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Former Military Ruler Presents Hope For Democracy In Nigeria

Watch Video On Friday, Nigeria's newly elected president Muhammadu Buhari will officially take office.

The Queen's Speech: Now This Is How You Do Pageantry

Watch Video When it comes to their royals, the British aren’t ones to skimp on tradition. On Wednesday, Queen Elizabeth didn't disappoint.

India Isn't Prepared For These Deadly Heat Waves

Watch Video A deadly heat wave in India has killed more than 1,100 people in 10 days. The worst-affected state has been Andhra Pradesh in the south where more than 850 have died.

The Iraqi Army Has A Morale Problem

Watch Video On paper, ISIS should be no match for the Iraqi army. We're talking about a U.S.-trained army equipped with tanks, fighter jets, hellfire missiles and armored Humvees.

Tensions Between China, US Rising In South China Sea

Watch Video A conflict between the U.S. and China continues to escalate in the South China Sea, where the Asian superpower is reinforcing its claims to the sea against the wishes of the U.S.

In Australia, It's Aboriginal Communities Vs. The Government

Watch Video The Australian government wants to close dozens of aboriginal communities. "Always will, always will be aboriginal land.

NZ Government Stalls As Maui's Dolphin Nears Extinction

Watch Video The world's smallest known dolphin is in danger of going extinct. (Video via Green Party Of Aotearoa New Zealand) Maui's dolphin, a subspecies of Hector's dolphin, is on the brink of extinction, with fewer than 50 left in the wild — all found in New Zealand.  But the New Zealand government is reluctant to act, and has been, even though the dolphin's status has been well-documented for more than a decade, with the population decreasing by more than 90 percent since 1970.

Jason Rezaian Trial Starts Tuesday, But Public Can't Follow

Watch Video After spending ten months behind bars in Iran, Washington Post reporter Jason Rezaian will finally face espionage charges in a Tehran court Tuesday.

Vatican Bank Reports New Profit To Go With New Reforms

Watch Video The Vatican bank reported a strong 2014, showing signs of recovery after 2013 reforms cut its profit margin by 97 percent.

Why This Year's Geek Pride Day Is Way More Awesome

Watch Video This year's Geek Pride Day is a bit more special than others in recent history. That's because the newest "Star Wars" release is just months away!

How Chameleons Could Help Save Madagascar's Rainforest

Watch Video This little guy is a panther chameleon, native to the island of Madagascar. (Video via YouTube / Vadim Ledyaev) Since they were first classified in the 19th century, science has grouped all panther chameleons into one species until now.

Sydney Siege Gunman's 'Weird' And 'Secretive' History

Watch Video The late Man Haron Monis is more commonly known by the moniker  "Sydney siege gunman." "This pen is my gun, and these words are my bullets," Monis said.

Graves Near Thai Border Highlight Trafficking Problem

Watch Video Authorities in Malaysia have found 139 graves at more than 25 different abandoned camps.  They're suspected to be filled with the bodies of Muslim migrants caught up in the human trafficking trade along the Thai border.

Iraqi Army 'Will To Fight' Scrutinized After Fall Of Ramadi

Watch Video The current U.S. plan for defeating the terrorist group ISIS hinges around building up the Iraqi Army's fighting capability.

Why Qatar Concerns Won't Affect Upcoming FIFA Elections

Watch Video It seems like every week there's more bad press about Qatar as it prepares for the 2022 World Cup.

Critics Say North Korea Used DMZ Peace March As Propaganda

Watch Video Critics are questioning what really got accomplished at a peace march Sunday, where American activist Gloria Steinem and a group of female peace activists crossed the demilitarized zone at the border of North and South Korea.

Eurovision Just Can't Keep Politics Out Of Competition

Watch Video Eurovision, Europe's annual singing competition, likes to claim that it transcends politics and "builds bridges," but that's easier said than done.

Ireland's Gay Marriage Vote: 'No' Campaign Concedes

Watch Video The Republic of Ireland made history Saturday by becoming the first country to legalize same-sex marriage by popular vote.

A Lesson In Email Etiquette From The Bank Of England

Watch Video The Bank of England just taught us all an important lesson in email etiquette. When sending email, check to make sure you're sending it to the right person.

Will China Keep Its Promises To Latin America?

Watch Video China Pivots to Latin America It’s been about four months since Chinese President Xi Jinping announced a $250 billion investment in Latin America over the next 10 years.