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Giant Wolf Spider Sets Grown Men on Edge but What Was on Its Back Had Them Screaming

The sight of a large spider would probably give most people at least a little case of the heebie-jeebies, but what a man filmed crawling all over such a spider’s back was enough to send him and his friend screaming.

State Orders Man to Pay $30,000 in Welfare Benefits for Child Both Mother and DNA Test Say Isn’t His

For more than two decades, a Detroit man has been fighting the state, which is requiring him to pay for a child he says he never had.

Hollywood Power Couple Reveals Bold Plan to Help Save Middle Eastern Christians Terrorized by Islamic State Militants

Hollywood power couple Mark Burnett and Roma Downey continue to create immensely popular TV shows and feature films, but the duo are now moving into a new pivotal role: life-saving humanitarian aid for displaced Christians in the Middle East.

Police Responding to High School Shooting Report Near Seattle

MARYSVILLE, Wash. (AP) — Police have responded to a high school north of Seattle following reports of a shooting.

Why Random Wheelchairs Keep Popping up in One Minnesota Town

An abandoned wheelchair here, an unused wheelchair there, in a Minnesota town this sight is apparently not unusual.

Vietnam Vet Told He’s Flying Too Many American Flags at His Business — but He’s Not About to Obey City’s Order

A Texas city has ordered a well-known businessman and Vietnam veteran to remove dozens of American flags from his property.

Beautiful Ad Captures Ice Crystals in Stunning High-Quality Display

It’s that time of the year again when nearly every company tries to catch your undivided attention with the most beautiful and clever advertisements their teams can possibly think of.

Author Says Stunning Revelations About Bible-Believers Should ‘Send Shockwaves’ Through Christian Leadership

Author and Christian leader Lance Ford believes that there are some major perception problems facing evangelicals, claiming that believers have become more known for what they oppose than for what they actually stand for.

NBC Settles With Unpaid Interns for $6.4 Million…but How Is Each Person Really Getting?

NEW YORK (AP) — NBCUniversal will pay $6.4 million to settle a class action lawsuit brought by unpaid interns who worked on “Saturday Night Live” and other shows who claim they are owed wages, according to court documents.

‘Screw Your Victimization’: Parody Mocks Video of Little Girls Dropping ‘F-Bombs for Feminism’

Julie Borowski is a Washington, D.C.-based political and policy commentator who also refers to herself as a “small-L libertarian.” Her YouTube channel features a variety of clips with her opinions on politics and current events.

Something Happened at a Chicago Budget Hearing That Left One Man ‘Mortified’

Chicago Fleet and Facility Management Commissioner David Reynolds was “mortified” Thursday when a large cockroach started scaling the wall of the City Council Chambers during his testimony, WBBM Newsradio reports.

How Controversial Comedian Russell Brand Responded to a 9/11 Conspiracy Question

Controversial comedian Russell Brand — who recently appeared on Russia Today with Alec Baldwin to bash the United States for being a racist, sexist nation — said Thursday that people must be “open-minded” about all possibilities when it comes to the 9/11 attacks.

The Government’s First Line of Defense Against a Pandemic: Thousands of Bottles of Expired Hand Sanitizer

A government official testified Friday that the Department of Homeland Security has spent millions of dollars buying supplies over the last few years to deal with a possible pandemic, but said many of those supplies are now past their expiration date, including thousands of bottles of hand sanitizer.

First Dallas Nurse Now Ebola-Free, Being Discharged From Hospital

A Dallas nurse who contracted Ebola after caring for the first U.S. diagnosed patient will be discharged from the federal medical facility treating her Friday.

Video: Soon-to-Be Parents Get Quite a ‘Shock’ After Gender-Reveal Party Doesn’t Quite Go as Planned

It has become pretty popular these days for parents and all their friends and family to gather together for a gimmick that will reveal the gender of the soon-to-be newest member of their family — it’s called the gender reveal party. Frequently, this takes the form of a cake with the baby’s gender dictating the color frosting inside the layers.

There’s a Big Development in the Debate Surrounding the Christian Ministers Who Refuse to Marry Gays Inside Their For-Profit Chapel

The American Civil Liberties Union of Idaho announced Thursday that it will not wage a legal challenge against Hitching Post Wedding Chapel, the for-profit business in Coeur d’Alene, Idaho, that could be in violation of a local non-discrimination ordinance for its ardent refusal to marry same-sex couples.

The ‘Absurd’ Reason a Pee-Wee Football Team Is Fined $500 and Its Coach Is Suspended for a Week

Eight-year-old Elijah Burrell had just intercepted a pass late in the game and did what came naturally.

Why Those in Humid States Are Specifically Being Urged to Pay Attention to This Airbag Recall

DETROIT (TheBlaze/AP) — The owners of nearly 8 million cars and trucks are being told they should get their airbags replaced in a large recall, but it is those in humid states who should really pay attention to the problem.

Will This City Ban the ‘Jesus’ Messages These Christian Students Painted on Gov’t-Owned Snow Plows?

When the city of Sioux Falls, South Dakota, decided to hold its annual Paint the Plow event — an initiative in which community schools are invited to paint snow plows — officials likely had no idea that the art project would devolve into a battle over the separation of church and state.

Megyn Kelly Takes NYC Ebola Patient to Task: ‘Irresponsible’

Megyn Kelly for Fox News blasted the Doctors Without Borders physician, who tested positive for Ebola Thursday night in New York City, for his actions after returning home from West Africa recently.