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Republican state senator lambasted for anti-Women's March posts

The Women's Marches that took place around the world on Saturday appear to have gotten under the skin of one Republican state senator in Mississippi, who devoted a good chunk of the last 48 hours dwelling on, writing about, and stewing over the demonstrations attended by millions.

The Trump White House isn't accepting your comments by phone (yet)

President Trump got some ribbing for apparently borrowing a phrase from Batman villain Bane in his inaugural address — both promised to take power from the establishment and give it "back to you, the people." If the people want to make their voices heard with the new Trump administration, though, they have to use the White House email form or mail a paper-and-ink letter, because the White House comment line appears to be dead.

Seth Meyers compares Kellyanne Conway's 'alternative facts' to a Jedi novice trying out mind tricks

President Trump's first weekend in the White House was an edifying start to the Trump era, Seth Meyers said on Monday's Late Night.

Trump repeats widely debunked claim that millions of people voted illegally in the election

President Trump spent the first 10 minutes of his first official meeting with congressional leaders rehashing the campaign and repeating a claim that has been debunked multiple times — that he lost the popular vote by a wide margin because of millions of illegal votes cast against him, several people who attended the closed-door meeting said Monday night.

Minnesota governor faints during State of the State address

As he delivered his State of the State speech Monday night in St. Paul, Minnesota Gov. Mark Dayton (D) collapsed, hitting his forehead on the lectern.

Puppies found alive 5 days after Italy avalanche

Five days after an avalanche buried the Hotel Rigopiano in Farindola, Italy, rescuers found three sheepdog puppies alive in the rubble.

John Lewis' graphic memoir wins 4 ALA awards

Civil rights leader Rep. John Lewis (D-Ga.) received four American Library Association awards on Monday, honoring the third installment of his graphic memoir, March.

Mike Pompeo confirmed as CIA director

On Monday evening, the Senate confirmed Mike Pompeo, a conservative congressman from Kansas, as the CIA director.

Judge blocks Aetna-Humana megamerger

A federal judge on Monday blocked the proposed $34-billion merger of health insurance giants Aetna and Humana on antitrust grounds.

Stephen Colbert to host the 2017 Emmys

Stephen Colbert will host the 2017 Emmy Awards, CBS announced Monday. The host of The Late Show will be the fourth late-night host this year to emcee an awards ceremony, following Jimmy Fallon for the Golden Globes, Jimmy Kimmel for the Academy Awards, and James Corden for the Grammys.

This $500,000 gold armchair is built for 'comfort and world domination'

"For those plotting world domination from the comfort of their own living rooms, this is the ultimate armchair," says Margaret Abrams at New York Observer.

A majority of Americans liked Trump's inaugural address, poll finds

President Donald Trump's inaugural address about "American carnage" and "America first" apparently went over swimmingly with America's citizens.

The new White House press secretary really hates Dippin' Dots

White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer really, really, really, really does not like Dippin' Dots. we may not have inauguration attendance data yet, but one set of record turnout numbers are in: Sean spicer's angry dippin dots twetes — ಠ_ಠ (@MikeIsaac) January 22, 2017 But Dippin' Dots just wants to be loved.

Trump resigned from 400 business entities before taking presidential oath

Eric Trump has replaced his father, President Donald Trump, as the head of Trump International Hotels Management LLC, Florida public records show.

After being pilloried for peddling falsehoods, Press Secretary Sean Spicer insists the 'intention is never to lie to you'

On Saturday, White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer declared the audience at President Trump's inauguration "the largest audience to ever witness an inauguration, period," slamming the media for reporting photos that showed a noticeably sparser crowd in comparison to that at former President Obama's inauguration.

Sean Spicer says it's time for Democrats to 'stop playing political games' over Trump's Cabinet nominees

White House press secretary Sean Spicer slammed Democrats for delaying the confirmations of President Trump's Cabinet nominees at his first official White House press conference Monday.

Vice President Mike Pence calls his wife 'mother'

Vice President Mike Pence met his wife, Karen, at church while he was studying in law school; their first date was a dinner of taco salad.

McCain rips Trump for withdrawing from TPP

President Trump's decision to withdraw the U.S. from the Trans-Pacific Partnership trade deal is already drawing rebuke from his own Republican Party.

Here's the official title of the next Star Wars film

Regardless of what color your lightsaber is, pause your training for a moment: On Monday, the franchise announced the title of its next installment, previously only known as Episode VIII: It's official.

Trump signs 3 executive orders, including withdrawal from TPP

President Donald Trump signed three executive orders Monday, the first full weekday of his presidency.