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Hillary Clinton Only Used Her Personal Email Address at State Department

Take a moment to enjoy the "Texts from Hillary" meme one last time, because henceforth the image of Hillary Clinton scrolling through her BlackBerry with her eyes concealed by dark sunglasses will have an entirely different meaning.

State Will Seek Death Penalty in Killing of Muslim Students in Chapel Hill

Prosecutors announced on Monday that they will seek the death penalty for Craig Stephen Hicks, who has reportedly confessed to murdering his neighbor Yusor Mohammad Abu-Salha, her husband, Deah Shaddy Barakat, and her sister, Razan Mohammad Abu-Salha, last month in Chapel Hill, North Carolina.

Who Is the Mystery Billionaire Reportedly in Talks to Buy the Daily News?

Did you hear? A shadowy moneyman (or woman!) is reportedly considering purchasing the New York Daily News from its current owner, Mort Zuckerman.

Teens, Texting Moms Win As NYC Ends Public-School Cellphone Ban

In a rare victory for both teens and helicopter parents, the city has officially ended its cellphone ban in public schools on Monday.

8-Year-Old Calls Editor ‘Sh*thole’ for Cutting Cartoons From the Paper

A kid whose parents apparently have not yet told him about the internet is really upset that the Herald-Times dropped some of its comics, so he expressed his anger the way any kid in the 1980s or 1990s would: by having his parents call up the paper's editor, Bob Zaltsberg, so ...

Stop Making Dudes Named ‘John’ and ‘David’ CEOs

The Upshot blog over at the New York Times created a "Glass Ceiling Index" that compares how many women hold jobs at the top of the career ladder compared to men named John, Robert, William, or James.

What the Key Players Are Saying About Netanyahu’s Speech to Congress

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is scheduled to address Congress on Tuesday, which has sent a soap-opera-worthy river of emotions gushing across D.C.

Unsolicited Advice From Warren Buffett

Capitalist fever dream and human–Coca-Cola hybrid Warren Buffett has a lot of opinions, and because he is also a man, he loves sharing them unprompted.

MTA Forced to Publicly Beg People Not to Pee in Subway Station

The MTA's politeness campaign has taken on manspreaders, stinky-food-eaters, and backpack-wearers. Now workers at the West Fourth Street station have stooped to begging people not to urinate everywhere.Paper signs recently taped to the station's walls implore riders in all caps, "PLEASE DO NOT URINATE IN THIS AREA" — not because ...

World’s Richest Person Still Really, Really Ridiculously Rich

Forbes has again named Microsoft founder Bill Gates the world's richest man, calculating his net worth at $79.2 billion. The ten billionaires to top the 2015 ranking are 60 percent white men, 20 percent ladies, and 100 percent eating caviar out of gold spoons on a private jet to Ibiza right now.

Yankees Running Out of Jerseys So Quickly They May Be Forced to Play Shirts vs. Skins

By the end of the summer, the New York Yankees will have retired 21 jersey numbers since 1939. Once Derek Jeter retires, they'll lose another.

Justice Department Reportedly Finds Racial Bias in Ferguson Traffic Stops

A Department of Justice report that could be released as early as this week has found racial bias in some Ferguson police department procedures, according to sources who spoke with the New York Times.

Super-Secret Spy Sues CIA for Ruining Romance

A fired CIA operative, who goes by the alias Mack Charles and had one of the agency's most secretive roles, filed a $25 million lawsuit against his employers for keeping him from his fiancée, a fellow undercover spy, and other work-related damages.

Area Men Try to Get Into White House (Again)

On Monday morning, a man failed to get into the White House by trying to slip by when a person who was authorized to enter the high-security area was exiting.

February 2015 Was NYC’s Third-Coldest, First-Most-Complained-About

It's official: February 2015 is New York's third-coldest February ever, but we complained about it like it was the first.

Please Don’t Use Shady Blood-Pressure Phone Apps

As Science of Us has previously noted, while mobile health apps could potentially bring users a lot of important benefits, at the moment, the mHealth market, as it's called, is a bit of a disorganized, under-regulated mess.

Scott Walker Confirms 2016 Candidacy With Immigration Flip-Flop

 After coming in second in CPAC's mostly meaningless straw poll, Scott Walker is through playing coy about his presidential ambitions.

De Blasio Is Still Boycotting the St. Patrick’s Day Parade

In September, organizers of the St. Patrick’s Day Parade down Fifth Avenue announced that they would finally let a gay group, OUT@NBCUniversal, march in the 2015 parade.

Video Shows LAPD Fatally Shoot a Homeless Man

Los Angeles police shot and killed a homeless man on Sunday morning, and now a video of the disturbing incident is circulating on social media.

Artist Reveals Lewinsky Reference Hidden in Bill Clinton Portrait

This has been a trying time for everyone who uses the internet, but on Sunday painter Nelson Shanks reminded us that our nation has faced blue dress-related trauma once before.