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Vintage Hues

Sidi Bou Said in northern Tunisia is famous for its crisp blue and bright white houses of Ottoman and Andalusian influence.

Extra! Tens Of Thousands Mourn Boris Nemtsov In Moscow March

Kommersant, March 2, 2015 "The reaction to the murder of Boris Nemtsov turned out to be as extraordinary as the politician himself," Moscow-based daily Kommersant writes on its front page article, alongside a photo of Nemtsov that was carried at Sunday's memorial march.

March 2

Oriental Hits To Female Koran Chants, Welcome To Egyptian Vintage Vinyl / MADA MASR CAIRO — Antique dealers, second-hand markets, auction showrooms, music lovers and historians are the cornerstones of the wondrous world of vintage vinyl records in Egypt, just as they are in similar dusty corners around the world.

A Cryptographer Vision For Protecting Freedom In The Cyberwar Era / LE MONDE As an internationally renowned cryptography expert, American Bruce Schneier used to be a welcome visitor everywhere.

The Making Of Germany's New Edition Of Mein Kampf / DIE WELT BERLIN — Those facing powerful enemies should always seek powerful allies.

Pablo Escobar's Son: "I Will Not Judge My Father" / AMERICA ECONOMIA SANTIAGO — For a time in the 1980s, Juan Pablo's father, Pablo Escobar Gaviria, became the world's number one mobster, the international Al Capone of his day.

February 28

The Mysterious Air Force Of Ukraine's Pro-Russian Separatists / LE NOUVEL OBSERVATEUR LUHANSK — At number 63 Karl Marx Street, the tinted glass facade of the Ministry of Defense of the Luhansk People's Republic (LPR) stands insolently among the scenery of shattered windows and crushed roads.

Smart Cities International: Delhi's Water ATMs, Anti-Noise Gardens, Bogota's Mobile Schools / WORLDCRUNCH  

Venezuela: From 21st Century Socialism To Plain Old Fascism / EL ESPECTADOR -OpEd- BOGOTA — Democrats in the Americas can no longer doubt that Venezuela's impostor president, Nicolás Maduro, and Diosdado Cabello, the murky speaker of parliament some have accused of running a trafficking ring from within the state apparatus, are imposing a veritable dictatorship on Venezuela.

Worldcrunch's Weekend Staff Playlist #9

Senegalese soul, English surf-psych rock, German slow dancing  ... Only on Worldcrunch's weekend playlist!

UNESCO Vs. ISIS, Absolved Kirchner, The Dress That Broke The Internet

UNESCO DENOUNCES ISIS ATTACK ON ANCIENT CULTURE The head of UNESCO called for an emergency meeting of the UN’s cultural agency after a five-minute video clip yesterday showed a group of ISIS militants destroying large statues and ancient artefacts in a museum in Mosul, Iraq.

In A Booming New York, Meet The City's Invisible Trash Pickers / LE TEMPS NEW YORK — The city's still asleep. It's pitch-dark, and the long strip of Brooklyn's Graham Avenue, normally swamped with traffic, is quiet.


Sure, I could tell you about Ouro Preto's rich mining past, its baroque churches, its wonderful Mineralogy Museum (that both me and my grandson got to visit, 22 years apart), its failed revolution, its noble colonial architecture ...

February 27

The Singular Tale Of A British Soldier Caught In The Firebombing Of Dresden / SUDDEUTSCHE ZEITUNG MUNICH — The enviably vital old gentleman wearing shirt and tie and sitting in the office of the London publishing house Bloomsbury seems so even-keeled that it's difficult to imagine him as a psychopath.

Europe Needs To Toughen Up And Stop Relying On U.S. Brawn / LES ECHOS -OpEd- PARIS — There's something both pathetic and surrealistic about France's obsession, at the moment, with a rather unremarkable economic reform bill (the "loi Macron") while to the east and to the south, in Ukraine and Libya, real threats are edging closer to our continent.

It's Not Just Podemos Shaking Up Spain: Meet Ciudadanos

Ciudadanos leader Albert Rivera in Barcelona — Photo: Facebook page  Anti-austerity party Podemos is not the only group upsetting politics in Spain and trying to capitalize on popular discontent.

Song Du Jour #16, Johnny Cash

Today is the Man In Black's birthday. He would have been 83 years old.