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Country Music Sensation Lynn Anderson Dies From Heart Attack At 67

Country music star Lynn Anderson passed away on Thursday from a heart attack at age 67. The legendary singer died in Nashville at the Vanderbilt University Medical Center, according to a statement made by her rep to Billboard.

Hillary Clinton’s Health Care, Financial Documents Released Prove She Is Fit To Serve As President Of The United States?

Former First Lady Hillary Clinton’s health isn’t stopping her from her aim to claim the seat once held by her husband Bill Clinton.

Blizzard Jampacks Gamescom 2015 With Contests, Prizes, And ‘World Of Warcraft’ Revelations

Everyone is excited for Gamescom 2015 this week, running from August 6 to August 9. But one of the biggest events happening at Gamescom this year that fans should look forward to is the lineup of Blizzard, creator of famous and dominating game of the generation, World of Warcraft.

Kourtney Kardashian, Sisters Still Call Caitlyn Jenner ‘Bruce’

Kourtney Kardashian and her sisters still call Caitlyn Jenner by the name they grew up with: Bruce. Khloe Kardashian said recently that it’s difficult for her, Kim, and Kourtney to get in the habit of saying the name ‘Caitlyn’, especially when they speak to her on the phone and hear the same voice they’ve always heard.

Dad Tries To Run Over Teens He Believed Bullied His Daughter [Video]

An Illinois dad has been arrested after he reportedly tried to run over a group of teens he believed was bullying his daughter.

Donald Tump Says He Won’t Attack Rivals During Debate

The first Republican primary debate is taking place this Thursday. Many have speculated that Donald Trump would attempt to steal the show during the debates, but he says that won’t happen.

Lana Del Rey At Boyfriend’s Ex Girlfriend’s Wedding? Princess, Francesco History

Did Lana Del Rey attend the wedding of a princess that used to date her boyfriend? As it appears, this may have been the case — if Google Translate is a trustworthy source.

Jessica Alba’s Honest Company Criticized Over Faulty Sunscreen, Not Including Church In Sunday Plans

Jessica Alba’s Honest Company, which provides family with eco-friendly product offerings, is catching some heat for allegedly faulty sunscreen products.

Lena Dunham Bikini Pics: ‘Girls’ Star Shows Off Curves At Charity Race

Actress Lena Dunham made headlines by showing off her body again this weekend – but with a bit of twist.

Sophie Turner Spotted On New Game Of Thrones Sets. Is Sansa Stark Going Back To Winterfell?

This post contains spoilers for Game of Thrones Season Five and the A Song of Ice and Fire novels. This post also contains theories about Game of Thrones Season Six.

Vote To Play Your Favorite PlayStation 4 Games For Free Via PlayStation Plus

More PlayStation 4 favorites are coming free to the PlayStation 4 console as Sony confirms the new Vote To Play feature for PlayStation 4 via PlayStation Plus.

iPhone 5s Remains A Solid Smartphone, Is It Upgrade Time?

The iPhone 5s remains a solid smartphone, but with all of the talk surrounding the iPhone 6s and 7 is it time to consider an upgrade?

Penn State Researchers Say Increase In Autism Can Be Mostly Blamed On Semantics, A Look At Chaotic Data And Reclassification

A new study from Penn State claims that soaring autism rates are not the result of more American kids actually showing symptoms of autism.

Donald Trump Admits To Paying As Little As Possible In Taxes

Donald Trump, the billionaire real estate mogul and reality show star, is not a fan of paying taxes for two specific reasons.

‘Zoolander 2’ Trailer: The ‘Unique’ Intro Will Confuse You – But Not For Long

The first teaser for Zoolander 2 was officially released online Sunday by Paramount Pictures – and it does not disappoint!

Naomi Campbell Will Fight Italian Court’s Decision

Naomi Campbell is fighting back against the sentence she received in an Italian court yesterday as the result of a 2009 attack against a photographer.

Sabrina Corgatelli: Hunter Kills Giraffe, Taunts Anti-Hunting ‘Haters’ On Facebook, Sparks Outrage

Sabrina Corgatelli is a female hunter from Idaho who, in light of the worldwide outrage over the killing of Cecil the Lion by American dentist Walter Palmer, is going out of her way to stick her love for killing wild animals directly in the faces of the thousands and perhaps millions of people who have expressed anger and revulsion at Palmer.

Windows 10 Upgrade: Is It Worth Upgrading Your OS To The New Version?

The Windows 10 upgrade was released on Wednesday, July 29 and it already has people talking. Microsoft decided to make Windows 10 free to some users who have Windows 7 or Windows 8 operating systems.

Windows 10: How To Maximize Privacy And Minimize What Microsoft Collects About You

Windows 10 was released this past week and immediately hit more than 14 million device installs in the first 24 hours of availability.

Tom Werner, Cosby Show Producer, Defends Bill’s ‘Legacy’ As Cosby Lawyer Attacks Rape & Drugs ‘Witch Hunt’ [Video]

Tom Werner, producer of Bill Cosby’s show, has broken his silence. And Tom urges that the public and media honor the legacy from the fictional Huxtables family featured on the show that Werner produced rather than on the allegations of sexual assault and drugging that Cosby faces, reported MSN.