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Russian Bombers Buzz British, Dutch Airspace, Fighters Scramble To Chase Them Off

Two Russian bombers flew frighteningly close to the airspace of three western European countries Wednesday, forcing the Dutch, Danish and British Air Forces to put fighter jets in the air, making sure the two strategic bombers did not create a serious international incident.

Hilarious Rugby Flop [Video]

Hilarious Rugby Flop [Video] is a post from: The Inquisitr News

Burj Khalifa: New World Record BASE Jump – Video Just Released!

Burj Khalifa is a BASE jumper’s dream! It is the tallest building, tower, skyscraper or whatever you want to call it in the whole world!

Hybrid Cars in China, a Growing Trend

Although hybrids have topped the popularity list of cars sold there, recently there have been wide-scale efforts by foreign and domestic makers of automobiles to sell all types of cars in China.

Amazon Instant Video To Exclusively Stream Select HBO Shows, Winter Not Coming

Amazon Instant Video made history today with an exclusive multi-year licensing deal with premium cable channel HBO.

Teen Allegedly Had Loaded Gun In Her Vagina When Searched In Jail

A Tennessee teenager originally arrested for driving on suspended license allegedly was found with a loaded gun in her vagina.

Amber Alert: Maliah Harris Missing, Infant Sister Found Dead

Mississippi – An Amber Alert has been issued for a missing 2 year old girl after she and her parents disappeared several hours ago near Lowndes County, MS.

Teacher’s Aide Caught On Video Beating Special Needs Kids In Classroom

An Atlanta teacher’s aide has been arrested after a video taken by a horrified teacher showed him, and another aide, slapping and choking an autistic student in a classroom.

State Dept. Spokeswoman Can’t Name A Hillary Clinton Accomplishment Either [Video]

Hillary Clinton was America’s top diplomat from 2009 to 2013, but no one seems to be able to come up with any achievements that occurred while she was US Secretary of State.

Man Breaks Into National Civil Rights Museum And Then Falls Asleep!

What do you do when you are in Memphis and feel very sleepy? If you are Dexter Anderson, you would go find a place to sleep that has some substance and background to it.

Charles Murray Speech Cancelled, College Worried About ‘Hurting Students Of Color’

Charles Murray, perhaps the most well-known Libertarian in the country, just had his speech at Azusa Pacific University “postponed” at the last minute.

Dentist Yanked 28 Healthy Teeth From Man’s Head, Lawsuit Says

A dentist pulled 28 healthy teeth from a 23-year-old man’s mouth for no good reason, and charged more than $5,000 to a credit card belonging to the man’s mother, according to a lawsuit filed last week St.

iOS 7.1.1 Finally Released By Apple: How To Install Vital Bug-Fixes And Security Updates

Apple has finally released the much awaited (and badly needed) iOS 7.1.1 update which includes a number of vital bug-fixes and security updates.

Real Madrid Defeats Bayern Munich 1-0 In UEFA Champions League First Semi [Photos]

In a dramatic match, Real Madrid defeated Bayern Munich, 1-0 in the first of two UEFA Champions League semifinal at the Santiago Bernabeu.

Barbie Movie In the Works, Barbie the Movie Will Be Real Life, Live Action

A real life, live action Barbie movie is in the works, but don’t expect Barbie the Movie - or whatever Sony Entertainment decides to call it – to be a typical Barbie princess movie or anything like the Barbie film series that featured animated movies like Twelve Dancing Princesses, Mariposa, Mermaidia and Fairytopia.

How the Internet Has Changed Music, Trend Sound Promoter Sees New Opportunities

There is no question that the Internet has changed the way listeners regard music. Since programs such as Napster, Bear Share and Kazaa became available online, people have been downloading music for free.

Louisiana Creating Database Of Residents Who May Be A ‘Risk To The State’

Louisiana is making a citizen database to store information about residents who may represent a “risk to the state,” according to State Representative Chris Broadwater.

Steve Austin: ‘I’m For Same-Sex Marriage’ And That’s The Bottom Line, Cuz Stone Cold Said So [AUDIO]

During his career as a professional wrestler, as part of the WWF/WWE’s “Attitude” era, Stone Cold Steve Austin was never one to mince words and was as cantankerous and controversial as they come.

‘Watch Dogs’ Gameplay Details Revealed In Skill Trees

Actual Watch Dogs gameplay has been a mystery ever since Ubisoft announced the game back in 2013, but now thanks to some hands-on game time for several gaming news reporters across the internet, we can learn the details from people who have actually played it.

Dying British Teenager Stephen Sutton Posts Last Facebook Update, Inspires Millions

British teenager Stephen Sutton has posted a poignant photo on his Facebook page – from his hospital bed.