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Are Images From Gaza Turning Public Opinion Against Israel?

Watch Video The current Israeli operation in Gaza is going into its fourth week, and Benjamin Netanyahu says it might not be ending anytime soon.

U.S. And Europe Go After Russia's Economy In New Sanctions

Watch Video Both the U.S. and European Union have agreed on a new round of sanctions against Russia — and this time they're hitting Russia's economic sectors instead of simply targeting individuals.

Ebola Outbreak Poses Little Threat To U.S.: CDC

Watch Video ​The latest Ebola outbreak is being called the worst yet, but the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention officials are saying there is little threat to the U.S.

Climate Change Could Cost Billions According To White House

Watch Video ​PRESIDENT BARACK OBAMA: "Climate change is no longer a distant threat. It has moved firmly into the present." (Via The White House) The White House has long warned against inaction on climate change.  But a report out Tuesday puts a whopping price tag on it: about $150 billion a year. It comes from the president's Council of Economic Advisers.  Basically, the council urged quick action — and also put a price on delay, saying for every decade action isn't taken to lower greenhouse gas emissions, the cost increases 40 percent.  Which earned the report lots of scary headlines but not much explanation within the coverage.

Malaysia Airlines Considers Rebranding, But Will It Survive?

Watch Video Turns out there is such a thing as bad publicity. (Via Getty Images) But combine one of the more mysterious plane disappearances in years in MH370 with another flight MH17 seemingly shot down in the middle of what some consider a war zone, and Malaysia Airlines doesn't have much choice in getting itself away from unwanted attention.

Israeli Media Slams Kerry For 'Rewarding' Hamas

Watch Video Israeli media has some choice words for America’s top diplomat. (Via U.S. Department of State) U.S.

U.S. Says Russia Broke Nuclear Arms Treaty, Ups Sanctions

Watch Video Western nations are ratcheting up sanctions on Russia over the conflict in Ukraine, and the U.S.

Gaza Hospital Blast Kills 10, Both Sides Refuse Blame

Watch Video Explosions rocked a major hospital in Gaza Monday, killing at least 10 people, the majority of whom were children.

Will $50B Fine From Hague Faze Putin?

Watch Video Sanctions over the conflict in Ukraine, accusations of complicity in the downing of MH17, and now a $50 billion fine from the Hague — not exactly the best of times in Putin's Russia.

Russia Saves Gecko Sex Satellite, Media Has Some Fun With It

Watch Video After a tense few days, Russia has regained control of a satellite full of biological experiments including one to test how geckos mate in space.

Boko Haram Kidnaps Wife Of Senior Cameroon Politician

Watch Video The militant Islamist group Boko Haram is continuing its reign of terror across western Africa.

Why Syria’s 'Bloodiest Week' Went Largely Unnoticed

Watch Video “Israel launched a ground invasion of the Gaza Strip tonight.” (Via NBC)  “Ukrainian rebels have turned over to investigators the flight data recorded of the Malaysian Flight 17." (Via CBS)  “Israel says it's investigating yesterday’s horrific attack on a U.N.

What's To Blame For Worst Ebola Outbreak In History?

Watch Video In another blow to what has become the worst Ebola outbreak in human history, a U.S. doctor working with patients in Liberia has contracted the deadly virus.  Samaritan's Purse announced that Dr.

Costa Concordia Finally Arrives At Port Of Genoa

Watch Video More than two and a half years after capsizing off the coast of a small Italian island, the now-upright Costa Concordia cruise ship has made its way to the Port of Genoa.

Fighting Near MH17 Wreckage Prompts Experts To Cancel Visit

Watch Video A team of Dutch and Australian investigators in Ukraine reportedly had to cancel a trip to the MH17 crash site because of security concerns Sunday.

Hamas Agrees To Another Temporary Truce In Gaza

Watch Video Hamas has agreed to hold off its rocket-fire for another 24 hours. (Via Getty Images)  Israel says Hamas militants initially ignored their call for an extension of Saturday's cease-fire — blaming the group for “incessant rocket fire during the humanitarian window.” (Via Twitter / @IDFSpokesperson)  In turn, Israel had resumed its shelling at targets in the Gaza Strip — which Gaza health officials say has already killed three Palestinians.

No Israel, Hamas Cease-Fire As Gaza Death Toll Tops 1,000

Watch Video Israel has agreed to a United Nations request for a 24-hour cease-fire in its ongoing conflict, but, as of Saturday evening, Hamas has not yet announced if they'll accept the terms.

Arturo The Sad Polar Bear Will Stay In Argentina

Watch Video Despite protesters, internet campaigns and petitions, Argentina's Mendoza Zoo says its lone polar bear, Arturo, won't be moving to Canada any time soon.  29-year-old Arturo has been nicknamed the "world's saddest animal" for looking sad in his small, toasty quarters at the Argentinean zoo.

Russia Has Major Beef With McDonald's

Watch Video There are few things more American than a meal at McDonald's — which might be bad news for the restaurant's 418 Russian locations.  A Russian consumer protection agency has, in fact, filed a lawsuit against McDonald’s in Russia, believe it or not. (Via CNBC) The lawsuit alleges its food violates health codes and has too many calories.

Deadly Ebola Case Reported In Nigeria's Biggest City

Watch Video Health officials have confirmed the first case of Ebola in Nigeria.  Euronews reports it was a Liberian man who died in the heavily populated Nigerian city of Lagos.  Ebola is highly contagious and is passed through bodily fluids and causes a painful fever along with internal and external bleeding.