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Fireball turns sky green over Argentina (VIDEO, PHOTOS)

A massive fireball soared through the sky over Argentina, triggering a wave of social media posts. The mesmerizing show, which lasted just a few seconds, colored the sky green.

Palestinian baby burned to death in suspected Jewish ‘price tag’ attack

A suspected “price tag” arson attack by Jewish extremists killed an 18-month-old Palestinian child in a house in the occupied West Bank and injured several other people, according to Israeli police.

‘Media freedom is an utmost value’: Watchdog allows German TV to continue airing RT show

A German media watchdog has no objections to a local channel airing a show from RT Deutsch, as it said an investigation it had conducted into the channel concluded that the program did not violate the law.

Mistral talks between France and Russia are over – top Russian official

Talks between Russia and France concerning the future of the Mistral contract have ended. The contract will be terminated in the near future, a top Russian official has stated.

NASA crash tests plane to improve emergency beacon that failed on MH-370 (VIDEO)

US engineers dropped a Cessna 172 airplane from a tall crane to test its emergency beacons, which are meant to activate within 50 seconds of a crash, but frequently fail.

Toyota unveils R2-D2-like robot which can help look after the sick & elderly

Toyota has unveiled a new support droid that is moving like the iconic R2-D2 in the Star Wars movies.

Otherworldly lights: Aurora million times brighter than on Earth found outside Solar System

An aurora has been spotted for the first time outside our solar system, about 18 light years away on a brown dwarf.

Four people stabbed at Jerusalem gay pride parade – reports

At least four people have been stabbed at an LGBT pride parade in Jerusalem, local media reported, citing Israeli police.

‘Unusual red streaks’ spotted on Saturn’s Tethys (PHOTOS)

The international Cassini spacecraft has gotten some awesome footage of Tethys – one of the mysterious ice moons of Saturn.

Afghan Taliban reportedly elects new supreme leader

The supreme council of the Afghan Taliban reportedly elected Akhtar Mohammad Mansour as its new leader.

French leopard comes to Sochi to boost gene pool (VIDEO)

The male leopard, called Simbad, arrived into the city’s sanctuary from the Parc des Felins zoological park on Wednesday to participate in breeding and reintroduction program for Persian Leopard in Russia.

‘Disproportionate & indiscriminate attacks’: Amnesty accuses Israel of Gaza war crimes

Israeli forces committed “disproportionate” and “indiscriminate” attacks that killed “scores of civilians” in the city of Rafah, Gaza, Amnesty International said in a report which was immediately slammed as “fundamentally flawed” by Israel.

Fukushima operator sued over suicide of 102-yo by hanging during evacuation

The family of a 102-year-old resident of a village near the crippled Fukushima power plant, who committed suicide due to depression over leaving his home, has sued TEPCO, saying the operator should “know the pains that we as his family have to suffer.” Read Full Article at

Israel moves to legalize Gitmo-style force-feeding of hunger strikers

The Israeli parliament has passed a bill that allows the force-feeding of Palestinian prisoners who resort to hunger strikes to protest their administrative detention without charge.

Move over Dr. Evil! Japan fires world’s most-powerful laser beam

Scientists at the Osaka University have shot the world’s most powerful laser beam, they claim. The pulse measured 2 petawatts delivered over 1 picosecond.

Israel approves building of 300 new ‘illegitimate’ West Bank homes amid demolition protests

The US has lashed out at Israel’s decision to allow “illegitimate” new settlements in the occupied West Bank.

MH370 debris? Malaysia sends experts after wreckage found near Madagascar

A two-meter long piece of debris washed up on La Reunion Island off the southeastern African coast, fueling speculation that it could be a part of missing Malaysia Airlines flight MH370, which vanished after taking off from Kuala Lumpur in March 2014.

Internet sensation mama koala and cub released into the wild (VIDEO)

Workers from the Australia Zoo Wildlife Hospital released a mother koala and her male cub back into the wild.

Russia vetoes MH17 tribunal draft at UN Security Council

Russia has vetoed a draft of a UN Security Council resolution calling for an international tribunal on the crash of the Malaysian Airlines MH17 flight over Eastern Ukraine last July and classifying the plane’s downing as a threat to peace and security.

Out of the abyssal depths: Divers find mysterious giant blob near Turkish coast (VIDEO)

An enigmatic and gigantic translucent sphere floating near the Turkey’s coast recently found by a group of divers, baffling the experts around the world.