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Amal Clooney is Using Her Legal Skills and Famous Last Name to Free Yet another Detained Journalist

Last month the Azerbaijani government, plagued by domestic protests, a troubled relationship with the EU  and an ongoing border dispute with Armenia woke up to another problem – Amal Clooney.

‘At Least’ 40,000 People Are Starving To Death in South Sudan

A grim new report from the UN. “At least 40,000 people are being starved to death in South Sudan war zones on the brink of famine, the United Nations said Monday, in a plea to rival forces to let aid in.

Syria’s second largest city may soon be under a dreadful siege

The city may soon fall to government forces. Meanwhile, tens of thousands of Aleppans have fled to the Turkish border in the past few days, but Turkey had closed the border.

Episode 97: MSF Nurse Michelle Mays Describes Saving Lives in Conflict Zones

Michelle Mays is a nurse with Doctors without Borders, better known of course as MSF. She has worked in conflict zones, post conflict zones and generally very intense situations around the world to deliver health care and other services to vulnerable people.

The UN Stamp Collection Just Became a Little More Progressive

The UN Stamp Collection just got a little bit more progressive. At UN headquarters yesterday, the United Nations Postal Administration launched the UN’s first series of postage stamps to promote and celebrate LGBT equality around the world.

Uber Disputes Turns Violent in Kenya

There have been a recent spate of violent attacks in Uber Drivers in Kenya. “A war is brewing between local taxi drivers and Uber in Nairobi, with cabbies protesting against the ride hailing app’s presence in the city.

3 Maps of that Explain Cancer’s Global Burden

It’s World Cancer Day. So, let’s talk about cancer! The first two maps come via PRI’s The World. It shows the number of new cancer cases, annually per 100,000 people.

Syria Humanitarian Conference Kicks off in London

Raising some 9 billion for humanitarian aid, increasing job opportunities for Syrian refugees and boosting access to education for displaced Syrian children are the top priorities of this conference.

Can the USA Protect Israel on the Sidelines of the Human Rights Council?

For the first time in six years, the USA will not have a seat on the UN Human Rights Council. That’s not by choice: the USA was term-limited from seeking another consecutive term with a vote on the council.

The Syria Humanitarian Crisis Enters a New Phase

The United Kingdom plays host to a major conference this week intended to raise money and political support for the Syrian humanitarian disaster.

The Syria Humanitarian Crisis Enters a New Phase

The United Kingdom plays host to a major conference this week intended to raise money and political support for the Syrian humanitarian disaster.

India May Drop Gay Sex Ban

India’s top court on Tuesday agreed to re-examine a colonial-era law that makes homosexual acts punishable by up to a decade in prison.

What you need to know about the trial of former Cote D’Ivoire President Laurent Gbagbo

Last week, a landmark trial began at the International Criminal Court. Laurent Gbagbo, the former president of Côte d’Ivoire, and Charles Blé Goudé, who was youth and employment minister in Gbagbo’s government as well as the leader of the Young Patriots, a pro-Gbagbo militia group.

WHO Declares Zika Emergency

The World Health Organization declared a global emergency over the explosive spread of the Zika virus, which has been linked to birth defects in the Americas, calling it an “extraordinary event” that poses a public health threat to other parts of the world.

The WHO Declares Zika Emergency. What Now?

The World Health Organization has just declared the Zika Virus outbreak in Latin America to be a “public health emergency of international concern.” At a press conference this evening in Geneva, WHO director General Margaret Chan stressed that this declaration was a precautionary measure.

Episode 96: Raymond Baker and the Fight Against International Corporate Malfeasence

Raymond Baker was a newly minted Harvard Business School graduate working in Nigeria in the 1960s when he discovered that foreign businesses were nefariously sneaking money out of the country.

AU Calls off Burundi Troops

Burundi would not consent to the deployment, so the AU thought better of mounting what would be tantamount to an invasion.

125 Million Reasons to Solve the Humanitarian Financing Gap

Imagine a country of 125 million people, the eleventh most populous nation in the world. This is like no other country we know: its citizens are without employment or shelter and do not have the means to feed themselves or provide for their loved one.

The UN is trying to make it easy for you to diversify your portfolio away from fossil fuels

Earlier this week, the UN played host to the something called the 2016 Investor Summit on Climate Risk.  The theme of the meeting was straightforward: the institutional investors of the world – pension funds, banks, mutual funds, hedge funds, and the like – have to not just divest from companies that are high carbon emitters but also invest more in renewable energy if we want the Paris Climate Agreement to have its intended effect.

Starving to Death in Papua New Guinea

El Nino strikes again. ”People are dying of malnourishment and disease in remote, drought-stricken communities in Papua New Guinea, which will need food aid for the next few months to prevent more deaths…The latest data suggests that as many as 700,000 people in PNG are in critical need of food assistance, according to the World Food Programme.