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Buenos Aires Wakes Up To The Importance Of New Age Siestas / CLARIN BUENOS AIRES - Napping, an eminently Mediterranean habit now spreading to distant countries, is now seen as another means of keeping employees perky and boosting productivity.

How Luxembourg Could Cash In On Brexit / LES ECHOS LUXEMBOURG - Luxembourg is a booming financial center focused on investment funds management and financial technology (Fintech).

In A Small Ethiopian Town, That Fateful Choice To Flee To Europe / LA STAMPA GOBA — A soldier chews on a leaf of khat, a mildly stimulant drug, and spits it on the ground.

Choking In Pollution, Poland Says Coal Is Not A Problem / GAZETA WYBORCZA Poland, country where you cannot breath. The government keeps saying that coal is not poisonous 16 Polish cities exceeded the yearly limit of days with smog just in 46 days of January and February this year.

Working Class Of America Beware, Trump Will Sell You Out / THE WASHINGTON POST WASHINGTON - For many months on the campaign trail, Donald Trump sent a clear message about his fellow Republicans: Ideologically, I'm not one of them.

100 Years After Lenin, There’s Still No Such Thing As Free Money / WORLDCRUNCH SPOTLIGHT: 100 YEARS AFTER LENIN, STILL NO SUCH THING AS FREE MONEY It's hard to say no to the prospect of free money.

Carnaval And Crisis Side-By-Side On Brazilian Front Page / O GLOBO Along side an image of celebration for the beginning of Carnaval in Brazil, the O Globo headline Friday morning was “Job search now takes two years for 2.3 million.” The flurry of confetti and smiling faces seem an odd contrast placed under...

They Duet Different, Pop Icons Sing In Another Language / WORLDCRUNCH Please continue reading on - They Duet Different, Pop Icons Sing In Another Language

How Rodrigo Duterte's War On Drugs Looks In Colombia / EL ESPECTADOR -OpEd- BOGOTÁ — Any Colombian observing President Rodrigo Duterte's war on drugs in the Philippines, might reconsider our one-time president César Gaviria, who governed in some of the worst days of our drug violence, as a lightweight.

Universal Basic Income, 5 Experiments From Around The World / TAKE 5 Imagine receiving a check from the government every month. The concept of guaranteed basic income for all citizens has been gaining prominence around the world, leading to referendums and political debate in several countries.

"Tiny Chalet" Wonder, For An Ecological Swiss Ski Vacation / LE TEMPS The questioning starts before the depart; a family weekend generally means a full car, and a full car represents a quarter of the volume of a “tiny house,” a concept invented in the United States in 2008.

Selling With A Smile / WORLDCRUNCH

Pope Francis: The Line Between Populism And The People / CLARIN -OpEd- BUENOS AIRES - The Argentine Church has in recent decades distanced its thinking from both Marxism and liberalism, and this explains in part its sympathies for Peronism, that overarching national movement that combines ideological...

A Woman's Biggest Enemy Is Womanhood / DIE WELT I am a woman. And till now, I always enjoyed it. Unfortunately, I attended a conference in Berlin about "being a woman nowadays" and I had to learn what it really means to be a woman today and what these women think about it, and I started...

Uber Ugliness, From San Francisco To Sao Paulo / WORLDCRUNCH Uber is a company built around maximizing customer service and experience — sometimes at any cost.

My Mosul Neighbor, When A French ISIS Member Moves In / LE FIGARO MOSUL — Ziyad put his wife and three children in his big German sedan that used to serve as his taxi between Baghdad and Mosul.

Grab Your Wallet, Taking Down Trump With A Retail Boycott / THE WASHINGTON POST Please continue reading on - Grab Your Wallet, Taking Down Trump With A Retail Boycott


The False Equivalency Of "Extremists" On Left And Right / EL ESPECTADOR -OpEd- BOGOTÁ - It is a cliché now to say we live in the society of the spectacle, and some of those who assert this forget that it was artists who coined the term in the last century.

True Fiction: Iran's Perilous Quest For A New Supreme Leader / WORLDCRUNCH PARIS - What may be the mother-of-all news items from Iran was hiding for now behind a veil of rumors.