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The Early Spring This Year Is Brought to You by Climate Change

New York sees May-like temperatures on the first day of March. Government scientists see a bigger pattern.

Senate Confirms Montana Representative Ryan Zinke to Lead Interior Department

The former Navy SEAL said in his confirmation hearing that climate change is not a “hoax,” a break with the president.

Trump Basks in the Approval of the ‘Enemy of the American People’

The media found much to admire (or, at least, relatively little to loathe) in Trump’s big speech. And the president is elated.

New Yorkers Give Mayor Bill de Blasio His Highest Job-Approval Rating in a Year

And his reelection prospects are looking sweeter, too.

Despite Trump Speech, Conservative Rebels Not Budging on Obamacare

We are being told Trump gave clear direction to the congressional GOP on how to repeal and replace Obamacare.

‘Enraged’ Kim Jong-un Has 5 Security Officials Executed With Anti-Aircraft Guns

The North Korean leader has made a habit out of killing those who annoy him.

Were the Oscars and the Election Proof We’re Living in a Simulation?

If anything, our reality is getting less weird — that’s why when weirdness does pop up, it has a tendency to stand out.

Flint Residents Must Pay Full Price for Water They Can’t Drink Without a Filter

As the water credits ended, the doctor who uncovered the crisis highlighted Flint’s plight as a guest at President Trump’s address to Congress.

New Travel Ban Reportedly Delayed So Trump Can Bask in Good Press from Speech

It was expected on Wednesday, but White House sources say it was pushed to later this week after they saw the reviews.

Beshear Responds to a Speech Trump Chose Not to Give

Democrats had a hard time responding to an upbeat Trump speech that did not get into the messy details of his or his party’s agenda.

Trump Repeats Campaign Promises in Speech to Congress — But That Doesn’t Turn Them into Achievements

It was the same old Trump swill served up in perfumed linguistic packaging and presented in a far fancier setting.

Trump Treats Congress to Convincing Impersonation of a Competent President

The message was sharp. But the details were missing — and that could keep Trump from ever becoming the kind of president he just played on T.V.

Congressional Republicans Were Desperately Hoping For More Information From Trump. He Gave Them None.

The president’s address to Congress was upbeat: mainly because he did not address any of the tough choices his party faces.

Trump Rebuts Criticism of Yemen Raid in Address to Congress

He recognized the wife of Ryan Owens, the Navy SEAL who died in the controversial raid.

Why Trump’s Call for Unity Is A Lie

Some slight familiarity with the details reveals how hollow the President’s offer is.

Publishers Are Reportedly Willing to Pay a Massive Amount of Money for the Obamas’ Memoirs

A reported record-setting $60 million bidding war for two books.

Sean Spicer Was Almost Certainly Not Born in Kenya

There has been a lot of drama lately in the White House press office — including over the question of the secretary’s birthplace.

Trump Still Deciding Whether to Abandon His Central Policy Stance in Tonight’s Speech

He tells CNN he might come out for immigration reform. Or not. He’ll see. Don’t rush him!

The Socialist Takeover of the Democratic Party Is Proceeding Nicely

Centrist Democrats used to distance themselves from the left ahead of their presidential runs. Now, Booker and Cuomo are doing the opposite.

Retired Generals to Congress: Seriously, Please Do Not Cut International Spending

Increasing the Pentagon’s budget at the expense of everything else isn’t going to make America safer.