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Khorasan Group: The Other Target Of The Syria Airstrikes

Watch Video For all the attention given to ISIS, there’s another terrorist group in Syria that arguably poses a much bigger threat to the U.S.

ISIS-Linked Group Threatens To Execute French Captive

Watch Video Algerian militants linked to ISIS say they will execute a French man they kidnapped Sunday unless France stops bombing the militant group in Iraq.

As More Syrians Flee To Turkey, Turkish Kurds Head For Syria

Watch Video More than 130,000 Syrian refugees flooded into Turkey over the weekend as ISIS pushed farther north into Kurdish-controlled areas.

U.S. Begins Airstrikes On Syrian ISIS Targets

Watch Video The U.S. and partner nations have begun airstrikes on ISIS targets inside the warring nation of Syria.

Missing Afghan Officers Found Crossing Into Canada

Watch Video It's not out of the ordinary for Afghan military officials to come to the U.S. for training. And, as a National Guard search for three missing soldiers demonstrates, it's getting more common for them to vanish, too.

Tony Blair On ISIS: Don't Rule Out Ground Troops

Watch Video As the U.S. begins yet another military campaign in Iraq, a key architect of the West's previous invasion of the country is speaking out about how to defeat the militant group ISIS.

Washed-Up 'Alien Hairballs' Are Actually Algae

Watch Video These green balls washed up on the shore of Sydney, Australia's Dee Why Beach last week. And after seeing the photos, many are thinking ... extraterrestrial.   FOX NEWS: "Bizarre green balls dubbed 'alien eggs.'" WGN-TV: "Some are calling them 'alien eggs' and 'alien hairballs.'" "Alien hairballs?

Will Hong Kong's Democracy Protests Change Anything?

Watch Video Thousands of student protesters descended on Hong Kong's financial district Monday. Here's what they want.

What Came Out Of Sierra Leone's Weekend Ebola Lockdown?

Watch Video Sierra Leone's three-day lockdown to combat Ebola is over.  The weekend lockdown is the most drastic action any of the Ebola-affected countries has taken so far, and officials there have declared it a success.

ISIS Encourages Egypt's Already Deadly Insurgency

Watch Video Given its vision to install a global Islamic caliphate, it should come as no surprise that ISIS is now calling on its allies in Egypt to increase attacks on the country's security forces.  In a new message, ISIS encouraged fellow militants to "attack their bases.

Ukraine Violence Continues Despite Weeks-Long Cease-Fire

Watch Video The cease-fire between Ukraine's government and pro-Russian separatists has been in place for more than two weeks, but officials say it isn't holding up the way the two sides intended.  "So the situation in Ukraine is not good right now.

What's Behind Microsoft's Sudden Xbox One Delay In China?

Watch Video Less than two days away from its highly anticipated arrival, Microsoft has suddenly delayed the Xbox One's launch in China — and nobody's quite sure why.

Global Ebola Aid Increasing But Critics Say It's Late

Watch Video On Saturday, charity organization DirectRelief sent 100 tons of medical supplies to West Africa to provide some much needed support in combating the deadly Ebola outbreak.  The $6 million shipment will supply gloves, masks, goggles, antibiotics and much more to facilities where equipment is in short supply.

Ashraf Ghani Will Be Afghanistan's Next President

Watch Video After an initial election in April… ... a runoff election in June… ... multiple interventions by U.S.

Yemen's Peace Deal With Rebels Could Form New Government

Watch Video Yemen's prime minister has resigned after rebel forces advanced into the capital.  The prime minister reportedly criticized the country's president's handling of the Houthi rebel group's uprising, with the two sides due to sign an expected peace deal and form a new government.

NASA's MAVEN To Study Martian Atmosphere

Watch Video NASA sent their MAVEN spacecraft to Mars 10 months ago to study the planet's atmosphere and — 10 months later — the craft has almost reached its destination.  MAVEN, which stands for Mars Atmosphere and Volatile Evolution, will collect data scientists will use to try to paint a picture of Mars' past.

Scotland's Leader: Westminster 'Tricked' No Voters

Watch Video Just because the Scottish referendum is over, doesn’t mean the punditry is. The leader of the Scottish “Yes” campaign is now accusing British leaders of going back on their word.

Pope's First Papal Visit To Europe Lands Him In... Albania?

Watch Video In 1979 Pope John Paul II made his first official trip to another European country by going to Poland.

Will Climate Rallies Spur Change?

Watch Video Thirty thousand people turned out for a climate change rally in Melbourne, Australia. It's part of a global day of protests ahead of the United Nations' summit in New York Tuesday.  The protests are part of a movement called People's Climate Change March, which aims to push leaders at the summit to make a meaningful agreement on capping emissions.  A number of world leaders are expected to attend the U.N.

Kenyans Mark 1 Year Since Al-Shabab's Westgate Mall Attack

Watch Video Sunday marks a year since armed militants attacked an upscale shopping mall in Nairobi, Kenya, killing close to 70 people.