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The WHO just started counting attacks against health workers. There is a trend.

Over the last ten years, caring about other people has become dangerous business. The risk of death for aid workers has never been higher.

An Impending Disaster in Fallujah

The ISIS controlled city is being attacked by government and allied fighters, with civilians caught in the middle.  “About 50,000 civilians are believed to remain in the city, which has been under Islamic State control since January 2014, living under the militants’ harsh and capricious rule.

Venezuela is Collapsing. Here’s Why

Venezuela is on a rapid and precipitous decline. You might even say, as my guest today Francisco Toro wrote in a recent piece in The Atlantic, that Venezuela is falling apart.

The Philippines made contraception widely available and you’ll never guess what happened next

In 2013 the 12th most populous country in the world passed a hotly debated reproductive health law that vastly expanded access to modern contraception.

Beyond Bathrooms in North Carolina: UN Issues New Global Report on Transphobia and Homophobia in Schools

The debate over the safety and welfare of transgender and gay school kids is something that is raging well beyond American borders.

How the SDGs Became Central to the World Humanitarian Summit

(World Humanitarian Summit, Istanbul) — The World Humanitarian Summit ended yesterday evening — and though it may come as a surprise to many,  much of the discussion in Istanbul focused squarely on the Sustainable Development Goals–the set of 17 anti-poverty goals established at the United Nations Summit last September.

Donors Warn Kenya on Violent Crackdowns

Levels of violence are increasing. “Kenya’s biggest donors and the UN on Tuesday warned against violence after three died as police suppressed opposition demonstrators demanding a change of leadership at the electoral commission ahead of next year’s polls.

A Q and A with Humanitarian Super-star, Jan Egeland

In all the policy analysis around the World Humanitarian Summit, one thing that often gets lost is the stakes of this meeting.

Less Gun, More Wallet. Foreign Policy Expert Jennifer Harris Wants the US to Flex its Geo-economic muscle

Jennifer Harris has devoted much of her career to studying what she calls “geo-economics” — the  ability of countries to shape world politics, diplomacy, and global affairs more broadly through the deployment of economic means.

Greece to Shut Refugee Camp

Inauspicious timing: The government made the announcement as the World Humanitarian Summit kicked off in Istanbul.

Greece is Empyting It’s Largest Refugee Camp. The Timing Could Not Be Worse

View of a makeshift camp near the village of Idomeni on the Greek – FYR of Macedonia border where thousands of refugees, mainly from Iraq and Syria, are stranded © UNHCR/Achilleas Zavallis (World Humanitarian Summit, Istanbul)  One issue that constantly plagues international gatherings such as the World Humanitarian Summit is the frequent contradiction between the words and commitments said at these meetings and the actions actually taken by governments.

Istanbul and Beyond: A Readout of the World Humanitarian Summit

The United Nations Foundation hosts a panel discussion, livestream below, that brings the discussions going on at the World Humanitarian Summit back to DC.

Can One “Grand Bargain” Fix a Broken Humanitarian Relief System?

DEMOCRATIC REPUBLIC OF THE CONGO, Kitchanga, 23 February 2016 Credit: UN Photo/Eskinder Debebe (World Humanitarian Summit, Istanbul) — Of the many aims of the World Humanitarian Summit, one at the top of the list is reshaping the way aid is funded and delivered.

World Humanitarian Summit Kicks Off

The first ever World Humanitarian Summit convenes in Istanbul on May 23 and 24. This is a very big deal for the global humanitarian community, and possibly humanity.

The World Humanitarian Summit: A Preview

The international community meets next week in Istanbul for the first ever World Humanitarian Summit.

When Threatened By Violence, This Woman Found Refuge in a UN Refugee Center in…Mexico

This is a powerful story of a woman who was turned into a refugee because of gang violence in her Central American country.

And the Most #RefugeesWelcome Country in the World Is…

A fascinating new survey from Amnesty. “China is the most welcoming country when it comes to refugees, according to a new survey of citizens’ attitudes published on Thursday, with Germany ranking second and Britain third.

The World Humanitarian Summit: A Preview

The international community meets next week in Istanbul for the first ever World Humanitarian Summit.

Female genital mutilation harms women. So why are there so few medical options for reducing that harm?

The World Health Organization has released new guidelines on care for women who have been subjected to genital mutilation (FGM).

NIH Announces Big HIV Vaccine Trial

An early-stage HIV vaccine clinical trial in South Africa was showing promising results, so the US National Institutes of Health is expanding it big time.