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Netflix Adding First Spanish-Language Original Series

Watch Video If you're a frequent Netflix user and you've been wondering, "Donde es el espanol?!," then you're in luck.  Netflix announced Wednesday it's creating its first Spanish-language original series.

Feuding Palestinian Factions Reach Unity Pact

Watch Video Two rival Palestinian factions that have been in conflict for seven years say they've buried the hatchet and will form a new unity government within the next five weeks.

Obama's Asia-Pacific Trade Deal: What You Should Know

Watch Video It’s been described as the centerpiece of President Obama’s Asia strategy and possibly the world's "biggest free trade deal." (Via The White House)  Observers say the success of Trans-Pacific Partnership rides on the president's widely watched visit to Asia this week.

Madeleine McCann Investigators Say 18 Assaults May Be Linked

Watch Video A new development in the disappearance of British toddler Madeleine McCann. "British police investigating Madeleine McCann's disappearance are now looking at 18 potentially linked break ins by a lone intruder into villas in Algarve." (Via BBC) "The Metropolitan Police revealed they're looking at six new incidents: five new cases of sexual assault of British girls on holiday in Portugal and one 'near miss' where the intruder was essentially stopped before he attacked." (Via Channel 5 News) CNN reports this means that there are now 18 "potentially linked crimes" at Portuguese resorts near the one where 3-year-old Madeleine disappeared during a family vacation in June 2007.

No Air Pockets Found On Ferry; Hope For Survivors Fades

Watch Video What little hope families had their children might be pulled from the sunken ferry in South Korea has faded.

'Object Of Interest' Found During MH370 Search

Watch Video Nearly seven weeks after Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 mysteriously disappeared, authorities in Australia say they've found what they're calling an "object of interest." According to CNN, the object was found just along the coast in the southwestern part of the country — hundreds of miles away from where the extensive underwater search is taking place.

Ukraine Resumes 'Anti-Terrorist' Operation On Armed Groups

Watch Video It's the latest sign that any chances of resolving the crisis in Ukraine anytime soon are slim.

FBI Seeking Information About Alleged Child Molester

Watch Video The FBI is asking for the public's help identifying people affected by an international sex criminal.  The search centers around 64-year-old Williams James Vahey, a teacher who was jailed on child molestation charges in 1969 and taught in schools abroad between 1972-2014.

Vice Reporter Taken Captive In Eastern Ukraine

Watch Video If you're following the crisis in Ukraine, you've probably seen reporting from this guy: Simon Ostrovsky of Vice.

No, The U.S. Navy Isn't Sending 'Combat Dolphins' To Ukraine

Watch Video The U.S. has repeatedly said it won't get involved militarily in Ukraine, but by some reports, it’s sending in these guys instead.

Pistorius Denies He Took Acting Lesson Before Trial

Watch Video If true, it could seriously undermine his credibility on the witness stand.  A spokesperson for Oscar Pistorius is denying his client took acting lessons to prepare for his murder trial.

Lawyers Approach Families Of Missing MH370 Passengers

Watch Video An object here, a signal here, some might call these leads. But the search for Malaysia Airlines flight MH370 has turned up nothing.

Death Toll In Ferry Disaster Climbs Above 100

Watch Video Officials confirmed Tuesday the death toll in last week's ferry disaster off the coast of South Korea has reached more than 100.

Is North Korea Planning Nuclear Test #4?

Watch Video South Korean officials say North Korea is preparing to conduct another nuclear test. But is Pyongyang just bluffing this time?

Drone Strikes Barrage Yemen Over Weekend, Kill Up To 65

Watch Video In what has been called an "unprecedented" joint operation between the U.S. and Yemen, the Arabian Peninsula country was bombarded by drone strikes over the weekend killing scores of militants and some civilians.

New Photos Link Russian Special Forces To Ukraine Protesters

Watch Video If you've been following the unrest in eastern Ukraine recently, chances are you've seen the "green men." That is, the suspiciously well-armed and well-trained masked men in green uniforms who've seized government buildings and spearheaded the eastern Ukrainian revolt against the new government in Kiev.

Syria Sets Date For (Probably Meaningless) Election

Watch Video ​Syria has set a date for its upcoming presidential election — not that it matters.  When Syrians head to the polls June 3rd, their options will be limited.

Mount Everest Sherpas Consider Climbing Season Strike

Watch Video Mt. Everest's Sherpa guides issued an ultimatum to the Nepalese government Sunday: greater compensate the victims' families or we'll cancel climbing season.  "350 Sherpa guides say they will not lead anymore expeditions up Mt.

South Korean President: Ferry Crew's Conduct Like 'Murder'

Watch Video With the death toll in South Korea's ferry disaster now at 64, harsh words from the country's president.  "Above all the conduct of the captain and crew members is unfathomable from the viewpoint of commons sense, and it was like an act of murder.

Sisi, Sabahi Square Off In Egypt's Presidential Race

Watch Video Egypt's deadline to enroll for presidential elections expired Sunday, leaving two contenders left in the race to lead the turmoil-stricken country.