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6th mass extinction event could happen by 2100 – study finds

Over the past 540 million years Earth has suffered five mass extinction events, the worst of which wiped out more than 9 per cent of marine life on the planet.

Alien-hunters crowdsource for all-seeing telescope to probe Proxima b

An international team of professors, astrophysicists, engineers, entrepreneurs, and scientists are attempting to crowdfund a revolutionary telescope to examine the surface of distant exoplanets in nearby solar systems.

Deadly blaze engulfs 10-story hotel in southern Russia (PHOTOS, VIDEOS)

A huge blaze has engulfed a 10-storey hotel in the city of Rostov-on-Don in southern Russia, killing at least two.

Why & how Norwegian F16 jet almost killed 3 officers during military drill

The Norwegian Air Force has released a report explaining an incident involving one of the country’s F-16 fighters.

‘No trace of Russians’: US far-right aiming to influence German election, analysts say

Despite Germany's unfounded fears that Moscow could meddle in its upcoming election, analysts say they “haven't seen any trace of the Russians.” Instead, they say there is evidence that America's far-right is trying to sway voters.

Iraq launches offensive to retake ISIS stronghold Hawija near Kirkuk

Iraq has launched an offensive against Islamic State (IS, formerly ISIS/ISIL) in Hawija, Kirkuk province, according to the country's prime minister.

Violent brawl caught on camera as rival gangs exchange fire at Istanbul courthouse

A brawl between two rival gangs at a courthouse in Istanbul has been caught on camera, showing violence and chaos inside the building.

Gun battle outside Istanbul courthouse, injuries reported – local media

Members of two rival groups have opened fire in front of a courthouse in Istanbul, local media report, citing police.

‘I’ll kill you’: Duterte vows to have son murdered if drug-trafficking allegation true

Philippines President Rodrigo Duterte says he will not hesitate to have his own son murdered if allegations of his involvement in a $125-million drug shipment prove to be true.

‘Europe should not be an appendix of international politics’ – German FM

Europe should establish itself as an independent player in the international arena, rather than tagging along with the US or any other country, Germany’s Foreign Minister Sigmar Gabriel told RT, as he advocated “a new détente” with Moscow.

Trump’s threat akin to ‘sound of a dog barking’ – N. Korea

US President Donald Trump’s fiery threat to “totally destroy” North Korea amounted to “the sound of a dog barking,” Pyongyang said, adding that Trump’s warnings are just a nonsensical “dog dream.” Read Full Article at

Russia test fires 2nd Yars ICBM in 10 days (VIDEO)

The Russian Strategic Missile Force has tested the modern Yars intercontinental ballistic missile. The previous test of the ICBM was conducted last week.

US-backed forces approaching Deir ez-Zor from north ‘work to ISIS objectives’ – Russian MoD

US backed Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) approaching the Deir ez-Zor region from the north work to the same objective as Islamic State terrorists, the Russian Defence Ministry said.

Only 3% of 2.2mn migrants who entered Europe since 2015 sent home – Pew Research

More than half of the immigrants who arrived in the EU, Norway and Switzerland in 2015 and 2016 still have no legal asylum status, and only 3 percent of the 2.2 million newcomers were returned to their homeland.

'Islam in Europe' exhibition opens in Brussels after delay caused by terror attacks

A controversial exhibition revealing the influence of Islam in Europe over the course of history has opened in Brussels after a delay caused by the Islamist terror attacks that took 32 lives in the Belgian capital last year.

Kitten rescue: Girl ventures onto busy St. Petersburg highway to save stray feline (VIDEO)

A student from a Saint Petersburg college risked her live to save a terrified kitten wandering on a busy highway.

‘Narrow grounds’: US wants to cooperate with Russia on Afghanistan – Moscow

Washington says it want to cooperate with Moscow on Afghanistan, but US sanctions policy narrows down the areas of possible cooperation, unless those are lifted, Russia’s special representative for Afghanistan said after meeting with his US counterpart.

No renegotiating Iran nuclear deal, all parties fully compliant – EU foreign policy chief

All parties to Iran’s nuclear agreement remain in full compliance with the deal, EU foreign policy chief Federica Mogherini said after the Wednesday P5+1 powers’ meeting.

All CCTV cameras vulnerable to infrared attacks – study

All security cameras are vulnerable to attack by infrared light, a transmission invisible to the human eye, which could infiltrate sensitive data like PIN codes and passwords, a new study has shown.

Man kills baby girl, then wanders streets with big, bloodied knife (VIDEO)

A man armed with a huge knife was filmed in southern Russia in a tense standoff with cops. Media said he had been wandering the streets after killing the baby daughter of his niece and injuring the mother.