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Is this the End of Ebola in Liberia?

As schools prepare to re-open on February 2nd in Liberia, following an 8 month hiatus due to the Ebola crisis, the government announced last week that it was down to only five Ebola cases country-wide, according to Deputy Health Minister Tolbert Nyenswah.

WHO Releases Some Exceedingly Positive Ebola Data

New infections are at an all time low. “The Ebola epidemic in West Africa appears to be on the decline, with new weekly infections dropping below 100 for the first time in over six months, the World Health Organization said Thursday.The UN agency said it had now shifted its efforts in Guinea, Liberia and Sierra Leone — the countries worst-hit by the virus — from slowing the spread of the virus to ending the epidemic.” (AFP UNICEF launches mass $3.1 billion appeal for children…The United Nations is appealing for $3.1 billion to reach 62 million children at risk in humanitarian crises worldwide, including those living in Ukraine, Syria and other conflict zones and in areas affected by the Ebola epidemic.

Boko Haram and the Nigerian Elections

The Boko Haram insurgency is intensifying precisely as Nigerians prepare to go the polls in hotly contested elections.

UN Peacekeeper Killed in Lebanon

This could heat up. Fast. “Two Israeli soldiers and a Spanish peacekeeper were killed on Wednesday in an exchange of fire between Hezbollah and Israel, one of the most violent clashes between the two sides since a 2006 war.

A Booster Shot for Humanity

It did not make the front page of the Times, but a meeting in Berlin this week was arguably the single most important thing to happen on the planet yesterday.

A Booster Shot in the Arm for Humanity

The Global Alliance for Vaccines and Immunizations, otherwise known as GAVI, held a pledging conference in Berlin yesterday to raise $7.5 billion between 2016 and 2020.

Ukraine is Very, Very Close to an All Out Civil War

January has been a cruel month for the prospects of peace in Ukraine. As the international community mulls new measures against Russia and continues to debate how to best address the conflict, the fighting has reached new levels of intensity.

An LRA Commander Gets His Day in Court

Dominic Ongwen made his first appearance at the ICC on Monday. This is the first case against an LRA leader and potentially complicated by the fact that Ongwen was conscripted into the LRA as a child.” Dressed in a dark blue suit and white shirt, Ongwen appeared hesitant, looking nervously around the courtroom as he rose to confirm his identity.

Member States Promise Big Reforms to the WHO. Can They Deliver?

When the Ebola crisis spiraled out of control last spring and summer in West Africa, a number of people wondered why the World Health Organization was seemingly unable to stop it?

Episode 50: Trita Parsi

Trita Parsi is the founder of the National Iranian American Council. He tells Mark the story of his family’s escape from Iran to Sweden during the revolution, and how he eventually came to Washington, D.C.

Maiduguri Under Assault

A large and strategically important Nigerian city came under heavy assault by Boko Haram fighters as John Kerry met with Nigerian President Goodluck Jonathan in Lagos.

Why Congolese Are Protesting a Census. And Why You Should Care

At least 20 people have been killed in demonstrations in the Democratic Republic of Congo this week, in protests against a bill that would require a national census be taken before the next presidential election, scheduled for 2016.

Justice for the Central African Republic?

If we were to define one singularity of modern conflicts it would be this: they almost never pit an innocent party against a guilty party.

The Gates Letter, 2015

The release of an annual letter from Bill and Melinda Gates has become an event akin to the State of the Union Address for the international development and health crowd.

Why the United Nations is Holding a Meeting on Anti-Semitism

There is a rather unusual meeting underway at the United Nations today. One after one, diplomats are taking to the dais of the General Assembly to deliver remarks for a special session about the global rise of anti-semitism.

The Big Implications of Obama’s Visit to India

President Obama visits India this week. This means that for the first time in history, a US President will visit India twice while in office.

Blood on the Streets of Kinshasa

Over 40 people have been killed in days of protest against President Kabila’s attempt to change the constitution so he can run for another term in office.

Why Boko Haram Has Stepped Up Attacks in Nigeria

Nigeria’s five year conflict with Boko Haram took a ghastly turn early this month when the rebel group raided the northern town of Baga at dawn, killing as many as 2,000 civilians and sending thousands more across the border to Chad.

ISIS Targeting Educated Women

A dire new warning from the UN. “The UN on Tuesday decried numerous executions of civilians in Iraq by the Islamic State group, warning that educated women appeared to be especially at risk…Numerous other women have also reportedly been executed recently in IS-controlled areas, including Mosul, [UN] spokeswoman Ravina Shamdasani told reporters.

Episode 49: C. Christine Fair

C. Christine Fair is one of academia’s brightest and most respected South Asia analysts. In this great episode of the Global Dispatches Podcast, Dr.