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Owners of Suburban Chicago Make Centuries Old Discovery in Their Yard — Now Archeologists Are at the Scene

A team of archeologists have flooded a suburban home in Chicago after the homeowners made a centuries-old discovery in his yard.

Hamas Denies Having Captive Israeli Soldier, Says They Lost Contact With Militants Who Carried Out Attack

Hamas’ military wing told NBC News that they lost contact with the unit that carried out an attack against Israeli forces Friday morning and denied holding a live-Israeli captive.

Watch Dana Loesch’s Inimitable Interview With ‘Jesse Ventura’

Dana Loesch on Friday ripped into former Minnesota Gov. Jesse Ventura for proceeding with his lawsuit against “American Sniper” author Chris Kyle after Kyle’s death last year, effectively going after Kyle’s widow and children.

Unfiltered: How Fired ‘Opie and Anthony’ Host Hopes to Become the Ann Coulter of Video Podcasting and Show SiriusXM They ‘F***ed Up’

If you thought fired ‘Opie and Anthony’ host Anthony Cumia was uncensored on SiriusXM, just imagine the freedom with which he will speak now that he’s his own boss on “The Anthony Cumia Show.” Cumia’s subscriber-based, high-definition video podcast premiers on Monday at 4 p.m.

‘You Are a Bunch of Liars’: CNN Slammed Online for Publishing This Tweet After Gaza Cease-Fire Crumbled

CNN was criticized online early Friday morning after publishing a tweet appearing to suggest that Israel broke a 72-hour cease-fire brokered by the U.N.

Grandma Clocked at Nearly 100 MPH Writes Letter to Cops After Getting $150 Ticket — and This One They Might Frame

Behind the wheel Tana Baumler was pressing pedal to the metal trying to get herself, her husband, and their two granddaughters — ages 4 and 7 — to Yellowstone National Park for their vacation as quickly as possible.

Obama: ‘We Tortured Some Folks’ After 9/11

President Barack Obama criticized the United States for some of its actions following the 9/11 terrorist attacks, using the phrase “torture” to describe interrogation techniques used.

Obama Demands Hamas Release Captured Israeli Soldier

President Barack Obama said that that if Hamas is serious about ending its current conflict with Israel, they must release an Israeli soldier captured Friday.

After Escaping a Brutal Death Sentence for Refusing to Renounce Her Christian Faith, This Woman Will Get an Entirely New Start in America

Meriam Ibrahim’s harrowing story captured the world’s attention. After the Christian mother of two refused to recant her faith, she was arrested by Sudanese officials and sentenced to death for apostasy.

Christian Singer Explains Controversial Decision to Leave Awards Show

Christian singer Natalie Grant spoke with TheBlaze this week about the intense controversy that erupted months back over her decision to leave the Grammy Awards early and weighed in on her most recent gig hosting GSN’s family-friendly dating show “It Takes a Church.” Contrary to reports, she said she didn’t “storm out” of the awards show because of any specific performance or to take a stand against gay marriage.

Why Law Enforcement Put Black ‘X’ Marks on Every Person’s Hand They Spoke to Around a Michigan Trail

A small town in Michigan spent the last day under heavy law enforcement scrutiny with checkpoints manned by local police and the FBI and citizens who were interviewed getting their hands tagged with black “X” marks.

‘That’s Not My Wife’: Husband’s Wife Was Beaten So Badly in Random Jogging Attack He Couldn’t Even Recognize Her

A 42-year-old Georgia woman was out for a jog on a popular trail earlier this week when she was so brutally attacked that even her husband couldn’t recognize her at first.

Dem Lawmaker on GOP: ‘It Is Almost As Though They Despise and Hate All of Our Children’

Rep. Luis Gutierrez (D-Ill.) on Friday bashed Republicans for seeking to deport illegal immigrant children, and said that by pursuing this goal, they are actings if they hate all children.

The Hilarious Interview With the Writer of ‘Sharknado’ That Had Glenn Beck Cracking Up

Thunder Levin, the screenwriter who wrote “Sharknado” and “Sharknado 2: The Second One,” called into Glenn Beck’s radio program Friday, and his deadpan assessment of the risks of a “sharknado” left Glenn Beck cracking up.

U.N Human Rights Chief Slams the U.S. for Not Providing Iron Dome for…Gaza

The United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights blasted the United States for not providing anti-missile protection for Gaza — where Hamas and other terrorist groups have been launching rockets and staging deadly incursions into Israel through attack tunnels.

Imam Calls for ‘Jihad’ Against Israel During Speech From…

An imam is calling on Muslims to “wage jihad for the sake of Allah” in Palestine, videos of his sermons reveal.

Video: NFL Player’s Very Bizarre Meeting With the Press

Following a two-day absence from the Houston Texans’ training camp, the team’s Pro-Bowl running back Arian Foster returned Thursday.

Former Afghan Official: John Kerry Has ‘Prepared the Ground for Absolving the Obama Administration’ on Afghanistan

Secretary of State John Kerry’s hastily brokered agreement to resolve Afghanistan’s presidential election crisis is failing as the two rival candidates continue to disagree over multiple points contained in the emergency deal, leaving the war-torn nation on the brink of collapse and threatening to destroy national security gains made by the U.S.

GOP’s Second Try on Border Bills Takes Tougher Stance Against Obama’s DACA Expansion

House Republicans on Friday were preparing to pass legislation that would go further in preventing President Barack Obama from expanding an amnesty and work authorization program for millions of illegal immigrants.

Massachusetts Train Station Shut Down While Bomb Squad Investigates ‘Suspicious Item’ After Report of a Pressure Cooker Sighting

Police shut down a commuter train station Friday in Haverhill, Massachusetts, to investigate a “suspicious item,” after other reports of a pressure cooker being spotted in the vicinity.