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Gebeya: Shaping A Robust African Software Industry / WORLDCRUNCH SPONSORED CONTENT In this technology driven world, Africa is still recording low iGDP compared to its neighbouring continents.

Drug Use Doubles In Iran, But True Numbers May Be Even Higher / WORLDCRUNCH Iran's Islamic regime may have harsh penalties for drug trafficking, but officials are now estimating that the number of "regular drug users" has doubled in the past six years, from 1.3 million to about 2.8 million.

In Scandinavia, Populists Face The Harsh Reality Of Governing / LES ECHOS His blue eyes gazing out of black-framed glasses, the silver-haired Hans Andreas Limi readily admits: "It's much easier to be in the opposition, no doubt about it." A bell rings and he's gone.

Can A Libyan Warlord Help Europe Solve The Migrant Crisis? / SUDDEUTSCHE ZEITUNG ZAWIJA — It's been 10 days since we've joined the patrol along the coast with Commander Al Bija of the Libyan Coast Guard.

Linguistidio Leviosa! Celebrating Harry Potter Magic In 10 Languages / WORLDCRUNCH Ever wondered what's the French for "Slytherin"? Or how Harry Potter​'s voice sound in Hindi, or Hebrew?

Burning Faith / WORLDCRUNCH The villages and landscapes, the colors and fauna, old people and young — in my experience, few countries can rival Nepal as a photographic subject.

The Swamp Of Brazilian Politics / WORLDCRUNCH Watching from abroad as Brazil's anti-corruption probe rumbles into its fourth year, you can't help but think: "Well, I guess they're all corrupt...” “How could it get any worse?

Why Hasn't The Pope Visited His Native Argentina? / CLARIN -Analysis- BUENOS AIRES — Since he began his papacy more than four years ago, Pope Francis has traveled frequently, visiting countries of all shapes and sizes, from the powerful United States and France to more overlooked places...

Slaves Of ISIS, Yazidi Survivors Share Unspeakable Horrors / LE FIGARO The tragedy of the Yazidis is never-ending. Many members of the Middle Eastern ethnic-religious minority are still trapped as slaves of the Islamic State, or ISIS, in Mosul's inferno.

Harry Potter V. The Internet / WORLDCRUNCH “The boy who lived” turns 20 years old today. Harry Potter, the turn-of-the-century literary sensation, topped bestseller lists and broke box office records across the globe, featuring seven book installments and their eight celluloid...

In Rural Colombia, Waging Peace By Safeguarding Water / EL ESPECTADOR MANDIVÁ — A few years back, Mandivá was a no-man's land. Like so many places in rural Colombia, this hamlet near Santander de Quilichaon, in the southwestern department of Cauca, was the setting of fighting between communist guerrillas...

The Dark Truths Inside China's Dying Coal Industry / LES ECHOS DATONG — "It's the end of a story," sighs Chen Yixian. The slender 56-year-old wears a permanent smile, but it can hardly conceal his despair as he watches bulldozers and trucks laboriously pushing their loads in the distance.

Macron Mania, Why France Loves Its Enlightened Despots / LE MONDE -Essay- PARIS — Macronism is the product of a particularly French ideal: the enlightened despot.

Dire States: Does India Have A Hidden Debt Bubble? / WORLDCRUNCH The western state of Maharashtra, home of Mumbai and the biggest regional economy of India, announced this month that it will waive farmer loans worth 1,140 billion rupees, or nearly $18 billion.

Off The British Charts, One Year After Brexit / LE FIGARO PARIS — Donald Tusk had a dream: The United Kingdom was staying in the European Union — For him, this vision isn't just a pure imaginary digression.

Lucky Chaplin / WORLDCRUNCH There is a well-known statue of Charlie Chaplin in Vevey, Switzerland, not far from my hometown, where the great American actor lived for 25 years.

A New Women-Run Mosque In Berlin, Is This How The Reformation Of Islam Begins? / DIE WELT BERLIN — The room where the reformation of Islam is intended to begin measures a total of 90 square meters (969 sq feet).

Why Saudis Swapped Crown Prince: It's The Economy, Stupid / BLOOMBERG NEWS The latest big news out of the Middle East is that Saudi Arabian King Salman bin Abdulaziz Al Saud has ousted the crown prince and installed his 31-year-old son, Mohammed bin Salman, in that position.

Ghost Cities, Demographic Lessons From Japan To China / ECONOMIC OBSERVER TOKYO — The popular Chinese imagination of Japan has followed along with Japan’s evolution over the past four decades.

Mustache, That Must-Have Facial Prop Of Any Strongman / EL ESPECTADOR -Essay- BOGOTA — Saddam. Stalin. Pinochet. Hilter. Dictators all of them, with an unquenchable thirst for power and a terrifying taste for violence.