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Mystical Sufi Muslim Music v. Rock, Pop And Bollywood / KBR DELHI — On a humid Thursday evening in historic Old Delhi, dozens of devotees gather at the shrine of the 12th century Muslim saint Hazrat Nizamuddin Auliya.

As Turkey’s Relationship With West Sours, Russia Comes Calling / CUMHURIYET -OpEd- ISTANBUL — Having survived the coup attempt is not enough to put our minds at ease in Turkey.

What Happens When Pokémon Go Sneaks Into Egypt / MADA MASR Marwan Imam, 28, recently drove two hours on a coastal highway chasing Pokémon in the Egyptian city of Alexandria.

Terrorists Take Our Lives, Populists Steal Our Souls / LES ECHOS PARIS — After the Paris attacks on November 13, the feeling of shock, pain and then resilience prevailed.

Her Son Joined ISIS And Never Came Back / SYRIA DEEPLY CALGARY — Christianne Boudreau was standing in her garage, braving the cold Calgary night to finish her cigarette, when the phone rang.

Donald Trump, The Fear Candidate / THE WASHINGTON POST WASHINGTON — These are anxious times in America. Despite a steadily, if slowly, growing economy and the absence of a major war, people remain troubled by a sense of national underperformance and myriad social ills, most recently the surge in...

French Courage, Trump Danger, Pokemon Goes Home / WHILE YOU SLEPT SPOTLIGHT: A FRENCH HERO AND THE REST OF US When a murderous truck hurtled down a promenade in the French city of Nice last week, slamming into innocent bystanders and leaving a trail of death and destruction in its wake, a 49-year-old man...

The Scooter Hero Of Nice: I Was Ready To Die To Stop Him / NICE-MATIN NICE — The image of Franck was broadcast everywhere, on television and across the Internet in the hours after last Thursday's deadly terrorist attack in Nice.

Alleged Olympic Terrorists Arrested In Brazil / O GLOBO O Globo, July 22nd Two weeks before the Summer Olympics begin in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil is on high alert for risk of terrorist attacks aimed at the games.

Germany Set To Welcome British Exodus After Brexit / DIE WELT LONDON — Britain’s departure from the European Union would have immediate far-reaching consequences for the British job market as hundreds of thousands of British and European Union citizens want to leave the UK to work on the continent...

For Whom The Bell Tower Leans

My daughter Cécile had climbed the steps all the way up the Leaning Tower of Pisa. She smiled for the camera, but you can tell she didn't feel so safe close to the tilted edge.

France, The Myths Of Human Freedom And Terror / RUE AMELOT PARIS — With friends in town visiting for the long weekend, we opted for dinner in our quiet neighborhood rather than jostling down by the Seine for a good view of the Bastille Day fireworks.

Turkey’s Failed Coup, A Boon To Erdogan Autocratic Desires / CUMHURIYET ISTANBUL — Turkish society was on the verge of a major disaster last Friday.

States Of Emergency, Cruz Snubs Trump, Sape Style / WHILE YOU SLEPT SPOTLIGHT: STATE OF EMERGENCY, THE OBVIOUS ANSWER? If the whole world is always in a state of emergency, does that mean there’s no emergency?

On The Boat Again

The many rivers in Indonesia provide an endless stream of picturesque moments, like this man in Jakarta wearing a traditional caping conical hat.

Time To Choose Between Oil Wealth And Saving The Planet / CLARIN BUENOS AIRES — We are still living in the era of fossil fuels, yet we have begun the transition out of a period in human history that began with the Industrial Revolution of the late 18th century.

Reading Erdogan In The Heart Of Germany’s Turkish Community / DIE WELT BERLIN — The TV in the Turkish Café was tuned to CNN Türk, which was broadcasting continuous images that caused the world to collectively hold its breath on the night of the failed coup in Turkey.

Comfort After Defeat — A Video Quote

Chinese Travel Agents Offer "Nostalgia" Tours To North Korea / VOICE OF AMERICA Pyongyang's Mansudae monument — Photo: Bjørn Christian Tørrissen BEIJING — "This summer, cross the world's most difficult border and visit a country with the highest index of happiness and security" reads the advertisement of the...

Trump’s World, Rio Threat, Sad Polar Bear / WHILE YOU SLEPT SPOTLIGHT: WORLD, MEET MR. TRUMP (AGAIN) Every four years, people around the world get a glance at those odd political spectacles, typically hosted in some mid-sized American city they’ll never visit.