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Serial investigates the mystery of Santa Claus in delightful Saturday Night Live parody

The hit podcast Serial wrapped up its run this week, but devoted listeners already have a new mystery to follow along with, courtesy of Saturday Night Live.

Ismail Kadare's 6 favorite books

Inferno by Dante Alighieri (Signet, $6). The first book in Dante's Divine Comedy can be characterized, in the most universal terms, as a forewarning in every age for the collective human consciousness.

Rudy Giuliani ties Obama to NYC cop killing

Former New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani on Sunday said President Obama's rhetoric surrounding recent police killings of unarmed civilians was "propaganda" that fomented anti-police sentiment in the country.

How to build a beautiful gingerbread farm

Welcome to my farm, where fresh coconut snow is always on the ground and life smells of cinnamon and dark chocolate.

Dr. Evil hijacks SNL to diss North Korea and Sony

Dr. Evil is a bumbling wannabe super villain, but even he thinks North Korea is failing at this whole evildoer business.

New York police turn backs on mayor de Blasio to protest cop killings

The tension between New York City police and Mayor Bill de Blasio reached a new low point Saturday when members of the police force symbolically turned their backs on the mayor as he arrived for a press conference to discuss the murder of two police officers.

This little girl's ASL version of How the Grinch Stole Christmas will make your heart grow 3 sizes

Last year a little Deaf girl named Shaylee stole our hearts with her adorable and linguistically sophisticated sign language performance of The Night Before Christmas.

Al Qaeda condemns Taliban massacre of Pakistani children: 'Our hearts are bursting with pain'

A regional Al Qaeda branch on Sunday condemned the Taliban's slaughter last week of 149 Pakistanis at a school in Peshawar.

10 things you need to know today: December 21, 2014

1. Gunman kills two NYC cops in ambush shooting A lone gunman on Saturday shot and killed two New York City police officers in Brooklyn before taking his own life in an armed standoff.

Obama: North Korean cyberattack on Sony not an act of war

President Obama on Sunday said the U.S. would weigh whether to add North Korea to its list of state sponsors of terror, though he stopped short of calling the Sony Pictures cyberattack an act of war.

How Wall Street is chipping away at reform

After the financial crisis, Washington vowed to never again let Wall Street "write the rule book for itself," said Edward Luce at the Financial Times.

How I lost all my money

THE RICH ARE all alike, to revise Tolstoy's famous words, but the poor are poor in their own particular ways.

Gunman kills two NYC cops in ambush shooting

A lone gunman on Saturday shot and killed two New York City police officers in Brooklyn before taking his own life in an armed standoff.

House hunting: 7 lovely Victorian-era homes

New Orleans. Built in 1870, this six-bedroom house sits in the Bouligny District. The interior features 12 working fireplaces, wainscoting, two double parlors, and a gourmet kitchen.

Putin hits back at new sanctions: 'No one will succeed in intimidating us'

Russian President Vladimir Putin said new sanctions from the European Union and United States were put in place, "just for the mere fact that we exist." "Obviously, no one will succeed in intimidating us, to deter, to isolate Russia," he added in remarks reported by Reuters.

Miss World pageant nixes swimsuit round from competition

Saying that the Miss World pageant should be focused more on "outreach, and what a woman could do with a title like Miss World," the organization announced that future pageants will not include a swimsuit round.

Russian tax collectors are seizing cats as collateral

That's cold, Siberia. Tax collectors in Russia have apparently discovered a good way to get people to pay off their debts — by threatening to seize their cats, BBC News reports.

Archeologists discover entryway to King Herod's palace

Just in time for the holidays! Israeli archeologists have excavated a grand, arched entryway that led to Herod the Great's Jerusalem palace, NBC News reports.

Uber wants to patent its 'surge pricing' system

Calling it "dynamically adjusting prices for service," is how ride-sharing company Uber hopes to sell the U.S.

Read JFK's 1961 letter to a little girl promising that the Soviets won't stop Santa Claus

’Tis the season…for thermonuclear conflict? Such was the concern of one 8-year-old Michelle Rochon in 1961; she wrote a letter to President John F.