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Colombia: The Real Reasons Uribe Sabotaged FARC Deal / AMERICA ECONOMIA -OpEd- BOGOTÁ — The Democratic Center, a right-wing political party led by Colombia's former president Álvaro Uribe Vélez, was vehemently opposed to the peace deal with the country's largest guerrilla group, the Revolutionary Armed Forces of...

A 16-Year-Old’s Escape From Syria, In A Wheelchair / SYRIA DEEPLY COLOGNE — The first time Nujeen Mustafa ever saw the sea, she and her wheelchair were hauled on to an overcrowded dinghy headed for Europe.

Calais To Lampedusa, And Back Again / WHILE YOU SLEPT Following weeks of planning, the operation finally began this morning before daybreak: It was time to dismantle the infamous Calais “Jungle.” Again.

Infernal Dante

Dante Alighieri is buried in this tomb, in Ravenna. The story of the quarrel surrounding the 13th-century poet's remains, disputed between this city in northern Italy where he was exiled, and his native Florence, is long and fascinating.

Augmented Reality Moves From Pokemon Go To Factory Floors / LES ECHOS PARIS — Pokémon Go was everywhere this past summer. The game's famous Pokémon critters virtually swarmed cities and landscapes across the world, using geographic localization technology to position players and the Pokémon, which appear on the...

Political Intrusion, The Eternal Poison For Central Banks / BLOOMBERG NEWS LONDON — In most of the developed world, central banks are free to set monetary policy without the interference of those who depend on voters for their employment.

Parenting In Our Digital Age, Kids Suffer From Your Distraction / SUDDEUTSCHE ZEITUNG MUNICH — Is the internet producing bad parents? In the Journal of Developmental & Behavioral Pediatrics, researchers analyzed domestic environments and found that parents are spending an inordinate amount of time hunched over their tablet or...

The German Car, Europe’s Last Stand Against U.S. Corporate Hegemony / DIE WELT BERLIN — Save any last-minute delays, Apple will open an outlet next month on Orchard Road, Singapore's glittering shopping mile.

Inside Bustan al-Qasr, The Front Line Of A Divided Aleppo / LE FIGARO ALEPPO — A 50-foot sheet of gray canvas divides the neighborhood of Bustan al-Qasr between Syrian President Bashar Al-Assad’s troops and rebel forces.

YouTuber With Down Syndrome Challenges Stereotypes In Brazil / FOLHA DE S. PAULO -OpEd- SÃO PAULO — People with Down syndrome are starting a revolution in Brazil with the mantra "it's normal to be different." Now, the movement has landed on YouTube.

Two Sides Of The Syrian War / WHILE YOU SLEPT Today, the top United Nations human rights official declared that the targeting of eastern Aleppo in Syria constituted war crimes rarely seen before.

Sexist Furniture? Why My Office Chair Doesn't Fit / LE TEMPS GENEVA — Goldilocks was lucky. She found a chair and a bed her size — unlike billions of people who have to grapple with standardized furniture measurements.

The Condor Offer

The majestic Andean condor is one of the largest birds in the world. After this one displayed its impressive wingspan, an elderly animal-rights activist from our organized tour, got into a heated discussion with the owner of the bird.

Sharp Teeth Of Soft Power, U.S. Law Targets European Firms / LES ECHOS -Analysis- PARIS — U.S. fines slapped on foreign companies have become commonplace.

In China, Hui Muslims Enjoy Rare Religious Freedom / LE FIGARO LINXIA — It's around 4:30 p.m., when the Yihewani mosque, a sprawling complex with four minarets and a dome in this northwest Chinese city, puts out a call to prayer in Arabic.

On Puppets And Putin / WHILE YOU SLEPT SPOTLIGHT: ON PUPPETS AND PUTIN There was a third politician on stage at last night’s final U.S.

La Belle Americaine

Sorry, ladies: When Frenchmen like me talk of "une belle Américaine," they're most likely thinking of cars like this Pontiac Star Chief parked in front of Disneyland in California.

Donald Trump’s Glaring Disrespect For Democracy / THE WASHINGTON POST -OpEd- WASHINGTON — Donald Trump showed a bit more self-control in the third and final presidential debate Wednesday night than he had in the previous two.

Vladimir Putin Is Playing The West For A Fool / DIE WELT -OpEd- BERLIN — Talks between the U.S. and Russia are again supposed to lead to a ceasefire in Syria, or at the very least a temporary pause in the horrendous bombardments of Aleppo by the Assad regime’s Air Force and its powerful...

Violence Against Women, The Drawing Behind Argentina’s Massive Protests / LA NACION (ARGENTINA) The black-on-pink drawing of a wide-eyed girl covering half her face with an open hand seems, at first glance, to be too cute, too pretty to convey the horror implanted in so many people’s minds by the ghastly gang-rape and murder of an...