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Clinton's Call For A Syria No-Fly Zone, Explained

Watch Video "We are already flying in Syria just as we are flying in Iraq," HIllary Clinton said at the Democratic debate.  Clinton's call for a no-fly zone in Syria puts her at odds not only with Bernie Sanders and Martin O'Malley, but with the Obama administration.  As the name suggests, a no-fly zone is designated airspace that’s off limits to an adversary’s air force.

Man Survives Australian Outback By Eating Ants

Watch Video Sixty-two-year-old Reginald Foggerdy has been found alive after spending six days lost in the Outback.

Minute Of Silence For Ankara Victims Interrupted By Crowd

Watch Video Turkey’s football team tried to hold a minute of silence for the victims of last week’s bombings in Ankara.  This is what happened instead… Some members of the crowd started to whistle.

Flogging Case Strains UK-Saudi Relations

Watch Video A British family is asking Prime Minister David Cameron to save their 74-year-old father from a public flogging in Saudi Arabia.  Karl Andree – who has already been in jail since August 2014 – is facing 350 lashes for the crime of possessing alcohol, specifically homemade wine.

Dutch Officials Say Russian Buk Missile Downed MH17

Watch Video Dutch officials have concluded a Russian-made Buk missile struck Malaysia Airlines Flight MH17 in July 2014, causing it to crash over eastern Ukraine.

Zimbabwe Drops Charges Against Man Who Killed Cecil The Lion

Watch Video Walter Palmer has officially escaped extradition. Months after the American dentist took down Cecil the lion in Zimbabwe, officials there have announced he's cleared of any charges.

The Alphabet Soup Of Turkish Politics

Watch Video We don't yet know who is behind the worst terrorist attack in Turkey's history. But the country's major factions are blaming one another.

The Paris Climate Talks Depend On These 10 Emitters

Watch Video The U.N. wants all countries to set goals for cutting greenhouse gas emissions before December's climate conference in Paris.

Scotland Yard Pulls 24/7 Police Watch Of Julian Assange

Watch Video Wikileaks founder Julian Assange will no longer have 24/7 police surveillance at Ecuador's Embassy near London.

Washington Post's Jason Rezaian Reportedly Convicted In Iran

Watch Video Washington Post reporter Jason Rezaian, who’s been detained in Iran for more than a 14 months, has been convicted of charges including espionage.

Are Humans Really Worse For Wildlife Than Radiation?

Watch Video Since the Chernobyl nuclear disaster almost 30 years ago, some scientists have argued that human habitation was actually worse for wildlife there than the ensuing radiation.

Iraqi Military Claims Airstrike Hit Top ISIS Leader

Watch Video The Iraqi military says its air force attacked a convoy carrying ISIS leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, although the military statement reported it's unclear if he's dead or alive.

Apple May Be Self-Censoring Its News App In China

Watch Video Apple is reportedly deactivating the built-in news collector in iOS 9 for users in China.

Elephants Still In Danger Even After 'Queen Of Ivory' Arrest

Watch Video Tanzania says it struck a major blow against illegal ivory trafficking earlier this week with the arrest of Chinese national Yang Feng Lan.

Do We Blame Poor Testing Or Automakers For High Emissions?

Watch Video A report by The Guardian says diesel vehicles from four automakers are emitting illegal levels of air pollutants, but some say the story doesn't put the blame in the right place.  The story says diesel vehicles sold by Mercedes-Benz, Honda, Mazda and Mitsubishi greatly exceed pollution levels when used in real-world conditions.

Explosions Kill Dozens At Peace Rally In Turkey

Watch Video Dozens are dead after explosions in Turkey's capital Saturday.  Multiple media outlets report two blasts occurred before a scheduled peace rally near a train station in Ankara.

Amid Growing Violence, Gaza Border Clashes Leave 6 Dead

Watch Video The recent surge in violence plaguing Israel came to a head Friday when clashes at the Gaza border left six Palestinians dead.

North Korea's About To Throw One Massive Parade

Watch Video Say what you want about North Korea … it knows how to throw a good parade.  On Saturday, the Hermit Kingdom will stage another massive one to celebrate 70 years of one-party rule under the Korean Workers' Party.   Here's a preview — based on satellite imagery of the run-up to the parade provided by the U.S.-Korea Institute.  In the 1990s, North Korea converted an air base in Pyongyang into this practice site for its parades — complete with a replica of Kim Il Sung Square, the site of the real parade.  Already in position a few days before this latest parade were some 700 trucks and 200 armored vehicles, and troops in formation — some on horseback.  These photos also show seven drones on mobile launchers.  And if previous parades are any indication, Saturday's spectacle will also feature ballistic missile launchers and other advanced weaponry.  Because this is a chance for North Korea to showcase its one-million-strong army.

The US Will No Longer Train Syrian Rebels

Watch Video The U.S. has ended its Syrian rebel training program. (Video via U.S. Department of Defense)  During a joint press conference with his British counterpart in London, U.S.

Nobel Peace Prize Goes To Tunisian National Dialogue Quartet

Watch Video The Nobel Peace Prize was awarded to the Tunisian National Dialogue Quartet Friday. (Video via Tunisia Television 1) The group is made up of four human rights, labor and law organizations.