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Apple reports huge earnings behind strong iPhone sales

Tech giant Apple on Monday reported $58 billion in revenue and a $13.6 billion profit for the second quarter of the year, easily beating Wall Street's projections.

Baltimore police: Seven officers injured in clash with protesters

Fighting broke out Monday between protesters and police in Baltimore just hours after the funeral for Freddie Gray, the unnamed black man who died after suffering a spinal injury in police custody.

Your job probably isn't creative enough to stave off the job-taking robots

As much as we'd like to think we are all special snowflakes who do our jobs with a certain flair that makes us irreplaceable, the unfortunate truth is that cold, hard machinery could replace many of us humans — and it would probably save employers a ton of money.

Marco Rubio: 'Ridiculous and absurd' to believe same-sex marriage is a constitutional right

Sen. Marco Rubio (R-Fla.) says it is "ridiculous and absurd" to argue there is a constitutional right to same-sex marriage.

7-year-old boy discovers new species of dinosaur

Bringing your kids to work has its benefits. Seven-year-old Diego Suarez was playing outside with his sister while his parents, both geologists, studied rock formations in the Andes in southern Chile.

ESPN sues Verizon over tiered subscription service

ESPN on Monday filed suit against Verizon, alleging the communications giant violated its contract with the network by offering customers smaller, categorized subscription packages.

Elizabeth Warren can 'get Hillary to do whatever the hell she wants,' says Warren adviser

Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass.) insists she is not running for president — but that doesn't mean she has no impact on the race.

Want to know what styles are in? Google wants to help.

Google has released its first-ever trend report, offering its insight into which fashion trends are on the way out and which are here to stay.

Why your prescription meds have inexplicably gotten more expensive

If there's a sudden increase in the cost of your prescription medication, behind-the-scenes deals could be the culprit.

America's least drunk states are Utah and... West Virginia?

The folks at the Global Health Data Exchange have all kinds of interesting maps. Here's one on general alcohol consumption of any kind.

Salman Rushdie calls authors 'p-ssies' for boycotting Charlie Hebdo event

The debate over Charlie Hebdo, the French satirical magazine that was attacked by terrorists in January, re-entered the spotlight today, after six prominent authors announced that they would not attend the Pen American Center's annual gala in May because the magazine would be awarded the foundation's Freedom of Expression Courage Award.

Loretta Lynch sworn in as attorney general

Attorney General Loretta Lynch was sworn into office Monday, making her the first African-American woman ever to hold the Justice Department's top job.

Wisconsin police billboard features officer on leave for shooting 2 people

This week's award for really poor marketing decisions goes to the police association of Kenosha, Wisconsin, whose latest billboard features a local officer, Pablo Torres, who is currently on leave for shooting two people in March.

Irony alert: Clinton criticized Obama over backroom nuclear deals in 2008

Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton has been subject to heavy criticism following a New York Times story which explained how, as secretary of state, Clinton approved the sale of uranium to Russia apparently in exchange for multi-million dollar donations to the Clinton Foundation.

ISIS is getting weapons from all over the world

It's common knowledge that the Islamic State boasts an arsenal of American-made weapons, which were seized after the group routed Iraqi forces in its sweeping rampage across the country.

Alex Rodriguez's next home run will give the Yankees a huge legal headache

Alex Rodriguez mashed his 659th career home run Sunday, putting him one behind Willie Mays on the all-time dinger list.

Chipotle's menu is now free of GMOs

Chipotle is officially the first major restaurant chain to go completely GMO-free. The fast-casual chain has worked to eliminate genetically modified organisms from its offerings for more than two years, The Wall Street Journal reports.

Ray Lotta explains what the real Henry Hill thought of Goodfellas at 25th anniversary event

The Tribeca Film Festival ended by by screening one of the defining films of its founder, Robert De Niro: Goodfellas, the classic gangster movie that celebrates its 25th anniversary this year.

These Chinese tomb raiders tried to tunnel into a 1,400-year-old temple

Officials have apprehended a group of thieves who attempted to break into China's ancient Guanghui Temple, in the Hebei province.

The mafia didn't beat up Harry Reid, says Nevada man who started rumor

Senate Minority Leader Harry Reid (D-Nev.) didn't suffer facial fractures at the hands of some mob goons, according to a man who claims to have concocted that tall tale.