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France's Moral Obligation To Open Its Archives On Rwanda / LE MONDE -OpEd- PARIS — From Vichy France to the Algerian War, the demand that France “open the archives” resonates every time the country struggles with one of its “pasts that don’t pass.” Twenty years after the Rwandan genocide of the Tutsi people, researchers are once again singing this refrain, especially in light of the provocative declarations from Rwandan President Paul Kagame accusing France of involvement in the tragedy.

How Will Our Children Earn A Living? / CLARIN -Opinion- It seems unlikely that our great grandfathers, or their fathers, asked themselves, "What will my son do for a living?

Snapshot: Blood Moon, Sandstorm, Dinodog, More

Photographs that have caught our eye and captured events.

Killing The Art Of Cuisine, From London To Palermo / LA STAMPA PALERMO — I learned how to cook in Mosé, in Sicily, on my family’s farm. We made the tastiest of meals with vegetables from our own garden and the best that came from the chicken coop.

Erdogan's Suprise Statement, Obama's Balancing Act, Secrets To Eternal Life / WHILE U SLEPT KIEV LAUNCHES NEW ASSAULT IN EASTERN UKRAINE The Ukrainian military launched an offensive against pro-Russian militants just outside the eastern city of Sloviansk, sending armored vehicles and a helicopter, according to RTÉ, with Ukraine’s Interior Ministry reporting at least five dead on the pro-Russian side.

As Anarchy Rules In Eastern Ukraine, Roma And Jews Targeted / DIE WELT SLOVIANSK — Pavel is picking up shards of glass in front of his house in the eastern Ukrainian city of Sloviansk.

Russian Temperature

Up until we went on a cruise on the Volga, the very name of the river brought images of iciness, Czars, snow, and tales of folklore.

University Admissions, Now Twice As Hard For Asian Americans / CAIXINMEDIA -OpEd- This is the time of year when American colleges inform applicants whether they’ll be accepted or not.

Biocontrol: 'Predator' Pesticides Help Farmers Save Their Plants, And The Planet / LE MONDE PARIS — Roundworms defend palm trees against red palm weevils, and minute wasps protect corn against European corn worms.

From Asia To The Andes, 10 Centenarians Reveal Secrets To Long Life

If you're here searching for the secret to eternal life forget it, we're not there yet. But in the meantime, here's some supercentenarians from around the world with their own secrets to a long life.

HR, Listen Up: Teamwork On The Job Is Overrated / DIE WELT BERLIN — The successful candidate has to be a good team player who can fit seamlessly into the company’s dynamic team.

Ukraine Blame Game, South Sudan Abomination, Olympic Babies / WHILE U SLEPT KERRY AND LAVROV EXCHANGE BLAME In a phone conversation with his Russian counterpart Sergey Lavrov, U.S.

How The Rest Of Russia Will Pay For Crimea / KOMMERSANT MOSCOW — Russian President Vladimir Putin declared publicly last week that investment in recently annexed Crimea would not come at the expense of other government projects.

A Peruvian Painting

Strong foreground, nice depth of field, striking colors, llamas ... What more could you ask for in a picture?

Why Geneva Deal On Ukraine Smells Like Munich 1938 / GAZETA WYBORCZA WARSAW — The conditional tense does not describe well the state of affairs — it is already quite obvious that Russia is baldly ignoring what it signed last week in Geneva.  Listening to the state-owned TV channel, Rossija, is enough to realize that.

Vargas Llosa: Technology Is Killing The Very Idea Of Culture / EL ESPECTADOR LIMA — It is no small feat to manage to interview Mario Vargas Llosa.

11 Animals In Unlikely Places, A World Tour

Residents of Ballarpur city in India woke up to an unpleasant surprise this week, after a full-grown leopard had taken shelter in a cowshed during the night.

Biden In Kiev, Ferry Death Toll, Vatican Penthouse / WHILE U SLEPT BIDEN VISITS KIEV IN SHOW OF SUPPORT U.S. Vice President Joe Biden met with Ukrainian leaders Tuesday in a show of support for the new government.

Pardoned Just As He Was Hanged

BANDAR ABBAS —  A “few seconds” after an Iranian man's hanging began, his victim's relatives called prison officials to grant a pardon, as Iranian laws allow.

The Solemn Sweeper

When we went to Thailand, we chose not to go for the usual touristy spots along the coast, exploring instead the beauty of the country's inland regions and their adorned buddhas.