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Five States Sue the Federal Government Over Transgender Health Care Protections

The states, along with Christian healthcare providers, argue that treating transgender patients could violate their religious rights.

There’s Just One Flaw In Donald Trump’s New Plan To Show He’s Not Racist

It has something to do with the fact that he’s actually a gigantic racist.

Donald Trump’s Great White Hope Is Fading Fast

Trump’s fragile White House hopes rest on record turnout among disaffected white voters. A new study suggests that ain’t happening.

If You Were a Private Citizen Who Met With Secretary Clinton, You Probably Had Donated to Her Foundation

The AP reports that more than half of the nongovernment officials Clinton met with at the State Department had donated to the Clinton Foundation.

The Supreme Court Is on the Cusp of a Liberal Revolution

If Clinton wins, it would be the first time since the Truman administration that the Dems had more than two consecutive terms to appoint justices.

Obama Praises FEMA, Pushes Back on Politics in Visit to Flood-Ravaged Louisiana

Louisiana residents have “a lot of work to do, and they shouldn’t have to do it alone,” Obama said.

The Stock Market Is Quiet. Too Quiet.

The volatility of the stock market is at a two-decade low. Some analysts worry we might be in the calm before the storm.

Mass Lesbian Farm Infiltration Is Obama’s Best Scheme Yet

Soon all our food will be lesbian-grown.

New York Magazine Competition No. 76: I’m Not a Politician

The latest installment of our game.

Trump’s Man-Crush on Putin Could Cost Him Among a Key Swing-State Demographic

Voters from countries that have an unhappy past and present experience with Russia are not pleased.

Donald Trump Unveils Actual Plan to ‘Lock Her Up’

Since the Clinton-loving FBI can’t be trusted, Trump is promising to appoint a “special prosecutor” to investigate his rival after the election.

Virginia Governor Grants 13,000 Felons Voting Rights

After the state supreme court blocked his executive order to re-enfranchise 200,000 people.

Did Donald Trump Just Help the Cause of Comprehensive Immigration Reform?

Trump is trying to convince his base that they care more about building a wall than deporting 11 million people.

Hillary Clinton Answers Right-Wing Rumors About Her Health by Opening a Pickle Jar

She decides to deal with shady Team Trump allegations with some humor.

Clinton Foundation Still Not Criminal, Still Not Great for Hillary

Donors expected something for their money.

Hillary Clinton Addresses ‘Wacky’ Rumors and Proves She’s Healthy on Jimmy Kimmel Live!

Watch her pass the ultimate strength test.

Trump’s New Strategy: Anger Hispanics and His Deportation-Loving Base

After admitting he’ll basically follow Obama’s deportation plan, he compared minority neighborhoods to “war zones.”

Judge Blocks Obama’s Transgender Student Bathroom Guidelines

The injunction blocks rules that would allow students to use bathrooms corresponding to their gender identity.

Melania Trump Threatens News Outlets With Defamation Suit

The couple who sues together, stays together.

Fresh Intelligence: Today Is a Confusing Day for Immigration Reform Advocates, But Another Great Day for Bill Gates

Our roundup of the stories, ideas, and memes you’ll be talking about today.