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Stop Asking Laurie Penny to Write About Pubes

Unspeakable Things is the third book by U.K. feminist writer Laurie Penny, a feat which, at age 27, seems to call for adulatory blurbage like “precocious,” “prolific,” and “Wunderkind.” But those who have followed Penny's columns in the Independent and the New Statesman know that her most remarkable quality is ...

Watching the Independence Vote With New York’s Scots

On a block in Midtown across the street from a TGI Friday's, 59-year-old Dorothy Robertson waits at St.

Christie Exonerated in Federal Bridgegate Probe Just in Time

There was good news on Thursday for anyone concerned about Chris Christie's mental health. While the New Jersey governor was "heartbroken" when he saw the evidence that his staffers planned the retaliatory lane closures on the George Washington Bridge, nine months later he's just bored with Bridgegate.

The Best Reactions to Scotland’s Vote on Independence

The votes on whether Scotland should declare its independence from Britain are still being counted, but seven hours after polls closed on Thursday night, it looks like Scots want to keep the United Kingdom united.

Congress Approves Aid for Syrian Rebels, Puts Off Bigger Questions About ISIS

As expected, the Senate approved President Obama's plan to arm and train the Syrian rebels by a vote of 78 to 22 on Thursday, a day after the bill was passed by the House.

Rob Ford Endorses Brother for Mayor

"Last week I asked my brother to carry the torch and continue the work we started together," said Toronto mayor Rob Ford in a raspy audio statement today, ahead of his first chemo treatment for a rare malignant tumor that caused him to drop out of the race.

Russia Claims U.S. Sanctions Are Driving Up AK Prices

If, for some reason, you want an authentic Russian Kalashnikov rifle, your time to get one might be running out.

Oracle CEO Larry Ellison Is Stepping Down to Spend More Time With His Yachts

Larry Ellison, the billionaire tech pioneer who became notorious outside of tech circles for cheating his way to a 2013 America's Cup championship, announced today that he is stepping down from Oracle, the company he founded.

Police Discouraged From Posting Naked Men on Twitter

The ongoing NYPD-on-Twitter experiment, which peaked this week with a picture of an Elmo in handcuffs that it took ten undercover cops to arrest (293 RTs!

The Debate Over an 18th-Century Sex-Change Surgery

One day in 1779, a London couple, seeking treatment for their 7-year-old daughter, showed up at the Soho Square Dispensary for the Relief of the Infant Poor.

The Latest NFL Domestic-Violence Allegations Are Predictably Horrifying

Unlike in the cases of Ray Rice and Adrian Peterson, it didn't take graphic evidence of abuse and a sustained public backlash before the Arizona Cardinals deactivated running back Jonathan Dwyer.

Monster Convicted of Raping 12-Year-Old Charged With Trying to Convince Her to Kill Herself While He Watched

Ladies and gentlemen, meet your newest candidate for the world's worst person. In November 2012, 21-year-old Michael John Morlan of Montana was charged with raping a 12-year-old girl repeatedly over the course of two years.

Watch Eyewitnesses Accuse 5 Innocent Men of a Crime

Eyewitness testimony doesn’t really work, and yet our criminal justice system continues to rely on it to a disturbing extent.

The Scene in Scotland: How the U.K. Press Is Covering the Scottish Independence Vote

"Should Scotland be an independent country?" That's the deceptively simple yes or no question on the ballot today across the pond, where 97 percent of the Scottish electorate — 4,285,323 people exactly — has registered to vote on the independence referendum.

Captured British Journalist Forced to Host ISIS Propaganda Videos

ISIS is switching up its video strategy, putting a captured British journalist in front of the camera as a show host in its latest offering.

Ukraine’s President Asks Congress for Military Aid, Says New Cold War Is on the Horizon

Ukrainian president Petro Poroshenko addressed a joint session of Congress Thursday morning, showing off his improved English skills in a 40-minute address.

Companies Aren’t Being Such Dweebs About Employee Tattoos

Fussbudget companies are getting chiller about letting employees show off their tats, according to reports from Fortune magazine. Cool-parent company PetSmart just got down with the ink, giving workers permission to let their tattoos contact some of that good store breeze.Starbucks, noted purveyor of sounds-of-autumn compilation compact discs, really aren’t sure about ...

Lawyer Suspended for Photoshopping Herself Into Dozens of Celebrity Pictures

As it turns out, California civil attorney Svitlana Sangary doesn't know George Clooney or Joe Biden or even Fran Drescher.

Photographic Proof That Connie Britton and Kirsten Gillibrand Were Roommates in the ’80s

New York senator Kirsten Gillibrand has a dedicated photo section in her new memoir, Off the Sidelines, and it includes one very important photo.Apparently Gillibrand was once roommates with beloved Nashville actress Connie Britton when the two Dartmouth undergrads were studying abroad for a summer in Beijing.

Teens Crash Car After Burning Driver’s Armpit Hair With a Lighter

The scourge of teens is hitting a fever pitch. First they were setting themselves on fire for YouTube hits, and now they're setting each other on fire while driving.The AP reports that five teenagers in Idaho were involved in an SUV crash on Wednesday when the passenger set the driver's armpit ...