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Your weekly streaming recommendation: Ravenous

Watch a trailer for Ravenous: Watch Ravenous on Amazon Instant Video. Watch Ravenous on Netflix.

Jennifer Lawrence is single again

If you've been nursing a crush on Hunger Games star Jennifer Lawrence, the odds just tipped ever so slightly in your favor.

Tara Reid debuts her Sharknado-inspired perfume

Were you watching SyFy's Sharknado 2: The Second One on Thursday thinking, 'Man, I wish I could smell like this shark-infested natural disaster!

Obama: 'We tortured some folks'

At a press conference Friday, President Obama admitted that some of the actions taken by the CIA in the U.S.'s fight against terrorism were "wrong," including torture.

The week's best editorial cartoons

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Summer movie guide: All the films you should see in August

August 1: Guardians of the Galaxy What it is: The latest (and wackiest) entry in Marvel's sprawling cinematic universe tasks a ragtag team of alien outlaws with saving the galaxy.

Kerry asks Turkey and Qatar to secure release of Israeli soldier

On Friday morning, Israel reported that one of its soldiers had been captured by Palestinian militants using a Hamas tunnel.

Get your first glimpse of Josh Brolin as Thanos, the ultimate Marvel villain

At the end of 2012's superhero blockbuster The Avengers, Marvel threw fans one last curveball: the introduction of Thanos, a sadistic, ruthless extraterrestrial who is routinely held up as one of the greatest supervillains of the Marvel universe.

American tourists detained in North Korea ask for help from U.S. government

Three months ago, two American tourists were detained in North Korea after being charged with "anti-state" crimes.

The week's best photojournalism

Clowns gather for a group picture during the sixth annual Latin American Clown Congress in Guatemala City.

Israeli newspaper removes post on Gaza titled, 'When Genocide is Permissible'

The Times of Israel on Friday briefly carried a post on the current Israel-Gaza conflict entitled, "When Genocide is Permissible," which was subsequently taken down from the site's opinion section.

Rick Perry: The U.S. should 'stand with Israel'

Texas Gov. Rick Perry (R) wrote a column for Politico today about why the U.S. should ally itself with Israel in the Hamas conflict.

Government employees say they're only watching porn at work because they're bored

An employee at the Federal Communications Commission told investigators that the reason he watched up to eight hours of porn at work every week was "out of boredom." A FOIA report revealed that he is far from isolated in having both too little work to do and a rampant porn consumption habit.

Sharknado isn't just stupid. It's bad for cinema.

This week, an event of catastrophic proportions occurred. No, New York City wasn't actually ravaged by a series of freak tornadoes full of deadly, man-eating sharks.

Dallas Cowboys brazenly mail season-ticket holders playoff tickets, too

The Dallas Cowboys have gone 8-8 each of the past three seasons, and the Tony Romo-led team hasn't reached the NFL playoffs in four years.

This photo could forever wreck a one-time GOP presidential hopeful

This is not the kind of image that an ex-politician would really want to be remembered for. The Washington Post reports that on Friday, a key photo was entered into evidence in the federal corruption trial of former Gov.

Ann Coulter tells Sean Hannity she wishes Netanyahu were 'our president'

In an interview on Fox News' Hannity, Ann Coulter told Sean Hannity that she wished Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu were the U.S.

Hey, GOP: American exceptionalism demands compassion at the border

If a child showed up at your doorstep, begging for help, what would you do? Most Americans, I suspect, would offer help, even if that meant simply calling the police, who would, hopefully, ascertain whether the child was really in danger.

Girls on Film: Why audiences are responsible for the future of cinema

Audiences need to stop settling for the movies playing at their local multiplex. It's hard not to settle.

Pot, meet kettle: White House condemns Israeli bombing of a Gaza school

White House Press Secretary Josh Earnest announced Thursday that the Obama administration considered the Israeli destruction of a U.N.