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Niger Ambush: Here's What We Know So Far

Watch Video More than two weeks ago, an ambush in Niger killed four U.S. troops and left two wounded.

Aviation Authorities Want To Ban Laptops In Checked Bags

Watch Video You may not be able to put your laptop in checked bags much longer. The Federal Aviation Administration is recommending a global ban on laptops and other large electronics in checked luggage due to the fire hazard posed by their lithium ion batteries.

Trump's Travel Ban Blocks Award-Winning Yemeni Journalist

Watch Video A Yemeni journalist who won an award for her coverage of the war-torn country is now fighting against the U.S.

Trump's Tweet On UK Crime And 'Radical Islamic Terror' Is Misleading

Watch Video President Trump has a history of highlighting U.K. terrorism and crime on Twitter, but the tweets don't always show the whole picture.  On Friday, Trump tweeted out a quote that said "United Kingdom crime rises 13% annually amid spread of Radical Islamic terror." He seemed to associate that quote with a recently published crime report from the U.K.'s Office for National Statistics, but the statement may have actually been reported by the One America News Network — a pro-Trump network.

North Korea Warns Australia Against Trump In 'Unprecedented' Letter

Watch Video North Korea is urging countries to distance themselves from the Trump administration. The Sydney Morning Herald published a letter North Korea's Foreign Affairs Committee sent to Australia's embassy in Indonesia.

Pollution Could Be Killing More People Than Smoking, War Or Hunger

Watch Video According to new research, environmental pollution is killing more people around the world than smoking, war or malnutrition.

North Korea Threatens 'Unimaginable Strike' On The US

Watch Video The U.S. and South Korea are conducting drills in the waters around the Korean peninsula.

This 3-D Printed Bridge Could Be Really Good For The Environment

Watch Video The Netherlands has a new bridge for its millions of cyclists, but it wasn't made the traditional way.

Meet Jacinda Ardern, New Zealand's Youngest Female Prime Minister

Watch Video Jacinda Ardern is set to become New Zealand's next prime minister, nearly a month after the nation went to the polls.  "It is an absolute honor and a privilege to form a government for all New Zealanders," Ardern said.

Spain Wants To Take Away Catalonia's Ability To Run Its Own Government

Watch Video The Spanish government announced Thursday it's going to start the process for imposing direct rule on Catalonia.  The government of Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy said in a statement it plans to invoke Article 155 of Spain's constitution.

A Former Socialite Is Russia's New Opposition Presidential Candidate

Watch Video A famous Russian socialite just announced she's running for president. The daughter of a former St.

France Could Soon Ban Street Harassment By Imposing A Heavy Fine

Watch Video The French government is considering fines for catcalling and street harassment, an issue that's recently gained momentum online.   It's an idea Marlène Schiappa — France's junior minister for gender equality — has talked about for months.

China's Only Political Party Meets To Set Agenda, Pick Leaders

Watch Video At China's 19th Communist Party congress, President Xi Jinping is expected to receive a second term and further tighten his grip on the party's reins.

After 148 Days Of Destruction, Duterte Says Marawi City Is 'Liberated'

Watch Video After almost five months of destruction and fighting, Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte declared Marawi City "liberated from the terrorist influence." "I just came from Marawi, and by the grace of God we have restored peace.

US-Backed Forces Take Over ISIS' 'Capital' In Syria

Watch Video American-backed forces in Syria say they've taken back ISIS' self-proclaimed capital city.  The terrorist group had ruled over Raqqa for three years and implemented a strict interpretation of sharia law.

North Korea Official Warns Nuclear War 'May Break Out Any Moment'

Watch Video "The situation on the Korean Peninsula, where the attention of the world is focused, has reached the touch-and-go point, and nuclear war may break out any moment," North Korean Deputy U.N.

The EU Just Hit North Korea With More Sanctions — But Will They Work?

Watch Video The sanctions against North Korea continue to stack up. The European Union levied an additional round of sanctions on the country Monday.

Kurds Lose Kirkuk As Iraqi Forces Take Back Oil Fields, Air Base

Watch Video Iraqi forces pushed into the country's northern region, taking away several locations from the region's Kurdish government.  Iraq called the move an attempt at unity, while Kurdish forces vowed to defend their sovereignty.  Iraqi soldiers rolled into the city of Kirkuk and surrounding regions to take back control of the area's oil fields, air base, power plant and refinery.

At Least 3 Dead As Ex-Hurricane Ophelia Slams Into Ireland

Watch Video At least three people are dead after the remnants of Hurricane Ophelia slammed into Ireland's west coast Monday.

Europe's Youngest Leader May Turn To The Far-Right For Help

Watch Video It looks like Europe's youngest leader is going to need some help, and some are worried about who he'll turn to.  Thirty-one-year-old Sebastian Kurz appears set to become Austria's next chancellor after his conservative People's Party came in first place in Sunday's election.  Yet, Kurz will need to join forces with another party to create a parliamentary majority.