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Taliban Leader Mullah Omar Supposedly Dead

Watch Video Mullah Omar, the leader of the Taliban, is supposedly dead.  That's according to the Afghan government, who says he's apparently been dead for "two or three years." The U.S. has a $10 million bounty on Omar.

Minnesota Dentist Wanted For Killing Cecil The Lion

Watch Video Zimbabwean authorities are searching for a Minnesota dentist who they say killed Cecil the lion, an iconic animal that lived at Hwange National Park.

What To Know About Israeli Spy Jonathan Pollard

Watch Video Before Edward Snowden, there was ….  "Jonathan Pollard pleaded guilty this week to spying for Israel," said a reporter for CBS.

Woman Charged After Saying Guard Took Baby From Her Breast

Watch Video A woman has been charged with intent to pervert the course of public justice after publicly claiming a security guard at a British department store assaulted her.

Can Libya Carry Out Death Sentence Against Gadhafi's Son?

Watch Video A court in Tripoli has sentenced the son of former Libyan dictator Moammar Gadhafi to death by firing squad.

Police Covered Up London Tube Killings, Book Claims

Watch Video A new book claims London police covered up a string of killings at the London tube in the '70s.  "The London Underground Serial Killer" by Geoff Platt says convicted murderer Kiernan Kelly confessed to pushing at least 18 people onto the tracks.

Child's Body Found In Suitcase Could Be Madeleine McCann's

Watch Video British detectives have reached out to Australian police regarding the discovery of the remains of a girl, between the ages of two- and four-years-old, in a suitcase.

Millionaire Wants To Give World's Refugees Their Own Island

Watch Video San Francisco real estate tycoon Jason Buzi has come up with a radical plan to solve the world's refugee problem: Give them their own country.

What Are The Greatest Threats To The US?

Watch Video What Do Americans Perceive as the Greatest Threats to the U.S.? ISIS  Al-Qaeda North Korea Russia (Video via President of Russia) Nuclear weapons (Video via But which is the greatest actual threat?

Turkey's Other Target: Anti-ISIS Kurdish Fighters

Watch Video After largely sitting on the sidelines, Turkey is now joining the fight against ISIS. The country has conducted their first round of airstrikes against the terrorist group in Syria and arrested hundreds of terrorism suspects at home.

Obama Gets Red Carpet Treatment In Kenya

Watch Video It was a homecoming, of sorts. (Video via Voice of America)  At least that’s how the local media billed President Obama’s trip to Kenya.

China Has Opened The Console Floodgates, But Does It Matter?

Watch Video China is lifting its ban on gaming consoles. (Video via Microsoft) But is it too late? (Video via Sony) China is now officially fair game for console makers, but companies like Sony and Microsoft may not find a market as thirsty for console gaming as the West.  Asian gaming market research firm, Niko Partners, put the number of Xbox One and PlayStation 4 consoles sold in China by the end of 2015 at a little over half a million. That's not a lot.  One of the hurdles is simply the games.

Free Jonathan Pollard? What To Know About The Israeli Spy

Watch Video Before Edward Snowden, there was ….  "Jonathan Pollard pleaded guilty this week to spying for Israel," said a reporter for CBS.

Gay Rights A Delicate Issue For Obama During Kenya Visit

Watch Video Much like his last trip to Africa, President Obama is expected to get the red-carpet treatment when he — America's first black president — visits his ancestral homeland of Kenya this weekend.

Turkish Airstrikes Hit ISIS In Syria For First Time

Watch Video For the first time, Turkish fighter jets have struck ISIS in Syria. Early Friday morning, the Turkish Air Force conducted airstrikes against ISIS positions within Syria's borders.

Will Yemen's 'Massive Humanitarian Crisis' Come To An End?

Watch Video Yemen has a "massive humanitarian crisis." 20.4 million can't get clean water. 15.2 million don't have basic health care.  1.6 million women and children lack proper nutrition.  Since March 26: 1,693 civilians killed and 3,829 wounded.

Why Obama's Kenya Visit May Be His Most Dangerous Yet

Watch Video The Kenyan capital of Nairobi is preparing for President Obama's visit this weekend, and so is the Secret Service.

Quran Believed To Be 1,400 Years Old Mirrors Modern Texts

Watch Video The Muslim faith says the Quran was finished roughly 1,380 years ago. And now a radiocarbon test has revealed fragments of a Quran at the University of Birmingham to be at least 1,370 years old — and perhaps even older.

Passenger Berates Canadian Taxi Driver, Reveals Larger Issue

Watch Video The City of Calgary, Alberta, says recently released footage of a taxi cab passenger's profanity-laced tirade shows a larger problem.

How Humans Landed In The Americas Might Not Be So Simple

Watch Video New research from Harvard is putting a wrench in the prevailing theory about where native North and South Americans came from.  For years, many researchers believed a single large wave migrated through Eurasia and modern day Alaska to populate the Americas roughly 15,000 years ago.  But now, genetic analysis from skeletal studies shows some Amazonian tribes share more in common genetically with native populations in Australia and New Guinea.  This study, published in the journal Nature, suggests there could have been two migratory waves that populated the Americas.  The findings go against two recently discovered genetic links to modern Native Americans.