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Big Implications at the UN for Brexit

In some ways, not much will change at the United Nations for the United Kingdom. It will, for example, remain on the Security Council as a veto-wielding permanent member.

Peace at Last!

A ceasefire between FARC and the Colombian government has been signed, ending 50 years of warfare. “‘May this be the last day of the war,’” said Farc chief Timoleón “Timochenko” Jiménez, his voice choked with tears.

The Global Dev Implications of Brexit

The vote today could have a significant impact on global development spending. “Aid projects are on hold, careers are in limbo, and new contracts are on the line as Britain votes on June 23 whether to leave or remain within the European Union.

Trouble in the South China Sea — What You Need to Know about this Escalating Conflict

You’ve probably heard about the dispute in the South China Sea. And if you have heard about it, you are probably aware that it involves disputed territorial claims between China and its neighbors, and that in defense of American allies in the region, the US navy is positioning military assets in the area.


Last week, the U.S. House of Representatives debated an amendment to the Department of Defense Appropriations Act that would have banned the U.S.

A Hollow Victory in the Battle for Fallujah?

For two years, Fallujah has been occupied by the Islamic State. The city of 300,000 is situated just 40 miles outside of Baghdad.

Riots in Pretoria

Meanwhile, there were reports that an ANC member was shot dead in a meeting in Pretoria to pick ANC candidates.

“We are losing our lives sitting here.” Two Thousand Refugees Are Trapped on a Tiny Greek Island

To many, they are considered the lucky ones. By arriving on Greek shores before March 20, they are not subject to the automatic deportation back to Turkey mandated in the EU-Turkey migration deal.

DRC Declares Yellow Fever Outbreak

Meanwhile, the global yellow fever vaccine supply is under heavy stress. ”DR Congo on Monday declared a yellow fever outbreak in the capital Kinshasa, home to more than ten million people, and in two other western provinces.

Three Charts that Help Explain our Global Refugee Crisis

Today is World Refugee Day, an annual commemoration on June 20 for the global humanitarian community to shine a spotlight on the plight of refugees worldwide.

Africa Policy Expert Jendayi Frazer

Jendayi Frazer was a top ranking African policy official in the Bush administration, serving both at the National Security Council and in the State Department.

It’s World Refugee Day

The global humanitarian community is commemorating World Refugee Day today, an annual event on June 20 which began about 15 years ago.

The Organization of American States is in Crisis. This Matters Big Time

The Organization of American States is meeting this week for its annual General Assembly in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic.

VIDEO: This Yazidi Teen Escaped ISIS and is Sharing Her Story with the World

Yesterday, a United Nations panel found evidence that ISIS is perpetrating an ongoing genocide against the Yazidi religious community in Iraq and Syria.

RIP Jo Cox, MP

The slain British parliamentarian, shot and stabbed in the midst of a heated national debate over Brexit, was a lifelong champion of global humanitarian issues.  “Cox, 41, had been elected to parliament last year.

UN Panel Says Attacks on Yazidis is a Genocide. Now What?

A UN human rights panel released evidence today that ISIS is committing genocide against the Yazidi group, a religious minority that for centuries has lived along the border of Iraq and Syria.  The area is known as Sinjar, and in August 2014 it was overrun by ISIS which then began systematically killing, enslaving and raping Yazidis.

The Comprehensive Nuclear Test Ban Treaty Turns 20. It’s an anniversary worth celebrating

I caught up with my guest today, Arms Control Association president Daryl Kimball from his hotel in Vienna.

There’s been a 100% increase in the number of abductions by LRA rebels in Central African Republic

The LRA seems to be abandoning a strategy of ‘laying low.’ “Lord’s Resistance Army rebels, who mutilate civilians and kidnap children to use as fighters and sex slaves, stepped up attacks and abductions in Central African Republic during the first three months of this year, the United Nations said on Wednesday…The U.N.

Just Six Years Ago at the UN, These Five Countries Refused to Even Mention Violence Against LGBT Communities. They Have Evolved.

The Security Council on Monday passed, for the first time, a measure condemning violence against LGBT communities.

Can Ethiopia and Eritrea Avoid a Return to War?

An ill-boding skirmish along their disputed border threatens to unravel a delicate truce. “Ethiopia’s military was provoked into launching this week’s attack on Eritrean forces in a disputed border area, a government official said Tuesday, but Eritrea accused its neighbor of military aggression.