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Conway Says Trump Is Officially Never Releasing His Tax Returns

Plus: “alternative facts.”

For One Day of Protest, Every City Belonged to Its Pedestrians

Cities are places for openness—and carlessness.

White House (Falsely) Declares Trump’s Inauguration Crowd The Largest In History

“This was the largest audience to ever witness an inauguration,” the White House press secretary lied.

Trump Says Media Will ‘Pay a Big Price’ For Reporting That His Inauguration Crowd Was Small

In a speech at CIA headquarters, the president called journalists the “most dishonest human beings on Earth” – and his audience cheered.

Trump Can Legally Give His Son-in-Law a White House Job, Justice Department Says

Jared Kushner’s appointment as a senior White House adviser does not violate anti-nepotism laws, according to the Office of Legal Counsel.

Don’t Let Anybody Tell You the Marches Didn’t Matter

Washington heard a powerful message: The Democratic demobilization is over and a backlash awaits.

Women’s March Draws Much Larger Crowd Than Trump’s Inauguration

A round-up of the worldwide rallies in defense of gender equality.

Trump’s Pick to Enforce Civil Rights Is an Expert at Defending GOP Voting Laws

John Gore has defended Republican redistricting plans and voting roll purges against allegations of civil rights violations.

At Inaugural Balls Trump Talks ‘Enemies,’ Eats Plagiarized Cake

Pastry chef Duff Goldman says they copied the cake he made for Obama in 2013.

Trump Signs Vague Order to Begin Dismantling Obamacare

His administration also blocked a change that would have reduced the cost of mortgages for millions of home buyers.

Watch: Protests Turned Violent at a Demonstration Before the Inaugural Parade in Washington D.C.

Police used stun grenades, tear gas and pepper spray to disperse the rock-throwing crowd.

Was the Beatitudes Invocation at the Inaugural a Rebuke to Donald Trump?

The 45th president does not exactly evoke meekness, mercy, or peacemaking.

The GSA Canceled a Planned Statement About Trump’s Hotel Lease Issue

Perhaps the single most obvious legal and ethical issue facing the Trump presidency will, for now at least, remain unresolved.

Inauguration Day in Washington Is Like a Nightmare Twitter Thread

People have come from around America to shout at each other.

Along the Route of Trump’s Inaugural Parade

Lots of spectators, security, and many protesters.

Wayne Barrett, Who Taught Me Everything, Is Gone Just When We Need Him Most

The great investigative reporter died yesterday, at 71.

Trump’s Speech Gave Us America the Ugly. Don’t Let It Become Prophesy.

The language was violent and angry. The tone was vengeful. It was a warning about what Americans need to protect.

The White House Website Removes Climate Change and LGBT Pages

The America First Energy Policy makes no mention of global warming.

Donald Trump Is Sworn-In As the 45th President of the United States

Trump is about to become the 45th president.