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Retailers can't agree on how to help Bangladeshi garment factory workers

One year after the Rana Plaza factory in Bangladesh collapsed, killing 1,129 workers, Western retailers and apparel brands are divided into two factions, disagreeing about everything from inspection processes to how to best help garment workers.

Watch 'Puttin' on the Ritz' as a psychedelic, Mad Men–era fever dream

I want to say maybe this is like an episode of Mad Men — or I Love Lucy, for that matter — as reinterpreted by a puppeteer tripping on psychedelics?

Police say a patient sold heroin from her Pennsylvania hospital room

According to police, one Pennsylvania woman wasn't about to let a hospital stay — including a stint in the intensive care unit — get in the way of her lucrative career dealing heroin.

New telescope poised to warn of asteroids years in advance

Asteroid impacts on Earth are more common than we think, and the B612 Foundation believes that its proposed $250 million Sentinel telescope could help detect when one might strike.

Stephen Colbert tells David Letterman he's 'thrilled' to be the next host of the Late Show

Stephen Colbert stopped by his future stomping grounds Tuesday night, appearing on the Late Show with David Letterman for the first time since it was announced that he would become the new host after Letterman retires.

Why Narendra Modi is not a shoo-in to become India's next prime minister

NEW DELHI, India — Foreign investors seem confident that Narendra Modi will become India's next prime minister in the elections that began April 7.

NYPD's Twitter outreach campaign goes terribly awry

On Tuesday, a New York Police Department-affiliated Twitter account posted the following benign message: Do you have a photo w/ a member of the NYPD?

Why would a young person today be religious?

Read more on this story here. Listen to more of The Week's mini podcasts: A Shakespeare scholar examines the Bard's influence in House of Cards Your weekly streaming recommendation: The Story of Film: An Odyssey Conservationists are murdering invasive fish to save the Caribbean.

Potato-wielding Providence man tries, fails to rob stores

"Give me all the money or I'll make French fries!" Terrifying, right? So that's probably not what a Providence man shouted while trying to rob some local businesses, but it would have been apt given his choice of weapon: a potato.

Avril Lavigne's new video is just the latest cultural-appropriation atrocity

In what is sadly just the latest in a long tradition of pop stars appropriating other cultures, Avril Lavigne has decided to swap out her "sk8r girl" vibe for a new, artificial, and totally "kawaii" one.

Americans are coming around on Obama

For today's reminder that political headwinds can change on a dime, consider President Obama's approval rating.

Why Antonin Scalia was right to defend a drug dealer

Prado Naverette in August 2008 was driving 30 pounds of marijuana through California when he was stopped by the cops on suspicion of drunk driving.

Vice News writer reportedly captured by militia in eastern Ukraine

Simon Ostrovsky, an American reporter with Vice News, has reportedly been captured by a militia in the eastern Ukrainian city of Sloviansk.

The Bible won't be Louisiana's official state book after all

A Louisiana lawmaker is giving up his effort to make the Bible his state's official book after critics dubbed the effort a pointless distraction.

Poll: For the first time ever, plurality of Texans support same-sex marriage

Is the ultra-red state of Texas turning blue? If a new survey about the support of same-sex marriage is to be believed, it's possible it's at least turning a bit purple.

Glenn Beck regrets giving Mitt Romney a 'rare and expensive' gift

When he's not freezing President Obama in carbonite or warning of the impending socialist takeover, Glenn Beck is waiting for Mitt Romney to thank him for the generous gift he gave him during the 2012 election season.

Posh prep school grads busted for allegedly running elaborate drug and weapons ring

In what's bound to get a big-screen remake, two clean-cut former prep boys from Philadelphia were arrested Monday for allegedly orchestrating an elaborate drug ring that used high school students to shuttle drugs and weapons around the city's affluent neighborhoods.

General Mills backed down from its controversial lawsuit policy. But the problem isn't over.

Class action lawsuits are an efficient way for wronged individuals — who may lack funds and legal expertise — to fight back against the powerful legal muscle of big business.

Can cute kids defeat Mitch McConnell?

He's down in the polls and bleeding campaign staffers, but Kentucky Senate candidate Matt Bevin has a secret weapon in his arsenal to defeat Sen.

Sorry, but this map doesn't show your state's 'favorite' athlete

LeBron James is the most popular athlete in about half of all U.S. states. Or rather, he is if this map is to be believed: The above map, from Best Tickets, purports to show who is the "most popular athlete" in every state.