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Kim Jong-Un brags that North Korea's nukes are helping to keep the peace

There's nothing like the threat of nukes to help you get your way, according to North Korean leader Kim Jung-Un, who bragged that peace negotiations with South Korea last week were successful due to his nation's potential threat of nuclear attack.

Obama is on the verge of a huge victory on the Iran deal

Congress is only a few weeks away from a mid-September vote on the Iran nuclear deal, which the White House claims will "verifiably prevent Iran from acquiring a nuclear weapon and ensure that Iran's nuclear program will be exclusively peaceful going forward." Critics, meanwhile, say the deal does not do enough to keep Iran from getting a bomb.

The Clinton State Department never had a permanent inspector general

Well, this could explain a lot: Hillary Clinton is the only secretary of state since 1957 to complete her time in office without ever operating under the supervision of a permanent inspector general (IG), an independent watchdog who is tasked with rooting out misconduct in the agency.

10 years ago today, this meteorologist predicted the impact of Hurricane Katrina with devastating accuracy

Meteorologists get a lot of flak for getting the weather wrong, but 10 years ago, one meteorologist made a forecast that was eerily prescient.

For those who have everything: A remote-controlled mini-drone for air and sea

"The only thing better than a remote-controlled plane is a remote-controlled boat" — unless you can find a toy that handles both functions, says Adam Clark Estes at Gizmodo.

Shady redistricting plan leaves only 1 voter in a tax referendum

This past spring, the city of Columbia, Missouri created a very gerrymandered community improvement district (CID), a special designation of territory within which voters can levy extra taxes to fund projects like roadwork or landscaping of public green spaces.

The week's best editorial cartoons: Volume 14

See more cartoons here.

Jeb Bush's biggest threat isn't Trump, it's Kasich

Jeb Bush better watch his back — and not just for Donald Trump's incessant stabs. While Bush and Trump have been noisily duking it out, another Republican presidential contender has been "quietly rising in the polls in New Hampshire," The Hill reports.

Shooter who murdered journalists on camera had planned an escape

Vester Flanagan (also known as Bryce Williams, the name he used as a television news anchor) appeared to have planned to make an escape after murdering Virginia's WDBJ7 journalists Alison Parker and Adam Ward, The Washington Post reports.

Ben Carson: 'There is no war on women in this country'

In Ben Carson's opinion, the war on women isn't about women — it's about babies. The Republican presidential candidate and retired neurosurgeon explained at a Thursday event in Little Rock, Arkansas: "They tell you that there’s a war on women.

Student at Savannah State University dies after Thursday night shooting

Christopher Starks, a Savannah State University junior, died of gunshot wounds after an altercation at the school's student union, The New York Times reports.

Only in America: Blaming a school's Wi-Fi for a child's headaches

A Massachusetts boarding school is being sued by parents who claim the school's Wi-Fi signal is making their child sick, says Scott O'Connell at the Worcester, Massachusetts Telegram & Gazette.

New emails reveal Bill Clinton tried to get State Department approval for paid speeches in North Korea, Congo

Newly uncovered State Department emails obtained by ABC News reveal that Bill Clinton and the Clinton Foundation tried to get approval from then-Secretary of State Hillary Clinton to accept invitations for "lucrative speaking engagements" in the notoriously repressive countries of North Korea and Congo.

Archaeologists discover mysterious burial ground full of headless bodies

A large burial ground in East Kazakhstan has archaeologists puzzled over the headless corpses discovered occupying the graves, Tengiri News reports.

ISIS car bombs kill 2 Iraqi generals outside Ramadi

On Thursday, two explosives-laden U.S.-made Humvees exploded near an Iraqi army convoy outside Ramadi, killing two generals.

3 arrested as number of dead migrants in Austria truck climbs to 71

On Friday, Austrian police raised the number of dead bodies found Thursday inside a refrigerated truck outside Vienna to 71, including eight women, three children, and one infant.

I hate scary movies. But I can't get enough of NBC's Hannibal.

One night last month, I found myself crouched on the floor in my room, peeking nervously underneath my bed.

A streaming gem to watch this weekend: You’re The Worst

Watch a trailer for You're The Worst. (It's not particularly safe for work.) Stream You're The Worst on Hulu.

Confessions of a budding Periscope addict

If you're an enterprising book editor and want to capitalize on the latest Internet of Things iterative technology that will drive someone absolutely bonkers in an entertaining and hopefully not tragic way, I recommend that you check out the cadre of would-be broadcasters who use Periscope, Twitter's new live video broadcasting tool.