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‘This is the First Time in History’ That Women Were the Majority At a Primary Debate

At Thursday's GOP Primary debate at the University of Milwaukee—Wisconsin, Hillary Clinton dropped a history lesson: At tonight's debate, there were one, two, three women onstage: Hillary Clinton, and the two moderators where co-anchors Gwen Ifill  and Judy Woodruff.

Hillary Clinton Accuses Bernie Sanders of Sounding Like a Republican When He Talks About Obama

At the heart of the Democratic primary contest is a dispute over whether or not progressives should demand more from a presidency than Barack Obama has delivered.

Bernie Sanders Dumped Momentum in the PBS Debate

If you listened to cable news punditry in the immediate aftermath of the New Hampshire primary, Hillary Clinton's campaign was on the brink of collapse, and minority voter support was the thing that could save her.

Hillary Clinton Finally Addressed Sanders's ‘Every Other Country Does It’ Defense of Single-Payer

Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders have had this argument before. At least five times before to be precise.

Watch the 6th Democratic Debate With Daily Intelligencer

Two days after Bernie Sanders's big win in New Hampshire, the Vermont senator will face off with Hillary Clinton again on a debate stage in Milwaukee.

Scientist Tweets Picture of Cake, Accidentally Reveals Discovery of Gravitational Waves

When it comes to physics, always bet on Einstein. He's been dead for more than half a century, but Wednesday a team of physicists confirmed that one of his most important theories about the universe holds up: They proved the existence of gravitational waves.

Why Is The Wall Street Journal Publishing a Puff Piece on Donald Trump’s Campaign Manager?

I didn't have to think too deeply about the tone and import of Monica Langley's profile of Donald Trump campaign manager Corey Lewandowski for The Wall Street Journal: I found it on Trump's campaign website.It is what is generally known in the biz as a puff piece, a depiction of ...

MySpace Sold As a Data Mine for Time Inc.

Whatever is left of MySpace — the proto–social network once famous as a way for emo teens to express themselves and for local bands to remain unknown — was just purchased by Time Inc., principally for all of its data.

All Oregon Refuge Occupiers Have Now Surrendered; Cliven Bundy Arrested [Updated]

After 41 days, the Malheur National Wildlife Refuge in eastern Oregon is finally being ceded back to the birds and trees.

It’s Going to Be So, So Cold This Weekend

Oh my gosh, are you ready? It's time. Really freezing temperatures have finally descended upon New York, and that bitter chill will only worsen as the long weekend settles in.

Marco Rubio’s Campaign Declares War on Math

The Tax Policy Center released on Thursday its analysis of Marco Rubio's ginormous-tax-cut plan. The figures are pretty staggering.

Rubio Timetable for Victory Extended to July

Marco Rubio's poorly timed bad debate performance just as New Hampshire Republicans were making up their minds has already entered the annals of major blown political opportunities, certainly right up there with Barack Obama's failure to put away Hillary Clinton in the same state eight years ago. But it may be ...

The Battle Between Sanders and Clinton for Black Voters Keeps Getting More Intense

Well before the Iowa caucuses and the New Hampshire primary, the plot that we now see unfolding in the Democratic presidential nominating contest was already pretty obvious: Even if Bernie Sanders won both states, he would still have to show he was capable for the first time in his career ...

NATO Now Getting Involved in the Migrant Crisis

NATO has heeded the pleas of allies and will now patrol and monitor the sea between Turkey and Greece to deter human smugglers from bringing migrants and refugees to Europe.

It’s Like This Hot Congressman Doesn’t Even Know How Embarrassing Vaping Is

California representative Duncan Hunter is pretty hot, as far as congressmen go. Unfortunately, it can be kind of difficult to make out his impressively symmetrical features, because he's always vaping. Today during a Transportation Committee hearing, Congressman Hunter boldly stood up for what he believes in — that you should be ...

Titanic II, Entirely Sinkable Idea, to Set Sail in 2018

Looking for a romantic ocean voyage that carries a constant evocation of sudden mass death? The Titanic II, a near-exact replica of the “unsinkable” liner that nonetheless found a way to sink on its maiden voyage in 1912, is now on track to set sail in 2018.This not-at-all-crackpot project is ...

Bernie Sanders Redistributes $6 Million in 24 Hours

For a self-avowed socialist, Bernie Sanders is extremely good at making money.Within 24 hours of his victory in New Hampshire, the Vermont senator’s campaign raked in more than $6 million in new contributions, doubling its previous record for a single day of fund-raising.

Obama’s Latest Tyranny: Signage Saying You Can’t Carry a Gun Into the White House

In yet another attack on the Second Amendment, the president is taking away the right to keep and bear arms in the State Dining Room.

North Korea Deports South Korean Workers, Possibly Initiates World War III

North Korea must really hate K-pop. After South Korea punished its estranged neighbor for allegedly testing a hydrogen bomb by deafening its border patrols with Hot 100 hits, North Korea struck back by launching a long-range rocket on Sunday, triggering a United Nations Security Council meeting and unnerving everyone else.

Bernie Sanders Touts Plan to Make Bill O’Reilly Self-Deport on Late Show

Bernie Sanders unveiled a new plan to provide every American with Bill O’Reilly–free television on Thursday night.“Let me say something about Bill O’Reilly, and this is a reason that people might want to vote for me,” Sanders told Stephen Colbert on last night’s Late Show.