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Prominent Russian film director Eldar Ryazanov dies aged 88

An iconic figure in Russian cinema, movie director Eldar Ryazanov, loved by millions for his timeless classics, has died in Moscow age 88, his family has revealed.

‘Oxygen for jihadists’: ISIS-smuggled oil flows through Turkey to intl markets – Iraqi MP

Terroist group Islamic State earns millions of dollars selling oil on the black market in Turkey, Iraqi MP and former national security adviser, Mowaffak al Rubaie told RT.

Labeling row fallout: Israel suspends contacts with EU in Palestinian peace process

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has ordered the Foreign Ministry to suspend contacts with the EU over the Israel-Palestinian peace process because of the bloc’s decision to label goods produced in Israeli settlements in the West Bank.

Turkey to help EU stem migrant crisis for €3bn and membership talks – draft

Turkey is set to sign an agreement with the EU at a summit in Brussels in which the country will help stem the flow of migrants to Europe in return for €3 billion ($3.18bn) of support and the reestablishing of talks on EU accession, leaked draft conclusions of the summit say.

Heavy smog in Beijing triggers ‘orange alert’, highest danger level this year

Beijing has issued an orange alert and has urged residents to stay indoors because of heavy smog which has covered the capital.

Global Climate March: Thousands rally in Australia, Germany, Spain, UK against climate change

Protesters are marching across the world to pressure their governments into taking steps to fight climate change.

Close probe into past nuclear activities, or deal can’t go ahead – Iran

Iran has called on the IAEA and world leaders to close the investigation of the so-called “Possible Military Dimensions” of its nuclear program - the PMD file.

Straight from the dumpster? Kiev’s new ‘in-city fight’ tank trolled on Twitter

Ukraine has unveiled a new tank, which it hopes will help turn the tide against rebel forces in the east of the country.

‘No need knee-jerk reaction’: Israel reveals Russian warplane ‘crossed’ into its airspace from Syria

A Russian warplane recently entered Israeli-controlled airspace from Syria, Israeli Defense Minister Moshe Yaalon told local media.

3 ISIS-linked militants eliminated in Russia’s Dagestan

Three armed militants who recently swore allegiance to Islamic State have been neutralized in Dagestan, North Caucasus, according to Russia’s anti-terror committee.

Tear gas, scuffles at banned Global march for climate in Paris (VIDEO)

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Greek sex workers’ rates fall to record low – study

Greece’s debt crisis has affected each and every area of the country’s economic activity, including the sex industry, resulting in young Greek women selling their services for the lowest price in Europe.

Italy to monitor PlayStation chat, engage more translators to intercept potential terror threats

Italy will monitor communication among users of the ‘chat’ feature on PlayStation. Terrorism investigations believe the popular Sony game console could be used by jihadists plotting new attacks, the justice minister told a local newspaper.

Germany needs 1,200 troops for Syrian anti-ISIS campaign – Chief of Staff

Germany’s Chief of Staff has revealed that at least 1,200 military personnel will be required in order to support and effectively use the air force and vessels that Berlin wants to deploy into battle with ISIS in Syria as part of the US-led coalition.

Tutankhamun tomb scans point to hidden chamber, maybe Queen Nefertiti's mummy

The name Nefertiti means, "the beautiful one has come" in Egyptian. This may actually prove prophetic.

Sex abuse against horses on the rise in Switzerland

Switzerland is seeing a worrying increase in the number of sex attacks carried out against animals and in particular horses.

Brazilian Santa wanted after stealing helicopter in Sao Paulo

Brazilian police are on the lookout for a man dressed as Santa Claus from Sao Paulo. The individual is wanted in connection with hijacking a helicopter and then proceeding to hold the pilot hostage.

Russian Su-24 pilot's body in Turkey, about to be sent home - Turkish PM

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Turkey stopped violating Greek airspace after Russian Su-24 downing - Athens source

Turkish warplanes abruptly ceased violating Greek airspace after downing a Russian Sukhoi Su-24 bomber on November 24.

Scientists turn gold into foam as light as air & malleable by hand

Guess the riddle: what is almost as light as air and as precious as gold? Well, actually, it is gold, Swiss scientists say.