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6.4 earthquake strikes off coast of Chile

A magnitude 6.4 earthquake has struck off the northern part of the Chilean coast, according to the national seismological center.

21 killed in Boko Haram suicide attack on Shia procession in Nigeria

At least 21 people were killed in a Boko Haram suicide bomb attack on a Shia Muslim procession in the northern Nigerian state of Kano.

‘That terrorist is not your Prince Charming!’: Cosmo warns Russian women against ISIS temptation

Russia’s edition of women’s lifestyle magazine Cosmopolitan has published a handy guide for avoiding recruitment by Islamic State agents, following the high-profile case of a young Russian woman who ran away to join the jihad in Syria and Iraq.

Hollande wrong to follow Obama in dividing terrorists into ‘good’ and ‘bad’– French MP

The Western trend of splitting terrorists into good and bad ones is now the main threat for Syria, Nicolas Dhuicq of the French legislative defense commission told RT, expressing regret that the same approach is used by the leader of his country, Francois Hollande.

Chinese optical illusion car crash leaves viewers baffled (VIDEO)

Viewers have been left confused by a video from China showing a car crash where two minibuses are left standing on just two wheels in what appears to be a synchronized special effects stunt - except it's for real.

Israeli Air Force says direct line to Moscow prevents possible air incidents

Russia is a key player in fighting terrorism in Syria, and therefore cannot be ingnored, says a chief officer of Israeli Air Force.

Freeze frames: Russia’s Far East hit by icy tempest (PHOTOS)

Russia’s Far Eastern port city of Vladivostok has been hit hard by gusts of freezing wind reaching speeds of 25 meters per second causing sea water to freeze over anything the giant waves touched.

Munich Jews battle in court over Holocaust remembrance

Two Jewish groups in Munich are at odds over how to remember the Holocaust. The situation has escalated, and now one of the groups is suing the city.

Syrian Turkmen commander who 'killed' Russian pilot turns out to be Turkish ultranationalist

A Syrian rebel commander who boasted of killing a Russian pilot after Turkey downed Russian jet on Tuesday appeared to be Turkish ultranationalist and a son of former mayor in one of Turkish provinces.

Turkish F-16 attacked Russian Su-24 without warning, both were above Syria – commander

A Turkish fighter jet launched a missile at a Russian bomber on Tuesday well ahead of the Su-24 approaching the Turkish border, the chief of Russia’s Air Force said.

Russia to suspend visa-free travel with Turkey after Su-24 downing

Russia is suspending its visa-free regime with Turkey from January 1, 2016, Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov said.

847 shotguns seized in Italy en route from Turkey to Belgium

A large cargo of shotguns without transportation permits has been seized by the Italian police at the Port of Trieste.

'Most complex malware ever': Security experts smash system that stole cash from millions

Security experts have exposed a cash register malware of previously unseen complexity and secretiveness.

Great Greece rope swing above one of world’s iconic beaches (VIDEO)

Daredevils from the Devin Super Tramp rotating team have dropped in on Greece’s famed Navagio Beach, known among tourists and adrenaline addicts for its white sandy beach with a picturesque shipwreck surrounded by high cliffs suitable for base jumping.

China to set up 1st overseas naval base in Djibouti next to US airbase

Beijing plans to set up a naval facility in Djibouti, East Africa, to boost counter-piracy and peacekeeping efforts, officials say.

May the schwartz be with you: New Bavarian police ‘force’ gear draws smiles

Bavaria police have received some brand new protective gear that officers will don while managing high-threat security crisis.

Bomb dealers' gang busted in Moscow, cache includes TNT, grenades & air bomb

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Black Friday Saudi-style: Riyadh to behead more than 50 people

Saudi Arabia is planning to execute more than 50 people, found guilty of terrorism, in a single day. The move was immediately slammed by Amnesty International, which said the Saudis are “using the guise of counter-terrorism to settle political scores.” Read Full Article at

Molenbeek mayor had ‘detailed list of Paris terrorists’ 1 month prior to attacks

As the aftermath of the Paris tragedy unfolds, it has come to light that Belgian authorities were given a detailed list of suspected terrorists – including the mastermind of the attacks – a month before the atrocity took place.

Paris attackers’ gun dealer arrested in Germany – report

German authorities have reportedly arrested an arms dealer who supplied the perpetrators of the Paris terror spree with automatic weapons, which the assailants had purchased online.