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What Europe Still Doesn't Understand About Vladimir Putin / GAZETA WYBORCZA KIEV — On September 1, 1983, a Soviet su-15 shot down Korean Airlines flight 007, with 269 passengers aboard. At first, Moscow denied any involvement with downing of the New York-to-Seoul 747 jet, despite the fact that Gennadi Osipovich, the Soviet pilot, received the clear order to pull the trigger.  The Politburo eventually acknowledged its responsibility shooting down the aircraft, though it claimed the flight had been an open provocation from the U.S., as it had entered restricted Soviet airspace.

Putin's Daughter Lives In Netherlands, Caught In MH17 Anti-Russian Fury / DIE WELT AMSTERDAM — Two-thirds of the 298 passengers on downed Malaysia Airlines flight MH17 were Dutch, and their countrymen are seeking ways to vent their anger.

Gaza War Crimes, Mourning Dutch, Newspaper Vs. Mosquitoes / WHILE YOU SLEPT Wednesday, July 23, 2014 GAZA: WAR CRIME ACCUSATIONS An emergency UN Human Rights Council is being held in Geneva as Israel’s “Operation Protective Edge” enters its 16th day, with the death toll in Gaza now standing at least 647, after new attacks this morning.

How Gaza Combat Tunnels Became A Hamas Export / CALCALIST About two weeks before Israel started its Operation Protective Edge, the entire political leadership of Hamas in Gaza attended a funeral for five members of the movement's military wing — among the attendees were former premier Ismail Haniyeh, Speaker of the Gaza parliament Ahmad Bahar and other senior figures from Hamas' politburo.

Before The Popemobile

Paul VI was the last pope to use the sedia gestatoria regularly, like here for Easter celebrations on St.

Born In Brazilian Favelas, Funk Carioca Breaks Into Spotlight / LE TEMPS RIO DE JANEIRO — The battle takes place in the midst of Rio's city center.

With Death Tolls Rising, Israel's Options Start To Close / SUDDEUTSCHE ZEITUNG TEL AVIV — They’re now fighting through the rubble, and there are still no sign of things calming down in Shejaiya.

A Surprisingly Fragrant Way To Save The Newspaper Business / LE MONDE COLOMBO — In markets stalls in the Sri Lankan capital, and elsewhere in the world, they are used to wrap fish.

Snapshots: Gaza, Donetsk, North Carolina

Images that made news around the world...

Women Terrorizing Women For ISIS, Syria's Female Jihad / SYRIA DEEPLY RAQQA — Shortly after the Sunni militant group the Islamic State Iraq and Syria (ISIS)  retook control of this northern Syrian city earlier this year, it created the al-Khansaa' Brigade, an all-female unit operating in the city.

Gaza Mosques Targeted, MH17 Black Box, HIV Breakthrough / WHILE YOU SLEPT GAZA WAR ENTERS THIRD WEEK Israel’s assault on Gaza and Hamas rocket fire into Israel show no sign of abating.

China's Booming 'Medical Tourism' Business / CAIXINMEDIA BEIJING — Following the frenzy of studying and sightseeing abroad, as well as outright emigration, one more activity is in these days — going overseas for health care.

Zebra Crossings

Can you spot the odd one out?

From Berlin To Paris, Gaza Support Seethes With Anti-Semitism / DIE WELT -OpEd- For my birthday, my parents gave me a chain with a Star of David pendant.

While Monkeys Roam Free In India, Humans Live In Cages

PACHMARHI — Anil Yadav has lived in the hilltop town of Pachmarhi for the past 16 years, but over the past three he says that the monkey population has expanded beyond control. So much so that humans are now being forced to live in cages.

Saudis To Build Mosque Near North Pole

IQALUIT — A wealthy Saudi couple will soon begin building a mosque in one of the least hospitable corners of the globe: near the North Pole, in Iqaluit, Canada.

Doomed City: Visit To Rafah On The Egypt-Gaza Border / MADA MASR RAFAH — It's dawn on a recent morning and Um Iyad, 65, stands on the porch of her house on the Egyptian side of the town of Rafah, which is split along the border with Gaza.

Incoming Hamas Rockets? There's An App For That / CALCALIST TEL AVIV — Don’t know where to run when you hear the sirens? Want to send a distress signal in an emergency to security forces or assure your family you’re OK with a Tweet?

Gaza Toll Tops 500, Latest On MH17, Prehistoric Geography / WHILE YOU SLEPT Monday, July 21, 2014 GAZA DEATH TOLL TOPS 500 Israel pushed ahead with its military operation in Gaza, with Reuters reporting massive attacks, including one that killed 25 members of the same family, as the death toll reached 508 in 14 days of the operation “Protective Edge,” with at least 81,000 displaced.

Could MH17 Finally Turn The World Against Putin? / GAZETA WYBORCZA WARSAW — There may be no other misfortune that fires up people’s imaginations the way a plane crash can.