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UN: Millions could die from future pandemic unless WHO urgently reforms

A future global epidemic could result in millions of deaths according to a new UN report, which would be far worse than the recent Ebola outbreak in Africa.

Hong Kong police clash with illegal street vendors (VIDEO)

An attempt to move on illegal street vendors in a working-class area of Hong Kong ended up in heavy clashes with riot police.

2 passenger trains in head-on collision in Bavaria, Germany, casualties reported

Two passenger trains collided head-on near the town of Bad Aibling in Bavaria, Germany. One train reportedly derailed as a result of the collision.

Antique condom roadshow: Collector brings 86yo prophylactic to TV show

A figure of $120 was not exactly the price a prospective seller had in mind when he brought an 80-year-old box of birth control to a Swedish version of “Antiques Roadshow.” Read Full Article at

North Korean satellite ‘tumbling in orbit’ – reports

North Korea’s controversial satellite is “tumbling in orbit,” CBS News reports, citing US officials. Meanwhile, South Korea confirmed that the satellite has been successfully launched into orbit, but could not verify if it is functioning.

Trip to Israel and ‘vampire breast lift’ included in Oscar ‘goody bag’

A ten-day first class trip to Israel and a blood-sucking breast lift are among the gifts Oscar nominees will receive in this year’s “goody bag.” The bizarre gifts make up the most expensive bag yet, valued at $200,000.

Somalia plane bomber planned to down Turkish flight with his ‘laptop bomb’ – reports

A suspected suicide bomber on a Daallo Airlines’ flight was originally meant to be aboard a Turkish Airlines plane, Reuters cited Daallo’s CEO Mohamed Yassin as saying.

Social network for dead people launched in Italy by Amanda Knox’s ex-boyfriend

A new social network for deceased loved ones funded by an Italian regional government has been presented in the city of San Remo.

Moscow journalist union slams Berlin criminal case against Russian TV correspondent

The Moscow Union of Journalists has slammed a decision by Berlin’s prosecutor to open a criminal case against a Russian TV correspondent for Channel 1, claiming his report on the alleged rape of a minor in Germany had been produced to incite hatred.

Man shot dead in suspected revenge attack in Dublin

A man has been shot dead in a suspected revenge attack in Dublin, following a separate fatal shooting last Friday.

Hundreds of taxis block central Prague in anti-Uber protest (VIDEO)

Hundreds of taxis blocked parts of a major road in downtown Prague near the Central Station during Monday morning’s rush hour in protest of Uber and similar car-hailing apps, which they deem illegal.

Too cute to handle: Kitten and piglet BFFs

A video depicting the friendship between a kitten and a piglet is almost too cute to bear. Read Full Article at

Canada to quit coalition’s anti-ISIS airstrikes by Feb 22, triple special forces on the ground

Ottawa will not participate in airstrikes carried out by the US-led coalition against Islamic State (IS, formerly ISIS/ISIL) in Syria and Iraq from February 22, Canada’s Prime Minister, Justin Trudeau, announced on Monday.

Hurts to watch: 70 carnival-goers injured in Italy’s annual ‘Battle of the Oranges’ (PHOTOS, VIDEOS)

Nearly 70 of the thousands of revelers who came to a small town in northern Italy for a traditional fruit battle incurred citrus-induced concussions.

Striking new visualization of Europe's refugee crisis

A new online map depicting the recent flow of refugees into Europe using United Nations (UN) data visualizes the full extent of the crisis.

Heroic refugee saves drowning man celebrating German Carnival

Don’t expect this story to be shared on the anti-migrant hate sites popping up around Europe, but people who aren’t xenophobic are celebrating one refugee’s Sunday heroics in Germany.

ISIS declares rallies of France’s National Front are ‘prime targets’

For the first time, the Islamic State (IS, former ISIS, ISIL) has targeted France’s right-wing National Front (FN) party and its supporters in a statement on the pages of its French-language propaganda magazine.

Asylum defense: Anti-refugee Nazi tank causes outrage in Bavarian carnival

German carnival organizers have come under fire after a model of a Nazi tank inscribed with the words “asylum defense” was paraded at a Bavarian festival.

'Far-left' activists smash luxury cars in Berlin police protest

Dozens of activists claiming to be from Social Democratic People’s Bicycle Commando Germany trashed or torched nearly 50 luxury cars and storefronts in Berlin this weekend in response to growing gentrification and living costs.

Fat but healthy: Research shows bears’ gut bacteria help them avoid obesity related problems

If you’ve ever dreamed of eating as much as you want with no consequences, you might envy the brown bear.