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Dozens killed, 120+ wounded in Tripoli as rival factions clash for Libyan capital (VIDEO)

At least 28 people have been killed and over 120 wounded in the Libyan capital of Tripoli, where rival factions vying for control in the fractured country clashed on Friday using tanks, armored vehicles and pickup trucks mounted with anti-aircraft guns.

“We won’t let hate win”: Popstar Ariana Grande vows to return to Manchester for benefit concert

Ariana Grande will stage a benefit concert for victims of the Manchester suicide bombing which killed 22 and left 64 people injured, telling her fans on social media that “we won’t let hate win.” Read Full Article at

Egypt launches airstrikes on militants in Libya after deadly attack on Christians

The Egyptian Air Force has targeted militant camps in Libya in retaliation for the deadly attack on a bus carrying Coptic Christians, which left at least 28 dead and 23 injured.

Catalans gather 178,000 signatures to save cow from slaughter due to lack of paperwork

The proposed EU regulated slaughter of an unregistered four-year-old cow named Margarita from Catalonia has prompted a petition to save her which has garnered over 178,000 signatures.

‘West exploits Africa’: Man breaks minute of silence in Berlin over migrant deaths

Germany’s Protestant Church's minute of silence in memory of thousands of migrants who perished trying to cross the Mediterranean to Europe has been interrupted by a man who shouted that people are forced to flee because the West “exploits Africa.” Read Full Article at

9 women arrested after gathering for 'burkini party' in Cannes

Nine women attempting to stage a 'burkini party' have been arrested in Cannes, days after a decree was issued banning public demonstrations during the city's film festival.

Swiss plane narrowly dodges drone collision

A passenger plane and a drone almost collided earlier this month above the city of Zurich, Switzerland, a newly released report shows.

China says it has tightened security at N. Korean border – top US diplomat

China told the US that it has tightened security at its border with North Korea, according to a top US diplomat.

Russia-NATO relations at worst point since Cold War – Moscow

Russia and NATO are facing the deepest crisis in relations since the Cold War, the Russian Foreign Ministry said.

Newest Russian helicopter takes to the sky for 1st time (VIDEO)

Footage of the prototype multi-purpose Ka-62 helicopter successfully passing its very first flight test was posted online by Russian Vice Prime Minister Dmitry Rogozin.

Iraqi official urges Washington to compensate for US-led airstrike that killed over 100 civilians

An Iraqi official has said that compensation should be paid for a US-led coalition airstrike, after a Pentagon investigation determined that more than 100 civilians were killed in the March attack.

Measles outbreak: German kindergartens ordered to report parents who refuse vaccination advice

German kindergartens must notify health authorities about parents who fail to prove they have been counselled on child vaccination, the Health Ministry says, ahead of a law set to be passed next week.

Estonia expels 2 Russian diplomats, reasons unclear

Two senior Russian diplomats have been ordered to leave Estonia, the Russian embassy and Estonian Foreign Ministry have confirmed to RT, adding that they cannot give any further comment.

Pentagon lacks ‘visibility & accountability’ over arms transfers to Iraq, Kuwait – govt watchdog

America’s Government Accountability Office (GAO) has said that the Defense Department has “limited visibility and accountability” over arms and equipment sent to Iraqi and Kuwaiti forces, fueling concerns over where US weapons ultimately end up.

‘Un-Islamic’ Lady Justice statue dismantled in Bangladesh

An Ancient Greek-style statue of Lady Justice has been removed in the Bangladeshi capital, Dhaka, after long-running demands from an Islamist group.

At least 35 civilians killed in US-led coalition airstrikes in Syria – state media

At least 35 civilians were killed by US-led airstrikes in Syria on Thursday evening, according to state media.

Recreational cocaine users get addicted much earlier than they think – study

Folks who snort lines of cocaine “only recreationally,” to socialize and have fun with friends, are actually much closer to becoming hooked than they think, say researchers, who found that just watching someone using cocaine can bring on cravings.

Gunmen kill 23 Coptic Christians in latest Egypt attack

Gunmen opened fire on a bus carrying Coptic Christians in Minya, Egypt on Friday, killing at least 23 and injuring 25.

‘Foreign jihadists’ among militants terrorizing Philippines

The Maute group confronting the Philippine army in Marawi City is no longer considered a local terrorist organization as it has been reinforced by jihadists of Malaysian, Indonesian and “other nationalities,” the country’s authorities have announced.