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The Huge Shift in US Foreign Policy That No One Seemed to Notice

Last week, with little fanfare, or media attention, the White House released its report on National Security Implications of Climate Change. The report outlines the risks and threats posed to both the homeland and foreign policy interests from climate change.

Scientists Warn of Drought and Famine in the Sahel

There are already 300,000 to 400,000 people in the region without access to a secure food supply. “A global weather phenomenon could cause a famine in the Sahel this year by combining with already dry conditions to create a ‘double whammy’ for the region, scientists and aid groups have warned.

Prospect of Peace Recedes in Mali

“Rebels, drop your weapons. Let’s make peace.” “Peace in the north, the south, everywhere.” Such were some of the slogans written on placards carried by peaceful protesters in Bamako, the capital of Mali, earlier this week, where thousands of people took to the streets to express their desire to put the conflict which has been tearing their country apart for several years, behind them.

Why Most Foreign Aid Does Not Go to the Poorest Countries

Here’s a statistic that may surprise you: most foreign aid does not go to the poorest countries on earth.

Big Progress on Global Hunger

The flagship state of Food Insecurity Report has some encouraging news. “The number of hungry people globally has declined from about one billion 25 years ago to about 795 million today, or about one person out of every nine, despite a surge in population growth, the United Nations reported Wednesday.

Map of the Day: Where People Go Hungry

Today’s map comes from the Fresh-out-the-Oven State of Food Insecurity report, a flagship publication by the UN’s Food and Agriculture Organization.

Deadly Heat Wave Strikes India

Deadly heat waves are a regular occurrence in India. But this is much worse than in years past. “At least 800 people have died in a major heatwave that has swept across India, melting roads in New Delhi as temperatures neared 50 degrees Celsius (122 Fahrenheit)… ‘The state government has taken up education programmes through television and other media to tell people not to venture into the outside without a cap, to drink water and other measures,’ said P.

Map of the Day: Maritime Crisis in the Andaman Sea

Today’s map comes from the International Organization for Migration.  It offers a detailed visualization of migration routes traveled by Rohingya refugees fleeing Myanmar and Bangladesh in risky sea voyages.

Episode 66: Ambassador Nicholas Burns

Nicholas Burns is one of America’s most decorated diplomats. He began his career in the foreign service as an intern in Mauritania in the early 1980s.

Mass Graves of Rohingya Refugees Found

The exhumation of bodies has begun. “Malaysia’s national police chief announced Monday that 139 grave sites and 28 camps of suspected human traffickers had been found in the northern part of the country…The graves were discovered in Malaysia’s northern state of Perlis, which borders Thailand’s Songkhla province.

Meet a 2015er: Miroslav Polzer

“We should have local communities organize themselves and mobilize resources for their interests and the global community should provide additional funding for those local projects that are relevant to these SDGs.

And Now, A Cholera Outbreak

This Tanzanian town had a population of 11,000 before the Burundi crisis. Now its population has swelled to over 90,000 and diseases are taking hold.

4 Things You Need to Know to Understand Burundi Now

Events are unfolding fast–very fast–in Burundi — and what happens there matters to the world. Here are four keys for understanding the Burundi coup.

The Rohingya Boat Refugee Crisis

A dangerous game of human pingpong is underway in the Adaman Sea between Myanmar, Thailand, Malaysia and Indonesia.

With no peace process to speak of, the fighting in South Sudan has escalated in recent weeks. “Four civilians, including a woman and a child, were killed on Tuesday when two mortar bombs exploded inside a U.N.

Europe is Totally Ignoring the Root Causes of Migration Across the Mediterranean

On Monday, the European Commission authorized an EU naval program seeking to disrupt and destroy migrant smuggling operations and networks.

Were Frontline Ebola Health Workers Underpaid?

An investigative report by Time magazine found that the individuals risking the most to stem the ebola outbreak in Sierra Leone were systematically shortchanged.

Nepal Earthquake Facts and Figures

Sometimes numbers can tell a deeper story. Here are some key facts and figures from the Nepal Earthquakes.

Burundi Crackdown Begins

The Burundian foreign ministry said protesters against President Pierre Nkurunziza would be treated as “accomplices” of the generals who staged last week’s failed coup.

Episode 65: Jean-Marie Guéhenno

Jean-Marie Guéhenno is the president of the International Crisis Group and long serving head of UN Peacekeeping.