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​Healthy caffeine: Study proves coffee can ward off breast cancer

Coffee can be considered a healthy drink, as it can protect you from cancer, the latest Swedish study has found.

​Pakistani woman burned alive for leaving home without permission

A Pakistani woman was burnt alive by her husband and his father because she left home without permission – the latest example of the country’s brutal “honor killings.” Read Full Article at

Anti-NATO parties grab top spots in Finland general election

The Prime Minister of Finland has acknowledged the victory of the opposition Centre Party in Sunday’s general election.

​No justice served for Afghan women – UN

Afghanistan’s justice system is failing woman as they are often discouraged from pursuing criminal prosecution against perpetrators of violence and most cases are resolved through mediation rather than legal pursuit, said the United Nations.

Poland demands apology after FBI chief accuses it of Holocaust role

Poland has summoned the US ambassador to apologize for remarks in a Washington Post article, in which FBI chief James Comey alleged that Warsaw was complicit with the Nazis in the Holocaust, according to remarks made on Sunday.

Precious waste: 300 tons of gold end up in landfills in 2014

A dangerous amount of toxic waste, 1,000 tons of silver and 300 tons of gold were dumped across the world in 2014 due to inadequate recycling - says a recent United Nations University study.

Khamenei accuses US of creating Iran nuclear weapons ‘myth’

Iran's supreme leader says the United States has created the “myth” of nuclear weapons to paint Tehran as a “source of threat.” The tough rhetoric comes days before nuclear talks are set to resume in Vienna.

ISIS releases video showing execution of 30 Christians in Libya

A new video released by the so-called Islamic State's affiliates in Libya purports to show the killing of two groups of Ethiopian Christians.

Publisher rejects ‘immoral’ claim of royalities by Goebbels estate

The family of Joseph Goebbels is suing Random House for royalties from a new biography, which draws extensively on the diaries written by Hitler’s minister of propaganda.

‘We're not interested in a fair fight’ – US army commander urges NATO to confront Russia

US army commander in Europe says Russia is a “real threat” urging NATO to stay united. The alliance is not interested in a “fair fight with anyone” and wants to have “overmatch in all systems,” Lieutenant-General Frederick "Ben" Hodges believes.

Human hibernation possible? Scientists eye new space exploration tech

Researchers are looking to apply hibernation-like techniques already used in medicine for space travel.

UN probe reportedly finds corruption in Afghan police oversight division

A UN sponsored report has stated that Afghanistan government officials in charge of oversight of local police covered up complaints of corruption against law enforcement and has urged their dismissal, according to a copy of the paper seen by Reuters.

Hundreds feared dead as migrants’ boat capsizes off Libya

A rescue operation is under way after a boat carrying an estimated 700 migrants capsized at midnight in Libyan waters, 120 miles south of Lampedusa, the Times of Malta reports.

North Pole-2015: Russia launches drifting Arctic station

Russia has inaugurated the North Pole-2015, a new scientific drifting station designed to maintain the presence of Russian researchers in the Arctic Ocean for months.

France invests €100mn in battle against anti-Semitism & Islamophobia

France is allocating €100 million to battle racism, anti-Semitism and Muslim hate in the wake of recent hatred-driven violent attacks in the country, but it will take at least a decade to get rid of racial tensions, Jewish journalist Zvika Klein told RT.

​ISIS Secret Service: Top strategist’s blueprints reveal covert long-term Syria takeover op

While ISIS appears to be run by religious fanaticism, it instead has been functioning more like a secret intelligence service, calculating every operation and drafting plans of a covert Syrian takeover for years, files seen by Der Spiegel have revealed.

​Brazil to sue Facebook for blocking photo of indigenous woman from 1909

The Brazilian Ministry of Culture has announced plans to file a lawsuit against Facebook for blocking a photograph made back in 1909 showing an Indian with her breasts exposed.

​Danish Conservatives campaign for elimination of ‘Nazi Islamism’

A controversial political campaign has recently been launched by the Conservative party in Denmark, with its leaders calling for radical Islam to be “fought and eliminated,” as it belongs to the same family as, and shares many ideas with Nazism.

‘River full of corpses was our reality:’ Survivors recall childhood in besieged Leningrad

One of the most tragic episodes of World War II was the Siege of Leningrad. RT interviewed two survivors who lived through the blockade as small kids.

Fluffy troops: Hermitage gives away members of historic ‘cat guard’ (VIDEO)

St. Petersburg locals and visitors have had the opportunity to acquire a personal guard from the ranks of a historic feline regiment that has been protecting one of the world’s greatest museums for centuries.