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Bloomberg Is Creating a New Gun Control Group to Rival the NRA

In the past few years, Michael Bloomberg repeatedly hinted that once he was no longer mayor, he would devote himself full-time to battling his arch-nemesis, the NRA.

Josh Romney Finally Comes Up With Sassy Retort for Harry Reid

As you may recall, in July 2012 Harry Reid make a bold declaration that some guy told him Mitt Romney didn't pay taxes for 10 years.

Boston Marathon Finish Line Evacuated Due to Suspicious Backpacks

The one-year anniversary of the Boston Marathon bombing was marked with multiple tributes to the victims and first responders, but the day had a disturbing ending.

The NYPD Announces End of Program Created to Spy on Muslims

The NYPD's Demographics Unit, which allowed plainclothes detectives to spy on pretty much any Muslim doing anything in New York at anytime, has been disbanded, the New York Times reported on Tuesday.

U.S. Airways Employee Who Tweeted Plane Porn at Customer Won’t Be Fired

The most famous social media editor in the world at the moment — the one who sent an irate customer a photo of a woman sticking a model plane in an unholy place yesterday — still has a job.

Goldman Sachs CEO Retains Sense of Childlike Wonder

You’d think five years of being protested, vilified, burned in effigy, berated by Congress, and compared to blood-sucking cephalopods would break a man.

Brutal Winter Possibly to Be Followed by Hellish Summer

Interesting news for the many, many people who spent this long winter whining about how they'd prefer anything to the repeated polar vortexes and numerous snow storms: According to the 2014 Farmer's Almanac, the upcoming summer is going to be "oppressively hot and humid for the New York area." That ...

What Is New York Times Executive Editor Jill Abramson’s Fourth Tattoo?

When we last checked in on New York Times executive editor Jill Abramson's tattoo situation, the only ink she seemed to have was a New York subway token on her back.

Uncomfortable Heroin Smuggler Busted at JFK

Customs officers decided to search a 42-year-old man coming from Port of Spain, Trinidad, after they noticed that he appeared "visibly nervous," "avoided eye contact," and was "walking awkwardly." Lo and behold, it turned out that he had $70,000 worth of heroin stuffed in his underwear.

Bill O’Reilly to Kentucky Basketball Coach John Calipari: How Do You Get Black Kids to Listen to You?

Wildcats head coach John Calipari, who's been known to pal around with Jay Z and Drake, appeared on The O'Reilly Factor last night, setting off Bill's long-running beef with what he calls "hip-hop stuff." O'Reilly had a lot of questions for Calipari, but they all really boiled down to the ...

What Was Brandeis Thinking When It Invited Ayaan Hirsi Ali to Speak?

Last week, Brandeis revoked an invitation it had offered to Ayaan Hirsi Ali, the Somali-born feminist and political essayist, to attend the university's commencement ceremonies, where she had been scheduled to speak and receive an honorary degree.

Only Obama Could Keep a Weed Dealer From Serving Extra Jail Time Because of a Typo

That's right: It took no less than the president of the United States to make sure a Texas man did not have to serve three and a half more years in prison because someone typed the wrong number in his sentencing report.

Someone Keeps Setting Fires at Brooklyn Churches

The NYPD is looking for a man who has started three small blazes at three churches over the past three days: On Saturday, he left a burning newspaper in the doorway of Brownsville's Greater New Beginning Baptist Church.

Ukraine Is Starting to Fight Back Against Russia

After weeks of promising to stand up to pro-Russian militants in the eastern part of the country, the Ukrainian government has begun what it's calling an "anti-terrorist operation" that could very well lead to more Russian intervention or even civil war.

Free NYC Condoms Are More Expensive in the Domincan Republic

The New York Daily News reports that some of the 38 million free New York City–branded condoms distributed throughout the city by the Health Department each year are being smuggled into the Dominican Republic, where they're being sold for profit: A reporter found "dozens" of the recently revamped prophylactics displayed ...

7 Reasons Not to Buy Google Glass Today

For several years, the computerized spectacles known as Google Glass have been available only to an exclusive, handpicked group through Google's invitation-only "Explorer" program.

Liam Neeson Says de Blasio Is on Wrong Side of Carriage-Horse ‘Class Issue’

Back in March, man of action Liam Neeson took a dozen City Council members to visit of one of Central Park's stables in order to demonstrate the misguidedness of Mayor de Blasio's vow to end New York's horse-drawn carriage industry.

Homicidal White Supremacist Seemed Like a Totally Nice Guy Except for the Constant Talk About Killing Jews

The bizarre American tradition of neighbors and acquaintances vouching for the niceness and normalness of brutal murderers continues today with Frazier Glenn Miller, the 73-year-old man who yelled “Heil Hitler!

The Best Photos of Last Night’s Blood Moon, for Everyone Who Slept Through It

While you were sleeping, the sun, the moon, and the Earth aligned perfectly for a lunar eclipse — the first of four in the next year and a half — but it wasn’t just any eclipse: As sunlight moved through the Earth’s atmosphere, it was projected as a reddish-orange glow ...

Sub Searching for Flight 370 Forced to Abort Its First Dive

Last week the Australian official coordinating the search for Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 warned that "In very deep oceanic water, nothing happens fast," and the first attempt to locate the plane on the ocean floor seemed to confirm that.