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Another Child Beaten to Death in an NYC Homeless Shelter

Less than a week after 3-year-old Jeida Torres was beaten to death by her stepfather in a Bushwick homeless shelter, another child similarly awful end in Queens.

Most of the Places the New York Ebola Patient Visited Are Now Nice and Clean

With Dr. Craig Spencer in isolation at Bellevue, New York is cleaning up after its first Ebola patient.

Woman Quarantined in New Jersey Does Not Have Ebola

On Friday afternoon, New York Governor Andrew Cuomo and New Jersey Governor Chris Christie announced a new policy for people arriving at JFK and Newark Liberty airports from Liberia, Sierra Leone, and Guinea: anyone who was exposed to Ebola during their time in West Africa will now be placed in a ...

New York's Ebola Response Gets Political

On Thursday night New York started grappling with the medical challenges of Ebola. But as if that weren’t complicated enough, the disease’s arrival in the state has set off some political drama too.

Young Fans Cry in the Presence of Jane Goodall, Rock Star

Eighty-year-old Dr. Jane Goodall is the subject of a Newsweek cover story this week. The primatologist and activist has spent a lifetime inspiring women and girls to scientific achievement, and as writer Abigail Jones notes (after witnessing 1,200 young girls stampede the auditorium during a Goodall lecture), she still has ...

Palestinian-American Teenager Killed by IDF in West Bank

A 14-year-old boy killed by the Israeli Defense Force in the West Bank on Friday was a U.S. citizen. Orwah Hammad was born in New Orleans and moved to the territory at age 6, according to his cousin.Hammad was one of a group of young men throwing stones at the ...

Ax Attacker Who Went After NYPD Was a Self-Radicalized ‘Terrorist,’ Says Bratton

The man who went after four police officers with a small hatchet yesterday afternoon in Queens has been identified as Zale Thompson, a 32-year-old who once served in the Navy and later converted to Islam, the Associated Press reports.

Janay Rice Doesn’t Find ‘Ray Rice’ Costume Funny

Ah, it's a magical time of year: when candy corn flows like water, photos at pumpkin patches litter our social-media feeds, and tasteless, blindly offensive costumes begin surfacing and going viral.

Student Suspect Dead in Seattle School Shooting

Police say a suspected school shooter is dead of a self-inflicted gunshot wound after opening fire in the cafeteria at Marysville Pilchuck High School, just north of Seattle on Friday.

10 Truly Good Things That Happened This Week

Between Boko Haram, violence at the Canadian Parliament, and Ebola showing up in NYC, it was another depressing week full of terrible news.

The Other Perk of Beating Ebola

The most obvious and best perk of beating Ebola is that you beat Ebola. The second-best perk, at least for Dallas nurse Nina Pham, is getting to meet the president.Then again, maybe seeing your puppy again ranks slightly above a presidential hug.

Republican Senate Candidate Signs Young Woman’s Body Despite Knowing It’s a Terrible Idea

Aspiring Georgia senator David Perdue is not Harry Styles, but he is close. At a campaign event yesterday, a young lady whose age almost definitely ends in -teen asked the candidate to take a Sharpie to her torso.

Marina Abramovic Is a Fan of the Mattress Girl

Marina Abramovic is impressed with Emma Sulkowicz, the art student who has been carrying around a mattress to protest Columbia University's tepid response to her rape allegations.

Pakistan Releases Suspect in Murder of U.S. Journalist Daniel Pearl

Qari Hashim, one of the suspects in the beheading of American journalist Daniel Pearl, was released from a Pakistani jail Friday.

Anthony Weiner Continues to Creep on the Sexy Women of Twitter

Earlier this week, disgraced stay-at-home-dad Anthony Weiner did yet another humanizing interview, but refused to say whether or not he was still messaging random hotties online.

Billy Porter Has a Thing for White Lady Pills

Name: Billy Porter Age: 45 Neighborhood: Harlem Occupation: Artist. Tony-winning actor, Kinky Boots. Playwright, While I Yet Live, which runs through October 31.

How Well Does the Clinton Brand Still Play in the Conservative South?

“At election time, sometimes people come get me. And I feel like an old racehorse in a stable — people just take me out, put me on the track, slap me on the rear, and see if I can run around one more time,” Bill Clinton told a group of ...

FBI Arrests Creepy Google Employee for Running Nude Photo Scam

The FBI has indicted 23-year-old Nicholas Rotundo, an internal technology resident at Google's Mountain View Campus, for two counts of cyberstalking after he posed as a researcher in order to solicit naked photos of women, which he then used to blackmail them.

Iraq Claims ISIS Used Chemical Weapons in Attack

U.S. officials are looking into whether ISIS used chlorine gas in attacks against opposition forces following allegations from Baghdad.

Here Are Some Things New Yorkers Should Be More Afraid of Than Ebola

You are not going to get Ebola on the subway. You are not going to get Ebola in your Uber. You are not going to get Ebola in a semi-ironic Williamsburg bowling alley.