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MH370 Search: Another Debris Piece Found On Reunion Island

Watch Video French investigators on an Indian Ocean island are trying to figure out whether another piece of wreckage that washed ashore belongs to Malaysia Airlines Flight 370.

Top 3 World Records Caught On Camera This Week

Watch Video World records are set all the time. But they aren’t always captured on video — like the three we’ve rounded up for you today.

How The US Might Retaliate Against China For The OPM Hack

Watch Video When the United States announced in June that the personnel files of an estimated 22 million current and former federal employees had been stolen, all the fingers pointed in one direction — toward China.

Media Warns Of 'Escalating Tension' After Palestinian Deaths

Watch Video A Palestinian teenager was shot by Israeli forces while protesting the death of an 18-month-old Palestinian toddler.

Take Time Off? Or Take Advantage Of Coworkers' Time Off?

Watch Video When the weather heats up, it's hard to avoid the temptation to take a week and enjoy the summer ...

We're Getting Closer To Stopping Ebola

Watch Video Described as a potential "game changer," a new Ebola vaccine could save countless lives. (Video via World Health Organization) VSV-EBOV underwent a trial in Guinea between April 1 and July 20 of this year.  The vaccine had a 100 percent success rate in preventing new Ebola cases.

'Price Tag' Attack In The West Bank Kills Toddler

Watch Video Palestinians are blaming Israel for the death of a child in an arson attack in the West Bank.

IOC Settles On Beijing For The 2022 Winter Olympics

Watch Video The Olympic Games that no one seemed to want to host will now take place in Beijing.  The International Olympic Committee chose Beijing over Almaty, Kazakhstan as the host city for the 2022 Winter Olympic Games.   The two cities were the only ones left in the running after four others pulled their bids late in the game including Kraków, Poland, Lviv, Ukraine, Oslo, Norway and Stockholm, Sweden.

30 Miles To Freedom: Migrants' Deadly Journey Into The UK

Watch Video The U.K. has a migrant crisis. (Video via Sauvons Calais) Thousands of migrants have gathered in the French port city of Calais.

Turkey's Intricate Web Of Friends And Foes

Watch Video The enemy of my enemy is my friend — or so they say. But in the Middle East, the enemy of your enemy is probably also your enemy.

Has Wreckage From Missing MH370 Been Found?

Watch Video French investigators on an Indian Ocean island are trying to discover whether a wrecked wing flap that washed ashore belongs to Malaysian Airlines Flight 370.

Who Are The Top Terrorists Still At Large?

Watch Video The Afghan government says Taliban leader Mullah Omar is dead.  But several key terror figures are still at large.

Remains Of Fourth Sex-Worker Identified In Alberta, Canada

Watch Video Officials in Canada have identified the body of another woman in a field near Leduc, Alberta.

Ghostly Figure Seen In Picture Is Giving People The Chills

Watch Video A picture taken in the U.K. is giving some people the chills. A group of friends were having a good time in Wem, England — but they didn't notice an odd object in the window.

Taliban Leader Mullah Omar Supposedly Dead

Watch Video Mullah Omar, the leader of the Taliban, is supposedly dead.  That's according to the Afghan government, who says he's apparently been dead for "two or three years." The U.S. has a $10 million bounty on Omar.

Minnesota Dentist Wanted For Killing Cecil The Lion

Watch Video Zimbabwean authorities are searching for a Minnesota dentist who they say killed Cecil the lion, an iconic animal that lived at Hwange National Park.

What To Know About Israeli Spy Jonathan Pollard

Watch Video Before Edward Snowden, there was ….  "Jonathan Pollard pleaded guilty this week to spying for Israel," said a reporter for CBS.

Woman Charged After Saying Guard Took Baby From Her Breast

Watch Video A woman has been charged with intent to pervert the course of public justice after publicly claiming a security guard at a British department store assaulted her.

Can Libya Carry Out Death Sentence Against Gadhafi's Son?

Watch Video A court in Tripoli has sentenced the son of former Libyan dictator Moammar Gadhafi to death by firing squad.

Police Covered Up London Tube Killings, Book Claims

Watch Video A new book claims London police covered up a string of killings at the London tube in the '70s.  "The London Underground Serial Killer" by Geoff Platt says convicted murderer Kiernan Kelly confessed to pushing at least 18 people onto the tracks.