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D.C. Gun Ruling Could Open Door to Universal Carry Laws

By: Whitney Blake (Weekly Standard) In a surprising decision, a federal judge overturned Washington, D.C.’s open and concealed carry ban this past weekend.

Israeli Journalist: Obama Has Abandoned Israel, Kerry 'Hurting Us'

On the Record: Isi Leibler (Jerusalem Post): Watch the latest video at ON SAYING PRES OBAMA HAS ABANDONED ISRAEL 19:11:10 We would have expected the president of the United States to stand by an ally and not create a situation in which Hamas gets a feeling that the United States will somehow rather get them out of trouble.

Krauthammer: Amnesty-By-Fiat Would Be Impeachable Offense, But Impeachment Still Political Suicide for GOP

    National Review Online: Talk of impeachment is a “concoction of Democrats,” but that doesn’t mean there isn’t a grander strategy by the White House and its congressional allies, Charles Krauthammer warned.

Candidly Speaking: Obama Is Abandoning Israel

By ISI LEIBLER, The Jerusalem Post   Jerusalem Post columnist Isi Leibler will talk to Greta on tonight's ON THE RECORD at 7 ET!

Hillary Clinton Echoes Reid, Declares War on ‘Insensitive’ Redskins

By: Jessica Chasmar (Washington Times) Hillary Clinton is now joining fellow Democrats in condemning the Redskins’ name as “insensitive.” Speaking with Fusion TV’s Jorge Ramos, the former secretary of state said she “would love to see” the NFL team’s owners change the name to something less offensive to Native Americans.

Bipartisan Group of Lawmakers Seek Formal Condemnation of Obama Over Bergdahl Swap

By: Patrick Howley (Daily Caller) The House Armed Services Committee marked up a resolution Tuesday to formally condemn President Barack Obama for his decision to bypass Congress in releasing five senior Taliban leaders in exchange for Bowe Bergdahl.

GUTFELD: Dem Fundraising Off ‘Impeachment’ an ‘Acknowledgement of How Poor a Job Obama is Doing’

By: Brendan Bordelon (Daily Caller) Watch the latest video at FOX News host Greg Gutfeld found the White House’s rhetoric on the “impending” impeachment of President Barack Obama curious, noting it’s “almost a tacit acknowledgement of how poor a job Obama is doing.” In the last week the Democratic Party — from the White House to the DCCC — has pushed a narrative of a Republican Party days or weeks away from filing impeachment charges against Obama.

Fears of Ebola Virus Spread in West Africa After Second American Infected

FOX News: Health officials in West Africa are scrambling to contain a possible widening of an Ebola outbreak after a man believed to be affected by the virus traveled by plane from Liberia to Ghana to Togo to Nigeria, where he died on Friday.

VIDEO: Hillary: Hamas Uses Human Shields ‘Because Gaza is Pretty Small’

Free Beacon/Breitbart News:   In an interview with Fusion TV, Hillary Clinton argues Hamas hides their military weapons among civilians due mainly to geography, not radical religious beliefs or their hatred of Israel.

Jerry Brown Cites God, ‘Religious Call’ to Welcome Illegals

By: Cheryl Chumley (Washington Times) California Gov. Jerry Brown told a crowd of climate change watchers at an event in Mexico that Texas Gov.

Only America Can Save Iraq’s Last Christians

By: Nina Shea ( The Arabic “nun” symbol, or N, which stands for Nazarene and refers to Christians, ominously began appearing, stamped in red, on Christian homes in Mosul, Iraq, two weeks ago.

VIDEO: State Dept ‘Deeply Troubled’ By Israeli Strike on Power Plant

Washington Free Beacon:   State Department spokeswoman Jen Psaki said her department was “deeply troubled” by Israel’s strike on a Gaza power plant, continuing an ongoing trend of Kerry’s State Department obliquely criticizing Israel’s actions.

Obama Announces New Round of Sanctions on Russia ... Will Putin Blink?

Watch the latest video at Published July 29, 2014 | President Obama on Tuesday announced a new round of U.S.

Emails Show Valerie Jarrett Intervened on ObamaCare ‘Bailout’ After Industry Appeals

By Judson Berger Published July 29, 2014 | Newly released emails show a key White House adviser intervened on behalf of the health insurance industry after an executive repeatedly warned that massive premium hikes were coming unless the administration expanded an ObamaCare program that Republicans call an industry "bailout." The insurance industry ultimately got a more "generous" offer from the administration -- one that Republicans warn could transfer potentially billions of taxpayer dollars into the Affordable Care Act to bail out insurance companies.

WATCH LIVE: Obama Makes Statement On Ukraine

Watch the latest video at Turn off Comment:  Article Image:  Big Top:  No Breaking News:  Yes Make Sticky:  No Image Credit:  AP Homepage Title Style:  WATCH LIVE: Obama Makes Statement On Ukraine Video:  Yes

Starnes: Troops Told To Refrain From Eating, Drinking In Front Of Muslims

By Todd Starnes, FOX NEWS Do not eat or drink in front of Muslims, and learn more about their religion.

Fighting for Us: The Real Stakes in Israel’s War

By John Bolton (NY Post) Israel’s effort to destroy Hamas’ underground Gaza Strip infrastructure is about defeating terrorism, yes — but even graver issues are involved.

STARNES: Feds Quietly Dump Hundreds of Illegal Immigrants in Tennessee

By Todd Starnes Imagine you’re about to sit down for supper when suddenly 760 folks show up on your front porch wanting fried catfish and hushpuppies.

The Median American Household Lost a Third of its Wealth in the Last 10 Years

By Joseph Lawler (Washington Examiner) The median American household saw its wealth decline by more than one-third in the past decade, according to a new estimate published by the Russell Sage Foundation.

Government Paying More Than $140K to Take 10 Students on a ‘Climate Change Journey’

By Elizabeth Harrington, Washington Free Beacon The National Park Service (NPS) is spending $140,368 to fly 10 students to Sydney, Australia so they can experience a “climate change journey.” The government announced last week they are paying for the group to attend the International Union for Conservation of Nature’s World Parks Congress (WPC), a global conference on conservation this Fall.