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Hero Woman Redefines ‘Natural Birthing Plan’

Last Thursday night, Amber Panghorn was driving to her parents' house in Northern California when she felt labor pains.

Only Man Alive After Prison Break Insists He Was the Brains Behind the Operation

David Sweat is still recovering from gunshot wounds in Albany, and has spent all his free time telling stories about the three-week prison break — and the months of planning that went into it.

Bad Weather Turns Girl Scouts White House Campout Into Conference-Room Campout

Nine times out of ten, if President Obama said, "What are you guys doing in my yard?" during a Tuesday evening, that would be a bad sign.

Not-a-Feminist Kim Kardashian Endorses Hillary for President

Like all the guys you dated in college, Kim Kardashian just doesn't like labels. On Tuesday during an onstage interview at the prestigious Commonwealth Club of California with LaDoris Cordell, Northern California's first female black judge, Kardashian said a lot of people call her a feminist, but "I don't like ...

Jean Nouvel Is a Master Without a Style

It’s Fashion Week on the Rue Saint-Honoré in Paris, and a black-clad mountain of a man lumbers through a hotel lobby full of preening gazelles.

A Day in the Life of Gayle King: 2 Jobs, 5 Outfits, and an Army’s Worth of Spanx

“Like everybody, you juggle, and you work it out,” says Gayle King, co-host of CBS This Morning with Charlie Rose and editor-at-large of O: The Oprah Magazine, about the 18-to-20-hour workdays she often puts in.

The 15 Juiciest Revelations from Hillary Clinton’s Emails

Four months after we first learned about "emailgate," on Tuesday night the State Department finally released the first batch of Hillary Clinton's emails.

Donald Trump Files $500 Million Suit Against Univision

Wealthy American Donald Trump is trying to show everyone he's a man of his word by following through with his threat to sue Univision for $500 million.

State, Federal Officials Investigate Fire at Historic Black Church Near Charleston

On Tuesday night firefighters in Greeleyville, South Carolina battled a fire at Mount Zion African Methodist Episcopal Church, a prominent African American church about an hour north of Charleston.

Looks Like the NSA Gets to Spy on Americans for a Little Bit Longer

Under the USA Freedom Act, which President Obama signed into law on June 2, the NSA must end its bulk data collection of Americans' phone records.

Jeb Bush Has Made at Least $29 Million Since Leaving Office

Jeb Bush released 1,150 pages of tax returns on his website today — that's 33 years' worth. What do they show?

For Sale: Upstate New York Prison

The New York State economic development office is currently accepting bids for a 325-acre property on a mountain near Saratoga Springs ...

Bill de Blasio Doesn’t Bother Going Anonymous to Complain About Cuomo

Less than a week after senior Cuomo administration official Andrew Cuomo revealed that he might like to complain about New York Mayor Bill de Blasio anonymously to reporters, senior de Blasio administration official Bill de Blasio offered all his complaints about the governor on-camera. "What I found," de Blasio told NY1, ...

World Gets Ready to Relive Y2K for One Second

Because the Earth's rotation slows ever so imperceptibly, the very important-sounding International Earth Rotation and Reference System adds a second to the year every so often to make sure atomic clocks match up with the sun.

Ebola Is Back in Liberia

Almost two months after the World Health Organization declared Liberia Ebola-free, the country has confirmed its first new case of the disease.

Chris Christie Makes Play for Stressed Voters in Presidential Announcement

New Jersey Governor Chris Christie went to Livingston High School on Tuesday to announce that he is running for president, just as everyone expected he would. Like most presidential announcements, his speech was mostly devoid of policy, so it was easy for those watching to instead focus on the silliest things that ...

Pepper Probably Won’t Throw Dogs Off Your Scent

Among the many cinematic details of the prison-break story is the fact that police found a pepper shaker at the escaped inmates' campsite. The pepper, state police believe, was likely used in an attempt to throw the police dogs off the inmates' scent — like in Cool Hand Luke — and state police ...

Chris Christie Is Running for President — and Doesn’t Care If You Think It’s a Dumb Idea

The last few years have been tough for Chris Christie, so it was perhaps fitting that he chose to announce his presidential campaign Tuesday from the high school where he served as class president for four years.

What Can We Expect From the Supreme Court Next Fall?

The Supreme Court is packing up for the summer, but it dashed off a few teasers for next season before officially closing up shop.

More Than 100 Could Be Dead After Military Plane Crash in Indonesia

An Indonesian military transport plane leaving an air-force base in Medan crashed two minutes after taking off on Tuesday.