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A Human Shield Exposed In The Daylight Of Kashmir / WORLDCRUNCH One of the ugliest tactics in modern warfare has been the use of “human shields.” From Serbia to Sri Lanka and Gaza, armed combatants have been accused of putting civilian lives at risk on the frontlines in order to protect themselves.

No Messiah Can Solve The Israeli-Palestinian Conflict For Us / LE FIGARO -OpEd- TEL AVIV — We know the importance of Messianism in Judaism. The figure of the Messiah is none other than the universally shared incarnation of hope.

Manchester, When Terrorism Aims At Teens / WORLDCRUNCH News broke shortly after 10:30 p.m. local time last night: an explosion at an Ariana Grande concert in the northern British city of Manchester.

The Blue Carpet Of Cannes / WORLDCRUNCH Right now, with the 70th edition of the annual Film Festival underway, those 24 iconic steps of the Grand Auditorium in Cannes are strictly off-limits to the general public.

Sounds Of The City: Why Urban Acoustics Matter / LE TEMPS BERNE — It probably has happened to you one time or more. While you're walking somewhere in a city, you suddenly feel the desire to stay a while longer in a particular spot.

Three Years After Coup, No End In Sight For Thailand's Military Rule / KBR BANGKOK — Three years ago, on May 22, 2014, members of parliament gathered to find a solution to Thailand’s political crisis.

Channel Reversal: Will The Free Market Leave London For Paris? / LES ECHOS -Analysis- PARIS — It was just one year ago that France was bogged down in regular demonstrations against a labor reform law and the coming presidential election looked set to offer a depressing rematch between the outgoing president,...

How Lula's Corruption Case Could Return Him To The Presidency / FOLHA DE S. PAULO -Analysis- SAO PAULO — I didn't watch Lula's five-hour long questioning with the judge last week.

Why Amazon's Runaway Growth Doesn't Sit Well With Seattle / BLOOMBERG NEWS SEATTLE — Strolling through the bustling construction zone of Amazon’s urban campus in Seattle, you instantly recognize the charm offensive the company has aimed at its hometown.

Hey World, Look Who's Coming To Dinner / WORLDCRUNCH -Analysis- Donald Trump is not afraid of flying. Since taking office, he’s made it a habit to board Air Force One for back-and-forth weekend visits to his Mar-a-Lago Florida golf resort.

First 'Catcalling Case' Goes To Court In Buenos Aires / CLARIN BUENOS AIRES — Lucía Cabrera was as frightened as she was annoyed. The 25-year-old physical education student had dealt with catcalling before.

The Humble Power Of Interfaith Soccer In Jerusalem's Old City / LA STAMPA JERUSALEM — In front of Zion Gate in the heart of the Old City of Jerusalem, just a short walk from the Church of the Holy Sepulchre, lies a soccer pitch.

From France To Iran, The People (Mostly) Have Their Say / WORLDCRUNCH PARIS — In the final days of the recent French presidential campaign, one confrontation looked like it might turn the tables in favor of underdog Marine Le Pen.

Golden Russia / WORLDCRUNCH The banks of the Neva River in Saint Petersburg were glistening like gold during this beautiful summer sunset.

Hydropower, The Clean Motor Of Latin America's Energy Future / AMERICA ECONOMIA -Analysis- LA PAZ — At it stands now, half of Latin America's power is generated by hydroelectricity, an energy source that is also of vital importance worldwide, producing more electricity than all renewables combined.

"Grandma" Cristina, Lone Surviving Voice Of Yaghan Language / WORLDCRUNCH VILLA UKIKA — Just outside of Puerto Williams, the world's southernmost city, lives an extraordinary woman.

Trump, Erdogan And The Limits Of Democracy / WORLDCRUNCH -Analysis- For the past 36 hours, Washington has been consumed by a pair of scandals that even eternally moderate commentators now say has spread the whiff of possible doom around the Trump presidency.

Madrid To Mexico City, Apartment Shopping In Our Airbnb Age / RUE AMELOT MADRID — As a freelancer without a fixed salary, I'm rather desperate to buy a studio apartment, something to help ground me in these turbulent times and provide at least some measure of financial security.

Trump Or The Truth, Americans May Be Asked To Decide / THE WASHINGTON POST -OpEd- WASHINGTON — Ten days ago, Donald Trump’s rocky presidency was in relatively calm waters.

China Speeds Toward A Cashless Economy / ECONOMIC OBSERVER BEIJING — Two events this spring, seemingly unrelated, together offer a snapshot of where China has arrived in finance-related technology, commonly referred to as "fintech." On April 17, the Bank of Communications, one of the largest Chinese...