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Angela Merkel Opens Bilateral Talks With Mario At Gaming Convention

Watch Video German Chancellor Angela Merkel has given a lot of speeches throughout her political career, but today was a little different.

Trump's Afghanistan Strategy Relies On India And Pakistan

Watch Video President Trump's newly revealed Afghanistan strategy goes beyond Afghanistan — it involves India and Pakistan as well.

There Are Likely Few (If Any) Good Options For The US In Afghanistan

Watch Video For years as a private citizen and then as a presidential candidate, President Donald Trump advocated for withdrawing U.S.

How Countries Outside The US Have Handled Controversial Statues

Watch Video The debate around removing statues and monuments isn't new and certainly isn't exclusive to the U.S.

US Just Sanctioned Russian, Chinese Entities For Supporting N. Korea

Watch Video The U.S. is imposing new sanctions on Chinese and Russian companies and on individuals accused of helping North Korea with its ballistic missile and nuclear programs.

How Afghanistan Reacted To Trump's Military Plans For The Country

Watch Video Afghanistan seems to be on board with President Donald Trump's pledge to reinvest military resources in the area.

Australia's Pledge To Help US Prompts Threats From N. Korea

Watch Video North Korea threatened Australia after the prime minister promised to help the U.S. if the North attacks.

Spanish Police Say They've Killed Suspected Driver In Barcelona Attack

Watch Video Spanish authorities say they've killed a man suspected of driving a van into a popular tourist area in Barcelona, Spain.

Saudi Arabia Says Its King Will Fund Qatari Pilgrims' Trip To Mecca

Watch Video Saudi Arabia says it will allow all Qatari citizens inside the kingdom for the annual hajj pilgrimage without permits, despite an ongoing blockade imposed on Qatar.

China's Government Gets Historic Publisher To Censor 300 Articles

Watch Video Cambridge University Press — the world's oldest publishing house — is censoring more than 300 scholarly articles at the request of the Chinese government.  The articles were published in The China Quarterly, which describes itself as "the leading scholarly journal in its field, covering all aspects of contemporary China including Taiwan." Many of the banned papers are focused on Tibet, which China claims sovereignty over.

Venezuela's Controversial New Assembly Voted For Law-Passing Powers

Watch Video Venezuela's controversial Constituent Assembly has voted to give itself legislative power.

US Navy Announces Punishments For Crew On USS Fitzgerald

Watch Video Sailors who were commanding the USS Fitzgerald when it crashed into a merchant ship have been relieved of their duties.

Police Arrest 4 In Connection With Spain Terror Attacks

Watch Video At least 14 people are dead and more than 100 others are injured following two possible terror attacks in Spain.  The first attack happened in Barcelona Thursday evening local time.

Several Attackers Killed In Shootout Related To Barcelona Attack

Watch Video Authorities in Spain say several people were killed in a shootout related to Thursday's terror attack in Barcelona.

After Barcelona, Trump Plugs Fiction About Pershing And Pig's Blood

Watch Video Authorities haven't said if a suspected terror attack in Barcelona, Spain, was motivated by Islamic extremism.

Cutting This Immigration Program May Lead To More Illegal Immigration

Watch Video The Trump administration has terminated a program that gave at-risk Central American minors a legal way to temporarily reside in the U.S.

Chinese And Indian Troops' Latest Border Clash Stems From A Big Issue

Watch Video Chinese and Indian military troops reportedly clashed earlier this week in a disputed region in the Himalayan mountains.

Van Plows Into Crowd In Barcelona; At Least 13 Dead, Over 50 Injured

Watch Video At least 13 people are dead, and more than 50 others are injured after a van crashed into a crowd of people at a popular tourist area in Barcelona, Spain.

An Australian Official Wore A Burqa In A Push For It To Be Banned

Watch Video An Australian official wore a burqa into the Senate chamber Thursday before calling for a nationwide ban on the religious dress.

Van Plows Into A Crowd In Barcelona, Spain

Watch Video Officials say a van crashed into a crowd of people at a popular tourist area in Barcelona, Spain.