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Oklahoma Removes Ten Commandments From State Grounds

The Oklahoma government removed a granite monument of the Ten Commandments from its Capitol grounds late Monday.

General Mills Recalls 1.8 Million Boxes Of Cheerios Due To Wheat Contamination

Gluten-intolerant Cheerios lovers across the country should think twice before snapping up their favorite breakfast cereal from their local grocery shelves.  The cereal's manufacturer, General Mills, announced in a press release on Monday that it will recall an estimated 1.8 million boxes of Cheerios and Honey Nut Cheerios produced at its Lodi, California plant on several dates in July.  The mass recall is due to an incident at the Lodi facility that caused wheat flour to be introduced into the system's gluten-free oat flour system.

Nurse Reportedly Reuses Flu Shot Syringes At New Jersey Clinic

Employees at pharmaceutical company were alerted after a nurse at a New Jersey clinic reportedly reused syringes while giving them flu shots.

Teen On Life Support After Participating In So-Called "Fire Challenge"

The so-called ‘Fire Challenge,’ which originated around 2012 with a YouTube video which has since garnered more than half-a-million views, has struck again.

Saudi Arabia Man Sets Wife On Fire And Beats Her To Death In Front Of Children For Suspected Cheating

A Saudi Arabia man discovered his wife was unfaithful and reportedly set her on fire before bludgeoning her to death with a tire iron in front of their children.  According to reports, the man picked up his wife and children from a shopping mall and decided to stop the car on their way home to search his wife's hand bag.

Man Says He Murdered Parents And Violated Their Bodies In Retaliation For Years Of Sexual Abuse

Leandro Acosta and his stepsister Karen Klein have admitted murdering their parents and burning their bodies in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

Ten-Year-Old Girl Sets World Hunting Record With 800-Pound Alligator Catch

A ten-year-old girl from Texas won a top hunting prize after using a crossbow to shoot an alligator three times her size. "I wasn't nervous," Ella Hawk, the young huntress told the Victoria Advocate.

Increasing Number Of Towns Add 'In God We Trust' To Police Cars

The small town of Byram, Mississippi recently added the national motto, 'In God We Trust', to its police cruisers.

NBC's Al Roker Apologizes For Insensitive Selfie Taken While Covering South Carolina Storms

NBC weatherman Al Roker has publicly apologized for an insensitive "selfie" photo taken while reporting on the devastating storms and flooding in South Carolina earlier this week for NBC Nightly News.  The selfie in question shows Roker and two other members of his news crew smiling on the side of a partially collapsed roadway with a wrecked car stuck in a ditch behind them.

Women Waves Toilet Paper, Writes Message With Lipstick To Get Attention After Drunk Man Enters Her House (Video)

A woman heading to work noticed something amiss about her neighbor's home. Ann Caplan approached the house of Beth Gresock, who was waving a piece of toilet paper out of her bathroom window.

Burger King's Halloween Whopper Causes Green Poop

After recently revealing a new black Whopper, Burger King has received complaints that the item causes green poop.

Wyoming High School Cancels 'America Day,' Students Rebel

Patriotic teenagers at a high school in Teton County, Wyoming, protested last week following a decision by school administrators to cancel "America Pride Day."  A group of juniors and seniors at Jackson Hole High School showed their displeasure at the controversial decision by going to school decked out from head to toe in American flag apparel, including capes, headbands, and shorts.

Girl Becomes 'Possessed By The Devil' After Playing Ouija Board App (Video)

Disturbing footage (below) captured a young woman being “possessed by the devil” after playing a board game app on her phone.

Harry Reid: Republicans 'Puppets For The NRA'

Following the mass shooting at a community college in Oregon, Senate Minority Leader Harry Reid took aim at Republican lawmakers for their unwillingness to take action on gun control.

U.S. Deports Lowest Number Of Immigrants In Almost A Decade

The number of illegal immigrants deported from the U.S. has hit almost a decade-low over the last 12 months.

Major U.S. Businesses Holding $2.1 Trillion Offshore To Avoid Taxes

500 of the largest companies in America are reportedly holding more than $2.1 trillion in profits offshore to avoid paying taxes — with the amount they’d owe estimated to be $620 billion.

Woman Diagnosed With Brain Tumor The Same Day She Lost Her Health Insurance

An Oklahoma woman was diagnosed with a brain tumor the same day she lost her health insurance. Laci Vaughan learned about her condition on her 26th birthday back in April, KFOR reported.

Wanted Oregon Woman Found Hiding In Tank Of Construction Site Toilet

A Oregon woman, wanted by police, was arrested Saturday after she was discovered hiding in the sewage tank of a portable toilet.  Treasure Dawn Shockey, 27, had two warrants out for her arrest on identity theft charges when she was spotted by Eugene police shortly after 11:00 a.m.

Toddler, 17 Dogs Found In Louisiana House Full Of Trash

Louisiana police officers arrested five people after it was discovered that a young child and 17 dogs were living in filth.

Nursing Mom Says She Was Harassed On American Airlines Flight For Pumping Milk In Plane's Bathroom

An Arizona woman says she was treated rudely by an American Airlines flight attendant while pumping breast milk in a plane bathroom during a flight from Chicago to Phoenix recently.