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Peace Prospects Dim As U.S. Sends Humanitarian Aid To Gaza

Watch Video U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry is in Cairo this week to try and broker a cease-fire between Israel and Hamas.

For Russian Media, Donetsk And MH17 Are The New Area 51

Watch Video Relying on Russian media to find what really happened to Malaysian Airlines flight 17 might net you a few different answers: like that Ukraine mistook it for Russia's "Air Force One" and shot it down, or that it had an AIDS vaccine on board.

U.N. Security Council Wants Full-Scale MH17 Probe

Watch Video The United Nations Security Council has unanimously approved an international probe of MH17's crash in eastern Ukraine.

Dutch Grief Over MH17 Crash Turns To Anger

Watch Video The prevailing mood in the Netherlands since the downing of Malaysia Airlines Flight 17 seems to be anger.

Is Hamas Winning The Gaza PR Battle?

Watch Video A glance at the body count would suggest Israel is winning the latest round of fighting in Gaza.

Chinese McDonald's, KFC Meat Supplier Shut Down For Bad Meat

Watch Video Another Chinese meat supplier is under investigation yet again for reportedly selling bad meat to some of China's largest fast food retailers, including McDonald's and KFC.

2 Americans Fighting For Israel Killed In Gaza

Watch Video The State Department has confirmed two Americans are among the casualties in the bloodiest day of fighting in Israel's current offensive against Hamas.  The IDF said on its blog 21-year-old Texan Nissim Sean Carmeli was killed in combat.  His rabbi told The Algemeiner: “[Carmeli] was enthusiastic to go in and to fight for the Jewish people.” Twenty-four year old Max Steinberg of California was the other IDF-enlisted American killed in combat.

Hamas Says It Captured IDF Soldier On Gaza's Bloodiest Day

Watch Video Sunday was the bloodiest day in Gaza so far with 87 Palestinians and 13 Israeli soldiers dead.

Christians Flee Mosul After ISIS Convert-To-Islam Ultimatum

Watch Video Days after ISIS issued a threatening "convert to Islam" ultimatum, scores of Iraqi Christian families are fleeing the city of Mosul.

Typhoon Rammasun Ravages China, Philippines

Watch Video At least 18 people are dead after a lethal typhoon slammed into south China this weekend.

Sky News Catches Flak For MH17 Luggage Gaffe

Watch Video When covering a disaster like the MH17 plane crash, there are some pretty obvious things you shouldn't do.

Egyptian Border Guards Killed, Gunmen Unknown

Watch Video At least 22 Egyptian border guards are dead after an attack on the Libyan border on Saturday night.  The attack reportedly came at a military checkpoint in a southeastern region of Egypt known as the New Valley Governorate, which borders Libya and Sudan.

Under Rebel Control, Fate Of MH17 Bodies Unclear

Watch Video Days after Malaysia Airlines Flight 17 was shot down in eastern Ukraine, the fate of the victims' remains is unclear.

How Hamas Is Using Its Network Of Gaza Tunnels

Watch Video Some are hundreds of miles long and stretch from Gaza into Israel. Hamas claims to have infiltrated Israel through through a vast network of tunnels.

Sara Firth Quits RT Amid 'Untruthful' Reports

Watch Video As the downing of flight MH17, that killed 298, dominates the international spotlight... (Via Getty Images)  ...

NBC Reverses Decision To Recall Vet Gaza Correspondant

Watch Video Just days after NBC pulled one of their veteran Middle East correspondents from Gaza, they have reversed their decision and announced that he'll be returning over the weekend.

Iran Nuclear Talks Extended: What's The Hold Up?

Watch Video Iran nuclear talks that have been going on over the past six months received a four-month extension Saturday as Iran and the five world nuclear powers attempt to find some middle ground.  Here's the gist of the problem: Iran wants to produce nuclear fuel to power reactors. But, the U.S, U.K, France, Russia and China don't want Iran to produce fuel for a bomb.  ​So on January 20, the countries all undertook the Joint Plan of Action, freezing Tehran's nuclear program in exchange for $7 billion in sanctions relief over the next six months.

A Look At The Case Against Putin In MH17 Crash

Watch Video Who murdered the 298 people aboard Malaysian Flight MH17?  Most of the western media already has an answer: Russian separatists.

MH17: Who Isn't Blaming Russia?

Watch Video The Obama administration hasn't quite said it, but in a sense it kind of has.  President Barack Obama: “A group of separatists can't shoot down ...

How Will U.S. Respond To Malaysian Airlines Flight Disaster?

Watch Video ​President Obama and U.S. officials have been careful to not point fingers after the Malaysia Airlines crash that killed nearly 300 people Thursday.