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WATCH: Trigger Warnings!

By The Right Scoop For those of you who don’t know what ‘trigger warnings’ are or for those of you who do, I am quite certain you’ll enjoy this video on trigger warnings.

Do 'All Lives Matter' or Not?

By William Murchison, Real Clear Politics A black man shoots an off-duty but uniformed white deputy in the back, pumping additional lead into him as he lies on the ground.

Gutfeld Eviscerates Obama's Skewed Priorities: Reality TV, Climate Change as Big City Murder Rates Spike

Fox Nation: Greg Gutfeld eviscerates President Obama's appearance on reality TV as he turns his back on big city murder rates.

Obama Picks Up More Support for Iran Deal, Need One More Senator to Prevail

By Stephen Dinan - The Washington Times Two more Democrats announced support Tuesday for President Obama’s nuclear deal with Iran, putting the White House a single senator away from assuring it can prevent Congress from scuttling the agreement and leaving GOP leaders hoping to avoid an even bigger embarrassment of losing to a filibuster.

CNN Changes Debate Criteria

By Ben Kamisar, The Hill CNN has decided to change its criteria for the Republican debate on Sept. 16 after facing criticism that its reliance on older polls could keep Carly Fiorina off the stage.

Hillary Clinton’s Email Reveal: John Boehner Is A Lazy 'Alcoholic,' Aide Insists

By David Sherfinski, The Washington Times In one of the newly-released emails from former Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton, longtime Clinton confidante Sidney Blumenthal calls House Speaker John A.

Starnes: Back to School: Let the Left-Wing Indoctrination Begin

By Todd Starnes  Published September 01, 2015 | It’s no secret that our nation’s public universities want to transform American young people into a bunch of hyper-sensitive, intellectually-neutered cream puffs.

New Planned Parenthood Video: Sometimes Intact Fetuses 'Just Fell Out'

BY MARK HEMINGWAY, Weekly Standard The Center for Medical Progress is out with another horrifying video exposing Planned Parenthood's practice of harvesting the organs from aborted fetuses for money.

Kentucky Clerk Remains Defiant for 'God's Authority,' Won't Issue Same-Sex Marriage Licenses

Published September 01, 2015 | A defiant Kentucky county clerk will face a federal judge on Thursday in a hearing about her refusal to issue marriage licenses to gay couples.

Illinois Manhunt Underway For 3 Armed Men After Cop Reportedly Killed In Chicago

FOX NEWS A massive manhunt is on in an Illinois suburb after a police officer was reportedly fatally shot Tuesday morning.

Clinton Reportedly Used Private Server For Clinton Foundation And State Department Business

Katie Pavlich, Town Hall Late last night the State Department released 7,000 new emails belonging to former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton.  Turn off Comment:  Article Image:  Big Top:  No Breaking News:  No Make Sticky:  No Attribution:  Read more at Image Credit:  AP Video:  No Pi

Undoing Obama's Unilateral Presidency


Nine Signs Of The Impending American Collapse

by David Solway, PJ Media A considerable sector of the American public is surely aware, dimly or acutely, of several, many or all of the nine signs of approaching national collapse assembled here, even though these portents are almost universally censored or deliberately misrepresented by the libera

Murder Rates Soar In Major United States' Cities

AOL New numbers show that murder rates are rising sharply across the U.S. — but no one can seem to explain why.

Hillary Clinton Vs Ashley Madison: Adulterers Face More Accountability Than A US Secretary Of State

By WILLIAM MCGURN, The Wall Street Journal What a world we live in when a website promoting adultery is held more accountable than a U.S.

Message To The Black Lives Matter Movement: You Are Only Promoting Racism

Real Clear Politics "Now they're encouraging black people to go kill white people, because they want white people to feel what we felt 400 years ago," says 27 year-old Marine veteran Michael Whaley in a message to the Black Lives Matter movement.

Poll: 71% Of Americans Unhappy With Country's Direction

By NICK GASS, Politico Americans are mad as hell about the way things are going in the United States.

Russia, China 'Aggressively' Identifying U.S. Operatives

By RUDY TAKALA, The Washington Examiner China and Russia are aggressively using stolen data to identify members of the U.S.

The National Review: Trump's Pal Al ...

By JILLIAN KAY MELCHIOR, The National Review @JILLIANKAYM On a frigid January night in 1988, 16,000 spectators packed into Atlantic City’s Convention Center to see 21-year-old Mike Tyson take on boxing legend Larry Holmes, 38.

State Dept. Releases Thousands of Clinton Emails, At Least 125 Contained Classified Info The State Department released thousands of pages of Hillary Clinton's emails Monday night that a department spokesman said contained 125 messages with material now considered classified.