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Trump And My Taiwan: A Phone Call Can Change Everything / RUE AMELOT Late last Friday night my son told me that the Taiwanese president, Tsai Ing-wen, had had a phone call with Donald Trump.

A Ski Pass Start-Up Wants To Make Skiing More "Rock-And-Roll" / LE TEMPS One needs skiers, the other, passengers. Skioo and Uber are now partnered to transport city dwellers to the snow-covered slopes.  It was this past weekend, during a test operation.

How "Flexicurity" Helped Denmark Lower The Number Unemployed / LES ECHOS “Finding qualified personnel has become more difficult. The unemployment rate in Denmark is low: 4.2% is three times nothing!

Two Syrian Brothers Split By War Report From Both Sides Of Border / SYRIA DEEPLY GAZIANTEP, TURKEY – “The nightmares only started when I left Aleppo,” says 30-year-old Mahmoud, a Syrian media activist and journalist now living as a refugee in Turkey.

How To Talk About Your Eyebrow-Raising Job At A Cocktail Party / SUDDEUTSCHE ZEITUNG Please continue reading on - How To Talk About Your Eyebrow-Raising Job At A Cocktail Party

Jakarta’s Sick Lack Palliative Care, One NGO Offers Relief / KBR Palliative care is practically unheard of in Indonesia.  Those living with chronic and terminal illness have very little access to pain management and support that could help make their lives more comfortable.

China, A Global Superpower? Not So Fast / ECONOMIC OBSERVER Those Chinese who have had the experience of traveling to other countries have all probably noticed the differences at home and abroad.

A Post-NAFTA Plan B For Trump Era? Mexico Must Get Serious / AMERICA ECONOMIA -OpEd- MEXICO CITY — Mexico's President Enrique Peña Nieto recently told a gathering of CEOs at the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) summit that his country sees no need to renegotiate the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA)...

European Union, Risks From Every Corner Of The Continent / DIE WELT -Analysis- BERLIN — Europe’s leaders were jubilant when Alexander Van der Bellen won the Austrian election Sunday.

Spotlight: The Cult Of Amma / WORLDCRUNCH -Farewell- Foreigners who visit Tamil Nadu, a southern state in India that’s home to stunning Hindu temples and a robust economy, would often puzzle over the matronly woman draped in a sari watching over them from posters and billboards...

Iraqi Christians Who Fled ISIS Invasion Return Home / LE FIGARO QARAQOSH — Last year, Monsignor Gollnisch celebrated Easter mass in one of the refugee camps of Erbil, the capital of Iraqi Kurdistan.

Austria And Italy, Mixed Message / WORLDCRUNCH Many observers feared that yesterday would be the day that could rock the European Union to its core, six months after the Brexit referendum.

After Brexit And Trump, Wave Of Rebellion Triumphs In Italy / LA STAMPA -Editorial- TURIN — With massive voter turnout and runaway victory of the "No" camp, Sunday’s referendum has revealed the existence in Italy of a kind of popular rebellion that has rejected Prime Minister Matteo Renzi, his proposed...

Fidel’s Unfinished Dream — Massive Art School Is Metaphor For Cuba / CLARIN -Analysis- One of Cuban leader Fidel Castro's most visionary, and least affordable, projects was the Escuelas Nacionales de Arte or the National Art Schools.

Can Martin Schulz Conquer German Politics? / DIE WELT BERLIN — Martin Schulz can speak himself into rage when talking about the responsibilities of European Union member states.

Trump, Just The President Assad Has Been Waiting For / SYRIA DEEPLY -Analysis- BEIRUT — On the morning of Nov. 9, as the U.S. presidential votes were being counted, residents of rebel-held eastern Aleppo, which has been under total siege since July, were trying to find some consolation in dark humor.

Spotlight: Crises Of Democracy, Pick Your Poison / WORLDCRUNCH We can be judged by our own strength, but also by the relative strength of our adversaries.

François Hollande, The President That Never Was / LE FIGARO —Editorial— PARIS — For his political farewell — announcing his unprecedented decision to not seek reelection — French President François Hollande could just have well opted for a more lofty tone.

European Democracies And The Referendum Trap / LES ECHOS -Analysis- PARIS — Long live the people! For a few months now, referendums have been blooming all over Europe.

Oil Deal Marks New Era For OPEC / WORLDCRUNCH Oil prices surged today to $50 per barrel, after OPEC and Russia reached what the oil producing cartel described as “a historic agreement” in Vienna.