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Winners And Losers Of OPEC's Fuel Quota Decision

Watch Video An unlikely outcome between the Organization of the Petroleum Exporting Countries producers Thursday could help gas prices reach a four-year low.

Is Kim Jong-Un's Sister Being Groomed For Leadership?

Watch Video Information about the North Korean government's inner workings are hard to come by, which is why news this week of leader Kim Jong-Un's sister moving up the ranks has many Hermit Kingdom watchers intrigued.  KCNA Watch, an independent group focusing on North Korea, carried an article from the government's news agency which detailed Kim Jong-Un's April visit to a cartoon film studio.

British Crime Novelist P. D. James Dead At 94

Watch Video British crime novelist P.D. James — known as the “Queen of Crime” — has died at the age of 94.

Thanksgiving Storm Knocks Out Power, Ruins Travel Plans

Watch Video It has become the perfect storm: a massive Nor’easter has hit the Northeast and Mid-Atlantic, ruining travel plans and turkey dinners for millions of Americans.

Taliban Attack On Diplomatic Convoy Kills At Least Five

Watch Video The latest Taliban attack in Afghanistan has claimed the lives of five people, including a British national, and injured dozens more.  A car loaded with explosives detonated right as a convoy of British diplomatic vehicles was passing — killing two members of the embassy team: a British security officer and an Afghan embassy employee.

Top 3 Stories That Remind Us Of Childhood

Watch Video If you're spending this Thanksgiving holiday with your family, you're probably up to here with reminders of your childhood.

Germany Late To The Corporate Gender-Quota Party

Watch Video Angela Merkel and Germany are following the example of some of their European neighbors and plan to implement quotas for women in boardroom positions — a move that's not without its critics.  Speaking before the German parliament, Merkel voiced her support for a new law, which would require that almost one third of the board positions at Germany's biggest companies be women by 2016.

OPEC Thanksgiving Meeting Could Decide If Cheaper Gas Stays

Watch Video OPEC's members plan to sit down together Thursday for some presumably tense talks. If the headlines are to be believed, it's the oil cartel's "most important meeting in years." The 12 member nations, controlling about a third of the world's oil reserves, will meet in Vienna, Austria, amid four-year lows in the price of oil and wide disagreement on what to do about it.

China Looks To Push Green Goals Through Financial Sector

Watch Video China has announced its latest plan to go green through its all-important financial sector — one of its biggest climate announcements since this month's environmental agreement with the U.S.

China Builds An Island And Stakes Its Claim In Disputed Seas

Watch Video China is building an island in disputed waters.  Scratch that. China is building a military post in disputed waters.

Russia Takes Jabs At U.S. Over Ferguson Protests

Watch Video Protests in Ferguson, Missouri this week presented Russia with the perfect opportunity to critique the U.S. and its local law enforcement.

ISIS Might Be Feeling The Pinch Of Plunging Oil Prices

Watch Video Here's something to consider next time you fill up at the pump: Those low prices you've been enjoying could be hurting ISIS' cash flow.

Why Turkey Isn't So Crazy About The U.S. Anymore

Watch Video Joe Biden's visit to Turkey this weekend was met with protests, but where is it all coming from?

Female Suicide Bombers Set Off Blasts In Nigeria

Watch Video Two suicide bomb blasts at a market in northern Nigeria have killed at least 60 people. The bombs were detonated Tuesday morning, with the second one going off shortly after the first.  This latest attack comes after months of violence in Nigeria, the bulk of it coming from terrorist group Boko Haram, which is particularly active in the country's north, and Tuesday's attack happened in the group's former stronghold.

Antarctic Sea Ice Mystery Thickens... Literally

Watch Video Antarctic sea ice is increasing — that's old news — but now it's also thicker than scientists thought, and that's only adding to the confusion.

Ferguson Grand Jury Announces Decision Tonight

Watch Video We'll have to wait a little longer before we know whether the St. Louis grand jury will indict Ferguson police officer Darren Wilson.

Fancy Meeting The Royals? It'll Cost You

Watch Video When the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge set foot in New York City next month, Americans will finally have a chance to rub elbows with the famous royals.  The catch?

Iran Nuke Talks Get Extension After Diplomats Miss Deadline

Watch Video International negotiators are extending the deadline for a nuclear deal another seven months after failing to walk away with any sort of agreement.

Ruins Thought To Be Port Actually Buried Greek City

Watch Video The ancient Roman city of Pompeii is a tragic story - destroyed in 79 AD by an eruption from Mount Vesuvius killing an estimated 16,000 people.  Now, scientists are saying they've found an "underwater Pompeii," although no one is sure what caused this city's demise.   The ruins are located off the coast of Delos [DEE-LOSS], a Greek island.

What If The Iran Nuclear Talks Fall Through?

Watch Video There's not much optimism left that negotiators between Iran and a panel of six countries can reach a satisfactory deal on Iran's nuclear power plants before a deadline Monday.