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Police Have Apparently Solved the Mystery of Underground Tunnel in Toronto

TORONTO (AP) — Two young men who built a mysterious tunnel in Toronto had no criminal intent, police said Monday.

Man Grabs 66,000 Volt Power Line, Falls 125 Feet…and Survives

Early Saturday morning, police, firefighters and emergency crews responded to a call about a man approximately 100 feet up an electrical pole in the Boyle Heights section of Los Angeles.

White House: Obama ‘Very Interested’ in Possibility of Taking Executive Action on Tax Hikes

White House press secretary Josh Earnest said President Barack Obama is “very interested” in the possibility of using executive action to hike taxes on corporations.

Caught on Video: Keep Your Eye on Female Clerk After Armed Suspect Makes Stunningly Stupid Mistake

Zara Adil was working the register at Discount Tobacco Zone in Lexington, Kentucky, on Friday night when two robbery suspects entered the store and demanded cash.

White House: Netanyahu Has No Strategy on Iran Nukes

The top White House spokesman said Monday that Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has no strategy for accomplishing his goal of dealing with Iran’s nuclear ambitions.

Jeb Bush Spent a Billion Dollars Trying to Be the Walt Disney of Florida Biotech — and He Failed

It was a vision rivaling Walt Disney’s: grow a thriving industry and fundamentally transform Florida’s economy.

Here’s How the White House Is Justifying Trying to Ban Certain Ammo Without Congress

The White House on Monday defended the Obama administration’s move to ban certain bullets used in a wildly popular rifle, a proposal that has stirred opposition from Second Amendment advocates and a prominent member of Congress.

Artist Claims He Snuck Secret Metaphor in Former President’s Portrait — and He Says the Clintons ‘Hate’ It

Hidden in the portrait of former President Bill Clinton is a subtle metaphor that represents the sex scandal that rocked his administration in the late 1990s, according to the man who painted it.

Apple Pay Has a ‘Soft Underbelly’ That’s Letting Scammers Get Away With Millions

Scammers may not be able to hack into your phone — but they may not need to. They can just buy their own.

Columbine Survivor Lost His Championship Football Ring 10 Years Ago and Assumed He’d Never See It Again — but a ‘Miraculous’ Phone Call by a Homeless Man Changed It All

When Evan Todd lost his 1999 state championship football ring, he assumed he’d never see the high school relic again, but ten years after it went missing, he believes that a random phone call from the man who mysteriously found it was nothing short of “miraculous.” See, it wasn’t just any ring.

‘Marriage From Hell’: Are the Islamic State and Boko Haram Preparing to Form an Allegiance?

An alarm was sounded by at least one U.S. congresswoman last September that Nigerian terror group Boko Haram could “explode any day” and become a more dire danger.

10-Year-Old Boy Suffered Four Seizures. A Week Later When Doctors Saw His Teeth Were Black, They Found Out What Caused Them.

There is apparently an ingredient in black licorice candy that if eaten in mass could cause harmful health effects.

Another Thing in Your Kitchen Is Going High-Tech

Madhuri Eunni sheepishly admits that sometimes she skips lunch, which is why having a protein-packed breakfast is so important for her health. Every morning she was tediously measuring out flax seeds, chia seeds and protein powder, which took time and sometimes still left her not getting the amount of nutrition she needed.

What This Alabama Archer Can Hit With a Bow and Arrow is Stunning: ‘His Brain is Like a Ballistic Fire Control Computer’

Byron Ferguson is an archer from Alabama with a reputation for being able to hit “anything you [throw] at him,” according to Destin Sandlin, the host of Smarter Every Day.

Seven Cops and Lawyers Apparently ‘Lied’ to Put This Man in Jail. He Was Only Saved by the Video You’re About to See.

Justice is supposed to be blind. It’s not supposed to see what it wants to see. Douglas Dendinger is a 47-year-old disabled Army veteran who found himself the target of an apparent police conspiracy to put him away for life — all because he handed a court summons to a cop, WWL-TV reported.

Road Rage Karma Strikes Driver Who Left His Car to Yell at Fellow Motorist

If you’ve been in a fender bender or other minor traffic accident, you probably know the drill: You briefly collect your thoughts, then, if you’re physically able, get out of the car to talk to the other driver, make sure everyone is OK and assess the damage.

Terrorist Flag Makes Appearance Outside Major Pro-Israel Conference in D.C.

Among the pro-Palestinian activists outside the American Israel Public Affairs Committee’s annual policy conference in Washington Sunday was one demonstrator holding the yellow flag of the Shiite terrorist group Hezbollah.

‘No more!’: Defiant Netanyahu Says Israel Can’t Be Passive in the Face of Iranian Threat

A defiant Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu vowed that Israel will continue to stand up for its right to exist against the growing threat posed by Iran, and defended his controversial Tuesday speech to Congress as a chance to warn America that this threat is growing.

Medieval Lead Coffin Found in Same Area Where King Richard III Was Excavated

History buffs were thrilled when the body of King Richard III was found underneath a Leicester parking lot a few years ago, and the historical artifacts from that region continue to emerge.

Watch What Happens When a ‘Maniac’ Leaps the Roof of an Occupied Police Cruiser and Starts Stomping

Wild video appeared on LiveLeak late last week of a “maniac” leaping on top of an occupied police cruiser, then stomping on the headlights.