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In Effort to ‘Stop the Insanity,’ a Fed-Up O’Reilly Suggests ‘What Should Happen in the Gun Arena’

Bill O’Reilly skewered the talking points of Democratic politicians Monday night, contending that no amount of gun control can prevent a criminal or madman from committing heinous acts of murder.

Edward Snowden Reveals What He’s ‘Volunteered’ to Do ‘Many Times’ to Come Back to the U.S.

Edward Snowden said in a Monday BBC interview that he would be willing to go to prison in exchange for being able to return to the U.S.

Trump Campaign Sends ‘Care Package’ to Rubio’s Office With a Note. Inside, Were These Items

Donald Trump’s feud with Marco Rubio has soared to new levels. On Monday, the real estate tycoon’s campaign sent a “care package” to the Florida senator’s D.C.

Reporter Asks Clinton About Former Opposition to ‘Blanket’ Gun Control Laws — Watch How She Handles It

Hillary Clinton dodged a reporter’s question Monday about a previous statement she made opposing “blanket rules” implemented by the federal government that would govern gun purchases.

11-Year-Old Boy Charged With Murder of 8-Year-Old Girl Next Door

An 11-year-old boy suspected of fatally shooting an 8-year-old girl has been charged with first-degree murder, police say.

California Becomes Fifth State to Pass Right-to-Die Law

SACRAMENTO, Calif. (AP) — California will become the fifth state in the nation to allow terminally ill patients to legally end their lives using doctor-prescribed drugs after Gov.

Obama Advisor Valerie Jarrett Responds to Intentionally Outrageous Gun Question, Seemingly Unaware of Who Was Asking

Valerie Jarrett, a senior advisor to President Barack Obama, responded to an intentionally outrageous gun question during an online “gun violence” Q&A Monday, endorsing new technology that makes guns “smarter.” Jarrett was asked, “My idea is guns with microchips that can be remotely disabled.

Teens Arrested for Conspiring to ‘Kill as Many People as Possible’ in Alleged School-Shooting Plot

Four teenagers in Tuolumne County, California, have been arrested on charges of conspiring to carry out a mass school shooting in which they planned to “kill as many people as possible.” The entrance to Summerville High School in Tuolumne, California.

Bakers Who Were Fined $135,000 for Refusing to Make Gay Wedding Cake Explain Why They’re Continuing to Defy the Order

Melissa Klein, owner of the embattled Sweetcakes by Melissa bakery, explained on Monday why she and her husband, Aaron, continue to ignore a $135,000 judgement imposed over their refusal to make a lesbian wedding cake, saying that they don’t want to set a bad precedent.

Homeowner Stunned by Language on HOA Notice About Her American Flag — Now She’s Fighting Back

Erin Worthen, of Murray, Utah, never really thought of the American flag as any sort of “holiday decoration.” Yu can imagine her surprise when her homeowners association recently told her that she could only fly the flag within 10 days of a holiday.

High School Cancels ‘America Day’ So No One Gets Offended — These Kids Must Have Missed the Memo

Every year, Jackson Hole High School has celebrated “America Day” around homecoming time — and it’s become quite the spectacle.

An Annoying Facebook Glitch Six Years Ago Led to a Chance Meeting: ‘I Found My Partner, My Best Friend, My Great Love’

The story of how Celeste Zendler and Schuler Benson met six years ago is worthy of a “How I Met Your Mother” episode.

‘The Height of Foolishness’: Ted Cruz Says Obama’s Plan for Syrian Refugees Is ‘Crazy’

KALAMAZOO, Mich. (AP) — Republican presidential contender Ted Cruz lashed out Monday against the Obama administration’s plan to accept refugees from war-torn Syria, calling it “nothing short of crazy” because he believes some are Islamic State group terrorists.

‘Medical Emergency, Captain Is Incapacitated’: Pilot Reportedly Dies During Red Eye Flight to Boston

An American Airlines pilot died in the middle of a flight from Phoenix to Boston on Monday, WFTX-TV reports.

Why Is Twitter Upset With Cosmopolitan’s ‘First Family’ Cover?

Sunday night, Cosmopolitan posted a tweet revealing that the Kardashians are gracing the cover of the iconic magazine’s 50th anniversary issue.

‘What in the World?’: Witnesses Watch in Awe as Semitruck Driver Tackles Historic South Carolina Flooding

With South Carolina experiencing dangerous flooding unlike any it has ever seen, authorities have urged people to be extremely cautious and avoid driving in water of unknown depths.

Audience Members Asks Texas DPS Chief if Suspected Islamic State Members Have Been Apprehended at the Border — Here’s His Answer

Have any suspected members of the Islamic State terrorist group ever been apprehended on the Texas-Mexico border?

ESPN’s Stephen A. Smith Looks Directly Into Camera, Sends Stern Warning to NBA Superstar Kevin Durant

There’s some behind-the-scenes drama unfolding in the sports world involving NBA superstar Kevin Durant and ESPN’s Stephen A.

Evangelist Franklin Graham Goes After Obama for ‘Celebrating Sin’ and Issues a Warning: ‘God Will Judge Our Country for This’

Evangelist Franklin Graham said that both he and his father, famed preacher Billy Graham, are most concerned about the “moral decline” that they see in American culture, accusing the Obama administration of “celebrating sin” in a recent interview with The Church Boys podcast.

Amtrak Train Derails in Vermont

NORTHFIELD, Vt. (TheBlaze/AP) — An Amtrak train has derailed in central Vermont. Several media outlets reported Monday morning that Vermont State Police and local fire and rescue agencies were responding to the scene in Northfield, about 10 miles southwest of Montpelier.