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‘I stopped Netanyahu from catastrophic attack on Iran’ – Peres’ statement concealed ‘til death

In a statement that was not to be made public until his death, the former Israeli President told Jerusalem Post he stopped PM Benjamin Netanyahu from a “catastrophic” military strike against Iran, at the time the world leaders were engaged in nuclear deal talks.

China says THAAD anti-missiles ‘severely undermine’ security as Seoul picks deployment site

Beijing has once again voiced strong objections to the deployment of a US anti-missile system in South Korea, vowing to take te “necessary” steps to maintain a strategic power balance in the region.

‘Elevated unrest’ at Katla volcano triggers aviation alert increase in Iceland

Unusual seismic unrest around Eyjafjallajokull’s neighbor Katla has forced Iceland’s Met Office to raise the aviation alert level to yellow, while the country’s Civil Defence activated a contingency plan for a possible eruption of the long “overdue” volcano.

EU-Russia ExoMars mission all set to enter planetary orbit in October – Roscosmos head

A joint EU-Russia project designed to search for signs of past and present life on Mars is on the verge of beginning a new stage of its mission.

‘US had never had ‘Plan A’ for Syria, West a root cause of crisis’ – Syrian UN envoy to RT

Washington never had a so-called ‘Plan A’ to resolve the Syrian crisis, Syrian envoy to the UN Bashar al-Jaafari told RT, adding that the West is one of the root causes of the Syrian war.

Baffling and appalling: Jewish groups lash out at Philippine leader Duterte over Hitler remark

Comments made by Filipino President Rodrigo Duterte comparing himself to Adolf Hitler have drawn widespread condemnation, with Jewish groups slamming the remarks as baffling and revolting.

3 Japanese governors don ‘pregnancy’ vests urging men to help at home (VIDEO)

In a bid to learn about the “hardships” of being a woman, three Japanese governors put on special “pregnancy” vests and shot a video of themselves taking up daily activities.

Gunmen steal ambulance with suspected criminal inside from army convoy in Mexico

Gunmen have ambushed an army convoy in Culiacan, north-west Mexico, killing five soldiers and making off with an ambulance which was transporting an alleged organized crime figure.

US ‘spare Nusra for plan B’ to change regime in Syria – Lavrov

The US is keeping jihadist group al-Nusra for a “Plan B”, potentially to overthrow Syrian President Assad, Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov said in an interview with the BBC.

New ‘heavy’ rocket & $5mn launch price tag: Russia’s S7 plans for Sea Launch revealed

Russian space producer RSC Energia announced it will create a state of the art rocket for the Sea Launch program taken over by the Russian S7-group, with a launch price tag of $5mn.

Massive ‘coronal hole’ on the sun blasts Earth with solar storms (PHOTOS)

A massive coronal hole on the sun is currently facing Earth, directing a solar storm at our planet which can potentially wreak havoc on communication and electrical systems.

50 asylum-seekers stage riot, attack guards at refugee center in Berlin

Some 50 refugees staged a riot at an accommodation facility in the northern district of Reinickendorf in Berlin, knocking down doors, damaging furniture, stealing personal belongings, and physically attacking security guards, local media reports.

Burqa ban: Bulgaria outlaws face-covering clothes in public places

Bulgaria’s parliament has passed legislation that effectively bans burqas – veils which fully cover the face, worn by Muslim women in public – in a bid to step up security in the country following a series of terrorist attacks in Europe.

Pakistan cinemas ban Indian movies amid 'deteriorating situation' in Kashmir

Pakistani theater owners have stopped screening Indian movies as a sign of “solidarity” with the country's armed forces until tensions de-escalate over disputed Kashmir.

Nice attacker wasn’t stopped by police, drove on for 4 mins – French media

The attacker who killed 86 people in Nice in a truck attack in July was not stopped by police as his vehicle appears to have stalled, according to a French TV program, which also claims the killer actually drove on for four minutes – not 45 seconds, as the authorities had stated.

German mayor knocked unconscious in brutal attack, likely over plans to accommodate refugees

Joachim Kebschull, 61-year-old mayor of the German town of Oersdorf, home to about 900 people, was beaten unconscious by unknown assailants.

6yrs to launch case against CIA: Pakistani man finally gets chance to sue US over fatal drone strike

A high court in Islamabad has finally ordered the Pakistani government to initiate criminal proceedings against the CIA over a drone strike that killed the brother and son of journalist Karim Khan back in 2009, his lawyer told RT.

Stolen Van Gogh paintings found in Italian drug lord’s house 14 years after heist

A sting operation targeting organized crime in Naples, Italy, has recovered two Vincent van Gogh paintings that were stolen in 2002 in one of the most infamous heists the art world has seen in recent years.

Abbas & Netanyahu exchange historic handshake at Peres funeral (VIDEO)

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas shook hands and exchanged pleasantries at the funeral of former Israeli statesman Shimon Peres in Jerusalem on Friday.

Massive blaze engulfs 10-story building in Russia’s Ufa, killing 1 person (VIDEOS)

A massive fire ripped through a 10-story building under construction in the Russian city of Ufa in the Republic of Bashkortostan.