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Synthetic Weed Is Putting New Yorkers in the Hospital Again

What's that strange smell in the suddenly warm air? It might just be synthetic marijuana. Once again, the authorities have issued a warning against smoking the stuff — also known as "spice" or "K2" — which has put 120 people in New York City hospitals since the beginning of April ...

Parents of Child Killed in Boston Marathon Bombing Don't Want Tsarnaev to Face the Death Penalty

The Boston Globe has published a heartbreaking appeal from the parents of Martin Richard, the 8-year-old boy who died in the Boston Marathon bombing.

NYPD Lieutenant Allowed Cop Impersonator to Use Squad Car

Last December, a guy named Thomas Georgevitch was arrested for impersonating an NYPD officer. The 40-year-old was known to walk around wearing a bulletproof vest, handcuffs, a radio, and a holstered gun, and the authorities found a stash of fake firearms, ammunition, and badges inside of his Bronx apartment.

How a ‘Pollen Tsunami’ and Too Many Male Trees Will Make This Allergy Season a Nightmare

This week, New Yorkers emerged from their darkened studio apartments, blinking and stretching, to greet their first 70-degree day since October. But as the cotton dresses and sandals are resurrected from storage, so too are the eye drops and bottles of Allegra. “Although spring is off to a slow start, now we ...

8 Actually Good Things That Happened This Week

It might be a little gray outside, but it's Friday, and there's a beautiful weekend full of sunny days and sleep ahead of you.

TV Reporter Covered in Bees Has Very Timely Story About Bees

On Friday morning, a semi-truck tipped over on the interstate in Washington, spilling its contents. The truck was not carrying corndogs, cheese, or chickens.

13 Weird Details About the 2016 Election You Might Have Missed This Week

Each week, Daily Intelligencer will assemble a selection of the most amusing or simply bizarre details about the campaign season that are entirely lacking in news value.

Senator Sponsors Legislation to Bring Campaign to Put a Woman on the $20 to Congress

New Hampshire Senator Jeanne Shaheen introduced legislation on Wednesday that would recommend that the Treasury Secretary "convene a panel of citizens" who would debate which woman could replace Andrew Jackson on the $20.

Vermont Lawmakers: Give Us Pot or We Will Make Your Existence a Sad Sober One

State Representatives Jean O'Sullivan and Christopher Pearson are tired of waiting for the Vermont state legislature to consider marijuana-legalization legislation.

Rupert Murdoch’s 3-Floor Penthouse Can Be Yours for a Measly $72M

News Corp. CEO Rupert Murdoch is trading in his airy triplex near Madison Square Park for a townhouse downtown, according to The Wall Street Journal.

Williamsburg Residents Trapped in Brooklyn for Next 5 Weekends

Williamsburg residents interested in venturing to Manhattan this weekend will be disappointed to learn that they're basically trapped inside their trendy-people utopia for the foreseeable future.

When Members of Congress Sleep With Lobbyists

All things told, Bill Shuster couldn’t have picked a better week for his relationship with a lobbyist to become news.

How ‘Negative Partisanship’ Has Transformed American Politics

President Obama’s approval ratings are hovering a few points below 50 percent, and his party is seeking a third straight term in the White House.

The Media May Have to Pay $10,000 or More for the Walter Scott Video

The horrific video of Walter Scott being fatally shot by South Carolina police officer Michael Slager was posted on media sites around the world, but now news organization may have to pay up if they want to keep using it.

2016 Candidates Are Still Evolving on Gay Marriage

Same-sex marriage is a pretty hot topic these days, so you'd think anyone who plans to spend the next year and a half being questioned about their political beliefs would have their position nailed down by now.

Is The Simpsons Still Funny When Performed by Ted Cruz?

You can stop letting things go to find out if they come back to you, because Ted Cruz has inadvertently invented a new test to find out how much you really love something.

Florida Mailman Now Banned From the Capitol

Douglas Hughes, the 61-year-old mailman from Florida who landed a gyrocopter outside the Capitol to deliver mail to lawmakers — and take a stand for campaign finance reform — was barred from ever going near the White House or Capitol again.

Man Replaces ‘White History Month’ Sign With ‘Going Out of Business’ Sign

Jim Boggess caused an uproar last month when he hung a tone-deaf sign in the window of his Flemington, New Jersey, deli that read: "Celebrate your white heritage in March, White History Month." Even though he publicly apologized, the backlash has caused his business to go under.

Putin Tells 4-Year-Old, ‘If You Like to Sleep, You’ll Make a Healthy President’

Vladimir Putin took part in his annual call-in TV show on Thursday, and fielded nearly four hours' worth of questions from Russians hoping that the president could solve their problems.

David Brooks Is the White-Hot Center of D.C. Gossip

The political class of D.C. likes to complain that TV shows portraying the city as sexy and moody are unrealistic, so perhaps it's appropriate that, for going on two years now, the sex life of the most mild-mannered New York Times columnist has been the subject of ceaseless speculation.