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Here’s what a Top Republican and former UN Ambassador thinks of Donald Trump’s Foreign Policy

In many ways Ambassador Zalmay Khalilzad was the ideal person with whom to speak at the dawn of the next Republican administration.

Many National Security Posts Vacant on Inauguration Day

The Trump Administration’s national security staff is alarmingly mostly vacant as he takes office today.

PODCAST: What’s Next for Israel and Palestine?

The Two State Solution–the idea that a sovereign, secure and independent Palestine can co-exist with a sovereign secure and independent jewish state of Israel is arguably as far from being realized now than at anytime in the past twenty five years.

In One Speech, China Just Grabbed the Mantle of Global Climate Leadership From the USA

To kick off the Davos World Economic Forum this week, Chinese president Xi Jinping delivered a speech to a packed hall in which he denounced the conservative nationalism that is catching fire across the western world.

Troops Mass on Gambia Border

There is a midnight deadline for a possible intervention. “Senegalese troops have moved towards the Gambian border in a show of force to pressure President Yahya Jammeh to stand down.

A woman broke her leg in India. She died in Nevada from it. Her story is the most urgent health crisis that garners the least amount of attention.

A 70-year-old woman broke her leg while visiting India. Later, she went to a hospital in Reno, Nevada.

How Much Damage Can Trump Actually Do to Global Climate Efforts?

First, the bad news: The US is very important to the Paris Agreement. If Donald Trump chooses not to enforce Obama’s climate policies, there is very little chance the world will be able to contain global warming to 2 degrees Celsius.

Turkey in Crisis

Turkey is in crisis. A number of terrorist attacks in recent weeks has rattled Turkish society, there is a persistent and ongoing crackdown on civil society, and President Erdogan is engineering constitutional changes to further consolidate power.

Senators Propose Sweeping Measure to Defund the UN

Senators Ted Cruz and Lindsey Graham introduced legislation yesterday that would prohibit the United States from funding any United Nations entity unless or until the Security Council rescinds last month’s resolution condemning Israeli settlement expansion.

Senators propose the diplomatic equivalent of cutting off one’s nose to spite the face

Senators Lindsay Graham and Ted Cruz are introducing legislation today to restrict funding to the United Nations over last month’s Security Council vote to condemn Israeli settlement expansion as a barrier to the Two State Solution–a vote which the USA did not veto.

Humanity Affirming News from Jimmy Carter

The 92-year-old ex president is one big step closer to outliving the last Guinea worm. “ Mali has eliminated Guinea worm disease bringing the world a step closer to eradicating the debilitating parasitic disease that is now only endemic in three African countries, the U.S.-based Carter Center said, citing provisional government figures.

If Present Trends Continue, China May Become a Sustainable Development Success Story. (Really!)

In a year already characterized by global political uncertainty—and waning confidence in U.S. climate policy—China is posed to assume the role of world leader in all things climate diplomacy and clean-energy finance.

Why a Political Crisis in this small African Country May Have Big Global Implications

On December 1, Gambians went to the polls in a highly anticipated and contested presidential election.

A Chaotic and Bloody Day in Afghanistan

The security situation, particularly in the south, continues to deteriorate. “A double bombing by the Taliban near the Afghan Parliament office compound in Kabul on Tuesday killed dozens of people during the early evening rush hour, officials said.

Authoritarians are on the rise around the world. She knows how to stop them.

Maria J. Stephan knows how to fight authoritarianism. She is a pioneering academic who has documented both a rise in authoritarian regimes around the world and the successful strategies to bring them down.

The Most Deadly Disease of 2017 Won’t Be What You Expect

The biggest killer disease in 2017 isn’t going to be HIV. Not Ebola, either. Or Zika or pandemic influenza, or even drug-resistant tuberculosis.

Massive Flooding in Thailand

The floods come at a particularly bad time for rubber farmers…”Widespread flooding in Thailand’s south has killed 21 people, hit rubber production in the region and shut down infrastructure, officials said on Monday, as the military government increased aid to flood-affected areas.Thailand’s wet season usually ends in late November and heavy rain and flooding are rare in January.

5 International Climate Stories to Watch in 2017

2016 was a historic year in the world’s struggle to address climate change. The fine details of the Paris Agreement were hammered out, and, in November, it went into effect.

Cutting UN Funding is Like Punishing Madison Square Garden When the Knicks Lose

There is word that Congress may threaten to withhold dues payments to the United Nations over the vote last month in the Security Council that condemned Israeli settlement expansion an obstacle to the two state solution.

The Obama Administration Exit Memos Worth Your Time

As the transition from the Obama to Trump administration looms, key agencies and cabinet posts are releasing exit memos detailing the key accomplishments and challenges during the last eight years.