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Chile Quake, Jittery Bison: Is The Big One Coming? / DIE WELT One bison after another trotted along the highway — a long string of the animals coming at the stream of car traffic entering Yellowstone National Park.

Gabriel Garcia Marquez, Authentic Colombian Hero / EL ESPECTADOR BOGOTA - He is the hero. Or was. The great founding legend, and not because he was a great writer.

When A Child's Shyness Becomes A Medical Condition / SUDDEUTSCHE ZEITUNG MUNICH — As a two-year-old, Mia would hide behind her mother’s legs when other children or adults spoke to her at the playground.

The Perfect Storm: Shy Kids And Overprotective Parents / SUDDEUTSCHE ZEITUNG MUNICH — As a 2-year-old, Mia would hide behind her mother’s legs when other children or adults spoke to her at the playground.

When A Child's Shyness Is A Medical Condition / SUDDEUTSCHE ZEITUNG MUNICH — As a two-year-old, Mia would hide behind her mother’s legs when other children or adults spoke to her at the playground.

Marah's Diary, Part 1: Childhood Hunger In Syrian War / SYRIA DEEPLY As part of a collaboration between Syria Deeply and Rookie, we’re publishing the memoirs of a teenage girl living in the midst of Syria’s war. Marah, as she’s chosen to be known, lives in a city under siege.

The Myth Of The Asian Math Genius / CAIXINMEDIA SHANGHAI — After the excellent performance of Shanghai children in the Programme for International Student Assessment (PISA), an expert delegation led by British Education Minister Elizabeth Truss paid a visit to Shanghai recently to learn from the city's experience in teaching – and teaching math, in particular.

Hit It! Roy Kim, Carlos Vives And More On World Music Charts

Below are some of the songs currently topping the charts around the world. Worldcrunch Pick Last month, the London-based band Gallon Drunk released their 8th studio album, The Soul Of The Hour, and it's probably one of the best things you'll hear this year, or ever.

Adios Gabo, South Korean Captain Warrant, Everest Avalanche / WHILE U SLEPT PRO-RUSSIAN PROTESTERS REFUSE GENEVA DEAL Pro-Russian protesters in Eastern Ukraine have rejected the deal reached yesterday in Geneva, refusing to leave the official buildings they have been occupying over the past week in more than 10 cities, the BBC reports.

Ethnic Or Economic: Subtle Differences In Eastern Ukraine / KOMMERSANT MOSCOW — The same picture that we saw at the end of 2013 in Kiev has now simply moved to Donetsk, Kharkiv, Luhansk and Mykolaiv.

Bad Weather Makes One Crank-y

We were usually rather lucky weather-wise on our travels.

Why Kuwaiti Cash For Syrian Rebels Is Drying Up / LE MONDE KUWAIT CITY — At the entrance of the Kuwait City villa belonging to former Islamist parliament member Jamaan Herbash, there is a sign encouraging people to support Liwa al-Tawhid, one of the main rebel brigades of the northern Syrian city of Aleppo. The fundraising is sponsored by a dozen religious dignitaries and politicians whose bearded faces are displayed on medallions.

The Tragedy And Courage Of A Mobster's Daughter / LA STAMPA MILAN — At just 22, Denise Cosco has endured unspeakable sadness. Her mother was murdered by her father with the help of her own boyfriend.

Girl Chained In Garage With Monkey, Santa Muerte Cult Suspected / WORLDCRUNCH An Argentine couple is accused of keeping their adopted daughter locked up in a garage for seven years, feeding her bread and water, and occasionally food left over by a dog and a monkey that were kept with her.

Going Green: 10 Carbon-Neutral Projects Around The World

“It’s not easy being green.” — Kermit the Frog  For some of us, being green is a hard-to-quantify choice of using a reusable bag at the grocery storetaking or taking public transport.

Creeping Famine In Pakistan's Thar Desert / PortalKBR KAPOOSAR — Pancho Mai is a villager in Kapoosar, located in the Tharpakar district.

A Thirsty Billion: High Toxic Risk In China's Water System / ECONOMIC OBSERVER LANZHOU — Over the last few days, panic has been spreading about the drinking water in Lanzhou, the capital city of the northwest Gansu Province.

Ukraine Mismatch: Fearless Putin vs Toothless Europe / SUDDEUTSCHE ZEITUNG -OpEd- BRUSSELS — Now that the world is watching Moscow make its next power grab in eastern Ukraine, there is suddenly a lot of talk about Russia’s weaknesses.

The Pharaoh's Battle

Though you can already catch of glimpse of the city in the background of the picture, in 1990 Cairo was still separated from the great pyramids of Giza.

Argentina Of Kirchner: Populism Or Kleptocracy? / CLARIN -OpEd- BUENOS AIRES — Kleptocracy, derived from Greek, is government by thieves.