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Al-Shabab Suspected In Deadly Kenya Bus Ambush

Watch Video Gunmen suspected to be part of the Al-Shabab terrorist organization seized a bus in northeastern Kenya early Saturday and killed 28 passengers.

5 Hot Months, 1 Warm Year And All The Arguments To Follow

Watch Video The country's attention shifted this week to crippling snowstorms in the northeast burying entire cities under several feet of snow, so let's talk about how ungodly warm it's been this year.

Mexican Protests Turn Violent Over Missing Students

Watch Video Thousands took to the streets on the anniversary of Mexico's 1910 revolution not in celebration, but instead to protest how the country has handled the disappearance of 43 students earlier this year in September.

Website Streams Thousands Of Private Webcam Feeds

Watch Video British authorities are warning the public about a Russian website that streams thousands of live webcams around the world.  The site includes webcam feeds of a variety of public places, such as businesses, but many show private residences.

Why Vladimir Putin Doesn't Think He's A Lawbreaker

Watch Video Last week’s G20 summit made it painfully clear what a bulk of world leaders think about Russian President Vladimir Putin.

Swedish Court To Julian Assange: No, You Still Can't Leave

Watch Video Sweden's judicial system has once again dashed the hopes of WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange, rejecting an appeal by his lawyers to drop his arrest warrant on Thursday.

What's The Point Of Climate Conferences?

Watch Video The United Nations conference on climate change in Paris is more than a year away, but already there's optimism that world leaders might actually reach a substantial agreement.

'Pick Up' Coach Julien Blanc Banned From UK, Denied Visa

Watch Video Self-described pick-up artist Julien Blanc won't be picking up women in the United Kingdom anytime soon.

How 'The Hunger Games' Is Keeping Thai Protests Alive

Watch Video Law enforcement in Thailand detained five university students Wednesday who might've looked more like oppressed residents of the fictional Panem than protestors of a recent military coup.

Here's Why North Korea Is Cozying Up To Russia

Watch Video Both are international outcasts, and both want to do business together. ARIRANG: "The envoy to North Korean leader Kim Jong-un held an hourlong meeting with Russian President Vladimir Putin in Moscow on Tuesday.

Why You Should Give A Crap About World Toilet Day

Watch Video All right, folks, it's time for some toilet talk. Seriously. This Wednesday marks the second annual World Toilet Day, and while the subject is easy to make fun of, it's a big issue.

Are Direct Cash Transfers To The Poor Improving Aid At All?

Watch Video Giving money to people in poverty might seem like an obvious idea, but it's rarely that simple.

Crowdfunded Moon Mission Offers To Store Your Digital Memory

Watch Video An ambitious space project hopes the idea of preserving a piece of yourself in the cosmos for millennia is enough to get you to invest.

Why A Russian Object Is Being Called A 'Satellite Killer'

Watch Video Outer space is having a moment. In recent weeks, we've celebrated at least one great success — with the Rosetta mission — and two setbacks, one of which resulted in the death of a Virgin Galactic pilot.

Jerusalem Synagogue Attack: Is The Coverage Fair?

Watch Video Few issues draw accusations of media bias like the Palestinian-Israeli conflict. When a terrorist attack at a Jerusalem synagogue made front-page news around the world Tuesday, the international media took some heat for what some saw as slanted coverage.  We'll start with this graphic that appeared in a CNN report.

How Bob Marley Is Endorsing A Global Marijuana Brand

Watch Video Bob Marley and marijuana are unequivocally linked — from the late pop star's songs and videos to his nonstop advocacy for legalization.

Why Japan's Prime Minister Just Called An Early Election

Watch Video If Japan's slip into recession this week shocked Prime Minister Shinzo Abe as much as it did the rest of the world, he's done a good job of hiding it.  The prime minister has acted quickly in the wake of the economic constriction — postponing a sales tax planned for next year by at least 18 months and calling an election for mid-December.

Four Israelis Dead After Jerusalem Synagogue 'Terror Attack'

Watch Video At least four Israelis are dead and six other people wounded after two armed Palestinian men attacked worshippers at a Jerusalem synagogue.

Japan's Unexpected Recession Adds To Global Economic Fears

Watch Video Following a surprise second-quarter decline, Japan's economy is officially in recession. Now, economists are trying to figure out what the unexpected slip means for the country and the world.  Japan's GDP shrank by 1.6 percent in the third quarter, following a revised 7.1 percent drop in the previous period.

What Makes The Latest ISIS Beheading Video So Different

Watch Video In a video released Sunday, ISIS announced the beheading of American aid worker Peter Kassig. He’s now the fifth Western hostage murdered by the group.