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Ohio Firefighters In Trouble For Appearing On 'Merry Christmas' Billboard

Seventeen firefighters are in hot water for posing next to a city fire truck in a "Merry Christmas" billboard picture in Lancaster, Ohio.

14-Year-Old Girl Gets Suspended Over Answers On Sex Ed Quiz (Photo)

An older sister took to Imgur to share a photo of a quiz that got her 14-year-old sister suspended, and the photo has quickly gone viral.

Rubio Fine With Recent Wave Of Attacks, Says It's Proof He's 'Doing Something Right'

The contenders for the Republican presidential nomination can be divided between non-establishment candidates and those with stronger ties to the GOP.

Sen. Marco Rubio Supporters Rough Up Protesters Dressed As Robots (Video)

Republican Sen. Marco Rubio of Florida has been mocked for repeating the same lines at the GOP debate on Feb.

Angry Grandpa Destroys TV Over Super Bowl 50 (Video)

A video (below) of an "angry grandpa" destroying a TV set during Super Bowl 50 has gone viral with over one million views on YouTube since Feb.

New Jersey Teen Knocks Out Elderly Man (Video)

A video (below) of an unidentified teen knocking out an elderly man while another teen cheers on the assault recently went viral on the web.

Woman Tries To Crash Cheating Boyfriend's Car (Video)

A woman was caught on video attempting to crash her cheating boyfriend's car (video below). In the video of the incident, the woman is driving around in her car in a parking lot after finding out her boyfriend had been having an affair with another woman.  She smashes into what is reportedly her boyfriend's car, trying to destroy it.

Man Who Served Over 20 Years For Crime He Didn't Commit Gets Six Million Dollars

Connecticut awarded $6 million on Feb. 8 to a man wrongfully sent to jail for more than 20 years. Miguel Roman, 59, was sentenced to prison for 60 years after a jury erroneously convicted him of murdering 17-year-old Carmen Lopez in 1988, The Associated Press reports.

FBI Formally Confirms Investigation Of Clinton's Emails

An FBI letter addressed to the State Department has confirmed that the bureau is investigating former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s use of a private email server.

US Army Deserter Arrested: 'I Consider Myself An ISIS Soldier'

A U.S. Army deserter who allegedly supports the Islamic State has been arrested in Washington. Daniel Seth Franey, 33, faces six felony counts for illegally possessing automatic weapons and other firearms, King 5 News reports.

North Korea Has Reportedly Restarted Plutonium Reactor

North Korea has restarted a plutonium production reactor that could provide for the creation of nuclear weapons, a U.S.

North Carolina High School Teacher Forbidden From Seeing Her Own Children After Having Sexual Relations With Female Student

A North Carolina teacher has been prevented from seeing her own children after she was charged for having sexual relations with a student.

Controversial Video Shown At High School Accused Of Fostering 'White Guilt' (Video)

A video shown as part of a high school presentation is accused of sparking tension, controversy, and “white guilt.” The student body at Glen Allen High School in Henrico, Virginia, viewed an animated video during an assembly for Black History Month.  The video entitled, "Structural Discrimination: The Unequal Opportunity Race," shows black and white men and women competing in a race through American history.

Trump: Hillary Clinton Is 'In A Certain Way, Evil'

GOP presidential candidate Donald Trump called rival Hillary Clinton evil during a word association game on MSNBC's Morning Joe.

Mother And Orangutan Share A Moment Over Breast-Feeding

Elizabeth Hunt Burrett was visiting Australia's Melbourne Zoo for her daughter’s third birthday when her son,13-week-old Eli, became hungry.

Disabled Boy's Trip To The Skate Park Goes Viral (Video)

Since 2004, Tresa Edmunds has been blogging about  “motherhood and other creative endeavors” since 2004 on her website, Reese Dixon, but her son 8-year-old son Atticus recently stole the spotlight in a viral video (below).

Man Who Tossed Gator In Drive-Thru Window Arrested By U.S. Marshals

A Florida man who tossed a live alligator through a Wendy's drive-thru window in October has been captured by U.S.

Mother Shocked By Skimpy Baby Shorts In Department Store (Photos)

An Australian mother was outraged when she happened upon a pair of baby girl shorts that were skimpier than male options.

'Blatant Sexism': College Student Kicked Out Of Gym For Wearing Shirt That Exposed Her Stomach

A college freshman says she was kicked out of her school’s gym for wearing a shirt that exposed her stomach.

Outdoor Urinal In Park Causes Uproar In San Francisco (Video)

San Francisco's Dolores Park reopened in late January, but one of the new features is causing controversy (video below).