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The 8 traits of every fearless job hunter

Why is it that some people just seem to effortlessly climb the career ladder? You know these folks we speak of: They always know how to dazzle during an interview, and they have a knack for nabbing that prime position before it's even posted.

Putin's risky bet in eastern Ukraine

To understand why Russian President Vladimir Putin has been willing to escalate tensions in the Ukraine even after annexing the Crimean peninsula, it's instructive to remember back to 2008 when he told George W.

Jeb Bush has an ObamaCare problem

This could get awkward. Since wrapping up his tenure as Florida governor seven years ago, Jeb Bush has been quietly building a fortune for himself, raking in millions of dollars from consulting gigs, real estate investments, and that staple of out-of-office politicians, speeches.

9 ways music can improve your life

The music you love tells me who you are Ever been a bit judgy when you hear someone's taste in music?

Discovery cancels Everest Jump Live after avalanche deaths

The Discovery Channel is canceling its Everest Jump Live special after an avalanche killed 13 people on Friday.

Today in history: A presidential funeral train leaves D.C.

April 21, 1865: Abraham Lincoln's funeral train left Washington; he would be buried in the late president's hometown of Springfield, Ill., 13 days later.

Air Canada fires two employees for carelessly throwing passengers' bags

Air Canada is firing two baggage handlers after a video posted on YouTube showed the men casually tossing passengers' luggage off a flight of stairs at Toronto's Pearson International Airport.

The evidence on marijuana and health

Yesterday was 4/20 day in Colorado, and the police busted a few people for public consumption in Denver.

Can anything good come of powdered alcohol?

A U.S. federal agency you've probably never heard of — the Treasury Department's Alcohol and Tobacco Tax and Trade Bureau (TTB) — recently approved seven different kinds of powdered alcohol, from rum to vodka, sold under the name Palcohol.

10 things you need to know today: April 21, 2014

1. Huge field lines up to run the Boston Marathon About 36,000 athletes converged to run in the 118th Boston Marathon under tight security on Monday, part of the storied race's emotional return a year after a deadly bombing at the finish line.

South Korean president lashes out at ferry captain's 'murderous behavior'

On Monday, South Korea's president blasted the actions of the captain and crew of the ferry that sank last Wednesday for committing "unforgivable, murderous behavior." The captain, 68-year-old Lee Joon-seok, is being heavily criticized for telling passengers to stay in their rooms as the ferry started sinking and allegedly waiting a half hour before issuing evacuation orders.

The bible says gay sex is a sin. But Christians can still embrace gays.

Ed Dobson doesn't just share a surname with James Dobson, the man behind Focus on the Family. He also shares James Dobson's evangelical Christian faith.

Personal finance tips: The safest way to pay, and more

Making salaries transparent It's time to break the salary taboo, said Claire Zillman at CNN. "Very few of us gab about how much money we earn with co-workers," and about half of all workers say "discussion of wage and salary information is discouraged or prohibited by their employers or could lead to punishment." But "salary transparency gives workers ammo to advocate for themselves" during pay negotiations and helps workers know whether they are underpaid.

'Exceptionally lucky' teenager survives flight to Hawaii in airplane wheel well

There may be certain instances where it's worth the risk of dying to hitch a ride in the wheel well of a passenger jet — say, gunmen are after you — but taking a pleasure trip to Hawaii doesn't make the list.

Matt Taibbi on vampire squid, journalistic outrage, and Obama's flaccid approach to financial crime

Matt Taibbi is still fuming about the "vampire squid" of high finance. The Rolling Stone reporter who famously tagged Goldman Sachs as "a great vampire squid, wrapped around the face of humanity" — a phrase that is now so embedded in the cultural lexicon that he wonders if it will be on his gravestone — is well-known for his polemics against banks and Wall Street's bad actors.

Aereo at the Supreme Court: No matter what, broadcasters lose

The United States Supreme Court will hear arguments Tuesday in a case that threatens the television industry as we have known it for generations.

Watch Patrick Stewart and Ian McKellen charmingly bomb at The Newlywed Game

"Bromance" seems like the wrong term for the delightful public friendship of Sirs Patrick Stewart and Ian McKellen — too classless, perhaps, or frat-boyish, or even heteronormative?

Lindsay Lohan says she suffered a miscarriage while filming docu-series

On the season finale of her OWN docu-series Lindsay, Lindsay Lohan shared that during the two weeks she took off from filming, she had a miscarriage.

Easter's deadly Ukrainian checkpoint battle makes no sense

There's very little that's clear yet about a deadly confrontation at a pro-Russia checkpoint outside the Ukrainian town of Slovyansk early Easter Sunday, but the casualties include at least three people, possibly five, and very likely the peace deal signed Thursday by Ukraine, Russia, the European Union, and the U.S.

Sherpas discuss striking after devastating avalanche

One of the Sherpas who survived the deadly avalanche on Mt. Everest Friday tells The New York Times that he will never scale the mountain again.