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Near Zurich, A Unique Refuge For The Electromagnetic Hypersensitive / LE MONDE LEIMBACH — At first glance, nothing distinguishes this apartment building on the outskirts of Zurich from those around it.

The Economic Price Of Israel's Refusal To Pursue Peace / CALCALIST -OpEd- TEL AVIV — During the last Feast Of the Sacrifice, I decided to fulfill the commandment and make a pilgrimage to Mecca.

Global Charts #8

A man dressed as a bloody Bill Compton, the lead character from True Blood, on the streets of London, to mark the Blu-ray and DVD release of the series' final season on Oct.

A "Green" Car Race In Buenos Aires / WORLDCRUNCH BUENOS AIRES — The Argentine capital is scheduled to host its third Eco Challenge car race this Sunday, with 82 "curious" cars demonstrating to the world that environmentally friendly rides aren't necessarily boring.

The Michelangelo Mystery Of The 33rd Tooth / LA STAMPA ROME — The sketch of The Damned Soul in Florence's Uffizi Gallery has it.

The Empty Dogma Of The Radical Humanist / EL ESPECTADOR -OpEd- BOGOTA — Are science and philosophy the new dogma of our age? Remember that dogma itself was what science was purported to have overthrown when it was cloaked in the garb of religion.

ISIS Recruits, NY Homelessness Grows, Scary Clowns Ban / WHILE YOU SLEPT Friday, October 31, 2014 RUSSIA/UKRAINE GAS DEAL Months-long talks between Moscow, Kiev and Brussels ended with a deal yesterday for Russia to resume supplying gas to Ukraine at least until March 2015, Reuters reports.

Fighting City Hall In Egypt To Save Red Sea Cliffs / MADA MASR SHARM EL-SHEIKH — Viewed from the sea, Sharm el-Sheikh's Um el-Sid cliffs look idyllic.

Holiday Traffic Jam

In the near vicinity of the Pont d'Arc natural bridge in Ardèche, southern France, is the Chauvet Cave, which features some of the earliest prehistoric paintings in the world.

Business As Usual Won't Work Anymore For Latin America's Multinationals / AMERICA ECONOMIA -OpEd- SANTIAGO — One might say of Latin American multinational firms what a zoologist said once about domesticated animals: The question is not why they exist, but why we do not tame more animals.

Childhood Obesity In China, A Rich Kid's Problem / CAIXINMEDIA BEIJING – Most Chinese parents used to consider childhood obesity a purely Western problem.

The Dangerous Fallacy That There Is No 'Bad Islam' / DIE WELT -OpEd- BERLIN — Everything has its flip side. A Wiener Schnitzel tastes delicious, but it's bad for your health.

Movember Glory: Meet The Indian Man With A 14-Foot Moustache / PortalKBR JAIPUR — Having a full-bodied moustache has long been a symbol of masculinity for Indian men and once was also an indicator of caste status.

Sweden Recognizes Palestine, Ebola Slows In Liberia, New Emoticon / WHILE YOU SLEPT Thursday, October 30, 2014 SWEDEN RECOGNIZES PALESTINE Sweden today became the first EU member in Western Europe to officially recognize Palestine, a month after the country's prime minister announced intentions for the controversial move during his inaugural address.

10-Year-Old Becomes A Boy Under New Argentine Youth Sex-Change Law / WORLDCRUNCH BUENOS AIRES — A Buenos Aires public registry gave new identity papers this week to 10-year-old Mauro, the first Argentine youth born a girl to change his official gender identity to male under a landmark "Gender Identity Law." Last year, Lulu, a 6-year-old girl, had her sex change made official pursuant to the new 2012 law, which is believed to be the first of its kind in the world, Clarín reported.

By The Numbers: Ebola Spread, Death Penalty, Baby Bonus

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Give And Take

No, these monks are not giving food to destitute people, quite the opposite. In Thailand, the giving of alms is not considered charity — it is part of a two-way relationship: The community feeds and clothes the monks, who in return have a responsability to support the community spiritually.

Pemba Postcard: How A Natural Gas Boom Is Changing Mozambique / LE MONDE PEMBA — There used to be so few cars here that locals knew exactly who each one belonged to.

Why China's Luxury Hotels Are Giving Up Their Stars / ECONOMIC OBSERVER BEIJING — Over the past year more than 50 of China’s starred hotels have taken the initiative of voluntarily downgrading themselves. Chen Miaolin, vice-president of China Tourism Association, summed up the reaction of many: “I have simply never heard of such a thing, and I've worked in this field for decades!

Adios Banana Republics! Brazil Firm Buys 'Colonial' Chiquita / CLARIN -OpEd- BUENOS AIRES — It was never just about bananas. Chiquita Brands became, in the 20th century, a symbol of a quintessentially cynical colonialism most often attributed to the United States. It had a part in ensuring that many Latin American states became known as — and perhaps remained — "banana republics." But now, a Brazilian firm, Cutrale-Safra, has finalized the purchase of Chiquita.