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Smart Cities International: Accessible Sweden, Costa Rican Dreams, Li-Fi / WORLDCRUNCH JOURNALISTIC EXCELLENCE • TRANSLATED INTELLIGENCE Please continue reading on - Smart Cities International: Accessible Sweden, Costa Rican Dreams, Li-Fi

Brazil Recession Starts To Weigh On Neighbors / CLARIN BUENOS AIRES — Recession for Brazil — a giant economy and huge market — will not leave its neighbors unaffected.

Pope On Abortion, Escaping ISIS, Google Shot The Serif

MIGRANT PROTEST IN BUDAPEST As many as 2,000 migrants are stranded outside Budapest’s Eastern railway station and are protesting against the Hungarian police after the government banned any access to the station to those who are neither Hungarian nor tourists, Die Welt reports.

Extra! Did Canada’s Recession End Before It Began?

Le Soleil, Sept. 2, 2015 Has Canada entered a recession, or is it "already over," as Quebec City's French-language daily Le Soleil asks on the front page of its Wednesday edition?

Next-Door Wonder

You don't always have to travel halfway across the world to see a historical wonder. Here is a shot of the closest UNESCO World Heritage Site to me: the 18th-century Royal Saltworks of Arc-et-Senans, just a little more than an hour's drive away from my hometown.

From Germany, A Call To Save The Eight-Hour Work Day / SUDDEUTSCHE ZEITUNG -Op-Ed- MUNICH – The way Germans work has slowly been changing over the last few years.

September 2

Maduro And Uribe, Latin America’s Look-Alike Enemies / EL ESPECTADOR -OpEd- BOGOTA — They may lambast each other at every opportunity, but what if Nicolás Maduro and Álvaro Uribe were actually kindred spirits?

Exclusive: Why Turkey Arrested Two Foreign Journalists / RADIKAL DIYARBAKIR — VICE News correspondent Jake Hanrahan, cameraman Philip Pendlebury and their local guide and translator Mohamed Ismail Rasool were detained in Diyarbakir, Turkey last Thursday.

Inside Belgrade’s Migrant Camps / LA STAMPA BELGRADE — It’s still dark at 5 a.m near the railway station in the Serbian capital.

Extra! Hungary Blocks Westward-Bound Migrant Trains

Metropol, Sept. 1, 2015 Hungary suspended all traffic from its main rail terminal in Budapest on Tuesday, and began clearing train stations of hundreds of migrants trying to board trains bound for Austria and Germany.

Poor, Hungry, Holy

For the sadhus ("good men") of India and Nepal, recognizable by their ash-smeared bodies and saffron-colored clothes, asceticism through hunger and poverty is a way to reach moksha, which in France we call libération.

September 1

After The Rohingya Boat People Get Sent Back To Myanmar / PortalKBR SITTWE — Yar Yar Kan is feeding his baby in a small bamboo shelter in Myanmar (the country also known as Burma), where his family of six has been living in a refugee camp for the past three years.

10 Misconceptions About The Theory Of Evolution / LE TEMPS LAUSANNE — Of all the scientific fields, evolution probably carries the most common misconceptions.

Chinese Stocks, U.S. Sanctions, Rolls Royce Bribes

CHINA STOCKS RESUME SLIDE AMID CRACKDOWN Chinese equities fell again today despite ending higher on Friday, following a devastating week for the country’s stock markets.

Extra! Bangkok Post On New Bomb Supect

The Bangkok Post, Aug. 31, 2015 “Thai woman sought for bomb attack,” reads the front page of Bangkok Post’s Monday edition, following the weekend arrest of a suspect of unknown nationality.

Scandinavian Scene

From the park adjacent to Stockholm's City Hall, we had one of the best views on Riddarholmen, one of the very picturesque islets that surround Gamla stan, the Old Town.

A Troubling New Wall Rises At The Tunisia-Libya Border / LE MONDE MEDENINE — Mounds of ocher-colored soil dot the horizon. The embankment, still loose, shows that the trench is fresh.

August 31