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How to Negotiate a Gaza Ceasefire

As the conflict in Gaza drags on there’s a renewed diplomatic effort to secure a ceasefire. I speak with Michael Hanna of the Century Foundation about the complex diplomatic efforts underway, the critical role that Egypt is playing , and why things may get bloodier before it gets better.

This is Not the First Time an UNRWA School Has Been Attacked

There is word that multiple people were killed today when Israel mortars struck an UNRWA school housing Gazans displaced by conflict.

#BringBackOurGirls, 100 Days On

Want these clips delivered to your inbox? Sign up here.  And they are still no-where in sight. “The only information comes from Boko Haram’s leader, who said in a video they are being held captive as “slaves” and will not be returned unless the government swaps imprisoned militants for girls.

SG; Middle East; Iraq

SG: The SG met with Israeli President Peres in Jerusalem today to encourage dialogue between Israelis and Palestinians.

Human Rights Council Calls for Gaza Investigation

The UN High Commissioner on Human Rights, Navi Pillay, declared that war crimes were being committed during this recent eruption of conflict in Gaza.

The UN, Individual Privacy and the Surveillance State

Do citizens of every country have a right to privacy in the digital age? Or, more to the point: how can UN human rights offices and treaties guarantee individuals’ rights to privacy?

Indonesian Political Phenomenon Certified as Election Winner

Want these clips delivered directly to your inbox? Sign up here!  Joko Widodo was certified the winner in a highly contentious election.

SG; Middle East; Iraq

SG: The SG briefed the SC today from Ramallah where he reiterated his message from today’s earlier press conference in Tel Aviv with Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu to: “Stop fighting.

Inside the Fight Against Global Epidemics

What do Ebola in West Africa, cholera in South Sudan, MERS coronavirus in the Middle East and polio in Syria and Central Africa have in common?

The Aid Diversion Dilemma

It is a sobering snapshot of the humanitarian challenge facing the international community: according to data released last week, funding for relief assistance has reached unprecedented heights — but remains far short of fulfilling the needs of those adversely affected by armed conflict and climate change around the world.

Ban Ki Moon, John Kerry in Cairo for Gaza Talks.

Want these stories delivered directly to your inbox? Sign up here!  Relief Aid Promised for Gazans…”U.S.

SG; Ukraine; Middle East

SG: The SG arrived in Cairo today where he will meet with the Foreign Minister, President el-Sisi and US Secretary of State Kerry to promote the Egypt-initiated ceasefire in the Middle East.

Peace Talks Kick Off for the Central African Republic

The path to reconciliation in the Central African Republic will be going through Brazzaville, Congo, as regional leaders and international mediators are meeting alongside Central African groups to help broker a peace process and forge a path forward for mending the country’s socio-political scene, shattered as a result of the ongoing crisis.

Episode 26: Helene Gayle

The CEO of CARE, USA Helene Gayle is on the line this week. The medical doctor from upstate New York tells Mark how she became the head of one of the largest international humanitarian relief NGOs on the planet.

International AIDS Conference Kicks Off in Melbourne

Want these humanitarian news clips delivered to your inbox every morning? Sign up here.  The mood was somber with news that at least 6 conference goers were killed in downed Malaysian Airlines, including a former president of the International AIDS Society.

SG; Ukraine; Middle East

SG: USG for Political Affairs, Jeffrey Feltman, announced the SG will travel to the Middle East tomorrow concerning the deteriorating situation in the region.

Security Council Meets on MH13 Disaster. What’s Next?

Security Council met today in an emergency session about the MH17 disaster.  The meeting offered a first glimpse of the potential diplomatic fallout of this crisis.

Scores of AIDS Researchers Feared Killed on MH17

Want these clips delivered to your inbox? Sign up here.  This is a punch in the gut to the entire global health community.

Middle East; UNRWA; Syria

Middle East: The SG welcomed the humanitarian pause negotiated by Special Coordinator Serry to allow civilians in Gaza to begin repairs on electrical and water infrastructure.

Empiricism and the Ukraine Crisis

Who shot down the Malaysian Airlines flight over Ukraine? Given the technology required to strike a commercial airline flying at high altitude, we may know the answer soon enough.