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The 4 Big Stories this UN Week

New York City streets are clogged. The Social Good Summit is uptown, the Clinton Global Initiative are in mid-town, and the eyes of the world are squarely focused on Turtle Bay.

Turning Words in Impact with Women’s Rights

As the UN General Assembly meets for the start of its 69th session, the role of women and girls is a hot topic.

Will Women’s Rights Earn its Place at UNGA?

The 69th session of the UN General Assembly is officially open. One key issue that will be discussed over the next two weeks is what will replace the Millennium Development Goals once they expire next year.

This is a Huge Turning Point in the Fight Against Ebola

Ebola is spiraling out of control. According to the latest figures of the World Health Organization there have been 5,335 cases and 2,622 deaths from the virus.

Will the International Criminal Court take on the Mexican Drug War

Last week a group of human rights organizations submitted a letter to the ICC requesting investigation into crimes committed by state security forces in their battle against drug cartels.

What to Expect at the Big UN Climate Summit

Hundreds of world leaders are descending on the United Nations for a one day meeting on climate change.

Suspicious Deaths in Syria and a Vaccine Campaign Suspended

Want these clips delivered to your inbox? Sign up here.  The WHO and UNICEF have suspended a measles vaccination campaign in rebel-held part of Syria after at least 15 and as many as 50 children died after taking the vaccine.

This Syrian Journalist Was Arrested by the Assad Regime Three Times. Then ISIS Nabbed Him for a Facebook Post and He Barely Escaped With His Life

All we know of the man is that he was journalist living in Aleppo. When the civil war erupted in 2011 and was arrested several times by Syrian government.

The Devastating Economic Impact of Ebola

Ed note: This is a special guest post from Antionio Vigilante of the United Nations Development Program Monrovia, Liberia—As the Ebola crisis continues to take a toll on people’s lives and livelihoods in West Africa, the focus is increasingly not just on the health aspects of the crisis, but also on its social and economic consequences.

South Sudan’s Horrible Decision

Want these clips delivered to your inbox? Sign up here.  The country is on the brink of famine and a top minister thinks harassing foreign aid workers makes for good policy.

Here’s How Much It Will Cost to Stop Ebola

The USA is dramatically scaling up its efforts to help countries in West Africa deal with an ebola outbreak that is spiraling out of control.

4 Things You Need to Know About the International Coalition to Fight ISIS

Bringing together an impressive roster of participants, a hastily organized, high-level international conference on peace and security in Iraq took place yesterday in Paris, hosted by French President Francois Hollande.

US Military is Scaling Up its Ebola Response. Big Time

Want these stories delivered to your inbox every morning? Sign up here.  President Obama will visit the CDC today and deliver a speech outlining a new US strategy to deal with the ebola outbreak.

UN Security Council to Hold Emergency Meeting on Ebola

How unprecedented is the ebola outbreak in west Africa? The outbreak has so far claimed thousands of lives and is far from being under control.

Episode 33: Ruth Messinger

Ruth Messinger cut her teeth in New York City politics. She was a long serving member of the city council and one-time candidate for Mayor.

Here’s Who Will Attend the Big Climate Summit

Want these clips delivered daily to your inbox? Sign up here.  Ban Ki Moon is hosting a big climate summit one day prior to the kick off the UN General Assembly.

Francois Hollande May Be Struggling at Home. But So What?

A little over ten years ago, as the U.S. government was making its case to the United Nations as to why Saddam Hussein was posing a grave threat to international peace and security, France was adamantly against any intervention in Iraq.

Why You Should Be Paying Attention to Flooding in Kashmir

South Asia is no stranger to horrible flooding, but the worst rains in 50 years have deluged parts of India and Pakistan, leading to dramatic rescues and heightened tensions as people question the role of government in averting such disasters and assisting those effected most.

Dev Banks Make Big Climate Comittment

Want these clips delivered to your inbox? Sign up here.  But a key question is whether that commitment will translate into action.

Can UN Peacekeeping Save the Central African Republic?

The Central African Republic is far from the headlines these days, which is unfortunate. Things are bad, but there’s a potential that the situation may improve in the coming weeks as the current African Union-led peacekeeping force is formally “re-hatted” as a United Nations peacekeeping force.