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Surprised archaeologists unearth an ancient Egyptian brewery in downtown Tel Aviv

Move over, IPAs: The ancient Egyptians were enjoying beer thousands of years ago. Archaeologists have discovered fragments of ceramic basins that ancient Egyptians used to make beer, the Israeli Antiquities Authority announced.

Pentagon looking to spend billions in coming years on new Air Force One fleet

According to the Pentagon, it would be cheaper in the long run to replace the aircraft that carries the President of the United States, and the goal is to have three new Boeing 747s to use as Air Force One by 2023.

One dead after shooting outside NSA headquarters

One person was killed near the headquarters of the National Security Agency on Monday after a car tried to ram a barrier at the Fort Meade military base, according to law enforcement officials.

NSA: We were just about to stop spying on everyone before Snowden spoke out

Agents of the National Security Agency (NSA) claim that senior officials within the department wanted to shut down the mass surveillance program before whistleblower Edward Snowden exposed it to the American public.

SCOTUS mulls hearing case banning flag shirts on Cinco de Mayo

What's on SCOTUS' docket? The justices met Friday to decide whether or not to hear Dariano vs. Morgan Hill Unified School District, an appeal that asks if wearing an American flag shirt is a right protected under the First Amendment or a fashion statement that could provoke violence.

Democrats avoid explaining how Indiana's religious freedom law is different from laws they supported

A number of prominent Democrats in the past supported laws similar to the controversial new legislation in Indiana, which says the government can't "substantially burden a person's exercise of religion" in requiring them to engage in business practices or transactions that violate their beliefs.

Volvo is building its first factory in the U.S.

The Volvo Car Group hopes to boost its diminishing sales by building an auto factory in the U.S. The company announced the $500 million investment on Monday.

Germanwings co-pilot was treated for 'suicidal tendencies'

Andreas Lubitz, the Germanwings co-pilot believed to have deliberately crashed an airliner last week in the French Alps, received treatment years ago for "suicidal tendencies," prosecutors said Monday. "In the following period, and until recently, further doctor's visits took place, resulting in sick notes without any suicidal tendencies or aggression against others being recorded," Ralf Herrenbrueck, a spokesperson for the prosecutors, said in a statement.

Eating eggs alongside raw vegetables could boost their health benefits

Most people would agree that raw vegetables are a healthy snack, but adding an egg could make them even healthier.

How the GOP made fiscal responsibility look irresponsible

It's a minor miracle: Both houses of the Republican-controlled Congress have passed a budget. Now, that's the easy part compared to getting appropriations bills to Obama's desk that he will actually sign.

Jay Z to relaunch Tidal, his music streaming rival to Spotify

Jay Z is no longer just a business, man, but also a businessman. The rapper turned mogul on Monday will relaunch the music streaming service Tidal, which he acquired earlier this year for $56 million.

Archaeologists discover mysterious Mayan citadel with structure unlike any other

Archaeologists have been exploring the ancient Mayan city of El Pilar in Belize for years, but only recently did they discover an unusual addition to the city: a citadel with a structure unlike that of other Mayan sites.

Why Saudi airstrikes are pounding Yemen for a fifth day, explained by the BBC

Warplanes bombed Yemen and its capital, Sanaa, Sunday night and Monday, extending the Saudi-led coalition's airstrikes on the Houthi rebels and their allies for a fifth day.

The Daily Show crowns Trevor Noah as Jon Stewart's heir

On Monday, Comedy Central named Jon Stewart's replacement as host of The Daily Show — and it probably wasn't someone on your short list.

Study: Antibiotic-resistant bacteria from American cattle have become airborne

A new study to be published in next month's issue of the journal Environmental Health Perspectives found that DNA from antibiotic-resistant bacteria in Texan cattle have become airborne.

Poll: More Republicans view Obama, Democrats as imminent threat than Russia's Putin

In a new Reuters/Ipsos poll, 34 percent of Republicans called President Obama an imminent threat to the United States, versus 25 percent who ranked Russian President Vladimir Putin and 23 percent who viewed Syrian President Bashar al-Assed as that dangerous.

Australian bureaucrat's email flub exposed personal info on Obama, other world leaders

Last November, before Australia hosted a group of world leaders at a koala-hugging G20 summit, a staffer in the country's Department of Immigration and Border Protection accidentally emailed the passport numbers and other personal information about President Obama and 30 other world leaders to the local organizers of the Asian Cup soccer tournament, The Guardian reports.

Obama's real failure on Iran

Conservatives love to direct ire at President Obama's domestic agenda, particularly his stated goal of "fundamentally transforming" America — halting and amateurish as his progress might be.

Iran says it's not willing to ship its uranium abroad, in nuclear talks hiccup

On Sunday, with a hard deadline for a framework agreement on its nuclear program two days away, Iranian Deputy Foreign Minister Abbas Araqchi told the Iranian media that Iran will not ship its enriched uranium to Russia or anywhere else for conversion to rods incapable of fueling atomic weapons.