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6 beautiful homes in the woods

Bainbridge Island, Washington. This five-bedroom contemporary-style 2008 house sits on 2.4 forested acres.

Banking lessons for college students

Here are three of the week's top pieces of financial advice, gathered from around the web: College banking lessons College students: Read the fine print on your school-affiliated bank accounts, said Ann Carrns at The New York Times.

The week's best photojournalism

A woman takes a picture during storm Ophelia in Lahinch, Ireland. | (REUTERS/Clodagh Kilcoyne) Rohingya refugees, who recently crossed the border from Myanmar, walk to refugee camps, in Palang Khali, Bangladesh.

Sarah Sanders says it is 'highly inappropriate' to question John Kelly because he's a 4-star general

The White House on Friday called it "highly inappropriate" to question Chief of Staff John Kelly's mischaracterization of Rep.

The Trump administration is driving Americans to seek asylum in Canada

Conditions in the United States are driving more people than ever to seek refugee status in Canada, Reuters reports.

Thousands of top secret JFK assassination documents could become public next week

A 1992 law set a deadline of Oct. 26, 2017 for the president to decide whether or not to unseal the 3,600 top-secret files about the assassination of former President John F.

The week in 60 seconds

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This phone case is too fragile for this world

Let's get this said right off: Dadybones Puff Ball Phone Case ($35) "isn't designed for this world." Sure, it's easy to fall for.

There will be an especially dazzling meteor shower this weekend

Starwatchers are saying that this year's Orionid meteor shower, which will be at peak visibility this weekend, is set to be particularly dazzling because it'll coincide with low levels of moonlight.

A Mississippi school district is removing To Kill A Mockingbird from its curriculum because it 'makes people uncomfortable'

A Mississippi school district has removed Harper Lee's To Kill a Mockingbird from its eighth-grade curriculum because it "makes people uncomfortable." The book is a harrowing tale of racial injustice in a 1950's Southern town.

Body cameras don't change police behavior, new study finds

A recently-concluded study by the Metropolitan Police Department of Washington, D.C., as well as government task force Lab @ DC found that the use of body-worn cameras by police officers had no significant effect on use of force, NPR reports.

John Kelly apparently mischaracterized Rep. Frederica Wilson's 2015 FBI speech, new video shows

Video of a 2015 speech by Rep. Frederica Wilson (D-Fla.), published Friday by the South Florida Sun Sentinel, apparently proves that comments she made at the dedication of an FBI building did not match White House Chief of Staff John Kelly's portrayal of them when he criticized the congresswoman in remarks on Thursday.

7 cartoons gleefully mocking the ongoing Trump-McCain feud

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Texas city devastated by Hurricane Harvey requires that relief applicants pledge not to boycott Israel

Dickinson, Texas, a suburb about 30 miles away from Houston, is requiring that applicants for relief funds in the wake of Hurricane Harvey pledge not to boycott Israel, The Washington Post reports.

Your dog tries to look extra cute just for you, according to science

Your puppy isn't looking at you lovingly just because he wants a treat. Scientists in Britain found that dogs alter their facial expressions simply when their owners look at them — regardless of whether food is available, per a study published Oct.

Terrifying FAA report finds one can of hairspray in checked luggage could cause an in-flight explosion

An aerosol can and a lithium-ion powered laptop could spell destruction for an airplane, The Associated Press reported Friday, citing a U.S.

Swedish public votes to name new train 'Trainy McTrainface,' surprising no one

Having learned absolutely nothing from the U.K.'s Boaty McBoatface scandal/major disappointment of last year, Swedish transportation company MTR Express engaged democracy to choose a name for its new express train connecting Stockholm and Gothenburg.

Voter suppression in Wisconsin directly affected last year's election, Mother Jones investigation finds

In the 2016 election, President Trump won the state of Wisconsin by almost 23,000 votes. But a new report from Mother Jones published online Thursday found that statewide voter turnout in the Badger State was also the lowest it had been since 2000.

Kiké Hernandez's 3 home runs were baseball magic

If you believe in destiny, you might just think that Kiké Hernandez's three home runs Thursday night were meant to be.

Little Rock dumped Amazon with a full-page breakup letter in The Washington Post

It's not me, it's you. The city of Little Rock, Arkansas, sent Amazon that message Thursday to let the company know Little Rock was no longer interested in the company's new HQ2 project ...