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The US Is Sending 200 More Troops To Fight ISIS

Watch Video The U.S. says it will send another 200 troops to fight ISIS in Syria. These troops, mostly advisers and special forces trainers, will be tasked with helping local fighters retake the city of Raqqa.

A Japanese Spacecraft Could Make Space A Little Cleaner

Watch Video Humans have really cluttered up the cosmos. It's estimated we've left behind over 100 million pieces of space junk since we first started exploring in 1957.

This Dutch Politician Was Just Convicted Of Inciting Discrimination

Watch Video "The Dutch want their country back," Geert Wilders said in a video message. Wilders is the leader of the far-right Party for Freedom, and he wants to make the Netherlands great again.

Meet Viola Desmond: The New Face Of Canada's $10 Bill

Watch Video Businesswoman and activist Viola Desmond will be the first woman who isn't royalty to appear on a Canadian bank note.

South Korea's Parliament Has Voted To Impeach President Park Geun-hye

Watch Video South Korea's Parliament has voted to impeach embattled President Park Geun-hye over a corruption scandal.

So The US Is Almost $20 Trillion In Debt; Who Do We Owe?

Watch Video According to the U.S. Treasury Department, the U.S. is more than $19 trillion in debt. But who does the U.S.

Airline's CEO Detained After Soccer Team's Plane Crashed, Killing 71

Watch Video This week, authorities detained the CEO of Bolivian airline LaMia after one of its planes crashed in November.

India Mourns The Death Of A Beloved Actress-Turned-Politician

Watch Video Thousands of people in India are mourning the death of one of the country's most popular politicians: Jayaram Jayalalithaa.

Trump's Pick For Ambassador To China Already Has A Head Start

Watch Video After provocative statements during the campaign and a protocol-breaking phone call with Taiwan last week, President-elect Donald Trump may need to smooth some things over with China.  This man could make that job a lot easier: Meet Iowa Gov.

Al Qaeda Isn't Dead — It's Just Different

Watch Video "By any measure, core al Qaeda—the organization that hit us on 9/11—is a shadow of its former self," President Obama said during a counterterrorism speech.

One Way To Help The World's Overfishing Problem: Buy American

Watch Video If you don't want the world to run out of seafood, you might want to buy American. The World Wildlife Fund estimates 85 percent of the world's fisheries are unsustainable, but U.S.

Meet The First European Country To Ban Gay Conversion Therapy

Watch Video Malta is the first European country to ban "gay conversion therapy." That's what programs designed to change a person's sexual orientation are called.

Pakistani Plane Crashes With Dozens On Board

Watch Video A Pakistan International Airlines plane with over 40 people on board crashed in a mountainous area of the country Wednesday.

Donald Trump Is Time Magazine's Person Of The Year

Watch Video President-elect Donald Trump has been named Time magazine's Person of the Year. "You know, I didn't get Beyoncé and Jay Z and Bruce Springsteen to get crowds.

At Least 97 Are Dead After Major Earthquake Strikes Indonesia

Watch Video Rescue crews in Indonesia's western Aceh province are searching for survivors after a 6.5-magnitude earthquake hit Wednesday morning.

Former Sen. Bob Dole Had A Lot To Do With Trump's Call With Taiwan

Watch Video Bob Dole might have had a big hand in setting up the phone call between President-elect Donald Trump and the president of Taiwan.

Moderate Merkel Leans Right In Support Of Burqa Ban

Watch Video For the first time, German Chancellor Angela Merkel is aligning with right-wing sentiment in Europe by announcing her support for banning full-face coverings, including burqas.

The UN Proposed A Massive Budget To Help Victims Of Violence And War

Watch Video The United Nations issued its annual appeal for humanitarian funds Monday, and it's the world body's biggest request yet.

'Screw 'Em': Adviser Previews Trump's China Policy

Watch Video President-elect Donald Trump's surprise China-baiting phone call with the president of Taiwan has left his surrogates with two options: try to play if off as a non-issue or go all-in.

How Populism Helped Oust Italy's Prime Minister

Watch Video First Brexit, then Donald Trump and now the ouster of the Italian prime minister — another unexpected political event.