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In Italian Forests, Where The "Bread Of The Poor" Grows / LA STAMPA LAURINO — On the way to the mill, I stopped in Stazzema, in the heart of the Apuan Alps, where it was raining.

Mine-Loving Dominican Republic Leader Scoffs At Nature Preserve / EL ESPECTADOR -OpEd- BOGOTA — Some 80% of the Dominican Republic's fresh water comes from Loma Miranda, a mountainous area that the late dictator Rafael Trujillo sold in the 1950s to Falconbridge, a Canadian mining firm that used the land to extract nickel and ferronickel.

Climate Summit, Karzai Criticism, Trump Takedown / WHILE YOU SLEPT U.S. AND ALLIES STRIKE ISIS IN SYRIA The United States has begun striking ISIS and a new al-Qaeda group named Khorosan in Syria, “unleashing a torrent of cruise missiles and precision-guided bombs from the air and sea,” according to The New York Times.

Overused Argentina ATMs Proving Woefully Unreliable / CLARIN BUENOS AIRES — Argentina's "inflation effect" is being blamed for the "intensive" use of ATMs in the country.

A Shifting Middle East Chessboard, With Iran At The Center / LE MONDE -Analysis- One year since taking office, Iran President Hassan Rouhani and his government are confronted with an extremely unstable geopolitical situation across the Middle East.

English In All The World's Classrooms? Just Say 'Non!' / LE TEMPS -OpEd- ZURICH — The ongoing debate about the heavy influence of the English language in our education system is mostly focused on primary and high schools.

Afghanistan Is Falling In Love With Cricket / PortalKBR The morning practice session is underway in the Kabul cricket stadium. Mohibullah Orya Khail joined the national squad just couple of months ago.

Syrian Kurds, Mars Climate Change, Car-Free Day / WHILE YOU SLEPT SYRIAN KURDS FLEE ISIS Turkish authorities have closed some of the country’s border crossings with Syria after ISIS’ advance has caused some 130,000 Syrian Kurds to flee to Turkey over the past two days, the BBC reports.

Climate Change Could Soak Up Brazil's Freshwater Wealth / FOLHA DE S. PAULO SÃO PAULO — When it comes to freshwater, Brazil, home to somewhere between 12% and 16% of the world’s total supply, in a very wealthy country.

Even Syria's Safest City Is Not The Haven It Once Was / SYRIA DEEPLY TARTUS — Considered Syria's safest city, the coastal Alawite stronghold of Tartus is slowly feeling the war's pinch.

What Jews Can Teach Chinese, A View From China / CAIXINMEDIA BEIJING — Like the Chinese, not only do the Jews have natural gifts, but they are also a people with a tradition of respecting knowledge and attaching great importance to education.

A Night Out With DJ Antoine And Paris Hilton / DIE WELT DUSSELDORF — Something happened on a Friday night in the atrium of Düsseldorf’s most beautiful hotel that caused DJ Antoine's normally enviably good mood to sour.  He was talking about a few of the items he’d bought now that he earned the kind of money to buy beautiful things.

Scottish Lessons For The Falklands / CLARIN -OpEd- BUENOS AIRES — The international system is living through some notable crises.

Bling And Bureacracy: What's Wrong With China's State-Owned Companies / ECONOMIC OBSERVER -Analysis- BEIJING – The government has made its intentions clear: it is time to trim the outrageous salaries of top executives of China's stated owned enterprise (SOE).

My Grandson's Honeymoon

This is just a brief note to say that our journey is taking a momentary hiatus, but for a very good reason: my collaborator in this project, le petit-fils (the grandson), Bertrand, and his beautiful new bride Amandine have set off on their honeymoon – in Brazil!

Why Vladimir Putin Suddenly Has Mushrooms On His Mind / KOMMERSANT MOSCOW — There were two scandals related to imported mushrooms brewing at the end of August.

Why Scotland's Referendum Mattered Less Than You Think / LE MONDE LONDON — What if the result of the Scottish independence referendum was not that important after all?

Scotland Stays, French ISIS Strikes, IPhone Launch / WHILE YOU SLEPT SCOTLAND SAYS “NO” TO INDEPENDENCE Scotland voted to stay in the United Kingdom with 55.3% of voters rejecting independence.

German Advertising Innuendo To Sell Curvaceous Mountain Getaways / SUDDEUTSCHE ZEITUNG MUNICH — The claims are true, at least. Germany's Black Forest does indeed have tall mountains, moist valleys prone to fog, and plenty of trees.

Fingerprinting The Victims To Fight Humanitarian Aid Fraud / SYFIA INTERNATIONAL GOMA — People are lining up at a shed a few miles north of this regional Congolese capital for one purpose: to get their fingerprints registered.