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The Weaknesses of Online Dating

Matthew Kassel's New York Observer piece about his frustrations with online dating is sad, endearing, and very good.

Senate Democrat John Walsh Plagiarized a Huge Chunk of His Master’s Thesis

Iraq veteran and rookie Montana Senator John Walsh (not the America's Most Wanted guy) was appointed in Max Baucus's spot earlier this year with the hope that he could hold on to the seat for Democrats in November using his military bona fides.

United Nations: ‘Strong Possibility’ of War Crimes by Both Israel and Hamas

A special session of the United Nations Human Rights Council in Geneva began today with Navi Pillay, the High Commissioner for Human Rights, calling for an investigation of possible war crimes by both Israel and Hamas in the Gaza Strip.

20 Classic Stories by The New Yorker Women

This week The New Yorker relaunched its website, opened up its archives since 2007 to non-subscribers, and announced a forthcoming metered paywall.

Posh Manhattan Preschool Shaken Up by Messy Sex Abuse Allegations

A 22-year-old Danish teaching student arrested last month on the suspicion of sexually abusing 13 children is at the center of a ugly dispute that's turned Midtown's International Preschools into a battleground between parents, administrators, police, and prosecutors.

Pro-Russia Rebels Finally Admit They Had a Buk Missile

Rebel leader Alexander Khodakovsky told Reuters that his men did, in fact, get a Buk missile system like the one that shot down MH17 via Luhansk, another breakaway territory near Donetsk.

Dogs Can Get Jealous, Suggests Adorable Study

Jealousy seems like a pretty human emotion, requiring as it does both some relatively complex cognitive hardware and tangled relationships we don't usually associate with most other species.

Anna Wintour Tightens Her Grip on Condé Nast

When all of the veteran executives at Si Newhouse's megapublisher eventually end their runs, there's a safe bet to be made about who will still be standing.

Of Course Bill de Blasio Ate Pizza With a Fork and Knife in Italy

You had to know this was coming.The mayor, on family vacation in his motherland, enjoyed a pizza in Naples today, making a point by consuming it with utensils."I will continue to express my own culture in my own way and when I get a pizza like that, I'm going to ...

Rebels Shoot Down Two Ukrainian Fighter Jets

There’s just no peace in the skies over rebel-controlled areas in southeastern Ukraine. Government and pro-Russia rebel forces, who finally agree on something, both reported that rebels shot down two Ukrainian fighter jets.

Frank Rich on the National Circus: Yes, Kerry can help end the Gaza war

Every week, New York Magazine writer-at-large Frank Rich talks with contributor Eric Benson about the biggest stories in politics and culture.

Washington and Wall Street Are in the Grips of the Big Lull

Is August over yet? At least when it comes to finance and domestic politics, that month’s typical ennui has already set in, and how.

Ted Cruz Has Serious Beef With True Blood

Texas Senator Ted Cruz made a guest appearance of sorts on Sunday's episode of True Blood on HBO and he's not pleased about it.

Why New Yorkers — and Everyone Else — Should Pursue Small Talk More

New Yorkers pride themselves on their insularity, their ability to let others go about their day undisturbed even when packed body-to-body on the train.

Dozens Dead As Plane Crashes Into Residential Buildings in Taiwan

At least 47 people are dead after a TransAsia Airways plane crashed during an attempted emergency landing in Taiwan's Penghu Islands today.

Russia Not ‘Directly’ Responsible for Shooting Down MH17

Senior U.S. intelligence officials have a verdict on Russia's involvement in the MH17 tragedy, and it's a relatively good one for Russia.

NYPD Doing ‘Top to Bottom’ Review and Retraining After Eric Garner, Thinking About Adding More Tasers

Following the Eric Garner tragedy on Staten Island, Police Commissioner Bill Bratton expects some changes.

Report: Meet the Press Will Dump David Gregory After the Midterms

Here's the latest gossip from the surprisingly catty world of Sunday morning talk shows: According to Page Six, Meet the Press plans to replace host David Gregory soon after the midterms, as viewership has dropped 43 percent since he took the job.

Cuomo Allegedly Meddled With Anti-Corruption Panel’s Investigation

A year ago, Governor Andrew Cuomo announced with much fanfare that he was forming an investigatory panel, known as the Moreland Commission, to address reports of rampant corruption in Albany.

NYPD Thinks Brooklyn Bridge White Flag Stunt Was an Inside Job

The NYPD doesn't think that the placement of two white American flags on top of the Brooklyn Bridge last night has anything to do with terrorism, but it's definitely not thrilled about yet another stunt involving a security breach at a New York landmark.