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Modern Islam And The Disease Within / DIE WELT -OpEd- BERLIN – A Turkish newspaper recently reported that there isn't a single internationally patented pharmaceutical product that has been developed in Turkey.

Five Crime-Fighting Apps Around The World / Take 5 It gives new meaning to the concept "community policing." The explosion of smartphones is allowing people to fight crime from their pocket, wherever they may be.

Why Syriza Leftists Play Nice With Greek Orthodox Church / L'OBS ATHENS — Under the watchful eye of the imposing Father Pavlos, Maria, Katerina and Roula, all three volunteers in their fifties, serve meals to the poor of all ages.

Extra! Mysterious Russian Sub Found In Swedish Waters

"Pictures: the mystical submarine discovery on the Swedish seabed," reads Tuesday's headline in Kvällsposten, a Southern Swedish daily.

Tikrit In Ruins After Saddam Hometown Liberated From ISIS / LE MONDE TIKRIT — A line of vehicles has formed in front of the checkpoint at the southern entrance to Tikrit.

Pilgrim And Painter

The plastered façades of the mudbrick houses in and around Luxor, in eastern Egypt, are decorated with memorable episodes in the life of their owners.

July 28

Concrete Jungles: The Surprisingly Rich Biodiversity Of Big Cities / EL ESPECTADOR BOGOTA — Can cities really become home to a large variety of fauna and flora?

Breaking Down the "Beauty Bonus" - Why Attractive People Get Paid More / SUDDEUTSCHE ZEITUNG MUNICH — The old proverb that says, "beauty pulls more weight than oxen," is getting some close investigation in the modern job market.

Syrian Refugees Are Also Victims Of European Politics / SYRIA DEEPLY -OpEd- Nearly half the population in Syria has been uprooted from their homes.

Extra! Bill Cosby accusers make New York Magazine cover

New York Magazine, July 26, 2015 "Cosby: The Women, An Unwelcome Sisterhood," the cover of New York Magazine’s latest issue reads.

The Lion’s Claw

The paws are all that remain of the Sigiriya, the "Lion Rock" in central Sri Lanka. The giant sculpture was meant to guard the entrance to a now-destroyed palace — and judging only by the size of one of its claw (this is my wife sitting next to it), one can imagine it was doing a fine job.

July 27

Poisons In Paradise: Hawaiians Take On Agrochemical Giants / LE MONDE WAIMEA — Everyday, Klayton Kubo, 49, does the same pilgrimage across his village of Waimea, on Kauai, an island in the Hawaiian archipelago.

"Gay Lobby" Accusations Inside Russian Orthodox Church / LE TEMPS Ulyanovsk, which happens to be the birthplace of Vladimir Lenin, is at the center of one of the worst scandals to shake the Russian Orthodox Church since it reemerged 25 years ago after the collapse of the Soviet Union.

July 26

Best Hope To Save The Earth? Separate Humans From Nature / EL ESPECTADOR -Essay- BOGOTA — Consumerism or "exaggerated consumption," states Pope Francis's recent encyclical on the environment, is an affront to life in all its forms.

Deconstructing ‘The Capital Cairo,’ Egypt’s $45-Billion Super Development / MADA MASR CAIRO — Questions abound in the wake of Egyptian Prime Minister Ibrahim Mehleb's announcement that the government will build a 700-square kilometer business and administrative center called The Capital Cairo.

July 25

Ukrainian Crisis Rekindles Russia Fears In Finland / KOMMERSANT HELSINKI — Back in April, Finland joined its Nordic neighbors in strengthening military cooperation to counter any potential Russian threat, saying in a joint statement that "the Russian army is challenging us at our borders." Finland still has no intentions to join NATO, but since the start of the Ukrainian crisis, it has increased its cooperation with the western military alliance and launched rapid reforms of its military.