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Kentucky Republicans will pay people to attend Mitch McConnell's campaign events

Sen. Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.) will enjoy some "enthusiastic" support at campaign events this week from supporters who were paid to cheer on the minority leader, according to an email obtained by The Hill.

Hey, Washington: It's time to be honest about America's spending-entitlement tradeoffs

No one likes paying taxes. Everyone likes receiving benefits. And our politicians have become thunderously dishonest in trying to convince Americans they can have it both ways.

Hoping for a Guinness Record, intrepid Greek bakers build giant ring of bread around medieval White Tower

There are a lot of weird entrants for the Guinness Book of Records, but a group of Greek bakers in Thessaloniki really rose to the challenge when they built a giant "koulouri" on Sunday around the city's medieval White Tower.

Will Kobani be ISIS's Waterloo?

Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS) militants have been trying to capture the Syrian town of Kobani for about a month.

Fossilized amber provides clues about dinosaur ecology

The key to understanding dinosaur ecology may lie in fossilized amber. Ryan McKellar, a research scientist at the Royal Saskatchewan Museum in Canada, studies the amber pieces buried alongside dinosaur skeletons.

GOP House candidate: Gay couples are 'creatures that are so destructive'

Republican House candidate Anthony Culler on Monday doubled down on his description of gays as "gremlins," posting a video on Facebook in which he warns that same-sex couples threaten to undermine traditional Christian values.

Americans are more concerned about Ebola than poverty, terrorism, or crime

That finding comes from Gallup's latest survey of what issues facing the nation Americans deem most important.

This log cabin promises to protect you from zombies

If you want to make sure you're protected during the zombie apocalypse, Tiger Log Cabins has you covered.

Michele Bachmann receives beefed up security after ISIS threat

Rep. Michele Bachmann (R-Minn.) has been given a personal security detail following an unspecified ISIS threat, according to Politico.

Syrian women know how to defeat ISIS

To the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria, Syrian women are slaves. To much of the rest of the world, they are victims.

Why some men develop signs of pregnancy

Harry Ashby, the 29-year-old security guard who was signed off work with morning sickness, cravings, a growing stomach and breasts during his girlfriend's pregnancy, was told he had Couvade syndrome.

What big data can tell us about the things we eat

GrubHub "is the nation's leading online and mobile food ordering company dedicated to connecting hungry diners with local takeout restaurants," according to itself.

ISIS launches simultaneous attacks in northern Iraq

ISIS renewed its offensive in northern Iraq on Monday with 15 nearly simultaneous attacks on Kurdish forces.

New Yorkers protest The Death of Klinghoffer opera

Hundreds of people protested outside New York's Metropolitan Opera on Monday, saying a controversial show about the murder of a disabled Jewish man by Palestinian gunmen in 1985 glorifies terrorism and is anti-Semitic.

10 things you need to know today: October 21, 2014

1. Oscar Pistorius sentenced to five years for manslaughter South African double-amputee track star Oscar Pistorius was sentenced to five years in prison on Tuesday for killing his girlfriend, model Reeva Steenkamp, on Valentine's Day in 2013.

The CDC has updated its guidelines for protective Ebola gear

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention have issued new guidelines for protective gear for those treating Ebola patients.

Why the left should oppose commercial surrogacy

Commercial surrogacy might look like the harnessing of technology to enhance reproductive freedom. But in reality, this practice invariably involves wealthy couples renting poorer women's bodies.

Paul Krugman, Amazon, and the left's backwards view of book-industry titans

More and more, Paul Krugman is turning into a caricature of himself. The Nobel Prize–winning New York Times columnist wrote an op-ed this week arguing that Amazon wields a dangerous amount of clout, using Amazon's dispute over book prices with Hachette publishing group as his prime evidence.

The addictive ecstasy of a good mixed martial arts fight

The fight book of our generation has landed. And that's no small thing. Sport-fighting has always attracted some of the best writers.

The one thing the New Atheists get right about religion

If you're looking for someone to hurl sweeping, ill-informed insults at the deeply held beliefs of hundreds of millions of people, the so-called New Atheists are always happy to oblige.