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‘Bible, not Google’ gives Israel right to land – minister

Israel's communications minister says the Bible is enough to prove that his country has legitimate land claims, despite what Google or Wikipedia say.

Mexican man cleared of raping 17yo girl because he didn’t ‘satisfy his sexual appetite’

A Mexican man has been cleared of sexually assaulting an underage girl because he hadn’t “satisfied his sexual appetite” and didn’t intend “to copulate,” a judge in Mexico has ruled.

‘We are not safe here’: Afghan interpreters left behind by US troops cry for help (EXCLUSIVE)

Afghan interpreters eligible for a special US visa thanks to their work for American troops in their home county spoke to RT about their fears and frustrations after the relocation program exceeded its yearly quota for 2017 in just three months.

‘Act of terrorism’: Polish consulate in western Ukraine comes under rocket fire

A Polish consulate in western Ukraine came under fire overnight. A suspected anti-tank missile hit the building’s top floor, but luckily no one was harmed.

Norway’s Islamic Council hires face-veiled woman as communications officer, sparking controversy

Islamic Council Norway has hired a woman that wears a traditional Islamic full-face veil, the niqab, as its communications officer, sparking criticism from Norwegian politicians, who say it will undermine understanding and trust.

6.6 quake strikes Russia’s far eastern Kamchatka Region

A powerful 6.6-magnitude earthquake rocked Russia’s far eastern Kamchatka peninsula, some 80 kilometers north east of Ust-Kamchatsk.

‘Unintentional accident of war’? Pentagon says it ‘probably’ played role in 200+ Mosul deaths

The Pentagon has admitted that its air campaign in Mosul “probably had a role” in the mounting civilian death toll in Mosul, including the recent loss of dozens of lives under the rubble of a house that was allegedly booby-trapped by ISIS to maximize casualties.

Serbia expects to receive 6 Russian MiG-29 jets in coming weeks —Defense Ministry

Serbia is expected to take delivery of six Russian MiG-29 fighter jets in the coming weeks once all the paperwork is complete, the Serbian Defense ministry has said.

Boeing 737 with 140+ on board veers off runway, bursts into flames after landing in Peru (VIDEO)

A Peruvian Airlines Boeing 737 jet with 141 passengers on board has veered off the runway, bursting into flames upon landing at the Francisco Carle Airport in Jauja, Peru.

Airline to pay $1.3mn to Amazonian tribe over ‘spiritual damage’ from 2006 plane crash

Brazilian airline Gol has agreed to pay R$4m ($1.3m) to the Kayapo indigenous tribe as compensation for material and spiritual damage caused by a 2006 plane crash which left a huge tract of their land “cursed”.

Paris police fire tear gas at anti-brutality protest

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Austria seeks to withdraw from EU mandatory refugee quota system

The Austrian government plans to pull out from the EU resettlement program which obliges it to accept more refugees under the quota assigned to it by Brussels as it has already taken in more than its fair share of asylum seekers.

China has every right to deploy military assets on Spratly Islands – Beijing

Beijing has every right to build military defense facilities on the South China Sea’s Spratly Islands, as they are part of the country’s territory, the Chinese Foreign Ministry has said.

Stewardess helped to land plane after co-pilot passed out

In what might seem like a Hollywood movie acted out in real life, a stewardess came to the aid of a co-pilot who fell unconscious in the middle of a flight.

Egyptian man charged with raping 20-month-old girl to face trial

An Egyptian man accused of raping a 20-month-old girl will soon face trial over the charges, according to local media.

Germany proposes EU sanctions on countries not taking back illegal immigrants

Germany suggests the EU should impose sanctions on countries refusing to take back their nationals deported from the bloc.

Angry mob attacks Africans in India after teen’s overdose death (PHOTOS, VIDEO)

A march mourning the death of a teen in India turned violent after a mob assaulted Africans with chairs and other objects, injuring 10 and hospitalizing at least four.

Beijing summons French diplomat over Chinese man’s death that sparked Paris riot

The Chinese Foreign Ministry says it summoned a French diplomat after a Chinese national was killed by a police officer in Paris.

Police vans torched in German city of Hamburg, second incident in 10 days

Several vans have been set on fire outside a police station in Hamburg, Germany, just 10 days after unknown assailants carried out an arson attack on a car belonging to the city mayor’s security detail.

Hundreds of Mosul civilians killed by airstrikes were told not to flee by authorities – Amnesty

Hundreds of Mosul residents were killed by airstrikes in their homes following repeated instructions from Iraqi authorities not to leave, Amnesty International says.