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No Phones in Bed

The bed must be reserved as a place for sleep and sex only. That was the decree of psychologist Richard Bootzin in his influential 1972 proposal for the "stimulus-control" approach to better sleep.

How to Write: A Year in Advice from David Mitchell, Yiyun Li, and More

2014 was the second year of “By Heart,” The Atlantic’s weekly series about writing, artistic influence, and the creative process.

The Ethics of Sarcastic Science

Every holiday season, the British Medical Journal puts out a special Christmas issue. It’s full of papers, as usual, but they’re all a little bit different.

The Pinup and the Photographer

Behind every great pinup model is a great photographer, if Bunny Yeager is any example. A former pinup herself, Yeager—who died this past May at age 85—had a long list of credits to her name during her '50s and '60s heyday: Playboy model Lisa Winters, Bond girl Ursula Andress, and queen of the pinups, Bettie Page.

White Christmas, Black Christmas

Now to the Lord sing praises, All you within this place, And with true love and brotherhood Each other now embrace; This holy tide of Christmas Doth bring redeeming grace —God Rest Ye Merry, Gentleman This week, approximately nine in 10 Americans will celebrate Christmas, in a wide variety of ways.

When Gender Discrimination and Racism Collide

At first, the kerfuffle at the University of Connecticut between a largely black sorority and a predominantly white fraternity might seem a lot like the big-kid version of a schoolyard fight.

The 10 Biggest International Stories of 2014

This post appears courtesy of the Council on Foreign Relations. This article was originally published at

Why So Many Art Forgers Want to Get Caught

If you were a criminal, enjoying the lucrative fruits of your illicit labors and wishing to continue them, in secret, for as long as possible, I would recommend against buying an enormous submarine, showcasing it at a public marina and in a New York Times feature, and pimping it out to the tune of around $700,000 worth of interior design.

Blue Lives Matter

The reactions to the murders of two New York police officers this weekend have been mostly uniform in their outrage.

Wasting Time on the Internet 101

Next semester Kenneth Goldsmith wants his students to spend class time watching YouTube videos, liking Facebook posts—and, while they’re at it, plagiarizing at will.

The Best Movies of 2014

This was not a great year for film, particularly when compared to 2013. I’m not sure a single movie I saw would have cracked the top five of last year’s list.

Did North Korea Really Attack Sony?

I am deeply skeptical of the FBI’s announcement on Friday that North Korea was behind last month’s Sony hack.

The End of the Obama Era

As you may have heard, 2014 was a good year for Republicans. They won a lot of elections! They won big elections and small elections, elections in red states and elections in blue states, elections everyone knew they would win and elections virtually no one expected them to win.

Which Jobs Have the Highest Rates of Depression?

Sometimes when I observe someone doing their job, I can't help but think, "Man, that must be hard." Maybe it's a retail worker dutifully leading a customer to the linens aisle for the umpteenth time.

The Unexpected Home of Unintended Pregnancy

CAMDEN, Del.—Inside a squat building in this town of 3,500 people just outside the state capital of Dover, six high-school students sat around a table last week, each holding a stack of small laminated cards.

The Importance of Treating NYPD Officers as Individuals

At 28-years-old, Ismaaiyl Brinsley had been arrested 19 times and served 2 years in prison. On Saturday, in a crime spree that began when he shot an ex-girlfriend in Baltimore, he murdered two New York City policemen as they sat in their car in Brooklyn.

The Hidden Costs of International Surrogacy

When Rhyannon Morrigan and her husband Drew used an egg donor and surrogate to have their child at a clinic in Delhi, India, they knew the road would be long, but had no idea how rough.

You Can Be Endorsed for 'Time Travel' and 'WMDs' on LinkedIn

Likely more popular than Twitter, LinkedIn may be the most anomalous of the modern social networks. It’s not for friends or family or fellow fans—like Facebook, Instagram, and even Pinterest—but for the professional world.

Free Access to Science Research Doesn't Benefit Everyone

Open is better than closed. That rule applies for a lot of things: presents, beer, restaurants. And, many argue, science.

Obama: North Korea Hack 'Cybervandalism,' Not An Act of War

For as outspoken as President Barack Obama has been about the gravity of North Korea's hack of Sony Pictures, in which he said the United States "will respond proportionally," he said Sunday that he doesn't consider the cyber intrusion "an act of war." "No, I don't think it was an act of war, I think it was an act of cybervandalism that was very costly, very expensive," Obama said in an interview with CNN aired on Sunday, adding, "We take it very seriously." On Friday, President Barack Obama blamed North Korea for the cyberattack that has caused significant embarrassment for Sony and led to the company canceling "The Interview," a comedy with the fictional plot of the assassination of North Korean leader Kim Jong Un, after terrorism threats were made if the film was released.