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30 Years Later, Missing Amnesiac Finds Himself

After 30 years, a Canadian man realized the truth: He was Edgar. Living in St. Catharines, Ontario, he had spent decades with no memory of his family, his childhood, or his identity.

Mets Pitcher Jenrry Mejía Banned for Life After Third Positive Test for Performance-Enhancing Drugs

Mets pitcher Jenrry Mejía has been banned for life by Major League Baseball for failing his third test for performance-enhancing drugs.

Ivana Trump Suggests That Donald Can Only Be Replaced by 3 Men

Donald Trump’s ex-wife has nearly as many options for Valentine's Day as Republicans have for their nomination.“I have about three boyfriends,” Ivana Trump told the Daily Front Row.

Donald Trump, Marco Rubio, and the Torture Primary

Max Boot has a powerful and welcome column in the conservative magazine Commentary blasting Donald Trump for proposing to bring back torture.

Erica Garner’s Endorsement of Bernie Sanders Is One of the Most Moving Political Ads Ever

Black Lives Matter was once a “problem” for Bernie Sanders. Now the movement is Sanders’s strongest base of support in the African-American community.The Vermont senator’s struggle to reach black voters gained national attention last summer, when BLM protesters disrupted two of the candidate’s events.

Why Is Bernie Dodging Questions About Whether He’d Expand Government?

The very first question posed to Bernie Sanders in Thursday night's PBS debate in Milwaukee is one that's been asked in some form in every one of the Democratic debates.

Republican Debate Inviting Everybody But Gilmore

You may have heard that the next Republican presidential debate will take place Saturday night. What you may not realize is that it's not really a debate involving all of the Republican presidential candidates.

Second White Guy Assaulted in Brooklyn by Man Calling Him ‘Cracka’

A black man reportedly attacked a 51-year-old white guy Monday evening in East Flatbush, knocking him down and calling him "cracka." According to the Daily News, the victim was on Nostrand Avenue at around 5:40 p.m.

It Might Feel Like -20 Degrees This Weekend

New York City is having an icy breakup with its warm winter this Valentine's weekend. The northeastern United States will likely see the most bone-chilling temperatures of the season so far as a result of the dreaded "polar vortex" effect.  New York and New England will get close to record-breaking low ...

New York’s Pro Soccer Club Unveils Redesigned Jersey by Showing Up at Fans’ Jobs

The New York City Football Club, the Major League Soccer team that plays its home matches at Yankee Stadium, announced earlier this week that it will wear a new jersey for road games during the upcoming 2016 season.

Soft-Core-Porn Star Fails to Make Transition Into Mainstream Cruz Commercial

Briefly, Amy Lindsay’s acting credits included Erotic Traveler, Pleasure Zone: Volume 2, Milf, and "Attack Ad on Marco Rubio Endorsed by Ted Cruz." Unfortunately for her, she can scratch that last one off the list: The Cruz campaign has deep-sixed the ad, formally titled “Conservatives Anonymous,” starring the soft-core-porn star, ...

Barack and Michelle Celebrate Valentine’s Day by Embarrassing Their Daughters

As the end of his term grows ever-near, President Obama has not only taken to giving fewer fucks about people's opinions of his policy decisions, but he's also joined Michelle in an effort to just go all-out on embarrassing Sasha and Malia.

Britain’s The Independent Is Closing Its Print Editions

The British morning newspaper The Independent, launched in 1986, will print its final edition on March 26.

Congress Finally Finds Something to Agree On: Forced Labor, Child Slavery Bad

This Congress, where extending gridlock is practically a point of pride, has mercifully found a subject everyone can agree on: stopping trade based in slavery.

The NBA Inches Closer to Putting Ads on Unforms

NBA commissioner Adam Silver has said it’s “inevitable” that the league will one day put advertisements on jerseys.

A Video of a Teacher Tearing Up a First-Grader’s Paper Captures an Important Part of the Charter-School Debate

One important facet of the fierce debate over charter schools has to do with discipline. Many of the charter schools that boast high test scores also take a stricter, more regimented approach to discipline and academic performance than their public-school counterparts.

Donald Trump Nears 50 Percent in New National Poll As Marco Robot Powers Down

Donald Trump was supposed to have a low ceiling of support. Sure, maybe 30 percent of the GOP base might actually vote for a walking, talking caricature of capitalist excess.

Fresh Intelligence: NYPD Officer Convicted in Akai Gurley Case, Syria Ceasefire, and More

Good morning and welcome to Fresh Intelligence, our roundup of the stories, ideas, and memes you'll be talking about today.

What You Missed in the 6th Democratic Debate

Even if you watched Thursday night's Democratic debate on CNN, it was pretty clear that it was a PBS production.

‘This is the First Time in History’ That Women Were the Majority At a Primary Debate

At Thursday's GOP Primary debate at the University of Milwaukee—Wisconsin, Hillary Clinton dropped a history lesson: At tonight's debate, there were one, two, three women onstage: Hillary Clinton, and the two moderators where co-anchors Gwen Ifill  and Judy Woodruff.