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FBI Says North Korea 'Responsible' For Sony Hack

FOX NEWS The FBI on Friday blamed North Korea for the cyber-attack against Sony Pictures Entertainment.

Obama Takes Whiff of a Cuban Cigar at White House Party

By Joe Tacopino, New York Post President Obama got a whiff of Havana when a guest at a White House Hanukkah reception handed him a Cuban cigar.

Another Reason to Hate the IRS: Your Tax Refund Next Year May Be Delayed ...

Watch the latest video at   Published December 19, 2014 | The Internal Revenue Service is crying poor in the face of budget cuts and weighing the possibility of its own short-term shutdown -- even warning that tax refunds could be delayed next year.

STARNES: Catholic University Marquette Suspends Professor Over Anti-Gay Marriage Controversy

By Todd Starnes Published December 19, 2014 | Marquette University seems to be sending a message to students and faculty who support Catholic doctrine regarding marriage: if you oppose gay marriage keep your mouth shut.

Stacey Dash Responds to Being Called 'Clueless' By Ebony

Watch the latest video at Ebony Magazine calls Stacey Dash's conservative views 'trendy for all the wrong reasons'.

Malkin: Michelle Obama's Tales of Racialized Victimhood

She changes her story about her adventure at a big-box store. By Michelle Malkin, The National Review Oh, woe is she.

Chris Kyle's Widow: 'Yes, Ventura Lawsuit Money Is Coming Out of My Pocket'

Watch the latest video at FOX NEWS INSIDER - The widow of "American Sniper" Chris Kyle pushed back against Jesse Ventura, telling Gretchen Carlson that she will have to pay out of her own pocket after Ventura won a defamation lawsuit against her late husband.

Father of Woman Burned Alive Delivers Message to Daughter's Killer

Watch the latest video at   FOX NEWS INSIDER - "The Real Story" updated us this afternoon on the continuing investigation into the murder of a 19-year-old Mississippi woman who was burned alive.

Obama's Imaginary 'Winning Streak' ...

By David Harsanyi, The Federalist There’s a big story emerging in D.C.: Barack Obama is making a comeback.

Did NYT Get Rolling Stoned On 'Torture' Op-Ed?

BY THE SCRAPBOOK, Weekly Standard Does the New York Times have a Rolling Stone problem? The author of a celebrated op-ed, who confessed to having “tortured” while serving at Abu Ghraib, had previously said he played no role in prisoner abuse at the infamous Iraqi prison.

FLASHBACK: Paul Harvey's 'Policeman' - A Tribute to Law Enforcement Everywhere

"Policeman" by Paul Harvey done in the style of that wonderful SUPER BOWL commercial "God Made A Framer" narrated by Paul Harvey.

Gutfeld To Obama: Visiting Cuba? Bring Escaped Cop Killer

Watch the latest video at Fox News Insider “So I hear President Obama may be going to Cuba,” Greg Gutfeld said this evening.

De Blasio 'Thinks He's Running A F–king Revolution': PBA Chief

By Danika Fears, New York Post Mayor de Blasio acts more like the leader of “a f- -king revolution” than a city, police-union President Pat Lynch said at a recent delegate meeting.

Evidence In Sony Hack Attack Suggests Possible Involvement By Iran, China Or Russia, Intel Source Says

Watch the latest video at By Catherine Herridge, FOX NEWS WASHINGTON –  The U.S. investigation into the recent hacking attack at Sony Pictures Entertainment has turned up evidence that does not point to North Korea as the "sole entity" in the case, but rather, raises the possibility that Iran, China or Russia may have been involved, an intelligence source told Fox News on Thursday.

Trump Christmas Card: 'Obama, You're Fired ...'

By Nick Sanchez, NewsMax Donald Trump issued his 2014 Christmas card via social media this year, firing lame duck President Barack Obama with his signature catchphrase, and further stoking a potential presidential bid of his own.

'The Interview' Needs A Superhero: Where Are The Defenders Of Freedom?

By Jonah Goldberg, National Review The first issue of Captain America came out on December 20, 1940. It shows Cap slugging Adolph Hitler in the mouth.

Gov. Walker: Obama Has Gone from 'Audacity of Hope' to 'Audacity of the Power Grab'

Watch the latest video at Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker (R) sounded off on President Obama's motions toward normalizing relations with Cuba, as well as the upcoming Republican majority in Congress, come 2015.

Castro, Cuba, Obama—and Iran: 'Appeaser-in-Chief' Obama Admin's Foreign Policy Cannot Be Relied Upon

Watch the latest video at BY ELLIOTT ABRAMS, Weekly Standard Imagine for a moment that you are a Saudi, Emirati, Jordanian, or Israeli.

Lowry: The Castro’s Finally Hit the Jackpot

By: Richard Lowry (Politico) Candidate Barack Obama said that, as president, he would talk to anti-American dictators without precondition.

'Utterly Gutless': Judge Nap, Krauthammer Call for Web Release of 'The Interview'

FOX News Insider: Watch the latest video at Judge Andrew Napolitano and Charles Krauthammer this evening called on Sony to distribute “The Interview” online.