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Luxury tower block in Ukraine goes up in flames (VIDEOS)

Two firemen have suffered injuries after a fire engulfed a luxury high-rise in Odessa, Ukraine. The fire was able to spread due to flammable materials being used for insulation.

'Your Daddy' from Russia snatches World Air Guitar title from US friend

Kereel "Your Daddy" Blumenkrants became the first-ever Russian winner of the popular World Air Guitar championship on Friday.

‘Almost perfect’ battery from MIT will last longer, won’t degrade - and never blow up in your face

Material scientists have developed a solid-state electrolyte, which can greatly boost modern battery technology.

MAKS airshow highlights: No-runway plane, PAK FA 5G jet in action (VIDEOS)

This week Russia hosted one of the world’s biggest aviation events, the MAKS-2015 air show. RT looks back on the highlights of the expo, from the public aerobatics premiere of PAK FA, Russia’s first 5th-gen fighter jet, to historic WWII planes.

Egypt sentences Al Jazeera journalists to 3 years in prison

In a re-trial of three Al Jazeera journalists, all have been found guilty and handed 3-year sentences by an Egyptian court for operating without a license and broadcasting material harmful to the country.

Bizarre Mars crater reveals huge slab of ice closer to surface than any seen before

Scientists have finally solved the mystery of Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter’s puzzling discovery of a perfect, terraced, gigantic crater.

‘Revolution against corruption’: Beirut braces for new wave of protests

The Lebanese capital is expecting a new wave of protests Saturday. Last weekend rallies against the authorities’ inability to deal with the rubbish collection problems resulted in violent clashes with police and calls for the government to step down.

KLM bans Ukrainian pianist from in-flight playlist after complaint over her political activism

Dutch airline KLM has removed tracks by a Ukrainian musician from its in-flight entertainment system after complaints from a passenger involved in a group dedicated to ostracizing her.

Best Dad ever? Chinese father builds a life-size Transformer for his son

A Chinese father probably deserves the title of “Best Dad Ever” after he built a life-size Bumblebee from the Transformer franchise for his son.

Wet ‘n’ wild: How flooded ex-Soviet prison in Estonia became a scuba-divers’ paradise (VIDEO)

A former Soviet prison in Estonia, underwater for some 20 years, has gained a new lease of life - as an unofficial resort for thrill-seekers who enjoy jumping into the crystal-clear lake that surrounds it to discover the dark secrets within.

The Magic Candy Factory: World’s first-ever 3D printer for chewy sweets (VIDEO)

Ever wanted to be glued to your couch without having to go shopping for candy? This Berlin cafe has premiered the answer.

Sentenced to rape?! 1,000s call for action as Indian community council ‘orders’ abuse of 2 sisters

Over 60,000 people signed an Amnesty International petition demanding the government intervene in the case of two Indian sisters sentenced to rape and humiliation for their brother’s deed by a local council dominated by a higher caste.

Heart-wrenching images of Syrian refugee trigger $97k fundraiser

An online campaign launched by a Norway-based activist has raised over $97,000 for a Palestinian-Syrian refugee, after moving pictures of him selling blue-capped pens on the streets of Beirut with his daughter’s head on his shoulder appeared online.

Cat lovers accuse Nestle of selling ‘slave-labored’ pet food, want refund

A group of customers from California has filed a lawsuit against food giant Nestle accusing the company of “deceptive marketing.” The plaintiffs say that Nestle didn’t disclose “the likelihood of slave labor” allegedly used in one of its cat food supply chains.

Pirate Bay founder released, re-arrested, to be sent back to Sweden

On emerging from jail in Denmark, Gottfrid Svartholm, one of the founders of Pirate Bay, was arrested yet again – just hours after his release.

Iran’s lavish Mohammed biopic draws Sunni scholars’ outrage

Shia Iran’s 171-minute epic film depicting the early life of Islam’s founder Mohammed opened this week to nearly full movie houses, but it has attracted censure from the rival Sunni branch of Islam.

Russian FM ‘rowing in tune’: Lavrov sports paddling skills in extreme rafting course (VIDEO)

Russia’s foreign minister, Sergey Lavrov, swapped his business suit for a paddle and life vest at the opening of a rafting center in the central Russia, showing his ability to navigate treacherous waters isn’t solely restricted to the diplomatic realm.

Japan launches new helicopter carrier named after WWII battleship

Japan has launched a new helicopter carrier, which is one of the country’s biggest warships since World War II.

‘Reminder of slavery’: UN wants to scrub Holland’s Black Pete holiday character

A new United Nations report has called on the Netherlands to eliminate or alter the centuries-long tradition of celebrating the winter festive season with a controversial character known as Black Pete, a dark-skinned assistant to St.

Underground war? New Hamas propaganda video shows allegedly rebuilt Gaza tunnels

An underground tunnel network in the Gaza Strip allegedly constructed by Hamas can be seen in a new propaganda video released this week.