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NBA Rumors: New York Knicks Targeting Russell Westbrook

NBA rumors are saying that the New York Knicks might wait until 2017 to upgrade their guard position when Oklahoma City Thunder star Russell Westbrook becomes a free agent.

Hugh Jackman Seeks To Raise Skin Cancer Awareness After Fifth Diagnosis

Australian film actor Hugh Jackman has had his fifth run-in with skin cancer. He alerted followers of the dangers of the cancer after he had a cancer “blot” removed from his face.

Sam Riley, Zombie Hunter: Actor Discusses Twist On Jane Austen’s Classic Character for ‘Pride And Prejudice And Zombies’

Sam Riley has joined an elite group of actors. Like Sir Laurence Olivier, Peter Cushing, Patrick Macnee, and Colin Firth, he has brought Jane Austen‘s Fitzwilliam Darcy to life.

India Battles Menstruation Slur and Women-Entry Ban in Temples and Shrines

Indian women across religious and cultural divides are pitching against a discriminatory woman-entry ban inside temples and shrines throughout India.

‘Destiny’ Crimson Days Debut: What You Need To Know

Bungie released the latest Destiny update Tuesday that also flipped the switch on the Crimson Days event.

DMX Dead? Rapper With Negative $10M Net Worth Nearly Dies, Found Unconscious Without Breathe

Hip-hop star DMX, was rushed to hospital on Monday night after his breath stopped temporarily. He is alleged to have suffered a drug overdose.

Friend Of Nicole Lovell, 13, Says Nicole Wanted To ‘Marry And Start A Family’ With Facebook Lover, 18, Accused Of Killing Her

A 13-year-old girl, Nicole Lovell, was allegedly murdered last month by a Virginia Tech freshman she met on Facebook.

Lena Dunham Cancels Press Tour After A Serious Health Issue, ‘Girls’ Creator Opens Up About Endometriosis

Lena Dunham has decided to cancel her upcoming press tour for the fifth season of Girls. The creator, writer and actress of the critically acclaimed series, has opened up about her ongoing battle with endometriosis.

Energy Drinks on Trial: Morgan and Morgan File Lawsuit Against Monster

Energy drinks have long been thought of as unhealthy and potentially dangerous, but a new lawsuit filed by Morgan and Morgan today in Orlando, Florida claim that they can be deadly as well ABC Actions News reports.

7 Ways to Celebrate National Pizza Day

Today, February 9, is National Pizza Day, one of the most iconic food days in America. Though Pizza originated in Italy, it’s become as much of a part of American culture as burgers and French fries.

‘The Walking Dead’ Spoilers Season 6, Episode 9: Dawn of War [Watch]

AMC’s The Walking Dead is about to explode back on television sets across the nation next Sunday and the direction of the entire series is about to be exposed in episode 9, titled “No Way Out.” That means major characters and communities are about to both fall and triumph when it returns on February 14.

New Starbuck’s Menu Offers Perfect Valentine’s Gift: Three New Chocolate Drinks For Only One Week!

Starbucks is offering you a great idea for a chocolate Valentine’s gift: your choice of three molten chocolate drinks.

American Express Tickets: Beyonce’s Pre-Sale ‘Formation’ Concert Tickets Begin February 9 — Some ‘Formation’ Tickets Cost $1,650 For 2

If you want tickets to Beyonce’s “Formation” World Tour, the American Express pre-sale of tickets has begun.

Beyonce’s Red Lobster Shout-Out In ‘Formation’ Gives Seafood Chain A Huge Sales Spike

Beyonce has given a whole lot of free advertising to Red Lobster, and the chain seems to be extremely grateful—even if the exposure is in the form of a decidedly off-color song.

Beyonce ‘Fomation’ Video And Super Bowl Half Time Show Start Firestorm of Controversy

The Beyonce “Formation” video and Super Bowl Half Time Show are drawing fire from som pretty heavy hitters.

Michael Douglas & Catherine Zeta-Jones Marriage: How Are The Hollywood Couple Really Doing?

Michael Douglas and Catherine Zeta-Jones have faced a few rocky moments in their marriage and have gracefully moved past them.

Ted Cruz Getting National Security Advice From An Art Historian?

Senator Ted Cruz is a presidential candidate without any national security experience, he’s not the first of course, presidential candidates who lack experience in one area typically surround themselves with advisers who fill out the gaps, usually with people who are experts in their respective fields.

Chris Leban: Bellator MMA Signs ‘The Crippler’ To A Multi-Year Contract Surely Riding On His Fan Favoritism

For years, Bellator MMA was considered the “retirement home” of MMA, a promotion where fighters who do not or cannot retire can continue fighting.

‘Fallout 4’ 1.03, 1.3 Update Comes To PS4, Xbox One

Fallout 4‘s patch released last week on PC now lands on Playstation 4 and Xbox One edition, Bethesda, the game developer announced.

Mega Millions Jackpot $80 Million Tonight, Powerball $157 Million Tomorrow

Mega Millions and Powerball are gearing up for two large nights. Tonight, Feb. 9, Mega Millions kicks off at 11:00 p.m., with an estimated $80,000,000 jackpot!