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What We Know About Ebola’s “Superspreaders:” The tiny fraction of infected people who caused the most infections

New research on the 2014 ebola outbreak reveals important new details about how ebola spread so quickly across Western Africa–and what can be done to stop the next outbreak before it becomes a full blown pandemic.

Beware the Armyworm

The warning from FAO follows a three day meeting in Harare. “Zimbabwe is likely to be the country hardest hit by an outbreak of armyworms that is destroying crops and threatening food security in southern Africa, the United Nations food agency said on Thursday.

An Insider Describes How the Trump Administration is Shaking Up the State Department

Diplomacy runs in Bathsheba Crocker’s family. Sheba and her father Chester Crocker are the first parent-child combination to have both served as Assistant Secretaries of State.

Good News on Yellow Fever

The outbreak killed nearly 1,000 people in DRC and Angola. “Democratic Republic of Congo’s worst yellow fever outbreak in decades has ended two months after Angola declared its epidemic to be over, following a massive U.N.-backed vaccine campaign, the World Health Organization (WHO) said. No new cases have been reported in either country in six months, just over a year after the outbreak began in December 2015 in a slum in Angola’s capital, Luanda, before spreading into neighbouring DRC.

Kenyan Docs Go to Jail

Seven union leaders involved in an ongoing strike have been sentenced to a month in Jail. “The nationwide strike involving thousands of doctors and nurses began on December 5.

It’s A Future of Government Summiy and the Sustainable Development Goals Are Everywhere

(World Government Summit, Dubai) — The World Government Summit is a futuristic event. Some presentations border on science fiction, like the prospect of splicing a jellyfish (the natural world’s most efficient sponge!

The Amount of Sea Ice missing from the Arctic this winter is Roughly Twice the Size of France

Something is very wrong on our planet’s poles. Temperatures soared in the Arctic over the weekend as the storm system that brought snow and freezing rain to the US’s east coast this week pushed warm air into the Arctic.

America’s Relationship to the UN Looms Large In Secretary General Antonio Guterres’ Address to the World Government Summit in Dubai

(World Government Summit, Dubai) — This is the first major international conference since the election of Donald Trump and it is clear that the shifting political landscape in the United States is shaping the conversation here in the Middle East.

North Korea Clearly Wants to Test Trump

The timing is key. “North Korea launched a ballistic missile toward the sea off its eastern coast on Sunday, in what South Korea called the North’s first attempt to test President Trump’s policy on the isolated country.

PODCAST: Is “Gross National Happiness” the New GDP?

(World Government Summit, Dubai) – One of the key themes running through this conference is that happiness is not simply a matter of personal contentment, but should be treated as a public good.

Can Government Make You Happy?

(World Government Summit, Dubai) — The question of whether a government should be responsible for the happiness of its people is at least as old as 1776, when the Declaration of Independence made “happiness” a national aspiration alongside “life” and “liberty.”       In the centuries since, however, that question has largely been abandoned — or at the very least relegated to realm of personal well being.

Refugees in Limbo with Trump’s Executive Order

More than a week after President Trump turned airports into a battleground by signing an Executive Order aimed to drastically curtailing immigration into the US, the fallout continues.

WATCH: This Hotel is Staffed…By Refugees

This hotel in Vienna, Austria is among the most unique in the world. — mostly because of its staff.  It turns out refugees are good for business.

Dadaab Refugee Camp to Stay Open

The Kenyan high court has declared plans to close the world’s largest refugee camp and send more than 300,000 refugees to war-torn Somalia as “unlawful.” The court found that Joseph Nkaissery, Kenya’s interior cabinet minister, acted beyond his powers in ordering the closure of Dadaab, the world’s biggest refugee camp.

PODCAST: New evidence of systematic sexual violence committed against Rohingya people in Myanmar

Crimes against humanity are ongoing in Burma and they are being committed by the state against the Rohingya people.

ICRC Suspends Operations in Afghanistan After Deadly Attack

Yet another tragic attack on humanitarian workers. “Suspected ISIL fighters killed at least six Afghan employees of the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) who were carrying supplies to areas hit by deadly snow storms, according to government officials.

Drug Resistant Malaria Found in Europe. How Worried Should We Be?

By luck of geography, malaria does not occur in the United Kingdom. When patients go to the doctor in the UK for malaria treatment, it’s always because they have recently traveled to an endemic region and brought it back with them.

It’s Election Day in Somalia

And the next president could very well be an American. “After an arduous electioneering process marred with corruption, vote-buying, and delays, Somalia will finally hold its presidential elections on Wednesday (Feb.

RIP Hans Rosling, a man who made global development data come alive.

Hans Rosling made good data look great. If you are reading this post, you’ve probably caught glimpse of one of his viral videos that distills big data into compelling narratives about humanity’s progress in fighting extreme poverty and its pathologies, like maternal and child mortality.

Map of the Day: MASSIVE Wildfires Engulf Chile

Chile is no stranger to wildfires. During the dry season, fires are a usual occurrence in the South American country.