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Breakdown: Why Is Deadly Ebola Outbreak Still Spreading?

Watch Video Spreading across West Africa, there are now four countries that have reported the presence of the Ebola virus: Guinea, Liberia, Nigeria and Sierra Leone.

How Central America Views The U.S. Immigration Debate

Watch Video When thousands of undocumented minors were detained while trying to cross into the U.S., one CNN correspondent asked a border patrol official: (Via Getty Images) "Would you describe it as a crisis?

Beer Sales Score Big In Germany During World Cup

Watch Video In some not-so-shocking news, the World Cup was great for beer sales, especially in the homeland of the winning team.

Depression Contributes To Dementia In Older Adults: Study

Watch Video Once again we're hearing there's a correlation between depression and dementia in older adults, but now we have more details about how they affect each other.   Last year, The British Journal of Psychiatry compared more than 20 different studies that researched the link but was unable to say which caused the other.  But Wednesday the journal Neurology released the findings of a study suggesting it's depression that contributes to dementia.

MH17: Forensic Scientists Finally Able To Reach Crash Site

Watch Video Two weeks after Malaysia Airlines Flight 17 was downed over Eastern Ukraine, more experts are finally being allowed at the wreckage site.

Argentina Defaults On Debt ... Again

Watch Video When Argentina defaulted on its debt, it was the largest country ever to do so— now it's done it again.

Netanyahu: Israel Will Destroy Tunnels, Cease-Fire Or Not

Watch Video Fighting words Thursday from Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. (Via Getty Images) ​BENJAMIN NETANYAHU, ISRAEL PRIME MINISTER: "Until now, we have destroyed dozens of terror tunnels, and we are determined to finish this mission with or without a cease-fire.

Why Facebook Just Gave Zambia Free Internet

Watch Video Facebook's initiative — one aimed at getting the world's population online — is underway and it's all starting with an Android app.

Peace Corps Pulls Workers From W. Africa Over Ebola Fears

Watch Video The Peace Corps announced Wednesday it is temporarily withdrawing more than 300 volunteers from three different West African countries as health care professionals battle the largest Ebola outbreak in history.

U.K. To Allow Driverless Cars On Public Roads

Watch Video Imagine reading the paper, doing a crossword puzzle or even taking a nap while your car drove you to work by itself.

Turkish Politician Mocked For 'Women Must Not Laugh' Remark

Watch Video Turkey's deputy prime minister recently offered up a description of the ideal, modest woman.

Dozens Trapped, 15 Feared Dead In West Indian Mudslide

Watch Video Landslides in western India Wednesday may have killed more than 15 people and trapped dozens more, according to media reports.  "The situation is grim.

Israeli Shells Hit U.N. School Full Of Refugees In Gaza

Watch Video ​Widespread condemnation followed the shelling of a United Nations school in Gaza filled with refugees.

Gardens Next To Louvre Overrun With Rats Instead of Tourists

Watch Video The Louvre is a must-see tourist attraction for those visiting Paris, but there's a very unwelcome visitor in the gardens outside of ​​it: rats.

China, Uighurs Trade Accusations For Deadly Attack

Watch Video Scores of people are said to have died in clashes between Chinese police and protesters. And no surprise here —  two very different accounts of who is to blame.  This, from state TV: “A police station in a government building has been attacked by a mob.

Are Images From Gaza Turning Public Opinion Against Israel?

Watch Video The current Israeli operation in Gaza is going into its fourth week, and Benjamin Netanyahu says it might not be ending anytime soon.

U.S. And Europe Go After Russia's Economy In New Sanctions

Watch Video Both the U.S. and European Union have agreed on a new round of sanctions against Russia — and this time they're hitting Russia's economic sectors instead of simply targeting individuals.

Ebola Outbreak Poses Little Threat To U.S.: CDC

Watch Video ​The latest Ebola outbreak is being called the worst yet, but the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention officials are saying there is little threat to the U.S.

Climate Change Could Cost Billions According To White House

Watch Video ​PRESIDENT BARACK OBAMA: "Climate change is no longer a distant threat. It has moved firmly into the present." (Via The White House) The White House has long warned against inaction on climate change.  But a report out Tuesday puts a whopping price tag on it: about $150 billion a year. It comes from the president's Council of Economic Advisers.  Basically, the council urged quick action — and also put a price on delay, saying for every decade action isn't taken to lower greenhouse gas emissions, the cost increases 40 percent.  Which earned the report lots of scary headlines but not much explanation within the coverage.

Malaysia Airlines Considers Rebranding, But Will It Survive?

Watch Video Turns out there is such a thing as bad publicity. (Via Getty Images) But combine one of the more mysterious plane disappearances in years in MH370 with another flight MH17 seemingly shot down in the middle of what some consider a war zone, and Malaysia Airlines doesn't have much choice in getting itself away from unwanted attention.