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New Cardiac Risk Calculator Said To Be Much Simpler And More Accurate As It Looks for Symptoms Of Rheumatoid Arthritis

At-risk patients are always difficult to diagnose and hence difficult to treat when the disease is at its nascent stage.

Harry Styles Disappoints Ashton Irwin By Not Getting Naked

Harry Styles used to have a habit of stripping down and running around, but a member of 5 Seconds of Summer recently revealed that Hazza doesn’t get naked as much as he used to.

Does Israel Have The Right To Self Defense: Continuing The Lethal Narrative Against The Jewish State

Special Report by Nidra Poller – Paris, July 22, 2014 – Israel, they say, harumph, has the right to defend itself, but… But not entirely.

Big Bang Theory: Creator Chuck Lorre Thinks Cast Deserves $1 Million Per Episode

The Big Bang Theory creator and executive producer Chuck Lorre thinks the show’s cast deserves the giant paychecks they’ve been seeking.

Is Kaley Cuoco-Sweeting Considering Leaving ‘The Big Bang Theory’ For A Movie Career?

Kaley Cuoco-Sweeting really wants you to know that she can score work outside of The Big Bang Theory universe.

Mom Seeks Shelter Via Craigslist; CPS Takes Kids

In recent weeks there have been a number of stories in which CPS takes kids from a single parent who was struggling to balance work or a job search with caring for her kids.

Israel’s Netanyahu Blames Hamas For Palestinian Civilian Deaths

“They don’t give a whit about the Palestinian people,” Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu told ABC’s George Stephanopoulis Sunday in an interview about the escalation of hostilities with Hamas.

Jason Hope Thinks Hospitality Industry Needs Internet Of Things, Too

Entrepreneur and philanthropist Jason Hope may well be correct in his assertion that the hospitality industry needs the Internet of Things, but those who are not aware of the latest developments in interconnected technology likely have no idea what he’s talking about, let alone what it could mean for the industry.

Was KKK Member In Police Force An Undercover Agent?

If you’ve heard the story of the Florida town rocked by the news of a KKK member in their local police force, you may be glad to know that there is at least some indication that all may not be as it seems.

Malaysia Airlines Flight MH17: Dutch Embassy In Moscow Becomes Site Of Memorial As Russians Ask For Forgiveness

While Russian President Vladimir Putin has yet to take on any responsibility for the downing of Malaysia Airlines Flight MH17, Russian citizens have stepped up in their own way and met the tragedy with an outpouring of love and sorrow in the form of memorial tributes for the MH17 victims and their families.

Lily Allen: Hormones Made ‘Sheezus’ Album Suck?

Lily Allen is one of those British artists who tread the line between pop royalty and almost indie. But her latest album Sheezus has had her looking more Kate Nash than Adele, or even Amy Winehouse for that matter.

‘Sailor Moon’ Episode Re-Created by Over 250 Artists [VIDEO]

Sailor Moon, the popular anime from the 1990s, was recently relaunched as Sailor Moon Crystal, but the classic episodes are still beloved by fans.

iPhone 6: Apple Orders 70-80 Million Units With Two Screen Sizes [Report]

Apple is expecting the iPhone 6 to be its biggest yet not only in size but also sales, according to a report from The Wall Street Journal.

Hunger Games Mockingjay Premier Date Set (Warning: Spoilers!)

With a date set for the film’s trailer unleash, Hunger Games: Mockingjay, Part 1 is once again going to debut at the San Diego Comic-Con this Friday.

Jim Parsons Expected To Win Emmy Amid Rumors He’s Leaving ‘Big Bang Theory’

Jim Parsons has been nominated for not one but two Emmy Awards, and many believe that he’s going to win.

‘Game of Thrones’ Star Maisie Williams Rips British Airways: ‘Sort Your S*** Out!”

Game of Thrones star Maisie Williams, better known as the feisty, swordplay-happy tomboy Arya Stark on the hit HBO fantasy series, took a stab at her home country’s flagship airline, British Airways, over the weekend, after the actress was denied admittance to the airline’s business class lounge.

‘Dawn Of The Planet Of The Apes’ Beats Competition For Second Week

Overall, the movie industry seems to be at a bit of a lull, box office-wise, with ticket sales down 6% from last year.

Netflix Addiction Spreads to 50 Million Users Worldwide … With No Signs of Slowing

Netflix (Nasdaq: NFLX) stock increased sales by 25.3% in the second quarter this year compared to 2013′s numbers in the same period, reported The New York Times.

Discovery Revisits Megalodon For Shark Week 2014 Despite Backlash

Discovery will revisit the subject of prehistoric predators for Shark Week 2014 with Megalodon: The New Evidence, a sequel to a widely criticized “mockumentary” that aired last year.

‘Real Housewives’ Star Trips And Falls In Las Vegas, What Happens Next You Have To See

Some cast members from the Real Housewives franchises met up in Las Vegas for a high-rollers challenge over the weekend.