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The United States of Great Britain?

There will be no Scottish Olympic team at the 2016 Games in Rio. James Bond can keep his passport. Hogwarts will remain under the British Ministry of Magic's control.

This Is Where I Leave You: A Sitcom in the Form of a Film

Here are some of the things you will see should you find yourself seeing This Is Where I Leave You, the film adaptation of Jonathan Tropper’s best-selling book: fist fights, a flipped car, pot, poop, a stolen Porsche, fake breasts, an extremely extensive amount of commentary about fake breasts, a mother coming out as a lesbian, multiple jokes about this mother coming out as a lesbian, multiple jokes about infertility, sex broadcast to a crowd through a baby monitor, “Time After Time” playing in an ice-skating rink, a wacky rabbi, a charming man-child, a manic pixie dream girl.

Should Schools Be Responsible for Kids' Health?

There’s a section in the new Phi Delta Kappa/Gallup Poll out this week that hasn’t gotten much attention: what parents think about schools and student health.

"Washington Is a Cesspool of Faux-Experts Who Do Bad Research"

Is political science a rigorous field that journalists ought to tap when trying to understand and explain what's happening in American politics?

America's Fracking Boom Comes to China

On a hazy morning last September, 144 American and Chinese government officials and high-ranking oil executives filed into a vaulted meeting room in a cloistered campus in south Xi'an, a city famous for its terra-cotta warriors and lethal smog.

Here is a New Way for Obama to Talk About Confronting ISIS

A president is axiomatically having a bad week when his understanding of warfare is criticized,  in public, by the most revered living Marine general.

The Science of the Midnight Snack

The Burger King in the town where I went to college could probably more accurately be described as two Burger Kings.

Do Toy Companies Need More Women at the Top?

As a little girl, I loved Barbies. But now as an adult, I'm slightly embarrassed by this. My best defense: well, there weren't better girls toys back then.

How to Defeat ISIS, According to Ted Cruz

The Republican Party is divided on foreign policy. There are “interventionists” like John McCain and Lindsey Graham who want America to more aggressively wage war—either directly or via proxies—in Iraq, Syria, Iran, Afghanistan, Ukraine, and beyond.

How Sugar Daddies are Financing College Education

At 11 o’clock on a Tuesday night, Amanda, a senior at Princeton University, got her first text message from Stephen, a 60-something Wall Street banker.

Financial Criminals Have Been Fined Billions, but They Rarely Pay

On a plane earlier this week, I watched The Wolf of Wall Street. The film’s outsized antics—public masturbation, the tossing of little people, lots and lots of Quaaludes—seemed too big for a seatback screen, or, for that matter, reality.

Does Hillary Clinton Have Anything to Say?

Everywhere Hillary Clinton goes, a thousand cameras follow. Then she opens her mouth, and nothing happens.

How Environment Can Boost Creativity

It took F. Scott Fitzgerald nearly a decade to finish Tender is the Night, his semi-autobiographical novel about the physical, financial, and moral decline of a man with nearly limitless potential.

When Phone Operators Were Unruly Teenage Boys

When the telegraph was the primary means of instant communication in the United States, it regularly employed boys to operate its switches.

ISIS and the Forgotten, Deadly Threat of Homegrown Terrorism

Last week, when President Obama announced his intention to “degrade and ultimately destroy” ISIS, he gave a clear rationale: Leaders of the radical Islamist group had “threatened America and our allies.” Obama also explained how these leaders could make good on that threat: Americans and Europeans who go join ISIS, once “trained,” could return home and try to “carry out deadly attacks.” That’s certainly conceivable.

Fall Movie Preview: 21 Awards-Season Films to Check Out

It’s the season of film festivals, where indie movies and studios’ prestige plays go to either get early awards-season buzz or die a premature death at the hands of sleep-deprived critics.

Climate Change Is an Opportunity to Dramatically Reinvent the Economy

Demolition of the cooling towers at the Didcot A Power Station in Oxfordshire (The Guardian/Coleman & Company) For more than a decade, Naomi Klein has been calling attention to the invisible, abstract concerns that hide in the shadows of global trade: the exploitation of far-off workers, the environmental destruction, the corruption that contorts political systems.

Birth Control Without a Prescription

Let it never be said that Republicans are fighting a Forever War on contraception. In several states, Republican candidates are calling for more birth control—on demand and sold right next to the Tylenol.

30 Years of Coens: Intolerable Cruelty

In honor of the 30th anniversary of the Coen brothers' debut, Blood Simple, I’m re-watching their 16 feature films and attempting to jot down observations on one per day, in order of their release.

It Wasn't Relativity That Won Einstein His Nobel Prize

Albert Einstein never won a Nobel prize for the theory of relativity—in fact, it was only through long, political jockeying within the Nobel committee that he won the prize at all.