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Postcard From The Ganges / WORLDCRUNCH Oh, to watch the sun setting over the Ganges and the ghats of Varanasi ...

After Charlottesville, Confederate Statues Ousted Under Cover Of Darkness / THE WASHINGTON POST WASHINGTON, D.C. — City officials across the country are nervously trying to figure out how to avoid becoming the next Charlottesville as alt-right leaders and white nationalist groups vow to stage more rallies in coming days.

Letter To The Pope: Why You Shouldn't Visit Colombia / EL ESPECTADOR -OpEd- BOGOTÁ — Father Jorge, dear Pope Francis, less than a month remains before your visit to Colombia.

What Happens To Malls After Retail Shuts Shop? / BLOOMBERG NEWS DETROIT — Outside Detroit, plans have been in the works for two years to transform the outdated Lakeside Mall into an open-air center with green space and a waterway.

China's Flexibility To IMF Rules, Different Meanings Of Debt / LES ECHOS PARIS — What if the very different Chinese approach on debt held the key to a solution for the crisis of public finances in the West.

Philippines To Indonesia, Wahhabism Is Spreading In Asia / LE FIGARO -Analysis- PARIS — The Islamic State (ISIS) is like the Hydra, the multi-headed monster of mythology that Hercules alone was able to slay.

Trump Or Trudeau, Deconstructing A False Choice / THE WASHINGTON POST OTTAWA — One has brown hair, the other orange. One is effortlessly bilingual, the other horrifies editors of the Oxford English Dictionary.

In Rio's Favelas, Schools Caught In Crossfire / FOLHA DE S. PAULO RIO DE JANEIRO — "Stray bullets invading Rio's schools." "Under threat, schools are closing." "Students injured in shooting." These were titles of articles published by Folha de S.

On Coups And Croissants, Why The News Is All About Me / RUE AMELOT What kind of a world do we live in, when Turkey can't even give us a proper coup anymore?

One Young Woman's Fight For Surgery Access For 143 Million / SUDDEUTSCHE ZEITUNG MUNICH — "To be above it all" has become Magdalena Gründl’s purpose in life.

Tom Of Finland, Double Life Of The Gay Icon Who Changed A Nation / LE MONDE TURKU — For him, he was just Uncle Touko. Tapani Vinkama recalls the vacations he spent in Helsinki with a man who so many foreigners keep asking about.

War Game, Nightmare Scenarios Of A U.S.-North Korea Conflict / THE WASHINGTON POST -Analysis- WASHINGTON, D.C. — A military confrontation with North Korea may now be “inevitable,” says Sen.

WiFi-Free In Old Havana, A Perfect Post-Modern Getaway / CLARIN -Essay- HAVANA — It is a June night in Old Havana, with a waning moon and temperatures a steamy 29 °C.

Collection Of DNA Spells Doom In India / WORLDCRUNCH -Analysis- In 2007, the department of biotechnology in India began drafting a controversial legislative bill to collect and store the DNA information of Indian citizens in a national databank to help solve criminal cases.

On Raqqa Frontline: Kurds, Arabs, Italians Close In On ISIS / LA STAMPA RAQQA — Commander Jihad Khabad, a tough and slender man with a well-kept beard, is holding a radio in his left hand and scanning a tablet with a map of the old city center of Raqqa.

Bumps In The Road: Don't Bet On Uber Crashing / BLOOMBERG NEWS NEW YORK — For six months now, almost all the news about Uber has been bad.

Picture Please? / WORLDCRUNCH I don't often photograph people. I prefer to take pictures of places, mostly to remember where I went.

The Fall Of Netanyahu And The Rise Of "Israel's Macron" / WORLDCRUNCH -Analysis- Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is having a bad week.

The Good Wall, An Ingenious Conservation Idea From A Bogota Garage / EL ESPECTADOR BOGOTÁ — The Alba Torres family has already gotten top global recognition for one bright and simple idea to help support water conservation.

Trump's New Policies Are A Hit (They Are Obama's) / THE WASHINGTON POST -OpEd- WASHINGTON, D.C. — President Trump appears to have found himself a new national security adviser.