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Meet Pagi, Italy’s First Ever All-Migrant Soccer Team / LA STAMPA SASSARI — The 11 asylum seekers who make up this multiethnic team have so far played just one official game, but they have already made Italian sporting history.

Not So Pretty In Norway, Victim Of Plummeting Oil Prices / LE TEMPS STAVANGER — Of course, you can find small souvenir bottles of crude oil. But there are also model offshore platforms, a quiz on Norway's energy resources and a simulated helicopter ride.

NATO Condemns Russia, Literature Nobel, Bacon’s Powers

NATO READY TO TO “DEFEND” TURKEY NATO is prepared to send troops to Turkey to defend its ally against any threats along its southern border, Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg said during a press conference before a meeting with defense ministers in Brussels today, Reuters reports.

French Newspaper Blames Brussels For Poor-Quality Sperm / LIBÉRATION Libération, Oct. 8, 2015 "How Brussels screwed up European sperm." Libération dedicated its front page Thursday to an in-depth story about how the European Union has failed to restrict the use in every day products of endocrine disruptors, which researchers say are responsible for cancers, diabetes and poor sperm quality.

Commandos With A View

The Commando Memorial in the Highlands of Scotland is dedicated to the memory of the British Commandos who died in World War II.

On This Day - October 8

New Study: Yes, Smartphones Are Bad For Children / Focus Photo: jenny downing Despite the begging and pleading, some parents manage to put off the day when their children get their swiping little fingers on their first smartphone.

In The Name Of Peace, Kabul Artists Beautify War-Torn Walls / PortalKBR KABUL — Eyes are always described as a symbol of beauty in art and eastern literature, but the two eyes painted on a wall in Kabul's Share New neighborhood have literally beautified an ugly security wall.

MSF Demands Probe, Zuckerberg Black Eye, World Ends

MSF DEMANDS KUNDUZ WAR CRIME PROBE Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF) said it will take the unprecedented step of calling on the International Humanitarian Fact-Finding Commission (IHFFC) to investigate Saturday’s bombing by U.S.

Europe Deals Privacy Black Eye To Zuckerberg / DIE TAGESZEITUNG Die Tageszeitung, Oct. 7, 2015 "In your face," writes (in English) Berlin-based Die Tageszeitung on its Wednesday front page, one day after a landmark ruling by Europe's highest court made it more dificult for Mark Zuckerberg's Facebook and thousands of other companies to transfer users' data from Europe to the United States.

Let Off Steam

Admiring the New Orleans skyline from a distance while listening to a jazz band ... Both myself and my grandson were lucky enough to enjoy a cruise down the Mississippi on the steamboat Natchez — although 23 years apart.

Latin America’s Shameful Silence On Venezuela Human Rights Violations / CLARIN -OpEd- BUENOS AIRES — Since 1983, a major part of Argentina's credibility on the international stage had been its defense of human rights.

On This Day - October 7

Lives Remain In Ruin Six Years After Sri Lanka Civil War / LE MONDE JAFFNA — Two meters separate Subnamanigaiyar Kugathasasanma from the past.

NATO/Russia Tensions, Neutrinobel, Goat's Blood

NATO WARNS RUSSIA ON INCURSIONS IN TURKISH AIRSPACE Nato has strongly condemned Russian violations of Turkey’s airspace, after Ankara reported two incursions in two days.

Mob Violence Against Air France Executives "Unjustifiable" / LE PARISIEN Le Parisien, Oct. 6, 2015 French daily Le Parisien called yesterday's violence against two Air France executives "unjustifiable" on its Tuesday front page.

Helpful Home Erosion

Millions of years of erosion shaped the chimney rocks — also called tent rocks, hoodoos, earth pyramids — of Cappadocia.

Power vs. Education In Chinese Universities / ECONOMIC OBSERVER BEIJING — A few days ago, a video showing Zhou Huzhen, the board chairman of Hebei College of Science and Technology, captured the attention of the Internet.

Beauty Over Brains: Egyptian Media Fixates On Female Ministers / MADA MASR CAIRO — Of the five women in former Prime Minister Ibrahim Mehleb's government, new Prime Minister Sherif Ismail kept only one: Ghada Waly, who retained her position as social solidarity minister.

How Volkswagen Scandal Could Change Global Auto Industry Forever / SUDDEUTSCHE ZEITUNG -Analysis- MUNICH — As the Volkwagen scandal continues to unfold, you can either look behind or look ahead.