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Snow-Plow Driver Not Taking ‘Serious’ Blizzard Very Seriously

While a local TV reporter tried to whip up a public frenzy surrounding the impending blizzard, one brave snow-plow driver was simply not having it.The Stony Brook area got close to two feet of snow, so that plow has a lot of doughnuts to do.

Gay Alabama Legislator Threatens to Out Adulterous Colleagues

Openly gay Alabama state representative Patricia Todd has had just about enough of her philandering anti-gay colleagues, who pursue extramarital affairs (or maybe even moonlit same-sex trysts) while trampling on her fledgling freedom to marry.

Guy Who Crashed Drone Into White House Lawn Was Drunk

The government employee who says he accidentally crashed a quadcopter drone on White House grounds also admitted that he had been drinking before operating the aircraft.

ISIS Loses Syrian Border Town in Major Upset

Kurdish forces say they have driven ISIS out of the Syrian border city of Kobani after months of brutal fighting — the extremist group's first major defeat since international scheming saved Yazidis trapped on Mount Sinjar.

Adorable Gowanus Bunnies Rescued From Blizzard

Dozens of the adorable fuzzy bunnies being investigated by the DA in Gowanus were rescued by police just before last night's blizzard hit, reports DNAinfo.

Why Snowstorms Are Still So Difficult to Predict

Humanity can rocket humans into space and vaccinate against life-threatening illnesses and kill enemies by remote control, but as you may have noticed from today's snow totals, we still can't accurately predict the weather.

New York’s Rich Are the Only Ones Getting Richer

There’s good news and bad news on the plutocracy front this week. The good news: Incomes in the state of New York have climbed a decent-enough 7.8 percent during the recovery.

You Can Now Drive and Take the Train Again

As the projected Snowmageddon was downgraded to a moderate snowstorm overnight, New York officials lifted precautionary travel bans that had been placed on private vehicles and public transportation.

So How Much Snow Did We Actually Get?

If you live in New York City, this blizzard was kind of a dud. Parts of Long Island received the brunt of the storm and the majority of the snowfall, but the five boroughs didn't even manage to accumulate a foot.

The Adult Snow Day Is Dying, and That’s Sad

If you live in the snow-pummeled Northeast and still have power and internet access, do a quick poll of your friends: Among those whose offices are closed, how many of them have a bona-fide day without work?

Not a Very P.C. Thing to Say

Around 2 a.m. on December 12, four students approached the apartment of Omar Mahmood, a Muslim student at the University of Michigan, who had recently published a column in a school newspaper about his perspective as a minority on campus.

Here’s What New York Looked Like During the Blizzard Travel Ban

In the coming days we can have a hearty debate about whether Governor Cuomo really needed to close the subway, but on Monday night most people were following his blizzard instructions.

Report: The Subway Will Actually Keep Running All Night, You Just Can’t Ride It

There's no bread at the grocery store and conservatives are denying climate change on Twitter, so why doesn't the blizzard of 2015 feel quite right?

Secret Service Can’t Protect White House from Drones

Today in things we probably don't want advertised in the newspaper: if anyone wants to fly a drone into the White House, the Secret Service can't really stop them.

There Are Still Some Russian Spies in New York

Exciting news for Cold War nostalgists: On Monday, the United States government charged three New York City-based Russian citizens with espionage.

Blizzard Offers Climate Deniers Yet Another Opportunity to Be Wrong

Climate change deniers are using Snowmageddon 2015, like every other storm, to further their anti-scientific trolling.

And Now, Let’s Take a Look Back at the 10 Biggest Snow Storms in NYC History

Well, the Blizzard of 2015 is officially upon us! As you are no doubt aware, Mayor de Blasio has said that we are "most likely" in for "one of the largest snow storms in the history of this city," with forecasters expecting 20 to 30 inches of snow to drop ...

The Instagram Blizzard Has Begun

As the snow picks up across the northeast, so too will the photos of the snow, blanketing your Instagram feed and making you wish, quite frankly, that the power would go out and grant you a reprieve.

What You Need to Know About Transportation (or Lack Thereof) During the Blizzard

With the Blizzard of 2015 scheduled to hit with full force this evening, leaders up and down the East Coast are preparing people to spend some time without access to public transportation.

How the Media Is Covering the Blizzard

A blizzard is about to pummel the East Coast, and — depending on whom you ask — it could dump anywhere from two inches to 24 inches on New York.