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Pregnant Woman Breaks Traffic Law, Officer Does Something Unexpected In Response (Photos)

A pregnant woman was stunned when a police officer went above and beyond to assist her when she was pulled over for having outdated plates.

CEO Who Raised Minimum Salary To $70,000 Struggles To Make Ends Meet

A Seattle, Washington, CEO who made headlines when he raised the minimum salary of his employees to $70,000 a year revealed to the New York Times that he’s struggling to stay afloat.

Judge Shames Man For Wearing Shorts To Hearing For Childrens' Death

A judge in North Carolina postponed a man’s hearing after he showed up to court wearing shorts and a t-shirt.

There's A Reason You Care More About A Lion Than You Do About Other Humans

If you’ve turned on your television, listened to the radio, hopped on social media, or checked out any news site in the past week, you know one thing for certain — everyone is mourning Cecil the Lion.

Texas City Challenged Over Display Of Religious Sign

A group campaigning on the issue of the separation of church and state has criticized a Texas city for violating the Constitution.

Florida County Adopts 'In God We Trust' Bumper Stickers For Police Cars

Walton County Sheriff’s Office in northwest Florida has announced a plan to have bumper stickers saying “In God We Trust” on its patrol cars.

Westboro Baptist Church Fails To Appear At Lafayette Theater Shooting Funerals

Although Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal issued an executive order to prevent Westboro Baptist Church members from protesting the funerals of the victims of the Lafayette movie theater shooting and community members agreed to also form a human wall, these measures ultimately proved unnecessary.

Beauty Blogger Opens Up About Battle With Skin Cancer

A young British mom and beauty blogger, famous for sharing salon deals, recently spoke out about her skin cancer battle.

Pelosi Calls Iran Deal 'A Diplomatic Masterpiece'

House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) voiced her support for President Obama's nuclear deal with Iran on Thursday, saying that House Democrats will provide enough support to finalize the plan's approval process.

Jimmy Carter: U.S. Has Become An Oligarchy With 'Unlimited Political Bribery' (Video)

Former president Jimmy Carter said during a radio interview (video below) on Tuesday that the United States is now an “oligarchy.” Carter made the statement after host Thom Hartmann questioned him on the issue of unlimited money in political campaigns.  “Our Supreme Court has now said, 'unlimited money in politics.' It seems like a violation of principles of democracy … your thoughts on that?

Hearing Over Repeal Of English-Only Ordinance Sparks Controversy

Leaders in Frederick County saw heated debate during a recent hearing when they considered repealing a 2012 ordinance that requires all official business in the county to be conducted in English.

Justice Department: Georgia Puts Kids With Disabilities In Old Schools Used During Jim Crow

Georgia has reportedly been placing thousands of students who have behavior problems and disabilities in old facilities, some of which were used to segregate black children during the Jim Crow era, which ended in 1965.

Ohio Gov. Kasich: I'll Put 'Boots On The Ground' To Fight ISIS

Republican Gov. John Kasich of Ohio pledged during an interview on Meet the Press that he would put boots on the ground to fight “radical” Islam if elected president in 2016.

Mississippi School District Owes $7,500 After Leading Event With Prayer

A Mississippi school district will have to pay a $7,500 fine for opening a school assembly with prayer, an act that violated a previous court settlement for the district to stop "proselytizing Christianity." U.S.

Nearly 100 Break Ties With Mormon Church In Mass-Resignation Event

A crowd of approximately 100 handed their formal letters of resignation to The Church of Latter-day Saints, headquartered in Salt Lake City, Utah, on Saturday in a final push to end their relationship with the church, The Salt Lake Tribune reported.

Boy Murdered In Nepal For Human Sacrifice Ritual, 11 Arrested

A Nepalese man confessed to killing a 10-year-old boy after following a holy man's advice to sacrifice a human for his sick son, according to local police.

Reno Mayor Apologizes For U.S. Flag Mistakenly Replaced With LGBTQ Flag Over City Hall

The mayor of Reno, Nev. issued an apology on Monday after a mixup that resulted in an LGBTQ flag replacing the American flag over city hall during the weekend.

Pennsylvania Judge Dismisses Lawsuit Against Ten Commandments Monument In Public School

A Pennsylvania judge dismissed a lawsuit arguing against a Ten Commandments Monument in a public high school on July 27, saying the plaintiffs did not establish proper standing to bring the case about.

74-Year-Old Man Hits 100-Year-Old Mother In The Head WIth A Broom

A 74-year-old Florida man has been arrested after police say he hit his 100-year-old mother in the head with a broom.

Florida Woman Sentenced For Drowning Three-Week-Old Puppy In Nebraska Airport Toilet

A Florida woman was given two years of probation for drowning a three-old-puppy in a Nebraska airport toilet.  57-year-old Cynthia Anderson of Edgewater, Florida, was prevented from boarding a flight on January 23rd at the Central Nebraska Regional Airport because the puppy was so young and wasn't properly contained.  She was seen entering the restroom and then another woman reported finding the Doberman puppy dead in a toilet.  On Thursday Anderson was sentenced to two years of probation at Hall County District Court in Grand Island.