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​200 Neo-Nazis celebrate Hitler’s birthday in French village

A celebration of Adolf Hitler’s birthday by 200 neo-Nazis in a French village has sparked outrage in the country, with the main opposition party demanding an explanation from the Prime Minister on why the party was allowed and police did not interfere.

France to send fighter planes for NATO Baltics patrols

France is sending four fighter jets to help NATO’s air patrols over the Baltics, General Pierre de Villiers, France’s chief of defense staff said on a visit to Washington.

UK police ask Muslim mothers to report on their kids going to Syria

Police in Britain launched a campaign Thursday urging Muslim mothers to talk to the authorities if they think their children may be about to go and fight in Syria in an attempt to make clear that if they go to Syria they “may end up dead”.

Uruguay to limit cannabis purchases to 10 grams a week

In an attempt to thwart illegal resales, Uruguay is limiting licensed buyers of marijuana to 10 grams a week, as the South American country attempts to write its rules for its legal market in the drug, now two weeks overdue.

US State Dept and NYT ‘photo evidence’ case collapses

Pictures presented by Washington and Kiev as evidence of Russia's involvement in Ukraine, and published on Monday by the New York Times, were unverified and in fact contradicted the claims they were to support.

Producer of Russian TV show vanishes in Ukraine as ‘saboteurs posing as journalists’ detained

A producer for a popular program on Russia’s NTV channel has disappeared in eastern Ukraine where he came to film a report unrelated to the country’s political situation.

Choking crisis: China imposes stricter penalties against polluters

Chinese authorities have introduced amendments to the country’s Environmental Protection Law imposing tougher penalties on polluters, legislation that comes amid a growing environmental crisis that is choking the country.

‘Feed your army, motherf***ers!’ Raging locals ‘hijack’ RT report as Ukraine troops raid Slavyansk

Eastern Ukrainians enraged by the Kiev military operation have used an RT video report to tell first-hand details of a Ukrainian army attack in Slavyansk.

More than pirates ‘n’ pasties: Cornish get same minority rights as Scots

The UK government will announce Thursday that the Cornish, one of the ancient peoples of the British isles who trace their roots back to prehistoric times, will be formally recognized – along with the Scots, Welsh and Irish – as a national minority.

Israel suspends peace talks in response to Palestinian unity deal

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Up for shale: Fracking lobby claims UK gas could draw $55bn in investment

The exploitation of the UK’s shale gas reserves could create thousands of jobs and draw over $55 billion in investment, a report says.

US troops arrive in Poland for drills amid rising tensions over Ukraine

The first wave of US troops has arrived in Poland to begin military drills “promoting peace and stability” across Eastern Europe.

Putin: Kiev authorities are junta if they use force against civilians

Vladimir Putin considers a military operation undertaken by authorities in Kiev against anti-government protesters in eastern Ukraine a crime, according to statement the president made at All-Russia People's Front media forum.

Chinese court releases Japanese ship for $28 mln

Chinese authorities have released a seized Japanese ship after the Japanese shipping giant paid $28 million to China in an incident that increases growing tensions between two Asian countries.

Fighting as Ukrainian armored vehicles enter defiant Slavyansk

Fighting has reportedly erupted just outside Slavyansk. Shootout has started between members of the Slavyansk self-defense and unknown gunmen, anti-government activists say.

US inciting civil war in Venezuela to get its oil – Bolivia’s Morales

Washington is pushing Venezuela towards a “civil war” because it wants access to the country’s rich oil reserves, Bolivian President Evo Morales has warned.

Gunmen attack self-defense forces in eastern Ukraine

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Ukraine’s far-right leader moves HQ to the East, forms new squadron

Ukrainian radical neo-fascist Right Sector group has moved its main headquarters from Kiev to Dnepropetrovsk to “closely monitor” the developments in the east, its leader said, announcing the formation of yet another paramilitary squadron in Ukraine.

Ukraine coal miners on strike, refuse to pay Kiev coup damages bill

​Over 2,000 coal miners in Lugansk region have been on strike for the second day running, demanding higher wages and refusing to accept a pay cut to fund the restoration of Kiev, which suffered damage during the coup that overthrew the government.