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An Umbrella Revolution in Hong Kong?

Less than a month after protesters in Hong Kong took to the street in record numbers, the Occupy Central movement received a boost as thousands of secondary and university students went on strike during a week-long campaign of civil disobedience aimed at getting the region’s Chief Executive to resign and gain universal suffrage for elections in 2017.

Episode 34: Joseph Nye

Joseph Nye is on the line today. You probably know him best for “soft power,” but the international relations theorist has a long history of trailblazing research and analysis.

These Hong Kong Protests are a Very Big Deal

Want these clips delivered to your inbox? Sign up here.  Hong Kong has never seen this before. China watchers expect Beijing to crackdown very hard.

Finding New Ways to Bridge the Aid Gap in Syria

It is difficult to understate the humanitarian toll the Syrian conflict has taken, not just on the 22 million Syrians that once called the country home but on the region as a whole.

Combatting Ebola with Public-Private Partnerships

While the UN General Assembly gets underway with a renewed focus on the fight against terrorism, yesterday UN Secretary-General Ban Ki Moon convened a high-level meeting regarding the ongoing fight against Ebola.

Why Joe Biden is Talking About UN Peacekeeping at the United Nations Today

UN Peacekeeping is at a breaking point. There are currently over 100,000 UN Peacekeepers serving in 17 missions across the globe.

Full Participation For Women and Girls in the 21st Century

Girls and women’s empowerment was high on the agenda today at the Clinton Global Initiative, with the morning’s plenary session  - “Equality for Girls & Women: 2034 instead of 2134?

The Subtle, But Substantive Policy Shift in Obama’s UN Speech

Barack Obama’s Speech to the United Nations General Assembly is being widely praised as one of his best speeches to date in terms of delivery and style.

How the United Nations Fights Terrorism

The Security Council holds an extraordinary meeting on Wednesday, chaired by President Obama, dedicated to stemming the flow of foreign fighters to the Syrian battlefield.

Obama Champions Civil Society at #CGI2014

President Obama took a break away from activities at UN Headquarters to make his annual appearance at the Clinton Global Initiative today.

The Big Policy and Financial Commitments from the UN Climate Summit

UN confabs like this can sometimes devolve into gabfests that don’t result in much action. But what is distinguishing today’s meetings from others is that countries are bringing tangible commitments to the table.

Airstrikes in Syria and Climate Talks at the UN

A big day here at the United Nations. Over 120 heads of state are coming to the United Nations today to participate in a one day summit on climate change.

Tackling the Syrian Crisis at #CGI2014

The opening plenary of the annual Clinton Global Initiative meeting kicked off today featuring discussion with World Bank President Jim Yong Kim, IBM President and CEO Ginny Rometty, President of Chile Michelle Bachelet as well as Bill and Hillary Clinton.

Inspiration for Change at Social Good Summit 2014

As UN Week begins in New York City this week, the Mashable and UN Foundation Social Good Summit is in full swing.

The 4 Big Stories this UN Week

New York City streets are clogged. The Social Good Summit is uptown, the Clinton Global Initiative are in mid-town, and the eyes of the world are squarely focused on Turtle Bay.

Turning Words in Impact with Women’s Rights

As the UN General Assembly meets for the start of its 69th session, the role of women and girls is a hot topic.

Will Women’s Rights Earn its Place at UNGA?

The 69th session of the UN General Assembly is officially open. One key issue that will be discussed over the next two weeks is what will replace the Millennium Development Goals once they expire next year.

This is a Huge Turning Point in the Fight Against Ebola

Ebola is spiraling out of control. According to the latest figures of the World Health Organization there have been 5,335 cases and 2,622 deaths from the virus.

Will the International Criminal Court take on the Mexican Drug War

Last week a group of human rights organizations submitted a letter to the ICC requesting investigation into crimes committed by state security forces in their battle against drug cartels.

What to Expect at the Big UN Climate Summit

Hundreds of world leaders are descending on the United Nations for a one day meeting on climate change.