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Verbatim: Karzai, Shirky, Netanyahu, More 

The quotes making news, and the news making quotes...

Kurds Vs. ISIS, U.S. Drought, Free Wi-Fi At What Cost? / WHILE YOU SLEPT KURDS LAUNCH ISIS OFFENSIVE Kurdish Peshmerga fighters are attacking ISIS on three fronts in northern Iraq and are gaining territory on the border with Syria, AFP quotes senior Kurdish officers as saying.

When Free Artists Don't Honor Their Freedom / EL ESPECTADOR On Aug. 28, when the Hidden Women exhibition opened at the Santa Clara Museum in Bogotá, the Cundinamarca departmental tribunal ordered it to temporarily halt after receiving around 80 complaints, mostly from people associated with the Voto Católico organization who had denounced it as offensive.

From Apple To G20: Time For A New Tax World Order / LES ECHOS PARIS — It’s hard to know whether men really are from Mars and women from Venus.

The New Eroticism: When Slow Food Meets Slow Sex / CLARIN BUENOS AIRES — Is having quick, breathless sex as good as sexual intercourse at a slower pace?

China's Worst Hong Kong Fear: A New Tiananmen / SUDDEUTSCHE ZEITUNG -OpEd- Hong Kong is seething. But no, this does not mean that all Hongkongers are rising up in pro-democracy protests against Beijing.

In India, An Unlikely Model For Climate Change *Resilience* / LE MONDE SURAT — It's no longer a question of time. The city of Surat, on the western coast of India, will soon face flooding that could trigger outbreaks of malaria and dengue fever, and rising temperatures that could force companies to relocate their factories.

The View From Instagram: Hong Kong's Democracy Protests / WORLDCRUNCH HONG KONG — Pro-democracy protesters took to the streets over the weekend in Hong Kong, flooding downtown around Admiralty, the government complex.

Obama Must Walk A Very Fine Line In The Middle East / DIE WELT -OpEd- BERLIN — In the first and second waves of attack on ISIS fighters along the Syrian-Iraqi border, it was American fighter jets, drones and bombers doing most of the work.

Deep In The Ozark Mountains, the KKK Is Still Alive / LE TEMPS BOONE COUNTY — The humidity is such that the air here in Arkansas seems almost sticky.

China And India, What's Blocking A Huge Opportunity / CAIXINMEDIA BEIJING — Chinese President Xi Jinping's state visit to India this month was the perfect opportunity to watch the "dance of the dragon with the elephant." This visit was extremely important to both nations.

Banned By Junta, Ethnic Dialects Return To Burma Schools / PortalKBR MYITKYINA — For the first time in 40 years, ethnic languages are going to be taught in schools in Burma, also known as Myanmar.

Pope Francis Takes The Hardest Line On Clerical Abuse / LA STAMPA -Analysis- VATICAN CITY — Back in May, this is what Pope Francis told journalists on the plane returning from his three-day trip to the Middle East: "In Argentina, we tell the privileged that they're 'daddy's boys,' but for anyone guilty of the terrible crime of abusing minors, there cannot be any exemption from punishment, nor privileges." The pontiff also compared a priest's violence on a child to "black magic" — a real sacrilege.

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Why The Chaos? Welcome To Our World Between Eras / LE MONDE -Analysis- PARIS — The feeling of powerlessness has rarely been as strong as it is today.

The Magical Marketing Formula Is So Simple / AMERICA ECONOMIA LIMA – Having read countless theories of marketing and attended seminars by some of the gurus of the trade, I have finally found the defining formula for our line of work that relies above all on its simplicity: matching common sense with market knowledge.

The Aborted Origins Of The First Hunt For Osama Bin Laden / SUDDEUTSCHE ZEITUNG Some of the drones the United States used to hunt for Osama bin Laden were once piloted out of Ramstein Air Base in Germany, apparently without the knowledge of officials in Berlin.

Islamic Terrorism Forces Russia And West Together / KOMMERSANT MOSCOW — The central issue at this week's United Nations General Assembly was how to combat international terrorism, with the United States eager to take the lead and set the tone.

Rouhani Chides West, Hong Kong Protests, The Who / WHILE YOU SLEPT WILL UK JOIN ANTI-ISIS COALITION? All eyes will be on Westminster today, where the House of Commons will vote on what the British media are calling the “third Iraq war.” Members are expected to support the the anti-ISIS coalition with strikes in Iraq, though Foreign Secretary Philip Hammond said these might be extended to Syria in the near future, The Guardian reports.

Fearing Ebola, Owners Abandon Pets In The Ivory Coast

As the Ebola epidemic continues to sweep across West Africa, fear is so great that people have begun to abandon their pet big cats and monkeys out of panic, leading local zoos to take in these animals to prevent potential spread of the deadly virus.