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Canadians Protest Opening Of Trump Tower In Vancouver

Watch Video A small group of protesters was outside the Trump Tower hotel in Vancouver, British Columbia, during its ribbon cutting ceremony.  The 63-story, $360 million building is the second property bearing the Trump name to open since Eric Trump and Donald Trump Jr.

Clumsy Military Sniper Wounds Two During French President's Speech

Watch Video No one likes to screw up at their job. But in some positions, the consequences are a lot more severe than others.

Benvenuto! Starbucks Plans To Open In A Country Where Coffee Is Life

Watch Video Starbucks is finally breaking into a country where coffee isn't just something you drink to wake up in the morning — it's "a way of life." The coffee chain said Wednesday it'll open what it calls a "coffee shrine" in Milan next year.

A 10-Year-Old National Spelling Competition In An Unlikely Place

Watch Video In a country with numerous languages and dialects and a literacy rate below the world average, nearly 200 kids gathered in this auditorium hoping to spell "baculiform." And Ghanaian kids have been doing so for 10 years now.  For the past decade, Eugenia Tachie-Menson has organized Ghana's English-language spelling bee and literacy program.

China Is Starting A Controversial Orca Breeding Program

Watch Video China opened a new animal breeding program, and animal rights activists aren't into it. Chimelong Group — one of China's leading tourist and amusement park operators — will start breeding orca whales in captivity.

Mexico Threatens To Walk If US Even Suggests Tariffs In NAFTA Talks

Watch Video The U.S. and Mexico are preparing to renegotiate NAFTA — the 23-year-old trade agreement among the U.S., Mexico and Canada.

Gaza's Residents Struggle To Get Out — Even For Cancer Treatment

Watch Video Gaza has a really bad cancer treatment problem.  Doctors there have a hard time accessing outdated medications, let alone more modern treatment options like chemotherapy.  And people who live in Gaza can't just leave to get treatment elsewhere — they need a permit from Israel.

French Historian Says He Was Detained By US Customs For 10 Hours

Watch Video A respected historian from France was detained for 10 hours by immigration agents at a Texas airport.  Henry Rousso was arrested on Feb.

Who's This Swedish 'National Security Advisor' On Fox News?

Watch Video Sweden just can't catch a break. For the second time in less than a week, Swedes have been confused by claims about their country's safety.

Sunday Morning's Solar Eclipse Will Create A Ring Of Fire

Watch Video In the morning hours of Sunday Feb. 26, the sun and moon will come together to create a ring of fire.

Britain's Parliament Building Needs A Renovation — But At What Cost?

Watch Video Big Ben needs a facelift. Britain's Parliament building, which includes the famously named bell and its clock tower, desperately needs a renovation.  Its structure remains sound, but its inner workings — dating back to World War II — might be dangerous.

The Iraqi Air Force Is Taking The Fight To ISIS In Syria

Watch Video Iraq's air force is taking the fight against ISIS outside its borders. For the first time since it began fighting the terrorist group, Iraq bombed ISIS fighters in Syria.

District Court Seeks To Extradite Former Guatemalan Officials

Watch Video A U.S. district court wants to extradite the ex-vice president and the ex-interior minister of Guatemala over accusations of international drug trafficking.

India Could Make Its Elaborate Wedding Tradition More Inclusive

Watch Video When a wedding comes with a price tag for tens of millions of dollars, it's not hard to think of what else that money could be used for.

Did The White House Ask The FBI To Dispute Media Reports On Russia?

Watch Video "They have made it very clear that that story in the New York Times is complete garbage," Reince Priebus said on Fox News Sunday.

Someone Wants Barack Obama To Run For President ... In France?

Watch Video Some voters are trying to persuade former President Barack Obama to run for office again.

Israel And Palestine's 2-State Solution Explained

Watch Video In the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, what is the two-state solution? And what is the official position of the U.S.

'Shine A Light On Slavery Day' Covers Social Media In Red X's

Watch Video A movement in the form of red x's is taking over social media on Thursday, Feb. 23.  Friends, family, celebrities and politicians are banding together to bring awareness to the End It Movement's "Shine a Light on Slavery Day."  The movement, which started in 2013, has one goal: to end slavery and human trafficking.

Meet The Woman Who's Been Called The 'Issa Rae Of West Africa'

Watch Video Producer Nicole Amarteifio is giving western Africa something she says it badly needs: a new reflection of itself.

Morgue Holding Body Of North Korean Leader's Half Brother Burglarized

Watch Video Armed security officers are now guarding the body of Kim Jong Nam, 24/7.  Kim Jong Nam is the older half brother of Kim Jong Un, the leader of the Democratic People's Republic of Korea.