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Ben Carson Tries to Top Himself, Blames Holocaust on Gun Control

Another week, another jaw-dropping comment from Ben Carson. In an interview with CNN’s Wolf Blitzer on Thursday, the Republican presidential candidate (who is catching up to front-runner Donald Trump in the polls) suggested that gun control was partly to blame for the Holocaust.

More Clues that Joe Biden Is Definitely, Maybe Running for President

Joe Biden "confidants" claim the vice president could make his decision about entering the 2016 race as soon as this weekend, but if you can't wait that long, here's another anonymous clue about his plans.

How the Right Is Reacting to the House Leadership Crisis

House Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy’s last-minute decision to bow out from the competition to replace John Boehner as speaker has thrown a wrench into the gears of a GOP machine that was not very well oiled to begin with.

Who’s Going to Be the Next House Speaker?

John Boehner's handpicked successor just quit the race for Speaker before a vote was even cast. Now that House Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy has been forced out by tea party hardliners, some Republicans are crying in the Capitol cloak room, while others search frantically for a new leader to unite them.

Donald Trump Has at Least One Very Enthusiastic Hispanic Supporter

Donald Trump's problems with the United States' Latino community are pretty well-documented, at this point.

You Get to Decide Which Woman Goes on the New $10 Bill

We already know which female celebrities and GOP candidates want to see featured on the soon-to-be revamped $10 bill — but the U.S Treasury was perhaps even less impressed with their suggestions than we were.

Weird Accessories Are Fine; Grabbing Women Is Not

DNAinfo reports that a 30-something man in a snorkel "bear-hugged [a 22-year-old woman] and carried her across the sidewalk" at Eighth Avenue and 23rd Street last Friday morning.

Kevin McCarthy and the Republican Party’s Descent Into Anarchy

When I checked in last week with some of the highly knowledgeable folks I know from my days as a congressional reporter, all of them were sure that Kevin McCarthy would be the next Speaker of the House.

Republicans Scramble to Find Anyone (Qualified) Who Wants to Be House Speaker

House Republicans were supposed to announce their pick to be Speaker John Boehner's replacement this afternoon, but now the election has been postponed.

Will Democrats Elect the Next GOP Speaker?

Representative Kevin McCarthy was supposed to be celebrating by now. The Republican majority leader was widely seen as one of the only people in the House capable of drawing the 218 votes necessary to be elected Speaker.

Pluto Has Water, Too (of Course, It’s Frozen)

Pluto, often derided as nothing more than a dwarf planet, finally has something to be proud of: Early this morning, NASA revealed that the New Horizons spacecraft, which took a close look at the little guy this past summer, showed that it is, as suspected, home to water ice!

American Who Foiled French Train Attack Injured in Stabbing

One of the United States servicemen who overpowered a shooter on a Paris-bound train in August was stabbed in Sacramento on Wednesday night.

Presumed Boehner Replacement Suddenly Drops Out of House Speaker Race

House Republicans were supposed to announce their pick to be Speaker John Boehner's replacement this afternoon, but now the election has been postponed.

Oklahoma Reportedly Used Wrong Drug in Execution Where Inmate Yelled, ‘My Body Is on Fire’

When Oklahoma executed convicted murderer Charles Warner last January, it took 18 minutes for officials to pronounce him dead. “My body is on fire,” he said from the gurney.

33 Still Unaccounted for in Wake of Kunduz Hospital Bombing

Five days after the U.S. airstrike that killed 19 staff and patients at the Doctors Without Borders medical facility in Kunduz, the group announced today that it still doesn't know the fates of 24 other staff members, composed of doctors and administrative personnel, along with nine patients. At a press conference ...

Ben Carson Once Bravely ‘Redirected’ a Gunman to Someone Else

Earlier this week, in the wake of the Umpqua Community College shooting, Ben Carson talked about what he might do if he found himself in a similar situation.

Dams Fail Across South Carolina As Floodwaters Kill 19

The rain stopped pounding South Carolina early this week, but floods still threaten many parts of the state.

George H.W. Bush’s Diet Includes a Healthy Dose of Fox News–Fueled 2016 Rage

Jeb Bush's campaign thus far doesn't seem to have done much to help his chances at becoming president — he has less than 10 percent support in the polls right now.

FIFA Suspends President Sepp Blatter and Two Other Top Executives

FIFA's Ethics Committee showed the world soccer governing body's president, Sepp Blatter, and two of its other top officials the red card on Thursday, presenting each with a provisional 90-day suspension, while Swiss authorities continue investigating the organization's endemic corruption.FIFA vice-president Michael Platini and FIFA secretary general Jérôme Valcke will ...

U.S. Government Wants to Know: Why Does ISIS Only Drive Toyotas?

The Treasury Department's Terror Financing Unit has launched an inquiry into why the Toyota Hilux is the ISIS jihad ride of choice.