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Republicans in Congress Would Like to Know If Russians Hacked Our Election

They’re planning to launch probes into the cyber threat posed by Russia, though Trump doesn’t seem all that interested.

Carrier Deal Will Ultimately Help Eliminate Some Jobs Trump ‘Saved’

An RNC official repeated Trump’s baseless attack on a union leader, and his false claim that more than 1,000 jobs will stay in Indiana.

This 99-Million-Year-Old Dinosaur Tail Is Covered in Feathers

Found encased in amber, this tail provides an unprecedented glimpse at dinosaurs.

Trump Is the Least Popular President-Elect in Modern American History

A new Pew poll shows just 41 percent of Americans approve Trump’s transition efforts. In 2009, 71 percent approved of Obama’s.

Brooklyn Man Who Pulled Woman’s Hijab Is Charged With a Hate Crime

The incident happened last month.

On the Mystique of John Glenn

The last of the Mercury Seven is gone.

Harry Reid (Correctly) Says That Democrats Shouldn’t Overreact to 2016

Liberals are rightly worried about their powerlessness. But some of their problems will be solved by Republicans.

A Congressman Has Accused Both Tucker Carlson and Donald Trump of Working for the Kremlin

Adam Schiff had it out with the Fox host over alleged Russian hacking.

We’re About to Find Out How Much Trump’s Base Really Cares About Immigration

The Labor Department enforces immigration law in the workplace — and Trump just picked a “pro-amnesty” business owner to lead that department.

Winter Is … Well, You Know

May even get the area’s first “wintry mix.”

A New Study Shows How Severe U.S. Inequality Is — and How Little We’re Doing About It

The average income for the bottom 50 percent is the same as in 1980 — while the average income for the top one percent has more than tripled.

John Glenn, Astronaut and Former U.S. Senator, Dies at 95

He had recently been hospitalized.

Trump Gives Middle Finger to Wage Earners With His Choice For Labor Secretary

The term “fox in the henhouse” only begins to describe fast-food CEO Andy Puzder in the role.

A Lifelong Relationship With BookCourt, Ended Just a Moment Too Soon

The bookstore where I spent my whole adulthood will go out of business just before I become an author.

Trump’s Transition Team ‘Is Like Game of Thrones’

There is a power struggle at the center of it between Steve Bannon and Reince Priebus.

This Has Been the Hottest Autumn Ever

This fall has set a new temperature record --- 57.6 degrees --- in the U.S.

New York City Will Stop Saving Personal Data for Municipal ID Holders

The fate of the data for the 900,000 current card holders, many unauthorized immigrants, is not yet clear.

Democratic Populism Probably About to Take a Beating in Huey Long’s State

Senate candidate Foster Campbell has a message tailor-made for his state. But it probably won’t matter.

Democrats May Run Their Own Eccentric Billionaires in 2018

Inspired by Trump’s example --- and the weakness of the Democrats’ bench --- a trio of liberal mega-donors are contemplating runs for governor.