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More Intriguingly Mundane Moments from Hillary Clinton’s Email

On Monday night the State Department released another batch of Hillary Clinton's emails, and once again, there are no shocking revelations about her involvement in history's greatest conspiracies (though you may have seen some amusing parody emails floating around Twitter).

Obama Reportedly Returning to Columbia in 2017 for As-of-Yet Mysterious Reason

Columbia University president Lee Bollinger told students at a convocation on Monday to get excited, because President Barack Obama was on his way — as was First Lady Michelle Obama.

Real-Estate Developer Allegedly Left Friend to Die After Drunken Hamptons Car Crash

A Manhattan real-estate developer is being held on $1 million bond following a deadly late-night car wreck in the Hamptons.

Where Does 2020 Presidential Candidate Kanye West Stand on the Issues?

Last night at the VMAs, Kanye West gave us ample reason to give up on the 2016 election and start focusing on the next presidential race.

Jeb Bush Responds to Insanely Racist Trump Ad by Calling Trump Liberal

Donald Trump created an ad on his Instagram account that attacks Jeb Bush for not hating illegal immigrants.

Giant Dead-Rat Bouquet Adorns Lower East Side Scaffolding

It's late summer in New York City, and the giant dead rats are in full bloom. And, as noted by a Bowery Boogie tipster, some person was thoughtful enough to collect a few particularly impressive specimens into a bouquet for everyone passing by the Lower East Side's Baruch Houses — ...

Vice Journalists Accused of ‘Terror Activity’ in Turkey

Two British Vice News reporters and their Iraqi translator have been arrested and charged with "engaging in terror activity," the AFP reports.

Dick Cheney’s Ideas to Stop Iranian Nukes Are As Sophisticated As You Might Expect

Critics of the Iran nuclear deal have hinged their opposition on the premise that the alternative to the unpleasant concessions to Iran’s unpleasant regime is the mythical “better deal.” Like the mythical Obamacare alternative, the “better deal” has none of the bad stuff contained in the actual Iran deal required ...

Couple Arrested for Taking Selfies on Boat Already Occupied by Sleeping Family

Police officers in Connecticut arrested two twentysomethings on Sunday for making bad choices after going to a KFC/Taco Bell.

Cheney Sure Likes the Idea of a Biden Presidential Campaign

It's no surprise that former vice-president Dick Cheney — a man who literally and figuratively lacks a full human heart — can throw shade with the best of them.

Is America Ready for a Dog President?

Hey, American voter! Are you feeling uninspired by Hillary Clinton and Jeb Bush? Not so sure about Bernie Sanders?

Obama to Run Off Into the Alaskan Wilderness With Bear Grylls

NBC announced on Monday that President Obama's newest adviser is Bear Grylls — the survival expert/environmental masochist is scheduled to take the leader of the free world out into the wilderness during Obama's trip to Alaska this week.

ISIS Reportedly Bombed Another Ancient Temple in Syria

On Sunday, a huge blast shook the ancient city of Palmyra in Syria. "It was an explosion the deaf would hear," a resident told the Associated Press.  According to the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights, the ISIS attack targeted not people, but history — the Temple of Bel, a 2,000 year old ...

New York Magazine Competition No. 55: Brooklynize a Novel

Welcome back to the New York Magazine Competition. On alternate Mondays, we lay out a challenge and offer a sample responses. Enter in the comments section, or on Twitter with the hashtag we've provided, and the editors will select a winner.

Courtroom Sketch Artist Somewhat Terrified of Having to Draw Tom Brady Again

On Monday, New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady will visit a New York City courtroom once again, as he and NFL commissioner Roger Goodell try to reach a settlement over Deflategate.  Jane Rosenberg will be there too, and she's dreading it.

U.S. May Celebrate Chinese State Visit With Sanctions

Two weeks after the State Department told Chinese agents hunting the nation's fugitives that they must leave the U.S., the Washington Post reports that the Obama administration is developing a package of economic sanctions against Chinese companies and individuals who benefit from economic espionage by Chinese hackers.

Sarah Palin Slams Press for Asking Donald Trump ‘Gotcha’ Bible Questions

Last week Donald Trump was hounded about his religious beliefs after he refused to share his favorite Bible verse with Bloomberg Politics, though he's repeatedly declared that the Bible is his favorite book.

‘These People Are Messing with the Wrong Family’: Alison Parker’s Parents Vow to Fight for Gun Control

Just hours after WDBJ journalist Alison Parker was shot on-air last week, her father, Andy Parker, appeared on Fox News and said he would dedicate his life to getting stricter gun legislation passed.

Kanye West Made a Shade-Filled, ‘Bro’-Tinged Presidential Announcement at the VMAs

Over the course of one rambling acceptance speech for the Video Vanguard award at the VMAs, Kanye rehashed Taylorgate yet again, threw MTV under the bus, declared that children are the future, used the word bro to great effect, and announced his 2020 presidential bid.

People Are Camping Out to Hear Jimmy Carter Teach Sunday School

Former President Jimmy Carter has been teaching Sunday school in Plains, Georgia for decades, usually drawing a crowd of about 100.