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Congress Punts: Keeps Homeland Security Funded For 7 Days

Watch Video Lawmakers narrowly averted a partial shutdown of the Homeland Security Department only to have come back next week and do this all over again.

Mexico Captures Notorious Drug Lord 'La Tuta'

Watch Video Mexican authorities have captured one of the country’s most notorious drug lords, Servando Gomez Martinez, better known by his alias, "La Tuta." Gomez was arrested without resistance in the capital of Michoacán State early Friday.

Round Two Of U.S.-Cuba Talks Focus On Embassy Openings

Watch Video The second round of talks to normalize U.S.- Cuba relations wrapped up Friday without any big announcements or changes.

Boris Nemtsov, Prominent Russian Politician, Shot And Killed

Watch Video Moscow police are searching for suspects after prominent Russian politician Boris Nemtsov was shot to death near the Kremlin in what's being described as an ambush killing.  Details are still being gathered but local sources report several shots were fired from a car, or from suspects who stepped out of a car, as Nemtsov was walking with a woman on a bridge Friday evening.

Russia Threatens To Cut Off Ukraine's Gas Supply

Watch Video Ukraine's got a gas problem.  Fighting might be coming to an end in Ukraine as pro-Russian separatists and the government withdraw their heavy weapons from the front lines, but Ukraine now has a new problem: gas.

Bangladesh-Based Writer Killed In Machete Attack

Watch Video A blogger in Bangladesh was killed in a machete attack Thursday. Unidentified assailants in the capital city of Dhaka attacked secular writer Avijit Roy and his wife as they left a local book fair.

U.S.-Cuba Talks, Round Two: What To Expect

Watch Video The second round of talks to normalize U.S.- Cuba relations Friday are expected to focus pretty squarely on clearing the way for embassies in the two countries — and not on either side's more nuanced policy demands.

South Korea Lifts Adultery Ban, Contraceptive Shares Spike

Watch Video In most countries, cheating will probably only get you in trouble with your significant other — not the law.

Kerry Questions Netanyahu's Judgment On Iran Nuclear Talks

Watch Video Iran is often a divisive figure in international politics, and now it's further dividing the U.S.

ISIS 'Jihadi John' Named By Media As Mohammed Emwazi

Watch Video “As a government, you have been at the forefront of the agression towards the Islamic State…” That was the first time we heard the voice of Jihadi John, the man who, for Western media, would become the face of ISIS.

Why Some Investors Are Buying German Bonds At A Loss

Watch Video In a rare move, investors are buying German bonds at a loss — so they're essentially paying Germany for the opportunity to lend it money.

SIM Maker Gemalto Says No Evidence Of Mass Encryption Theft

Watch Video SIM card manufacturer Gemalto has had a busy week. Just days after news broke of state intelligence agencies allegedly stealing millions of its SIM card encryption keys, Gemalto says an internal audit has found no such evidence.

Mysterious Drones In Paris Highlight Security Threat

Watch Video Paris authorities have arrested three Al Jazeera journalists for flying a drone over the city, though the media outlet says its employees were simply trying to cover a rash of other drones flying illegally.

Hitler's 'Mein Kampf' Headed To German Bookstores Next Year

Watch Video For the first time since World War II, the book that became a kind of Nazi bible will be hitting the shelves in Germany.

Putin Doesn't Foresee 'All-Out War' With Ukraine

Watch Video In an interview with Russian state television, Vladimir Putin looked pretty confident when he said he does not foresee an all-out war with Ukraine.

Chances IRS Will Audit You Lowest In 10 Years

Watch Video Taxes. It's almost that time of year again where Americans let out a collective sigh as they navigate their previous year's finances.

American Missionary Kidnapped In Nigeria

Watch Video An American woman doing missionary work in Nigeria has been kidnapped. "I am Phyllis Macy Sortor.

ISIS Reportedly Kidnaps Scores Of Christians In Syria

Watch Video ISIS has reportedly added to its list of atrocities, this time kidnapping scores of Christians in Syria.

Qatar Winter World Cup Likely, FIFA Takes Heat From Critics

Watch Video FIFA officially wants to move the Qatar World Cup to winter.  The soccer governing body announced its official recommendation Tuesday, saying because of the heat, Qatar's 2022 World Cup should be held in late November and December.

New Zealand Joins Fight Against ISIS, Sends Troops To Iraq

Watch Video "I will not ... will not stand by while Jordanian pilots are burned to death, when kids execute soldiers, when people are out there being beheaded.