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The United States and China Just Presented Two Very Different Plans With the Same Goal: Getting rid of North Korea’s Nukes. Which Will Work?

In a special meeting of the United Nations Security Council today, Secretary of State Rex Tillerson offered the Trump administration’s clearest articulation yet of the United States’ strategy on North Korea.

Map of the Day: A Victory-in-Progress Against Least-Known Worst Diseases in the World

It’s been five years since the the World Health Organization launched an ambitious “action plan” to bring some of the world’s least-known worst diseases under control.

What’s Next for Afghanistan

When I reached former UN Dispatch contributor Ahmad Shuja in Kabul, the country was still reeling from the deadliest single Taliban attack since the start of the insurgency nearly 15 years ago.

Rick Perry wants to “renegotiate” the Paris Agreement. Here’s what that means.

A meeting among President Donald Trump’s senior advisors to figure out the administration’s stance on the Paris Agreement is reportedly back on after an earlier one was called off.

The US Border Has Suddenly Become More Hostile for Journalists Like Me

One night several years ago in Myanmar, I returned to my hotel after dinner and found the lobby full of cops.

Nearly Every Living Former US Ambassador to the UN Just Signed This Letter to Congress

Nine former United States Ambassadors to the United Nations, who served under both Republican and Democratic presidents, wrote to key members of Congress today urging them to maintain American financial support for the United Nations and its agencies.

Humanity Just Took One Big Step Closer to Ending Malaria

Today is World Malaria Day. It’s a reminder that malaria still kills. In 2015, there were an estimated 212 million malaria cases, and 429,000 people died.

“Climate Refugees,” Explained

What makes a “climate refugee?” There is no standard definition and no such a category of refugees currently exist under international law.

The Security Council Goes to Washington

The 15 member UN Security Council is visiting Washington, DC. It’s a field trip of sorts from headquarters in New York to the capitol of the host country and largest funder of UN operations around the world.

This Government Used “Fake News” Fears as a Pretext to Shut Off The Internet to Half the Country

For the past thee months, the Northwest and Southwest regions of Cameroon have been cut off from the Internet, after the government abruptly ordered Internet Service Providers to cut off access for those regions on January 17.

The World Food Program Needs $961 Million to Avert 20 Million Deaths From Famine

The statistics are only getting worse. Nearly 20 million people across four countries are currently at risk of famine.

The Crisis in Venezuela, explained

Venezuela is at yet another crisis point. The government of Nicolas Maduro is facing steep opposition from the very people that swept Maduro’s predecessor and mentor Hugo Chavez to power nearly 20 years ago.

Food Supplies Running Low in Northeast Nigeria

“The United Nations’ World Food Programme could in a few weeks run out of funding to feed millions living on the brink of famine in Nigeria, four people familiar with the matter said, intensifying one of the world’s largest humanitarian crises.

The United States is Bailing on the Green Climate Fund. Here’s why that’s a bad idea

Top White House advisors are scheduled to huddle on Tuesday to determine the future of US involvement in the Paris Climate Agreement.

The United States is Bailing on the Green Climate Fund. Here’s why that’s a bad idea

Top White House advisors are scheduled to huddle on Tuesday to determine the future of US involvement in the Paris Climate Agreement.

Global Dispatches Podcast Episode 147: Linda Thomas-Greenfield

Linda Thomas-Greenfield grew up the oldest of eight children in a small segregated town outside of Baton Rouge, Louisiana.

A Consequential Day for One the Most Consequential Country in the Region

At time of publication, President Erdogan declared victory in a controversial constitutional referendum that would greatly expand his hold on power.

MSF: Violence Against Civilians is Surging in CAR

Some 100,000 people have been displaced since September. “Violence against civilians in Central African Republic, including summary executions and mutilations, is reaching levels not seen since the height of its years-long conflict, Doctors Without Borders said.The country descended into chaos when a mainly Muslim Seleka rebel alliance ousted then-president Francois Bozize in 2013, sparking reprisals from Christian militias.

Can These Three African First Ladies Can End Female Genital Mutilation?

This week, three African first ladies spoke out against female genital mutilation (FGM). Niger’s first lady, Lalla Malika, Claudine Talon, the first lady of Benin, and Sika Kabore, first lady of Burkina Faso called attention to the cruel persistence of female genital mutilation in their countries and others around the world. Perhaps most importantly, though, is that they called for a new strategy to stop this practice–one that brand new scientific research suggests has the best chances of success.

What Political Science Can Teach Us About The US Airstrikes on Syria

Moscow cast its eighth veto at the Security Council in defense of the Syrian government yesterday. The vote in question would have dispatched a team of UN investigators to the site of the chemical weapons attack and compelled the Syrian government to cooperate with the investigators.