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Welcome to Gavdos, The Island Of Immortals / LE TEMPS GAVDOS — The island first appears as a dark line on the horizon, offshore land debris southeast from the coastal village of Paleochora.

Cuteness And Islamic Backlash At Malaysian "I Want To Touch A Dog" Event

A somewhat unusual event was held over the weekend in a park in Petaling Jaya, Malaysia, called "I want to touch a dog." The idea was organized through Facebook in order to introduce Muslims to dogs, and more than 800 people attended, Asia One reports.  Many came to see and be near the dogs, and organizers encouraged a dress code to denote the attendees' interest: yellow for those who wanted to pet a dog, orange for those who just wanted to watch and red for dog owners.

Dead Seals In Germany May Have Had Virus, Hunters Called In To Kill Sick / SUDDEUTSCHE ZEITUNG TONNING – Since early October, at least 180 dead seals have been found along the North Sea coast of the German state of Schleswig-Holstein.

In China, Soap Made From Human Breast Milk / WORLDCRUNCH BEIJING — According to Beijing Youth Daily, soap made from breast milk is one of China's latest fads.

Egypt, The Collective Trauma Of A Revolution Denied / MADA MASR -Essay- CAIRO — A nurse and her staff use heavy medications to tame the men in a mental health ward into becoming compliant patients.

Ebola Nurse Cured, Pope Overruled, Italy's Baby Bonus / WHILE YOU SLEPT Monday, October 20, 2014 TURKEY TO LET IRAQI KURDS FIGHT IN KOBANI Turkey’s Foreign Minister Mevlut Cavusoglu announced the country would let Iraqi Kurds cross its border and join Syrian Kurds fighting against ISIS in the city of Kobani, the BBC reports.

Meet The Matriarch Who Lost 14 Family Members In Colombia's Civil War / EL ESPECTADOR BOGOTA — Little by little, one killing after another, Colombia's long entrenched civil conflict cost Carmen Tulia Ortega most of her family, leaving her with nothing but the brave face she somehow manages to still put forth.

After The War, Living In Harmony

Only five years after the end of Word War II, the mayor of Montbéliard (my hometown in eastern France) and the mayor of Ludwigsburg in western Germany started talking about making 'sister cities' out of their respective localities.

Is Bigger Beautiful? The Rise Of XXL Art / LE MONDE PARIS — Bernar Venet has big ideas, very big ideas. On July 12, he inaugurated a foundation for his monumental sculptures, notably the impressive 150-ton Effondrement ("Collapse") in Le Muy, in southeastern France.  Venet was also commissioned in 2011 to do an installation of two 72-foot arcs at the Place d’Armes in Versailles.

Jihad And Ebola, A Double Threat To The African Miracle / LES ECHOS -Analysis- PARIS — A decade after development began in earnest on the "continent of lions" — the result of vast riches in raw materials, and of Africa embracing globalization — the countries from the northern sub-Saharan Sahel region and large parts of central Africa are facing a double threat.

Lionfish, A Predator On The Menu / DIE WELT Lionfish aren't native to the Atlantic Ocean but have long populated the coral reefs of the Red Sea, Pacific and Indian Oceans.

Generics v. Big Pharma: A Latin American Legal Drug War / AMERICA ECONOMIA SANTIAGO — Imagine a Mexican-style lucha libre wrestling match between pharmaceutical products.

Brazilian Lessons For Argentina's Broken Politics / CLARIN -OpEd- BUENOS AIRES — The military regime that controlled Brazil for nearly two decades, beginning in 1964, "liberated" the country's political system in stages, starting at the muncipal level and eventually influencing the presidency.

After Ebola, Cholera? / LE MONDE MARSEILLE — Guinea, Sierra Leone and Liberia, the three West African countries hardest hit by the Ebola outbreak, are considered vulnerable to another contagious disease, cholera, especially during the rainy season, which lasts through November.

Ebola Donations, Putin And Poroshenko, Singing With The Stars / WHILE YOU SLEPT Friday, October 17, 2014 EBOLA: A CZAR, LOW DONATIONS, MORE TROOPS United Nations Secretary General Ban Ki-moon launched an urgent donations appeal in the fight against the Ebola virus.

Indonesia Asks If Death Penalty Can Curb Terrorism / PortalKBR JAKARTA — October 12 marked the 12th anniversary of the Bali Bombings in Kuta that killed more than 200 people.

Leftovers On The Menu, The World's Most Sustainable Restaurant / SUDDEUTSCHE ZEITUNG COPENHAGEN — If you call the Copenhagen restaurant Rub & Stub to reserve a table, you may hear some unusual things.

Small Tibetan Boy, Big Tibetan Trumpet

in a Tibetan refugee camp in central Nepal, we came across this little boy having a blast with a dungchen, or Tibetan horn.

Rumblings Of Two Wars In Turkey's 'Kurdish Capital' Of Diyarbakir / LE MONDE DIYARBAKIR — Jet fighters were heard this week roaring in the sky above this city, considered the "Kurdish capital" of Turkey.

Wine And Jeans: Diesel Founder Renzo Rosso's Organic Vineyard / DIE WELT MAROSTICA — An hour southwest of Venice, behind an inconspicuous gate at the end of a long conifer-lined path, stands a rustic hut.