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Gaddafi's son, 8 other former statesmen sentenced to death by Libyan court

Seif al-Islam Gaddafi, the surviving son of Libya’s slain leader Muammar Gaddafi, has been sentenced to death in the country along with several other members of the former government.

Power vertical: MiG-29 rockets skyward on takeoff (VIDEO)

A Polish Air Force MiG-29 jet performed a spectacular takeoff at the RIAT airshow in the UK, rocketing vertically seconds after liftoff from the airstrip.

Florida family finds $1mn in gold from sunken 18th century Spanish galleon (PHOTOS)

A Florida family hit the jackpot when they found $1 million-worth of gold artefacts, including a royal coin from the Spanish king, recovered from a Spanish ship that sank off the Floridean coast 300 years ago.

‘I had to scare off 3 polar bears on Arctic ice’ – Russian helicopter crash survivor

A Russian helicopter pilot flying around the world was rescued by Canadian coast guards from an ice floe, two days after he crash-landed into the sea.

Great Far East giveaway: New bill would let every Russian claim 1 hectare of free land

Public debate has begun on a draft bill which would allow any Russian citizen to claim a piece of undeveloped land in Russia’s under-populated, but fertile Far East region.

MH17 tribunal would create ‘new hotbed of intl confrontation’ – Russian UN envoy

Setting up an international tribunal over MH17 flight crash would be a ‘dangerous step’ leading to a surge of confrontation in global affairs, Russia’s UN envoy said.

Putin: ‘Europe should be more independent, defend own interests’

European countries should be less beholden to military blocks and the US when considering issues concerning their own national interests, Russian President Vladimir Putin told the Swiss RTS TV channel.

Apocalyptic scenes in Moscow as thunderstorm unleashes freak lightning on city (PHOTOS, VIDEOS)

Heavy rains with thunder and lightning have descended upon the Russian capital. Though experts warned of the dangers of using cell phones during the storm, many people braved the weather to capture frightening images and share them on social media.

Spanish firefighters go on strike as flames sweep Catalonian forests

Spanish forest firefighters went on strike Monday as wildfires ravaged the countryside in Catalonia. While hundreds of people were forced to flee their homes, firefighters refused to battle the blaze in protest of poor wages and working conditions.

ISIS leader approves beheading of woman for wedding present – report

Islamic State leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi approved a beheading of a woman as a wedding gift for a female religious judge, a defector from the terrorist group told Daily Mail in an exclusive interview, also describing other atrocities committed by the militants.

Swiss army helicopters cross into France… to scoop water for thirty cows

Swiss military helicopters have made a surprise incursion into French airspace to cater to thirsty cows in Switzerland in urgent need of water due to high temperatures.

‘Give them a country’: US tycoon’s novel approach to world refugee crisis

Real-estate millionaire Jason Buzi has come up with a “radical” way of dealing with the global refugee crisis: we should simply create a new state to house the 60 million displaced people currently around the globe, he says.

‘Kalashnikovs of tomorrow’: Hawking, Musk, Wozniak warn of global AI arms race

Artificial intelligence, especially weaponized, is a huge mistake, tech gurus and scientific geniuses warn in a newly-released open letter.

Russian hero cop rams his car into oncoming vehicle to save lives of 300 children

A Russian police officer risked his own life to prevent a road accident that put 300 children in danger.

Cool driftings? Kazakh dad takes his 5yo son for extreme ride, kid's reaction priceless (VIDEO)

A driver from a racing team in Kazakhstan has filmed his little son in the car while he drifts crazily across a race track.

French farmers block routes from Spain, Germany to protest low meat & milk prices

Farmers in France have blocked routes from Spain and Germany to express disagreement with lowered prices for meat and dairy products in a protest entering its second week.

IDF calling up hundreds of thousands for emergency-readiness war drills

Large-scale military drills have been launched in Israel with the aim of testing the IDF’s readiness to go into emergency mode.

By Jove! Airbus to build probe for ESA’s hunt for life on Jupiter moon Europa

The European Space Agency has selected aviation giant Airbus to build a space probe to study Jupiter and three of its moons.

Watch superhero aerobatic stunts by best female pilot of all time (VIDEO)

Check out a new video showing ‘superhero’ aerobatic stunts performed by the female Pilot of the Century, and probably the most beautiful Russian pilot, Svetlana Kapanina.

5 day-old baby seal stuck in mud, rescued by cows in England

A baby seal was stuck in the mud in a natural reserve in England. Being underweight, dehydrated and left without a mom, the animal was sure to die, but she was miraculously rescued by cows who apparently became interested in the furry ball.