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Indonesia Military Transport Plane Crashes in Medan; 20 Dead

JAKARTA, Indonesia (AP) — An Indonesian air force Hercules C-130 plane crashed Tuesday into a residential neighborhood in the country’s third-largest city of Medan, killing at least 20 people.

Activists Plan to Burn American Flags in New York City Ahead of Fourth of July

A group calling for the immediate disarmament of the New York Police Department plans to burn American flags in a Brooklyn park on Wednesday, just days before the Fourth of July holiday.

Mike Rowe Is Asked for His ‘Feelings’ on the Confederate Flag — Read His Brutally Honest Two-Part Response

Mike Rowe, host of CNN’s “Somebody’s Gotta Do It,” waded into the intense debate swirling around the Confederate flag on Tuesday night after a fan asked for his “feelings” on the matter.

‘I Couldn’t Wrap My Mind Around What I Was Seeing’: Woman Makes ‘Gross’ Discovery After Buying Fish

An Arizona woman was left disgusted over the weekend after noticing worms on a just-purchased piece of fish.

Ted Cruz Reveals the ‘Hurtful’ & ‘Wrong’ Comment He Says Karl Rove Once Made About George H.W. Bush

Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Texas) appeared on the Fox News Channel Monday night to promote his new book — and the Republican 2016 hopeful recalled a “hurtful” comment he said Karl Rove once made about former President George H.W.

When Home Intruder Got Aggressive, Elderly Disabled Man Told His Grandson Exactly What He Needed to Do

A 17-year-old listened to his grandfather’s instructions and shot a male suspect who brazenly walked into his grandparent’s Orlando, Florida, home early Sunday morning.

Source Provides Details to Fox News on ‘Massive New Evidence’ in Freddie Gray Case

A massive trove of evidence has been given by Baltimore prosecutors to lawyers representing the six officers charged in the death of Freddie Gray — and it may include evidence that conflicts with what Donta Allen, the man who rode in the van with Gray, told reporters.

Young People Unsure How to React When They Learn This Clinton Fact: ‘You’re Changing My Opinion’

When Campus Reform correspondent Cabot Phillips quizzed young people on the lavish “cribs” of 2016 presidential candidates outside the White House, he got a variety of guesses — from Marco Rubio to Ben Carson and even Donald Trump.

‘Things Just Got Violent’: Dueling Confederate Flag Protests Outside S.C. Statehouse Nearly Plunge Area Into Chaos

Demonstrators — both for and against the Confederate flag — converged outside the South Carolina Statehouse in Colombia on Monday and it appeared the area was close to possibly plunging into chaos.

New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo Reveals ‘Some Added Details, Some Added Twists’ in Case of Prison Escape

The two convicted killers who escaped an upstate New York prison planned to head to Mexico after breaking out, Gov.

Beck Highlights the ‘Striking’ Parallels Between the Weimar Republic, Greece and America

Glenn Beck on Monday highlighted the “striking” parallels between the Weimar Republic, Greece and America, saying “everything Greece has done, everything we’re doing, we’ve seen it play out before.” “They’re bracing for social unrest [in Greece] as the ATMs run out of cash,” Beck said on his television program.

Moments After Dropping LED Lights Into Liquid Nitrogen, an ‘Amazing’ Reaction Occurs

A new video posted online Sunday shows what happens when LED lights are dunked into a bucket of liquid nitrogen.

NYT Berated Over Its Handling of Two Very Different Pieces of Religion-Themed Art: ‘Worst Kind of Hypocrite’

Earlier this year, the New York Times joined other media outlets in proclaiming it wouldn’t print cartoons of Islam’s Prophet Muhammad as it deemed such art “intentionally provocative.” On Monday, the news outlet published a photo of a portrait of Pope Benedict XVI made out of 17,000 condoms.

State Dept. Redacts Nearly Everything in Email Outlining Obama-Clinton Call on Night of Benghazi Attack

President Barack Obama and then-Secretary of State Hillary Clinton spoke on the phone on the night of the 2012 Benghazi attacks — but the U.S.

That Awesome J.J. Watt Video You’re Seeing Everywhere Is Probably Staged — but Still Fun to Watch

When a “fan” crashed the stage during a Zac Brown Band concert in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, Houston Texans defensive end J.J.

Man Finds Rolled-Up Note Inside Coca-Cola Bottle Along Australia Beach That Could ‘Change’ His Life

Adrian Trotman and his wife, Jen, were walking their dog Sunday when they stumbled upon something potentially life-changing.

KKK Fliers Turn Up in Second Southern California Neighborhood in Two Weeks

Southern California residents woke up Sunday to Ku Klux Klan propaganda scattered on their front lawns, the second such incident in the Los Angeles area in two weeks.

Watch: NYPD Officer Gets Down During Pride Parade

A New York City police officer had a little fun during the city’s annual gay pride parade Sunday. In a video uploaded to YouTube, a police officer broke it down with a parade participant who, according to the video’s description, is a member of the Big Apple Softball League.

Supreme Court Blocks Texas Abortion Restrictions

WASHINGTON (AP) — The Supreme Court refused on Monday to allow Texas to enforce restrictions that would force 10 abortion clinics to close.

Bristol Palin Posts Message to the ’Giddy A$$holes’ Mocking Her Over Second Pregnancy

Bristol Palin posted another message to her detractors Sunday, saying her second pregnancy actually was planned and blasting the “giddy a$$holes” mocking her.