agreement to be achieved in Paris next year.

7 Historic Photos from the UN Archives

Why This Week is a Big Turning Point for the Future of the ICC

The International Criminal Court’s Assembly of State Parties (ASP) is meeting this week in New York. The annual meeting brings together members of the court to elect judges, decide on the next year’s budget and debate possible amendments to procedure and the Rome Statute.

The One Big Concept Complicating the Lima Climate Talks

(Lima, Peru) – There are a lot of moving parts, diplomatic sleights of hand, and nuanced negotiations underway at COP20 in Lima.

Why An Ebola Fighter is More Concerned About Maternal Mortality than Ebola

Time Magazine named Ebola Fighters as their 2014 Persons of the Year. I spoke with one of these health care workers, Dr.

And third Leading Cause of Death of Men Worldwide

Get these clips delivered to your inbox A first-of-its kind study from the UN was released yesterday.

Hundreds of Thousands of Syrian Refugees Need to Be Resettled…And the World is Failing Them

As the Syrian conflict enters its fourth winter, the displacement emergency is reaching a fever pitch.

It’s International Human Rights Day…One Day After the Torture Report Comes Out

66 years ago today, the General Assembly adopted the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. Eleanor Roosevelt chaired the UN Human Rights Commission that drafted the charter.

The Acronym You Need to Know to Understand the Lima Climate Talks

The UN climate change conference kicked into high gear this morning as the high level ministerial portion of the negotiations began.