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The Secret Pot-Growing Operations in America's Cornfields

On any given weekday in the summer, you will find me walking through fields counting bugs. In fact, it’s my job: I’m an ecologist studying the communities of insects that live in agricultural landscapes.

Your Guide to the Latest Depressing News Out of China

First, for fair-and-balanced purposes, if you'd like to start with some depressing trends out of the US, be sure to read “The punditry vs.

Looking at Leaked Photos of Nude Celebrities Is Abuse

It is not difficult to look at naked women on the Internet. There are, after all, a lot of men and women who post nude photos of themselves online hoping for pageviews, extra income, or just exhibitionist titillation. So with the news over the weekend of “leaked” nude photos of various celebrities, can we please all agree not to search these pictures out?

In Maryland, a Soviet-Style Punishment for a Novelist

From the Dept. of Insane and Dangerous Overreactions to Fictional Threats: A 23-year-old teacher at a Cambridge, Md.

The Unbearable Emptiness of a New York Times Op-Ed

I have my concerns about President Obama’s foreign policy. But nothing eases them like listening to his Republican critics.

'A Ukraine Peace Plan That Excludes Ukrainians Is Unacceptable'

Last week, The Atlantic published a 24-point plan for ending the conflict between Russia and Ukraine—the product of a meeting between Russian and American experts and former officials on the Finnish island of Boistö.

Why Are Americans So Bad at Saving Money?

Let's Just Do Autumn Resolutions

"Life starts all over again when it gets crisp in the fall," Fitzgerald wrote in The Great Gatsby. It's true: Fall is a time of renewal.

When Labor Day Meant Something

Labor Day online specials at Walmart this year “celebrate hard work with big savings.” For brick-and-mortar shoppers near my home in Chicago, several Walmart stores are open all 24 hours of Labor Day.

It's Still Not the End of History

Most of us in the West are liberals, whether we admit it or not. We want equal rights for all, reject racial differences, cherish the freedom of worship while preserving the freedom to disagree, and seek an economic order that suits the ambitions of the individual.

California High-Speed Rail No. 10: Palate Cleanser

As a reminder, this is No. 10 in a series on the proposed north-south California High-Speed Rail system, which deserves national attention as the highest-stakes infrastructure project underway anywhere in America now.

Can an Idea Be Dangerous?

What does the notion that “cat videos will save journalism” have in common with the claim that “women are sexual predators?

A Bionic Eye That Restores Sight

Scientifically speaking, eyes are not the windows to the soul; they’re the windows to the brain. When you gaze into your lover’s peepers, what you’re actually seeing is the retina, an extension of brain tissue that lines the back of the eyes like wallpaper.

Almost Half of Syria's Population Has Been Uprooted

On Friday, the United Nations reported that nearly half of Syria's population has been displaced since the start of the civil war in 2011.

Hello Kitty and Jon Stewart: The Week's Best Pop-Culture Writing

Let us know what we missed. Jon Stewart on Directorial Debut Rosewater, His Daily Show Future, and Those Israel-Gaza Comments Marisa Guthrie | The Hollywood Reporter "'Look, there's a lot of reasons why I hate myself — being Jewish isn't one of them,' Stewart says.

The Quiet Crisis Among Queer Women

It’s easy to assume that queer Americans are thriving today. A year out from the Supreme Court decision striking down DOMA, 55 percent of Americans favor legalizing same-sex marriage legalization—an all-time high.

The Bottom 1 Percent

How is it different to be poor—very poor—in a developing country than in the richest country in the world?

Around the World in Commuting

On Thursday, Instagram released Hyperlapse, a new app for creating time-lapse videos. Many users responded by making ho-hum videos of their offices—understandable, given how much time we spend at work.

An American in ISIS's Retweet Army

The gradual radicalization of Douglas McAuthur McCain, we're told, is reflected in his social-media timelines.

What Instagram Did for Photos, This Could Do for Videos

The Center for Photography in Woodstock, New York, launched a new exhibit this week. It's called "The Space Between: Redefining Public and Personal in Smartphone Photography," and it considers the cultural impact of photography's new ubiquity.