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The First Clinton-Trump Showdown Could Come Close to Beating Some Viewership Records

It’s looking like more people tuned in for this debate than for the first contest between Obama and Romney in 2012.

Trump Directed $2.3 Million in Personal Fees to His Tax-Exempt Charity

The GOP nominee seems to have used his foundation as a tax-avoidance scheme.

Firefighter Killed After Possible Drug Den Explodes in the Bronx

Others were injured, including at least four police officers.

How Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump Made Alicia Machado the New Khizr Khan

Clinton set the perfect trap, and Trump walked right into it.

‘No Sniffles,’ Trump Says, Denying the Obvious

He blamed the supposed sniffles on the “very bad” mic picking up his breathing.

A Surprising Number of Debate-Watchers Saw What They Wanted to See: A Trump Victory

Keep in mind the people most likely to watch weren’t the undecided.

The A.C.L.U. Will Temporarily Defend Alleged Chelsea Bomber Ahmad Khan Rahami

The A.C.L.U. called his lack of representation “extremely disturbing.”

Trump Tells Media He’s Too Classy to Bring Up Bill’s Affairs

According to Newt Gingrich, it “might have been the best single moment of the entire debate.”

Donald Trump Interrupted Hillary Clinton Many, Many, Many Times at the Debate

I guess he just had a lot to say.

Hillary Clinton Won the First Debate. What If That Doesn’t Move the Polls?

It would indicate that American voters are so polarized that the race will come down to one key factor.

Ohio Judge Upholds Federal Guidelines for Transgender Students

He called on a local school district to treat a female transgender student “like the girl she is.”

Californian Sentenced to 30 Years in Prison for Attempting to Join ISIS

A co-defendant will be sentenced in October.

The Internet Has Some Theories About Why Trump Kept Sniffing at the Debate

People who live in 58-story glass houses shouldn’t throw stones.

Ranting Bully Donald Trump Came Unglued in First Presidential Debate

A draw on economics, a total slaughter on character.

Trump Confirms That He Changed His Stance on Birtherism for Political Convenience

At the debate, Trump said he changed his mind about birtherism when he realized that black voters “really wanted me to come to that conclusion.”

Did Trump Just Admit He Doesn’t Pay Any Taxes?

At Monday’s debate, Trump suggested that, if he paid taxes, it “would be squandered.”

Houston Shooter Was Wearing a Military Uniform With Nazi Emblems

He also had two guns, a knife, and more than 2,500 rounds of ammunition.

Andrew Sullivan Liveblogs the First Presidential Debate

Join us at 9 p.m. tonight for Sullivan’s return to blogging as he covers the first debate between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump.

Orlando Gunman Omar Mateen Name-drops Obscure ISIS Terrorist in 911 Transcripts

He demanded the end to U.S. air strikes.

Bridgegate Trial: David Wildstein Testifies to a Career of Political Tricks – and His Most Ambitious Scheme of All

The prosecution’s star witness details the plot he concocted, and who, he says, was in on it.