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Migrant Tragedies, Facebook Billion, Awesomesauce

MIGRANT BOAT SINKS OFF LIBYA More than 200 people are feared to have drowned off the Libyan coast after two boats sank early Thursday, the BBC reports.

Extra! Landlocked Austria Faces Its Own Migrant Tragedy

Salzburger Nachrichten, Aug. 28, 2015 "Dead refugees in parked truck — Only profit matters to smugglers" reads the front page of Austrian daily Salzburger Nachrichten's Friday edition, following the discovery of 71 migrants found suffocated to death in a truck along a main highway in the country's eastern Burgenland province.

Deleting Humankind’s Cultural Heritage, There’s An App For That / FOLHA DE S. PAULO -Essay- SAO PAULO — The process of civilizing society hasn't stopped since the first appearance of human beings.

Hill Hat

A visit to the hill tribes near Chiang Rai, in northern Thailand, usually ends up with tourists buying crafts or taking picture of locals posing in traditional costumes.

August 28

Terrorism, Why We Must Learn To Live With The Unacceptable / LE MONDE -OpEd- PARIS — Since the January attacks on Charlie Hebdo in Paris, acts of terrorism that either took place or were thwarted in France have all matched the scenario that security agencies have most feared since the 2008 Mumbai attacks.

The Coming "Glass Age," Where Transparency Is Everywhere / CALCALIST TEL AVIV — Historians tend to associate human epochs with the dominant raw materials of these eras: the Stone Age, Bronze Age and Iron Age.

Can Argentina Consumers Boycott Their Way To Lower Prices? / CLARIN BUENOS AIRES — Too much rain in the province of Buenos Aires is said to be making salad and vegetables unpalatable — not just because they taste bad, but for the outrageous prices.

Virginia In Shock, Drug-Using Medical Students, Tomatina

VIRGINIA KILLER A “HUMAN POWDER KEG” A man claiming to be Bryce Williams, the assumed name of the gunman who killed Virginia journalists Alison Parker and Adam Ward during a live broadcast yesterday, sent a fax to ABC News afterward in which he described himself as a “human powder keg.” Williams, whose real name was Vester Flanagan, died in the hospital after shooting himself during a police chase.

Extra! Local And Global Reaction To Virginia Shooting

The Roanoke Times, Aug. 27, 2015 Wednesday's killing of TV station WDBJ reporter Alison Parker and cameraman Adam Ward by fired station employee Vester Flanagan, left Virginia in a "state of shock," as described by local daily The Roanoke Times Thursday, alongside a picture of a community vigil for the slain journalists.

Seduction And Sedition Haunt A Different Palmyra Landmark / LE TEMPS In his satirical Dictionary of Received Ideas, French author Gustave Flaubert gave his definition of Palmyra.

Best Buddha

Sri Lanka has hundreds of reclining Buddhas, but the 30-ft-long one at Isurumuni Temple in Anuradhapura, with its vibrant colours, really stands out.

August 27

Inside The Doping Crisis Facing Kenya’​s Legendary Runners / LE MONDE ITEN — On the eve of their departure for this week's Athletics World Championships in Beijing, Kenya's marathon runners were gathered for a goodbye luncheon organized by the local county governor.

Spunky Kiev Journalism Students Expose Bogus Kremlin Reports / DIE WELT KIEV — Journalism students in Kiev are operating an Internet platform called StopFake, which has emerged as arguably the most powerful tool in the media war between Russia and Ukraine, because it is fact-checking assertions by the Kremlin and exposing them when they are patently untrue.

Nepal Violence, Trump’s Tirade, Big Ben’s Lost Time

MORE VOLATILITY IN CHINA Chinese stocks continued to fall for a fifth consecutive day, despite the People's Bank of China cutting its key lending rate in a bid to restore calm to the stock markets.

State-Sponsored Killing Of Dogs In India After Rabid Attacks / PortalKBR KANNUR — Last month, Seetha was working in her backyard when a stray dog entered her house and attacked her nine-month old grandson, Abin.

Egypt's Unsettled Military Role In Yemen / MADA MASR SANAA – Ambiguity continues to shroud the extent of Egypt's involvement in the Saudi-led coalition's fight against rebel forces in Yemen.

Post-Soviet Spire

Strange to think that only five years before we toured the Baltic states, the spire of St. Olaf’s church — which ranks among the tallest in the world — was still used as a radio tower and surveillance point by the KGB in the Estonian capital.

August 26