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Trump Likely Won’t Get Much Help From Polls Targeting ‘Likely Voters’

Closer to Election Day, polls that weigh likelihood to vote historically favor Republicans. That seems less true this year.

It Just Got a Lot Tougher for Airbnb to Do Business in New York City

Governor Andrew Cuomo signed a law today that doles out a heavy fine for people who advertise illegal short-term rentals.

Trump’s Blunderful Approach to Wooing Catholics

After a series of gaffes, he is in danger of losing white Catholics, which is hard for a Republican to do.

More People Tuned In to See Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump Roast Each Other Than Watched Grey’s Anatomy

It beat Grey’s Anatomy, and was only bested by NFL Football.

Former Christie Aide Bridget Kelly Testifies Governor Knew About Bridge Lane Closures a Month Before They Happened

She also recounted a moment where Christie allegedly cursed her out and threw a water bottle at her.

Trump Says He Will Have ‘Lots of Options’ for Locking Up Clinton Once in Office

After his supporters chanted “lock her up” at a rally on Friday, Trump assured them that he will have many ways to do that as president.

Democrats Take Early Lead in Early Voting

Compared to 2012, Democrats seem to be improving their performance in early votes cast by mail or in person.

AT&T Hopes to Purchase Time Warner in Latest Media Megamerger

The deal would unite AT&T’s communications infrastructure with Time Warner’s film and television empire.

In Tight Race for Senate, Democrats Are Starting to Get the Upper Hand

Trump may be taking vulnerable GOP senators down with him.

The Republican Party Owns Donald Trump’s Actions on Election Day

The Republicans who are separating themselves from the candidate are far too late.

La Niña Is Coming This Winter

What does that mean for the East Coast?

Trump National Political Director ‘Steps Back’ From Campaign Weeks Before the Election

Less than three weeks before the election, Jim Murphy says he is leaving the campaign for personal reasons.

The Tough Road to a Democratic House

Democrats are still praying for a “wave election” that could dislodge a net total of 30 GOP House members.

A Night of Laughter, Charity, and Boos: The Candidates Struggle to Remain Civil at the Al Smith Charity Dinner

Donald Trump was booed for the first time in the dinner’s history.

One Sure Thing in the GOP Intra-Party Struggle: The Clinton-Haters Will Win!

Given the nature of the pro- and anti-Trump GOP factions, it’s a can’t-lose bet.

The Foreign-Policy Elite Are Extremely Ready for More War in Syria

There is broad, bipartisan agreement in Washington that once Obama is gone, an escalation of U.S. involvement in the Syrian civil war must begin.

Poll: Anger at Colin Kaepernick Is Driving Down NFL Ratings

The election has something to do with it too.

Alex Jones Makes Trump Look Polite in Debate Meltdown

Hillary Clinton is a “frickin’ lying whore,” the conspiracy theorist said.

City Won’t Meet Hurricane Sandy ‘Build It Back’ Program Deadline

Mayor de Blasio admits it. Nobody is surprised.