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This is the World Health Organization that Member States Created

The Associated Press got its hands on internal WHO documents that show a degree of self-criticism by top level WHO staffers about their organization’s handling of the ebola crisis.

How the UN is Learning to Love Drones

It’s one of modern technology’s biggest public relations problems: the ever-increasing popularity and proliferation of drones.

How Much Money is in the UN’s Ebola Trust Fund?

$100,000. That’s it. There are millions in pledges. But so far, only $100,000 has actually been committed to a fund intended enable UN agencies to rapidly respond to an evolving crisis.

Getting to Know the “Sustainable Development Goals”

The Millennium Development Goals are expiring in 2015 and they will be replaced by the Sustainable Development Goals.

And the Newest Members of the Security Council Are…

The General Assembly held elections today to replace five permanent members of the Security Council. The two year terms of Argentina, Australia, Luxembourg, Korea, Rwanda are expiring.

Shoddy Infection Controls in Texas

Sign up here to get these clips delivered to your inbox As word comes of a second American health worker is infected with ebola, there’s news that the Dallas Hospital did not implement recommended safety measures, suggesting that even more hospital workers may be at risk.

Not on A-1: Stopping Stunting in Malawi

Stunting occurs when a child does not receive proper nutrition in her first months and years of life.

This Does Not Bode Well For Afghanistan

Get these clips sent directly to your inbox Funding shortfalls have forced the World Food Programme to cut rations for up to a million people in Afghanistan, an early sign that aid money may dwindle as the international combat mission winds down.

Some Good News On Ebola

First, the bad news. As of today, there’s been 8,914 cases and 4,457 reported deaths from ebola. There is no evidence that the outbreaks in Guinea, Sierra Leone or Liberia are coming under control.

A Big Election in Bosnia Brings More…Stasis

Bosnians went to the polls on Sunday amidst growing frustrations with the government over deadlock and poor economic opportunity.

These Countries Have the Worst “Hidden Hunger”

Want these clips delivered to your inbox every morning? Sign up here.  The Global Hunger Index released its annual report of micronutrient deficiency, otherwise known as “hidden hunger.” In all 16 countries have “alarming” levels of this undernourishment.

Episode 36: George Mitchell

Most people know George Mitchell for overseeing successful peace talks in Northern Ireland and his celebrated tenure in the United States Senate.

Malala Gave the Greatest Speech EVER in the United Nations 69 Year History

Malala Yousafzai and Kailash Satyarthi are the winners of the 2014 Nobel Peace Prize! It’s a well deserved recognition for two child rights activists–one of whom is still a child.

A Huge Moment for the International Criminal Court

For the first time in the history of the world, a sitting head of state is attending his trial for crimes against humanity.

And the Most Transparent Aid Donor Is…UNDP

The UN Development Program  atop a new list published by the International Aid Transparency Index. And in case you were wondering, China is on the bottom.

Meet the Company That’s Bringing the LED Revolution to the Developing World

Yesterday three physicists won the Nobel Prize in Physics for creating blue-light LEDs, which makes the LED white lights we find everywhere possible.

A Grounds-Eye View of the Hong Kong Protests

It is the eleventh day of Occupying Action in Hong Kong. We have faced violence, threats from the government, and plots between the police and the gangs.

Kenyatta Gets His Day in Court

Want these clips delivered to your inbox? Sign up here.  This is a big moment for international justice.

Chart of the Day: Does International Aid Target the Countries that Need it the Most?

Today’s chart comes from the One Campaign’s new 2014 DATA report. It shows “ODA to LDCs as a percentage of ODA and GNI.” That’s a lot of jargon, but it’s not terribly complicated.

Ebola Spreads in Europe

Sign up here to get these clips sent directly to your inbox every morning. An unfortunate milestone. For the first time, Ebola has spread outside of Africa from one infected person to another.