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U.S. Supreme Court Won't Allow Parents To Challenge New York's Vaccination Rule For Kids

Three families, who challenged New York state's rule requiring children to be vaccinated before attending school, suffered a huge loss on Oct.

Ben Carson Won't Say If Obama Is A 'Real Black President' (Video)

Republican presidential candidate Ben Carson refused to say if President Obama is a "real black president," while defending Fox News CEO Rupert Murdoch on CNN on Oct.

Russian Mother Demands Free Plastic Surgery For 'Ugly' Daughter

A Russian mother has refused to raise her disabled daughter until the girl receives free plastic surgery to make her more attractive.

White People Asked 'Not To Attend' Yoga Class In Seattle (Video)

Rainier Beach Yoga in Seattle recently sent out an email inviting folks to a "Yoga For People Of Color" class, and specifically noted that white people shouldn't attend (video below).

Woman Almost Dies From Popular Drink

Hoping to raise awareness about a "killer in your fridge," a blogger shared one woman's bizarre but serious health battle.

Picture Of Muslims Praying On Beach Causes Alarm In Florida Town (Video)

Wakulla County, Florida, Commission Chairperson Ralph Thomas posted a picture on Facebook of some Muslims legally praying on Mashes Sands Beach on Oct.

Good Samaritan Saves Man Engulfed In Flames

A 53-year-old man only identified by his first name, Dennis, was fueling up his motorcycle at a gas station in Cobb County, Georgia, when the tank overflowed and the bike backfired.

Toddler's Leg Will Be Amputated Following Pressure Cooker Accident

On Sept. 14, Samantha Gonzales was being bathed by her grandmother in the kitchen sink of her Fort Lauderdale, Florida, when a pressure cooker being used by a relative overflowed.

Rep. Kevin McCarthy Says House Might Be 'Ungovernable'

Republican Rep. Kevin McCarthy’s seemingly abrupt decision to withdraw his candidacy for the speaker of the house position has created a potential void in GOP leadership.

Woman's Eye Super-Glued Shut After Friend Mixes Up Eye Drops And Glue

A 28-year-old single mother from Florida was temporarily blind for over a week after a friend accidentally glued her eye shut with what was thought to bo eye drops.

Minneapolis Man Charged With Raping 10-Year-Old Girl

A Minneapolis, Minnesota, man was arrested and charged with raping a 10-year-old girl in the hallways of an apartment complex.

'Jeopardy!' Champion Matt Jackson Becomes Star With Creepy Smile (Video)

Matt Jackson, a Washington D.C. paralegal, has been dominating the TV game show "Jeopardy!" with his brainy answers and sinister smile (videos below).

Ben Carson Defends His Comments After Oregon Shooting

Republican presidential candidate Dr. Ben Carson won’t back down from his comments about fighting off a gunman if he were in a situation like that of the Oregon college massacre, which left 10 people, including the alleged shooter, dead.

Idaho Teen Allegedly Threatened To Kill Girls At School After Being Denied Nude Pics (Video)

A 15-year-old boy was charged with telephone harassment and threatening violence at Highland High School in Pocatello, Idaho, on Oct.

Argentinian Mother Captures Strange 'Goblin' On Camera, Viewers Question Authenticity (Video)

Creepy footage from an Argentina mother has surfaced of a small goblin-like figure running behind her child, but viewers have just one question – is it real?

Injured Cat Caught On Video Crying While Being Rescued (Video)

Heartbreaking video (below) of an injured cat crying went viral. In the video, the cat is seen being treated at the vet for its injuries, while tears pour from its eyes.

Man Divorces Wife Via Smart Phone App

Romance is hard in the digital age and getting dumped via text message is almost universally considered harsh.

Rev. Franklin Graham Defends Guns, Attacks Obama, Claims Christian Were Martyred In Oregon (Video)

Rev. Franklin Graham claimed on Oct. 8 that Christians who were killed in the mass shooting in Roseburg, Oregon, on Oct.

St. Louis Coffee Shop Angers Customers With Offensive Anti-Police Message Written On Cups

A customer at a St. Louis coffee shop was shocked when he saw the offensive message written on his cup.

Father Dismantles, Destroys Gun In Response To Oregon Shooting (Photos)

A father and gun lover in California destroyed his weapon following the mass shooting in Oregon.  Steve Elliott wrote an emotional Facebook post explaining his decision to dismantle and destroy his gun following the massacre that left nine people dead.