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Toyota Female Exec's Exit And Japan's Push For Women Leaders

Watch Video Just three months after making history as the first female executive at the world's largest car company, Julie Hamp is resigning as Toyota's chief communications officer after being arrested on drug charges.  Hamp was arrested June 18 after allegedly shipping oxycodone tablets to her Japan address from the United States.

Is Suing Governments The Future Of Climate Change Action?

Watch Video Something interesting has happened in the Netherlands. A group of Dutch citizens sued their government to get it to act on climate change.

Netanyahu's ISIS-Iran Comparison Is Getting Old

Watch Video “Imagine how dangerous Islamic State would be if it had armored divisions, fighter-jets and ballistic missiles.

Missed IMF Payment Puts Greece Into New Territory

Watch Video Greece officially passed the deadline on its 1.5-billion-euro payment to the International Monetary Fund.

The Biggest Losers Of China's Deflating Stock Bubble

Watch Video After flying to the top of world finance markets, Chinese stocks appear to be playing Icarus — and their wings are melting.  The past two weeks have seen Chinese stocks dive amid a sweeping sell-off, which sharpened the fears market analysts have had for months: that Chinese investors were inflating a bubble until it would burst.

Canadian Flights Diverted After 3 Threats In A Week

Watch Video Canadian officials are investigating a string of threats against flights in the past week — the most recent forcing an emergency landing of a WestJet plane.

Eurozone Denies Bailout, Greece Left Hoping For A Miracle

Watch Video “The Greek government will continue decisively to give the fight in favor of these principals.

Why Public Broadcasters Are Popular Political Targets

Watch Video During British Prime Minister David Cameron's appearance on BBC Radio 4 Monday, he chided the BBC as a whole for its description of ISIS.

After Tunisia Attack, Cameron Moves To Curb Extremist Speech

Watch Video After a terrorist attack in Tunisia killed 38 people, 30 of whom are believed to be British citizens, combating international terrorism has shot to the top of British Prime Minister David Cameron's agenda.

Greece's Fate Lies In The Hands Of Its Voters

Watch Video The Greek economy is on the brink of collapse. After financial negotiations crumbled over the weekend, the country is now facing the prospect of default, economic ruin and a potentially catastrophic exit from the eurozone.  But this latest Greek drama was foreshadowed by months and months of troubled talks and brinksmanship, from both Greece and its international creditors. Here's a brief recap in case you're not up to speed.  Greece's economy is being kept afloat by bailout loans from different international agencies. But the country only received that money on the condition that it would enact stringent austerity measures.  The Greek people weren't happy with austerity, which included heavy cuts to social services.

Puerto Rico's $72B Debt Is Much Worse Than Detroit's

Watch Video Puerto Rico's governor has forewarned the island won't be able to pay its $72 billion public debt.  In an interview with The New York Times, Puerto Rico's Gov. Alejandro Garcia Padilla said: "The debt is not payable.

As Greece Nears Default, Investors Try Not To Panic

Watch Video If you break a dinner glass at the table, the last thing you want to do is yank the table cloth and shatter everything else, too.

Tunisian Authorities Hunt For Accomplices In Beach Attack

Watch Video While Tunisian authorities fatally shot the man who killed at least 38 people at a beach resort in Sousse, the investigation is far from over.

Greece's Debt Crisis Has Overshadowed Spain's Quiet Recovery

Watch Video Greece's economic woes lately have overshadowed some of the Eurozone's other struggling economies, including Spain.

Dalai Lama Talks Middle East, Not China, At Glastonbury Fest

Watch Video The Dalai Lama celebrated his upcoming 80th birthday in style this weekend with his first appearance at the Glastonbury Festival in the U.K.

CNN Quiet After Falsely Reporting ISIS Flag At Pride Parade

Watch Video "If you look at the flag closely, it's clearly not Arabic. In fact, it could be gobbledygook, but it's very distinctly the ISIS flag," CNN reporter Lucy Pawle says.  CNN is a bit red in the face after its correspondents thought a black and white flag that had images of sex toys on it was an ISIS flag. CNN's Lucy Pawle reported seeing the flag at a gay pride rally in London Saturday morning.

Grexit Looms As Greece's Bailout Approaches Expiration

Watch Video “The Greek government will continue decisively to give the fight in favor of these principals.

Terrorists Target Tourists: Tunisia Attack Kills At Least 27

Watch Video A beachfront hotel is the site of another terrorist attack in Tunisia. Gunmen killed at least twenty-seven people on  Friday — most of them hotel guests.

Attack On French Gas Company Investigated As Terrorist Act

Watch Video An attack on a gas company in south eastern France has reportedly left one dead and at least two wounded Friday.

Why Did ISIS Return To Kobani, A City It Lost Months Ago?

Watch Video Why is ISIS attacking Kobani again? On Thursday morning, ISIS launched an attack against the Kurdish border town of Kobani, detonating multiple car bombs and killing as many as 42 civilians, 20 of whom were in a nearby village.