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Florida K-9 Officer Left His SUV in the Driveway After Shift. Several Hours Later He Went Back Outside and Saw a ‘Terrible Tragedy.’

A Florida police department is mourning the loss of two of its own — two canines that is — and an investigation into circumstances of how and why they died is still underway.

Hotel Responds to Stranded U.S. Army Soldier Who Was Denied a Room

A hotel in North Carolina is apologizing after a desk attendant turned a U.S. soldier away due to his age, affirming its support for the military and pledging never to allow a similar incident to unfold in the future.

Former New York Gov. George Pataki Joins Crowded GOP Presidential Field

Former New York Gov. George Pataki is joining the 2016 Republican presidential contest. “America has a big decision to make about who we’re going to be and what we’re going to stand for,” Pataki said in a campaign video released Thursday morning.

’911 Is Not Going to Be Able to Help Us’: Texas Family Films the Moment Swollen River Spilled Into Their Home

From her staircase, Sarah Perez filmed the terrifying moment when the flood waters of the swollen Blanco River in Texas broke through the door of her Wimberley home.

HIV Study’s Findings So Compelling, Researchers Stopped It a Year Early So All Participants Could Start Benefiting

WASHINGTON (TheBlaze/AP) — A major international study sought to settle how soon is best to start HIV treatment.

Experts Baffled as Unidentified Substance Washes Ashore in California Forcing Beach Closure

Authorities closed California’s Manhattan Beach Wednesday after a mysterious tar-like substance washed ashore in the morning.

‘I Doubt if I Lost my Son, That I’d Have Grace and Dignity and Forgiveness That You Have Demonstrated Today’

“I doubt if I lost my son, that I’d have grace and dignity and forgiveness that you have demonstrated today, and I commend you for that.” Those were the words a judge uttered in a Colorado Springs courtroom Tuesday as he sentenced a woman who killed a five-year-old boy and significantly injured his father, The Gazette reported.

Authorities Release Notebook of Theater Shooter James Holmes Documenting His Ramblings, Plans

Story by the Associated Press; curated by Oliver Darcy. — CENTENNIAL, Colo. (AP) — Colorado theater shooting gunman James Holmes’ notebook full of scrawled writings and stick-figure drawings was made public Wednesday, a day after it was introduced as evidence in his trial.

Restaurant Owner Saw a Man Digging Through the Trash. When He Returned, a Note Was Waiting for Him

A restaurant employee in Virginia Beach said she was disturbed when she saw an apparent homeless man digging through the outside trash looking for something to eat — and she decided to take action.

After Cops Discover What ‘Homeless’ Man Had in Pockets, They Made an Example Out of Him on Facebook

Police in a small Louisiana city arrested a “homeless” man asking for money from strangers after he allegedly urinated in public — and what they found in his pockets resulted in them using his story to spread awareness.

Dana Loesch Goes Off on Media Over These ‘Completely False’ Headlines About Her Scott Walker Interview

TheBlaze TV’s Dana Loesch hit back at Politico and other news outlets on Wednesday after they ran misleading headlines about her interview with Wisconsin Gov.

Austin Animal Center Put Out Call for Help After Flooding — and Texans Responded in an ‘AMAZING’ Way

An animal shelter in Austin, Texas, that was significantly impacted by recent devastating floods turned to Facebook Tuesday to thank residents for responding in an “AMAZING” way after the center put out a call for help.

‘Child Abuse’: Palestinian Kindergarten Teachers Dress Kids as Terrorists With Toy Machine Gun Props

End of year shows staged at several kindergartens in the West Bank and Gaza featured the small children dressed as terrorists, complete with military fatigues and waving toy machine guns as props.

Civil War-Era Photo Collection Returned to Rightful Owner Five Years After Being Stolen

A Colorado man’s Civil War-era photos have been returned to him five years after someone stole the historic momentos from his storage shed.

‘Really?’: Al Sharpton Shocks With Question About Flooding in Texas

MSNBC host Al Sharpton shocked many Wednesday afternoon when he turned to Twitter to pose a “keeping it real” question about the recent Texas flooding to his nearly half-a-million followers.

One Solution to Tame the Supreme Court Without Passing a Law or Constitutional Amendment

Asserting the Supreme Court has become too politicized, a group citing support from conservatives and liberals, is calling for future Supreme Court nominees to impose their own term limits.

It’s Not in Plain View, But Hidden on Rick Santorum’s Website Is a Stinging Jab at Hillary Clinton

Former Sen. Rick Santorum (R-Pa.) formally announced Wednesday that he would seek the Republican nomination for president — and after his campaign website went live, many noticed a jab at Hillary Clinton hidden from plain view.

‘Today Is the Day We Begin to Fight Back’: Rick Santorum Launches Second White House Bid

Seeking appeal beyond his traditional social conservative base, former Pennsylvania Sen. Rick Santorum launched his second bid for the presidency sounding a populist conservative tone by pledging to stand up for American workers.

Nebraska Abolishes Death Penalty With Override of Governor’s Veto

LINCOLN, Neb. (AP) — Nebraska abolished the death penalty on Wednesday in a landmark veto-override vote backed by an unusual coalition of conservatives who oppose capital punishment.

IRS Believes Hackers Who Stole Info From 100,000 Taxpayers Are From Russia

WASHINGTON (AP) — Officials tell The Associated Press that the IRS believes the identity thieves who stole personal tax information from an agency website are from Russia.