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Uber's Ride-Hailing War In China Is Getting Ugly

Watch Video Two major ride-hailing companies in China are battling it out to win business, and it's getting ugly.

French Officials Confirm Debris On Island Belongs To MH370

Watch Video French officials have now confirmed the piece of debris that washed onto a remote French island in the Indian Ocean belonged to the missing flight MH370.  Investigators were able to match the part's serial number to other pieces used to make the plane.

Ram Mascot Deserves To Toot His Own Horn Over Promotion

Watch Video A ram that received a promotion in the British Army should feel anything but sheepish about his accomplishment.   This is Derby XXX, a Swaledale ram who is the mascot for the Mercian Regiment of the British Army.  The ram was promoted from private to lance corporal after the regiment's Formation Day parade Tuesday.

China Had A Massive Military Parade To Celebrate 70th V-Day

Watch Video China had a massive military parade to celebrate the 70th anniversary of Japan's surrender after World War II.

Guatemalan President Resigns Amid Corruption Scandal

Watch Video Guatemala's president, Otto Pérez Molina, resigned amid corruption allegations after a warrant for his arrest was issued by the country's attorney general.

Half Of Earth's Trees Are Gone And Humans Are To Blame

Watch Video In a first-of-its-kind tree census, researchers have quantified the global tree population.

How A Ban On Ritual Death Made It To India's Supreme Court

Watch Video For several weeks, India has seen protests and debates over a fasting practice that involves refusing food to the point of death — and the case could take years to resolve.

Spain Prepares For Another Catalan Independence Push

Watch Video The wealthiest region in Spain wants independence, and it may come soon if separatists win regional elections on Sept.

Law Students Challenge 200 UK 'Fit For Work' Rulings And Win

Watch Video Law students in the U.K. are successfully challenging rulings that declared people fit for work.

Obama Just Might Get His Iran Nuclear Deal, After All

Watch Video President Obama can breathe easy now. He has the votes he needs to push his landmark nuclear deal with Iran through Congress.

Thousands Of Icelanders Say They'd Offer Syrians Refuge

Watch Video The Icelandic government says it's considering taking in more Syrian refugees after thousands of Icelanders on Facebook offered up their homes.

Australian Travel Company Ruins (Semi) Beautiful Love Story

Watch Video Did you hear about the French tourist's desperate search for the Australian father of her unborn child?

How Twitter Makes #History Come Alive

Watch Video #TheKingIsDead!  Forget a "on this day in history" tweet. The Palace of Versailles' Twitter account has been live-tweeting all day for the 300-year anniversary of Louis XIV's death –– not only sharing the moment of his death in real time but also glimpses of what came before and after.

'Who's To Blame' Rape Poll Draws Online Outrage

Watch Video Viewer interaction is usually a positive thing for TV shows. But not in this case. (Video via ITV) The hosts of ITV's "Loose Women," an all-female talk show debating hot-button issues, asked viewers to respond to a poll on their website about whether a woman is ever at fault if she's raped.  A comment from rock star Chrissie Hynde prompted the poll.

Thai Police Arrest Main Bangkok Bombing Suspect

Watch Video Thailand's Junta Chief said Thai authorities have arrested the main suspect in connection with a bombing near a shrine in Bangkok in August.

Vice Says Terror Charges Against Reporters Is 'Silencing'

Watch Video Two British journalists who were arrested in Turkey have been charged with having links to terrorism, a move that was immediately condemned by human rights groups.

Nationalist Protests Turn Violent In Kiev

Watch Video Protests in Kiev against a new constitutional amendment backed by the Ukrainian Parliament have left one soldier dead and more than 100 people injured.

'Migrant' Or 'Refugee'? Why The Distinction Matters

Watch Video Europe is facing its biggest migrant crisis since World War II. Or is it a refugee crisis?

Thai Police Recover Bomb-Making Materials In Suspect Search

Watch Video Thai police now believe the bombing near the Erawan Shrine in Bangkok was intended to be just the start of several similar attacks.

Fears ISIS Would Destroy Palmyra Are Once Again Justified

Watch Video The ancient city of Palmyra has once again been attacked by the terrorist group ISIS. International monitors confirmed Sunday that at least part of the Temple of Bel was destroyed in an explosion.