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Google's driverless cars follow all the traffic rules perfectly. That's actually a big problem.

Google's self-driving cars are really, really good at following traffic safety rules. But they still get into crashes — because human drivers are so bad at following the rules.

Google's new logo actually has a functional purpose

Change is hard and Google, which has used the same recognizable four-color wordmark since 1999, is shaking things up with the introduction of a spiffy new sans-serif logo.

Watch NFL star Marshawn Lynch hawk Skittles on a TV shopping network

It's finally September, which means real NFL action is just over a week away. But if the Sept. 10 season opener still seems out of reach, here's a treat to fill the football-shaped void: Marshawn Lynch appeared on a TV shopping network to hawk — what else?

What happened to Scott Walker?

Of all the curiosities of the 2016 Republican presidential race — and there have been plenty — the quietest may also be the most difficult to answer.

Video appears to show Texas cops killing man with hands raised

Cell phone footage from Bexar County, Texas appears to show two sheriff's deputies shooting and killing a man as he stands, still and shirtless, with his hands raised in the air.

Vote Trump if your big issue is mountains named after middling presidents

Republican braggadocio Donald Trump has made his campaign all immigration policy, all the time — until now.

Iceland said it could only accept 50 Syrian refugees. Then 10,000 big-hearted Icelanders offered up their homes.

Europe is buckling under the weight of hundreds of thousands of African and Middle Eastern refugees trying to get into the EU.

Murder rates spike in at least 35 cities across the country

The summer isn't even over yet, and already Milwaukee has surpassed the total homicide count for the entire year of 2014 by 18 homicides.

James Bond author says Idris Elba is 'too street' to play 007

The rumor mill has been churning for months now with speculation that Idris Elba will be the next James Bond.

The Supreme Court demanded that this Kentucky county clerk issue same-sex marriage licenses. She refused, citing 'God's authority.'

A Kentucky county clerk's office denied two same-sex couples' requests for marriage licenses Tuesday morning, just hours after the Supreme Court ruled against Rowan County Clerk Kim Davis' request to be excused from issuing the licenses.

8 highlights of Hillary Clinton's latest email dump

The State Department's late-night release of 7,121 new pages of emails from Hillary Clinton's tenure as secretary of state hasn't revealed anything earth-shattering about the 2016 Democratic presidential candidate, but news organizations have uncovered a few interesting exchanges during a night of digging.

Hillary Clinton's 'gefilte fish' email isn't as ridiculous as it sounds

At first glance, this Hillary Clinton email released in the latest State Department dump would be enough to leave anyone more than a bit baffled.

Pope Francis allows priests to forgive women who've had abortions

Pope Francis has allowed priests the "discretion to absolve the sin of abortion," the Vatican announced on Tuesday.

Archaeologists discover trade secrets between Romans and barbarians in ancient shipwreck

Sometime in the third or fourth century A.D., a Roman merchant ship carrying tin and pottery sunk in the Bay of Morlaix, on the northern coast of France.

One of these 4 designs might well be New Zealand's next flag

On Tuesday morning, New Zealand unveiled four final designs for a new national flag that will go to a vote in November.

Here are all the movies you should see in September

September 4: Dragon Blade What it's about: In the year 48 B.C., a Chinese military officer (Jackie Chan) teams up with a Roman general (John Cusack) to fend off a third commander who poses a mutual threat (Adrien Brody).

Can the Republican Party win back its own base?

There was a time not too long ago when Democrats looked on jealously as the Republican Party acted as one smoothly functioning machine.

The Donald rises: Why Republicans want an anti-hero in 2016

It was supposed to be the greatest Republican field of all time. The most highly-qualified, severely conservative, all-round competitive crop of candidates primary voters had ever seen.

Jeb Bush's latest counterpunch: Donald Trump is soft on crime, Nancy Pelosi

On Monday, Donald Trump gave Jeb Bush "the Willie Horton treatement," releasing a nasty Instagram video of Bush calling illegal immigration an "act over love" juxtaposed with photos of three undocumented immigrants accused or convicted of murder: This is no "act of love" as Jeb Bush said...