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Did Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg Just Violate the Judicial Code of Conduct?

A conservative legal firm is accusing Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg of violating the Judicial Code of Conduct, a set of regulations governing the professional actions of federal judges.

On This Very Apolitical Cause, the White House Found a Very Political Partner

On an issue that has universal support — combating campus sexual assaults — the White House is partnering with the nation’s leading liberal think tank, the Center for American Progress.

iPhone Sales Specialist Dishes What It’s Like to Sell New Phones Today

While much of the media coverage about the iPhone 6 going on sale today focuses on the long lines followed by the joyous faces of proud owners of the new smartphone, what about the perspective of the people working inside the Apple stores?

Family’s Lawn Statues of Jesus and the Virgin Mary Spark Major Battle With Homeowners Association

A Florida family is locked in a battle with a homeowners association over a demand that religious statues of Jesus and the Virgin Mary be removed from their yard.

After Australia’s Huge Operation to Stop Islamic State Beheading Plot, Could the U.S. Face the Same Threat?

Australian police this week carried out a massive operation busting what they said was an Islamic State plot to carry out public civilian beheadings in Sydney.

Dying Single Mother Asks an Unexpected Person to Take Care of Her Son…and This Person Said ‘Yes’

A single mother with terminal cancer feared for the 8-year-old son she could leave behind. Who would take care of him?

Was ‘Duck Dynasty’ Star Phil Robertson Really Hospitalized With a Mysterious Ailment This Week?

Recent reports have speculated that “Duck Dynasty” patriarch Phil Robertson was unable to attend his granddaughter Sadie’s performance this week on “Dancing With the Stars” due to a mysterious hospitalization — claims that a representative says are incorrect.

Wisconsin’s Democratic Gubernatorial Candidate Had to Fire Someone After What Was Found in Her Job’s Plan

MADISON, Wis. (AP) — Democratic candidate for Wisconsin governor Mary Burke said Friday she had severed ties with a consultant she blames for copying several sections of her jobs plan from platforms of other Democrats.

How a California Restaurant Is Trying to Cheat the Internet With Its ‘Hate Us on Yelp’ Campaign

Botto Bistro in Richmond, California, might have stellar pizza. It might serve of a decent dish of pasta with pomodoro sauce.

Joe Biden’s Unfortunate Statement to a Democratic Women’s Group

Vice President Joe Biden raised some eyebrows Friday morning by praising former Sen. Bob Packwood (R-Ore.), who had to resign in 1995 amid sexual harassment charges, before the Democratic National Committee Women’s Leadership Forum.

Is There Really a Hippo Swimming in the Chicago River? See the Video

We have our doubts about this one. A video posted on YouTube three days ago claims to show a hippopotamus swimming in the Chicago River.

Pastor Is Tired of Christians ‘Reducing Faith to Mere Words’ — and Here’s Why He’s Urging Them to Exit the Pews

Pastor Kerry Shook, senior pastor at Woodlands Church in Houston, Texas, is challenging hundreds of churches to join him for a one-day effort to go out and make a positive impact in their communities.

An Unconscious Man Is Trapped in a Vehicle on Fire in a Flea Market Parking Lot — Police Dashcam Video Captures What Happens Next

While pulling into a flea market parking spot, an Ohio man reportedly passed out, hit the gas pedal, smashed into another car, and his vehicle caught on fire, reported WOIO-TV in Cleveland.

It Started as a Small Sinkhole but What Archaeologists Ended Up Finding Is a Bit of History Into America’s Favorite Alcoholic Drink

Earlier this summer, an inspector was conducting a routine bridge check when a small sinkhole was spotted nearby.

Famed Faith Leader Reveals That Even He Has Moments When He Wonders: ‘Is There a God?’

Archbishop of Canterbury Justin Welby, the head of the Church of England, recently admitted that there are moments that even he questions God’s existence.

This Christian Artist Just Trampled Maroon 5 to Score the Top Album in America

It’s not uncommon for bands and acts like Maroon 5 and Beyonce to top the Billboard 200 chart, but this week’s number one album comes from a unique artist who isn’t nearly as well-known as his secular counterparts — Christian rapper Lecrae.

13-Year-Old Kyle Bradford Had a Choice: Share His School Lunch or Throw It Away — His Decision Led to Detention

Kyle Bradford went through the lunch line at Weaverville Elementary School in Weaverville, California, on Tuesday.

The Year’s Funniest Science: Pork Curing Nosebleeds, ‘Seeing Jesus in Toast’ and Finding Out That Bananas Really Won’t Make You Slip

BOSTON (TheBlaze/AP) — Each year, scientists from around the world are honored for what might seem like some of the nuttiest research.

Cheerleader’s Bold Move During a Moment of Silence That Led Hundreds to Chant in Unison Following Prayer Ban

When some of the cheerleaders at a Tennessee high school learned that they would no longer be able to publicly pray before football games, they took action.

Footage Captures Terrifying Scene Aboard Jet Blue Plane as Aircraft Makes Emergency Landing Following ‘Engine Failure’

A passenger aboard a Jet Blue plane captured terrifying footage of the aircraft returning to a California airport for an emergency landing Thursday.