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'We need to milk spiders': Zoo asks public to capture deadly arachnids (VIDEO)

An Australian zoo is asking “responsible adults" to capture deadly spiders – particularly the highly-venomous funnel web variety – so as to harvest their milk.

Trump’s notion that nations should be free to pursue own interests is ‘great gift’ – Hungarian PM

In his inauguration speech, President Donald Trump said he will herald in an era when the US no longer imposes its policies on other countries.

‘Act normal, or leave the country’: Dutch PM ups the ante ahead of general election

Prime Minister of the Netherlands Mark Rutte has taken out full-page ads in several newspapers urging those who are unhappy with the Dutch way of life to leave.

Swedish politician resigns after suggesting someone should ‘shoot’ Trump

A municipal council member of a Swedish town called Kalmar has resigned due to a Facebook post he made asking if someone could “shoot” America’s new president, Donald Trump.

Overweight people still fit for military service in Switzerland – MPs

Extra weight should not be an obstacle to military service, Swiss parliamentarians say, reasoning that an overweight soldier does not need a weapon for cyber defense.

International researchers develop ‘vaccine’ against ‘fake news’

Scientists at Cambridge, Yale and George Mason are seriously considering a “vaccine” against fake news, and believe they’ve found a solution – one that’s not too different from immunization against an ordinary viral pathogen.

Major fire breaks out at Mumbai train station, passengers stranded - reports (PHOTOS, VIDEO))

Two people have suffered burns and hundreds of passengers have been stranded by a major fire between two train stations in Mumbai, India, according to local reports.

Lion severely mauls 2 caretakers at media facility in Japan

Two people have been attacked and seriously injured by a lion at a media facility in Japan after they entered the cage to clean up, local media reported.

Farmers spray ton of milk powder over EU Council building in Brussels (PHOTOS, VIDEOS)

Farmers have sprayed a ton of powdered milk at the build of the European Union Council in Brussels in protest against EU policy towards the milk industry, local media report.

Sanctions won’t break Russia, we need partnership – French presidential hopeful Fillon

Europe must be less dependent on the US in economic and defense areas, and needs stronger ties with Russia, a “vast” country essential for the future of the continent, says Francois Fillon, the French Republicans’ presidential hopeful.

US counter-intelligence probed Trump security adviser Flynn over alleged ties with Russia – WSJ

US counterintelligence has investigated one of Donald Trump’s security advisers, Michael Flynn, for having alleged ties with Russian officials, the WSJ reports, noting that the probe concerns phone conversations Flynn had at the end of December.

Russian long-range bombers hit ISIS targets near Deir ez-Zor, Syria

Six long-range bombers have flown all the way from Russia to the Syrian governorate of Deir ez-Zor to attack Islamic State targets, the Russian Defense Ministry reported.

Dan Brown & Paulo Coelho books seized by Libyan army

A truck carrying books by authors including Dan Brown and Paulo Coelho have been seized by authorities in eastern Libya.

‘Why you got a mask? Terrorist!’ Woman charged after lashing out at Muslim in niqab (VIDEO)

A married Muslim couple was forced to seek refuge inside their car when they were apparently attacked outside Macquarie University in Sydney, Australia because of a full-face veil worn by the wife.

Syria peace talks brokered by Russia, Turkey & Iran about to start in Astana

Negotiations between the Syrian government and opposition groups are due to start in Kazakh capital Astana, as part of a Russian led initiative which also includes Turkey and Iran.

Ex-French PM Valls and his social rival to face off in final round of presidential primaries

Former Education Minister Benoit Hamon has won the first round of the French Socialist Party primary.

Battle wounded Syrian soldiers show stunning resilience to put lives back together (DOCUMENTARY)

Syrian soldiers wounded on the frontlines of the bloody conflict in their country have shared with RT how they’re dealing with the wounds of war while reconstructing shattered lives.

Iran to resume enhanced nuclear program if Trump dishonors P5+1 agreement

Iran is prepared to resume its nuclear program, and at a technologically "higher position," if the new US Trump administration does not honor the nuclear agreement signed in July 2015.

Most wanted French jihadist charged with terrorist offences in France

One of the UN’s most wanted jihadists has been charged with terrorist offences in France after being transferred from Turkey where he had turned himself in.

US in ‘early stages’ of discussing embassy relocation to Jerusalem

The US is only now beginning to discuss the issue of relocating its embassy in Israel from Tel-Aviv to Jerusalem in line with the pledge of new US President Donald Trump, the White House spokesman has said.